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By Skatr11718
(e-mail at [email protected])
(e-mail me information I don't have in this Walkthrough please)
Legal Junk
Key Items
"Zenny Pens"
Body Parts
Buster Parts
Cheat Codes and Tips

E-mail me at [email protected]

Legal Junk
Copyright 2000 Skatr11718 
It is illegal to make any copies of this without my permission, unless your 
using it for personal use(as in, winning the game)

1.0 First edition
1.4 added 3rd key boss through final boss
2.0 added buster parts list
2.5 added more detail
3.0 added Zenny "pens"
3.5 added more detail
4.0 added Wanted section,added Detail for 3rd key ruin to boss
4.3 added weapon parts
5.0 added extra info
5.5 added Some more item locations
5.7 added some reaverbot hit points
None currrently.

If I know the parts needed for the weapon, I will put it next to the weapon.
Homing Missle:Radar notes, Bottle rocket
Bug Crawler:rusted mine, Bowling ball
Machine Gun:Broken Model Gun,Long Barrel
Blade Arm:Zetsabre,Blade Beam Notes
Shield Arm:Shield Generator,Shielding Notes
Reflect Arm:Super Ball, Bomb Schematics
Spread Buster:Sower, Spred Fire Notes
Crusher:Soft Ball, Taser
Aqua Blaster:you already have this weapon from the start of the game
Hyper Shell:Firecracker, Rusty Bazooka
Buster Cannon:Thick Pipe, Artillary Notes
Shining Laser:Laser Manuel,Green Eye
Drill Arm:Broken drill, Heavy duty gear
Vacume Arm:Broken Motor,Broken Vacuum
Hunter Seeker:Sensor, Autofire Notes

I know i'm forgetting a few of them.

Key Items

Bonne red key
Bonne Blue Key
Security Key
Motherlode key 1
Motherlode key 2
Motherlode key 3
Motherlode key 4
and someother stuff
wait untill I upgrade this


The game starts with a cut scene. Watch it.then you see the main menu.
A new game starts with a second cut scene, then you get control of 
Megaman.Your job is to put out the fires. After you do it, win or lose, you 
find the Sulpher Bottom. Cut scene. then you land at calinka island. go into 
town and enter the junk shop(DUH!).Then go back to the flutter. go into the 
Big building near the fluuter through the back door. leave, then go into the 
ruins near the city(there throught the door with the gates). go into the 
ruins and follow Roll then go down the elevator and beat up the robots. go 
down the other elevator and prepare for a fight.

Boss Fight:Reaverbot with spike in butt
easy.just run and shoot. volia you win.
Grab the refractor and leave. 
Unknown Zone Reaverbots: small Fireball shooters:7hp(these are estimated by 
buster Gun attack Power while at max) Mammoths:35
Go to gramps room on the fluuter and hit circle at his bed. you now have 
5000z more. Go to the junk shop and buy a buster part(get the power raiser). 
Go to the Flutter and talk to Roll and select move. Go to the Unknown zone. 
You see a cut scene and appear on the island.  Go forward untill the electric 
fences start up.

Mini boss fight: wolf reaverbot

Stand still and shoot. Jump above him when he gets to close for comfort.

contiue and blow up stuff untill you see a big crystal. hit circle at it at 
it.Cut scene.

Boss Fight:Mammaoth bot

shoot and run. when he glows red, Danger Megaman Danger.

after the fight you see another cut scene.You find out about the main Job. 
Get the motherlode keys. oh, and yoyu can see the final boss early in the 
game. Go to the top floor and enter the room being guarded.The girl on the 
bed is the final boss.

First Key

go to pinto island on the Move screen and go through the doors to the village.

Boss fight: tron's baaaaaaack(big crab, she seams to like sea animals don't 

Run around and shoot. Be sure to avoid her machine gun(Very hard to avoid) 
and her bombs and wait untill she stops shooting or flips intio the air to 
let loose with your guns.

First Key ruin

When you enter the ruin,a theres a quck cut scene plays, after that, go in 
the green door to your left.While In the ruin, In the rooms with the Mouths 
that throw bombs. Drill the walls and you will find a map console, a weapon 
part, and some zenny. Go through the area untill you find a big room with a 
floor with holes in it.

Boss fight:bola

just stand still and blow up the frogs unless you want to have a problem. Now 
after you blow up all the frogs, bola comes down and starts throwing knives 
at you. Run and shoot.
Oh, if you don't kill all the frogs, bola turns them into invincible Megaman 
killing machines.

Now continue on untill you find yourself on a ledge,then turn left and use 
the control panel.your halfway done with door 1. Now, get backdown and enter 
the door under the ledge. go through and get everything possible,then, find a 
chest in a room like the boss room you were in before.

Boss Fight:bola(again)

As soon as you get the magnetic key, you have to fight bola again.

now, theres spiky things moving around on the floor. Avoid these and shoot 
and you will win.Also, when bola appears above the middle spiky thing, Avoid 
the spikes as they bounce back at you.

Now,go back to the elevator you used to get down here and go to the blue 
thing near by. use the key and go backto the first door. go through and go 
across the bridge continue through untill you see Data. recharge and save.

go through the door and hit circle at the little tube thingy at the other 
side of the room.

Boss Fight: Big frog

now you have to beat up a frog. and not a small frog, this frog is bigger 
than you!
Just stand on a platform and shoot him when he's attacking.Also, if you have 
the drill arm,(i can't find the broken drill) you can kill the frog in 2 
second,even on Very hard mode.You now have the First KEY!!!!!!!

Second Key

When you go Nino island you see a cut scene of the city attacking the flutter.

after you land, you'll have to go down the elevator and go to the door that 
says:DIGOUT. go in, and go in the first door on the left,and talk to the old 

Miniboss Fight: Birdbots

after you talk to the old guy, you need to go back to the first floor(with 
the numbered doors) and enter the door labed 1. blow up everything and when 
roll tells you to, pull the blue lever next to the big door.
Door2:same as above, but you just have to blow up stuff.

door 3:protect the flutter, the door you just came through, and blow up the 
other ships.

Door 4:blowup everything and protect the big door(note, you can throw the 
bombs the birdbots throw back at them).

After you do all that, talk to that guy again and go to the small island in 
the Move Screen(select the island at the lower left corner) once there, say 
yes to the boys and and follow them.
once you find glyde's base, blow everything up.also, save with data, he's 
right outside the door thats behind you when you enter.


go through the ruin untill you see the reverbot jellyfish.

Miniboss fight:spark medusas

You need to get all the medusa's HP down to the minimum to make the last 
medusa easier(note, the last medusa is the hardest to kill)

Grab the key ,then continue on.

keep going untill you get to another "dry" level. save and continue on.


Run and shoot. he might shoot in front of you so jump if he does.
then, go back to the exit of the ruin.


same as above,but now he has some new attacks.

leave and go to the sulpher bottom.

3rd Key

then, go back to roll and move to the next island.

blow up the Bonnes and find the Bonne keys.(hint, the red key is behind the 
counter in the main square.)

contiue and open the red door.

Boss Fight:Teisel Bonne

Teisel is back and he's got an ace up his sleave, he put the city statue on 
his mech. blow teisel up and enter the 3rd key ruins

Strangely, you will meet the guardian almost in the beginning, but you cannot 
beat it yet, continue on your journey. Don't forget to wear your Asbestos 
shoes. They won't protect you completly from lava, but you won't sink in it. 
When you walk in, go forward and you should see a cut scene of 3 little 
reaverbots Running away from you. After that, go in the door to your right, 
go forward and go in the next door to your right. go in, and activate the 
elevators. when you leave, go in the elevator to your right, use it and watch 
the left side of the hall. You will see the head of a reaverbot thats as big 
as the Sulfur Bottom! The reaverbot is bigger than Bruno and the red 
refractor reaverbot combined! I recommend recharghing and saving with data.Go 
in, and go into one of the other doors in the room.

1st door: Continue on and right after the door on the right, jump across the 
floor, and open the door. go across the room and AVOID the floor. go through 
the rest of the passage and unlock the A security locks and get the map from 
the console on the right.
go back and enter the gardian room again.
turn right and get to that side of the room. open the door.
2nd door: Can't get it.
3rd door: follow the pathway and STAY OFF THE MOLTEN LAVA! enter the door and 
unlock the last secruity system. now leave.
Remerber that door on the right from Door1? Go in and watch the cut scene. go 
foward and when tron asks, say yes( I didn't want to either but it's the only 
way to continue with the game)

Boss: Lava Pillar 
With the help of the Bonnes, equip the Lifter, grab the Reaverbots and throw 
them at the pillar in the middle of the room. Act quickly, because the pillar 
regenerates itself slowly. Boss: Giant Skeleton 
This boss too is easy: avoid his fire, sparks and shockwave and this guy's a 
Now, go to the door on the top floor. go in and continue on.
Boss: Tron's Gustav
 Surprisingly, Tron is not that difficult: run around and shoot. If her 
shield is up, stop shooting and resume as soon as she removes it. Keep your 
distances, she's got a flame-thrower. 
Now, go back to the room with the lava that you were in before.

Boss: Bon Bon
Isn't too hard, just watch out for the lava. When he lauches his fists, he is 
4th Key

Boss:The Bonnes and Glyde
Glyde and the Bonnes attack you on a train race. You must protect your train 
and destroy Glyde's and the Bonne's wagons. Choose a long range and powerful 
weapon and you won't have any problem. The thing you should worry about are 
the Servbots throwing bombs at you. But if you use a powerful weapon, shoot 
at the main target and the shockwave will knock them away. Right after the 
battle, get the Spike Chip in the area after the train was.  

Oh, and by the way, while your in the ruin, you will find reaverbots that 
look like their wearing dresses. It's almost impossible to kill them with out 
the Homing Missle. It needs its attack upgraded once, energy and range 
upgraded twice, and everything else upgraded once. If you have that, then all 
you hyave to do is shoot them about 4 or 5 times.
While digging the ruin, you will encounter blue and red pyramid-shaped 
crystals which blocks the way to another part of the ruin. You need the Blue 
and Red key to unlock them at their panels. The Red Crystal is not 
neccessary, but it leads to an important item. Wear the Cleated Shoes.
Boss: Ice Cell 
Is this the Yellow Devil from the classic Mega Man series? It's a head 
incased into some jelly. Anyway, run around and keep your distances. When 
platforms appears above you, climb them or else you'll catch on "cold fire" 
because of the icy floor. After a while, the cell will chase you rapidly, 
don't bother shooting it and run away until it calms down. 

When the fourth key is returned to Bluecher, an important event will occur. 
Pay attention to everything that will be told and done. 
Geast's attack! There is an aerial battle between the light-skinned guy 
(Geast) and the dark skinned guy (Gast). Geast will win the duel, so you will 
have to beat him. He is not very difficult, shoot him and avoid his dashs. 
When Geast has lost most of his energy, he will not be able to fly anymore 
and he will land. Continue to shoot him from a distance. Finally, everything 
is revealed: Megaman's past, why he lost his memory and his mission. This can 
be confusing a little, so listen carefully. 
You land on Elysium for the final showdown! You must travel throught the 
Defense Area to get to the Library. Some Reaverbots are new, some aren't. 
Equip yourself correctly and you shouldn't have any problem. There are some 
control rooms that will allow you to alter gravity and load data from 
Library's system. Always put low-gravity, because some time, you will 
encounter some pink beams that will put you in high gravity. High gravity are 
needed thought to break some floors and access hidden control rooms and 
chests. Some doors will be locked depending on the gravity. As usual, try to 
find the map and item consoles to see if you have missed any items. 
Finally outside! This area can be quite confusing at first, but it is quite 
simple. There are little islands at each eight cardinal points and you must 
get to the central island. You start at the South-West island and there are 
four Warp Doors on each island. (Not all of them are active) Some islands 
have a warp door to a far away island. Look at the map to understand better. 
Start by moving counter-clockwise to get to South, there is a warp to a chest 
on extreme South. Then move clockwise until you reach East, get a chest on 
the extreme East and move to the Central island. There, you should find an 
elevator that will lead you to the Shuttle Bay. Go back to Earth to upgrade 
and have Roll build the Shining Laser. Back on the Central island, enter the 
building and save with Data. 
There are no Reaverbots or traps here but, you will encounter the four 
guardians again. One by level, plus the final boss at the last one. Finally, 
you get to the Library, save and follow the animation... Final Battle!! As 
you touch the Library's computer, Sera will try to "terminate your program", 
as Juno would say. :) First form: As usual, run around and jump when the boss 
attacks. When you see her surrounded by many pods, the gravity will be very 
high, so jump as high as you can when she creates a shockwave or run away. 
Second form: This part is quite difficult, but the trick is to stay as far as 
possible. Anticipating her attacks is the key by watching her moves and 
listening to her. When she does her Black Hole attack, dash to the opposite 
side. This attack doesn't hurt you, but  makes you an easy target because it 
slows you down. Her various attacks includes: Meteors, Multi-Lasers, Giant 
Wave and Sweeping Ray.

Note:Zenny Pens are basically quick ways to get Zenny.
1st pen:all ruins in the game
2nd pen:at the island with glyde's base on it, keep going through the door 
leading to the way to glydes base and keep killing the reverbots.
3rd pen:In the big desert at Saur Kada, after you defeat the bonnes, keep 
going through the door that takes you to the city, and keep killing the 
piston legged reaverbots for quick cash.

Body Parts 
Normal Helmet 
Padded Helmet 
Normal Armor
Padded Armor 
Padded Armor Omega
Link Armor 
Link Armor Omega
Kevlar Armor 
Kevlar Armor Omega
Jet Skates:Used for dashing 
Hover Shoes:Protects against electrified floors 
Hydrojets:Used for dashing underwater 
Asbestos Shoes:Protects from lava 
Cleated Shoes:Prevents you from slipping on ice 
Buster Parts 
Accessory Pack :Atk+1 Eng+1 Rng+1 Rpd+1 
Accessory Pack Alpha :Atk+2 Eng+2 Rng+2 Rpd+1 
Accessory Pack Omega :Atk MAX Eng MAX Rng MAX Rpd MAX
Autofire Unit :Eng+2 Rpd+1
Autofire Unit Omega Eng+3 Rpd+2 
Blaster Unit Atk+1 Eng+2 
Blaster Unit Omega Atk+2 Eng+3 
Booster Pack Atk+1 Eng+1 Rpd+1 
Booster Pack Omega Atk+3 Eng+3 Rpd+1 B
Buster Unit Atk+1 Rng+2 
Buster Unit Omega Atk+2 Rng+3 
Energizer Pack Eng+1 Rng+1 Rpd+1 
Energizer Pack Omega Eng+3 Rng+1 Rpd+3 
Power Blaster Atk+2 Rpd+1 
Power Blaster Omega Atk+3 Rpd+2 
Power Raiser Atk+2 
Power Raiser Alpha Atk+4 
Power Raiser Omega Atk MAX 
Range Booster Rng+2 
Range Booster Alpha Rng+4
Range Booster Omega Rng MAX 
Rapid Fire Rpd+2 
Rapid Fire Alpha Rpd+4
Rapid Fire Omega Rpd MAX
Sniper Unit Eng+1 Rng+2
Sniper Unit Omega Eng+2 Rng+3 
Turbo Charger Eng+2 
Turbo Charge Alpha Eng+4 
Turbo Charge Omega Eng MAX Upgrade Pack Atk+1 Eng+1 Rng+1
Upgrade Pack Omega Atk+1 Eng+3 Rng+3 

Cheat Codes and Tips

Blue codes aren't tested,red codes don't work,green codes mess up the game, 
and black codes work

Gameshark Codes
Infinite Zenny 8009C820 FFFF
Max Zenny 8009C820 967F
8009C822 0098
Time 0:00:00 8009C818 0000
8009C81A 0000
Infinite Health 8008C120 0200
Max Health 8008C122 0200
Equipped Helmet Modifier 3008C252 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Equipped Shoes Modifier 3008C253 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Equipped Armor Modifier 3008C254 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Equipped Buster Part 1 Modifier 3008C258 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)

Buster Part Item Slot Codes  
Slot 1 3008C25C 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 2 3008C25D 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 3 3008C25E 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 4 3008C25F 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 5 3008C260 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 6 3008C261 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 7 3008C262 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 8 3008C263 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 9 3008C264 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 10 3008C265 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 11 3008C266 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 12 3008C267 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 13 3008C268 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 14 3008C269 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 15 3008C26A 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 16 3008C26B 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 17 3008C26C 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 18 3008C26D 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers) 
Slot 19 3008C26E 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 20 3008C26F 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 21 3008C270 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 22 3008C271 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 23 3008C272 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 24 3008C273 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 25 3008C274 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 26 3008C275 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 27 3008C276 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 28 3008C277 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 29 3008C278 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 30 3008C279 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 31 3008C27A 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)

Have All Buster Parts
(GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) 50001F01 0001
3008C25C 0001 43 
Have All Buster Parts
(Caetla Only) B01F0001 00000001
3008C25C 0001 44 
Infinite Time (Diggers Test) 8009C910 1517 45 
Infinite Water Pressure (To Put Out Flames) 8008C24A 0100 46
 Press L2+X For Moon Jump
(GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) E009BEF9 0041
8008C0EA FF20 47 
Poisoned By Little Slugs Wears Off Very Quickly 8008C168 0000 48 
Max Attack 3008C2B4 0007 49 
Max Energy 3008C2B5 0007 50 
Max Range 3008C2B6 0007 51 
Max Rapid 3008C2B7 0007 
Equipped Special Weapon Modifier Codes  
Slot 1 3008C23E 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Slot 2 3008C23F 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Max Upgrade-All Special Weapons
(GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) 50006E01 0000
3008C2BC 0003 
MaxUpgrade-All Special Weapons
(Caetla Only) B06E0001 00000000
3008C2BC 0003
Have All Items 
800985C8 7F1F
800985CA FFF0
800985CC FFFF
800985CE F03F
800985D0 FFFF 
Have All Key Items
 800985C2 07FF
800985C4 FFF2
800985C6 0F8F
Equipped Buster Part 3 Modifier 
3008C25A 00??(scroll down for last 2 numbers)
Walk Thru Walls 
 D009BEF8 4100
800417FE 2400
D009BEF8 4100
800C4770 0000
D009BEF8 4100
800B35E6 1000
D009BEF8 4100
800B3606 1000
D009BEF8 2100
800417FE AE02
D009BEF8 2100
800C4770 0008
D009BEF8 2100
800B35E6 1040
D009BEF8 2100
800B3606 1040
Quantity Digits to Accompany Equipped Helmet Modifier Code
00 - Nothing
01 - Normal Helmet
02 - Padded Helmet
03 - Makes MegaMan an Unknown Female Character (Glitches) 
Quantity Digits to Accompany Equipped Shoes Modifier Code
00 - Nothing
01 - Jet Skates
02 - Hydrojets
03 - Asbestos Shoes
04 - Cleated Shoes
05 - Hover Shoes
06 - Makes MegaMan Roll (Glitches) 
Quantity Digits to Accompany Equipped Armor Modifier Code 
00 - Nothing
01 - Normal Armor
02 - Padded Armor
03 - Padded Armor Omega
04 - Link Armor
05 - Link Armor Omega
06 - Kevlar Armor
07 - Kevlar Armor Omega 
Quantity Digits to Accompany Buster Parts Modifier Codes
00 - Nothing
01 - Power Raiser
02 - Power Raiser Alpha
03 - Power Raiser Omega
04 - Turbo Charger
05 - Turbo Charger Alpha
06 - Turbo Charger Omega
07 - Range Booster
08 - Range Booster Alpha
09 - Range Booster Omega
0A - Rapid Fire
0B - Rapid Fire Alpha
0C - Rapid Fire Omega
0D - Blaster Unit
0E - Buster Unit
0F - Power Blaster
10 - Sniper Unit
11 - Autofire Unit
12 - Blaster Unit Omega
13 - Buster Unit Omega
14 - Power Blaster Omega
15 - Sniper Unit Omega
16 - Autofire Unit Omega
17 - Upgrade Pack
18 - Booster Pack
19 - Energizer Pack
1A - Upgrade Pack Omega
1B - Booster Pack Omega
1C - Energizer Pack Omega
1D - Accessory Pack
1E - Accessory Pack Alpha
1F - Accessory Pack Omega 
Quantity Digits to Accompany Equipped Special Weapon Modifier Codes 
00 - Lifter
01 - Kick
02 - Mega Buster
03 - Crusher
04 - Buster Cannon
05 - Hyper Shell
06 - Homing Missile
07 - Ground Crawler
08 - Vacuum Arm
09 - Reflector Arm
0A - Shield Arm
0B - Blade Arm
0C - Shining Laser
0D - Machinegun Arm
0E - Spread Buster
0F - Aqua Blaster
10 - Hunter Seeker
11 - Drill Arm

This concludes my walkthru.


Skatr11718: Me

Megaboy: For suppling a lot of info

My parents: For getting me and my sis a computer

Microsoft: For creating Window 95/98

Capcom: For creating Megaman Legends2

Gameshark Code Creators Club for the MML2 GS Code

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