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Level 1
Double Cross on Nar-Shaddaa

From the start, turn left, collect the shield, kill both tentacle-headed aliens, 
then jump over the bar, collecting the cells and the gun as you go. Go up the 
ramps, killing the alien hiding around the corner and the one on top of the steep 
ramp. Collect the shields, then go down the adjoining ramps, kill Greedo in the 
fan, then turn the corner and waste the other aliens. Walking right, more power-
ups can be found. Jump back up, open the door and follow the corridor. Look down 
and to the left, then walk off to collect the shields and cells. Continue down 
the corridor, turn the corner, then turn around and walk along the ledge killing 
the aliens (one hides in the first alcove). Jump onto the boxes to get the 
shields, then follow the corridor along, take the lift up, then go over the 
bridge. After blasting more aliens go a bridge and reach a door. Go through, over 
another bridge, and waste the aliens and power droid. Follow the corridor along 
and press the switch to activate the lift. When it arrives, get on, and ride it 
up. Go over yet another bridge, turn left, and you'll find a button. Press it, 
then quickly run back down the corridor. You'll see a new lift come down. Get on 
it, and ride it up, then run across to the next doorway. Kill Greedo hiding in 
the third alcove, then take the first doorway on the right. Press the button in 
here, then walk into the large hangar room and drop down through the floor. Kill 
all the aliens, then get on the large grey platform and press the button again. 
Ride the platform to the top level, and follow the ledge around to the red door. 
Go through it, travel over both bridges (avoiding the TIE Bomber), then go 
through another red door. From here, go down the ramp, and up the other side, 
collect the power-ups in the left-hand alcove, then drop down the right-hand 
hole. Go up the ramps and press the button, then quickly retrace your steps down 
the ramps and jump up through the hole that's being sealed.Now take the long ramp 
down, press the lift button and go down. Kill all the aliens in the large crate 
room and go through the red door. Open the door ahead of you, and it's level one 

Level 2
The Lost Disk

Head to the ramp, look over the ledge and drop down. Drop down again to the next 
level and fall down the tunnel.After the main door has opened, continue down the 
corridor to a junction. Here, kill the aliens and go right. Drop down the tunnel 
in the floor at the next junction and continue along some much-needed shields. Go 
right again, dropping down the tunnel in the floor, kill the aliens and find the 
health to your right down the short tunnel. Go through the door, down the ramp 
and drop down, killing Greedo. Walk along this corridor and at the end look down, 
and drop a couple of bombs on the aliens. Then drop down, continue straight on, 
then walk up the ramps, killing the Gammorean Guards as you go. Go over the 
bridge (watching out for the two guards behind the door in the next room), then 
go up the ramp, through the door, use the lift, and take the doorway straight 
ahead of you.Run to the end, and you should  then drop down onto the crates, then 
off again to the floor. After killing all the aliens, take the right-hand ramp 
down and turn left up the next ramp. Go around the corner onto the two steep 
ramps and press the button. You'll see the conveyor belt opposite starting up.Now 
fall off onto the lower level, go down the ramp, turn left to go down the 
adjacent ramp and then turn left again. Around the corner you'll find loads of 
crates. Jump over them to the opposite side of the room, and you'll find a lift. 
Go up it and you'll be in a room overlooking the conveyor belt.When the crate 
passes underneath you, step onto it, and ride it up to the highest level. Jump 
off to the left, and open the door in front of you. Go through it, and jump over 
the crates to the other side of the room. Go through another door, get the red 
key, then return through both doors. From here, use one of the thin girders to 
get to the opposite side of the room, then press the red button. Open the door, 
and press the button inside. Walk out of the door and to the left and go over 
another girder to the other side. From here, take the left ledge, go up the two 
amps, and you'll be in a large conveyor belt room.When the crate passes, hide in 
the left or right alcove, then quickly run to the end and climb the half-ramp. 
When the crate passes again, jump on top and travel to the other side, again 
climbing the half-ramp. Repeat this procedure twice more to reach the highest 
point possible, and you'll eventually be in a room with two Gammorean Guards. 
Kill them, and walk through into the orange girder room. Drop down and press the 
red button, then get on the moving girder, run to the end and drop off onto the 
opposite side. Drop down, and do the same with the second set of moving girders 
(time your crossing perfectly). When safely over, drop down and down again onto 
the conveyor belt, dodge the oncoming boxes and go to the top of the ramp, then 
drop down the other side, and down again through the middle.Open the door, then 
run straight through, killing the aliens, and drop down the left-hand hole at the 
end. Take the two lifts up (using the conveyor to jump between them), then go up 
the ramp, across the bridge, and wait for good ol' Jan to take you away from all 
this madness.

Level 3 
The Return To Sulon

From the start, go left, around the house, killing all the Tuskens, then blast 
the middle panel of the three grates on the wall. Drop through into the house, go 
through the door on the left, then take the door straight ahead. Walk into the 
girder and drop down, then open the door, follow the corridor along and go up the 
steps.Take the first door, kill the Tuskens and open the large door. In here 
you'll find the red key behind some crates. Then return to the stairs and go up 
again. Take the top door, through the next room, then take the door just to the 
right and behind you. One more door to open, and you should be in a larger green 
area. Take the large door, go up the steps, then through the door into a 
corridor. Go through another door at the end of this, then another door, then go 
up the steps to the waterfall room. Dive into the water, and you'll see a tunnel 
down. Swim down it, and you'll surface in a room with two switches. Press both, 
then go back down the tunnel and jump into the second pool. Go through the 
doorway, up the ramps, and follow the corridor to the electricity room. Here, use 
the rock steps and the girders to reach the stone ramp, and go through the 
opposite doorway. Kill the huge bugs, and follow the corridor to the room with 
Weegee in it. Level over!

Level 4 
The Jedi's Lightsabre 

Drop down the grate, slash the next grate you come to, continue down and kill the 
Tuskens. Drop down from here, turn right and go along the corridor. Hit the 
button at the end to open the door, then go up the ramp onto the roof. Find the 
water pit and jump in, then go through the tunnel and up the ledges (you'll need 
to crouch to get through the gate). Kill the Tuskens at the end then jump into 
the water and let yourself be swept down. As soon as you can, surface onto the 
platform and go left. Jump up the left-hand side ledges then follow the right 
ledge-up to the end, look over the side, and drop down a level.Take the water 
chute down to the big water pool, then take the dry chute to the empty tank. 
Follow the chute, killing the bugs on the way, and at the end of the chute jump 
onto the small girders. From here, you need to walk along the edges of each 
girder to the end of the structure where you'll find a small doorway onto the 
adjacent identical platform. Do the same again on the other side, and you'll be 
overlooking another water chute.Drop into it and ride it down to the large water 
tank. Fall in, and swimming down, look for a gap into the central core. Swim up 
into the middle of the structure and surface. You'll see a button which you 
should press. This will make the water wise, but don't worry, there's enough 
space left to breathe. When the grate below opens, swim down, up past the 
jellyfish, and look for a gap in the wall to swim through, then continue swimming 
up until you surface.This should take you to a small waterfall in front of you. 
Climb up this, killing the Tuskens, and follow the chute to the large room in 
front of you.Go all the way to the end of this room, killing all the Tuskens, and 
when you're in the large pool, go right onto the concrete areas (make sure you're 
not swept over the waterfall to your death). Follow the corridor along, using the 
lift to go up, then you'll come to another lift. Go down it, kill the Tuskens and 
you'll see a pool with jellyfish in it. Kill them with grenades, then swim to the 
end, go left onto the concrete and run along the corridor. You'll find yourself 
in a chute. Look over the edge, then drop into the water, kill the jellyfish, and 
watch out for the landmines in front of you.Then go forward, through the door and 
go up in the lift on the left. Press the button at the top then go back down and 
out through the main doors to wait for Jan.

Level 5 
Barons Hed - the Fallen City

Walk around the concrete ledge, killing the aliens and robots as you go, then 
find the doorway next to the main hangar, and follow the corridor along. You'll 
end up back on the ledge which will  take you to a low bridge. Go across it, 
through the room and up the ramp (using your infra red goggles or field light). 
You'll find another ledge which will lead to a door on your left. Go through it 
and you'll be in the town itself.Shoot the Tuskens on the balcony nd enter the 
door. Climb the stairs, looting the two rooms on your left, then go through the 
room on the right and down the stairs. Go straight on, and over the bridge, then 
turn left and secure the courtyard area. From the courtyard, turn left and you'll 
find a marketplace full of aliens and pedestrians.Clear this area of all aliens, 
then look for a ramp up the side of one of the market buildings. Go up it, but 
don't go through the door. Instead, turn around and jump onto the roof in front 
of you (you can make it, honestly). From here, jump onto the adjacent balcony and 
through the window. Waste the Tuskens, and follow the rooms onto the bridge, then 
jump up to the red awning. Run around the adjoining ledge then drop down onto the 
ledge in front of you. Go through the door (put your infra-red goggles on), and 
you'll see a slanted ledge - jump onto it, and over the humped roof, then drop 
off by the rubble face. Easy, huh?

Level 6
Into The Dark Palace

Shoot the Probe Droid above you, then loot the adjoining room for power-ups, 
watching out for the landmine.Go down the ramp, and into the room , shooting the 
Probe Droids on route. Follow the stairs, blast the jammed door and shoot the 
Probe Droid. Avoid the two landmines by the blocked doorway, then crawl along the 
narrow gap behind the doorway.Blast the Probe Droid here, and drop down the hole 
into the adjoining room's floor. Next, take the stairs up to get the sequencer 
charges. Avoiding the landmine in the water, swim down, taking the stairs down 
for health, then resurface, before swimming straight on this time (avoiding 
another landmine) and down into the tunnel. Take the right fork of the underwater 
tunnel to collect the repeater gun, then take the next left and surface.Kill the 
Probe Droids here and pick up the shields and power-ups. Run to the end of the 
tunnel and jump up for some ammo, then climb the steps to the room at the top. 
Take the lift up from here and you'll find a room full of Probe Droids. Shoot 
them all, then follow the corridor, open the door on the left and blast the 
Stormtroopers. Open the door at the end of the corridor, drop off the ledge and 
run left through the tunnel. Secure the TIE Bomber room on your left, then go up 
the steps and blast the remaining Stormtroopers.Go back to the main corridor and 
continue running, under the bridge and always staying as far left as possible. 
Avoid all AT-ST fire, turrets, and Probe Droids. Once into the tunnel, turn right 
and right again immediately and go up the ramp. Blast all Stormtroopers and 
repeat a similar procedure with the whole of the base, which is a circular. You 
then need to find the main entrance to the central base (check your map to help), 
which is flanked by turrets and AT-STs. In front of it is a structure with small 
rooms on either side. In each is a button. After securing both rooms, run into 
the one on the right (as you look towards the central base), and hit the button. 
Then quickly run to the opposite room, and press that button too. Now jump 
through the window in front of you and run into the base, up the ramp, turn 
around, and run towards the bridge which is very quickly receding. Jump across 
the gap, then run along the roof to the right, towards the AT-ST. You should soon 
be able to jump across to a platform which joins the central base. That done, run 
down the corridor leading off here, turn left and continue straight on, blasting 
all Stormtroopers and turrets. Go up the ramp, turn left, then hit the red 
button, Quickly run and jump across the barrier that's lowering, and press the 
second red button. The second barrier will lower, at which point you should 
quickly jump onto the highest point of it, and from here, jump into the small 
crawl space in the roof that it's revealed. If you fall (and it is tough), slash 
the grill with your lightsabre and use the small tunnel to return to the same 
point.Once in, crawl along to the grill, slash it with your lightsabre, and drop 
down the second grill you come to. Then hit the red button in the small room, 
slash the grill below you and drop down. There's loads of Stormtroopers and a 
turret here, so blast them all, and press the button 
next to the lift. Take the lift up when it arrives to end the level.

Level 7
Yun - the Dark Youth

A simple level, this one. It's a one-on-one lightsabre duel with Yun. It's a good 
idea to use your force powers here, especially Force Seeing if he renders himself 
invisible. You can also still use your guns, although he will be able to block 
head-on shots.

Level 8 
Palace Escape

Switch to your Stormtrooper Rifle and blast the troops, then take the lift down 
and collect the power-ups hidden around the corner. Going back up the lift, look 
for a grill in the wall. Slash it with your lightsabre, get in the hole and slash 
the control panel. Then get back on the lift and ride it all the way up to the 
roof. Kill the Stormtroopers, while avoiding the TIE Bomber's bombs. Now run to 
the right-hand edge of the roof. Looking down, you should be able to see a tiny 
ledge. Drop onto it and walk along. At the end, climb up the ledge and you'll be 
perched on a slim girder. Walk up to the top of this structure, blasting the 
turrets on the way, and make your way to the next identical structure. Looking 
inside the massive drops you'll notice a small hole in the wall of the green 
chute. From the opposite side, run forward, and jump inside. Follow the tunnel, 
then drop down and go down all the ramps. Blast the Stormtroopers and collect the 
power-ups here. Now take the ramps back up to the lift and ride it down. Go down 
the next lift and you'll see a huge beast crawl out in front of you. Kill it 
(using sequencer charges and grenades), then collect the rocket launcher from the 
small adjoining room and press the button to call the slow lift down.Go back up 
both lifts, then climb out of the lift roof using the blocks inside. As the 
second lift passes, jump on top of it, and as it reaches the highest point, jump 
onto the white ledge in the wall. Lightsabre the grill to your left, follow the 
tunnel, and use the two sets of girders to reach the opposite door. Now jump onto 
the lifts to access the green and white alcove and walk in. As you do, the floor 
will open, and you'll drop down.Now jump to the left, blast all the Stormtroopers 
and grab all the power-ups. Walk left, drop down, then let the air tube blast you 
over to the other side. Get on the roof of this pipe, and blast the turret and 
troopers ahead of you. A tight ledge just down and to the left houses Bacta 
Tanks. Take them, then drop down, using the small ledges to break your fall, then 
crawl through the opening. Take the lift up, then run down the corridor and 
quickly run over to your right as the hangar doors open. Now simply wait for Jan 

Level 9 
Fuel Station Launch

Turn to your left, go up the stairs, run along the platform and jump over to the 
opposite side for some power-ups and shields. Then go up the stairs again, walk 
towards the large pipe, crawl underneath and kill the Bossk. Now crawl up the 
side of the pipe and squeeze through to the small tunnel. Walk along and you'll 
fin a number of ramps and a room on top. Go up the first ramp, kill the Bossk on 
the other side, and pick up the yellow key from inside the room. Then jump from 
the ramp back to the start position, and use the key on the door.Blast the Bossk 
down the hall and the Stormtroopers, then hit the switch in the green panel. 
Follow the ramp down to a small room, go in, and look at the map. Now go down in 
the lift, blast the guards and follow the ramp you're on. Hot the second switch 
at the end then jump up to the platform on your left. Go through the door, crawl 
through, and drop down to the right. From here, take the lift up  and walk 
forward to get the wrench. Drop back down again and continue down the ramp. Drop 
off the level you're on to the next level, then use the lift to get down to the 
lowest level. Jump across the gap to the platform, follow the ramp around to the 
small room, then press the pump switch. Go through the door that's opened behind 
you, and once through, close it behind you. Go through the next door, and close 
that behind you too.From here, go down the lift and shoot the Bossk on your 
right. Open the door and hit the switch at the end. Walk through into the room 
and go through the door in the left corner. Follow the corridor until you reach a 
switch. Press it and the floor will drop down. Now go across the big room and 
blast the turrets and troopers. At the end there's an alcove with health in and a 
grill that houses some power-ups. Get them, then go through the red door. After 
you enter the next room, press the three switches from left to right, then take 
the lift down.Walk out, and flick the switch on the wall, then walk down to the 
bottom and jump up the right-hand side. Press the switch to seal the door, then 
continue to the next tank and repeat the opening and closing behind 
you.Eventually you'll find two large pipes at the end. Go through the left-hand 
one, and open the door at the end, shooting the stormtroopers to your left, and 
walk into the room they were in. From here, walk up the steps on the left, then 
turn to your right and take the lift down. Now walk to the left, up the ramp, 
take the next left, then right, and hit the switch on the wall to open the panel. 
Go through the thin panel opening, turn left and keep running, shooting the 
robots on the way. Jump across the fuel pool, and continue and you'll eventually 
fall down a drop. Take the lower pipe down and you'll find yourself in a huge 
spherical room. Use your lightsabre to open the grate in the middle of the room 
and jump in. When you stop falling, jump to the right, killing the Bossks, and go 
up the steps to the door. Go through, and walk up to the ship plans. Now turn 
around and go to the left and take the lift up. Walk along the corridor until you 
reach a door, go through, walk right, then left and go up the ramp. Take the next 
lift up, turn right and go up the ramp. At the top, turn left and take the lift 
up all the way. Then turn right, go up the ramp then make for the doorway and go 
through, up the stairs. Walk along the pipe, blasting the robots. At the end, 
fall off to the left. Walk forwards and quickly jump onto the opposite platform 
to finish the level.

Level 10 
8t88's Reward

Go up, then down the ramp, turn right, go through the door and kill the 
Stormtroopers. Go up the stairs, and press the switch on the control panel.Return 
to the now-open doors and drop down into the room. Shoot the panel on the right-
hand side (if you have the boxes ahead of you), and blast the Stormtroopers that 
come out. Then enter the door, go through the two sets of doors, then down the 
ramps and through the door at the bottom. Go over the bridge, through the door, 
and drop down to ground level. GO through the door that's straight ahead of you, 
shoot the turrets and Stormtroopers, then go through the door on your left, 
passing through three more doors and picking up the red key, until you reach a 
bridge. Go over the bridge, and drop down onto the lowest bridge, then jump 
across to the central structure, open the door at the end of the ledge, and blast 
the troopers. Search for, and press the small black button on the wall, then go 
up the ramp, straight over and down the next ramp. Pick up the blue key from this 
room, then travel all the way up the ramps to the highest point. Here, you'll 
find a door. Go through, blast the troopers and pick up the power-ups, than take 
the lift down, go through the door, and use the large pipes to climb up to the 
room with the fan. Once on the side of the room, use the tiny girder to edge 
around it, blasting the two switches on either side of it. Once the fan's 
stopped, go in, and walk down the tubes until you find a panel with a square door 
in it. Open the door, go through, and walk along the ledge to the door on the 
opposite side of this generator room. Go through it, take the lift up, then press 
the right hand button next top the window to deactivate the generator. Next, fall 
down the lift shaft, and drop down the large hole in the centre, where the 
generator used to be working. You'll be swept along until you find 8t88's 
shuttle, then press the button beside the door to finish the level. The rest of 
the solution to Jedi Knight will, thankfully, feature in next month's PC GAMER.

Level 11:
The Brothers of the Sith

Gorc and Pic are pretty tough together, so try to take them on one at a time. 
Generally the big guy is simpler to dispatch with jumping attacks, so waste him 
first, then use power slashes (the 'Z' key) to kill Pic.

Level 12:
Escape With The Map

Open the door to the right of you, nip through the next door on your right and 
leg it straight on through the large hangar door. Follow the corridor round, 
going through any doors you come across, then take the left tunnel. Go up the 
circular lift and pick up the yellow key. Now ascend the yellow lift, hit the 
switch and open the door. Cross the bridge and take the lift up. Nab the green 
key, call the opposite lift and go down. Get off, collect the red key, retrace 
your steps back to the tunnel by going down the circular lift and walk through 
the other door by the tunnel. Go down the lift, hit the switch next to the 
forcefield, then follow the conveyor belt along and squeeze through the thin 
tunnel and up the lift. Jump onto the large crates from the ledge until you reach 
the ledge with two doors. Wander in and get the blue key, then return to the 
circular lift room and ascend the yellow lift again. Use the witches to get 
across the yellow and red key bridges, then whack the blue key switch. Cross the 
bridge and the green key bridge, then go up the lift and follow the ramp until 
the room turns red. From here, go down the opposite side (which is identical to 
the one you've just come up), over the bridge and open the door. Walk up the ramp 
and go left around the platform. Enter the door on your left, drop down, go 
through the door and get on board Jan's ship.

Level 13:
The Lost Planet Of The Jedi

Drop down the ledges and ramps and follow the left-hand ledge around until you 
reach the forcefield. Then scarper up the ramp, blast the turrets and slash the 
power supply with your sabre. Cross the bridge, through the door, up the ramp and 
slash the power supply over the grill, again using your sabre. Now go back 
through the door, over the bridge and go up the ramp on the right-hand side. 
Slash the yellow grill, and drop down. Go up the lift at the end, and slash the 
last power supply. Now return to the main forcefield and walk through into the 
water. Swim down as far as you can, then surface and follow the current until you 
see a small underwater tunnel on your right. Squeeze through, surface in the 
pool, and jump out, running up the ramp. At the top, use the lift to descend, 
open the door, and kill the AT-ST using the rail detonator. After you've blasted 
it, look down under the bridge and you'll notice a pipe running underneath. To 
get onto it, you need to run off the side of the platform at the bridge. You 
should just miss the side of the bridge, and land on the pipe. Run along it in 
the direction of the forcefield and jump into the crevice in the wall. Take the 
left-hand tunnel and follow it. Slash the grill at the end, jump up, and press 
the switch in the adjoining room to lower the forcefield. Now run up to the room 
which is situated to the left of the now-deactivated forcefield. Nip up the ramp 
onto the top ledge where you'll find another switch. Press it to open the main 
doors, then run through and close them behind you with the switch to stop the 
endless supply of fuming Stormtroopers following you. Press the lift switch in 
the alcove on the right, then ride the lift up. Hit the switch in the room on the 
left of this area, then walk into the next lift to finish the level.

Level 14: 
Maw - The Revenge

Quite a difficult opponent - you'll need to avoid Maw's spinning attack and his 
grip damage - but there are loads of power-ups and objects to force 'throw' with. 
You'll find some health behind the column where you start, and the upper level 
can be reached by jumping from the top of the lift onto the adjacent walkway. 

Level 15:
The Falling Ship 

Walk towards the door, avoiding the pit in the floor. Look to your upper left 
when you arrive at the door, and you'll notice a tunnel. Jump into it, then slash 
through the grates. Drop down the shaft, then jump up and run at the fan, 
slashing the grate. Do the same for the second fan, then leg it down the corridor 
and drop into the curved red room. Drop through the opening with red lights into 
the tunnel, then run beyond the oval openings and drop into the square room. From 
here, take the tunnel on the left until you reach a hole. Drop down, then drop 
towards the cross in the cylinder-shaped opening. Through the cross there's an 
opening - take it, and follow the tunnel into a room containing some crates. Go 
down the ramp that leads down to a door, open it and run forward past the arrows 
into the room. Now you're in there, hit both switches, then return through the 
door and up the two ramps. You'll eventually pass some arrows pointing in the 
direction you're going. Follow them and the tunnels it leads you to until you 
find a ramp. Go down it, through the door, and hit the switch just to your right. 
Run across the walkway and get into that there ship. 

Level 16: 
Sariss - Jedi Battleground

To defeat Sariss, your best bet is to grab Yun's lightsabre, run for cover and 
find the entrance to the fallen ship. In it you'll find health packs and a stack 
of shrapnel that can be used with force 'throw'.If you're a light Jedi, using 
your sabre and the force power 'persuade' should do the job. If you're a dark 
Jedi, try to avoid her line of sight so she doesn't use her dreaded 'eye of 
death' on you. 

Level 17:
The Valley Tower Ascent 

When the lift arrives at the top, go left, up, and into the room. Hit the switch, 
then quickly run down the ramp and through the door. Move down the hallway, past 
the AT-AT, then go up the lift, and once on the ledge, activate the switch to 
open the door. Go in, and take the first ramp on the left up to the top. At the 
top, hit the switch to deactivate the forcefield, then return, and call the lift. 
Take the lift down one stop, run across the cross and go left in order to get in 
front of the grill in the wall. Slash the grill, and the grill behind it, with 
your lightsabre, then go forward in to the yellow light room. Move forward into 
the shaft and fall down - don't worry, you'll be held up by the gravity. Now drop 
onto the ledge beneath you (you'll have to turn round to see it), and activate 
the switch. Behind you, you'll see cargo crates rising up. Jump onto one, and 
ride it back to the ledge you came from. Return through the grates and ride the 
lift up two stops. You'll now see conveyer belts on the floor and cargo crates 
travelling along them. Using the crates, jump to the ledge above you, then go in 
the door on your left, and shoot the fuel drums from a safe distance. Collect the 
power-ups from the secret passage that is revealed, then jump onto one of the 
cargo crates, and ride it into the next vertical tunnel. As you go up you'll 
notice a ledge. Jump off, onto it and pick up the railgun and the power-ups. Then 
drop down to the bottom of the shaft, jump back onto a crate and leap into the 
tunnel entrance on the side of the shaft. Jump into the air tunnel, avoiding the 
ledges on the side, then move forward and out of the air tunnel onto the ledge. 
Drop down the ledges until you can get access to the large lift. Activate the 
lift and go up. From here, go left and take the small lift down, avoid the wind 
tunnel to run to the other side of the walkway and go up the ramps. Hit the 
switch you find, then run back the way you came, across the walkway, up the lift, 
and go through the door. To the right you'll see a platform. Get on it, hit the 
switch, then run forward and walk to the edge of the canyon. Drop down onto the 
ledge, go through the room then take the lift up. From here, follow the stone 
ramp up, get on the lift and go up. Run around the corner, down the passage, then 
run past the wind tunnel and down another passage. Go up in the lift at the end, 
then run around the corner to the wind tunnel. Drop down it, and go down the left 
passage. Follow the ramps, then hit the switch and head back under the pipes to 
where you were. Hit the switch, and quickly run into the pipes where the doors 
were closed. Fall into the cylindrical hole in the floor and look straight down, 
opening the doors as you fall. Hit the switch you find in front of you, then take 
either hallway and ride the elevator up. Follow the hallway you find until you 
find a ramp, then open the doors at the end. Follow the tunnels to a ledge, then 
follow the ledge to a room and a switch. Hit the switch, then drop off the ledge, 
into the bottom of the large air tunnel and rise up to the top. Use your sabre on 
the grill, and go into the elevator to complete the level.

Level 18:
Descent Into the Valley 

At the top go through the door, and descend the ramps. Hit the switch, get on the 
lift, then fall down to the bottom by the large cargo door in the floor.Take the 
small lift up past two levels, then jump to the hole on the other side and 
collect the power-ups. Then drop down, follow the tunnel into the room, go up the 
ramp and open the door in front of you. Go in, then take the door on your right. 
Follow the hallway, and go down the ramp into a room with a large hole in the 
middle. Move into the hallway, then use the switch to call the lift. Ride the 
lift, then follow the walkway and open the door you come to with the switch. Go 
through, pick up the control room key, then go through the other door, take the 
lift up and drop down. Follow the tunnel along, then head up the ramp to the 
control room door on the right. Go through, hit the switch, then leave the room. 
Take the door on the right, go through the next 
door, clockwise along the hallway, go around the pit, then take the lift down. Go 
across the outer walkway, through the two doors, then hit the switch you find. 
After the payload has passed, jump down onto it. Then, facing the flat wall, go 
to the left ledge, and go down the hole in the floor. Follow the hallway along, 
and take the left branch. Go through the door on the far side, then take the lift 
down, hit the switch in the room, and you'll see the payload rotate. Leave the 
room, taking the walkway to the right, then jump onto the rotating payload. This 
is very difficult, so use force jump and/or force speed. Run along it, then try 
to jump to the mid-section, then to the opposite side. At the end of this room is 
a door; go through it, take the hallway on the right, then hit the three switches 
you find at the bottom. Follow the walkway, along to the hall, then ride the lift 
down. Go down the rocky hallway, then jump onto the walkway opposite you. Turn 
right, and follow it until you find a ramp. Follow this down, and drop through 
the hole surrounded by yellow lines, then go out of the door and jump to the far 
ledge. Walk along the thin wall, then jump to the ledge on the other side. Hit 
the switch, then drop onto the walkway and go forward - through the hall on your 
right, the doorway, and up the ramps. At the top, turn around, and jump up the 
ledges to the top, then drop onto the thin ledge below, and jump onto the roof of 
the room. Go in the opening, and follow the hallway to the room with a ramp. Go 
down it, press the button, then while the air is still blowing, fall down the air 
tunnel to the right. At the bottom, use your lightsabre on the grill and fall 
through to complete the level.

Level 19:
The Valley of the Jedi 

Leave the air tunnel, and head up the ramp then through the door on the right. 
Take the ramp on your right, follow the hallway, go down another ramp and take 
the lift down. Get off at the second stop, then drop down the hole in the floor, 
and follow the path until you are in a room with a dead end on the right. Blast 
the wall, grab the power-ups inside, then turn around, and go into the room with 
large metal supports. Go forward, down the tunnel, then walk down the ramp at the 
end into the next room. Take either of the next tunnel's exits, then kill the two 
Kell dragons that are in this room - a combination of thermal detonators and 
lightsabre is the best tactic here. Now, drop into the hole that the dragon was 
guarding, and fall into the tunnel that opens up in the middle of the shaft. 
Follow it until you reach a room with ledges on the walls. Walk along the 
hallway, into the room with a ramp, and fall down the shaft. Hit the switch four 
times to open the stone door, then go forward to the next door.Push the button 
until it closes the door, then quickly run through before it closes behind you. 
Next, run up the passage, and continue over the two counterweights. After passing 
the second, drop into the area behind the crates, then go past them and go 
through the door on the left. Blast the AT-ST with your rail detonator, then get 
the red key off the commander who appears. Open the large doors using the key, 
and it's end of level.

Level 20:
Boc - The Crude 

If you are a Light Jedi, the force powers 'absorb' and 'health' will go a long 
way to help you defeat Boc, as well as the use of 'persuade'. Unfortunately, he 
jumps around so much, you'll need to sneak up behind him to attack. Use the 
central platform for cover from his force 'destruction', and make sure you don't 
attack him while he's swinging both his lightsabres together. If you are looking 
particularly unwell, you can head down the tunnels; these lead to a main room 
which houses a bacta tank and some power-ups. Although if you've made your way 
there, you ought to watch out for Boc, who has a habit of jumping on you when you 
least expect.

Level 21:
Jerec - The Force Within 

The last battle is extremely difficult - you need to hit the switches behind both 
statues to prevent Jerec rejuvenating his powers after each attack. Use 
force 'speed' to run to the switches, and he'll become weaker every time. Force 
power 'absorb' is also essential on this level to avoid his use of 'destruction'. 
Two blocks then an attack usually works - just never leave yourself open to him. 
Alternatively, plant many timed sequencer charges next to the entrance to the 
recharge point, and watch him walk into them. Be prepared to repeat this 
procedure many times, as Jerec's an extremely tough cookie. When he's beaten, sit 
back and watch the final FMV sequence, which shows you your fate...

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