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                       _____                        ____                         
                      /    /                       /   /                         
                  /    /
                     /    /                        L__/                          
                 /    /
                    /    /   ____       _____    _____    ______        _______  
    ________    /    /
                   /    /   /   /      /    /   /    /   /      \      /  ____ \ 
   /  ____  \  /    /
                  /    /   /   /      /    /   /    /   /   __   |    /  /   /  |
  /  /    \  \/    /
                 /    /   /   /      /    /   /    /   /   /  \_/    /   L__/  / 
 /  /     /  /    /
        __      /    /   /   /      /    /   /    /   /   /         /   ______/  
/  /     /  /    /
       /  \    /    /   /   /      /    /   /    /   /   /         /   /         /
 /     /  /    /
      /    \__/    /   /   /      /    /   /    /   /   /  _      /   /  _      /
 /     /  /    /
      |           /   /    \_____/    /   /    /   /    \_/ \    /    \_/ \    / 
/     /  /    /
       \         /    |         /|   /   /    /    |         |   |         |   | 
L____/  /|   /
        \_______/     \________/ |__/    L___/     \________/    \________/   
\_________/ |__/


-------------------------TABLE OF CONTENTS-------------------------

  1.1) About the Author
  1.2) Contact Information
  1.3) Copyright Information
  1.4) About the Game

  2.1) Default Controls
  2.2) Transmission Options

  3.2)Race Types
  3.3)The Cars

  4.1)The Story
  4.6)The other crews
  4.7)The Phone
      4.7.1)Crew Challanges
      4.7.2)Pink Slips
  4.8)Arcade Series
  4.9)Manual Gearbox Racing



Greetings everybody to my first walkthrough.This walkthrough will help you
complete the game describing
each part of the game.Being my first walkthrough I will probably miss a thing or
two, but overall it describes
most frequent races in the game and more.If you have any queries or doubts you can
contact me at the information below.

1.1) About the Author----------------------------------------------

My name is Pope Claude (translated in english) and I'm from Romania.My hobbies are
real racing, watching racing movies
and playing racing games.I know a thing or two about tunning a real car both at
performance and at aerodynamics and I
have plans for myself of coming face to face with a real underground racing scene.

1.2) Contact Information-------------------------------------------

If you have any queries or doubts about the walkthrough you can contact me at the

1) Through CheatHappens.com: You can send me a PM(Private Mesage) on my profile
page on www.cheathappens.com
my profile page is this one: http://www.cheathappens.com/show_user.asp?userID=226656

To send me a PM you have to be a member on www.cheathappens.com which is easy,
fast and free.But if you don't want
to make a thousand accounts on each website then you can choose the second option.

2) Through E-Mail: You can send me a mail about your queries or doubts at the
following address: [email protected]
This is my only e-mail address and I always use it so there is no problem in
answering your question in time.

1.3) Copyright Information------------------------------------------

JeanClaude32© 2008 onwards, all rights reserved. It is forbidden to reproduce,
reiterate, copy and redistribute this guide to ANYONE without my permission. There
be severe consequences for anyone who does. Right now the only site who has
permisson to
display this guide is www.cheathappens.com, and all sites affiliated with
If you find this guide on any other site, please tell me immediately so I can deal
with it.

1.4) About the Game------------------------------------------------

Juiced was meant to be released on the year of 2004 but because the game company
which had the ideas, Acclaim,
has gone bankrupt, the game was abandoned.Later on the game company THQ picked up
the game and delayed the release
until 2005 because it needed some modifications.In this game there are two main
modes in which it can be
played: Career and Arcade. The game has a lot of features in which includes
tunning and customizing your car
to suit your likes, unlock new cars as you advance through the game and many
more.The game was highly inspired
by the Underground series of Need for Speed and the car behavior is pretty
realistic if you play a bit.The most
recommended game controller is a steering wheel, but if you want the game to be
more challanging then you can
use the keyboard as well.

2)-------------------------GETTING STARTED-------------------------

Many of you that haven't played the game yet are eager to play the game at max
power, but for those
that want to start gradually then this section is just what you need

2.1) Default Controls----------------------------------------------

The controls in this game are weirder than other games but if you pay attention a
bit then you can
decipher how the control panel works.You can change the default settings by going
to the Main Menu,
then go to the Options menu and then to the Controls section.

Up - Throttle
Down - Reverse
Left - Steer Left
Right - Steer Right
Left Shift - Gear Up
Left Ctrl - Gear Down
Left Alt - Nitro
Space - Handbrake
Enter - Select
Page Down - Select 2
N - Glance Left
M - Glance Right
V - Switch View
B - Rear View
C - Brake
H - Horn
Esc - Pause Menu(cannot be changed)
Q - Driver 1 Up
W - Driver 1 Down
A - Driver 2 Up
S - Driver 2 Down
Z - Driver 3 Up
X - Driver 3 Down

2.2) Transimission Options-----------------------------------------

The game has two types of transmission: Manual and Automatic.You can change the
type of transmission by going the Main Menu,
then go to the Options menu and to the Game section.There you will have the option
Auto-Gears switched to Yes. If you want
manual transmission then switch it to No.You will learn that manual transmission
can be useful as well as automatic.

3)----------------------------THE GAME-----------------------------

Juiced is a game that you might say is half legal, half illegal.Legal because
there are no cops and the tracks are
closed tracks and illegal because you can place bets between you and another
driver on the grid, you can race
for pink slips, you can gain/lose respect from other crews and many other.The cars
in this game are old models
of cars from around the year 1990-2000 because if look at the cars for example the
Subaru Impreza WRX STi is the model
which was built till 2003, or the 3000GT, is the 1992 model.A feature in this game
which isn't present in some other
games is damage.The damage is pretty visible and at certain points, parts of the
car are beginning to damage like
nitrous leaks, steering damaged and turbo damage.You can also have a crew with a
maximum number of crew members of three.

3.1) History-------------------------------------------------------

This game's history isn't much but you can't say it didn't had a somewhat tragic
story.The story begins with the company
Acclaim going bankrupt and forcing the producers to abandon this game.It was later
on picked up by the game company
THQ(Toy HeadQuarters) and delayed the release of 2004 for the year 2005 because
the game needed some changes.The game
was made for PlayStation 2(PS2), Xbox, PC and mobile phone.The Juiced series
includes Juiced(first game) and
Juiced 2:Hot Import Nights(second game) and it might as well continue the series
if the company won't go bankrupt like

3.2) Race Types----------------------------------------------------

The race types in this game aren't many like in NFSU2 but there are a pretty
decent number of them.

POINT-TO-POINT - As the name says it's practically a race from one point(start
point) to another point(finish point)
                 which is similar to the Sprint races in NFSU2.If you compare the
time of a circuit with the time of
                 a point-to-point race you'll notice that point-to-point's are
less time-consuming races than the other
                 types of races.Some of these races can be sponsored which means
they could be either a prototype mod
                 prize or a huge bundle of cash prize.In this type of race it can
be for a single crew member, two
                 crew members or three crew members.For a crew to win the race it
needs all of the crew's cars to finish
                 the race otherwise it will lose.The maximum number of cars on the
grid that can be is six.You can also
                 create events which are point-to-point by selecting a blank day
on the calendar and customizing the
                 race day to you favour with the given options.To raise the rpm to
accelarate faster, hold the Brake key.

CIRCUIT - Nothing special to these races, they are the same old type of race like
in the other games.You just need to
          race a given number of laps in order to finish.The only thing that's
somewhat special to these races in this game
          is that as your car class gets higher so is the number of laps given is
higher.And like the point-to-point races
          these races can be sponsored so that the prize can be either a prototype
mod or a huge bundle of cash.
          Also the crew member thing applies here too.The maximum number of cars
on the grid is the same here as well.
          Circuits can also be created through a blank day on the calendar.

SPRINT - Sprints are actually drag races where only four drivers can
participate.Drag races cannot be with automatic
         transmission, only with manual transmission.A message on the loading
screen will warn you about these races
         so you won't forget.This type of race can also be a sponsored event with
prototype mods or bundles of cash
         like the rest of the races mentioned.Crew members cannot join these
races.These races can also be created on a
         blank day on the calendar, only they are more limited in options than the
rest of the race types.To raise the rpm
         to accelarate faster, you need to shift down to N and right before the
countdown expires shift up to the 1st gear.
         There is a trick to accelarate even faster: shift down to N, increase the
rpm and then shift up to the 2nd gear to
         accelarate even faster, but if your car is even more powerful then you
can start of even in 3rd gear.This thing
         applies also in the other races mentioned if the transmission is set to

PINK SLIP - These races can be either aranged by you through the cell phone, or
you can suddenly wind up with a call
            from a crew leader that they want to challange you to a pink slip
race.Of course first of all you need
            to have enough respect so you can race for pink slips.You can either
accept or refuse these races, but if you
            refuse then you'll lose respect.If you accept and then change your
mind you can back out of the race but you
            will, again, lose respect.Note that if power to your PC is cut off
then the event is finished and you have
            lost the car.You can also challange other crew leaders to a pink slip
race if you have enough respect, but
            some might refuse and others might accept, it depends a bit on the
number of pink slips you have made with
            that crew and the respect you have with that crew.These races can be
point-to-point races, circuits or sprints
            and on the track is just you and the crew leader.

SHOWOFF - These aren't exactly races, but they do have a sort of race seed in them
because your score is racing against
          a required score within a given time.It doesn't matter how many laps you
do just how much your final score is.
          the score is determined by the flashy moves you make like 180 turns,
donuts etc.The game has a tutorial on how
          to make some basic moves.You can make chained moves like drift-360-drift
etc. and you have a combo multiplier
          that can reach as far as 25X or in other words your curent move score is
multiplied by 25, but if crash into
          the wall it says Wipeout! and you lose your move score, the move chain
and 5X's from your combo multiplier.
          If you crash so hard that it will say Mega Wipeout! then you lose 10X's
and the rest mentioned about Wipeout!
          If you go over 200 km/h then it will display High Speed and will
increase your score.At those speeds if you
          make spinning moves like a 360 spin, then it will say MAX SPEED 360 and
will give a lot of points, more than
          the average 360's.There is also the Flip-Flop move which consists of a
180 spin, followed by a J-Turn.There are
          lots of moves that can be made.Make the most awkard combination of moves
and you will have the total score high
          as around 600k-700k score points.

CREW cHALLANGE - These are of three categories: Lap time, Perfect Lap Time and
Speed challange.Lap Time is just you and
                 the clock on a given track with a required car.Each crew have
their own tracks and their own car
                 requirements, which means that if you want to take on a challange
you have to have the required car to
                 enter the challange.Perfect Lap Time is like Lap time only that
if you crash the race is over, but you
                 restart the race over and over again.This available for all
challanges.The last challange, the Speed
                 challange is the same like the other two only that it's not about
time, but speed.You have to reach a
                 certain speed within 10 seconds and maintain above that speed
until you complete a lap.One lap is given
                 to the rest of the challange types.The cars required for the
challanges can be the tuned to max or can
                 be driven stock, it doesn't really matter.

3.3) The Cars------------------------------------------------------

Juiced has the car lot pretty large, which includes 52 cars.These cars aren't the
most modern cars but not the oldest
models either.Some of them are the same cars only the maker's name difers, like
the Honda NSX and the Acura NSX.These two
cars are one example from the whole car lot.you can purchase these cars at the
local car dealer from the career menu.
At first you can only buy 3 types of cars:Honda CR-X, VW Beetle GLS 1.8T and the
Peugeot 206 GTI.The rest of the cars will
unlock a bit later on in the game as you advance through it.

Now is time to show the entire car list:

1999 Fiat Punto 1.8 HGT
2005 Peugeot 206 GTI
2005 Vauxhall Corsa Sri 1.8i 16V
1999 Toyota Corolla 1.6
1997 Mazda MX-5
2000 Honda Civic DX
1999 Dodge Neon R/T
2000 VolksWagen Beetle GLS 1.8T
2005 VolksWagen Golf MkIV
1991 Honda CR-X
2004 Ford Focus ZTS
2000 Toyota Celica SS-I
1992 Honda Prelude VT
2003 Ford Focus SVT
2005 Toyota Celica SS-II
2005 Renault Clio Sport 2.0 16V
2005 Toyota MR-S
1999 Toyota MR2
2000 Honda Civic Type R
1995 VolksWagen Corrado VR6
2001 Acura Integra Type R
2005 Acura RSX Type-S
2002 Honda Integra Type R
1999 Honda Integra Type R
2000 Nissan 300ZX
2000 Mitsubishi FTO
1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
2001 Subaru Impreza 22B STi
2005 Honda S2000
2001 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI
2005 Dodge SRT-4
2005 Mazda RX-8
2002 Mazda RX-7
2003 Subaru Impreza WRX STi
2005 Ford Falcon XR8
2005 Holden Monaro CV8
2005 Nissan 350Z
1997 Acura NSX
1997 Honda NSX
1993 Toyota Supra
1968 Chevrolet Corvette
1993 Chevrolet Camaro
2005 Lancer Evolution VIII
2002 Pontiac Firebird
1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R
1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT
1999 Ford Mustang GT
1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
1967 Ford Mustang
2003 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
1969 Dodge Charger R/T
2005 Dodge Viper GTS

These are all the cars available in the whole game, listed from the weakest
car(Fiat Punto 1.8 HGT) to the most powerful
car(Dodge Viper GTS).They are also classed in eight classes: the first is class 8,
which includes cars with horsepower
ranging from 0-199 horsepower.Second class is class 7, which includes cars ranging
from 200-299 horsepower.Third is class 6,
which includes cars ranging from 300-399 horsepower.Fourth is class 5, which
includes cars ranging from 400-499.Fifth is
class 4, which includes cars ranging from 500-599 horsepower.Sixth is class 3,
which includes cars ranging from 600-699.
Seventh is class 2, which includes cars ranging from 700-799.And eighth is class
1, which includes the most powerful cars
ranging from 800-1200.


This section represents the guide which will show you how to improve your racing
skills and technique.

4.1) The Story-----------------------------------------------------

This game doesn't really have a story, but as you would say an objective, is to
become the best street racer.
You'll start of with an introduction to one of the street racing crews known as
the Urban Maulerz.The leader of this
crew is T.K., which will loan some wheels for you to get started (a Mitsubishi
Eclipse GSX) and after the race you will
give the car back to T.K. and if you have caused damage to the car you will have
to pay the repair bill for T.K.'s car.
After the race you will start with no car in your garage, but with $40.000 to have
for a new car, repairs, mods etc.,
T.K. will tell you the rest when you finish the race.You will meet the other crews
later on.As for cars, they will unlock
too later in the game.Also other people will want to join your crew.They are just
three persons who will join:
Amber, Vito Davinchi and Cheif.They will join you one at a time and their racing
skill will increase little by little
with each race they take part in.

4.2) Point-to-point------------------------------------------------

As mentioned before, they are races that take place between one point(start point)
and another point(finish point)
and that are similar with the sprints in NFSU2.There are a total of 18
point-to-point races.There are 2 point-to-point
races per crew, one is the standard track and the other is reversed.16 of the
total number of point-to-point races
belong to the other crews and 2 are your races on your own track.The cars that
participate at these events are classed
according to their horsepower so that competition can be fair.For these types of
races it matters more to handle the car
than to have a lot of power.For these types are available a few tips that would be
to your advantage:

SLOW IN, FAST OUT - A technique that requires you to brake before the turn and
then accelarate out of it.In some cases
                    corners aren't all that sharp therefore you won't need to
brake before the turn just to release the
                    accelaration a bit, but if you have practiced enough so you
can handle cars great then you can even
                    enter the turn with the pedal to the floor.

TAILGATING - It is also displayed sometimes on the loading screens.This maneuvre
requires you to follow an opponent
             for a while so that the opponent can stress out.When the opponent is
stressed to the max it will display
             a flashing exclamation mark on top of the car and will stay that a
way for a short time before braking or
             spinning out.But watch out because sometimes can be a disadvantage
than an advantage because if the opponent
             has spun out in the middle of the track and you go at high speed you
won't be able to react fast enough
             to avoid crashing into the opponent's car.

BRUTAL ENTRY - It's a maneuvre that isn't the most reccomended only if you're at
the back of the pack.It consists of
               entering a corner at full speed and using an opponent that is
taking the turn to guide your car onto the
               right path.This maneuvre can cost repect of the crew the car
belonged to and also damages your car.

NITROUS CORNERING - It's pretty simple to do it.You enter the turn and while your
in the turn you activate nitrous.
                    It's more effective for FWD's and AWD's than RWD's because
RWD's can oversteer and with nitrous
                    activated it won't bring you a happy ending, meaning your car
will spin out and it will take some
                    time to get back on track.

IMPROVE HANDLING A BIT - This requires a fine tunning of your engine.At the
workshop, in the performance tunning section
                         you have an option to change gear ratios, so go there and
set the gear ratio to top speed.
                         This means that the engine will strive harder to
accelarate which means less power is given to the
                         wheels therefore you have more handling.This move works
better with RWD's than FWD's or AWD's
                         because RWD's oversteer and to reduce this effect, the
changing of gear ratios to top speed
                         is a solution.

MULATED CORNERING - This move will bring a large repair bill to your car, but it's
pretty effective when taking corners and 
                    if you need to catch up.To do this close up on the wall with
red lights and let the car take the corner
                    with the wall's help.This will cost less speed and time when
taking corners.But don't close up on the
                    type of wall which is before the wall with red lights
otherwise you'll hit the edge of the mulation wall
                    and will almost bring you to a full stop.

4.3) Circuit-------------------------------------------------------

Circuits require the same things as point-to-point races, only that you have to do
laps.These types of races also
require sometimes endurance so that you can manage to resist all those laps
because some races can even reach to
12 laps which normally are short length tracks.The advantage of circuits in
comparisson with point-to-point races
is that you have time to recover lost time in case you have spun out or other
things that slowed you down.

4.4) Sprint--------------------------------------------------------

Sprints don't require too much skill or handling, but more power.Although these
types of races are also classed by
horsepower, you can increase your car's horsepower to the maximum limit the
sprint's class requires.For example if the
sprint requires class 5 cars which are between 400-499, then you should adjust
your horsepower at the peak of the class
for best performance.The best cars for these jobs are 4WD(AWD) because they speed
up pretty fast.Here there are a few tips
that would help you improve your sprint racing:

ALWAYS HAVE NITROUS - Never enter a sprint without nitrous, because it's 100%
certain that even if using the best
                      strategy at overtaking your opponents you won't win.The only
move that can save you from being
                      the last is coming in front of one or two of your
opponents(depends how many opponents you catch)
                      and paying attention to the arrow that shows the position of
your opponents while they are close
                      behind you.

LATE SHIFTING - This move consists of shifting over the red zone.Shifting late
gives you advantage of a better accelaration,
                therefore your chances of being 1st increases.But don't shift too
late, because the car will accelarate
                slower due to the fact that it reaches top speed in that gear.Some
cars(i.e. Dodge SRT-4) will skid while
                shifting gears late, so it's better if you stay in that gear for a
very short while before shifting to the
                next gear.

NITROUS CONSERVATION - This move requires that you activate nitrous only while
your in a gear and not while shifting gears.
                       This will help you have a bit more nitrous for the last
gears and therefore having an advantage
                       over your opponents.This move together with Late Shifting
will bring in very good results if you
                       know how to use them corectly.Practice makes perfect.

LATER GEAR START - This means that before the countdown reaches zero shift down to
N, increase the rpm to max and then
                   shift quickly to the 2nd gear or a later gear if your car is
very powerful.Don't forget to keep the rpm
                   at the end of the rpm range otherwise you'll lose the
advantage, becoming a disadvantage.When the
                   countdown reaches zero you'll see how your car rockets in front
of the other cars.Nitrous is also
                   required right when the countdown reaches zero so that it can
maintain the rpm at a decent stage.
                   NOTE:This only works for AWD's and not for FWD's or RWD's.

4.5) Showoff-------------------------------------------------------

At showoffs you can bring what car you want but note that it counts what car you
bring as some will limit your
possibilities of making some moves.The game also has showoff tutorial videos of
multiple basic moves.Improving
the looks of your car also counts as it will multiply your score.The car
multiplier will be shown when you enter the track.
The basic moves are shown in the tutorials, but there are some moves that will
increase your score a lot.These are:

MAX SPEED 360 - It can be done by first building up some speed.But note that it
requires for you to go over 200 km/h
                to do this.So, when you reached over 200 km/h it will give points
for high speed.Now you have to steer a bit
                in a direction(left or right) then apply the handbrake.The car
will spin out but if you don't continue
                to control the car to make the whole 360 turn you won't go
anywhere.To continue controling the car is when
                it makes a 180 turn, then turn the wheels in the opposite
direction of when you made the first turn, and
                then steer again in the direction you first turned.Note that
weaker cars require you to do the first steering
                longer.If it still won't help then do some quick left-right
steerings(but don't steer too hard) to train
                a bit the move so it will come out more succesfully.

MAX SPEED 180 - It's as for the Max Speed 360, but this one is a bit
simpler.Accelerate over 200 km/h so it will give you
                high speed points and easily steer in a direction and apply the
handbrake.Some cars are so powerful that
                they will try to make a 360 turn instead of a 180 which you desire
and in these cases you will have to hold
                the handbrake for a longer time until you see the car staying at
an 180 degree angle, which means facing
                at the back, and releasing the handbrake when you see the car
staying at the angle you wanted.This move
                isn't as rewarding as the Max Speed 360, but it still offers some
pretty sweet points than normal moves.

FLIP-FLOP - This requires an 180 turn followed by a J-turn.To do this first of all
build some speed(no need for 200 km/h)
            then do a 180 turn(the tutorial video shows you how) and keep it that
way a bit and then do a J-turn
            (the tutorial video shows you how).And there you have it, a
one-of-a-kind Flip-Flop.These aren't as rewarding
            as the ones mentioned above but if you do a Max Speed 180 and a
Flip-Flop then the scores of the two moves
            will be added and you will a larger score.RWD's can't do J-turns
therefore you will have to bring a 4WD or a FWD.

These are moves that give you Large amount of score points.If you chain them up,
the combo multiplier will increase and
so will the points given by the moves.At first they won't probably succeed every
time you do but if you practice a bit then
you'll be able to do them more frequently.

4.6) The other crews-----------------------------------------------

These are the opponent crews that you'll race in the career.They are a total of
eight crews and are sectioned the weakest
from the strongest.The weak crews are:Urban Maulerz, A.W.B., Vixens and The Wild
Cats.The strong crews are:Omega Tau,
Public Chaos, The Lordz and Legion.They are placed in their order, from the
weakest crew(Urban Maulerz) to the
strongest crew(Legion).Now it's time for some detailed information about each of
the crews:

URBAN MAULERZ - Their leader is T.K. and the other crew members are Nails, The
Finger and Spike.They are situated in
                San Ricardo, and that is where they hold their races.To increase
the respect with them you have to win
                circuits and point-to-point races.They are ex-stock-car racers and
mechanics and their experince of racing
                is good.They don't have any favorite cars, they will race any type
of car.Their first bet is $2.000 but then
                it will be the minimum bet a crew can bet which is $2.500.

A.W.B. - Their leader is Biggi Mombassa and the other crew members are 'Sister'
Joane, 'Brother' Clyde and Dec Spilsby.
         They are situated in Campbell Hills where they organize their own
races.They respect sprint racing, therfore
         if you want to increase the respect with them, enter sprint events or
organize sprint events yourself.The reason
         why they respect sprint racing is because they are best at sprint racing
and are also pretty good at other races
         as well.Their favorite cars are japanese imports.The first time you'll
meet with their leader on a bet, they will
         bet $5.000 and the money they will bet will either increase(if you lose a
bet) or decrease(if you're winning a bet).

VIXENS - Their leader is Sue Yen and her crew members are 'Smoothy', Sally Wong
and Katie Jinx.They are situated Downtown
         where they hold their own races or showoffs.They are amateurs of showoffs
and that's what they like to see.So,
         if you want to impress them, then you have to test your show-off
skills.They are newcomers that like to show-off.
         They are also pretty good at other races too, but showoffs are their
favorite.Their favorite cars are japanese
         imports with serious body kits.The first time you bet with them, they
will bet $7.500 and the future bets will also
         increase or decrease, depends on your race's outcomes.

THE WILD CATS - Their leader is Maria and her crew members are Tina, Soto Marquez
and Carmona Ortiz.They are situated
                in Angel North Central, where they organize their races.They
respect crew performance, which means that if
                you want to impress them then you must enter team races and win
them.The Wild Cats are serious team racers
                and are excelent at racing.Their favorite cars are Mitsubishi
imports, so that's what you'll likely see them
                racing.Their first bet with you when you meet them will be $15.000
and will increase or decrease depending
                on your race's outcome.

OMEGA TAU - Their leader is Jack Walker and his crew members are Art, Billy and
Chuck.They are situated in Angel Westside
            where they organize their own races.They apreciate the best car a crew
has, so in order to increase your respect
            with them, you'll have to have a high-performance car.They are keen
with cash to spare and their experience
            with racing is moderate.Their favorite cars are Toyota imports.The
first time you'll bet with them they will
            bet $40.000 and will increase/decrease depending on your race's outcome.

PUBLIC CHAOS - Their leader is Melody and her crew members are Laura 'No More',
Crystal and JJ Flipin.They are situated in
               Southside Beach and that where they organize their own races.They
respect car collections, so in order to
               increase your respect with them you will have to gather as many
cars as possible.The performance of the car
               also counts.The higher the performance of the car, the higher the
respect gained for that car.They are well
               established in the scene and their experince in racing is good.They
don't have favorite cars, they will race
               any car.Their first bet when meeting with you will be $100.000 and
will increase/decrease depending on your
               race's outcome.

THE LORDZ - Their leader is Poppa Zee and his crew members are Jeffo, Slacko and
Quickhand Pop.They are situated in East
            Angel Island where they host their own races.They respect gambling, so
this means that if you want to increase
            your respect with them you'll have to bet with racers on the grid or
place bets while watching a race.If you
            want to really impress them, bet at least 10% of your total cash.They
are excellent at racing any type of race.
            Their favorite cars are US muscle cars, which you'll likely see them
on the track.When you'll bet with them for
            the first time, they will bet $200.000 and will increase/decrease
depending on your race's outcome.

LEGION - Their leader is Carlos Carillos and his crew members are Toraidio
'Backfist', Emilion DeMilla and 12 Bullet
         Virgilio.They are situated in West Anderson where they organize their
races.They respect pink slip racing, so if
         you want to impress them, arrange pink slip races with different crews
and win them.They are the best racing crew
         and they are excellent racers.They also feel pretty sure that they will
win every race but they aren't invincible.
         They race any cars, they don't have any favorite cars that they will
race.When it comes to betting, at first, when
         you meet them, they will bet $400.000 and, again, will increase/decrease
depending on your race's outcome.

There are four stages when crews will give you certain permissions:

Attend - This permissions allows you to watch a race, but not race.You can attend
to a race if you have at least 100 respect

Race - This allows you to race in a crew's territory.You can race if you have at
least 300 respect points.

Pink Slip - You can call other crew leaders to arrange pink slips to win cars.You
can arrange pink slips if you have at least
            600 respect points.

Host - This allows you to create events on other crew's territory.You need 1000
respect points so that the leader of the
       respective crew can arrange the host challange which is a normal randomized
race between you and the crew leader.

4.7) The Phone-----------------------------------------------------

The phone is choosed at first when you choose your name, crew logo and crew
name.You have options to choose from six
different mobile phones.If you chose a phone that you didn't like then you can
choose another from the Mobile Phone menu
in the career menu.Here you can also arrange crew challanges and pink slips, and
also crews can contact you to challange you
to pink slips, host challanges and other.With the phone you will also able to hire
crew members and recieve messages from
the local car lot if they have new cars in store.

4.7.1) Crew Challanges---------------------------------------------

They are accesed through the mobile phone and are of three types:Lap Time, Perfect
Lap Time and Speed Challanges.Each crew
has these three challanges, the difference being that the tracks and cars for each
challange of each crew is different.At
challanges you can bring the specific car either stock or maxed tuned in power and
handling, there are no restrictions in
bringing an exactly tuned car.

LAP TIME - It's just you and the clock.You have to complete one lap within the
given time.These are all circuits and nothing
           else.If you don't manage to reach the finish in time the race will be
over and it will display "Challange Failed".
           But you can retry the challange over and over again until either you
get bored or until you finish it.The best
           strategy at completing these challanges are some moves mentioned in the
Point-to-point section of the walkthrough,
           which are Slow in, Fast out, Nitrous Cornering and Mulated
Cornering.The best tuned car for the job is one tuned
           to max.Upgrade your car to max possible for better chances of finishing
the challange.

PERFECT LAP TIME - Harder than Lap Times, these require, again, to complete one
lap within the given time, but WITHOUT
                   hitting the wall.The advantage of these challanges is that the
time given is longer in case you needed
                   to brake in some sections of the track.Here the only strategic
move that can be applied are Slow in, Fast
                   out and Nitrous Cornering.Nitrous Cornering is pretty effective
because it transfers more power to the
                   wheels and therefore it will save you from crashing in the
wall.But it's only available for FWD's and
                   AWD's.These challanges can also be repeated if failed.Here it's
better if your car is maxed at handling
                   and not too increased in power, because if maxed in power and
it's a RWD, then it will spin out and
                   hitting the wall or consuming the time you need to get to the
finish line.

SPEED CHALLANGE - This challange requires you to achieve a target speed and
maintain above that speed for one lap.You have 10
                  seconds to achieve the target speed otherwise the race will be
over.There is no given time here, you can
                  wander as much as you want if you manage to keep above the
target speed.Here, the best tunning for the job
                  is both power and handling, power to accelarate faster to reach
the target speed and maintain above it and
                  handling to take the corners without loosing too much speed.The
strategic moves that can be applied in this
                  challange is Nitrous Cornering and Mulated Cornering.

4.7.2) Pink Slips--------------------------------------------------

These are serious races.Here you bet your very own car.And all pink slips will
involve risking your most powerful car.
These races can be accesed, again, from the mobile phone or if your respect with
some crews will be high enough, they will
challange you to a pink slip race which you can accept or refuse.If you accept you
will be directed to the event on the
calendar, from there to the grid and from there to the betting screen and on to
the track.If you refuse then there will be
no pink slip event on the calendar and you will lose some respect with the crew
that challanged you.If you have crews that
have enough respect that they will challange you to a pink slip then spare a car
especially for pink slips.A car that you
know you can win with.Most reccomended cars are 4WD because they handle better
than the other tractions.These races can be
Circuits, Point-to-point races or Sprints.So be prepared for any upcoming pink
slips at any time.

4.8) Arcade Series-------------------------------------------------

These are another feature of the game to have fun.There are a total of 15 series
and each of the series contain another
five races which can be of all sorts, from circuits and sprints to lap time
challanges and speed challanges.Each of them
are specific for their name, for example Novice Series, these are for novices and
cars are tuned to the prototype level, but
the cars are of lower tier like the Eclipse GSX or the Fiat Punto so they can be
easier to handle.There are also secret
series which will unlock after you complete some certain task that need to unlock
those series.The secret series are the
Development Team Series which are three(bronze, silver and gold) and the Extreme
Nitrous Series which are series that have
unlimited nitrous and is always activated.

Novice Series
Juice Games Series
Midnight Series
Challange Series
Point To Point Series
Import Series
Modern V8 Series
All Wheel Drive Series
American Muscle Series
Japanese Super Car Series
Grand Final Series

Bronze Prototype Challange(Development Team Bronze 1)
Silver Prototype Challange(Development Team Silver 2)
Gold Prototype Challange(Development Team Gold 3)
Extreme Nitrous Series

You must complete all the series, from the Novice Series to the Grand Final
Series.That's all.

You have to complete the career at 100%.To do this, increase your respect with all
the crews over 1000 respect points, and
in case it doesn't solve the problem then complete each of the crew's challanges.

To explain how to be better at the arcade series is nothing more and nothing less
than explaining the whole walkthrough
again, because the race types are the same as the career races which are:
Circuits, Point-to-point races, Sprints, Lap Time
Challanges, Perfect Lap Time Challanges and Speed challanges.Though Perfect Lap
Time Challanges and Speed Challanges are
rarer than the other race types, they are there.The most frequent race type is the
circuit.These races and challanges can be
restarted in case they have been lost or failed(in case for challanges).

4.9)Manual Gearbox Racing------------------------------------------

This section is more for the advanced racers than the begginers.This requires you
to switch the Auto-Gears to No.Now you
will be driving with manual gearbox instead of an automatic.The advantage of the
manual gearbox is that you can change when
you feel you need to change to the next gear or the previous one.The automatic
gearbox sometimes can be a pain in the back
because the way it shifts gears is just awkward.

1)When you hit over a bump that makes jump shortly it shifts to the next gear and
then shifts back due to the low RPM.
You can see this effect if you race on the Route 2 in the Vixens' territory with a
Dodge Viper.
2)If you have spun out and landed with your face backwards and want to spin around
using the donut move, the gearbox will
sometimes shift gears continuously and then shifting back to 1st gear.This can
happen when your wheels spin in vain while
you accelarate.You can see this effect with a powerful RWD in case you spin out
landing with your face backwards and want to
spin around using the donut move.
3)Sometimes it will waste more time shifting more gears gradually than shifting
for example two gears once and that can waste
some valuable time meaning that it will give the other racers time to catch up and
eventually pass by you.This effect can be
seen in cars with short gears ratios or powerful cars like a prototype tuned Dodge

These would be the most frequent problems that you might encounter when using
auto-gears.Now it's time to show you how to
use the manual gearbox more efficiently than the automatic gearbox.

1)If your car is so powerful that it get's too hard to take a corner without
drifting too much then shift earlier so that
the power distribution to the wheels can be lower, meaning that you will have more
traction, making it possible for you to
take a corner with a powerful car without drifting too much.
2)If your car is so weak that shifting earlier takes more time to accelarate then
shift later when the RPM needle reaches
the red zone of the RPM range.
3)If the track is full of corners then shift into a medium gear(for example 3rd or
4th)and let the RPM needle reach maximum
RPM because when you reach the next corner you will have to shift down to the
previous gear and shifting gears in Juiced is
slow because there aren't any gearbox upgrades to improve to a better gear shifting.


First of all I would like to thank [email protected] and his permission
for letting me use the templates of his

Next I would like to thank my own game for helping me out with this Walkthrough in
some parts that I needed.

And last of all i would like to thank Wikipedia for helping me finding some
information needed for some segments of my

Good luck to you all there and I hope you reach to beat the best players that are
playing Juiced Online!
I hope this Walkthrough really helped you.

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