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1. Story
It was sunny and perfect for a nap! While sleeping, Hamtaro had a
terrible dream. He dreamt that a hamster dressed in a devil costume
appeared and caused all of his friends to start fighting. This hamster
promised to ruin love everywhere!

Hamtaro woke to hear Boss calling for him. When Boss came upstairs,
Hamtaro told Boss about his dream and what the hamster in the costume
promised to do. Boss wondered if Hamtaro's dream contained a secret
message about the future. But without another word about the dream, Boss
said he needed Hamtaro to do him a favor and wanted to talk about it

On the way downstairs, Hamtaro slipped and fell into a bucket of water,
soaking his Ham-Ham Dictionary. Most of his Ham-Chat words were washed
away! With very little sympathy, Boss told Hamtaro to learn from his
mistakes. Then he said that Bijou had wandered off somewhere and he
needed Hamtaro to go look for her.

Where is Bijou and how will Hamtaro find her? Who was that hamster in the
devil costume and why did he want to ruin everyone's love for each other?
What was the meaning of Hamtaro's dream?

2. Updates
04/20/03: Up and running! I've got the TOC up, as well as some other
04/23/03: The BIG update. I have most of the walkthrough done now.
04/25/03: Minor update. I finished the Walkthrough 100%, but I still have
do the lists. Also have some FAQs up.
04/29/03: Yet another minor update. The Gem List is now up, and the
Ham-Chat list is coming soon.
04/30/03: Major update. I got 60 or so of the accessories done, and I
added the Ham-Chat list.
05/01/03: Ham-Jams are up. So are some accessories, and some FAQs. I'll be
adding small updates here and there for now.
11/04/03: Just some little things here and there. I switched the Secrets to a user-
submitted Tips/Tricks area.
3. Main Characters

Hamtaro: Hamtaro is the character you will control throughout the game.
Hamtaro is a cute little hamster owned by a girl named Laura. He is part
of a club called the Ham-Ham Gang, who meet in The Clubhouse.

Bijou: Bijou is a French hamster, whom you will be able to control after
you rescue her in Wild Woods. She is a Ham-Ham also. She will teach you a
couple of Ham-Chat words in the game too.

Boss: Boss is the owner of The Clubhouse. He's a wild hamster who is
also the leader of the Ham-Ham Club (hence the name Boss).

Spat: Spat is the so-called "Bad Guy" in this game. You can recognize him
by the devil costume and the "Phfpt!" when he talks. His hatred for love
led him to steal all hamster's love. He has the ability to change into
different costumes to take on the look of different hamsters, so beware!

Harmony: Harmony is the do-gooder, who is always looking to help Hamtaro
and Bijou save love and defeat Spat. She spends most of her time on the
second floor in the Clubhouse.

Snoozer: Snoozer can play a big part in completing this game. He gives
you valuable hints when you talk to him.

4. Walkthrough
Time to start the walkthroughs! Whenever you reach a dead-end, try
talking to Snoozer or Harmony in the Clubhouse. When you get started, it will ask 
if you want to change the names of Hamtaro and Bijou. You can leave them like they 
are, or you can change them. When you are finished, press OK and confirm.

After the opening movie, head downstairs to where Boss is waiting.
Hamtaro will slip and fall into a pail of water, and in the process lose
all your Ham-Chat words in your soaking wet Ham-Ham Dictionary. You will
lose all but some words. Boss will then lead you into the Ham-Jam room
and teach you the four basic words: Hamha, Tack-Q, Hifhif, and Digdig.
After the tutorial, Boss will ask you to get Bijou for him at Sunny Peak.
Exit and Reenter the stage and talk to Snoozer. He will teach you
"Zuzuzuzu". Now go to Sunny Peak.

4.1 Sunny Peak Part I
Upon entering Sunny Peak, go forward. you will see Bijou walk off the
screen, then seconds later she screams. Hifhif the seeds, then head over
the river. See the moving bushes? Stickie them. A hamster will jump out
and teach you "Blushie", then run off. Go right to see Bijou crying.
Hifhif the seeds, then go back. Go forward to see two hams. You can't
help them yet, so jump up the logs behind them. Hamha Oxnard. You will
find that him and Pepper had a disagreement, and you will learn "Bluhoo".
Then stand on the tree trunk to learn "Heyhoo". Head right. Stand on the
blanket to learn "Gogo". Go left then right again. Stand on the

The ham will return and take the newspaper away. Go left and back again.
Stand on the strap. The hamster will give you the strap this time. Tack-Q
the tree near by for an acorn. Go left. Hifhif the hamster in the bushes.
He will offer 20 sunflower seeds for the acorn. You can do this anytime
you need extra sunflower seeds. Digdig to get some sunflower seeds. Go
right. Hamha on the feather to get the song "Condor's Wings". Go down the
vine, then go down the next vine. Go left. Lookie near the hamster named
Arnie to learn "Pakapaka". Go right again. Get in the boat and use
Pakapaka on the rope. When you stop moving, you will be near the
beginning of the level.

Hamha the orange hamster and answer Yep-P. He'll teach you "Putput".
Go left. You will see a swan floating in the water. Heyhoo it. It's
actually Seamore from the Photo Shop. He will teach you "Offdoff". Offdoff
the swan from his shell. He will thank you. Go over the battery bridge
next to you and use Offdoff on it. You're going to do some running here.
Go forward, up the logs, to the right, right again, right yet again, go
down the vine, and digdig through the hole. Reenter the stage to find that
where the battery was is now replaced with a log. Go right and get in the
boat again. Putput the battery inside. Ride up to where Bijou is.
Congratulate yourself, you just saved Bijou! She will teach you "Mega-Q".

Get in the boat again and go to where the orange hamster is, right
below you. Get out of the boat, go left, then forward. Heyhoo the two
hamsters to learn "Hamlift". Go back to boat and climb in again. Go to the
leftmost dock, and go left. Hamha Arnie. He will ask you to help him find
a training seat for his brother. Go back to the left and go up the vine.
Use Hamlift on the dead leaves. Tell her Yep-P when she asks you to
listen. She will climb down the leaf. Tell her Bluhoo. She will teach you
"Oopsie". Go back to where Oxnard was. Him and Pepper will teach you
"Gossip-P". You saved Oxnard and Pepper's love! Head down to see Spat for
the first time. Bijou will teach you "Smoochie" when he leaves.

You go back to the Clubhouse automatically. You will meet Harmony in
the next talking sequence. After you talk to Boss and Harmony, it will
make you leave. Go back anyway. Go left and enter the Photo Shop. Say
Lookie near Seamore, and he will give you the training seat. Go back to
Sunny Peak. Remember the way to Arnie? Go back to him. Tell him Yep-P.
Follow him up to where the bird feather was. Arnie will give the training
seat to his brother. They will teach you "Sesam-E". Sesam-E the door and
go inside. Once inside the cave, go in the door. Go left, Hifhif the
acorn, Digdig in the floor for some seeds, then go forward through the
opening. Arnie's little brother and Bijou will mix up, and the little
brother will be following you. Head right, and he will recognize that you
aren't Arnie and will start to cry.

Go right and talk to the Ham-Swap hamster. Say No-P when he asks if
you're buying, and he will lower the price. Then say Yep-P. Buy the
bananas. Go left. Give the bananas to the monkey. Go right, then go left
again. Hifhif the letter. Then slip on the banana peel to make him stop
crying. Go left again into the cave. The hamster will tell you where his
house is. Follow where he says. Go left, down, left, forward, then forward
again. Then Sesam-E the door. Once you're inside the room, walk around the
room, then turn to leave. Arnie and Bijou will come in the door. Arnie and
his bro will teach you "Hamigos". Another love is saved! Leave the room,
and go left. Talk to Ham-Swap. Say No-P again, and then say Yep-P. Buy the
oilcan. Go forward through the door. 

Go right, and Putput the oilcan into the minecart. Gogo the minecart. Putput the 
oilcan into the switch and change the direction on it. Leave the cave and go back 
to where you learned Hamlift from the two hamsters. You will learn that one of them 
is missing.

Go back to the cave, and go back to the minecart and Gogo it. You
will land where two hamsters are. They will teach you "Rubrub". Gogo in
the minecart there. Go through the cave entrance again, and go back to the
minecart right of where the monkey was. Instead of riding it, though go up
the ladder. Spat will be there. Say Hamigos twice to Spat. He will fall
off the bridge. Pakapaka the ropes binding the hamster he was holding
hostage. She will teach you "Libert-T". When you get back to where her
friend waits, they will teach you "Lovedove". You saved another love! 18
more loves to save in the game!

Go down, then go back. The hams will be stuffed. Hamha the one on
the left to learn "Bloat-T". Before you leave, though, talk to the orange
hamster next to the first dock again to learn "Bestest". Now go back to
the Clubhouse to see a movie in which Seamore finds a love letter written
by a hamster named Broski. It's actually a trick created by Spat. Talk to
Boss after the short sequence to gain access to...

4.2 Sandy Bay Part I
Leave the Clubhouse, and come to the newly-opened Sandy Bay. Upon
entering, you will see Spat taking Barrette somewhere. You'll have to
save her. Here's a map of the main beach in Sandy Bay:

           1                        2                        3

   |beach club          |                         |                     |
   |                    | celebrity     big rock  |               Start |
   |                    |                         |                     |
   |                    |          R= Mi          |                     |
 A | R= Re        R= Fa |                         |                     |
   |                    |                         |                     |
   |                    |                         |                     |
   |                    |                         |                     |
   |                    |                         |                     |
   |                    |                         |                     |
   |                    |               +----+    |   +-------------+   |
   |                    |               |pail|    |   |             |   |
   |             R= So  |               |    |    |   |  pineapple  |   |
 B |                    |               +----+    |   | soccer court|   |
   |                    |                         |   |             |   |
   |            R= Do   |      swim training hams |   |             |   |
    Broski              |                         |   +-------------+   |
             +-+        |                         |                     |
          +--+ |< dock  |                         |                     |

R= Indicates that there is a music rock. Next to it is the music note it
plays if you Tack-Q it.

Head right to area A2. Lookie the hamster celebrity. Now go to area A1.
Tack-Q the tanning hamster to learn "Bizzaroo", Then use  Lookie next to
him. Hamha the hamster in from of the beach club to learn "Blanko", then
once again use Lookie next to her. Go down to area B1. Hamha then Lookie
Broski. Go left to B2. Hamha the hamsters, and they will teach you
Fussfuss. They will also do alot of talking! ^_^ After that, Digdig under
the pail to get a Blue Marble. You won't need this for awhile, but it's
nice to get it now so you don't have to come back for it. Go right to
area B3 and Hamha the bigger hamster. Regardless of what you say to him
after that, he'll make you play Pineapple Soccer with them. But first,
you will have to find a Pineapple! Go up to A3 again. 

Hamha the two hamsters to learn "Tinglie", then use Lookie. Go back to where Broski 
is (B1). Hamha him. He will let you past to where Barrette and Spat are. (Barrette 
will not be there if you don't use Lookie next to all the hams except the soccer 
players.) A short movie will play. Barrette will teach you "Gasp-P." Now go back to 
the clubhouse. Use Gasp-P on Seamore (he is next to Boss), and he will go to rescue 
her. Go back to Sandy Beach and head to where Barrette was at. Another short movie 
will play, and their love will be saved! They will also teach you "Fend-D".

After they leave, Hifhif the board and the bottle. The bottle will
tell you the music code: "Mi-Do-Mi-Re-Fa-Fa-Re-Mi-So-Do". Now here's where
the map will come in handy! Use the places where the rocks are on the map
to help you solve this riddle. When you finish, head over to area A2. The
boulder would have moved. Use Tack-Q on the boulder first, then Hifhif the
musical note. You will get the Ham-Jam song "Hidden Riches". Now Digdig
under the hole, and you will be on Treasure Island (how ironic :P)

Hamha the blue hamster. Now use Fussfuss on him. He will leave to
the dock. You can Hifhif the rocks if you want :). Go to the dock in area
B1. Hamha him again at the dock. Tell him Yep-P. He'll take you to Hula
Island. (I don't know if that's the real name, but alot of it has to do
with hula dancing, so that's what I'll call it.) Go up the ladder. You
will see a cutscene where "Pashmina" is trying to steal Penelope's
blanket. Go left. You'll see "Penelope" is jumping on Pasmina's scarf.
Hifhif the scarf and give it to Pashmina. Go forward, into the building.
Hamha the blue hamster. He'll give the Ham-Jam song "Dizzy For You", a
hula song which will soon be needed.

Leave the building now, and go left. You will see another cutscene where a
hamster goes into the building. Hamha the hamster blocking the entrance.
Once you are inside, get near "Pashmina" and use Tack-Q, Stickie, then
Scrit-T on "her". It's actually Spat!

Follow her out the door, to the left, to the left again, then up the
ladder. A short sequence will show the Pashminas arguing over poor
Penelope, go back down, then left, then in through the door. Heyhoo the
sleeping hamster (his real name's Elderham). When he falls asleep, Heyhoo
him again. He'll teach you "Tuggie". Go back to the arguing Pashminas.
Tell them to Tuggie Penelope. The true Pashmina will be revealed!
Penelope will push Spat off the cliff! ^_^ You saved Pashmina and
Penelope! They'll teach you "Snorklie".

Go back down, then go all the way left again, and go in the building
where you scruffed up the fake Pashmina. You're going to have to enter the
Class C Hula Contest. Before you start, go up to the mirror and edit the
songs a bit. Here's some tips on creating dances:

1. The combination you start with will not win the contest. Remember
2. On the Class C dance, I won with this combination:
Note: - means leave that space blank.


After you have your combo made, Hamha the red hamster in the upper-right
corner. Say Yep-P. The contest will begin. If you win, you get the Orange
Hibiscus, which is what the boat captain wants to give to his wife. Make
your way back to the dock, and Hamha the captain. You can't give him the
flower just yet, because we have some things to do at the main island
still. Say Yep-P to him and he will bring you back to the main area.
Digdig in the hole again to go to Treasure Island. Hifhif near the
celebrity again. Then say Tinglie, and she will give you the pineapple.
Now use Bestest on her. She'll teach you "Dazzlie".

Go back to the soccer court. Hamha the coach, and you will play
Pineapple Soccer. Here's how you play: Right before the pineapple hits
Hamtaro or Bijou's head, press A to send it airborne. The first thing goal
is to get 6 hits in a row. When you complete it, go up towards the exit,
but don't leave. Instead, Hamha the blue and white hamster under the tree.
Say Yep-P when she asks for a favor. She'll teach you "Ta-dah" and she'll
give you a love note to give to the soccer player with the blue tail. You
can't give it just yet, because you need to learn Thump-P from Boo Manor.

Go to the dock and Heyhoo, then Ta-Dah the orange hibiscus to the
Cap'n. A short sequence will result, when which you reunite the husband's
and the wife's love! They will also teach you "Hambond". Exit the level
now and go back to the Clubhouse. Harmony will tell you that Spat is at
Fun Land! Leave and go back to the Clubhouse and talk to Boss and Harmony
to learn "Passchat". Now you can go to Fun Land.

4.3 Fun Land Part I

Upon entering Fun Land, you will be greeted by the Ham-O-Matic robot.
Hamha the apparent owner of the robot and watch his performance. You will
learn "Scrub-E". Go right, and Tack-Q the balloon stand. The hamster
inside will teach you "Koochi-Q". Go up until you reach the ferris wheel.
Hamha the operator, then go to the control room (it's in the same area as
the balloon stand, in the very lower-right corner of the area). You'll
see Spat.

Pakapaka the ropes on the hamster in the corner first, then Hamha him
after he is knocked to the corner. Now you'll need to Heyhoo to the
Ham-O-Matic owner. He will rush to the control room. Follow him, but
before you go back into the control room, listen to what the upset hamster
near the balloons has to say to learn "Chukchuk".

Once you get inside the control room, a small chitchat will occur where
the Ham-O-Matic... well... you'll see this yourself. Well, it seems that
the Ham-O-Matic can only Scrub-E. Go back to the entrance, where the HOM
(Ham-O-Matic) was formerly located. Tack-Q the garbage can, and Hifhif
the trash that comes out. Go back to the Control Room. Get next to Spat
and Chukchuk the trash on him. Then run over to the HOM and tell him to
Scrub-E the trash. He will take Spat and fly away. When the bot returns,
the HOM owner will teach you "Tiptop". The love between hamster and
machine is forged! That's another love saved!

Leave the Control Room and go left again. Go up at the main gate, and use
Tack-Q on the red hamster to learn "Blash-T". Go back to the gate, go
right, then up, then make a left at the Ferris Wheel. Gasp-P Sandy and
Stan (the two hamsters facing each other). They'll teach you "Hamteam" and
ask for your help getting Maxwell's attention. Say Yep-P to them. Now go
left twice. Use Offdoff on Maxwell (he's sitting near the roller coaster
entrance). It apparently didn't work. Tell Stan about it. He'll tell you
to use Heyhoo on him this time. Do it twice, then go back to Stan and tell
him that it didn't work again. He'll ask you what word you should try.
Tell him Blash-T. Now use it on Maxwell twice. You end up getting a big
lecture from him. It's rather funny ^_^. Now go back to Stan again. Deja
Vu. But this time he'll give you another word to use on him--"Minglie".

Use it on Maxwell now. It worked! (Finally... :p) You'll reunite their
love and learn "Twirlie"! You should have 8 loves saved now. Go to the very lower 
left-hand corner of Fun Land. A little movie will play. Go over to the green 
hamster and say Hamha. He'll teach you "Lost-T". We can't help him just yet, 
though. Go right, then up, then go in the entrance that says "Stickie Note" over 
the top. Hamha the hamster there and play the game Stickie Note. He'll teach you 
the rules of the game. You'll need to make 600-790 points to get what we're here 
for-- the green marble. I've got one hint for this game: Stickie the round marble 
things when they fall for some extra time. 

When you get the marble, go out, then go into the entrance entitled Tic-Tack-Q. 
You're gonna need a perfect score to win this one, but you get a song--the "Flower 
Waltz". Talk to the hamster to get the lowdown. Remember to choose to be Hamtaro 
(you can't control Bijou). If you're having trouble, don't think you are alone. I 
won just by luck. You don't have to get this now, but it'd be nice so that you 
won't have to come back.
When you finish, leave the room and enter the Digdig-It room. Say Hamteam
near the Prizes board to learn "Goodgo". You can't do anything else here,
so go ahead and go back to the Clubhouse. Harmony will tell you that Spat
is at Boo Manor now.

4.4 Boo Manor Part I

When you first enter Boo Manor, go forward to see a movie with Spat in
it. After that, Hamha the hamster blocking the entrance to learn you need
an ID card. Go back and hifhif the flyer that fell from up high, then
Digdig through the tube to be at the Ham-Swap. Here's the order to need
to talk to him in order to drop the ID card price 90%:

ID Card

Time to feel bad for the poor sap... just kidding :P. But seriously, he'll
give it to you for 5 sunflower seeds. Digdig under the tunnel again and
go back to the hamster at the entrance, then Ta-Dah the ID card to him.
Once you're inside, Heyhoo the old hamster at the front desk to learn
"Thump-P", then use Ta-dah on him. He'll give you the Bronze key card. Go
all the way left, down the stairs, and then to the right. Now use Thump-P
on the blue hamster to learn "Go-P". Enter the door right there. Watch
the little ghost talk to you, then exit the door.

Go back to the left, and use Tack-Q on the wall near the stairs to open a
cave. Now you'll need to go back up the stairs, then all the way to the
right. Press the A button in from of the keycard swiper to gain access to
the locked door. Once inside, Hifhif the paper on the floor, then go to
the back wall. There are 4 mirrors lined up. Use Go-P on the 2nd one from
the left (the one without Bijou's reflection) to expose the fake Hamtaro,
then follow him. Yes, that's right. THROUGH the mirror. Now you'll need to
beat a "boss". Just stand near one of the different panels on the floor
and use Stickie when his face is covered. If you hit him 3 times, you'll
get the Silver ID card. Now to get out of here. Hifhif the board and
Putput it over the cliff. Climb over and use Offdoff to take it with you.

Go up to where the front desk is. Use Hamlift next to the main elevator
door to activate it. Get inside to go the the 2nd floor. When you get
there, you'll see Dexter and Howdy fighting over... something. Use Hamha
to them, then use Blash-T. You'll learn Hamspar. They'll take off, but
before you go following them, go left and go through the door. Use
Hamspar on the fireplace, then Hamha the ghosts to learn "Nopookie". Now
you can follow them to the left up the stairs.

There's a ghost blocking the door.  Say Hamha, then Tack-Q, then Hamspar
on him. Now go through the door. Walk forward, and Hamtaro will fall into
a trapdoor! You can't help it, but you can get him out of it. Go back to
where you learned Nopookie (the room with the fireplace) Use Hamspar
again, then Tack-Q the hamsters that appear. The one on the left will
teach you "Pushie" and the other on the right will give you "Noknok". Now
go up where Dexter is again. Hamha him, and he will go looking for a rope.
Go down the stairs, then left. This seemingly empty room holds a secret.
Use Noknok then Pushie on the wall. A secret path!

Go in to see where Howdy and Hamtaro fell to. Use Heyhoo on Howdy to have
him wake up Hamtaro. Go up the steps again and keep going right until you
see two hamsters trying to open an elevator by forcing it. Use Libert-T
near them. Now go back to where Hamtaro is stuck in the cage (remember to
Pushie on the wall). Use Libert-t on the green hamster again. He'll pull
the cage open you'll get Hamtaro back again! Yay! And also, for some
reason, you reunite the green and red hamster's love. Well, at least
that's a good thing. You'll learn "Flipflop" from the couple. Go back out,
then up the stairs, and go to the right from where Dexter is. A "ghost"
will walk through the door. Follow him.

Inside, there's a Scrub-E contest. Here's the rules:
Pushie the crates to keep the ghosts from coming out of the red zone.
While you're doing that, you also have to clean up the four floor tiles.
Got it? Good. When and if you complete it, you get the Gold Card!

Once you are out of the room, go to the right to see the couple trying to
open the elevator. Hamha the green one. They'll leave. Hamlift up the the
slot  and open it up. Go left to where the room with the music playing is.
Thump-P in front of the hamster there. She will teach you "Perksie". Now,
before we can finish this, we'll need to go to Sandy Bay. Head through
the exit door to the right.

4.5 Sandy Bay Part II

We still have to complete Boo Manor, so let's make this quick. Go
directly to the soccer court. Stand on the striped towel there and use
Thump-P. Use Ta-dah on the one with the blue tail. Another love is
created! You'll learn "Jamout". Now go back to Boo Manor.

4.6 Boo Manor Part II

Alright, now that we have Jamout, we can finish the level. Get back up to
the top level. Go to the area with the music playing again. Use Noknok
then Pushie on the wall. Jamout on the piano. A "ghost" will appear and
agree to teach Bijou to play piano if you answer certain questions.
Here's some of the possible questions he will ask and there answers:

Q. What is this song entitled? A. Moonlight
Q. Who plays this song? A. Beethoven
Q. Including this one, how many questions have I asked durnig the test?
A. Depends
Q. In that Jamout, which instrument is playing? A. Piano

He will ask three questions. If you get them correct, you will get the
song "Moonlight" to Ham-Jam to. If you get one wrong, just simply jamout
on the piano again. Anyway, when you are finished go down the elevator.
Go right all the way and enter the door. Use Lookie on the painting in
the back, then Perksie. She'll tell you about her son. We'll need her
help later.

Go all the way left, then down the stairs again, then all the way to the
right. Go through the door to see Howdy. Jamout on the piano, and the
coffin Dexter is stuck in will open, and Howdy and Dexter's friendship is
saved! They'll also teach ya "Stead-E". Now go up to the top floor AGAIN.
Sorry if you are getting tired of doing this ^_^. Once up, go all the way
to the left. Tack-Q the wall twice to open it up. Stand on the squares
inside the room (do you see Spat yet? he's in amongst the dolls. You can
find him because his eyes are different). You made it to the final test!

Now, you'll need to answer some VERY simple questions about what a
sunflower is. If you know what a sunflower looks like, you will ace this.
Hehe, pretty hard, huh?. After you finish it, Spat will come out and start
poking the poor ham with his pitchfork. To save him, first use Flipflop on
the panel. It won't work, so use Nopookie. He will turn into a cat and
scare Spat away! The hamster will give you 5 rocks as a thank you for
saving him. Now we need to save the last love in Boo Manor. Go to the 2nd
again, go left once, and Pushie through the wall. Look familiar?

Look for the rope in the upper-right corner. Use
Hamlift to reach it and pull it. Go through the mirror that opens. You'll
enter a game where you have to save a girl that is stuck in a dresser.
Watch for which one she's in and use Noknok on it. When you find her,
you'll be thrown out. But at least you saved the last love here and got
the last Ham-Chat word at Boo Manor-- "Dingding".  Now exit the level and
go to the Clubhouse where Harmony is waiting for you. She'll give you
access to Wild Woods, but we're still not done yet. You'll need to come
back here really quick while trying to find the Ham Rangers in this next
part at Fun Land.

4.7 Fun Land Part II

Let's get down to business. You still want to beat the game, right? Okay,
go right, then all the way up to where the Ferris Wheel is. Go into the
bathrooms to the right. Use Noknok on the door with someone inside. Hamha
him, then use Hamteam. He will ask for your help with what to say. Here's
what I said: Gossip-P, Koochi-Q, then Smoochie. Only certain combinations
work, so use this because it's been tested and it works. Anyway, you
unite their love! They'll teach you Luck-E.

Now go all the way left, thendown once. Use Hamha then Dingding on the
greenish-brownish hamster there. Now head over to the Roller Coaster and
ride with him. After the ride, go down the stairs and use Lost-T on him.
Now go all the way right, then down.  Use Dingding on him here now, and a
butterfly will come down. Use Hamha near it, and the hamster will find his
wallet. Now go back to where his family is (the lower left corner of the
Park) and Hamha him, and he'll teach you "Trust-T". Another love is saved!
Go up to where the showroom is (it's right of the roller coaster). Hamha
the hamster blocking the entrance to find out that some of the Ham Rangers
are missing. Before you start looking for them, use Fussfuss on the blue
hamster there.

Now go left, then down. Use Fussfuss on the green hamster there. That's
one of them. Go all the way right, into the bathrooms. Use Fussfuss next
to the door, but Ham Red won't come out. Go out of the restrooms, and go
to where the minigames are (center of the park) and go in the Stickie Note
entrance. Use Fussfuss next to the blue hamster in the left area of the
room. Now, we're going to need another Ham Red. Take a quick trip back to
Boo Manor and use Gasp-P on the crying portrait at the 3rd floor again.
She's actually another Ham Red! You'll be taken back to Fun Land to see
the Ham Rangers show.

After the show, the apparent Ham Red will be reunited with her son. That's
yet another love! You'll learn "Hardihar" from them. Now Hamha the hamster
guarding the door again, and go left to hear a bulletin. Go back to the
Ham Ranger thing again. Hamha him again. This time the Ham Rangers you
have to find are different ones. Get near the water fountain in the same
area as the Ham Ranger show, then use Fussfuss on him. There's another
one. Get the green one again (he's in the same area), and then go to where
the balloon stand is (lower-right corner) and Tack-Q, then Fussfuss. Now
go back to the performance area and watch the play again.

After it, you'll get the song, "Go Ham Rangers". Now to get the last word
here in Fun Land. Remember where the game Tic Tack-Q is? Go there and use
Stickie on the hamster there to learn "Delin-Q". Now go back to the
clubhouse and talk to Harmony to learn some new words: "Tran-Q" and
"Gofor". Now go ahead and go to Wild Woods.

4.8 Wild Woods Part I

When you first enter Wild Woods, go straight down, then right, then down
again to see Spat and Cappy. Cappy has gone bad! AHHH! JK. Use Hamha then
Bizzaroo on him. He'll teach you "Hampact". We're getting closer to the
big 86 Ham-Chats now! ^_^ Go back to the level entrance now and go to
Sunny Peak.

4.9 Sunny Peak Part II

Do you remember where Seedric, the acorn hamster, is? Go to him. If you
don't know where he is, follow these directions: up, up, up the steps,
right, and right. Get near that cave in the bushes there. Spat will come
out. Digdig under the bushes to find Seedric hatless. Hamha him, then get
in the water stuff near the back of the room. Use Digdig twice to get a
Hot Spring Egg (you'll need this later) and a song, "Great Springs". Leave
Sunny Peak and go back to Wild Woods and talk to Cappy. Tell him Lovedove,
and he will get mad and run away. Follow him. He will go in a circuit
around the woods. When you reach a certain spot, though, a hamster named
Bog will drop a cage onto you, not knowing that you are fellow hamsters.

After talking to him, say Hamteam to ask him to help you catch a thief. He
will agree. Follow Cappy around again until you come back to where Bog is.
Bog will catch Cappy in the cage. Say Bluhoo to Cappy, and he will agree
to give the hat back. After Bog releases him, you will be taken to Sunny
Peak. Cappy and the Acorn Ham will have a bond to each other because of
their love for hats. Kind of weird, but at least you get another love!
You'll also learn "Hamboree".

4.10 Wild Woods Part II

Go back to Wild Woods to see Bog near the entrance. Ta-dah the egg to Bog.
In return, he'll teach you "Clingie". Go right now, and Hamha the pacing
hamster to learn "Wait-Q". Now go left, then down, then right. Stand on
the platform and use Clingie. (Pretty good music playing, huh?) It's
Jingle, one of my personal favorite hamsters! Use Wait-Q on him. He'll
teach you "Thank-Q". Now follow Jingle's actions and use Clingie on the
vine. Go up and right again to see Jingle talking to the elderly hamster.
You'll automatically get to watch the wedding take place. (but Hamtaro and
Bijou could at least move out of the way! They're right in the middle of
everything! :p)

Their tradition is to place the red marble on the pedestal, but Spat comes
and ruins everything. Leave the village after the short movie that
precedes to be hit by a slingshot-bearing hamster. You'll have to stop
him, but first you'll need a slingshot. Now go left twice, then down once
to see Spat. Stand on the dirt circle and use Heyhoo. He'll throw a stick
over, perfect for a slingshot. Hifhif it, and go back to the village. Once
inside the village, go left. We'll get a couple of Ham-Chats while we're
here to save time.

Hamha the yellow hamster, then use Minglie on the crying one. A tag scene
show after that, and you will learn "Bye-Q". Now go into the house on the
left at the back wall to see a hamster cleaning something. Hamha her to
learn "Hulahula". Now exit the house and go into the other one. It's the
pushy Ham-Swap! Talk to him. Choose No-P when he asks if you're buying,
then say Yep-P to buy the rubber band for 4 seeds. Now exit the village
and go right, into the inventors home. Tell him Putput, and he'll take the
pieces you have and turn them into the slingshot. Go back into the village
and go right this time.

After the little scene, go back out of the village to see the slingshot
shooter again. He'll teach you "Hamscope", which allowes you to use the
slingshot. Now you're going to hit him back! After he hits you again,
press A and choose the only option: Hamscope. Aim the targeter onto him
and press A to fire. You won't be seeing anymore of him! Now go back to
where Spat is. Stand on the dirt circle again and use Hamscope. Hit the
bee nest above Spat to make the bees angry at him. He'll jump into the
water to save himself, but there's a crocodile in the river! He'll scare
Spat out of Wild Woods! Hifhif the red marble. Now we need to get back to
the wedding.

Head back to the village and Hamha the elderly hamster again. The wedding
will commence again. Another love is created! You'll learn "Vast-T". 78/86
Ham-Chats! After the ceremony, Hamha the elderly hamster (he's got a
freaky dance 0_o). He'll let you have the Red Marble. You have all three
marbles now! I'll explain their uses in a bit. Now leave the village and
go to where Spat was. Go down once, and Hamha Bog, then Tack-Q the monkey
on the floor. I guess you'll have to find some medicine for the monkey
(after all, it's Hamtaro's fault!) Bog will take the place of Bijou, who
decides to stay and care for the monkey.

Go up 3 times. See the fruit on the stick? Get up next to it. A bunch of
birds will come down and take the fruit. You're gonna need some accuracy
skills here! You have to shoot the bird in the middle 2 times to make it
drop the fruit. If you lose, just go back in and repeat it again. When you
get the fruit, go back to the monkey and Bijou. The monkey will feel
better, and somehow you give them their love for each other! They'll teach
you "Might-T". 18/21 loves!

Now, here's where the marbles are going to come in handy. You need to go
to Sunny Peak. Climb up to the top again, where theminecart is. Gogo the
minecart. You should be at the area with the two hamsters again when you
stop. If you aren't, press the switch nearby and ride it again.
Nevertheless, head south when you reach there. See the "sword" (Zelda anyone?) and 
the trio of spherical-shaped holes in front of it?
Putput all three marbles in them. Now go up the steps and Tuggie on the
"sword". It's actually a spoon!

Now go back to Wild Woods. Go back to the inventor's house. Give him a
Hamha, then talk to his wife. Say Yep-P. After she finishes talking,
Ta-dah the spoon to her. She will give it to her husband. He'll complete
the Hamapault 2, which you will need very soon. You save their love and
learn "Wake-Q"! Now exit the level. You completed Wild Woods! Go back to
the clubhouse. Harmony will tell you where Spat is: He's at his tower.
Spat Tower, to be precise.

4.11 Spat Tower
Some running around will take place in this level.

First, stand on the leaves and use Lookie, Heyhoo, Sesam-E, and Stickie on
the door. It can't be opened, so go back to Wild Woods. Talk to the
inventor, and he will lend you the Hamapault. You'll be taken to Spat
Tower. Gogo into the Hamapault, then use Stickie, and you will be sent
flying into the castle. You're going to need to solve the sliding puzzle,
so that the door will open. Stand on the button and use Gogo. This puzzle
could take awhile (I never was good at those things :( ), so don't
hesitate to save and quit when you need a break.

When you finally finish it, the main gate will open. After it opens, go
through the opening in the upper-right corner of the level. You'll hear
someone asking for help. Get near the locked door and use Perksie. Now go
out of the cave, and use Passchat on the guard hamster, then say Libert-T.
Agree to helping him, and he will let you in to Spat. Spat will pull out his 
Haminator 3000!

Use Hamscope and hit the bot in the face, but it doesn't work. You need Love Shots 
from Harmony, so go back to the Clubhouse and talk to her on the 2nd floor. Use 
Chukchuk then the last word on the list on her (it changes), and she will give you 
the Love Shot.

Now go back to Spat Tower, and go in to Spat again. Use Hamscope, and hit him in 
the middle. He will get mad and start to hit you with either tornados or lasers. 
Avoid him when he turns red and Hamscope him when you get the chance. You can only 
hit him when his mouth is open. When you sink one into his mouth, the Haminator 
3000 will be defeated and Spat will turn into an angel. Congratulations! You've 
completed the main portion of the game! You'll learn "Pooie" from Spat. Watch the 
end credits roll. If you go back to the Clubhouse, you can now enter the 
Accessories Shop.

Now, to save the last 2 loves... this is where the running around takes
place. Go to Wild Woods and go into the village. Go right, and enter the
guarded door there. Say Pooie in front of her, and she will tell you about
the Pooie Earrings, and will ask you to make a pair for her in exchange
for a Star Key. This is what you need to save the next love. Then she'll
give you the recipe for it. Here's the recipe:

1 Ammonite
1 Banana Stone
2 Glass Beads

You can get all 3 at Sunny Peak, so go there. They are actually hidden in
rocks. Hifhif any rock you see here. Here's some places you will always
find a rock:

Near the beginning of the level, 2nd dock on the bottom
At the Ham-Swap
In the cave behind where the monkey was (to get the ones up high, Tack-Q
the hill.)

Some extra notes:
None of the gems you need take more than one Rubrub to polish all the way.
Also, if you are having trouble finding the Ammonite, you may want to look
at Sandy Bay.

When you have alot of rocks, take them to the Rubrub room in the Clubhouse
and Rubrub them all. If you don't get what you need, go back and do it

When you find all the pieces, take them to the Accessory Shop. Choose to
make the Pooie Earrings. It costs 20 sunflower seeds. When you get it, Ta-
dah it to the rich lady in the village at Wild Woods. She'll give you the
Star Key. Now you need to go to Spat Tower again. Go through the cave
again and open the door. It's not her screaming, it's actually the TV!
Nevertheless, another love is saved! Yay! You learn "Swellie".

You'll be taken to the Clubhouse, where you talk to Harmony. After the ending 
movie, you'll find out who the last love is: Hamtaro and Bijou! Now your love meter 
is completely filled! Whenever you Rubrub rocks, it only takes one rub now! That's 
the best part of it. But before you do your victory dance, we've still got some 
more Ham-Chats to get and some areas to finish. Go downstairs to where Harmony is 
waiting, and she'll teach you a new word, "Lalalala". Now exit the level and go 
back in. Talk to Boss to recieve another board from him. Now go to Sunny Peak.

Once you get there, head straight up to where Spat was (up the rope near
the minecart). It's Panda. Hamha him, then talk to him again to give him
the stuff he needs. Now go down and ride the minecart to the cave
entrance, and you'll hear Panda Heyhoo for you. Go back up to him and use
Hamha. He'll teach you "Hamtast". Now cross the bridge and Tack-Q the
mountain. Hifhif the Rainbow Key. You'll need it later. Now exit the
level. You've now found all the Ham-Chats in 6 out of 7 levels, way to go! Now to 
finish Sandy Bay.

4.12 Sandy Bay Part III

Head on over to Hula Island in Sandy Bay and go up to the mirror in the
green room to edit your dance again. Use the same combination as last the
Class C, but add the word "Hulahula" instead of Gasp-P at the beginning.
Now enter the contest again. You should win it, and you get a rock as a
prize. Now exit the Green Room and go right. Talk to the green hamster in
front of the door to learn "Greatchu". 1 more Ham-Chat to go! Now go back
to the Green Room and edit your dance again. Put in these dance steps:


Now enter the Class A Hula Contest. Don't worry, this dance code will
work. After the contest (given of course that you won) you will get
another rock. When you leave the stage, Harmony and Boss will be there,
and they'll teach you the final Ham-Chat word, "Hamcheer". (Poor Boss,
getting smacked by a fan. ^_^) Now you have them all! Watch yet another
different credits sequence, and do your happy dance! Now go back to the
Clubhouse. You've still got to find all the gems, create some accessories, and get 
all the outfits, but those things aren't mandatory. Check out below for how to get 
those things.

4.13 Other Things To Accomplish

You still have to:
Find all the gems
Make accessories and outfits
And get all the keys before you complete the game 100%.
The keys are there to open the locked doors in the caves. Here's a list of
where they are:

Location..........Key..........How to Get
Sunny Peak.......Rainbow Key...Across the bridge at Sunny Peak
Sandy Bay........Wave Key......In the Ham-Chat Contest
Fun Land.........Ice Key.......In the Ham-Chat Contest
Boo Manor........Moon Key......In the Ham-Chat Contest
Wild Woods.......Sun Key.......In the Ham-Chat Contest
Spat Tower.......Star Key......From the rich lady in Wild Woods

Cave Locations:

Sunny Peak Cave: Behind where the monkey was at the top of the area. 

Sandy Bay Cave: After you solve the riddle, the rock will move. Digdig into the 
hole underneath. 

Fun Land Cave: You'll have to learn Nok-nok first. Use Nok-nok on the bathroom door 
that says "Closed". 

Boo Manor Cave: On the first floor, go down the steps to the left. See the crack in 
the wall? Tack-Q the crack to open the entrance. 

Wild Woods Cave: In the cave north of Jingle. You need Clingie to get to him.

Spat Tower Cave: In the entrance behind the the lady hamster watching TV after you 
save the last love. 

When you get all the Ham-Chats from Harmony, talk to Postie in the
Clubhouse. He will tell you about the Ham-Chat Contest. Now use Lookie on
the paper near the couch and choose all 4 words. Now give it to the
mailham. Exit the level and return, and talk to him again. He'll give you
4 of the keys. As for the rest of the things you have to do, look below at
the different lists.

5. Ham-Chat List
In order from A to Z:

Bestest    Fantastic
Bizzaroo   Strange
Blanko     Forget
Blash-T    Angry
Bloat-T    Bloated
Bluhoo     Sad
Blushie    Embarrass
Bye-Q      Good-bye
Chukchuk   Give up
Clingie    Hang
Dazzlie    Beautiful
Delin-Q    Bad
Digdig     Dig
Dingding   Realize
Fend-D     Defend
Flipflop   Switch
Fussfuss   Worry
Gasp-P     Oh no!
Gofor      Goal
Gogo       Ride
Goodgo     Good luck
Go-P       Bathroom
Gossip-P   Small talk
Greatchu   Great
Hambond    Bond
Hamboree   Party
Hamcheer   Congrats
Hamha      Greeting
Hamigos    Best pals
Hamlift    Piggyback
Hampact    Promise
Hamscope   Aim
Hamspar    Rival
Hamtast    Perfect
Hamteam    Cooperate
Hardihar   Laugh
Heyhoo     Call out
Hif-hif    Sniff
Hulahula   Lollygag
Jamout     Play music
Koochi-Q   Pretty
Lalalala   Sing
Libert-T   Freedom
Lookie     See
Lost-T     Lose
Lovedove   Cherished
Luck-E     Lucky
Mega-Q     Big
Might-T    Strong
Minglie    Play
Nok-nok    Knock
No-P       No
Nopookie   Dislike
Offdoff    Remove
Oopsie     Sorry
Pakapaka   Bite
Passchat   Tell
Perksie    Listen
Pooie      Uncool
Pushie     Shove
Putput     Put
Rubrub     Polish
Scoochie   Climb
Scrit-T    Scratch
Scrub-E    Clean
Sesam-E    Open
Smoochie   Love
Snorklie   Deep
Stead-E    Solid
Stickie    Poke
Swellie    It's OK
Tack-Q     Roll
Ta-dah     Show
Thank-Q    Thank you
Thump-P    Startle
Tinglie    Tingle
Tiptop     Excellent
Tran-Q     Peace
Trust-T    Reliable
Tuggie     Tug
Twirlie    Twirl
Vast-T     Wide
Wait-Q     Wait
Wake-Q     Wake up
Yep-P      Yes
Zuzuzu     Sleep

6. Gem List
Here's a list of them all:

Name: Uni-Star
The unique Uni-Star makes dreams come true.
Spat Tower

Name: Peace Moon
Rarity: *****
Unique moon-like, crescent-shaped stone.
Boo Manor

Name: Sun Stone
A unique flame looms inside, but it's not hot!
Wild Woods

Name: Wave Stone
This unique stone has waves imitating the sea.
Sandy Bay

Name: Ice Stone
Crystals sthine playfully in this unique stone.
Fun Land

Name: Rainbow Stone
Rarity: *****
A unique stone that's as colorful as a rainbow.
Sunny Peak

Name: Garnet
This stone has the power to heal. January gem.
Boo Manor
Sandy Bay

Name: Amethyst
For instincts and true love. February gem.
Sunny Peak
Boo Manor

Name: Aquamarine
Soothing stone that can resore youth. March gem.
Boo Manor
Sandy Bay
Fun Land

Name: Diamond
The most desired of all gems. April gem.
Wild Woods
Spat Tower
Fun Land

Name: Emerald
Deep green, it soothes souls. May gem.
Spat Tower
Wild Woods
Sunny Peak

Name: Pearl
Milky in color, it evokes charm. June gem.
Spat Tower
Sunny Peak
Sandy Bay

Name: Ruby
The red color earned its name as the queen. July gem.
Wild Woods
Sunny Peak

Name: Peridot
Green stone lifts one's spirits. August gem.
Spat Tower
Wild Woods
Sunny Peak

Name: Sapphire
Blue stone opens the mind and soul. September gem.
Spat Tower
Sunny Peak
Boo Manor
Sandy Bay

Name: Opal
Lustrous stone unlocks Cupid's powers of love. October gem.
Sandy Bay
Fun Land
Sunny Peak

Name: Topaz
Increases the bearer's love and fortune. November gem.
Boo Manor

Name: Turquoise
Courage stone keeps bearer from danger. December gem.
Spat Tower
Sandy Bay

Name: Cube Stone
Small in size, this stone is very powerful. Look familiar?
Fun Land
Boo Manor
Spat Tower
Sunny Peak

Name: Cheese Stone
It will cause a stomachache if eaten. Look familiar?
Spat Tower   Wild Woods    Sandy Bay    Fun Land

Name: Storm Stone
It shines like a lightning bolt. Look familiar?
Spat Tower
Boo Manor

Name: Ham Stone
This stone makes strong friendships. Look familiar?
Fun Land
Sunny Peak
Boo Manor

Name: Banana Stone
This stone brings health to the bearer. Look familiar?
Wild Woods
Fun Land

Name: Berry Stone
This stone is recognizable by its shape. Look familiar?
Spat Tower
Wild Woods

Name: Sweet Stone
Sweet and sour, much like love itself. Look familiar?
Wild Woods
Fun Land
Sunny Peak

Name: Feather Stone
This old stone gives happiness to its bearer.
Fun Land
Spat Tower

Name: Ammonite
A fossil of the Ammonite.
Sandy Bay
Sunny Peak
Boo Manor

Name: Dino Fossil
Old dinosaur bones buried deep underground.
Sunny Peak
Wild Woods
Boo Manor
Sandy Bay

Name: Glass Bead
Humans have worn this old stone since long ago.
Wild Woods
Sunny Peak
Fun Land

Name: Crystal
A clear stone of many colors, it can be found all over!
Wild Woods
Sunny Peak
Fun Land
Boo Manor
Sandy Bay

7. Accessories List
(NOTE: There is a *huge* amount of accessories in this game. This is
probably only some of them. If you notice one missing, email me the name
and the gems needed. Also, the numbers are just there for listing
purposes. There is not Accessory number.)

1. Cobra Crown
5 Emeralds
2 Garnets
2 Dino Fossils

2. Rose Choker
2 Ammonites
3 Garnets
5 Pearls

3. Rose Pin
2 Garnets
2 Crystals

4. Grape Pin
4 Amethysts
2 Emeralds
2 Glass Beads

5. Butterfly Pin
1 Amethyst
6 Opals

6. Silver Key
2 Amethysts

7. Heart Tiara
2 Aquamarines
2 Banana Stones
1 Ruby

8. Dinosaur Bracelet
1 Aquamarine
1 Dino Fossil

9. Wing Pin
1 Aquamarine
1 Crystal
1 Feather Stone

10. Amber Pin
2 Diamonds
5 Dino Fossils

11. Heart Earrings
2 Diamonds

12. Cube Ring
1 Dino Fossil
3 Diamonds
2 Cube Stones

13. Cobra Necklace
2 Ammonites
1 Emerald

14. Gem Box
1 Emerald
1 Crystal
2 Cube Stones

15. Bijou's Ribbon
5 Aquamarines
1 Sapphire
10 Pearls

16. Rose Tiara
3 Garnets
8 Pearls
2 Glass Beads

17. Emerald Pin
2 Emeralds
1 Pearl
2 Peridots

18. Ice Earrings
2 Dino Fossils
2 Turquoises
2 Rubies

19. Ancient Pin
4 Ammonites
4 Dino Fossils
1 Ruby

20. Emerald Ring
1 Peridot

21. Mount Fuji
3 Opals
2 Dino Fossils
2 Peridots

22. HM Earrings
2 Sapphires

23. Crystal Heart Pin
2 Crystals
1 Sapphire

24. Fairy Earrings
2 Opals

25. Storm Ring
1 Sapphire
3 Storm Stone
1 Topaz

26. Sweet Earrings
4 Ammonites
2 Sweet Stones
2 Topazes

27. Topaz Ring
1 Topaz

28. Mystic Pin
2 Turquoises
1 Crystal
1 Cube Stone

29. Courage Seal
2 Garnets
2 Turquoises
2 Feather Stones

30. Leopard Bow
1 Cheese Stone

31. Delichu Anklet
1 Ham Stone
2 Crystals
1 Cheese Stone

32. Cheese Earrings
2 Cheese Stones
3 Sweet Stones

33. Elemental
3 Storm Stones
2 Glass Beads
1 Ruby

34. Storm Charm
1 Storm Stone
3 Ammonites

35. Antique Crown
5 Crystals
1 Ham Stone

36. Ham Bonbon
2 Crystals
2 Ham Stones

37. Hamhorn
3 Crystals
1 Dino Fossil
1 Ham Stone

38. Banana Pin
1 Crystal
1 Banana Stone

39. Fruit Basket
2 Berry Stones
2 Sweet Stones
1 Banana Stone

40. Ham Pendant
1 Topaz
2 Banana Stones
1 Ham Stone

41. Wind Bracelet
1 Sapphire
4 Feather Stones

42. Romantic Pin
2 Ammonites
1 Crystal
4 Dino Fossil

43. Ocean Helmet
2 Ammonites
1 Dino Fossil
2 Turquoises

44. Dotted Tiara
3 Crystals

45. Goku's Tiara
2 Glass Beads

46. Goku's Bracelet
1 Garnet
1 Glass Bead

47. Romantic Bonbon
1 Ammonite
1 Crystal
2 Dino Fossils

48. Clover Ring
1 Garnet
1 Crystal
4 Peridots

49. Tear Earrings
2 Aquamarines
2 Crystals

50. Ocean Necklace
5 Sapphires
5 Diamonds
5 Pearls

51. Topaz Pendant
1 Topaz

52. Smoochie Anklet
2 Ham Stones

53. Feather Earrings
2 Ammonites
2 Dino Fossils

54. Pooie Earrings
1 Ammonite
1 Banana Stone
2 Glass Beads

55. Royal Heart
6 Crystals
3 Dino Fossils

56. Berry Anklet
2 Berry Stones
4 Glass Beads

57. Fang Anklet
2 Ammonites
2 Dino Fossils

58. Ice Crown
2 Crystals
3 Sapphires

59. Diamond Bracelet
1 Diamond

60. Ice Anklet
2 Aquamarines
5 Crystals
1 Ruby

61. Antique Necklace
5 Crystals
2 Ham Stones

62. Clear Bonbon
2 Crystals

63. Shell Earrings
2 Pearls
2 Dino Fossils

64. Monkey Anklet
1 Ammonite
1 Crystal

65. Dotted Earrings
2 Crystals
2 Dino Fossil

66. Berry Earrings
2 Berry Stones
2 Crystals

67. Fang Earrings
2 Ammonites
2 Dino Fossils

68. Crystal Monarch
6 Ammonites
3 Crystals

69. Rainbow Wings
2 Feather Stones
3 Rubies
1 Rainbow Stone

70. Star Bracelet
6 Diamonds
3 Pearls
1 Uni-Star

71. Storm Tiara
6 Amethysts
1 Dino Fossil
1 Peace Moon

72. Fire Crown
1 Dino Fossil
1 Sun Stone
4 Feather Stones

73. Wave Pendant
2 Ammonites
1 Wave Stone

74. Ice Crystal
1 Ice Stone
3 Diamonds
5 Feather Stones

75. Ocean Belt
1 Wave Stone
2 Pearls
3 Banana Stones

76. Hamwood Star
3 Sapphires
1 Uni-Star
3 Rubies

77. Rainbow Road
1 Rainbow Stone
1 Cube Stone
5 Pearls

78. Sun Pin
1 Sun Stone

79. Frozen Heart
1 Ice Stone
3 Aquamarine

80. Galactic Anklet
1 Sapphire
1 Peace Moon

8. Ham-Jam Songs List

This list will be easier to understand if you have completed the game.

1. Hamtaro Time
How to Get: NA

2. Condor's Wings
How to Get: This one's easy. Remember the feather in Sunny Peak next to
where Arnie's little brother was waiting? Use Hamha on it, and a bird will
drop the song on

3. Great Springs
How to Get: It's in Sunny Peak also. Use Digdig in the spring water where
Seedric is. (remember to Digdig under the bushes for it!)

4. Hidden Riches
How to Get: When you solve the music puzzle at Sandy Bay, use Tack-Q on
the big rock next to the hole that leads to Treasure Island. Hifhif the
note to get this one.

5. Dizzy For You
How to Get: You'll get this one in Sandy Bay on Hula Island. You get it
from the hamster near the stage when you are attempting to get in the Hula

6. Go Ham Rangers
How to Get: Remember the Ham-Ranger show in Fun Land? Go back to it, and
Hamha the hamster at the entrance. Now go left, and hear the bulletin. Go
back to the Ham Ranger area again. Hamha him again. This time the Ham
Rangers you have to find are different ones. Get near the water fountain
in the same area as the Ham Ranger show, then use Fussfuss on him. There's
another one. Get the green one again (he's in the same area), and then go
to where the balloon stand is (lower-right
corner) and Tack-Q, then Fussfuss. Now go back to the performance area and
watch the play again. Afterwards, the hamster at the entrance will give
you the song.

7. Flower Waltz
How to Get: Go back to Fun Land, and go into the game
entrance entitled Tic-Tack-Q. You're gonna need a perfect score to win
this one. Talk to the hamster to get the lowdown. Remember to choose to be
Hamtaro (you can't control Bijou). If you're having trouble, don't think
you are alone. I won pretty much by luck, but here's a tip: Let the other
players speed the thing up, so you can hit more balloons, and try to get
the 1-Up.

8. Moonlight
How to Get: Go back to Boo Manor, and get back up to
the top level. Go to the area with the music playing again. Use Noknok
then Pushie on the wall. Jamout on the piano. A "ghost" will appear and
agree to teach Bijou to play piano if you answer certain questions.
Here's some of the possible questions he will ask and their answers:

Q. What is this song entitled? A. Moonlight
Q. Who plays this song? A. Beethoven
Q. Including this one, how many questions have I asked durnig the test?
A. Depends
Q. In that Jamout, which instrument is playing? A. Piano

He'll ask you three questions. When you are finished, he will give you

9. Monkey Salsa
How to Get: After you complete the game, head back to Wild Woods and find
Bog and the Monkey. Talk to Bog to find out that the Hot Spring Egg
hatched. Choose a name for the duck (or whatever it is). I called it
Ducktaro, because it sounds cool. After you choose the name, he'll give
you Monkey Salsa.

10. Hamour
How to Get: After you complete the game, talk to the reporter in Spat
Tower that looks like a rabbit. Then talk to the hamster with a parasol
outside the room to get this one.

9. Tips/Tricks
PLEASE REMEMBER: These tips are all user-submitted. If you have a tip that's not 
here, send it to me. See "12. Contact".

"When you have collected all the Ham-Chat words, the little sunflower starts to 
rotate on the map. if the sunflower is not rotating then you have some Ham-Chat 
words to find there.  -rainyjean"

"If you go back to Boo Manor after you've completed the game and go to the room on 
the second floor where there is a piano and a big coffin, and you Jamout on the 
piano, the coffin opens and there is an acorn inside." 

"At Fun Land, on your way in the roller coaster, before you go up the stairs, go 
left and Digdig on the dirt and you'll get 50 sunflower seeds."

"In Sunny Peak, Hamlift under that sunflower that the two hamsters stuffed 
themselves on to get 20 Sunflower Seeds. 
Tack-Q the tree next to Boutique Ham to get an acorn. 
Scoochie on the humongous sunflower to get 5 Sunflower Seeds. 
In Sandy Bay, do 12 headers with the soccer hams to get 20 Sunflower Seeds. You can 
do it again for more, too.
After winning the Class A Hula Competition, go dance again and get 10 sunflower 
In Fun Land, get 50 rocks before you enter, and then go to the Tic-Tack-Q game and 
get a perfect game, and instead of getting 5 rocks you get 50 sunflower seeds.
In Wildwoods, Tack-Q the tree next to the entrance and get an acorn.  
If you go challenge the parakeets (after getting the medicine fruit) Hif-hif the 
acorn, and they'll steal it, and then shoot the green one twice and grab the acorn. 
You can do it again after that for another acorn.
If you Tack-Q the mushrooms, some will make you cough, some will make you giggle, 
others will spit out Sunflower Seeds. 
In Spat Tower, after defeating Spat, with the news hams there, Stickie the rubbish 
on both sides of the throne for a combined number of 50 sunflower seeds.
If you Tack-Q the dresser in the holding cell where the girlfriend and boyfriend 
are, sunflower seeds will come out. "

10. FAQ

Q. Why can't I change the name of my Ham-Jam?
A. You can't. The title will always be your name.

Q. I found a picture at Boo Manor. What do I do with it?
A. Nothing. The picture is just something to help you get across that gap
in the floor after you give the board to Panda.

Q. What's underneath the rug in Boo Manor?
A. Sunflower Seeds. Stand at the top of the rug and use Tuggie.

Q. The old hamster at the Accessory Shop messed up when he was making my
Accessories. Do I lose my gems I put into it?
A. Yes. I know, it's unfair. Completely unfair. ;)

The following was given by violet_yoshi:

Q. I used a unique five-star rarity gem in the Accessory Shop. How do I
get another one?
A. What you need to do is throw out the piece of jewelry that was made with the 
particular 5-star Rarity gem you want back. Then go back to the cave that the gem 
was from, and the big rock it comes from will have

The questions below are ones that I get asked alot, even though the answer
is in this guide.

Q. Where are the three boards for Panda?
1. After you save Barrette in Sandy Bay, hifhif the board she was on.
2. At Boo Manor, after you get the Silver Card Key, next to the cliff.
3. From Boss after you get rid of Spat in Spat Tower.

Q. Where do you get Bizzaroo?
A. Tack-Q the tanning hamster in Sandy Bay.

If you have a good question to ask, contact me. I might just put it here.
See below for more information.

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