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           TITLE:     Top Gear Overdrive - Walkthrough / FAQ
           VERSION:   1.4
           DATE:      06 / 05 / 99
           AUTHOR:    Argonaut
           EMAIL:     [email protected]
           WEBSITE:   http://www.oddi7y.cjb.net

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                  1 ................ COPYRIGHT
                  2 ................ UPDATES
                  3 ................ THE CARS
                  4 ................ THE TRACKS
                  5 ................ PRIZE MONEY
                  6 ................ CODES
                  7 ................ SOME THINGS ABOUT THE CARS
                  8 ................ THIS GAME'S RELATED SITES
                  9 ................ CONTACTING THE AUTHOR
                  10 ............... CREDITS AND THANKYOUS

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   1.4 - Fifth Version. Reformatted the faq into .faq format so that
         if could be used by FAQEdit. Released 06/05/99
   1.3 - Fourth Version. Some more info about the cars added. The
         credits had to be changed slightly. Released 13/02/99
   1.2 - Third Version. Track 6 added. Some other little things 
         fixed as well. Released 05/02/99
   1.1 - Second Version. The rest of the tracks info added, except
         for track 6. Released 05/02/99
   1.0 - First Version. Released 03/02/99

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                              THE CARS

   TYPE BG (Volkswagen Beetle '98)  The Beetle is ok for one of the 
      HANDLING:      00000-------   two starting cars, but it has its
      ACCELERATION:  0-----------   weak points like speed and 
      TOP SPEED:     0-----------   acceleration.
      BREAKING:      0-----------
      COST:          $18,000

   TYPE EC (Mitsubishi Eclipse)     The best of the two starting cars
      HANDLING:      0-----------   to pick. It is slow, but hang in
      ACCELERATION:  0-----------   there, and win some money to get
      TOP SPEED:     0-----------   some upgrades and it's a good car
      BREAKING:      000---------   for a few rounds.
      COST:          $18,000

   TYPE YD (Jeep Wrangler)          Good Handling, and acceleration,
      HANDLING:      0-----------   but a lack of speed really brings
      ACCELERATION:  00----------   this car down. Good for off-road
      TOP SPEED:     000---------   tracks such as track 2, 3, and 5.
      BREAKING:      00----------
      COST:          $30,000
   TYPE CA (Chevrolet Camaro)       This would have to be the Average 
      HANDLING:      00000-------   car of the game. I can see no
      ACCELERATION:  0000--------   other problems, except for the
      TOP SPEED:     0000--------   speed, other than that, it is
      BREAKING:      0000--------   an average car.
      COST:          $55,000

   TYPE VP (Dodge Viper)            Another good car. This ones
      HANDLING:      0000000-----   handling is abit bad at the 
      ACCELERATION:  0000000-----   start, but with some speed it
      TOP SPEED:     000000------   gets better. Good Acceleration
      BREAKING:      000000------   and speed gives you a good car.
      COST:          $96,000

   TYPE HM (Hummer)                 Handling is the worst I have
      HANDLING:      0-----------   felt. It responds really slowly
      ACCELERATION:  000---------   and turns really bad. Could get
      TOP SPEED:     0000000-----   better if you spent money on it.
      BREAKING:      00----------
      COST:          $145,000

   TYPE PO (Porsche 911)            Nice handling but acceleration   
      HANDLING:      0000000-----   feels lagged only at the start.
      ACCELERATION:  000000000---   Turning can be a bit of a problem
      TOP SPEED:     00000000----   when your trying to cut the
      BREAKING:      00000000----   corner.
      COST:          $185,000

   TYPE FO (Ferrari F-40)           Really touchy when you are first
      HANDLING:      000000000---   starting, but as your speed
      ACCELERATION:  00000000000-   increases it handles abit better 
      TOP SPEED:     0000000000--   but still is too touchy for me.
      BREAKING:      0000000000--   
      COST:          $240,000

   TYPE JS (Dodge Copperhead Concept Car)
      HANDLING:      0000000000--   Good all around car, with no
      ACCELERATION:  0000000000--   problems anywhere. But there is
      TOP SPEED:     00000000000-   still some things that bug me
      BREAKING:      00000000000-   with this car.
      COST:          $290,000

   TYPE MC (McLaren F1)             Good car with really good 
      HANDLING:      000000000000   acceleration and breaking, but 
      ACCELERATION:  000000000000   the handling can get abit on the
      TOP SPEED:     000000000000   bad side now and again.
      BREAKING:      000000000000
      COST:          $350,000
   TYPE WM (The Wienermobile)       This car at firstseemed like
      HANDLING:      0000000000--   some type of joke, but when you
      ACCELERATION:  0000000000--   start using it, you will love it.
      TOP SPEED:     000000000000   I has nearly nothing wrong with
      BREAKING:      00000000----   it. Oh yeah it's speed makes it
      COST:          $250,000       hard to use but not impossible.

   TYPE NP (Nintendo Power's Concept Car)   
      HANDLING:      0000000000--   Really hard to control at some
      ACCELERATION:  0000000000--   times but an ok and fast car to
      TOP SPEED:     000000000000   drive. These cars don't get any
      BREAKING:      000000000000   worse do they ?
      COST:          $250,000

   TYPE NW (N64 Logo on wheels)     Drives like a go-cart and goes 
      HANDLING:      000000000000   even faster than the others, or
      ACCELERATION:  000000000000   is it just me and these cars
      TOP SPEED:     000000000000   that is making everything go
      BREAKING:      000000000000   fast.
      COST:          $250,000

   TYPE TC (Taco)                   Wow... This one is really bad.
      HANDLING:      0000000000--   You touch mostly anything at top
      ACCELERATION:  0000000000--   speed and you will explode. The
      TOP SPEED:     000000000000   handling is also really bad and
      BREAKING:      000000000000   if you want a laugh use this one
      COST:          $350,000       because it ain't worth it.

   TYPE CC (Circus Cart + Donkey)   Has alot of speed, with abit of
      HANDLING:      0000000000--   handling. Is hard to control, and
      ACCELERATION:  0000000000--   what ever you do, don't Nitro
      TOP SPEED:     000000000000   when your on top speed or you 
      BREAKING:      000000000000   will be the next Mir.
      COST:          $250,000

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                             THE TRACKS

   Here I will tell you about each track and where the shortcuts are.
Each Course goes through some type of change, be it to winter, or 
night, and even mirror. I can't help you with these changes because
it effects the handling conditions of the track, and it depends on
what level you have your car at, to see if you can finish the track.  

TRACK: "Frigid Peaks"
      Season 1:      Spring / Clear
      Season 2:      Snowy Ground / Clear
      Season 3:      Dusk / Clear
      Season 4:      Spring / Clear
      Season 5:      Night / Clear
         2nd Race:   Night / Clear (Mirrored)
      Season 6:      Winter / Snow (Mirrored)

      START. From here you go around a 180* corner that comes up to a
      small hill that has a sweeping bend just abit over it's crest.
      Watch this as you will sometimes jump to high and go over the
      edge and crash. Around the bend there is a CASH point. The bend
      ends with a hill leading up to a tunnel. The tunnel turns 90ø
      and ends right at the start of a 90* left hand bend. Here is
      where Shortcut 1 is. There is a 45* turn right, with shortcut
      2 situated abit down the straight. You then have two sets of
      45* left hand turns that go down a hill. You will hit a 
      straight with the roads width decreased because of an Ice hill.
      This is where shortcut 3 starts. There is a small turn to the
      right and there is a NITRO point just before a 45* left turn
      that finished into an Ice Cavern tunnel. Inside the tunnel it
      turns right abit (This is where shortcut 3 finishes) and then
      you are out of it and coming up to a left hand turn that goes
      over a metal bridge. (Just before the bridge is where shortcut
      1 and 2 come out). After the bridge the track turns left abit
      and goes up hill. (At the top is the road closed barrier or
      shortcut 4 entrance). Watch the top as there is a 45* right
      hand turn that will send you airborne for a few seconds if you
      are going fast enough. The road will descend with a 90* left
      hand turn at the bottom that goes over a bridge. There is
      another 90* left turn after this that runs past a NITRO point
      and goes up a hill. There is two small 25* turns (which go past
      the exit to shortcut 4) which brings you to the FINISH line.

      1st:  Just after the sweeping corner in the tunnel you have a
            long metal rail. on the left side of the rail is a gap
            enough to get a car through. This will take you through
            to the metal bridge before near the large corner where
            shortcut 4 is, where to get back on the track you have
            to slide to the left.
      2nd:  This one is just past shortcut 1. on the left side of the
            track just past the frozen mammoth, there is a tunnel
            that shoots down past another frozen dinosaur. Then you
            have to do a slide to the right to come onto the last
            bit of shortcut 1. Then you have to slide to the left to
            get back on the track.
      3rd:  A bit after Shortcut 2 you will come to a place where the
            ice makes the road smaller, just there you will find on
            your left another tunnel. This tunnel cuts you through to
            the metal bridge. There is hardly no hassle getting back 
            onto the road.
      4th:  Just past the metal bridge on the top of the hill there
            is a part of the road closed on the left hand side. At 
            the right side of the road blockage there are some wooden
            horse type things that you can crash through. This will 
            take you to right infront of the finish line.
      PATH: You should practice taking shortcut 1 through to shortcut
            4 and go down that to complete your lap. Keep doing this
            to finish the track.                   

TRACK: "Fertile Canyon"
      Season 1:      Summer / Clear   
      Season 2:      Night / Clear
      Season 3:      Snowy Ground / Clear
      Season 4:      Spring / Clear
         2nd Race:   Night / Clear (Mirrored)
      Season 5:      Dusk / Clear (Mirrored)
      Season 6:      Overcast / Storms (Mirrored)
         2nd Race:   Night / Clear (Mirrored)

      START. Go around the 90* right turn past the entry and exit to 
      shortcut 1. Then do a 90* left turn down a hill. Then at the 
      bottom of the hill is a tight hair-pin turn, that goes past the
      entrance to shortcut 2. Go past the CASH point an go on a 45*
      right turn. You will be going past the entrance to shortcut 3
      as you go up the hill and turn right through a short tunnel.
      Just past the tunnel is a small left hand bend with a NITRO
      point on it's corner. There is then a small right hand turn
      that straightens out for a bit going past the exit to
      shortcut 3. There is then a 90* turn that goes into a 
      wooden bridge house thing. Going through the bridge it turns
      slightly. When you exit it the road is still turning. You 
      will go past the entrance to shortcut 4. Just around the 
      bend there is a 90* turn. It straightens out for a bit, as
      you go past the exit to shortcut 4. Then the track does a
      90* left hand turn and then a 90* right hand turn past a
      NITRO point, and then another 90* left hand turn to bring
      you up to the FINISH line. 

      1st:  This one is right at the start. If you turn right and go 
            at the barn and there is a small gap between the hay 
            fence and the barn. Go through this and cut the corner to
            be at the start of the hill down.
      2nd:  This one is on the right of the first hair-pin turn. You
            have to be lucky to get in this one, but even in there
            you have to stay away from the edge or risk running into
            the wooden poles on the walls and crashing. This exits 
            into the end of shortcut 3.
      3rd:  This one is long, straight and winding. The exit to
            shortcut 2 comes in near the end of here. It exits just 
            before the turn to the Wooden Bridge House thing.
      4th:  This cuts around the corn field and comes out just after
            the 90* turn, and before another 90* turn.
      PATH: Go down shortcut 1, and forget about 2. Go down number 3
            and then go down 4, to get the fastest path.

TRACK: "Swampy Depot"
      Season 1:      Spring / Clear  
      Season 2:      Raining / Foggy
      Season 3:      Night / Clear
      Season 4:      Snowy Ground / Clear
      Season 5:      Winter / Snowing
         2nd Race:   Summer / Clear
      Season 6:      Spring / Clear (Mirrored)
         2nd Race:   Night / Clear (Mirrored)

     You start off going around a 120* left hand corner that leads to
     a jump. Keep going straight. You will have to turn left and go 
     around a right hand turn that leads to a left hand 90* turn. You
     will have gone past the enterance to shortcut one at the bottom 
     of the jump. Go up the hill and break abit to do right turn down
     a hill and then a left hand turn up a hill. You will pass a 
     NITRO point and go under a rock tunnel. You will jump of another
     hill. At the bottom there is one of two things, the enterance to
     shortcut two on the left hand side, and a piece of land that 
     sticks out and collects cars that wander too far over to the 
     right hand side of the track. You will hit another jump that
     will finish at the base of a left hand 120* turn. You will be 
     going past the enterance to shortcut three. Go down and into the
     tunnel, past the exit to shortcut two and around the right hand 
     corner going past the enterance to shortcut four, and the exit
     to shortcut three. You will the have to go around a 90* left
     hand turn, past a NITRO point, and then past the exit to 
     shortcut four. Keep going straight and you will get to a 100*
     left hand turn, that will lead you to a right hand 90* turn, 
     that goes past a CASH point. Keep going straight, and go
     around the 90* left hand turn around the huts on stilts. Then
     you have another 90* right hand turn that straightens out onto
     a bridge and then turns left bring you to the FINISH line.

      1st:  This one is easy. Once off the jump go straight and aim 
            for the front of the old ferry. You will hit the nose of 
            it and it will break away, giveing you a clear run for 
            the next two laps. PLus you will miss that nasty corner.
      2nd:  This shortcut goes through a tunnel, past a CASH point 
            and finishes in the right hand turning tunnel.
      3rd:  Just after the jump and the 120* left hand turn there is
            some swamp that if you cut through it dodging all the 
            islands you will find a shortcut through the hillside and
            comming out just after the tunnel and before the 90* left
            hand turn
      4th:  Just before the exit to the right hand turning tunnel 
            there is a left hand turn down another tunnel to cut the
            90* left hand corner just after the tunnel. You will come
            out just after the NITRO point.
      5th:  Just at the bottom of the left hand corner just after the
            exit to the third shortcut, there is a barrier on the 
            right hand side of the track that you can break down. It 
            takes you straight through to where the huts on stilts 
      PATH: Definatly do shortcut one, miss number two, and only get
            three if you can. Go and get four, and try and get five.

TRACK: "Down Town"
      Season 2:      Summer / Clear   
      Season 3:      Night / Clear
      Season 4:      Snowy Ground / Clear
      Season 5:      Winter / Clear
      Season 6:      Spring / Clear (Mirrored)

      Go straight and you will soon come to a tunnel with a left hand
      180* hair-pin turn, that ends with a 90* right hand turn down a 
      hill. When you are going down the hill you will see shortcut 
      one on your right. Go past the NITRO point and around the right
      hand bend until you get to another 180* hair-pin corner. Before
      getting to this corner you will have pasted the exit to 
      shortcut one. Once around the corner there is a straight that
      puts you over a hill and air-borne. You will land at the bottom
      right before a left hand 90* turn. You will past the enterence
      to shortcut two on the start of the cornerAround that there is 
      a right hand turn into a tunnel. Once in the tunnel there will 
      be another right hand 90* turn. You will come out and start 
      your descent down a long stretch of lowering road. You will go 
      past the enterence to shortcut three at the top. There is in 
      total 3 hills that you will go into the air on, and then at the
      bottom a 90* turn into a straight. You will have past the 
      enterance to shortcut four just before the 90* left turn. Go 
      past the NITRO point turning right slightly. Pass the exit to 
      shortcut three, then go through the S-Bends and pass the exit 
      to shortcut four, to be on the straight to the FINISH line.

      1st:  At the bottom of the hill after the first 180* hair-pin 
            turn. It leads you around the side of the track. You will
            past a CASH point along the way as well. You will need to
            do a 90* right hand slide to get back onto the track, and
            when back on you will need to do a left hand turn as 
      2nd:  This is not that much of a shortcut as it goes around the
            outside of a left hand 90* turn. But just after the first
            air-borne jump, there will be a small enterence on the 
            right side of the track follow it and then jump back onto
            the track before the tunnel.
      3rd:  This short cut is hard to get onto but once on it, you
            will be happy. It is long gradual turn that puts you near
            the end. There is a CASH point right near the enterance.
            You will need to do a 90* right hand turn to get back 
            onto the track.
      4th:  This one is just after you do the last hill down the
            straight, and before the 90* left hand turn. You will see
            a track already made in the grass, that goes under the
            over-pass and cuts the corner, and puts you back onto the
            track, right infront of a a wooden fence on the boundry,
            go through in and cross-country. Go to the left side of 
            the building and jump off the hill and onto the road.
      PATH: Go through the first shortcut, then use the second if you
            want to, it is not needed I think. Then use the third if
            you can get to it, and if not use the forth.

TRACK: "Sandy Beaches"
      Season 3:      Summer / Clear   
      Season 4:      Dusk / Clear
      Season 5:      Night / Clear
      Season 6:      Overcast / Storms (Mirrored)

      Go straight to a 180* left hand hair-pin turn, that has wooden
      barriers around the right hand side of the track. You have just
      gone past the enterance to shortcut one. Keep going past the
      waterfall (the enterance to shortcut two) and go around another
      left hand 180* hair-pin turn past a CASH point and turning 
      right. Go up-hill (passing the exit to shortcut two), turning
      right abit abd the a 90* turn left. There is another little 
      turn right and another 90* turn left. Go around the 45* turn 
      right and then the 90* turn left to go past the exit to 
      shortcut one and past a NITRO point, to get to the FINISH line.
      1st:  One the first corner with the wooden barriers. Go to the
            right side of the barriers and follow the shore line. 
            Don't go too far out as you will sink and have to start 
            at the shore line (just like a crash). Keep goin around
            and duck in before the finish line and you will gain 3-4
      2nd:  This one was stuck out like a sore thumb. Waterfall =
            something behind it. Yep it's a tunnel. This one brings
            you out on the shore line, so you will have to go left to
            get back onto the track, or you could keep going around
            the shore line like shortcut one.
      PATH: Path one is good, but I can't say much for this level as
            I can only find two shortcuts. If you can find one that I
            don't have could you please email me and tell me.

TRACK: "Space Truckin'"
      Season 6:      Space / Clear   

      Go straight through the S-Bends (right, left, right). Turn a 
      45* right hand turn that leads into a tunnel. Then tunnel bends
      right abit on exiting it. Then there is a 45* left hand turn
      followed by a 45* right hand turn. You will be coming upto a
      NITOR point around here somewhere. Then there is another 45*
      right hand turn, followed by a 100* left hand turn. Go straight
      until you get to a 90* right hand turn, then you will get to 
      another 90* right hand turn. Keep going around the 90* left 
      hand turn, going past the NITRO point. Do a 45* right hand 
      corner and go straight, under the asteroid turning to the right
      abit then, more S-Bends (Right, Left, Right, Left) with a NITRO
      poin on the last bend. You will then be left at the FINISH 

      There is none to my knowledge. If there is one and you know
      where it is, could you please email me and tell me.   
.o-* *o^ --- --- <.> --- --- <.>.-^-.<.> --- --- <.> --- --- ^o* *-o.
                             PRIZE MONEY

   Season 1:   1st: $4000   2nd: $####   3rd: $2500   4th: $####
   Season 2:   1st: $7000   2nd: $6000   3rd: $5000   4th: $4500
   Season 3:   1st: $10000  2nd: $8000   3rd: $7000   4th: $6000
   Season 4:   1st: $13000  2nd: $10000  3rd: $9000   4th: $8000
   Season 5:   1st: $15000  2nd: $12000  3rd: $11000  4th: $10000
   Season 6:   1st: $20000  2nd: $15000  3rd: $13000  4th: $11000

   If anyone knows the the prize money values that I have not got yet
could you please Email them to me. See contacting the Author at the
botom of this FAQ for more information. 

.o-* *o^ --- --- <.> --- --- <.>.-^-.<.> --- --- <.> --- --- ^o* *-o.
   To enter these codes in you have to goto the main menu. The codes
work like this. Each option on the menu has a number assigned to it.
You have to press the Z-Button on each of the options that 
co-respond to the number you need. The option's numbers are:

                        0  -  Championship
                        1  -  Versus
                        2  -  Setup
                        3  -  Credits

   If you mess up the code just enter into an option and the exit 
back out to start it again.
   You will know that the code is entered when a smiley face pops up
under the options and a rev noise happens.

   Alternate Credits:      2, 2, 0, 1. 
   Bonus Car Codes:
      Open Bonus Car 1:    3, 1, 2, 0, 1, 1
      Open Bonus Car 2:    0, 3, 1, 2, 1, 0, 2, 3
      Open Bonus Car 3:    1, 1, 0, 3, 0, 1, 0, 3, 2, 1, 2
   Open All Cars:          3, 3, 1, 3, 2, 0, 0, 0, 1.
   Open Normal Cars:       3, 0, 0, 1 
   Open Seasons Codes: 
      Open Season 4:       1, 0, 0, 3, 2, 2, 0.
      Open Season 5:       2, 0, 3, 1, 1, 2, 0, 1, 3, 0.
      Open Season 6:       3, 2, 1, 0, 0, 3, 0, 1, 2, 0, 3, 2, 2. 

   If anyone knows any codes that I have missed please send them 
into me and I will add them to the list.

.o-* *o^ --- --- <.> --- --- <.>.-^-.<.> --- --- <.> --- --- ^o* *-o.
                      SOME THINGS ABOUT THE CARS

   Hummer - There is a dog on the back seat of the car.

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                      THIS GAME'S RELATED SITES

   SNOWBLIND STUDIOS    -     http://www.snowblindstudios.com
   GRINDSTONE           -     http://www.grindstone.com

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                        CONTACTING THE AUTHOR

   Any type of feedback (other than abusive) is welcomed. Although I
can't promise that I will reply to every email I get I will try to.
Any email that asks for specific help will not be read. All that I
know about the stages in this game I have put here. If you are
writing to me please put in the topic in caps 'TOP GEAR OVERDRIVE
FAQ REPLY:' then what ever topic you want after it. This will help me
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   Anyone found abusing me will be automatically put onto a SPAM list
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                        CREDITS AND THANKYOUS                        

ARGÖNAUT (a.k.a Scott A. Moss) for writing this FAQ.

KEMCO for distributing this game.
SNOWBLIND for creating this game.
   PROGRAMMING - Ezra Dreisbach, Ryan Geithman  Raoul Said
   GRAPHICS - Brian H. Johnson, Brian Sostrom, Jason Wiggin
   DIRECTORS - Akihro Sano, K. Kaneyuki
   EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - Seiichiro Okuhara
   PRODUCER - Kenichi Nishimura
   ASSISTANT PRODUCERS - Oliver Miyashita, Yoshiko Horikawa
      (If any of these names are spelt wrong, I am really sorry.
       could you contact me so that I can verify my mistake.)
GRINDSTONE for the music.

AEON my love, for getting me this game.

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