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					BY ADK : 
Welcome players, no you don't dream, this is a total walkthrough for Napple Tale. First i want
to say something about the title : it's ALISSIA in Day Dream. The girl in the game is named Alissia
but our japnese friends of Chime(editor) write it Arsia because it's so difficult for them to write 
our language. Second Napple remind "Naples" the italian city because most of people of the staff in the game are italians.
I understand them but i hope that in an eventual translation this fact will be arrange for us. This 
time i concentrated my skills on an action RPG. You had maybe read my other faqs for Resident like
so i must also say something for that :
In the review i'll make here, my final note is for a genre. It means that 98% for a resident like didn't 
mean that the game is better than an action RPG.

If you find something i haven't done in the game e mail me at [email protected]

So here is the program for today (and probably the rest of the week for you)

1 A complete review of Napple Tale
2 Involved yourself in the game
3 Characters you meet by quarters and boss
4 Walkthrough
5 Secrets i haven't unlock yet
6 Faqs and credits

1 Review : 

Well, it's a bit complicated. If i take Night into Dream (sat), if i add Pandemonium (sat/play),
if i add also Clockwork knight (sat) and a design that reminds me Panzer dragoon saga (sat) , i mix 
it with water, ice and pepper i obtain Napple Tale. 
It has been since a long time i haven't play a typical japanese plateform games. I can't believe that i use 24
hours to complete this game. I wouldn't believe it was a rpg but it is and a difficult one. The story begins 
with Alissia in a fest during the night. She disobeys her father and mother orders and go there (i think...).
Alissia was so tired she begins to sleep. Fortunately for her, she didn't hear the horrible jingle of the
beginning of the game. When she wakes up she find herself in a strange road. A strange creature appears and call
her Poach (which must be her nickname). Alissia asks how the creatures knows her name and the creature wasn't able 
to answer. The creature wasn't able to remind his name. They follow the road until the end and they arrive in Napple town.
After a visit to the church she meets a druid, the mayor and the creature was called by everyone Strynap. Everyone was
waiting for Poach because she is the only one who can save Napple world from nightmare. Curiously it's also the only way
to return back in the real world. Alissia must find six "petals" (it's not the english word, it's a special vocabulary use 
in the game) to restore peace.  After a short adaptation for the vocabulary i begin the game. It was full of cutscene,
long so long that i wanted to stop and sell the game. The character graphics were so ridiculous some times that i laugh.
Therefore i continued to investigate because the story interested me. 
In terms of presentation Napple Tale has great cinematics during the game. The end is animated on the contrary of the opening
movie. Especially the animation surprised me. However if the opening song is horrible the other during the game are cool.
Graphically i was so disapointed by the game. In all the games there are only three or four stages where i was satisfied.
I don't understand why the editor made a classical games instead of a fanstastic one. It seems that in japan it's a great success
but in my opinion it's too bad. The design seems to be ridiculous but in fact it's perfect for a tale. Also when the bad guy finally
appears in the game there are exactly what i was waiting for.
The animation is not very good, especially for a dreamcast. NO 60 images per second, and the game slows when the scrolling use
classical 3D animation. Think that the same scroll was in Pandemonium and was speedest than this one. Does the editor play with a Super
Famicom before creating Napple Tale ?. Again all what i said is the contrary for the boss. So why not a super animation ?
The sound is the most horrible i heared in a Dreamcast game. If you hear it alone you'll discover classical music, fairy tale music and
even a good atmosphear. But if you have played with Space Channel 5 just before, you will shut down the volume of the TV. Even when i
appreciate the atmosphear i cut the sound for some music. It's the same thing with the voice. Classical and useless. This is the result
of an italian composition. Yes, Sega asked a tons of italian to create the music because they are the king of modern tale in Europe. I
have nothing against that but the composer was numerous and some music stays poor and horrible. again why ?
Fortunately the gameplay is perfect. I was really happy to visit again and again the same plateform stage to discover new secrets.
There's nothing impossible especially with the new creature you discover in the game. There's no place where you don't want to go again.
My favorite stage were automn stage 1 and winter entirely,stage 1 of summer and stage 3 of spring.
I speak of this game exactly like a Sega cd game. The technic is not all because the game is extremely interesting. Even i find it's a
great one. But next time mister Sega please think to us and create a perfect game.

GRAPHICS : 15/20
SOUND : 14/20
INTEREST : 17/20

2 involved yourself in the game : 

this section is dedicated to non japanese speaker so they can play the game more easily.

here are the name of the 28 animals that you can find.
11 POO
27 EL

What is a RESIPO : it's a part of a Pafet. You need four resipo to create a pafet
What is a pafets : a mix of puppets and pets. 28 of the 71 pafets of the game are animals and the other are items you must distribute in
all Nappletown by solving quest.

3 Characters per quarters and boss

Center of Nappletown : Malice : a blond girl near the bridge and bonus house
 		       Angela : she has a green robe, near the end she goes in Cherry Front near Shell's house.
 You see 13 ICE (home), a church with Druid inside and Bonus House (red house) : there you can unlock boss mode and special stage 1
CHERRY FRONT : left side : Winky's house, Alice's house and Shell's house
	       right side : Repo (school dance) with inside Cole (professor with glasses), Anne his daughter and Col a little blond hair
	       in the street you meet Winky and Angela.
OCEAN BLUE  : left side : Ponpa's house with ponpa inside. the Bar with Jackson inside.
	      right side : Stan's house.
	      in the street you meet Luis and also a little boy near the 13 ice (maybe Col but i'm not sure)
ROUGE LEAF : left side : dragon's house (he comes later), Seashell's house (with Seashell inside)
	     right side : Madam's house with Madam inside, Littlemaney's house with his maid Elie (blond girl) and Littlemaney.
	     in the street you meet Pog.
SILVER LINE : left side : Banz's house (banz is a wolf man, he comes later) and Mel's shop (with Mel inside)
	      right side : Frocar's house (with Frocar) and Ralph's house (with Ralph little red hair boy)
	      street : A friend of Luis
CIRCUS : Pierro(clown) Gomez (looks like quasimodo) and Gap (looks like a skull bird)
All the character have their own double in the action stage. Beware it's not the same person.


SPRING : Kinoconda : a giant snake, easy.
	 Captain Usagi (rabbit in japanese) : beware of his watch
	 Imola (a worm) easy.
SUMMER : Icanapple : is a giant octopus, very impressive and a little more difficult than the other boss
	 Tilu Tilu : a snow man, ridiculous and ... ridiculous.
	 Flower : she throw thunder but except that...
AUTOMN : Trent : you must kill the evil spirit who possesses him or he dies. You have a limited time.
	 Curse Seashell : Is that thing a boss ?
	 Dragon : he protect the money of Nappleworld. If you want to help him kill the robbers dragon, or else he will
	 throw a fire breath to excite you.
WINTER : Ghost train : AH ! a long boss and even comical with his transformations.
	 Mel's ice guard card : a long name but a stupid boss, like Tilu for example.
CIRCUS : Gap and Gomez : they are two but very easy.

MIRROR ILLUSION : Pierro : is the boss of the boss, supreme, impressive long crazy and words are missing to describe the
only true boss of this game if i except Icanapple and the Ghost train.

4 Walkthrough : 

DAY 1 : Hello Poach : 

The game begins after a horrible dialogue and an awful song. Then Poach meets Strynap (or SN like she says). Together they
find the way to Napple town.They arrive in the church where Poach meet also Frocar (a frog in a car) the mayor, Druid who
take care of the church and Strynap intriduces himself after Frocar reminds him his name. Then Strynap and Poach go to the
circus to meet Pierro. You must ever answer 1 to begin the tutorial stage. Remember carefully what you will learn here :
jump, double jump, use lever and switch and of course kill a boss to join the exit.
After that and some scene where you win your first Animal : Gunpat (he can creates a shield of moss completely useless) you
arrive in the 13 ice hotel.Strynap leads you to your room. When you can exit. You can visit the collection room and the
machine room in the same corridor. Don't touch anything for the moment in the machine room. Go downstairs and pass a door
to talk to Strynap. Exit and go to B1. In this corridor are all the animal you find and you can take with you Gunpat for
some reason you will learn soon. Then go to your room, click on your bed to save the game and click again to end up the

DAY 2 : Let's go : 

When you wake up, Strynap comes to say hello then you can exit. Go outside and Strynap introduces all the quarters of
Napple town. You have a map in the manual and my walkthrough to help you. 
Go to Cherry front : Enter the house of Alice, she is sad and don't want to talk. Then go to the gate : Try to exit and
Anne will come to talk. After that exit of the town to discover an action stage. Choose the first choice : 
THE WILD WIND : you must collect three chests here. One is immediately on your left, the second is on your way and the
third can be reach with a "propeller thing" (can't find a good term for it). You stop your progression after you meet
Winky, an old man. Then come back to Napple. Now go to the 13 ICE HOTEL. go in the machine room. The first machine is a
decode machine : it acts like a mini game : look at the color of earth, it indicates how many items and in which color you
must find. You have 1 minute or else you will lose the item. however next time you have it, you'll have to find the missing
Resipo. Then go to the Remix machine : remix the new item and you obtain a pink capsule. Go in the collection room, you can
play with the capsule if you have collected enough coins in an action stage to obtain all the collector cards. It's time to
explore Napple.

Silver Line : Help the mayor and his car. Now visit his house to find a resipo. you can find 2 more in Mel's shop and in
Banz's house. You will also meet Ralph and his animal (a mideli cigale).

Circus : you meet Gomez and his Ripo.

Rouge Leaf : visit Madam's house and collect 2 resipo. Then you will see Littlemaney's house with the well. Visit it. Then
you can visit Seashell's mansion and her garden.

Church : talk to the druid then collect the resipo.

Ocean Blue : visit the bar and talk to Jackson, then visit Stan's house and exit.

Now you must exit of Napple by using the gate in Cherry Front. Choose the other choice.

NEW YEARS DAY : You will encounter blue chest. To open them you need to throw an ennemy or a fireball on it. Later you will
discover animal that can do it for you. There are 16 chests here, you can collect 14 of them for the moment. Find the house
of Alice in this stage. Alice here is a little girl and the friend of Shell. Talk to them (it's link to Alice's sadness in
Napple) and exit.You can complete this stage. Save by jumpind on the flower near the portal and go fight the boss :

When you come back in Napple, it's a fest because you have begin to save Napple world. You see Anne, enter the same house
as her. Just before that the druid stops you to say that a new item is waiting for you in your room. So you decide to go
and see Alice, Anne can wait. Talk and then go to new years day to talk to the other Alice. Gunpat leave the team. Collect
in this room three items and Alice asks a question. answer 2 then 3 to arrive in WONDER BED.
Exit to Napple for the moment.
Now visit the Repo where Anne entered. All the child will dance here. Then talk with Cole, collect the resipo and return to
your room. On the bed, collect the item. you will observe a scene where Alissia give a Napple to a plant. if you find three
napples you gain a heart of life. Now decode and remix any new resipo. Save. then go to the place to talk with a fairy near
the fountain. then come back to the collection room and play with the pink capsule : choice 1 you play all the money
										     choice 2 : you play 10 coins.
										     choice 3 exit.
I win a second napple. I obtain after all this trip, Hihil, Papatte and Farmin. Hihil heals you, papatte creates a shield
for him and if you tape B rapidily he shots, and farmin provides a plateform so you can jump higher. When you have remix 
Farmin Strynap appears and advices you to take him with you. Talk to Mel and then to Frocar and everyone important in the
town. With the help of Farmin you can collect two more chests on the roof of Frocar's house and in New years day. It's
time to visit Wonder bed.
WONDER BED : Farmin and Hihil will be useful here. At the beginning of the stage you can reach Anne with a pumpkin on her
head. don't do that, it can changes the stage and you will lose two chests. Talk to her after you complete this stage. You
can normally collect all the chests here. you can visit a green nest at the beginning of the stage. 
Near the end of the stage you can talk with GAP, then he goes away. save and go fight the boss, Captain Usagi (it's a
reference to Alice in Wonderland). You will admire a scene where Poach collect the first Petal : Adochrono. You are now in
Napple and after you click on your bed you end up the journey.


Go to 1F and answer 1 to Strynap. You will see a scene. Go to Wonder bed to talk to Anne. Return to Napple take Adochrono 
and explore the third and last stage.

THE WILD WIND :  there are 18 chests. 17 are easy to collect, forget the 18 th for the moment. As usual Farmin will be
useful here. Now you can complete the stage. Enter the Resipo by using the gate. You meet with Rose and Gayaga and also
Col.Explore the stage, talk to Gap. After, use the wind to reach higher plateform (double jump and hold A) and once you 
can exit, yes don't ring the bell because it's useless for the moment. Come back to Winky's house in this stage. He gives a
bag for Gayaga. Bring it to Gayaga and there will be a scene. Now that you are in Napple, play with the capsule, decode and
remix all the resipo. you have also find a Napple. I obtain Cacan and Shishin. Cacan provide a tricolor ray around you and
Shishin use the storm to kill everyone in your path. On the roof of 13 ice you meet again Gap and after you talk he goes on
the roof of the church. You can reach him again and he goes out of Napple. collect the resipo on the roof of the church.
Then return to Gayaga's repo. You must visit again the stage and collect all the note for him. You will find a red one down
the mountain, another red up the mountain, an orange note on your way, a third red note befor entering the first mill and
the last on the ground after the second mill. Now ring the bell to reach the boss Imola.

You got Spirila, the second petal and you observe a cool scene.


Go to 1F and talk with Strynap. Answer 1 as usual. Scene. You can collect a resipo at the bar of the 13 ice. Go to ocean
blue. Exit by the gate. Enter : 

ONCE SUMMER : 17 chests here and 16 are easy. Visit this stage and save. Then fight with Icanapple. You come back in

Talk to Malice near the bridge and many time to Frocar until he gives a resipo. Talk to Mel and he gives a resipo. Decode,
remix etc... . Now return to the gate of ocean blue and enter the second stage.

AJISAI : 16 of the 17 chests are easy to find. you will meet with Stan and then kill the boss Tilu Tilu.

I obtain Widraco (he creates a laser around you), Rowni (he creates a curtain to blind the ennemy), Brijino (he provides a
way for you), and Popoca (who creates a gigantic light to lighten up the way). With the help of Brijino you can talk to
Anne in Ajisai, collect new chest in new years day and in once summer.

Then remix everything you can. I obtain item 33. Go to Ponpa's house and the item 33 will give a resipo. Go to Cherry Front
and talk to Winky. he gives a resipo. Go to Frocar's house and talk until he gives a resipo, talk to mel. Now decode all
new resipo. I obtain Shilulu (creates a shield for you).

Go in the bonus house near the bridge with Adochrono to play the Special stage 1. It's Sore attack. You need to select
Adochrono to enter. Collect a tons of coins here and then play with the capsule. You can do it as many time as you want.
Exit by the gate of ocean blue to : 

FESTIVAL NIGHT : you can collect 14 of the 15 chests here. Thissatge is full of mini games and you will also meet with
Jackson here.
Mini game 0 : Like Lara Croft, use the box to reach the goal
Mini game 1 : Shoot ten heads.
Mini game 2 : collect 3 coins and reach the goal.
Mini game 3 is identical to 1
Mini game 4 : While a bottle shoot, avoid the shot and use it to push in the void all the items.
Mini game 5 is identical to 2 but you must collect 6 coins.
Now fight the boss : flower and watch the scene. You obtain the third petal : Samantha. You obtain also a bottle of milk.



I obtain Mero(creates a crystal shield but it won't protect you). Go to 1F and answer 1 to Strynap. Scene. Go to Rouge Leaf
and exit by the gate.

RED AND GOLD : in this stage is hidden the others.Enter Littlemaney's house and talk to Elie. Talk to Littlemaney. Explore
the stage. 14 of the 17 chests are easy to find. You will meet Madam and Pog here and also if you explore all the way,
Seashell's house. Complete the stage and fight Trent. Use the apple he gives to kill the evil spirit. Hurry up, each apple
sucks his life. you obtain Automn (fourth petal).

Now return at the beginning of this stage and click on the well. You access 

THE MOANING WELL : Here you must go down and switch on... all the switch. There are six to find.14 of the 17 chests are
easy to find. Then you will take two boats to reach the boss : Dragon. Kill the little dragon robber and save the money.
Dragon will thank you. You arrive in Napple. Enter Seashell's house. She comes and disappears in the mirror (a reference to
Alice in the next side of the mirror (sorry i don't know the english title)). Go to red and gold.
Find Seashell's house and pass the mirror.

SECRET GARDEN : 16 chests are here. I have find 15 of them but no 16 th chest. I don't understand. you need to enter three
little house to open the big one. Then after more plateform you will meet the boss Curse Seashell.
The good way is Left, right,left,right,left,left,right,right. You obtain the fifth petal : Ritochrono.

NB : this stage is difficult and i wait more animals to complete it. My advice is to don't play it for the moment. Wait
until Day 6.

Decode and remix everything you can. I obtain Pawenpa (you can super jump), Poo (creates a fire rain).
You can revisited Red and gold and the moaning well to collect all the chests you miss.



Go to 1F and answer 1 to Strynap.Scene, exit. Talk to Mel, he gives a resipo. Now pass the gate of winter.

FJORDLAND : Help, the music, help, shut down. OUF. There are 17 difficults chests to find. The boss is a ghost train. Long
boss and good boss. Don't miss Frocar's house near the beginning of the stage. Don't enter it for the moment. 

There will be a scene, go home and save.
You discover new items. With the help of Pawenpa you can conquer new chests in summer, then discover new items. I obtain
Ripo (throw a bomb that destroy walls and open blue chests). Use him to collect 2 of the 3 missing chest in Red and gold.
The last is difficult to reach, look carefully the decor. I obtain then Dyco (who kills everyone with ice).


Talk to Elie in Napple. Then talk to Pog, then Madam, then Dragon. Then go to Red and gold, talk to Elie. Now go to Madam's
house in this stage and talk to Pog then to Madam. Go to Napple. Talk to Pog and Madam. Now Madam has a muse. Go to Red and
gold and talk to Pog then to madam and it's over. Play the muse and talk to Madam. she asks you an item. Remix it for her
then it's over.

SNOW CORRIDOR IN ICE MONTH : You can collect 13 of the 14 chests. For the 13th you need a bomb of Ripo. There's no boss.

CRYSTAL PALACE : You can collect all the chests here, visit the shop of Mel, he is missing. Destroy that poor boss.


Now return home and build a new car for Frocar (the ice mikisa). Go to Frocar's house in Fjordland. Give it to him and you
collect the sixth petal. When i go home i discover Gach.


BANZ QUEST : In the place of Napple is a dump with Banz inside. He is afraid of Littlemaney. Talk to Littlemaney and then
to Dragon. You obtain item 67 to remix. Talk to Littlemaney and the bird open the chest. Talk to Banz. Go home Banz comes,
he asks you to equip his house. Each time you create an item, give it to him, talk then go in your room and he will asks
for another. Continue until the end (it's long).

Talk to Stan. Scene. Go to Festival night : Now return to Napple and talk with Jackson. He gives an item to remix, bring it
to Stan.

JACKSON QUEST : Jackson asks two items. remix it for him (each time you must talk and he gives you the thing).

Talk to the druid in the church, he gives a napple. Talk to dragon : he asks you to talk to Nethyl the flower near his
house. Nethyl gives an item. Talk to Winky : he asks you to talk to Boratano, his flower in his house.You collect an item. Now visit all
the roof of Napple to collect the last resipo. Don't forget the roof of the circus, stan's house and littlemaney's one. I
obtain Mideli cigale who allows you to quit a stage when you want. Then go to the place and talk with one of the flower of
the fountain. It gives an item. Go in your room. Scene. Go to Mel's house and he allows you to visit the backdoor of his
shop. i push the box to collect a resipo. THen i obtain Kikiou. You can fly with him. You can now collect new chests in
fjordland, the wild wind and snow corridor in ice month. Also with Kikiou you can reach Gap in Fjordland and (after you
write on a paper the combination he gives, collect a resipo).  Go to the circus.

GOMEZ QUEST : He wants you to birng him back his fairy. Go to cherry Front and talk with Winky. Then go to Wild wind and
talk with winky and Boratano. Then collect the msising chest. Enter New years day and click on the fairy. Answer 1. Go to
Gomez and talk twice. then exit. You keep the fairy and it becomes a collector card for you. Now remix a new item for
gomez. Then he thanks you. Now talk to Boratano and Nethyl they are happy because you bring them the item they want.

In Fjordland the 17th chest is near the end. You need Kikiou to reach it. Talk to gap. Go to Red and gold now visit
Seashell's mansion here and complete the SECRET GARDEN to obtain the final petal. With the help of ritochrono you can enter
the Boss mode in bonus house. You need to select Ritochrono. Each time you kill three boss you collect a card.

Go home then. Answer 1 to Strynap and you discover the last animal, Frolo (thunder), Elu (bomb) and Sinca (complete healing

LUIS QUEST : i obtain this quest by talking with Luis after going in Festival night again. (complete the stage). Talk to
the guy in the street of siver line. Answer 1. Talk to Luis. Now talk to Stan and he asks you two more items. Remix them
for him. It's over.

FARMIN ESCAPE : Go in the pafet room of Farmin. He escapes. TALK WITH jACKSON THEN TO GOMEZ. Gon in Wonderbed to find
Farmin. Gap give it to Gomez. Talk with Gomez. Then to Jackson, then to Angela then to Gomez. Finally, Ralph arrive and
helps you, you can now take Farmin. Remix any items you can. Go on the top of the church and talk to the bell. It gives an
item for the flower in the fountain. Now she is happy.

After you help Madam, you have open a new quest. Go in the Repo. Every child has a pumpkin on their heads. Go to 1F and
talk, talk to anne. then talk to Shell in his house. You will then go in silver line and talk with ralph near Frocar's
house. Then talk to teh guy in this street. Scene. Now go to the repo again. Scene. Talk to everyone here. You must now
find Ralph. But i failed.

ALICE AGAIN : Go to new years day and talk to Shell then Alice. You can take Gunpat with you. Alice asks for a pafet.
Remix it and bring it. She gives a special card.

In once Summer you meet Jill. She talks of Luis. I failed in this quest.


Done for the Rpg phase, you will want to complete the game. Go to the druid answer 1. Talk twice, he gives an item to
remix. Then talk again and answer 2. Play Mirror Illusion. Then Pierro arrive. Answer 1. You must remix now the dream
camera (item 71). Part 1 is in Pierro's room in circus and part 2 is in your room. Remix it and take a photo of the bed in Alice's
room. Scene.
Now go to the circus and beat Gap and Gomez. The boss mode is complete now. Go to the druid, answer 2 and play again Mirror
illusion. THen you will reach the second part and save. Now Beat Pierro.

If you save the game after the end, you will access Strynap diary but believe me it's useless for non japanese speaker.

5 Secrets : 

I haven't find Ralph.
I haven't help Jill and Luis.
I haven't find the 16th chest in secret garden.
I haven't bring the good item to the bell.
I miss item 34,61,64,65,66,70. Curiously my counter indicate 8 even after i obtain Item 71.
I haven't solve the mystery of the green nest in wonderbed.
I haven't open special stage 2 but maybe you can download it with the dreampasseport 3 of the game. If it's really the
dreampasseport you can also download all the megadrive and pc engine games you want with a japanese dreamcast but i think
it's just the same interface only for Napple Tale.
If someone can help me, please e mail me at [email protected]
Anyway it don't change the end of the game.

6 Credits :

All this walkthrough is copyright.
I thanks Sega for this game.
I thank kyapiko who check my walkthrough.


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