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                    ----- VI. Walkthrough -----

Author's Note - READ!

In this walkthrough, I'm not going to remind you to check for money in 
rooms because it's simply common sense that 
I shouldn't have to remind you about every five seconds. 

Be sure to remember to always check chandeliers, fans, drawers, 
cabinets, etc. for money.  You can do this by either using A, or, if 
you're checking a chandelier or fan, use your vacuum.


-Area One

Watch the opening cinema.  When you gain control of 
Luigi, walk up the stairs to your left or right.  In 
front of you there should be a set of double doors.  
Attempt to open them, but you'll find that it's locked.  
(After a few seconds, you'll hear a ghost giggle.)

Now, walk back downstairs to see a ghost drop a key.  
Grab it, and use it to unlock the double doors that you 
just tried to unlock.  

You'll watch a cutscene, where you meet Professor E. 
Gadd.  You'll end up in his lab and engage in 
conversation, where you'll learn the real objective of 
the game: to save Mario from the ghosts.

After talking, you'll go into training, which is very 
helpful, especially for people who are new to the game.  
When you're done, Gadd will ask if you want to go to the 
gallery.  There's not much to see at all, so you should 
probably just say "No, thanks."

Whether you go to the gallery or not, you'll end up back 
in the lab, where you can choose to do to the mansion.  
Do so.

When you end up back in the mansion, you'll see Toad to 
your left.  Talk to him twice and the second time you'll 
be able to save the game.

Now, go up the stairs and open the door you unlocked 
earlier, which is actually the parlor.

In front of you there should be some candles (to be 
exact, six).  Blow them out with your vacuum.  Here, the 
portraits on the walls will talk to you.  After they're 
done, some orange ghosts will appear, one by one.  Beat 
them for the lights to turn on and a chest to appear; 
open the chest to get a key.  It will open the door to 
your right.


This room is pretty much like the previous, except this 
room features not only orange ghosts, but pink ghosts 
also, that have 20 HP.  When the lights turn on, walk 
into the next room via the door on the left wall; you do 
not need a key nor is there one in this room.

Here, you'll encounter orange and green ghosts.  Green 
ghosts have 40 HP and can drop banana peels, which, when 
stepping on one will cause you do slip and loose money 
and health.  

~~NOTE~~ There is one orange ghost in the cabinet 
farthest to the right in this room.  

When all of the ghosts are beaten, you'll find a key on 
top of the clothes rack; use your vacuum to snag it.  
Walk through the next door.  

Here you'll find Toad, cheer him up, and save the game.

Now, walk back through the Wardrobe Room, Anteroom, and 
Parlor to get back to the 2F (second floor) hallway.  To 
your left there's a door.  Approach it and E. Gadd will 
speak to you, warning that the ghosts coming up are 
tougher and will not show their hearts to you as easily.

After the message, use the key you got in the Wardrobe 
Room to open the door.  You'll end up in a hallway.  
You'll see a trail of coins that leads to a door.  Do NOT 
open the door it's fake and it will hurt you if you open 

Instead, go through the door right in front of Luigi when 
you first entered this hallway.

When you point the flashlight away from him, you'll see 
good ol' pops in the rocking chair.  You can't stun him 
(make him show you his heart), but when he yawns, that's 
your chance to shine your light and get him.

Take away all 100 of his HP to complete the room.  Get 
the key inside the chest that appears.

Now go back into the hallway and walk down to the 
absolute left end of it.  In front of you is the door you 
should unlock and open.

You'll find the mother in this room.  Use your vacuum to 
pull back the curtains.  The first time you do this, the 
mother will say, "Oh dear, such a draft!" but she will 
always cry/shriek/whatever noise you want to call that.  
When she does so, you can stun her and start vacuuming.  
Beat her to complete the room.  Get the key from the 
chest, as usual.

Walk back into the hallway.  A very short cinema points 
out a door.  Use the key to unlock it and go in.  

To your right, there is a dresser; check it to find a big 
heart, replenishing 50 HP.

Now, find the rocking horse in this room and rock it with 
the vacuum.  (Rocking a rocking horse - who woulda thunk 
it?)  The baby, Chauncey, will appear and ask if you want 
to play with him.

Not that you have a choice if you actually do want to 
play with him.  Anyway, suck up the ball near the crib, 
and shoot it at Chauncey by releasing R.  At this point, 
he'll get angry at you... time to fight your first boss!


You'll end up in Chauncey's crib, except you're extremely 

When the battle starts, the boss will begin by shooting 
two rocking horses at you.  It's quite easy to avoid - 
stand anywhere in the arena until the horse aims, then 
when it rockets toward you, move out of the way.

Then, several baby balls will appear in the crib, 
bouncing around.  When all of them have bounced out of 
the arena except for one, suck up that remaining ball 
with your vacuum, and shoot it at Chauncey.

Here, he'll be stunned and will show you his heart; now 
you'll be able to start subtracting from his 100 HP.  

Keep doing this over and over again, and eventually 
you'll win.


When Chauncey's gone, you return to the Nursery.  Open 
the large chest to get the key!  (This key will unlock 
the door to Area 2.)

Now E. Gadd will contact you and you'll be sent back to 
the lab.  You'll get to turn the three portrait ghosts 
into paintings again.  Then your money total for the area 
will be added up and, of course, you can then save, which 
is highly recommended.  Choose to head back to the 


-Area 2

When you're back in the mansion, approach the thorny door 
in front.  Wait for the thorns to disappear, then unlock 
the door.

In this hallway, go right and follow the corridor in 
front of you once you come to it.  Turn left when you can 
and keep walking left.  You should come to a thorny door, 
open the door that is closest to it.

In here, you'll encounter two ghosts that can grab you if 
you're not vacuuming them.  After you defeat them, E. 
Gadd will tell you some very helpful info on them.

Once you're done talking, you should notice a key near 
the shower curtain.  Use your vacuum to collect it.  Now, 
go to the map on your GBH and go to the room the key 

Here, you'll encounter Shy Guys for the first time.  To 
defeat them, suck of their mask.  Once they hang their 
head in shame you can stun them.  If an unmasked shy guy 
disappears, it will reappear with a mask on.

After the shy guys are defeated, you'll fight a dancing 
couple.  They will appear as floating dots; to get them 
into their true ghost form, walking into the sparkling 
dots usually works.  When the man and the woman bow, you 
can stun + start vacuuming.

Defeating this couple will make a chest appear; get the 
key inside.  Use it to open a door at the right end of 
this room.

First defeat the ghosts in here.  They're nothing out of 
the ordinary.  

Now that the lights are on, you know the wall in this 
room that's impossible to see because of the game's 
angle?  Well, there's a button on this wall and you're 
going to have to find it and press it with A.  It's not 
too hard.

This will cause the wall to slide back some.  Now, find a 
poster on the opposite wall that looks like it's some 
bars with "Danger" written on it.  Suck it into your 
vacuum to reveal a button, which you should press.

A trap door will open and many, many Boos will rush out 
of the room.  E. Gadd will call you back to his lab to 
talk to you.  He'll tell you about the Boo Radar on the 
GBH (read the Basics section).  
Once you're back in the mansion, you'll need to capture 5 
Boos.  Check all of the rooms of Area 1 and you'll get 
five after a short while.

This done, you can see on your map that the room to the 
left of the bathroom we recently visited is now unlocked.  
This may seem confusing; check your GBH and you'll see 
what I mean.

Anyway, go into this now unlocked room.

In here, you'll find Toad.  Talk to him, and he'll tell 
you that he flushed a very important thing down the 
toilet.  Save with him, then check the toilet with A to 
get a key!  Use your GBH to get to the respective room.

This is where Madame Clairvoya is, but you don't need to 
talk to her yet.  However, REMEMBER THIS ROOM AS HER 

 Go through the door on the right wall of this room.

As soon as you step in here, the door you just passed 
through will suddenly cover in thorns, preventing you 
from exiting.

This room is kind of annoying but not that hard.  Here 
you will fight many grab ghosts... that are invisible.  
The good part is, their reflections are visible in the 
mirror in this room.  

Once you lit up the room, a chest will appear.  Open it 
up and you'll get the Fire Element Medal!  E. Gadd will 
tell you more about it.

Now, grab the fire element in this room by sucking with 
your vacuum on the torch.  Light the candles in here by 
expelling the element; the thorns will then disappear.  
Walk back into the Fortune Teller's Room.

Light all of the candles in here with the fire element.  
There are 12 total.  Doing this will make a key appear on 
a platform in this room.  Use the PG3000 (vacuum) to get 
it down.  Once again, head into the room the GBH tells 
you to.

Defeat the ghosts.  Once they're gone, a chest will 
appear containing money.  Now, check the laundry machine 
to get Mario's Hat!

Head into the hall.

Find three floating candles in this hallway.  Light them 
with the fire element.  Doing this will make the butler 
carrying them appear!  He'll start running; follow him to 
end up in the...

Wait around in here until the butler sits down on the 
stool.  When he hangs his head a little bit, you can stun 
him and vacuum him up.  Once he's gone, a chest will 
appear.  Get the key within.

Before going to the respective room on your GBH, find the 
stack of toilet paper in this room and get close to it.  
Press X.  You should see a little mouse hole near the 
stack.  Search it with A.  Then, choose to return (using 
B/X), and touch the gust of wind that's now going into 
the hole.

You'll get sucked into this room via the gust of air.  
Check the treasure chests scattered throughout this room.  
Many contain fire element ghosts.  Defeat them to turn 
the lights on once again, and get the truckload of cash 
from not only the chest that appears, but the other 
chests that were already in the room when you came in 

Once you're done, check the mouse hole again to go back 
into the butler's room.  Now, go to the next room 
according to the map, the Conservatory.  

First, get all of the musical instruments besides the 
piano to play by checking them with A.  Once you're done, 
walk over to the piano, and Melody, a ghost will appear.  

Melody will play her piano sonata for you.  She'll ask 
you what game the sonata was featured in.  The answer is 
Super Mario Bros. 3, tell her that.  Then, she'll offer 
you a "battle with her music sheets."

She'll start shooting music sheets at you.  Simply use 
your vacuum to suck them up.  Once you've sucked them all 
up, she'll give a sort of cry of disappointment.  This is 
when you can stun her and start vacuuming!

Once she's defeated, get the key in the chest that 
appears.  Use it to open up the Dining Room (use your GBH 
to find where this room is located, of course).

This upcoming battle is optional and can be hard, but I 
highly recommend it because it gives you a lot of cash.

First, get the fire element from the torch in this room 
and use it to light the six candles sitting on the table.  
This will cause Mr. Huggs (I believe that's his name), a 
fat ghost, to appear permanently. 

Now, use your vacuum to suck up the rice on his plate.  
Waitresses will come and bring him more rice.  Defeat the 
waitresses first using the good ol' normal ghost 
technique.  There are two waitresses, BTW.

Anyway, once you've taken away all of his rice, he'll get 
angry and will start spitting fireballs at you.  Dodge 
them, and when he gets tired, you can stun him.  Keep 
repeating this process.

After you've captured Mr. Huggs, the lights will turn on 
and a chest will appear.  Open it up to get a LOT of 
cash.  Now, walk into the next room.

Check the refrigerator in here and a fire elemental ghost 
will appear.  After vacuuming him up, a chest will appear 
and you'll get the Water Element Medal!  You'll be 
contacted by E. Gadd, who tells you about the water 

~~NOTE~~ There's a boss coming up, so if you're low on 
health, go get some!

OK.  Get some water element from the sink in the kitchen.  
Use it to put out the fire blocking another door.  Walk 
through it.

Turn off your flash light and approach the dog house.  
The dog will appear and will chase you.  Avoid him.  
Eventually, "Mr. Bones" will appear.  Defeat him; he has 
30 HP and is a normal ghost.

After this, just wait around a few seconds and the dog's 
bone should fly out of the dog house and land in the 
yard.  The dog will go after it, and once he begins 
licking the bone, you can stun him!

Once he's gone, go into search mode and search the dog 
house.  You'll get sucked into it just like you did with 
that mouse hole in the Butler's Room.

Check one of the gravestones with A and several ghosts 
(identical to "Mr. Bones") will appear.  Defeat them all, 
and you'll see one of the tombstones light up.

~~NOTE~~ You can find another large heart in one of the 

Approach the lit-up stone.  Bogmire will appear...


Right to the point.  There are many black ghosts that 
have shadows, and there's also one purple ghost that will 
appear and disappear in different places in the arena.  
The purple ghost is the real boss.

First, use your vacuum and suck at one of the black 
ghosts and you'll get a sort of shadow ball on the end of 
your vacuum.  Use the "shadow ball" by shooting it at the 
purple ghost.  The ghost will be submerged in darkness 
for a few seconds, and after that you can start 
subtracting from its HP.

You'll most likely have to repeat this process a few 
times before you win.


Grab the key in the chest that will unlock Area 3!  E. 
Gadd will bring you back to his lab, where the ghosts 
will be turned back into portraits, your score will be 
totaled, and you'll be able to save.  Then, choose to 
head back to the mansion!


-Area 3

Back in the mansion, walk back into Area 2.  Remember the 
thorny door near the bathroom we were talking about at 
the beginning of Area 2?  Well, approach the door, and 
now with the key you got from Bogmire, you can unlock it; 
do so.

Start by walking to the right.  You should eventually 
come to a well.   A little to its right, there's a 
birdhouse.  Check it with A and you'll get Mario's 
letter!  Now, go down the ladder in the well!

Walk all the way to the right.  You'll view a cinema 
which shows Mario trapped in a painting!  Once it's over, 
you'll hear a ghost appear on the ladder.  Defeat him the 
normal way; he has 0 HP, and a key will appear.  Grab it 
and head back up the ladder.

Keep walking to the right and you'll eventually come to a 
little wooden shack.  Check the door to open it, 
revealing Toad.  He'll tell you about the five items 
Mario dropped, a hat (which you already got), a letter 
(which you just received), as well as a star, glove, and 
shoe.  Save with Toad.  

Nearby, there's a door.  Open it with your key you got in 
the well.

You'll see a ghost lifting a weight in here.  Hit him 
with a punching bag (A) and he'll get angry at you.  Hit 
him two more times and he'll fall over.  This is when you 
can stun him.

If he breaks free, which he probably will, from now on 
you'll only have to hit him once with the bag to knock 
him down!

Once he's defeated, a treasure chest will appear 
containing CASH!   To the far left of this room, there's 
one of those walking exercise machines (don't know what 
they're called).  Use it by simply walking on it to get a 
key.  Note that this is not a neccessary key to collect!  
Walk into the next room, which will take you to a small 

To your left is the door, which your key fits.  It simply 
opens up a handy shortcut between Area 2 and this 

OK, to the right there's some stairs; walk up them.  
You'll come to a door that is blocked by fire.  So, go 
get some water element in the kitchen and put out the 
fire.  Walk through the now accessible door.

There's only two ghosts with 10 HP in here, defeat them 
to turn on the lights.  A chest will appear on the table.  
To get it, you'll find a pad at the right end of the room 
that lets you walk on the ceiling.  On the ceiling, 
you'll find one that lets you land on the table where the 
chest is.

Inside the chest you'll find the Ice Element Medal! E. 
Gadd will talk about it, of course.  There's some ice 
element on another table, but don't get it.  Leave the 

Get some fire element and return to this spot.

Now, to the left, there's a door; walk through to get to 
a hallway.  Here, walk right and down another corridor as 
soon as you can.  Enter the closest door (it's to your 

Light the candles with your fire element and walk to the 
center of the circle that the candles surround.  Shyguys 
and other ghosts will appear.  Incase you don't remember 
how to defeat a Shyguy: suck off their mask and stun them 

When the ghosts are all defeated and the lights turn on, 
walk through the next door on the right wall.

Here, look through the telescope with A.  This will cause 
a small opening to appear in front of you that leads out 
into the sky.

Walk over there, and shooting stars will start to fall 
down.  Suck one up with the vacuum and shoot it at the 
moon.  It may take a few times to get it right.  Once the 
moon has been hit, a path will form that leads to Mario's 
star!  Once you've gotten the star, go back to the 

Now, head up and then west.  Open the door directly in 
front of you that you'll soon reach.

First, grab some water element from the sink.  Then, chck 
the toilet to find a Water Elemental ghost (a ghost that 
is vulnerable to water element, that is).  Once it's 
gone, open the chest to get some cash.  Head back into 
the hall.  


From the door of the Washroom, walk north, and enter the 
next door on your left.

Pull back the curtain with the vacuum to reveal a ghost.  
Shoot ice at her, which will stun her.  At this point, 
start sucking, and when she's gone, open the chest for a 

You'll see that the key opens a room on the 1F - do not 
go there, YET.  Go back into the hallway and go through 
the door across from you.

Check the yarn basket with A, making all of the balls 
roll out of it.  Suck one up with A and shoot it at Nana, 
in the rocking chair.

~~NOTE~~ Nana can disappear.  You'll have to leave the 
room to get her to come back.  I don't know the exact 
reason she disappears, but if you do, be sure to email 

Anyway, you'll need to shoot Nana with all 3 balls of 
yarn, but, every time you hit her with one, it gets 

- When you suck up the first yarn ball, she'll start 
scooting around the room in her chair.

- When you shoot one yarn ball at her, she'll stop moving 
and start shooting you with this weird laser thing.

- When you shoot a second yarn ball at her, she'll move 
and shoot at you.

After you've hit her with all three, she'll be stunned, 
at which point you can start vacuuming, obviously.  
She'll definitely break free, so to get her again all you 
have to do is shine your light on her!  

When she is defeated, head back out of here after you get 
the chest bearing a key.  

Now, remember the room on the 1F I told you not to enter 
"just yet?"  Well, enter that now.

When the ghost shoots the pool balls, simply suck them up 
with your vacuum and shoot it at the ghost.  After being 
hit three times, the ghost will be stunned.  

When you've defeated THIS portrait ghost, walk into the 
next room - the door is on the right wall of this one.

Check the projector with A.  Invisible ghosts will start 
to appear whose shadows can be seen on the now lit 
projection screen.  When you have beaten them all, a 
chest will appear.  Open it to find Mario's glove!

OK, go to the corridor where Chansley (the boss of Area 
1) used to lurk.  There's a door right next to his room 
which you can now open with the key you got in Nana's 
room.  Do this.

Go near the twin's beat.  You should see two model 
airplanes attached to the ceiling.  Get them to rotate in 
the same direction by sucking on one of them with your 
vacuum and moving around in circles.  

~~NOTE~~ It's much easier to get the planes started if 
you stand directly in front of the bed.

Doing this will make the twins appear.  They will ask if 
you want to play hide and go seek; accept the offer.  Go 
outside to let them hide, and go back in when they say 

You should see various boxes scattered on the floor.  
Vacuum them all, and when you find one that rattles when 
you do this, check it with A and you'll find a twin!  Do 
so with both twins.  

Now, they'll get mad at you and one of the boys will 
start flying around on an airplane and one will ride on a 
truck.  Suck up the plane/truck and you'll be able to 
start taking HP away from the twin that was just riding 
on it!  

When you've taken away both twins' 100 HP by using this 
strategy, another chest will show up and inside... is 
Mario's shoe!  You should now have 5/5 of Mario's items, 
the hat, the letter, the star, the glove, and the shoe.

Remember in Area 2, I told you to remember the Fortune-
teller's room?  Well, now's the time to go there!

Shine your light on the crystal ball, causing Madame 
Clairvoya to appear.  Talk to her over and over.  Each 
time you will show her one of Mario's dropped items and 
she'll tell you important information about each one.

When you've shown her all five, she'll tell you that she 
has no power left and asks you to vacuum her up so she 
can become a painting again.  Simply stun her with your 
flashlight and suck!

When she's gone, get the key in the now appeared chest.  


Go to the appropriate room, which happens to be on the 
third floor.

Find the three deer heads mounted on one of the walls.  
Get them to shake a little with your vacuum, and ghosts 
will start to appear.  You'll have to fight Ice Element 
and Green (Banana Peel) ghosts.  It's pretty hard since 
they come out practically at the same time, but 
eventually you'll win.  Open the chest to get a key.

Allright, there's a boss battle coming up.  There are 
three things you need to do first, though.  Here they are 
in order I recommend you doing them in.

* Make sure you have at least 20 captured Boos.  If you 
don't, go catch some in any lit room.

* Go save with Toad somewhere.

* Head to the room that is unlocked by the key you just 
got.  On your way, you can get a big heart - it's in a 
leather purse sitting on a table in the Safari Room.

~~NOTE~~ You'll only be able to actually get into this 
room if you've captured at least 20 of the Boos.  
Otherwise, the "power of the Boos" will send you back to 
the beginning of the mansion! 

Walk to your left, where you will see a bunch of Boos in 
a circle.  Get close to them and a cinema will start.  
They'll turn into one huge Boo to fight you.

A third boss battle is under way...


This boss battle is pretty tough, so it might take you 
more than one try (it did for me, even though this is my 
third time playing through the game).

Boolossus, in its normal form, is one gigantic boo.  Get 
behind it as it bounces around and suck it with your 
vacuum.  Using the control stick, move toward one of the 
unicorn ice statues in here and prick the Boo with the 

This will cause the Boo to separate into small boos (15 
to be exact).  Get some ice element from the statue and 
shoot it at the little boos.  That will freeze them 
temporarily, at which point you can simply suck them into 
your vacuum.

Eventually, the remaining small boos will form back into 
the normal form.  Every time you suck up some small boos, 
you'll see that the normal form will get smaller and 
smaller each time.

Keep doing this until you win!


After you've defeated Boolossus, grab the big key in the 
chest.  Then, you'll go back to E. Gadd's lab for the 
usual stuff.

After saving, go back to the good ol' mansion.


-Area 4

Once you're back in "your" mansion, head to the Balcony 
where you just fought Boolossus.  Walk to your left and 
you'll find another one of those thorny doors.  Approach 
it, and when it gives you access to open it, a cinema 
will start.  The power will suddenly go out!

E. Gadd will tell you that there's nothing he can really 
do about it and the ghosts will just have to roam in 
their darkness.  Instantly, a lot of ghosts will appear 
here.  The only thing to really do is ignore them and 

Run all the way back to the front of the mansion; you'll 
find you won't be able to save 'cause Toad isn't there, 
though.  Head up the stairs into the Parlor, the first 
room in the game.

Go through this room to get to the Anteroom; go past the 
Anteroom and end up in the Wardrobe Room.

Here there's a portrait ghost.  Keep your back to him and 
wait for him to briefly show his heart.  When he does so, 
proceed to stun him and start sucking him up.  Once 
you've beaten him, a chest will appear, giving you a key.  
Go back through the Anteroom and the Parlor.

Head down the stairs and go into the double doors, taking 
you into the Area 2 hallway.  Go to your right, and at 
the end of this mini-corridor, open the door you find 
there.  Walk down the stairs and open the door to your 

Here, find the power switch and Luigi will automatically 
turn it on!  The lights in the mansion are back on!  The 
usual chest will give you the usual key; open the door 
right across from this room (the Breaker Room).

Check the two barrels scattered throughout this room to 
reveal some ghosts.  Defeat them to get another key.

Right now, head back to the Balcony.

Go through the thorned door here that you approached 
earlier.  Walk to the end of this hall to come to a door 
on the right.  Open it up.

There are two ghosts in here hiding in chests.  Once 
you've beaten them you'll receive a chest full of cash.  
Go through the door on the north wall in here.

Make all of the five clocks in here make noise by 
checking them.  This will cause the three ghost toy 
solders to move.  
You'll have to defeat all three, here's how you beat one 
of them.  Suck the winder on their back off and you'll 
automatically start vacuuming.  But that's a TON easier 
said than done.  If any of the other solders get near you 
while you're vacuuming one, they'll prick you with a rod 
they have, causing you to lose control and lose health.  
Keep trying and eventually you'll win here.

OK, after this battle you are probably low on health, so 
go get some and proceed by heading back here, the 
Clockwork Room.

Step into the middle toy house, whose doors are now open 
after you won the battle.  The floor will act as an 
elevator and carry you up...

Your first target is obviously the shy guys, so beat 
those.  Afterward, get some fire element from the fire 
that's up here.  Fire Elemental ghosts will appear.  
Using your fire element, beat those too.  After this, 
you'll see that a chest appears up a ladder on the left 
side of the roof.  Go get it to receive a key.


There's another one of these ladder things (don't know 
what they're called :)...) on the right side of the roof.  
Climb up it and you'll see a hole.  Drop down...!

Just open one chest in here to unleash a bunch of ghosts 
at once.  It's pretty hard to do, but it's well worth it.  
Once you've defeated all of the ghosts in here, even the 
purple one that drops bombs and hangs from the ceiling, a 
chest will appear full of CASH!!!  Plus, you can get a 
lot more from other chests in here and other objects.

Once you've collected it all, find a white cloth hanging 
on the north wall.  Use your vacuum to suck it off the 
wall and you'll find a mirror. Go into Search Mode with 
your GBH and check the mirror to be brought to back to 
the front of the mansion.

Now that the power's back on, Toad will be here, so I 
would save with him.  Now, go to the room unlocked with 
the key you got from the roof.

There are ghosts in here hiding in chests, armor, crates, 
etc.  Beat them all to get a key, but we won't use it 
just yet.  Go through the door on the northern wall.

Get the ice element here, then approach the blue pot.  A 
ghost will appear and say his jar collection is pretty 
cool or whatever (:/), and will then challenge you.  
Accept his offer.  Using your ice element, freeze the 
ghost every time he shows his head.  If you freeze him 
seven out of seven times, he'll get mad at you.

When he shows his head, he'll also show his heart, so use 
the good ol' vacuum and do your thing.  A chest will 
appear upon his defeat; open it to get some cash, 
including a diamond!

Now head to the room unlocked by the key from the Armor 
room, which is in the basement.

Beat the three ghosts in here, then, using ice element 
(if you don't have it anymore there's some in this room), 
freeze the green mucus in here, then walk across it to 
the little red wheel on the wall.  Turn it with A to stop 
the mini-waterfall in here.  A chest will be revealed.  
Go to it and get the key inside, then go to the next 

Here, get the fire element, and light the little fire in 
the upper-left hand corner of this room (it might take a 
few times to get it just right).  The ghost will then get 
angry, and he'll start shooting icicles at you.  Dodge 
them, and after he's done this five times, use your fire 
to unfreeze the actual ghost, then stun him and suck!

Get the key in the chest, and go to the room which is 
opened by it.  You'll end up in the Artist's Studio, on 
the third floor.

Upon entering this room, Vincent Van Gore will shout at 
you for destroying his beautiful portraits (the normal 
ghosts) and will start to make different ones come out of 
the pictures in here, one picture at a time.  There are 
three ghosts, all of the same type, that will appear with 
every picture.

This is a hard room, but just keep trying, do your best, 
and concentrate.  When you've beaten all of the ghosts, 
Vincent will get angry again and will show his heart.  
Vacuum him up!  A key will appear from his painting of a 
treasure chest.

Let me take the time to say, GET SOME HEALTH.  The final 
boss is coming up, and let me tell you, he's EXTREMELY 
difficult, so you need all of the hearts you can get.
Also, it would be of your interest to see that you have 
captured 50/50 Boos that are hidden throughout the 
mansion.  You don't have to do this if you don't want to, 
of course, but if you do you'll receive a GOLD DIAMOND!

Now, when your ready, go down to the room unlocked by the 
key you just received, the Secret Altar.

Approach King Boo in here, and he will speak to you, 
saying that he would like a Luigi painting also...!  
After he's done talking, the picture of Mario will turn 
into Bowser, and you'll get sucked into it!

This is it folks, the last boss of the game!


When the boss battle starts, it'll look like you're 
fighting Bowser, not King Boo, but you'll see what's 
going on in just a second.

Dodge "Bowser's" fire attack.  When he shoots out spike 
balls, avoid getting hit by those too, but suck one up 
with your vacuum and shoot it right at Bowser's stomach.  
His head will pop off, and you'll see that this is really 
King Boo in a Bowser costume.  King Boo will circle 
around the arena shortly, at which point you can start 
subtracting from his - you ready for this? - 500 HP!  
Then, he'll go back into his costume.

Repeat this process to beat him, but let me tell you, it 
could be no farther from simple; it's pretty darn close 
to impossible IMO.  

But when you finally win this battle, my congratulations 
on beating Luigi's Mansion!



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