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It's time for the WARIO WARE, INC. MEGA MICROGAMES Walkthrough!

Table of Contents:
 1. Diamond City
 2. Wario (first)
 3. Jimmy (first)
 4. 9-Volt
 5. Mona
 6. Dribble and Spitz
 7. Jimmy (second)
 8. Dr. Crygor
 9. Orbulon
 10. Kat and Ana
 11. Jimmy (final)
 12. Wario (final)
 13. Minigames for the bored
 14. Copyright

Chapter One: Diamond City
Ah, the great Diamond City. The city is also a place for gamers to live. They all 
hang out at Geletaria. But there's a gaming idea going around. Wario found a way to 
make some moola, but needs your help to see if these games are any good.

Chapter Two: Wario (first) Intro games
These games are just way too easy. Just let the A button do the talking.
BOSS- Sparring Wario: Hit the ball and knock it off the chain before it hits Wario! 
A button-Punch

Chapter Three: Jimmy (first) Sports
Like Chapter Two, these games are barely hard. But now you need to start using 
precise timing for Set-N-Spike, Snowboarding Slalom, and Log Chop. But nothing you 
can't handle.
BOSS- Punch Out: < >-Dodge A button-Punch. When the opponent starts to glow, dodge 
him and punch. When he has one heart remaining, he glows longer, and it can be 
fatal. So dodge and knock him out!

Chapter Four: 9-Volt Nintendo classics
These games are very fun, and let you experience games back then. You need precise 
timing in Wild Gunman, which can be easy to lose in. Metroid will make you think, 
what am I supposed to do? Just keep pressing A fast. They're difficult, but have 
BOSS- Ultra Machine: A button-Swing. Not at all like the name says. It's just 
baseball! You need precise timing and a keen eye, because some of the balls are 
fast, slow, and disappear for a short time!

Chapter Five: Mona Strange 
Mona chose an especially weird genre, because you have to pick someone's nose in 
one game. You also have to brush some teeth. But don't get your knickers in a knot!
BOSS- Nail Call: A button-Pound. All you do is hit the nail to the ground. Sounds 
easy? Well, don't bend the nail or hit the hand that holds the nail!

Chapter Six: Dribble and Spitz Sci-fi games
These games feature outer space stuff. These games need tighter timing, so be 
careful! Some games are super difficult at first, but here's a hint; practice on 
the Grid.
BOSS- Galaxy 2003: control pad-Move A button-Fire. Just like Asteroids, grab the 
power-ups, hit the enemies, push the ball into the wormhole, and destroy the boss. 
There are two variations, one where he comes out temporarily and another where he 
barely bounces out of his forcefield. Don't worry; it's very easy.

Chapter Seven: Jimmy (second) Remix No. 1
All games are from Chapters 4-6.
BOSS- Punch Out: Just one heart harder.

Chapter Eight: Dr. Crygor Reality
These are normal, real games, except I wouldn't call bouncing a ball on top of a 
human or fighting ninjas normal. Timing is the key, as of patience.
BOSS- Alien Laser Hero: control pad-Move Laser. An alien invasion is invading 
Earth, and you need to destroy the projectiles and the Mother Ship before disaster 
strikes! Not too complicated or hard.

Chapter Nine: Orbulon Test Your IQ
These games test you intelligence and problem solving. Here's a hint; In one game, 
if it calls for a survey, if it says Haze, say the bad thing about the question. If 
it doesn't, go for the good answer.
BOSS- Dungeon Dilemna: control pad-choose A button-Confirm. All you have to do is 
choose the correct word.

Chapter Ten: Kat and Ana Nature
These are fairly easy games that are all about animals and plants, not to mention a 
great story plot. Just watch out for Two Birds Big Rock, Penguin Shuffle, and The 
BOSS- The Frog Flap: < >-Move. Just jump on the clouds and land in your hot tub!

Chapter Eleven: Jimmy (final) Remix No. 2
This may be the hardest one in the game. All the games are from Dr. Crygor, 
Orbulon, and Kat.
BOSS- Punch Out: One heart harder and glows a lot more.

Chapter Twelve: Wario (final)
Finally, the last boss! While you challenged everyone else, he decided to make his 
games even more challenging than Jimmy's Remix No. 2!
BOSS- Wario's Adventure: A button-Jump, Crash, Throw, Run control pad-Move. Pay 
close attention and you'll win the game. First, jump over all the blocks. Then 
dodge the falling bricks. Not hard? Let's try it together! Grab the jetback and hit 
the remaining bricks. Grab the other jetpacks and crash through the ceiling. Dodge 
the face and hit it with your boomerang. Then run away from the bolder.

Chapter Thirteen: Minigames for the bored
A. Dr. Wario: < >-Move down-Quick Drop A and B-Shift. Just like Dr. Mario, line up 
the same color blocks as the virus four in a row.
B. Fly Swatter: A button-Swat B button-Move Quick control pad-Move. Hit all the 
flies and other bugs, but watch out for those that shoot projectiles at you!
C. Jump Forever: < >-Move A button-Jump. Jump rope without tripping at different 
D. Paper Plane: < >-Move. Watch your paper plane fall endlessly without hitting the 
E. Sheriff: R and L-Shift Gun A button-Fire control pad-Move. Hit the enemy without 
being hit or touched!
F. Skateboard: A button-Jump down-Duck. Dodge all teh projectiles as you see more 
and more of Diamond City.

Chapter Fourteen: Copyright
Please don't use this if you make a Walkthrough for this game. You may paste or 
print this walkthrough out. You may share it with your friends if you give me 

Copyright 2004

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