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============================================== Hitman Codename 47 ver 1.5 
============================================road gog. Email- [email protected] 
This faq/walkthrough is created solely on self-interest. And also i like the way 
this is game is made. So therefore i own this document and nobody may reproduced 
this document for any monetary gains. This walkthrough is not to be altered, 
translated and is only for the reading pleasure of those gamers using this 
walkthrough. This includes being incorporated, reprinted, or otherwise used by 
magazines, books, guides, etc., in ANY way. It is only for private and personal use. 
You may not edit or change any of it's content and claim it is yours. If i find out, 
you will get it. For those who may want to post this faq on some websites, may do so 
after dropping me an email about it. Note: that this faq is solely for personal 
usage. Thanks for all that. All contents copyright 2001- Acid Wolf ------------------
------------------------------------------------------ ======================== 
TABLE OF CONTENTS ======================== Brief introduction Controls Display Hints 
Tricks of the trade Walkthrough Fun ways of play Weapons + Price Equipment + Prices 
Special Weapons That Kills Cheats Thanks!!! ================== BRIEF INTRODUCTION 
================== Try to bare with me on this one. If you encounter any mistakes or 
spelling error, tell me pls. I'll try to amend it. This is a great game to play as a 
professional killer or hitman for short. You will play a hitman named Tobias Rieper 
whose ID is unknown??? Did i say hitman, yes, you will be able to do assassination 
type of kill. And John Woo's style shooting that you saw in the theaters. An you 
know that the best part is to do it in style and with no one's detection. The 
graphics is great and so is the sounds. This game sure is a killer as it uses motion 
capture. Therefore the inverse kinematics (different dead poses, power of the shot 
both near and far) is truely astounding. For example if you snipe a guard at the 
tower, you will have him 'flying in different directions' depending on where you 
snipe him, he will 'fly' with different postions and even throw his weapon away. The 
AI of this game is not bad as if you shot a fellow guard and was being seen by other 
guards, all of them will start shooting at you. And if you make too much sound(from 
gun shots) the guards will also be alerted. If you were found with a dead body(no 
one saw you kill him), other guards that happen to bump in you after the kill may or 
may not kill you depends on the type of guards(gangsters is different from a 
terrorists). Do not draw attention to yourself by drawing your weapons. This will 
also triggered the guards alarm. One more thing is that i am not sure if you were 
shot by an enemy, you will have bullets holes in you. And if you have kept your 
weapons and walking past other guards(you are still in the same uniform), will you 
be spotted as the killer??? Pls email me if you have the answer. --------------------
---------------------------------------------------- ============ CONTROLS 
============ Basically the general guide for controls is included in the game 
in .pdf format. This means that you will need Acrobat Reader to read it. You can 
also configure your own set of keys. For me, i use the numpad + the mouse. A small 
tip for you guys is try to set your normal turn left, right keys into strafe left 
and right. You may wonder how to turn. Using the mouse to turn is much faster than 
using the keys. Trust me on this one. During the game, you may have just kill 
someone and preparing to take his items. Use the action key to pickup items. Note 
that generally, our hitman will change clothes first(after hitting the action key) 
if your initial action is to drag the body. This in turn sometimes means life and 
dead as you do not want to change your clothes when a guard is about to turn into 
the corner, do you? And besides after disposing of the body leaving a set of clothes 
at the scene of crime is somehow very un- professional. In this case, you need right 
click your mouse when near and you will be presented with 2 options of either change 
clothes or drag. Use the 2 keys when choosing weapons to chose the want you like and 
left click. All this sounds confusing but after a few tries, you'll get the hang of 
it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 
=========== DISPLAY =========== The display of hitman code 47 is very easy to 
understand. At the top left is your Life gauge which shows the % of your life. It 
will also display the gauge for bullet-proof vest show you have it. Same applies to 
compass. Now for the top right. It shows the weapon that you have chosen or you 
weren't carry any. And by pressing the weapons selecting keys, addition green bars 
appears to te right of it. This shows the weapons and items hitman is carrying 
currently. Note that knives, wires and other non ammo items are found at the bottom 
whereas the ammo weapons are found on top. They are separated by a empty space. Now 
for the more important one. It is the warning box found just to the right of the 
life gauge. This box changes color due to the different situation you are in. Green 
are shown when you are about to pickup an item or weapon(their names are shown in 
the box). Blue ones means that an action is being done by the computer and red box 
means that the guards are being alerted and you are either on the verge of being 
discover or has been discovered. ----------------------------------------------------
-------------------- ========= HINTS ========= --Nobody's perfect so play the 
scenario once to get the hang. --Pickup any weapons, ammos, vests and other items 
you came across. --This one for the one's above. Try not to take every items as some 
are found at highly guarded place. --Do not share your enjoyment of carrying a 
weapon with others(don't take it out when needed). Same for after picking up a 
weapon. --Rifles to bigger weapons cannot be hide under the coat so carry 
discreetly. --For the one above, check whether the weapon you pickup can be kept 
under wraps by pressing the 'empty hands' key. Check if hitman keeps or throws away 
the weapon. --Wire is for the feel of being a hitman and knife is for the feel of 
being a killer(swift). --Always sneak behind when approaching a unknowing target. Do 
not hold your left mouse button with a piano wire in your hands(when going for the 
kill). It makes a zinc sound that will give you away. Same for knife. --Make sure 
nobody will run into your little throat slitting operation. --For the one above. 
Either setup your inventory to the weapon you want to use then crept close to target 
and tap your left mouse fast to initiate the kill. Or you may draw out the weapon of 
choice before moving in to the kill. --Bring a silenced weapon when given the 
chance. --Try to kill with minimal sounds so as not to alert the guards. You are a 
professional hitman. Not Rambo! Need not takeout every guards. --Try not to kill 
civilians as they will be deducted as money out of your salary. Same for cops. --
Watch patrolling guards to gain knowledge of their paths. --Use your map offen so as 
not to get lost. You can trust most of the maps. --Need not hide every corpse if not 
given time to do so. Instead just try not to be at the scene of crime. So as not to 
raise any alarm. --Should you know that you need to restart the game, try to explore 
the place further so as to know the number & placing of guards. This is ensure that 
you know something further up in the game so as to take the required precaution and 
proceed faster in the game the next time you restart. --Go for one shot one kill 
rule so as not to waste ammo & time(for the next kill or escape). Aim for the neck 
onwards and up. --Never touched the dead when there are guards nearby(means they did 
not know that you are the killer and assumed that you are one of them). This will 
aroused their suspicion. ------------------------------------------------------------
------------ ==================== TRICKS OF THE TRADE ==================== ----------
---------- How to carry 2 guns -------------------- There are 2 ways of doing it pls 
take your time. Drop a gun you want to carry in either one of your hand. Then equip 
yourself with the other gun. Now pick up the gun on the floor and presto! 2 equipped 
guns. Note that hitman will only pick up the gun on the floor with his free hand
(means hand with no guns). Should you have both hands full and you pickup another 
gun, hitman will keep the right hand weapon and then pick up using his right hand. 
Can also carry syringe or knife with guns. Just assume that you now have no weapons 
in your hands. Bring up your weapons menu then press the L-Ctrl key on your keyboard 
and select your first weapon. With the L-Ctrl key still held down, select your 
second weapon on your weapon menu. Now you have 2 weapons in your hands. All the 
guns mention above are one handed weapon only. You cannot do this with 2 handed 
weapons and UZI or MP5 w/wo SD. ---------------------------------- How to use the 
minigun effectively ---------------------------------- Tap or click the fire button 
once to spin the barrel. The next time you hit the fire button, ammos will fly. This 
is used to cut down on the lag time(time between spinning the barrel and firing). ---
----------------------------------------- How to sneak and kill an enemy w/o 
knowledge -------------------------------------------- Hit sneak mode then creep up 
on the enemy and then open up the inventory. Choose the knife or wire then click 
firing button a few times. This will make hitman take out then go for the kill 
without much noise. Enemy will sound out if this method is used standing up. Due to 
the sneak mode, you can draw your weapon until the last minute. ---------------------
--------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------
--------------------------------------- =============== WALKTHROUGH =============== 
You will start each mission with a short briefing on the story and what you must 
accomplished. Then a overall map of that stage will be shown. Make use of the 
magnify glass icon and the hand icon to navigate the map. The green blinking circle 
means the starting position of our Mr. Tobias Reiper. For the blue one is the escape 
route. It simply means that you need to escape to this place after you have 
completed the mission inorder to clear this mission. Next you will come into the 
most crucial part of pre-mission screen. That is the weapons screen. You will need 
to buy the required equipment for that stage. (Hint: if you are going for 
assassination, go for conceal weapons instead of big guns). You wouldn't want to let 
your target knows that you are there wouldn't you? Next, throughout the game, i 
would recommend using the knife instead of the wire. But you can do otherwise. For 
all the missions, I choose recommended equipment but you can bring other weapons if 
you like as that weapon does interfere with the objectives. Eg. Budapest mission. ---
------------ TRAINING --------------- This is a pretty easy one. You will wake up in 
a cell and is being treated to a voice. Looks like someone let you out on purpose. 
Move through the rooms and follows the instructions given by our saviour. That's 
include moving on between rooms, picking up weapons and do a little target practice 
with those weapons. There are scoreboards nearby to note your score(not that 
important). Should you decided to move up the elevator and by pressing the action 
key and nothing happens, then you should right click near the elevator switch to 
bring up the small command panel in front of the screen. Choose the appropriate 
floor and left click to activate it. When you have reached the end(just went up from 
the elevator), with trolley and boxes infront of you and your only way is to take 
the right way, pause and checkout the man in blue there. You have to take him out. 
Shoot or gallotine him and take his clothes. Go through the door at the end. You 
should see an other blue uniform guard getting up from his desk and open the gate 
for you. If you did not take the previous guard clothes, this guard will not open 
the gate for you. Instead he will shoot you. Now move through and go till the end to 
a cut scene. OK! You may kill that second guard. Hey what are bullets for??? Anyway 
what ever weapons you have now will not be brought to the next stage. So fill him up 
WITH LEADS!!! -----------------------------------------------------------------------
- \\\\\\\\\\\\\ HONG KONG \\\\\\\\\\\\\ For this mission, comprised of several small 
missions. With all of them being pieces up to a big scenario of eliminating the Hong 
Kong triad boss. I personally like this Hong Kong mission best. It comprises the 
true element of being a professional. Our Tobias Reiper akas Hitman works 
for 'MERCES LETIFER' also known as 'The Agency'. He always get his missions from 
Diana Burnwood known as the 'Controller'. Our Hitman will start this mission with 
$11,450 use it wisely. The starting brief already tells us that the main mission is 
to take out Lee Hong the triad leader but due to his influence in Hong Kong, even if 
you take him out in the first mission, you will not get of Hong Kong alive. So 
therefore all this little missions came in place to relieved Mr. Lee Hong of 
his 'influence'. ------------------------------- KOWLOON TRIADS IN GANG WAR ---------
---------------------- Objectives: Eliminate Red Dragon Negotiator Escape to 
Rendezvous Point Money: $13,000 Recommended Equipment: Blaser Jagdwaffen R93 Sniper 
(without additional sniper ammo) Notes: In this mission, do not waste your money to 
buy other stuff. You will only need your sniper rifle given to you at the start + 1 
bullet. You only need for one kill. Our hitman will start near his escape car. You 
will need to escape here after you have completed the mission of taking out the Red 
Dragon Negotiator(check the map for that blue blinking circle). You will see that 
you are facing blocks of buildings. Move to the left only to find an empty plot of 
land with a dumpster. Go through the alleyway to reach the other side. Cross the 
street and move straight with the Chiu Dai Park to your right. When you reach the 
intersection, turn right and look out for a construction elevator just by the side 
of the second building to your left. Take it all the way up. Now you are at the 
North side of the garden. It is from here that you will get a clear shot at the 
target. Take out the sniper rifle from the case(just press the inventory select keys 
to bring that up, choose the case and left click, voila!!! You get a scene of our 
hitman taking out the rifle). By now, you should have seen cut scene of a limo 
arriving with the Blue Negotiator. Wait for another cut scene of another limo with 
the Red Negotiator(your target) to arrive. Fire your sniper rifle to bring up your 
scope. Aim your scope towards the center of the Chiu Dai Park to see the back of the 
buddha scupture. From that position, you will see both the Blue & Red Negotiators(if 
not, wait for them to stand there). Just take aim of the shot at the one on your left
(one with a headband). Make sure you bang him down with one shot! Cause if you miss, 
they will be alerted an escape. Some might asked why the building at the northside 
and not the west & east side building? Well the reason is that from that angle, you 
need to be in a very precise angle inorder to shoot the Red Dragon Negotiator cause 
you vision will be blocked by the big hanging lanterns. Once you've kill the target, 
either keep the rifle back in the case or drop it. Do either one fast cause a moment 
later, you get a helicopter with a gunman on it looking for the sniper. Make your 
way to the elevator and get out of that place. Remember do not carry the rifle w/o 
the case in your hands when you escape(try it and you'll know why). Now you can walk 
or run all the way back to the rendezvous point(your escape car). Cause now the 
gangsters are looking for an unknown assailant. Congratulations!!! You have clear 
your 1st mission. If you feel that you need to see the interior of the Chiu Dai 
Park , run into the Chiu Dai Park when you first start this mission(before both 
limos arrive). ---------------------- Alternate Way of Kill ---------------------- 
Purchase only the hardballer handgun + 7 bullets(more bullets if you think you will 
need them). At the start, run into the Chiu Dai Park only to find that nobody's 
home. Wait behind the buddha scupture at the center. After the first limo has 
arrived, you will be asked by the guards to leave the Chiu Dai Park. Wait a little 
longer for the second limo to arrive(the guards will only shoot when you are near 
the Red Negotiator). Setup your inventory choosing the handgun. But do not draw out 
yet. Wait for the Red Negotiator to walk down through the doorway and down the stairs
(purpose is to draw him further from the limo so as to gain time for the kill). Once 
he has gained a distance, left click your mouse to draw your weapon and pump the Red 
Negotiator full of lead. After he is down and before the nearby guards know what has 
happen, run like hell to the rendezvous point as fast as you can. By now the guards 
+ the helicopter gunman are looking for you. By using this way, although it is more 
risky and unprofessional of you, you get the job done with the minimal use of your 
cash. And you get a taste of John Woo's style action, hooray!!! ---------------------
------------- AMBUSH AT THE WANG FOU RESTAURANT ---------------------------------- 
Objectives: Eliminate Blue Lotus Emissary Eliminate All Blue Lotus Triad Members 
Return to Rendezvous Point Money: $12,000 Recommended Equipment: Oyabun Knife, Car 
Bomb w/Remote Detonator Note: need not waste money on other equipment unless you 
like the pleasure of taking out those gangster with your pistols. For this mission, 
timing is very important. First you start at the far south of the map. Your purpose 
is to move to somewhere near the buildings infront of Wang Fou Restaurant. Now wait 
for a cut scene to show the arrival of the Blue Lotus Emissary. After that, note 
that there is only one guard near the limo plus the driver. The guard will let no 
one near the limo. And if you take out the bomb now and place it in the limo, all 
the guards will attack you. If you think you can take out the guard guarding the 
limo first, think again. Killing him plus the driver now will have the Red Dragon 
guards guarding the restaurant plus nearby guards attacking you. Now take particular 
note of the driver's movement cause he will leave the limo. He will move in between 
the buildings to somewhere near the sewer opening(it is noted on your map as a man 
falling through a hole). Follow him and wait behind him at a distance preferably 
against the wall. Wait for a civilian to walk past you. After the civilian has no 
idea of what is going to happen here, sneak up the peeing driver and draw out your 
Oyabun knife to slash his throat. After the driver is down, drag his body down into 
the sewer. Exchange clothes with him. Now you are the new driver. Go back to the 
limo to place the car bomb. Remember to keep your weapon! After placing the bomb, 
you will get a notice that the Blue Lotus Emissary is leaving. Looks like the 
meeting is a success. Well not for long, move your ass out of there to the starting 
point but not too near your escape car. If you are there(near the limo) when the 
Emissary boarded the car, then the guard will suspects that you are a fake!!! Thus 
exposing you. If you are not at the limo, the guard will be tired of waiting and 
personally drive the limo. Now move to the bottom right of the map. Stay a resonable 
distance as there are 4 Blue Lotus guards at the end guarding the street. Now take 
out your little box of devastation akas the remote and wait for the limo to turn 
right into that corner(near those 4 guards). Before pressing that little red button. 
Now see the boom and the passengers + the 4 guards goes up in smoke(if you do it 
right). And they'll never know what hit them. Walk back to your escape car to clear 
that mission. You can also bring additional weapon along to finish up those who did 
not killed in the blast. Note that there is a Blaser Jagdwaffen R93 Sniper + 1 clip 
found at the small alleyway(between to buildings) to the far left of the map. You 
can use this sniper rifle to snipe those did not bomb blast. A word of precaution, 
walking civilians will alert the guards should you carry it around. -----------------
---------------------------- THE MASSACRE AT CHEUNG CHAU FISH RESTAURANT ------------
--------------------------------- Objectives: Eliminate The Red Dragon Negotiator 
Hide the Body of The Red Dragon Negotiator Eliminate The Chief Of Police Place a Red 
Dragon Amulet Inside the Restaurant Escape to the Rendezvous Point Money: $15,000 
Recommended Equipment: Oyabun Knife, Beretta 92 Silenced Note: this is a classic 
shoot out of raiding the restaurant. There are a number of cops in this area. 
Remember that you are not allow to kill them so try to keep your methods of kill out 
of their sight. You will start at the far left of the map. This map is relatively 
easy. Your target is to kill the Red Dragon Negotiator first and disguised as him 
and drop the red amulet found on him at the meeting place. Then finish up the rest. 
Open your map and you'll see that there is a building with it's stairs facing the 
southwest found at the middle of the map(at the intersection). That is the Cheung 
Chau Fish Restaurant(meeting place). First go to the meeting place and talk to the 
bartender. He will give you the key to the toilet. Open up the toilet go in and 
dropped your Beretta 92(silenced). Why? You asked. You'll see later. After dropping 
your weapon, head out of the restaurant and to the northeast of the map. By about 
now you will be inform that the targets have arrived. Once you reached there, you 
should see a man walking towards you(assuming you head north after exiting the 
restaurant). He is wearing the Red Dragon clothes. Note that there is a cop walking 
towards the Red Dragon Negotiator heading his direction of entry(do not borther 
about him). There is also a civilian walking towards you but he will turn shortly 
into the alletway. After the civilian has turn into the alleyway, sneak up to the 
target and take him out. Make sure you take him out before he turn into the 
alternate street towards the restaurant. Cause there is a cop walking towards you at 
that direction and another one on the same street from the west side. After killing 
your target, do not take his item and clothes first but quickly drag his body 
towards the sewer at the far north of the map(indicated as a man falling through the 
hole). Hint: kill the Red Dragon Negotiator near the sewer hole for quick access. 
It's just that you would not want the cop walking towards you from the alternating 
street to know what you have done, would you? Once the body + you are in the sewer, 
plunder his amulet and clothes. Remember to put away your weapon. Now to the meeting 
place. I suggest that you equip yourself with the amulet first. You will be asked to 
hand over all your weapons at the entrance of the restaurant. Now who asked why you 
need to drop your Beretta 92(silenced) weapon in the toilet in the first place? OK, 
move into the restaurant and dropped the amulet that you are carrying then move to 
the toilet for your cavalry(Beretta 92(silenced)). Should you dawdle to long, you 
will be exposed as the fake negotiator. Thus getting yourself in a tight spot 
without a weapon. Once you have your weapon in hand, you should stand near the door 
and once you open up the door, start shooting at the chief. You should know his 
seating arrangement. After he is down, turn and finish off the bartender(he will 
draw his weapon once there is happening). Do not worry shoot the Blue Lotus 
Negotiator let him escape. Now you have almost finished your mission objectives. Now 
to make your escape. Run all the way back to your car and you'll clear this 
mission. ----------------------------------------------- Alternate Way of not 
bringing the Oyabun Knife ----------------------------------------------- There is 
one additional weapon to found in this mission and that is the kitchen knife. Found 
in the kitchen next to the toilet at the fish restaurant. You can not keep the 
weapon though, cause once you keep, it is lost. GAME BUGS??? And you can't carry it 
in your hands, suspicous civilian anyone??? Once you take it, the chef will run out 
of the restaurant. So take him out with your Beretta 92(silenced). Then back to the 
toilet to drop your weapon. Back to the kitchen for the kitchen knife. Exit the back 
door. Once you are out of the restaurant, turn in your left to the alleyway to the 
side of the restaurant. There will be a cop patrolling here. Follow him and make 
sure he did not see you. After a distance, the cop will turn into the street where 
the Red Dragon Negotiator will walk. Hide your ass near the sewer hole at the north. 
Make sure keep yourself from being seen with a kitchen knife by others. Side peek to 
make sure that the civilian is out of the street. Move behind the sewer cover and 
wait for the Red Dragon Negotiator to appear. You must be in sneak mode and run 
behind the target and with one fast slash, your target is down. Now is not the time 
to hang around. Note of the 2 cops walking towards your direction. Quickly drag the 
body to the sewer hole make sure the body is in the hole. Plunder him and resume the 
mission. For the part on top where you you take out the target, you will received a 
message that a dead chef is found. Note that due to that, the meeting is still on. 
GAME BUGS AGAIN??? For all this, you decided to be soft and let the chef off(not 
killing him), later after following the cop, you will be inform that there is a 
suspicious civilian and then the meeting is off. Well then don't be soft when you 
want to save that $65 on Oyabun Knife. ------------------------------- THE LEE HONG 
ASSASSINATION ------------------------------- Objectives: Find Safe Combination Find 
Safe Location Deliver Jade Figure to Herbal Shop Eliminate Lee Hong Captured Agent 
Must Survive Escape to Rendezvous Point Money: $15,000 Recommended Equipment: Oyabun 
Knife, Beretta 92 Silenced Note: this mission is the ultimate mission that shed some 
light as to why you are doing those previous stages. The purpose is to weaken other 
triads ties with Mr. Lee Hong so that what you are about to do next will not be 
hinder by them. And there will not have backup for Mr. Lee Hong, Horray!? I suggest 
that you saved the Agent first so as to gain the knowledge on the location of the 
Jade Figure. Then do the brothel part. Patience my friend, you'll get to meet the 
chick. One more hint, guards in suits should not be in the basement and if they do, 
they will be shot. You will notice that you started this mission at the same stage 
as the stage in the 'Ambush At the Wang Fou Restaurant'. In the previous stage, you 
are not allow to enter the restaurant. But now you can and that's the difference. 
The R93 sniper rifle at the far left alleyway in the previous stage has been removed 
for this stage. All you need to do now is not to draw your weapon and head towards 
the Wang Fou restaurant. Once you entered the restaurant, you are greeted by a set 
of picture screen infront of you. To the left of this main hall, is 2 seperate set 
of stairs which leads to the V.I.P area. For your right, is a double door guarded. 
It leads to the area where the stairs to the brothel area(2nd floor) can be found. 
Now move straight north to a set of double doors that leads to the bar. You will see 
that there is a female guard patrolling between this main hall and the bar. Take 
note of her path. Before you enter the bar, see that guard standing with door to the 
storeroom behind him. They are to the right side of the double doors to the bar. Go 
on into the storeroom. Wait or close the door after you. Draw your knife or wire and 
run towards the door and press left click(killing the man). You must hit the door 
before you left click and then you will see that the guard outside will be 
teleported in the storeroom with you killing him. Drag him away the door should part 
of his body protruded outside. This is a bug that i have found to kill this guard 
without opening the door. Make sure that patrolling guard is not around before you 
do it. Now take his clothes and his weapon. And hide the body so that upon exiting, 
the patrolling guard will not see the contents inside. Next exit the storeroom and 
into the bar area. Talk to the bartender. Looks familar(Cheung Chou Fish Restaurant-
bartender)??? Hope he is not back to haunt you. Anyway, a talk about our Tobias 
Reiper looking for some hard banging action(you know what i mean). The bartender 
will give you a flyer and tells you to go to the second floor. If you like, you can 
talk to the bartender again to know of a man kept in the basement(his the one to 
save). Checkout the herbal shop which is the first door to the right of the bar 
counter if you want. You will came to the restaurant area. Head directly north into 
the herbal shop. Talk to that old man and gain some wise knowledge(he is refering to 
the Jade Figure). Now to save the CIA agent. Move back to the main hall. Remember 
the stairs to the V.I.P area. Since you are one of them now(you did take the suit 
did you), you can pass the guards(in suits) guarding both doors to the V.I.P area. 
Open up your map, see the icon at the V.I.P area, gold man with an arrow pointing 
up. That's the elevator. Make your way there. Did you see a door facing the 
southwest towards the left of the elevator? Enter it and move till you arrived at 
some sort of conference room(its 3 doors to it including the one facing southwest). 
See the slides to your right the moment you enter into this room, they will come in 
handy. Wait in this room for a guard wearing a red dragon clothes to enter. Mugged 
him and drag him behind the picture screen(prevent his body from being discovered). 
Take his clothes and UZI. Now take the elevator down into the basement. You may 
asked why do all this to get another set of clothes? Well the basement guards wear a 
different set of clothes and if they see someone out of proportion(wrong clothes), 
they will fire upon him regardless whether friend or foe. You will immediately see a 
guard infront of you after you arrived at the basement. Do not bother them as you 
will not be here later. Oh did i mention them? There is one more guard patrolling 
around the elevator. Now check your map, did you see the other nearest elevator. If 
yes, proceed on to a 'Y' intersection. Take the one to your right, move around 2 
corners and wait there for a guard. Take him out and leave his body there cause 
nobody will ever go there. There is a small room at the south side with a R93 sniper 
rifle. Don't take it cause you are going stealthy. Now go back to the 'Y' 
intersection, you should have seen the 2 AK 47 + 3 clips near the crates. Take them 
and wait here for a guard to enter here. Take him out and drag his body to the area 
where you find the sniper rifle. Move back to the area where you take the 3 clips + 
AK 47. Go down the small flight of stairs and move right. The moment the way splits 
into 2, turn into your left side and all the way till the end. Did you see another 
guard? Move behind him and take him out. Drag his body back to the area where you 
dump bodies using the same route you got here. Now check the map for a oval shape 
room at the far south of where you take out the last guard, that's the cell where 
the CIA agent is held. Once you are near the guard there, he will tell you to get 
lost(what an asshole). Sneak up on him(let him face the other way then hug the wall 
and move behind him). Slit him and open up the room. Drag the body into the room. 
Now talk to the CIA agent to gain the location of the safe(this safe location is 
random). After that move to the right once out of the room. See the guard on your 
right, take him out and stashed him in the cell room with the other guy. Now to the 
brothel(this is what you have been waiting for, right?). Go into the long stretch of 
corridor that the last guard was guarding. Up the stairs. See 2 doors, take the left 
one and you will be in an area with a slope infront of you plus 2 guards. Note that 
you are wearing the red dragon clothes and the suits did not attack you. I guess 
that the guards wearing the red dragon clothes holds much higher position. Turn left 
and you will see a fat guy guarding a door. Approach him and he'll sort of direct 
you inside. Take the stairs all the way up till you see 2 women standing there sort 
of waiting for you. Checkout the mamasan(one on the left holding a fan), she's the 
one you should talk to. Next look at the only foxy girl in this brothel 
establishment. And i thought i'll get to choose. But she sure has a hell of a body. 
After talking to the mamasan and putting the fees together with the tap at the bar, 
you follows our Lei Ling to the private suite. Damn she sure walks very slow. Our 
Mr. Reiper walks much faster. Guess she has a vibrator up there. Once inside, she'll 
tell you to get her our of that place cause she does not belong there. Now she sort 
of moves much faster out of the room. Follow her all the way to the ladder 
surrounded by fence. I am sure she has that toy up in her. Approach the ladder and a 
cut scene will show. After the cut scene is over, you are near a dumpster with a 
guard patrolling away from it. Follow Lei Ling to the end and talk to her to gain 
the safe combination + a kiss. Should you see the guard behind you, do not worry 
cause he is not going to hurt you now. Sneak up on him and slashed his throat or 
just shoot him with your silenced beretta. Leave him there cause no one ever goes 
there. Another thing to add is that should the red information appeared(means guards 
are alarmed after the shooting)ignored it. Just make sure that the boby is dumped 
near the main gate where Lei Ling escape. Cause there will be a guard(wearing red 
dragon outfit) opening the backdoor to the far left(there 3 backdoor at the 
kitchen). But he just stand there and will not come out if he see no body(take note 
of this guy). Now is the possible ways of obtaining the Jade Figure. There are 4 
safes in this building. Opening the wrong one means alerting other guards. So 
therefore you must know the location from the mouth of the CIA agent before 
attempting to open the safe. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Safe in the Brothel 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is the easiest one. Make your way to the brothel and enter 
the door that the mamasan took during the first time you meet her. You are in a room 
with both the mamasan and the guard there. Take the 4 UZI clips near the big mirror 
and move through the door opposite the one you have just entered. Now you are in a 
small room with the safe + a guard. The guard will tell you to leave. Sneak up on 
him and give him the old throat slash. Open the safe and take the Jade Figure. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Safe in the V.I.P Area ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Head to the 
V.I.P area and look for the safe. Once you saw the safe, you will also see 2 guards 
there. One of them is standing in front of the safe. And the other one is behind the 
safe on a raise platform. he will move between the octagon window and near the safe. 
Sneak up on the one that's moving and wait for him to stop moving near the octagon 
window then kill him. Leave him there and then go for the one infront of the safe. 
You will be asked to leave but being persistance, drop down from the platform behind 
him and finished him also. Open the safe and take the Jade Figure. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Safe in the Guards Quarters ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
Head to the V.I.P area and take the only elevator to the guards quarters. Once you 
arrived, turn to your left then left again and tak take 1 sniper + 5 7.62 mm clips 
from the table then through the set of double doors for some more goodies. You will 
see a door infront of you. Go in and take 6 UZI clips on the small table. Out of 
there and turn to your left and walk past 2 doors on your left. When you reached the 
3rd door, enter it to get 4 7.62 mm clips for your AK 47 and 2 vest. You should only 
take one vest cause you never know when you're needing the other one. And besides 
taking the other one isn't going to increase the vest's power. Exit this room and 
enter through the other double doors in this corridor. You will need to go through 
any set of doors. Once out, take the door on your right(one that is nearest to the 
double doors that you exited). Cause the other one contains a R93 sniper rifle which 
is of no use. Go all the way and you will be at the balcony(one with metal railings 
as floor). Once you exit through the other door leading off from the balcony, take 
the 2 sniper ammo on top of the crates if you like. Go straight ahead till you reach 
an area sort of the dining place. Did you see the safe? Remember to take the AK 47 + 
2 sniper ammo from the table should you need it. Notice that there are 2 stationary 
guards here and one patrolling guard. See the door just to the right of the safe, 
hide yourself there and time the departure of the patrolling guard away from the 
dining area. Make sure the door is close befor taking out your bereta 92(silenced). 
The purpose is to wait for the patrolling guard to leave the dining area then open 
the door and shoot at the heads of those 2 guards. Due to the angle you are in, the 
2 heads should line up nicely. Once taken out those 2, turn to your left and wait 
for that patrolling guard to appear before taking him out also. Know what the best 
part is? Is to take them out without raising the alarm(check your information heads 
up display and hope it is not red). After that, open the safe and take it's 
contents. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Safe in the storage room ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
Remember the long stair with 2 doors at the top after you rescue the CIA agent? Well 
now you will need to take the right door. There you will find the safe and the 
guard. Take the guard out and hide his body behind those crates. (Note: if you have 
alarmed the guards after killing that guard where Lei Ling escape near the big gate, 
then this guard guarding the safe will run to check that out. So therefore if you 
arrived here without a guard, do not be alarmed. Just take the Jade Figure fast and 
before he returned). Open the safe and take the Jade Figure. Once you have gotten 
the Jade Figure, keep your weapons and head to the herbal shop. After you have 
handed the Jade Figure to the old man, he will give advice on how to take out Lee 
Hong's personal bodyguard and a secret passage into Lee Hong's HQ. Then the old man 
will give you a bottle of poison(white powder of great potency). This bottle of 
poison is to be used to kill Lee Hong. After you walk out of the herbal shop, the 
big double doors to your right will open and Lee Hong and his personal bodyguard 
Tzun will come into the restaurant to dine. You better get your ass as far away from 
Tzun as possible cause he is the only guard that see through your disguise. Now you 
will need a waiter costume inorder to serve the food to Lee Hong, right? Head into 
the wash room(checkout those small rooms on your map beside the kitchen) and wait 
for either one of the green or yellow waiters(note both will enter eventually) to 
enter and look into the mirror. I wonder if those are waiter or waitresses??? You 
have to jump on either of them hide his body and put on his uniform. Move into the 
kitchen and the chef will asked you to deliver that bowl of soup(looks like shark's 
fin) to Lee Hong. Now is your good chance of using that poison on that soup. You may 
have wonder, is that guard in the kitchen going to shoot you? Well with those shades 
on, i don't think so. After the extra spice, take the bowl to our Mr. Lee Hong. You 
will get a cut scene that Tzun will be that food taster for Lee Hong and thus he 
himself got the poison and exposing you, damn it. After the cut scene where you kill 
Tzun with the hardballer, quickly keep that hardballer cause the guards will be 
alarmed and rush to the scene of crime. Now with Lee Hong escape to his HQ with the 
main door locked, you may think that all is lost. But do not reset cause didn't the 
old man tell you of another way. Always learn from the old. Get back into the 
basement by using the entry point in the kitchen. Once you reached the basement, you 
will see 2 guards there. Ignored them and head through the door infront of you. 
Follow the way to another door enter it and turn right and go all the way, ignoring 
those 2 guards there. You should arrived at an elevator. Take it into basement 2. 
Once you reached there, go all the way to the back into another elevator. TAke it 
into the first floor. Now you are inside Lee Hong's HQ. Move up the stairs infront 
of you. Look for Lee Hong here. Know his path as he is pacing up and down thinking 
of when the hitman will strike. I suggest go to the study room(one with the desk) 
and wait for him. Make sure the guards will not see you kill him. When Mr. Lee Hong 
entered the room, you can shoot him with the silenced beretta or the knife after his 
back is turned. After the assassination, kill the guards that try to stop you as you 
make your way down the stairs. Turn left there and you should see 2 metal gate 
there. Enter it and take it down. Now you are at the docks with a guard there. Pump 
him up and take the speed boat to clear the mission. --------------------------------
----------------------------- Alternate Way of Killing Lee Hong Without the Use of 
Poison 1 ------------------------------------------------------------- After Lee 
Hong and Tzun entered the restaurant, move yourself up to the brothel area. Go 
through the same door to exit outside to the roof top(remember the fence with the 
ladder area). Once you are there, wait for a guard to come. Take him out and move 
across the roof. Take out the other guard patrolling. Now there is 2 more guards 
here guarding the door to the guards quarters. I suggest that you take them out also 
so as to avoid further problems(line them up, pull out your silenced beretta and 
fire away). Make sure no alarm is raised. Now move yourself to the power supply 
generator(surrounded by a fence) on the same roof. Did you see that there are 2 big 
glass panel on the roof/floor(you decide) with each to the sides of the power supply 
generator. Move around the left one and look down. Oh you did see Lee Hong and Tzun 
down there. Take what ever weapon you have now(i use those weapons from the 4 guards 
i took care of here at the roof top) and rain down on our Mr. Lee Hong and Tzun(if 
you like). This will kill him, i promise. Now either the alarmed is raised or not, 
now is the chance to make your escape. Head into the basement preferably the entry 
point at the kitchen. Once you reached the basement, you will see 2 guards there. 
Ignored them and head through the door infront of you. Follow the way to another 
door enter it and turn right and go all the way, ignoring those 2 guards there. You 
should arrived at an elevator. Take it into basement 2. Once you reached there, go 
all the way to the back into another elevator. Take it into the first floor. Now you 
are inside Lee Hong's HQ. Turn right to see a metal gate/door. Go in and take it 
down to the docks. Take care of the guard here and clear the mission with the boat. 
Note: should the guards be alarmed after you killed Lee Hong, you will need to fight 
off the guards on the way here. -----------------------------------------------------
-------- Alternate Way of Killing Lee Hong Without the Use of Poison 2 --------------
----------------------------------------------- After you have served Tzun with the 
poison soup, try to get away as fast as possible. Note that Lee Hong has escaped 
back to his little hideout. Change your clothes if you think the guards will 
remember you. Now make your way back to the place where you poisoned Tzun (after 
things are a little quiet down). Head through the double doors where Lee Hong took 
when he escaped from the dining hall. Instead of taking the right turn, move into 
the left turn and takeout the guard there (make sure you are silent). Note that up 
to this point, you got have a sniper rifle with you. From that place, bring up your 
sniper scope and look for Lee Hong on the second level of his hideout. The view 
might be foggy but once you see through the scope, everything is clear from that 
point. Look for him between the right wall & right-most post. Remember you got only 
one shot so make it count (just hit the head, OK). Once Lee Hong is down, alarm 
raised, you drop your rifle and get yourself out of there and to the escape point. 
Pls read the above paragraphs on how to get to the escape point. From here onwards, 
you have successfully completed the Hong Kong mission. Congratulations!!! -----------
------------------------------------------------------------- \\\\\\\\\\ COLUMBIA 
\\\\\\\\\\ Now this is a all new mission. Just like what you do in Hong Kong, here 
in Columbia you have to complete 2 missions inorder to reach the main one. Here is a 
new job from the agency in which you have to take out a drug lord name Pablo 
Belisario Ochoa. For which his current location is in his secret hideout in 
Columbia. So for the first 2 part of the main mission is to find this secret 
hideout. This time, the map is simply 2 times or more bigger than the previous map. 
Basically once you startout in this first map, you have to bring sufficient weapons 
and ammos for this 3 missions. Well, there are ammos + weapons points throughout the 
missions. Just look for a gold square icon with a beretta and ammo on it. Word of 
advise is most of these ammo points are guarded. And also sometimes there are 
mercenaries loitering in the jungle so watch out for it cause due to their clothes, 
they are sometimes camouflage. What i suggest is that you bring a powerful weapon 
and some ammo for your first kill cause the rest of the weapons and ammos can be 
found at the weapon & ammo points(you should wear your first kill clothes). ---------
------------- FIND THE U'WA TRIBE ---------------------- Objectives: Secure 
Religious Idol Bring Idol to Indian Village Money: $5,000 Recommended Equipment: 
Mossberg Persuader Shotgun(personal used) Kevlar Body Armor Note: For this mission, 
i save alot by bringing the Mossberg Persuader Shotgun only and maybe the Kevlar 
Body Armor. For those who are first timer, i suggest that you bring along something 
that packs a punch. Why i bring the shotgun is that first i only need to pump up one 
enemy and borrow his clothes. Then head to those weapons + ammos points and beef up 
my arsenal using, of course their weapons. And trust me, if i said beef up, i mean 
beef up. How does M16A2, M60 and AK47 sounds. For this mission, if you kill someone
(nobody saw that), keep your weapon(your own) if someone approaches unless it is the 
standard issue(AK47). They will not kill you should you not do anything stupid(take 
the body's clothes or drag him). You start off with a cut scene of our hitman 
arriving in Columbia. After you regained control, quickly run towards the crash site 
and secure the idol. It is because a group of mercenaries are on their way there. 
Check your map to find the diagonally crossed circle with the word Crash Site on it. 
That is your goal. If you bump into mercenaries(should be the recovering team) on 
the way, ignored them as if you engaged them, your chances of surviving are slim. 
Once you reach the site, look for a burning plane. Search around the floor for a 
gold idol. Once you got it, open your map, see the nearest weapon + ammo point icon 
towards the northeast side(one that is divided by a hill with alot of little green 
dots on the other side). That's your next goal. When you are about to reach there, 
draw your weapon and approached with caution. There should be 2 mercenaries standing 
there guarding the ammo. Take them out fast and take one of their clothes and weapon
(AK47). Also don't forget the ammo at the cart. Should you decided to explore the 
place(assume you are in mercenary outfit), and you got the info that the crash site 
is secured. Once you reached there and take the idol, those mercenaries there will 
fired at you. Looks like no one suppose to touch that. If you think that the ammo 
may not be enough, then head northeast again into the valley to look for 2 weapon & 
ammo carts. After you had restocked, head for those green little dots directly 
southeast from your position there. When you reached the village, take out the idol 
and the village guard will tell you to go meet with the chief. Look for a group of 
people dancing and head towards them. You will get a cut scene of giving the idol to 
the villager. Then the chief will approach you for a favour and that is to rescue 
his brother that is being captured by the mercenaries. He will mark the position on 
your map. Move towards the river and take the route following the river. About half 
along the way, there are 2 mercenaries standing guard among the trees. Try your new 
weapon on them or ignore them. Once you have reached that place, you will see a 
bridge with mercenaries and the captive there. Look around now. Did you see the 
watch tower, hide your butt behind the trees and make sure no one can see you making 
the kill. Now move in an angle and take out the mercenary at the watch tower. Do not 
come out. You will see that some of those guards at the bridge will come and 
investigate the body and wondering who did it. You can now shoot them from your 
current position and wait for some more to appear before taking them out. When there 
are no more mercenaries appearing, climb up the tower press sneak mode take the 
sniper rifle there plus ammo. Press fire to bring out the scope and aim for the 
mercenary in the watch tower at the far end of the bridge(if you did not take out 
this mercenary, he will be alerted and your position will be exposed). Bang!!! Once 
he is down, take out those on the bridge one by one(leave the captive alive). 
They'll not know what hit them. I love this!!! Note that there is a helicopter 
hovering along the river near the bridge. And if you kill someone near the bridge, 
the helicopter will return fire. Anyone has clues on how to take out that 
helicopter??? After all of them are down, the indian boy/man will escape by himself. 
Make sure you take sniper is with you and there are ammo to spare. Now head back to 
the village and ask the chief for that location you desperate needed. You have to 
wait for the indian captive to return before the chief can tell you the location 
should you arrived earlier. After the conversation with the chief, this mission will 
end. Note that what ever you carry in this mission will be brought forward into the 
next mission and you cannot purchase any weapons or equipments. Hey, how do you 
expect our hitman find the weapon & equipment shop in the middle of Columbia. -------
--------- THE JUNGLE GOD ---------------- Objectives: Find the Secret Passage to 
Pablo's Camp Money: $5,000 Recommended Equipment: What you have purchased or reaps 
from the previous mission Note: in this mission, you are to find the secret passage 
to Pablo's lair. This passage is just behind the U'wa tribe's god 'Tezcatlipoca' or 
known as the God of Dead. Which is actually a big leopard. You cannot kill 
their 'God' as this will bring this mission to a halt. Either you run very fast past 
that beast or bring him some scooby snacks. Need a weapon, then at the start, head 
to the temple that looks like a 'W' on the map. When you reached there, drop down 
the hole in the center and take the ammos and the M16A2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Use the 
Wild Boar ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now if you noticed, that there are 2 excamation icons 
here. Well the one in the south is actually the place where the 'God' resides. Which 
also means that the secret passage is directly behind it. Now for the other 
excamation is that there are a few wild boars there. Of which the good part is that 
you can kill it any bring it for the leopard to dine on. The bad part is that the 
mercenaries nearby will be alerted by the sounds of gunshots that they will attack 
you. Just kill all the mercenaries there and leave the tribesmen alone. Should there 
be not enough ammo+weapon, take the M16A2 as recommended in the above paragraph. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Use the Mercenary ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There is a little trick is 
that you have to keep that sniper rifle from the previous mission and once you start 
this mission, snipe those 2 mercenaries ahead. The rest of the mercenaries will not 
be alerted. Now drag one of the body all the way to the leopard for it to dine on. 
You kill the mercenary, you bastard!!! Make sure you move the body out of the others 
mercenaries's sight. Try the run drag it is much faster(consists of left/right 
movement + short burst of running). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Run Right Past the 
Leopard ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is tha safest of all. Once your sniper rifle 
is holstered, the mercenaries will not attack you. You will run to the leopard's 
area and wait for the leopard to wander away from the secret passage. Then run right 
through to the passage. For either of those ways you tried, you must not kill the 
leopard cause killing it means turning those tribesmen on yourself. Once you reached 
the opening, you will get a cut scene that our hitman will crawl through that hole. 
Then this mission is cleared. By using this way, you should have about just 10 or 
more sniper ammo for the next stage. ------------------------------ SAY HELLO TO MY 
LITTLE FRIEND ------------------------------ Objectives: Eliminate Drug Lord Blow Up 
the Laboratory Use the Airplane to Escape Money: $30,000 Recommended Equipment: What 
you have purchased or reaps from the previous mission Note: By now, you will 
probably curse yourself for wasting so much ammo. Well do not blame yourself as you 
will find ammos and weapons here. The '!' icon found in the northwest & the south 
contains weapons and ammos. If you want to kill any mercenary on the ground, take a 
look around to check if you will be spotted by the watch tower guard. And if they 
saw you doing your stuff, the watch tower guard and the surrounding mercenaries will 
be alerted. Well i hope you still have the R93 sniper rifle with you, cause you need 
it to snipe those tower guards. If you have noticed, that i have not bought a knife 
in the first place cause if you checkout the crate around the area(near where you 
crawl through the hole), you will find 5 pentagon knives and a kevlar vest Take what 
you need and use that sniper rifle to snipe the watch ahead. If you zoom in, you 
will find the there are 3 watch towers there(one will be further away from the 
other). Take out those 3 towers guards. Make sure you do it fast as there will be a 
patrol group moving from your right towards your left just outside of the fence. You 
must hide yourself well and avoid any detection. Now which way you go is dependent 
of you. If you take the left way(around the fence cause the main entrance is south), 
it is longer than the right one but you will be less likely to be detected. And 
there are no sentry guards near the jungle. For the right way, just to the top left 
hand corner area are 2 sentry guards near a big tree. They are to either side of the 
tree facing the tower guard. And with the tower guard's back to you, you can sneak 
up on them one by one and take them out. But the problem is that towards the far 
left side fence(when check from the map) there are 2 more sentry guards there. So 
you can either be very quiet when taking out those guards at the top left hand side 
of the map or snipe the 2 guards at the far left hand side of the fence when check 
from the map. When you are doing all this, make sure those tower guards or the 
patrols did not see you in their field of vision(those tower guards are not there 
for show, they got to have eagle eyes inorder to be tower guards). Snipe those tower 
guards with your remaining shots. Note that when you zoom in on a tower guard from 
afar, look at how the guard will turn his head in your direction. This means that he 
has saw you. So take him out with one shot. And make sure not one of the tower 
guards saw you killing another mercenary cause they will recognised you. Just make 
sure you used those trees to your advantage. And also if you are not sure whether 
you have take out all the tower guards, check those small square dots the map. 
Should you ran out of ammo, just go to the south side of the map towards the '!' 
icon and take the 7 7.62 mm clips & 2 AK103 with 1 kevlar vest. After you have 
those, just walk or run into the hideout. If you are being shot at, it means that 
what you did earlier(killing those mercenaries) has been discovered by others(others 
saw you did the killing). If you want sniper ammo, you can take them to the first 
left hand tower the moment you go through the main gate. There is a sniper rifle in 
the tower towards the left hand side of the tent(assume you stand below the tower 
with the sniper ammos and looking north). But i advised you not to take it as there 
are guards nearby. Ah! Forgot to mention, that you must never drag or take the 
weapons from the dead guard. If you did, those mercenaries nearby will open fire. 
Move to the second tent starting from the left to aquire a beretta 92 silenced with 
ammos and a vest. Take out those tower guards that you miss at the north side of the 
hideout(can sneak up on them and use your knife). Once they are out, you will need 
to go into the big house there. You will get a cut scene on Pablo sniffing cocaine. 
You should move yourself to the main door to the house(where it is guarded by 2 
guards). Take the left door(smaller one). Once inside, you should see 2 guards 
separated by a wall. Take out either one then the other. Sneaking + slashing throats 
is best used here. Note that there are windows here. Which means that if you did not 
take out those tower guards, they will saw what's happening inside the house. Now 
checkout every door except the one on the second floor(big double doors leads to 
Pablo). Silenced everyone you saw in those rooms. Make sure you close the doors 
first. When you arrived at a room with a guard's back to you, i assume he is 
preparing something. Take him out and just opposite him is a door. Open it and you 
will find a guard guarding it. Take him out and make sure no one outside saw him 
going down. Now make your way to the main hall. You should see a guard here with 2 
stairs to the second floor. Wait! Do not kill him first as there is another guard on 
the second floor just outside of Pablo's room. If you kill the guard first(one in 
the first floor main hall), the guard on the second floor will come down and attack 
you. There is a way to kill him. Noticed the double door directly opposite the 
guard, Go through it and close the door. Now you are back to where you first enter 
into this house. Drag either one of the corpse there and position it near the 
window. Now open the double doors and the guard in the main hall will be lured here. 
Once he is through the double doors, close it and sneak up on him and either knife 
or silenced him with your pentagon knife or your beretta 92 silenced. Take the 
stairs on your left assuming you are facing Pablo's room. Go into the first room 
killed the guard and take the beretta 92 silenced with ammos on the couch. Go 
through the door here and take out the guard there. Head over to the other side of 
the second floor ignoring the double doors in the center(Pablo's room). The first 
door you came to is the toilet with a guard inside. If you go in, he will attack you 
cause everyone wants privacy, right? Set up your silenced beretta but not drawing it 
out. Run right in and take it out and start blasting him dead. Make sure you close 
the door first. Next into the room next door. Once inside, take the ladder up and 
take care of the guard there. Go back into the main hall and take out the guard 
guarding Pablo's room. If you need some more firepower, you will have to exit 
through the main door. See those 3 tents infront of the house??? Go to your right 
and in the first tent, there are 2 M16A2 rifles with 8 clips to go with it. There is 
nothing to be found in the second tent. Now move to the stand alone tent(the left 
one if you stand infront of the house facing those tents). There are 4 machinegun 
ammos and a minigun. Cool!!! Should you want to go crazy and start shooting every 
mercenaries, i recommend later. There are 4 more machinegun ammo inside the hangar 
with a M60. I know what you are thinking, how about taking out Pablo with the 
minigun, it should be so cool!!! Just make sure no one saw you carrying that minigun 
around and you will be fine. Now go and treat Mr. Pablo to a nice minigun banquet. 
Hint: holster the minigun so that our hitman can move faster. When you enter into 
Pablo's room, Pablo's will start firing at you with his M60. Hide behind the wall 
and once after Pablo's shots are fired, come out and start firing at him(aim for the 
head for a good kill). Duck back behind the wall should Pablo fires at you. Doing 
this and Pablo will taunt you and start moving around the room(he will not come out 
of his room). Do not fear as eventually he will fall from lead poisoning(those ammos 
you pump into him). Take the bomb on the table. Get out of the house and if you 
encounter any mercenaries on the way, sent them to accompany Pablo. Head to the 
laboratory but you must pass the second gate. You can enter into the laboratory 
either by the ramp or the stairs. Either way, take out the mercenaries(guarding the 
entrance) and those inside the laboratory. Once that is done, move behind the 
shelves and look for a flammable sign. You will need to place the bomb there and now 
make your escape. Move yourself to a safe distance and take out the detonator and 
detonate the bomb. You will get a cut scene on the laboratory being bombed. Now take 
out your best weapons and to the hangar to catch a plane. Kill anyone who tries to 
stop you. When you reached the airplane, a cut scene will be shown. -----------------
-------------- Alternate Way of Killing Pablo ------------------------------- Once 
you start the mission, move to the crate of knives & kelvar armors. It is somewhere 
near the crawl hole during the cut-scene. Just go into sneak mode and take out the 
tower guards & patrolling guards from that point. Note that you should have the 
sniper rifle from the previous missions. Now use the scope and look at the direction 
of the mansion(house of Pablo). Look for Pablo's head and snipe at it. You should be 
able to take him out with one shot. After the kill, just go in and take the bomb and 
blows up that dead man's lab. The rest of the mission is still the same. 
Congratulations!!! You have cleared this mission. -----------------------------------
------------------------------------- \\\\\\\\\ BUDAPEST \\\\\\\\\ Ah!!! A all new 
mission. There are only one mission in Budapest. You will need to protect some world 
leaders in a peace meeting in a posh hotel. Well actually the main purpose is to 
create some potential customers for the Agency. Starting from here, you will go back 
to your stealthy self again. But with some new toys to play with. Sorry, these toys 
are for shows only. Try bringing one of them into the mission and see. --------------
---------- TRADITIONS OF THE TRADE ------------------------ Objectives: Eliminate 
Frantz Fuchs Secure Terrorist Bomb Escape to Rendezvous Point Money: $55,000 
Recommended Equipment: Fibre Wire only Note: This mission exists only in Budapest 
and your purpose there is to prevent the terrorists from blowing up the peace 
meeting. You need to take out the head of this attack - Frantz Fuchs. Due to 
security reasons, there are weapons detectors all over the place thus only fibre 
wire can be brought. You started in a limo with a cut scene. Once you alighted from 
the limo and regain control, go through the main entrance into the lobby. Move 
towards the reception counter to your right. Talk to the guy there to get a cut 
scene. Now you know that this Mr. Wulff is actually Frantz Fuchs and he is in room 
202. Now to get close to Mr. Wulff you need the cleaning boy's uniform. But you will 
find that those doors with authorized personnel only are locked. So therefore you 
need the master key to open it. Go around the rooms to look for cleaning boy. Once 
you find them, they will leave their master key at the door. Just take the key and 
they will not care. Go back to the lobby and take the path east. Through 2 double 
doors and turn right. Go through the end to another double doors. After that, you 
will see a 'Authorized Personnel only sign' on the door. Enter it and take the 
uniform there. Now make your way to room 202. The room is on the second floor. You 
will know the room is 202 as there is a guard guarding it. If you try to enter 
through the door, the guard lets you do so for 10 s so it is impossible to use this 
way to get near to Wulff. Looks like we need to find another way. Use the master key 
to open up the room next door 201. Make your way to the balcony and wait there. The 
guard inside will come out for a breath of fresh air. Once he went back in, jump 
across the balcony like in the training, sneak up with your wire drawn towards the 
guard and take that last breath away from him. Clear the stuff on the dresser into 
your pocket. They are letter from Frantz, letter from Pablo, Luger P08 SD, dentist's 
business card, hotel key (Fuchs) & a 'do not disturb' sign. You can read the 2 
letters to know their relationship with each other and checkout the business card. 
The name on it is Fritz Fuchs same last name as Frantz Fuchs, brothers???. Next, 
time to take out the competition, see that door closest to you, that's the bathroom. 
Our Fuchs is in there taking a nice sweet bath. Hoped he need someone to scrub his 
back(Damn, i don't like that red undies). Fuchs is to the top far left of the room 
once you entered the bathroom. If you wants, you can open the bathroom door and stay 
out of sight from Fuchs. Then lineup the shot using the Luger P08 SD(silenced). 
Nothing better to kill him than his own weapon. Open the door and dash in and scrub 
his back(Fuchs). Leave the body there and now it is time to take care of that 
asshole guarding the room. But before you do, drag the body near the dresser into 
the bathroom. Open the door and sneak up on him but do not take him out yet as there 
is a cop patrolling in this area and also a cleaning boy. Watch for the cop & the 
cleaning boy. After the cop has passed right infront of the door, check if the 
cleaning boy is around. If the coast is cleared, take out your wire and take the 
guard out. Quickly drag his body into the bathroom. If you like, you can change his 
clothes. But the most important is to leave those 3 bodies inside the bathroom, 
cause if the cleaning boy happens to come in during your appearance in this same 
room, the cleaning boy will not saw the bodies in the bedroom(because you have move 
them into the bathroom) and he will never go into the bathroom to check. When you 
are about to leave the room, remember to take the black suitcase near the cupboard
(it's for containing the chemical bomb). Take out the 'Do not disturb' sign and 
place it on the door to prevent anyone from entering this room. That's include the 
cleaning boy. Now to look for Mr. Fritz but first use the hotel key (Fuchs) at the 
reception counter to checkout Frantz's mail. You will get 2 mail with one from Fritz 
and one from the florist(old friend of the Fuchs). Looks like the bomb is with 
Fritz. Maybe the Fuchs family believes in keeping the bomb within the family(on 
offense to any real Fuchs family). And for the other mail, looks like the florist 
have something for you. Checkout the map to see that the dentist is on the third 
floor. If you have weapons(excluding the wire), you should dodge those weapons 
detectors of which i would mention later. If you have forsaken all pistols you have 
found so far, you should be able to past those detectors without any problems. If 
you have taken the desert eagle from the guard, you should take the nearest elevator 
from where you are(assume you have not check the mail) to 1st floor. That should 
clear you away from the 2nd floor detector. Take the elevator lift all the way to 
3rd floor after you check the mail. Note there are 2 elevators here. You will 
arrived in the elevator on the right side. The other elevator has a detector near it 
so i advised you not to go near it(not shown on map, maybe a bug). Now move across 
the roof to the other side. Head your way to the dentist and talk to the 
receptionist there(i wonder why our hitman is looking for Herr Fuchs). She will tell 
you that Fritz is either at the restaurant, casino or the thermal bath(that's where 
you can find the sauna & pool which is on the first floor). Your mission is to find 
Fritz and take the key and unlocked the bomb safe/room. He is the only guy wearing 
the white coat. You have to exit the dentist office and turn right. Run all the way 
to the end to a flight of stairs to the second floor. If you are going to the 
casino, you are there just follow the map and stay away from those detectors. For 
going to the thermal bath or the restaurant, take the first small door to your 
right. You will run across the main hall using the balcony. Exit through the other 
end and take the nearest elevator there to the first floor to reach your 
destinations. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Restaurant ~~~~~~~~~~~ If you talk to Fritz there, you 
will know that he likes fatty foods and the recommendation is foie gras. Looks like 
it can be the cause for heart or respiratory disfunction. You cannot kill him there 
unless you want the whole town to know that you are there. You can either wait for 
him to move into the washroom and take him out over there. But remember to hide the 
body in the cubicle. If you like to watch the cut scene, go back to the receptionist 
and asked for his whereabouts. ~~~~~~~~ Casino ~~~~~~~~ You will find the man you 
are looking for in the casino sitting at the bar counter having a drink. Talk to him 
and you will start a conversation on what color to bet on the roulette table. Don't 
kill him there as there are the bartender with the bouncer there. You will alert the 
whole place if you start a fight there. Go back to the receptionist to ask for his 
next whereabouts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thermal Bath with cut scene 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is the hitting place. You will have to takeout 
Fritz here. There is a pool guard there that will not allow anyone in their clothes 
into the pool. You have to change in the last booth. You will leave all your stuff 
behind once you change. Look at those trunks! Forget about the wire/pistols as you 
have another interesting way of killing Fritz. That is to steam him. Once you have 
change, you will see that the pool guard will stand near the swinging door which 
leads to the main hall. Looks like no semi-naked body run around in the hotel. You 
can play with the showers here but your main concern is Fritz. Look for him at the 
pool. If he is not there checkout the sauna on the right side of the pool. If he is 
inside, talk to him and he will tell you how to kill him(how thoughtful of him). 
Activate the valve in the other room to get a cut scene on how this fish is steamed. 
Go in and take the key once the show is over. Note that how both brothers wear the 
same type of G-string, wonder which designer they favours. --------------------------
-- Alternate Way to kill Fritz ---------------------------- I have been told that 
you can drown Fritz in the pool at the center. I have not try it. Maybe you can. But 
you may have to deal with the fat lady guarding the women's side. After getting the 
key to the chemical bomb, change your clothes and how about picking up the special 
package from the florist. Use the same route to get yourself to the 2nd floor(near 
the conference room). Go through the double doors into the conference room and make 
your way to the florist. Show the letter from Fritz to the florist and he will give 
you the special package. Looks kinda heavy don't you think? Actually it is a 
Mossberg Persuader shotgun with 5 rounds of ammo. I suggest you better not take the 
shotgun as you will not have room to carry the bomb case. If you open the flower box 
and take the shotgun out, you can no longer place it back into the box. So for those 
who wants to use this shotgun, take it out at the last moment. You would not want to 
carry a shotgun and running around the hotel, would you? Move back to the dentist 
area on 3rd floor. Remember the roof, head for it and we can enter through the 
window from there as the door to the dentist office is guarded. Once you reached the 
roof, look for a window partially open and of different color on the west side of 
the roof. Climb in and better not make a noise. Go to sneak mode and draw your wire 
as you will need to take out the guard standing near the window to your right once 
you entered through the windows. After taking out the guard, go through the double 
doors here and you find yourself behind that guard guarding the office. Take him out 
without fear of the receptionist screaming as her field of vision is blocked by the 
door. Drag the body away from the door. Now go to the X-ray room for that bomb. Our 
hitman will automatically place the bomb into the bomb case. All the required 
objectives are completed and now is to make your escape. Check the map for 3 blue 
blinking circles. They are your escape route. If you take the front doors, you will 
set off the alarm once you pass those metal detectors. Just run to the end and you 
will get a cut scene and you'll clear this mission. Or you can make a soundless 
escape by taking the backdoor. Just take yourself to the 1st floor and past the 
restaurant into the kitchen and to the back. Go through the double doors with exit 
sign on it and turn left to clear the mission. Remember that meat cleaver the big 
lady guarding the women's pool talking about, you can find it in the kitchen along 
with some kitchen knives. ----------------------- Alternate Way of Play 1 -----------
------------ Well, the new way of play is that you have to bring a beretta 92 
silenced from th start. After you alighted from the limo, run to the corner of the 
building away from the police guards and angle yourself so that you are inlined with 
one of the police guards. Blast out that guard and you will get a warning in your 
infomation window that tells you that nearby guards are being alerted. Once the 
first police guard is down, the other one will charged at you. Kill him fast, 
stripped him clean and then keep all your weapons. Now you can past those weapon 
detectors without afraid of setting them off(you are in the police outfit, right?). 
Once you have done all this, those cops that rushes out later will not noticed 
anything wrong. Just carry on the mission as explained in the above. Thanks Devon 
for this tip!!! Congratulations!!! You have cleared this mission. -------------------
----------------------------------------------------- \\\\\\\\\\\ ROTTERDAM 
\\\\\\\\\\\ This is a 2 missions roll into one as you as the hitman has to find the 
source of Lee Hong & Pablo flow of weapons. And that person is Arkadij Jegorov which 
is known as Boris. Boris is the weapons supplier of the Hong Kong gangsters and 
Columbia's mercenaries. And these missions is to find and terminate this source. For 
the first mission is relatively simple but for the 2nd one is a killer. For the 
place is huge and you get killed easily. ---------------------- GUNRUNNER'S 
PARADISE ---------------------- Objectives: Place GPS Tracker in the Gang Car Move 
GPS Tracker to the Suitcase Give the Suitcase to Ivan Money: $50,000 Recommended 
Equipment: Beretta 92 Silenced, GPS Transmitter, GPS Receiver Note: the GPS set 
dinner is a must should you want to complete this mission. You need them to track a 
car so as it can lead you to the warehouse where the transaction will take place. I 
also recommended the beretta 92 silenced as it is probably the only weapon you need. 
Should you need weapons, aquire them on site. So it is actually cheaper to bring the 
beretta. Next see the map and take note of the big blue circle /w arrow. That's the 
train that is running aimlessly at the dock. See the smaller blinking blue circle 
infront of the train, that's the lever to switch the train tracks(levers are found 
nearly at all intersection). There is a time limit here near the warehouse where the 
transaction will take place. Time limit will go off after you take out those punks 
at the warehouse. As you start out under those big harbour cranes, go forward and 
stand somewhere near the train tracks and wait. After some time, you should see a 
guy moving from the west towards the east infront of you. Follow him to somewhere 
near the warehouses to the east and take him out with you beretta. Drag him to 
somewhere safe from other's view and strip him of his UZI and his clothes. Check 
your map, see the yellow circle? That's the car you need to rig with the GPS. 
Proceed there on the double. You should see a red car infront of the sleazy bar. A 
guard is guarding the door into the bar. If you did not change into the punk's 
clothes, this guard will not let you in. Now you are in the punk's clothes, do not 
rigged the car now or you are in big trouble. Looks like you need to lure the guard 
here away. You may asked why not kill him? It's because he should be the driver of 
that car. Go inside the bar and you will hear an enchanting music. Now a woman will 
come onto the stage to dance. The first time i saw her, i thought that she was nude 
but on closer look, she's wearing her inner clothing. You should see that there are 
2 other persons here and that's the bartender and the punk with the same old jacket
(you had one too right). Talk to the bartender and he will arranged a private 
session with the lady on stage. You should be thinking something else. Let me tell 
you, i don't think so. Let's wait for her at the backstage. Talk to her once she 
comes in. Now you'll know why you don't get that luck. Sandy will go out there and 
lured the guard away. After they head into the back alleyway, rigged the car now 
with the GPS transmitter. If you are fast enough, you can rushed to them and check 
out the game they are playing. Wow, Sandy must like poles alot. You don't get 
anything better than that. Swing those buns baby, wohoo!! After the game, you will 
see that the punk in the bar will come out and together with guard outside, they 
will board the red car and head for the transaction location. Now is the time to 
check that receiver from time to time until that car stops(just open up your map and 
see that red bleep). I have tried giving chase at the car and guess what, the car 
actually goes right through the metal fence!!! Must be some ghost car. Now you will 
find the car stopping at either one of the 3 warehouses: west, east or south. Those 
warehouses have a name for it: Pakhuis #11-14(you should zoom into the map inorder 
to see the name). And to make matter worse, you are being stopped from going into 
that area by a chain-locked fence. But check out the train track leading to the 
fence. This means that you can re-route the crazy train to your advantage. That the 
train is going to help you smash that fence. Go to the north of the map(somewhere 
near the place where you start). See the train intersection, you will also see a 
arrow sign showing the direction where the train will move. Activate the lever(track 
icon on the map) there to change the arrow's direction to left. Now head to the 
center part where the tracks will branch off to the west, east & south. By default, 
the train will run south but should you need to change directions, activate either 
one of the levers there to change the train's directions to west or east. You can 
also check the directions on the map once you have switched the tracks. After you 
get into the warehouse area, prepare to take out those dogs guarding around the 
warehouse. After that, look for the car and retrieve the transmitter from the car as 
you need it to rig the suitcase. You should have noticed that there is a staircase 
to one side of the warehouse. Take this staircase up and you are on the 2nd floor of 
the warehouse. Just make sure you know which direction has a stairs link to the 1st 
floor. Now just bring out your beretta and let either one of those goons downstairs 
see you and viola!!! They are alerted. Make sure you are well hidden from the higher 
piles of boxes and facing the direction in which there is a stairs link to the 1st 
floor. Now wait for them to come upstairs and just blast them away. Not enough ammo 
you say??? Use the UZI eariler or simply take those UZIs from these fallen goons. 
After you have taken all of them out the information window(in blue color) to the 
upper left will tell you that Ivan is on the way and you have 3 minutes. Actually 
these 3 minutes is for you to clear the scene of crime as Ivan is a chicken. He will 
cancelled the deal if he saw any bodies lying around.Now just hide those bodies away 
from the stairs and make sure you will not see the pile of bodies from downstairs. 
After which, go downstairs and look for the suitcase(it's full of money). You cannot 
take it of course. Pick up the suitcase and just open up your inventory and select 
the GPS Transmitter and a cut scene will show you that it is being placed into the 
suitcase. By now, just wait for Ivan to come through the nearest door and you will 
get another cut scene. Chicken, is he??? Wait for Ivan to leave and you will end 
this mission. Congratulations!!! You have cleared this simple yet facinating 
mission. ---------------------- PLUTONIUM RUNS LOOSE ---------------------- 
Objectives: Eliminate Boris Nuke Must Be Disarmed Take Ship to International Waters 
Money: $75,000 Recommended Equipment: Checkout the 2 modes of play Note: now this 
last mission of Rotterdam wants you to kill Boris the arms supplier. The complexity 
of this stage is of nothing you ever seen in those previous missions. You must never 
get noticed by the guards or they will tell Boris and he will activate the nuke and 
this mission is over. You have to deal not only guards on the ground but also 
snipers and dogs. Practically you have to be stealthy and 100% on your kill. There 
are 2 ways of tackling this mission of which i will explained in details later. 
Remember that you cannot pass a guarded gate without alarming those guards as you 
have no verbal password. ........ Mode 1 ........ Recommended Equipment: Walter WA 
2000 Sniper /w 50 ammo, Pentagon knife, Beretta 92 Silenced In this mode, you are 
actually going to snipe your enemy to dead(basically almost killing all the guards). 
At the start, climb up the ladder and run ahead of you until you hit the train 
block. From there hit sneak mode and take out your knife. See the nearest warehouse? 
At the bottom right hand corner(should you check the map), there is a guard with his 
back to you should you sneak up to him from the train block. Slashed him and take 
his MP5 & clothes. Run ahead and in between the 2 warehouses. See the other guard 
patrolling with his back to you, take him out. You can leave his body there(in 
between those warehouses). Now find a place around there and drop your sniper rifle. 
Run to the northeast of this area(have not pass any gate) and you should be near the 
fence with a train block nearby. Wait for a patrolling guard to come close then 
silenced him with your knife. Take his MP5 and drag his body in between the 2 
warehouses(better do it fast as the 2nd patrolling guard is moving in on you). Once 
you have stashed the body, take your sniper rifle and sniped the 2nd patrolling guard
(he should be at the train block there if you are fast enough). You can kill him in 
one shot even though he is moving. Now run to the train block there and checkout the 
roof of the nearest warehouse from there(use your sniper rifle's scope as it acts as 
a binoculars). See the sniper on the roof, sniped him. Now sneak mode and line up 
yourself with the fence to your right. Go to sniper's scope mode and did you see the 
2 guards guarding the gate infront of you? Now line up their heads(make sure that 
their faces are not facing you) and take aim at their sides of their heads and fire 
that shot. If you do it right, you can kill them will one shot. It is because if you 
shoot at them with either of their faces facing you, the shot actually kills one of 
them. Must be the thickness of the masks which stops the shot. Anyway, should only 
one falls, just take out the other one either in the chest or the head. Now you can 
go through that gate will ease. After through the gate, go forward and hide behind 
the nearest house to your right. Use your sniper's scope to checkout the east side 
from your position there. You should be able to see the second gate well guarded and 
there are 2 patrollers moving there. Checkout the patrollers as they are quite a 
distance apartand they will stop from time to time. The trick is to wait for one of 
the patroller to stop behind the house there(away from the view of the guards 
guarding the gate) and snipe him. Wait for the other patroller to find his fallen 
comrade(he should run near to the body). After he is close to the body, snipe him 
also as if you are not fast enough, he will go and inform Boris to detonate the 
nuke. So killing fast is the key to survive here. Now head north from your position. 
You should be in the open space with huge metal cylinder containers to your right. 
Drop your rifle somewhere there and then wait for a patroller to appear between the 
fence(north of your current position) and the huge metal cylinder container. You can 
sneak up on him and kill him with beretta 92 silenced or knife. Leave his body there 
and head east along the fence. You should stop once there are no more huge metal 
cylinder containers to you right. Wait for another patroller heading your way along 
the same fence. Take him out and then go back to re-aquire your sniper rifle. From 
the position where you pick up your sniper rifle, head directly east all the way 
till you reached the fence. Once you are near the fence, turn right and use your 
sniper's scope mode. You should see 2 guards guarding the gate. Hit sneak mode and 
line up their heads and give them the bang. Once they are out, you should get a red 
information display telling you the guards are alerted. Now from your current 
position, stand or crouch, use your sniper's scope mode and checkout the fuel 
containers(rounded metal containers on stilts) to slightly your left. Look on top 
and you should be able to spot a enemy sniper on top(move around in your position 
until you can see him as sometimes he is being blocked by the fuel container). Take 
him out and you should have no problem. Turn 180 degree(the fence should now be on 
your right) and go to till the end. Stop there and bring up your scope to the east 
side. You should a dog there but do not kill him now. Instead, position your into 
the darkness and wait for 2 patrollers. Take them out then go for the dog as dogs 
don't know how to communicate with Boris, joking. Now move in that direction. Did 
you see a door opening with wooden crates there to your right? Stop near the crates 
with the opening and bring up your scope mode. Checkout the area eastwards somewhere 
near the north fence. You should be able to see a dog behind the fence there. Take 
it out and move to it's position. You are now at the far northside of the map. Scope 
time, check along the area opposite the far northside of the fence. See the dog 
guarding the gate(cannot be open). It is facing northwards. Go for the eyes and 
viola, a dead dog. Note that sometimes th bullet will go right through the head of 
the dog and hit something in the background(sparks and a wisp of smoke). So make 
sure the patrollers on the other side of the fence is not there. Now head along the 
far northside fence to the east. Once the fence runs rightwards, there is a dog 
somewhere there. So snipe him out. If you swing your scope southeast(using map as 
reference), on top of those huge metal cylinder containers, there is a sniper. Don't 
kill him yet. Instead head towards the dog's body and turn right, you should be 
facing south. At the fence directly across infront of you, there are 2 patrollers 
there. Make sure they are far apart from each other with one of them heading to your 
left. Bring up your scope if you cannot see them. Once either one of them headed to 
your left, holster your rifle and make sure he does not see you. Sneak up on him 
with bereta 92 silenced out and follow him tills the fence on your right is about to 
end then take him out. Run to fence to your left from there and pull some distance 
away from the body. Now wait for the other patroller to find this body and then you 
just snipe him. Now to go for the weapons at the weapons icon on the map. Did you 
see that there are 3 pier fingers(joined to look like a 'm')? There are 2 warehouses 
near the 3rd pier(counting the pier from left to right). The arrangement should be 
the same as the one found in the 1st pier. Move to those warehouses and make sure 
you 'stick' yourself to the far end of the map when getting there. Do not cut across 
the map to get there. Once you get there, stand a safe distance and look south to 
see a train platform(wooden). Somewhere there has a dog standing guard. Snipe it and 
head south. You will see that there are big trucks with cargo containers there. 
Ready your weapons as there is another dog among the cargo containers. Finished the 
dog and go up one of the cargo container to aquire some more firepower. There are 
car bomb, MP5SD, Franchi PA3/215, Walter WA 2000 sniper, sniper ammo, beretta 92, 
beretta 92 silenced & hardballer. Take what you need and exit the container. Once 
out, check with your sniper scope north side of your current position. It should be 
somewhere near the barrels that a guard has barricaded himself there. Take him out 
and then go back to the betweens of the 2 warehouses and take out those 2 dogs 
there. Next follow your previous trails back to the far northside of this map. Make 
sure you 'stick' yourself to the fence. I have told you about the sniper up on top 
of the huge metal cylinder containers somewhere here previously, right. Now take him 
out. Find a comfortable position and now is the time to take out alot of guards. Pls 
use your scope for the next recce. Noticed that from your position(far northside of 
the fence), you should see that there is a gate guarded by 2 guards(one on each side 
of the gate). Well look along to your right, there is a guard standing between 2 
small buildings and a dog facing you. There is another guard standing behind the 2nd 
small building to the right among some barrels. Now move to the far right of the 
fence(using map as refence) and prepare to take out those guards guarding the gate. 
Take note that there maybe more than 2 guards(should the guard in between the 2 
buildings decided to check). After that, move right along the fence taking out the 
guard(may not be there is taken out eariler) and the dog. Move on further and also 
take out the guard behind the 2nd building. There should be a locked gate infront of 
you. Scope time and look beyond the gate and move to your right. After passing the 
guarded gate at the far background, you should see a guard standing behind a 
building with his side facing you. Give him a shot. Now back to the gate and 
finished those 2 guards there. Another guard will run through that gate once you 
start shooting. Take him to his friends(kill him of course). Now move right and go 
through the door opening with crates(near the first huge metal cylinder containers 
you saw). Make your way pass the metal containers there and head southeast to reach 
the fence. Find the fence where it bends into another direction(in between 
buildings). From that position, sniper scope the warehouse roof to the east(map 
reference). See the sniper at the edge of the roof? The trick is to snipe him and 
make sure that his body will not fall off from the roof, remember inverse 
kninematics? From that position, it is the best as if shoot from other positions, 
the body will fell and alert the guard below. After he is down on the roof, head to 
the warehouse. After passing the gate, turn into your left and go all the way til 
you hit the warehouse. Turn left again go forward. You are now at the back of the 
warehouse in which the dead sniper on top resides. Go somewhere in between the 2 
warehouses but do not go in. Position yourself and bring up your sniper scope. Look 
for the guard standing in between the 2 warehouses. Once he is sniped, retraced your 
route to the gate. Now you should be at the gate facing the big black pitch of 
darkness ahead. Use your scope and checkout the direction southwest(map reference). 
There is some crates there. There will have 2 patrollers over there(they will move 
from the darkness ahead of you to those crates) so you just make sure nobody is home 
and run to those crates and drop your rifle(don't worry as you'll get it back). Move 
into the darkness and should you check your map, you are at the 2nd finger pier. 
Wait for the patroller to come near you then hit sneak mode and take out your knife 
after his back facing you. Go up and attacked him. Drag his body behind those crates 
and now back to where you attack him. Now wait for the other patroller and use the 
same trick. Now head to the southeast(map reference) to reach the 1st warehouse 
there. You see an external staircase into the warehouse. Stand under the staircase 
and wait. For there is a patroller coming from the east side(map reference).Kill him
(sneak mode + slashing/beretta, silenced) after he reached your position(under the 
staircase). Wait further after you kill him as another patroller will to checkout 
this body. Only then, bring out your beretta 92 silenced and shoot him(preferably 
from behind his back). Now go back and retrieve your sniper rifle from those crates. 
After getting the rifle, move eastward to the end of the warehouse. You should stay 
quite a distance away from the warehouse. Once you reached the eastside of the 
warehouse, you will see a limo(same limo as the one Ivan has taken in the previous 
mission). Sniped the guard guarding the limo. Should any patroller rush to the limo, 
take him out also. Now if you have taken out 2 guards at the limo, you will be left 
with 1 patroller who is patrolling the 2nd warehouse further in. If not, you will 
left with 2 patrollers patrolling the 2nd warehouse. Wait for them and then take 
them out. After they are out, run to the limo and place that car bomb. Now drop your 
sniper rifle and head for the stair which leads to the top deck of the ship(try not 
to be too close to the stairs as if you are carrying the sniper rifle). And there 
are 3 guards guarding the stair with 2 facing the northside and one facing the east 
direction(map reference). Now take note that the ship has 2 sailing mast(long 
erected pole for sail). There are 2 guards at on top of those poles with each guard 
to it. Now go around the stair to come up behind the guard facing east(map 
reference). Sneak and attacked him and drag his body nearer to the ship. Strip him 
of his clothes(important) and weapon(if you like). Go around to the stairs and 
behind those 2 guards. Pull out your beretta 92 silenced and rain down on them. Make 
sure you kill them fast before they alert anybody. Hide their bodies near the ship 
and head up the stair to the ship. Once on the deck, you should see that 2 
patrollers are patrolling on either side of the ship. Go to the back of the ship and 
wait for them to come to you. Take them out one by one. Now find any door on the 
deck and enter into the ship. There are 2 stairs leading down(right & left stairs. 
Take either one of them down. Once you reached the next deck, take the stairs closes 
to you to go further down(right for right & left for left). Don't worry as both 
stairs will reached the same destination. As you reached next deck, go all the way 
right if you take the right stairs eariler(for left, go far left). See a short stair
(for both right & left), go up and through the door. For those who took the left 
way, once you go through that door, turn left again to see a stair leading further 
down. For those who take the right way, you have to turn right and look for this 
stair. Actually this stair leads to the engine room. There are about 3 engine room 
guys here & Ivan. Go in and make a mess of the place(kill everyone). By now Boris 
should have activated the nuke but do not worry as the nuke is in the other end of 
the engine room. Just go up press your action button on the control panel of the 
nuke on your right. After a while, either before or after you disarmed the nuke, you 
will see a cut scene where Boris entered his limo. After he start the engine, boom 
and that's take care of one objective. Back to hitman. Look around the room and you 
may find a Minigun. Either use this to clear the rest of the rodents out or just for 
the camera. Now make your way all the way onto the main deck where you need to 
choose between right & left stairs, remember? Look for 2 stairs on both sides and go 
up. You will come across a doorway with short stair infront of you. Go through it 
and take the ladder outside up. Now you are on top of the ship. There are 2 doors 
here but they leads to one area. Go through it to reach the control bridge of the 
ship. Looks like time to change captain matey! Introduce your minigun to the 
captain. Then start the engine at the controls to clear this mission. ........ Mode 
2 ........ Recommended Equipment: Pentagon knife, Beretta 92 Silenced This is a more 
subtle way of handling this mission. First climb up the ladder and run towards the 
train block infront of you. Now hit sneak mode with your knife drawn. See the 
nearest warehouse? At the bottom right hand corner(should you check the map), there 
is a guard with his back to you should you sneak up to him from the train block. 
Slashed him and take his MP5 & clothes. Run ahead and in between the 2 warehouses. 
See the other guard patrolling with his back to you, take him out. You can leave his 
body there(in between those warehouses). Now quickly run towards the northwest( map 
reference). You should see a gate and 2 guards. Do not go near the gate as the 
guards there will say 'what are you doing here?'. If you insist and open the gate, 
you will be hunted down. This is because you do not know the password. So the trick 
is to wait for the patroller to say the password and then you just follow him 
through the gate. You must be moving in the same direction as the patroller. So 
stand a safe distance and wait for the patroller to do his job and you just follow 
him through. Once through, run east and follow the finger pier around. You will come 
across the 2nd gate. There are also 2 patrollers around so do not feel shy of using 
them to go through the gate. Once through, move northeast passing the round metal 
fuel tanks and you should see a fence to your right. Follow the fence to the east 
and you'll come across the 3rd gate. Use the same trick to get through. After you 
are through, run southwest(map reference) and you'll hit the 2nd finger pier. You 
should see 2 crates there. Wait here as there are 2 patrollers patrolling this area. 
They will come from the darkness from the south. Take them out and if you like you 
can leave their bodies there. Now head to the southeast(map reference) to reach the 
1st warehouse there. You see an external staircase into the warehouse. Stand under 
the staircase and wait. For there is a patroller coming from the east side(map 
reference).Kill him(sneak mode + slashing/beretta, silenced) after he reached your 
position(under the staircase). Wait further after you kill him as another patroller 
will to checkout this body. Only then, bring out your beretta 92 silenced and shoot 
him(preferably from behind his back). Go to the 2nd warehouse further south. There 
are also 2 patrollers here. You must go to the southside of the 2nd warehouse where 
there is an open space there. Wait for the patroller to come to you from the right 
of the warehouse(assuming you are standing at the southside facing the 2nd 
warehouse). Take out both the patrollers one by one. Now for the only guard guarding 
the limo to the right of both warehouses. Kill him with your beretta silenced to the 
head. Note that you have no car bomb to rig the car as you did not head to the ammo 
icon as stated on the map. So you have to create a diversion inorder to lure Boris 
to this limo and then complete that objective. Go over to the stair and you will see 
3 guards there. Go behind the guard standing alone and slashed him. Take his clothes 
and then go over to the other 2 guarding the stairs. Move close to them with their 
heads line up and then pull out your beretta 92 silenced and start blasting away. 
Make sure you do this fast and no alarm is raised. Keep your weapon and go up the 
stairs. There are 2 patrollers here patrolling the sides of the ship and 2 guards up 
the 2 ship masts(long pole for the sail). Go to the back of the ship and take out 
the patrollers respectively as they come to you. Go back out to the stairs where you 
take to get on the ship. From that point, take out both guards on the 2 ship masts. 
Once they are down, it is time for diversion. Checkout the open cargo hatch near the 
front of the ship. You should spot a couple of guards down there. Fire at them and 
take out as many as you can. Once you get Boris activating the nuke, run to the 
bottom of the stairs which leads to the ship and wait for Boris. Should there be any 
guards coming at you, you know what to do. You will know Boris by the difference in 
clothes and shades on. Once Boris is history, run into the ship. Killing Boris and 
you can have 2 letters from Frantz & Lee Hong both whom is part of the dirt by now. 
Now find any door on the deck and enter into the ship. There are 2 stairs leading 
down(right & left stairs. Take either one of them down. Once you reached the next 
deck, take the stairs closes to you to go further down(right for right & left for 
left). Don't worry as both stairs will reached the same destination. As you reached 
next deck, go all the way right if you take the right stairs eariler(for left, go 
far left). See a short stair(for both right & left), go up and through the door. For 
those who took the left way, once you go through that door, turn left again to see a 
stair leading further down. For those who take the right way, you have to turn right 
and look for this stair. Actually this stair leads to the engine room. There are 
about 3 engine room guys here & Ivan. Go in and make a mess of the place(kill 
everyone). By now Boris should have activated the nuke but do not worry as the nuke 
is in the other end of the engine room. Just go up press your action button on the 
control panel of the nuke on your right. And takes care of the nuke. Look around the 
room and you may find a Minigun. Either use this to clear the rest of the rodents 
out or just for the camera. Now make your way all the way onto the main deck where 
you need to choose between right & left stairs, remember? Look for 2 stairs on both 
sides and go up. You will come across a doorway with short stair infront of you. Go 
through it and take the ladder outside up. Now you are on top of the ship. There are 
2 doors here but they leads to one area. Go through it to reach the control bridge 
of the ship. Looks like time to change captain matey! Introduce your minigun to the 
captain. Then start the engine at the controls to clear this mission. 
Congratulations!!! You have cleared a almost impossible mission. Hint: by using Mode 
2 way of killing Boris, you have letters from Frantz & Lee Hong. Lee Hong talked 
about this professor who supply him with men. What kind of professor is that??? And 
Frantz's letter shows that he is kind of scared and wants to split the fruit. Well 
we all know that Frantz is being split, alright. ------------------------------------
------------------------------------ \\\\\\\ ASYLUM \\\\\\\ This the final stages of 
the the game. You will find out the cause of all this missions and your true 
identity. And how that barcode mark get onto your back of your head(see closely 
during game play). Those men Lee Hong's letter talked about in the previous mission 
will also come to light. ----------- THE SETUP ----------- Objectives: Eliminate 
Doctor Kovacs Money: $100,000 Recommended Equipment: Nothing to equip but if you 
like, bring a Kevlar body armor Note: the start is a little creepy as all those 
gangsters, druglord, professional killer & guns dealer you have taken out are 
missions order by the same client. Now looks like this client is paying you alot 
more money just to kill a doctor. Something is not right as you cannot purchase any 
weapons. Looks like you have to A.O.S(aquire on site) for weapons in the asylum. A 
cut scene will show that our hitman has arrived at the asylum. Notice the symbol on 
the gate, familiar right? That's the symbol of this game. After you gain control, 
head up the asylum and through the main door inside. Once you are through the door, 
a clerk will come to you and a cut scene will show. Hitman will present his name and 
says that he is looking for Dr. Kovacs. Listen to the clerk as he is giving the 
directions to Dr. Kovacs office. Next follow him into the main hall and then the 
clerk just went back to his post. Wait for a while as the clerk eariler will 
call 'Professor' Ort-meyer. This is the 'Professor' mention in Lee Hong's letter 
previously??? Once you have regained your composure, go through the door opposite 
the dorr in which the clerk resides. Take the childrens book from one of the shelves 
there. Now head all the way upstairs and go through the door there. You are now in a 
laboratory. Aquire the UZI, Franchi PA 3 & 3 shotgun ammo there. Try not to alert 
the personel in this facility by carrying a weapon in your hands. So avoid the 
Franchi. Move back into the main hall and enter into the double doors at the 
northside(map reference). You have arrived in a circular room with a fountain in the 
center. Head northwest into the corridor without a stone cravings at the top on the 
doorway. Go pass the gate there and you should come across a set of 2 double doors 
on each side of your right & left(the far left double doors is actually the 
elevator). Take the double to your left closest to you. Look around the sink area 
and you will come across 2 rubber duckies. Take only one of them and take the 
elevator up to 2nd floor(remember the elevator nearby?). Once you arrived at the 2nd 
floor, turn right and next to the elevator is the washroom. Go in and look for a 
first aid kit on the wall. Open up and take the syringe inside(remember to out it 
away). This little gift is for Dr. Kovacs. Now go into the room on the left after 
you exit from the washroom(the door is directly to the left side of the double doors 
infront). Go on in and approaches Dr. Kovacs(guy behind the desk) and a cut scene 
will show that hitman will have a nice conversation with him. After the 
conversation, hit sneak mode and go behind Dr. Kovacs. As you are moving even closer 
to Dr. Kovacs, you will get a scene where the SWAT team have arrived and are looking 
for you(courtesy of Professor Ort-meyer). After the scene, quickly take out the 
syringe and plugged it into Kovacs. Once he is silenced, take his clothes and put 
your syringe away. Move to the notice board beside the window and take the 
sanitarium key. This key will open all doors and gates. By now those SWATs should 
have found you. But you have changed into a doctor so they will not bother you. So 
try not to fight them as mostly you'll get yourself killed. There is a door opposite 
Kovacs's office with a Franchi PA 3, Walter WA 2000 sniper rifle, 3 sniper ammo & 2 
shotgun ammo(should you decided to take on the SWAT). Remember that you have 
collected a children book & a rubber duckie, well there is another item and that is 
a teddy bear. Go through the double doors next to the offices and into a big 
operation room. Turn right from there and through the door. After you go through the 
door, turn right again and through the door. You should see a teddy bear on the bed 
infront of you. Take it. Now to find the owners of those items. Actually those items 
belongs to the nuts here. Head back out into the operation room and go through the 
door infront of you. Once through, look for a nut and talk to him. He will tell you 
something about a book. Get the clue??? Just give him the book(equip the book and 
right click when close to the nut). After that he will say something about the 
antidope? Do we really need to trust a nutcase? I don't think so. Need weapon??? 
There are plenty on the 3rd floor. There are M16A2 + 4clips, hardballer + 2 ammos, 3 
UZI clips, a Mossberg shotgun & 3 shotgun ammo. Make sure that you had a weapon on 
you(those can be place inside your coat). This is for emergency. Just take the 
stairs at the far eastside which says roof access and go up the stairs til the end. 
Once you reached the roof top, there is a locker there with a Mossberg shotgun + 4 
shotgun ammos. Move across the roof and exit through the other roof top door(do not 
fall from the roof as this will end your life). Go down the stairs and once you 
reached a floor, go forward and turn into the double doors on your right. You will 
see a guy sitting on a chair with his head swinging side by side. Talk to him and 
you will notice that he is the CIA agent you rescue from Lee Hong's underground 
basement in 'THE LEE HONG ASSASSINATION' mission. And he is drugged. He'll also tell 
about your identity and that is you are a clone created by using DNA. The person who 
created you is non other than Professor Ort-meyer. Looks like you need to find the 
antidote for him. Checkout the metal caged counter in this room. Go in and open the 
locker and take the antidote. Give the antidote shot to Mr. CIA and he will show you 
the secret way into the basement. Just follow him. The only trouble is that this guy 
doesn't know how to open a door!!! By the end, he will lead you to the elevator. And 
then you'll get another cut scene where Mr. CIA tells you that the entrance is at 
the bottom of the elevator shaft. Then he will take the elevator up thus revealing a 
set of stairs down there. Just go down and you will cleared this mission. 
Congratulations!!! You have completely inflitrated the asylum. ----------------------
---------- MEET YOUR BROTHER (Last Mission) -------------------------------- 
Objectives: None but you purpose is to kill everybody here(it's kind of personal) 
Money: None (it's revenge) Recommended Equipment: What you have carry from the 
previous mission Note: you should have saw the cut scene where hitman is being 
recorded on camera. This means that professor Ort-meyer knows you are here. This is 
the last mission so don't hold back. Just shoot anything that moves. Go through the 
gate with your weapon drawn and blow up the clerk behind the desk. Take the shotgun 
with 3 ammos in the locker beside him. Through the gate there and you will get a cut 
scene of 10 Tobias Reiper lining up with one of them go to the scanner to be scan 
using the barcode at the back of his head. Now you know what that barcode on your 
head is for. After the cut scene, head into the gate on your right. Then turn right 
into the room. Exit through the doorway infront of you and all the way till you 
reached a metal door on your right. Enter it to get the minigun. Now get out of that 
room and through the gate infront of you. You should see another gate infront of you 
once you pass the gate. Notice the passageway to the left, move there and hide 
againist the wall(the wall to your back). Leave a gap so that you can see the second 
gate(open end). From the point where you got the minigun till up against the wall, 
holster your minigun inorder to walk or run. Those hitman will show themselves 
through the gate so therefore you are in a good position to take them out. Remember 
they are more deadly than you and their shots are more likely to kill you instantly 
with pin point accuracy than any other enemies you have met so far. Note: after you 
have saw the 10 hitman cut scene, rushed to take the minigun then set yourself up 
behind the wall(good position)with the gap for kill. You have to do this fast as 
every time a clone is released, you'll get a blue info displayed showing 'Releasing 
Clone'. So by moving fast, you will not have 2 or more clones hunting you down. 
Should you do it fast and right, the first clone being released should not have 
reached the gate. As you know that the minigun has a lagged time every time you 
press the fire button before it spurts out ammo. The trick is to click the mouse 
once to let the barrel spin. The next time you click the mouse, those shots will 
spurt forth without lagged time. Once you saw the first hitman, blast him till he is 
history. You will then get the blue displayed showing another clone is released. 
Click the mouse to set the minigun up and wait. Do this over and over again until no 
more blue display showing releasing clones. Only then you are sure that you have 
taken out those 10 hitman. Sorry, forgot to mention about the weapons and ammos 
here. Remember after you pass the gate and then you see the 10 hitman scene, well 
there to the left passageway and the first door left is a shotgun ammo on he shelf. 
After you got out of the room, turn left and through the gate there. You notice 
something familiar about this place, this place is the last part of the Training 
mission. Remember the clerk behind the desk??? If you do, treat him to a nice supper 
of leads on his account. Take the 3 smg ammos, 3 shotgun ammos, kevlar armor & a 
MP5. On to the last part of this mission. Drag either one of the bodies(clones) pile 
up near the gate. Move yourself and the clone back to the clone releasing room with 
a foot sign on the floor(look around and you will find it). Approached the foot sign 
and you'll get a cut scene where our hitman scans the clone's barcode so that it 
will open the door to professor Ort-meyer. Should you be in here without the clone's 
body, you'll be gas. Notice the room Ort-meyer is in, it is completely white. 
Another dimension perhaps??? There are 2 endings to this game, i think? Cause once 
you saw Ort-meyer, kill him and you'll get a true ending(credits rolling). Watch the 
head snap on Ort-meyer, luv it. The other ending is that Ort-meyer will use a stun 
gun on you and thus knocked you out. After that, you will wake up on a bed just like 
the starting cut scene. Anyway, congratulations to you for being so patience for my 
walkthrough. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
=================== FUN WAYS OF PLAY =================== Below are some of the fun 
ways of playing certain scenario. These are contributed by gamers who email me. 
~~~~~~~~~ Budapest ~~~~~~~~~ ---You can buy the sniper rifle and the beretta 92(with 
lots of ammo). At the start snipe the guy at the window(bodyguard of Frantz). 
Dropped all your weapons(exclude the fibre wire). Note that now you have beretta 
ammos(purchase earlier) for the Luger at Frantz suite. ---You can bring a knife and 
drop behind the left cop without crossing the detector. After that, cross through 
the detector and pickup that knife(no use of knife for this mission though). ---Can 
drown Fritz(the guy with the lab coat) if he is in the water. ---Avoid killing the 
guard guarding the suite of Frantz by placing the 'Do not disturb' sign after you 
have kill the guard & Frantz inside. This sign also prevent the cleaning boy from 
entering. ---Bring a sniper rifle if you are rich, then snipe the guard that comes 
out for a breather inside Fuchs room at the start of the scenario. ------------------
------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------
------------------------------------------ =================== WEAPONS + PRICES 
=================== ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hand held (For sneak attack) 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Oyabun Knife Type: Traditional Japanese Knife 
Length: 9.46" Price: $65 This Oyabun Knife makes a much quicker draw and slash 
compare with the Fibre Wire(you must be in the sneak + up close to the 
target). ........................................................................ 
Name: Pentagon Knife Type: Specialist Army Knife Length: 12.57" Price: $50 This is a 
army knife which is much longer than the Oyabun knife but their uses is the same. 
Note that longer is cheaper cause Japanese knife is known for their 
sharpness. ........................................................................ 
Name: Fibre Wire Type: Fibre Wire. Does not trigger metal detectors Length: 80 cm 
Price: $110 Though slower attack compare to the knives, it gives the rush of seeing 
your target struggling for breath when you crushed their windpipe. The bonus is it 
is made of fibre(you know what i mean later into the 
missions). ........................................................................ 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pistols (For short range) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hand 
Held Name: AMT 1911 'Hardballer' Type: Semi-Automatic Caliber: Pistol Magazine Cap: 
7 Length: 8.5" Weight: 38 oz Price: $550 Ammo Cost: $5 per clip Normal 
recommendations by the Agency. Slightly more powerful than the Beretta 92 but makes 
a hell of a noise. Maximum number of ammo carry is 150 
rounds. ........................................................................ 
Name: Desert Eagle Mark XIX Type: Semi-Automatic Caliber: Magnum Magazine Cap: 7 
Length: 10.75" Weight: 71.4 oz Price: $1200 Ammo Cost: $6 per clip Although costly 
but sure pack a hell of a punch than the normal Hardballer. Maximum number of ammo 
carry is 130 
rounds. ........................................................................ 
Name: Beretta 92 Type: Semi-Automatic Caliber: Pistol Magazine Cap: 15 Length: 8.5" 
Weight: 34.4 oz Price: $475 Ammo Cost: $10 per clip Looks like the silenced type 
cost a $300 more. Has the same fire power as the silenced type.Maximum number of 
ammo carry is 150 
rounds. ........................................................................ 
Name: Beretta 92, Silenced Type: Semi-Automatic Caliber: Pistol Magazine Cap: 15 
Length: 15.1" Weight: 39.2 oz Price: $775 Ammo Cost: $10 per clip Most important it 
is silenced so guards nearby will hear the sound. Uses the same bullets as 
Hardballer. Maximum number of ammo carry is 150 
rounds. ........................................................................ 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Submachineguns (For short to 
medium range /w 2 hands) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: 
Israeli Military Industries UZI Type: Sub-Machinegun Caliber: 9 mm Magazine Cap: 32 
Length: 17.1" Weight: 8.41 lbs Rate of Fire: 650 rpm Price: $900 Ammo Cost: $22 per 
clip You know if it's the UZI fast rate of fire but can really drain out on your 
ammo. Should be use for more than one enemy 
together. ........................................................................ 
Name: US Army M60 Type: Light Machinegun Caliber: 7.62 mm Magazine Cap: Belt Fed 
Length: 42.1" Weight: 23.1 lbs Rate of Fire: 550 rpm Price: $1900 Ammo Cost: $50 per 
belt of 50 rounds Damn powerful for this one cause it uses the 7.62 mm caliber 
rounds and 1 rounds is $1 but you must buy a belt of 50 though. Maximum number of 
mmo carry is 300 
rounds. ........................................................................ 
Name: Heckler & Koch MP5 Type: Sub-Machinegun Caliber: 9 mm Magazine Cap: 30 Length: 
14.5" Weight: 6.141 lbs Rate of Fire: 900 rpm Price: $2200 Ammo Cost: $21 for 30 
rounds Real drain on your ammo if not kept in check. Basically favours by the SWAT 
for it's accuracy and for good close combat attack. Maximum number of ammo carry is 
150 rounds. ........................................................................ 
Name: Heckler & Koch MP5SD Type: Silenced Sub-Machinegun Caliber: 9 mm Magazine Cap: 
30 Length: 14.5" Weight: 6.141 lbs Rate of Fire: 900 rpm Price: $2700 Ammo Cost: $21 
for 30 rounds Same as the MP5 w/o silencer. With the silencer attached, the cost 
increase by $500. The only good side is you do not have to worry about the noise. 
Maximum number of ammo carry is 150 
rounds. ........................................................................ 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Automatic rifles (For 
medium range to long range /w 2 hands) 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Kalashnikov AK 47 
Type: Automatic Rifle Caliber: 7.62 mm Magazine Cap: 30 Length: 37.1" Weight: 8.05 
lbs Rate of Fire: 600 rpm Price: $700 Ammo Cost: $30 per clip The all time popular 
rifle. Do not have a good accuracy though. Powerful when up close. Good for storming 
in on masses(group of enemies). Maximum number of ammo carry is 100 
rounds. ........................................................................ 
Name: M16A2 Type: Automatic Rifle Caliber: 5.56 mm Magazine Cap: 30 Length: 39.6" 
Weight: 8.79 lbs Rate of Fire: 700 rpm Price: $600 Ammo Cost: $24 per 30 rounds 
Though it is less powerful than the AK47, due to the rate of fire and it's range, 
you can shoot a faraway target and still get it whereas the AK47 will miss 
frequently. Maximum number of ammo carry is 100 
rounds. ........................................................................ 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shotguns (For short range /w 2 hands) 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Mossberg Persuader Shotgun Type: Pump-
Action Shotgun Caliber: 12 guage Magazine Cap: 6 Length: 38.5" Weight: 6.75 lbs 
Price: $285 Ammo Cost: $1 per round It's powerful and loud so unless you want the 
good hardcore action, this is for you. On the down side is you need to reload after 
each round thus giving more time for the enemies to shoot you. The good side is it 
is cheaper than the normal handgun on both the gun + 
ammo. ........................................................................ Name: 
Franchi PA3/215 Type: Pump-Action Shotgun Caliber: 12 gauge Magazine Cap: 3 Length: 
18.5" Weight: 5.4 lbs Price: $350 Ammo Cost: $6 for 8 rounds Well it is a shotgun 
which is good for close up shot. The good side of it compared to Mossberg Persuader 
is that it can hold 8 rounds instead of only one round. And $6 for 8 rounds is a 
real bargain compare to $1 for one round. Maximum number of ammo carry is 50 
rounds. ........................................................................ 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sniper rifles (For far range /w 2 hands) 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Blaser Jagdwaffen R93 Sniper Type: 
Sniper Rifle Caliber: .308 Winchester Magazine Cap: 6 Length: 42" Weight: 12 lbs 
Effective Range: 800m Price: $1550 Ammo Cost: $2 per round You'll get this sniper 
rifle in the early stages of the game. Do not have semi-automatic firing capabilities
(after one shot, has to reload for another). Makes less noise than the Walther 
WA2000 Sniper. Maximum number of ammo carry is 50 
rounds. ........................................................................ 
Name: Walter WA 2000 Sniper Type: Sniper Rifle Caliber: .300 Win Mag Magazine Cap: 6 
Length: 35.6 " Weight: 15.9 lbs Effective Range: 1000 m Price: $9525 Ammo Cost: $12 
per rounds of 6 The weight & length is lesser than the R93 but the price is sky 
rocketed to a wopping $9525. The good points are it is semi-automatic(means that it 
only finishes firing 6 rounds before reloading) unlike the R93, you have to reload 
after every shot. The range is longer too from 800-1000 m but the ammo cost is still 
the same as of about $2 per round. Maximum number of ammo carry is 50 
rounds. ........................................................................ 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gatling gun (For all ranges 
except far /w 2 hands) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: M 
134 Minigun Type: Medium Gatling Caliber: 7.62 mm Magazine Cap: Belt Fed Length: 
35.4 " Weight: 35 lbs Rate of Fire: 10000 rpm Price: $10750 Ammo Cost: $1000 per 
rounds of 1000 The most powerful weapon in this game. And at 10000 rpm, i'm sure no 
one can dodge it's bullets. With this baby in your hands, you cannot run but if you 
holster it, you can run like normal. So that note. And the only down side of this 
baby is that you have to wait for the barrel to spin and then only those ammos can 
be fired. That's about 1.5 s. But there is a tip for it. That's to fast click your 
mouse once to spin the barrel and then click again to fire those ammos out. Maximum 
number of ammo carry is 6000 
rounds. ........................................................................ 
================== EQUIPMENT + PRICES ================== Name: Car Bomb w/Remote 
Detonator Type: Remotely Detonated C4-Explosives Length: 8.3" Price: $3000 To be 
place only in cars inorder for it to work. Move to the driver's side and use it. A 
cut scene will show hitman placing the bomb. This bomb as it's names implies can be 
detonated remotely but wait for about 1 s maybe due to the 
transmission. .......................................................................
. Name: Kevlar Body Armor Type: Kevlar Body Armor Weight: 1300 g Price: $900 It will 
took enemy's shot first instead of your body. Still your life gauge will depletes if 
the shot happens to land on your limps or head. Just like in the real life. 
Basically try to keep the armor above 50% inorder for it to work 
better. ........................................................................ 
Name: Compass Type: Light weight military field compass Weight: 150 g Price: $80 
Basically you do not need a compass in all the missions. The map is enough. More 
expensive than 
knives. ........................................................................ 
Name: Binoculars Type: Military grade optics binoculars (7 x 50 mag) Weight: 950 g 
Price: $750 May need this for the night, in the jungle or large maps of open area. 
Has night-vision too. Too expensive 
though. ........................................................................ 
Name: GPS Receiver Price: $0 ......No Other Bios On This Item....... The price is $0 
due to this item came with the Transmitter should you bought the 
Transmitter. ........................................................................
 Name: GPS Transmitter Price: $4000 ......No Other Bios On This Item....... Price is 
high but it gets the job done. Remember to click on the receiver should you purchase 
transmitter. ........................................................................
 ======================== SPECIAL ITEMS THAT KILLS ======================== Name: 
Derringer A 4 ammo mini hand pistol. Normally carry by ladies. This weapon will only 
show up when you cheat. Name: Sawn Off Shotgun As the name implies this baby can be 
carry under your coat or suit. Normally it is the handle that's is being sawn off. 
This weapon will only show up when you cheat. Name: Meat Cleaver Mincing and 
chopping meat. Found for example the Budapest mission in the kitchen. Name: Kitchen 
Knife Found in the Kitchen. Fish restaurant in the early stages. Name: Bomb On 
Pablo's Desk To blow up Pablo's Laboratory. Pablo's hideout!!! ----------------------
-------------------------------------------------- ======== CHEATS ======== Use the 
Find files & folders from the start menu of your Win 95 or 98.Key in 'HITMAN.INI' 
and the computer will look up this file for you. Open it up once you found it
(actually this file is in the hitman folder). At the very end of the file, add the 
line 'enableconsole 1' without the quotes and save it. During gameplay or at the 
laptop screen, press the tilde key ("~") and the console should drop down. Enter the 
following for each cheat: god 1 = Invincibility invisible 1 = The enemies can't see 
you giveall = All items and weapons for the mission infammo = Unlimited ammunition 
for your weapons(ammos will automactic replenish once you reload) NOTE: 
use 'enableconsole 0' to turn off the cheats. This cheat can be found in all major 
cheats & gaming site. ---------------------------------------------------------------
--------- ==================== CONTACT INFORMATION ==================== 
[email protected]---------------------
--------- =========== THANKS!!! =========== 

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