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Half-Life Walkthrough
By: S_T_A_L_K_E_R

	I	General Strategies
	A	The Armory
1 Weapons
2 Miscellaneous Items
B	The Bestiary
1 Early-Game Enemies
2 Mid-Game Enemies
3 Late-Game Enemies
C	General Strategy
1 Adjusting Initial Settings
2 Movement Fundamentals
3 Key Tactics
4 Matching Weapons to Situations 
5 General Techniques
II	The Half-Life Walkthrough
	A	Walkthrough Part 1
1 Black Mesa Inbound
2 Anomalous Materials
3 Unforeseen Consequences
4 Office Complex
B	Walkthrough Part 2
1 We've Got Hostiles
2 Blast Pit
C	Walkthrough Part 3
1 Power Up
2 On a Rail
D	Walkthrough Part 4
1 Apprehension
2 Residue Processing
3 Questionable Ethics
E	Walkthrough Part 5
1 Surface Tension
F	Walkthrough Part 6
1 "Forget about Freeman!"
2 Lambda Core
3 Xen
4 Gonarch's Lair
G	Walkthrough Part 7
1 Interloper
2 The End
III	Multiplayer
	A	Multiplayer Half-Life
1 Preliminaries
2 Joining Up
3 Advanced Tips
IV	Codes
V	Credits
	A	Who Wrote the Walkthrough
	B	Contact Me
General Strategies

The Armory


	Rather than sort the weapons by category, I've listed them in 
order of appearance in the single-player game. This corresponds roughly 
to weapon power; in other words, you tend to receive the least powerful 
weapons near the start of the single-player game, and the most powerful 
near the end. This isn't strictly the case; however, as you'll see if 
you read a bit further.
	Weapons with the long name typically are referred to with an 
abbreviated name throughout this walkthrough. In the descriptions that 
follow, the abbreviated name appears in parentheses after the proper 
name - for example, "9 mm Semi-Automatic Pistol (Pistol)." Later, when 
you read "Pistol" you'll know I mean the 9 mm.

Damage: 10 pts per whack
Ammo: N/A
Max Ammo: N/A
	The Crowbar is the first weapon you collect, and it's the only 
weapon that doesn't require ammunition. It's fairly potent hand-to-
hand, but obviously you can't use it against medium to long-long range 
	You use the Crowbar in the following situations:
? To damage or destroy objects. Never waste valuable ammo destroying 
crates, barrels, or other breakable objects if you don't have to. 
The Crowbar is the weapon of choice against inanimate objects. Of 
course, some objects are close enough to bash, and others are too 
dangerous to sand close to (explosive barrels come to mind). Destroy 
these objects with other weapons.
? To kill weak enemies. Some enemies, such as lone Mawmen, are easy to 
dispatch with a series of swift Crowbar blows. To waste ammunition 
on such enemies is foolish.
? In extremely tight quarters. The Crowbar often is the best weapon 
for crawling through ventilation ducts and other close environments; 
any enemy you encounter is likely to be at close range, and thus a 
prime candidate for a Crowbar blow to the head.
? To kill small, swarming enemies. Fore example, when swimming 
underwater, occasionally swarms of tiny, irritating Hagworms will 
block your way. The Crowbar is the best way to kill these, and any 
other tiny foes so close, or so agile, that shooting them is nearly 
? Whenever ammo is limited. If you can't afford to waste ammunition, 
you must make do with the Crowbar.

9 mm Semi-Automatic (Pistol)

	As you might expect, you don't want to use the Crowbar against 
enemies that present a real threat. Engage truly dangerous foes at 
medium to long range with the potent weapons; getting close enough to 
use the Crowbar on these usually is a bad idea.
	In multiplayer game, ammo typically is plentiful and heavy-
hitting weapons reign. The Crowbar is virtually useless in multiplayer, 
unless you want to humiliate a truly inferior opponent.

Damage: 8 pts per shot
Ammo: 17-bullet clips
Max. Ammo: 18 bullets in gun, 250 bullets in reserve
	Soon after collecting the Crowbar, you'll locate a Pistol. The 
Pistol isn't a potent weapon, but it's ideal for picking off small 
enemies from a distance, where they have a hard time counter-attacking.
The best creatures to fight with your Pistol include Mawmen, Headcrabs, 
and Houndeyes. These creatures either possess no long-range attack, or 
have long-range attacks that you can dodge. With these sorts of foes, 
simply hang back and dodge, occasionally firing a few pistil rounds 
until you're victorious.
	The Pistol is one of the more accurate long-range weapons in your 
possession. Thus, it's useful in extremely long-range duels where power 
isn't a great concern.
	On the downside, the Pistol lacks close-range power, even in 
secondary fire mode, and isn't great fore destroying inanimate objects. 
For a more effective close-range attack, try the Shotgun.

Semi-Automatic Assault Shotgun (Shotgun)

Damage (primary): 5 pts per pellet, 6 pellets per shot (maximum 30 pts 
per shot)
Damage (secondary): 5 pts per pellet, 12 pellets per shot (maximum 60 
damage per shot)
Ammo: Hand-loaded shells, up to 8 at once
Max Ammo: 8 shells in the gun, 125 in reserve
	The Shotgun fires a tight cluster of lead pellets that gradually 
scatter at long range. The weapon is most effective at medium range to 
close range, where all the pellets are likely to hit their mark.
	The Shotgun's secondary fire mode is arguably more useful that 
it's primary one. In secondary fire mode, it fires two shells 
simultaneously for twice the power; the drawbacks are its wider pellet 
spread (fore decreased accuracy at long range), and slightly longer 
reload time.
	Because the Shotgun Fires in discrete, powerful bursts, it lends 
itself to hit-and-run tactics where you leap out from behind obstacle, 
fire a shell, and then duck for cover.
	Use the Shotgun when you're likely to face close-range foes. Put 
it away when you're likely to engage in long-range duel; even in 
primary fire mode, it's less than ideal.
	Reloading the Shotgun is always a matter of concern. Because each 
shell loads separately, the reloading process is quite time-consuming 
compared to that of other weapons. It's in your best interest to press 
the "Reload" key during quite moments, so you'll have a full complement 
of ammunition when the lead starts flying.
	In multiplayer games, maximize the Shotgun's strengths and 
minimize its weaknesses by lurking in small confined areas. Avoid open 
areas, where players wielding other weapons usually can get the best of 

Fragmentation Grenades (Grenades)

Damage: 100 (less if the hit is indirect)
Ammo: You can only hold one at a time
Max Ammo: 10
	Fragmentation Grenades are extremely potent, yet they're very 
easy to misuse. Miscalculate slightly and you'll end up bouncing them 
back into your own lap instead of depositing them at the enemy's feet.
	Grenades blow up after a short delay, during which they tend to 
roll around. Practice throwing Grenades at different angles and watch 
how they roll; getting them to land where you want them to is something 
of a fine art.
	The Grenade's biggest weakness-slow and somewhat indirect 
delivery-is also its biggest asset. You can lob Grenades over a low 
wall or bounce them around a corner to damage an unseen threat; this is 
an excellent way to clear out laser mines.
	Grunts often use Grenades to flush you out from behind cover. You 
can use them that way too, although enemies often will move away as 
soon as they notice the Grenade.
	Don't try to use Grenades in normal combat situations. A tough 
enemy with a direct, straight-shooting attack can usually capitalize on 
your delayed Grenades. Instead, use them for sneak attacks on enemies 
that haven't discovered your presence, throw them into high-traffic 
areas for cheap multiplayer kills, or lob them over obstacles to clear 
out threats you don't want to fire at directly.

Combat Rifle with Grenade Launcher (Combat Rifle)

Damage (primary): 5 pts per bullet (maximum 250 damage per clip)
Damage (secondary): 100 (less if hit is indirect)
Ammo: 50 bullet clips, Combat Rifle Grenades
Max Ammo: 50 bullets in gun 200 bullets in reserve, 10 Combat Rifle 
	The Combat Rifle is a great all-around weapon. Its rapid rate of 
fire makes it a heavy hitter, and its precision makes it effective at 
any range. The grenades it launches in secondary fire mode are 
extremely potent, especially against multiple enemies or particularly 
though foes.
	The Combat Rifle shines when you're in unknown territory and 
don't know what sorts of enemies to expect. Other weapons can be 
awkward in this situation, because they aren't appropriate against 
certain foes; just try entering a room full of Grunts with a Pistol 
	You'll never have this problem with the Combat Rifle. It may not 
me ideal against every target, but it's very good against most things. 
Want to kill a Headcrab? Just fire sparingly, shooting one or two 
bullets at a time to save ammo. How about a Grunt? Hold the trigger 
down for fully automatic gunfire. What about a huge monster, or 
multiple enemies in a tight formation? Use the Combat Rifle's secondary 
fire mode to launch a Grenade.
Because the Combat Rifle deals damage in a steady stream rather than in 
discrete bursts, it demands different tactics from, say, a Shotgun. 
Although the Shotgun is ideal for hit-and-run, the best way to use the 
Combat Rifle is to circle-strafe (see General Strategy for more info)
	Use the Combat Rifle frequently, in both single-player and 

.357 Magnum Revolver (.357 Magnum)

Damage: 40 pts per shot
Ammo: 6 bullets, hand-loaded
Max Ammo: 6 bullets in gun, 36 in reserve
	The .357 Magnum is a true heave hitter. Like the Shotgun, it 
deals dame in discrete, powerful packages, making it a good hit-and-run 
weapon. It holds two fewer rounds in it's chamber than the Shotgun, but 
because the Shotgun must fire two shells at once for full impact, the 
.357 Magnum compares in terms of ammo capacity.
	The .357 Magnum. Like the Shotgun, is great for point-blank 
attacks on enemies rounding a corner. The magnum is slightly less 
potent than a double-barrel Shotgun attack at close range assuming the 
Shotgun hits with all 12 pellets (it doesn't always). Also, the Shotgun 
takes much longer to reload, which makes the .357 Magnum better against 
multiple targets.
	Adding to the .357 Magnum's versatility is its range: it's as 
effective against distant targets as close ones. It's a highly accurate 
weapon, great for picking Xen Masters out of the sky or shooting 
distant snipers.
	Once you get hold of a .357 Magnum, you'll want to use it all the 
time in the single-player game. It's especially valuable when you must 
dispatch multiple targets quickly. The limiting factor is ammunition, 
which you'll go through fast.
	The .357 Magnum isn't quite as potent in multiplayer games, where 
incendiary weapons suck as the Combat Rifle Grenades and RPGs are so 
plentiful, there's often no need to conserve them. But the Magnum still 
has advantages over those weapons: its shots are instantaneous, have 
unlimited range, and can't backfire. You'll use this weapon a lot.

Laser-Triggered Claymore (Laser Mine)

Damage: 150 (less if target isn't at point-black range)
Ammo: You can only hold one at a time
Max Ammo: 5
	The Laser Mind is a sneaky weapon that's immensely powerful but 
hard to use properly. Its value is much greater in multiplayer games 
than in single-player, but it has its uses in both modes.
	You can toss Laser Mines onto any nearby surface, including 
walls, floors, and ceilings (if you're close enough to get them up 
there). They stick to the surface you throw them at, and after a second 
emit a laser beam. The  Laser Mine detonates when someone or something 
interrupts the beam or when the mine itself is shot.
	In single-player games, you can use Laser Mines to kill pursuers 
or lay them where you suspect your enemies will walk. Because the 
mines' laser beams are highly visible, try to place them where your 
enemy is unlikely to spot them until it's too late-around corners, 
under drop-offs and at the tops or bottoms of ladders.

Satchel Charge

Damage: 150 (less if target isn't at point-blank range)
Ammo: You can only hold one at a time
Max Ammo: 5
	Satchel Charges are small packs of explosives. When you pull the 
trigger in primary fire mode, a Satchel Charge will slide onto the 
floor if front of you. Pull the trigger a second time to detonate the 
	In secondary fire mode, you can drop multiple Satchel Charges. 
Then, press the primary fire button to detonate them all at once.
	Like the Laser-Triggered Claymore, the Satchel Charge is 
extremely potent but hard to use properly. Generally, it's easier to 
use; however.
	Use Satchel Charges against enemies that approach from around a 
corner or down a long hallway: throw down the Satchel Charge, retreat, 
and detonate it when the enemy gets close. Satchel Charges are also 
good against massive, slow-moving enemies, such as Tanks, and durable 
boss monsters.
	In multiplayer game, you can get a lot of mileage out of setting 
traps with Satchel Charges, watching from a hiding spot, and detonating 
them with an enemy gets close. And Satchel Charges are better than both 
Grenades and Laser Mines for killing pursuers because you can control 
exactly when to detonate them.


Damage: 50 pts per shot
Ammo: 5-bolt clips
Max Ammo: 5 bolts in Crossbow, 50 in reserve
	The Crossbow is far more potent than you might expect. Its bolts 
deal massive damage-more than the .357 Magnum, itself a heavy-hitting 
weapon. This power comes at a price; however, and thanks to certain 
disadvantages, the Crossbow isn't ideal for all situations.
	Crossbow bolts travel quickly, but they aren't instantaneous, 
like bullets. This makes the Crossbow a bad choice against extremely 
fast enemies, such as the Assassin, and against any moving enemy at 
long range. Stationary, slow-moving, or reasonably close enemies; 
however, are all fair game.
	The Crossbow can hold only a small number of bolts at once, and 
its reload time is agonizingly slow, much like the Shotgun. Thus, the 
Crossbow is a bad choice in situations where you need firepower on 
demand, and a single clip of bolts can't finish off all your enemies.
	On the other hand, in addition to its great power, the Crossbow 
has certain unique abilities. Its scope makes it good against 
stationary, unwary foes, and you can fire it underwater, unlike every 
other weapon except Grenades and the Crowbar. Thus, it's crucial for 
killing Ichthyosaurs and underwater denizens.
	Also, the Crossbow is quiet, and its secondary fire mode toggles 
a zoom lens that magnifies enemies. This makes it perfect for sniping 
immobile enemies from long range, often with a lethal shot.


Damage: 10 pts per attack (see description)
Ammo: You can only hold one at a time
Max Ammo: 15 Snarks
	Snarks are small alien creatures you can collect and throw at 
enemies. When released, Snarks scuttle around and leap at the nearest 
enemy, dealing respectable damage over a period of several seconds.
	Snarks die on taking any damage whatsoever, and the explode after 
about 15 seconds. However, their tiny size and excellent speed make 
them difficult to hit with non explosive weapons, so they-re seldom 
	Although Snarks are quite fast, they often lose track of their 
prey if it runs around multiple corners and make a concerted effort to 
flee. This is important to know, because if you throw down a Snark and 
you're the closest target, it's likely to come after you. You'll 
encounter a few enemy Snarks over the course of both single-player and 
multiplayer games, and it's good to know that "fight" is your best 
	Snarks are a good distraction weapon in multiplayer games, 
damaging enemies and breaking their concentration. Snarks are slightly 
less useful in single-player games, although you can use them to combat 
other small enemies, such as Headcrabs, or any foes you want to damage 
without exposing yourself to risk.
	Note: If you throw a Snark without any enemy around, it will come 
after you.

Tau Cannon

Damage (primary): 20 pts per shot
Damage (secondary): Variable (highly damaging)
Ammo: Primary fire mode uses 2 units of uranium per shot; secondary 
fire mode uses up to 12 units of uranium per shot
Max Ammo: 100 units of uranium
	The Tau Cannon is an extremely potent weapon with two very 
different fire modes. In it's primary mode, it shoots laser-like energy 
beams. These beams may not seem to deal that much damage on paper, but 
you can shoot them in rapid succession-much faster than a .357 Magnum 
or a crossbow. And because there's no need to reload, the weapon is 
always at the ready, unless you're out of ammunition.
	The Tau Cannon's secondary fire mode requires you to hold down 
the button and charge up. When you let the button go, all the energy is 
releases in a single, damaging shot. This mode is good against heavy 
targets, such as Apache helicopters.
	Bother fire modes are extremely accurate, and although the weapon 
generates a beam rather than a bullet, the beam reaches its target in 
no time.
	The Tau Cannon has a few drawbacks; however. Fore one, you can 
hold the button down for only a limited time in secondary fire mode, 
and them the weapon overheats and it damages you. So be careful, and 
once you see the weapon has used all the ammo it can use, fire it 
within a couple of seconds. Also, the Tau Cannon packs quite a kick, 
and moves you backward as you fire. Unless you're propped against a 
wall, then, prepare to slide around.
	Finally, ammunition is the constant concern. Although you can 
hold 100 units of uranium at once, the Tau Cannon chews through ammo 
quickly in either fire mode. To make matters worse, the Gluon Gun, 
another high-powered weapon, also uses uranium. This is more of a 
problem in single-player mode than in multiplayer, where ammo tends to 
be plentiful.

Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher with Laser Designator (RPG)

Damage: 100 pts (less for indirect hits)
Ammo: Rockets; only one can be loaded at a time
Max Ammo: 1 rocket in weapon, 5 rockets in reserve
	The RPG is a potent weapon. As the name suggests, its projectiles 
are essentially Grenades attached to a high-speed delivery system.
	In its primary fire mode, the RPG emits a read laser dot that 
paints the target. You can "steer" the rocket in midair simply by 
aiming the laser dot after you've fired; the rocket homes in on the 
dot. The benefits are obvious: you can easily hit a moving enemy just 
by keeping the red dot squarely on target.
	Pressing the secondary fire button toggles the laser on and off. 
When the laser is off, rockets are dumb-fired; that is you can't steer 
them in midair. This actually can be useful. For example, if your enemy 
is lighting your up with heavy gunfire, you can't afford to stand 
around pointing a laser. Instead, disable the laser, take a quick shot, 
and then get back behind cover without worrying about aiming the 
	The RPG is no more powerful than a standard Grenade, so its main 
asset is its ability to deliver a Grenade-like payload quickly, 
accurately, and at long range. In the single-player game, save the RPG 
for battles with Apaches, Tanks, emplaced Gun Turrets, and other big 
threats. In multiplayer games, on the other hand, you can use the RPG 
	If you're a fan of other 3-D action games, be warned: although 
the RPG is indeed potent, it's not the all-powerful weapon it is in 
other games. It can chamber only one rocket at a time, you can hold 
only a few rockets in reserve, and it has a lengthy reload time, so 
it's risky for multiplayer use. Weigh the weapon's power against the 
delay before you can get off a second shot.


Damage: 8 pts per hornet
Ammo: Hornets, generated within the hivehand itself
Max Ammo: Infinite
	The Hivehand is a curious alien weapon that shoots the alien 
equivalent of hornets. It's the weapon Alien Grunts are equipped with; 
late in the single-player game, you'll get one too.
	In its primary fire mode, the weapon discharges hornets that fly 
slowly, but hone in on their targets. The Hivehand's rate of fire is 
decent but not awe-inspiring. Secondary fire mode fires those same 
hornets far more rapidly, and at higher velocity, but they don't home 
in; instead they fly in a straight line.
	The Hivehand always has maximum of eight hornets ready to fire. 
It generates new hornets at a reasonable pace, so you can fire more or 
less continual stream of Hornets at your foes-but the stream becomes 
quite slow unless you allow the weapon to recharge. Experiment to get a 
fell for what it's capable of.
	Unlike other weapons you'll pick up this late in the game, the 
Hivehand isn't terribly powerful. It deals moderate damage and is good 
against small to medium-sized targets; but once it runs out of its 
initial hornet supply, its rate of fire becomes too slow for genuinely 
intense combat situations. In these cases, a faster-firing weapon might 
serve you better.
	Despite these drawbacks, in the single-player game you should 
always use the Hivehand if you fell you can get away with it. To put it 
another way, every enemy you kill with the Hivehand is an enemy you 
didn't have to waste a bullet on-and that saved ammo comes in handy 
later in the game.
During the game's later stages, then, try to use the Hivehand whenever 
you don't fell genuinely threatened. Use it to pick off lone Vorigaunts 
or packs of Headcrabs. Also, use it when you can hide behind cover and 
prevent the enemy from getting a straight shot at you. Then you can 
often use the Hivehand's primary fire mode to shoot homing hornets that 
slowly kill your enemy while you sit in safety.

Gluon Gun

Damage (Primary): 14 pts per unit of uranium spent
Ammo: Uranium; how much is used depends on how long the trigger is held
Max Ammo: 100 units of uranium
	The Gluon Gun is the last weapon you'll receive in the single-
player game. It has only a single fire mode, but it's incredible 
potent: pull the trigger and hold it down, and a vortex of deadly 
energy flies out in a straight line. The Gluon gun is highly accurate 
and deals awe-inspiring damage.
	The only downside is the Gluon Gun's ability to chew through 
ammunition. The rate of ammo drainage is astounding, so that after only 
a few seconds of continuous fire you can go from 100 units of uranium 
down to zero.
	In single-player games, you must hold onto the Gluon Gun and use 
it only in times of dire need. It's ideal both for situations where 
you're facing a single huge fore, and when you must cleat out multiple 
smaller foes quickly.
	Again, you needn't be quite so conservative in multiplayer games. 
Use the Gluon Gun whenever you have the ammo and watch your enemies 


	Here's a look at some of the miscellaneous items, both portable 
and permanent, you'll encounter throughout the game.

The HEV suit

You collect the HEV Suit early in the game, and it never leaves you. It 
provides you with certain baseline functions even when it doesn't have 
any power, and it generates protective armor when it does have a power 
supply. (Power comes in two forms, the HEV Station and Batteries, both 
discussed later)
	The HEV Suit give you a numerical readout of both your current 
health status (from zero to 100) and the suit's power status (also zero 
to 100). Power is equivalent to armor; the suit loses power as it 
absorbs damage that otherwise would have injured you.
	It's flashlight works regardless of whether the Suite has any 
power left; it has its own power supply that slowly drains while it is 
turned on, and charges back up while it's off. If you leave the 
flashlight on too long, it runs out of power and turns itself off 
	Whenever you're damaged, the HEV Suit flashes red damage 
indicators that tell you where the damage is coming from. An indicator 
on the lift side of your screen means that you were attacked from the 
left; and indicator on the right means the damage came from the right. 
A high indicator mans you were damaged from the front, and a low one 
means you were damaged from the rear.
	Finally, the HEV Suit icons explain what's damaging you. A 
snowflake indicates cold damage; a radiation symbol means you're in a 
radioactive area; a Biohazard symbol means your standing on something 
toxic, and so on. There's no icon for creature attacks or weapon fire, 
so if you see no icon you're probably being damaged by a creature, not 
an environmental hazard.


You'll find ammunition of many kinds as you progress through 
Half-Life. Most of it is self-explanatory. Pistol ammo comes in clips, 
Shotgun shells come in shell boxes, Crossbow ammo comes in arrow clips, 
Tau Cannon ammo comes in a box marked with a radiation symbol.
	The only confusing ammunition item is a "mixed ammo" 
canister. Very late in the game you'll encounter several of these. They 
contain various types of ammo, and you won't know what in them until 
you pick them up.

First Aid Kits and First Aid Stations

	You health is restored primarily via First Aid Kits, which you 
must walk over to collect, and First Aid Stations, which are attached 
to walls. Their healing value depends on the level of game difficulty.
	At Easy and Medium difficulty, First Aid Kits provide 15 health. 
They provide only 10 health at Hard difficulty. First Aid Stations can 
bestow 50 health at easy difficulty, but only 40 at Medium, and a 
meager 25 at Hard.
	Late in the game, in alien territory, you won't find any first 
aid stations. You will; however, find small blue pools and blue 
structures that look a bit like phone booths. These restore health, 
just like First Aid Stations.

Batteries and HEV Stations

	Batteries and HEV Stations power up your HEV Suit, just as first 
Aid Kits and First Aid Stations restore your health. As with healing 
items, their benefits vary depending on game difficulty: Batteries 
bestow 15 energy at Easy and Medium difficulties, and 10 at Hard. HEV 
Stations bestow 75 energy at Easy, 50 at Medium, and 35 at Hard.
The Bestiary

	You'll encounter a wide variety of enemies in Half-Life. These 
rage from alien creatures to government troops, and all are capable of 
making your life miserable and short. This section examines these 
enemies, with information on their strengths, weaknesses, and 
behaviors, and provides relevant tips on how best to beat them.
	Read on, and learn about these creature the easy way-infinitely 
preferable the hard way.

Early-Game Enemies

	The enemies in following roster appear in the earliest stages of 
the single-player game. They aren't too formidable compared to later 
foes, but they're more then capable of taking you out, especially if 
you approached them without first considering your strategy.


Health: 10/10/20
Damage: Bite, 5/10/10
	Headcrabs are the first enemies you'll encounter in Half-Life. 
These tine, scuttling creature look inconsequential, but don't ignore 
then; if they latch onto your head and penetrate your brain, you'll 
become a mindless Mawman. As you wonder the ruins of the Anomalous 
Materials Lab, you'll encounter many examples of their handiwork.
	Headcrabs aren't a major threat to an armed and vigilant player, 
but because they're small, you may fail to notice them. Take care not 
to let Headcrabs wear you down for your encounters with other enemies.
	Headcrabs possess no long-range attack, but can leap at your face 
from short to medium range. Shoot them from long range, then, so they 
don't have a chance to strike back.
	The Pistol is the ideal way to kill Headcrabs. It's accurate, 
requires only a few shots, and can destroy them from ranges where they 
can't retaliate. Using anything more than a Pistol to kill Headcrabs is 
overkill, and a potential waste of ammunition.
	In enclosed spaces, suck as ventilation ducts, the Crowbar also 
is effective.


Health: 10/10/10
Damage: Falling Damage, instant death if it drags you all the way up
	The Barnacle is a silent, deadly creature that attaches itself to 
the ceiling and waists. When a roughly human-sized victim passes 
beneath it, the Barnacle snatches it with its long tongue and pulls it 
up to its waiting claws.
	Barnacles typically hang in cluster or colonies; if you see one, 
you can bet there are more nearby. They can be easy to miss, especially 
where they're far above eye level.
	Your best defense against Barnacles is to scan new areas 
thoroughly as you enter them, paying close attention to the ceiling. 
The Barnacles, stand back and dispatch them with multiple Pistol or 
Hivehand shots (or any weapon you have the most ammo for). As long as 
you don't stand directly beneath them, they can't counterattack. 
Methodically clear all Barnacles from the area, even the seemingly out-
of-the-way places. You don't want to forget about them and run under 
them later!
	If you do wander beneath a barnacle you'll immediately be 
snatched up and dragged skyward. When this happens, look straight up 
immediately and fire your weapon rapidly. Kill the Barnacle before you 
dragged all the way up, and you'll drop to the floor unharmed. If 
you're slow; however, you will be damaged not only by the Barnacle's 
sharp claws, but from a long dangerous fall.

Mawmen (Zombie)

Health: 50/50/100
Damage: Single strike, 10/20/20; Double strike, 25/40/40
	The Mawman, created when a Headcrab latches onto a living human's 
head, is a fearsome sight-a shambling monster out of a nightmare. After 
fighting them a few times; however, the nightmarish quality subsides. 
True, Mawmen can inflict serious damage with their long, razor-sharp 
claws, but they possess no long-range attacks-and their slow foot speed 
means they can't catch up to you if you make it a point to backtrack as 
you fight.
	Any weapon can make a short work of a Mawman, even the lowly 
Crowbar. If you choose the latter, you'll succeed if you charge in, 
swing the Crowbar a few times, and then dash back and wait for the 
Mawman to swipe both arms at you. Then charge in again for another 
swift attack. If you're good, you won't take any return damage.
	You have noting to fear from a Mawman if you fight it in open 
areas. It's in enclosed spaces that Mawmen require more attention. If 
you get caught in a tight spot with a Mawman, consider fleeing to 
familiar territory and confront it in a bigger area. There's no reason 
no to pick and choose your fights.


Health: 20/20/30
Damage: Sonic blast, 10/15/15 (singly; increases with numbers)
	Houndeyes are thee-legged alien animals with huge, sonic "eyes" 
that they use for navigation and attack. Houndeyes aren't terribly 
fast, but they possess a number of attributes that make them tough-
especially in packs.	
	The Houndeye's attack is a sonic blast. You can tell when it's 
coming, because it "charges up" for a second to two before letting 
loose. When you can, confront Houndeyes near a corner or large 
obstacle, or fight in a large, open area where you can hide to avoid 
the sonic blast or retreat to a distance where it does less damage.
	Houndeyes prefer to hunt in packs, and it's in packs that they're 
most dangerous. They tend to attack simultaneously, flanking their 
targets to prevent escape.
	Their sonic attacks increase in intensity with each additional 
Houndeye. Thus, they actually gain strength in numbers, because their 
attacks gain additional resonance and power. This makes packs of 
Houndeyes tougher than they appear, especially if you're used to 
encountering them singly.
	A good policy is to retreat as you fight them, firing all the 
while. Force them to approach you from a great distances, where you can 
shred them with a Pistol or Combat Rifle, or from around a corner, 
where you can dispatch them with a Shotgun blast.


Health: 30/30/60
Damage: Minor rake, 8/10/10; Major rake, 25/25/25; Electrical bolt, 
	Vortigaunts are low-caste aliens with powerful electrical 
attacks. They usually aren't a major threat; however, because they 
aren't terribly fast or durable. If you let them stick around, they can 
deal significant damage. But by spotting them immediately and shooting 
them with a reasonably powerful weapon, you can neutralize them before 
they can get in a single attack.
	Vortigaunts "charge up" briefly before their electrical attacks. 
This gives you time to duck behind a convenient obstacle. You're in 
trouble if there are no obstacles at hand; though, because Vortigaunts 
seldom miss a target that's out in the open.
	Vortigaunt attack speed is up by 50% at Hard difficulty level.
	The Shotgun is a good weapon for killing Vortigaunts, as the 
Combat Rifle. The Pistol also works well, if you have sufficient cover, 
and can afford to kill the Vortigaunt as a leisurely pace.
	Using powerful weapons, such as the .357 Magnum or Crossbow, is 
usually overkill, unless  the situation is unusual-if there are 
multiple enemies, for example, or there's no cover, and you must 
eliminate the Vortigaunt quickly.

Midgame Enemies

	These enemies appear near the game's middle stages. Generally 
speaking, they're a much tougher crew than the foes you'll have 
encountered up to then.


Health: 40/40/120
Damage: Bite, 15/25/25; Whip, 25/35/35; Spit, 10/15/15
	Bullsquids are squat, powerful alien creatures that can spit acid 
or physically attack you at close range. The key to fighting them 
successfully is to keep your distance: the Bullsquid's acid spit isn't 
as bad as its close-range attacks. Also, the spit travels slower than 
most projectiles, and you can dodge it relatively easily.
	Bullsquids can be high-priority or low-priority enemies, 
depending on their position. If you're far away from them and all they 
can do is spit at you, the Pistol is sufficient for bringing them down. 
You won't even need any cover, because their spit is slow enough to 
	On the other hand, a Bullsquid that pops up a close range is a 
genuine threat. Lay it low with a double-barreled Shotgun blast, or 
perhaps a .357 Magnum shot. At hard difficulty level, it will take 
multiple shots. Backpedal and maintain distance as you fire: 
Bullsquids' close-range attacks are not only damaging, but they can 
disorient you, making the fight that much harder.

Stationary Weapons

Health: Varies
Damage: Varies
	You'll encounter a variety of stationary weapons throughout the 
game. These include unmanned weapons, such as Tripod-Mounted Chainguns 
(frequently deployed by Grunts) and Automatic Turrets (usually attached 
to the ceiling; can be disabled with a switch).
	This category encompasses unmanned weapons stations, such as 
Tripod-Mounted Heavy Machine Guns and Rocket Launchers, Cannon 
Emplacements, and Artillery Emplacements. You can use a few of these 
weapon-notable, the Heavy Machine Guns-if you get close enough. Only 
Grunts can use the others.
	Strategies for dealing with these weapons vary. Tripod-Mounted 
Chainguns are activated by red laser beams and proximity, so your chief 
options are to destroy them with a potent weapon (preferably before 
tripping the laser beam or getting too close, so you don't take return 
fire), or to avoid the beams that trigger them. Ceiling-Mounted 
Turrets, on the other hand, can be destroyed, avoid, or shut off with a 
power switch (usually mounted on the wall somewhere nearby).
	To deal with manned weapons, simply kill the Grunt in charge. The 
best procedure for dealing with them differs for each weapon, and I'll 
cover specific tactics in the actual walkthrough.
	Stationary Weapons can be deadly if you approach them 
thoughtlessly. However, a patient and methodical player will have no 

Grunts / Squad Leaders

Health: 50/50/80
Damage: Kick, 5/10/10; Shotgun Pellets, 3/5/6; Combat Rifle, 3/4/5
	Grunts and Squad Leaders (just tougher Grunts) are government 
troops sent to contain and cover up any traces of the Black Mesa 
incident. Grunts are tough enemies, especially in groups. They possess 
a wide range of weapons, from Combat Rifles to Grenades to Shotguns, 
and in some cases can operate heavy weapons, such as Emplaced Cannons.
	Grunts fire Grenades faster at Hard difficulty level. They wait 
at least sex second between shots on Easy & Medium, but only wait two 
to five seconds on Hard difficulty.
	Grunts aren't terribly durable, but they're crafty. They like to 
run from place to place, using available cover, and attack from each 
new spot. They also tend to approach aggressively, flanking you and 
getting behind your cover to shoot at point blank. This makes it a bad 
idea to remain stationary for long when you fight them.
	Also, Grunts like to use Grenades to flush out their target. It's 
a bad idea to remain behind cover that a Grenade can be thrown over-and 
you can bet a Grenade is forthcoming.
	Grunts usually attack you with Combat Rifles, but occasionally 
use Grenades, Shotguns, or Combat Rifle Grenades.
	Flush out Grunts using the reveal-and-retreat tactics discussed 
in "General Strategy." Retreating as soon as they see you, and then 
forcing them to approach you along a path you're familiar with allows 
you to fight on your terms, no theirs. You're far less vulnerable to 
Grenades and flanking tactics this way.
	If possible, try to make Grunts approach you from around a 
corner, and then let `em have it with the Shotgun's secondary fire 
mode, or a .357 Magnum bullet (preferably to the head), or a Crossbow 
bolt. All these weapons can kill a Grunt outright at Easy to Medium 
	If you're forced to face Grunts in an area where retreat is 
implausible and cover is negligible, circle-strafing is effective for 
minimizing the damage (again, see "General Strategy").
	Note: Some Grunts have helmets, aim for the body on those that 


Health: Immune to conventional weapons
Damage: 300/300/300
	You'll encounter a Tentacle in the game's middle stages, and 
they'll pop up several times later on. Tentacles are massive and 
deadly, capable of smashing you flat with one fast swat. Despite this 
immense power, Tentacles are very limited: they have no long-range 
attack,, and can't move from where they're rooted.
	You can't kill Tentacles using conventional means. In other 
words, you weapons are no use against them. The easiest way to avoid 
damage from the Tentacle, then, is simply avoid it. This is usually 
easy, as the Tentacle can't give chase. But avoidance isn't always 
possible. Occasionally you must get within a Tentacle's striking range 
to travel somewhere important.
	If you must approach the Tentacle, remember two things: First, 
Tentacles can't see you; they only hear you. If you crouch and crawl 
along the ground instead of walking normally, the Tentacle is likely to 
lose track of you. If you make noise by running or firing a weapon, 
then you'll give your position away.
	The second way to deal with a Tentacle is to damage it. Deal 
enough damage, and it will withdraw into its hole. It only cowers for a 
moment; however, so this isn't a permanent fix. If several Tentacles 
emerge from the same hole, you must damage them all simultaneously to 
reap any benefit from this technique.


Health: 2/2/2
Damage: Bite, 2/2/2
	Hagworms, or "Leeches", are tiny, wriggling foes underwater. 
Their bite doesn't miniscule damage, but if enough of them swarm you, 
the damage can add up. Also, these creatures then to get in you way and 
clock you as you swim.
	It's usually a bad idea to attack Hagworms individually; there 
are simply too many of the, and they're just not worth  the effort. 
Instead, carry the Crowbar while you swim, and swing it in front of you 
continually. This will smash any Hagworms in you way, clearing a path 
and reducing the damage they inflict.


Health: 800/800/1000
Damage: Slash, 10/30/30; Fire, varies (usually 25 on first contact; 
more if you stand in the flames); Ground Fire, 50/100/100
	A Gargantua is a massive creature that's surprisingly agile for 
its size. It isn't the most observant foe, but once it catches sight of 
you, it's relentless.
	Gargantua can attack several ways. At close range, they blast you 
with a stream of potent flames: if you stick around for more than a 
second, they'll reduce you to a crisp. At long range, they can stomp 
the ground and send a fire along its surface toward you. And at  
extremely close range (where you never want to be), Gargantua can slap 
you sill with their massive arms.
	These creatures are fast-about as fast as you are, in fact. 
They're too big to enter some areas you can get into easily; however, 
and they have more trouble getting around obstacles on the ground that 
you do. Still, never underestimate their power and speed.
	You're never to expected to kill Gargantua using conventional 
weapons. On two occasions, you must kill a Gargantua using large, 
prominent features built into the level itself. On two other occasions 
you expected to sneak past, evading the Gargantua but no killing it.
	While it's possible to kill a Gargantua with conventional 
weapons, it would be a massive waste of ammo. Instead, always look for 
ways to run past it, avoid it, kill it with inherent features of the 
level itself, or hide long enough that it loses interest and wanders 


Health: 200/200/400
Damage: Shake, 20/35/50
	The Ichthyosaur, a powerful and fast underwater dweller, is a 
true nightmare. It wouldn't be so bad if you could use just any weapon 
on it, but because most weapons don't work well underwater, you're 
often forced to use the Crossbow. (The Crossbow usually is fine, but 
it's better to use an explosive weapon and kill the Ichthyosaur 
	Ichthyosaurs tend not to notice you immediately, especially if 
they're in a large body of water; however, if you get to close, or if 
they glimpse you from the corner of their eye, they'll come after you 
in a split second. Attacking them also attracts their attention right 
	Ichthyosaurs are very fast swimmers, so you're in trouble if one 
comes after you. The two best responses to an Ichthyosaur attack art to 
swim backward furiously, firing the Crossbow into the Ichthyosaur's 
open maw to discourage to kill it, or to stay close to the surface and 
jump out of the water before you get bitten.
	Once an Ichthyosaur bites and shakes you, things go downhill 
fast. Not only does the bite do massive damage, but the shake spins you 
around and disorients you, leaving you uncertain what you're looking 
at. You can always reorient yourself, but in the time that takes, the 
Ichthyosaur is likely to have grabbed hold again.
	Try to have a Crossbow with at least 10 bolts at the ready before 
dive, even if this means conserving the Crossbow's ammo at other times. 
Then, when you dive into a new body of water, always keep a sharp 
lookout for this massive underwater predator.
	If an Ichthyosaur does appear, follow one of the foregoing two 
courses of action-attack from the surface, where you can hop out 
quickly, or swim backward while firing the Crossbow.


Health: 30/50/50
Damage: 8/10/10
	Assassin are unique and deadly foes. They're unusual because 
they're the only enemies in the game that are much faster and more 
agile than you. Sure, a few enemies can keep pace with you, or even 
move a bit faster than you, under ideal circumstances, but the Assassin 
consistently can outpace you.
	To make matters worse, on Hard difficulty, the Assassin uses a 
cloaking field that makes her invisible when she's not moving.
	This speed, combined with the Assassin's uncanny ability to sneak 
up from behind or attack from where you aren't looking, might give you 
the feeling you're being attacked by shadows. Trying to chase an 
Assassin can be a frustrating ordeal. Besides leaving you in the dust, 
Assassin can jump vertically when cornered, often lading right behind 
	If your circle-strafing and overall movement skills are 
excellent, you can chase Assassin around and beat them at their own 
game. Use a potent weapon with fast projectiles; the .357 Magnum is 
	If you're having trouble; however, retreat to an enclosed area 
where you can't be attacked from behind. In other words, a dead end, or 
with your back to territory you've already explored. It's imperative 
Assassins attack only form the front.
	Then, equip a potent weapon, such as the Combat Rifle or .357 
Magnum, and wait for the Assassin to approach. If you're standing near 
corner, a Shotgun also will work. (the Crossbow's bolts travel too 
slowly to be accurate against Assassins). Or throw a Satchel Charge 
past the corner and blow up the Assassin when she appears.
	Above all, be patient. Running after Assassins can result in 
disorientation and surprise attacks. Force Assassins to come to you, 

Late-Game Enemies

	This last set of enemies is truly formidable crew. They appear in 
the game's middle to late stages, after your combat skills have been 
honed in earlier fights. You'd better hope you learned something from 
those early enemies; this last bunch will lay you low!

Alien Grunt

Health: 60/90/120
Damage: Punch, 10/20/20; Hornets (from Hivehand), 4/5/8
	The Alien Grunt is an extremely tough customer. It's hulking, 
armored alien equipped with a Hivehand-a weapon you'll find late in the 
	Alien Grunts don't have the variety of weapons human Grunts game, 
but the Hivehand's homing projectiles are very hard to avoid. Also, 
Alien Grunts are considerably more durable and possess better armor 
than human Grunts, so they can't be killed as easily with a quick 
Crossbow bolt to the gut. Thus, you're more likely to take damage from 
Alien Grunts than from human Grunts.
	It's hard to escape damage from the Hivehand completely, even if 
you hide behind corners or run away at full speed; however, this 
doesn't mean you should fight Alien Grunts out in the open. It just 
means you should fight them quickly. Try to kill them within a few 
seconds, or they'll linger and continue to hit you with occasional 
Hivehand-fired hornet.
	Alien Grunts aren't terribly fast, but then again, they don't 
have to be.
	The Crossbow, Combat Rifle, and .357 Magnum are good weapons to 
use against alien Grunts. Heavier weapons and explosives also work, 
although usually you can't afford to waste these on lone Alien Grunts. 
Lesser weapons, such as the Pistol and Hivehand, are definitely not 
	The back and shoulders of the Alien Grunt, and the back of its 
head, are heavily armored, so sniping possibilities are limited. Learn 
to shoot for exposed flesh (usually the stomach), not armor. 
	The bottom line on the Alien Grunt is that there's no "clean," 
easy way to kill it without taking damage-except lobbing heavy weapons 
such as Combat Rifle Grenades the instant you see an Alien Grunt, and 
that's wasteful. All you can really do is attack Alien Grunts fast and 
hard, dispatching them as quickly as you can.

Helicopters (Apache and Osprey Heliplane)

Health: Apache, 150/250/400; Osprey, 400/400/400
Damage: Apache Rocket, 150/150/150; Apache 12mm gun, 8/10/10 (10 rounds 
per second)
	The Apache is a high-powered attack helicopter capable of firing 
both rockets and a Heavy Chaingun at land targets. Fortunately, you 
face few of these menaces, and in at least one case, fighting is 
	The Osprey Heliplane is a combination helicopter-plane that also 
launches rockets and fires a Chaingun, although it does so less 
frequently than the Apache. Its main task isn't to attack you directly, 
but to drop paratrooper Grunts.
	The apache will fire its rockets at you only if you stand still 
for quite awhile, and that's good, because a rocket hit will almost 
always kill you outright. Instead, you'll usually find yourself dealing 
with the Chaingun, a weapon that can tear you to shreds quickly.
	The best policy against the Apache is to hide at almost all 
times. Cling to a wall or hide under cover. Reveal yourself only when 
you're just about to fire.
	When you finally come out of hiding, try to pop up when the 
Apache is flying away from you. This isn't too hard if you listen 
carefully; the Apache fights by making multiple passes, and you can 
tell by listening whether it's coming toward you or flying away.
	If you come out of hiding as the Apache is flying away, you wont 
get shot at. All you'll see is the back end of the Apache: now rock it 
with a shot from a serious weapon. The RPG and the Tau Cannon's 
secondary fire mode are really the only appropriate weapons; everything 
else is too slow, too weak, or inappropriate for long-range combat.
	After pasting the apache with either weapon, go back into hiding 
and repeat the process when you have another good opportunity. 

Health: Varies
Damage: Varies
	You'll face several Tanks as you play Half-Life. They attack in 
various ways, and have various characters. Some fire rockets, and 
others artillery-style projectiles. Some have turrets that can spin all 
the way around, and others can aim only in a narrow arc.
	These Tanks all have several things in common, despite their 
differences: they're all immobile, they all can take good deal of 
punishment, and they're best fought two ways. First, hide behind an 
obstacle at long range, and pip in and out of cover firing potent 
weapons. Such as the RPG. Second run up close to them, where their 
slow-moving turrets have a hard time training on you. Then keep moving 
around so the Turret can't get a lock and pick apart the Tank at you 
	Tanks are formidable only in the sense that they dispense heavy 
damage if they hit you. If you're agile, and if you fight smart, they 
won't get a chance to do that.


Health: 2
Damage: Bite, 10; Explosion, 5
	Snarks are small, scuttling creatures. They deliver a nasty bite, 
but almost anything can kill them. As you learned in the "Weapons" 
section, they last only for about 15 seconds before they explode, but 
their great speed, small size, and aggressive tendencies make them a 
real nuisance for that 15 seconds.
	The best policy with Snarks is simply to flee until they die of 
their own accord

Xen Master

Health: 60/30/100
Damage: Zap, 15/25/35
	Xen Masters are dangerous flying creatures that shoot strings of 
potent fireballs. They're highly maneuverable and tend to attack from 
medium to long range, so slow-firing weapons, such as the Crossbow, and 
short-range weapons, such as the Shotgun, don't work well against them.
	Xen Masters are surprisingly durable: even at Easy difficulty, a 
single Crossbow bolt or .357 Magnum bullet won't kill them.
	Xen Masters aren't too accurate with their fireballs, especially 
if you keep moving or use cover effectively. Thus, you can afford to 
spend some time fighting them if there are only one or two in the area. 
This allows you to use the Hivehand; this weapon takes a while to kill 
a Xen Master, but its accurate homing projectiles are still quite 
	If you're in a tense situation and must kill Xen Masters quickly 
(if there are multiple enemies in the immediate area, for example), 
.357 Magnum is a good choice for dropping them. Two bullets is enough 
to kill a Xen Master at Easy or Medium difficulty.


Health: 2100/3150/4200
Damage: Slash, 50/60/70; Blast, 100/120/160; Radius Blast, 250/250/275
	The Gonarch is a massive alien consisting mainly of four powerful 
legs and a huge egg sac. It attacks by kicking, spitting acid, and by 
spawning tine creatures akin to miniature Headcrabs.
	Don't allow the Gonarch to get close enough to kick you. Its 
kicks are extremely damaging. It's a fast creature when it gets up to 
speed, but if you fun backward, strafe, and use terrain obstacles, you 
should be able to maintain good separation.
	The Gonarch's acid spit is easier to avoid than its kicks, 
because it travels in a clearly visible arc. Seer well clear of it, or 
you'll be splashed for serious damage.
	The final Gonarch attack, and the hardest to deal with, is the 
stream of tiny Headcrab-like creatures it spawns continually. These 
creatures aren't durable, but they're fast, and small, and thus 
extremely hard to hit. Your best policy against them is simply to keep 
moving and leave them behind or make them mist you. Spending more than 
a moment trying to kill them is a waste of time.
	The Gonarch is a unique enemy, and you'll encounter it in a 
unique environment. You'll find more information on beating the Gonarch 
in when you encounter it in the walkthrough and in tactics.


Health: 800/800/1000
Damage: Zap, 30/30/50; Teleport, actual attack, no damage
	The Nihilanth is the final enemy you'll encounter. Beat it, and 
you win the game. When you actually fight it in the walkthrough I will 
give you more details, but I will cover some basics here.
	The Nihilanth is a massive, floating being. Spheres of energy 
orbit its head like a halo. It attacks two ways, the first attack is a 
stream of deadly energy projectiles. A single projectile won't kill 
you, but one hit virtually guarantees more, so the likely result is 
	The Nihilanth's second attack is a huge, green sphere that 
teleports you somewhere else. In some cases you might actually want to 
be teleported, but usually it's just a nuisance.
	Avoid the Nihilanth's attack with high-speed strafing, or by 
hiding behind a large obstacle. Avoid the teleportation sphere by 
hiding as well, but strafing won't work: the teleportation sphere home 
in on you aggressively.
	Note: You can destroy the teleportation sphere by shooting at it. 
The most effective is the Hivehand because you won't waste ammo that 
	Glowing beacons orbiting the Nihilanth's head provide it with 
energy, both for attack and defense. When this energy supply runs low 
(and it will, if you shoot the Nihilanth enough), the Nihilanth 
restores itself by draining energy from one of three yellow "power 
spikes" on the walls of ifs cavern.
	Because these yellow spikes provide limitless amount of energy, 
your primary task is to destroy all three spikes. Once they're gone, 
attacking the Nihilanth actually means something, because it can no 
longer heal itself at will.
	After destroying the yellow energy spikes that feed the 
Nihilanth, attack it in earnest. After dealing a substantial amount of 
damage, the glowing spheres around its head disappear, and its attacks 
become more and more feeble. Keep attacking! Soon thereafter, the 
Nihilanth's head spontaneously peels open like a ripe banana.
	At this point, you must jump high enough (using an alien 
"trampoline") to get a go shot at the Nihilanth's brain, which looks 
like a ball of pure energy. Deal enough damage to this brain sphere-
ideally with the potent Gluon Gun-and the Nihilanth will crumple.

General Strategy

	Half-Life is a game of exploration and problem solving, as well 
as a game of combat. The walkthrough section will help you explore and 
solve problems. What they can't help you with; however, is combat. 
That's where this section comes in.
	The following pages cover combat basics, and a few non-combat 
issues that directly affect your ability to stay alive. Most of the 
advice in this chapter applies to both single-player and multiplayer 
experience. Refer to the Multiplayer section for more specific tips on 
succeeding in multiplayer games.

Adjusting Initial Settings

	Regardless of your skill, you'll be at a disadvantage if you 
don't adjust the initial settings like game difficulty and screen 
brightness to optimal levels. Adjust the following settings before 
starting to play.

Game Difficulty

	Game difficulty doesn't affect your surroundings. Regardless of 
whether you play at Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty, you'll encounter 
all the same walls, elevators, wall buttons, First Aid Stations, and 
other key features you would on any other difficulty level.
	Neither does game difficulty effect the total number of useful 
items or monsters you encounter. If a monster is located in a given 
spot on Hard difficulty, you can be sure it's also there on Easy.
	So what does change? Your enemies tend to be ore durable at 
higher difficulty levels, and easier to kill at lower ones. And enemy 
attacks inflict more damage at higher difficulty levels than lower 
ones. Enemies also become smarter and more aggressive at higher levels.
	Difficulty levels make a vast difference on how the game plays. 
Which should you pick?
	If you're a relative novice at computer games in general, or 3-D 
actions games in particular, consider Easy. This is especially true if 
you don't like to replay sections of the game several times to get them 
right. And Easy is good if you're more interested in Half-life's 
narrative elements-the mood, the spooky environments, the story-than in 
shooting monsters and humans.
	If you have any experience with 3-D action games, of have played 
lots of non-3-D action games, go with Medium difficulty level. Medium 
starts out easy, in terms of combat, but the difficulty ramps up 
significantly as you proceed. Medium difficulty provides a good 
challenge for all but the most devoted action gamer.
	Finally, if you're a real veteran of 3-D action games, of if 
you're the sort of person who loves a challenge and doesn't mind 
playing sections of the game again and again just to make it past them, 
fell free to go with Hard. This difficulty level prepares you well for 
multiplayer games, but beware: Some parts of the game are truly brutal 
on Hard. Even if you have excellent reflexes and know exactly what to 
expect, you still might get frustrated.

Brightness (Gamma Correction)

	Game brightness, "Gamma" in the Video Options submenu, is 
extremely important. Half-Life is much harder when you can't see 
	Finding the right brightness setting can take some experimenting. 
On one hand, you want to see things clearly. On the other hand, some 
areas of the tame are supposed to be dark-after all, you HEV Suit had a 
built-if flashlight, and it isn't there just for appearance. Expect 
certain areas to be brighter than others.
	If you crank up the brightness too high, you'll make the make 
look washed-out and pale. Half-Life is supposed to be dark, moody, and 
even scary at times. Try to strike a fine balance; therefore, between 
visibility and mood.

Controller Setup

	Mastery of the controls is key to succeeding in Half-Life. The 
mouse-keyboard combination is recommended because it's extremely 
versatile. The mouse provides great control, allowing you to turn 
quickly, slowly, or any speed between. The keyboard supplements the 
mouse, adding enough keys to trigger all vital combat commands.
	Set up a keyboard and mouse configuration that works best for 
you. It can be anything you like, but bear the following points in 
? All vital combat commands should be at your fingertips. Non-combat 
commands (such as the key that toggles your flashlight on and off) 
needn't be quite as handy.
? Use both mouse and keyboard. Theoretically you can be a good player 
with the keyboard alone, but id doesn't allow you the fine control 
over movement the mouse affords. Give the mouse a try; you'll learn 
to love it.
? With any configuration you choose, stick with it. You'll be a far 
better player when the commands are second nature.

Here's a sample configuration that uses three-button mouse and 
keyboard. Try it out, but ditch it if it doesn't suit you. Some example 
also could be the first letter in the word for a button (for example, 
"D" for duck).
	This setup assumes you have a Mouse Look from the Advanced 
Controls menu turned on. With this setting enabled, the mouse controls 
where you look instead of where you move.
	Your right hand controls the mouse. Mouse buttons are set up this 
? Mouse movement controls your orientation
? Right mouse button make you move forward
? Left mouse button fires your primary weapon
? Center mouse button (assuming you have one) fires you secondary 
		Your left hand rests on the keyboard, with your index finger on 
the "." key and your pinkie on the "N" keys are set up this way:

"/"		Switches to the next weapon

"."		Strafes to the right

","		Strafes to the left

"M"		Moves you backward

"N" 		Crouches

"Spacebar"	Jumps

	This simple arrangement lets you handle just about anything you 
might want to do in combat. The primary keys are all either under your 
fingers or close at hand.
	You might also want to assign your favorite weapons to nearby 
keys (like the Num Lock keys) so you can switch to a favorite quickly 
without having to cycle through weapon with "/".

Movement Fundamentals

	Movement is the key to survival in Half-Life. You're faster than 
most of your enemies, but you aren't terribly durable. You must learn 
how to move to best avoid most enemy attacks.
	Here are the basics.

Keep Moving

	Beginners ten to stand still when they fight. That's the worst 
thing you can do. Standing still make s you and easy target, and 
ensures that 99% of the projectiles fired at you will hit. You won't 
live very long if you take that sort of pounding!
	The next few pages cover some common movement tactics, but first, 
remember this: In combat, movement of any kind is almost always 
preferable to standing still.

Strafe, Don't Turn

	"Strafing," in action game terms, means press a key that moves 
your character sideways. This differs from turning. Turning actually 
turns you viewpoint around, whereas strafing slides your whole virtual 
body sideways as you face the same direction.
	Strafing is useful in combat because it allows you to dodge shots 
without turning away from your enemy. Press the left strafe key and 
you'll slide neatly out of the path of an incoming projectile; press 
the right strafe key to slide right back to where you where before.
	Strafing usually is preferable to turning in a fight because it 
allows you to move sideways and dodge incoming shots while keeping your 
eyes glued on your target. When you turn, on the other hand, you must 
abandon the view of the target.
	If you find yourself in a long-range firefight, you'll find it a 
little bit of strafing goes a long way toward keeping you alive. Strafe 
just a bit to either side to avoid incoming projectiles, and then 
strafe back to center position and fire a few more rounds at the enemy. 
Now strafe a few steps in the other direction, and return to cent to 
fire again. This technique ensures that your enemy doesn't hit you with 
everything it throws (or shoots) at you.

Strafe Around Corners

	After you've figured out how to strafe, you must mater all-
important techniques of strafing around corners.
	An average person in an everyday setting doesn't put much though 
into turning into a corner.  He or she generally takes a corner by 
walking slightly past it, and then gradually turning toward the new 
hallway while walking forward. If you're a 3-D action game novice, 
you'll probably walk as you continue to walk forward, and stop turning 
when you're completely pointed in the direction of the new hallway.
	This is a bad way to turn corners in Half-Life. Unlike in 
everyday life, in Half-Life you're likely to get shot when you turn 
that corner.
	The problem with this cornering method lies in that first moment-
the moment after you walk past the corner, but before you start to turn 
in the new direction. For that split second, you don't see what lies 
around the corner. But anyone waiting there can see, and can shoot at 
	Get in the habit of turning toward the new hallway before 
reaching the corner, and then strafe past the corner.

Learn to Run Backward

	Though less critical than strafing around corners, running 
backward can be a valuable trick. It's easiest to perform if you're 
using a mouse to control your movement, and if you have a Mouse Look 
	As you run forward (that I, hold down your Move Forward key), 
simultaneously take your finger off the "Move Forward" key and whip you 
mouse sideways, so you turn 180 degrees. Then, a split-second later, 
press and hold down the "Move Back" key. You're now running backward.
	When is this trick useful? Let's say you run into a group of 
tough enemies. Standing out in the open would allow all these bad guys 
to shoot at you all at once, and that's unacceptable, so you spin 
around and start running backwards. As you do, you lob a Grenade back 
at them, and it blows them up as they try to give chase.
	Generally, running backward is most useful when you face smart, 
aggressive enemies such as humans. Human opponents won't give up the 
chase, and they can't run just a quickly as you can, so simply fleeing 
doesn't often work. If you run backward; though, you can return fire as 
you escape. This gives you the chance to kill your pursuers, or at 
least slow them down: them must respect the threat of your Grenade, 
Satchel Charges, or other potent weapons.

Key Tactics

	You've learned the importance of staying on the move, and 
acquired some basic, but highly effective, movement tricks. The combat 
tactics that follow are among the most effective in Half-Life, and all 
depend on movement.

Slide and Attack

	Slide and Attack is the most basic combat style (other than 
standing still - which, again, is a bad idea). It was mentioned in the 
"Strafe, Don't Turn" section: it involves attacking your target from a 
fair distance while continually strafing a few feet left, then a few 
feet right, then a few feet left again.
	When you use this technique, you aren't really going anyplace; 
you're just sliding back and forth while keeping your target in view. 
Your slight side-to-side motion is usually enough to keep some of your 
opponent's shots from hitting you.
	This technique works best against creatures with slow 
projectiles, such as Bullsquids. These creatures fire projectiles that 
you can actually see, and thus dodge with relative ease. Faster-
shooting enemies, such as Human Grunts, will have a moderately 
difficult time hitting you if you use this technique, but ideally you 
should use one of the more advanced techniques against them.


	A technique we'll call "Jack-in-the-Box" involves bursting from 
over just long enough to squeeze off a few rounds and then returning to 
cover. Here are some examples.
	You round a corner into a new hallway. Several Grunts stand a 
long way down the hall. You fire several rounds at them, and then 
strafe sideways behind the corner. Repeat. Essentially, you're using 
the Slide and Attack technique, but you're doing it with benefit of 
cover (the corner). This makes you a lot harder to hit.
	Or say you shoot a few rounds at the enemy and then duck behind a 
small crate. Moments later you pop up, shoot some more, and then crouch 
behind the crate again.
	You get the idea. Anytime you can move quickly from an attacking 
position to a position of full cover, you can use this highly effective 
	This technique doesn't work when your enemies are so close they 
can run behind your cover and attack you from point-blank range, 
however. In that case, use Reveal and Retreat tactics.

Reveal and Retreat

	The terrain in every Half-life level is either terrain you've 
already explored or new territory. Terrain you've already explored 
usually is safe. Sure, there may be a few environmental hazards, but 
you've already killed all the bad guys you encountered there, and you 
know what it looks like. Unexplored terrain, on the other hand, is 
dangerous. There could be anything out there! Reveal and Retreat is a 
powerful technique that helps minimize the risk of entering new areas.
	You walk into a large room. It looks fine at first, but then a 
squad of Grunts start shooting at you. Standing your ground will just 
get you killed. Running around in the new room is risky, because you 
haven't had time to really look at it yet and figure out where the best 
cover is. In this case, your best option is to retreat back into the 
hall you arrived through. Now you're back in familiar territory.
	Now what? You have three options - Corner Ambush, Gradual 
Retreat, or Reentry.

Corner Ambush

	Ok, so you ran back into that familiar hallway. What now? Those 
Grunts are likely to chase you. Any minute now they'll pop up around 
the corner.
	That's great! As we mentioned in "Strafe, Don't Turn," rounding a 
corner toward a waiting enemy is very dangerous. The waiting enemy 
usually has the advantage, especially if the guy turning the corner 
isn't strafing. Because computer-controlled enemies in Half-Life don't 
do a perfect job of strafing around corners (although they do turn 
pretty fast); you'll have a split-second head start on attacking them. 
Thus, it's usually advantageous to lure computer-controlled enemies 
around corners.
	To maximize the value of your corner ambush, equip a heavy-
hitting weapon that deals massive damage at close range (the .357 
Magnum and the Shotgun's secondary fire mode come to mind). That way 
you can shoot `em dead the instant they round the corner. Drop a 
Satchel Charge or Grenade near the corner, or plant a quick Laser Mine. 
Your enemies usually will be in such a rush, they won't notice the 
explosives until it's too late (he he) - and if there are multiple 
enemies, this technique will take out many at once.

Gradual Retreat

	If there isn't a convenient corner to hide behind, or you enemies 
are so potent you don't think you can kill them all with a close-range 
ambush, engage in a Gradual Retreat.
	The Gradual Retreat is just what it sounds like - a gradual 
retreat through territory you've already explored. As you retreat, you 
can damage your enemy using the aforementioned tactics. For example, 
you can run backward as you fire, and then use the Jack-in-the-Box 
strafing techniques when you reach a corner or other suitable cover. 
You can even set up a Corner Ambush with explosives, and then continue 
retreating if your enemies still aren't dead.


	The preceding two tactics cover most situations. But sometimes 
your enemies refuse to chase you; instead, they stay put and force you 
to come to them. Perhaps they're in a great defensive position and 
don't want to leave it. Mabey they're up on a ledge and can't chase 
you, or maybe they're operating a big machine gun they can't move. 
Whatever the case, sometimes you have no choice but to go in there and 
get `em.
	But don't run in just yet. Here's the best procedure:
1. First, lure the enemies out using Reveal and Retreat tactics. 
Sometimes none will budge, but often a few will give chase. Kill 
those that do. Each enemy you kill in familiar territory is an enemy 
you won't have to face in unexplored territory.
2. Approach the edge of the new area and see if there are any enemies 
that you can kill using Jack-in-the-Box tactics. For example, you 
may be able to kill enemies in a large room by popping in and out of 
the doorway.
3. Locate the enemies you can't shoot directly, and then lob Grenades, 
if you can. This works well against enemies positioned behind boxes 
or sandbags.
4. Finally, after exhausting steps 1-3, enter the room and slug it out 
with the enemies that remain, use any appropriate tactics to kill 
the stragglers.

Circle Strafing

	Circle Strafing is the most difficult tactic to master, but also 
the most generally useful for both single-player and multiplayer games. 
You'll find Circle Strafing and its variants effective in almost any 
combat situation.

Basic Circle Strafing

	Circle Strafing takes basic strafing one step further, but from a 
conceptual standpoint it's pretty simple:
	To circle-strafe an immobile target, hold down either left or 
right Strafe key (either is fine) as you face the target. You'll slide 
off in one direction. As you slide, your target will slip out of your 
field of view. That's bad! You want to keep looking at the target as 
you move, so keep holding down the strafe key, and simultaneously slide 
the mouse sideways to turn your view back toward the target. If you're 
strafing left, slide the mouse right to keep the target in view. If 
you're strafing right, move the mouse to the left to maintain your 
	As you continue strafing sideways, you must continue using the 
mouse to turn yourself to keep the target in view; it's an ongoing 
process. So make sure you have plenty of room to move your mouse to one 
side. If you do run out of room than either move the mouse or change 
strafing directions.
	Keep this up for awhile and you'll realize you're moving in a 
circle. Your constant efforts to keep the target in view have caused  
you to fun circles around it. Congratulations, you're circle-strafing!
	Of course, for this tactic to be useful, you must fire at the 
target as you circle it. Aiming as you run takes practice.

Add Direction Changes

	Basic circle strafing skill will take you a long way, but no all 
the way to excellence. Your human enemies usually will circle strafe, 
and computer-controlled enemies are often clever enough to lead you 
properly. You must mix up the formula to stay one step ahead of them.
	 The most basic way to mix up your circle-strafing pattern is to 
switch directions frequently. Circle-strafe left for a while, and then 
circle-strafe right. Do this often to keep your enemy off balance.

Add Jumping and Ducking to the Mix

	As you improve your circle-strafing skills, you can develop your 
won variants. One way to do this is to add jumping and/or ducking to 
the circle-strafing mix. If you're skillful or lucky enough, you'll 
actually manage to jump over or duck under a few projectiles.

Matching Weapons to Situations
	There's no one perfect weapon for all occasions. You'll become 
far more skilled at Half-Life if you learn to choose the right weapon 
for each situation.
	Note: However, that there's never a single "right" way to 
approach any problem. Don't feel obligated to follow a rigid code of 
weapon use. Just be aware that certain weapons are easier to use in 
some situations than others are.

Weapon vs. Enemy

	In many cases, the enemy you face dictates the weapon you use. 
Refer to the weapons section on which weapons to use on which enemies.
	Generally, you want to use powerful weapon against dangerous 
enemies and weak weapons against minor enemies. For example, a Headcrab 
is a minor threat, and can be killed with a minor amount of damage. 
That makes the accurate, fast-firing Pistol a good choice. The Pistol 
lacks power, but against the Headcrab doesn't matter.
	On the other hand, a Grunt can be a formidable enemy. You don't 
want to confront a Grunt with a Crowbar; it takes too long to kill a 
Grunt that way, and you'd have to get so close you'd surely take a 
beating. Instead, use a potent weapon such as the .357 Magnum, which 
(at Easy and Medium difficulty levels) often can kill a Grunt with one 
good shot.

Weapon vs. Terrain

	Another major consideration affecting weapon choice is terrain. 
For example, the Shotgun usually is a good choice for killing 
Vortigaunts, but its pellets dispense at long range, making it 
inaccurate and not very powerful against distant foes. Thus, when 
fighting Vortigaunts at long range, you might want to put away the 
Shotgun and use the more accurate Pistol instead.

Ammo Conservation

	You might deal with ammo shortages from time to time. Mabey you'd 
love to use the .357 Magnum against a Grunt, but you don't have enough 
bullets; this forces you to use the Combat Rifle, instead. Be prepared 
to make weapon substitutions based on ammo availability.

General Techniques

	It's easy to get caught up in the combat that figures so 
prominently in Half-Life, but problem solving and exploration can be 
equally difficult tasks. This section provides a few tips for meeting 
those non-combat challenges.

Master the Moves

	It's strongly recommended that you practice the Hazard Course 
before starting the actual single-player game. If you complete the 
Hazard Course twice or even three times before playing, you'll better 
remember the crucial moves.
	Moves that might throw even a veteran 3-D action gamers for a 
spin are the jumps. The "jump and crouch," where you jump vertically 
and press and hold the crouch button in midair, is rarely seen in other 
action games. It prevails in Half-Life, though, where you'll use it for 
everything from leaping over tall windowsill to jumping out of 
radioactive pond onto a bobbing crate. It's easy to forget this move, 
but if you do you'll have a difficult time in Half-Life.
	The long jump, which you can perform only after you've collected 
a special power-up item, also may be forgotten.
	Finally ladders can be a little tricky at first. When in doubt, 
use caution with ladders. Walking (default "Shift") or crouching and 
slowly creeping onto a ladder may seem like overkill, but a few long 
falls will convince you that you can't take your hold on a ladder for 

Explore Thoroughly

	If may seem obvious, but it bears repeating: many times you'll 
think you're stuck, but the real problem is lack of exploration. If a 
dangerous electrified wire blocks your path, you probably need to seek 
the power source so you can turn it off. If a security door blocks your 
path, chances are you must locate a switch that activates it. Exploring 
thoroughly give you a full sense of your options.

Clear the Area

	Be methodical. If there are multiple enemies in an area, kill 
them all before moving on. In most cases this is required, as the bad 
guys will kill you if you can't kill them first. But sometimes you'll 
face immobile enemies, such as barnacles, you can avoid easily, or 
enemies on distant ledges that can't reach you. Kill those enemies 
immediately! If you leave a Barnacle, if might grab you as you walk 
beneath it later on. If you leave a creature on a distant ledge alive, 
you might find yourself confronting it at close range after taking an 
elevator or corridor that leads you closer.
	Be methodical in your quest for supplies. Leave no crates 
unbroken and no lockers unopened. Ammunition and supplies are rare, and 
you don't want to miss out just because you weren't thorough.

Check your Bearings

Half-Life levels can be complex. Move slowly through the levels, taking 
time to check for exits, entrances, and distinguishing features. Even 
though the walkthrough provides detailed instructions on beating each 
level, you can still get lost if you failed to look around and get your 

Save Often

	Half-Life saves the game for you automatically at certain 
junctures, but you should save the game periodically, just in case. 
This can be handy if, for example, you realize that you could have won 
that last combat without wasting as much ammunition - and now you need 
the ammo you wasted. If you save frequently, it's easy to go back and 
do it over, this time conserving ammo.
	Half-Life maintains two quicksaves. Therefore, even if you 
quicksave at a bad spot, you can always return to a previous quicksave. 
For added insurance; however, you should periodically do a full save by 
pressing "esc" ONCE and selecting "Save" from the main menu.


	Finally, don't be afraid to experiment. What's over on that far 
ledge? What's behind the shadowy door? Is there something under the 
	If you're about to do something dangerous, by all means save the 
game before trying it - but do try it. That's half the fun of the game, 
and you'll miss some great opportunities if you play if too safe.

The Half-Life Walkthrough

Walkthrough Part 1

	This and the next few chapters provide a complete walkthrough of 
Half-Life, a guide to each level of single-player game. Rather than 
read it word for word, following it to the letter, try to refer to the 
walkthrough only when you get stuck to gain the satisfaction of 
discovering new areas on your own. By exploring difficult areas before 
you read about them, you'll become familiar with your surroundings. 
You'll find these directions easiest to follow if you're familiar with 
a level already.
	Read chapters 1-3 before tackling the single-player campaign and, 
at the very minimum, complete the Hazard Course before starting the 
walkthrough. It's a great learning tool, and will prepare you for most 
of the challenges ahead.

Black Mesa Inbound

	As the game starts, your on a train bound for the heart of the 
Black Mesa Federal Research Facility. The train makes no stops, and you 
don't need to do anything in particular during the ride. Just make a 
point of observing your surroundings as you cruise toward your 
	Eventually the train comes to a stop. A security guard approaches 
and lets you out. Follow him to a large, sealed entry door. Wait as he 
opens the door, and then go inside. The door closes behind you, and a 
new door opens. Walk through it.
	You're inside the Anomalous Materials Lab of the Black Mesa 
Federal Research Facility.

Reaching the Test Chamber

1. Locate the Suit Room by follow the stripes on the wall.
2. Press the button on the computer console to lower the glass that 
guards your Hazardous Environment Suit. Walk onto you suit to put it 
3. In the locker room just outside of the Suit Room, approach the 
locker labeled "Freeman". Tack the Battery from inside the locker.
4. Leave the locker room and proceed to a checkpoint. Wait as the 
Security Guard opens the door. Then go through.
5. Beyond the Checkpoint you'll come to a large elevator. Take it down 
to a lower level.
6. Follow the corridor on the lower level. You'll pass through another 
guarded checkpoint and into a room with three Scientists. Stop and 
listen to what they have to say.
7. When the three Scientists are done talking, one will unlock a door. 
Go through the door and follow another corridor. Then take the 
corkscrew-style elevator at the end of the corridor.
8. Downstairs, go through the door labeled "Test Lab." You'll find 
yourself in an antechamber with two more Scientists.
9. After speaking to you, the Scientists open the door to the Test Lab.
10. Enter the Test Lab.

Performing the Experiment

1. The Scientists tell you to start the rotors. That's your cue to 
climb the ladder and press the button on the computer console on the 
2. Climb back down and watch the machinery spin. After a while, a metal 
cage on one side of the room slides away to reveal a cart, something 
like a futuristic shopping cart.
3. Push the cart into the machine in the center of the room. A huge 
explosion ensues. Don't worry, back up and watch the machinery break 
down from a distance
4. You'll teleport briefly to a couple of alien worlds before returning 
to the Test Lab, but you won't be harmed.

Unforeseen Consequences

	After the disastrous experiment, you reappear in the Test Lab. 
Wreckage lies everywhere, and, as you'll soon discover, rifts have 
opened between our world and an alien one. The result? Aliens are 
prowling the Anomalous Materials Lab, and they aren't just looking for 
"human" autographs.
	Your first task is to return to the top level of the Anomalous 
Materials Lab

Getting Back to Where You Started

	You're standing inside the ruins of the Test Lab. Electricity 
discharges into the air, and the entire Anomalous Materials Lab is in 
utter chaos. It's time to get back to the main entrance.
1. Go through the half-open door into the Test Lab's antechamber. 
There, press the box on the wall near the small door. The door 
eventually will slide open far enough for you to exit.
2. Walk down the corridor (move slowly, or a bank of computer equipment 
will fall and crush you). Return to the corkscrew elevator and ride 
3. Upstairs, a standing Scientist tends to an injured one. Approach 
them and listen until they're done talking. Then use the standing 
Scientist to have him follow you. The "Use" function is important 
throughout the walkthrough. You can't get through the tame without 
4. Lead the Scientist to the door at the end of the hall. He'll look 
into the Retinal Scanner on the wall and unlock the door.
5. Walk a step or two through the newly opened door on the far side of 
the room. After the laser beam shoots out, cross the room and run 
through the destroyed door.
6. Run through a hallway where a single Headcrab roams. You have no 
weapons at this point so ignore it.
7. In the next hallway, you encounter a pair of laser beams. Avoid them 
as you run to the end, where you'll find a Crowbar.
8. Use the Crowbar to smash the glass in the jammed door. Crawl through 
the opening.
9. Walk through a hallway to the main elevator shaft. Smash the glass 
door that leads to the shaft. A doomed elevator car plummets down 
the shaft.
10. Enter the shaft. Descend the red ladder to the bottom of the 
shaft where you'll find a batter in rubble.
11. Crawl back up the ladder, and then up a second ladder. Exit the 
12. Outside the shaft, and infected Scientist (Mawman) attacks a 
security Guard. Either kill the Mawman with your Crowbar, or watch 
as it kill the Guard - and then kill the Mawman. Take the security 
guard's Pistol if he doesn't survive.
13. Kill a second Mawman nearby, and then make your way back to the 
locker room (near where you first put on your Hazardous Environment 
Suit (HEV)). You must kill two more Mawmen along the way.
14. A new locker has opened in the locker room. Take the Pistol Clips 
you find in it.
15. Proceed to the Anomalous Materials Lab entrance. A new path leads 
out now - a broken ventilation grate at the floor level.

New Territory

	It's time to explore the rest of the Anomalous Materials Lab - 
the parts you haven't seen before.
1. Crawl through the hole at the base of the wall. Move slowly, so you 
can kill a Headcrab that lunges at you and avoid a falling bank of 
computer equipment.
2. In the room beyond, kill a second Headcrab; then leap onto a series 
of fallen computer towers and go through a hole in the wall.
3. Proceed through the hallway beyond the hole, noting the rooms to 
either side, where Scientists try in vain to avoid Headcrabs.
4. The hall ends in a checkpoint where a dead Security Guard and a 
Mawman lie on the floor. Take the Security Guard's Pistol and crawl 
through the broken doors of the checkpoint.
5. Kill a pair of Houndeyes that teleport into the vicinity, and then 
explore the area beyond the checkpoint. You'll get a another brief 
glimpse of the dark-suited man looking down on you from a balcony. 
He disappears before you can do anything about him, though.
6. Kill two more Houndeyes and look for a door with a yellow triangle 
beside it. Go through the door and kill the Headcrab beyond.
7. Equip your Pistol, if you haven't already. Then climb the ladder 
behind the yellow triangle door. As soon as you climb the ladder, 
you'll see another Headcrab and Mawman. Shoot the explosive tanks 
behind the Mawman and drop back down the ladder to avoid the 
explosion. The blast will kill your enemies.
8. Climb back up the ladder. Walk along a balcony and locate a Mawman 
feasting on a dead Scientist. You can kill the Mawman by shooting a 
nearby explosive tank - but be careful to stand back!
9. Backtrack along the balcony and explore in the other direction to 
find a Scientist. Lead him to the area where the Mawman was eating 
the scientist, and he'll unlock the door. Go through the door to 
gain access to a first aid station and Pistol Clips, plus a few 
10. Go back downstairs. Investigate until you find a door that's 
slowly bulging outward. The door busts open, revealing a Vortigaunt. 
Kill it and collect Pistol ammo from the room it appeared in.
11. Nearby, a scientist hides in a Dumpster. A Headcrab lurks in the 
area, as well. Kill the Headcrab and leave the Scientist. There is a 
First Aid Station behind the dumpster if you need it.
12. A nearby barred gate stands behind a hole in the floor. If you 
wait near it for a moment, a Mawman appears on the other side of the 
gate. You must wait for it and kill it before continuing. After 
killing the Mawman, save the game, then drop through the hole in the 
floor. Watch out for the Headcrab at the bottom.
13. Now you're in a small network of tunnels ankle-deep sewage water. 
Explore the tunnels. You'll find two open, unbarred holes in the 
ceiling - the hole you fell through, and another. Note the location 
of the second hole.
14. Locate a valve wheel. Turn the wheel to flood these corridors 
with more sewage water, and then swim to the hole in the ceiling you 
noted earlier (not the one you dropped into).
15. Now you're beyond the metal barred gate from step 12. Explore the 
hallway. You'll find a large mechanical lift. Throw the lever you 
find above the life; then board the lift as it slowly lowers into 
new territory. Climb out.
16. As you descend, Headcrabs slide down to harass you. By no means 
should you allow yourself to fall! Avoid the Headcrabs you can 
avoid, and shoot the ones that get dangerously close.
17. You can wait until the bottom of the lift to get off, or, if 
you're fast, you can get off on a raised area that has an extra 
first aid station.

On to the Canal

	Now you're at the bottom of the big mechanical lift; ahead lies a 
deadly collapsing bridge and an alien-infested canal. I hope you're 

1. Kill the Houndeye that materializes nearby; then go around a bend. A 
metal bridge lies ahead. Approach the bridge slowly. A Bullsquid 
suddenly materializes above it, drops, and breaks off a span
2. The remaining span is fragile. Tun across and leap from it to the 
silvery pipes to the right.
3. Walk around the perimeter of the room on the pipes, jumping when 
necessary. The pipes lead to a grate near floor level. Break it and 
crawl into the exposed ventilation tunnel.
4. Crawl until you reach another breakable grate, this one beneath you. 
Break it and fall through.
5. You're in a short hallway. Pick up a nearby Battery from the floor, 
and break several crates to reveal more Batteries. Collect them all.
6. From here you can look out over a large, partially water-filled 
canal with a Bullsquid and several Headcrabs on the ground and 
Barnacles on the ceiling. Don't jump down, but do shoot the 
Bullsquid and any Barnacles you can see from here.
7. Go through a labeled "Lower Canal." Go down the ladder beyond and 
enter the canal area.
8. Shoot all of the remaining Barnacles in the canal area. Heal 
yourself with a First Aid Station in a dark corner, and then dive 
into the canal.
9. On one end of the canal you'll find a ladder leading to the other 
side. Climb up the ladder, go through a door, and then locate and go 
through a second door.
10. Travel through the tunnels beyond the second door, to a large 
room filled with suspended boxes. Climb up two ladders and then 
slowly, carefully, jump across the boxes to the other side of the 
room. (You may want to save the game prior to jumping). Also when 
you jump it may help to aim for the wires so you won't over jump or 
not be able to stop.
11. From the other side of the box-filled room, go through a short 
tunnel, up a ladder, and through a couple of doors. You'll find 
yourself in an area where you can look over the canal again.
12. Follow the hallway to an elevator and get inside. Press the 
button to ascend.

Office Complex

	You've made it through the ruined lab, but now you've to face an 
alien-infested office complex. The going gets tougher the farther you 
proceed, but you're up to the task - aren't you?

Early Exploration

	For a moment you get off the elevator, you've got you hands full. 
Here's what you do:
1. Exit the elevator and shoot the nearby Headcrab. Note the locked red 
doors nearby and the hod, sparking wires blocking the hall.
2. Break a grate near the floor, next to the electrical wires. Crawl 
into the newly exposed ventilation duct and take a right.
3. Shoot out another grate and drop into a room filled with vending 
machine, Barnacles, and frightened Scientists. Kill the barnacles, 
and then go through a door labeled "High Voltage." Flip the lever 
beyond the door.
4. Exit this area through the beg red doors that had been locked, 
you're back in the corridor, near the elevator where you started 
this section of the game.
5. Walk down the hall, past the new-dead electrical wires. the door at 
the end of the hallway is locked, but you can break the large window 
beside it and jump through by crouching as you jump. (This technique 
was demonstrated in the hazard course. "Jump and while in midair 
press and hold the "duck" button all the while pressing forward." It 
sounds confusing when I say it but it is the part in the Hazard 
Course where you have to go through all of those three pipes.
6. Beyond the window is a flooded lab, a big pair of locked red doors, 
a wooden door leading to a small storage closet, and more corridors. 
Approaching the wooden door; a Headcrab-infested Scientist (Mawman) 
will break down part of the door; stand nearby and beat on the door 
with the Crowbar until the Mawman breaks down the remainder. Then 
kill it and take the Pistol Clips from inside the closet.
7. Locate a large storage area. You must break down a wall of boxes to 
get there. Inside, you'll find a chest with a Shotgun on it. At the 
opposite end of the room is a locked metal fence, with a Security 
Guard behind it. A Mawman attacks him as you approach. Shoot the 
Mawman as soon as he appears with your newly acquired Shotgun, and 
the Security Guard will survive. Then he'll open the gate and let 
you in.
8. Behind the gate is an armory packed with useful ammo and a First Aid 
Kit. Take everything you can and return to the storage room. A 
ladder leads downstairs. Take it, and in boxes downstairs you'll 
find another First Aid Kit and a Battery.
9. Return to the flooded lab. Jump in through the window, using a 
crouch-jump, and then hop across tables and countertops without 
touching the electrified water on the floor. When you reach the 
light switch on the wall, activate it. This turns the lights off, 
but it also makes it safe to touch the water.
10. Turn on your flashlight and look around. You'll find a Battery in 
a half-opened metal filling cabinet. There' also a ventilation grate 
on the wall. Break it and get into the ventilation duct.
11. Save the game and move forward slowly with your flashlight on. 
Hold down the Crouch key, even though it may seem unnecessary. Kill 
three Headcrabs as you proceed. 
12. Eventually the ceiling gets higher, but there's a deadly spinning 
fan overhead. If you don't hold down the crouch key until you're 
past the fan belt, you'll stand up and get decapitated!
13. When you reach a grate, destroy it and crawl past. The floor will 
fall away beneath you, and you'll find yourself in a new section of 
the main hallway.
14. Walk down this new section of the hallway; another section of the 
ceiling falls just ahead. Shoot a pair of Headcrabs that come down 
with it, and then arrange boxes on the floor so you can jump up to 
the ladder in the ceiling.
15. Climb the ladder and break the floor grate you find upstairs. 
Drop down, kill a Headcrab, and you'll se another grate. Break it, 
but take care no to venture to close to it - an Automatic Turret 
lies in the room beyond. Save the game.
16. Watch as a Scientist runs into the room beyond the grate and the 
Turret guns him down. A Headcrab is the next to get shot. When the 
Headcrab is dead, leap into the room below, run toward the Turret 
(breaking wooden crates with the Crowbar to clear a path), and crawl 
beneath the metal platform the Turret is mounted on. Flip a switch 
below the platform to deactivate the Turret.
17. Explore a small storage room nearby. There you'll find Pistol 
Clips, Shotgun Shells, and a Battery
18. Kill the Headcrabs guarding a stairwell, and climb stairs.

Administration, Level 1

	The upstairs offices are as infested with aliens as the lower 
ones; however, you have an advantage up here you didn't have downstairs 
- Security Guards, on whom you can call for help by pressing the Use 
1. A Security Guard stands at the top of the stairs. Have him follow 
you and provide fire support.
2. Destroy nearby crates for ammo, and then enter a long hallway. 
Explore an office left of the hallway; you'll see a pair of helpless 
Scientists begin dragged into a ventilation duct by an unseen 
creature. Ignore them for now, and take the Battery and First Aid 
Kit in this room.
3. Move farther down the hallway - but cautiously. When the hallway 
broadens, several Vortigaunts attack. Fall back and gun them down.
4. Explore the area. More Alien Grunts lurk around here, and you'll 
find both Pistol ammo and First Aid Stations in various offices. 
Watch out for Headcrabs that burst from the ceiling
5. Locate a lounge with a couple of plaid sofas and bookshelf. Shoot 
the ceiling above the sign that says, "Maintenance Access," to 
reveal a ladder.
6. Climb the ladder and slide to the right. Nearby, an Automatic Turret 
starts powering up. Quickly locate the metal fuse box mounted on the 
wall nearby and flip the lever to disable the Turret. Also, collect 
a Shotgun on the floor near the Turret. Climb down when you're done.
7. At the edge of the cluster of offices is a broad staircase. Kill the 
Barnacle at the foot of the stairs and then go up, prepared to shoot 
the trio of Headcrabs at the top.

Administration, Level 2

	You're on the second floor of the administration offices. More 
nasty surprises await!
1. Take the corridor at the top of the stairs. Destroy the lone Mawman 
you find here, but avoid the nearby boxes: one will explode if you 
damage it.
2. Proceed along the corridor, killing two Alien Grunts, and go through 
the red door at the other end. Have the Security Guard on the other 
side of the door follow you down a nearby ramp.
3. Downstairs you'll find a Bullsquid, Shotgun ammo and some Grenades. 
Kill the Bullsquid and take the loot.
4. As you try to leave the area, two Alien Grunts teleport in. gun them 
down as soon as they appear, preferably with the Shotgun.
5. Go back up the ramp.
6. Proceed to an area with a sunken floor. Down on the floor there are 
several broken tables and Mawman. Shoot the Mawman and any Headcrabs 
that drop down from the ceiling. Do this from upstairs, avoiding the 
sunken area.
7. Go down to the sunken area and break apart the wooden planks nailed 
over the doorway. Go through the doorway and down a dark hall.
8. You'll reach an alcove where two Mawmen feast on dead Scientists. 
Kill the Mawmen and press a lever next to the door nearby. The door 
opens, revealing a huge freezer. Go inside
9. Explore the freezer thoroughly, killing the scattered Headcrabs and 
pair of Bullsquid inside. (If you shoot a hanging slab of meat, it 
will shatter. And any nearby Bullsquids will eat the meat and 
temporarily ignore you). Locate a glowing red switch on the wall and 
throw it. This starts a big red cart moving back and forth overhead.
10. Return to where you entered the freezer. Climb the stepladder and 
break open a ventilation grate up there. Crawl into the ventilation 
11. Follow the tunnel to where you can both see and crawl onto the 
big move cart as it slowly moves past. Get on the cart.
12. Break the crates on the cart and collect the Batteries. Then 
crawl off the far end of the cart into a wall duct (opposite where 
you got on the cart). As you enter the duct watch out for Headcrabs.
13. Crawl through the duct, collecting a Battery near a dead Security 
Guard. Break another grate to exit the duct; you'll find yourself in 
a large, blue ventilation junction.
14. Methodically kill all the barnacles there, and then jump up a 
series of stair-like ducts into another ventilation shaft.
15. Inside the new ventilation shaft, take a left and proceed until 
you hid another grate. Shoot if and drop out; you'll find yourself 
at the foot of yet another broad staircase. Nearby, a Security Guard 
crouches over a dead comrade.
16. Shoot the approaching Mawman, and then have the Security Guard 
follow you up the stairs. At the top is a locked door with a small 
window. Watch the window: the dark-suited man appears again, but you 
can't get at him through the locked door.
17. Proceed down the nearby corridor and watch as a Scientists leaps 
through a window to escape a Mawman. Hot both nearby Mawmen and jump 
through the window to collect some ammo.
18. Walk to the edge of the empty elevator shaft at the end of the 
hallway and look up to see a helpless Scientist clinging to a ledge.
19. Save the game, and then run and jump to catch the ladder mounted 
on the far wall of the elevator shaft. Climb to a ledge, and then 
climb a second ladder to another ledge, and a third ladder. (The 
scientist falls to his death; it's unavoidable).
20. From the top ledge, jump to a ladder hanging from the elevator 
car in the center of the shaft. Climb that ladder and you'll find 
yourself atop the elevator.
21. Break the ventilation grate atop the elevator car and drop in. 
flip on your flashlight and move toward the elevator door. Prepare 
for the next level.

Walkthrough Part 2

	You've made it through those confusing early stages, but now 
you're in for a rough ride. You enemies up to this point have been 
scattered. They weren't to tough, once you leaned their tendencies. But 
the stakes are higher now.
	In the next few levels, you'll encounter human Grunts there to 
cover up what happened in the Anomalous Materials Lab. That means 
killing anything that lives - including you. The government want to 
keep its top-secret experiment top-secret, and you've already seen far 
too much
	Prepare for a firefight

We've got Hostiles

	The new level starts when you get out of the elevator. Right 
away, you confront the Laser Mines and emplaced defenses government 
troops left behind.
	A key to beating this area is to move slowly. If you don't watch 
where you're headed, you'll end up in a trap.

Storage Areas

	Your first task is to make your way through a series of Cold War-
era storage rooms. You'll get your fist taste of the government troops' 
automated defense there.
1. Exit the elevator and take a few steps forward. Watch the panicking 
Scientist bang on the window of a guardroom, and then run headlong 
onto a laser mine.
2. Charge up your health and HEV Suit at a nearby First Aid Station and 
an HEV Station.
3. Walk down the corridor. Around a corner a pair of red laser beams 
block your path. Beyond them lies a stockroom filled with crates. 
Save the game before crossing the beams.
4. Dash through the beams and hide behind the crate at the far right 
corner of the room. While ducking behind the crate, lob a Grenade in 
the direction of the Chaingun, concentrate on the Headcrabs.
5. A Combat Rifle lies on the stockroom floor; you may have unknowingly 
walked over it and picked it up as you fought the Chaingun. Take the 
Combat Rifle, if you haven't already, and then destroyed the crates 
in the room for a few supplies (such as a Battery). Avoid the 
explosive crates. A few extra Headcrabs teleport is as you explore, 
but they'll pose no problem.
6. When the stockroom is clear, find a hall out the other side. Move 
slowly! A blue-green laser beam blocks your path. This beam is 
attached to a Laser Mine, which will explode if you disturb the 
beam. Throw a Grenade so it lands squarely under the laser beam. The 
Grenade will explode, taking out the Mine in the process. (Stand 
back to avoid the blast).
7. When the Grenade explodes, a heavy fire door descends automatically. 
Dash forward under the fire door before it closes all the way. 
You're now in unexplored territory.
8. Around a corner is a second Laser Mine. You can destroy this one by 
lobbing a Grenade at it or shooting the mine itself from as far away 
as possible (use your Pistol).
9. Proceed along the hallway. A Vortigaunt teleports in up ahead. Kill 
it, and any other Vortigaunts that warp into the same place. Use the 
First Aid Station on the wall nearby, if necessary.
10. Proceed along the corridor and down a ramp. At the base of the 
ramp is a red laser beam at the floor level, with two Tripod-Mounted 
Chainguns in the room beyond. Throw a Grenade at the Chaingun before 
crossing the laser beam.
11. Beyond the beam lies a crate-filled room. A Vortigaunt teleports 
in behind you as you enter; kill it, and then jump on the top of the 
pile of crates.
12. From the top of the crates, you could jump down to the other side 
immediately. But before you do, shoot the two Tripod-Mounted 
Chainguns on the floor.

Further Exploration

	The traps and Mines get thicker as you proceed through more 
storage areas. Keep you cool!! If you move cautiously and take out 
threats early, as I explain in the following pages, you'll be fine.
	And remember, SAVE OFTEN.
1. When both Chainguns are gone, equip you Pistol and drop down to the 
new area. Several Headcrabs teleport into the vicinity; shoot them 
with your Pistol.
2. Walk through the nearby web of red laser beams (they triggered the 
two Tripod-Mounted Chainguns you already destroyed). Use the First 
Aid Station, if necessary.
3. Jump up on a pile of crates, and then down the other side. Ahead 
lies a pool of water on the floor and an open elevator shaft. Save 
the game before proceeding because it's slippery and you might 
accidentally slide into a Laser Mine.
4. The water will cause you to slide, and falling down the shaft is 
deadly, so walk onto the water very slowly. As you move forward 
you'll see a pair of red laser beams and two Tripod-Mounted 
Chainguns. Lob a Grenade so it lands just behind the first tripod, 
and then backtrack. The Grenade should take out both Chainguns so 
you can cross the red beams.
5. Go through the laser beams. Ahead you'll see another storage area 
with some red laser beams, two Laser Mines on the walls, and a red 
wall-mounted ladder. Overhead, the dark-suited man appears on the 
catwalk. You can't shoot him. All you can do is throw a Grenade 
towards those two Laser Mines, and stand back while they detonate.
6. When the Mines are gone, explore the storage room and destroy all 
remaining boxes to collect ammo. When the room is clear, climb the 
red ladder to a platform, and from there climb a second ladder to 
the catwalk the dark-suited man stood on.
7. Cross the catwalk to another platform. A Scientist runs down a 
flight of stairs, saying, "Thank God you're here!" but moments 
later, the sound of gunfire tells you the Scientist was badly 
mistaken: the human Grunt at the bottom of the stairs was there to 
kill him, not rescue him.
8. Save the game and approach the top of the stairs, Combat Rifle at 
the ready. Kill the Grunt you see down there.
9. Go downstairs and destroy the crates. Avoid the explosive barrels, 
or detonate them from a distance. When you're all done, press the 
button near the elevator and get inside.

Things Get Rough

	You've already killed one Grunt, but there are more where he came 
from. The following states familiarize you with your human enemies.
1. At the top, you'll find yourself in a large storage area. A metal 
platform looms overhead. Several Grunts wait here, and you'll do 
best if you hang back and duck in and out of cover, firing a quick 
Combat Rifle busts whenever they're in your sights.
2. When the Grunts are dead, destroy the crates in this room for extra 
supplies, and use the First Aid Station and the HEV Station built 
into the wall.
3. Climb the stairs to the metal platform.
4. Follow the platform to a room with barnacles hanging overhead. Kill 
the barnacles with Pistol fire and proceed.
5. Past the Barnacles area is a T-junction. To the left are a pair of 
Laser Mines, and beyond them lie a red laser beams and three Tripod-
Mounted Chainguns. To the right is an open corridor. Detonate the 
nearby Mines with Pistol fire from a safe distance, and then take a 
6. You'll come to a room with boxes on the floor, Barnacles overhead, 
and a conveyor belt on the floor. Kill the Barnacles and get on the 
conveyor belt. Follow it into the wall.
7. You'll come out in a room with a First Aid Station, HEV Station, and 
a pile of boxes. Jump up on the boxes (don't destroy them). From the 
top you can locate another conveyor belt, this one high off the 
ground. Jump onto the new belt and follow it into the wall.
8. Follow the new belt to a small room with a Grunt. Kill the Grunt and 
use a nearby First Aid Station, if necessary.
9. From this little room, you can look down on a corridor filled with 
Laser Mines, Chainguns, and laser beams. Save the game. Throw a 
Grenade down there and clear out the nearest Mines, and, with luck, 
destroy a couple of Chainguns. Then jump down and go through the 
fire door that descends automatically.

To the Surface

	Once you get through the fire door, you'll find yourself in a 
corridor to big storage room, where Grunts are busy gunning down 
helpless Scientists. You're almost at the surface!
1. Get away from the closing fire door and look down the hallway toward 
the big area. Grunts appear at long range, intent on killing 
Scientists. Shoot the Grunts whenever they appear. (Remember, 
Scientists can heal you if you have taken serious damage, so save 
them with every possible change you get).
2. When you see no more Grunts ahead, advance. Climb a flight of stairs 
to a platform, and then climb a second flight of stairs. Follow a 
catwalk to a third flight, and climb them.
3. At the top, you can go two ways: to the right catwalk leads to a 
First Aid Station; to the left a ramp leads down. Use the First Aid 
Station, if necessary, wary of the Barnacle above it, and then 
descend the ramp.
4. The ramp leads across a bridge with dead Barnacles over head (you 
should have shot them earlier) and onto a catwalk overlooking new 
areas. Look over the edge of the catwalk and shoot a pair of Grunts 
down there.
5. Break the boxes on the catwalk nearby to collect a Battery, and then 
descend the ramp to the main floor.
6. Downstairs, break more boxes and collect another Battery. Then 
locate the Surface Access elevator and press the button to open it. 
Get inside and press the button to ascend.

Helicopter Madness

	Take the elevator to the surface, where a circling osprey 
helicopter drops government troops into the area. Long-range mortar 
fire periodically rock the area.
	You task is to kill few nearby Grunts and beat a hasty retreat to 
a fortified concrete bunker, where the Helicopter can't get you at all. 
(Alternatively, you can try to kill the Osprey before you enter the 
1. Leave the elevator. You're in a small concrete structure that's 
missing one wall.
2. Look out through the open wall and kill several Grunts running 
toward you. Strafe as you fire, but don't leave the shelter of you 
3. When the Grunts are dead, heal up at a nearby First Aid Station.
4. Run out into the open
5. Locate the sunken concrete bunker and run inside. Turn on your 
flashlight. It illuminates a ladder leading down. Crawl down 
6. Downstairs, the ground still shakes from the mortar attacks but 
you're safe from the Osprey, temporarily. Charge up your health and 
the HEV Suit at nearby stations.
7. Approach a door labeled "Vent Access." Open it but don't go through 
it immediately; instead, stand back as an explosion drops tons of 
debris down the vent.
8. Go through the door. You're in a vertical vent shaft that's open at 
the top. If you look up you'll see the osprey hovering overhead and 
occasionally dropping paratroopers (Grunts) down the vent to attack 
9. Look down. You'll see several ledges or platforms. Jump to a lower 
ledge, and then jump to a still lower ledge. At the bottom ledge, 
you can crawl into a wide ventilation duct.
10. Crawl into the wide ventilation duct and follow it around the 


	You've just crawled into a set of ventilation ducts that winds 
through places you've already been, described in the foregoing "Storage 
Areas" and "Further Exploration." You're free to explore these ducts 
fully. If you do, you'll find some extra ammo and a First Aid Station 
in a previously inaccessible room.
	When you're done exploring, follow this path to the next level.
1. Proceed down the dark ventilation duct to a small vertical shaft 
with a fan near the middle. This shaft has four exits, including the 
one you approached through. You want to reach the bottom exit.
2. Drop to the bottom of the shaft without getting hacked to bits by 
the fan. Do this by crouching, and then inching forward and right 
until you fall onto a very narrow ledge. Then creep farther to the 
right (still crouching) until you fall to the bottom.
3. Crawl into the ventilation duct at the bottom of the shaft. Follow 
4. This shaft opens into yet another vertical shaft. This shaft, 
mercifully, doesn't have any dangerous fan in it. What it does 
contain is a pair of platforms you can reach only by climbing 
5. Climb the first ladder, but not the second one. You're about halfway 
up the shaft. Enter the ventilation duct you find there.
6. The duct is a short and opens into a room with a Scientist. The 
Scientist tells you about an old rail system you might be able to 
7. In the same room with the Scientist is a console with a big red 
button labeled "Silo Access." Press the big red button, and a huge 
door opens nearby.
8. Go through the newly opened door, down a short corridor, and around 
a corner. A new level will load.

Blast Pit
	You're now in a new and dangerous area. You're the ultimate goal 
is to destroy a huge Tentacle that's taken over a nuclear silo. But 
getting to the silo is a test in itself! Prepare again, remember to 
same the game often.

Approaching the Silo

	The government's clean-up squads haven't located this area, yet, 
so you won't have any human enemies to fight for a while. You will; 
however, find yourself battling increasingly fierce aliens and some 
truly dangerous environments. You'll need complete mastery of skills to 
surmount the obstacles ahead.
1. As the level starts, you face a barricade passage. Use your Crowbar 
to break down the barricades and boxes.
2. Beyond the barricades are a few Headcrabs. Kill them and look out 
over the large loading area. There's a Bullsquid out here you can 
kill easily with your Pistol.
3. To the right lies a ramp. Go up the ramp to find yourself at a 
control panel with a lever. Throw the lever to summon a freight 
elevator. As you do, a Mawman bursts from a door to your right; kill 
4. Enter the room the Mawman came from. This room is packed to bursting 
with explosives, so don't fire your weapons. Just take the ammo and 
First Aid Kit you find there and get out.
5. Descend a ladder to the loading area's lowest level. Get on the big 
freight elevator you just summoned with the lever, and press a 
button to descend into darkness. 
6. Downstairs, you'll find yourself in an abandoned rail tunnel. 
Several Houndeyes scamper below you. Shoot any that gets too close, 
and jump onto the rail cart.
7. Press the "Use" key to activate the rail cart's control panel, and 
then press the Forward key several times to make the rail cart blast 
forward at full speed. Press the "Use" key one final time when 
you're at full speed.
8. Stand still as the rail cart hurtles along the tracks. Don't bother 
shooting the Houndeyes and Bullsquids you pass; they'll attack but 
you're moving too fast to hit.
9. Eventually the cart will approach a green, radioactive lake. Before 
you reach that lake, leap up onto the elevator ledge to the right. 
You can reach it if you crouch after you jump.
10. Follow the ledge. You'll find yourself approaching the green 
11. Jump across the water onto another ledge. This one leads to the 
other side of the lake.
12. On the other side of the lake, climb a ladder to the top of a 
giant pipe. From there, walk onto a somewhat smaller pipe with a 
hole in the top. Fall into the hole and crawl forward in the dark.
13. When you reach another hole in the pipe, you'll be tempted to get 
out immediately. Instead, hop up and down in the hole to spot a 
Bullsquid just outside. Shoot the Bullsquid every second or two, 
while avoiding the return fire.
14. When the Bullsquid is dead, jump out of the pipe using the jump-
and-crouch technique. This area features several pipes and a pool of 
radioactive water.
15. Get back atop the pipe you entered though (if you fell off), and 
jump from it to the topmost of the other two pipes in this room. 
Line yourself up carefully for the jump, or you'll find it very 
16. Walk along the new pipe. Shoot a Bullsquid in a nearby toxic pool 
as you balance on the pipe, and then leap down to the balcony.
17. Beyond the balcony is a large room with Batteries and First Aid 
Kits. Collect as many as you can, and then continue.

Entering the Silo

	You're on the threshold of a missile silo that's been taken over 
by a giant Tentacle. Entering the silo is the easy part; defeating the 
Tentacle is another matter.
1. Go through the doorway from the room with the First Aid Kits and 
Batteries to a ledge overlooking a lake of toxic slime. A missile 
silo lies beyond the lake. Kill a Bullsquid in the water below.
2. Hop on a pipe that leads out across the water towards the silo. 
Before it reaches the silo; however, this pipe nearly intersects 
another pipe that leads to a lift. Hop down onto the new pipe and 
make your way onto the lift. Watch out for another Bullsquid hiding 
in a corner of the toxic lake.
3. Press the button on the lift and ride up.
4. Upstairs, walk slowly down a corridor. As it broadens, you'll find a 
Bullsquid to you right, near a pair of explosive barrels, but stay 
well away from the barrels. If you shoot them they will explode.
5. Follow a catwalk, killing Houndeyes as you progress, to a bridge. 
Collect a pair of First Aid Kits near the bridge before crossing.
6. A single Houndeye is trapped between barrels of explosives on the 
bridge. You can either shoot the Houndeye and just run past the 
explosives once the Houndeye is dead or you can shoot the 
explosives, kill the Houndeye and jump over the gap; either works.
7. Kill a pair of Headcrabs on the other side of the bridge. Then enter 
a small room with a security door and throw a wall switch. The door 
you entered through closes, and a new door opens. You've reached the 
missile silo's inner chambers.
8. Kill a Mawman on the other side of the door and walk along the hall. 
Listen to the dying Scientist on the floor. Then kill a Barnacle on 
the ceiling and keep going.
9. Go through another security door to see a Scientist standing in the 
missile silo's control room. After a moment, a massive Tentacle 
bursts through the window overlooking the missile chamber and grabs 
the Scientist.
10. After the Tentacle has dragged the scientist away, cross the 
room, go through a doorway, kill a Barnacle overhead, and climb a 
ladder. A Security Guard upstairs tells you to be quiet.
11. Pass the Security Guard into a small room with explosive crates 
and Grenades. Another Security Guard stands here; as soon as you 
enter, he runs toward the Tentacle and tries to shoot it. Ignore 
him; the Tentacle will eventually kill him.
12. Collect the Grenades and crawl out into the silo's inner chamber, 
where the Tentacle waits. Crawl down a ladder to a lower platform.
13. Destroy a ring of boxes around a ladder leading down, and then 
descends quickly.
14. At the bottom, look for a boarded-up door. Destroy the boards and 
go through the doorway.
15. Walk down a corridor to a security door. Throw the wall switch to 
close the door you entered by and open a new one.

Activating the Air and Fuel

	Your master plan to kill the Tentacle requires to restore the 
power, fuel, and ventilation to the missile silo. You'll do the second 
two first.
1. Beyond the security door is a bridge with a Mawman on it. The Mawman 
is trapped between two explosive barrels. You can either run up past 
the Mawman or shoot the barrels. Shoot the barrels to destroy a 
section of the bridge; cross by walking on a thick blue pipe to its 
left. Using the Pistol, you can kill the Mawman without disturbing 
the barrels. Make sure you have the crosshairs turned on and destroy 
the non-explosive crates on the other side of the bridge for two 
First Aid Kits.
2. Follow the corridor to an area with a locked door labeled "Fuel 
Room" and a ladder leading down. Don't descent down the ladder. 
Instead, turn on your Flashlight, jump down without using the 
ladder, and then turnaround quickly to destroy the Mawmen lurking 
3. Down here, you'll find a circular grate in the floor, destroy it and 
climb down the extremely long ladder below.
4. At the bottom you'll find yourself standing on a rusty pipe 
suspended above shallow water. Walk along the pipe, talking care not 
to fall off. (There's nothing of value underwater, and Bullsquids 
can attack you down there).
5. Take a left at a T-junction.
6. Follow the pipe to a ladder leading up. Climb the ladder, shoot out 
the grate at the top, and kill the Mawman you find standing up 
7. Upstairs, collect Grenades from a small alcove, and then follow the 
only available corridor to a door. Press a button near the door to 
open it, and shoot two Mawmen on the other side.
8. Beyond them is a huge vertical shaft with a massive, motionless fan 
in it. Climb down two red ladders to reach the fan's level.
9. Walk up the base of the fan and press a switch to activate it. Then 
turn and climb back up both ladders as quickly as you can.
10. When you reach the top of the second ladder, jump onto he shaft. 
That's right - leap right into the void. The fan is blowing so hard, 
the force of the air propels your body straight up, and you'll come 
to rest against some wooden planks. Destroy the planks with you 
Crowbar to float to the top of the shaft.
11. There, destroy a metal grate in the wall
12. Go through the destroyed metal grate. You might need to crouch to 
do this. You also must be high enough. If you aren't, steer yourself 
to the middle of the shaft, where the fan blows you higher, and then 
make a beeline for the blasted-out metal grate.
13. Kill a Headcrab in the ventilation duct. Proceed forward, 
knocking out grates and killing Headcrabs, to a ladder down. Take 
14. Proceed to a room with three Mawmen in it. Kill all three Mawmen 
and approach a console with buttons labeled "Oxy On" and "Fuel On". 
Press both buttons, you'll know they're on when a light turns on 
near the button.
15. Climb the ladder to the right of the console. Press a wall button 
upstairs to trigger a door.
16. Beyond the door, you're back in a familiar territory. Make you 
way along the corridor toward the central part of the silo - the 
part with the Tentacle.

Restoring Power

	You've restored fuel and airflow to the missile silo, but you 
still must turn the power back on. Here's how:
1. Return to the large room with the Tentacle. Locate a ladder leading 
down (remember to crawl), and take it. You should be at the bottom 
of the silo, next to the hole the Tentacle emerges from.
2. There's a boarded-up door down there. Smash the timbers blocking it 
and go through.
3. Walk down the corridor to a hole in the floor. Save the game, then 
leap across.
4. Continue down the corridor until you find a Mawman feasting on two 
dead Scientists. As you do, a section of the corridor collapses 
behind you. Ignore it. Just kill the Mawman and go through the 
security door.
5. Cross a bridge with explosive barrels on it (as usual, you can cross 
via a handy pipe if you manage to blow up the bridge). Kill a 
Bullsquid on the other side, and a trio of Houndeyes in the corridor 
6. Proceed to a large, dark room with Barnacles on the ceiling and 
Bullsquid eating a dead Scientist in the corner. Kill the Bullsquid, 
and then the Barnacles.
7. Walk out on a platform and press a button to summit an elevator. 
Board the elevator when it arrives. As the elevator descends, turn 
on your Flashlight and scan the wall around you for a ladder.
8. About halfway down, the elevator stops abruptly. At this point, one 
possibility is to jump to the rim of the elevator, and then leap 
over to the ladder. If you jump correctly, you can catch the ladder 
and sustain no falling damage. If this is too difficult for you, let 
the elevator fall and leap onto the lower level just before it hits 
the water.
9. Downstairs is a platform with a Scientist. Listen to him, and then 
follow the only corridor leading away from the platform.
10. Proceed the corridor, jumping up on a large pipe to avoid a spill 
of toxic sludge about halfway along.
11. At the end of the corridor, kill a Mawman, and then walk forward. 
You're in the silo's power core. The only alien in here is a 
Bullsquid at the bottom of the core. Throw a Grenade down to kill 
12. Walk out onto a mesh basket overlooking the core. Press a button, 
and the basket will whisk you to the other side. From there, climb a 
ladder to a catwalk around the core's perimeter.
13. The haywire basket up here is like the one you just rode in, but 
it moves by itself and will squash you if it touches you. Walk 
around the catwalk to a ladder up, careful not to let the basket hit 
you. Climb the ladder.
14. At the top, a beam leads to the center of the power core. Walk 
along the beam and press a button on the core itself. A red light 
comes on.
15. Jump on the core and walk across it. Press an identical button on 
the other side. A second red light will come on. Make sure you're 
not on the core or you'll be fired.
16. Make your way back down to the room's entrance by descending a 
ladder and riding the basket again. From there, return to the large 
shaft with the elevator you jumped out of.
17. Climb the same ladder you climbed down originally.
18. Proceed back to the room with the Tentacle. Along the way you 
will find an electrified puddle. Arrange metal crates (found in the 
previous room) into a crude bridge to cross the puddle.

Killing the Tentacle and Escaping the Silo

	You've restored the air, fuel, and power. Now you're ready to fry 
the Tentacle and get out of this place. Here's how:
1. Climb all the way back to the top of the Tentacle room. Remember to 
crawl to cut down on noise, or you'll get smacked!!! Also, use 
Grenades to distract the Tentacle.
2. From the top, return to the silo's control room. Note that the 
console's Oxygen, Fuel, and Power lights all are now on.
3. Press the "Test Fire" button at the center of the console, and stand 
somewhat back from the window. Watch as the Tentacle is burned to a 
crisp by a booster-rocket ignition.
4. Enter the room where the Tentacle used to be. Climb down to the 
bottom, and descend a ladder into the hole where the Tentacle 
5. Proceed along a series of nearly vertical tunnels. Eventually you'll 
find yourself falling into a pool of water. Make sure you hit the 
water when you land.
6. Swim to the surface and investigate: you're in a small room with a 
Scientist and a Security Guard, both dead. A .357 Magnum lies near 
the guard, and bullets for it are scattered on both sides of the 
room. Take this stuff, and then dive back into the water.
7. Swim straight down toward two circular openings. One is partially 
covered by Tentacle remnants. Line things up with the Tentacle-
covered opening on your left and the other on your right. Then swim 
straight down through the clear opening, and then go forward. Swim 
up again to the surface near a platform overlooking a radioactive 
8. Descend the nearby ladder to a lower platform with First Aid and HEV 
stations. Return when you've powered up.
9. From the upper platform, walk along a big pipe that leads out across 
the radioactive lake. Drop from this pipe to a lower one, and follow 
it to a concrete wall. Then turn right and drop onto a third pipe.
10. Following along into an even larger pipe. This one has a valve 
wheel on it. Turn the valve wheel (hold it down for a while), and a 
section of the pipe will extend across a chasm. Walk through the 
newly made pipe bridge to a mesh-covered tunnel, and through a small 
hole in the mesh.
11. Crawl through the new tunnel until you approach a very rusty 
section, visibly different from the rest. When you walk on this 
section it gives way beneath you and dumps you on the floor, hurting 
you a lot. (If you jump back s the tunnel begins to fall, you can 
avoid the fall. Then you can walk along ceiling supports and drop 
down without taking as much damage). Immediately kill any Headcrabs 
you find downstairs.
12. You're in a crate-filled room. Take the First Aid Kits from the 
floor and then brake every box here. You'll collect more First Aid 
Kits (you should now be near full health again), and some handy 
13. When the room's empty, proceed through the only available 
corridor to the next level.

Walkthrough Part 3

	Killing the Tentacle was difficult, but don't spend too long 
congratulating yourself. The next few levels are rough, both because of 
their complex architecture and their deadly foes. Combat intensity 
rises to a new high as you proceed through these areas, and you'll need 
to draw on all the skills you've learned to this point, and some new 
ones, just to make it through alive.

Power Up

	This level features a giant alien, Gargantua, that you can't kill 
by conventional weapons. You'll have to jump through several hoops to 
kill the thing and get out in one piece.

Getting Started

	You'll meet Gargantua right at the outset, but you don't want to 
get too acquainted. Just sneak past and leave it alone for right now.
1. Proceed through the corridor. It opens into a huge room with several 
exits. As you enter, a massive alien (Gargantua) emerges from one of 
the doorways, and a pair of Grunts try in vein to shoot it dead. Run 
straight past this firefight to the exit just left of the one 
Gargantua came through.
2. The corridor quickly forks. Take a right. You'll encounter two 
Vortigaunts, some explosive barrels, and the dead end an earthquake 
created. Kill the Vortigaunts; then return to the fork and go left.
3. Proceed past a broken pipe sticking out of the floor, careful not to 
get caught in the flame jetting out of it. Kill two Vortigaunts 
beyond the pipe.
4. A walkway crashes to the ground in front of you, leaving you with no 
choice but to jump down. Shoot the Headcrabs on the lower level 
before jumping.
5. Downstairs, destroy some crates for ammo, and then climb a ladder to 
a boarded-up door labeled "Track Control." Destroy the boards with 
your Crowbar.
6. Beyond is a room with a dying Security Guard and a big switch lever. 
A window gives a view of the room with the Gargantua. Listen to the 
dying Security Guard, but don't throw the switch just yet. Just note 
the room's location.

Starting the Engine

	The dying Security Guard made it clear what you must do. It's 
time to restore power to the rail system in this area, so you can 
continue your long escape route via train. Here's how to locate the 
engine and turn it back on:
1. Return through the door you entered by (the one labeled "Track 
Control"). Descend down the ladder to the lower level. And take the 
only available corridor.
2. Follow the corridor cautiously. You'll encounter several more 
Headcrabs and a couple of stray Vortigaunts along the way, and then 
a room with Vortigaunts and explosive barrels. Kill all enemies, and 
stand well back from those barrels!!!
3. The corridor ends in a door. Open it by turning a valve wheel in the 
wall nearby, and walk into the new area - a vertical shaft with 
toxic goo at the bottom. Equip you .357 Magnum.
4. Climb a ladder to the shaft's second level. Immediately turn around 
and look up. Shoot a Grunt standing on a higher level. Then collect 
some ammo from a small room nearby.
5. Climb a second ladder to the top of the shaft and slowly go through 
a doorway. You're now in a small Grunt bunker. Yeah!!!! What fun!! 
Kill the Tripod-Mounted Chaingun and the lone Grunt in here, and 
then smash boxes to collect gear.
6. Follow the corridor leading away, as you round a corner you'll see 
some explosive crates. Approach them and round a corner to see a 
large room with two small balconies and some Grunts at the far end. 
Fire a single shot into a pile of explosive crates near the opposite 
end of the room to kill several Grunts.
7. Kill any visible remaining Grunts, and then enter the large room. 
Note the ramp leading down to Grenades and a First Aid Station. 
Slowly approach the other end of the room, killing newcomers.
8. Go up the ramp at the other end of the room to a T-junction. Kill 
any Grunts nearby and take a right. This corridor leads to a dead 
end, but it has a lot of gear if you break boxes along the way.
9. Return to the T-junction and take a left now. Break boxes and look 
for a lift.
10. Place a Remote Mine on the lift, and then activate the lift. 
Don't get on, just watch it descend. When it hits the bottom, back 
up slightly and detonate the Mine. This destroys some Laser Mines 
planted down there.
11. Now summon the lift and ride down. Kill any Houndeyes that bother 
you, and advance along the only available corridor.
12. Proceed to a large gallery overlooking an engine room. Kill any 
stray Houndeyes and take a left. A staircase spirals down to the 
engine room. Take it all the way down, not halfway. You'll know 
you're at the bottom when you reach a basement area where you stand 
in ankle-deep water.
13. Equip you Crowbar and wade through the water. Kill a Mawman and 
numerous Hagworms in the water as you proceed.
14. You'll find a large engine down here. It's stalled because a 
couple of boxes are jammed in it. Break the boxes with your Crowbar. 
The engine will start, and the water will drain slowly from the 
15. Go back up the spiral staircase, but just halfway. Approach a 
large console labeled "Power Generator." These are buttons on both 
sides of the console. Press the button on the left to restore the 
power to the engine. It hums to life, and a sign above the console 
now reads "On."
16. Return to the spiral staircase and climb to the top. From there, 
backtrack to the big lift. But take care! As you approach the big 
lift, a pair of Grunts descend in it. A single Grenade will kill 
17. Ride up the lift. Kill a Grunt at the top, and another waiting 
18. Backtrack all the way to the big room with Gargantua, but don't 
enter yet.

Killing Gargantua and Escaping

	Now that you've turned the engine back on, you must kill 
Gargantua. Conventional means won't work, so try to unconventional. 
Here's how to kill it and escape:
1. Save the game and run into the big room with Gargantua. Look for the 
two largest exits. Only two are large enough for Gargantua to get 
through. Take the leftmost of these exits.
2. Running down the large corridor. If you took the correct one, you'll 
enter a room you with two honeycomb type things on either side. Run 
to the end of this room, go up a ramp, and throw a lever at the top. 
The lever activates a pair of huge Tesla coils in the middle of the 
room. If Gargantua followed you all the way in here, the Tesla coils 
will fry him instantly.
3. Don't approach the active Tesla coils. Instead, take a small door. 
It leads to a tunnel that terminates at the other side of the coils.
4. If Gargantua is dead, skip to step five. Otherwise, run back into 
the tunnel leading toward Gargantua. Fire at it and retreat; it will 
chase you. Duck into the side door nearest you, and follow the 
tunnel until you come out on the other side of the Tesla coils. The 
Tesla coils now lie between you and Gargantua. Gargantua will 
approach to try to kill you, but as it does, it runs between the 
deadly coils and kills itself.
5. Return to the big room Gargantua used to occupy.
6. There's a rail cart in a corner of this big room. Get on it, 
activate it's control panel, and drive forward onto a circular 
switch plate at the center of the room.
7. Go back to the Track Control room with the dying Security Guard and 
the big switch lever. Throw the lever; the rail cart spins until 
it's lined up wit ha new set of tracks.
8. Get back on the rail cart and turn it on again. Crank it up to 
maximum speed. Hold steady as it smashing through a barricade into 
new territory.

On A Rail

	The next level is extremely difficult. The combat here is far 
more grueling than what you've experienced up to now; instead of 
isolated enemies or occasional pairs, you'll face teams of Grunts, 
Vortigaunts, and other deadly foes.
	This level is also difficult from navigational standpoint. The 
rail tunnels twist and bend in many directions, they're riddled with 
dead ends and tunnels that loop back into themselves, and they tend to 
look very much alike. Put it all together and you've go a recipe for 
	To beat this level, you can either stick with your rail cart as 
much as possible, or abandon the cart at certain points and traverse 
the level on foot (avoiding the tracks' electrified center rail, of 
course). This walkthrough involves a little of both.

Early Exploration

	The first part of this level is very inhospitable if you're on 
foot, so remain on your cart for any travel that takes you along the 
	For some reason you must walk along the rails, always remember 
the middle is the electrified part. Walk along the edges to avoid 

1. Your rail cart hits a barricade where a Security Guard stands. 
Listen to the guard; then get off and press a wall lever to raise 
the barricade. Get back on the card and send it forward.
2. The card lowers to a new area. Start it up again and slowly ride it 
through a watery section of the track.
3. The cart passes over some wooden planks. One has a Battery sitting 
on it. You can stop and pick up the Battery, or just keep moving.
4. At a fork in the tracks, you can stop the cart, go on foot to break 
some crates at the end of the fork to collect ammo, and then get 
back on.
5. Dodge or duck as the cart passes a dangerous wire hanging over head.
6. You approach an open area to the left that holds Houndeyes and a 
Bullsquid. Stop the cart from time to time to gun them down when 
they come into view. When all the creatures are dead, get the cart 
moving again. (That's right - don't get off the cart, you'll return 
here later).
7. As you approach a rail junction, you'll spot a Junction Switch on 
your right (a revolving sign). Stop the cart before if reaches the 
junction and shoot the junction and the switch once. The arrow 
pointing right swings away, replaced by an arrow pointing straight 
8. Start the cart again and get moving. It will go straight through the 
junction instead of turning right, thanks to the switch you just 
9. You'll pas an area where a bull squid perches on a platform to your 
right. Kill the Bullsquid and collect a First Aid Kit nearby, or 
drive right on past it.
10. Just beyond the Bullsquid, you must shoot a Barnacle on the 
ceiling over the track. You also can stop the cart here and destroy 
two crates on your left for a Battery and Grenades.
11. Next, your cart approaches an open area on the right. A lone 
Bullsquid stands over the body of a Grunt, and a short staircase 
leads up. Stop the cart and kill the Bullsquid, and a Headcrab that 
emerges from underneath the stairs.
12. Upstairs, break a box and kill the Tripod-Mounted Chaingun behind 
it. Then flip a red lever. This moves a hanging hook out of the way 
of a section or track.
13. Return to your cart and get moving again.
14. After passing under a dangerous hanging wire, you'll approach the 
area with the Houndeyes and a Bullsquid. Stop the cart before you 
get there. Shoot the Junction Switch on the left to point the arrow 
15. Restart the cart and start moving slowly. Equip your .357 magnum.
16. The cart approaches a lift. Several Grunts attack as you ride up 
the lift. Target and shoot them down methodically with your .357 
Magnum as you ascend. You can crouch and take cover behind parts of 
the train if necessary.


	You've reached another level of tracks. Up here, you can either 
abandon you rail cart and proceed on foot, or use the rail cart to 
advance, getting off periodically. Although the following steps are 
optimal, there are other ways to beat the level but I chose to post 
1. Descend the red ladder near the lift to an area with a First Aid 
Station. Then return and get on the cart. There may be a Grunt at 
the bottom of the ladder. If so, dorp a Grenade on his head. He he.
2. Move the cart forward very slowly. You'll pass a Junction switch and 
a section of track leading left; you can hear the sounds of battle 
come from that direction. Ignore the Junction Switch and keep riding 
3. Past the junction, you track veers left. Stop the cart until the 
sounds of battle subside; then creep forward on foot into a large 
area that's open on both sides. Kill several Grunts here with you 
.357 Magnum.
4. Stop the cart and get off in this area. Note the heavy Machine Gun 
you can fire. This area also contains boxes with equipment.
5. Stairs lead up from both ends of this large area. Opposite where you 
came in (where the Vortigaunts were positioned in the big shoot-out 
you heard), a staircase leads up to an HEV Station. Take it, and 
charge up your suit.
6. Now return to the large area and climb the stairs on the other end - 
the end near you rail cart.
7. You're now in a small administration area. In addition to the alcove 
near the stairs, you'll find an office with another Grunt in it and 
a storage area with racks of supplies. Break boxes on the floor of 
this room (the ones on the racks yield nothing) and proceed.
8. At the other end of this area, a stairway leads down. Throw a 
Grenade down the stairs to kill a Grunt at the bottom, and then 
descend. Break a box beneath the stairs for supplies. Underneath the 
box you just broke is a grate that leads to a duct with several 
items, including two Satchel Charges. Just watch out for the 
9. At the foot of the stairs, you can go left or right. Take a right, 
and proceed slowly with your .357 Magnum equipped. Wait until the 
sound of gunfire subsides before proceeding. Three Grunts guard an 
open area bordering the railway. Kill all three, and then jump 
across the rail to collect supplies from the boxes.
10. Now jump back across the rail, take a left, and walk along the 
rail, if you walk in the wrong direction, you'll stumble across two 
Laser Mines. If this happens, turn around and follow the rail in the 
other direction.
11. Eventually you'll see a sandbag wall ahead. Three Grunts stand on 
a raised platform left of the sandbag wall. Kill them and collect 
gear from the platform.
12. Take the exit across the room from the raised platform. Around 
the corner several Grunts and Vortigaunts engage in close combat. 
Let them fight, and kill the survivors when the gunplay stops.
13. Round the corner and approach a bordered-up doorway. Break down 
the boards to find a Security Guard in a small office, alone with 
some small crates. Take ammo from the crates.
14. Across from the small office in an alcove with soda machines and 
a First Aid Station, plus a Battery in a crate. Kill the Headcrabs 
in here and take the loot.
15. Save the game and round another corner. A fortified Gun 
Emplacement has been set up across the rail from you. Kill the Grunt 
manning the Emplacement.
16. Now proceed through a pair of big red doors labeled "Caution: 
Blast Danger." Before you do, note the ramp-like ledges on either 
side of this door. If you jump and crawl up them, you can collect a 
Battery located jut above the red doors.
17. Open the red blast doors and note the pair of Laser Mines just 
beyond. Back up and shoot the mines with your Pistol. Then walk 
through the doors to find yourself next to a rocket you'll fire 
later in the level.
18. Go through the blast doors to a walkway around the rocket. Look 
down and shoot a Grunt through the floor grate; then descend down a 
ladder and go through a second set of red blast doors.

More Rails

	You've just emerged on a new level, and there's another rail cart 
here for the taking. In this walkthrough, you'll leave the cart behind 
and travel the remainder of the level on foot. (You're free to use the 
cart if you want to; however).
1. Ignore the new rail cart. Instead, take some gear from the office 
nearby and follow the rail under a pair of red lasers. Because you 
aren't on the cart, you're too low to trigger them - a good thing.
2. You appear in an open area inhabited by Bullsquids and Tripod-
Mounted Chainguns. Approach slowly and cautiously, killing the 
Bullsquids first. The Chainguns won't activate unless you walk right 
up to them, so ignore any you don't need to pass.
3. Proceed a little farther along the rail. An open area to the left 
contains another Tripod-Mounted Chaingun and a door. Destroy the 
Chaingun and go through the door. You'll find a Bullsquid, Headcrab, 
a Barnacle, and some ammunition.
4. Return to the rail and keep going. Eventually you'll round a corner. 
Open space lies to your left. Up ahead, a Grunt manning a huge 
Rocket Cannon fires at you. Crouch. The Rocket Cannon is an amazing, 
deadly weapon that can kill you in one swift second, but here's one 
thing it can't do - aim down.
5. Crawl toward the Rocket Cannon. When you're as close to him that 
you're near the end of the wall on the left, aim for the legs of the 
Grunt firing the cannon. Alternatively, shoot the Laser Mine behind 
him to destroy it, taking out the Grunt with it.
6. Destroy a Laser Mine just beyond the Rocket Cannon and proceed along 
the tracks. Destroy a second Laser Mine you find around a bend.
7. Follow the racks still farther. Up ahead on the right is an area 
packed with Vortigaunts. Kill them all, healing yourself at a nearby 
First Aid Station, if necessary.
8. Also in this area is a staircase partially blocked by boxes. Shoot a 
pair of Laser Mines on the staircase; then jump over the boxes and 
walk upstairs.
9. You'll come to a control room with a pair of Grunts and a switch 
lever. Throw the switch; a barricade rises on the floor below. Go 
back downstairs.
10. Downstairs, continue exploring the new area. It terminates in a 
double rail track. On the track farthest from you, another brand-new 
rail cart awaits you.
11. Jump across the rail and get on the new cart. Start it up and get 
it moving.
12. Eventually, the cart approaches another barricade. Near the 
barricade, an opening leads to the right. Stop the cart well before 
the barricade.
13. Get off on the left side of the rail and run along the tracks 
past the barricade. A few shots will be fired from the right, but 
nobody pursues you. Just keep running.
14. Eventually the track ends in a big lift used to move the cart 
rails up and down. To the right is an elevator. Break some nearby 
crates to reveal Remote Mines.
15. Place a Remote Mine in the elevator and press the button to send 
it upstairs. Do not go up with the elevator. When you hear that the 
elevator has reached the top floor, detonate the Remote Mine.
16. Press the button to summon the elevator back down to your level. 
Get in and ride up.

Rocket Launch

	It time to launch to rocket and finish this level. Prepare for 
more intense combat, and some extremely delicate acrobatics.
1. When you reach the upper level, get off the elevator. Shoot a lone 
Grunt on your right and break crates for gear. Then climb a ladder.
2. Upstairs, break more crates for gear. Then walk along the new 
railway you find up here. Pay attention to the electricity bolts 
across the tunnel. Watch your timing and you should pass these 
obstacles without getting hurt.
3. You'll reach a spot where crates are being hoisted back and forth 
across the tracks on mechanical rails. Take care as you pass this 
area; the crates can smash you into the wall, and a pair of Grunts 
bust from boxes on the right as you go by.
4. Proceed past this area, following the rail. The ground slopes up as 
you go. At the top you'll find yourself at a rail intersection. Take 
a right.
5. Almost immediately you'll find yourself standing at a second 
intersection. Take a left.
6. Walk along the rails until they terminate in a lift. Near this lift 
is an alcove with a ladder in it. Start descending down the ladder, 
but go slowly.
7. Before you reach the bottom, you'll notice something's up. A red 
laser beam down there will set off several Tripod-Mounted Chainguns, 
and a pair of Laser Mines lie nearby. The key here is to jump off 
the ladder before you reach the bottom, avoiding the lasers.
8. Walk into a dark alcove nearby. Kill two Mawmen in there, and 
collect some Grenades. Then break the windows and destroy all four 
Tripod-Mounted Chainguns in the room beyond the windows; either 
shoot them through the window or door or throw Grenades at them.
9. When the Chainguns are gone, throw a Grenade into the Laser Mines 
and stand as far back as you can. When the Laser Mines are 
destroyed, you finally can move freely.
10. Follow the rail tracks to a straight section with tall crates on 
either side; a Grunt and a Gun Emplacement are positioned somewhat 
farther along the tracks. You must run like crazy toward the Gun 
Emplacement, killing the lone Grunt as you run. Then get up close to 
the Gun Emplacement and kill the Grunt manning it by staying inside 
the gun's firing radius.
11. The tracks end at the Gun Emplacement, so follow a corridor to 
the right.
12. You emerge in an outdoor area. Kill two Grunts out here, and then 
run up to the red blast doors. Open them with a wall mounted 
console, and go through.
13. Pass through a second set of blast doors into a launch area. Kill 
three Grunts in here, and go through a new set of blast doors.
14. Three red laser beams crisscross the stairway beyond the blast 
door, and dynamite lines the walls. Save the game. You can't trip 
the red laser beams with Grenades or other explosives. You must 
simply avoid them. To do this, find a tall, metal crate to the right 
of the staircase. Push it into the position to the right of the 
staircase in between the two farthest laser beams.
15. Now crouch and crawl up the stairs. Crawl under the first two 
laser beams and stop before the third. Stand. Jump onto the tall 
metal crate, which should be very close.
16. Jump from the metal crate to the top of the stairs, clearing the 
third beam in the process. Save the game immediately.
17. Go through the door at the top of the stairs and kill two Grunts 
in the hallway beyond.
18. Two doors lead from this hallway. Open the closest one to find a 
room full of dead Scientists.
19. Go through the unlocked door into a small launch chambers. Press 
the rid button labeled "Launch." Blast shields drop down to protect 
you, and the rocket launches.
20. When the rocket's gone, the blast shields retract. Jump out the 
window and backtrack through two sets of blast doors to the outer 
area. A large arched doorway has opened in this area.
21. Go through the newly opened door to a small room with a ladder. 
Break some crates in here for supplies, and then take the ladder 
22. Downstairs, break more crates for supplies. The rail cart down 
here differs from others. It's red and looks almost like a fire 
engine. Get on and start it up to blast into the next level.

Walkthrough Part 4

	These next few levels offer a diverse set of challenges. 
"Apprehension" requires you to navigate an extensive set of underwater 
environments, and requires agility, especially as you slide on wet 
surfaces. It also introduces the Assassin, a particularly deadly foe 
unlike anything you've encountered before.
	"Residue Processing", as the name suggests, take place in a 
massive processing plat. You'll ride on conveyor belts and swim through 
sewers (yeah) - and nimble acrobatics are a must.
	Finally, "Questionable Ethics" introduces new alien life, and 
forces you to do some problem-solving to make your way out.


	This level isn't too difficult if you know what you're doing. 
Remember to keep you wits about you underwater, and that's not always 
easy. Your air supply is limited, and it's easy to panic. Learn to keep 
track of the easiest path to an air source, and you'll have fewer 
	Also, remember that, even if your health starts to drop because 
you've been underwater too long, you'll regain it all if you just reach 
the surface and breath for a few seconds before if gets down to zero.
Into the Drink

	As this level starts, your red rail can't suddenly accelerates to 
high speed and you can't slow it down. Don't worry; just sit back and 
enjoy the ride!
1. Your rail cart approaches an open area to the right. Crouch down in 
the cart to avoid weapon fire from the Grunts in this area.
2. The cart goes off the tracks, plummets down a vertical shaft, and 
crashes into a pool of water. You won't be harmed if you crouch as 
it falls. And then stay inside until it comes to a full stop 
3. Swim out of the cart and get some air at the surface. Then swim back 
down and look for a bunch of barrels trapped in a cage underwater. 
Break the lock of this gave with your Crowbar and the barrels will 
bob to the surface.
4. When the line of barrels bobs to the surface, jump on them and 
stand. Run and jump from the line of barrels toward the red doorway.
5. Beyond the red doorway, approach a stairwell. You'll see a Mawman 
eating a dead Grunt beneath the stairs, and another Mawman in the 
middle of the stairs. Kill both, collect nearby ammo, and walk 
upstairs. Break a crate up there for a Battery, and then walk out 
onto a ledge.
6. Break a crate for some ammo. Then look down from the ledge; a wall 
halves the pool below. You just came from the left half, 
distinguished by the floating barrels. The right half is new 
territory. Jump into the right half of the pool.
7. Underwater, locate a passage out of this area. Follow it through a 
small room filled with rusty barrels, and then through a winding 
underwater corridor. Watch for a metal door on the right; it leads 
to a small room where you can take another breach of air.
8. Take a breath of air in the small room, return to the underwater 
corridor, and keep following it. You'll come to a pile of broken 
beams and debris you must crouch to swim under.
9. Swim under the beams. Soon you'll reach a small corridor with grates 
on the wall and floor, a blocked metal door, and two corridors 
leading away (you just arrived through one). Get some air.
10. Break the grate on the floor (crouch) and swim through it. 
Downstairs is a tunnel. Follow it, taking a right when it forks, and 
swim up into a vertical shaft. Break another grate to swim to the 
11. You're in a room adjacent to the corridor - the one behind the 
blocked metal door. Collect Combat Rifle Grenades and crossbow bolts 
from the floor in here; then swim to the computer bank blocking the 
metal door. Push it over. The door will swing open and admit you 
into a corridor.
12. Swim through the door and continue down the new corridor beyond. 
It leads to a hallway that rises from the water - and now you're 
back on land.

Dangerous Waters

	The next phase of your journey starts with a dangerous encounter 
with an Ichthyosaur, and it doesn't get any easier!
1. The hallway terminates at a room with a pool in the center, a 
catwalk around the edge, and barnacles on the ceiling. You enter to 
see an Ichthyosaur killing a helpless Scientist in the water.
2. Follow the catwalk around the room. Don't take the first exit on the 
left; it leads to a sunken hallway that takes you into the pool with 
the Ichthyosaur! Instead, follow the catwalk across the room to a 
3. Climb the ladder to a small room with a Scientist. He tells you 
there's a shark cage and a tranquilizer gun nearby.
4. Walk out of the room's only exit onto a cross-shaped ledge 
overlooking the water. Slowly walk off the end of the cross to fall 
onto a large cage. Drop down into the cage, where you'll collect a 
Crossbow (Yay).
5. The diving cage lowers. Shoot the Ichthyosaur with the Crossbow 
repeatedly from inside the diving cage. When it's dead, swim up and 
out of the cage and get some air.
6. Dive back into the water and locate a large metal grate with a valve 
wheel nearby. Turn the valve wheel to raise the grate high enough 
for you to swim under.
7. Swim under the grate and up to the surface. You're in a hallway 
leading to some stairs. Climb the stairs, past a metal door (that 
leads back to the room you were just in), and up more stairs. Take 
the metal door at the top.
8. Beyond the door lies a room filled with crates and Barnacles. Go 
downstairs and start breaking crates, ready for a pair of 
Vortigaunts that warp in as you do this. Kill both.
9. Take the corridor out to emerge in a large room filled with water. 
Narrow, wet catwalks ring the walls, and Ichthyosaurs swim in the 
dark waters at the center.
10. First you must jump across a gap in the catwalk. Carefully come 
to a dead stop after this leap; the wet floor underfoot makes this 
11. Follow the catwalk around a corner, sticking to the dead center. 
A section of catwalk breaks apart under your feet as you cross, but 
a beam in the center will remain - so keep to the center and you 
won't fall in. As the catwalk breaks, a Vortigaunt teleports in just 
ahead. Shoot it dead and continue.
12. You'll come to another big gap you must jump over. Leap, and when 
you reach the other side, do you best to come to a stop despite the 
water underfoot. (You can kill the Ichthyosaurs if you find this 
jump is too difficult).
13. A choice confronts you. To the left is a doorway to jump through, 
but a hanging electrical wire partially blocks it. To the right is a 
metal wall with a gaping hole in it. Take a running leap into the 
hole at the right.
14. You'll land in the water on the other side of the wall, but the 
Ichthyosaurs can't get you here. Swim through an underwater hallway 
and climb a ladder to a big generator room.
15. Kill a pair of Bullsquids in this room; then take a hallway to 
the right. The hallway leads to a ladder, which in turn leads to a 
balcony overlooking the generator room.
16. You'll find two metal boxes up here on the balcony. Push them off 
the edge (there's a break in the railing you can push them through). 
Then drop down to the main floor.
17. Push the metal boxes to the other side of the room, where an 
immobile crate partially blocks a ladder. Arrange the two metal 
boxes so the bigger one is touching the wooden ones and the smaller 
metal box is touching the bigger metal box to make a step-like 
thing, forming a crude stairway to the hard-to-reach ladder.
18. Jump on the metal boxes and break a wooden crate blocking the 
ladder. Then climb the ladder to a catwalk and follow it.

Frigid Welcome

	You're beyond the dangerous waters that characterize the first 
part of this level, but you're in for many more interesting 
experiences, including a fast trip through a cold storage area.
1. Follow the catwalk into a hallway, where a Bullsquid suddenly 
appears. Kill it and continue until you reach a computer-filled 
2. Kill a pair of Vortigaunts and Headcrabs in this room, and then 
charge up your HEV Suit at the HEV Station on the wall.
3. The room nearby has a Scientist in it. Listen to him, and then press 
a button on the control panel nearby to open the door to a freezing 
cold storage unit.
4. Save the game and enter the cold storage area. Run through as 
quickly as you can, using a Combat Rifle or other high-powered 
weapons to efficiently mow down Vortigaunts and Headcrabs that 
appear in front of you.
5. When you find a hole in the floor, drop down into it quickly. 
Descend a ladder to a platform, and another ladder to ground level.
6. Round a corner to find yourself in a long, crate-filled hallway. 
Vortigaunts materialize both ahead and behind you as you advance. 
Kill them, and break crates for gear. Take the life at the end of 
the hallway.
7. At the top, a Security Guard tries to give you a message, but unseen 
forces kill him before he can finish.
8. Arm yourself with a potent weapon (the Combat Rifle works, as does 
the .357 Magnum) and walk down the hall until you can see a big, 
open area to the right. Then backtrack and watch the corner. There 
are three Assassins in this large area; the easiest way to kill them 
is to wait in a safe area (where there's only one exit, so they 
can't sneak up behind you) and shoot them ass they appear.
9. If all three Assassins don't appear, cautiously walk around the 
large area until you find them all. Then retreat and fight them from 
a position of relative safety. (Chapter 2 provides tactical advice 
for dealing with these deadly foes.)
10. Collect ammo and gear from this area by breaking crates and 
investigating a small room off to one side. Then go up the ramp at 
the center of the area.
11. At the top, throw a lever labeled "Surface Access." Go back down 
the ramp.
12. Two large doors labeled "Surface Access" have opened. Take 
either; they both lead to the same place - a small room.
13. When you enter the small room, the light go out: you've been 
captured. (He he he he he).


	Ok, so a bunch of Grunts knocked you out cold, took all of your 
weapons, and dragged you away, and threw you into a massive trash 
compactor. And that wasn't very nice. But you're a tough guy (or girl), 
and you'll get out of this jam, right?
1. You wake up at the bottom of a trash compactor. The walls start 
closing in just moments later. Immediately start climbing the 
mountain of boxes, jumping from the lowest to the highest.
2. From the top box you can leap to the trash compactor ledge. Stand up 
and watch the compactor slowly crush all the boxes.
3. Walk across the metal crushing arms of the compactor itself, all the 
way to the other side of the room.
4. Pick up a Crowbar on the ledge you just walked to; then descend a 
nearby ladder to the floor of the compactor.
5. Break a floor grate and drop through into a tunnel. Walk toward the 
light at the end of the tunnel. (What do you know, you might 
actually be dead!?).

Residue Processing

	You've escaped from the Grunts' clutches and stumbled into an 
industrial section of the Black Mesa Facility. That's the good part. 
The bad part is you're practically weaponless, and it will take awhile 
to replenish you (formerly) awe-inspiring arsenal.

Into the Fire

	 Your first step is to infiltrate the industrial complex.
1. The tunnel carries you out into a rocky valley. Proceed through the 
valley, killing or avoiding Headcrabs as you go.
2. Locate the valve wheel labeled "Flow Control," it's stuck to the 
side of a silo-like structure. Turn it fully, and then climb a 
nearby ladder as quickly as you can. Leap down onto a descending 
3. At the bottom, leap into a dark tunnel and proceed to the end. There 
you must break a grate to enter a big room with a vat of toxic 
waste. You'll see a Security Guard shoot some Headcrabs, and then 
flee through a doorway.
4. Follow the Security Guard. A Barnacle snatches the Guard. Wait as 
the Barnacle digests him, and then spits out his Pistol.
5. Collect the Pistol from the floor, careful to avoid the Barnacle.
6. Return to the room with the vat of toxic waste, and climb a ladder 
to the top. Jump across the floating chunks of who-knows-what inside 
the vat, and crawl through the pipe on the other side.
7. You emerge atop a vat in a room full of vats. Hydraulic presses move 
up and down above them. You must jump from vat to vat, straight 
across the room, into a red-tinged tunnel on the other side.
8. Through the red-tinged tunnel you find yourself in a room where two 
pipes lead down a long corridor. Walk along the right-hand pipe and 
it will collapse.
9. Climb a ladder and follow the left pipe. Leap from the left pipe to 
the far edge of the right pipe (beyond the broken part), and follow 
the right pipe around a corner.
10. You're in a room with two vats. Jump across them by leaping onto 
the mixers stirring them. Then crawl into a pipe at the other end.
11. Follow the pipe to a room filled with crates and conveyor belts. 
Jump down into this room and break crates to collect ammo; then jump 
back up to the conveyor belts and let them carry you through a hole 
near the ceiling.
12. The conveyor dumps you into a pool of water. There are catwalks 
on both sides, but for now, ignore them and allow yourself to be 
dragged down an incline into another pool. A grinding rotor lies at 
the far end of this new pool. Get out of the water before you get 
sucked in and crushed.
13. You're now on one of two short walkways that flank the rotor. 
Walk to the other side of the rotor, and then reenter the water. 
Swim under a low wall, and then back up. Surface on the other side.
14. You're in a n area with a spinning rotor to the lift and an open 
waterway on the right. Follow the open water, ducking under when 
flame jets singe you from above.
15. Follow the underwater tunnel until you get a chance to surface.

Machine Madness

	The next few areas are almost cartoon-like: you'll travel through 
new areas on conveyor belts, avoiding giant steam hammers that threaten 
to smash you flat. You skill in moving quickly and effectively will 
determine your fate.
1. Get out of the water. Behind you is a small guardroom with a 
Bullsquid in it. Kill the Bullsquid with a .357 Magnum you find of 
the floor, and pick up the Batteries, Satchel Charges, and other 
useful items here.
2. Walk along a patch to the right to a bank of three levers labeled 
"Conveyor Control." Flip the middle lever so that all three are in 
the "up" position. Also, shoot a Bullsquid in the water on the left.
3. Return to the guardroom where you found the .357 Magnum. Locate a 
wall button that faces three conveyor belts. Press it to temporarily 
halt the steam hammers smashing the conveyor belts: try to press it 
when the hammers are above one of the conveyor belts (it doesn't 
matter which one) are at their highest point.
4. Quickly jump onto the conveyor belt with the hammers frozen at their 
highest. Crouch as you ride under the hammers and through a tunnel 
into a new area.
5. The conveyor belt takes you into an area where massive metal pistons 
slide in and out of the walls. Avoid them as you move down a belt.
6. Past the pistons is a row of steam hammers. Do your best to avoid 
them and continue down the conveyor belt.
7. The belt carries you into a large room and approaches a vat of toxic 
waste. Below is another conveyor belt. Drop onto it.
8. Let the new conveyor belt carry you through a red-hued tunnel. Past 
the tunnel, you'll approach another conveyor belt. Drop onto it.
9. After passing through a shot tunnel (you must crouch to get 
through), drop to yet another conveyor belt.
10. This one takes you through a red-hot tunnel, where you'll take 
fire damage. Run along the belt to get past the flames quickly. At 
the other end, drop to another conveyor belt.
11. Drop from this belt to another belt beneath you.
12. You'll approach a spot where there are two conveyor belts beneath 
you, and you must decide which to drop onto. Drop to the first belt 
you pass over.
13. This belt tries to drag you into a tunnel with a Laser Mine in 
it. Slowly walk backward as you face the Laser Mine and shoot the 
Mine with your Pistol from a safe distance. This is easier if you 
turn on your flashlight, and if your Crosshair is enabled.
14. Now drop a Satchel Charge onto the conveyor belt and continue 
walking backward periodically, to hold ground. Watch as the Satchel 
Charge is carried into a tunnel and disappears around a corner. 
Detonate it when it disappears to take out a second Laser Mine.
15. Now let the conveyor belt take you into the tunnel. Around the 
bend is a section of belt with massive rollers. Jump back and forth 
between the two conveyor belts to get past them.
16. The belt you're on terminates above a massive cutting device. 
Drop onto the area beside the cutter, and then jump through the 
cutter itself. (Time your fall so you don't get sliced in half).
17. You'll fall onto another belt that leads to a pit of waste with 
Barnacles overhead. Leap from the end of this belt to a ladder of 
the opposite wall.
18. Climb the ladder into a red-hued hallway. Follow the hallway to 
the next level.

Questionable Ethics

	As you progress through this level, you learn the government-
founded research taking place at Black Mesa goes well beyond what you'd 
expected. Here you find a facility devoted entirely to the hands-on 
study of alien creatures.
	This isn't an overwhelming level if you take it slowly and 
exploit all the advantages your environment provides.

Early Findings

	You appear in this level via gage full of Houndeyes. Prepare to 
slug it out.
1. Follow the red hallway to a ladder. Climb it and smash a grating at 
the top.
2. Upstairs, you find yourself in a room fill with Houndeyes. Kill them 
however you like; the best choices are the Pistol or Satchel Charge, 
combined with fast footwork to minimize damage.
3. When all the Houndeyes are dead, look for the electrified metal 
fence that serves as one wall of this cage. At the top-center of the 
fence is a knob with an electrical wire attached to it. You can 
either shoot the knob or the control panel on the other end of the 
electrical wire.
4. After shooting the knob several times, a door in the fence slides 
open. Walk through it and regain any health needed from a First Aid 
5. Follow a corridor to a room with an Alien Grunt trapped in a 
containment tube. Break the glass protecting a red button on the 
wall of this room; the Alien Grunt will escape. Kill it swiftly with 
.357 Magnum shots.
6. When the Grunt is dead, go through the newly opened door into a new 
hallway. You'll arrive in a room with a small pen of Headcrabs in 
the center and a booth in the corner.
7. Enter the booth and press the button. Watch as the door to the booth 
seals shut, and an emergency pulse kill the Headcrabs.
8. When the Headcrabs are dead, approach the exit to this room. A Grunt 
stands in the doorway. Immediately turn and run back into the booth 
and press the button again. The energy pulse manifests, this time 
killing the Grunt.
9. Collect the Grunt's Combat Rifle and proceed down the new hallway.
10. Around a corner, you'll find a Security Guard. Listen to him, and 
then have him follow you.

To the Entry Hall

	You'll make your way to the main entry hall of the alien research 
1. Follow the corridor into the main entry hall of the alien research 
labs. Kill a pair of Grunts standing in the foyer (perhaps with a 
Grenade from the Combat Rifle), and then kill two more Grunts than 
run into the area, get their weapons; on has a Shotgun.
2. Charge up at an HEV Station, and then proceed across the entry hall. 
Take a corridor up a shot flight of stairs to a balcony overlooking 
the entry hall.
3. Upstairs, walk into a room - but make sure you leave the Security 
Guard behind (that is, don't let him into the room just yet). Press 
a wall button to release a bunch or Headcrabs, and then enter a 
booth in the corner and press a button to fry most of them with an 
energy pulse.
4. Kill any remaining Headcrabs with your Pistol, and then enter the 
two chambers they occupied originally. You'll find a Crossbow in 
one, and some Snarks in the other. Take both.
5. Follow a new corridor (take along the Security Guard if you left him 
behind earlier) and descend some steps to a T-junction. Take a 
right, and kill a pair of Grunts.
6. Proceed to a large room with computer banks. Laser Mines guarding a 
corner, and some interesting alcoves. Take a pair of Batteries from 
one wall, and then follow a small corridor to a balcony overlooking 
the room. Don't disturb the Laser Mines set up in the corner of the 
7. When you're up on the balcony, take out your Pistol and shoot one of 
the Laser Mines on the other side of the room. Slide back from the 
balcony as the explode. Two Alien Grunts and several human Grunts 
now enter the room separately, and they'll slug it out. Try to go 
unnoticed while this is happening.
8. Kill any survivors that try to climb the ramp to your balcony; then 
descend back into the large room. Walk through the doorway the Laser 
Mines guarded.
9. Proceed down the corridor, wary of the Grunt that will try to ambush 
you. Eventually you'll come to a junction with a room full of crates 
ahead and another hallway to the right. If you enter the crate room, 
save first and then break the crates slowly and carefully: a Laser 
Mine here will detonate if you destroy the crate it's aimed at.
10. Now take the hallway to the right. Beware the four glass-walled 
alcoves flanking this hallway. Headcrabs burst from behind glass to 
attack as you cross. Kill all of them.
11. When the Headcrabs are gone, take the hallway that intersects 
with this one between the two sets of Headcrab-filled alcoves.
12. As you climb the stairs, you can hear breaking call and the 
sounds of fighting. Peek into the long hallway at the top of the 
stairs and then duck back into the stairwell. Grunts and Bullsquids 
are fighting in the long hallway. Stay back until the fighting dies 

Powering up the Laser

	The next stage of this level requires you to turn on four power 
sources for a powerful red laser, and use the laser to carve through a 
1. Enter the long hallway and take the first right. You'll enter a 
small lab room. Kill any enemies you find there, take two Batteries 
from a ledge, and press a red button to send a white energy beam 
into the ceiling.
2. Return to the long hallway and take the next left. Explosive crates 
lie ahead. You'll hear a conversation between a Scientist and a 
Grunt. Stand well back from the explosive crates. After a moment, 
the crates explode, and a moment later a second explosion take place 
3. Walk forward, toward the source of the explosions, into another lab. 
Collect a Tau Cannon from the floor, and press a console button to 
activate the second white energy beam.
4. Reenter the long hallway. Ignore the next right (it leads to a laser 
you'll fire eventually) and take the next left into another lab, 
this one infested with Houndeyes. Kill them all and activate a third 
white energy beam.
5. Return to the long hallway and enter the final lab. Collect some Tau 
Cannon ammunition from a wall, use a First Aid Station, if 
necessary, and turn on the fourth and final white energy beam.
6. Investigate the crates stacked at the end of the long hallway. There 
are probably a few Grunts holding out back there, but you'll find 
valuable Combat Rifle Grenades in the crates.
7. Return to the lab you skipped in Step 4 and enter it. Slide the 
metal crate all the way against the wall - flush with the wall, 
under a sign that says "Do Not Obstruct Laser Shield."
8. Press a red button on a console at one side of the room. A laser 
shield tires to descend from the ceiling, but if you positioned the 
metal crate correctly, the shield is blocked and forced to go back 
up. The red laser beam shot the wall instead of the shield, blasting 
a hole.
9. Jump down through the hole the laser made. It's a long drop, so save 
the game first.
10. Then leap onto a pipe located about a third of the way down. From 
there, drop onto a lower section of the same pipe, and from there to 
the floor.


	Now you're in a position to find a Scientist and get the hell out 
of here! So get to it!!!
1. Walk into a small room with three Scientist. Listen to them, but 
don't have any of them follow you, yet.
2. Approach an adjoining room with spinning metal blades mounted on 
swing-arms. Cross through the blades to the other side of the room.
3. Activate a console on the other side of the room to stop the blades. 
Stop them so the walkway across the room is clear. If the blades 
block the path, start them again with the console and then stop them 
again at the right moment.
4. Retrieve a Scientist and have him follow you across the room, 
through the motionless blades.
5. Open the door on the other side of the room by pressing a nearby 
control panel. Go through the door.
6. In the corridor beyond, take a left and then a right. You'll run 
through a corridor where Headcrabs attacked you earlier. Go all the 
way to the end of this corridor, round a bend, and pass through a 
7. You're back in the entry hall to the alien research labs. Run to the 
Retinal Scanner and let the Scientist open it for you. List to him, 
and then exit.
8. Pass through a revolving door to an outside area. Kill a nearby 
Grunt and two Tripod-Mounted Chainguns on a rooftop.
9. Shoot a pile of explosive crates from a safe distance. Go through 
the tunnel they blocked.
10. Break crates in the tunnel for gear. Approach a large door to the 
end the level.

Walkthrough Part 5

	This massive level introduces you to a slew of deadly outdoor 
environments. Your enemies throughout this area are mixed groups of 
aliens and government containment troops, and both parties will be 
slugging it out as you seek and escape route. You'll need a lot of 
skill to not get caught in the middle.

Surface Tension

	You've heard it before, but it's especially true here: combat 
difficulty reaches up another notch in this level. Many situations you 
confront here demand excellent combat and decision-making skills. 
Instead of merely dispatching enemies, you must give more consideration 
to how you kill them: do you use the big guns and kill them quickly, or 
conserve pervious ammo and use lesser weapons?

Trouble at the Dam

	Your first taste of combat may leave you wishing you hadn't 
eaten: An epic showdown at a dam pits you against an Ichthyosaur, an 
Apache Helicopter, and an Artillery Gun. You can destroy both the 
Helicopter and Artillery Gun, but I recommend against it. The path 
outlined here is one of avoidance and ammo conservation.
1. Press the button and walk just through the sliding doors, but no 
farther. You're looking at a canyon where fuel barrels lie scattered 
in clusters. Grunts wait in ambush to the left and right and several 
more hide farther down the canyon.
2. Kill the Grunts to your right and left (the .357 Magnum is a good 
weapon for this). Then turn your attention down the canyon. Instead 
of shooting the grunts, you can shoot the fuel barrels they're 
standing next to and clean them out quickly.
3. Pick up the ammunition and First Aid Kits left behind and advance 
down the canyon. Walk beneath a rock arch to where you can see a dam 
ahead and hear an Apache Helicopter flying above. Stop.
4. Remain in this semi-protected rock alcove while the Apache flies 
back and forth overhead.
5. After hiding in the alcove for a couple of minutes (don't rush! The 
Apaches can kill you before you know it!), equip the Crossbow, save 
the game and dash toward the dam where the Apache isn't pointing at 
you. Run straight for the reservoir and jump into the water. The 
Helicopter and Artillery Gun will fire at you. Bu you'll be more or 
less unscathed if you get into the water quickly.
6. Underwater, swim down several feet, out of sigh of the Apache. 
Immediately look for the Ichthyosaur and shoot it with multiple 
Crossbow bolts to kill it. If you allowed the Apache to soften it up 
earlier, is should take much.
7. Look for the underwater ladder. It's attached to a tower. Climb the 
ladder when the Helicopter isn't too close. Hurry - you're exposed 
when your outside.
8. At the top of the ladder, run into a small room that has a First Aid 
Kit and a wall button labeled "Turbine Control." Press the button. 
Then, when the Apache isn't too close, leap from this room back into 
the reservoir.
9. Underwater, locate a valve wheel. Turn it to open a pair of 
underwater grates. You must turn the wheel several seconds to open 
the grates wide enough to swim through.
10. Swim through either grate and duck pas the stalled turbine rotor. 
You'll be swept into a small river. Collect a Battery from a nearby 
rock, and then proceed downstream, ducking underwater when the 
Apache gets close.
11. The river terminates at a ledge. Climb a ladder to the ledge, and 
enter either of two pipes there. (Both lead to the same place).

Fortifications in the Sand

	It's time to explore several sandy gulches. The first step to 
making your job easier is to destroy the Apache overhead; once that's 
accomplished, the rest should be manageable.
1. Follow the pipe until it terminates in a steep, artificial canyon. 
You can either take a left or go straight ahead; an Apache still 
buzzes overhead.
2. Take a left, kill three Headcrabs, and collect a First Aid Kit near 
a dead Grunt in a dark cave. Then backtrack to the pipe and go in 
the other direction.
3. You'll find a ladder and several crates. Break the crates for ammo, 
and ten climb the ladder to a ledge. Leap across the ledge to a 
broader, sand-covered ledge that hold a dead Grunt, a cactus, and a 
lot of supplies. This is where you'll make your stand.
4. Get out the Tau Cannon and charge up is secondary fire mode when you 
hear the Apache coming. Give the Apache a highly charged Tau Cannon 
blast. If this doesn't bring it down, give it another, and another.
5. After downing the Apache, jump back to the narrow ledge and follow 
it around a corner. You'll come to a ladder near the end. Climb it 
and walk forward until you see the scene of wavy sand and a tower.
6. Two paths lead through the rocks. Both lie on your left. Approach 
the rocks and take the closest path to find yourself in a sandy 
gulch with a Tentacle emerging from the sand, much like the one you 
killed in the "Blast Pit."
7. Draw your Pistol and fire several rounds into the Tentacle. It will 
rise straight up, then the sand once, and then hide for a few 
seconds. Run close to it as it hides, and you can collect valuable 
gear strewn on the sand. Quickly get back before it emerges.
8. Shoot it again, and make another mad dash if you missed anything 
9. Backtrack to the area with two paths and take the other through the 
rocks. This path lead to another sand gulch - but instead of another 
Tentacle, this gulch contains three Grunts. Kill them all.
10. After killing the Grunts, enter a small structure with a valve 
wheel labeled "Storm Drain Hatch." Turn the wheel.
11. Investigate the gulch. The rocks have several cervices you can 
crawl through to get supplies. Beware the Grunts' hideout; however, 
there's a Laser Mine set up inside. Proceed with caution and you'll 
be fine.
12. One of the cervices leads to a new area - filled with mines.
13. You goal is to reach a storm drain surrounded by barbed wire. 
14. To get past the barbed wire, climb up on a sandy hillock right 
beside it (there are no mines on the slope) and jump over. Climb a 
ladder down the drain, smash the grate at the bottom, and crawl 
through a tunnel.


	If you're afraid of heights, you won't like this stage. It takes 
place on the face of a sheer cliff, and you must exercise extreme 
caution to keep from falling.
1. As you approach the end of the tunnel, a jet flies past in from of 
you. Halt and watch it go by. It's only scenery. It can't harm you.
2. Don't drop out the end of the tunnel. Instead, peek out and to the 
right. Shoot a Tripod-Mounted Chaingun on a distant ledge by popping 
in and out of the tunnel, firing periodically. Also, kill a Grunt to 
the right this way.
3. Now drop out of the tunnel to a small ledge. You're standing on a 
sheer cliff wall.
4. Look over the ledge. Below you lies a narrow ledge, and below that a 
broader ledge with a Grunt on it. The Grunt is barely visible; shoot 
him. Then drop down the narrow ledge, and from there drop to the big 
ledge with the dead Grunt on it.
5. Look down from this ledge. Below, you'll see two more ledges - a 
long narrow ledge, and a wider ledge farther down. Drop to the 
narrow ledge.
6. A crevice in the cliff wall near the narrow ledge contains a dead 
Grunt and some First Aid Kits. Jump over some rocky debris to claim 
the First Aid Kits.
7. Get back onto the ledge. Look down from the extreme left-handed side 
of this ledge, where it gets very narrow, and you'll see a series of 
narrow ledges leading down - almost like stairs. Leap down two of 
these steps, and then jump to the broad ledge below them. Make that 
last jump a long one.
8. Approach a rickety bridge. Save the game, and then run across. The 
wooden planks tend to fall apart as you cross the bridge, so it's 
easiest if you line yourself up on the metal cables supporting the 
planks on either side, and cross on that.
9. Round a bend to see a big metal platform. Ignore it. Keep following 
the ledge, killing a Grunt as you go.
10. You'll round another bend and find a cave with a Grunt guarding 
it. Kill the Grunt and enter the cave, quickly. Smash crates and 
collect gear, including a Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher (RPG) 
and several rockets. You'll hear an Apache hovering outside.
11. Wait in the cave entrance for the Apache, and then shoot it with 
the RPG. Keep the red laser dot on the Apache until the rocket hits. 
If this doesn't destroy it (and it won't at Medium or Hard 
difficulty), hide in the cave until the Apache makes another pass, 
and then shoot it again.
12. When the Apache's gone, make sure you have everything from the 
cave, and then continue along the ledge. You'll find a ladder. Climb 
to a higher ledge.
13. Follow the higher ledge to a ramp. This, in turn, lead to a short 
series of ledges, like stairs. Jump up these steps to another 
14. Climb this ladder to another ledge, and onto a pipe sticking out 
of the cliff wall. Approach the pipe, kill the Headcrab inside, and 
follow the pipe into the cliff.


	If you've been dying for more combat with teams of Grunts, we've 
go good news for you: you'll get your chance now. If you haven't been 
dying for more combat; however, too bad.
1. The tunnel eventually reaches a T-junction. From there, the tunnel 
branches into a complex network of foxholes that riddles a fortified 
area filled with Grunts and a single tank. You can take any path 
into this enclosure, but Step 2 provides a recommended one.
2. From that first T-junction, take a right. Follow the runnel as it 
curves left and drops you into a trench with shallow water. Wade 
forward, ignoring a path that leads to the right. Jump into another 
tunnel at the end of the trench. When this tunnel reaches a T-
junction, take a right. Follow the tunnel to the end, climb a 
3. Now you're in the fortified Grunt compound, behind the Tank, don't 
worry bout it as long as you're behind it. Just concentrate on 
killing Grunts.
4. When all Grunts are dead, break all the crates bending the Tank and 
heal yourself at a First Aid Station in a garage. You'll collect a 
lot of great stuff from the crates, including more RPG rockets and 
some Satchel Charges.
5. Destroy the Tank with a Satchel Charge (save the RPG rockets, 
they're most useful), and scour the fortified compound for ammo.
6. Locate a small shed with a wall button in it. Press the button to 
open a big door leading out of the compound.
7. Exit through the door, into a long street with crates on both sides, 
and a Tank that shoots rockets at the far end. Destroy the tank 
(explained in the "enemies section") and then break all the non-
explosive crates along the street for Batteries and Grenades.
8. Leap through a hole in the wall beside the dead Tank.
9. On the other side, kill a pair of Grunts standing at the bottom of a 
sandy ravine. (as usual, watch out for Grenades). When both are 
dead, go break boxes at the bottom of the ravine. There's a lot of 
useful gear down there!
10. Return to the street with the burning Tank. Walk to the end of 
the street and go through a big garage-type doorway into an alcove, 
and then through a second garage-type doorway.

Ordnance Storage Facility, Exterior
	Your next task is to sneak into an Ordnance Storage Facility. 
Beware of snipers, landmines, and other sneaky traps!
1. Pass through the second big door to find yourself in an enclosure 
around an Ordnance Storage Facility. An alien craft flies overhead 
and drops an Alien Grunt and a Vortigaunt.
2. Kill both aliens and take a right. (Going left is pointless; it 
leads to a minefield and an impossible chain-link fence).
3. Round a corner and destroy a Laser Mine stuck to the wall. Then 
advance to a small stairway. Stand back as some rubble falls from 
above, and then go down the stairs.
4. There's a Laser Mine at the foot of the stairs, and on another small 
staircase leading up. You can jump over both (recommended, but save 
the game first), or destroy them with Grenades.
5. Past the Laser Mines, you'll come across a dying Security Guard 
lying out in the open. He cries for help, but don't approach him. 
Instead turn around. Look up to see a partially camouflaged hole in 
the wall that's partially camouflaged - and if you look very 
closely, you'll see a gun sticking out. Throw a few Grenades up 
there and kill the sniper before proceeding.
6. Approach another sign that warn of a minefield. Throw a Grenade into 
the minefield to detonate mines, and then advance to a corner.
7. Throw another Grenade around the corner to detonate more mines. Save 
the game and move forward. There's another sniper in a hole in the 
wall up ahead; you must take him out with a Combat Rifle Grenade.
8. Throw one more Grenade to endure there are no mines ahead. Then walk 
up to a section of barbed wire so low you must crawl under it. 
(There are no mines under there).
9. Two metal towers stand on the other side of the wire; one leans 
against the Ordnance Storage Facility. Some explosive barrels lie 
beside a pair of power converters. Shoot the explosive barrels from 
a distance, destroying the converters and "de-electrifying" the 
10. Jump up on the leaning tower and walk to the roof. Locate a 
gaping hole in the roof there. (You must jump over a rooftop fan to 
reach it.)

Ordnance Storage Facility, Interior

	You're inside the facility now, but it's filled with Laser Mines 
and giant rockets: it's a bomb waiting to explode. If you trigger any 
Laser Mines (or allow Headcrabs to trigger Laser Mines), the whole 
place will go up in flames. Save the game after every successful move 
you make in here.
1. You fall into a room with a Scientist. Listen to him, and then break 
all the crates in the room and walk out the door.
2. Outside, you'll see a hallway filled with Laser Mines. Jump over the 
first Laser Mine and save. (Save after every success jump, craw, 
etc. over a Laser Mine).
3. Push a wooden crate to the foot of a short staircase. Jump onto the 
crate, and then jump from there to the top of the staircase, thus 
avoiding a second Laser Mine.
4. Jump across a third Laser Mine and proceed, ignoring a metal door to 
the left. You'll approach a big, open area.
5. Crawl under a Laser Mine into the open area. Look for a pair of 
Headcrabs in the middle of this area and shoot both with your Pistol 
before they trigger any Laser Mines. Take a left.
6. Approach the boxes. Destroy the leftmost box, but stay well away 
from the box with the laser shooting at it.
7. Walk around the laser, through the area you just opened by 
destroying the box. Approach another box, destroy it, and jump over 
a Laser Mine behind it.
8. Proceed to the concrete wall, take a left, and climb a short, red-
tinged staircase. (Duck under a Laser Mine just before the stairs).
9. Upstairs is a small control room. Kill a lone Headcrab in here with 
your Pistol, and then jump over a Laser Mine to reach a wall button. 
Don't press it yet.
10. Turn left from the button to see the top of a crate that is on a 
lift. Shoot the crate and it will crumble.
11. Now turn back to the button and press it, summoning a lift to 
your left.
12. Board the lift. Then jump down another lift surrounded by metal 
bars and Laser Mines. It's a tough jump, but you can make it.
13. Press a button to descend.


	You made it out of the highly explosive area, but now you have 
some tough combat. Prepare!
1. You descend into a room filled with crates. Collect a Hivehand on 
the floor and goodies from the crates; then get moving down a 
2. As you walk through the tunnel, a Security Guard runs past, pursued 
by two Grunts. Kill the Grunts, preferably y shooting the explosive 
barrels near them.
3. Proceed along the tunnel, leaving the Security Guard behind. (Take 
him along, if you like, but he's likely to get killed if you do). 
You'll encounter a truck.
4. Destroy a Tripod-Mounted Chaingun Machine Gun in the back of the 
truck. Then jump inside, collect dome ammo from the crate, and get 
moving again.
5. You'll enter a basement area. An explosion rocks the place. Save the 
game and run up a ramp, out of the basement, and into an open, 
outdoor street area. Immediately run either back into the basement 
area or up the ramp to the right.
6. After the bombs drop, peek around the corner to see a pair of Grunts 
and an artillery-firing Tank at the end of the street. Hide and let 
the Grunts come to you; then destroy the Tank with your Tau Cannon's 
secondary fire mode.
7. After destroying the Tank, walk up to it. Then follow the street to 
the right. You'll enter an ally. As you do, turn around and throw a 
Grenade up into a hole in the wall behind you to kill a sniper.
8. Walk down the alley and enter a door to the right. You'll enter a 
small room with two Grunts. Kill the Grunts and climb a short flight 
of stairs.
9. Upstairs, walk up to a Security Guard and have him follow you to a 
locked door labeled "Storage." He'll open the door.
10. Beyond lies a veritable candy store of ammunition. Collect ammo 
from racks and break boxes. Be thorough! By the time you're through, 
you'll be at or near maximum ammo capacity for almost every weapon.
11. Exit the storage room and walk back to the stairs. Don't go down; 
however. Instead, approach a window and walk out on the window 
12. Take a right on the window ledge and follow it back into that 
ally you were in earlier. Drop onto a pair of electrical converter 
boxes just below the ledge.
13. Jump from the converter boxes onto a second pair of converter 
boxes across the ally. Jump from them onto a piece of red ladder 
nearby. And climb the ladder.
14. Climb a second ladder to the top of the wall.

Bigger Guns

	If you're itching to get your hands on some heavy artillery, 
you'll be pleased with the next few stages, where you'll get to operate 
several emplaced guns (?).
1. You stand on a platform above a maze of twisted an broken walls. Go 
to the right side of the platform, near a beam that descends 
diagonally to ground level. Equip your Crossbow and look over the 
edge. Kill a Grunt down there.
2. Slide down the beam to ground level. (Jumping only gets you 
injured). Kill two more Grunts on the lower level, collecting some 
First Aid Kits from a dark alcove, and then walk back up to the 
3. Cross the maze to a doorway out of the area: first walk out to the 
lone piece of ceiling; then leap from there onto some broken walls, 
and from there to the doorway.
4. The doorway leads to a big open courtyard. Two Alien Grunts will 
materialize as you start to cross this courtyard. Hang back and let 
the Osprey circling overhead drop two human Grunts that will attack 
the Alien Grunts. Then clean up the survivors.
5. After killing the human or Alien Grunts, cross the courtyard. Go 
through a tunnel and take a right to confront another Alien Grunt. 
Kill it and then leap up a series of nearby crates.
6. Upstairs is an Artillery Gun. Use it to blast a hole in the 
compound's front gate. Send a couple more shots in the same 
direction to kill two Alien Grunts behind the door.
7. Run through the door you just blasted open, and down a corridor 
beyond. You'll come to a hallway with several Vortigaunts and a 
Heavy Machine Gun. Shoot the nearest Vortigaunts with your Combat 
Rifle, then slide up to the Machine Gun and use it (?).
8. A series or Vortigaunts will now teleport into existence down the 
hallway. Use the Machine Gun to mow them all down. Be patient, as 
there's a slight delay between Vortigaunt appearances.
9. When all the Vortigaunts are gone, and no more seem to be 
forthcoming, proceed to the end of the hallway.
10. There you'll find what looks like a giant, spongy growth on the 
floor. Step onto it: it's sort of an alien trampoline. Use it to 
jump up to a crumbling ceiling level.
11. Approach the edge of the ceiling; several Grunts will shoot at 
you. Back off and take shelter. The Grunts will battle an Alien 
Grunt and a Vortigaunt. Approach the edge again and kill the 
12. Drop to where the Grunts and aliens were and collect First Aid 
Kits from a tack of crates. Shoot out a small grate near the floor 
and crawl through.
13. As you follow this tunnel, a pack of Snarks spring toward you. 
Retreat when they appear and deal with them using either a rapid-
fire weapon (such as a combat rife) or explosives. The Hivehand is 
also very good for eliminating Snarks.
14. Go to the end of the ventilation tunnel and smash the grate.

On the Run

	More Grunts, more crumbling structures, and more firefights await 
you. Don't worry, you're nearing the end of this sort of terrain.
1. After smashing the grate, back up immediately. A pair of Grunts 
below shoot out a section of the ventilation duct, which falls to 
the floor; you won't fall if you backed up far enough. Shoot the 
Grunts from up here, and then drop to the floor.
2. You're in a small garage. There's a metal door on one wall. Open it 
and then back up quickly. An explosion blocks the doorway and rips a 
hole in the wall.
3. There are two lifts in this garage, but only one has a vehicle on 
it. Press a button hanging from the ceiling near the lift without a 
vehicle. That lift descends. Press the button a second tome and 
hurry onto the lift, which rises. Now you can see through a big hole 
near the top of the garage wall. Shoot two Grunts through this hole, 
and then jump through it.
4. Outside, there's an artillery cannon. Use the cannon to blast a hole 
in a big door ahead. Keep shooting through the ruined doorway: 
several Alien Grunts behind the door will try to emerge.
5. When all of the Alien Grunts are dead, go through the doorway you 
just blasted open. The hallway beyond leads to a balcony above a 
huge warehouse. A big fight is going on down on the main floor - 
aliens vs. Grunts. Stay back as the fight rages, allowing both sides 
to weaken.
6. Kill any survivors, and then descend a ladder to the warehouse 
floor. Collect gear from a small room off to one side, plus any ammo 
from the dead Grunts. Climb back up the ladder.
7. Leap across a gap in the balcony and proceed through a door on the 
other side.
8. Take the hallway beyond, past an Alien Grunt that knocks a hole in 
the wall to get at you. Kill it, and then look out over an open 
outdoor area. Kill any enemies you can see from up here, and then 
drop onto a pile of crates.
9. Downstairs, scour the outdoor area for more enemies; then jump onto 
a rooftop with a giant alien "trampoline."
10. On the roof, you'll find a grate. Smash it and drop through the 


	You must get through a checkpoint in the outdoor area, but you'll 
need a Security Guard to open it. You'll find one in here:
1. Drop through the grate into a shallow pool. Follow a tunnel away 
from the pool. When a Grunt at the far end of the tunnel opens a 
hatch and drops in some explosives, back up all the way to the pool 
and submerge during the explosion.
2. Again, enter the tunnel. This time, go to the end and kill the 
3. Proceed to a balcony overlooking a room where Grunts battle 
Headcrabs. Let both sides slug it out, and then advance along the 
4. Jump onto a pipe with a valve wheel on it. Turn the valve wheel and 
then back up as the hatch opens. Go through the newly opened hatch.
5. Follow the pipe beyond the hatch until it ends in the middle of the 
staircase. Kill a Grunt, and then go upstairs. You'll find a 
Security Guard up here. Have him follow you.
6. Go downstairs. Kill another Grunt, and have the Security Guard 
waiting upstairs open a door.
7. Pass through the doorway and walk down a hall. You'll find yourself 
back in the open area.
8. Approach the checkpoint and run inside the small guardhouse, keeping 
the Security Guard with you. Have him press a console button in 
there to open a metal door.
9. Go through the metal door and into a packing garage.


	You've operated a lot of heavy weapons. After you finish this 
section, you can add air strikes to the list.
1. As you enter the parking garage, a Gargantua appears to your left 
and smashes a pair of Grunts. Flee to the right. Don't wait for the 
Gargantua to start coming toward you: just go!
2. Eventually the parking garage gives way to an enclosed outdoor area. 
There's a big wall here, and an alien "trampoline." Use the 
trampoline to jump across the wall and steer yourself into a 
convenient water storage area on the other side.
3. Climb the rim of the water storage area and walk along a narrow pipe 
to the top of a high tower. (You also can use another trampoline to 
reach the top of this tower).
4. Atop the tower is a radio and map of this outdoor area. The radio 
informs you that you can call in air strikes with the map. Play with 
the map's controls to see how the move the targeting crosshair.
5. If the Gargantua followed you out here, it will approach the wall 
and stand there for a while trying to smash through. Using the 
controls to either side of the map, move the crosshair until it is 
over the spot where the Gargantua stands.
6. Press the central button several times to unleash air strikes on the 
targeted position. Watch where they fall. If they don't hit 
Gargantua, move the crosshair and try again.
7. Now move the crosshair at the top left box on the screen. Launch an 
air strike. It should break a wall protecting a corner of this area. 
If it misses, tweak the crosshair and try again.
8. When the wall is demolished, place the crosshair in the position in 
the very top left white area then launch an air strike. It should 
break open a large door beyond the broken wall. As always, adjust 
the crosshairs and then try again if the first strike misses.
9. Call in an air strike on the large radio tower. When it falls, it 
makes a bridge across the moat. (It may require more than one air 
strike to take out the tower, depending on your targeting skills). 
Cross the moat and go through the door you destroyed earlier.
10. Follow the corridor beyond to a short stairway. Go up the stairs 
to another corridor, and the next level will load.

Walkthrough Part 6

	By this point, you've made it past armies of Grunts, legions of 
aliens, and a number of difficult environments. You're probably 
wondering what could possibly be next.
	The following three levels are about as different as you could 
imagine. "'Forget about Freeman!'" take you through crumbling 
facilities as government troops withdraw before onslaught. "Lambda 
Core" features not only a nuclear reactor, but a whole area dedicated 
to teleportation experiments. And "Xen" - well, you'll see.

"Forget about Freeman!"

	This level continues several themes from earlier levels. Grunts 
battle aliens, massive emplaced guns let you inflict damage, and you 
must navigate numerous difficult environments.

Turret Troubles

	The first order of business is not to get crushed by falling 
ceiling blocks. After that, things get only marginally easier.
1. Immediately after this level loads, move to the right down on the 
garage floor. Wait for rubble to fall on the walkway. As soon as 
rubble covers the whole walkway, quickly jump on the rubble and 
proceed to the exit on the left. (Watch the ceiling: you can see it 
crumble before a chunk falls).
2. Jump over the debris and go out the room's only exit.
3. You arrive in a guardroom elevated slightly above a large open area. 
A radio spouts messages, and you'll find a wall-mounted lever and a 
computer here.
4. Jump down to the main floor. Note that you can get back into the 
guardroom by leaping on a broken piece of concrete near the wall.
5. Locate a Security Guard and have him follow you farther out onto the 
main floor. You'll encounter some Alien Grunts. As soon as they 
engage you, run back to the guardroom mentioned in Step 3. Throw the 
wall lever to activate a Turret on the ceiling of the main floor. 
Then remain near the wall by the lever, crouching to avoid enemy 
fire. The Turret will destroy some Vortigaunts and Alien Grunts 
entering the area.
6. When no more enemies are visible, turn off the Turret (if it hasn't 
been destroyed) and return to the main floor. Kill any aliens down 
here, or, optionally, scamper back to the guardroom and turn on the 
Turret to kill them.
7. Down on the main floor, you can jump on a pile of crates to get over 
a railing to a First Aid Station. Jump back down when you're 
through, and walk into new territory.
8. Follow the main floor to a T-junction with a stop sign. To the left 
is an alien sphere that holds hostile Snarks, and a wall of alien 
gunk. If you want to kill the Snarks and go through the gunk, you'll 
find some extra supplies in the rooms beyond - but it's probably not 
worth it unless you really need supplies bad. Take a right when 
9. After taking a right, you'll pop up in a hall with some Vortigaunts. 
Kill the Vortigaunts with the help of an explosive crate, and then 
walk out onto a small bridge over water. Kill the Snark that pops 
out of a sphere on the bridge (or better yet, flee the Snarks and 
return in a minute).
10. Walk across the bridge the bridge and turn a valve wheel. A hatch 
opens. Descend the ladder beneath the hatch.


	This area mixes damaging environments with dangerous foes. Follow 
these instructions to stay alive!
1. Downstairs is a small room with a Headcrab. Shoot it before if 
triggers a laser beam that activates a Tripod-Mounted Machine Gun, 
and then destroy the Machine Gun. Go through a short tunnel.
2. You'll emerge in a room with two shallow canals. Break a crate in 
the middle of the room for a First Aid Kit, if necessary, and then 
jump over a low grate guarding one of the canals. You'll land in the 
water on the other side. (Use the crouching jump).
3. Swim down the canal and take a left onto a small walkway. Follow the 
short walkway to another watery area. Beware of the Headcrabs as you 
jump onto the walkway.
4. Now you can jump into the water again and go either left or right. 
Go the right is deep water with an Ichthyosaur; avoid it. Go left 
instead, into a shallow water section.
5. The shallow section leads to a massive gear. Swim under and go 
through the gear, and then through several underwater pipes. As you 
swim past the obstacles, watch out for the Barnacles hanging from 
above the water's surface.
6. You'll come to another gear. Swim under it to approach a small area 
with a Tripod-Mounted Machine Gun and a Grunt behind. Destroy both 
and get back on land. In a small alcove, you'll find several RPG 
rockets and a ladder leading up.
7. Climb the ladder to an outdoor area with two Grunts and a Tank. 
You'll have a tough fight: gill the Grunts first, while hiding from 
the Tank and dodging Grenades. Then take out the Tank with several 
RPG shots.
8. Walk past the ruined Tank into an alcove with an elevator and a 
Tripod-Mounted Machine Gun and descend in the elevator.

Tank Commander
	Getting past the next area requires heavy use of a stationary 
Tank's weapons, so prepare for some gunnery.
1. The elevator takes you down to a corridor covered with radioactive 
waste. It ends in a T-junction. Take a left there, hopping over 
waste to collect a Battery. Then return and take the other path.
2. You'll approach a platform with two Grunts on it. Kill both and 
collect a First Aid Kit from a nearby alcove.
3. Get on the platform the Grunts were on and go down a short hallway 
to a warehouse. There, an immobile Tank and several Grunts are 
fighting Alien Grunts. Hide as the two forces slug it out; then kill 
the survivors and jump down to the main floor. Collect ammo from 
4. Climb a short ladder up onto the Tank. Use the main Tank Gun once to 
fire it and blast away a door. Then use the Tank's Machine Gun to 
gun down a host of Vortigaunts and Alien Grunts that appear near the 
ruined door. Cautiously walk through the door you destroyed with the 
Tank Gun, and then run backward when several Alien Grunts from the 
hallway beyond start shooting at you. Dispatch the Alien Grunts with 
conventional weapons or Tank weapons.
5. There are still Alien Grunts both to the right and left of the 
hallway beyond the door. Return to the hallway and kill a lone Grunt 
to the right; then focus on both an Alien Grunt and Energy Cannon to 
the left.
6. Walk pas the destroyed cannon and operate a wall panel to open a 
massive sliding door.
7. Walk through the door and press a button on the other side to open a 
second door. Walk through it.

Lambda Core

	You're getting ever closer to the nuclear reactor. These next few 
steps will get you very close indeed.

Entering the Core

	Here's how to reach the nuclear reactor.
1. You appear in a room with a truck on a lift, and a control booth to 
the right. Enter the booth, press the button, and ride down on the 
lift with the truck.
2. Downstairs, kill several Headcrabs and Bullsquids. Break crates for 
ammo and climb a ladder to a raised platform. Go through a small 
metal door labeled "Hazardous Material Handling Bays."
3. The corridor beyond the door leads to a massive room filled with 
explosive barrels and crates. A big catwalk looms overhead. For 
Assassins inhabit this room, so you should spend a while cautiously 
exploring, and killing anybody or anything that you find. Try not to 
expose yourself to fire from above, because two of the Assassins 
tend to stay up on the catwalk. (Your Laser Mines and Shotgun are 
effective against Assassins).
4. On the right side of the room, several breakable crates block a 
corridor. Break the crates, go upstairs to the catwalk, and dispatch 
any Assassins you find up there.
5. From the catwalk you can locate a stairway leading down. Take it to 
gain access to First Aid and HEV Stations. Go back upstairs when 
you're through.
6. Follow the catwalk into a dark area with an elevator. Take the 
elevator. Take the elevator down.
7. Downstairs is a massive, semicircular tunnel. Open the big doors at 
one end, leading to an area with a ramp in the middle. An Alien 
Grunt appears behind you as you open these doors; another appears in 
front of you. Kill the Alien Grunt behind you by shooing explosive 
barrels near it, and then take on the one in front. Two more Alien 
Grunts appear in the same general area after you kill this one.
8. When the Grunts are all dead, climb a ladder on the other side of 
the room. This leads to a small room with a Scientist. Listen to 
him, and watch as he uses a Retinal Scanner to open a door.
9. Go through to door. Use the First Aid Station and a HEV Station 
beyond, and then go up a short lift.
10. Upstairs take a right at a T-junction. Enter a lab with a Gluon 
Gun and a Scientist. You can press buttons to release monsters and 
test the Gluon Gun on them, or simply take the Gluon Gun and ammo, 
and leave. The second choice is wisest, if you want to conserve 
11. Return to the T-junction, and this time take the other path to an 
elevator. Take the elevator upstairs.

The Core

	Lambda Core contains numerous aliens, mainly Alien Grunts and 
Vortigaunts; a few rooms also feature Barnacles and Headcrabs. Plus, 
several Alien Grunts and Vortigaunts teleport in from time to time. 
Watch for these enemies as you follow the next few steps, and kill them 
as soon as you see them.
1. The elevator takes you to the core of the Lambda reactor. You appear 
on a balcony overlooking pools of coolant. The hallways here are 
conveniently labeled; follow the corridor with a blue sign that 
says, "Coolant System 01."
2. Follow the corridor down a ramp and around a bend. Take a right and 
cross a bridge over a pool of coolant; another blue sign that reads 
"Coolant System 01" tell you you're headed in the right direction.
3. The corridor leads to a big coolant chamber with three Alien Grunts 
in it. Kill all three, and them climb a ladder to a catwalk. Follow 
the catwalk to a room labeled "Pump Station 01."
4. In the Pump Station, kill Headcrabs and Vortigaunts, and then 
activate a lever labeled "Pump 01." A large reservoir below fills 
with water.
5. Return to the main balcony. Follow the yellow signs leading to 
Coolant System 02.
6. Follow the rubble-filled hallway to Coolant Station 02, a large room 
that looks much like Coolant Station 01, except for the Barnacles on 
the ceiling and a crane hoisting a heavy pipe. Kill the Alien Grunts 
and Barnacles, and then climb a ladder to the catwalk.
7. Follow the catwalk to a hallway to Pump Station 02. There's a 
dangerous steam lead in this hallway; turn a nearby valve wheel to 
stop the steam so you can cross freely.
8. Kill the Barnacles and assorted aliens in Pump Station 02, and press 
a lever to fill a reservoir below you with water.
9. Again, return to the main balcony. A sign on the wall should now 
indicate, with lights, the pump stations 1 and 2 are operational.

Flooding the Reactor

	The next stage of your journey involves flooding the reactor with 
1. Locate a hallway leading to a T-junction where sings read 
"Maintenance Area" and "Aux. Tank Reactor Access." Take a right, 
into the Maintenance Area.
2. Descend a flight of stairs to a small room with lots of ammunition 
and a Scientist who urges you to hurry. Collect ammo return to the 
T-junction, and this time take the hall labeled "Aux. Tank Reactor 
3. This hall leads to a room with several Alien Grunts and a deep pool 
partially filled with coolant. Kill the Alien Grunts, and then 
descend a ladder into water. Swim through a tunnel labeled 
"Maintenance Access to Main Reactor."
4. Halfway through the tunnel you come to a small chamber where you can 
stop for air. Surface, and then proceed through this chamber to the 
main reactor core.
5. There are two valve wheels underwater near the main reactor core. 
Turn one, and the water level rises. Swim to the surface and shoot a 
Vortigaunt prowling the upper levels of the reactor.
6. Save the game and then turn the second valve wheel. This sends the 
water level high enough that you can swim to a ladder. It leads to a 
series of platforms connected by ladders. You goal is to ascend to 
the door at the top of the reactor.
7. Follow the corridor to a door labeled "Supply D-301." To get 
supplies from this room, and then climb a ladder in a nearby 
elevator shaft.


	You're about to stumble on an elaborate lab filled with 
teleporters. You must learn to use them if you're to make it through to 
1. Upstairs, take a right at the sign that says "Lambda Reactor Core 
Level B." Get supplies from another supply room, and then return and 
take a left.
2. Walk past a room with a Security Guard in it. (Use a First Aid 
Station in there, if necessary). Take a left at a T-junction to 
catch another brief glimpse of the dark-suited man.
3. Return to the T-junction and take a right. Alien Grunts teleport in 
ahead, and a Vortigaunt appears behind you. Retreat to familiar 
territory and kill them all as they give chase.
4. A valve wheel in this hallway controls a steam leak farther down the 
hall. Turn it to turn on the steam. It will damage any Alien Grunts 
that try to get through it.
5. Before you reach the steam leak, there's a room on the left with two 
teleporters in it. Walk into the yellow sphere and you'll reappear 
in the green one.
6. When you're done experimenting, go past the steam leak (turn it off 
with the valve wheel first) almost to the end of the corridor. If 
you see Alien Grunts, backtrack and turn the steam back on to kill 
them. Proceed when the coast is clear again.
7. Down the corridor and to the right you'll find a door that leads to 
a room with a fence surrounding a teleporter. Read the "Notes" to 
know how to teleport.

Note: Behind the fence is a column with nine little doorways (called 
"Ports") cut into it. Each Port teleports you to a different location, 
and each is numbered. Ports 1-3 are on the lowest level of the column, 
4-6 are in the middle, and ports 7-9 are at the top of the column. 

Note: Floating platforms circle the column. You must stand on them to 
jump into the Ports.
	Here's how to start: Walk onto the yellow teleporter sphere in 
this room, and you'll reappear near the green sphere next to the 
column. Time it so that one of the floating platforms will be below 
your feet when you arrive at the green sphere, or you'll fall and have 
to start all over again. Watch those moving columns before walking into 
the teleporter!
	Once you've teleported onto the moving platforms, ride it around 
and enter the column through ports 1, 2, or 3. Each leads to a 
different location.
To reach the next level of the moving platforms and gain access 
to ports 4, 5, and 6, enter Port 2, which teleports you up to the next 
level of moving platforms.

? Port 1 leads to a small area with Headcrabs and radioactive waste. 
You can collect Grenades here, but unless you're especially keen on 
Grenades, avoid it.
? Port 2 teleports you up to the next set of moving platforms, so you 
can enter ports 4-6.
? Port 3 leads to a small room stocked with Batteries, Satchel 
Charges, and other great stuff. Highly recommended.
? Port 4 teleports you to the top set of moving platforms, so you can 
access ports 7-9.
? Port 5 sends you to a room with three Scientists. You can collect 
lots of gear if you do a little exploration; this, too, is highly 
recommended. (Remember, if your severely damaged, Scientists can 
heal you).
? Port 6 leads to a damaging fall. Avoid it.
? Port 7 sends you to the next phase of this level, so take this Port 
only when you're ready to move along.
? Port 8 takes you to a small room overlooking the reactor you 
recently flooded. A couple of Vortigaunts will harass you, but an 
HEV Station and some ammo for your Tau Cannon might make this worth 
the trip.
? Port 9 kills you. Avoid it like the plague.

8. visit any of the nine ports, using the information listed in the 
notes. Bear in mind that whenever you use Ports 2 and 4 (which send 
you up to the next level of Ports), you should leap in from near the 
front of your moving platform when you teleport, and take a nasty 
9. When you're through experimenting and collecting gear, go through 
Port 7. (Do this by teleporting onto the lowest row of moving 
platforms, taking Port 2 to the middle level, taking Port 4 to the 
highest level, and then entering Port 7).
10. You see a bizarre teleportation core.


	After unlocking the teleportation core and moving to the final 
part of this level, you'll find a giant teleporter that sends you to 
the alien homeworld, Xen.
1. Save the game. The teleporting core in front of you consist of a 
central core, two sets of small, fast-moving platforms, and a ring-
shaped platform that constantly moves up and down.
2. Make your way onto the ring-shaped platform, using the outer set of 
small platforms to get there. Walk along the ring until you see an 
alcove with a button labeled "1." When the platform is high enough 
that you can easily jump there, do so, again, using the outer 
platforms to assist you.
3. Return to the ring-shaped platform and walk around it until you see 
another alcove, with a button labeled "2." Cross into the alcove and 
press the button. Return again to the ring-shaped platform.
4. The blast shields guarding the central teleportation core now have 
slid back far enough that you can jump inside (if you crouch as you 
jump). Jump over to the central core and hop inside to teleport.
5. You materialize in a small room. Go out through a doorway. (Ignore 
the yellow teleportation sphere).
6. Enter a corridor blocked on both sides by rubble. Climb the ladder 
in an alcove.
7. Upstairs you'll find a set of glass doors. A Scientist admits you. 
Listen to the Scientist and Security Guard on the other side of the 
8. Collect lots of gear from the rooms on the other side of this door. 
Be sure to collect the Long Jump Module, which allows you to take 
those long jumps you practiced in the Hazard Course.
9. When you've got all the gear you can carry, go through the door into 
the amphitheater-like main teleportation chamber.
10. Inside, locate the ledge you must run onto to teleport. It's 
distinguished by its guardrail, and by the fact that it extends 
almost into the middle of the teleportation device.
11. The Scientist in charge explains that he mustn't be distracted, 
or the teleportation procedure will fail. As he speaks, look for a 
ladder to a tall ledge overlooking the area. Climb it and get out 
your Gluon Gun.
12. As the Scientist starts the procedure, several flying Xen Masters 
or Controllers teleport in. Methodically kill them with the Gluon 
Gun, staying up on the platform and dodging slightly to avoid Xen 
Master shots.
13. If you aren't fast enough, the Xen Masters will either kill you 
or the Scientist; if the Scientist dies, the whole room explodes. If 
you're fast, eventually the Scientist will tell you it's time for 
you to go. When he does, quickly descend the ladder and run out on 
the platform and jump into the teleporter.
14. Leap into the yellow sphere in the center of the room, and 
teleport back to Xen.


	Xen is a strange, disorienting world. It has less gravity than 
Earth, and its flora and fauna can be intimidating. Take things slowly, 
and be sure to explore. You can be effective only when you're familiar 
with your surroundings.

Culture Shock

	You first task on Xen is to get off the tiny chunk of rock you 
appeared on. At first, this may seem impossible, but it's not: you 
should have the Long Jump Module.
1. You appear on a small chunk of rock floating in the sky. (Hey, it's 
Xen, don't ask question)! Far below is a huge floating rock you'll 
want to visit eventually.
2. There are two other chunks of stationary rock floating in the sky 
nearby. Use your Long Jump to leap to the first rock; then shoot a 
Vortigaunt on the second rock and jump there.
3. Another Vortigaunt and Houndeye materialize on the second rock after 
you jump there. Kill both, and then study the numerous moving 
platforms floating above the massive central rock.
4. From the third rock, you must leap to the closest moving platform, 
and then from platform to platform until you can safely land on the 
giant rock below. Remember, you can jump extraordinary distances now 
that you have your Long Jump Module.
5. When you've reached the top of the giant floating rock, you'll 
notice there isn't much to do there. That's because all the action 
is inside the rock! Look for a moving platform hovering slightly 
below the top of the giant rock, and jump down onto it.
6. From the platform you just jumped to, you can see the interior of 
the rock. Jump to it and start exploring.
7. Eventually you come to a healing pool (just like a First Aid Station 
on Earth). Nearby is a hole in the wall. Crawl in, stand up, and 
break a wall of moss over a larger hole. Jump into an inner chamber.
8. Inside, three small column pedestals stick out of the ground. 
Approach each and use it. A diamond-shaped object atop each pedestal 
will open.
9. Look for something resembling a cage of moss, with three flickering 
specks of light flying around in it. Smash the moss cage with a 
Crowbar to release the specks (which look like animate, shining 
10. The three specks eventually settle on the three pillars you just 
used. A pillar in the center of the room energizes, in essence 
becoming a teleporter. Walk into the newly created teleporter.

Gonarch's Lair

	The first level wasn't so bad, but if you think Xen is 
hospitable, this level should disabuse you of the notion. The next area 
features an epic battle with a horrific alien - the Gonarch.

Early Fight

	Soon after you teleport in, the Gonarch attacks. You must find 
cover quickly.
1. You appear in a large, open area. Nearby is a dead man in an HEV 
Suit. Batteries and a case of assorted ammunition lie beside him. 
Take the Batteries, but not the ammo; immediately look for a place 
where a tall rock rises, near the "edge of the world."
2. When you find this rock, you'll see a narrow space between it and 
the edge of the world. Walk behind the rock so that you're protected 
from the Gonarch. You should be able to see a healing pool long jump 
to it whenever you're injured.
3. Start shooting at the Gonarch from behind the rock. If you're lucky, 
and the Gonarch stands in the right spot, you can shoot it through a 
crack in the rock, where you're extremely hard to hit.
4. Eventually you'll deal enough damage to the Gonarch that it flees, 
breaking through a wall and running down a tunnel. Collect the ammo 
from the dead man in the HEV Suit, heal yourself in the healing 
pool, if you need it, and follow the Gonarch down the tunnel. 
Collect a Battery and some ammo along the way.
5. Eventually the tunnel ends in another open area. Stay back in the 
tunnel, avoiding the small, whipping Tentacles, and shoot few RPG 
rockets into the Gonarch. It will charge down the tunnel toward you. 
Do you best to leap aside, and run out into the open area.
6. Circle-strafe around the open area, firing Combat Rifle Grenades and 
other high-powered ordnance at the Gonarch. Note that there's a hole 
in the middle of the combat area, partially obscured by vines. Take 
care or you'll fall right through!
7. Eventually you'll deal enough damage to the Gonarch that it breaks 
down another wall and flees. Don't follow it yet. Instead, look for 
a small hole in the ground - not the larger, vine-covered hole in 
the center of the area. Drop down the small hole and walk into a 
central area with a hole in the middle and two other ledges.
8. Jump to the left of the ledge and heal yourself in a healing pool in 
a chamber beyond it. (Watch out for Headcrabs that perpetually show 
up down here). Return to the central area and jump to the other 
ledge, where you'll collect some ammo and find a trampoline that 
takes you back to the main level.
9. Approach the hole the Gonarch ran through. Jump down into it, but 
take care to leap to a ledge on the other side of the hole, instead 
of dropping all the way down in a single fall and injuring yourself.
10. Drop down into the pit. The Gonarch sits above, like a spider on 
a web. Circle-strafe around the pit, firing RPG rockets and Combat 
Rifle Grenades at the Gonarch, avoiding miniature Headcrabs.
11. When you've shot the Gonarch enough, it drops from it's web. Let 
`er have it with more heavy-duty weapons; if you have any ammo for 
the Gluon Gun, that's ideal. A few second of the Gluon Gun fire 
should do the trick.
12. As the dead Gonarch crumples to the ground, a hole opens in the 
floor. You can leap right down into a teleport to the next level, or 
look into it first and locate a ledge above the teleporter. If you 
leap to the ledge instead of all the way to the bottom, you can use 
a healing pool. Jump into the teleporter when you're done.

Walkthrough Part 7

	You've come to the game's final stages. These levels represent 
your greatest challenge, and require not only excellent combat skills, 
but also great coordination. You must navigate dangerous environments 
with skill and dexterity, often while tying to avoid enemy fire.
	Even with this chapter's help, you may have to try some parts of 
these levels several times; even when you do everything right 
strategically, the extreme difficulty can still lay you low.
	Save the game frequently to make your job more manageable, and be 
prepared to try any part of a level over if you take too much damage. 
If you save the game and proceed despite extremely low health, you'll 
only make the next stage that much harder.


	Interloper comprises several distinct environments connected by 
teleporters. These environments range from small to massive, and the 
only thing they share is their extreme difficulty.

Early Troubles

	You appear on a ledge above a big rock. The skies are filled with 
Xen masters and kite-shaped aliens; the ground is littered with 
Vortigaunts. Your first priority is to get inside, where these alien 
can't hurt you.
1. The ledge you appear on starts to crumble. Before it does, quickly 
look around. Note the floating platform with the teleporter on it. 
That's your eventual destination, but you can't get there yet.
2. Now turn in the other direction. Note that, although this world is 
mostly flat, there's a big ridge in the distance. Run toward that 
3. Tun toward the ridge, ducking in and out of the cover of the giant 
columns. Vortigaunts pose you greatest threat, not you enemies in 
the sky. Kill any Vortigaunts that get too close, but don't try to 
kill them all; just use the columns for protection, and run as fast 
as you can when you aren't behind cover.
4. A cave entrance lies on one side of the ridge. Run into the cave and 
kill a Vortigaunt. There's a healing pool just inside the cave. Use 
it, and then drop into a tunnel.
5. Break some vines covering a nearby hole, and then fall down the hole 
into a horizontal tunnel. Take this tunnel to a room where massive 
spikes will trap you momentarily and damaging green gas clouds will 
discharge from the ceiling.
6. Proceed through a tunnel to a large cavern with Barnacles over had 
and a Bullsquid in a corner. Kill the Barnacles and Bullsquid, and 
then examine the room. You'll encounter First Aid Kits, a dead man 
in an HEV Suit with some ammo nearby, and a walkway in another 
chamber (destroy some vines to get there).
7. The new chamber contains a curious-looking partially obscure vines. 
Shot away the vines and the column starts to descend. Save the game.
8. When the column reaches the bottom, get onto it and ride it back up. 
You'll be carried up into the sky.
9. Shoot any nearby Xen masters on your way up. At the top, immediately 
look for the nearest moving platform and drop down onto it. Be sure 
it's the highest platform available, or you'll take falling damage.
10. Continue dropping from moving platforms. After dropping to the 
fifth moving platform, pay close attention to the kite-shaped alien 
creatures that glide across the sky.
11. As you draw close to one, jump onto its back. Position yourself 
squarely in the middle and crouch, making it difficult for the 
Vortigaunts on the ground to hit you.
12. The alien glides slowly toward the teleporter. Shoot any Xen 
Masters that appear overhead, and any Vortigaunts that have a clear 
line of sight at you.
13. Eventually you'll be close enough to the floating rock with the 
teleporter that you can hop on. Do so, and enter the teleporter.


	This next area is tricky, but there's abundant ammo and an 
infinite supply of healing, so if you're careful and methodical you'll 
do fine.
1. You appear in a cave. Walk to its exit. To the left is a wide-open 
area with two Alien Grunts overseers stand of a pair of hills, and a 
few working Vortigaunts mill around beneath them. To the right is a 
Tentacle in a pit, and beyond that, a cliff wall with a hole in it.
2. Take a right and approach the pit with the Tentacle, but don't get 
so close that the Tentacle can slap you. Shoot the Tentacle once 
with the Crossbow to make it sink from view momentarily. While it's 
down, long jump across the pit it's rooted in. you'll land on a 
small ledge beneath a cliff wall. There's a hole in the cliff above 
3. Turn around and shoot the Tentacle a second time with your Crossbow, 
just to keep it down. Then jump up into the hole in the cliff wall. 
Crouch at the top of the jump to get a little extra height.
4. The tunnel beyond the hole leads to a small cavern with a waterfall, 
a healing pool, and two Barnacles overhead. Heal yourself in the 
pool. Then jump up onto a ledge on the side opposite where you 
entered. Follow a short tunnel.
5. The tunnel leads to a new cavern we'll call the middle of the 
cavern. Look carefully at the screenshot of this new area. On the 
extreme left is a narrow ledge you can jump to and climb up (it's a 
difficult climb). Do so, and you'll collect some ammunition.
6. Go back down the ledge. approach the exit on the right-hand side, 
but don't go through it. It leads back outside.
7. From this exit you should be able to see a Vortigaunt or two on the 
ground and two Alien Grunts standing on low hills, like overseers. 
Use the Crossbow's zoom feature (in secondary fire mode) to snipe 
the Alien Grunts.
8. An alien craft is likely to drop two more Alien Grunts outside at 
this point. Kill both and proceed outside.
9. There, you'll notice a mouth of a cave in one of the hills the Alien 
Grunts were standing on. Equip your Shotgun and go inside. You must 
kill several Vortigaunts in there, but you'll also collect lots of 
valuable ammo.
10. After collecting all the ammo, go back outside and return to the 
middle cavern. From there, either return to the healing waters of 
the waterfall room (if you're injured), or proceed through the 
cracked, narrow entrances.
11. This entrance leads to a tunnel blocked with boulders. Jump up on 
the boulders; a Gargantua charges toward you. Instead of retreating, 
run pas its legs and take a right, dart into a hole in the wall, 
where you'll be safe. There's a Battery and some First Aid Kits in 
here, as well.
12. Look out from your hiding place. You'll see the pacing Gargantua 
- and a hole to the outside. Wait for Gargantua to run to the left, 
away from the hole; then dash out and approach the hole.
13. Jump on the low rocks of the hole. Then long jump from here 
across a chasm. This is a tricky jump if you rush, because you fear 
the Gargantua, so try to keep your movements calm and smooth. You 
have more than enough time to make the leap.
14. Across the chasm is a semicircular ledge. a pair of Tentacles 
emerge from the ground nearby. Shoot the Barnacle overhead.
15. Drop a Satchel Charge into the Tentacles' hole and detonate it as 
they both retract. Then follow the ledge, using the long jump to 
cross a broken part. Continue past a third Tentacle (which you 
should avoid rather than shoot).
16. The ledge leads to a small cavern with a teleporter and two Alien 
Grunts. One of them is hidden behind a rock at first. Kill the first 
Alien Grunt with a surprise attack; then locate and kill he second.
17. Collect Satchel Charges and Laser Mines from the floor of this 
cavern, and then enter the teleporter.

The Mines

	You transport to a mine area, where Worker Vortigaunts labor. The 
Vortigaunts aren't hostile at first, so you can get past this area 
without a single shot fired.
1. You appear in a small room with broken machinery. Take the only 
tunnel out.
2. The tunnel leads to a massive mine chamber, where Vortigaunts labor 
to move huge barrels around.
3. Explore the lower level of the mine, collecting a stray of Pistol 
Clips and First Aid Kits. Then board a massive lift that continually 
travels up and down near the center of this room. Ride up to its 
first stop and get off.
4. On this level you'll find an alcove with a blue, phone-booth-like 
structure in it. Get inside to heal yourself.
5. When you're at full health, return to the giant lift. You want to 
ascend farther, but don't get on the actual lift part. Instead, jump 
onto the top of the ring that supports the lift.
6. Ride this ring all the way to the top, where you'll see a pair of 
conveyor belts with barrels on them. Jump to the nearest conveyor 
belt. It carries you toward a central span that connects to the two 
7. Cross that span to the other conveyor belt and let it carry you into 
a hole on the wall. Stand close to the nearest barrel in from of 
8. You'll fall off into a shallow pool of water. Immediately scramble 
out of the pool and drop to the floor, or the barrel behind you will 
fall and crush you.

Multiple Targets

	There are no more docile Worker Vortigaunts from this point on. 
They're all looking to kill you. 
	The multitude of Vortigaunts and Xen Masters in the next few 
areas mean you must exercise extreme caution. Enter new areas gradually 
and slowly, and don't hesitate to retreat to familiar ground.
1. Kill a Vortigaunt and Xen Master hovering nearby, and then 
investigate the floor. You'll find an alcove that leads to a ledge 
overlooking a big chasm, with blue a healing cubicle you can restore 
your health in.
2. Near the spot where you fell into the water, you'll find a small 
lift that takes you up a floor. Ride it up, and you'll be in a 
totally new area.
3. Walk along the conveyor belt here into a new area. Several Xen 
Masters and Vortigaunts attack from the new area; stay back and 
fight conservatively, proceeding only when the coast is clear.
4. Follow a balcony where a huge, piston-like column rises and falls 
repeatedly from a hole in the floor. Ride up on this column.
5. Upstairs is a roughly circular balcony. Both ends terminate in a 
long hallway filled with barrels, but one end is blocked. Take the 
unblocked path into the hallway, and kill several Vortigaunts and 
Xen Masters in there.
6. Walk down the hallway. Several Vortigaunts hide in nooks and 
crannies, and Xen Masters fly overhead. Proceed methodically.
7. After turning a corner, you'll reach a spot where you must break a 
barrel to proceed. Do so, quickly kill the Alien Grunt inside, and 
enter a new room.
8. It contains several Xen Masters and Vortigaunts. Kill them, and heal 
yourself at the blue healing station.
9. Locate three reddish ducts near floor level. Enter one and follow 
the tunnel beyond.
10. The tunnels end in a vertical shaft with horizontal bars shot 
through it. Drop down this shaft from bar to bar. Follow the tunnel 
at the bottom.


	You're almost through with Interloper. Continue to be patient and 
look for enemies before entering new territory and you have a good 
chance of making it.
1. Eventually you confront two holes on the floor. Save the game, load 
a potent weapon (such as the .357 Magnum), and drop through either 
hole. You'll drop to a ledge overlooking a huge abyss. Xen Masters 
float overhead, and Vortigaunts walk on ledges.
2. Do your best to avoid shots and return fire. You can move off to the 
right and hide in a corner, if you'd like; this cuts down on the 
number of enemies that can see you.
3. When all visible enemies are dead, follow the ledge to a short ramp 
up. Take the ramp and kill more Vortigaunts. You'll find a blue 
healing chamber on this level, and a disc-shaped lift mounted on a 
pole. Get on the disk and ascend.
4. Upstairs, get off the lift and kill more Vortigaunts and Xen 
Masters. Then look for a spot where two sections of balcony enter 
the wall with a slight space above them.
5. Take another pole-mounted lift up to another set of ledges. Kill 
more Xen Masters and Vortigaunts. From here you can follow the ledge 
to a side room and enter a blue healing chamber.
6. When you're fully healed, take a final pole-mounted lift to the top 
of this massive cavern. Jump off into the flowing green teleporter.
7. The teleporter deposits you in a bizarre landscape of floating 
rocks, with gnarled, evil-looking structures in the distance.
8. Jump from floating rock to floating rock to the evil-looking red 
structure. Jump to the rock supporting it.
9. Jump into the glowing red teleporter at the center of the structure. 
You'll whisk away for a final showdown with Nihilanth. (Dun, dun 


	A bit of explanation is in order before you face the Nihilanth. 
This entire level is one big fight with the Nihilanth, so numbered 
steps aren't enough to help you. Combat tents to be free-flowing, and 
it's hard to follow any sequence of steps when you're under heavy fire. 
Most of this level's walkthrough simply explains what you'll face and 
how to stay alive. Read it all before moving on to the numbered steps 
at the end of the chapter.

About the Nihilanth

	The Nihilanth is a giant, floating being that occupies the arena 
you just appeared in. you can't kill it by conventional means - at 
least, not right away - so firing at it nonstop won't help you. 
Instead, killing the Nihilanth is a multistep process, covered later.
	The Nihilanth's second attack is a huge, glowing green sphere 
that homes in on you. This sphere teleports you away from the Nihilanth 
into one of three special areas, covered later in the walkthrough.
	Like the damaging globes, the teleportation sphere is neutralized 
it if hits a spike. Unlike the globes, the teleportation sphere tracks 
you so well that strafing won't help you escape it. If you don't want 
to teleport, therefore, your only recourse is to hide behind the spikes 
at the edge of the arena.

About the Arena

	The arena, where you face Nihilanth, is a unique place. Knowing 
it inside-out will be helpful in beating the creature.
	The arena is covered in ankle-deep with water. You can't take 
falling damage by landing in it, no matter how far you fall. Dropping 
from a high spot, therefor, isn't a concern.
	Two ragged rows of spikes rise from the water. The outer row of 
spike (the spikes closest to the arena walls) are the most useful. Hide 
behind them to avoid the Nihilanth's attacks. (You'll spend a lot of 
time doing this).
	There are two ledges high up on the walls of the arena. Each 
holds a bit of ammo, a healing pool, and a trampoline. The only way to 
reach the ledges is to jump on one of three trampolines dotting the 
arena floor. Each throws you to a different height. Two of these 
trampolines lie more or less beneath the tow ledges.
	Three brightly lit yellow spikes stick out of the arena walls 
high above. These are important to the Nihilanth (detail follow).
	Finally, note that Vortigaunts and Xen Masters appear in the 
arena occasionally and harass you. Kill them quickly whenever they 
appear - especially the Vortigaunts. There's a fairly constant supply 
of these enemies, but they won't reappear right away, so if you kill 
them you'll usually have a grace period before more show up.

The Special Area

	The Nihilanth's teleportation attack sends you to one of three 
special area. The first time, you teleport to Area 1, the second, to 
Area 2, and the third time, to Area 3. Every time after that you go to 
Area 3 again, but now a Gargantua is lumbering around in there, just to 
make things more difficult.
	Teleporting to these special areas isn't necessarily a bad thing. 
It can be annoying if you don't want to go, but it gives you the 
opportunity to heal yourself and get more ammo.
	Hare's a look a all three:
Special Area 1
The first special area is a tall vertical shaft with a bizarre 
color scheme. You drop to the bottom of this shaft and must jump and 
climb all the way back up to the top to return to the combat arena.
	Several Xen Masters will harass you as you climb, but kill them 
quickly and they'll pose no major difficulties.
	You'll find ammo, a few Batteries, and a few First Aid Kits 
scattered on the ledges. Collect them as you ascend. You might want to 
save the game often as you go, because you must make several tricky 
jumps from ledge to ledge.
	From the top of the shaft, jump into a glowing green teleporter 
to return to the combat arena.
Special Area 2
	The second special area is even simpler than the first. It, too, 
is a tall vertical shaft with a teleporter at the top.
	When you first drop in, kill Xen Masters flying around you head; 
then collect gear and ammo from a ledge. when you've got it all, turn 
your attention to the small, roughly spherical rocks moving up and down 
through the shaft. Jump onto one of these and ride it to the top, where 
you can jump into the teleporter and return to the combat arena.
Special Area 3
	The third and final special area is bigger than others. It's a 
roughly circular cavern, and, as in the other two area, the teleporter 
back to the combat arena is near the ceiling.
	There are two trampolines in here. One launches you high enough 
to fly into the teleporter; the other lets you jump to a ledge with a 
healing pool and some useful items.
	The floor of this area is solid ground, but it's dotted with 
water holes. Al these holes lead to an underground lake spanning the 
length of the floor. Multiple ammo canisters lie underwater - as well 
as an Ichthyosaur. Kill the Ichthyosaur and you can collect canisters 
without worries.
	When you first enter this area, you must kill a few Vortigaunts. 
You also should kill the Ichthyosaur underwater. These aliens won't 
reappear later, but the second time you teleport in (and ever time 
thereafter) there'll be a Gargantua in here.
	This special area is very useful. The healing poll is easy 
access. If you find yourself battered by the Nihilanth, be glad of the 
opportunity to teleport here and heal up.
	The Gargantua is intimidating, but it shouldn't pose a threat. It 
can't run through water holes, so you can get lots of mileage out of 
keeping a hole between it and you. A great trick is to dive into a 
water hole, swim under the floor to another water hole, and resurface. 
The Gargantua won't realize you're long gone, and will continue staring 
at the hole you dove into.

Killing the Nihilanth

	Killing the Nihilanth probably will take you awhile, although it 
doesn't look to tough on paper. Here's the basic procedure. (The 
walkthrough section elaborates).
	Fist destroy all the three yellow, glowing spikes sticking out of 
the walls of the combat arena. Any weapon will do this; the Crossbow is 
	These glowing spikes energize the Nihilanth. It uses this energy 
both to protect itself from harm and to attack you. Once the yellow 
spikes are gone; however, it can't continue drawing on that source: 
when the spike are gone, the Nihilanth is vulnerable.
	Second attack the Nihilanth. RPG rockets and Crossbow bolts are 
good. As you attack, the number of glowing spheres around his head 
decrease. This tells you you're making good progress.
	After you deal a severe amount of damage to the Nihilanth, two 
things will happen. First, no more glowing spheres will circle its 
head. It still can attack you, but now it can shoot only one pitiful 
energy sphere that doesn't do much damage. When its attack becomes this 
feeble, you needn't worry as much about dodging it.
	Second, and more importantly, the Nihilanth's head will open, 
revealing a flowing sphere-sort of a brain. You must damage this sphere 
to kill Nihilanth, but you don't have a very food angle of attack from 
the ground.
	To damage the brain, walk onto the trampoline and launches you 
the highest in the air (the one nearest the highest ledge). launch 
yourself skyward, equip a potent weapon (the Gluon Gun is ideal), and 
fire continuously on the brain from above Nihilanth.
	If this doesn't kill Nihilanth, continue launching yourself from 
the trampoline and shooting the brain when you have a clear shot. When 
you've dealt a good deal of damage, the Nihilanth dies and the game 
almost ends (see "The End" for details).

Walking Through It

	Here's the step-by-step formula for killing the Nihilanth. Be 
sure to read all the proceeding text before referring to this.
1. You appear in the arena. Drop to floor level and hide behind a giant 
floor spike - one close to the wall, not the center of the arena.
2. Behind the spike you an avoid Nihilanth projectiles. Occasional 
Vortigaunts and Xen Masters might show up to attack, but you can 
kill these easily from back here.
3. Shoot the three glowing yellow spikes out from the walls above. If 
you can't get a good shot at all three from your current position, 
quickly run from one position of cover to the next, always just 
after the Nihilanth attacks. Eventually you'll reach a spot where 
you can see the third yellow spike, and destroy it.
4. Hammer the Nihilanth with concentrated weapon fire, ducking in and 
out of the cover of a big spike as you do. Conserve you Gluon Gun 
ammo, but feel free to fire other weapons. The RPG and the Crossbow, 
both of which deal great damage, are recommended.
5. After you've damaged the Nihilanth quite a lot, no more glowing 
spheres will revolve around its head. Continue picking away at the 
Nihilanth with the Crossbow or other, lesser weapons. Eventually the 
flesh of its skull will peel back like the skin of a banana, 
revealing a flowing sphere that is its brain.
6. Run to the trampoline beneath the higher of the two ledges on the 
wall. This trampoline will get you the most lift. Use it to jump 
high in the air. The Nihilanth instinctively will try to rise and 
match you height, but a few moments later you should be higher, with 
a direct view down onto its brain. Hose down the brain with 
continuous Gluon Gun fire.
7. If this doesn't kill the Nihilanth, use the trampoline again and 
shoot the brain some more. Repeat, if necessary. Eventually, you'll 
deal enough damage to be lethal.

The End

	You might expect that you've won when you kill the Nihilanth. 
That's mostly true; you've almost won. I won't ruin the ending for you 
(hey, you've go to play to find out!), but I will offer a bit of 
	Most of the endgame sequences are non-interactive; that is, you 
can't affect it one way or the other. But at the very end you have a 
choice: Either jump out into the darkness, or stay in the vehicle 
you're standing in. just for fun, you'll probably want to see what 
happens as a result of both choices. But the "correct" thing to do - 
the choice that give the you the closest thing to a happy ending - is 
to jump.
	Congratulations! Half-Life is a hard game, and it took skill to 
complete it even using this walkthrough. Now go forth and play 
multiplayer Half-Life - after reading the next chapter's advice, of 



	It's difficult to explain multiplayer Half-Life in a walkthrough. 
That's because, unlike the single-player game, multiplayer is a 
completely free from. On a macro level, no one can predict what game 
variant you'll play, who you'll play against, whether you'll play on 
LAN or on the internet, or how you'll respond to other players' various 
tactics. On a micro level, I can't tell you what to expect around every 
corner, as we can in the single-player game. And, unlike single-player 
mode, you can't save the game or pause it to refer to this book.
	What follows, the, is not so much a walkthrough as a set of 
guidelines. Only experience will make you a better player, but if you 
follow these guidelines as you play, you'll continue to grow and learn. 
It's when you stop thinking about the game - when you stop looking for 
new techniques, analyzing what the other guy did to beat you, and 
looking for new ways to fight - that you'll stop improving. Multiplayer 
Half-Life is partially a game of reflexes, but the more you play, the 
more you'll realize that it's also a game of decision-making. And 
making the right decisions will make you a better player.


	First, lets look at what you can do to improve before you even 
join a multiplayer game. You might think it's silly to prepare for a 
game. After all, games are supposed to be fun - this isn't an exam or 
job interview. But if you jump right into a multiplayer game without 
preparing, especially if it's an Internet game or a LAN game against 
people who play multiplayer action games often, you risk being 
outclassed that you hate the experience. Preparation cuts down on 
frustration and makes it more likely that you'll enjoy yourself.

Play Single-Player Half-Life

	Play single-player Half-Life all the way through before 
attempting multiplayer games against experienced opponents. Human 
enemies the toughest enemies of all - and if you can't beat single-
player Half-Life on at least medium difficulty, you're in for a rough 
time in multiplayer.
	You single-player experiences will teach you any number of basic 
things, such as how to use the crouching jump techniques, how each 
weapon works, and how to switch weapons on the run. These all should be 
second nature by the time you play against other humans. 
You can get away with not beating single-player Half-Life if you're 
already very experienced with 3-D action games, you if your opponents 
are also novices; otherwise, do yourself a big favor and play the 
single-player game.

Lean the Controls

	In Chapter 3, you read that the keyboard and mouse combination is 
a very versatile and powerful way of controlling your character in 
Half-Life and learned the value of the Mouse Look option, which allows 
you to look up and won with ease. I'd like to stress these aspects 
	There always will be the occasional player who manages to do well 
with the keyboard alone or perhaps with a joystick-keyboard 
combination. Bu they are exceptions. The very best players, by and 
large, use the mouse-keyboard combination and enable the Mouse Look so 
you can fire up and down without effort.
	A bad control setup is limiting and can put a ceiling on your 
abilities. Don't restrain your left that way. Use the mouse or 
trackball, even if it feels awkward at first. It will pay dividends 
down the road.

Learn the Maps

	If you aren't intimately familiar with maps, you're at a huge 
disadvantage. Even if your skills are marginally superior to your 
opponents', they'll have a vast edge on you if they know the map you're 
playing on.
	If you join a multiplayer game and find that a certain map is 
popular, but unfamiliar, consider quitting. It's very hard to lean 
anything while other players are distracting you. Instead, familiarize 
yourself with the map by hosing your own multiplayer game (see the game 
manual for details). You don't need any other players; just run around 
the level on your own. Learn the architecture, look for secret areas 
and good sniping spots, and remember where the best gear is. Once 
you've go a handle on the level, go back and join that multiplayer game 
again. You'll notice a difference.
	Why is it so important to know the level? Weapons and equipment 
make the difference between life and death, and if you don't know the 
map, you won't be able to collect high-quality gear regularly. With 
intimate knowledge of the map, you'll find yourself developing a 
"beat," or pattern of movement, through a level. A typical beat takes 
you past lots of high-quality gear, allowing you to collect the best 
stuff available. It also gives you a sense of purpose and familiarizes 
you with the areas you're passing through.
	The best players have their beat down cold.

Know the Rules

	There are numerous variants of Half-Life, all with their own 
rules. Before you join a game, be sure you understand the sort of game 
you're joining.
	This may seem obvious, but, in fact, not knowing or not really 
considering the rules is a problem that plagues many players. For 
example, if you're playing in a purely everyone-for-themselves 
deathmatch, you must consider how the score it kept. Is it reduced when 
you're killed, or is there no penalty? If it's the former, you must 
exercise caution. If it's the latter, throw caution to the wind and 
look for cheap kills at any price.
	Always take a moment to think about the rules, and develop your 
strategy based on them.

Joining Up

	Ok, so you're prepared for multiplayer. It's time to venture 
forth and find a game to play in. consider the following as you start 
to play.

Understand Latency

	If you're playing on a local area network, chances are good that 
everyone's on equal footing. You might be a terrible disadvantage on 
the internet; however.
	Typical modem connections to the internet suffer from latency, 
the delay in back-and-forth data transmission between your computer to 
the host computer and other computers on the internet. Ideally, you 
want a fast, latency - free connections to the host computer (also know 
as the sever).
	A player with a direct connection to the internet - say, a T1 
line at a university - usually has very little latency. Players with 
ISDN and cable modems also avoid latency problems. Modem players 
usually get stuck with the worst latency, although various factors such 
as modem quality, line quality, and ISP quality all factor into modem 
	If you're playing on a modem, be sure to connect to a sever that 
offers minimal latency. Extremely high latency can make the game 
virtually unplayable. Also, consider the latency of your opponents - 
moderate latency isn't so bad if all your opponents also experience 
latency. But you're in trouble if they are all virtually latency-free.
	You can sometimes improve latency by getting a better modem and 
optimizing your dial up internet connection with various utility 
programs. But often latency is affected by the quality of your phone 
	The bottom line is that you should understand what ping is and 
how it affects the game. Seek games where you have low latency, and 
understand that guys who keep beating you might not necessarily be 
better players; they might just have lower latency. If that's the case, 
look for a different game you can connect to faster, or that has 
players connected at speeds near or below yours.
Play Against Equals

	Playing weak opponents boost your ego and make you feel good, but 
it ruins your game. You lose your edge playing inferior foes; you 
develop bad habits, such as standing still or failing to collect the 
best weapons. Then, when you finally meet someone with real skills, 
you're helpless.
	On the other hand, getting crushed isn't much fun, and you 
generally don't learn much from it. If your opponents' skills are 
vastly superior to yours, you'll usually be killed so quickly, you 
won't know what happened.
	Ideally, you opponents will range in ability from somewhat below 
your level to slightly above. That way, you can look at bad players and 
see what they're doing wrong ("There's that guy who doesn't move around 
enough"), and you can also look at good players and see what they're 
doing right ("He used a weapon that's ideal for the big, outdoor 
	How do you know when it's time to quit? If one of your opponents 
is so good that you find yourself genuinely hating him/her, you're 
probably outclassed and should look for another game. Similarly, if 
you're mowing down your enemies like ripe wheat and marveling at their 
inability to perform basic tasks (like running and firing a weapon at 
the same time), it's time to move on.

Keep Moving

	Never succumb to the desire to stand still. The only time you 
should stand still are when you know you're alone, when you're in a 
great hiding spot, or when you're shooting at a distant for who doesn't 
know you exist. Otherwise, you should continually strafe around at top 
	Even experienced players sometimes let their guard down and stand 
still so they can get a better shot, especially when playing against 
weaker opponents. Don't do it! As you gain experience, you'll learn to 
shot on the run as accurately as you can from a standstill.
	Also, resist the temptation to watch for the results of you 
attacks. A classic example of this is a player who watches his Grenades 
until it explodes, instead of simply lobbing it and moving on. Break 
yourself of the need to see every last splatter of gore. If you 
continually watch the results of your attacks, you'll become immobile 
and lose your edge.

Equip Yourself

	Half-Life is a game of skill, but it's also a game of equipment. 
The player with the best equipment won't necessarily win - but he or 
she has a much better chance of winning than the next guy.
	You already know you should keep moving in multiplayer games. If 
you aren't performing some specific action (such as chasing a foe), you 
should put this movement to good use and tour locales where weapons and 
equipment are likely to pop up. Continue to do this even after you've 
go a reasonable supply of gear.
	Be greedy! Even if you have a great weapon, go look for another 
great weapon to supplement it. Grab Batteries and other useful items 
whenever possible, and try to keep yourself in peak condition. Keep 
collecting ammo to replace the old stuff.
	This all sound obvious, but it's amazing how many new players 
(and some veterans as well) will rush into combat without equipping 
themselves properly.
	Look at it this way: if you're facing an opponent who's as good 
or better then you are, you'll need every advantage you can get. And 
having full health and fully charged HEV Suit, not to mention a deadly 
weapon or three, is a definite advantage. Always strive to be the best-
equipped player in the game.
	If you're killed, don't fall into the habit of running toward the 
nearest enemy and swinging your Crowbar. Be patient and re-equip 
yourself first, even if you reappear in any area with multiple targets. 
Otherwise, you'll get caught in an endless cycle - die and reappear. 
That's no way to succeed.

Run Away!

	Running is a valuable, but overlooked skill. If you consider all 
the time you put into collecting weapons and gear, you'll realize that 
you should always trice to preserve what you've got. Sure, you enemy 
may have blasted away all your HEV Suit armor and brought your health 
down to almost nothing, but it took some time and effort to collect 
your Combat Rifle, your RPG, and your Tau Cannon. You don't want to 
have to collect them all over again, do you? Of course not.
	In Chapter 3, running backward was mentioned as a useful 
technique. That skill comes in very handy in multiplayer games. By 
running backward and firing weapons, you can discourage pursuit and see 
everything that's fired at you.

Advanced Tips

	You'll be surprised how much you continue to lean, even as you 
play multiplayer Half-Life for the 50th or 100th time. There are 
countless small techniques that make a big difference in the game, and 
you'll only learn them with experience. The following tips will guide 
you toward that advanced knowledge.

Learn Situational Weapons Use

	When you first start playing, it's fine to pick a favorite weapon 
and stick with it. As you get more experienced; however, you should 
select a weapon based on your current situation. For example, the .357 
Magnum is great for picking off moving targets from long range. The 
Crossbow, on the other hand, usually is a bad choice for this (despite 
its magnifying scope) because it's hard to hit distant moving targets 
with its slower bolts.
	If you're sticking with a single weapon, either by preference or 
because it's the only weapon you've got, hang around where it will be 
most effective. For example, the RPG is most effective in mid-sized 
spaces where there's enough room to fire without injuring yourself, but 
there's not enough room for your targets to maneuver out of the way. 
The Shotgun is best in extremely tight quarters, where you can hit 
enemies with all its pellets, and enemies using explosive weapons must 
either hold back or risk injuring themselves.
	All this illustrates a general principle of weapon use: Weapons 
that fire a single, instantaneous shots are a great long range; weapons 
that fire explosives or scattered projectiles are better in semi-closed 
areas. This is easy to understand in theory but applying it in combat 
is harder. You may tend to use only a single weapon because it's what 
you're most familiar with or what you think is most powerful. Try to 
break this habit, and use the weapon the situation dictates.

Learn Weapons Nuances

	There's an endless parade of little tricks associated with 
weapons, and you'll learn them only by watching, learning, and playing. 
Here are a few:

? Fire RPG rockets at you opponents' feet, not near their midsections. 
That way, even if you miss, you'll hit the ground and deal splash 
? Attach Laser Mines to walls in spots where enemies frequently drop 
from above. And stick them behind closed doors and around extremely 
sharp corners, where they're unlikely to see the beam in time to 
? Charge up the Tau Cannon before any enemies appear, in anticipation 
of their arrival.
? Use Satchel Charges in multiples, or together with Laser Mines, to 
create webs of explosive destruction.

Many more such tricks exist, some so subtle they're difficult to 
explain. Keep playing and paying attention, and you'll learn them.

Learn From Defeat

	This is probably the most important "rule" of all. You must watch 
and learn to improve your game. It's hard to make yourself think 
rationally when you enemy is beating you, but try. You won't learn that 
much if your opponents' are so good you never see how he kills you. But 
if you play against opponents who are somewhere near you skill range, 
and perhaps a little better, you'll learn a lot.
	If you get the opportunity to watch a good player in action, do 
so - preferable by standing behind him or her during a game and taking 
it in firsthand. Watch for movement patterns; watch for weapon use. If 
it's a level you're familiar with, keep asking yourself: How is this 
different from the way I play the level? How is it better? Do I need to 
learn new skills to play this way or simply adjust the way I approach 
the level?
	Often, you'll be surprised at what you see when you watch 
superior players. Sometimes they capitalize on superior reflexes, but 
often their reflexes are no better then yours. Instead, they use their 
knowledge of the level to collect great stuff and hand around in 
advantageous positions. As you watch them mow down opponents after 
opponents, you'll realize better weapons made the difference, or the 
fact that they stood where they could get in the first shot, or they 
used weapons more appropriate for the area.
	You'll find yourself saying "Hey, I could do that." And, in fact, 
you can.


	For codes go to: 



	I, S_T_A_L_K_E_R, wrote this hole entire thing.

	If you would like to contact me, my icq number is "20941806" or 
you can e-mail me at [email protected]

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