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                               HALF-LIFE : WALKTHROUGH

                                BY GRANT MORRISSEY




CONTACT: [email protected]


Walk forward and wait for the large door to open. The security guard behind the
counter will start talking to you:

"Hey Mr Freeman I had a bunch of messages for you but we had a system crash 20
minutes ago and I'm still trying to find my files...just one of those days I
guess. They were having some problems down in the test chamber too, but I think
thats all straightened out. They told me to make sure you head straight down
there as soon as you get into your hazard suit"

Turn right. See the green line? Follow it along the wall. LOAD

After you've gone down the slope, turn right and follow the corridor down to
the left. Go past the first doorway and enter the locker room. When you enter
go straight to the end and turn left. Walk over to the control panel, activate
the button, and walk down the stairs. Equip the H.E.V. suit and listen to the
erotic commentary by the suit

"Welcome to the H.E.V. mark 4 protective system. For use in hazardous
environment conditions. High - impact reactive armour activated. Atmospheric
contaminant sensors activated. Vital sight monitoring activated. Automatic
medical systems engaged. Weapon selection system activated. Munition level
monitoring activated. Communications interface online. Have a very safe day."

 Now, head back the way you came and walk towards the other corner of the
locker room. The last locker on the left says "Freeman" Open it up and collect
the 15% charge unit. Leave the locker room and head back to the end of the
corridor, turn right, follow that down, turn right again and follow the
corridor in the 'U' shape to where the security guard will open the door for
you. LOAD.

As you make your way around to the other side of the column note the modern art
on the walls. These are some destinations and adversaries you'll find
yourselves up against latter. Press the lift button and walk in. Do a 180 and
press the button in the left corner of the lift.

When the lift reaches the bottom all you have to do is follow the corridor down
and enter the room with the 3 scientist's.

"AAAHHH Gordon, there you are. We just sent the sample down to the test

"We boosted the anti - mass spectrometer to 105%...bit of a gamble but we need
the extra resolution"

"The administrator is concerned we get a conclusive analysis of todays sample.
I gather they went to some lengths to get it"

"They're waiting for you Gordon...in the test chamber..."

A scientist will kindly open the door at the end of the control room and let
you through. Walk past the 3 light-globes on steroids (don't mind the
explosion) and enter the lift. When in the lift, and facing the door, press the
button on the right. Walk down the corridor, turn right, and enter the

"I'm afraid we'll be deviating a bit from standard analysis proceedures today

"Yes - but with good reason. This is a rare opportunity for us...this is the
purest sample we've seen yet."

"And, potentially, the most unstable"

"Now, now. If you follow standard insertion proceedures everything will be

"I don't know how you can say that...although I will admit the possibility of a
reasonance cascade scenario is extremely---

"---Gordon doesn't need to hear all this he is a highly trained professional
[Breath] we've assured the administrator that nothing will go wrong"

"[Sigh] Yes your right. Gordon - we have complete confidence in you"

"Well, go ahead, lets let him in"

After the door has been opened go straight ahead up the small stairs and follow
the walkway, around to the right, to the ladder. Climb up it and walk over to
the control panel.

"Testing...testing...[Cough] Everything seems to be in order."

"All right Gordon your suit should keep you comfortable through all this. The
specimin should be delivered to you in just a few moments. If you would be so
kind as to climb up and start the rotors we can bring the anti - mass
spectromiter to 80% and hold it until the carrier arrives"

The Cover over the button should now be open. Press the button and run back to
the ladder and descend it. Find yourself a spot where you can see all the rotor
- system and enjoy the light show.

"Very good..we'll take it from here"

"Now to stage 1 emitters in 3, 2, 1 ... [An orange beam will stem from the
middle] I'm seeing predictable phaser rays"

"Stage 2 emitters activating now" [3 lighter-colored beams will jump out]

"Gordon, we cannot predict how long the system will operate at this level nor
for how long the reading will take place...work as quickly as you can"

"Overhead capacitors to 1, 0, 5 percent. AAHHH...its probably not a problem,
probably, but I'm showing a small discrepancy...well...no...its well within
acceptable bounds. Sustaining sequence."

"I've just been informed that they sample is ready Gordon. It should be coming
up to you any moment. Look to the delivery system for the specimin."

 Look over to where the red lights are flashing and wait for the cage the
lower. Get behind the probe and push it into the nexus. Take a few steps back
and enjoy the fireworks (and trippy locales)


The exit is to the right of you. Go through it and walk to the retinal scanner.
After pressing it (and recieving a response generally symbolic of what has
happened to Black Mesa) step on through. Remember the security guard getting
CPR. Follow the corridor (watch for the falling terminal) and go up the lift.
Walk up to the 2 scientist's.

"Why didn't they listen? We tried to warn them! I never thought I'd see a
resonance cascade...let alone create one!"

"Gordon! Your alive! Thank god for that hazard suit. I'm afraid to move and all
the phones are out. Please, get to the surface as soon as you can and let
someone know we're stranded down here. You'll need me to activate the retinal
scanners. I'm sure the rest of the science team will gladly help you"

 After the end of the conversation press X on the scientist and run over to the
door (don't worry about the killer chickens - their trapped) The scientist will
open the door. Walk in, just a little bit, and quickly backtrack when the green
bolt enters the room. Wait for the opposing door to be destroyed and note the
green-stream hits 3 locations when it hits the wall. Wait for it to to the
location furthest away and run across when it is nearly finished. LOAD.

A chicken will spawn in. Run past it and open the door on the right. In the
hall wait for the terminal to be cut by the laser and hug the left wall. Crawl
under the laser. When your a safe distance away hug the right wall and go past
the other laser. At the door equip the crowbar (if your really worried about
ammo you can backtrack to the test chamber, where the guard that was being
revived is now conscious, and kill him & take his ammo) Crouch where you found
the crowbar and break the glass in the door with it. Go to the end and press
the lift button. Laugh. Crouch and break the glass in the lift door. Turn right
and go down the ladder to the wreckage for a battery. Go back up and take the
other ladder to the top. When you come out of the door help the guard kill the
zombie (with either the crowbar or gun) Leave him to kill the other one that
comes from around the column. Get him to follow you and go through the
double-doors. LOAD.

Make sure the guard keeps up with you and as you come out of the U-bend get him
to kill the zombie couple (getting him to kill them might make the game less
fun, but it saves you ammo and, potentially, health) Run down the end, turn
left, go to the end, left again and go to the end (phew) In the locker room run
straight ahead to the last locker on the left and get the 2 ammo clips in
Gutheries locker. Go to Freemans locker where 2 more batteries have
mysteriously appeared. Leave the locker room, run to the end of the corridor
(ensuring the guard is still with you if he isn't dead) Go right and go left up
the gentle slope. LOAD.

The pathway to the right has collapsed so go left and around to the entrance.
After the explosion spot the chicken behind the vent gap. As you walk past the
guard should see it and blast it away. Failing that, just crouch and take it
out from a safe distance (If the alarm bugs you you can turn it off with the
switch under the desk) Since the guard can't go through the vent, kill him with
the crowbar and take his clip. Crawl through and kill the other chicken that is
to the left of where you crawled in. In the opposite corner is a vent you can
crawl through. Use the collapsed unit to climb into the corrior and note the
eerie happenings in the rooms (if you stay for to long a chicken will jump out
of the collapsed vent in the corner) When your done run to the end, watch the
epic battle between the guard & zombie to collect his ammo, and crawl through
the door. LOAD.

Press the button on the left and time your way through the door. Kill the sound
- hound when he spawns in and follow the path to the left. After going around 3
corners lock onto one of the sound-hounds and kill it. Walk backwards and wait
for the other one to come around. Kill it also. Run to the end and turn right.
Open the door (watch out for the chicken) Step though and slowly ascend the
ladder. Peek over the the top and shoot at the cannisters. When the explostion
goes go back down and wait for it to clear. Go back up and around to the right.
Note the scientist's location. Run around the pathway to the door, cannister
and feeding zombie. Get his attention and get him to come at you. Quickly go
back and hide around the corner (but keep a bit of the cannister in your
targeting reticle) When the zombie walks past shoot the cannister and note the
fact he has been killed (It may take some practice to get his attention, aim
the cannister, shoot it without losing any health and not be attacked by him in
the time it takes to charge you) Run back to the scientist, get him to follow
you, and get him to use the retinal scanner opposite the zombies grave. Run in
and acquire yourself some ammo and explosives.

Now go all the way back to where you killed the 2 sound-hounds and equip the
grendades. Go down the other path and throw a grenade at the door. Throw
another grenade into the room and kill the lighteningainga. Get the 2 clips in
the room and kill the chicken near the dumpster. Between the dumpster and the
room with the lighteningainga there is a hole. On the other side is another
hole. A zombie will crawl out (which you can't kill)  However, you can kill the
chicken that is directly below the hole you can fall into. Once in, turn right,
go to the end & turn left just after the bend. Walk ahead, aim up and kill the
zombie. Turn around, go left, and turn the wheel. Swim back to where you killed
the zombie and go through the hole. Walk around the corner. LOAD.

Walk around the industrial lift and collect the 2 clips from the security
guards body. Pull the lever and run around to the lift. Run to the edge as it
descends and stand in the middle. Equip the crowbar. Turn around and DON'T STOP
SWINGING BABY!!! With any luck the chickens will just go straight past you and,
when they do hit, they'll be knocked by the crowbar. When you reach the bottom
equip the pistol and kill the sound-hound that spawns over the big box (There
is a medi-kit on the other side of the platform) Go down the corridor and wait
for the bridge to collapse. Walk onto the remnants and jump onto the pipes on
the right. Walk across them and smash through the vent with a crowbar. When
going through the duct ignore the first vent and go the the very end. Smash
through that and walk to the end of the corridor, collecting a battey on the
way, and watch the upchucker kill all the killer chickens for you. When his
done (or you've had your fun) go through the door and down the ladder. After
you've followed the corridor and opened the door, kill the upchucker. Turn left
and walk to the end (if your captured by a tonguer just shoot up at it until it
dies) At the end, jump into the water, follow it around to the right, climb the
ladder, open the door, and go down towards the door on the left. Open it and
step on through. LOAD.

At the end, climb up the 2 ladders. Jumpy jumpy across (quicksave whenever your
not sure about being able to make a jump or not) Once you've made is across go
down the corridor, through the door, around the corridor, up the ladder and
through some more corridors and doors. LOAD.

Your now where you should be if the bridge was de-commisioned over the canal.
Walk to the lift and go down. LOAD.


As soon as the doors open, walk out and get the battery & health (if you need
it) The double-doors straight ahead won't open, so break open the vent to the
left and go down (don't try going down the hall) Use the torch to reach the end
(ignore the room with the fan & the chickens) and break the grate open. From
the top of the can machine mourn the loss of your brother-in-arms and jump
down. Stick to the right wall (don't go out the doors) and take it slowly to
avoid being caught. Go into the side room (next to the 'DANGER - HIGH VOLTAGE'
sign) and flick the switch. If you walk to the scientist opposite the door
he'll say

"Gordon! If Id've known it was you I would've let you in. Everyone is headed
for the surface. But I think their crazy not to stay put. Someone is bound to
come by and rescue us"

Go through the double doors and down the hall (where the vent was) Smash
through the glass, next to the door, and run past the flooded room. Turn left
at the end of the hall, and follow it all the way down to the boxes. Smash
through them. LOAD.

After you've smashed through, a chicken will be lurking around the corner of
the big box. Kill it. Turn right at the corner and pick up the shotgun on the
green crate. Run down to the armory and help the guard blast the zombie when it
appears. He'll open the door for you. Run in and collect some ammo and head
back the way you came (there is some health & a battery in the boxes underneath
the armory) Don't try to get the guard to follow- a game-bug stops him from
going past the boxes. LOAD.

As you make your way to the flooded room, turn right and walk right up to the
plain wooden door. Walk RIGHT UP. When the zombie breaks through leave him
alone. Let him do some laps in there and wait for him to break open the door
completely. THEN blast him away (use the secondary shotgun fire) Go in &
collect 2 clips on the bottom of the shelf (use the torch) Go to the flooded
room that you passed and kill the chicken on the left. Jump onto the table
infront of the window and then onto the sink. Follow it around the room (in a
'U' shape) and flick the switch that has the sparks coming from it. Jump into
the water and walk up to the grate on the wall. Shoot the 3 chickens in there
before you break the grate. Once your in crawl to the end, turn left and crouch
under the fan. At the end, smash the vent and go forward.

When you fall into the hall, turn around and kill the 2 chickens that are
behind you. Use the boxes in the hall then to climb up the ladder in the gap
that the chickens came from (And no, you can't use the boxes to access the vent
on the other side of the gap you originally came from) After climbing up the
top, smash through the grate and drop down. Now, turn and smash the grate right
next to you. As soon as you jump out, turn left and run like hell through the
doorway. You might here the gun still firing- don't worry, its a scientist
dying a worthy cause. Pick up the shotgun & shells on the crates (the hall
curves around to the area where you pushed the boxes) Wait until the "BEEP"ing
stops and run across to the area you saw the scientist come from (use the boxes
as cover if you want) There are 2 ways to deal with the half-dozen or so
killer-chickens. You could grendade them, or you can lure them out to be mowed
down by the turret (if you use the boxes as cover you can turn the turret off
under the platform it is above) Either way, go past where the chickens were and
up the stairs. LOAD.

Watch the security guard do some work for you and smash the box opposite him
for a clip. Around the corner, a chicken will fall into the alcove. Back off,
and either take it out or let the guard do it for you. Get him to follow you
and go down the hall (the room on the left has a battery, health and a couple
of scientist's meeting their demise) At the '+' section there are 2
lighteningainga's on either side. Get their attention, walk back, and take both
of them out with the security guards help. Now go right and stick to the left
wall. Around that wall's corner is a lighteningainga down a bit so kill it
before it can inflict pain. Then go down the opposite way (there should be a
reception area and a dark hallway on the left. Walk to the dark hallway, equip
your shotty and blast the lighteningainga from outside (the hallway goes to the
right, the lighteningainga is on the left) Go in, and kill the other
lighteningainga. Enter the dark room and go to the scientist

"I'm not sure I want to go to the surface. What if the worlds finds out what we
were doing down here?"

Collect some goodies in the room and make your way back to the corner where you
killed the faraway lighteningainga (There is a health machine in the reception
area next to the darkened hall. But a chicken will drop down so be careful) Go
to the room opposite that area and collect some ammo. The living area next to
the office has a chicken, so kill it and go through the other entrance, do a
180 and wait. There is a lighteningainga next to the far away can machine so
throw a grenade. This will get the attention of the other lighteningainga thats
through the doorway. When it charges you, charge it and kill it. Down the hall
is some health (in the box) Go left and listen to the naive scientist.

"Hello. I just head a secure access transmission. Soldiers have arrived and
their someing to rescue us. Of course, I had my doubts we would  live long
enough to see it"

Run up the stairs and use the middle wall section as cover from the turret. The
3 chickens up the top should be shot or grenaded. Once their dispatched, run up
to the wall where the turret is on and walk under it. Turn right, run down and
kill the zombie (or use the explosive box) Run down, through the red arch, and
around the left bend. Oh oh! Kill the 2 lighteningainga's and go further. LOAD.

Going through the door at the end of the hall walk up to the guard "Hey! What
the hell are you doing down here? Get topside I heard some troops were coming
to save us!"

Go down the ramp next to the door. Going around to the right a upchucker will
be hidden behind the boxes. Kill it, and collect the ammo. When you go back 2
lighteningainga's will spawn in. Use the box as cover and take them out (there
are grendade's down the bottom near the upchucker...why not use them?) Go back
up the top and get the guard to follow you (trust me) and break the vent next
to the door. Go down, around, up the ladder and time your way through the fan
(it isn't hard- just go when the side that hasn't go a thingy comes around)
Jump over the exposed wires and when you reach the grate kill 1 chicken through
it. Break the grate and kill the other one (you might need to retreat around
the corner) Go down the vent and break the next grate. Walk onto the girders.
Look down to the right. Whats this? The guard has come down. Walk along the
right girder and some chickens will break out of the wall. The guard can help
you take them out (you might need to grenade the rest before they can see you)
Go along the girder and through the next vent. Go around the 'L' bend, forward
and kill the chicken directly across from you. Walk into the attic and to the
back-left corner. You will fall through into a room with all assorted joyous
items. Once you've picked them up, go out the door (and retrieve the guard) and
go into the large hall. Kill the zombie feeding on the brains of the [not so]
living and kill the 4 chickens that will fall down. Go straight ahead (from the
stairs) and break through the wooden planks. Go down the hall. LOAD.

At the end, kill the 2 zombies and use the health machine (if applicable) Flick
the switch next to the door & go through (once your in there you stuck for the
time being) Go down the arch on the left and kill the chicken that is to the
right. In the forward arch a upchucker will be chasing a scientist so kill him
and go to the large chamber they came from to collect some items (Oh wait...I
mean kill the upchucker...yes...) Go back through the arch & left, equip your
shotgun and carefully approach the boxes. Kill the upchucker & pull the lever
nearby. The other way just curves around, so go back to where you first came in
and ascend the ladder on the shelf (opposite the door) Smash open the vent, go
through and repeat the process. Walk to the end of the shelf and turn left.
After going through this vent (you should be able to see the moving platform)
turn left and go forward, and then right. Follow the 'L' bend and turn right.
You should now be in one doozey of a pickle of a situation (not really) Time
your movements and climb onto the platform when it comes past. While your
waiting for it to go back, smash the boxes for some batteries. Walk onto the
next side. Walk down the vent and kill the chicken at the end (your elevated
above him) Turn right and go to the end. Turning right will take you to a
corpse, battery and clip. When done, go down the other way.

Smash open the vent into the chamber of horrors. Turning left and walking
around as soon as you exit will aquire you some shells, a battery and a clip.
When your done with that jump onto the vent in the middle. Kill the mutated
mouth that obstruct's you and jump onto the vent behind it. After you've
climbed up twice turn around and go through the vent on the right. Once in, go
down, left and follow it down (there is a chicken around the 3rd corner) LOAD.

Smash open the grate at the end and ignore the running scientist. From the
vent, help the guard dispatch the zombie that comes around the corner (staying
in the vent means the guard won't accidentally shoot you) If you go down to the
left, the door you go through should take you to a familiar area (helpful for
backtracking) The guard will talk to you

"Hey don't count on the calvary finding us down here. Head for the surface. The
elevators are out of order but we can still climb"

Go up the stairs, ignore the door on the right (can you go through it?) and go
down the hall. Gasp at the stunning display of bravery from the scientist and
kill the 2 zombies. The room the scientist came from has health and shells. The
room the zombie emerged from has some grenades. Walk up to the bloodstain on
the ground and face the end of the hall. Run forward, and jump when you are on
the browny surface (it is fairly small- just after the lift doors) It might
take some effort, but you'll get there. Once you've landed on the ladder, climb
up and onto the right ledge. Follow this around to the next ladder and climb up
(when you get off the ladder don't face the ledge and just jump- your more
likely to fall off. Instead, walk diagnolly upwards and land on the ledge) Walk
around the ledge all the way and go up the ladder (And don't mind the truly
CLIFF HANGING moment with the scientist! HAHAHA!) Once again, walk around the
ledge and go to the middle. Face the ladder on the lift and jump onto it (this
may take some work as well) Once your on the top of the lift there is a grate
on the top left. Walk over and smash through it. Press the button.


Going out the door, turn right and run up to where the frantic scientist is

"For gods sake open the silo door! They're coming for us its the only way out!
Oh my god we're doomed!"

Observe the futile attempt's at sustaining life (on the guard's part) and use
the H.E.V. machine & first aid behind yourself. Go through the large doors and
right. Going through the red beams will activate the turrets. Unfortunatly,
these one's can't be dodged. Facing the wire mesh screen you should auto-target
something behind it. Shoot it dead and go through the beams. When you enter the
room, a chicken will spawn in on the right. Move quickly to avoid it and shoot
it dead (another one will spawn in close by as well) Pick up the MP5 from the
grunt's corpse (and a battery from a box in-front of the mesh) 3 chickens will
spawn in behind the mesh-fence further up so make quick work of them. Go down
the hall and jump over the trip mine & go under the next one. Go down the hall
but be careful- before you reach the drink machine's 2 lighteningainga's will
spawn in.

The tiled area straight-ahead has a health machine and [as of yet] inaccessable
room. So go down the hall opposite the fallen table. Strafe left down the slope
and take out the turret in the room. Then, quickly run down to the large green
box up against the wall. As soon as you reach it, turn around and take out the
lighteningainga's that has spawned into where you just were (the other turret
will help you take them out) Right next to the box your hiding behind is a
pillar. You can hide behind that to either shoot the turret or, if you prefer,
use a well placed grenade (but crouch in the corner because it will set off
some explosive barrell's next to you)

Jump on top of the boxes but don't jump down. Drop a grenade into the
back-right corner to destroy the turret. Climb off the boxes and break the
wooden ones. Take out the other turret between the gap. Now, climb on top and
jump straight down to the doorway. Press the button next to the door and go in
(don't set off the trip wires) You will need to kill one killer-chicken because
it will be able to get through before the door closes. When the door is down,
walk to the left wall and crouch under the first laser. Walking between the
pair of lasers, get to the right wall and jump over the next one. Press the
crouch button a few microseconds before you land and you should be able to make
it past the laser's without setting them off. Walk over the boxes dead ahead.

Be careful of the water. Slide into the corner next to the lift shaft (If you
inadvertedly set of the sensor's just before then DO NOT do this. The turret's
will cut you to pieces. Take one out from the corner (or with a grenade) and
take out the other one by using the same process. Otherwise, if you did not set
off the sensors, take out both quickly (you shouldn't loose to much health-
there are batteries and a health machine up ahead anyway) Go up and smash the
boxes for these and other goodies. Go up the ladders onto the catalk and walk
into the chamber. When the scientist is murdered ("Thank goodness! Rescued at
last!") get a lock onto the grunt with your MP5 (from up above) let 'er rip and
the marine will be dead before he knew what hit him (make sure you have a full
clip first) Go down the stairs, collect some ammo & health, and press the
switch next to the elevator. Go in. LOAD.

Exit the elevator and just stay around that area. Watch the scientist and kill
the grunt that's in the distance. The rest of rico's roughnecks will probably
charge you so stay behind the boxes, equip your shotty and blast them away when
they come. Go to the end & up the stairs (watch for the mutated mouths) Turn
left at the 'T' section (turning right takes you to a useless factory area)
Crouch under the trip mines and stay at the top of the slope. Kill the faraway
turret first with your MP5, and then the next one forward. Take out the final
one (at the bottom of the slope) with a grenade. Run down the slope, through
the beams and over the bomb and find yourself in another fire-fight. Laugh at
the suicidal scientist (and even harder at the incompetence of the United
States Marine Corp's [in this game] when the grunt is picked up by a mouth) A
marine, around when all this is happening, should run up on the catwalk so take
him out. Another marine should begin running through the boxes so run up to him
and blast him away. Look around on the catwalk because there should be one more
grunt to blast away.

Running to the end, go up the stairs (blast the mouth blocking the way) and
collect some shell's behind the sandbags. Opposite the sandbags go up the
stairs, up again, around, around & up (go even more around for health & ammo)
Otherwise, go left and kill the mouths blocking the way on the bridge. When you
go up the slope equip your grenades. Put them on a short-fuse and throw some
down (remember- the longer you hold the 'FIRE' button, before you let go to
throw it, the shorter the fuse) With any luck these will kill 1 or 2 grunts
down the bottom. Start firing at them to take them out (be careful- they will
cover their soldier buddies as they climb up onto the catwalk) Once they have
all been disposed of, walk down the stairs into the area (or jump onto the
boxes from the catwalk to break your fall) Smash some boxes for ammo & health
and go to the back. Use the health machine next to the lift and, when your
done, go into the lift. LOAD.

As soon as you reach the top, kill one marine outside the large doorway to the
left. Run over to the health machine and equip your shotty. Kill the rest of
the marines that charge you. As soon as a set of explosions end, run out and
we've through the boxes to the bunker entrance on the left. Go down the ladder
and open the vent on the right. Wait for an explosion and kill the marine down
the bottom (or use a short-fused grenade or he'll have time to move away from
it) 2 marines should abseil down. One will land on the same platform as you and
another will land down the bottom. Stay outside near the HEV & health as they
come down and blast away one marine with the shotty (he'll be right next to the
entrance) repeat the grenade-trick on the marine down the bottom. Don't wait
for the rest of the marines- jump down onto the ladder when all is done and go
into the vent at the bottom. LOAD.

When you reach the fan, jump onto the small ledge on the left. Crawl into the
vent. The first grate on the bottom you crawl over can be opened but you can't
fall through. The first grate on the right has some shell's beyond it (you'll
find yourself in some fairly familiar area's now) Continuing to go down, a
chicken will be down the junction on the right (going down takes you to some
clips) if you keep going forward, however, you'll arrive in a room with
batteries and ammo (forget about the grates further on) Go back to to the fan.
At the opening, turn right and face the vent. Move forward so that you are
so-very-gradually moving left. When you move onto the ledge, turn around and go
forward. Repeat this process on the ladder (this technique ensures you won't
accidentally fall onto the fan) At the bottom, go down the vent and up the
ladder. Go down the vent in the middle (the top vent goes to a dead end) When
you come to the end of the middle vent you should be in a fairly familiar area.
The scientist will start talking to you.

"Well so much for the government. Their idea of containment is to kill everyone
associated with the project. Judging by your hazard suit I'd say you were a
part of what went wrong right? Now look, if anyone can end this thing it'd be
the science team at the Lambda complex at the opposite end of the base. With
the transit system out I couldn't tell you how to get there. But theres an old
decomissioned rail system through here, beyond the silo complex. if you can
make it through the rocket test labs you might be able to worm your way through
the old tunnels and track down whatever is left of the Lambda team. You can
trust them. You can trust all of us. Good luck."

Press the button on the console opposite the scientist and leave the room.
H.E.V. & health yourself and leave through the large door. LOAD.


Run up to the barricade and jump on top of the stripped roadblock. Smash
through the boarding's with your crowbar. Don't mind the noise- its a upchucker
killing all the chickens for you. When you break through, kill the 2 chickens
on the left and use your MP5 to take out the faraway upchucker. As you go
through the arch into the large chamber there are 2 chickens on both the right
& left so back off and take them out. Run up to the command room on the right.
When the zombie breaks through the door kill it with a shotgun and go into the
room he came from for some grenades and health. Pull the lever on the console
and climb down the ladder opposite the room. Get onto the platform and press
the switch on the column. At the bottom, run onto the train (to the left of the
switch) and set it to go as fast as possible (you might need to take out some
sound-hounds as they'll get to you first) Run over all the enemies you come
across and jump off when the train goes through a traffic controller.

At the green-goo use the train wreckage to jump onto the ledge. Move around to
the right (you'll need to jump over the corner) Go all the way forward and jump
down onto the left. Kill the upchucker and climb the ladder near where it was
(don't bother jumping on the boxes in the slime- there is nothing there) At the
top of the ladder turn right and go onto the left pipe at the junction (and be
careful- a upchucker you went past on the train may be at the wreckage now and
"shooting" at you) When you get into the gap go straight ahead and follow the
pipe. LOAD.

As soon as you climb out onto the edge of the pipe, kill the upchucker on the
bottom right (if you want to loose absolutely no health use a grenade) Jump
onto the ladder on the left and climb up. Turn around and jump onto the pipe's
above where the upchucker was. Follow the pipes around and kill the other
upchucker in the slime. Jump onto the balcony & collect some stuff. Walk to the
end of the hall & turn left. On the right side of the waste is a upchucker so
kill it. Jump onto the pipe directly infront of the doorway. Walk along it to
the end and then jump onto the submerged pipe on the left (There is an
upchucker near the broken bridge) Walk onto the lift and press the button. You
will begin to ascend. LOAD.

Walk into the hall, peek around the corner & shoot the cannister. Walk over to
the balcony and shoot the sound-hounds to the right before they can cause you
any serious harm. Walk along, you will not another sound-hound is on the
walkway between the edge & the middle pylon (the BIG pylon) Shoot him, but be
careful not to hit the cannister's around him. If you do, jump from the
horizontal (and vertical) right-edge of the platform to clear the gap (you
might want to kill the 2 chickens on the other side before you do though) When
you get across enter the small room and flick the switch. LOAD.

As soon as the door opens blast away the zombie. Walk down the hall & around
the bend to the dying scientist.

"Rocket engine. Destroy the damn thing before it grows any larger..."

A mutated-tongue is just after the scientist so be careful. Walk around the
bend and into the room. After the gory, heart wrenching death go through into
the next hall. Go up the ladder on the right (a tongue will be unfolding just
before you climb so be careful) At the top of the ladder hear what the guard
says- its a good clue.

"Be quiet! This thing hears us!"

Equip your crowbar, crouch and crawl into the chamber. You hear this- CRAWL.
Crawl right & down the ladder. Crawl to the ladder to the left (facing the
tentacles) and go down again. At the bottom, crawl left again and smash through
the barricade (even though it makes noise, if you do it quickly, the tentacle
won't reach you) Your now in the hall and don't have to crawl. Run down to the
end and flick the switch in the small room. LOAD.

If you shoot the upchucker as soon as the door opens you can just walk straight
across the bridge. However, if you end up shooting the barrel's & blowing out
the bridge- walk across the small pipe on the left (remember- keep your
crosshair down on the pipe) Head straight down (kill the other upchucker or
whatever it is behind the explosive box) at the end of the first hall note the
red and blue pipe's and the section missing from them. Turn right and continue
going down the hall. LOAD.

Turn right and the column and go down the ladder. When your about one-third
down turn around (facing away from the ladder) and shotgun the 2 zombie's that
are waiting for you. Walk over to the vent and stand ontop of the ladder (its a
small silver section) Crouch and smash the grate. Go down the ladder and when
you reach the bottom go straight ahead (don't go under the ladder) turn left
when you reach the 'T' section. Follow the pipe around until you reach the
ladder and go up. Break the grate and climb out. Scramble for the nearest
corner (your crosshair will probably still be facing up) and blast away the
zombie. Get the grenades in the side room and head for the door. LOAD.

When the door opens kill 2 zombies and head around to the ladder on the
walkway. Go down the ladder and run to the other one that is opposite. Go down
that. Walk over to the switch and pull it. Go back up the ladder, wait for the
fan to get some speed, and jump off the walkway into the fan. At the top, smash
through the fence-posts with the crowbar. The entrance has a chicken in it so
be careful. Drift over to it and climb in (you can get extra elevation by
jumping if you have problems) Once your in, crouch and head over to the boards
on the right. Break them & kill the chicken. Walk down to the right and break
the boards as well (you might be able to kill the chicken through them first)
Crawl down. LOAD.

Go around and break the vent. Go down the ladder and kill 3 zombies in the
room. There is also a chicken on the green power box to the right so kill it.
Now, on the console next to the power-box there are 2 buttons (A bracket won't
appear around them unlike the other switches in Half-Life) Press the 'Oxy On'
and 'Fuel On' buttons. Go up the ladder in the alchove and press the switch at
the top. This area SHOULD be familiar. Head back the way you came (down the
hall) LOAD.

Remember the pipe's I told you to note earlier with the gaps missing? Look at
them. Liquid should be flowing through both of them. If there isn't, you've
done something wrong, so go back and make sure the buttons were pressed.
Otherwise, go over the bridge and into the small room. Pull the lever. LOAD.

When you reach the doorway to the tentacles turn left and go down the ladder.
Crawl down to the barricade on the right and smash through it. Turn right when
your in and go down the hall. When you go through the first doorway clear the
gap by jumping across its far left. When you go down the second doorway go
slowly. When you hear a munching sound stop and walk back. Clear the new gap
and walk up to kill the zombie. Enter the alchove and pull the lever. LOAD.

Once again, if you inadvertantly shoot the explosives on the bridge then jump
onto the pipe on the right and edge your way across (on the way shoot the
explosive box) When you reach the other side, head down the hall and kill the
sound-hounds on the way. LOAD.

After killing the upchucker in the corner, kill the mouths. Walk over to the
edge and press the button. When the lift comes, go in and face the balcony. Get
onto the the left guard. When the lift stops jump onto the ladder in the left
corner of the shaft. Climb down to the bottom and get onto the pipe. Climb onto
the platform and walk to the scientist (there is a health machine in the corner
opposite him)

"I hope no-one expect's me to start the generator. Smithers went down there and
never came back"

Go down the hall opposite him (jump over the leak by hugging the right wall)
Around the corner, kill the zombie and get onto the horizontal lift. Press the
button and when it comes to its only "stop" ascend the ladder. At the top of
the ladder, wait for the lift to move off away from you and make a run for the
next ladder. When you climb up it go up to the top of the large contraption.
The scientist will talk:

"This is my hiding spot and I'm not oving until the situation is drastically
improved. Now go away and don't tell anyone I'm here!"

There are 2 concrete ledges that connect to the central structure you are on.
Jump onto the them and press the button's that are on the contraption (and
quickly back up onto the contraption when you press them or your in for a nasty
shock) When both have been done your access to the concrete ledges will be
blocked by the cables. So, in between these 2 connections is a very small pipe
that connect's to the center junction.  FALL onto it (don't jump) Turn around,
and walk into the new area that has opened in the contraption (don't worry- you
won't loose any health) On the other side, at the opening, you'll see a ladder
down a bit. If you fall onto that you won't loose any health- so do that. Climb
down onto the lift and go back to the main area. Jump over the leak & to the

"Excellent! Someone has restored power! We'll have the engine back up again in
no time!"

Climb up the ladder you came down on and jump onto the break in the pillar.
Fall down onto the platform (you'll loose some health- use the health machine
that is in the corner) and head down the corridor. The water is electrified so
you'll need to run and launch yourself into it, jump and get out (you'll loose
some health & H.E.V.) Go over the bridge and into the small chamber. Pull the
lever. LOAD.

Go down the corridor all the way back to the tentacle chamber. Ascend the
ladder's all the way back to where the guard and room of explosives were (don't
try and enter the control room from the chamber- there is glass blocking it) In
the room leave, go down the ladder, over the gap, and into the room on the left
(this is the room where you saw the scietist die at the hand [not literally
obviously] of one of the tentacles) Press the 2 switches on the console. As fun
as it would be to watch the tentacles suffer, you'll loose a fair bit of
health, so run into the corner and crouch. When its over, run back to the
chamber and all the way to the bottom. Jump into the hole and walk through down
the tunnel. LOAD.

When you fall into the water, surface where you fell in and collect a magnum
from the guards body (there are some bullets for it opposite him as well) Go
down the 2 holes near the body of the Goberfish. Now, you'll need to surface
around the sides of the chamber (NOT the sides with the blue lights, the other
side) When you've surfaced, go down the ladder for health and H.E.V. Otherwise,
walk across the pipe dead ahead. At the turn, jump onto the double pipes and
when you come to the stone arch jump onto the pipe down on the right. Follow
that around (going parallel to the pipe on the right) At the large chamber jump
onto the lowered pipe and then onto the big one. On the top of the large pipe,
turn the wheel (you'll have to HOLD the use button) and go down the ladder.
Walk across the gap and through the broken mesh. Go down the pipe. LOAD.

Watch your step! Keep walking...walking...woah! Watch for chickens in the new
room and smash some boxes for explosives and ammo. When all is done go down the
hall and over the rubble. LOAD.


Run down the hall and into the rail junction. Rico's roughnecks will be
fighting a big blue bastard so run down the hall on the left (you shouldn't
loose much health) Run down the hall on the right and kill the lighteningainga
that spawns in. Now go down the other hall & hug the left wall to avoid the
fire trap. Carefully approach the balcony and kill whatever is down the bottom
(a few chickens) You now need to get over to the door. Walk across to the
right...ouch. OK, walk over to the ladder & climb up. Smash through the boards
and H.E.V. yourself (there are some shell's over near the console if you go
quickly) SThe security will say:

"Mister! You can get the power on. That train will take you straight to the
surface. I would try it myself bu its a long way down to the generator room and
there are things in the way"

Leave the room and go down the lower hall. Kill some chickens and the
lighteningainga that is around the bend. When you go past the area where the
rubble collapsed, turn around and shoot up at the chicken that is hiding.
Continuing to go down, 2 chickens will jump out near the first aid machine.
Kill them and go down the hall. LOAD.

Go to the doorway on the right. JUST the doorway. When you get the 2
lighteningainga's attention move out of the way and listen to the 2 of them
kill themselves. Go into the now empty room and turn the wheel at the end. Go
up the ladder on the left & turn around. Look up and take out the marine (the
M15's grenade launcher is the best tool to use in this instance) There are more
grenades in the small room off the balcony (don't worry about killing the
upchucker in the crack) Go up the ladder and to the doorway of the command
center. There is a turret in the top left so make quick work of that. A marine
should now come from the other direction so shotgun him before he can do you
any harm. Smash the boxes in this room for some items and then head down the
hall (don't worry about the shakes or groans) LOAD.

When you come towards the end of the hall some explosives will be directly
infront of you. Don't shoot them. Instead, turn right and destroy the faraway
explosive boxes. Now, back off to the corner (near where this area loaded) and
wait for a grunt to come around the corner. When he does, shoot the boxes at
the end. Run down now to where you destroyed the faraway explosives. Turn
around, and shoot the marine dead on the left balcony (magnum is a good weapon)
Go up the 2 slopes and into the room. Shoot some soldiers on the left & retreat
to the corner outside. Wait for some more grunts to come and shoot them dead
when they come around the corner (if they hesitate, entice them with some hand
grenades) When they are all dead go in and smash the boxes down the stairs for
a fair bit of ammo. Once the whole area has been cleaned go to the lift in the
top area. Press the button and go down. Geez this should be fun. A sleeping
sound-hound will be waiting at the bottom. Climb onto the side (be careful of
the mines), wait for the lift to go back up and get the sound-hounds attention
by shooting him (don't kill him) Quickly jump down into the water (in the gap
where the lift arrived) and run as far away as you can (into the water down the
hall) When you make it to a corner crouch. With any luck the sound-hound
detonated the trip mines and you didn't loose any health.

Climb up the ladder and shoot the distant barrel's to kill some more
sound-hounds. Go to the end of the hall and turn left. There will be 3 or 4
more sound-hounds in this chamber so make quick work of them. Down the hall to
the left there is a circular staircase so run all the way to the bottom of that
and equip your shotgun. When you go through the doorway double-blast the zombie
away and continue down (you might want to jump as you run to avoid the leeches)
as you make your way further equip the crowbar. When you reach the hydraulics
smash the boxes to get the machine going. Now go back up the stairs to the
middle level and run all the way to the end. Press the large button on the left
(next to the meter) Turn around and time your way through the sparks. Go back
to the lift where the tripmines were. As you come around the final bend 2
marines will come down the lift. Use your M15 grenade launcher to kill them
both. Get on the lift and go back up.

When you reach the top magnum the grunt that is waiting for you. Another one
will come so use the pillars next to the lift as cover (if you can't see him he
can't shoot you!) Kill him and H.E.V. yourself at the machine down the hall.
Continue down to the balcony on that side and blast the marine that is near the
hall you have to go down to get back. Now go to where you killed him (either
jump off the balcony or go all the way around) and go down the hall. LOAD.

Go back to the toxic waste chamber and down the 2 ladders. Go through the room,
down the hall and past the health machine. LOAD.

A new lighteningainga will be in the hall so kill it. Go back to the room with
the collapsed balcony and climb the ladder. Follow it around and jump the gap
where the walkway fell. Run past the broken gas main and to the doorway where
the big blue bastard is. Get his attention and RUN. Go down the large hall to
the left. If you run he'll have a hard time keeping up. Turn left at the end
and enter the electric chamber. Run to the end, up the small stairs on the
left, and to the end to the console. Pull the lever (he'll probably be in the
area with you now) and turn around. Go down, down the stairs, and enter the
small hallway. Listen to the gleeful explosions. You may have lost some health
and H.E.V. but that doesn't matter as there's enough to keep you going. Run
back to the rail junction and get on the train that is straight ahead. Drive it
forward as far as it will go. Now go back to the room with the injured guard
and pull the large lever on the window sill (use the H.E.V. machine as well)
Climb down and onto the train and drive it forward and through the highway
barriers. LOAD.


This is a big and confusing section ladies and gentlemen. Alot of the places in
this part of the walkthrough are no "quest" areas (you don't have to go there
to progress in the game) but are being included for the sake of completedness.
Also remember ladies and gentlemen that this is section is alot easier if you
don't use the train and just walk along the sides of the tracks.

In any case, take the train to the end and get off. You'll probably need some
health so collect that and listen to the security guard:

"Freeman! I've been waiting for you! One of your scientist pals said to give
you a message. Your supposied to take this old rail system up to some kind of
shuttle delivery rocket. I don't know where it is exactly and the old guy was
so worried about getting out of here alive he didn't tell me. Main thing is the
military aborted the launch. So when you do find the rocket, you'll have to get
up to the control room and launch it yourself. he said something about a lambda
team needing the satelite in orbit if they were ever going to clean up this

Pull the lever next to the guard and get on the train. Drive it onto the lift
and go down (you can kill some mutated mouths for kick's if you want) When you
reach the bottom don't go in the water, its electrified, just drive forward
full speed. LOAD.

Time your way through the electricity and after going around the 3rd bend duck
(electrical wires) Note the sign on the left. You will drive past 2 of these.
If you leave them as-is you'll be doing laps. Leave the first one as something
is blocking the way. Keep going down (kill an upchucker and 2 sound-hounds as
you drive past) When you come to the second sign leave it alone as well and
stop at the station just after the bend that was after the sign. Kill 3
sound-hounds and go down the corridor. LOAD.

Go into the large chamber on the left and kill the upchucker hidden behind the
red pipe. There is a fair bit of ammo here so collect that and go back up the
corridor. At the top of the stairs kill 3 sound-hounds and watch out for an
upchucker that silently spawns into the 'T' section. Kill the chickens and
upchucker in the toxic lake and pull the lever. Across in this area is some
more ammo and explosive charges. Now, go back to the train. LOAD.

Get on the train and do a complete lap until you come around to the second sign
(or just reverse the train) shoot it so your going straight ahead. Drive the
train down and go as slow as you can. After the 'U' bend shoot the mouths that
are hanging onto the track. Slow down and kill the upchucker that is to the
right. Stop the train and jump off to collect some health and ammo. There are 2
batteries here- one in the water and another in the crates opposite. Get on the
train and drive around the next corner. Stop at the platform and shoot the
sound-hound and chicken. Collect some ammo and go up the stairs. Stay to the
left wall and throw a grenade into the gap on the right of the crates (at the
end of the hall) The turret should be destroyed, so smash the boxes and pull
the lever. Go back to the train and ride it back to the first sign. Shoot it,
and go down the new track. LOAD.

This bit is a bit hard. Approach the train quarter-way onto the lift. Use your
M15 launcher to shoot the grenade up and ahead (shoot it into the doorway- the
range should be adequate) There is another on the top right so take care of him
as well (you were in range for the front grunt but not the one on the right, so
you'll need to edge around the corner) Jump off the train and climb the ladder
straight ahead. Collect some ammo and health. Jump back down onto the lift and
drive the train onto it. As the lift ascend's jump onto the elevator raising
next to it. Use the H.E.V when you reach the top and kill 2 chickens. Walk down
the small stair's and kill the grunt that is on the wooden section. Go back to
where you look down onto the the train and jump down onto the control panel of
it (this is the highest surface you can fall onto and you won't loose any

 By now the battle you have heard unfolding should be finished. So when you
reach the tracks abandon the train and walk to just-before the corner at the
end of the tunnel (the sign doesn't work) Peek around the corner and take out
the marine behind the sandbags. Then run over and press 'X' on the turret. The
tool is hard to pick up, but the lighteningainga's are far away and your out of
range of their attacks. So use the infinite-ammo weapon to blast at least one
of them away. When you get bored turn around and go up the stairs. Near the top
there is a grunt that you can blast through the railing and there is another
one in the faraway doorway. Don't bother with the room opposite the stairs- its
got no items except a marine hidden in the corner. Go down the hall. LOAD.

When you go around the corner don't shoot the lighteningainga's. There back's
will be to you and you'll see them fight a bunch of rico's roughnecks. With any
luck all of the marines will be killed and 2 lighteningainga's will be killed
as well. Dispose of the last one and go down the hall (the storage room has
nothing in it) Go around and down the stairs. Listen to the battle unfolding
and when the fighting has stopped grenade the last grunt's on the right. If you
head down the tunnel to the left, with the tripwire, you will end up where you
abandoned the train. So head down the door to the right of the 'SECURE ACCESS'
bulkhead. Climb ontop of the red barrel, then on the shelf, and break open the
grate. Climb down the vent and into the new room. Make your way to the door.

When you go out the door 3 grunts will be to the left. The best tool is the M15
grenade launcher. This should kill a couple of the guards leaving the last one
to be shot (watch out for their own grenades) When their dead and you go down
to the doorway on the right you will hear some lighteningainga's spawn in.
Leave them and go up to the trio of corpses and collect their ammo. Go back to
the doorway and shoot the lighteningainga to the left (use the doorway as
cover) Head down and kill another one to the left. There is another one as well
hidden near the vending machines to the right. When you go in there there is a
health machine hidden behind the boxes (and some chickens) Smash your way into
the boarded up room and kill the lighteingainga that spawns in behind you.
Smash the boxes for some magnum bullets. Now leave this room and go around the
corner. Use the large boxes as cover from the bunker and jump across the
tracks. Walk up to the large red door and back off. Shoot the trip mines from a
safe distance and go in.

The platform below you has a marine (to the left of the doorway) So use the gap
between the rocket and the walkway to shoot him dead. Once you go down the
ladder and into the new tunnel collect some magnum bullets from the side room
and use the H.E.V. unit behind it. Its your decision now whether to use the
train or not- you don't have to use it. If you want you can just walk along the
sides of the tracks. In any case, go to the tunnel, stick to the right side and
crouch under the beams. If you use the train be careful of the beams and crouch
under them as well. Use the corner as cover and kill the upchucker on the left.
Kill the turret on the right, using the corner as cover as well, and then kill
the other turret on the left. Climb the stairs on the right and kill the
upchucker further down. Walk to where you killed it and take out the turret
near the door in the tunnel. Now go to that door and go in. Kill the upchucker
thats dead ahead and the chicken in the corner (there is a mutated mouth in the
corner opposite as well) Collect an armory of ammunition and note the
premonition on the wall next to the door. Go back out and go down the tunnel-
either on the sides of the tracks or on the train. LOAD.

If you run down the tunnel jump from one side to the next, as you make your way
down, to avoid the rockets. Crouching as you make your way down isn't a good
idea because while the rocket can't hit you, it can hit the wall behind you-
and thats just as bad. When you reach the rocket shoot the trip mines behind
the rocket to kill the grunt or, alternatively, just shoot him (he's so
occupied at shooting where you were he doesn't notice you sneak right up on
him) If your on the train, just crouch and let them fly over you. Take it real
slow though because of the trip mines after the launcher. Use the same
technique on the guard when you reach him. Keep going down. Stop the train
before you reach the open area and sneak around the corner. Grenade 4
lighteningainga's. If you decide to use the machines to the left be sure to
watch out for 2 more sneaking up on you. If you don't, go down the hall and
kill these 2 lighteningainga's. Shoot the tripmines behind the boxes and climb
over them. At the top of the stairs go around and blast the marine and the
small-hall away. Wait for the other one to come and blast him as well.

Press the switch in the console in the room and go into the chamber next to the
balcony (don't worry about bringing the old train around- it just goes on the
closer track to a dead end and a booby trap) Take the train on the further
track down the tunnel, or run, and around the 'U' bend. Just before you reach
the open area stop. It is HIGHLY recommended that you just get off the train
and run past the barricade. But if you INSIST on raising it and INSIST on
taking the train all the way go around the corner and watch for the turret on
the right. Use your M15 grenade launcher to blast the marines behind the wooden
boxes (straight ahead and on the left) Don't aim FOR the boxes- aim for above
and behind them. When 2 guards are gone, jump across the line of sight of the
bunker and to the wall opposite the ladder. Climb up and use the boxes as cover
(you'll probably loose some H.E.V. and health- but serves you right for not
just abandoning the train) Walk around to the turret and lob a grenade on the
side of the "window sill" of the bunker. If this doesn't work try and rebound a
grenade onto the wall behind the turret (it may take some practice) When done,
pull the switch next to the bunker and destroy some crates for ammo and health.
Go down the tunnel.

At the end- DO NOT ride the train onto the lift. If you do you'll be ambushed
and loose ALOT of health and ammo. Smash the boxes next to the lift for some
charges. Throw one into the lift and run in. Push the button and reverse
yourself out (so it goes up without you in it) Trigger the charge and listen to
the huge explosion (there is another charge at the bottom on the shaft) Call
the lift back down and go up in it. When you reach the top go down the ladder
and blast the grunt in the back. NOW you can take the train up, or just go up
the ladder. When you reach the top destroy the crates for ammo and go down the
tunnel. Duck under the electricity and shoot out some tripmines before you
reach the corner. LOAD.

Crouch underneath the boxes slowly. Either grenade or shoot the soldiers that
will emerge from some crates in the back right. If your using the train flick
the switch behind them. Go down the tunnel, up the slope and around the corner.
Shoot out the turret on the left in the new conveyor room (its hidden in a
small alchove) There is also another one at the end. When you go down the next
tunnel, whether your on the train or on foot, repeat the previous process for
dodging the rockets. Kill the grunt and go down the tunnel. Shoot the sign and,
after going around the bend, stop the train & go down the ladder on the right.

In this area there are 2 ways to deal with this. The first strategy is to jump
down and avoid the tripwire. Go into the side room and blast away the 2
zombies. Shoot the tripmines from a safe distance and go down the hall. Another
way is to jump down and set off the trip laser. The turrets will activate and
take out the 2 zombies for you. You'll need to jump down and run into the small
room and take out the turrets from there. Stay in the line of sight of the just
one and crouch. Spring up ever-so quickly and lock onto it. Its now just a
matter of quickly perking up and taking it out. You'll need to repeat this on
the other turret. Go down the hall and use the boxes as cover. You'll need to
grenade the soldier behind the sandbags first because he can grenade you as
well. When that has been done, run down to the large box on the right. Use that
as cover. Jump over to the sandbags on the left then. Use that as cover.
Finally, jump across to the command room. Your safe. Collect some health and go
up the hall:

"Sssooo...who is this Freeman guy?"

"They say he was at ground-zero"

"Science team? You think he was responsible? Sabotage?"

"Maybe...all I know is that he's been killing my buddies"

"Oh yeah...he will pay...he will definitly pay"

Introduce yourself to the representatives of the U.S. government by grenading
both of them into thin air. When you go down the stairs, turn left and run to
the very end. At the large door there is a camo net erected in the canyon wall
(it is on the outer wall near the top) Use your M15 grenade to kill the
occupants (or you'll be ambushed later) Now go to the red bulkhead in the
middle. Open the door and go in. LOAD.

Stick to the right wall and launch a grenade towards the sandbags near the
building. The grunts are tough here so take care of them with your magnum
(unless your a first-person shooter god don't bother trying to kill them with
the turret to the left) When the guards are dead go into the door and down the
hall. Push the barrel on the right against a sloped surface, climb onto the
barrel, and climb onto the stairs (past the trip lasers obviously) When you
enter the room, throw a grenade around the corner. The 2 guards should be dead.
Avoid the room on the right (unless you need health) and walk into the launch
room. Press the big button. After the "ooh" and "aah"ing is complete leave the
launch compound and go back through the double doors to where you heard the 2
guards talking. LOAD.

Enter the new room on the left and go down the ladder. Collect a heap of
goodies and get on the train. Go down the tunnel at the slowest speed (trust


 As you slowly make your way down the tunnel turn around and walk off the
train. Don't let it crush you if you stay close to it when it goes around the
corner  Stay behind it as it makes its way down the tunnel and move into the
large area when it suddenly speeds up. Move into the large area behind where
the train crushed the trio of marines. Go around to the left and fall through
the gap onto the next level below. Jump into the water and swim down the hall
that is opposite the wall that separates the 2 sides. LOAD.

When you swim down the hall you can stop in the room on the right for breath.
Otherwise, go past the cave in, under the girder and into the hall with the
windows. Around to the right there is a grate in the floor (next to the window)
that goes absolutely nowhere. So go around to the left and up the next hall
(its opposite the door) When you surface go down the hall and into the large
metallic chamber. DO NOT go in the water (the dying scientist should entice you
not to) Walk around the perimeter killing the mouths as you go. Around the
other side go up the ladder and speak to the scientist:

"Did you see it? They said it was hauled from the challenger deep...but I'm
positive that beast never swam in terrestrial waters until a week ago. Theres a
tranquilizer gun in the shark cage but I'm afraid it might not work on that
species. Your welcome to try"

Turn around and health & H.E.V. yourself (if you so desire) and walk out onto
the crane. Look down onto the cage and fall into it. When it falls into the
water, get a lock onto the goberfish as quick as you can and either tranquilize
him or use your handgun (if you use the latter, you'll be at around 20% health
when its dead- and thats if you use secondary fire!) When its dead quickly
surface and get yourself some much needed air. Go back down and find yourself a
iron-bar door. Turn the wheel next to it (you'll need to hold it down) and,
when you have enough room, go through. After you surface go up some stairs,
around the bend, and up some more stairs. When you come to the door throw some
kind of explosive in and wait for it to go off (from behind the door) This will
cause a chain reaction that will kill most of the mutated mouths, destroy the
other explosives, and spawn in 2 lighteningainga's. Kill the one that is in
front of you, in the middle of the platform, from the relative safety of the
doorway. When you walk in kill the remaining mouths and the last
lighteningainga that is below you (underneath the platform)

Going down the red hall and into *gasp* *shock* *horror* another metallic
chamber with water and goberfish! Walk into the right corner and jump the gap.
Turn left and look at the metallic walkway. See where it is slightly sloped?
This will collapse when you walk over it. Equip your shotgun, jump over this
section, and blast the lighteningainga that will spawn in directly infront of
you. Turn left and run to jump over the gap in the water (land on the
foundation that protrude's out from the platform- it is tricky, but the only
way) Should you land in the water there is nothing in the abyss (except some
pipes) but there is a ladder that is on the wall parallel to the back platform.
Jump through the gap in the wire mesh fence (in front of the 'generator room'
sign) After you've swum down the hall kill the 2 upchuckers when you surface
and head down the hall that is opposite where you came up. After climbing the
ladder, press the button on the far left of the console. Then head down the
hall opposite the ladder. The side room has a fair few items so pick them up
(don't forget the all-too-important ritual of smashing the boxes) Go down the
hall and collect some darts next to the water.

Now go back to where you pressed the switch. Next to it is a gap in the
railing- jump across onto the piston when it is below the level of the platform
you are on. Jump onto the next piston and then, when it is up enough, jump onto
the small balcony on the right to collect some charges. From here you can take
care of the chicken that has spawned in where your destination is. Jump back
onto the piston and onto the last one. From there, jump onto the balcony where
you killed the chicken. Turn right and go to the end. Now, turn around and walk
down the hall backwards. When the upchucker spawns in blast it away. Go down
the hall. LOAD.

Don't go past the doorway- kill the chicken that slowly approaches from between
the 2 large computer terminals. Don't go in- just turn right (so your facing
the wall before the doorway) and slide in to kill the lighteningainga
convieniently hidden in the corner. There are 2 or 3 more lighteningainga's in
the back of this room so throw a grenade in to kill a couple and finish the
last one off with bullets (if you H.E.V. yourself watch out for a chicken
hidden between a terminal and the wall) Once your done, enter the room with the

"Gordon Freeman it is you isn't it? The science team has been tracking your
progress with the Black mesa security system. Unfortunatly, so has the
military. That suit of your is full of tracking devices. Still, it is better
than going naked in this place. Its cold in there and you'll have to hurry. It
could sap your suit power in a matter of moments. If your bent on reaching the
Lambda complex you'll want to keep to the older industrial area where the
security system is full of holes. Its worked for me so far"

Here are some things to note for this section. Equip your magnum- this will
kill the enemies the quickest and from a safe distance. Secondly, do NOT pause
the game. You will continue to loose H.E.V if you do. Thirdly, you should only
need to kill 3 lighteningainga's. Ignore the chickens. Now that thats out of
the way, walk over to the door and press the button. When your in, stick to the
wall on the right and kill the faraway lighteningainga. Run down to where he
was and turn left- kill the next lighteningainga in the small hall. Run past
where he died and turn left. Run down the middle, between the large columns,
and kill another lighteningainga on your way down. Run to the end and down the
ladder to the left. Once your at the bottom jump off the platform and run down
the hall straight ahead. When your at the end turn left and shoot some
lighteningainga's that are alternating positions. When your down the middle be
careful- 2 lighteningainga's will spawn in behind you. When all 4 in the hall
are dead (the 2 there originally and the 2 that spawned in) Destroy the boxes
for some supplies and go up the lift at the end. When you reach the top your
welcomed by a guard:

"Freeman right? I got a message for you. Make your you don't---aargghh!"

Strange. Equip your magnum again. Walk forward warily. Your probably feeling
very edgy now...very...very edgy...BOO!! HAHAHA! There is no definite strategy
for this area as the cat burgulars are very unpredictable. There should be one
in the hall that curves around to the right so kill her. The cat burgulars will
never get up close and personal so the magnum is the best weapon to use against
them. Keep moving and get a lock onto them whenever you can (there is a room in
the hall, next to where you came up in the lift, that has many an ammo and
health) There should be 3 cat burgulars in this area. When they are all dead go
up to the top platform and pull the large lever. Now go back down and through
either of the large doors. When you go in go to the middle of the hall and go
into the room with the first aid machine. BLACK. *THUD* *THUD* *THUD* "I see
it...alright we go 'im"

You'll regain consciousness for a second to see yourself being gingerly
escorted by 2 marines down a hall.

"Where are we taking this Freeman guy?"

"Topside for questionin'"

"What the hell for? We got 'im! Let's kill him now!"

"Eerr...and if they find the body?"

"Body? What body? HAHAHA!"


When you wake up run forward as far as you can and do a 180. There is an
elevation of boxes on your left that you can climb up on. Climb up and forward
on these until you reach the top ledge (Take your time and don't panic- if this
was hard I wouldn't have been able to get it first go with my un-developed fine
motor skills!) When you reach the concrete ledge wait for the 2 "walls" to meet
and walk across to the ledge on the other side. Collect the crowbar there and
go down the far wall with the ladder. At the bottom, smash the grate and fall
down. LOAD.


As soon as you slide out into the water turn right and go down the cavern
(there is nothing to collect in this area) When you reach the open area stay to
the right cliff face and run past all the chickens that will spawn in. Run
around to the ladder that is on the silo and climb  up it onto the rim of the
large column. When your on the rim jump onto the large ledge that is on the
right. Run down this ledge to the body of the guard to collect 2 clips. See
that section of water below? Jump down into that to break your fall. Climb out
of the water and dodge the chickens. Run to the wheel on the right side of the
silo and turn it all the way. Then climb up the ladder and fall straight down
(don't hesitate) When the platform reaches the bottom go through the only
opening there is. LOAD.

Around the right bend smash the grate and walk on through. Follow the guard,
after he kills the 2 chickens, and collect his gun from where the mouth caught
him (However, when you get the gun shoot the mouth that will inevidibly catch
you) Further on is nothing except some stairs, chickens and a H.E.V. machine so
go back to the grate you emerged from, turn left and ascend the ladder into the
toxic waste "tub". Jump onto the rock that is straight ahead, then onto the one
that is left-ahead (NOT direct left) and, finally, from that position jump into
the vent (don't forget- if you overstep your jump you can stop moving mid-air
by moving backwards mid-flight) If you land ontop of the pipe, and not in the
pipe itself, then slowly, very slowly, edge your way onto the bottom section
(it protrudes out a little bit more than the top)

Go down the pipe, turn right, and emerge at a new obstacle. When the piston
directly ahead is emerging, out of the goo, jump onto it. From there jump onto
the next one straight in front (it is lowering) And then go straight for the
pipe. (If you need H.E.V. there is a unit in the stairwell to the left, on
ground level, of where you did the first jump) When your past the pistons
you'll be in a smal section with 2 pipes running parallel to each other. Walk
along the right pip--HHHHMMMMM. OK, go back up the ladder and walk along the
left pipe as far as you can. From there, jump onto the right pipe. In the new
goo-land, jump onto the middle of the first stirrer. Face the vent straight
ahead. When the stirrer's are JUST ABOUT to line up, run forward and jump the
gap (in the time it takes to run to the end the 2 stirrers will line up) From
the last stirrer jump into the vent and go down the pipe. LOAD.

When you emerge into the conveyor room, jump onto the middle conveyor and jump
off that. Smash the boxes for some [useless] ammo and then jump back onto the
center conveyor. When you land in the water get out as quick as you can and
head down the tunnel opposite the fan. Jump back into the water and surface
just before the grinder. Go left or right and jump back in, down and through 2
doorways and around to the left. Take a breath, stay under the water to avoid
fire damage, and go under the grinder (there is plenty of room- if you crouch!)
Continue to swim and ignore the small alchove on the right. Keep going and,
when you surface, climb the ledge on the right. Go into the room and kill the
upchucker, collect a magnum and other stuff. Head down the other way to the 3
lever's and make them all pushed upwards (I originally thought it was a
puzzle...until I realised they controlled the direction the 3 conveyors went!)
Then go back to the room and press the button that is smack-bang in the middle
(on the window sill) Make sure when you press it the pistons on the middle
conveyor are atleast somewhat up. When the button has been pressed climb onto
the window sill, get into the water, and swim to the conveyor. Jump onto it,
crouch, and go underneath all of the pistons (move forward if you want to get
through quicker) Let the conveyor do the work for you and go around the bend.

When you fall down onto the next conveyor don't bother checking underneath-
there is nothing there. Instead, head down towards the hydraulics. When they
emerge, move forward against them as they move sideways, when they spring back
you should go straight past. Repeat this twice and go around the corner. For
the potatoe mashes, wait for them to ascend, THEN move under them. Wow. This
area should be fun. Before you reach the vat jump onto the conveyor on the
right. Ride this down and repeat that process at the end. Quickly duck under
the small hall and at the end jump onto the next conveyor. Follow it down,
around to the right on the 'L' bend and run through the furnace. Drop, once
again, onto the conveyor on the right. Do this, yet again, at the end and then
drop onto the first conveyor when you reach the pair (its the one going left)

The rolling pins aren't hard- just jump onto the left conveyor, then the one on
the right (be careful not to overjump) When you reach the end it doesn't matter
what side you take. Jump ontop of the "munching" doors or the sloped surfaces
around the edge (don't try and fall straight through- you'll either be munched
or, even if you do, you'll loose a fair bit of health) When your in the
chamber, watch for chickens, and fall through the "munches" when you get the
chance. From the conveyor run forward and launch yourself onto the platform
ahead. Watch for tongues and go up the ladder. Turn the wheel next to the door
(all the way) and go down the red hall. LOAD.



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