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                        Icewind Dale - Heart of Winter
                         Walkthrough by Michael Walsh
                                   Ver 1.2
                                March 19, 2001

                            Questions?  Additions?
                       E-mail me at: [email protected]
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                              TABLE OF CONTENTS:
                          i. Things You Should Know
                         ii. Walkthrough - Party Makeup
                        iii. Thanks To... Section
                         iv. Game Strategy and Tactics
                           1. Lonelywood
                           2. The Barbarian Camp
                           3. Burial Isle
                           4. Gloomfrost
                           5. Sea of Moving Ice
                          x. Other Works
                          y. Previous Updates List
                          z. Legal Information

                            Things You Should Know

   For the people who are used to reading FAQ's, and especially for the people
who are familiar with the Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale games, this section is
most likely unnecessary.  Briefly I will explain some of the more commonly
occurring things you are likely to encounter in this FAQ that you may not

Coordinates:  Just like the Baldur's Gate games, in Icewind Dale you can find
------------  your exact coordinates on the map.  I will use coordinates
              frequently throughout the walkthrough.  It is not necessary to
              use them or to understand them, but they can be a great help in
              assuring yourself that you are in the right location or going
              the right direction.To do this in Icewind Dale, press X.  In the
              dialog screen will appear something like this:

                   x=#### y=####  AR####

              What does it all mean?  Well, first of all, the # sign
              represents a number.  The x and y are relatively unimportant,
              but the numbers next to them give you your exact location on the
              map.  The AR#### is also important.  Every map is an area.  For
              example, Lonelywood is one area.  The first floor of the inn in
              Lonelywood is another area.  Essentially, anytime your computer
              has to load up a new map, you have entered a new area.  The AR
              numbers also appear throughout this FAQ, to help the reader know
              that they have (or should have!) moved to the next area.
              Knowing that your coordinates are x=456 y=789 is irrelevant if
              you don't know whether you are in AR9600 or AR9100.

       EVIL:  There are several possible actions detailed throughout this 
              walkthrough with this header.  These events are NOT necessary to
              do.  Sometimes they are worth it, sometimes not.  Repeat, you do 
              NOT have to do any of these acts, even if you have an 
              evil-aligned party.

                          Walkthrough - Party Makeup

Below is the party that I used when I created this walkthrough.  Also given is
the reason I chose each character.

   Paladin            Male     Human          Leader of the party; high CHR
   Fighter            Male     Human          Specialized in the halberd!
   Fighter/Cleric     Male     Human          Dual-Classed to Cleric at Lvl 9
   Fighter/Druid      Male     Human          Dual-Classed to Druid at Lvl 9
   Fighter/Thief      Male     Halfling       A thief with lots of HP!
   Wizard - Mage      Male     Half-Elf       Uses virtually every spell. Wow!

This class has virtually no problems in the beginning stages of the game, with
the exception of the lack of healing abilities.  Each character is specialized
in a different weapon for maximum effectiveness.  The Paladin uses Long
Swords, the Fighter uses halberds, the Cleric uses hammers, etc.


Having finished the expansion pack for the first time, I will now attempt to
discover some of the smaller details, as well as to explore the possible
tactics of other classes  (most notably the Bard).  This is the party that I
will be using for my second time through, to further supplement this

   Fighter/Wizard     Male     Human          Dual-Classed to MAge at Lvl 9
   Fighter            Male     Halflinig      To use the Trusted Defender Helm
   Fighter/Cleric     Male     Dwarf          Multi-Classed Evil Cleric!!
   Bard               Male     Human          Has a number of new useful songs
   Fit/Mag/Thi        Female   Elf            Eventual powerhouse; see above.

Note:  It is highly recommended that you do not travel to Lonelywood (and the
expansion area) until you are adequately prepared.  Having started the game
from the beginning, I did not enter the new areas until just after killing

                                 Thanks To...

   This walkthrough is only intended to cover the Expansion Pack, and will
almost certainly never cover the main game.  For an excellent FAQ of the main
game, download Dan Simpson's "Icewind Dale" FAQ, also found at
(free advertising, and thanks to Dan Simpson for his excellent FAQ's, which
have provided me, in part, with the inspiration to write my own.)

Thanks to...
   Dan Simpson for the excellent layout of his FAQ's, which I borrowed some
ideas from.  Imitation (but not Plagiarism) is supposedly the best form of
flattery... so consider yourself flattered.

   Interplay/Black Isle Studios for one of the most efficient and exciting
ways to kill free time.

And now, on with the show...er, FAQ!

                          Game Strategy and Tactics

   This section is a combination of stratgy and tactics dealing with several
aspects.  Below you will find ideas for character creation, spell selection,
and what the most ideal party makeup might be given the changes in the
expansion pack.  If you have a strategy or idea not represented here, feel
free to send it to me at:  [email protected]   Full credit will be given to
you within the body of the FAQ.

Creating a Character

   Naturally, you will want to create at least a couple of characters with
which to play the game.  They do tend to make it more interesting.  Whatever
type of character you choose to create, they all have some common factors.
Below I have compiled some useful information that you can easily have at your
fingertips when creating a character.  This information applies to "Icewind
Dale: Heart of Winter", and may not be fully applicable to other games.

Race:  Maximum and Minimum Stats

   Looking to create the most effective thief?  The strongest fighter?  The
most cunning mage?  Well, different classes excel in different areas.  Below
is a chart showing what the minimum and maximum possible stats are when
creating a character.  Note:  A character can end up with a higher score in
one or more of these attributes due to magical items which may temporarily or
permantly raise a score.  This chart only shows the minimum and maximum
possible while  _creating_  a character.  Also note that a STR of 18/00 is
stronger than a STR of 18.

                      Minimum and Maximum Stats by Race:

   | Race/Skill |    STR    |  DEX   |  CON   |  INT   |  WIS   |  CHA   |
   |  Human     |  3-18/00  |  3-18  |  3-18  |  3-18  |  3-18  |  3-18  |
   |  Dwarf     |  9-18/00  |  3-17  | 12-19  |  3-18  |  3-18  |  2-16  |
   |  Elf       |  9-18/00  |  7-19  |  6-17  |  8-18  |  3-18  |  8-18  |
   |  Half-Elf  |  9-18/00  |  6-18  |  6-18  |  4-18  |  3-18  |  3-18  |
   |  Gnome     |  6-18     |  3-18  |  8-18  |  7-19  | 10-17  |  3-18  |
   |  Halfling  |  6-17     |  8-19  | 10-18  |  6-18  |  3-17  |  3-18  |

   Using this chart, you should be able to get a decent idea of which races
make the best fighters, mages, etc.  For races with maximum possible scores of
19, be sure to try and get the maximum of 19.  These super-exceptional scores
can make a big difference. Example:  A mage with INT of 18 has an 85% chance
of successfully putting a spell in his spellbook.  With an INT of 19, the
chance is increased to a whopping 95%!

Class:  Minimum Stats

   Once you have chosen a race, you will need to make what is probably the
most important pre-game decision: what class will your character be?  Below is
a table showing the minimun possible stat for each ability.  In addition, if 
you choose to create a mage, you can elect to make a Specialist Mage, who can 
cast more spells per level.  However, each Specialist area has a stat (in 
addition to Intellegence) that must also be met.  They are also listed below.
Finally, some of the Opposition Schools for Specialist Mages (the types of 
spells that they can not cast) have changed some since Icewind Dale.  Below I 
will also include the Opposition Schools from Icewind Dale, and show how they 
have changed in Heart of Winter.

                           Minimum Stats by Class:

             | Class/Skill | STR | DEX | CON | INT | WIS | CHA |
             |   Fighter   |  9  |  3  |  3  |  3  |  3  |  3  |
             |   Cleric    |  3  |  3  |  3  |  3  |  9  |  3  |
             |   Thief     |  3  |  9  |  3  |  3  |  3  |  3  |
             |   Mage      |  3  |  3  |  3  |  9  |  3  |  3  |
             |   Paladin   | 12  |  3  |  9  |  3  | 13  | 17  |
             |   Ranger    | 13  | 13  | 14  |  3  | 14  |  3  |
             |   Druid     |  3  |  3  |  3  |  3  | 12  | 15  |
             |   Bard      |  3  | 12  |  3  | 13  |  3  | 15  |

   For Specialist Mages, see the stats above for a regular mage, and in
addition, you will need the following:

                    Additional Stats for Specialist Mages:

             | Class/Skill | STR | DEX | CON | INT | WIS | CHA |
             | Abjurer     |  3  |  3  |  3  |  9  | 15  |  3  |
             | Conjurer    |  3  |  3  | 15  |  9  |  3  |  3  |
             | Diviner     |  3  |  3  |  3  |  9  | 16  |  3  |
             | Enchanter   |  3  |  3  |  3  |  9  |  3  | 16  |
             | Illusionist |  3  | 16  |  3  |  9  |  3  |  3  |
             | Invoker     |  3  |  3  | 16  |  9  |  3  |  3  |
             | Necromancer |  3  |  3  |  3  |  9  | 16  |  3  |
             | Transmuter  |  3  | 15  |  3  |  9  |  3  |  3  |

               Changes to Opposition Schools in Heart of Winter

   |   School    |  Opposition School(s)  |     With Heart of Winter     |
   | Abjurer     | Alteration             | Alteration, Illusion         |
   | Conjurer    | Divination             | Invocation                   |
   | Diviner     | Conjuration/Summoning  | Conjuration/Summoning        |
   | Enchanter   | Invocation             | Invocation                   |
   | Illusionist | Necromancy             | Necromancy, Abjuration       |
   | Invoker     | Enchantment/Charm      | Divination,                  |
   |             | Conjuration/Summoning  | Conjuration/Summoning        |
   | Necromancer | Illusion               | Illusion, Enchantment/Charm  |
   | Transmuter  | Abjuration, Necromancy | Abjuration, Necromancy       |

Character Ideas

   Now that the experience cap in Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter has been
raised to 8,000,000 points, there is a type of character which can really come
into power:  The Triple Class Character.  There are two different types of
Triple Class combinations in Icewind Dale:  The Fighter/Mage/Cleric combo, and
the Fighter/Mage/Thief combo.  To earn the maximum 8,000,000experience points
that a character can gain could take a LONG time.  But also added with the
expansion pack is the "Heart of Fury" option, which can greatly increase the
speed at which you earn experience.  (Note: Don't even think of turning it on
until you have beaten, or nearly beaten the game)  A Triple Class character
will never reach Level 30 in any one class.  However, take a look at what they
can accomplish:

           Fighter/Mage/Cleric                  Fighter/Mage/Thief
           -------------------                  ------------------
   Levels:   18    17    19                        18   17    22

   This may not mean much on the surface, but let's take a more in-depth look
at what these character levels mean:

      Level 18 Fighter:  A Fighter starts with 4 proficiency slots, and gains
      -----------------  an additional one every 3 levels.  This means that at
                         Level 18, the fighter will have a total of 9
                         Proficiency points.  This is enough to reach Grand
                         Mastery in one weapon, and almost reach it in
                         another.  His THAC0 also goes down by 1 per level,
                         which not only makes it easier to hit with weapons,
                         but also aids TREMENDOUSLY when it comes to spells
                         which require touch.

         Level 17 Mage:  Unfortunately, a Level 17 Mage is unable to use the
         --------------  Level 9 Spells.  However, there are only a couple of
                         them, so you are not going to miss much.  You come
                         with a large array of possible spells.  Assuming
                         (once again) that the spell chart in the manual is
                         correct, you will have the following number of spells
                         at Level 17:

             |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |
             |   16    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  3  |  2  |  1  |  -  |
             |   17    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  3  |  3  |  2  |  -  |
             |   18    |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  5  |  3  |  3  |  2  |  1  |

                         Having said that, there is one spell in particular
                         that makes any combination of a Fighter/Mage very
                         potent: Iron Body.  This Level 8 Spell does the
                         following for the caster:

                            100% resistance to electricity.
                             50% resistance to fire.
                             25% resistance to crushing damage.
                             Strength raised to 25.
                             Can attack 2/round with iron fists (2d4)

                         And the spell lasts for 2 full turns!  Now for the

                            Movement rate reduced to 25% of normal.

                         So as you can see, those are tremendous benefits for
                         one little spell.  An even more potent combination is
                         all of the above, plus equipping your character with
                         a set of Elven Chainmail (found in Severed Hand
                         Area).  In case you don't know, Elven Chainmail,
                         while not possessing the best AC of an armor in the
                         game, DOES allow a Mage to still cast spells and
                         ALSO allows a Thief to use their thieving skills.  As
                         you can see, this armor is VITAL to the
                         Fighter/Mage/Thief combination if you want to fully
                         employ all three classes.

       Level 19 Cleric:  A Level 19 Cleric is, simply put, awesome!  Add to
       ----------------  that the fact that with the Triple Class characters,
                         it is only one of three talents. and you are a
                         virtual one-man party!  A Cleric of this level will
                         easily be able to use every spell that is available
                         to them.  Below is the Clerics spell table:

                         |  Level  |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |
                         |   18    |  8  |  8  |  8  |  8  |  6  |  4  |  2  |
                         |   19    |  9  |  9  |  8  |  8  |  6  |  4  |  2  |
                         |   20    |  9  |  9  |  9  |  8  |  7  |  5  |  2  |
                         |   NOTE: You must have a WIS of 17 to use Lvl 6    |
                         |         spells and a WIS of 18 to use Lvl 7.      |

        Level 22 Thief:  In Icewind Dale, the Thief character class is not too
        ---------------  amazing on its own, but when paired with one or more
                         other classes, becomes much more formidable.  Besides
                         having earned a LOT of thief skill points by Level 22
                         (30 at Level 1, and 20 each additional level for a
                         total of 450 points!)  This amount of skill points is
                         enough to raise each of your skills to 112% easily -
                         and that is not counting your race's initial skill
                         level!  Beyond that, having any combination of a
                         Thief/Mage means that you have a Mage who can attack
                         with spells AND arrows from the back row!

   These are just some of the potential reasons why the Triple Class
characters are now a viable option, if one is willing to overlook their one
drawback:  They go up in level three times slower than a normal character.


   In order to get to Lonelywood, you must have first gotten to Kuldahar in
the original game.  Just east of the center of town is a house that was
previously locked.  If you go inside, you will find a barbarian named Hjollder
there.  It seems that your coming has been foretold to him for a while now.
It appears that there is another town in trouble.  He requests your aid in the
north.  The town of Lonelywood is in the path of a major barbarian invasion,
which is being led by the great barbarian leader Wylfdene, who has recently
returned from the dead.  Prepare yourselves, and when you are ready, accept
his request and journey with him to another of the Ten Towns - Lonelywood.

1.   Lonelywood

The Well (x 1772 y 2210  AR 9100)

   You have just arrived in the town of Lonelywood.  Upon your arrival, you
will encounter a girl named Hailee Dunn.  She says that her brother is trapped
in the well, and would like for you to go and tell her dad.  Her dad is
located in the Cooper's House.  (x 2784 y 436)

     EVIL:  If you want, try to kill Hailee Dunn.  May party of Level 14
            characters couldn't even touch her!  Also, be forewarned that
            attacking townspeople will make you the enemy of everyone in town.
            Also, if certain people are killed, you may or may not be
            prevented from completing the game.

Shrine of Waukeen  (x 2302 y 1883  AR 9103)

   NE of the well is the local house of healing.  It is run by Quinn
Silverfinger, a halfling missionary.  He sure runs an opulent place!  He also
sells some truly magnificent items.  In addition to the traditional healing
services, you can also enter behind the curtain on the north door.  It leads
to his room.  There is a hidden door at (x 791 y 192) which you can find if
your Thief is searching for traps.  There is a chest behind the door which

      3 Diamonds
      2 Emeralds
      Sling +5: Quinn's Fancy Sling (+3 damage)

     EVIL:  If you want, you can try and kill Quinn.  This will yield:

               Sling +1
               Force Bullets
               Morning Star +4: Defender

The Whistling Gallows Inn  (x 2260 y 1187  AR 9101, 9102)

Floor 1:  (AR 9101)

   There is a lot to do here.  The dwarf at the table can tell you some
information about the impending barbarian attack.  The woman wandering around
in the bar is Ambere Dunn, Hailee's mother.  Talk to her about her daughter
and the barbarians.  You might get the impression that she frequents this
place often...

     EVIL:  Killing Ambere Dunn gives you nothing...except a reputation loss!

   Seated near the entrance to the Inn is a dwarf named Roald Tunnelfist, who 
will relate his tale of having been part of an expeditionary force to the 
barbarian camp.  He tells of having encountered Wylfdene and barely escaping
to tell the tale.  He can point you in the direction of the barbarian camp.

     EVIL:  If you want to pound the dwarf to dust, you will receive:

               Chainmail +2
               Battle Axe +2: Defender

   Seated at the bar (x 739 y 417) is the Norm of Lonelywood, a sloshingly
drunk elf named Murdaugh.   Not only is he a drunken, unemployed elf, but he
is also...*surprise* a bard!  Ask about his rather articulate vocabula and he
will reveal himself as a bard from Auckney.  You then can offer either 1, 5,
or 10gp for him to tell his tale.  Whichever option you choose, you get the
same story.  He tells you of his forbidden love and of his impossible quest:
(not to find the Holy Grail) ...to find the Glacier Rose

     EVIL:  You can dispatch the Bard Murdaugh, if you wish.  Be careful
            though - the innkeeper is a a practiced wizard.  Killing Murdaugh
            will get you:

               Long Sword of Action +2 (adds +1 to dexterity)

   The bartender, Kieran Nye, is your one stop for nearly anything you could
want.  Talk to him in order to get information and to rest.  In addition, once
you discover his secret, return and talk to him about it.  In return for your
secrecy, he will offer to sell you magical items and spells!  (In another FAQ
I give a listing of all the items in the expansion pack's shops, and their
prices.  Refer to that list for the shop items available. That file should
also be located at: http://www.gamefaqs.com)

     EXTRA:  You can pickpocket Kieran, if you wish.  Doing so yields: Ring
             of Greater Action  (+2 AC, +25% crushing resistance, +3 save vs.

     EVIL:  Kieran is a practiced mage.  If you want to be evil and kill him,
            you will receive:

               1 Potion of Extra Healing
               Mage Dagger +4 (AC +1, +1 Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 spell)

   In a room in the back of the inn is a chest (x 285 y 598).  Inside is:

      Robe of the Neutral Archmagi (AC 5, magic resistance +5%)

   Also in this room, behind the mirror at (x 361 y 592) is a hidden door that
leads to a hidden study.  On the shelf, at (x 449 y 481) is:

      Seven Eyes (scroll - mage)

   After discovering this, mention the room the Kieran Nye to gain access to
his magical wares.  Otherwise, go on upstairs.

Floor 2:  (AR 9102)

   There is not a lot to do upstairs.  However, if you would like to help
yourself to some free items, there is a chest in the first room on the left
(x 1089 y 563) which contains:

      Rogue Stone
      Translocution Arrows

   Further on down the hall, in the last room on the right, is a cabinet
(x 341 y 556) which contains:

      Potion - Oil of Speed

That is just about all there is to do at the inn for the moment.

Bowyer's Cabin  (x 2975 y 2273  AR 9104)

   Emmerich Hawk is the local Ranger.  He will update your map for you so you
can travel to the barbarian camp.  He can also sell you some weapons.

     EVIL:  If you want to strike it rich by means of assassination, take out 
            the local ranger.  Killing Emmerich yields:

               3 Potions of Extra Healing
               100 gp
               Finest Long Sword
               Shadowed Cloak (+15% to Hide in Shadows)
               Confusion Arrows +3
               Bracers of Archery (+2 THAC0 - missile weapons only)
               Arrows of Piercing
               Inferno Arrows +2
               Long Bow +4: Hammer (+1 AC, 4 attacks per round)

The Cooper  (x 2784 y 436  AR 9105)

   The Cooper in Lonelywood is Tybald Dunn.  Where has that last name been
seen before, hmmm?  This is the father of the girl at the well, and the
husband of the drunk woman at the inn.  Mention his daughter, and he will ask
you to send her home.  This family sure has problems.  In addition to these
problems, business is going very poorly for Tybald.  He must rely on Baldemar
for all of his business contacts.  Perhaps we should keep an ear open for some
ideas.  Some of the richer people in town might have some ideas.  Perhaps
Quinn the Priest can help.

   Before you leave, there is a cabinet at (x 759 y 259) that contains:

      Boots of the North (+50% cold resistance)

     EVIL:  Killing Tybald Dunn isn't even worth the effort. You get: 5gp

Return to the Shrine of Waukeen

   After talking to the Cooper, return here and talk to Quinn.  He will shed
light on some trade opportunities to the south.  With this information, you
should return to the Cooper and see what he thinks.

The Cooper

   Return to the Cooper's house and inform him of what you learned from Quinn
Silverfinger.  He will be very grateful for the information, and you will
receive 20,000 exp.  Now what can be done about his wife and daughter?  Let's
try to get his daughter to go home.

Return to the Well

   When you return and attempt to send Hailee back to her father's house, she
refuses to go.  If you have previously talked with her mother and father about
Hailee, you will reveal that her story is a lie and will receive 15,000 exp.
When she tells you that she has a secret, you can offer to pay her (1gp) for
it.  Upon learning the secret you will gain another 15,000 exp.  But she still
refuses to go home.  Maybe we should convince her mother to return home first,
then come back later.

Return to The Whistling Gallows Inn

   Once you return to the Inn, begin a conversation with Ambere Dunn, the
drunk woman.  Mention her husband and she will strike up a conversation about
how she hates it in the north.  With the earlier advice you gave to her
husband, the family may be moving south soon.  Convince her to return to her
husband's house for a cool 15,000 exp.  Two down, one to go.  Let's return to
the well and talk to Hailee.

Return to the Well

   Once you have helped Hailee's mother and father, return and talk to her at
the well.  You can convince her that life at home will be different from now
on.  You will convince her to return home, and will receive another 15,000 exp
to boot!

Return to the Well

   When you return and attempt to send Hailee back to her father's house, she
refuses to go.  If you have previously talked with her mother and father about
Hailee, you will reveal that her story is a lie and will receive 15,000 exp.
When she tells you that she has a secret, you can offer to pay her (1gp) for
it.  Upon learning the secret you will gain another 15,000 exp.

The Cartwright  (x 1550 y 719  AR 9106, 9107)

Floor 1:  (AR 9106)

   Finally, the home of the rather infamous Baldemar Thurlow.  You can talk to
his wife, who is downstairs, but the man you want to see is upstairs.  But
while you are downstairs, you should search the cabinet at (x 520 y 211) for:

      4 Elixers of Health

   And now, upstairs!

     EVIL:  Killing Baldemar's wife will net you:  54gp

Floor 2:  (AR 9107)

   You will find Baldemar in his study (x 775 y 452).  Boy, he sure is
suspicious!  He will give you more information about the one-eyed man who came
to see him a short time ago.  You should also be sure to check the cabinet
farther back at (x 396 y 274) to find a note that will prove to be
enlightening.  There is nothing more to do at the moment.  We will return,

     EVIL:  Killing Baldemar Thurlow will get you: 47gp

Brothers Cabin  (x 326 y 392  AR: 9108)

   This is the home of Lonelywood's premier scholars.  Their conversation
proves to be mildly entertaining, but they are of no other use, at least for

     EVIL:  Killing Doogal will get you:

               1400 exp.
               Charged Battle Axe +2
               Studded Leather Armor +1

The Boathouse  (x 1088 y 1592  AR 9109)

   Thom Farold is the town boatmaker.  He isn't really very useful at the
moment, but there is a chest at: (x 483 y 186) with:

      Light Crossbow
      Bolt +2 (x20)

   and another chest at (x 400 y 274) with:

      Bottle of wine

   He has a helper, Young Ned, who can be found just outside and a bit to the
west of the house entrance.  He will become useful later when you have a need
to travel on the seas.

     EVIL:  Killing Thom Farold, the boatmaker, will get you: 100gp
            It is uncertain whether it is possible to kill Young Ned.

Purvis' Shack  (x 3358 y 1331  AR 9110)

   Purvis isn't terribly helpful, or personable.  After all, he does bury dead
people for a living.  He will be of more use later.

     EXTRA: If you aren't in to grave robbing, you could just pickpocket
            Purvis instead.  Doing this yields:  2 Rings of Free Action, and
            an Oil of Speed.  (you will have to pickpocket 3 separate times)

     EVIL:  Don't like the gravedigger's mannerisms?  Kill him and you will 

               Potion of Extra Healing
               Short Sword of Backstabbing
               Boots of Stealth (+35% to Stealth)
               Cloak of Non-Detection

Merchant Warehouse  (x 2141 y 2696  AR 9100)

   Rawleigh Gallaway is upset that trade has been disrupted.  When asked about
barbarians, he can show you the location of their camp on your map.  That's
about all for now.  He also has two assistants roaming nearby named Karrl and

     EVIL:  If you want, you can kill the merchants.  From Karrl you will get:

               Leather Armor
               Short Sword

            Jemeliah will net you:

               Leather Armor

            Finally, their boss, Rawleigh Gallaway, will drop:

               Chainmail Armor
               Potion of Healing
               Short Sword +2

Well, now that you have explored the town, it is time to pay these barbarians
a visit.

2.   The Barbarian Camp

   Leave the town from the east, and you will come across the outskirts of the
barbarian camp.  You will be confronted by a company of barbarians led by
Angaar.  A cut scene begins.  You will eventually find yourself in front of
the newly-risen barbarian chief, the infamous Wylfdene!

   You can attempt to forge a peace treaty on behalf of Lonelywood, but it
will fail.  However, you will receive 84,000 exp for the effort.

   Wylfdene thinks you are another assassin sent to kill him.  Hjollder will
come to your defense, but is banished to Burial Isle.  You are to be taken
outside the camp and executed.  Ask Angaar why you are to die, and ask what
will happen to Hjollder to receive 42,000 exp.  If you can convince Angaar to
let you go, you will receive another 42,000 exp.

   Don't stop there!  Ask him about Wylfdene and receive ANOTHER 42,000 exp!

You are done here for the time being.  You should return to Lonelywood.

Return to Lonelywood

   Go and meet Purvis (x 3538 y 1705), who is outside working.  Apparently,
someone has died since you left.  Ask him about it.

Emmerich Hawk

   He can fill you in on more information regarding the recent death.

Confront Baldemar Thurlow

   Return to the Cartwright's house.  You should go up to Baldemar's study and
confront him with the information Wylfdene told you regarding the attempted
assassination of the chief.  He will reveal his role in the plan, but say that
there are higher powers at work.  For getting him to confess and to come clean
with the other council members nets you a whopping 420,000 exp!

Young Ned

   Hjollder may have been banished to Burial Isle, but he left a lot of
unanswered questions.  Remember the boatmaker?  He will be able to get you to
the Isle.  Talk to his assistant, Young Ned  (x 499 y 1818) and he will
reluctantly offer to sail you to the Isle.  When you are ready, and adequately
equipped, you should travel to the Isle in search of Hjollder.

3.   Burial Isle

Young Ned:  (AR 9300)

   He will wait here (x 2833 y 2445) to take you back to Lonelywood.

                       There are a series of caves on
                       Burial Isle that all lead to the
                       same general area.  What I have
                       done is labeled each of the
                       caves with a letter A through D.
                       The walkthrough for that section
                       begins at Cave Entrance A.

Cave Entrance A  (x 3022 y 1916)

NOTE: The underground walkthrough assumes you entered through Cave Entrance A.

   The entrance to this cave is located more or less due north of where you
land on the island.  Immediately upon entering the cave, you will be greeted
by an entourage of Barrow Wights and Wailing Virgins.  The latter are
especially difficult, and can paralyze and damage your party severely.

Vexing Thoughts  (x 3066 y 1151  AR 9400)

   Head north from the entrance, and you will encounter a creature that
appears to be a floating set of armor.  That's essentially what it is.  If you
talk with it, it reveals its name as Vexing Thoughts.  Its true name was once
known to its master, but the master forgot it, and Vexing Thoughts disposed of
him.  At this point, you have four choices.

   1.) Just leave. You don't *have* to do anything here.
   2.) Ask it how you can gain control over it.  It will ask you to go and
       kill an innocent.  Upon doing this, it then wants you to dedicate the
       kill to its dark master.  I suppose this is a good option for an evil-
       aligned party.  But my Paladin wouldn't stomach it.
   3.) The third option is to tell it that you will control it.
   4.) The final (and best) choice is to discover its true name.

   In response to 3, the spirit armor puts itself in your inventory.
Identifying it reveals it to be a Plate Mail of AC 1, giving the wearer 100%
cold resistance, and promises other benefits upon donning the armor.  If you
do equip it, the armor will kill the wearer.  But that's not all.  It will
also reveal its true form - it's a Chilmandren - and attack the party!  He's
really tough, but not impossible to kill.  My party took him down after
inflicting 125 points of damage, so his limit is around there.

     EXTRA:  Have your weakest attacker who can wear the armor equip it.  No
             sense losing your most powerful fighter!

   If you would like to gain mastery over it without destroying it, thus
bending its will to serve you, you must discover its true name.  However, its
previous master, as you may recall, met an untimely end.  If only you could
speak with the dead.  If only there was some way to _Contact Other Plane_ and
discover the answer in the beyond.  If that hint wasn't obvious enough, you
must need to either *update* or *review* your supply of _magic_ ...  If you
discover its true name, not only do you get the armor, which is a WONDERFUL
piece of equipment for this climate, but you can also call on the Chilmandren
_ONE TIME_ to help you out.  Save this for a REALLY tough battle...like at the
end of the game.  You should also be aware that if the Chilmandren dies in 
battle, the Vexed Armor is also destroyed.  This will leave its wearer without 
armor!!  Be ready!

     EVIL:  You can also select to kill an innocent person in order to gain
            the Vexed Armor.  After you kill an innocent, come back and
            you will gain the Vexed Armor, but if you try to summon the
            Chilmandren...watch out!

   Whatever you decide, once you are done, it's time to move on.

Treasure Cove #1  (x 2550 y 765)

   Just north of where you meet Vexing Thoughts is a treasure cove.  Careful,
it's trapped!  In the jar at (x  y ) you will find:

      Broken Armor
      Elixir of Health
      Protection from Cold (scroll)

   In the center, at (x 2550 y 765) is:

      Svian's Club (+5 THAC0)

   And finally, in the jar at (x 2458 y 790) is:

      12 Horn Coral Gems

If you need to exit the cave, see below.  Otherwise, head west from here.

Exit to Cave Entrance D

   If you need to exit the cave, there is an exit due east of Treasure Cove #1
at (x 3640 y 733).   It will lead you to Cave Entrance D above ground.

Exit to Cave Entrance C

   If you need to exit the cave, take the stairs to the left of Treasure Cove
#1, at (x 2370 y 660).   It will lead you to Cave Entrance C above ground.

Treasure Cove #2

   West of Treasure Cove #1 (and the Exit to Cave Entrance C) is another
treasure cove (x 1720 y 760).  This one is also trapped.  In the jar at
(x 1680 y 840) is:

      Winter Wolf Pelt
      Cloak of Displacement (+4 AC versus Missile Weapons)

   In the jar at (x 1865 y 760) you will find:

      4 Water Opals
      Arrows +2
      Chain Mail +1
      Battle Axe +1

   And finally, in the center, at (x 1720 y 760) you will get:

      Short Sword +4: Blood Iron (Each hit heals 3hp)

   Time to move on.  Head down the stairs and go west if you need to exit the
cave for some reason.  Otherwise, return to Cave Entrance A.  (where we came

Exit to Cave Entrance B

   If you need to exit the cave, take the stairs down from Treasure Cove #2
and head west to (x 2370 y 660).  It will lead you to Cave Entrance B above

Return to Cave Entrance A

   Once you have returned to the cave entrance, head west and take the first
stairway down.  From here, fight your way west.  You will be attacked several
times by Drowned Corpses, Barrow Wights, and Wailing Virgins.  Just before the
stone bridge is a third treasure cove, located at (x 1600 y 1940).  Good thing
heroes like treasure!

Treasure Cove #3

   To the best of my recollection, this is the only treasure cove in this
level that is not trapped.  But don't take my word for it - check first!  In
the jar at (x 1530 y 1996) is:

      High Quality Bastard Sword

   And in the jar at (x 1735 y 1955) you will obtain:

      Jade Ring
      High Quality Battle Axe
      Small Shield +1

Now cross the bridge to the west.  Unbelievably, you will find... well, just
just say I hope you aren't sick of treasure!!

Treasure Cove #4

   Just on the other side of the stone bridge is the fourth treasure cove
(x 1240 y 1950).  This one is trapped.  At (x 1183 y 1918) is:

      Fire Darts +2
      Battle Axe +3: Fatigue (20% chance target is slowed)

   You will find the following at (x 1230 y 1950):

      Battle Axe +5: Young Blood (5% chance per hit user goes berserk)

   And (x 1270 y 2020) will treat you to:

      2 Heal (scroll - priest)
      Yeti Pelt
      Inferno Arrows +2

   From this treasure cove, head west and up the stairs.  Now things get

Mebdinga and Wylfdene's Tomb

   You have stumbled upon another clue to the mysterious Wylfdene - his empty
casket.  The guardian, Mebdinga, is the guardian of the casket.  And she is
not pleased to see your party at all!  She issues you a familiar ultimatum -
leave or die.  You should choose the hero's option of  C) Start a fight.  But
be warned - Mebdinga is not alone, as there are four other Wailing Virgins
with her.  Also, Mebdinga can quickly kill most or all of your party, so Haste
your warriors and take her out first!

   After you deal with the guardians, search the casket at (x 440 y 1795).  In
it you will find:

      Wylfdene's Tribal Insignia

   Time to press on.  Rest up, then head west to the edge of the screen, and
follow the path to the north.

Treasure Cove #5

   Located at (x 175 y 1310) is what every hero wants - more treasure!!!  This
final treasure cove in the underground is, not surprisingly, trapped.  The jar
at (x 274 y 1362) contains:

      Blade Barrier (scroll - priest)
      Holy Smite (scroll - priest)
      5 Moonbar Gems

   The table at (x 220 y 1360) has:


Ready to finish this area up?

Exit to Exile Island

   From the fifth treasure cove, take the first stairway heading north
(x 500 y 1300).  This will lead you to a new exit (x 300 y 560) and to
the reason you came to this island in the first place!

Rescue Hjollder

   Once you surface, you will receive 280,000 exp. for locating Hjollder.  You
tell him what you have learned about Wylfdene, but he requires more proof in
order to confront the king.  Show him the Tribal Insignia that you found below
ground.  You will receive 420,000 for doing this.

   Hjollder is unable to discern the true nature of the spirit within
Wylfdede, but he knows of one who can.  He directs the party in the direction
of the Gloomfrost Seer.  He will mark the location of Gloomfrost on your map.
Backtrack through the cave and take some time to visit some of the other sites
on Burial Isle (detailed below).  When you are ready, return to Lonelywood.

Tower  (x 565 y 2326  AR 9301)

   This tower is home to one Edion Caradoc, a necromancer of great power.  He
was put under a curse by his enemies, and can not be healed short of divine
intervention.  So he sits here, waiting to die.  He will, however, offer to
sell you magical items and scrolls.  And, of course, he will buy them off of
you as well.  (see my supplementary list of game items for shop inventory)

     EVIL:  You can attempt to kill the necromancer, if you wish.  However, he 
            will only give you: 585gp

Cave Entrance B (x 1556 y 1746  AR 9300)

   This is another possible entrance to the underground area, and is located
E of Edion Caradoc's Tower, and W of Young Neb.  This cave will place you at
(x 1500 y 980) in the underground.   For the complete underground walkthrough,
see entry under Cave Entrance A.

Polar Bear Spirit  (x 2780 y 850)

   East of Cave Entrance C, (located near the center of the map) your party
will be accosted by a Polar Bear Spirit.  It thinks you are upsetting the
balance on the island and demands that you leave.  Of course, you aren't going
to do that, are you?  Prepare to fight - this bear has some friends!

Cave Entrance C  (x 1953 y 1079)

   This is a third possible entrance to the underground area, and is located
in front of a ruined wall near the center of the map.  This cave will
place you at (x 2370 y 660) in the underground.   For the complete underground
walkthrough, see entry under Cave Entrance A.

Cave Entrance D  (x 3240 y 431)

   This is a fourth possible entrance to the underground area, located NE of
the Polar Bear Spirit area.  This cave will place you at (x 3640 y 733) in
in the underground.  For the complete underground walkthrough, see entry
under Cave Entrance A.

Skaldar and the Ghost Shaman  (x 994 y 1173)

   The spirits of the dead shaman reside here.  A spirit named Skaldar will
direct your search for Hjollder elsewhere, and then demand that you leave the
Isle yourself.  You can choose to either leave or to fight.  If you choose to
fight them, be prepared for a difficult battle, for they are all experienced
shaman - and undead to boot!  Successfully killing all of them gives you
25,000 exp.

Abandoned Lighthouse  (x 290 y 900)

   On the westernmost part of the island, behind the place where you met
Skaldar, is an abandoned lighthouse.

Lonelywood - after Burial Isle

   After completing the quests above, you should return to Lonelywood to rest
and supply yourself for the next journey, as well as to see what has happened
around town since you were last there.  There is quite a bit to do.  Let's
start with the center of any town's gossip - the Inn.

The Whistling Gallows Inn

   Upon entering the inn, you can ask around, or just watch the text lines
that appear above people's heads.  You will learn that there has been another
murder!  The gravedigger is as good a start as any to find out more


   Purvis is located outside again, in the graveyard (x 3538 y 1705).  He will
tell you that he just buried another of the three trapper brothers.  This one
looks to have been killed by a wolf also.  Maybe the remaining brother knows

Brother's Cabin

   The remaining brother, Doogal, can be found here.  He was at the scene of
the attack and says that the wolf was magical.  He also thinks that Emmerich
is behind it and vows revenge.  Better go and talk to Emmerich now.

Bowyer's House

   Inform Emmerich of your meeting with the remaining brother.  Emmerich
reveals that Doogal wanted to buy an enchanted weapon from Kieran at the Inn.
Off to the Inn!

The Whistling Gallows Inn

   Kieran will tell you that Doogal did indeed come in and try to buy an
enchanted weapon, but he told the brother that they don't sell those kinds of
weapons at the Inn.  (heh, heh)  Kieran thinks that the mystery wolf might
actually be a werewolf.  Uh, oh!  Better inform Emmerich about this.

Bowyer's House

   Return to Emmerich's cabin and mention the werewolf.  He is quite certain
that it isn't a werewolf.  Hmm.  Upon further questioning, Emmerich reveals
that he has been having nightmares as of late, about wolves in the forest.  It
is then revealed that when Emmerich was attacked earlier in the woods by a
wolf, he must have been infected.  It turns out that Emmerich has unknowingly
been killing the brothers!  For discovering that Emmerich is the werewolf,
your party will receive 420,000 exp.  Now to search for a cure.  But where?
Kieran at the inn might know something more about werewolves - it was his idea
in the first place.

The Whistling Gallows Inn

   Inform Kieran of the situation with Emmerich.  He will give you an amulet
that will contain, but not cure, the lycanthrope.  Better take this back to
Emmerich quickly!

Bowyer's House

   Return and give Emmerich the amulet.  He will be extremely grateful to you.
And you will receive another 420,000 exp!

   Now that it appears that everyone in town is rather content for the moment,
let's head to Gloomfrost!

4.   Gloomfrost

Gloomfrost Mountain:  (AR 9500)

   You will encounter several new creatures lurking around these mountains,
including Snow Trolls.  Head north along the path.  There are two branches,
one at (x 3430 y 640) and another at (x 3490 y 420) that lead west.  They both
lead to the same point, so choose whichever one you want.

   In the area where the two paths meet are the remains of two dwarves and
their camp, at (x 2360 y 885).  Not a good omen.  Search their items
(x 2393 y 810) to find:

      3 Flaming Oils

   The path continues to the south.  As you head along the path, a floating
eye appears briefly, then disappears (x 2770 y 1560).  Continue along the path
south, which eventually winds left then north again.  Along the way, you will
cross an ice bridge (x 2475 y 2315) that begins to crack, but nothing bad

   Trouble is waiting for you at (x 2380 y 1560) in the form of a Frost Giant.
Take him out, then continue north.  Once you reach (x 2200 y 1250) the path
once again winds to the west.  You can either head immediately south through
the ice valley, or you can continue a short ways west, to (x 1720 y 1350) and
continue south along the raised path.  Head south through the valley first.

   As you head south through the valley, you will encounter first some Winter
Wolves, and then a battle between Winter Wolves and a Frost Giant.  You can
either watch them fight, and attack the winner, or you can interrupt the fight
and try to kill them all.  This way will yield more experience.  Once you are
done here, backtrack to (x 1720 y 1350) and take the raised path south.

   At (x 1670 y 2000) the road forks off to the NE, but continue south.  The
road will eventually curve to the west.  Upon reaching (x 785 y 2500) the road
continues to the west, but also branches off to the north.  They both lead to
the same place, so head north.  The mysterious floating eye once again appears

   Continue to make your way north along the path.  When you get to
(x 260 y 1780) you will find 3 Snow Trolls feasting on a dead Polar Bear.
What's a hero to do?  Kill the trolls, then head north - but be prepared for a
large attack by some more trolls.

   The path will once again fork to the east after the massive troll encounter.
Follow it east until it doubles back to the northwest.  There is a party of
Glacier Yeti waiting for you here.  Greet them with some steel.

   Once you have dealt with the Yeti's, follow the path to its end.  At
(x 1280 y 350) you will find the entrance to a cave.  The search for the
Gloomfrost Seer continues inside!

Gloomfrost Mountain Cave:  (AR 9501)

   From the entrance, follow the path east.  It will curve south.  At
(x 1785 y 890) be ready for a fight - a group of Remorhazes will attack.  The
path will continue to the west.

   Upon reaching the end of the path heading west, a spectral vision appears
briefly, then disappears (x 575 y 870).  Head south then east when the path

   At (x 160 y 1800) you will encounter a hole much too small for you.  Take
the path south.  The path will open into a Remorhaz nest with eggs in the
center (x 925 y 2535).  Dispatch the creatures and continue east.

   The path will wind its way north, east, north, and then west.  At
(x 3465 y 925) the mysterious spectral image makes another brief appearance.

   At (x 2750 y 800) you have the choice of continuing north or heading to the
northeast.  Go NE.  There is a Blind Dwarven Smith named Tiernon at
(x 3290 y 600).

Tiernon the Dwarf

   Tiernon knows that you are searching for the Seer, but she doesn't want to
see you.  Convince the dwarf that you mean the Seer no harm, and he will help
you get to her.  After this, ask the dwarf why he is there, and he will tell
you he is trying to forge a great weapon.  Offer to help him.  Now you have a
choice in what he makes, depending on which option you choose.  Depending on
which number you choose, Tiernon will make the following:

        1. Great Sword +4: Hand of the Gloomfrost
           (Storm Shell 1/Day, +5% chance of suffocate on target)
        2. Long Sword +4: Kiss of the Gloomfrost
           (+5% chance of 2-12 cold damage)
        3. Mace +5: Fist of the Gloomfist
           (+5% chance of 1-10 additional bludgeoning damage)
        4. Dagger +4: Fang of the Gloomfrost
           (Anti-Magic Shell 1/Day)
        5. Halberd +4: Tongue of the Gloomfrost
           (+3% chance of Cone of Cold on the target)

     EXTRA:  There are two additional types of weapons that you can have
             Tiernon forge for you.  You can only get these two options if the
             required character types (dwarf or Druid)are not only IN your
             party, but also TALK to Tiernon.  The weapons are:

(dwarf) 6. Hammer +4: Blood of the Gloomfrost
           (Storm Shell 1/Day, +5% chance of heaing 2-12 on wielder)

(Druid) 7. Scimitar +4: Talon of the Gloomfrost
           (Storm Shell 1/Day, +15% chance of Entangle on target)

   Each weapon also has the following: +10% cold, +10% fire resistance.
You will also receive 80,000 exp. for helping, and you get to keep the weapon!
You can only have him make one weapon.

   Also, be sure and trade with him - his items are excellent!

     EXTRA:  You can pickpocket the dwarf for: Tiernon's Hearthstone

     EVIL:  If you are into killing innocents, take out the dwarf to get:

               Studded Leather Armor
               War Hammer +2
               Tiernon's Hearthstone

   When you are finished here, head back and take the path north.  The path
will lead to the exit from this area (x 2630 y 55).

Gloomfrost Mountain Cave 2:  (AR 9502)

   After going through the northern exit, you will find yourself in a new area
of the Gloomfrost Cave.  Take the path eastward.  Another spectral face
appears at (x 1615 y 550).  Head south from here.  The path will curve to the
west and you will be ambushed by Ice Golem Sentries.  Be careful of the trap
near (x 1340 y 1140).

   From here you can either go south, which is a dead end, or head west.  Go
west.  The path will wind to the south, then to the east.  Watch out for traps
here as well.  Once you are heading east, the first path that branches off
will head north.  This is also a dead end.  Continue traveling east.

   There will be two separate paths that both head north.  Take whichever one
you want; they both meet up at the top.  Where the two paths meet is a path
heading to the southeast.  Head this way.

   The path will quickly open up into a circular area.  Follow the path to the
north.  You will reach a dead end wall at (x 2685 y 230).  If you talked to
Tiernon and got his assistance, a path will automatically open up.  Take it
and enter into the Seer's chamber.

   The Seer reveals much more of the mysteries that the party has encountered,
centering mainly around what has possessed Wylfdene.  You will learn
Wylfdene's weakness from her, which will net you 280,000 exp.

   If you try to reason with the Seer in attempt to convince her to resist her
fear, you will fail...but you will also gain another 280,000 exp!  When you
finish talking with her, she will offer to teleport you to the entrance of the
cave or to Tiernon the Dwarf.  Choose to return to Tiernon.

     EVIL:  The Seer is a major person in the plot of the story.  Killing her 
            may affect your ability to save Lonelywood.  But, if you *must* 
            kill her, you will receive:

               Wailing of Virgins (+4 AC vs crush and pierce, +2 AC vs slash)

   Once you have returned to Tiernon, ask him about the Seer and about the
mirror.  He will reveal more secrets regarding the mirror.  This will change
the mirror into:

      Mirror of Black Ice Amulet

   Now you are ready to leave the Gloomfrost Caves.  Return to Lonelywood if
you need to stock up or rest.  Otherwise, head to the Barbarian Camp and
confront Wylfdene!

Barbarian Camp:  (AR 9200)

   Speak with Angaar at the gate and he will take you to Wylfdene.

Wylfdene's Tent:  (AR 9201)

   Once you gain access to Wylfdene's, seek to expose him.  Give him the gift
of the mirror.  An argument ensues over the mirror, and when Wylfdene finally
looks into it, it exposes his true form - that of the Dragon Queen Icasaracht.
This will get you 84,000 exp.

   The Seer will appear at this point, and a fight between the two begins.
The Seer dies, but not before forcing Icasaracht to leave the body of Wylfdene.
Now a fight breaks out between the barbarian clan loyal to Icasaracht and
those who are not.  The latter are your allies in this battle.  Attack members
of the Wyrm Tribe.

   Be sure to search the Seer's body.  It yields:

      Wailing of Virgins (+4 AC vs crush and pierce, +2 AC vs slash)

   Be careful, however - the item is cursed.  If you want, you can talk to the
other barbarians, but they aren't much help.  Exit the tent through the last
door on the bottom right.

Inside the Camp:  (AR 9200)

   Right outside Wylfdene's tent is a barbarian named Beornen (x 6215 y 610).
He will inform you further about Icasaracht and will offer to take you to the
Sea of Moving Ice.  First, though, you should help secure the camp.  Head a
short ways west (you will need to re-enter the tent and exit through a
different door).  Just west of Wylfdene's tent you will encounter Jorn, a
healer (x 1895 y 540).  Rest here, then continue west.  A little farther west,
you will find Hjollder.

   Eventually the battle will conclude on its own.  You will receive 300,000
exp. Hjollder will ask you to hunt down Icasaracht.  Take time to explore the
camp, to rest, and to resupply before accepting Hjollder's request.

   There are a number of containers in the camp that you can search.  Near the
camp entrance, at (x 420 y 815) is:

      Potion of Healing
      Elixir of Health

   Further south of the container, near a dead barbarian is another container
(x 320 y 1180) with:

      High Quality Long Sword
      Potion of Extra Healing
      Studded Leather Armor +2
      War Hammer +2

   Due south from here is another container next to a fallen barbarian
(x 365 y 1590).  This one has:

      Potion of Regeneration
      Ring of Protection +2

   Follow the circle of tents east and south.  The three barrels at
(x 700 y 2450) contain:

      Studded Leather Armor
      Reinforced Large Shield +1

   North of the center of the camp (the circular area) is a small group of
tents.  Off to the left side are 2 barrels.  The one at (x 1905 y 890) has:

      Potion of Strength

   While the one at (x 1940 y 885) has:

      Potion of Magic Shielding
      Potion of Fortitude

Once you are prepared, return to Hjollder and accept his request.

5.   Sea of Moving Ice

Landing Area:  (AR 9600)

   First, go west to the ship and search the two barrels.  The one
at (x 590 y 1940) contains:

      6 Flaming Oils

   And the one at (x 607 y 1890) yields:

      4 Flaming Oils

   Beornen (x 515 y 2230) can return you to the mainland if you need to return
for some reason.

   When you are ready to go, make your way north and follow the trail as it
curves east.  The path will soon open into a large open area where you will be
attacked by Greater Snow Trolls, Greater Ice Trolls, and Scrags.  Head east to
the ruined ship at (x 1815 y 1735) and search the front end for:

      Nangi's Robe (AC 5, Regenerates 1 hit point per round)

   Backtrack a bit to the left.  At (x 1200 y 1200) is another wrecked ship.
You can go north on either side of the ship.  Head north around the left side
of the ship.  You will soon encounter another pack of trolls.  Dispatch them.
You can go south if you like and beat on a few Bergclaws (polar bears).
When you are done, head northeast up the stairs.

   At (x 1120 y 425) you encounter the entrance to the Ice Palace.  It is
guarded by two Ice Golem Sentries.  If you try and open the door, you will
find that it is locked.  What's more, the Golems will attack you!  When you
kill them the door opens.  Enter into the Ice Palace.

Ice Palace:  (AR 9601)

   Once inside, you are immediately set upon by a large force of monsters.
When you are done fighting, head west.  The path will curve to the south and
then back to the east.  Keep going!

   The path will curve once again, this time to the south.  In the curve, at
(x 1370 y 915) is a corpse which has:

      Ogien's Scale (AC 2, Animal Rage 3/Day)
      7 Flaming Oils

   There is a bridge at (x 915 y 1100).  Cross over it and keep going west.
Just past the bridge, at (x 250 y 1160) is the exit to the next area.

Ice Palace 2:  (AR 9602)

   Once again you are ambushed immediately upon entering the area.  Beware the
Water Kin Elemental in the lake.  Your melee fighters won't be able to hit it.
Take it out with ranged attacks and spells.

   From here, head south.  At (x 735 y 1490) you will find another lake with
another Water Kin Elemental.  From here, head east from the lake.  At
(x 2020 y 1140) is a narrow ice ledge you can cross over.  Keep heading east.

   On the other side of the bridge you will be ambushed by a lot of skeletons.
After dispensing with them, search the skeletons.  The one at (x 2715 y 925)

      Wand of Lightning

   On the skeleton at (x 3135 y 725) you will find:

      Chainmail +2
      Amulet of Protection +1

   The skull on the far right (x 3400 y 1020) has:

      King's Tears

   And the skeleton at (x 3170 y 1080) has:


   From here, head a bit south for another encounter with the undead.  Also
located here are two more corpses.  On the one at (x 2870 y 1630) you will

      Potion of Magic Blocking
      Ring of Infravision
      Ring of Protection +2

   The corpse at (x 3251 y 1705) has the following:

      Potion of Hill Giant Strength
      Potion of Heroism
      Broken Armor

   Now continue south.  The path will turn to the west, but there is another
Water Kin Elemental at (x 3110 y 2210).  Head west after dealing with it.

   The corpse of a dragon splits your path in two at (x 1585 y 2350).  Head
north, around the right side of the corpse's head, and search the creature's
rib cage at (x 1640 y 1740) for some awesome treasure, including:

      Mithral Field Plate Armor +2 (AC 0)
      Gauntlets of Ogre Power (Strength set to 18/00)
      Large Shield +1
      Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs Shapeshifters
      Cloak of Protection +2

   Now backtrack to the dragon's head and go NW.  At (x  y ) you will
encounter Xactile and some Boneguard Skeletons.  Xactile is a priestess of
Sekolah, and more importantly, she can heal you.  She will also tell you that
the dragon queen Icasaracht lies behind the door NW of there.

   You can search the alter at (x 1015 y 2220) for:

      Mourner's Armor (cursed - has some beneficial and some cursed stats)

     EVIL:  You don't have to attack the Xactile just because she is a
            monster.  But if you want to...you will receive:

               Coral Plate Armor (AC 3, +15% Fire and Acid resistance, -2 Dex)
               Mace +1

            The Boneguard Skeletons will drop some gems.

   Now, pass under the rib cage and exit the area (x 630 y 2081).

Ice Palace - Inner Court:  (AR 9603)

   Yet again you will be attacked immediately upon entry.  After dealing with
the onslaught, head north to the next room.  Beware - there are traps in
nearly every doorway in this area!

     NOTE:  If, for whatever reason, you attack the Ice Golem Sentries, even
            if by accident, they will charge you and most likely bring many
            monsters with them.  So...don't hit them until you have cleared
	    out the first five rooms.

     NOTE:  You are unable to rest in this area.  If you need to rest to
            recover health and/or spells, you must go back to the previous
            area (AR 9602)to do so.  Leaving and returning will NOT reset the

   There is a Water Kin Elemental at (x 1920 y 1060).  Kill it, then progress
to the next room, located NW of where you are.

   In the room north of the Water Kin Elemental are three oil processors.
Search the one at (x 1700 y 630) for:

      Bolt of Sekolah's Fire (x2)

   Search the one at (x 1865 y 675) for:

      Bolt of Sekolah's Fire (x3)

   And finally, the one at (x 1980 y 720) contains:

      Bolt of Sekolah's Fire (x2)

   When you are done here, head back to the entrance to this area.  Now, head
to the last two rooms, located west of the start.  Once you have cleared both
of these rooms, go to the Golems at (x 1175 y 1125).

   How do you get the Golems to move?  Well, there may be more than one way,
but the way I did it was to force attack them (select more than one person,
and press F3).  However, you absolutely MUST be ready, for a large number of
monsters will accompany them.

   From the Golem area, head northeast.  There is a device at (x  y ) that you
should smash.  This destroys the preservation ward on the dragon, allowing it 
to die.  Why this is important will become apparent soon enough.  What is 
important right now is that doing this yields 10,000 exp.

   Make your way NW and kill the Sahaugin creatures that abound.  Be
especially sure to kill the Sahaugin Prince.  Amongst other items, his corpse
will give up the Plain Key, which unlocks the door to the next area.  He also 
carries some nice armor.

   On the far wall to the NW (where you fought the leagues of Sahaugin) are
several searchable containers.  From left to right, the one at (x 362 y 848)

      The Unstrung Harp (Heal 1/Day)

   At (x 472 y 668) is:

      Club +4: Scepter of Tyranny (wielder immune to fear, +1 CHA)

   Searching the pot at (x 632 y 580) will reveal:

      Mace +4: Pestilent Dawn (25% of all hits Cause Disease to target)

   Moving on to the jar at (x 718 y 583) you will find:

      Dagger +4: Lover (returns to the thrower)

   And finally, the jar at (x 814 y 534) will give you:

      Halberd +3: Icon of Power (Casts Symbol of Pain 3/Day)

   The final jar on the right, at (x 996 y 540) is empty.

   After you have rested and identified your new items, head to the locked
door NE of the device you smashed, located at (x 1370 y 470) and pass through 
to the final area.

Icasaracht's Lair:  (AR 9604)

   Finally!  You have tracked down Icasaracht.  And what do you know - she
isn't called the dragon queen for nothing!  Feel free to question Icasaracht
as little or as much as you want, but all avenues will lead to one thing - the 
final battle!  Get ready for quite a fight.  Oh, by the way...she is not alone 
- she has brought the rest of the Royal Sahaugin household with her, including
the Sahaugin King.

   If you manage to slay the dragon, you will receive 50,000 exp.  After you 
slay the dragon, its soul flees into Icasaracht's Soul Gem, located at
(x 937 y 834).

     NOTE:  It took 146 points of damage for me to kill Icasaracht the dragon,
            in case you want a general idea of how many hit points she has.

   Destroying Icasaracht's Soul Gem will get you another 50,000 exp.  But be
careful - it is far from defenseless!  It likes to cast the highest level
Priest and Mage spells, including spells like Finger of Death and Incendeary
Cloud.  The Soul Gem has somewhere around 140 hit points.

   Finally, after a fearsome and heroic battle, you have managed to kill
Icasaracht, destroy her soul, and save the north from impending disaster.  For
doing this, you receive 500,000 exp.

   Now enjoy the endgame sequence.  And don't forget that Kuldahar awaits you
once more!

                                 Other Works

   This is a list of FAQ's written by me.  The latest versions of all of
these FAQ's can be found at:  http://www.gamefaqs.com

Works to Date:

   Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter - Walkthrough
   Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter - Store Items

                               Version Updates

Version 1.2                  Added alternate solutions to Vexed Thoughts
March 19, 2001               encounter.  Added information on creating a
75.1k                        character (in Game Strategy and Tactics section)
                             Added more info in Tiernon Section on additional
                             Gloomfrost weapons for Druids and dwarves.

Version 1.1                  Added the Game Strategy and Tactics section.
March 13, 2001               Added the makeup of my second party going through
67.4k                        the game.  Added start of Murdaugh's tale of the
                             Glacier Rose.  Added evil options - loot gained
                             from killing townsfolk and such.

Version 1.0                  This FAQ is first published.  Created complete
March 9, 2001                walkthrough for the Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter
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