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Written by neo_fan_321
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Welcome to Mega Man Network's official walkthrough/guide for MEGA MAN: MAVERICK
HUNTER X, the first installment in what may become a series of remakes for the
first few games in the Mega Man X series. Use the index below as a reference
guide or your browser's Find command to navigate the sections, and check out 
http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmx/guides/ to find guides for all of the other 
games in the Mega Man X series.

LATEST UPDATES (will be deleted when guide is complete)
Version 1.1 (02/05/06): Updated Hadoken AGAIN, finished Final Sigma strategy,
                        and updated weapons list for Vile with US names. Also
                        added a few bits here and there to Vile's strategy, and
                        made all appropriate US name changes to the guide.

Version 1.0 (02/02/06): Game released in US. Finished all boss strategies, up-
                        dated yet again on the Hadoken, and only have the rest 
                        of the stage walkthroughs left to flesh out.

Version 0.7 (12/31/05): Added new "Mode Explanation" section to start, updated
                        info on Hadoken unlockable, and fleshed out the stage
                        walkthroughs a bit more. Reorganized the recommended
                        order section as well, and added the last item for Vile
                        to the walkthrough.

Version 0.6 (12/28/05): Completed item locations in stage walkthroughs for X, 
                        have all of Vile's items except for his last Sub Tank, 
                        and finished some more walkthrough content. Added list
                        of updates as well (natch).

Version 0.5 (12/27/05): Completed reorganization of guide, and added placehold-
                        ers for all sections, so it'll be easier to add content
                        into guide.

Version 0.4 (12/25/05): Finished Vile's Normal Mode game, began writing walk-
                        through content for him as well.

Version 0.2 (12/23/05): Finished X's Normal Mode game, began item locations,
                        and did Secrets & Tips information.

Version 0.1 (12/22/05): Received game and began skeleton guide structure, incl.
                        Table of Contents.


 1. Introductory Notes
 2. Version Differences
 3. Mode Explanation
 4. Using X and Vile
 5. Recommended Stage Order
 6. Power-Up Uses & Locations 
 7. X and Vile's Armaments
 8. Central Highway Stage
 9. Prototype Weapons Plant
10. Abandoned Missile Base
11. Electromagnetic Power Plant
12. Energy Mine Ruins
13. Subterranean Base
14. Fortress Tower
15. Recon Base Ruins
16. New-Type Airport
17. Sigma's Palace 1
18. Sigma's Palace 2
19. Sigma's Palace 3
20. Sigma's Palace 4
21. Bonus Content
22. Secrets & Tips
23. Credits
24. Legal Info


Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X is a game "based on" the original Mega Man X for the
Super NES, which was released back in 1993. The "based on" part is fairly im-
portant, that is to say that this is not simply a straight-up port or remake.
Many elements are quite different from the original title aside from simply
graphical upgrades or stuff like that. The anime cutscenes and special "Day of
Sigma" short go into detail on stuff that we as fans haven't ever gotten the
chance to see before. Vile as an unlockable, playable character is almost a
dream come true for many fans (though I foresee some clamoring for a Mega Man
Vile after this - a series that, like Legends, would be destined for very few
titles :P).

With that out of the way, this is not a simple rehash of the Mega Man X guide.
In fact, there's enough stuff different throughout both playthroughs - both X's
and Vile's - that necessitates a completely new walkthrough. Vile's game mode
is mostly the same as X's in terms of stage layout (almost every stage has a few
things that are completely different), but enemies and sometimes even bosses 
(such as in Sigma's Palace) are changed up a bit. Due to this, every stage will 
have two walkthroughs for each stage - the first if you're playing as X, and the
second if you're playing as Vile. Stages themselves are no different if playing
in Hard Mode (explained below), but you take more damage, and enemies/bosses
are harder to kill. Additionally, all bosses have extra abilities in their
repertoires that they bring out only in Hard Mode. These will be explained in
each stage's boss strategy.

Read below for more detailed information on the nuts and bolts of how this game
compares to its original predecessor.


By the very nature of the game, there are tons of differences between this PSP
version and its original SNES counterpart, namely graphics and other gameplay 
features. But I'll use this space to go over the more notable ones that directly
affect you as the player.

- The game no longer has passwords; instead, it uses a save file on your Memory
  Stick Duo. The only sad thing is there's no remixed Password theme to accom-
  pany the "Data Select" screen.

- The Escape Unit in the game (In-stage Options Screen - first option) works
  regardless of whether or not you've cleared a stage, so you can use this to
  gain items early, like Heart Tanks, armor for X, Sub Tanks, etc. without 
  having to kill off all your extra lives or beat the stage boss (!).

- Light Capsules have different locations from the SNES version. Well, not
  really. They're mostly located in the same spots, but Capcom has thrown us for
  a bit of a loop by just alternating which capsules are in which stages. Add-
  itionally, while Heart Tank and Sub Tank locations remain the same for X's
  playthrough, they are radically different for Vile's. The walkthrough will go
  over these locations in more detail.

- Anime (FMV) and still cutscenes replace a few segments in the game. X and Vile
  (yes, the clone that escaped from Star Wars gets a chance to strut his stuff)
  have their own openings/endings, every boss encounter has its own dialogue
  sequence (complete with beautifully-rendered artwork of the characters in
  various poses of action or emotion), there are other story-driven cutscenes,
  and of course, the huge 25-minute anime sequence - "Day of Sigma" - becomes
  available once you complete X's game in either Normal or Hard Mode. You can 
  access this from the main menu under the "MOVIE" option.

- The game features three gameplay modes: X Mode, Vile Mode, and Free Play Mode.
  In addition, X and Vile each have their own Hard Mode version of the game. 
  Initially, you can only play as X, and Vile is unlocked after beating the
  game. New Game + is available if you continue and play using your "Game Clear"
  save data. Each character's Hard Mode is akin to the Mega Man Zero games, 
  where you're rewarded for undergoing excruciating pain and suffering (although
  X's Hard Mode is mostly on-par with the SNES version). In Vile Mode, you get 
  a different story, and quite a few different weapons. In fact, Vile easily has
  five times the arsenal of X!


As explained above, there are three different modes of play within Mega Man:
Maverick Hunter X. Below, you'll find detailed descriptions of what to expect
in each mode.

  For X, this is sort of Mega Man X Lite, as it's the same layout and style as
  the SNES game (except for all notable exceptions as described in the walk-
  through segments), but it's a bit easier than the SNES game was. Enemies seem
  to take less damage than they would, although there is no notable difference
  in how enemies are placed throughout the stages. Vile, though, has a tougher
  time mostly because his game is harder than X's anyway.

  X's game is a tad tougher than the SNES version, except for some bosses like
  Bospider and Sigma. Enemies take more damage, but on the whole, it feels more
  like the SNES game than X's Normal Mode does. Like Normal, this is available
  from the start of the game, although only for X. If playing as Vile, though,
  prepare for some measure of pain. For an intro stage boss, X can be notorious-
  ly difficult, and it only gets harder as you go on. If you're really looking
  for some challenge out of this game, play Vile's Hard Mode.

  Recent X games have had some sort of benefit to beating the game and then
  continuing a new game using your cleared save file, and Maverick Hunter X is
  no different. Continuing as either character starts you off at the stage
  select with every stage available to you (including the Sigma Palace levels),
  with all items. Vile's little "perk" in this mode is that he's no longer re-
  stricted by a maximum point level for his weapons - you'll notice that your 
  max number is now the infinity symbol, so you can equip all three of the 
  highest-power weapons for some real fun. Additionally, bosses never "die" in 
  this mode, that is, you can clear a stage and defeat the boss, but they'll 
  never be darkened out, so you can re-fight them over and over again.


Like Mega Man & Bass, Zero and Axl, or any other combination of multiple char-
acters, X and Vile have their differences that makes their individual games
unique. Read below for explanations on using the two characters.

  If you've played any Mega Man or Mega Man X game, you'll be familiar with the
  way X handles. He can run, dash (when he has his upgrade for it), jump, and
  shoot. His X-Buster has three levels of charge power, and he can gain a 
  fourth when he gets one of the two Buster enhancements. He utilizes the
  Variable Weapons System, which allows him to copy weapon data from defeated
  Mavericks and adapt it for use with his own Buster. To be totally blunt, X
  is about as basic as they come.
    Directional Buttons/Analog Stick: Move X
    Start Button: Pause
    Select Button: Access Options Menu
    L/R Buttons: Cycle through Weapons
    Square Button: Attack (hold to Charge)
    X Button: Jump (hold + Circle to dash jump)
    Circle Button: Dash (after equipping Foot Parts)
    Triangle Button: Fire X-Buster while special weapon is equipped.

  It's always the secondary character that's different, of course. Zero has a
  Z-Saber that changes up his combat abilities, and Axl has twin pistols. Like-
  wise, Vile has three types of weapon systems: his Arm, his Leg, and his 
  Shoulder. Each weapon system can equip different parts gained by defeating 
  the Mavericks, or combinations of the Mavericks (see Section 7 for more info
  on Vile's armaments). His Arm uses gun-based weapons, his leg uses grenade-
  based weapons, and his should fires cannon or laser-based weapons. For the
  most part, Vile controls the same as X, although he can't dash. When selecting
  bosses, you go to a weapon select screen, where you can equip Vile's various
  weapons based on the amount of weapon energy you have available - see Section
  7 for more info.

    Directional Buttons/Analog Stick: Move Vile
    Start Button: Pause
    Select Button: Access Options Menu
    L/R Buttons: No function
    Square Button: Attack with Arm weapon
    X Button: Jump
    Circle Button: Attack with Leg weapon
    Triangle Button: Attack with Shoulder weapon (hold D-Pad to aim)


Even though X and Vile have different weapons, the stage order remains essen-
tially the same for both characters. It's altered a bit from the original game,
mostly due to the capsule order being changed. Vile's game is easier if you
start with Penguin, since you gain an armor upgrade from him. Refer to the two
lists below for recommended orders for each character.


    =========		    ===		   	 	 ===============
    Flame Mammoth --------- X-Buster/S. Tornado -------- Fire Wave
    Chill Penguin --------- Fire Wave ------------------ Shotgun Ice
    Spark Mandrill -------- Shotgun Ice ---------------- Electric Spark
    Armored Armadillo ----- Electric Spark ------------- Rolling Shield
    Launch Octopus -------- Rolling Shield ------------- Homing Torpedo
    Boomerang Kuwanger ---- Homing Torpedo ------------- Boomerang Cutter
    Sting Chameleon ------- Boomerang Cutter ----------- Chameleon Sting
    Storm Eagle ----------- Chameleon Sting ------------ Storm Tornado


    =========		    ===		   	         ===============
    Chill Penguin --------- Bangaway Boom/Triple 7 ----- N/A; refer to Section 7
    Storm Eagle ----------- Backshot Dance ------------- N/A; refer to Section 7
    Flame Mammoth --------- Bangaway Bomb -------------- N/A; refer to Section 7
    Spark Mandrill -------- Distance Needler ----------- N/A; refer to Section 7
    Armored Armadillo ----- Go-Getter Right ------------ N/A; refer to Section 7
    Launch Octopus -------- Zip Zapper ----------------- N/A; refer to Section 7
    Boomerang Kuwanger ---- Humerus Crash -------------- N/A; refer to Section 7
    Sting Chameleon ------- Marooned Tomahawk ---------- N/A; refer to Section 7

It should also be noted that I included a varied list of weapons to use, based
mostly on how easy it was to use said weapon against a given boss. Some I gave
Leg types for because the bosses are more stationary than most. In the grand
scheme of things, Vile gets so many weapons that it's really up to you.


As I stated in the notes and version differences, all the items except for the
Light Capsules are in the same locations as in MMX1 (for X's game). Vile's
game features different locations for the Heart and Sub Tanks, so for ease,
I'll separate them into two subsections - one for X, and one for Vile.

  Foot Parts - Allows X to dash - Found in Flame Mammoth's stage. 
  Head Parts - Headbutt some ceilings - Found in Chill Penguin's stage. 
  Arm Parts 1 - More powerful X-Buster - Found in Sting Chameleon's stage.
  Arm Parts 2 - Secondary X-Buster upgrade - Given by Zero*
  Body Parts - Upgraded defense - Found in Storm Eagle's stage. 
  Heart Tanks - More life added to meter - One per stage.
  Sub Tanks - Life energy reserve - Found in the stages of: 
				    - Storm Eagle 
				    - Flame Mammoth 
				    - Spark Mandrill 
				    - Armored Armadillo

  * See Section 22 for info on X's second Buster upgrade (yes, it is a bit diff-
    erent from the Light Capsule one).

  Heart Tanks - More life added to meter - One per stage.
  Sub Tanks - Life energy reserve - Found in the stages of:
				    - Storm Eagle
				    - Launch Octopus
				    - Boomer Kuwanger
                                    - Sting Chameleon

  NOTE: Vile earns weapons by defeating bosses, but does not otherwise gain any
  kind of armor upgrades or extra abilities. This in of itself makes Vile's game
  a bit more strategy-based.


Read below for detailed dossiers on each of the weapons X and Vile will acquire
throughout their respective quests.

  Playing as X is standard fare. You get one weapon from each Maverick you beat,
  then you use that weapon on the next foe in line, and so on until you defeat
  the entire loop. X's weapons can be charged if you have the X-Buster upgrade,
  but charged shots use more weapon energy. The numbers in parentheses indicate
  the amount of weapon energy used - the first number is a regular shot, and
  the second is the charged shot.

  • FIRE WAVE (02 units/04 units - Defeat Flame Mammoth)
    This weapon shoots out a stream of flame from the X-Buster. When charged up,
    it sends a wave of fire racing along the floor.

  • SHOTGUN ICE (02 units/04 units - Defeat Chill Penguin)
    This weapon fires a short burst of ice that will ricochet off the walls and 
    split into three shots. It also leaves a trail of ice behind it that can
    freeze objects. When charged, a penguin-shaped block of ice forms that X
    can ride on.

  • ELECTRIC SPARK (02 units/04 units - Defeat Spark Mandrill)
    This weapon can rapid-fire bursts of electricity. When charged, X fires out
    two large shockwaves of electricity out to either side.

  • ROLLING SHIELD (02 units/04 units - Defeat Armored Armadillo)
    This weapon fires off a small shield of energy that rolls along the ground,
    and bounces off walls once. When charged, X is surrounded by a sphere of
    energy that can absorb some attacks. X can also switch weapons while the
    shield is active.

  • HOMING TORPEDO (02 units/04 units - Defeat Launch Octopus)
    This weapon fires up to three small torpedoes that home in on the target
    they're fired at. They can split up on multiple targets if there are more
    enemies. When charged, X fires a torpedo spread of five that collectively
    attack one enemy or a group of enemies.

  • BOOMERANG CUTTER (02 units/04 units - Defeat Boomer Kuwanger)
    This weapon launches up to three scissor-shaped cutting weapons that fly
    out and then boomerang back to X. When charged, energy rings spiral out
    from X's body, striking everything in the four cardinal directions.

  • CHAMELEON STING (02 units/04 units - Defeat Sting Chameleon)
    This weapon fires a three-pronged laser beam that has impressive reach. When
    charged, X is rendered invincible for a brief period of time.

  • STORM TORNADO (02 units/04 units - Defeat Storm Eagle)
    This weapon fires off a powerful tunnel of wind that can cut through almost
    any kind of structure and pass through walls. When charged, X creates a
    vertical wind tunnel that sucks enemies in the near vicinity into it.

  Vile is another story. He has so many weapons that it's almost an insult to 
  him that he gets beaten by X (for story purposes, of course). Vile's weapons
  are classed by body part - he has weapons for his arms, his legs, and his
  shoulder-mounted cannon. Vile operates on a system sort of like Regular Memory
  in the Battle Network games in that you can equip weapons only if you have
  the capacity to use it. Your weapon meter increases in size with each boss
  you defeat, but you can only equip weapons if you have the expansion slots 
  needed to equip it. For instance, you can't use a weapon that uses 16 units of
  energy if your meter is only 12 units in length.

  • CHERRY BLAST (COST: 02 | DEFEAT: N/A; Initial Equipment)
    With a range of approximately 25 feet, this vulcan is easy to use.
  • ZIP ZAPPER (COST: 08 | DEFEAT: Armored Armadillo)
    Though boasting extreme accuracy, this vulcan lacks extensive range.
  • BUCKSHOT DANCE (COST: 12 | DEFEAT: Sting Chameleon)
    VThe scattering power of this vulcan results in less than perfect aiming.
  • DISTANCE NEEDLER (COST: 06 | DEFEAT: Chill Penguin)
    This vulcan has good range and speed, but cannot fire rapidly.
  • TRIPLE 7 (COST: 16 | DEFEAT: Flame Mammoth)
    Boasting both power and spread, this vulcan consumes much power.

  • HUMERUS CRASH (COST: 04 | DEFEAT: Launch Octopus)
    Missiles offer more power than vulcans, but consume more energy.
  • POPCORN DEMON (COST: 06 | DEFEAT: Launch Octopus, Sting Chameleon)
    This missile splits into 3 units and can cause great damage.
  • BANZAI BEETLE (COST: 06 | DEFEAT: Launch Octopus, Storm Eagle)
    A set of wings allows this missile to glide, contacting many enemies.
  • LOST LAMB (COST: 06 | DEFEAT: Launch Octopus, Boomerang Kuwanger)
    This missile travels at an odd angle but can be very useful.
  • SEROTINAL BULLET (COST: 04 | DEFEAT: Launch Octopus, Chill Penguin)
    This missile is extremely slow, but can be set as a trap.

  • GO-GETTER RIGHT (COST: 06 | DEFEAT: Spark Mandrill)
    A rocket punch sends your fist flying to teach enemies a lesson.
  • SPOILED BRAT (COST: 06 | DEFEAT: Spark Mandrill & Launch Octopus)
    Though lacking in power, this rocket punch offers intense speed.
  • EGOTISTIC PILL (COST: 12 | DEFEAT: Spark Mandrill & Armored Armadillo)
    This punch can pierce enemies and objects, but can be stubborn.
  • GOLDEN RIGHT (COST: 20 | DEFEAT: Spark Mandrill & Launch Octopus)
    Though suffering from a short range, this weapon is among the strongest.
  • INFINITY GIG (COST: 16 | DEFEAT: Spark Mandrill & Chill Penguin)
    Advanced homing technology can be difficult to get a handle on.

  • FRONT RUNNER (COST: 02 | DEFEAT: N/A; Initial Equipment)
    This cannon not only offers power, but can be aimed up and down.
  • TRIDENT LINE (COST: 06 | DEFEAT: Sting Chameleon)
    This weapon fires 3 rounds, but leaves you open for a moment.
  • FATBOY (COST: 20 | DEFEAT: Boomer Kuwanger)
    The most powerful cannon around, it consumes a lot of energy.
  • FIRE MURRAIN (COST: 08 | DEFEAT: Flame Mammoth)
    This weapon spreads explosions on contact, damaging lots of enemies.
  • LONGSHOT GIZMO (COST: 14 | DEFEAT: Storm Eagle)
    This cannon fires 5 shots at once, but leaves you open to attack.

  • CERBERUS PHANTOM (COST: 06 | DEFEAT: Sting Chameleon)
    Not as powerful as other weapons, this laser fires in 3 directions.
  • NERVOUS GHOST (COST: 08 | DEFEAT: Sting Chameleon, Flame Mammoth)
    This laser can be aimed with the up and down directional buttons.
  • RISING SPECTER (COST: 18 | DEFEAT: Sting Chameleon, Flame Mammoth)
    It cannot be aimed, but its wide shape covers a large area.
  • STRAIGHT NIGHTMARE (COST: 14 | DEFEAT: Sting Chameleon, Storm Eagle)
    Though slow, this laser can burn through multiple enemies in a row.
  • NECRO BURST (COST: 28 | DEFEAT: Sting Chameleon, Launch Octopus)
    Use up all your energy at once to unleash a powerful energy burst.

  • METAL CRESCENT (COST: 04 | DEFEAT: Boomerang Kuwanger)
    Use the directional buttons to aim this weapon that fires 3 cutters.
  • QUICK HOMESICK (COST: 04 | DEFEAT: Boomerang Kuwanger, Flame Mammoth)
    This cutter travels in an arc like a boomerang. Use it to pick up items!
  • PARASITE SWORD (COST: 06 | DEFEAT: Boomerang Kuwanger, Chill Penguin)
    Fires cutters that grow as they fly and can pierce enemies.
  • TWO HEADED SLASH (COST: 06 | DEFEAT: Boomerang Kuwanger, Launch Octopus)
    This specialized weapon unleashes 2 cutters at once.
  • MAROONED TOMAHAWK (COST: 12 | DEFEAT: Boomerang Kuwanger, Armored Armadillo)
    This long-lasting weapon spins in place and goes through objects.

  • BUMPITY BOOM (COST: 02 | DEFEAT: N/A; Initial Equipment)
    This powerful leg weapon launches hot napalm, but leaves you open.
  • RUMBLING BANG (COST: 12 | DEFEAT: Spark Mandrill)
    This napalm sports a wide horizontal range, but cannot attack upwards.
  • SPLASH HIT (COST: 08 | DEFEAT: Launch Octopus)
    This napalm can attack foes above, but has a narrow horizontal range.
  • TERRITORIAL POW (COST: 04 | DEFEAT: Armored Armadillo)
    Though offensively weak, this napalm destroys some enemy shots.
  • BANGAWAY BOMB (COST: 10 | DEFEAT: Storm Eagle)
    This napalm travels along the ground, laying a path of fire.

  • DEADSTAR HUG (COST: 04 | DEFEAT: Armored Armadillo)
    Unleash balls of energy which bounce once when contacting walls.
  • PEACE OUT ROLLER (COST: 06 | DEFEAT: Armored Armadillo, Spark Mandrill)
    This ball of energy splits into two upon contact with the ground.
  • SWORD BOUQUET (COST: 16 | DEFEAT: Armored Armadillo, Flame Mammoth)
    Unleash a wave that follows the ground and stops at walls.
  • HOT ICICLE (COST: 10 | DEFEAT: Armored Armadillo, Sting Chameleon)
    Send destructive energy upward in areas with ceilings.
  • STUBBORN CRAWLER (COST: 12 | DEFEAT: Armored Armadillo, Boomerang Kuwanger)
    This energy ball travels over terrain, but uses much energy.

  • WILD HORSE KICK (COST: 06 | DEFEAT: Flame Mammoth)
    Shoot jets of flame from your leg. Strong, but not energy efficient.
  • DRAGON'S WRATH (COST: 08 | DEFEAT: Flame Mammoth, Storm Eagle)
    A long-range arcing flamethrower useful against far away enemies.
  • GREEN-EYED LAMP (COST: 10 | DEFEAT: Flame Mammoth, Sting Chameleon)
    Powerful, but with a short range, this weapon consumes much energy.
  • SEA DRAGON'S RAGE (COST: 12 | DEFEAT: Flame Mammoth, Chill Penguin)
    This powerful flamethrower can even be used underwater.
  • BURNING DRIVE (COST: 16 | DEFEAT: Flame Mammoth, Boomerang Kuwanger)
    Create a powerful ball of flame using nearby oxygen as fuel.

  • FROZEN CASTLE (COST: 00 | DEFEAT: Chill Penguin)
    By utilizing a thick layer of ice, this armor reduces damage by half.
  • SPEED DEVIL (COST: 00 | DEFEAT: Storm Eagle)
    A layer of atmospheric pressure adds speed by reducing resistance.

Remember that Vile's weapons requires a bit more planning on the player's part.
Vile can only, of course, have one weapon equipped at a time, and the game
makes you think about what you're doing by requiring that you trick Vile out
before entering any given stage, so once you accessorize him, you can't change
out your selections until you're back at the Stage Select. Choose wisely, as
Vile's game is harder overall anyway.


The introductory stage of the game takes place on the familiar highway setting
from MMX1. As either X or Vile, you must battle your way to the end where, dep-
ending on your character, you will face a different boss.

  The highway stage is very straightforward. Just run forward and take out the
  spiked wheel and missile-shooting mechaniloid. Jump over the pit and take on
  the gauntlet of flying mechaniloids. You'll deal with a few more missile-
  shooters here too. Keep running forward past the enemies to eventually reach
  the first Bee Blader. It takes too much time to waste charging up here, so I
  recommend just rapid-firing it to death. Watch out for the walkers it drops
  as well as the missiles, and you'll defeat it. Climb up the wall after it
  crashes to the ground, take out the next two walkers, and you'll face the
  second Blader. Take this out the same as the first, and move on. After the
  next gap, you'll face a spiked wheel and some wasp mechaniloids. Deal with
  these while navigating the treacherous cracked flooring, and move on to the
  right to encounter some different flying mechaniloids. Keep heading on through
  and you'll encounter some runaway cars. Destroy them, and move on past the
  gas station in the background. Destroy three more cars here, and you'll be
  able to proceed onward. Just ahead, the Death Rogumer will drop down, and Vile
  will show up for a fight.

  Wow, a real boss battle this time? Players of Mega Man X8 will recognize the
  style here - you have to hit Vile directly to damage him (his Ride Armor is
  impervious to your attacks). Vile has only a few attacks at this stage of
  the game.
  - Dashing: This is simple. Vile will dash and attempt to punch you. There is
    really no way to avoid this unless you have the Foot Parts.
  - Punching: Just what it says. Vile rears back and plants one right in your
  - Electric Shock: Vile fires a ground-based energy attack that freezes you to
    the ground. He often follows this up with a punch attack.
  - Jumping: Vile will jump to avoid your fire.
  All it takes is four charged shots in both Normal and Hard Mode to defeat him.
  Just be wary that he inflicts more damage in Hard Mode. Hit him, not his Ride
  Armor, to defeat him.

  Once you do take him out, Vile will seize you anyway, Zero will rescue you, 
  and after a conversation with the Hunter Navigator, you'll move onto the Stage

  Vile starts off in the same area as X. Run forward to engage a few pickaxe-
  throwing mechaniloids. Dodge their fire while you blast them, then run past 
  the ground-pounding mechaniloids. Stay a safe distance from the megatortoise 
  as well, while hammering it with your Machine Gun Arm. Fight a few more of the
  ground-pounders and you'll eventually reach the first run-in with a Bee Blader
  mechaniloid. I prefer taking it out with the Machine Gun, but you can opt for 
  up-close fighting with your shoulder cannon as well. When it's almost dead, 
  lob a few of your Bumpity Boom napalms to finish it off, then move on. Grab 
  the energy pellet down the pit if you need it, destroy another pickaxe mechan-
  iloid, and move on to the second Bee Blader. Take this one down as well, and 
  move on. Just past the next pitfall is another megatortoise. Destroy it, and 
  you'll hit a fast-moving crash roader just further along. Hop over it while 
  blasting it, and move on. The section with collapsing floors follows, with 
  more pickaxe-tossers. Destroy them, and try to lob grenades at the last mega-
  tortoise positioned rather awkwardly just ahead. Some more roaders, tortoises,
  and flying enemies lie ahead. Once you reach the gas station part, just run 
  forward taking out the cars until you reach where X is.

  X isn't a terribly hard challenge, though he does get the advantage of a full
  life meter. He has only his Buster attack at this stage, so there's no real
  point in listing out an attack dossier. He'll probably start off firing reg-
  ular shots at you in groups of three. They're not too hard to dodge, but don't
  make a practice of getting hit by them. By far, the grenades are the best 
  weapon to use. Toss them whenever X is just running around charging up his 
  Buster. Use your Gun on him the rest of the time, and X will eventually go 
  down. If fighting in Hard Mode, just be warned that X is faster and uses his 
  charge shot more often.

  Of course, Zero shows up to rescue him, but oh well. After a quick dialogue
  sequence with Sigma, you'll move onto the Stage Select.


Taking on Flame Mammoth's level first means more hazards from the lava flows
and eruptions in the middle part of the level. X should come here first because
he gets the Foot Parts here. Vile can come here when it's safer after defeating
Chill Penguin. However, both walkthroughs are written as if it's tackled before
Penguin is defeated.

    Before you start across the catwalks over the lava, turn back to the left
    and jump up into the small alcove where the Arm Parts was in the SNES
    version (you don't need the Foot or Head upgrade this time) to find the

    On the bottom-most part of the catwalks, near the right-hand wall, the
    Heart Tank is sitting on the lava. You'll have to probably sacrifice a
    life to get it now, or you can come back after Chill Penguin's been
    defeated and grab it safely.

    => SUB TANK
    You'll need the Head Parts to get it this time. Work your way up all the
    catwalks, heading as far left as you can. When you reach the left-most
    one with the Metools and the 1Up, take a dash jump off to the left to 
    reach a small alcove with some head blocks. Break through them and climb
    up to grab the Sub Tank.


  Flame Mammoth can be a bit tricky as the first boss, due to the lack of Storm
  Tornado, the fact that his room is smaller, and his increased jumping height
  and distance abilities. Overall, he has four attacks:
  - Oiling: Flame Mammoth shoots globs of oil on the ground. These aren't dan-
    gerous by themselves, but can be if they're ignited by the next attack.
  - Fire Wave: He'll spout bursts of flame over the room. They can deal massive
    damage if they hit any puddles of oil.
  - Press: This is simply his jumping attack. He'll stun you if you're not in
    the air when he lands, so try to jump before he does.
  - (HARD MODE ATTACK) Blue Fire: Mammoth will create sparks of blue flame that
    rocket up towards the ceiling. This can be especially bad if the conveyor 
    belt is moving your direction. You can attempt to dash jump over the sparks
    before they blossom into full bursts.
  Even without the Storm Tornado, he's not that difficult. Simply charge up the
  X-Buster and pelt him with charged shots whenever you can. You'll eventually
  take him down.

  Vile gets a present early on in the stage - some Ride Armor! Hop in, and blaze
  through as fast as you can until it self-destructs. Rush past the conveyor 
  belts in the first section while defeating the scrap robots and megatortoises.
  After you clear this section, drop down the first pitfall and move on to the 
  right. This section can be pretty dangerous with all the lava eruptions and 
  multiple enemies, so move cautiously. Run past all the pickaxe mechaniloids 
  until you reach a set of ledges leading upwards.

    This is pretty much where the Sub Tank is in X's stage. Climb up all of the
    ledges filled with pickaxe robots, and head left. Jump off the ledge and 
    grab the wall, then climb up into the small alcove where the Heart Tank is.

  Head back down and proceed to the right. Destroy the cannons, climb up, and do
  the same for the next vertical stretch. If you're a bit low on health, take
  some time in the next section to farm health from the scrap robots before 
  moving on past the rest of the compressors. Clear the three compressors, then
  drop down to reach the final stretch of the level. This part is mostly similar
  to X's section, except the knight enemies are placed differently, some Metools
  and pickaxe-throwers are here, and there are some megatortoises to contend 
  with. Work your way carefully past the onslaught, sticking to the top route 
  whenever possible, and you'll eventually reach the boss gate.

  Fighting Flame Mammoth isn't altogether different from fighting as X, except
  you have no dash attack. Instead of dash jumping over him, you will have to
  drop down and run if you don't want to get hit by his jumping. Mammoth still
  has the same attacks, though:
  - Oiling: Flame Mammoth shoots globs of oil on the ground. These aren't dan-
    gerous by themselves, but can be if they're ignited by the next attack.
  - Fire Wave: He'll spout bursts of flame over the room. They can deal massive
    damage if they hit any puddles of oil.
  - Press: This is simply his jumping attack. He'll stun you if you're not in
    the air when he lands, so try to jump before he does.
  - (HARD MODE ATTACK) Blue Fire: Mammoth will create sparks of blue flame that
    rocket up towards the ceiling. This can be especially bad if the conveyor 
    belt is moving your direction. You can attempt to dash jump over the sparks
    before they blossom into full bursts.
  Your default grenades are the best weapon for inflicting damage on him. Launch
  and hit him when he's not stomping around or shooting flames, and you'll
  soon claim victory.


Chill Penguin's stage doesn't really remind one of a missile base, more like an
arctic research facility. Whatever. X's version is the one you're likely famil-
iar with, while Vile's is only slightly different.

  From the start of the stage, head to the right to run into some rabbit and
  woodcutter mechaniloids. Defeat these and the wasps, and move on towards the
  cave segment of this level. Drop down the staircase structure, destroying the
  Batonton-like mechaniloids as you go. You'll also run into quite a few spike
  wheel enemies here. Further along, you'll run into the start of a zig-zagging
  section of ledges.

    You need the Foot Parts to break into the room this capsule is in. Climb up
    the first wall of this section to find them, then dash-kick your way past 
    the blocks into the room with the capsule.

  After exiting the capsule room, continue working your way up the platforms
  until you reach the top. Climb up the short shaft to reach a higher level of
  the cave, and proceed to the right to encounter more flying enemies and a
  few ostrich-like mechaniloids. Work your way through this short garrison, and
  you'll end up back outside. Hop over the tall obstructions and you'll find
  some Ride Armor. Hop inside and dash-jump over the pit.

    There's a small platform here sticking up out of the snow. Hop on top of it
    with the Ride Armor, then double jump (first jump, then hit Up + X to launch
    X out of the armor) to reach the top of the next cave. Head to the first
    igloo structure and use the Fire Wave a few times to reveal the Heart Tank.
  After you're finished here, continue heading across this part to reach the
  last stretch of the level. Here there are a few snowball throwing enemies that
  can create large snowballs if their projectiles hit the snow. Dodge and blast
  them as you see them to avoid being struck. After you clear this area, you'll
  be at the boss gate.

  The Fire Wave is the best weapon to use, and it cancels out any moves he was
  in the process of executing. Penguin has five basic attacks:
  - Shotgun Ice (Ground): He'll stay on one side of the room and fire 4 chunks 
    of ice at you. Staying on the wall makes avoiding this easy.
  - Ice Penguins: He'll create two ice penguins as a shield from your attacks. 
    Sometimes this leads into the next attack:
  - Snowstorm: When he leaps and pulls the ring in the center of the room, it'll
    trigger huge gusts of wind that will blow you and any penguins in the room
    to one side.
  - Sliding: An easily telegraphed move, this one involves him sliding the en-
    tire length of the room, and bouncing off the wall a bit. He's invincible
    when doing this, so just dodge.
  - (HARD MODE ATTACK) Aerial Shotgun: He essentially fires rebounding Shotgun
    Ice shots when he's leaping about. This can make simply dodging him quite a
    bit tougher.
  The Fire Wave is best because Penguin seems to have no invulnerability when 
  preparing to slide this time, so you can almost just stand there with the Fire
  Wave active (it'll run out faster, though). Basically just pelt him with that
  or charged X-Buster whenever you can. The only thing that makes him tough is
  the Hard Mode fight, where you have to contend with the ricocheting Aerial
  Shotgun attacks.

  To get this one, proceed through the ice cave, defeating the ride armor
  mechs until you get to the other side. Climb up the wall, destroying the
  snowball throwers and grab the Ride Armor. Dash jump back to the left
  and dash past the two dragonfly igloo structures. Continue to the left
  and drop down. Punch the first igloo you saw after exiting the long
  cave with the flamethrowers and ostriches to get the Heart Tank.



  It's important to remember that this stage can change conditions based on 
  whether or not Storm Eagle has been defeated. If he's been beaten, the floor
  traps in the first part of this stage will be gone, but the rest of the stage
  lights flicker on and off as a result of the damage done by Eagle's airship.
  Even in the darker parts, you can still see outlines of ledges and things,
  so it won't be terribly hard. Anyway, the first part of this stage is a pretty
  straightforward path of ladders and platforms. The only enemies in this 
  section are the missile launchers, and they can be blasted with only a few 
  charged shots, and dodging their attacks is easy. Eventually you'll come to a
  place where one of the ladders leads downward, and another upward. 

    ==> SUB TANK
    If you have the Boomerang Cutter, take the lower path and lean against the 
    wall that you can see the Sub-Tank. Jump up and use the Boomerang Cutter to 
    nab it.

  The next area involves total darkness, except for the occasional fly-by of a 
  firefly robot that lights the path. Make your way across all the pitfalls, and
  destroy the ostrich mechaniloid at the end. Once you reach the end of this
  section, head down the ladder and into the next chamber to find the mini-boss,
  Thunder Slimer. The Fire Wave works well until you run out, then you can just
  supplement with regular Buster fire. If Eagle hasn't been defeated, this boss
  sports a nasty electrical blast attack; if Eagle has been beaten, then the
  attack will just go *poof*. Dash to avoid getting stuck in the puddles he 
  creates, and finish him off to advance. The next section is a staggered area
  full of crash roaders and stationary cannons. You might take a few hits here,
  but it won't matter. 

    ==> HEART TANK
    After you climb up and defeat the megatortoises, stop when you see the lad-
    der leading downward. Climb up the right-hand wall until you see the Heart
    Tank sitting on the ledge. You'll need the Boomerang Cutter to get this one,
    as the length of the ledge has been extended and you can no longer reach it
    with a dash jump.
  Go down the ladder, and traverse the section filled with more roaders and
  megatortoises. Defeat them and climb up to reach another short firefly-filled
  area. Make it through here and past another ostrich, and you'll reach the
  boss gate.
  Goodness, they've gypped him even more than before. Mandrill has zero invinc-
  ibility time now, so as X, you have no excuse to even so much as take a hit. 
  Mandrill has three main attacks, should you choose the non-cheap way of
  fighting him.
  - Electric Spark: Mandrill will hit the ground and send massive sparks that
    travel along walls at you. He'll do this up to three times in a row.
  - Swinging: He'll leap and grab the cables at the top of the room, and swing
    across them. Dash under him to dodge, but he'll try to land on you.
  - Dash Drill: Bringing meaning to the last five letters of his name, Mandrill
    transforms his arm into a massive drill and screams across the room at you.
    He's invincible while performing this to all attacks except the Shotgun Ice.
  He doesn't really seem to have any specific Hard Mode attack; I think he just
  inflicts more damage and his attacks come faster. Just hit him with the Shot-
  gun Ice as soon as he breaks out to continually freeze him for an easy win.

    ==> HEART TANK
    This is the same location as X's version, but you'll need to grab the Ride
    Armor sitting nearby and make a dashing-eject jump (dash jump with the 
    armor, then eject from it) to grab the ledge that the Heart Tank sits on.


  At the start of the level, there is a wheeled cart. If you take it, you will 
  destroy the enemies in your path, but get flung off when it comes to an abrupt
  stop at the end, falling down a pit. A well-timed jump can let you soar over 
  the enemies and be fine, sustaining no injuries. You'll also find the classic
  1-Up Batonton hanging from the ceiling in the same location as it is in the
  SNES version. Once you make it through this section past all the bat mechan-
  iloids and the ostriches, you'll reach a pit you can drop down. Be careful,
  as the minute you drop, a Moleborer will start up.

    ==> SUB TANK
    Drop down and let the Moleborer drill past you, then run to the left where
    it was parked to find the Sub Tank.

    ==> HEART TANK
    Simply destroy the second Moleborer before it carves through all of the
    rock in order to reach the Tank. It sits on a ledge high up that you can't
    reach if the borer reaches the spike pit.

  Armored Armadillo's gotten a bit nastier overall. Unless you're packing the
  Electric Spark, battling him is going to be a challenge, as he'll block your
  attacks (most of them, anyway). He has five basic attacks:
  - Rolling Shield 1: This is his regular, starting attack. He'll move around
    the room in a fairly predictable pattern, and usually stop in the center.
    He gets faster with this attack as you wear him down.
  - Rolling Shield 2: This is a doozy to avoid unless you have some fancy foot-
    work. He starts rolling around the perimeter of the room, increasing in
    speed with each pass. He lands randomly, so it's difficult to accurately
    pinpoint where he'll land.
  - Plasma Blast: He usually does this directly after the Rolling Shield attack,
    unless he goes right back into the rolling. He will fire small plasma shots
    from his helmet, and continue to do so until you hit him, at which point
    he'll generally resume one of his Rolling Shield moves. Drop down between
    the shots and fire at him. 
  - Guarding: He does this only if you don't knock his armor off. Basically he
    just brings his plates in front of him and deflects all of your attacks.
  - (HARD MODE ATTACK) Rolling Shield 3: He curls up and starts ricocheting 
    around the room in completely random arcs, usually firing off plasma shots
    at the same time. This move is very difficult to dodge.


    ==> HEART TANK
    This one requires at least some effort. While riding these platforms across
    the expanse to the boss gate, try to stay towards the upper ones. Eventually
    you will be able to barely see one hanging off to the right. Leap off and
    grab this one to make it to the ledge where the Hadoken capsule sits in X's
    game to find the Heart Tank.



  At the beginning of the level, there will be a few water glider and mega-
  tortoise mechaniloids. While you're on the ground level of the water, your 
  Buster shots will line up directly with the water skippers, and there is 
  plenty of room to dodge the missile attacks from the tortoises. Once you get 
  into the deep water, a few sea horse robots will attack you. No matter how 
  many you shoot, they'll always respawn, so it's better to simply jump over 
  them and move on in the level. Eventually you'll meet a large submarine enemy.
  It has a few basic attacks, which include missiles that can turn unpredictab-
  ly, and a new ramming attack. Try to destroy the scope on top as quickly as
  possible, as the sub will ram you if it spots you with its searchlight. You
  also need to destroy the scope, since there's a new shield in front of the
  sub's core which disappears only if the scope is gone. The other important
  move this miniboss can use is water suction - it'll either pull you in or try
  to blow you away, but this isn't too hard to get used to. Once you destroy
  the sub, move on to where you'll encounter some fish mechaniloids. Try to
  jump over them, or you'll get sucked in and they'll try to drop you on the
  nearby spikes. After you get past a group of these, you'll face a second sub-
  marine. This is like the first one, only you have some precarious footing here
  over some spikes. Jump instead of running to get away from the water suction
  attack in this case. After you destroy this sub, you'll reach some cyclone
  generators. The first one will lead you to a ledge with an energy capsule. 
  Collect it and move past the second generator to the third.

    ==> HEART TANK
    This is a fairly complicated one, in terms of just effort. First, you have
    to ride the cyclone up to where the Cruiziler boat is floating. Hop on board
    and blast the blue crystal with your weapons until it sinks. You'll have to
    contend with missiles and flying mechaniloids, but this shouldn't be hard.
    After the boat sinks, it'll crash through the floor and create a passageway
    to an underwater chamber where another miniboss, an Utuboros, waits. Destroy
    this by shooting either its head or its tail while it's swimming around. It
    has an unpredictable pattern, mostly, so just try to compensate. After it's
    destroyed, a hatchway on the right that leads to the Heart Tank will open.

  Now head back to the left, and climb the wall to continue onward in the stage.
  After a short segment, you'll reach another Utuboros. Follow the same strategy
  here, except you'll have to deal with the mechaniloid burrowing under the
  ground sometimes. Wait for it to resurface, then continue blasting it. Once
  it's been defeated, you can move to the right again, where some more fish
  enemies will be waiting. Defeat these and you'll reach the boss gate.
  Launch Octopus is noticeably easier in this game than he was the first time
  around. His attacks are easier to avoid, and he likes sticking to particular
  combinations as well. He has four basic moves:
  - Homing Torpedo:
  - Torpedo Spread:
  - Energy Drain:
  - Tentacles:


    ==> HEART TANK
    This is in the same location as X's game. Refer to the description above for
    more detailed instructions.

  Now head back to the left, and climb the wall to continue onward in the stage.
  After a short segment, you'll reach another Utuboros. Follow the same strategy
  here, except you'll have to deal with the mechaniloid burrowing under the
  ground sometimes. Wait for it to resurface, then continue blasting it. Once
  it's been defeated, start heading back to the left towards the first cyclone
    ==> SUB TANK
    Ride the cyclone up to find some Ride Armor, then dash and dash jump your
    way back to the right, and land atop the first pillar before you fought the
    second Utuboros. Dash jump from here to the left, and eject from the Ride
    Armor to grab the Sub Tank from the top of the water.




    ==> HEART TANK
    As you make your way towards the very top of the tower, stop before you 
    reenter the inner portion. The Heart Tank is sitting on a far ledge just
    out of reach. You can try, if you have the Arm Parts, to use a charged
    Shotgun Ice to reach it, or come back here after you've defeated Kuwanger
    and grab it with the Boomerang Cutter.

  Start off climbing up the ladders while defeating the knight mechaniloids.
  Further up, you'll start encountering megatortoises and wall cannons. Deal
  with them as you continue your ascension. At the top, head right and nav-
  igate your way through the barrage of trip-lasers. There's a ladder crawler
  at the end, so destroy him and go up the ladder.

    ==> HEART TANK
    This one's can be a slight tad tricky to reach. As you near the top of
    the lift, there's a lone spiked platform on the right-hand side. Jump
    on top of it and quickly leap off to the left to grab the side of
    another spiked platform that holds the Heart Tank.

    ==> SUB TANK
    This is located where X's Heart Tank is. To get it, climb up to where you'd
    get it with X, and use his Quick Homesick (Shoulder: Boomerang Type) weapon
    to snag it.




    Before entering the cave, dash jump off the ledge and grab the upper part
    of the ceiling. Climb up to a new chamber and defeat the green guardian,
    RT-55J (he's FAR easier this time) to reveal the capsule. I suggest to get 
Zero's blaster because lot stronger.

    ==> HEART TANK
    You can only get this if you've beaten Launch Octopus, which you should have
    done by now. Before entering the cave, drop down into the water-filled hole
    and use your wall kick to break some blocks leading into another chamber.
    Stand on the ledge and dash jump across the gap to reach a ledge with the
    Heart Tank.

  You start off in the same forest as X. Move forward a few paces and destroy
  the grasshopper mechaniloid, but not the woodcutter.

    ==> HEART TANK
    Hop on the wood, and wait for the mechaniloid to chop it so it sends you
    flying back to the left. As you pass behind the tree, jump up to grab the
    Heart Tank (if you look closely, you can actually see it when you start the
    stage). Alternately, you can jump from the start of the level and fire off
    the Quick Homesick boomerang and nab it.

    ==> SUB TANK
    Before you enter the cave, jump up to where X fights RT-55J, and grab the
    Ride Armor. Hop in and head into the gave, holding down Triangle for the
    spread attack. Dash past the pickaxe-throwers and other mechas until you
    see a hole leading up into the ceiling. Stay under it, then jump, and hit
    Up + X to jump out of the ride armor so you can reach the Sub Tank. You can
    also get this with the Quick Homesick if you stand just to the right of the
    gap in the ceiling, and fire it off at the peak of your jump, in case you're
    not proficient with Vile's gimped use of Ride Armor.





    ==> HEART TANK
    Ride the lifts all the way to the top, then dash jump off to the left from
    the highest and left-most point to land on the ledge where the Heart Tank

    ==> SUB TANK
    As you cross to the next platform, shoot the turret on top of the lift to
    destroy it. Ride the lift up to the large control tower, and break the glass
    to get inside. Destroy the enemies in here, and the Sub Tank will be sitting
    on the far-right side.


    ==> HEART TANK
    Grab one of the moving lifts, and climb up to the large control tower. Don't
    break the glass; instead, climb up to the roof and head left where you'll
    find the Heart Tank.

    ==> SUB TANK
    This one is, in my opinion, needlessly difficult to get. First, start from
    the location of the Heart Tank and grab the Ride Armor. Now, within the
    32 seconds allotted to you, dash as quickly as you can across the hovering
    lifts to try and reach the other side where the fuel tanks are on a lower
    part of the ledge (just after the stage midpoint). You must get the Ride
    Armor to detonate here so that it explodes the fuel tanks and reveals the
    Sub Tank.


== 16. SIGMA PALACE 1:
Sigma's palace is where we start changing things up a bit. In fact, for both
characters, the entire layout is slightly different than the original game.

  You'll touch down on the outer perimeter, which is guarded by a multitude of
  flying and megatortoise mechaniloids. Use the Storm Tornado in all its over-
  powered goodness to make things easier. Once you reach the end, however, the 
  layout of the stage changes drastically. In the old game, you had to travel
  across some flying platforms to reach the upper area of Sigma's fortress. 
  Instead, the fortress just begins as you travel a bit underwater through a 
  brief section reminiscent of Launch Octopus' stage (so guess who we're going
  to fight?). After dealing with some seahorses, it's time once more to square 
  off with one of the submarines mini-bosses. Destroy the scope to get rid of 
  the shield, and jump out of the suction stream. You have very little safe
  room, so be careful here. After you defeat the sub, you'll have to deal with 
  some more suction fish mechaniloids. And to top it off, another encounter with
  our favorite water-dwelling Maverick, Launch Octopus. Let him have it with the
  Boomerang Cutter to destroy his tentacles, then put him out of his misery with
  the Rolling Shield.
  What happened to the part with Zero? Bah, we'll get to that later. The next 
  part will be familiar, although it's been heavily modified. It's the trek up 
  the long vertical tower towards your rematch with Boomerang Kuwanger. The 
  enemies are more plentiful, and there are a few electric fields to contend 
  with as well. Make your way up cautiously, as enemies respawn very quickly. 
  Once you reach the top, head through the door, and torpedo the renegade beetle
  to death again. The last part of the stage is the same - simply pound your way
  through the gauntlet of Metools, spiked wheels, and flying mechaniloids to 
  reach the boss gate. Inside, a slightly less-hectic battle with the spider 
  guardian, Bosspider (they changed his name, too?), awaits you.

  Bosspider is surprisingly easy in this game. The Shotgun Ice is your best bet,
  since it moves very fast, and the boss' weakness is ice anyway. In terms of
  attacks, Bosspider's repertoire isn't that advanced. In fact, he only has two
  real moves:
  - Crashing: Bospider will string a pattern together and attempt to land on
    you. This isn't terribly difficult to avoid - just dash back and forth in
    the center until you identify which path the boss is taking, and then move
    out of the way.
  - Mini-Spiders: After taking some damage, Bosspider will sometimes drop four
    small spiders for you to contend with. Dash jump over them and resume wait-
    ing for the boss to expose his weak point.
  Basically, watch the laser bars to see where Bosspider can go, and run back 
  and forth trying to predict where he'll, then hit him with the Shotgun Ice 
  when he lands and his eye opens. Unlike the SNES version, Bosspider doesn't 
  seem to noticeably increase in speed as he takes damage, so just repeat this 
  strategy until he's defeated.



== 17. SIGMA PALACE 2:
Once again, the order that you face the bosses in is different from the SNES
Mega Man X. However, there are no stage differences here between X and Vile 
except for the enemies that populate each area.

  Stage 2 starts really recreating the Maverick lair environments - the one you
  start off in belongs to Armored Armadillo. Move through the first part, and 
  use a Storm Tornado to effortlessly break down a barrier in your way past the 
  first pitfall. Continue on down to reach some Ride Armor (after destroying 
  another barrier). Head to the right, then dash back to the left after one of 
  the bore drillers rushes at you. It'll land in a spike pit, so wait for it to 
  die before continuing on. Head right, blasting the barriers in your path. 
  Eventually you'll reach some more barriers, and another driller will come at 
  you. This one will very likely hit and demolish your ride armor, so quickly 
  get behind it and toast it with the Fire Wave to keep it from demolishing you.
  Once it's out of the way, it's a short trek to reach where Armored Armadillo's
  clone waits for a quick battle. Shock shock, and move on.
  Just past the next door, we find the section that got cut from Stage 1, with
  the hovering platforms over an expansive pitfall. Activate the Rolling Shield
  and charge it up to make your life easier (the rocks on the cliff are spaced 
  further apart, so trying to climb up the cliff itself is far trickier than the
  SNES game allowed for). Once you reach the top, head right a little bit and 
  gear up for a short rematch with Storm Eagle.
  After demolishing the feathered fiend, it's a very short jaunt through a fire-
  fly-filled area to the next hatch. As a player, you are awarded no points for
  guessing who you're facing here.
  Anyway, put Mandrill on ice, and move into the next area, which consists of a
  fairly short vertical shaft occupied by some walker enemies and stationary
  cannons. Defeat them while working your way upwards to reach the final boss 
  gate where Sigma's favorite wall-crushing mural - Rangda Bangda - waits.




== 18. SIGMA PALACE 3:

  This stage starts off similar to the staggered levels section of Chill Pen-
  guin's level - mostly because you'll be facing Chill Penguin in just a bit.
  Proceed past all the stationary turrets and rolling wheels to reach the
  upper-right corner. Defeat a few Metools, and you'll reach the gate leading
  to the rematch with Chilly. Toast him, and move on.
  The next section is chock-filled with pickaxe-throwing mechaniloids and 
  megatortoises. Equip the Storm Tornado and use it to clear yourself a path
  straight on through to the next gate, where a rematch with Sting Chameleon
  awaits. Cut him down (literally), and move on into the flame-filled area
  that just blatantly gives away the next boss. This section is just a short
  vertically-laid out area of conveyor belts and scrap mechaniloid dispensing
  machines. Avoid or destroy the hovering copter mechaniloids littered about as
  well, and you'll soon reach the next gate, where Flame Mammoth is hiding.
  Defeat him, and you'll move onto yet another veritable gauntlet of enemies.
  This area is full of flying enemies, turrets, and spiked wheels. Employ the
  same tactic as you did before with the Storm Tornado to easily clear out a
  pathway. Keep moving to the right until you reach Zero's unconscious form. A
  cutscene will ensue where X is captured - again - by... again, Vile. Zero 
  wakes up in time for some heroics, and pulls his self-destruct routine again.
  He's blown backwards, and after some more conversation, it's time for the

  Vile behaves a little like his original form. All of his moves are intact,
  including the dash that you can't use when playing as him. All in all, he has
  only a few basic moves that he'll use:
  - Cherry Blast: Vile's default Vulcan gets a lot of mileage here, as it stops
    just about any attack you fire at him.
  - Bangaway Bomb: Vile launches his scattering napalm whenever he overleaps an
    attack of yours.
  - Dashing: This doesn't constitute a real attack, but it's a move you never
    get to play with. Just jump over him when he dashes at you.
  - Scatter Laser: Vile fires a laser after a few seconds of charging up. This
    is quite easy to dodge, since it doesn't go the width of the screen.
  - Peace Out Roller: Vile's ground-based electric attack can easily catch you
    off guard if you're not careful. Jump over it, but be prepared for Vile's
  Vile is weak to both the Homing Torpedo and Rolling Shield, although the 
  latter does more damage. Keep shooting at him and dodging his attacks, and 
  he'll go down easily enough.

  After Vile's defeated, a short dialogue sequence ensues where Zero cautions X
  that Sigma is still out there (duh?). If you never got the Arm Parts from Dr.
  Light, Zero will hand his over for you to use. After Zero passes away, just
  head to the right to reach the boss gate.


  Vile's stage is laid out mostly the same as X's, though the staggered levels
  at the start are a bit different. Proceed up the levels, defeating the cannons
  and spiked wheels, and drop down past the knight mechaniloids. Move up a few
  more sections and take out the three missile-launching enemies, and you'll
  reach the gate leading to the rematch with Chill Penguin. Dodge his attacks,
  and blast him until he's dead, then move on.
  The next section has a few missile-launching enemies, and floating mechani-
  loids as well as Metools. Defeat them along with the other few scattered
  enemies, and you'll soon reach the boss gate where Sting Chameleon awaits.
  Defeat him, and you'll move onto a flame-filled area that is laid out in a
  staggered format similar to the first part of this stage. Make your way up the
  levels while defeating the enemies, and you'll eventually reach the gate that
  leads to your rematch with Flame Mammoth. Take him down, and exit the gate to
  reach the final area. This section is chock-full of enemies, so use the 
  Marooned Tomahawk (why don't you have it equipped?) to make your life easier.
  Once you're done, just run forward to meet up with the two Maverick Hunters 
  that are going to give it their best shot to try and stop you. Teach them
  who's boss, will ya?


  It should be noted that Vile's game ends here, even though you're victorious.
  X and Zero are "defeated", and an ending cinematic follows where Vile is
  schooled by X's charge shot. No credits or anything, but it does give some
  cool information.


== 20. SIGMA PALACE 4:
Vile's game ends at Stage 3, so the only walkthrough and strategies here will
be for if you're playing as X.

  Music change aside, this stage is the same as it was in the SNES version. I
  mean, what were they going to change? It's simply a vertical tower... Climb
  up it, using the worm dispensers to refill Sub Tanks if you need them, and
  head up for the final set of battles. Sigma and his pet wolf will confront
  you, and after some dialogue, you'll fight Velguader.

  Velguader behaves very much the same as he did in MMX1, and has only a small
  repertoire of attacks:
  - Ice Shot: Velguader fires off five shots of ice in arcing patterns. If he is
    on the other side of the room, just cling to the wall to dodge.
  - Fire Blast: Velguader will shoot a stream of flame that travels along the
    walls in the room. Drop off the wall to avoid it.
  - Wall Climbing: Velguader will leap from wall to wall attempting to crash
    into you.
  Zero's Buster seems to work better than X's, although that could just be
  speculation on my part. In either case, just stay on the walls unless he 
  shoots the fire attack, then drop down and attack to cancel out his next move.
  Drop if he starts to wall climb, and dash to the other side to avoid being 
  struck. If you don't have Zero's Arm Parts (why don't you?), use the Shotgun
  Ice to stun Velguader.

  After Velguader is put down, there's another dialogue sequence before Sigma
  himself challenges you. And damn, X totally nails the emotion of the moment
  with his dialogue. Bring it on, Cueball!

  Sigma adds a couple of new moves to his attack patterns, but for the most part
  is just as easy as he was the first time around. Learn to avoid his attacks,
  and you can easily beat him without using a Sub Tank with a bit of practice.
  - Saber Strike: Stay on the ground or somewhere near there, and Sigma will
    attack with various saber strike combinations. He may simply slash, or lay
    into you with a multi-hit attack. 
  - Wall Climbing: Sigma will leap from wall to wall like Velguader trying to
    hit you. This is easy to avoid by dropping at the right time.
  - Laser Shot: Sigma will laugh and fire energy shots from his head. There are
    very easy to see safe spots, so just slide down between the shots.
  - Ground Dive: This usually follows his wall-climbing move. Sigma will simply
    dive straight down to the ground in an attempt to hit you if you get under-
    neath him.
  - Parry: Sigma's quite good at blocking your attacks if you're not shooting
    him when he's in the middle of a move. He'll block your attack, and if he
    does it at the right time, he can deflect it back at you.
  Sigma doesn't add anything new if fighting him in the Hard Mode game, but his
  attacks are stronger, and he takes less damage. Once again, the benefit of
  Zero's Buster here is that it's a more powerful shot, and you have a far
  greater chance of actually connecting with Sigma, and you can charge up fast
  enough to get another half-shot in on him on his way down. Sigma's pattern is
  very easy to follow. Stay on the walls to trigger either his Laser Shot or
  Wall Climbing moves. Shoot him with charged shots or the Electric Spark as 
  he's leaping, then drop to the ground while staying against the wall, and his
  Ground Dive attack likely won't hit you. He only attacks with his saber if you
  actually stay on the ground, which isn't a wise move. Keep at it to beat him.

  Sigma's not down for the count just yet. His body critically damaged, he 
  laughs at your skill, and summons his giant wolf-like machine to attack. The
  body will pluck Sigma's head off and insert it into the control chamber in
  the head. After another rather cool dialogue sequence, and a very cool ani-
  mation where the machine busts through the back wall, the battle will begin.

  Impressive visuals this time around - Final Sigma is no longer just a wall-
  papered background with a head, now the entire body comes forth from the
  background. This form is more or less easier than it was in X1, but the
  designers have compensated by making his attacks deadlier. 
  - Electric Wave: This comes in two flavors: Sigma either fires electricity at
    the ground and charges the floor, or his paws move around and create floor-
    to-ceiling bolts of lightning.
  - Fire Spread: Final Sigma will launch a wave of fire from its mouth that
    spreads across the screen.
  - Laser Rain: This is a very easy attack to avoid. Sigma launches a blast from
    his shoulders that creates vertical rays of energy across the room. Stand
    under one of the claws to avoid it.
  - Wall Charge (HARD MODE): Sigma will simply electrify the walls. This isn't
    a good time to hang out on them.
  - Ground Strike: Sigma's paws will strike the ground, sending shockwaves along
    the floor. Stay on the wall to dodge.
  Sigma's weakness is still the Rolling Shield, but if you got Zero's Arm Parts
  in the last stage, you'll have an even easier time as the blast is huge and
  the only time it misses is when Sigma's thrashing around. If using Zero's Arm
  Cannon, just stick to the wall and slide down if the claws start shooting
  lightning, and hit him in the head. If using the Rolling Shield, you'll have
  to risk landing on the claws and shooting at the head. This method guarantees
  more damage as Sigma uses his lightning attack if you land on his claws, so
  you'll need to be fast. The head, again, is the only part that's vulnerable,
  but aim for the blue glass covering Sigma's head to ensure a direct hit. After
  a minute or so, Sigma will bite the dust and crash through the back of the
  room, and you'll have beaten the game.

  You got killed in the last stage, fool. Play as X.


Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X has some nifty pieces of bonus content for you to
play around with. This section will go over the items you can unlock or other-
wise use to occupy your time away from the main game.

     As if boss dialogue and anime-style intros and endings weren't enough, by
     completing the game at least once, you'll get the MOVIE option added to
     the main menu, which lets you watch the 24-minute anime episode entitled
     "the Day of Sigma", which gives some really beautiful backstory on the X
     series. This episode depicts how Sigma finally turns Maverick, the events
     leading up to it, and lots of other cool stuff, including some flashbacks
     of X's involving Dr. Light! It's divided into four parts in case you don't
     want to watch the whole thing through, as well. When the game is localized,
     MMN will feature a transcript and story summary of the episode in our MMX

     This is available from the start of the game, as the TRIAL option in the
     main menu. This is a demo level from the upcoming Mega Man (1) remake, also
     for the PSP. You can either play the Cut Man level, use Game Share to get
     the Fire Man level, or return to the MHX menu. Cut Man's level has two
     options - New Style and Old Style. Old Style is the NES level redone in
     the new graphics style, but the stage layout and perspective is exactly
     the same as the NES game (this means the perspective is set farther back,
     and there are no level edits like in New Style). New Style is a closer
     perspective, with very noticeable changes to the level design, such as
     alternate paths. New Style also has three difficulty levels for you to 
     choose. If you have a friend with a PSP, you can do PSP to PSP connect-
     ivity to unlock the demo level of Fire Man. Powered Up comes out in March
     here in North America, so watch out for it - it's looking to be one heck
     of a game!

The game has some nifty tricks and other items of note that are worth mention-
ing in this little section of the guide. Below you'll find some tidbits over
stage conditions, easy ways to fill up Sub Tanks, and info on both Zero's Arm
Parts and the coveted Hadoken Fireball powerup.

     Certain stages change their appearance, becoming less hazardous if another
     has been beaten before it. They are as follows:
     - Defeating Chill Penguin before entering Flame Mammoth's stage cools down 
       the lava, making it safer to walk on. 
     - Defeating Launch Octopus before entering Sting Chameleon's stage fills 
       the pitfalls with water, making it possible to grab the Heart Tank.
     - Defeating Storm Eagle before entering Spark Mandrill's stage causes the 
       Death Rogumer to crash into the power plant, taking most of the power 
       offline. This makes it darker, but removes the floor hazards.

     Head to Armored Armadillo's stage after you have (a) defeated him and (b)
     acquired the Arm Parts upgrade. Start at the beginning, charge up the Roll-
     ing Shield, and run up and down the first ramp destroying the bat mechan-
     iloids with the shield. They almost always drop health refills, so it makes
     it very easy to refill your Sub Tanks in a very short period of time.

     This isn't so much an easy method, but it's fairly reliable. Just visit 
     Chill Penguin's stage and farm health from the walkers and flying robots in
     the first part of the stage. They almost always drop health refills, it 
     seems, making it fairly easy to fill up your Sub Tanks. An even better 
     method is to equip the Rising Specter (Shoulder: Laser Type) and let it
     blow up all the enemies on-screen, and just collect the items they drop.

     You can skip getting the Arm Parts upgrade from Dr. Light during Sting Cha-
     meleon's stage in favor of something with a bit of extra kick to it, if you
     can deal with making it all the way through Sigma's Palace levels without
     the ability to charge your weapons. Fight through the levels, and when Zero
     is destroyed, he'll give you his Buster before he dies. His Buster fires
     the charge shot you see in the intro stage, which is a bit bigger than the
     fireball spread that Light gives, and does extra damage to boot! (To see
     for yourself, beat the game, then use Zero's Buster on the intro stage. It
     murders Vile in two hits as opposed to the four that X's Buster takes!

     I admit, I didn't expect Capcom to keep this one intact, but sure enough, 
     it's there, and they even made new artwork for Light in Ryu's karate gi! To
     get it, first gather all the items in the game - 8 Heart Tanks, 4 Armor
     Parts, 4 Sub Tanks, and defeat all the bosses. Now there are two ways to
     actually get this, and the second way is the only method that works in 
     Free Play Mode. The first method is the same way as the SNES version - go
     through Armored Armadillo's level, grab the energy capsule above the boss
     gate, and exit via the hatch and repeat 3-4 times, making sure you have 
     full energy on the last attempt (your Sub Tanks must also be full). The
     second method is simply to get a No Damage Clear in the level (this is
     achieved easily by activating the charged Rolling Shield, and keeping the
     shield in place while you spam the Storm Tornado on all the stage enemies).
     In all of my tests, the capsule has always appeared on the first try if
     I haven't taken a single hit. Once the capsule's there, talk to Dr. Light
     to learn about the power that only a few have mastered, and step into the
     capsule to receive the fireball power. After you get it, you can defeat any
     boss in one hit (including Final Sigma - though this is far easier said 
     than done). Execute the move easier using the Analog stick by inputting 
     the same sequence used in Street Fighter: Down, Down-Left, Left, Attack. 
     Note that Lefts can be exchanged for Rights, depending on which way you're


== 23. CREDITS:
This section is to acknowledge everyone that has helped out with updates to this
guide. It's small at the moment, but it has room to grow.

- MaverickHunter: Info on getting Sting Chameleon's items for Vile with the 
  Quick Homesick weapon.


This guide must always be shown in full form with credit given to the author, 
and a link must be given to Mega Man Network (http://megaman.retrofaction.com). 
Mega Man, X, Vile, Sigma, and all associated characters and games are copyright 
to Capcom Co., Ltd.

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