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* DARK CLOUD 2                        PlayStation 2 *
*                 1st WALKTHROUGH                   *
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* Copyright:                                        *
*     Kay Allan (KitKatt)          August 1, 2004   *
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**          Ctrl+F = FIND          **



> This Walkthrough uses the following labels to refer to the various
  buttons on the Analog Controller:

  + Directional Keypad: [Left], [Right], [Up], [Down]
  + Analog Sticks:      [Left Analog], [Right Analog]

  + Control Keypad:     [X], [Square], [Triangle], [O] (Circle Button)

  + Back of controller: [L1], [L2] or [R1], [R2]


++                                   ++
++++     WALKTHROUGH CONTENTS      ++++
++                                   ++

  * Max's Outfit
 BOSS: Four Fighters.
  * Introducing Max.
  * The Circus.
 BOSS: Four Clowns.
  * The Main Menu.
  * Main Menu Choices.

FYI (For Your Information)
  * Dungeon Map.
  * Types of Treasure Chests.
  * Max's Weapons.

  * UC Floor 1: To the Outside World.
  * Donny Mart.
  * UC Floor 2: Battle With Rats.
  * UC Floor 3: Ghost In the Channel.
  * UC Floor 4: Channel Pump Room.
  * The Camera & Ideas
  * Shops in Palm Brinks.
  * Inventing Steve's Energy Pack
 BOSS: Linda the Circus Darling.
  * Steve the Ridepod.
  * UC Floor 5: Steve's Battle.
  * UC Floor 6: Sweet Scary Treasure Chest.
  * UC Floor 7: Channel Reservoir.
 BOSS: Flotsam's Clown Robo.
  * Channel Exit.
 BOSS: Flotsam's P-3000.
  * Arriving at Sindain Station.


++                                   ++
++++            PRELUDE            ++++
++                                   ++

> The purpose of the Prelude is to:
  + Introduce the two main characters, Max and Monica.
  + Explain why Max has to leave the town where he grew up.

> Most of the prelude is Video but there are key points when you are given control.

  + Review the whole of the prelude when you play Dark Cloud 2 for the first time.



> Choose Max's outfit:


  + Select whichever combination of hat, clothes and shoes you prefer.
    - Use [Right Analog] and push Up and Down to zoom in for a closeup view.
    - Use [Right Analog] and push left and right to turn Max so you can see all



**                       **
**                       **

  + You can hear a storm and you see a closeup of a statue with a sword in its
  + Monica is running from two Monsters but she is trapped when two others leap
    through a window.
    - She jumps to the statue and grabs the sword.
    - A message with instructions are given for her fight.
      # These work throughout the game, so I'll repeat them here.
         [O] .......... to lock on to a particular monster.
         [R1] ......... to block.
         [X] .......... to attack.
         [L1] + [X] ... (Together) to use her magic.

> BOSS: Monica must fight the four monsters.
  + Magic is way too weak.
    - Don't bother to use it because she cannot defeat all four with magic.
  + Use the sword to attack one monster at a time.
    - Lock on if you wish.
    - You may have to dodge.
    - When one is defeated, start on the next.

> After defeating all four, Monica continues along the corridor to her father's
  + She finds Gaspard standing over her father's body (you'll meet him as a BOSS
    much later).
  + Gaspard vanishes through a Blue Time Gate (more about these when you need to
    use one).




> Max is writing a letter to his mother because he hasn't seen her in a long while.
  + He begins recounting his adventures.

> Video: It all began the night of the storm.
  + It's raining hard and Max runs to Cedric's Maintenance Shop in the town of
    Palm Brinks. 
  + Max works for Cedric and his ambition is to be an inventor.

> When he enters the shop, he talks to Cedric after complaining of being wet.
  + Max tells Cedric that he has a ticket to the Circus.
  + Cedric notices a red stone jewel on a leather thong around Max's neck.
  + Max says father gave it to him telling him to wear it always.
    - Max has no idea what the jewel is.

> Now you have control.
  + Go downstairs.
    - SAVE your game at the Save Point.
    - Whenever you see a RED EXCLAMATION POINT, press [X].
      # It's a sign that there is something you can pick up, or do, or there's
        information to help you get through the game.
  + Before Max can start work:
    - Keep going down the stairs and around to Cedric's bedroom.
    - Get the red 'Notebook' from the table.
    - Get the Wrench from the brown cabinet in the corner.
    - Return to Max's work desk and press [X].

> Video:
  + Max works on the Vacuum Cleaner.
  + Video cuts to the entrance of the Circus.
    - Mr. Flotsam owns the Circus and he sounds mean as he tells the clowns to get
      to work.
  + Video returns to Max.
    - He is asleep and wakes with a start.
    - He's late for the Circus because the alarm didn't go off.
    - He starts running.
  + When he stands in front of the Circus entrance, you have control.
    - There is a SAVE Point to the right of the entrance and a Clown to the left.
  + Press [Square] to give the ticket to the clown.
    - Just as Max hands over the ticket, a small boy with red hair grabs the
      ticket and runs.

> You have to find the boy:
  + There are several people you can talk to, but not all of them help in the
    search for the boy.
  + You MUST talk to:
    - A couple on a bench.
    - An old lady at the bottom of City Hall's steps (to the left going around the
      back of the Circus tent).
    - And little girl near a cart (keep going around the tent).
  + Just before the little girl, there is a woman who will tell you that [R2]
    switches the viewpoint to first person view.
    - You can swing the viewpoint up and around to see the moon.
    - [R2] works anywhere.

> Max catches the boy.
  + He decides to give the boy his ticket.
  + Then Max is in darkness, the boy is in a cone of light:
    - The boy says:
      # "You pass." ... ... ... This was a test?
      # "The first door is waiting for you. Hurry."
    - The boy disappears and the ticket floats to the ground.
    - Max picks up the ticket.


**   THE CIRCUS  **

> When ready, enter the Circus: 
  + RECOMMENDED: Use the SAVE Point first.
  + Press [Square] to give the ticket to the clown.

> The Circus Acts:
  + When Max gets inside he can't see anything because of the crowd.
  + He finds a ladder and climbs up it.
    - He watches the strong man juggle several clowns.
      # The clowns are soft and floppy rather like rag dolls.
    - Then Linda the circus elephant comes on for her act (definitely some kind
      of magic is involved).
    - Milane (the owner of the weapon shop) supervises Linda's act.
    - Clowns work on the trapeze.

> A conversation:
  + Just then, Max hears two men talking.
    - He walks over and sees the mayor talking to Flotsam.
      # They are looking for a stone.
      # Flotsam shows his nasty nature by beating up the mayor.
    - Flotsam indicates that the people in the town know nothing about the
      outside world.
      # The mayor says that they (the townspeople) mustn't find out.
  + Max accidently knocks down a can.
    - Flotsam and the mayor look up and the Mayor yells: "Max... Run! Hurry!"
    - Max runs just as Flotsam realizes the stone he's looking for is the red
      jewel hanging from Max's neck.

> The chase:
  + Flotsam sends some clowns after Max.
    - The video shows several scenes on a boardwalk above the circus floor with
      the clowns chasing Max.
      # Some of the clowns fall, but there always seems to be more.
    - Finally, Max grabs a trapeze but the clowns are still after him.
      # He walks along the high wire and leaps to one of the Circus Lights.
      # It falls to the center of the Circus ring and Max pretends that he is
        one of the performers.



**                     **
**                     **

> Four clowns surround him.
  + Max must defeat all four clowns so that his Wrench can become the 'Battle
    - Use [O] to lock on and [X] to attack.
  + After he has the Battle Wrench, more clowns appear.

> Max runs:
  + Clown Robo leaps over the tent and you see him with Flotsam held in one hand.
  + Max is chased through the streets and over the rooftops by the clowns.
    - When he knocks the last one down, he hears Flotsam's evil laugh.
  + Flotsam demands the 'pendant', but Max sees the small red-headed boy who yells:
    "Don't do it! You can't give it to him. It's too important."
  + Max refuses to hand it over to Flotsam.

> Max is chased by Clown Robo.
  + Finally, Max runs under the belly of the Robo.
  + He hears the voice of Donny who leads him down through a manhole into the
    'Underground Channel Entrance'.

> More Video:
  + You CANNOT skip this part of the video.
  + Video shows various scenes from the game.
  + Credits show of the people who worked on making the game.

> Finally, you see Max and Donny coming down into the Underground Channel.
  + Donny wants to know why the Circus Troupe was after Max.
    - Max asks Donny what this place is.
    - Donny replies it is the underground water channel that supplies the town.
    - He chuckles and says it is also his (Donny's) secret hiding place.
  + Control is returned to you with a message to:
    - Talk to Donny.
    - A suggestion to SAVE your game.

> After SAVING, talk to Donny again.
  + Select the choice 'Underground Water Channel...'
    - Video shows Max remembering that:
      # The Blackstone Railroad has been shut down.
      # The town gates are closed.
  + Donny gives Max the 'Classic Gun'.
    - Fire the gun with [L1] plus [X].
    - NOTE: shots are ineffective if you are too far away from the monster.
      # As the gun builds up, it can shoot further.
    - Donny also gives Max the Help Receiver:
      # A sort of remote communicator.
      # Allows Donny to talk to you.
      # Gives you access to 'Help' information from the Main Menu Screen.



> When in any area other than maps (the World Map or the Dungeon Map), you can
  access the Main Menu by pressing the [Triangle] Button. 

> The Main Menu Screen (press [Triangle]).

  +++ Refer to the illustration - Game Manual Page 9 +++

> The framed oval displays the 'Active Character' and the current location. 
  + To the left of the oval are six listed options (the third one 'Make' is not
    available until you have the Camera). 
  + Below these options is a display that shows how many 'game days' you have
    been playing and the time of day.
  + Until Max is rescued from Underground Channel on Floor 4, this shows 'Day 1
    12:00 A.M.' (that is, midnight on Day 1).
    - There is no change until Cedric rescues Max from Linda.
    - When the 'clock' turns on, game time goes MUCH faster than real time.
  + Time of day can be very important:
    - When certain photographs and scoops have to be taken.
    - For the best time to catch certain fish.
    - The start and finish times of the 'Fishing Tournament' and the 'Finny Frenzy 



> There are six main menu choices.
   'Item' ............ Access 'Item Bag' and 'Character Equip Screen'.
   'Character' ....... Change Active Character.
   '???' or 'Make' ... Make inventions.
   'Move' ............ Use the World Map OR move in or out of Dungeons.
   'Options' ......... Configuration, see Manual Page 5.
   'Help' ............ Help topics; information added during the game.

NOTE 1: Until Max has the Ridepod, you cannot change characters.
        + Even with the Ridepod, you can only change when on a Dungeon Floor.
        + When Monica joins (Chapter 2), you can switch between her and Max
          whenever you want (and sometimes when you DON'T want!).

NOTE 2: Until Max has the camera, the third choice shows as three '???'.

NOTE 3: Until you go into the Underground Channel, you cannot access 'Move'.
        + If you use move to leave a dungeon floor, and there are still monsters
          to defeat, you lose half your Gilda.
          - You do get a chance to change your mind.

> Choosing 'Item' allows you to:
  + Use items in the Item Bag (right half of screen).
  + Heal the displayed character.
  + Repair or upgrade equipped weapons (left half of screen).
> In the illustration on the game's manual, page 10:
  + The line numbered (2) shows how many gilda you currently have.
  + The Item Bag:
    - Is six columns wide and twenty-three rows high with only five rows visible
      at any one time. 
    - A 'pointer' with a box (dashed lines form the box) can be moved to any
      desired item.
    - Just keep moving the pointer down to bring up more lines of the item bag.
    - On page 11 of the Manual, there are icons (picture image) of a number of
      the items available in the game:
      # But there are many more than shown.
  + Below the five rows of items is a box with the number (7).
    - This box contains the highlighted item's name and description.
    - Choosing any item allows you to find out its name and what it can be used


++                                   ++
++++   FYI (For Your Information)  ++++
++                                   ++

> Some basic information is helpful to those who haven't played Dark Cloud 2
  + This section deals with that information.
  + There are three topics:
    - The Dungeon Map.
      # How to read and use it.
    - Special Treasure Chests. 
      # Descriptions of the various types of treasure chests in the game.
    - Upgrading Max's first two weapons.
      # ABS Gauge.
      # First Weapon Upgrades.
      # Why Upgrade Weapons?



> When you enter a dungeon, a map is shown of all the floors for that dungeon.
  + Floors not yet visited are yellow '?' rectangles.
  + Completed Floors show an icon of scenes from the dungeon's floors.
    - For example, the Underground Channel shows scenes of tiled walls from the
      water channel.
    - Rainbow Butterfly shows woodland scenes.
    - Starlight canyon shows canyon scenes.
  + See the Game's Manual, page 19 for:
    - The finished Underground Channel Dungeon Map (top picture).
    - The unfinished Starlight Canyon map (bottom picture).

> There are Choices when you are in the Dungeon Map (no matter how many dungeon
  floors you've finished).

Choice 1. Move Pointer back to 'ENTER':
   + Press [X] to return to Donny in the Channel Entrance.
     - HP is automatically restored to full.
   + If you save in the Channel Entrance then turn off the game, you start
     again at Channel Entrance.

Choice 2. Press [Square] to Exit Dungeon (works whatever floor the pointer is at).
   + You are asked to confirm.
   + YES: you go directly to Channel Entrance.
     - Same effect as Choice 1 but takes less time.

Choice 3. Repeat a floor.
   + Move the pointer to any already completed floor and press [X] twice.
     - The map of the Dungeon floor changes randomly.
     - Although there are the same monsters, there is enough variety to prevent
   + Going to the same floor allows you to:
     - Fight more of the monsters you know.
     - Level up weapons.
     - Gather more items.
   + Items include:
     - Healing Items.
     - Weapons.
     - Throwable items (such as Bombs).
     - Crystals (used to upgrade weapons).
     - Georama/Invention Materials (used to make georama objects or build Max's

Choice 4. Save your game without leaving the map.
   + Press [Triangle].
     - SAVE OFTEN particularly at first.
       # If Max becomes incapacitated (no HP left), the game is over and you have
         to reload.
       # All your progress from the last save is lost.
   + If you save at the dungeon map and turn off the game, you start again at
     this map.

Choice 5. Continue with your progress.
   + On the floor marked 'NEXT', press [X] twice to enter that floor.
     - You cannot skip any unfinished floor.
     - But you CAN repeat floors once you have finished them.
   + You MUST find the Exit Key and go through the Exit on one floor before you
     can start on the next floor.

> Always found on one monster on the floor:
  + Dungeon Key:
    - In the Underground Channel this is a wheel with a small handle.
    - The key is used to open the exit gate.

  + You can use 'Move' on the Main Menu to exit the dungeon floor.
    - BUT if you haven't defeated all the monsters on the floor, you are asked
      to confirm; if you say YES, you lose half your Gilda.
  + Exiting through the gate:
    - Even though you may not have defeated all monsters, you don't lose Gilda.
      # Using the Gate exit also means you can progress to the NEXT floor.
  + Only exit with 'Move' IF:
    - You have defeated all monsters.
    - You have so few Gilda, it doesn't matter.
    - HP is down to almost nothing and Max has no healing items.
  + At first, buy items at 'Donny's Mart' to keep Gilda total low.
    - Later you'll be able to invest in Gold Bars which are not affected like




> Certain items are always found in unlocked Treasure Chests (all dungeon floors):

   Map ............. When found, shows a shadow map of areas you haven't been.
                       Entrance = Green point.
                       Exit     = Yellow point.
                       Fountain = Pinkish-red triangle (if present).
   Magic Crystal ... Shows monster locations even if you haven't yet found the map.

  + When you find the Magic Crystal, it shows:
     Monsters = Red dots.
     Treasure = Gold dots.
      ?       = Bright yellow or whitish-yellow dot.

  + The '?' and the two-sided coin:
    - Touch the large Bright yellow '?' on the floor and a spinning coin shows.
    - Wait a moment or two, then press [X].
    - When the coin stops spinning it shows either:
      # An 'Angel' (Good things happen).
      # A 'Devil' (Uh-Oh).
    - *Sometimes* if you tap [X] several times as soon as the Devil shows, the
      coin will flip to the Angel side.

> Some dungeon floors have locked areas.
  + The Dungeon Key (different from the gate key) is found in a chest.
  + In the Underground Channel, the key to locked areas is called:

     Channel Key  .... This looks like an old brown key.
                       + Only found if there is a locked door.

> To use the Channel key:
  + At the locked door, there is a keyhole to the right.
  + Move until you see the Red Exclamation Point.
  + Press [Square] and choose the key.



> Press [X] and a locked treasure chests displays the message:

  |The Treasure Chest seems to be locked|
  |        Use a key to open it         |
  |           Try forcing it            |
  |             Never mind              |
  + Pointer is always at 'Never Mind'.
    - Pressing [X] here is like cancel.
    - Use [Up] to move to one of the other choices, then press [X].
  + Forcing the chest sets off an trap.
    - It may be a poison trap.
      # If so, your character is damaged and poisoned.
      # You do get the item in the chest.
    - It may be a weapon-destroying trap.
      # The WHP (of both weapons) is reduced to zero and the ABS (blue line on the
        weapon gauge) is reduced a small amount.
        * The weapons flash red until you repair them.
      # You still get the item in the chest.
    - The trap may be an explosive chest.
      # The explosion damages your character AND destroys the contents of the
  + If you don't have a key, you may prefer to pass on locked chests.
    - Donny sells Treasure Chest Keys for 500 G.
      # You may find one or two keys in Treasure Chests.
      # If you try to sell a Treasure Chest Key, you'll only receive 50 G. for it. 
    - Most trapped chests have worthwhile items (including, sometimes, Coins or
      Treasure Chest Keys).
    - Later, you'll be able to buy weapons, but at first, the locked chests are
      the main source.



> Usually (but not always) the trapped chests hold more valuable items than
  unlocked treasure chests.
  + You get this message:

  |The Treasure Chest seems to be booby-trapped|
  |             It's a poison trap             |
  |           It's an exploding trap           |
  |        It's a weapon-destroying trap       |
  |                 Never mind                 |

  + Effects of the traps are the same as for forcing a 'locked chest'. 
  + The pointer is at 'Never Mind'.
    - If you're willing to take a risk, CHOOSE.

> It IS possible to guess correctly but...
  + If you make the wrong choice, the trap is sprung.
    - If it's a poison or a weapon-destroying trap you can choose again.
    - However, if you choose wrong on an exploding trap, you are damaged and the
      chest is destroyed with its contents.
  + My solution:
    - Pick 'exploding trap' even though Max may take HP damage and be poisoned
      OR the weapons may be broken.
    - Your character or the weapons can recover.
    - If it IS an exploding trap, you get the item.
    - If it is NOT an exploding trap, you get a second chance to 
      make the right choice.
      # You already know what type of trap it is.
    - Later when the upgrading of weapons becomes more important:
      # At higher levels/upgrades, the weapons lose more ABS points.
  + Rarely, in the same floor a second trapped chest appears.
    - Almost always it will have the same type of trap as the first.



>  If a Happy Clown springs out of a treasure chest:
  + He shows two gift-wrapped items, one red, one yellow.
  + In the Underground Channel: 
    - The Red Box often contains a weapon but occasionally contains a coin or a
      Treasure Chest Key.
    - The yellow box mostly contains a weapon, but sometimes a crystal or
      Georama/invention material.
  + However, whichever you choose, you will sometimes wish you had chosen the
    other box!



> Monsters disguised as Treasure Chests.
  + Only some floors have Mimics.
    - See the monster list for each dungeon floor in this Walkthrough. 
  + Two types of mimics.
    - A small Mimic moves fairly fast.
      # It generally tries to bite you or to jump on you.
      # If it does bite, you'll often be poisoned,
      # You'll meet the first in UC Floor 5.
    - A King Mimic is slower but stronger.
      # It may try to bite, but usually boxes the ears of your character by
        clapping its hands (big damage).
      # You'll meet the first on UC Floor 6.
  + As you progress through the dungeons, the Mimics (both kinds) become stronger
    and more dangerous.
    - But they behave the same way.

> On Cheatcodes.com a hint is given by 'Cheatman'.
  + He suggests coming from the back of any chest to open it.
    - A good habit even though mimics are only on some floors.
  + If the chest IS a mimic, you have a few extra moments to dodge and damage
    the monster before it can get you.
    - BUT even if you come up on them from the front, you still have a few moments
      to get away.
    - When it opens, move SIDEWAYS across the front or back of the chest to
      confuse the critter.



> Max begins UC (Underground Channel) with two weapons:
  + 'Battle Wrench'
  + 'Classic Gun'.
  + He'll probably pick up at least one 'Dryer Gun'.

> A full description of the paths you can choose in upgrading weapons is in the
  FAQ: 'Weapon Upgrades' on cheatcodes.com
  + In the Walkthrough, you'll get information on the current Build-Up
  + For now:
    - A brief overview of some essentials for Building Up weapons.
    - Topics:
      # Why Upgrade Weapons?
      # ABS Gauge
      # First Weapon Upgrades



> First weapons are weak.
  + To defeat a monster, Max must hit it several times with the wrench.
    - That gives the monster time to hit back.
  + The 'Classic Gun' runs out of WHP (weapon hit points) more quickly which uses
    more gun repair powders.
    - Higher weapons have more WHP.
  + Max's HP and Shield are low:
    - So the faster he can defeat a monster the less damage he gets.
    - Each upgrade and build-up makes a weapon stronger, requiring fewer hits.
    - Fewer hits and the weapon doesn't need to be repaired so often.


 ABS gauge

> The weapon used to defeat a monster absorbs blue Synth Drops given off when the
  monster is defeated:
  + After several fights, the blue ABS gauge fills and the weapon levels up,
    emptying the gauge.
  + Leveling up automatically ups the Attack value by one or two points.

> Definitions) (as used in this Walkthrough:

  + 'LEVEL UP': Increase the level of the weapon as shown by its number.
    - Each time Battle Wrench builds up, 3 Synth Points are added.
     Battle Wrench   ... Level is zero ......... 1 Synth Point.
     Battle Wrench+1 ... Has leveled up once ... 4 Synth Pts (total).
     Battle Wrench+2 ... Leveled up twice ...... 7 Synth Pts (total).
     Battle Wrench+5 ... Leveled up 5 times .... 16 Synth Pts (total).
    - You can use Synth Points immediately.
    - Or you can save them up for a while before using them.
    - Early weapons need only a few levels before it can Build Up.
    - The more advanced a weapon, the more levels it needs.
      # You may have to level up 10, 20 or more times.

  + 'UPGRADE': Increase attributes of the weapon through Synthesis.
    - Synthesis Points (see picture's bottom line, on Manual Page 12) are used
      to increase the weapons attributes.
    - Specific attributes are needed for a weapon to build up to a better weapon.

  + 'BUILD UP': Upgrade the weapon to the point where it can be changed to a much
    stronger weapon with a new name.
    - Though stronger, the new weapon begins at level zero and the process starts

> To 'upgrade' a weapon:
  + Use Synthesis Points to increase the needed attributes.
    - This walkthrough tells what is needed for certain weapons (the ones I believe
      are most useful.
    - But you can always find what attributes are needed by going to the 'Build-Up'
    - Press [Triangle] to get the Main Menu and select 'Item'.
    - Move the pointer to the left and down to the icon of the weapon you are
      interested in.
    - Press [X] twice to get the Build-Up screen.
      # You will see one, two OR three choices.
      # Until ready to build, the choices show as three '???'.
    - Place the pointer on one of the choices and one or more of the attributes
      flash red.
      # Flashing-red attributes are the ones to be increased through Synthesis.

> To 'build up' a weapon:
  + Choose 'Main Menu', 'Item' and move the pointer across and down to the
    equipped weapon you want to upgrade.
    - Press [X] to get the Weapon Status Screen.
    - Synthesize an appropriate Crystal.
      # Synthesize is one of the Menu Choices for Crystals.
      # When a crystal (or any other item) is Synthesized, it changes and becomes
        a Synth Sphere.
      # Only Synth Spheres can be attached to weapons.
  + You know when a weapon is ready to be built up:
    - The equipped weapon icon has three small blue arrowheads rising.
    - Unequipped weapon in the Item Bag also show the rising blue arrowheads.
    - In the Weapon Status Screen the weapon shows wavery blue lines rising.
    - In the weapon's Build Up Screen (bottom picture, Manual page 15), one (or
      more) of the '???' has been replaced by a weapon name.
  + When there is more than one choice, the Build Up screen looks something like
                             ____|???             |   ['upper' choice]
    ______________________   |   |________________|
    |Weapon's Name       |___|
    |____________________|   |   __________________
                             |___|???             |   ['lower' choice]

  + Or this:
                             ____|???             |   ['upper' choice]
                             |   |________________|
    ______________________   |   __________________
    |Weapon's Name       |___|___|???             |   ['middle' choice]
    |____________________|   |   |________________|
                             |   __________________
                             |___|???             |   ['lower' choice]

  + When the weapon is upgraded enough for a buildup the '???' is replaced by a
    Weapon's Name.

  + General rules:
    - The higher the value for an attribute, the longer it will take to upgrade
      enough for the Build-Up.
    - The higher the attribute values, the stronger the weapon will be.



  + Repeat Floor 1 until you have built up:
    - The Battle Wrench to the 'Drill Wrench'.
    - And the 'Classic Gun' to the 'Trumpet Gun'
  + The gun takes longer to level up and upgrade.
    - You also need to repair the Guns more often than the Wrenches. 
    - So work on the wrench first.
    - Buy Gun Repair Powders from Donny as you gain the Gilda.
    - DONNY MART opens as soon as you complete Floor 1 for the first time.



> There are two paths to the Drill Wrench, one direct, the other going through
  the 'True Battle Wrench':

     Battle --------------------> Drill
     Wrench                 ----> Wrench
           \               /
            --> True Battle

  + The True Battle Wrench has a stronger attack than the Battle Wrench but it's
    attributes are unchanged.
    - You just need to increase the Attack attribute from 8 to 13.
    - That will require the weapon to level up to about + 3 or +4.
    - It is worth building up at this point:
      # Building Up increases the values of some attributes as the build-up occurs
        including Attack.
      # This not only makes the weapon more effective, it puts it closer to the
        next Build UP.

> To upgrade to the Drill Wrench:
  + Fight enough battles to 'Level Up' five or six times to bring the Attack
    Attribute to 15.
    - Power Crystals (increases Attack) are very hard to find.
      - Cannot buy them until Chapter 3
    - For now, simply increase the Attack Value through fighting.
  + One Synthesis Point is needed for each crystal spectrumized.
    - Use the Synthesis Points (referred to as 'Synth Points' in this Walkthrough).
      # You can increase the number of crystal to be spectrumized by pressing [Up].
      # You are limited by the number of Synthesis Points available:
        * Usually 3 or 4 but you can wait until there are more.
      # DON'T increase the number of crystal to be synthesized to more than the
        available Synthesis Points.
        * You can't attach a Synth Sphere if it requires more Synthesis Points
          than are available.
  + The Battle Wrench needs to upgrade the 'Smash' and the 'Beast' attributes to
    become the Drill Wrench.
    - The crystals needed:
      'Destruction' to increase 'Smash'.
      'Hunter' to increase 'Beast'.
  + You can increase other attributes besides the required ones.
    - Other attributes can make the weapon stronger but don't help toward the
    - For example:
      # Increasing the 'Exorcism' attribute (with Holy Crystals) makes a weapon
        more effective against the Undead.
      # Adding the 'Scale' attribute (with Sea Dragon Crystals) makes a weapon
        more effective against aquatic monsters e.g., 'Turtle'.

> The needed values for the listed attributes:
    - In the 'box chart' below read '-->' as 'goes up to' (increases to).

   Battle Wrench --> True Battle  --> Drill Wrench
  |Attack.. 8 [20]|Attack.. 13 [20]|Attack.. 15 [35]|
  |Flame....2 [19]|Flame.... -     |Flame.... -     |
  |Smash... 5 [19]|Smash...  -     |Smash...  9 [34]|
  |Beast... -     |Beast...  -     |Beast...  5 [34]|

  + In the chart:
    - The number given (e.g., 13) is the MINIMUM value needed to build up.
    - The number in square brackets (e.g.[20]):
      # Is the MAXIMUM value for that attribute BEFORE the weapon is built up.
      # Adding another synthesized crystal does not increase that value further
        than the maximum.
        * For example, suppose the Battle Wrench's Smash Value was 18:
        * Adding a Destruction Crystal (+3) increases the value to 19 (maximum)
          NOT to 21.
      # Maximum gives some leeway, so it is O.K. to go a little over the minimum
        needed (as with 'Beast' going to 6 not 5).
    - You'll need 4 Synthesis Points to do the following:
      # Smash 5 --> 9 ... 2x Destruction Crystal gives +6 (= 11 total).
      # Beast 0 --> 5 ... 2x Hunter Crystal gives +6 (= 6 total).



> There is only one Build-Up in this path.
  + It takes longer to build up the guns than the wrenches.
    - Only one attribute, Cyclone, needs to be increased.

    Classic Gun   -->  Trumpet Gun
  |Attack... 7 [24]|Attack... 14 [34]|
  |Cyclone.. 0     |Cyclone.. 11 [34]|

  + 'Level Up' the weapon 4 or 5 times to bring Attack to 14.
  + 'Synthesize' crystals:
    - Cyclone 0 --> 11 ..... 4x Wind Crystal gives 12 attribute points.

> In this Walkthrough:
  + The Build-Up requirements are given when it is appropriate to build a
    particular weapon.
  + The complete paths for upgrading of these and other weapons is in the FAQ
    'Dark Cloud 2 Weapon Upgrades' on cheatcodes.com
    - It will be updated soon.



++                                       ++
++                                       ++

> Max is standing by the ladder which leads to the Dungeon entrance.
  + Go down the ladder and along the passage to the entrance.
    - Just try to walk though the opening.
    - You get a message asking if you want to enter the dungeon.
    - Tell it YES.
      # This takes you to the Underground Channel (UC) Dungeon Map.
  + In the UC Dungeon Map.
    - Channel Entrance (marked 'ENTER') is where Donny waits.
    - At this point, the rest of the floors (eight) are yellow rectangles with '?'.
    - These show the floors you'll work through.
  + A Pointer indicates the floor (beside the Entrance) which is labeled 'NEXT'.
    - The game does not number the floors (just gives its title.
    - This Walkthrough numbers floors in the order they need to be completed.
      # That becomes particularly in the Chapter 3 Dungeon, Starlight Canyon'.

> When you press [X] once on the floor marked 'NEXT':
  + You get the Information screen for that floor.
    - To enter the floor, Press [X] a second time.
    - Press [O] to go back to the map.




> Remember 'UC' is short for 'Underground Channel'.
  + Go to the UC Dungeon Map.

> With the pointer on the 'NEXT' Floor, press [X] once.
  + The particular floor's information is displayed.
    - The screen is represented below.
    - In this Walkthrough for other floors, only the goals themselves
      will be shown.
  + Every floor has goals specific to that floor.



> Icon Slots (O in the chart below) are waiting for colored markers (medal icons)
  to show when a particular goal has been met.

  ______________________                           _______ 
  |UNDERGROUND CHANNEL |                           |   0 | 
  |____________________|                           |_____| 
  |                    Floor Info                        | 
  |               To The Outside World                   | 
  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:            02:35 | 
  |O ???                                            ???  | 
  |O Clear all without healing:              Not Cleared | 
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                      0 (18) | 

    [X] Move to this floor                    [O] Cancel

> In the dungeon floor information screen:
  + The Dungeon Name is in the upper left box.
  + The name of the current floor is in the box below 'Floor Info'.

> On the upper right, the small box has a picture of the medal holder with the
  number of medals earned so far.
  + As you clear (complete) a goal, the icon (O) is filled.
    - Your medal count goes up by one.
    - Later, when Mayor Need joins you on the train, he exchanges items for medals.
  + Unnamed goals: The three '???'.
    - In the Underground Channel, these are for future Spheda Goals.
    - In the Rainbow Butterfly Woods, there are two unnamed goals.
      # One for Spheda. 
      # The other for fishing.
  + The unnamed goals will not be included in this Walkthrough until that goal
    can be achieved.



> It is NOT possible to beat the time goal when you first start
  + When Steve has the 'Roller Foot' (wheels) he can *sometimes* beat the UC time
    - But he has a greater chance when he gets the Propellor foot (like an
      upside-down helicopter rotor blades).
    - When Pau joins at the end of Chapter 4, put him in your party.
      # A map of the floor is displayed immediately you enter the floor, so:
        * You can plan how to get through the floor most quickly (so you don't
          have to double back if there is a locked room).
        * Steve's Propellor feet let him move really fast.



> UC Floor 1's Wipe-Out goal is 'Clear all without healing'.
  + You may have to complete this floor several times before Max can meet the goal.
  + Other Dungeon Floor wipe-out goals: 
    - 'Attack and defeat all monsters using only:'
      # ITEMS.
      # Max's RIGHT-HAND WEAPON.
      # Max's GUN.
      # The RIDEPOD.
    - More about these later, when you need to complete the goal.

> Total Monsters Defeated.
  + The games keeps a running total (immediately updates each time a monster is
  + There is no upper limit to:
    - The number of times you go into a floor.
    - Or the total number of monsters you defeat.
  + The number in parentheses: 0 (18) is the total number of monsters on the floor
    each time you go in.
    - This floor has 18 monsters.
    - Other floors may have anywhere between 14 and 24.

> The floor begins with a Video of Donny giving advice to Max followed by messages
  (information is stored under 'Help' on the Main Menu).
  + Most videos, messages, opening scenes when entering dungeon floors and the
    'All Monsters Cleared' ending scene can be SKIPPED.
    - To skip, press [Start], the screen shows 'PAUSE' and a green [Triangle] + the
      word 'Skip'.
    - When you CANNOT skip, you get just 'PAUSE'.
      # Sometimes you're quicker than the Game's computer, try again.



> Each floor in the Dungeon has certain monsters in it.
  + The chart below has information on the 'Name' 'Type' and the 'number' of
  + Information also includes which type of monster holds the gate key.

  + Monsters fall in 12 categories or types (three types are on this Floor).
    - When Monica has Monster Badges and transforms, she can talk to any critter
      of the same type as the Badge she's using.
    - For example:
      # The Sewer Rat is a Beast; so is the Elfas.
      # Transformed by the Beast Badge, Monica can talk to the Elfas
        - In fact, she can talk to ANY Beast but other monster types still try to
          defeat her.

  + NUMBER says how many of that monster is on the floor.

  + Only one of a particular type of monster on each floor holds the Gate Key.
    - In the UC Dungeon, the Gate Key is the 'Key Handle' and on this floor, is
      always found on one of the Sewer Rats.
    - With the Gate Key, find the exit (a yellow point on the map).

       Monster   | Type   |Number|Gate Key|
     |Sewer Rat  |Beast   |  6   |  YES   |
     |Clown      |Darkling|  6   |   -    |
     |Froggy     |Aquatic |  6   |   -    |

> Monster descriptions:
  + Sewer Rat:
    - Watch out for the log swung by its tail when it's close.
    - It will also do a head butt.

  + Clown:
    - These follow you around if you get close enough for them to detect you.
      # You'll see a moving red dot on the map.
      # They try to sneak up behind you.
    - They won't come close, but throw their knives.
    - Use the gun on the clown.
      # The clown will try to dodge.
      # When they dodge, re-aim the gun by pressing [O].

  + Froggy:
    - The Froggy hops, but occasionally puts on a burst of speed and comes at
      you fast.
    - They also spit balls of poison.
      # Hit it from behind.
> In addition to Synth Drops and gilda, monsters often drop one or two items.
  + The dropped item list for each monster on this floor:
    - The first item in these lists is Georama/Invention material.
    - The second is a Crystal.
    - The third (if dropped) is a healing or other useful item.

   Sewer Rat ... Rolling Log 
                 Hunter Crystal

   Clown ....... Sugar Cane
                 Protector Crystal

   Froggy ...... Poison
                 Sea Dragon Crystal



> Items and/or Georama/Invention materials are found:
  + In Treasure Chests.
  + Dropped by defeated Monsters.
  + In some wooden boxes (but they have to be thrown).
    - To pick up a box (or a monster), use [R1] + [X] (same time).
      # YES, you can:
        * Pick up some Monsters (not the really big ones).
        * Carry them.
        * Throw them.
    - To throw box or monster, press [X].
    - If you hit a monster with a box, it is dazed for a few moments.
    - If you hit a monster with another monster, both are dazed.
    - If the box contains something, a small bag will appear.
      # There are between 8 and 15 boxes on a floor.
      # At least 2 or 3 contain items.
    - Items likely to be found in boxes in this Dungeon:
       Repair Powder (used on the Wrench)
       Gun Repair Powder

> Treasure Chest Items:
  + The ten different kinds of Crystals appear at random.
    - When 'Spectrumized', Crystals increase weapon attributes such as fire, ice,
      smash, etc.
    - You should have at least a few of each kind of crystal by the time you
      complete the first three floors.
      # Particularly if you have done each floor several times.
      # But some crystals appear more rarely than others.
  + Other items:
     Antidote Drink
     Repair Powder 
     Gun Repair Powder
     Bombs .............. A throwable item.

  + To use throwable items:
    - Place throwable items in an Active Item Slot.
      # These are the three round slots above Max's head in the Dungeon Screen.
      # Make sure the slot is highlighted (round dashed marker on the slot).
    - Lock on to the monster by pressing [O].
      # Increases the chance of hitting the monster.
    - Use [Square] to throw.



> Defeat all monsters and pick up items from the chests and boxes.

> Weapons:
  + Increase stats of both Wrench and Gun *BEFORE* going to Floor 2:
  - To at least +3 (the number attached to the weapon's name as it levels up).
  + To build up these two weapons:
    - Go back into the first floor about 5 times.
    - Defeat approximately 90 monsters on that floor.
  + The Battle Wrench will be ready to build up to the 'True Battle Wrench' very
    - Use the 'Build Up' screen to upgrade
      # Move pointer to the left weapon icon below Max when in the Item Menu and
        press [X]).
      # The right weapon icon contains Max's gun.
  + With upgrades and Build-Ups, it will be a lot easier to defeat 'Baron Balloon'
    and 'Bat' on Floor 2.

> RECOMMENDED: repeat EVERY floor four or five times before going on to the next.
  + I KNOW! I KNOW! 
    - You want to go on...
      # But the increase in Gilda, crystals, and items is WORTH IT! 
      # And the increased power of your weapons is WORTH IT EVEN MORE!

> SAVE as often as you can.
  + Return to Donny each time you finish a floor.
    - Buy healing items from Donny Mart if you need them.
    [I HATE having to start over when I haven't saved in a while!]


> As soon as you exit from UC Floor 1, you get VIDEO:
  + Max isn't getting any information from his Dad about his Mother.




> In a brown circle (beside the item price) is the quantity Max currently has in
  his Item Bag.
   G = Gilda, the gold coins dropped by monsters:

         Item          | Price
  | Bread              |  30 G |
  | Antidote           |  40 G |
  | Repair Powder      |  80 G |
  | Gun Repair Powder  | 160 G |
  | Treasure Chest Key | 500 G |

> Treasure Chest Key:
  + If [X] opens a chest it is unlocked.
  + You can use a Treasure Chest Key to open locked chests (trapped).
  + But you cannot use a Treasure Chest key on a Chest which shows the
    'booby-trapped' message.
  + By selling a few crystals, you are able to get enough Gilda to buy a few
    Treasure Chest Keys.
    - ONLY Donny sells Treasure Chest Keys.
      # He closes shop as soon as you enter Floor 4.
      # It will be a while before you can get him onto the Train when he will open
        Donny's Mart again.
    - It is worth buying as many Treasure Chest Keys as possible.
      # I try to get at least 10-20 before going to Floor 4.
  + NEVER sell Treasure Chest Keys.
    - They cost 500 G but only sell for 50 G.

> If short of cash, you can sell items.
  + Sell the Power and Protection crystals ONLY if you have more than 50 (and sell
    only a few):
  + Keep 5-8 Antidote drinks & 6-10 Bread in your bag, sell the rest.
  + Buy Gun Repair Powders from Donny until you have at least 10.
    - You find more 'Repair' than 'Gun Repair' powders.
  + Currently only a few crystals are needed for upgrading weapons.
    - At first, keep at least 6 of each kind of crystal.
    - As your weapons build up, keep more (20; later 50; 100, etc.).
    - You can't lose Crystals if you exit without defeating all




  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:             02:40 | 
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                  | 
  |                            only ITEMS:    Not Cleared | 
  |O Total Monsters Defeated                       0 (18) | 

    [X] Move to this floor
    [Triangle] Check Georama Material         [O] Cancel

 + On all floors after UC Floor 1 you can check a list of Georama Materials (also
   used for Max's inventions). 
   - This list refers ONLY to Materials found in Treasure Chests on that floor.
   - Knowing what may be found helps to decide which floor to go to if you need,
     for example,'Thick Hide'.
   - The list does NOT include what a monster may drop.
 + On this floor, find these Georama/Invention Materials:
    Unknown Bone
    Hunk of Copper
    Scrap of Metal
    Thick Hide

> Wipe-out with ITEMS.
  + 'ITEMS' refers to throwable items.
    - Different throwable items cause greater or lesser amounts of damage.
    - 'Final Bomb' does the most damage, followed by 'Lightspeed',
      followed by 'Improved Bomb', them 'Bomb', then 'Bomb Nut'.
    - You will later be able to pick up such items as 'Stone', 'Flame Stone',
      'Wind Stone', etc.
    - Other less effective throwable items are 'Gooey Peach' and various other
  + It is fairly easy to fill the ITEMS wipe-out requirement.
    - BUT wait until you can access Sindain Station (beginning of Chapter 2).
  + Because you sometimes miss, with 18 monsters you need more than 20 Bombs
    (maximum number you can hold).
    # You can get Eric to make you some 'Improved Bombs' (Chapter 2).
    # You'll also be able to buy regular bombs from Morton's Sundries in Palm
      Brinks (after you go to Floor 4).
    # And when Max gets the right ideas, he'll be able to invent and make these
  + To fill this goal:
    - Come back when you have 20 Bombs and 5-10 Improved Bombs.



   Monster Name | Type    | Number|Gate Key|
  |Sewer Rat    | Beast   |   3   |  YES   |
  |Clown        | Darkling|   2   |   -    |
  |Froggy       | Aquatic |   4   |   -    |
  |Bat          | Beast   |   5   |   -    |
  |Baron Balloon| Magical |   4   |   -    |

> The 'Spin/Leap' Attack is very effective on flying creatures.
  + I call it that because there are two effects from the same action, depending
    on whether Max or Monica is walking the floor.
    - It is also referred to as 'Charge Attack' because the white flash indicates
      they have 'charged' themselves.
  + Get fairly close to the monster but not within reach.
  + Press and hold [X] until Max's (or Monica's) body flashes once.
    - When ready release [X].
    - Max Spins, slashing with his wrench or hammer.
    - Monica Leaps (jumps up in the air and smashes her sword down).
  + Either attack is much stronger than regular hits.


> 'Bat' is a flying creature.
  + Use the Spin/Leap attack. 
  + Items that may be dropped ...
      Bundle of Hay 
      Wind Crystal
      Holy Water ... Heals a curse (needed in Chapter 2).
                     - Also a throwable item to defeat the Undead.

> Baron Balloon's head is a Balloon marked with Flotsam's face.
  + It's favorite attack is to swing its hat at you.
  + Items dropped ...
      Wind Crystal
      Bomb Nut ..... A throwable item.
                     - Not as strong as a Bomb.



  + Defeat at least 90 monsters in Floor 2 to get:
    - A lot more items and crystals.
    - Much more Gilda.
    - Level Up both weapons.
  + It is better to build weapons up in the early part of the game while monsters
    are still fairly weak.
  + The attack attribute goes up about 1 or 2 points (varies) each time the weapon
    levels up.
  + You need enough synthesis points (one for each crystal) to increase the
    attributes of:

     Drill Wrench  -->  Smash Wrench
  |Attack..... 15 [35]|Attack..... 32 [60]|
  |Flame......  0     |Flame...... 18 [60]| = 6x Flame Crystal
  |Lightning..  0     |Lightning..  9 [60]| = 3x Lightning Crystal
  |Smash......  9 [34]|Smash...... 18 [60]| = 3x Destruction Crystal
  |Beast......  5 [34]|Beast......  - [60]| =   No change/not needed
  |Scale......  0     |Scale......  5 [60]| = 2x Sea Dragon Crystal

  + To raise the Attack attribute to 32, You'll need to level up to 'Drill
    Wrench+6' or 'Drill Wrench+7'.
    - The Smash wrench is much stronger.
    - The Drill Wrench takes too long to defeat the 'Turtle' on the next floor.
      # The Turtle does nasty damage.

> After completing Floor 2 the first time:
  + Go to Underground Channel Entrance.
    - Beside the central pump-like device near Donny's camp.
    - Find a Mini-Chest with a 'Fruit of Eden'.
  + Give it to Max to raise his HP to 40.
    - He'll need to eat Bread to fill his new level of HP.



  + There is a GLITCH in the program!
    - Sometimes Floor 3 doesn't load properly.
  + The 'Now Loading' message may stay on the screen (against a white background).
    - Even though the Music may begin, the game may not load.
    - Give it about half a minute after the music starts (it IS slow).
    - The ringing of the 'Help Receiver' lets you know you are past the glitch.
  + If the game doesn't load properly, reload from Memory Card.
    - If it happens several times:
      # Try turning the game disk about a quarter turn inside the 
        Playstation 2 console.
      # Then load again (for some reason this seems to work).





  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:             03:00 | 
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                  | 
  |          only MAX'S RIGHT-HAND WEAPON:    Not Cleared | 
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                       0 (14) | 

> Filling the wipe-out goal.
  + Max's right-hand weapon is a Wrench (or Hammer).
  + If you have the Smash Wrench, your weapon is strong enough to:
    - Defeat all enemies on this floor (without too much damage to Max).
    - Complete the Wipe-Out goal.


   Monster Name  | Type   |Number|Gate |
  |Baron Balloon |Magical |  4   | KEY |
  |Bat           |Beast   |  3   |  -  |
  |Night Stalker |Undead  |  3   |  -  |
  |Turtle        |Aquatic |  4   |  -  |

> Night Stalker:
  + This is the 'Ghost'.
  + Dodge when it raises an arm to throw a fireball.
    - It may also go into a spin attack.
  + Use the Gun.
  + Items dropped ...
      Glass Material
      Flame Crystal
      Holy Water

> Turtle:
  + Watch out - it spins and rolls fast. 
  + The Spin/Leap Attack with the Smash Wrench is strong enough to defeat the
    Turtle with one or two hits.
  + Items dropped ...
      Water Element
      Protector Crystal
      Stone .............. Throwable item.


> On the Video, Donny calls Max on the 'Help Receiver' and explains how to use it.

> You should start thinking seriously about upgrading weapons.
  + At this stage you will be more limited by the number of crystals you have
    - Synthesis Points build up more quickly at first.
    - Another reason for repeating the first few floors several times.



> You will find guns in treasure chests.
  + If you pick up more guns than you need, sell them.
    - For now all you'll need are three.
  + 'Classic Guns'.
    - You pick up Classic guns quite frequently.
  + 'Dryer Guns'.  
    - 'Dryer guns' are not as frequently found as Classic Guns.
      # You may want to raise a second 'Classic Gun' to a 'Bell Trigger' rather
        than wait to find a Dryer Gun.
  + You will need 2 (two) Bell Triggers.
    - One to raise to a rapid-fire machine gun or to a beam (laser-type)
    - The other to keep for when you try to put Gerald in your party.
  + You will need one 'Trumpet Gun' to raise to the 'Grenade Launcher'.

> It is important to get a Grenade Launcher.
  + It fires grenades (large projectiles) which defeat critters MUCH more quickly. 
    - The Grenade Launcher makes it easy to defeat the Clown Robo BOSS.
    - RECOMMENDED: Upgrade to Grenade launcher as soon as possible.
      # When you have it, level it up to at least +3.

  + In the Build Up screens for the Trumpet Gun:
    - The upper choice is 'Bell trigger'.
    - The lower choice is 'Grenade launcher'.

  + If you move the pointer to each choice, red flashing attributes indicate which
    ones are needed for the build-up.
    - These (called stats) are listed in the box-charts below with the needed
      # You can add other attributes if you want.
        * It just takes a little longer to get to the build-up.

  + Here is the flow-chart for the weapons:

      Classic       --> Bell
       Gun         ---> Trigger
          \       /
                   ---> Grenade

  + Here are the stats (box charts):

            Dryer Gun
         |Attack... 8 [30]|
         |Flame.... 5 [30]|
         |Cyclone.. 5 [30]|
            Dryer Gun -->
          Trumpet Gun -->  --> Bell Trigger
         |Attack.... 14 [30]|Attack.... 22 [44]|
         |Cyclone... 11 [30]|Cyclone... 19 [45]|
         |Smash.....  -     |Smash.....  -     |
         |Exorcism..  -     |Exorcism.. 14 [45]|
         |Beast.....  -     |Beast.....  -     |
         |Scale.....  -     |Scale.....  -     |
           Trumpet Gun
                       --> Grenade Launcher
                         |Attack... 23 [44]|
                         |Flame.... 14 [34]|
                         |Cyclone.. 19 [45]|
                         |Smash.... 19 [45]|



> Watch the quantity of items in your Item Bag.
  + The following quickly increase to the max of 20.
    - Bread.
    - Antidote Drink.
    - Repair Powder.
    - Bombs.
  + Keep them down to about 10-12 by selling surplus to Donny.
  + Start keeping more (at least 20) of each kind of crystal (you'll need more to
    upgrade the higher level weapons).

> Preparing for the BOSS fight (UC Floor 4).

  + Donny closes his shop as soon as you go to Floor 4.
    - Treasure Keys are then not available for some time.
    - Buy at least 8-10 Treasure Chest Keys.
    - Sell any extra items.

  + To get the Ridepod, Max has to invent an 'Energy Pack'.
    - Max needs Georama/Invention materials to make it:
       20x Scrap of Metal
        1x Thick Hide 
        2x Hunk of Copper
   - Cost to buy these materials from Morton's Sundries is 350 G.
     # Return to Floors 2 & 3 to get more materials (free) & more Gilda.
     # Max can ALWAYS use more Georama/Invention materials!




> BOSS Floor: Linda the Circus Elephant.
  + The only goal (no medal) for this floor is defeat Linda the Circus Elephant.
    - She likes to stomp.
    - She'll also swing her trunk at you.

> Video: 
  + Flotsam is still trying to get the Red Stone but when Max refuses, he gets
    mad and orders Linda to take care of the 'brat'.

> First you MUST fight against Linda even though Max's weapons have no effect:
    - Keep dodging her, running past her to get her to stomp.
    - Then wait at a distance while she rises up and slams her front feet down.
    - Quickly hit her from the side ONCE and dodge away.
    - Repeat about six or seven times.
  + Max realizes he can't win.

> Cedric to the rescue!
  + Cedric brings the Ridepod who punches Linda until she falls over.
  + Steve's fuel is low, so Max jumps aboard and they escape.

> Back in Cedric's shop, Cedric gives Max the Camera.



> The Camera records 'ideas'.

> Photographs become the building blocks (ideas) for Max's inventions.
  + The 'Energy Pack' provides fuel for the Ridepod to move.
  + Cedric hints:
     Milk Can + Pipe + Belt = Energy Pack.
  + The Ridepod can't move without the Energy Pack.
  + You can't defeat Linda without the Ridepod.

> Cedric gives Max a green 'Inside Scoop Memo' (a book), a Key item (permanently
  in your Item Bag; can't be sold):
  + Store all Notebooks on the bottom line of the Item Bag.
    - They work automatically and are out of the way.

> Put the Camera in Max's first Active Item Slot.
  + The Camera can't be used in Dungeons unless equipped in an 'Active Item' Slot.
    - Leave it there all the time so you can automatically take photos just by
      pressing [Square].

> Using the Camera:
  + Press the [Square] Button to ready the Camera's Viewfinder.
    - [Left Analog] controls the view direction.
    - [Right Analog] zooms.
    - In the Viewfinder, press [Triangle] to examine photos taken, put them in
      the Ideas Book, delete them, etc.
      # Also to check the photography score.
      # After pressing [Triangle] the game's action stops.
        * So the enemy can't sneak up on you.
    - Press [O] to return to Viewfinder.
  + Press the [Square] Button again to take the picture.




> *Before* going to back to Floor 4:
  + Be sure you've taken all available photos.
    - You'll find them in:
       Cedric's Maintenance Shop.
       Polly's Bakery.
       The Weapon Shop.
       Morton's Sundries.
       The Bar.
       The Station.
       Various places in the streets.

> Here is a checklist (alphabetized) to make sure you get all photos possible:
  + The ones marked with '*' depend on time of day.
  + Check the bottom of the Main Menu for:
    - The number of game-time days.
    - and the current time of day.

 [] Auto Book Reader
 [] Bar Sign
 [] Barrel
 [] Belt (Sheriff's)
 [] Bench
 [] Binoculars
 [] Blackstone One (train)
 [] Book
 [] Bottle
 [] Bread

 [] Cafe Sign
 [] Can
 [] Car
 [] Cart
 [] Cedric's Maintenance Shop Sign (outside)
 [] Chair
 [] Chandelier
 [] Chimney
 [] Clock
 [] Constructor
 [] Cup

 [] Drawbridge
 [] Evening Sun *
 [] Fan
 [] Flag
 [] Flower
 [] Flower Chair
 [] Fountain
 [] Freight Train
 [] Gold Store
 [] Iron Bridge (Channel Exit)
 [] Iron Maiden

 [] Ladder
 [] Lamp
 [] Light
 [] Mailbox
 [] Manhole
 [] Milk Can
 [] Morning Sun *
 [] Morton's Sundries Sign ('Open' sign on the pumpkin outside)
 [] Old Style Robot
 [] Oven

 [] Painting
 [] Parasol
 [] Phonograph
 [] Piano
 [] Pipe
 [] Police Sign
 [] Polly's Bakery Sign
 [] Post
 [] Pot
 [] Pumpkin

 [] Railroad (train track)
 [] Rapper
 [] Refrigerator
 [] Register
 [] River
 [] Shield
 [] Show Window
 [] Shrubbery
 [] Sign (Station Sign)
 [] Staircase
 [] Streetlight
 [] Sunshade

 [] Table
 [] The Moon *
 [] The Sun *
 [] Tiny Hammer
 [] Traffic Light
 [] Trashcan
 [] Tree
 [] Vacuum
 [] Vacuum Bag
 [] Vegetables/Fruit
 [] Vending Machine

 [] Waterfall (Channel Exit)
 [] Weapon
 [] Weapon Shop Sign
 [] Weight Gauge
 [] Wheat Flour
 [] Wheel
 [] Window
 [] Wooden Box

> If you cannot find them all:
  + A full list of photographs & inventions is given in the FAQ: Dark Cloud 2
    'Camera & Inventions' (on cheatcodes.com).
    - That list groups photos by Game Chapters and describes their locations.
    - Use Ctrl+F and the photo name to find what you need.

NOTE: Max can often invent items BEFORE he can find the needed materials to
      actually make the invention.
        + The walkthrough tells:
          - When a particularly useful invention can be made.
          - What materials are needed to make it.

> The above list is for ordinary photos.
  + Some photos are only intended to increases Max's photography score
    - All such photos add 2 points to his score.
    - And every Scoop you take (special, often 'ONE-TIME-ONLY' shots) adds 5
      points to Max's score.

> It is worth getting Scoops.
  + Donny gives Max valuable Items.
    - Three Scoops and Photography Level 1, he gives a Diamond.

  + You can Synthesize the diamond for either Gun or Wrench.
    - If you do, give it to the strongest gun.
      # But you may want to save it for a while.
    - Later (much later) you can buy jewels 
      # But a diamond costs 30,000 G.
      # All other jewels cost 10,000 G.

> The attribute points added with a synthesized Diamond:

  Diamond|   5  |   5   |  5  |  5  |    5    |   5   |  10 |   5    |  5  |  5  |

  + For a full list of jewels and the values added, see the FAQ: 'Items and All
    That Stuff' on Cheatcodes.com
     - Search for 'Jewels' (Ctrl + F).

  NOTE: as soon as you have taken 30 photos, the camera stops working.
        - Move them into the Ideas Book and delete.
        - Repeat when you have 30 more.
        - Delete the last few after putting them in the Ideas Book, before
          continuing to Floor 5.





         Item       | Price
  |Flour            |  20 G | Georama Material
  |Sugar Cane       |  20 G | Georama Material
  |Super Hot Pepper |  20 G | Georama Material
  |Bread            |  30 G | Healing Item
  |Tasty Water      |  80 G | Takes away thirst (needed Chapter 3)

  |Battle Wrench    | 200 G |
  |Classic Gun      | 150 G |
  |Baselard         | 250 G | Sword
  |Gladius          | 300 G | Sword
  |Repair Powder    |  80 G |
  |Gun Repair Powder| 160 G |

  |Gunpowder        |   20 G | Georama Material
  |Scrap of Metal   |   10 G | Georama Material
  |Hunk of Copper   |   50 G | Georama Material
  |Thick Hide       |   50 G | Georama Material
  |Antidote Drink   |   40 G | Cures Poison Status Change
  |Bomb             |  200 G | Throwable OR Use to make Improved Bomb
  |Repair Powder    |   80 G |
  |Gun Repair Powder|  160 G |
  |Monster Notes    | 1000 G |
  |Cooking Stove    |  300 G |

  + This expensive notebook is not needed yet.
  + Wait until you have 3000-4000 G before buying it.

  + This stove cooks fish, another item for healing.
  + Definitely not needed before Max begins fishing.



> Find the ideas for the Energy Pack:
  + Belt ......... Sheriff Blinkhorn outside Police Headquarters.
  + Milk Can ..... To the left of the door to Polly's store.
  + Large Pipe ... On the roof of Cedric's shop.

> Use 'Make' (now available in the Main Menu) to invent and make the Energy Pack.
  + Press [X] on 'New Invention Card'
  + Click on the blue floating Up Arrow to store photos in the Ideas Book.
    - It is O.K. to delete the yellow lightbulb photos after storing.
  + Click on the blue Book.
    - Press [Down] to move the pointer to the list.
    - Press [X] on each of the three ideas.
      # This puts the ideas in Max's 'thought bubble'.
    - Press [Square] and say YES.
  + Press [O] to go back to the Invention Card List:
    - Below 'New Invention Card' is an invention card for the Energy Pack.
    - Move down to this card and press [X].
      # The materials needed to make the Pack are listed.
      # All is well if everything is blue.
        * Press [X] to make the item.
  + If any of the materials are missing, the red number shows how many are needed.
    - You can buy them from Morton's Sundries (marked by the large pumpkin).
    - Go back into floors 1, 2, and 3 to get more materials.

  + You CANNOT get Steve until you have the Energy Pack.
  + You CANNOT defeat Linda without Steve.
  + It is no use going to Floor 4 through the Underground Channel Manhole.
    - Until you talk to Cedric you DO NOT have the Ridepod.
  + When you have Steve, you go back to Floor 4 and the Boss fight directly from
    Cedric's shop.

> Once you have the Energy Pack in your Item Bag, go back to Cedric so the Ridepod
  can be completed.

> Video: Max gives Cedric the Energy Pack and gets advice.

> SAVE the game before going to Floor 4.
  + The Save Point is now outside at the bottom of the steps from Cedric's shop.



> Before tackling Linda:
  + Be sure you know how to use the Camera:
    - Your first 'SCOOP' is of Linda stomping the floor with her front feet.
    - This is a 'ONE-TIME-ONLY' Scoop.

> When you've finished taking photos and making purchases, go talk to Cedric.



**                               **
**                               **

  + You CANNOT skip this video.
  + Cedric tells Max he's on his own, promises to talk to Mayor Need.
  + Max leaves, riding Steve, by the large doors in Cedric's shop.
    - Linda and Flotsam turn up again.
    - Flotsam yells: "Tear them to pieces."


> When the Boss fight opens:

  + ONE-TIME-ONLY Scoop so you must take it BEFORE the fight really gets going.

  + You MUST get off the Ridepod to take the photo.
    - Choose 'Main Menu', 'Character' and Max's icon.

> How to get the Scoop:
  + Walk across the room past Linda but not too close.
    - When she trumpets, she is going to rise and stomp.
      # Turn and face Linda quickly.
        - If you're locked on, press [O] to turn quickly.
      # She'll turn toward you to stomp.
      # Press [Square].
    - If you're not facing her, you'll take too long to adjust the viewfinder.
    - Press [Square] again as she raises her front legs and JUST BEFORE she stomps.
      # You may have to dodge and try again.
    - You'll know if you have the scoop:
      # A ringing sound.
      # An orange lightbulb by the photo's name (bottom left in the Viewfinder).



> As soon as you have the scoop:
  + Get back on the Ridepod.
  + Come from the side or back of Linda.
   - Get close and press [X] to have the Ridepod hit her.
     # If Steve is facing her (Lock-On), you'll get three hits each time.
   - Dodge and repeat until Linda falls over.

> Video: Flotsam's REALLY mad!
  + Explaining messages (added to 'Help' in the Help Menu) are about using and
    upgrading the Ridepod.
  + NOTE: 
    - Cedric refuels and repairs for free.
    - He sells Ridepod equipment for Steve's EXP (gained by absorbing blue Synth

> Exit by going to the big doors behind where Max fought Linda.
  + You have to get off Steve to go through them.

> A video shows Cedric talking to the Mayor.
  + Cedric wants to know EVERYTHING (but we don't get to hear it yet).
  + Then you're back in the Dungeon Map.

> Press [Square] and go to the Channel Entrance.



> Talk to Donny in the Channel Entrance.
  + He's closed his shop (until he goes on the train).
  + Report your Scoop of 'Brave Little Linda'.
    - Donny identifies six scoops which are now listed in the 'Inside Scoop Memo'.
  + Put the Scoop into the Ideas Book without deleting it from the Ideas Board.
    - Later you'll put your Scoops into Max's Photo Album.
    - You get the Album when you can go to Max's room (between Chapters 1 and 2).
  + Examine the 'Inside Scoop Memo' in your Item Bag.
    - On the seventh line a red lightbulb followed by 'Night Stalker' followed by
      a small empty box.
      # This identifies a Scoop you need.
      # Night Stalker is on UC Floor 3; also on UC Floor 5.
    - Six lines below the 'Night Stalker':
      # Black bulb followed by 'Brave Little Linda'.
      # Box has a black check mark circled in red.
        * The check mark = photo has been taken.
        * The red circle = it has been registered with Donny.
    - Immediately below 'Brave Little Linda':
      # Red light bulb with 'Clown Robo Attack' (he's the second BOSS
        in the Underground Channel (Floor 7).
  + Other Scoops identified:
    - "Baron's Hanging' On" (Chapter 1, either Floor 5 or 6).
    - "Master Utan" (Chapter 2, Floor 4).
    - "King Mardan" (same place as Master Utan).



> When you leave the Channel Pump Room, you go to the Underground Channel Dungeon
    - Use [Triangle] to save the game.
    - Then choose 'Entrance'.

> Go UP the Ladder to the Manhole in Palm Brinks.



> Steve will be the one to fill the Wipe-Out Goal for Floor 5.

> Go up the ladder and talk to Cedric .
  + Choose 'Repair the Ridepod' (Linda probably damaged him).
  + Choose 'Upgrade the Core'
    - At this time Cedric has the following equipment available for the cost of
      Steve's EXP points.

           Item     |  Price
     |Improved Core |  900 EXP |
     |Voice Unit    | 1000 EXP |
     |Shield Kit    |  600 EXP |



> Core Upgrades.
  + None of the 6 Core upgrades can be invented.
    - Core costs start at 900 EXP and go up to 6,500 EXP.
    - Until Steve has the 'Improved Core':
      # Equipment, such as better weapons and bodies, CANNOT be added.
      # Nor can you add better Energy Tanks.
        * Energy in the Tank is similar to HP for Max.
        * When Steve gets hit, it reduces the fuel gauge.
        * But just walking around uses up Steve's energy that is, his fuel.
        * So in the Walkthroughs, I'll refer to HP/Fuel.

  + Max can invent the 'Energy Pack (Barrel)', a better fuel tank, NOW.
    - the 'Energy Pack (Barrel)' puts Steve's HP/Fuel at 120.

        Ideas = Barrel + Belt + Tree
    Materials = 30x Scrap of Metal + 2x Thick Hide + 10x Rolling Log

    Sources   = Treasure Chests on Floor 2; the Rat on Floors 1 and 2;
                (or Morton's Sundries).
  + If you don't have the photo of the Tree:
    - Go to the drawbridge and walk to the right past the Manhole Cover.
    - Stand against the railing by the River.
      # On the opposite side of the river is the Tree.
    - Take a photo of each (Tree & River).


> Shield Kits:
  + Shield Kits improve Steve's defense and can be added any time Steve has
    enough experience.
    - Cannot be invented.
    - Less damage is done to Steve as his Core's shields increase.
      # Damage reduces his HP/Fuel gauge.
    - Each kit increases Shield level by 4 points, with a maximum of 3 kits per
      Core (cost starts at 600 EXP).
  + In Steve's Equip Status Screen (when in the Item Bag pressing R2 or L2 shows
    the Ridepod):
    - EXP is a counter shown in the upper right.
    - Capacity is shown upper left (the combination of his equipment).
    - Shield Levels are below the EXP Counter.
      # 'Core' refers to shield (for example 12/24 = Shield needs to be raised by
         12 points, that is, three more Shield Kits)
      # 'Body' is a single number and goes up as Max invents and gives Steve
         better Bodies.
    - Below the moving picture of the Ridepod is:
      # HP/Fuel Gauge (increases as Max invents better Fuel Tanks).
      # WHP gauge (increases as he is equipped with better weapons).
      # BUT remember, you cannot add new weapons until he has the Improved Core.

> The Voice Unit.
  + The 'Voice Unit' turns Steve into a 'blabbermouth' in dungeons.
    - It's expensive.
    - It can be annoying.
  + Wait until Steve has Improved Core AND six levels of 'Shield Kit' (24/24).
  + SAVE before getting the Voice Unit and try it out on a Dungeon Floor.
    - If you don't like it you can reload.

> EXP.
  + At this point, Steve has zero EXP.
  + The wipe-out goal on Floor 5 is for Steve to attack and defeat all monsters.
    - He is NOT strong enough yet.
    - His HP/Fuel is too low.
  + To increase his strength AND to get the Improved Core:
    - Take him through each of Floors 1, 2, 3, to gain EXP.
    - Then go through Floor 2 (more EXP on that floor) several times until Steve
      has at least 900 EXP.
  + EXP available on each floor (approximately):
    - UC Floor 1:  212
    - UC Floor 2:  282
    - UC Floor 3:  196
    - UC Floor 5:  324
    - UC Floor 6:  242
  + Build Steve's EXP faster as follows:
    - Defeat the monster using Max's best gun.
      # Before the weapon picks up the Synth Spheres, switch to Steve.
    - This method also saves fuel.
    - But it does use 'Gun Repair Powder'.
  + When you try the Wipe-Out goal, fuel is also saved if Max walks the Floor, switching to Steve when the monster is near.
  + Once he is strong enough, have Steve work through Floor 5 several
    times to build EXP.



> As soon as you have the Improved Core, equip the 'Energy Pack
  + Remember: Cedric will need to fill up the new Fuel Tank before
              Steve fights again.

> With the 'Improved Core', Max can add the Caterpillar Feet (Steve moves faster).
  + Buy Caterpillar Feet from Cedric for 600 EXP.
  + Have Max invent the feet:
    - You need enough of the proper materials.
    - Steve does NOT need EXP for invented items.
    - He DOES need the Improved Core.

  + Caterpillar (track):
          Ideas = Car + Cart + Wheel
      Materials = 30x Scrap of Metal + 30x Thick Hide 

  + Disadvantage of the Caterpillar:
    - Steve can no longer kick the Wooden Boxes to get their contents.
  + Advantage:
    - He goes a little faster so uses less fuel.


            IT'S UP TO YOU...



> You can go directly to the Underground Channel from anywhere in Palm Brinks
  including from inside shops.
  + Choose 'Move' from the Main Menu.
    - You get the World Map.
    - Palm Brinks is the only flashing light.
    - Pressing [X] on Palm Brinks gives you the choices:
      ?   Palm Brinks
      D   Underground Channel.
  + From the Channel Entrance, the World Map takes you to the manhole in the
    alley by Cedric's shop (Palm Brinks).

> Depending on where you are when you access the World Map:
  + Choosing 'Palm Brinks' puts you in front of Cedric's shop or on the manhole
  + Choosing 'Underground Channel' puts you at the dungeon Map.
    - Choose any floor from 1 through 5 (NEXT).

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:             02:45 | 
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                  | 
  |                      only the RIDEPOD:    Not Cleared | 
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                       0 (18) | 

> Ridepod Wipe-out Goal is difficult because the Ridepod's swings usually miss the
  + The Bats keep hitting Steve and use up his HP/Fuel.
    - Use the Lock-on mode ([O]).
    - Try heading directly towards the Bat and start swinging before you get close.
  + This Wipe-Out goal will NOT be filled if Max:
    - Hits one of the monsters with a wooden box,
    - Even reduces a monster's HP.

> Ridepod Fuel can be found in wooden boxes on floors 5 and 6.
  + The maximum you can hold is five.
    - I try not to use any until I have a total of five.
    - When I have five, I wait until I find a replacement.
      # You can't pick it up.
      # When I find one, I use a can on Steve.
      # The wait a moment or two until the can is picked up.
    - Later (after you have the right photos, Max will be able to invent and make
      the Ridepod fuel.


> The Types of critters you have met so far:
   Beast ...... Sewer Rat; Bat.
   Darkling ... Clown.
   Aquatic .... Froggy, Turtle.
   Magical .... Baron Balloon.
   Undead ..... Nightstalker

> This time you meet a 'Windup'.
  + It's a mechanical monster.
  + All Windups have a Flotsam Balloon head (various colors).

   Monster Name | Type   |Number|Gate |
  |Vanguard     |Windup  |  4   | YES |
  |Night Stalker|Undead  |  4   |  -  |
  |Clown        |Darkling|  2   |  -  |
  |Mimic        |Magical |  3   |  -  |
  |Bat          |Beast   |  5   |  -  |

> Mimic:
  + On floors with Mimics, come to all Treasure Chests from the side or the back.
    - They come out biting.
    - If bitten, you may be poisoned (you hear a sort of bubbling sound).
    - Mimics also leap to try and crush you.
  + Use Gun and be prepared to dodge.
  + Items dropped ...
      Destruction Crystal

> Vanguard:
  + A mechanical monster (Windup) with a Baron Balloon head.
    - It has a metal box body.
    - Long arms that can be mechanically extended with spikes instead of hands.
    - Metal legs.
  + Main attack:
    - Shoves both spiked arms at you causing lots of damage.
  + Its other attack: spin with arms extended!
    - When Vanguard spins, it can lift up onto higher parts of the floor.
    - This applies to the rooms where there is a metal walkway above wider water
      channels going around the room.
  + Use the Ridepod, Max's gun is not strong enough (not even the Grenade
    Launcher, not yet anyway).
    - With the Improved Core, the Ridepod can defeat the Vanguard in 3-4 hits.
    - He has a three hit attack:
      # Slash-left/slash-right/double-fisted-pound to the front.
    - Steve MUST face the monster or the double-pound misses too often.
      # Lock-On with [O].
  + Items dropped...
      Hunk of Copper
      Power Crystal
      Repair Powder



> When you first use the Ridepod:
  + Have Max walk the floor.
    - Switch to the Ridepod when it is time to attack.
    - The Ridepod's fuel isn't used so fast.
  + When riding the Ridepod, DO LOCK-ON to the monsters.
    - Fewer swings are required to hit the critter.
    - This is VERY important for the Bats.
  + DO THROW WOODEN BOXES (Floors 5 and 6).
    - Usually at least one of them has Ridepod fuel.
  + Later: Ridepod fuel is often available in rocks in the Rainbow Butterfly Wood,
    Starlight Canyon and Ocean's Roar Cave.

> Before you have enough fuel cans:
  + Have Cedric refuel/repair the Ridepod before going to another floor.
  + If necessary, keep the Ridepod for the Vanguard and use Max to finish the
    - You don't HAVE TO complete the Wipe-Out goal the first time you're on a
  + Until Steve has a shield level of at least 12, his fuel is soon used up.



> These are 'Take-it-anytime' Scoops, so come back later when Max's HP has
  - Make sure all regular photos have been stored and deleted before getting
  - Put Scoops into the Ideas Book but don't delete them yet.

  + When 'Night Stalker' spins toward Max (shows purple edge to robe).
  + Not really difficult, but it can take a lot of HP to get the shot (the Night
    Stalker hits hard).

  + This is Vanguard.
    - Getting this picture is VERY difficult 
    - You have to get close in to make Vanguard's arms touch the floor to lift
      its body.
      # Max has to be almost impossibly fast in bringing the camera up to focus
        on the Vanguard's head.
      # Wait until Max has more HP, the Vanguard hits very hard.
  + Getting the shot: 
    - Be persistent and WATCH MAX'S HP.
    - When Vanguard lifts up, move the viewfinder up toward the head as quickly
      as you can.
      # Try several times but KEEP WATCHING Max's HP.
    - When you have several shots, from the viewfinder (press the [Triangle]
      button) delete all useless photos.
      # Hope you have the Scoop!
    - Otherwise:

> With three scoops the photography score should be at Level 1 (enough for Donny
  to give you the Diamond).



> Upgrading the Ridepod.
  + Cedric has useful items, but after a while the equipment he offers are less
    advanced than those Max can invent.
    - Check his inventory every time you get him to repair Steve.
    - It changes at the beginning of each new Chapter.
  + The most useful:
    - Cores ...............CANNOT BE INVENTED.
                           + Various Cores allow more advanced weapons and Energy
                             Packs to be equipped.
    - Shield Kits .........CANNOT BE INVENTED.
                           + Reduces HP/Fuel consumption.
    - The Barrel Cannon ...CAN BE INVENTED (Chapter 2).
                           + Good weapon for distance firing (reduces damage when
                             he's hit from farther away).

  + You may want to buy it rather than wait until Max can invent it.
    - He can buy it (with EXP) at the beginning of Chapter 2.
    - He can invent it when he has the idea:
      Mushroom ... Found in the future about two-thirds through Chapter 2 (Floor




> The music on the last floor of any dungeon (before the final boss) is always
  different from the music on all other floors.

> Use Steve for fighting, Max won't need to heal and that will clear the Wipe-Out

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:             02:30 | 
  |O Clear all without healing:               Not Cleared | 
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                       0 (12) | 

   Monster Name | Type   |Number|Gate Key
  |Vanguard     |Windup  |  3   |  YES   |
  |Darkness     |Undead  |  4   |   -    |
  |Froggy       |Aquatic |  4   |   -    |
  |King Mimic   |Magical |  1   |   -    |

> King Mimic.
  + Approach all treasure chests on this floor from the back.
    - There is only one King Mimic.
      # It prefers to clap its hands on Max - LOTS OF DAMAGE.
      # It may try to bite.
    - Either way it is dangerous so shoot from a distance.
      # You may want to use the Ridepod.
      # But if it claps its hand on the Ridepod, King Mimic takes AT LEAST half
        of his HP/Fuel.
  + Items dropped ...
      This King Mimic doesn't drop items.

> Darkness.
  + 'Darkness' is another monster not to get too close to.
    - Its main attack is to swing a net around at Max.
    - Shoot from a distance or use the Ridepod.
  + Items dropped ...
      Silver Ball
      Holy Crystal
      Bomb Nut


> The Video shows the end of Cedric and Need's conversation (following the last
  video where Cedric wants to know EVERYTHING!).
  + After Cedric tells Mayor Need to open the Blackstone Railroad, We see Cedric,
    Borneo, and Erik getting the train ready.
  + The train departs and Need says he's counting on Cedric.

> Until Max picks up the train at the Channel Exit, Cedric is still available in
  his Shop.
  + After the Train gets to Sindain Station:
    - You find Cedric outside the train in either:
      # Sindain Station.
      # The Station in Palm Brinks.


> When Floor 6 is finished and *before* fighting the BOSS.
  + Search Palm Brinks for 2 Mini-Chests:
    - Look below Cedric's sign on the wall of the steps to his shop.
      # It contains Potato Pie to increase Max's shield.
    - From the Save Point and around a corner; opposite the Police Headquarters
      near a cart:
      # A mini-chest with 'Fruit of Eden'.
  + Give both to Max to raise his Shield to 08 and his HP to 48.
    - Give him Bread to fill his HP gauge
  + Just in time for the Boss Fight!

> Take as many Bread as you can afford before fighting Halloween.





> Video: When Max enters the Channel Reservoir the same mechanical creature that
  chased him in Palm Brinks turns up.
    - It's a robotic clown known as 'Windup Performer Halloween'.
  + Flotsam demands the stone but once again, Max refuses and the fight is on!


> This is a 'ONE-TIME-ONLY' Scoop.

> Aim to get the Scoop first.
  + If Halloween tosses out a bunch of Flotsam Balloons then starts prowling the
    walls of the reservoir: 
    - Take out the Balloons for the ABS.
    - Use whichever wrench you most want to upgrade.

> The Scoop: 
  + You need to get a shot of the red missile speeding toward you.
    - WATCH YOUR HP!!!
    - Keep an eye on Robo Clown's head as it will open its eyes just before firing
      the missile.
      # You must be ready for the shot (Lock-On) and take it as soon as Robo fires
        the missile.
    - May have to try several times before you get the picture with the ringing
      sound and the orange light bulb.
      # The picture Max has just taken always shows for a few seconds in the lower
        left corner of the viewfinder.
  + As soon as you have the scoop:
    - From the Camera Viewpoint, press [Triangle] to get the Ideas Board.
    - When you're in the Ideas Board, the fight is suspended.
    - Save the 'Clown Robo Attack' Scoop to the Ideas Book without deleting it.

NOTE: Clown Robo doesn't fire a missile every time it attacks.
      + Until you have the Scoop, dodge the bombs he throws at you:
        - The bombs are brown and move differently than the missile.
      + If he won't fire missiles, pick up and throw ONE bomb at his bright red


**                                     **
**                                     **

> Once you have the scoop:
  + You can choose to throw the bombs back.
   OR you can use the Grenade Launcher (if you have it).
    - QUICK and EASY!

> Using Robo's Bombs:
  + Pick up the bombs and toss them back at Robo's red nose.
    - The Robo's HP gauge is across the bottom of the screen.
  + After you have damaged Halloween enough, it drops its head to the floor.
    - Run in and hit its nose with Max's wrench.
      # Watch your HP! 
    - One hit is probably all you'll get before Robo lifts its head.
    - Be ready to dodge back when it stands up.
  + Continue throwing bombs and running in to hit his nose until you defeat him.

> Using the Grenade Launcher (other guns are not strong enough).
  + Fire Max's gun at the RED NOSE.
    - If you time it right, you can explode a bomb just as it is tossed by Robo,
      doubling damage.
    - Dodge any bombs that get through (won't be many).
    - Dodge any missiles (not likely, unless you are slow).
  + Keep firing until Robo drops his nose.
    - Then keep firing.
  + He'll be defeated quickly, and you won't have to run into danger.

> When Robo is defeated: 
  + Video: Flotsam rushes to "My poor little Halloween" and insists it stands up.
  + But Robo explodes, tossing a broken Flotsam onto the floor in front of Max.
  + Clowns rush in, lift Flotsam's body and scurry away with him.

> Go up the steps to the exit.
  + When you exit:
    - SAVE by using [Triangle] in the Dungeon Map.
    - Then move the pointer and press [X] on the CHANNEL EXIT.



> In the Video: Max walks toward the exit as he reaches the Outside World!
  + He looks at a view of hills, tunnels and iron bridges.

> Get photos:
  + Walk down the steps to Max's right.
    - Press [Square] and look up at the water pouring down.
    - Photograph the 'waterfall'.
  + Move to the edge of the platform and photograph the 'Iron Bridge' (close to
    the Waterfall).
  + Walk up the steps and down to the platform (don't go too far).
    - Look out across the bridges.
    - Depending on the time of day Max gets here you may be able to take one of
      the following:
      # The Morning Sun.
      # The Sun.
      # The Evening Sun.
      # The Moon.




> Move to the end of the platform and you'll get Video.
  + Blackstone One pulls in to the platform.
    - The train is back in action.
    - Cedric says "We're gonna see the world! We have quite the adventure ahead
      of us. Hop on so we can get going."
  + Inside the engine, Cedric reveals:
    - Fifteen years earlier the whole world was laid to waste leaving only the
      town of Palm Brinks.
    - Palm Brinks wasn't destroyed because Emperor Griffon believed a very
      important stone was hidden in town.
      # Flotsam has the task of getting the stone.

> Just then the train shudders.
  + Cedric points to a ladder at the back of the engine.
  + Have Max:
    - SAVE at the Save Point.
    - Then climb the ladder out onto the top of the train.


**                           **
**   BOSS: ARMED ATV P-3000  **
**                           **

> In the Video: The train is barreling through the forest.
  + Flotsam is racing beside the train on an 'Armed ATV', the P-3000 and firing
    a machine gun at the train.
  + Cedric hands Max a large bomb.

> Task: Hit the ATV with three bombs.
  + A pointed piece of decoration sticks up at the edge of the car Max is on (both
    sides of the car).
  + Go as close as you can to the decoration and throw a bomb.
    - Pick up another and you'll find the P-3000 has leaped across to the other
      side of the train.
    - Throw the second bomb toward it (you may need to practice aiming).
      # Repeat for a total of three hits.
      # If you miss too many times, the train falls over (looks COOL!) and you
        start again.
  + After the third hit, you see Video of Flotsam, panicking because the P-3000
    is on fire.
  + The ATV explodes, tossing Flotsam onto the top of the train.

> Video (Suicide Bomber Attack?): 
  +  A much-blackened Flotsam is mad.
     - He  throws his coat away to show several sticks of dynamite strapped around
       his middle.
     - Cedric is afraid that Flotsam will blow himself up along with the whole
     - Flotsam challenges Max to throw another Bomb at him...

> A voice calls, "Hey, Mister!"
  + The red-haired boy who stole Max's Circus ticket is just behind him.
    - The boy says: "Don't you ever give up? You're starting to look pretty
    - Flotsam yells: "What's this? Another little Brat?"
    - The he grabs and lights two sticks of dynamite.
      # Nastily he says: "Let's go, punk! It's time to burn!!"
  + The boy vanishes and Monica appears with her sword.
    - Flotsam: "It's you... How did you...?
      # He recognizes her.
      # Is he from the future too?.
  + Monica leaps and cuts all the dynamite away:
    - The jumps over Flotsam.
    - Turns, pokes him with the sword and gives him a good swift kick in the 'you
      know where!'
    - This knocks Flotsam into the air.
    - Monica sends fireballs and Flotsam crashes down onto the railroad track a
      broken mess.
      - But he came back once before...
      - So this may not be the end of Flotsam?
  + Max says that even though it is the first time he met Monica, he seems to know



> When the train arrives at Sindain Station, the track is blocked by huge boulders.
  + They cannot go any further.
    - This is the Spirit Forest, Sindain.
    - Monica has come from the future to this site to do something very important.
  + Monica says she has to restore the Great Elder's 'origin point'.
    - An 'origin point' is where something begins: planting a seed becomes the
      origin point of the flower.
    - But if the origin point is destroyed, something terrible can happen.
    - She says that's what Griffon has done.
      # He has sent henchmen to this time to destroy the origin points of her time
        (100 years in the future).
      # He's changing history as he sees fit.
      # In her time, this forest was where the Elder of the Spirits, Jurak, lived.
  + The Great Elder, Jurak:
    - Gives life and vitality to all living things.
    - He has knowledge that could help her defeat Griffon, the evil emperor.
    - Griffon has erased Jurak and all those who have the power to challenge him.
  + Monica thinks Griffon won't stop until he wipes out the entire world.
    - She needs Max to help her.

> Max agrees to help Monica.
  + They shake on it.
    - Monica joins the party.
  + She brings 5 'Armband Repair Powders' with her.


 Next: 2nd Walkthrough.


   + It will be available by August 25, 2004.


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