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                           INFAMOUS 2 WALKTHROUGH
This walkthrough is predominantly focused on the Evil missions, I may 
eventually add the Good missions but that would require a third playthrough
which I am in no rush to do as I have a backlog of games, plus it's the summer.
Also, be warned, there are SPOILERS throughout this document. There will also 
be no fluff. I dislike walkthroughs that pack a lot of information easily 
accessed in game or in the games manual before the walkthrough.

-- EoD

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Version History
1.00 -- Finished the Evil walkthrough. Every single mission, including random
        drop side missions, available when playing *pure* Evil, is available.
        I do fully intend to add the Good missions in a future update. Format 
        is bare at the moment though I quite like the simplicity.

1. Walkthrough                                                   [INF01]
               1.  Prologue: The Beast                           [WLK01]
               2.  Breaking into New Marais                      [WLK02]
               3.  Forward Momentum                              [WLK03]
               4.  Lost and Found                                [WLK04]
               5.  Karma's a Bitch                               [WLK05]
               6.  Evolution                                     [WLK06]
               7.  Bertrand takes the Stage                      [WLK07]
               8.  Bomb Scare                                    [WLK08]
               9.  Wolfe Hunt                                    [WLK09]
               10. Desperate Times                               [WLK10]
               11. Storm's Coming                                [WLK11]
               12. Torn                                          [WLK12]
               13. Boom!                                         [WLK13]
               14. Powering up Ascension Parish                  [WLK14]
               15. The Sacrifice                                 [WLK15]
               16. Conduit, Not Human                            [WLK16]
               17. Good Gets Better                              [WLK17]
               18. Stories of the Past                           [WLK18]
               19. Transferring Powers                           [WLK19]
               20. Fooling the Rebels                            [WLK20]
               21. Storm the Fort                                [WLK21]
               22. Joseph Bertrand the 3rd                       [WLK22]
               23. Powering Up Flood Town                        [WLK23]
               24. The Dunbar Beam                               [WLK24]
               25. Burning Wells                                 [WLK25]
               26. Ray Field Energy                              [WLK26]
               27. Rail Yard Intel                               [WLK27]
               28. Nix's New Family                              [WLK28]
               29. The Beast Draws Near                          [WLK29]
               30. Powering Up Gas Works                         [WLK30]
               31. Forced Conduits                               [WLK31]
               32. Easy Going                                    [WLK32]
               33. The Face of Change                            [WLK33]
               34. Demons                                        [WLK34]
               35. Death Toll                                    [WLK35]
               36. The Final Piece                               [WLK36]
               37. The Final Decision                            [WLK37]
2. Contact                                                       [INF02]

Like I have mentioned before, the Walkthrough will be heavily biased towards 
the Evil choices made in the story. There may be the odd reference to the Good
side, as that was my original playthrough, but nothing in depth. That may be
added at a later date. Let's get started.

[1. PROLOGUE: THE BEAST]------------------------------------------------[WLK01]

So after the rather explosive opening scenes follow the tutorial section to run
up the docks. Shoot the Beast to get his attention and watch another scene.

Fire away at him until he uproots the dock and you are sent flying into the 
air. Instead of continuing to shoot him, hold back on the left stick so you do
not get sucked into his vortex. Once he stops casting it, go back and once 
again shoot him as quick as possible. He will create a vortex 2 more times so
avoid it and then shoot him until his face explodes.

Once on the floor continue to shoot him (also don't be an idiot like me and run
off the pier into the sea. Not good.) Suddenly a prompt will appear, so hit it.

Make your way back now, hopping over the chunks missing from the pier and jump
when prompted to. More prompt mashing will ensue, don't miss the subtle change
in the prompt telling you to perform an Ionic Storm.

----------------THE BEAST IS 1500 MILES AWAY FROM NEW MARAIS-------------------

[2. BREAKING INTO NEW MARAIS]-------------------------------------------[WLK02]

Go through the linear swamp, jumping the gaps in the wooden bridge and 
extending those jumps by using the Static Thruster (R1). Two Militia will 
appear, Head Shocks take them down real quick. Clb up the ladder and two more
Militia will ambush, once again, quick kills. You can also Alpha Blast them off
the structure (L1 + X) if you feel like mixing it up. You will take a lot of
damage here but its scripted - go drain the near source of electricity when
told to to heal and refill your energy.


                 Evil: Overcharge the generator by lighting up the red lights
                       to destroy the village
                 Good: Only charge it up to the green light
The bridge will lower either way. You will also gain a Karma rank based on
which choice you made. Like I said, this is Evil-weighted, so your rank will 
be THUG if you're following.

Head over the bridge for another...

                 Good: Heal the citizens for some XP + Good Karma.
                 Evil: N/A
Ignore them and move on. Now we have to find and destroy the militia mortar
emplacement. Head south to the white dot on the mini map, a few militia 
stragglers will ambush you. As you come out of the village, rockets will be
fired at you. Hope over the broken bridge and continue past the right side
of the tree. Look to where the rockets come from and hit L3 to highlight a
propane tank. Shoot it to destroy the Militia warehouse and Mortar team.

A walkway will pop up in the water, so use it to cross. Hop over to a large
wooden walkway then jump to some walls in the water. Shimmy across while
jumping from one to another. Watch the message from Bertrand if you want, for
some backstory.

Use the electric wire to grind across and then take cover when prompted (circle
button). From cover, kill the Militia in the turret; there are a few small
propane tanks to help you. Grind a few more wires before running across some
narrow pipes then climb up the vertical ones at the end. From up here you 
should be able to Head Shock him and kill him quickly without him noticing
which earns more XP from the Hit Clueless Enemy stunt.

Two more have their backs to you, so get close and Blast them into the water.
Grind another wire to enter New Marais proper.


Also, Kuo will be pissed. Teehee.

[3. FORWARD MOMENTUM]---------------------------------------------------[WLK03]

Follow Kuo through New Marais. When you stop, a rocket from a nearby veranda
will probably hit you. Either use grenades to hit them directly or knock the
supports from underneath them with your Blast to get some Big Destruction kills
early on.

Blast the truck out of the alleyway and more rockets will greet you. Once again
take down the verandas, this time its easier to do so by blasting cars into the
supports. Yet more rockets will rain down from the rooftops this time so head 
up to the building and climb up to the Militia - there is an electric pole on
the right of the building that will shoot you 3/4 of the way up. Kill him.

Note the towers, shoot the top of them to make them explode for quick, cheap
kills and some big destruction bonuses. Kill the stragglers then head across
the rooftops.


                 Good: Kill the Militia mugging the citizen
                 Evil: N/A
Or you can just grab the Blast Core from the glowing case. Next, use the wires
to head towards the explosion. Shoot the smaller tower for a quick kill when
you're confronted by militia and watch out for the guy with a rocket launcher
on a lower roof. Use the wire to move on east and take out more enemies on the
rooftops. On the green rooftop, head on to the wire to take out a solitary
enemy and keep heading on that way and reach the rooftop with Wolfe.

Jump down and pick up a car by holding R2 near one. Throw it at the lonely
Militia to end this mission.


                 Evil: Go kill the cops
                 Good: Ignore the cops
These guys will now pop up randomly, much the same as the Healing and Mugging
sidequests. They are quick XP and Karma.

------------------THE BEAST IS 1132 MILES AWAY FROM NEW MARAIS-----------------

Head north west to the only available mission.

[4. LOST AND FOUND]-----------------------------------------------------[WLK04]

Head east to the clocktower. Its a relatively simple climb with some electric
poles half way up to lessen the tedium. At the top you can just shoot the 
pidgeon, dont worry it wont negatively effect the mission. Thunder Drop down if
you want, then approach the flashing pidgeon and hit R1. This is the first of
29 Dead Drops. They won't be covered in the guide as they are optional and will
be frustrating to describe. There is a map here on GameFAQs anyway.

Climb up to the top AGAIN to grab a Blast Shard. Drop down (circle) to knock
another checkpoint off. Hit L3 to make nearby shards appear on your map, go 
grab 2 more close ones to finish off this mission.


Always collect nearby Blast Shards. Always. Now head back south, grabbing them
as you go.

[5. KARMA'S A BITCH]----------------------------------------------------[WLK05]

Zeke has a choice for you. Help the junkie or the cop. Hmm. As much as I 
dislike junkies... you know, its a game. So head to the red mission icon to
speak to them.


Head to the back of the building to the injured guy. Lock on and hit square to
Bio Leech him. Head to the swamp (stay away from water...) and a huge Militia
squad will ambush us. Be careful as there's no recharging here, so stay in some
form of cover while taking them out - there are a few rocket launcher guys
among them.

Bio Leech one to refill your energy then move on. The guy we need to kill is
hiding on a southern jut of land near the hut. Kill him. Not wound him. Make
sure he is dead.


Zeke will call up and whinge about a street performer. Go shut him up, there's
XP and Karma to be had! Might not want to do it if you aren't going Evil, 

There are also some new side missions so lets do them.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Find this in the south east corner of the map. Head south west to find the two
boats. Take the southern most boat first, chuck a few grenades on it then mop
up any surviving Militia. Jump on and destroy the boxes/push them off the edge.
There are 10 on this boat, including barrels etc.

The northern boat has no enemies on it, instead some will spawn on land to the
east. They are easy to deal with tho one has a rocket launcher. Destroy the
crates, truck and barrels or chuck them off.



This is slightly north of the last mission. Zeke sends you to see an Engineer
on a nearby roof, so get to it. Nice tash. Jump onto the generator, then jump
off it onto the power line. Stay in the air or on power lines. Touching the 
floor drains you of power, failing the mission after a certain amount of time.
The idea is straight forward, follow the lines. There are a couple of annoying
mid air turns but overall it should take 2 or 3 tries max. You will usually be
heading slightly left after a jump - the last one will be onto a verticle power
cable, so make use of your thrusters to reach it. At the top jump to the 
generator ASAP to explode and kill the Militia.



This is the north-western most side mission. This is the first camera mission.
Head to the nearest star on the map and take a pic of the verticle pole. Then
head to the mugging and take a picture of it. You don't have to save her.

Head to the abduction and take another pic. Once again, you don't have to save
them unless you want to.



This is the only one left but its on the northern tip of this island. Another 
boat mission. Again, spam grenades on the southern most boat before jumping on
and taking the 12 supplies here out of commission. Once again, grenade spam
to thin them out, they mop up and stragglers and shoot the water to fry any
that fell in it.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Now head east to the next story mission.

[6. EVOLUTION]----------------------------------------------------------[WLK06]

So we need to unlock a new power here, which in turn unlocks a thoroughly 
watered down version of the Stunts from the original game. Firstly we need to 
straight up kill 6 enemies. By any means. So go to the ones marked on your map.


                 Good: Save the abductees
                 Evil: N/A
Save them if you wish, otherwise just kill 6 Militia.

***POWER UNLOCKED: Pincer Bolt

Its a bit rubbish in all honesty. Stick with the OG Alpha Bolt unless forced to

Follow the power selection tutorial. Pretty simple.

        Pincer Bolt Power
No more side quests yet, so head to the center of the island.

[7. Bertrand Takes the Stage]-------------------------------------------[WLK07]

TWO HOURS LATER... hah. Anyway, its dark now. Which means we will meet a new
enemy after the cutscene. The Swamp Monsters are only dangerous due to their
numbers. They do have a couple of larger varieties, one of which is a HUGE
pain, but for now focus on meleeing the hell out of the half dozen or so 
attacking you. You don't have to stick to melee but it is useful against these

After they are dealt with, you will want to head onto the glowing power wire.
Follow him over the rooftops on these wires (it can be a pain to keep up but
the game is quite generous in the distance you're allowed and the time to catch
up). Eventually you will come to a point where you must go back on foot. 
Destroy the enemy-ridden verandas with shocks and grenades before jumping on 
the glowing wire at the end of the street.

If you time the jump just right, you will land on his roof. If not, just catch
up and jump on it anyway.

Now we'll be facing off against a chopper. This is surprisingly easy. Pick up a
car with R2 and a direct hit will take the chopper down real quick. On hard it
will take another hit from a car, or you to redirect its rockets (Alpha Blast 
spam when they are getting close to you) and it shouldn't pose any real threat.

        4 new side missions

New side missions, ho!!!!

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Again, the northern most mission and isolated from the rest. Tinfoil hat man, 
ha. This is simple. Kill the dozen or so monsters that attack, on normal, melee
combos will suffice. On hard you will want to mix Alpha Blast in as well for 
some crowd control.



The eastern-most (and now northern-most) mission available. The shitty sticky
platforming makes this more annoying than it should be. Find a way via the
wooden trunks and signs out on the sea to get onto the boat then use the
Alpha Blast to trivialize it. Getting onto the boat is definitely the hardest
part of this mission.

If getting onto it is too difficult (randomly exploding grenades in mid air
can make it infuriating, stand on the adjacent road and just spam grenades onto
it. Theres plenty of energy sources so just go to town. It will take a while 
but its much safer and hence much easier.



This one is quite central, south of where we did the last one. Run to the park
and you'll see loads of performers idling. A quick trophy here - climb up 
somewhere and get them to follow and congregate below. Thunder Drop into a 
group of 5 or more for the Shock and Awe trophy. This is also a good place to
throw cars into enemies towards the Special Delivery-based trophy. Kill all 20
or so, its easy.



The last one available for now so get there. Once you know what to do, head
east to the supplies and kill all the Militia. Pick up the supplies with R2
then aim in the general direction of the white smoke, the target. You will most
likely overthrow it but its no big deal. If its close you can carry it with R2
instead of throwing it. An easy side mission overall.

        Megawatt Drain Power
--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----
Megawatt Drain allows you to recharge more quickly. Now head west.

[8. BOMB SCARE]---------------------------------------------------------[WLK08]

The guy will point out a bomb. Go to it but you can't defuse it so it explodes
in our face. Head to the next one and drain the power out of it and grab the 
Blast Shard.

Yeah this is a bit of a waste of a 'story' mission...

                 Evil: Kill the guy carrying the Blast Shard and steal it
                 Good: Drain the bomb and take the Shard from it
You can also use future Bomb Scares as a source for Evil Karma. Simply shoot
the bomb instead of draining it - but stay at a safe distance!

        Unlock Bomb and Theft crimes

Head north to the next mission.

[9. WOLFE HUNT]---------------------------------------------------------[WLK09]

3 HOURS LATER, dundundun. He's pretty easy to follow, start off the on the 
wires then use the rooftops to the left. When he cuts through the square, you
can just begin to follow him at ground level but keep a decent distance between
him and yourself.

When you get onto the northern-most road (there will be a dotted blue line on
the road on the minimap), climb up a building before he enters a wooden house.
Move towards the blockade we must clear and use grenades to thin them out and
Alpha Blast their rockets and grenades back to them. Pick off stragglers with
Alpha or Artillery Bolt. Find somewhere to recharge and move on.

The roadblock will have been destroyed and a big Swamp Monster will appear.
These guys are annoying at the moment but become trivial as the game progresses
thankfully. Chuck Grenades and cars at it and dodge its charges. When it spews
stuff try and get behind cover as its harder to dodge. You can try and Alpha
Blast them too. Head back to the building when told to.

On the truck, just remember to deflect the rockets and use grenades when you
can. The truck is a pretty endless source of energy so when you're getting hit
hard, drain drain drain. It's pretty difficult to fail this part even on Hard,
unless you really don't try. Remember to use shock to easily take down verandas
and eventually Cole will talk to Wolfe before our ride comes to a rather grisly


        3 side missions

Let's do the side missions, then.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

The western side mission, just south of the Cathedral. OK so this is a unique
mission. If you are playing a Good character you get a kiss and can go on your
merry way. If not, we are ambushed. There are four or five at ground level, 
chuck grenades at them then climb up the right building (fire blocks our 
escape from the alley at ground level). Alpha Blast these guys to their deaths
if you want then we're done.



Slightly east of the last mission. There are 15 militia to kill here, scattered
all over the cathedral, from top to bottom, east to west. On the first floor
on the western side there are 4 who are real easy to take care off with melee
and alpha blasts. Head up the next level for 4 or 5 more who are again just to
be blasted off simply.

And then another level for 5 more who will probably be congregating near an 
edge so yes, you know what to do. The last guy is a sniper in a tower, with 
your Artillery Bolt he can be picked off from below no bother.



Further east this time. Speak to Zeke to be told we're going to hack some 
aerials and he needs our help. Its a simple mission but the most optimal route
is to head clockwise round the square, ie the first aerial is slightly to the
south then head north west and finally east. Head to the big screen to end this



Head back to where the last mission took place and take pictures of the two
buildings. Straight forward. Sin Tower is the 'Yes We Can Can' building, you
need to take a picture of the 'boat' above the entrance. Hush has loads of puns
based on famous computer games and is to the right of the Sin Tower.

For part 2, taking a picture of the chopper is easy. Chuck a car into it when
you've taken a picture of it. Kill a militia then take a picture of him, then
get on a building, wait for the Ravager to charge and snap it. Then kill them
all. Remember, cars and grenades for the Ravager, its immune to regular bolts

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Head south for the next story mission.

[10. DESPERATE TIMES]---------------------------------------------------[WLK10]

Zeke meets us on a rooftop. He says Kuo is probably in one of the shacks in the
swamp. When you get control, move down the street until we get another...


                 Evil: Kill the protestors
                 Good: n/a ignore them
After, move behind the to the short pier then use the rowing boats to get to 
the swamp. Move toward the hut and hit R1 infront of the door. Head back north
and some new Swamp Monsters will spawn - their bulbous heads are obviously 
their weakspot. The first will take a few hits to go down but the next two drop
real quick with headshots.

Use the fallen log to hop over the stream and approach the Militia ahead. Shoot
the tower quickly then take cover behind the log. Beware of rockets and 
grenades and just take pot shots from the relative safety of this cover.

Continue round the mansion and head north west to another hut - watch out for 
the tower and turret on the way. Use a grenade on the turret or the convenient
car near it. On top of the hut is an second tier Militia who can dish out a lot
of pain. Jump up to the hut, hang on the edge, Blast to disorient him and then
get up and melee him off the roof. He will land on his back and you can kick
him once for a quick kill.

This shack is however also empty. So now we head south west. 3 Swamp Monsters
will ambush you and if you have ranked up your Karma level to Outlaw, the Bolt
Chain trivializes these enemies as groups of them will be constantly stunned as
long as you are hitting a nearby enemy.

Two more of the bulbous Swamp Monsters will charge but they are easy to deal
with. Further on, two regular monsters and a bulbous one will attack and then
another bulbous behind a tree on the southern tip of this jut of land.

On the island with the hut you will be ambushed by militia with a turret. Use
grenades to thin them out around the turret and blast back and rockets. Mop up
the survivors, the trees are great cover if you need any. There is a second 
turret near the hut, go round the other side of the hut to use it as cover and
attack him from the rear.

Check the shack to be disturbed by a near by explosion. Use the fallen trunk
and rowing boats to reach the nearby pier to the west then continue north. You
will meet Nix, another Conduit. She wants to team up and we have no choice, so
follow her through a section of New Marais until she eventually captures a 
group of Militia - when she does this, one shot will kill these 'stunned'
enemies so get to it. Continue to follow her to the rooftops.

On the rooftops, 4 or 5 barrels of oil will be marked on the map. You need to
clear the rooftops of Militia, then pour these barrels onto the Bertrand 
banners below. Use a combination of Alpha Blast on those near roof edges, Alpha
Bolt on the enemies Nix captures and grenades on groups of enemies to thin them
out. You SHOULD have access to the second tier of 'evil' grenades (unless you
aren't paying attention to your powers menu) which is very useful.

As you make your way around the rooftops (remember to pour the barrels) 
eventually you will come to the last one. Now to start the party - shoot the 
banners and watch the whole area go up in flames. Lovely.


                        Skull Bolt  - head shots cause explosion
                        Punch Blast - narrower blast, longer as a result
                        Bolt Chain  - really useful, causes Bolt attacks to
                                      chain to other enemies or electric 
The blast core can wait, my OCD needs to be sated now by clearing the side 
missions from the map!!

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

The southern most mission, though it is quite central. Another kill everything
that moves mission - first up, scale the Cabaret building we start at the base
of to survey the battle site. Plenty of rocket launcher wielding Militia, some
Swamp Monsters and a Ravager. There's also a mini-gun wielding Militia from the
last mission. This vantage point is also a good place to unlock the Skull Bolt
as there's plenty of unawares enemies below.

Pick off the low-level enemies from up here with grenades and Alpha Bolt before
moving to a lower rooftop to kill off some of the rocket launcher militia 
using them as a vantage point. You will lose the benefit of surprise but you
can't hit everything from our last vantage point, so you have to come down. 
When they're all dead, the Ravager will probably find its way onto your roof
so chuck a few of the double grenades at it (they are really powerful against
Ravagers) before dropping down to create some space between the pair of you.

There's also plenty of cars to help take the Ravager done if you so wish.



This will lock out a good side mission if you do it but as this is guide is 
evil oriented, don't be surprised. This mission starts on the Sinemax place
which is in the square where CROSSFIRE took place. Nix will show up, wanting
to cause havoc. Follow Nix to a large chimney - don't go up it but instead use
Kinetic Pulse to throw a car at her - aim just below her (she's glowing red on
the top of it) to hit her. She ports to the Cabaret building next.

This time just throw the car into the boat-structure sticking out but obviously
close to Nix. Follow Nix a ways north then east and she will port to a statue
waaaay to the east. This time aim slightly above the target she makes to hit
her - you can hit her from where she ports, don't worry about getting closer.
This time go north again with Nix and she will port to a boat. This is easy to
hit, so just get to it! Again, aim slightly above her to hit the boat 



Head west from here to begin the last side mission of this chunk. I don't know
if its scripted but I got attacked by a group of Militia right next to the cop
who begins the mission. Follow the cop to the nearby alley to meet the Militia
prisoner. When the cop runs off to get backup we have a...

                 Evil: kill the Militia man
                 Good: ignore him and wait for reinforcements
Do as you wish. I killed him. When the cops return prepare for a fight - Alpha
Blast them to get yourself some space then shoot them till they fall. There's 
a few places to recharge if you take a lot of damage so don't worry. If you
DON'T kill the man, the mission just ends.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Head east to take on the next story mission.

[11. STORM'S COMING]----------------------------------------------------[WLK11]

Zeke is doing a bit dress up. Zeke Dunbar, double agent. Zeke Dunbar, massive
penis face. Few callbacks to Infamous 1 in this scene. But at the end of it,
we will have new powers. Tasty.

-------------------THE BEAST IS 1067 MILES AWAY FROM NEW MARAIS----------------

So we've unlocked the Ionic Vortex. The cool ass power from all the trailers.
There will be a group of enemies down below, chuck a few grenades to soften
them up then move in. The last one will drop an Ionic Charge (which will, from
now on, drop randomly from enemies. Mini bosses have a higher drop chance). To
finish the mission, simple press down on the d-pad to make an Ionic Vortex.

So with our new toy(s), lets do a couple more side missions.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

This is just west of the cathedral, so scoot on over there. So now we get to
go and collect some medical supplies. The first of the four is just around the
corner, guarded by a gaggle of Militia. Easy enough. After you collect it you
will be amushed however. Hopefully you have an Ionic Charge, if so, aim at the
flaming car and unleash it for some easy kills.

Head south west to the rickety mansion but keep to the north to 'sneak' in. 
Climb the north side of the building then approach the two hopefully obvivious
Militia. Blast them off the roof and pick up the supplies. You can use this as
a vantage point to take out those below if you wish or simply stealth your way
back north to avoid more confrontation.

The third is protected by a few rocket launchers on the verandas - Blast out
their support structures for some Big Destruction kills and mop up the two who
are at ground level. 

The fourth is slightly to the east - climb the building the verandas were on
to get height advantage then litter the Militia with grenades - the cars make
great tinder! Theres a few of the stronger Militia down there so be wary of
them but the grenades should deal with the majority of them. Grab the last
set of supplies then head back to the medic.

        Medical Clinic unlocked

Head slightly southwest to find this one. This is a hostage mission, 6 doctors
are being escorted through a nearby park by the Militia. Head west to meet 
them. With the evil karma bolt boost, this is easy as most will be permanently
stunned if you just keep shooting them. You can take the Doctors out afterwards
(or even during) if you want that sweet, sweet Evil karma!

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Now head way back east to continue the story. Find an Ionic Charge if you 
haven't got one and do not use it until I advise it!

[12. TORN]--------------------------------------------------------------[WLK12]

Zeke is chilling when we meet up with him and Nix. He's found out where Kuo is,
though. This is another good/evil choice mission. Free cops or cause a MASSIVE
explosion. As much as I dislike Nix... evil is evil.

So head to the red marker.

[13. BOOM!]-------------------------------------------------------------[WLK13]

The bomb is already attached to the Tram. Nix goes on one of her rants, bitchy.
To get started, jump on the tram. The motor is at the end of it, shoot it to 
get going. Along the way, RL-toting Militia will attack from verandas - blast
their rockets back and shoot em, we can't mess about with taking out the
support beams on this mission.

Eventually you will come to a roadblock with half a dozen militia on a veranda
to your right - quickly Blast it down then take out the few guys in front of 
the tram. Find a place to recharge and head back to the tram and charge it back
up - you may have to blast the car/dumpster blockade out of the way.

Further on there will be another ambush, hopefully you will have an Ionic 
Charge to clear these guys out, I did remind you pre-mission. Round the corner
there will be another small roadblock, this one is pretty simple. Couple rocket
launchers on the veranda, two more hiding behind the cars.

As you move south around the cathedral, another gaggle of troops will
attack, they are clustered together to head shocks will destroy them quickly
if you have Skull Bolt (you should, again, unless you aren't paying attention
to upgrading your powers). A few more small groups will appear as you move
around, nothing special.

When Nix says the plantation is just ahead, keep shooting the generator to stay
at max speed or you will fail the mission. A scene will show the entrance to 
the place being blown to smithereens - but it does not take out everyone. 

Start methodically cleaning up the front of this place - I'd be amazed if you
didn't have an Ionic Charge so have a look and see if there's any clusters and
if so, use it. Don't be afraid to retreat and recharge or even use Bio Leech
if things are calm enough. Eventually you will be able to approach the garage
where Kuo is being held - but a Mortar blast knocks you away. To the north is
where the emplacement is.

As you approach it, Nix will probably 'capture' them, making it easy for you
to kill them off. Get to the Mortar and hit R1 to destroy it. However there are
two more Mortars - one to the south west and one further south of that. There's
plenty of cover as you appraoch the closest one and again they are clustered so
you can use a Grenade or even a Vortex if you feel you can spare the Charge, 
though I personally would not advise it unless there is a Charge nearby you can
pick up.

The southern-most Mortar is protected by turret and about 8 or so Militia - 
this is a perfect place to use your Ionic Charge and then you can mop up the
rest simply. Destroy the last Mortar and then head back to the garage and hit
R1 to open it up.

A cool cutscene will play showing Kuo's fate... apparently she is now a 
conduit and Cole seems to have awoken a new army of some sort. Oops.

Ignore the escaping Ice Soldier's and STAY CLOSE TO KUO. If you stray even a
little bit, you will fail. And she walks so slowly. So, so slowly. So keep
killing Militia as you make your way to Zeke's truck.



The game really kicks up in difficulty from here so I hope you're up to it!
Head southeast.

[14. POWERING UP ASCENSION PARISH]--------------------------------------[WLK14]

Watch the overview before hitting R1 to fire the missile. You might destroy the
'missile' once or twice before getting control of it properly, but if you've 
played any sort of flying game you should be fine. Fly to the transistor marked
as a circle on the HUD, pretty short flight first time around.

Now head there on foot. This is our first trip to a powered down area where
electrical sources are VERY rare - which means health and energy are much more
valuable a commodity. Getting around is also slower with the lack of wires and
vertical poles but it won't be in such a state for too long.

Zeke offers sound advice as you cross the river - stick to the rooftops. Before
you activate the transformer, face slightly south east. The MASSIVE amount of 
enemies will come from this direction... prepare yourself for an onslaught.
Luckily the generator will be an endless supply of power but you will still 
need time and space to drain from it if you do run out though it does SLOWLY
automatically recharge Cole - on Hard, it really isn't a noticable buff. On
normal, its welcome. Watch for rocket launchers on the roof tops and don't be
afraid to use an Ionic Charge because no doubt more will drop. When the meter
is fully charged it will send out a shockwave killing all remaining Militia.

Fire another missile from this generator; this is a longer flight but not 
necessarily more difficult. Again head there on foot and avoid confrontation
if you can. This generator is more difficult to defend as it's hard to have 
every access they use covered. Don't be afraid to use everything at your
disposal when it becomes hectic. Blast to buy yourself room, charge whenever
there is ANY sort of lull in battle... They will come from one alley at first
which is easy to defend, then they will come from two opposite corners - here
is a great time to use grenades. A few on each side will keep them stunned for
you to shoot at. Then they will come from all three corners, just keep 
switching up which direction your grenades go and again, if you get surrounded,
Ionic Vortex will help out.

However when they are all dead, I ended up getting ambushed by 5 of the mini
gun enemies. I did not last long. So if that happens... yeah, good luck. On 
hard you will drop SO quickly. Luckily the checkpoint removes them and places
you at the now charged generator. So shoot off the last tesla missile. Be 
careful not to hit the alley walls at the start, otherwise its another simple

There may be a solitary Militia guarding this generator on a turret - you will
probably be on a roof so take him out with a Head Shock. Conveniently, he 
dropped an Ionic Charge for me.

First they will come from the south west, but in two groups so its not as
simple as before. Then from the East at the SAME TIME. Use the cars with 
Kinetic Pulse to thin their ranks. Finally they will come in from the north,
now is the time to unleash an Ionic Vortex in the direction where there are the
most Militia... then pray. :P Ascension Parish is now charged up. Then once
again I was ambushed by mini gun Militia - but now the area is powered up there
is no problem with that. Take them out with nades etc.


--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----
If you cannot get Side Mission 19 to trigger, do not worry. Come back and try
again later, just continue on to 20, Ionic Charge 2 will unlock then.


There will be enemies in the graveyard in Ascension Parish - one will most 
likely drop an item that leads to a side quest to find a package. It is on top
of a water tower in the south east of the island - we fought underneath it when
powering up the area a little while ago. Use a nearby building to scale half of
it and then the pipes on the water tower itself to reach the top.

        Ionic Charge 2
Ionic Charge 2 is just an extra charge slot, so you can carry 2 at a time. Very
handy, considering it is only 900XP.


The eastern side mission, next to the river. OK now this mission is kind of
annoying. To the east there's a chopper aiding some Militia in killing a load
of Swamp Monsters - including a Ravager. Eek. As before you will want to take
out the chopper first - but because this area is a bit more closed off, getting
a car up to it is kind of difficult, especially with a Ravager harassing you.

Going into the thick of the battle is suicide so get on a roof and try to thin
the ranks below of regular Swamp Monsters and Militia. If the chopper starts to
harass you, we will have to deal with it. The best way to do it without access
to Kinetic Pulsing cars is to Alpha Blast its own rockets back to it. It will 
take 4 or 5 of its own rockets to take it down so it will be around quite a 
long time if you can't get a car to one-shot it.

First time round I basically did this and shot regular bolts at it from a 
rooftop. It took ages but it was relatively safe. Second time round I managed
to hit it with a car while it hovered over the graveyard which made the mission
substantially easier.

There will be a couple of Militia on these rooftops as well as some Swamp 
Monsters but beware - the Ravager will eventually make its way up top as well.
Once it's you and the ravager, dodge its charges, alpha blast when it spits at
you and use grenades and cars to take it down simply - the level 2 Evil 'nades
absolutely DESTROY the Ravagers.



The western most mission, with a red icon. This will lock out the good mission
'Police Parade' and vice versa. OK so we need to hunt down a guy in a cap and
a blue shirt cos this camp guy with a stereotypical lisp says he used to run
Death Squads. Hmm.

Abyway he's on the grounds surrounding the Cathedral. Spotting him isn't too
difficult, he doesn't follow 'regular' paths and he has a backpack on which
makes him stand out a bit. His top is also a brighter shade of blue and he has
green baggy pants on. Kill him. Or attempt to because after I completed the
mission he became invulnerable and ran away.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Now head all the way south east to the next story mission.

[15. The Sacrifice]-----------------------------------------------------[WLK15]

Cole will hear a woman screaming for help off the in the Swamp. So head out to
the star on the mini map and a few Swamp Monsters will ambush you, easy 
pickings to dish out some damage with our Amp. As you approach she will call
out for 'uncle Laroche' but as you shoot one of her bindings to let her down,
2 swamp monsters will jump up. Sort them out then shoot her other binding.

Now she wants us to help the rest of the captives, so let's go. Follow her 
through the shanty village, meleeing swamp monsters that appear. Then as you
head north, a Militia on a roof top will fire a rocket so watch out then take
him out with your Bolts. Another will appear round the corner at ground level
so be ready with Alpha Blast in case he gets his rocket off.

As you head east, more Monsters will attack in groups of 2 or 3 - be careful 
not to harm the girl however, if she dies the mission ends. Remember to shoot
the ones with bulbous heads far away from you or her so as not to get hit by
the explosion.

As you head down the alley some new little creatures will attack, alpha blast
takes'em out quick. They are quick and hard to hit with regular bolts. Further 
on a rocket will take out a monster - Laroche's rebels. Heal them for some help
in an upcoming fight, then take out some Militia round the corner. Approach the
park with the girl to see a scene.

'Hundreds' of monsters, hah.

Oh dear here comes a big ugly, who IS worth 100 monsters... 

This guy is called a DEVOURER. And they are huge, huge pains. Their weakspot,
their big, purple mouth, is intermittent and their stupid projectile attack is
surprisingly hard to dodge. But at the end of the day its still relatively
simple to kill. While its mouth is shut prepare a car or something and get
some distance, as soon as it opens its mouth SHOOT THAT CAR at it and chuck a
grenade or two then RUN. Get something LARGE between you and it or you will
get hit by its projectile attacks, big green goo balls. And because of shitty
camera angles and overly sticky movement these guys are HUGE BASTARD PAINS.

They take ages to kill and are frustrating as hell. Their second attack is
capturing you with its tongue. Quickly aim at its mouth and FIRE AS QUICK AS
YOU CAN with your bolts. If you don't do enough damage... it'll eat you. But 
it's also a good opportunity to do some damage. Anyway, once it drops, the 
mission ends.


Aah, don't you just love side missions...

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

This is right near where we killed the Devourer. This is quick and easy. Head
to the graveyard, shoot one and they will begin to follow you. Take them back
to the scientist and kill them in the designated area on the map. This is a 
good opportunity to unlock 'Punch Blast' if you haven't already by getting a 
'Blast Party' stunt (getting 3 enemies hit in one Alpha Blast).

        Medical Clinic opens

This is the mission with the red marker near the clocktower on the north tip of
the island. Nix wants us to kill the Militia before the rebels can so hop over
the roof and blow them off the edge - careful not to kill the Militia as they
will help you take out the chopper that comes straight after. There's also
plenty of cars at ground level to take it out.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Now head way back southeast for our next story mission.

[16. CONDUIT, NOT HUMAN]------------------------------------------------[WLK16]

Meet up with Kuo in the graveyard. Cole is such a bitch but he agrees to help
her out. Follow her north east when she flies off. After a chat, continue
north to be interrupted by some Militia. Kuo will fly to them and shoot some
icy stuff at them, then you shoot the cold air with and bam, two frozen 
Militia. Cole trying to be cute is unsettling.

She'll fly off again and knock two Miltia your way. Simply kick them while 
they're down for easy kills. Apparently there's a Blast Core nearby - let's
follow the clues. The first tomb is near a small tower right ahead - there is
a red circle graffiti'd onto the wall slightly to the right of it. Open the 
tomb with Kinetic Pulse to find another clue.

A fight has broken out between militia and swamp monsters slightly to the south
of us, so go kick their arses and don't forget to shoot any icy clouds that Kuo
creates for quick take downs. A bigger fight is taking place as we move on 
towards the next clue, don't be afraid to use an Ionic Vortex cos I'd imagine
plenty of Charges are dropping.

Once they're dead, have a look on the world map. You want to be ever so 
slightly to the left of centre of the circle marked on it. There are some body
bags spilling from open tombs, the tombs you need to open are slightly west of
them. As a usual gaming trope, the photo will be in the last one you open.

Kuo will chat about the Plague rearing its head again, only now it is more 
lethal. More on that later. The last, larger tomb is simple to find, way to the
south. The combat that occurs when you reach it... not so simple. Before you get
there however there are plenty more Militia and monsters battling but THEY are
simple to get through, nothing special. Open the vault on the south side of the

Before we can open it, A NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS. These guys are upgrades on the
Ravagers fought so far. They are named HIVE LORDS - and they basically are the
same except they are more durable, which is a given, and they spawn pods which,
if not destroyed, give birth to those tiny, goo spewing monsters we've seen 
once or twice before. They aren't game-changers but they can be quite annoying.
Strategy? Shoot the pods when you can, Alpha Blast any of the little guys that
you can and spam grenades at the Hive Lord itself. There's plenty of energy
sources round here so don't worry about that. Seriously, the grenades tear most
enemies to shreds on normal. On Hard... basically this fight is going to take a
lot longer and you will be searching far and wide for energy sources not only
to damage it, but to keep yourself alive!

After it is dead, open the vault to get another Blast Core! After Kuo leaves,
we're done here.

Another blast core to unlock more powers, but also 2 more side missions. Eek!!

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

If you cannot get the random drop, don't worry. Come back later.

As you mooch around Ascension Parish, a dead (ie properly dead, Wounded Kill'd)
Militia will drop a radio. Apparently the convoy is leaving without him. To do
this mission quite simply, make sure you have an Ionic Charge. When you 
approach the convoy (coming in from the rear will allow you to get close 
without being seen), unleash it to kill the convoy's guards. Once they're dead,
disable the trucks anyway you can. If you can get them to stop, you will be
able to Kinetic Pulse them into each other. For some reason they are unable to
be picked up while moving.

If you don't have an Ionic Charge, most of the Militia are congregated around
the middle truck so aim all your attacks there, grenades etc. Each truck also
has 1 or 2 Militia on its back so a quick grenade into the beds sorts them out.
Once the convoy is stopped, the mission is complete.


Now for the two regular side missions.


This is the eastern side mission, slightly south east of a clinic on the world
map. Ok yeah, this mission is kind of a pain -- but you can't say the stupid 
cow who lured us here didn't deserve that! Anyway as she is being munched throw
some bolts at the Devourer's open mouth to take a chunk of its life, then back
up as Swamp Monster's will begin to surround you. Unleash an Ionic Vortex on 
them if you feel you can spare the Charge.

Continue backing up, wait for the monster to spit its goo at you, dodge or 
Alpha Blast it, then find a car and lift it in preparation of firing it the
next time it opens its mouth. More Monsters will begin to funnel down towards
you so if you have another Charge, use a Vortex; if not, well, you'll be 
relying on grenades and Skull Bolts. Don't worry if carrying cars around while
waiting for its weak spot to appear is too frustrating, just forget about them,
the slight damage they do probably isn't worth it.

Just remember, these things take bloody ages to kill, so don't get too stressed



Head south now to the red mission icon. Woohoo, Nix. Yay. Only joking. She 
sucks. Anyway, follow her using the ever so convenient wires. You will spot the
first group of Militia before you use the wire to them, hopefully - jumping
onto that roof... not so wise! Use your grenades from the safety of the rooftop
you should be on (the wire from this rooftop connects to theirs) and then use
Skull Bolt to mop up any stragglers. 

Continue to follow Nix. The next encampment will be below you eventually. 
Grenade spam once again trivializes these guys. If you're bored of grenades,
feel free to use an Ionic Vortex cos I'm confident at least one Charge will
drop from these guys. Once they're all cooked, we're done.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Head slightly north east of here to the next story mission.

[17. GOOD GETS BETTER]--------------------------------------------------[WLK17]

We meet up with 'Detective Dunbar' who's found the machine that Bertrand used
on Kuo... nasty cough, Zeke. Anyway, Blast Core... 3, is it? absorbed. Woohoo!

-----------------THE BEAST IS 731 MILES AWAY FROM NEW MARAIS-------------------

New Static Thrusters, yes! These give a nice boost in height when used, are
quicker and the descent rate is lowered... basically they are awesome and will
make traversing New Marais substantially quicker. Jump up and float like you
always have done to knock off the 2 seconds, then glide to a nearby roof for
the 5 meters checkpoint.

Now find a car and jump off its roof - notice the boost in height you get. It's
not TOO useful, but hey, its welcome. 

Now use precision firing - press up on the d-pad to enter it, then fire off 3
shots at anything or anywhere. It's not that useful, but an aid is an aid, so 
to speak.

        Ultra Drain Power
Ultra drain re-energizes Cole when he unleashes a FULL combo meter.

There's a new Overcharge side mission for us to do just south of here, so let's

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Climb the building to the west and jump on the generator. We're heading north
this time - Improved Static Thrusters makes these missions very quick and very
easy. The only difficult jump is the second to last as it is a VERY long one,
so make sure you use the Static Thrusters at the peak of your jump to get every
second of air time you can. Once again, the last 'wire' is a vertical pole, so
keep an eye out for it.

At the top, watch the pretty explosion.

        1 SIDE MISSION

This has just become available and is close so let's do it. It's south west of
our current position (the destination of the last mission). Laroche wants us
to clear the cemetery of bad guys with his Rebels to help us. So get over there
ASAP. There's not much advice to offer other than go and kill everything on the
mini map. On hard you will obviously need to be more careful but on normal, go
in, explode some stuff, Vortex some stuff, shoot some stuff... it just takes a
while because of the sheer volume of enemies - watch out for Snipers, too.

Don't worry about the rebels either, they kind of got in my way so I just ended
up killing them in the crossfire anyway. Just to note how easy this mission is
on normal, I killed them all with melee. And melee ain't that useful. Trophy
whore in me, eh!


There are two identically named missions now, we want the eastern one, near the


Ok so the guy says we need to track a 'monster', so get to it. Just follow it
wherever it goes. It's not difficult to keep up with - don't kill it, either.
We need to see where it goes. Also, ignore any rocket launcher militia, they
don't aim at you unless you attack them.

Eventually you will get to the swamp, from here it is a simple task of killing
all the monsters - Ionic Vortex, anyone? When all the regular monsters are 
dead, the task becomes slightly less simple. A Ravager will appear, seemingly
out of nowhere. Grenades, once again, sort this foe out quickly.

        Gigawatt Drain Power
--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Gigawatt Drain is simple a drain speed boost, this time 100% of the original

Soon, or even now, you may reach the ultimate Karma rank - INFAMOUS.


                        SCYTHE BOLT: basically a line of electricity. Quite
                                     powerful when you've got a group of
                                     enemies right infront of you
                  BIO LEECH OVERLOAD:when you Bio Leech someone, you will have
                                     infinite power for a few seconds after

Now head north to another similar mission.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

This is actually a tricky game ambush. When you arrive, the street will be 
closed off by a wall of fire and a dozen or so Militia will arrive. I had to
save, quit and then come back to start this mission... maybe the ambush wasn't
scripted - which is cool but also kind of annoying. Oh well.

Mysterious Moustache Man has spotted another Monster on a rooftop so get up to
it then follow it back to its base without killing it etc. Same deal as the 
last mission. This guy is easier to lose but as long as you KEEP MOVING, do not
stop for anything, you should follow him to a grassy area and then chase him 
along it. He will end up at the plantation and its the same deal as before. Use
a Vortex on the swamp monsters, then grenades on the Ravager. Easy.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Now back to story missions - prepare yourself, this is a long one.

[18. STORIES OF THE PAST]-----------------------------------------------[WLK18]

Head aaaaaaaall the way east for this. Another Nix mission. Yeah Nix, go in 
that water. So I can shoot it. And fry you. To death. To be fair in this 
mission, she becomes understandable and somewhat tolerable. 

Anyway, follow her into the mansion area and yeah, there are at the very least
two dozen Militia waiting to greet us. Use a Vortex ASAP to at least get us a
foothold then start clearing them out. You can take cover and wait for Nix to 
get up in their faces and capture them for a simple one shot kill if you feel 

Once the building itself is cleared get on it to get a vantage point then go
round picking any Militia off from up there. Eventually move east towards the
pier where even more Militia await us. There are 3 turrets on here so use any
cover available - a lot of it is destructable however so always pay attention
to it crumbling away under fire.

Hop on the boat and get ready to 'enjoy the view'. Uh uh. Row row row ya boat,
gentley down the stream, if you see a rocket launcher don't forget to blaaast.
Take out the towers that throw rockets at you as the boat moves on - only fire
on those that fire at your boat, though.

When the turret begins to fire jump off to the land to the left, then take 
cover behind the log as 5 or so Militia will rush you. Sort them out then move
up. Move past the now vacant turrets and you'll hear them exclaim 'he's not on
the boat!' Start looking for small gas canisters and shoot them to help you
clear out even more turrets.

Continue around, using cannisters etc - watch out for the Militia with the RL.
More turrets and men await us as we move round the southern bend; Swamp 
Monsters will join our party. When Nix tells you to get on the boat - stop
fighting and get over to it quick, because like she says, she WILL leave with
or without you. Use this small break to recharge on the boat.

Three swamp monsters will board our boat, so blast and melee them, then 2 more
will. Then 3 more. More will come intermittently, they're no problem. Just try
not to glitch through the boat when meleeing them!

Eventually we will arrive at another camp. Jump off and disable the turrets for
nice chunks of free XP, then approach the large hut. Nix will chime in saying
she spotted something on the other side of the shore and will pull the boat up
allowing you to use it cross to the other side. This time we get to fight a 
Hive Lord as we approach the mark on the map. There's only one energy source 
this time which adds a decent challenge. Keep moving, keep on top of the pods
and little spitter enemies, and spam grenades at the Hive Lord when you can.

Grenades drop these guys so quickly he didn't even have time to spawn Pods on
normal, though this fight can really drag on Hard. Use the nearby fallen log
in the water to board the boat again. Ignore the ravagers who appear on the 
western shore... and sit tight when something seems to lurk underneath us.
Eek! Eventually a cutscene will occur - very important aswell, so pay attn!

When we get back it will be dawn. Nix somehow became more relatable, too.

        1 SIDE MISSION

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Its pretty close, just to the north, the red icon. Nix will appear.  Some 
Militia guy has a collection of Blast Shards, but to find them we'll need to 
get the information from his lass. So, head to the marked area. The woman is
pretty plain looking but once again is wearing a backpack - this time with only
one strap however (god these bags were all the rage when I was at school. I 
loved mine...) I found her wandering around the cenotaph in the middle of the

Anyway, she says to head to a courtyard nearby. Head aways south west and one
Militia will be guarding the package on a veranda. Kill him, get the package
and those sweet Blast Shards.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Head north east to start the next mission.

[19. TRANSFERRING POWERS]-----------------------------------------------[WLK19]

Zeke, Kuo and Nix meet us there. He has found the transfer device in a place
called Fort Philippe. Nix goes back to being an ass. Oh well. Anyway, we're 
going the deception route, so head to the red marker.

[20. FOOLING THE REBELS]------------------------------------------------[WLK20]

So, here we go; Cole is real smooth, huh. Dear me.

Zeke will mark the communication thingy's on your map, let's go to the eastern
one first, the one furthest south, that is.

Climb up the scaffolding and a Militia will probably spot you, kill him and two
more will come from the east, so do them in too. Head up the steps and towards
the strut with the artillery gun atop it. A mini gun Militia will be chilling
back here so take him out as you see fit. The communication device is just a
small radio sitting on a table, quite easy to miss but exactly where it's 
marked on the mini map.

Now head north. The second communication device had basically no protection, a
mini gun and a rocket launcher. Both are VERY easy to take out by now...

Nix will get on the gun and we will now control her! There are two white 
cylindcrical gas cannisters out here, both marked on the map. Shoot them to let
the fun begin. Loads of Militia will turn up in cars and most will have rocket
launchers, but this turret is real powerful so just lay waste to them, this 
wave poses no threat unless you are genuinely terrible.

The second wave approaches from the north and still poses no real threat. The
third approaches from north & south, this is even easier than the last two as
they group up as they funnel in. The fourth comes from the west and is a little
spread out but again, they drop quick.

The Militia finally arrive in droves and we are swapped back to Cole. Ignore 
the Militia however and get somewhere you can see the turret that Nix is on.
Shoot it and throw some grenades for good measure. Two good grenades should 
shut her down. Now its time to massacre the Militia, basically. Outside use 
Kinetic Pulse + cars to obliterate any Militia then more will spawn and funnel
through the front gate.

Bottle necking themselves means easy kills for us, right! Take'em all out,
with them being bottlenecked, an Ionic Vortex works beautifully.

Head north to the big battle on this island.

[21. STORM THE FORT]----------------------------------------------------[WLK21]

If you enjoy the combat of inFamous... you'll love this mission. Kuo will meet
us and tell is everything is sorted... Laroche seems a bit of a creeper. The 
first objective is to flank the turret covering the entrance - scale the wall
and chuck some grenades down there to buy some time/kills, then hop down, 
finish any botherers off then disable the turret.

Try not to stay on the ground floor too much as grenades and rocket launchers
will start pouring in after you take out the first turret. To get to the second
turret, you will be best heading back out, going south a bit and scaling the
wall adjacent to where the turret is marked on the map. Unleash an Ionic Vortex
to clear this pathway and then disable the second turret. Retreat to safer/
higher ground if you need to afterwards.

Remember by now you should have the infinite energy after Bio Leeching ability
so you can definitely use that to its fullest potential in here. Don't be lazy
and kill enemies behind you as well as those that lie between you and the third
turret. Head east past the second turret to use the wall as cover from the 
third turret. You can get behind it if you follow the wall round and from here,
obviously disable it; you will have to drop down and shimmy around the ledge to
get to it, but that's no problem.

From here head up to the level directly above this third turret and take out
any stragglers - they will most likely be rocking shotguns and rocket launchers
now, so be very careful. Climb up to the artillery platform to get a good view
of the courtyard where the last turret is. Chuck a few grenades down then 
thunder drop before going round and finishing the stunned enemies off however
you wish. Then disable the turret.

A scene will take place - the Militia have cut the power & more have spawned
above us. Get out of the Fort via the nearby tunnel and make your way to the
transformer marked on the map. This one can be kind of tricky - you will want
to take the Tesla Missile north then bend round south to get the best angle.
If you just go east then try and turn south at the last minute, you won't be
able to turn the missile into the generator on time.

Get back inside to the generator and now fire another missile - this one is 
more straightforward and also forewarns us of a mortar emplacement right near
it. So get over there quick, killing any in your way - or you can use the very
convenient power lines that will take you right there. Disable the turret and
activate the transformer. 

There are now 2 mortar emplacements to take out. One is on the eastern 
artillery tower, the other is just to the south. Head to the eastern one first.

I only had to sort out 2 enemies to get to this mortar, but try not to stand in
one place for any amount of time, the Mortar's are very, very accurate. Disable
this first emplacement then head south. Getting to this one is much harder, as
dozens of enemies spawn, including a mini gun guy(s). So you have those to 
contend with alongside the mortar - don't be afraid to blow your Ionic Vortexes
really quick... you can bypass most of the Militia by staying on the highest 
level, ie missing out the courtyard but there are still some nasty buggers up
there too.

Take out the turret. Once that's done, the transformer is brought out - along-
side a Blast Core. Bitchy Kuo rears her head here... Nix actually has the 
better idea for once. You will have to choose between whose powers you want.
Kuo has a bad ass traversal move, but Nix's damaging attacks more than make up
for not picking it.

Choose Nix by hitting L2. Kuo cries but a few seconds ago she wanted in - then
she buggers off. Cole takes out Bertrand's chopper with one grenade (oh how I 
wish we could do that), before passing out. We get a 100XP for choosing Nix, 
with the subtitle of 'Got the hots for Nix'. Aww.

Now we have a new Ionic Power. Go find 2 random people and use Ionic Drain on
them (obviously they need to be close together...)

        Nightmare Blast ability
        Napalm Grenade ability
        Firebird Strike ability
        Ionic Drain ability

I thoroughly recommend picking up all three of the abilities Nix granted us.
Nightmare blast is great for crowd control, Napalm Grenade is really hot (pun
kind of intended) and Firebird Strike isn't as useful as the power Kuo would
grant, it's not too bad. 

Anyway, we have 2 new side missions to do.

--------------------THE BEAST IS 353 MILES AWAY FROM NEW MARAIS----------------

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

The northern one of the two. Equip Kinetic Pulse and take down that chopper,
or try out the new grenades on it. They aren't as quick but they eventually get
the job done but they drain power very, very quickly.

Now comes the horrible part. A devourer. And a ravager. At the same time. Focus
all your energies on the ravager asap. Grenades, cars, just get it killed as 
quick as you can, the rebels will help out and distract it. Then for the 
devourer, just keep backing up and shooting when you can. Napalm Grenades are
slightly more useful than the others if your aim is any good as well... this
side mission will probably take quite a long time but at the end of the day...
there's nothing we haven't seen yet. The best way to take down the Devourers
will always be simply bolting its weak spot.



The only side mission left on this island, bar maybe one or two random drop 
side missions!

Another boat mission. What you want to do is get on Fort Phillipe's southern
artillery tower. Then hop onto the boat, thunder drop if you can, then melee
the survivors. Easy.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Head all the way north west and let us continue the story now.

[22. JOSEPH BERTRAND THE 3RD]-------------------------------------------[WLK22]

The crashed chopper marks the spot. Unfortunately said chopper is empty. Street
behind us... isn't. Move towards the smoke to be confronted by a frigging GIANT
freak/swamp monster/whatever. Seriously huge, it is as wide as the street and 
as tall as the buildings. This, this is the first boss.


   Start off by spying his glowing pink weakspots, to take him down we will
   eventually need to destroy all of them... he has 5 or so, and like the 
   Devourer enemy, they aren't always on show.
   His attacks are relatively easy to dodge, he has a breath attack which will
   blow Cole away from him, he also shoots the globules of goo similar again to
   the Devourer enemy and also he can summon a dozen or so Swamp Monsters at a 
   To defeat him, when he is performing one of his few attacks, he will usually
   expose some weak spots. When he roars, one will appear in his mouth, so use
   Kinetic Pulse with a car or simply use a Bolt attack on it. When he spawns
   his swamp monsters, weakpoints will appear on both legs - shoot at them as
   quick as you can before dealing with the swamp monsters. When you destroy
   a weak point Cole will make a remark, so you know that you have.
   Keep running through the streets, most of the time he will follow you. At
   certain intervals, you will hear and see the Militia come to attack the 
   Freak with their rockets. Usually this coincides with an attack from the
   boss, which means weakspots will appear. By the time the second Militia 
   group go to attack him, he SHOULD be 1/3rd to a half way to being defeated.
   His last attack is opening his chest to 'give birth' to half a dozen or so
   of the tiny monsters - who you should deal with by Blasting them - but also
   revealing two weak spots. When he stops, always ready a car with Kinetic
   Pulse and then aim at his chest. If you're lucky, you can take out both of
   his weakspots there with one car which will do SUBSTANTIAL damage.
   Continue west and by the 3rd group of Militia you should be very close to
   defeating him. However he will now decide to head south when you reach the
   power cables which are marked by blue lines on the map - so make sure you
   stay ahead of him. Here he will open his chest again most likely and if you
   didn't take both of these weakspots out before use this opportunity to. He
   should now be defeated and a scene will play - if not, continue to deal with
   him as you move through the city. On Hard difficulty there's very little
   chance he will be dead yet, so keep hammering away at his weakspots when
   they appear, very little actually changes as the fight drags on.
Bertrand is so pretty, ain't he. Heh. Where'd that Jet Ski come from?


The next mission is real close.

[23. POWERING UP FLOOD TOWN]--------------------------------------------[WLK23]

Laroche radios in near the generator, doesn't say much of importance. Anyway,
fire the missile. The first generator is on the bridge, close by. Get up there.
The bridge will lower when you activate it - no defending this one. Laroche 
will chat about Flood Town a bit. Fire off the next Tesla Missile, it's a
straight forward flight.

As you move across the bridge, two Ice Soldiers will come out and warn us off.
Fry them. Remember this is a powered down area so avoid combat if possible,
unless you know the fight will be no problem and you can Bio Leech afterwards.
Continue north east to the generator. Ok so here, notice you are surrounded by
water - water is a great conductor of electricity. The Ice Soldiers will have
to wade through this water to get to us... see where this is going?

Also, it's around now that I decided that Double Grenades are better than 
Napalm Grenades. Those are disappointing. Anyway keep frying them and Alpha
Blasting any that get onto our piece of land, so to speak. Kuo will chime in
when its done, being slightly more friendly than last we spoke.

This missile is another simple flight - fly the missile into enemies to make
the trip there with Cole easier.

This one is more difficult to defend as you can't put your back to anything but
this time the enemies are more funneled into the area and there is still a lot
of water for you to use creatively. Basically, when it starts to get hectic, 
you will be spinning round and round shooting any bit of water you see to fry
them. Again, its not too difficult. Laroche will call with more information on
Flood Town.

You will need to do a 180 turn when you fire this missile but afterwards, it's
a simple flight. Go all the way north on foot, dodging fights whenever you can
because for some reason starting a fight now will bring in a LOT of Ice 
Soldiers. An awful lot.

When you reach the generator/transformer (sorry!), you can basically take cover
behind it, then just alpha blast any Soldiers that get onto the area. If they
somehow overwhelm you, use a vortex or ionic drain to sort them out.


For me, the quality of the game kind of plummets here. I much preferred the 
first half of the game, but I still love the game.

Let's do the side missions.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Both times I've done this mission, Militia and Ice Soldiers were fighting 
right near the mission start... take them out to make it slightly easier on

Pick up the crate with Kinetic Pulse and look along the northwestern skyline
for a light. Aim towards it and shoot the crate. As you run along after it, 4
Ice Soldiers will ambush you. They are easy to deal with.

Continue to the crate and throw it again. You will probably be in the train
yard or somewhere close after the second throw. 3 more Soldiers will come at
you, with rocket launchers - you can blow up some of the trains containers
for some Big Destruction kills. As you move further along the tracks, even more
Soldiers will come at you so be aware.

If the crate begins to land in water, make sure you jump ON the crate before 
using Kinetic Pulse, wading through the water to it will get you killed quick.
Eventually you will arrive at the medic and the mission will end.

        New Clinic opens

Head back along the train yard and hopefully one of the Militia you can kill
will drop this mission. Remember they need to be fully dead, not just incapac-
itated. If it doesn't drop, don't worry too much, it will eventually as you 
play the game.

The area we need to hunt in is slap bang in the middle of Flood Town, 
conveniently on the way to the next side mission. In the circle on the map,
on the south east corner of the southern most building is where you'll find
the package.

        2 BLAST SHARDS

[SIDE MISSION #35: Overcharge #3]

Head to the south of this island, to the power station/docks. Head to the
transformer which is basically in the middle of nowhere. Jump straight up and
then use static thrusters to gain a bit of extra height so you can land on the
wire directly above. The rest is self explanatory. 

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Head west to get started back on story missions.

[24. THE DUNBAR BEAM]---------------------------------------------------[WLK24]

Zeke and Laroche will be discussing strategies it seems. Seems the 'cure' was a
load of cack. The camp seems to be coming under attack however, and we need 
Cole's (literal) power to use Zeke's new defences. So head out to the first 
alarms position.

This is a VERY easy mission. When you get to the spotlight, just aim it at the
swamp monsters. They ignore you and there's no time limit that I am aware of,
so just aim at them till they all pop, then move on to the next outpost, as 
Zeke calls them.

Ravager's will join the fray here but once again, they ignore us. So they take
a bit longer to burn to death but they go. Simple.

Move from outpost to outpust zapping Swamp Monsters. There really isn't a lot
to say about it. Eventually two outposts will go off at once, but like I say,
there's no timer or challenge to this mission so just go to one, then the other

Head back to base when we are 'overwhelmed' and fend off the Swamp Monsters as
usual, with Zeke's spotlight. Use your Ionic Vortexes if you feel the need
before two Ice Champions as I like to call them appear. They will help you out
for now so don't attack them. They aren't helping us out of the kindness of 
their hears though. 

Laroche has a blast core. But Zeke shoots at them, so yeah, kill them off. 
Their beam can be annoying but they're simple foes.


You read that right. 5. Including the first of the Assassin chain - the Evil
version of the Ice Soldier 'good' chain. I won't be covering the Unlikely Ally
chain yet, but the Assassin one is fair game as we are evil.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

This is the northern most one, so get there. This is another collect 4 packages
mission. The first is to the west, on a rooftop. Beware the Ice Champion (you
can destroy their towers with grenades to stun and damage them) and the guy who
has a rocket launcher... he's deadly accurate. Same deal as usual, grenades to
thin them out before using Bolts to mop up the rest. Then grab the first supply
on the roof.

The next is to the south, again on a rooftop. There are more Soldiers here, and
an explosive tower so you know what to do. Don't be afraid to drop an Ionic
Vortex here. Grab the package when you can.

The third package can actually be grabbed without killing a soul. Head south
before you go west and hug the southern walls of the southern building the 
supply is on. There is only one Soldier on here and he is facing east. Grab the
package and quickly jump back south as more soldiers spawn and jump onto this
roof. If you're quick, you won't have to fight anyone at all.

Now head north. This last package is only guarded by a handful of Soldiers and
one Champion + 2 rocket launcher enemies. Grenades and Alpha Blasts sort these
out quick, then grab the package. Return to the medic.



Just to the west of where we finished the last mission. This is basically a 
kill everything mission. Don't be afraid to use Ionic Vortex etc to get the
job done. Zzz.



The western mission. Yep. Follow the Ice Soldier to a group of other Ice 
Soldiers and then, you know... kill them. There aren't even a lot of them.

        Ionic Charge 3
Yep, another Charge slot. Now head to the last mission on this part of the


Ok so the guy has some blast shards for us. Head south to the waypoint to get
them. Oh, what a shock. It was a trap and we're going to be ambushed. Thank-
fully, Nix radios in and says she's on her way. Well, get to the arse kicking,
eh! I know a lot show up but they don't even rush you, so pick off any you can
from the boat then move into the thick of it. You can snipe most without any
real retaliation to be honest.

When you've dropped the ambush, Nix will run off and wants you to meet her
somewhere, so do so. She will have captured to lying git who sent us on a fools
errand... so Bio Leech him to finish the mission.



The eastern most mission - ignoring Unlikely Allies, ofcourse. So the Ice gang
have captured a load of Militia soldiers and are escorting them. The first 
group is close by to the north. As they are so condensed, grenades and an Ionic
Vortex work wonders. Then head east for the second pack.

Once again, grenades and an Ionic Vortex will get rid of them in probably one 
fell swoop. Once they're all dead, the mission ends.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Head to the only story mission marked on the map.

[25. BURNING WELLS]-----------------------------------------------------[WLK25]

So Laroche says the Militia or Ice Soldiers have lit fire to the oil wells that
are scattered throughout Flood Town and that the air is becoming too polluted
to breathe; in exchange for his Blast Core, he wants us to cap the wells. Head
to the marker on the map, use Kinetic Pulse to pick up the metallic cap and 
move towards the flaming well - the cap should place itself above the flames,
when it does so, let it drop to cap this well.

Ok the next well is 'halfway across Flood Town' so this mission now becomes
similar to punting the crates across New Marais for the Medic missions. Stand
on top of the cap and use Kinetic Pulse and throw it in the direction of the
next well - we may as well head to the north western one first, so get to it.

Remember, if the cap drops into water, jump onto the cap before using Kinetic
Pulse so as not to fry yourself to death!

When you reach this well, say hello to the Crusher. These are the Ice Soldier
version of the Ravager, basically, and surprisingly annoying. Once again they
are impervious to regular Bolt fire, so grenades/cars etc are the order of the
day. They have two attacks and are INCREDIBLY frustrating to fight in close
quarters and even worse in cramped areas. Their first attack is shooting a row
of ice from them to you - and it also homes in on you, so dodging it isn't as
trivial as you'd think. A well timed roll is the best way to escape this 

Their second attack is essentially a continuation of the Ice Track as I will
call it - they levitate large chunks of the Track into the air before shooting
them you way. Either get some cover or try and Alpha Blast these back to the
Crusher for some 'free' damage to him. These guys are also pretty lethal in
melee. If you see him to start to glow, get the hell out of his way as he will
pound you and it HURTS.

Best thing to do here is get on a roof top and use Napalm Grenades on him. Find
a roof with plenty of energy sources and go to town on him... first time round,
don't be surprised if he gets the better of you. They are huge pains on Hard

Once it's fried, cap the well. Now we'll head for the eastern one which means
going through the train yard which will be, as usual, choc full of enemies so
stay on your toes. As you arrive at the eastern cap a scene will play - 
Bertrand is turning a prisoner into a Swamp Monster!  Kill the Militia and the
monsters if you wish but you can ignore them if you want, just cap that well.

If you have an Ionic Vortex there's a lot of XP to be made by using it on that
rather huge battle however. Anyway, get the cap all the way to the south now,
to what is the 4th flaming well. As you'd expect this well is kind of well 
defended by a gaggle of Ice Soldiers. No Crusher, thankfully. The 3 or so Ice
Soldiers (ok, so it's not THAT well defended) drop easily, once they're done,
cap the well.

As a reward, Laroche has given the Blast Core to Zeke - sweet!


Blast Core, smashed core! Head to the side mission smack dab middle of the map.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Yep, another one of these. Do you really need to be told what to do by now? I
doubt it. These are basically quick, free XP for you by now.



Now head way east for this one. The Ice Soldiers have been spying on the rebels
and it's up to Cole to, like the mission name dictates, find and kill them. 
There are three of them and they die really, really quick so get close to one,
blast it to bits for Skull Bolts, get to the next etc etc, it's another quick
and easy mission. Firebird Strike should let you catch up to them with relative
--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Head south to start the next mission.

[26. RAY FIELD ENERGY]--------------------------------------------------[WLK26]

Nice digs, Zeke. So the RFI also cures the plague, huh. Anyway, new Blast Core,
new powers.

---------------------THE BEAST IS 124 MILES FROM NEW MARAIS--------------------

Yep, only one ability this time, but that ability is AWESOME. Rockets destroy
anything in their way. You can also upgrade to Hellfire Rockets. Unfortunately
for us, we still need to unlock Tripwire Rocket and then Sticky Rocket before
we can even think about it... check the power menu for the stunts you need to
pull off to do that.

        Rocket Ability
        Tripwire Rocket Ability
        Sticky Rocket Ability
        Hellfire Rockets Ability
        Quicker Combos Ability
        1 SIDE MISSION
Upgrade your rockets to Hellfire ASAP, Quicker Combos is handy if you like 
using melee but not vital.

There's an evil side mission for us to do.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Once again, follow Nix. The first group is mainly in the water and has a few
rocket launcher Soldiers and an Ice Champion, the tower dudes. Grenades to 
knock him hopefully into the water, then fry him.

Follow Nix. The second and final group is once again, surrounded by water and
again, has an Ice Champion... but also a Crusher. Focus on the weaker enemies
first, before grenading the crap out of the Crusher using the tactics from the
Burning Wells mission. My Crusher actually glitched out and killed himself when
he tried to melee attack me, haha.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

[27. RAIL YARD INTEL]---------------------------------------------------[WLK27]

Nix and Kuo are fighting over how it would be best to deal with Bertrand again.
Anyway, when you can choose between the two, head to the red marker.

[28. NIX'S NEW FAMILY]--------------------------------------------------[WLK28]

Nix is waiting on the roof for us. Oh the corny-ness. Follow Nix north then to
the Militia camp. There will be a tower below you to the left with a few on, 
take them out quick then Nix will be fighting above us, so get up there when 
you can to help her out; this is one of the few times Ionic Drain is actually

Continue north, killing any clusters of Militia with your new rockets, then the
Militia will cut the power. There is a transformer on the tower I mentioned
right when we first started fighting the Militia, so get to it and fire off a
Tesla Missile. The transformer you have to hit is a simple flight away, in the
Train Yard. Rockets will start flying at you from everywhere and you can't 
fight back yet as they are coming from too far away.

Make your way to the transformer nonetheless. Fire off a Missile and you will
now notice 3 targets - the Militia firing the rockets. Fly your missile near
them to kill them; once all 3 are dead, fly the Missile into something to go
back to Cole and a scene will start. Nix has found the Monsters in a boxcar and
guess what? We have to defend it.

Keep using the Tesla Missile to take them out, if you crash the missile fire
another one off ASAP. Remember you only need to get close with the missile, not
make direct contact. Ice Champions will start to show up but they are still
dealth with easily with the tesla missile!

It's not too difficult it just lasts a while. Don't panic when loads start to
show up, just keep knocking them down while Nix connects with 'baby Cole'. Oh
dear. Anyway eventually she will be done doing whatever she is doing, so bring
the power back up as you normally do.

A scene will play where dozens of Swamp Monsters are unleashed, but we aren't
done. In conjunction with the Monsters, go take out the rest of the Ice 
Soldiers attacking the Train Yard - simple fare.

Also, Nix is weird.

        Spikers Ability

Remember the little monsters the Hive Lords spawn? Yeah, they are Spikers. Cole
can now summon three at a time... cool?

Head back to New Marais proper for the next story mission.

[29. THE BEAST DRAWS NEAR]----------------------------------------------[WLK29]

Zeke has a big ass truck - blast off the panels like Zeke says, haha, he has a
god damn nuke! Yep its an escort mission. If you look to the north west, you 
can actually spy the Beast fighting a ways off...

Small groups of Militia will get in your way, take them out on the verandas and
in their trucks easily with Rockets. Blast their cars off the road when Zeke
asks you to do so.

When you come to the bridge, start clearing cars before some 'dumb hick' yells
for us to 'surrender that missile!' Fat chance.

Two boats will arrive off the west side of the bridge, kill the Militia (yes,
singular) on each to fend them off. Continue blasting cars out of the way until
you see Militia fighting off a Ravager up ahead. Take them all out - plenty of
cars to use with Kinetic Pulse to help you do so!

Continue removing cars and use the Nuke as a power source for Cole. In Flood
Town the militia and monsters will usually ignore you if you ignore them so you
can continue clearing a path.

Eventually you will get to the docks. Climb the nearby crane - use the thick
diagonal pipes to help you ascend. The aiming device is on top of the cabin up
there. When you aim at the beast (hold R1 to do so), a shotgun wielding Ice
Soldier will shoot Cole - get up and blast him off the crane quickly.

Yep, the Ice Soldiers are ambushing us. Use everything at your disposal to kill
them off. You only need to kill those marked as a star on the mini map. Get 
back up to the aiming device and do the same as you did before... no shotgun in
the back this time, I promise.

Watch the pretty explosion... is it over? Lookit dat nuclear fallout. Glide 
down to Zeke and blast the cart off him, then pick the girder up to let Zeke 

Seems old Beasty ain't done yet. Lift another girder/light for Zeke and another
scene will occur... oshi--!

------------------------THE BEAST IS IN NEW MARAIS-----------------------------


Zeke is OK and in the Gas Works though the GIGANTIC Beast... has disappeared. 
What? These next 2 sidemissions are kind of annoying.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Just west of the southern clinic in Flood Town. Another Militia/Ice Gang mass
fight. Head south to the docks and start cleaning up. When you get into the
thick of it, would you believe the Swamp Monsters sign up to our lovely battle
royale we've got going on. Joy.

When the Hive Lord pops in and lays his eggs, wait till the Spikers spawn then
use an Ionic Drain - kills'em off and gives you infinite energy for a while. 
Use the infinite energy to kick the crap out of the Hive Lord with missiles and
continue to eradicate the enemy presence. At the back of the docks, a Crusher
awaits us. Plenty of room to fight him here, so remember - dodge his Ice Track,
blast the chunks he blows at you (ew!) back at him and spam missiles/grenades
at him. Once he's down, mission's over.



The only non-Good side mission on the map if you've been following the guide,
just north of where we started the last mission.

Head back to the docks from the last mission (really.). Take a pictre of the
broken crane from the bridge which is adorned with 'SAFETY FIRST'. The Beast's
footprint is easy to find. Zeke will notify you of a feasting Swamp Monster.
Keep checking with the camera as you get close so you don't get TOO close and
then take a snap.

Here comes the annoying part - you will get ambushed yet still expected to take
pics of very specific enemy attacks/moves. The first is an Ice Soldier jumping,
as soon as you see one start that animation get your camera and take a pic as
soon as you can.

Hive Lord's birthing pod... just stay close to it and hope it brings them out,
then take a pic.

Lastly, an Ice Heavy on his tower. I have been referring to these as Champions,
but there you go: their official name. This is the easiest picture to grab.

Once you've got the pics, kill'em all. If you die after taking the pics you 
won't have to take them again but every single bloody enemy will respawn. This
game can really be stupendously tedious.

REWARD: 100XP (totally not worth it, but hey ho)
--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Head north to continue the story.

[30. POWERING UP GAS WORKS]---------------------------------------------[WLK30]

The story begins to pick up now and while the area isn't as bad as Flood Town,
it's still not as good as the first half of the game in my humble opinion.

The first targets here will be Ice Soldiers/Crushers/Heavy's just so you are
aware. 3 Crushers, then the Transformer. Now head over there.

When you activate the transformer, they begin to flood in from the east. This
one isn't too bad now we have Rockets... spam the crap out of them, then drain
or use Ionic Drain, then continue spamming rockets etc. You may need to Alpha
Blast once or twice to deal with shotgun-toting soldiers. After fire another
missile, deal with more Crushers before arriving at the next transformer, which
is on top of a large gas drum.

Up here enemies come from all over, don't be afraid to Alpha Blast them off 
here for quick kills, infact just focussing on Blasting them off is probably
the easiest way to do this one, it's really no problem.

More Crusher's to take out with this missile before getting to the transformer.

Head all the way west to the northern most section of the Gas Works. As you
try to activate this one... we get trapped. This section is really easy if you
play Good, the Ice Shield trivializes it... but you're playing on hard. No such
luck, eh! That bastard Bertrand has us trapped then orders us killed... there 
is no way out and our electricity can't pass the barriers! So, er... simply
take cover behind the transformer, haha; just wait it out. The AI is too dumb
to simply flank us - I got a real giggle out of Bertrand shouting 'nice work,

Eventually Cole radio's Nix, but it is Zeke who comes to save us. Good Lord he
is a terrible shot... better than the Militia though, heh. Another scene 
begins. Cole apologizes to Zeke... this will make more sense if you played the
original game.


Yes. 7 side missions. Good heavens. The closest is just to the east.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

We're joined by Nix. Seems people aren't too happy with us and Nix wants us to
remind them why they're wrong, so follow her.

There's a huge protest - we're gonna send the swamp monsters in to tear'em up,
then go in and save them all. Heh. There are bloody LOADS of Militia down there
so you will want to use the vantage point up here to soften them up with 
rockets etc. Once you feel comfortable jump down and send some Ionic Vortexes
their way - at least 2 Charges usually drop, so just go for it, don't worry
about the bystanders. The crowd will love you...


I'd be amazed if you didn't have enough XP for the Hellfire missiles by now!


Head to the north eastern mission marker. Another kill the captives and the 
capturer's mission. Head west to a large yard (via the rooftops preferably),
and use the Hellfire missiles to wipe these out with ease... it ain't gonna be
that easy, I'm afraid.

Two Crushers (yes, two) join the fray. Get on a roof asap if you aren't already
on one, charge up and go back into the battle. Focus on one at a time, this is
imperative. Luckily for us, Hellfire missiles tear most enemies to god damn
shreds. It's funny how strong they are - they drain you real quick but when 
they put out so much damage it doesn't matter. Try to lure one around a corner
to fight him on his own, which will make him trivial. Remember to dodge his Ice
Track + blast when he blows shards at you and try not to get close.

Take out the second one in a similar manner to finish the mission. Hellfire 
Missiles are serious business.



Right near the clinic on the map, south of the helipad. You should know the
score with this mission by now, easy XP. The route is slightly less direct this
time, you will head right before finally straightening off left towards the
transformer but it's a really, really short journey.

        Precision Enhanced Ability
Basically the sniper zooms in and the time warp functionality is more potent.
Still not super useful.


The eastern evil mission marker. Hi Nix! Her pet's are 'getting hungry'. As 
usual with these type of missions... follow Nix. Oh god, a Devour-... wait, 
it's on OUR side? Hell yes. Now we have to follow it instead of Nix but you 
know what? I don't mind. Just up the road, kill all the Ice Soldiers, just
regular foot soldiers, before following the Devourer again.

A large group will be ahead but the Devourer destroys them with it's goo attack
so quickly. Eventually they will be full, so to speak, so go back to following
Nix. Boo.

Go up a roof top and follow Nix into another small scale battle - just more
regular soldiers but they have a Heavy with them this time - Hellfire missiles
trivialize this once again.


Head to the other evil side mission, just south of the story mission marker.

Nix will appear again... car chucking practice! Yay!! First thing's first...
follow Nix. Ugh. Short trip though - she'll jump onto a bridge, pick up a car
and you got it: throw it at her. Then she'll drump onto one of the gas tanks
in the background... you know what to do, this time just aim the height of her
model above her, if you know what I mean.

Now head north after her. She will eventually port to a REALLY high tower. So
pick up a car and do a bit of trial and error this time. Now go trek even 
further north - she will eventually port up to a advertising sign on a building
near where we did the Playing Hero mission. 'Pretend it's a parking garage' she
says... I still wouldn't chuck a car in a parking garage, but whatever. Hit her
with one: aim at the underside of the letter 'A' on the sign she's standing on
for a good chance to get her in one.


One more in Gas Works to go then another in Flood Town.


On the southern tip of Gas Works. Zeke will call and say the guy who's been 
planting all these bombs wants to turn himself in. Hmm. Go to the marker to
meet the crazy guy. Shoot the bomb he's left on the floor, don't try to drain
it. When you give chase he will bring down bridges etc, if you're quick you
can Firebird Strike past them, if not you'll have to jump over. Be quick though
as it's definitely possible to lose the bomber in this mission.

Follow him through a warehouse and he'll lead you to some prisoners. To do this
the yucky good way, drain the bomb, then beat his ass. Evil? Shoot to kill them
all. Mwahaha.


Now head all the way to the train yard in Flood Town.


A slight twist on the boat supply missions. This time the Ice Soldiers have
captured two Militia boats with supplies and are defending them - but the 
Miltia are also attacking said boats from another set of boats. Clear the Ice
Soldiers out then destroy the supplies while dodging grenades etc. Slight
variation but not any more difficult at the end of the day.

If the grenades are annoying you, throw a few Hellfire missiles at their boat
to sink it. Job done.


On my way back to Gas Works I came across some not so friendly Militia who
dropped another random mission for me.


Hunt enemies down in Flood Town until this drops. The convoy is two boats on
the northern edge of Flood Town... you should know how to deal with these by
now. Basically spam Hellfire Missiles from afar. Easy.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Head back to Gas Works.

[31. FORCED CONDUITS]---------------------------------------------------[WLK31]

We're looking for a Blast Core in Bertrand's warehouses. We're right near them
so let's head in and take a look. Inside 2 Militia will be slaughtering an Ice
Soldier - reciprocate their favour. Now go around destroying Militia crates in
here. In one, near the ramp to the portacabin in here, will be a safe. Open it.

There are some property deeds inside to some more warehouses... predictable?
Totally. Anyway head to the next warehouse.

As you move in, Ice Soldier's will breach in from the roof so be careful as you
do enter. Kill them off (they seem to be slightly tougher than regular Ice
Soldiers, they took more than 1 hellfire rocket to kill for example), then head
to the platform above us. Right above where we entered the warehouse is a crate
with another safe in. This one contains 4 Blast Shards but no Core. 

Head east to the third warehouse. On the way, loads of Ice Soldiers will 
confront you, including a Crusher but by now, like I've said before these 
should really not pose any problems. Militia guard this next warehouse so head
in and destroy them all. Just for reference the crate with the safe is pretty
much exactly in the middle of this warehouse, 2 crates side by side, the other
is obviously empty.

However the Ice Soldiers will seal this warehouse and pump poisonous gas in...
the only way out is up! At the top use a grenade or rocket on the roof to blow
this place open then drop back in to open the safe. Ice Soldiers will move on
your position so kick the crap out of them before moving on again.

God damn LOADS of Militia guard this last warehouse so get to taking them on
and don't be afraid to use Ionic Powers. Keep killing them until you feel you
can start searching the crates - the correct one is on the north eastern edge
of this warehouse. Opening it commences a scene... welcome to the ultimate 
'mini' boss. Never has the word mini been so inappropriate.

These guys are Titans, basically a frigging massive amalgamation of a Crusher
and a Heavy. With thrice as much health and a regenerative mechanic to boot.
Essentially the first half of fighting one is a damage race - hurt it enough
to make BOTH arms fall off. If one does, get the other off ASAP, because after
a while, the arm will regenerate along with some health.

Once enough damage is done, both arms will be destroyed and it will collapse to
it's knees. Rush up to the beam of light near it and hit R1 to wrench off some
of it's face armour - this is now a weakspot. Or you can just continue to throw
Hellfire Missiles at it, your choice.

So now you know how to defeat it, how can it defeat you? Simple. Like I said,
they are basically a Heavy mixed with a Crusher. I'm sure you can imagine the
possibilities... luckily they can't create an Ice Tower haha... though when 
thinking about it, they kind of don't need one.

If you're reading this and playing a Good character on Hard difficulty? Have
fun. This will take, and pardon my french, FUCKING AGES to defeat. Hellfire
Missiles, once again, kind of trivialize these guys but Good guys don't have
access to these so basically you are stuck to grenades and weak ass rockets.

If you're playing normal and evil, these guys go down so quick they probably
weren't worth reading about. Kind of sad.

Continue to kill the rest of the Militia and Ice Soldiers once it's dead before
finally opening the Holy Safe. Or just open the safe ASAP to get the beautiful
Blast Core and as Cole says, a nice bonus...

Bertrand is a biological weapons dealer, eh? Figures.


Do they never end?!

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----


Just east of the helipad, north of the clinic. Laroche chimes in, says an Ice
Soldier courier is taking something to a warehouse nearby, but don't let him
see you. Head south, avoiding combat till you get there.

Once on the rooftop, hold triangle when prompted to spy the courier. Once it's
confirmed, Laroche will order you to move in and blow them all away... it's not
as easy as it looks from the roof top as there are about a dozen regular Ice
Soldiers, but also two crushers. If you go to ground level and enter via the 
west side, you may get lucky and only attract the attention of one Crusher to
deal with. Don't be afraid to use an Ionic power to clean away the smaller
enemies. Then deal with the Crusher as usual before moving onto the other one.
Don't try and fight from the roof, you can get it blown from under you and
Crushers will jump up and stun you to death, basically.

When they're all dead, grab the package. 

        1 SIDE MISSION

This is north east of the medical clinic. Another kill everything mission - the
twist? A Titan. And a Devourer. Luckily you can take on one at a time as the 
Titan is kind of consolidated on its own, and with Hellfire Missiles they die
so quick, so take that out first. If there's any regular enemies still alive,
take them out next before focusing on the Devourer. Unfortunately these guys
still take ages to kill but by now you should know how to deal with them.

A trick I found to take out the Devourer with relative ease is wait till the
rest are dead (by your own hand, ofcourse) then head to where you got the 
mission from the guy. Head west to the transformer a short way away, then look
kind of south west to a gap between the two buildings, blocked by a small chain
fence. If you are lucky and wait here, the Devourer should make his way to you.
From here it is a simple matter of Hellfire Rockets and skull bolts on his weak
spot - his goo etc will probably still damage you but as it hits the fence it
should not stun you allowing you to put out massive damage to kill him without
much reply.



Last one on the map for now, so get to it. Yet another frigging kill them all
mission; this time we have some back up in the form of a Rebel group, though.

Meet them in the carkpark then head on in, resistance is lighter than it looks
at first but off in the back you can see a Titan. This mission really does look
tougher than it is, there's maybe half a dozen regular enemies which the Rebels
will decimate and then the Titan comes out to play. With their RPGs and your
Hellfire Rockets, he goes down quicker than Busquet's does after being breathed

Honestly the biggest annoyance in this mission is the frigging diabolical 

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Head north to meet up with Zeke and use our new Blast Core.

[32. EASY GOING]--------------------------------------------------------[WLK32]

This is a nice scene with Cole and Zeke, quite long too. Zeke's complete and
utter non reaction to Cole using the Blast Core really tickled me.

Our new ability is called Lightning Tether and its very useful for getting 
around quickly when you're used to it. Use it when told to finish this mission.


Yo, seriously... only a few more till we get to sense Blast Shards though, so
it will be worth it.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

You will spot this on your mini map after finishing Easy Going. This is similar
to the mission we had back in Flood Town where we had to chase 3 Ice Soldiers,
though this one is much quicker thanks to Lightning Tether and the fact they
explode even quicker when shot than in that mission. As soon as you get one in
sight, shoot 4 or 5 shots into it and it'll be fried. Repeat until the other
two are crispy fried Ice Soldiers.



The northern most side mission, right near a Clinic. This is similar to a side
mission early on in the game where you had to drain the dishes so Zeke could
hack their signal. What's different? Lightning Tether makes this so much
quicker, basically. Go round draining them all. Then head to the nearest TV
and hit triangle to watch a lovely video, haha.

        Blast Shard Sense Ability
This makes the nearest Shard appear on your mini map regardless of distance,
great for hunting down the last few you need eventually!


The eastern most mission and yeh, nothing needs to be said, right?



Only one left on the map now. Get to it. Another boat mission. Hellfire rockets
etc. If you feel like you can, why not Lightning Tether to a boat and kick 
their asses there? Hellfiring from safe land is definitely the easiest way to 
do this though.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Now head east.

[33. THE FACE OF CHANGE]------------------------------------------------[WLK33]

Head into the docks to search for the anchor wenches. Ice Soldiers will board
the boat before you can but there's only maybe half a dozen and if you use the
tether to get on to the highest crates, they're fodder for you basically. At
the back of a boat is a Heavy too, Hellfire on him. Move towards the bow of the
boat, killing any more Ice Soldiers. Recharge then approach the anchor. Disable
the boat when prompted then hop off. 

There is another boat which is much more heavily guarded ahead. Stay behind any
crates for cover as there are a couply of Heavy's. One heavy is no problem to
deal with but in pairs or more, their beams can be a real annoyance so take one
down ASAP. Don't be afraid to use Ionic Powers here. Once the dock is clear, 
which can take a while, move onto the Boat itself.

Energy sources here are quite small so Bio Leech when you can. On the boat is
a Heavy and behind him you can probably make out the tip of a Titan. Get sort
of close and chuck a Vortex to take out any soldiers with him then unleash 
Hellfire on him! It should take a whole round of energy to blow both his arms
off, even more on Hard. Then rush in, take his face plate off before retreating
behind the crates to recharge, then go in and finish it off.

Remember to try and hit its face as anywhere else won't do a lot of damage at
all. Move forward and disable the boat. A very important story scene will now
take place, won't make sense if you didn't play the first though - or been 
finding the Dead Drops.

John will want us to meet him in the Plague ward after bestowing us with a new
power which isn't really that cool. Anyway, head to him.

In the warehouse, the 'special' woman is alone in the north west corner of the
Ward. When you press L3 she will have yellow glowing inside her as well as red.

Pulse heal her... but you will fail. 

So John is the Beast! We will wake outside the now destroyed warehouse and the
plague-ridden Conduit will be awoken and cured... she thanks us. Cool.

        1 SIDE MISSION

IIRC this is the last none random drop side mission.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Head back to the Plague Ward Zeke mentions and take a picture of the crater the
Beast left behind. Now head to the Ice Tower. Take a picture of that. Now they
send out a Titan so head to it. Get to a high place and wait for him to start
throwing ice balls then take a pic asap.

Get to ground level to make him shoot beams, take a pic. Then do enough damage
to it to knock off one arm, then take a pic. Now kill it.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Head west to continue the story.

[34. DEMONS]------------------------------------------------------------[WLK34]

So, this is it for Bertrand it seems. Also, 'you're chopper'. Nice one, Sucker
Punch. And yep, here comes the mad man with the 'Divine Plan' act. Cliche or
what. And I like my cliches.


               Anyway, here comes Bertrands even uglier side. Jump on Zeke's 
               truck. His truck is the small white star on the mini map, not 
               the big red one like I managed to think. Durr.

               Bertrand gives chase. When Bertrand shoots his goo pellets, 
               blast them back like you are told. The truck is an endless power
               supply, btw. When Zeke exclaims that 'he's charging!', shoot the
               weakspot that appears in his mouth. Handy. Repeat until the game
               changes it up a bit.
               The fight is very similar to the original fight with him. Take 
               out the weakspots when they appear, just this time there's a 
               crap load of Swamp Monsters and not even the friendly kind. The
               two on his legs will appear first off; along with a dozen or so
               Swamp Monsters. He will shoot goo at you still and use his 
               strong breath attack still, so beware of those. He will keep
               showing the weakspots on his legs till both are down.
               Once both weakspots are dead, Cole will grab onto the chopper
               and Bertrand will give chase again - straight off the bat he
               will use his homing goo attack so blast it away, keep doing this
               for a while as Laroche tells you about Zeke's missiles and how
               they can't aim them 'for shit' so we will obviously have to 
               help them.
               When Bertrand is eventually stunned, the first rocket will be
               fired into his left side. So our right - shoot the glowing 
               rocket to make it explode. But it doesn't hurt him enough so
               he continues to follow us. Blast more goo and recharge whenever
               you need to from the chopper.
               The next ambush is near the drainage system, another rocket will
               be fired at him, this time on our left, so take it out again.
               Eventually Laroche will tell us about the propane tanks and drop
               us off - keep blasting the goo away and when Bertrand gets 
               close, shoot the tanks to stun him. Back to phase 1 of the fight
               it seems.
               The attacks etc are the same, but this time its his chest weak
               points he exposes. Fire a load of Hellfire missiles into him to
               destroy them in one go, really. After he will revert to exposing
               his leg weak points so you know what to do.
               He may or may not open half of his chest to expose one of those
               spots again, if he does shoot it quick. Go back to finishing off
               his legs and he will eventually fall. He's so pretty, isn't he!
So 'Big Bad' number 1 is dealt with. Cool.


Laroche will chime in, totalling the cost of removing the corpse.


Zeke has found the last Blast Core. Head north to find him.

[35. DEATH TOLL]--------------------------------------------------------[WLK35]

Hear that storm coming? Don't you love that noise and all that potential power?
I sure as hell do. 

Zeke sounds ill... oh no! So we need that last Blast Core ASAP. Just so you
know, in this storm, every time you drain (and you can drain wherever you want
due to it) you also get an Ionic Charge. So for this mission, you are basically
a god. Oh yeah!

Head into the warehouse area and unleash hell. Throw Vortexes whenever you can
and Hellfire when you cannot. You are so powerful this part is just a slaughter

Head into the marked area to see that some nobhead has the Blast Core and is
escaping. Use Lightning Tether to follow him through Gas Works, it will be hard
to keep up if you don't, though I'm not sure if you can actually lose him -
just follow the ice tracks.

Don't worry about killing anyone, should be moving fast enough that their 
rockets never trouble you. He will eventually scale the Ice Tower but before
you get up there, the Core will be frozen right at the tip. Bastards.

We need to turn some valves to melt the tip of the tower. Use the picture Zeke
sends to find the first one, its under the frozen bridge on the west side,
directly under it.

Turn it. The other is on the same level just on the opposite side but a Crusher
will land right next to it. Hellfire him to death then turn the valve.

When you do that, the Ice Soldiers will basically swarm you where the 3rd valve
is (up a level). Spam Vortexes then get up there. When we've melted the ice,
loads more enemies will spawn next to where it lands, right down there. Thunder
Drop off then spam more Vortexes to thin them out.

But er, be careful as there is a Titan too! But by now they are no threat to 
you I would imagine. FINALLY pick up the last Blast Core. Head back to Zeke.



[36. THE FINAL PIECE]---------------------------------------------------[WLK36]

Zeke is chilling with a beer, as usual. And is as ever, completely nonchalant
as Cole passes out.

Do we feel ready? Hell yeah. Summon an Ionic Storm. Doesn't look that cool does
it? Powerful though.


Nix's pets are dead, so that was a waste of time... anyway we're gonna have a
party it seems. Quickly head on over. UNLESS you want to mop up the random drop
missions which will be noted right now.

--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

This will drop in the only non taken over part of Flood Town we have left,
there will sometimes be 2 Ice Soldiers chilling on a roof top. Properly kill
them and they SHOULD drop this. 

Head into the middle section of the train yard, then the bottom right area of
the circle on the map. Look for the large black cylindrical containers on the
raised tracks, then to the open carriages to the left of those to find this

        2 BLAST SHARDS

Head to the cathedral and hopefully you will find two Militia milling about. 
One will drop this mission!

If you get up to the top of the cathedral you will notice 2 bell towers on the
eastern side of the roof. The package is in the northern tower. 

        2 BLAST SHARDS

Head to the south of the first island, it'll be the only area left that we
haven't 'surpressed' the enemy. Go round, finding groups of enemies throughout
this area. My group that dropped it was an ambush in an alley just south of
the park where we met Laroche, which as you can see is actually just outside
of the enemies area.

The convoy is to the south east, 3 vehicles, loads of troops and a chopper. By
now everything here is cannon fodder. Especially with Ionic Storm ;) 

        1 SIDE MISSION
Oh dear... I thought that would be the last one on this island, haha.


Follow Laroche's trucks, its a simple mission really, just kill them all, 
though there are plenty of turrets and rocket launchers, nothing special when
you consider we probably were intended to do this ages ago haha.

Eventually a chopper joins the fray, these have NEVER been challenging though.
Kinetic Pulse a car into it then mop up the survivors. There's a mini-gunner
in a tower in the base itself, so beware of him.

        Land Lord Trophy
The first Island is ours!

There is ONE LAST SIDE MISSION. ONE MORE! I've said this before but this is 
TRULY the last one.


Quite central in Gas Works, I found two Ice Soldiers wandering about in the
centre of the zone marked on the map. Properly kill them to get this to drop.

Now head south to the dock. Head to the platform on the crane. Pick up the
package. Voila.

        It's My Town, Now Trophy
--------------------------------------------------------------SIDE MISSIONS----

Now let's go finish the game...

[37. THE FINAL DECISION]------------------------------------------------[WLK37]

Nix, Kuo and Zeke await us and the RFI. Watch the scene. Ok so this isn't so
straightforward, it seems. The RFI seems to hurt all Conduits... and now the
RFI is kindof broken. 

So the choice becomes clear. Destroy the Plague and the Conduits in one fell
swoop... or side with John and save the Conduits.

Nix wants us to kill the Beast. Kuo wants us to save the Conduits... so roles
reverse. Siding with Kuo will finish the story off Evil, with Nix we save
humanity so it's Good.

So side with Kuo, for once. Hit R2... to betray everyone. Nix, the cow, steals
the RFI. And Zeke leaves. Oh man.


We find John. Zeke has cut the power, however; though John says we don't need
it as he will amplify our pours. Get close to the Beast and hit X to... fly.
OK this is cool, screw you Zeke and Nix. You couldn't do this.

Fly close to the Beast, if you get near his head, you will auto follow him
through the carnage - and probably get a random trophy from it, hah. Nix will
arrive and tell us to get out of the way... she tries to use the RFI though
after the whole game I'm not sure why - we needed Blast Cores, so how can she
even think she can use it?

Though she does actually incapicitate the Beast and now we have to kill her.

Nix will use the RFI to shoot at you, so hit her as soon as you can to throw
her aim off. She will port around as usual so follow and do damage to her when
you can.

The stupid RFI has an unbelievable range so getting close, considering we can't
heal easily, is frustrating. When you take about 1/3rd off her health (and if,
unlike me you remember to use Lightning Tether which makes this part slightly
less annoying...) she disappears so head back to the Beast.

Continue through Gas Works, basically on his shoulder. We will head through the
river so use your Hellfire rockets to take out the boats. Kuo has the power on
back on the main island but she seems to have done something with Zeke though
we get no definitive answer...

Just as the Beast begins to trigger a Ray Field blast to take out those around
us in Smut Square, Nix reappears. Joy. You know I really do dislike her. Enough
that I will thoroughly enjoy killing her polygonal body. Follow her across the
roof tops and Hellfire when you can, remember to use Lightning Tether to get
around here quickly - we can also recharge here thanks to Kuo so this fight is
much less tedious.

She will do a full circle of the area while you beat on her - just before we 
can finish her off, she escapes... the Beast calls us back to him before he
clears the place out with a blast... nice.

The whole city has banded against us... but as Cole says - their rivalry pales
in comparison to their impending deaths.

Nix will appear on the cathedral roof this time, so Lightning Tether up. As a
boss she's not really worthy of a subsection, Hellfire and melee sort her out
no problems. She can use Firebird Strike which hurts a lot but you can dodge
that. She also throws napalm grenades which are even easier to dodge.

Eventually she will be on her knees... press triangle to finish her off.

Oh wow, no mercy there Cole... after, just follow the prompts. You'll see.

Kuo and the Beast will arrive as Cole smashes the RFI... now watch the ending
scene. You have now completed half of inFAMOUS 2... ready to go again to see
the other ending? Ha.

Wonder which is canon.

If you think you have a better idea of a mission than I, a cool UGC mission or
just any hints, tips or corrections, please email me at:



END OF DOCUMENT v1.00 -- (c) Jonathan Smith, 2011.

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