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         NNN  NN  BB   BB     A  A     22   22  KK KK    11111   44 44
         NN N NN  BBBBB      AAAAAA       22    KKK        111 44   44
         NN  NNN  BB   BB   AA    AA    22      KK KK      111 44444444
         NN   NN  BBBBBB   AA      AA  2222222  KK   KK    111      44


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NBA Today
Lebron: Path to Greatness
  Heat Dynasty
    [Rocket Like A Hurricane]
    [The Dubs are Trouble]
    [Kobe's Last Shot?]
    [Off to Beat the Wizards]
    [OKC You in the Finals]
    [Bulls on Parade]
    [Determining the Greatest]
  Fantastic Journey
    [Run it Back]
    [Lebron's on Point]
    [MVP Showdown]
    [Solving the Answer]
    [Three-Peat at Stake]
    [Can't Take the Heat]
    [Passing of the Torch]
    [8th is Enough]
    [Enter King John]
    [Battle for the Ages]
    [Getting Clipped]
    [The New Big Three]
    [Quest for 73]
    [When Big Threes Collide]
    [The LeBron Stopper]
    [Return of the Mamba]
    [The Facilitator]
    [A Temporary Truce with Trice]
    [The One True King]
    [Rally the Troops]
    [Down but not Out]
    [Ringless Recruits]
    [Quest for 34]
    [Scoring Title Assist]
    [LeBron VS. The Giant]
    [Kings Square Off]
    [Return of The Flash]
    [In LeBron we Trust]
    [LeBron Unleashed]
    [Don't call it a Comeback]
    [Walk the Walk]
    [Will to Win]
    [The King's Coronation]
Game Modes
  The Association
  Training Camp
  The Association: Online
  NBA Blacktop
Team List & Rank

Thank you for your interest in this guide/walkthrough. I will mostly be
focusing on Lebron: Path to Greatness, which could be considered the definite
single player aspect of the game. I've done a MyCareer portion but that's more
like a throw-in and everything else seems self explanatory anyway. Specific 
team strategies I would try to give might not be applicable due to different/
custom rosters for Game Modes other than L:PTG, like The Association or Season
so I won't give suggestions for those other modes. If you truly want to be 
better in NBA2K14 you just need to keep playing!

Note: The controls listed here are for the Xbox360, but can be easily under-
stood for the Playstation and Next Gen.

The controls in NBA 2K14 are like recent years where there is basic moves for
the beginner and advance moves for more variations to the gameplay. In Practice
Mode you can practice the advance moves for more success when playing. 

In any area the moving the Right Stick (RS) will bring up the 2K Menu. Pressing
B will bring up the current submenu.

    Left Stick:           Move player in all directions
    Right Stick:          Advance Moves (Dribbles/Shooting/Passing)
    A:                    Pass
    B:                    Pick Control
    Y:                    Post Up
    X:                    Shoot
    Left Bumper (LB):     Play Call
    Right Bumper (RB):    Icon Pass
    Left Trigger (LT):    Pass Modifier
    Right Trigger (RT):   Sprint
    Back Button:          Timeout
    Start Button:         Pause
    DPad Up:              Signature Skills HUD
    DPad Down:            On-The-Fly Coaching
    DPad Right:           On-The-Fly Coaching
    DPad Left:            On-The-Fly Coaching
    Left Stick:           Move player in all directions
    Right Stick:          Hands up / Shade / Constest
    A:                    Change Player
    B:                    Take Charge / Flop
    C:                    Block / Rebound
    X:                    Steal
    Left Bumper (LB):     Double Team
    Right Bumper (RB):    Icon Swap
    Left Trigger (LT):    Intense-D
    Right Trigger (RT):   Sprint
    Back Button:          Intentional Foul
    Start Button:         Pause
    DPad Up:              Signature Skills HUD
    DPad Down:            On-The-Fly Coaching
    DPad Right:           On-The-Fly Coaching
    DPad Left:            On-The-Fly Coaching
  [Player Lock - Offense Off-Ball]
    Left Stick:           Move player in all directions
    Right Stick:          Off-Ball Cut
    A:                    Call for Ball
    B:                    Set Screen
    Y:                    Rebound
    X:                    Tell CPU To Shoot
    Left Trigger (LT):    Post Up
    Right Trigger (RT):   Sprint
    Back Button:          Timeout
    Start Button:         Pause
    DPad Up:              Signature Skills HUD
    DPad Down:            On-The-Fly Coaching
    DPad Right:           On-The-Fly Coaching
    DPad Left:            On-The-Fly Coaching
  [Player Lock - Defense Off-Ball]
    Left Stick:           Move player in all directions
    Right Stick:          Shot Contest / Pressure
    B:                    Take Charge / Flop
    Y:                    Block / Rebound
    X:                    Steal
    Left Bumper (LB):     Double Team
    Left Trigger (LT):    Grab / Post Engage
    Right Trigger (RT):   Sprint
    Back Button:          Intentional Foul
    Start Button:         Pause
    DPad Up:              Signature Skills HUD
    DPad Down:            On-The-Fly Coaching
    DPad Right:           On-The-Fly Coaching
    DPad Left:            On-The-Fly Coaching
    Right Stick Press:    Hard / Wrap Foul
    Jump Shot:            Hold RS any direction
    Stepback Jumper:      Hold RS away from hoop (driving laterally)
    Hop Gather:           Tap X while driving (LS determines direction of hop)
    Spin Shot:            Rotate RS from ball hand around player's back, then
    Half Spin Shot:       Rotate RS in a quarter-circle from ball hand to hoop,
                          then hold
    Runner/Floater :      Hold RS away from hoop (while driving close)
    Normal Layup:         Hold RS toward hoop (while driving)
    Reverse Layup:        Hold RS toward baseline (while driving baseline)
    Euro Step Layup:      Hold RS away from hoop left/right (while driving)
    Hop Step Layup:       RT + Hold RS left/right (while driving)
    Dunk:                 RT + Hold RS toward hoop (while driving)
    Mid-Air Change Shot:  Start dunk/layup, move RS in any direction while in
    Pump Fake:            Start a jump shot, then quickly release RS
    Step Through:         Pump fake, then hold RS again before pump fake ends
  [ISO Motion]
    In and Out:           Tap RS toward hoop
    Stutter Step:         RT + Tap RS toward hoop
    Hesitation (Quick):   Tap RS toward ball hand
    Hesitation (Escape):  RT + Tap RS toward ball hand (from stand dribble)
    Crossover:            Tap RS toward off hand
    Between Legs Cross:   Tap RS toward off hand and player's back
    Crossover (Escape):   RT + Tap RS toward off hand (from stand dribble)
    Behind Back:          Tap RS away from hoop
    Stepback:             RT + Tap RS away from hoop
    Spin:                 Rotate RS from ball hand around player's back, then
                          quickly return to neutral
    Half Spin:            Rotate RS in a quarter-circle from ball hand to hoop,
                          then quickly return to neutral
    Triple Threat Jab:    Tap RS left, right, or forward (while in triple
    Triple Threat
    Stepback:             RT + Tap RS away from hoop (while in triple threat)
    Triple Threat
    Spinout:              Rotate RS in either direction (while in triple
    Pass:                 A (LS selects recipient)
    Bounce Pass:          LT + A (LS selects recipient)
    Flashy Pass:          LT + RS
    Fake Pass:            X + A
    Alley-Oop:            LT + X (LS selects recipient, toward basket for oop-
    Rolling Inbound:      LT + A during baseline inbounds
    Give and Go:          Press and hold A to retain control of passer, release
                          A to pass the ball back to him
  [Post Moves]
    Enter/Leave Post:     Y
    Post Movement:        LS any directions
    Faceup Drive:         LS toward key or baseline + Y (while holding the
    Disengage Drive:      LS toward baseline + Y (while dribbling the ball)
    Aggressive Backdown:  RT + LS toward hoop
    Drive to Key:         RT + LS toward key
    Drive to Baseline:    RT + LS toward baseline
    Quick Spin:           Rotate RS to outside shoulder
    Hook Drive:           Rotate RS to inside shoulder
    Fakes:                Tap RS in any directin but away from hoop
    Post Hop:             Hold LS to the left or right away from hoop, then tap
    Post Stepback:        Hold LS away from hoop, then tap X
    Dropstep:             Hold LS to the left or right toward hoop, then tap X
  [Post Shots]
    Post Hook:            RS toward hoop (close range)
    Post Fade:            RS left or right away from hoop (beyond close range)
    Step Through Layup:   Hold RT then move RS left or right toward hoop (close
    Shimmy Fade:          Hold RT then move RS left or right away from hoop
                          (beyond close range)
    Pump Fake:            Start a shot listed above then move RS to neutral
    Up & Under/Step
    Through:              Pump fake, then RS again before pump fake ends

  [Post Play Defense (On-Ball)]
    Neutralize Move:      LS toward offensive player when he attempts a move
    Post Steals:          X during post move
    Pull Chair or Flop:   LS away from ball handler during aggressive backdown
  [On-Ball Defense]
    Intense-D:            Hold LT when in front of dribbler
    Shade Stance Change:  Hold LT, tap RS left or right
    Crowd Dribbler:       Hold LT when near the dribbler (triple threat or
                          holding ball)
    Fast Shuffle:         Hold LT + RT, move LS in any direction
    Hands Up Defense:     Hold RS in any direction
    Shot Contest:         Tap RS toward shooter
    Pass Contest:         Tap RS away from dribbler
    Take Charge:          Hold B
    Flop:                 While in take charge, release B, press B
    Double Team:          LB
  [Advance Offense]
    2K Smart Play:        Hold LB to call the best play for the situation
    Positional Playcall:  Tap LB then tap teammate's action button; choose play
                          from menu
    Send Teammate on Cut: Tap LB then tap teammate's action button; RS to cut
    Basic Pick Control:   Hold B (length of hold determines Slip, Roll, or
    Icon Pick Control:    Tap B then press and hold the action button of
                          desired screener (length of hold determines Slip,
                          Roll or Fade)
  [Off-Ball Offense]
    Call for Ball         A
    Ask Teammate to
    Shoot:                X
    Call for Alley-Oop:   LT + X (while cutting toward hoop)
    Set Screen:           B
    Call for Screen:      Y
    Stand Juke:           RS tap left/right
    Juke Launch:          RS tap left, hold right
    Spin Launch:          RS half-circle
    Stutter Launch:       RS left twice, then hold
    Stutter Cut:          RS tap any direction (while running)
    Juke Cut:             RS left, right (while running)
    Spin Cut:             RS half-circle (while running)
    Post Up:              LT (with back to defender)
    Post Spin for Lob:    Release LT + LS left/right (when posted offball)
    Counter Deny/Front
    in Post:              LT + RS left/right (when posted offball)
  [Off-Ball Defense]
    Post Up:              LT (when near offensive player)
    Deny Ball:            RS in any direction
    Ball Pressure:        RS tap towards ballhandler
    Fight for Position
    in Post:              LT + LS into defender (when posted offball)
    Deny / Front Post:    LT + RS left/right (when posted offball)
    Steal Post Entry
    Pass:                 LT + X (as ball is passed into post)
  [Always Active]
    "Switch Camera":      Move to the next camera position
    "Gatorade Dunk":      Dunk the coach during applicable situations
    "Call Time Out":      Call a time out
    "Call" "Post Play"    
    "for" "LeBron James": Call play by play type ("call" and "for" are
    "Isolation," "Post
    Play"," "Pick and
    Roll," "Three Point": Play types
    "Position/Last Name/
    Full Name":           Call by
    "Substitute Player
    Last Name/Full Name/
    Position":            Substitutions (always active)-remove a player from
    "Bring in-Bench
    Player Last Name/
    Full Name":           Initiate a substitution with a specific player
    "Pick and Roll,"
    "Quick Isolation,"
    "Quick Iso,"
    "Clear Out,"
    "Quick Post Up,"
    "Quick Spot Up Three,"
    "Cut to Basket,"
    "Backdoor Cut":       Quick play control
    "Set a Screen for me,"
    "Set a Pick for me":  Quick screen
  [DEFENSE-Active in both regular play and in MyCareer]
    "Pick up ball":       Call for nearest AI player to switch to the ball
                          handler if he doesn't have him already
    "Double Team":        Call for AI double team
    "Help Me":            Call for help from team
    "Intentional Foul":   Call for intentional foul
    "Substitute Player
    Last Name/Full Name/
    Position":            Substitutions (always active; invalid for MyCareer)-
                          remove a player from game
    "Bring in-Bench Player
    Last Name/Full Name": Initiate a substitution with a specific player
    "Man to Man," "Zone
    2-3," "Zone 3-2,"
    "Zone 1-3-1,"
    "Halfcourt Press,"
    "Halfcourt Trap,"
    "Fullcourt Press,"
    "Fullcourt Trap":     Call for defensive set
  [MyCareer Offense]
    "Call time out,"
    "Time out":           Call for time out
    "Throw the Alley":    Call for alley-oop
    "Pass the ball to me,"
    "Pass me the ball,"
    "Pass the ball to
    Player Last Name/
    Full Name/Position":  Call for pass  
    "Quick Post Up,"
    "Quick Isolation,"
    "Quick Iso,"
    "Clear Out,"
    "Quick Spot Up 3":    Call for quick play
    "Set a Screen for me,"
    "Set a Pick for me":  Call for quick screen
    "Shoot the Ball!"
    "Shoot that Shot!"
    "Take that Shot!"
    "Shoot that!"
    "Shoot it":           Call for AI shot
() MyPlayer
Before we get started you'll have to pick 1 of 36 different preset players that
would be used in MyCareer Mode. If you're content with the work Take-Two has
done then press Start to continue, otherwise press A on the player you want to
modify even further.

[Customizing MyPlayer]
  Here is a list of types you can customize along with a brief comment on them.
  I won't list the available options for each type since it's so vauge
  without me trying to explain it to you when you're better off seeing for your
  self in the game. They're self explanatory anyway!
  Just press LT or RT to rotate the camera around the player.

> Skin Tone
  Darker to the left, lighter to the right.

> Muscle Tone
  Let him rip!

> Eye Color
  Only noticeable during replays.

> Hair Style
  Unfortunately you won't see many of these in the NBA.

> Hair length
  The coaches won't mind.

> Hair color
  Probably only mattered to Dennis Rodman.

> Beard Style
  What? No Harden beard?!

> Moustache
  There's only 7 to choose from.

> Goatee
  Decorate your chin! 

> Eyebrow
  Yes, you can shave it off.

> Facial Hair Color
  Match the hair color, or mix them. The crowd won't laugh, I swear!

> Face Type
  From tight to smooth.

> Head Type
  Not exactly "Skull Type".

> Head Package
  Premade heads from somebody at VC.

> Customize Head
  Get the head you've always wanted using shapekeys!

    [Head Shape]
    > Preset Head Shape
      Choose 1 of 5 presets or tweak any of them afterwards.
    > Customize Head Shape
      > Brow (1/6)
        Width: Move LS left and right to press or protrude the Brow line.
        Height: Move LS up or down raise or lower the Brow line.
        Sloped: Move RS left or right to adjust the forehead angle.
      > Neck (2/6)
        Thickness: Move LS left or right to narrow or thicken the neck.
        Fat: Move LS up or down to increase neck fat for a double chin. 
      > Chin (3/6)
        Width: Move LS left or right to thin or widen the chin.
        Length: Move LS up or down to lengthen or trim the chin.
        Protrusion: Move RS left or right to intrude or protrude the chin.
      > Jaw (4/6)
        Wide: Move LS left or right to thin or widen the jaw bone.
        Squareness: Move LS up or down to lower or raise the jaw bone.
      > Cheek (5/6)
        Width: Move LS left or right to decrease or increase the cheek bone.
        Height: Move LS up or down to raise or lower the cheek bone.
        Fullness: Move RS left or right to squeeze or puff the cheeks.
      > Definition (6/6)
        Definition: Move LS left or right to refine the face further.
        When you're satisfied remember to press A to accept changes.
    [Mouth Shape]
    > Preset Mouth Shape
      Choose 1 of 5 presets or tweak any of them afterwards.
    > Customize Mouth Shape
      > Upper Lip (1/4)
        Thickness: Move LS left or right to lower or raise the upper lip.
        Curve: Move LS up or down to angle or smooth the upper lip.
        Protrusion: Move RS left or right to tuck or stick out the upper lip.
      > Lower Lip (2/4)
        Thickness: Move LS to left or right to lower or raise the lower lip.
        Curve: Move LS up or down to pull or droop the lower lip.
        Protrusion: Move RS left or right to intrude or protrude the lower lip.
      > Mouth Size (3/4)
        Width: Move LS left or right to pucker or widen the mouth.
        Height: Move LS up or down to lower or raise the mouth position.
      > Curvature (4/4)
        Corners: Move LS left or right to lower or raise the mouth corners.

    [Ears Shape]
    > Preset Ears Shape
      Choose 1 of 5 presets or tweak any of them afterwards.
    > Customize Ears Shape
      > Ears
        Width: Move LS left or right to move ears inward or outward.
        Height: Move LS up or down to increase or decrease the ears.
        Tilt: Move RS left or right to tilt the ears inwards or outwards.
        Ear Lobe: Move RS up or down to lengthen or shorten the ear lobes. 
    [Nose Shape]
    > Preset Nose Shape
      Choose 1 of 5 presets or tweak any of them afterwards.
    > Customize Nose Shape
      > Nose (1/4)
        Width: Move LS left or right to narrow or widen the nose.
        Height: Move LS up or down to raise or lower the nose.
        Protrusion: Move RS left or right to intrude or protrude the nose.
      > Bone (2/4)            
        Definition: Move LS left or right to angle or round the nose slope.
        Bridge: Move LS up or down to adjust the nose bridge.
        Width: Move RS left or right to thin or widen the maxilla.
      > Tip (3/4)
        Width: Move LS left or right to increase or decrease the nose tip.
        Height: Move LS up or down to raise or lower the medial wall.
        Bend: Move RS left or right to shift the nose slope.
        Tip: Move RS up or down to thin or widen the nose tip.
      > Nostrils (4/4)
        Width: Move the LS left or right to thin or widen the nostrils.
        Height: Move the LS up or down to raise or lower the nostrils.
    [Eye Shape]
    > Preset Eyes Shape
      Choose 1 of 5 presets or tweak any of them afterwards.
    > Customize Eyes Shape
      > Form (1/3)
        Spacing: Move LS left or right to increase or decrease eye spacing.
        Openness: Move LS up or down to open or close a bit the eyelids.    
        Upper Eyelid: Move RS left or right to raise or lower the outer corner.
        Lower Eyelid: Move RS up or down to raise or lower the lower eyelid.
      > Placement (1/3)
        Width: Move LS left or right to change the outer portion of the eyes.
        Height: Move LS up or down to raise or lower the eyes.
        Protrusion: Move RS left or right to intrude or protrude the sockets.
        Rotation: Move RS up or down to tilt the eyes.
      > Shape (3/3)
        Inner Eyelid: Move LS left or right to change the inner eyelid.
        Outer Eyelid: Move LS up or down to change the outer eyelid.
> Randomize Head
  Do this before customizing your own head.
> Reset Head
  Undo all the hard work you did or if your player starts to resemble someone
  out of Avatar.
> Tattoos
  It's an NBA thing.
> Name MyPlayer
  Now give your player a first and last name. If you give them a registered
  last name like "Bryant" the announcers will say that. Otherwise they will
  just call you by your nickname.
Press Start whenever you're done to continue to the game.    

Play a Featured Game from the actual NBA Schedule.

() Lebron: Path to Greatness
L:PTG is a single player campaign that pits Lebron against the rest of the
league using fictional scenarios. There are two paths to choose: Heat Dynasty
and Fantastic Journey.

Heat Dynasty is a fictional continuation after the Heat won back-to-back
championships. It covers seasons 2014-2020. The goal is for LeBron to win his
7th ring and cement the Heat as the "greatest" dynasty ever by beating teams
that stand in his way. There are a total of 7 scenarios each involving a
championship at stake.

Fantastic Journey is another fictional but more personal look at LeBron's 
future in the NBA. Unlike Heat Dynasty, LeBron finds himself with other teams
down the road facing new and old foes. It covers seasons 2014-2020. The goal is
the same as in HD which is getting 7 rings for LeBron. There are a total of 33 

Stars are rewarded for accumulated points after the game. 3 stars are the most
you'll earn per game. It isn't necessary to get 3 stars each game just to
advance unless you want the Achievement. To be honest I hardly fared better but
winning the game is more important and enough to advance. You can always replay
them after you complete the path to get a better rating. Or you can even play
as the opposing team or with a friend. It will only be counted as a Quick Match

If you are new to NBA2K14 I suggest you practice basic and advance moves in
Training Camp and Practice (found under Game Modes) before you attempt either
path. Once you get used to how the AI works it will become less frustrating.
Or you can just skip Practice like Allen Iverson. Just saying. 
You can also set the difficulty and the quarter time before you play in the 
Options menu. The minimum time is 6 minutes. You get that James? 6 minutes.
You'll need to set the time to 12 minutes if you want to reach the Goal.

Everything here is just general observation since I don't believe the games
are played exactly the same everytime for everyone else because of too many
factors involved so it could be different for you. I'm not going to say I'm the
best baller out there so the basic strategies I give are more like suggestions 
and you're free to run the offense however you like.
On Offense or Defense use DPad Left or Right for Plays and Sets. DPad Up shows
Signature Skills of the selected player. DPad Down sets substitutions on the
next dead ball.

Some quick tips:
  > Utilize each players Signature Skills
  > Read the defense (mismatches, double teams, etc)
  > Don't throw the ball cross court
  > Don't rely on the 3's
  > Don't shoot too early in the shot clock
  > Forced shots = easy fast break points
That aside, we will now start with Heat Dynasty and then Fantastic Journey.


[Rocket Like A Hurricane]
  The Finals - June 17, 2014 
    Game Goal: The Brightest Star
      Win Player of the Game with LeBron on the way to the three-peat.
      J.Lin, J.Harden, and C.Parsons are all perimeter threats, so almost never
      let them have an open shot, especially at the 3 point line. O.Asik isn't
      good offensively but defensively, yeah. He gets rebounds D.Howard misses
      so you need to time it properly. They have decent players off the bench
      that mostly specialize in outside scoring like I.Canaan (mid-range), 
      F.Garcia (3-point) and P.Beverley (3-point/defense).
      The one thing you should be always doing is reading the defense. Doing so
      will minimize any mistake you might make.
      You're primary goal is to have LeBron end up with better stats, you can
      tell who's top dog by pressing Start. Use the D-Pad and set a play for 
      LeBron to get open or have LeBron call for screens by holding down B. Or
      use his speed to get past defenders and drive to the basket. 
      M.Chalmers has a Catch and Shoot skill so let him use it when he gets the
      ball in the open. C.Bosh and U.Haslem are probably lesser defensively in 
      the post against the Rocket's front court so Bosh could be more useful 
      mid-range to draw out D.Howard. Make sure to press Y to protect the ball
      in with Bosh. You have R.Allen and S.Battier in your bench so take
      advantage of their Skills.

[The Dubs are Trouble]
  The Finals - June 17, 2015
    Game Goal: Shot for Shot
      Outshoot Stephen Curry from the field and beyond the arc with LeBron.
      O.Asik is back but this time G.Oden is matched up against him. S.Curry
      tends to look for the mid-range shot and is able to shoot off a catch.
      Defensively Curry can rip the ball away from you so don't get fancy with
      him. K.Thompson is a outside threat so at least keep him away from the
      corners. A.Iguodala will look to drive and is a Lockdown Defender. D.Lee
      is a post player with Tenacious Rebounder and Post Proficiency Skills.
      Their bench has good replacements in H.Barnes (Anti-Freeze) and T.Douglas
      (Scrapper). J.O'Neal is their only decent post defender/scorer but he is
      poor defending/scoring outside.
      It's James vs. Curry for the goal, so if you're letting Curry do whatever
      he wants it "might" be difficult to have James keep up. Remember to keep
      an eye on his position because if you try to pass with Curry in the
      middle he will likely steal it everytime. Have D.Wade control the ball
      most of the time if you like. Try staying man-to-man since the open man
      will look to drive. Call for screens often to disrupt the defense and
      don't forget the plays. You have the same bench as last year so make use
      of U.Haslem inside, R.Allen and S.Battier outside with Battier in the
      corner. If it gets crowded use DPad Left then X to space the floor.
[Kobe's Last Shot?]
  The Finals - June 16, 2016
    Game Goal: Crash the Party
      Outduel Kobe with LeBron on his big night.
      What an unearthly lineup. Anyway it's another VS goal so remember to
      focus on LeBron scoring but don't force it. I know it sounds weird but
      Kobe isn't going to take every shot. Besides K.Bryant, C.Anthony and 
      K.Love will be the primary offensive threats. All 3 are always looking to
      score with J.Calderon primarily a ball handler and E.Kanter a rebounder.
      All starters except Kanter are 3-point threats so watch the perimeter.
      You have the same lineup again as before so their roles haven't changed.
      Just don't let Kobe have better stats than LeBron if you care about the
      Goal. Try to have LeBron take it to the basket often with his Finisher 
      Skill if shots aren't falling from outside. Let G.Oden be a post 
      rebounder/blocker instead of posting up since his ball handling is poor. 
      You have plenty of players with Interceptor Skills so use it but don't 
      over do it. Your 3-point threats in Allen and Battier are no more off the
      bench but you have J.Jenkins who has Catch and Shoot/Deadeye Skills.
[Off to Beat the Wizards]
  The Conference Semifinals - May 20, 2017
    Game Goal: Three Against One
      Have LeBron outperform the Wizards' Big Three all by himself.
      So now it's 3-vs-1. J.Wall has a wide set of Skills to use most notably
      Interceptor and Finisher. He'll look to drive often if he sees an opening
      so clog that lane. B.Beal is another with a range of Skill sets. With
      Catch and Shoot/Corner Specialist/Shot Creator/Deadeye Skills he is not
      one to mess with. He excels beyond the arc so keep him off the corners.
      Beal also tends to shoot more than Wall, in fact more than anyone else in
      the team for that matter. O.Porter is the 3rd man in the fight against
      LeBron. Though not as skilled as LeBron he can still shoot outside. He
      tends to shoot the mid-range shot followed by the close shot. Like Beal
      he has the Anti-Freeze Skill that never allows the player to get cold.
      M.Morris is a PF that can put up that 3 so don't forget about him.
      Despite his range he tends to shoot closer to the rim if not the 3. He's
      also a better rebounder offensively than defensively. E.Okafor is the
      typical center that he only shoots close, likes to rebound and will
      contest mostly every shot. Off the bench is nothing spectacular. J.Barea
      tends to shoot more than anyone in the team believe it or not, but only
      from beyond the arc and driving to the basket. Defensively he is ok but
      can't steal the ball well. The other offensive threats are K.Seraphin and
      M.Webster. Seraphin tends to shoot up close and Webster will tend to go
      for the corner 3.
      The goal obviously is to have L.James outperform 3 players and it makes
      me think this is only possible at the Rookie difficulty. So what to do?
      Drive. James is WAY faster than Porter so use that speed to your
      advantage. If they start doubling pass it out, don't force the shot. Call
      screens or dribble around isolated teammates who aren't near a crowd to
      cause confusion and drive to the basket and possibly draw the foul. Or
      send LeBron to cut to the basket.
      B.Knight replaces M.Chalmers at the point and isn't much offensively if
      not shooting the 3, but he is fast at least. There is the usual D.Wade,
      C.Bosh and G.Oden and the bench is the same but with K.Perkins replacing
      Anderson at center. Just be patient and don't play a fast pace game.
[OKC You in the Finals]
  The Finals - June 22, 2018
    Game Goal: Take Back the Paint
      Attack the Thunder's biggest strength and score inside as much as
      possible with LeBron.
      R.Westbrook is sharp from close to mid-range shots and will look to score
      close and drive often. Defensive Skills include Pick Pocket, Interceptor,
      and Lockdown Defender so beware going head to head with him. K.Durant is
      even better than Westbrook in that he can shoot the 3 and shoot it as
      often as his mid-range shot. He will tend to shoot close and like
      Westbrook tend to shoot more frequently. Durant's Offensive Awareness
      and Consistency are maxed. J.Lamb is their primary threat behind the 3
      point line and tends to shoot from there often. A.Davis and R.Hibbert are
      the walls around the basket. Both have Eraser, Hustle Points and
      Defensive Anchor Skills. Offensively they both tend to shoot inside but
      watch for Davis more. N.Robinson is first off the bench and an offensive
      minded player looking to drive and shoot the 3.
      Call screens or set plays for LeBron to drive to the basket as you must
      score more inside than out. If you post up use Pump Fakes to draw the
      foul or to get them in the air. B.McLemore replaces D.Wade and isn't that
      bad offensively if LeBron can't get an opening. Utilize his Catch and
      Shoot/Deadeye Skills instead of creating his own shot. C.Bosh and G.Oden
      are the same only Oden now has the Tenacious Rebounder Skill. The bench
      is also largely unchanged. Depending on your difficulty just take the 
      high percentage shot, quickly get back on defense and keep the game tempo
      down. Don't jack up shots.
[Bulls on Parade]
  The Conference Semifinals - May 16, 2019
    Game Goals: Be Rose's Thorn
      Shut down Derrick Rose.
      The idea is to make it difficult for Rose to have a big game if you want
      to complete the goal. Doubling up on him too much won't be a good idea
      since they have good mid-range shooters. Defending Rose too close might
      allow him to dribble close enough to put up a layup. Just stay in front
      of him and don't give him open lanes.
      The Bulls will mostly look to shoot inside and their post defense can be
      hard to get by. They're also a good rebounding team with Griffin and
      Noah in the front court. V.Oladipo is a menace with his signature skills
      so don't gamble with him, he has Lockdown Defender that neutralizes
      the skills of those he's guarding. Their bench has P.Siva with his
      defensive skills, J.Crawford with his outside scoring/defending and 
      J.McGee for shot blocking.
      Again, pass the ball around and read the defense. B.Knight and L.James
      both have pick & roll skills so use them often when they're both on the
      floor. B.McLemore has Catch and Shoot/Deadeye skills, that combined with
      his excellent long range makes him deadly. C.Bosh most likely will get
      outplayed by B.Griffin so don't rely on him too much (at least I didn't). 
      A.Aminu and G.Oden are better in the post than Bosh against the Bulls. 
      From the bench, N.Cole is your best perimeter defender, A.Aminu a good 
      post player and J.Jenkins a nice sub for McLemore.
[Determining the Greatest]
  The Finals - June 22, 2020
    Game Goal: Once and for All
      Go head-to-head with Kobe one last time and write history while out
      performing him.
      With what seems to be a trend these days, Kobe comes out of the sunlight
      and back into the spotlight to get that elusive 7th ring before LeBron.
      His game may have dipped a bit but K.Bryant can still score if you let
      S.Larkin is their PG and isn't really looking to take a shot other than
      a 3 ball. He also has good ball handling. D.Drakos is average offensively
      but defensively? 90+ across the board. No wonder he's a created player.
      He'll also drive to the hoop as opposed to taking a mid-range shot.
      J.Trice is another created player with made up stats. His most notable
      Skills include Shot Creator, Finisher and Lockdown Defender, practically
      making C.Bosh a joke. He tends to shoot from everywhere and dunk over
      anyone. The Center, E.Okoye is the final head of Cerberus and his Skills
      Eraser, Post Proficiency, Finisher, Defensive Anchor and Lockdown
      Defender will be tough to go against. He'll look to score inside all the
      time too. As for their bench J.Akognon and D.Lamb are outside threats
      with Akognon looking to take a shot more. He tends to shoot only the 3
      though. The other players work more near the basket.
      So what to do in this unfair matchup? First just remember to not let Kobe
      take Top honors. The Heat roster remains unchanged so do as before and
      take advantage of each player's Skill. You must practically use every
      thing at your disposal: screens, pick and rolls, dribble drives and post
      moves. Always stay in front of those you're guarding and don't let them
      get easy looks. The Mavericks will try to cut to the basket so don't lose
      them and put a hand up using RStick. If E.Okoye gets the ball near the 
      post double up on him and try to strip the ball away since his ball 
      handling is poor. If you play smart, beating this made-up team won't be 
      that difficult.
* Fantastic Journey *
[Run it Back]
  Regular Season - January 26, 2014
    Game Goal: Big Night for the Big Three
      Put on a show with the Big Three of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris
      In this rematch of the 2013 Finals the goal is for L.James, D.Wade and
      C.Bosh to all have a big scoring night. I suggest the default quarter
      length of 12 minutes in order to get 3 stars since any less won't be
      enough time.
      T.Parker and T.Duncan are the primary offensive threats since they tend
      to attempt the most shots. Parker will look to drive more or shoot mid-
      range shots. Duncan has the Post Proficiency Skill so he a lot of work
      in the post. Not only can he score down low he can also shoot from mid-
      range. But he tends to post more. D.Green and K.Leonard both have Corner
      Specialist Skills and are good defenders. Green tends to shoot the 3 and
      pass the ball out, while Leonard likes to drive to the basket and almost
      always contest the shot. T.Splitter tends to shoot close and excels in
      the pick & roll on the receiving end. Top bench players are M.Ginobili
      with his Pick & Roll Skill (tends to shoot the 3 and drive), M.Belinelli
      and M.Bonner who can also shoot the 3 which is actually his primary shot.
      For L.James and D.Wade make use of their Skills to get the advantage.
      Use LeBron's speed and Finisher Skill to get to the basket more than
      taking outside shots. If you aren't looking to drive with Wade he is good
      at creating space with his Shot Creator Skill. There is also his Pick &
      Roll Skill (hold B). For C.Bosh it's better to post up against Splitter
      instead of Duncan. Refer to the game manual or the Controls section of
      this faq for Post Moves. Off the bench you have R.Allen and S.Battier to
      pass out to the perimeter but you must make use of their Skills.
[Lebron's on Point]
  Regular Season - February 5, 2014
    Game Goal: Find Lebron's Inner Magic
      Get your teammates involved by racking up the assists, Magic Johnson
      LeBron finds himself at point and by now you should be comfortable with
      the timing (depending on your difficulty of course). Assuming your
      quarter length is adequate it shouldn't be hard to get assists. Doesn't
      mean LeBron should NOT score but at the times he won't, dish.
      C.Paul is guarding L.James and leading the Clipper charge, mostly driving
      if not shooting a mid-range stepback jumper. He'll always try a flashy/
      alley-oop pass. J.J.Redick primarily likes to shoot behind the arc and
      has the Catch and Shoot Skill. M.Barnes is a hustler and won't really
      look to shoot that much otherwise he'd just go close or shoot the 3.
      B.Griffin somewhat has a slightly better shot mid-range than close but
      if he gets close enough well, in case you haven't seen already he'll rip
      the hoop apart. He tends to go near the basket and try to dunk either on
      his own or through an alley-oop. Key Skills are Finisher, Post Playmaker
      and Screen Outlet.
      D.Jordan is the other "must dunk" candidate as he seems to care about
      little else besides rebounding and blocking. Their bench has good outside
      shooter and not much insiders. J.Crawford (Catch and Shoot) leads the
      bench and will try anything offensively. In short the entire bench all
      can shoot from outside. Crazy.
      On the long run it can be tough not having any Point Guards off the
      bench especially when James takes a break. In order to get the assists
      your teammates have to score. Use the pick & roll and make sure Allen,
      Battier and R.Lewis shoot from the corners for a better shot. If you want
      to gamble try having Battier make use of his Charge Card Skill to get
      Griffin in foul trouble if he tends to drive. All of your Centers have
      Eraser Skills so time that jump to block. If the game gets close, keep an
      eye out for Paul and counter with Wade as they both have Closer Skills.
[MVP Showdown]
  Regular Season - April 17, 2014
    Game Goal: Tame the Mamba
      Dominate Kobe Bryant statistically in this game.
      If you played Heat Dynasty first you recall a similar situation where
      you have to beat Kobe [Kobe's Last Shot?]. This time you have to beat
      him in ALL categories so if he has 1 assist you'll need 2.
      Kobe doesn't have the super team that was dreamed up in Heat Dynasty but
      he's still Kobe. If you add up his Skills (Shot Creator, Deadeye, Closer,
      Heat Retention and Finisher) that's a one man army package. He tends to
      shoot from all over the floor and use his Triple Threat to set up his
      tendency to Pull Up. Otherwise he'll Post Up. S.Nash isn't as offensive
      minded as Kobe despite his above-average ratings, like how he's good from
      3-point range but won't really look to shoot it. What he does tend to do
      is pass. With Flashy Passer, Dimer, Pick & Roll Maestro and Floor General
      Skills it'll be tough to beat him out. So yeah, he'll ALWAYS look to pass
      the ball.
      W.Johnson seems to be in for defense only. P.Gasol is proficient from the
      post and can receive in the pick & roll game. He doesn't seem to look to 
      score much but if he does he tends to post up and shoot close. C.Kaman
      will look to score, if he ever gets the ball. Like Gasol he'll post up
      and is fairly good close. The Laker's bench have about 4 guards who can
      shoot outside with N.Young being the 6th Man. J.Hill is their best off
      the bench for post defense.
      Use LeBron's speed to beat out W.Johnson and drive to the hoop as much
      as you can for the easy points, or dish to those with Catch and Shoot
      skills like Chalmers, Allen or Battier if they're in the game. Remember
      to keep an eye out for Kobe. If Kobe guards Lebron you can still use 
      speed for a slight advantage. The Lakers may be good offensively, but
      defensively they are close to the bottom (at least in the 2K rankings) so
      keep attacking and passing the ball around (but not carelessly of
      course). Be careful about having Wade guard Kobe closely because you risk
      having Wade in foul trouble. Don't forget to call for screens if you're
      being guarding aggressively. As long as you can keep the mistakes and
      turnovers down it's a win. 
[Solving the Answer]
  The Conference Finals - May 6, 2014
    Game Goal: Iverson on Lockdown
      Take Allen Iverson out of the game by locking him down on D.
      Once upon a time there was seemingly no answer for The Answer in the 2001
      NBA Finals between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers. 
      Needing an Answer of their own they searched their basement and found 
      Tyrone Lue gathering dust in the corner. They let him loose and like a 
      hungry rat in search of his cheese sniffed Iverson all over the floor, 
      out of the game, and out of the NBA Finals. After the Finals were over 
      Iverson said he kept looking over his shoulder "to make sure Lue wasn't 
      there". Or something like that.
      The Goal is for Iverson to score as little as possible, which may sound
      daunting once you take a look at his attributes. He literally shoots and
      drives at will unless you defend well. M.Carter-Williams is an average
      PG who'll mostly pass if not shooting at close range. When Iverson is on
      the floor they'll try to set him up to score. He tends to shoot mid-range
      and drive, but he can also try to score close if he is close enough. He
      is really good in laying the ball in too. His major Skills are Closer,
      Finisher, Ankle Breaker and Pick Pocket. E.Turner is the other scorer
      that despite being good outside will tend to look inside more. But it
      doesn't mean you should leave him open. Beware his Interceptor Skill.
      T.Young and N.Noel tend to score inside and like Turner have the Skill
      to intercept the ball. Noel is also a good rebounder and shot blocker.
      On the bench S.Hawes and J.Richardson are their best backups and can
      someone please tell me why Kwame Brown is still in the NBA?
      While keeping an eye on Iverson, take advantage of LeBron's speed to
      get past the defense. Iverson is the only one as fast as LeBron and he
      won't be guarding you so keep taking it to the rack. Of course you need
      to involve your team too so if the defense collapses dish it out. You can
      make it hard for Iverson by switching to LeBron to help out Wade since
      LeBron is fast enough to get back to his duties. If Wade is out keep
      LeBron or your fastest player on Iverson if he's in the game. C.Bosh can
      be useful in the post since the 76ers are below average in post defense. 
      When your subs are in the game have the CPU guard Iverson and just help 
      out with someone else if he starts to drive. Battier can try to sneak in 
      a charge with his Charge Card Skill. U.Haslem should post up and dish out
      to Allen/Battier/Chalmers with their Catch and Shoot. So be patient and
      just go close more often than from the perimeter.
[Three-Peat at Stake]
  The Finals - June 21, 2014
    Game Goal: The Comeback
      Quickly take the lead in the 4th Quarter.
      As you play the first quarter LeBron will go down with an ankle injury 
      and play will resume in the 4th quarter. You will find yourself down by
      almost 20 points hence the goal of taking the lead in the final quarter.
      In the 2K rankings the Thunder are second defensively or near the top of
      the list and their Skills show. R.Westbrook has Pick Pocket, Interceptor
      and Ankle Breaker for his defense. He tends to drive and shoot close more
      than anything. T.Sefolosha is a premier perimeter defender with Lockdown
      Defender and Active Hands Skills. He doesn't look to shoot much but when
      he does he'll look for the corner spot. K.Durant is very good offensively
      and will look to score closer to the basket making use of his Finisher
      Skill. He can shoot the 3 and tends to especially if left wide open.
      S.Ibaka is part of the reason for their high defense. He can really get
      those offensive rebounds with his Hustle Points SKill. He tends to shoot
      from close and mid-range but almost never the 3. K.Perkins is mostly in
      for defense and only shoots around the basket. He has high strength for
      his Brick Wall Skill. Their bench seem to have average players 
      offensively except for maybe J.Lamb (Catch and Shoot). Defensively they 
      are balanced.
      Besides Westbrook and Durant, every other starter is slow, even Sefolosha
      who is a SG so Wade shouldn't have any problem outlasting him. Even
      LeBron has an edge over Durant in speed so try to sustain a high tempo
      game. Since Perkins or Ibaka isn't looking to score much take control of
      Bosh or Haslem to double up on Durant or Westbrook when they get the ball
      especially on Westbrook who likes to drive but you must also keep an eye 
      for any moves toward the basket by the open man. 
      OKC may be good defensively, but only when you make errant passes or
      challenge them head-on. If you isolate make sure you protect the ball (Y)
      instead of exposing it. Keep the mistakes down, use your speed and you'll
      obtain the goal easily. 
[Can't Take the Heat]
  Opening Night - October 30, 2014
    Game Goal: It's All About the Highlights
      Make highlight plays a premium to win over the crowd, fans, and media.
      In a "shocking" twist LeBron hauled his talents to New York by opting out
      of his contract. Chalmers followed LeBron out of Miami but changed his
      mind at the last second to distance himself from LeBron or got lost in
      New York traffic. 
      Since you'll be versing your old team you should be familiar enough with
      them so I won't point out their roster except for D.Gallinari and
      B.Knight. Gallinari replaces James in the lineup and it only dropped them
      to 2nd in Offense (NYK being first). Gallinari tends to shoot and make
      the 3 if he's open, otherwise he'll try to lay it in. Knight can also
      shoot the 3 (though he tends to drive the ball more) and make flashy 
      passes. He's also fast, quick and can handle the ball well.
      The Goal is to make as many Highlight plays as possible. And what better
      way than to make monster dunks? 
      To make up for the lack of "star" power LeBron is 99 overall. R.Felton
      is good handling the ball, decent speed and good mid-range. Felton is a
      known Alley-Ooper and has that Skill to help achieve the Goal. J.R.Smith
      is speedy for a SG and like Felton can shoot the 3. He has the Highlight
      Film Skill so use his speed to drive in for a monster dunk (RT+X). Nene
      is about average at Center who's good at the Standing Layup and can dish
      from the post. K.Faried doesn't seem to shoot well so why is he 81 over
      all? He can really dunk (Highlight Film), rebound (Tenacious Rebounder,
      Scrapper) and is fast for a PF (Hustle Points). I suggest controlling 
      Faried and James most of the time they're on the floor. On the bench you
      have M.World Peace (Bruiser, Active Hands, Pick Pocket), G.Green to play
      Alley-Oop with (Highlight Film), S.Telfair for defense, I.Shumpert for
      offense, A.Bargnani for the post and P.Prigioni for steals (Interceptor).
      This team is loaded with dunkers so whenever you get a fast break or a
      pick & roll toss it up for the hammer.
[Passing of the Torch]
  Season Finale - April 17, 2015
    Game Goal: Make History
      Surpass Kobe Bryant as the youngest player ever to reach 25,000 points.
      LeBron admitted that he never knew Kobe planned to WALK away from the
      game. Maybe he wanted him to FADE away? Get it? Fadeaway? (Just kidding)
      The Laker starters are essentially the same the last time you played them
      in [MVP Showdown] except they're better now defensively (from 28th to 9th
      in the 2015 2K rankings). Only their bench changed. Morris and Farmar are
      replaced with M.Beasley and a created player called F.Session. Beasley is
      about average who tends to shoot whenever he can and mostly up close.
      Session can only dunk now but his speed attributes are 90+.   
      LeBron needs to score at least 30 points to surpass Kobe for the record.
      The play announcers will point it out when it happens. The Lakers may be
      improved defensively but W.Johnson is still on L.James so again use speed
      and his Finisher Skill to take it to the hole. When they start doubling
      pass it out to the open man. If N.Young is in the game make sure to keep
      him in check especially mid-range because he tends to shoot a lot.
[8th is Enough]
  1st Round - April 19, 2015
    Game Goal: Win
      Win the game.
      There isn't a specific Goal this time, so obviously it's win or restart.
      Forgetting how they are in the actual 2014 NBA regular season, the Nets
      are statistically good offensively. D.Williams is 81+ anywhere on the
      floor and tends to work his way from outside and drive. He can throw
      accurate passes (Flashy Passer, Dimer), take defenders off the dribble 
      (Ankle Breaker), create his own shots (Shot Creator) AND shoot off the
      catch (Catch and Shoot). He also touches the ball a lot and looks to
      score all the time. J.Johnson is almost the same as Williams, able to
      shoot and take shots anywhere but less inclined to dunk. He tends to 
      shoot from the perimeter. P.Pierce is better close and from the 3 but
      not much in between. His Spin Layup is fairly high as he prefers to shoot
      closer to the basket. K.Garnett is very good close and mid-range. He
      tends to shoot evenly from those distances but less inclined to shoot
      than the other starters. His Skills are Post Playmaker and Defensive
      Anchor. And despite his speed he can really hustle for defensive
      rebounds. B.Lopez can and tends to shoot close and inside all the time.
      His Standing Layup and Step Through (Finisher) are way better than his 
      dunks and he can block (Eraser) and get offensive rebounds. His post 
      moves are very good (Post Proficiency) and even has the Anti-Freeze
      Skill! J.Terry is their 6th man who tends to shoot the 3 more but can
      also shoot close and mid-range while A.Blatche is their rebounder sub and
      tends to shoot the mid-range shot all the time. R.Evan is a mad rebounder
      with his Tenacious Rebounder and Scrapper Skills.
      You'll need to defend well in this game, as the Nets can make almost
      every open shot they take so you'll need a total team effort to get the
      win. Space the floor and use screens with LeBron's speed to drive to the 
      basket with his Finisher Skill. When they double pass the ball quickly.
      Try using Faried to block passing lanes or for double teaming since he's
      fairly fast. If you want to limit Lopez have Nene back him down since
      Lopez is not as strong as Nene. Pump fake to draw the foul because Lopez
      can block. I'd say it's best to work inside and pass outside since Felton
      Smith and Shumpert are fairly good mid-range shooters. Be wary of Evans
      when he's on the floor because if Nene or Faried isn't in the game he's 
      just going to get every miss they make so put a body on him. The game 
      could be close but as long as you attack their weaknesses winning won't 
      be hard.
[Enter King John]
  Conference Semis - May 6, 2015
    Game Goal: Claim the Throne
      Outperform John Trice and prove LeBron to be the real King of the NBA.
      Here the journey starts to get bizarre with the revealing of John Trice.
      Like Lebron, he's the number one pick and like LeBron, they were both
      selected by Cleveland. And again like LeBron, they were nicknamed "King"
      only Trice literally proclaimed himself "King" and personally jabs at
      K.Irving is at Point and rather good offensively but tends to drive or
      shoot close (Finisher). D.Waiters would rather drive is good defensively
      in the perimeter. J.Trice is the imaginary villain who's 9 points lower 
      than LeBron overall. So what's so great about his guy? He's nearly good 
      close (Finisher), can REALLY dunk (Posterizer) and create his own
      shot (Shot Creator). He gets the ball often too. A.Varejao is a tough
      defender around the basket(Bruiser, Post Playmaker) as well as a good
      rebounder (Tenacious Rebounder, Scrapper). He'll only attempt shots
      inside mostly after a miss. A.Bynum is their post presence and he does
      fairly well (Bruiser, Brick Wall, Post Proficiency). On the bench J.Jack
      finds more time on the floor and tends to score close. A.Bennett is more
      offensive than defensive minded.
      Trice will always look to score when he's on the floor, and if you're
      after the Goal you can have the CPU guard him while you control another
      player like Faried or Smith to double only don't stray to far from the 
      basket. You're better off having Trice on the perimeter than up close
      so if he does get past LeBron you can stop him before he gets any closer.
      You won't have an easy time head-on with Trice but you're free to try
      anyway. Set up plays for LeBron to post up to clear some space around so
      you can move freely. If James isn't on the floor let Nene pass it out to
      perimeter shooters that the Knicks have plenty of.
      Defense is the key in this game. Don't force shots especially early in
      the shot clock. If you're patient getting and keeping a lead won't be
      that hard. Remember to put a body on Trice once he starts attacking as
      sometimes he'll force it and lose the ball. If the game is close Irving
      and Trice have Closer Skills, and they'll start using full court
      pressure. If you can get away with it use your speed with James or Smith
      to peel away from your defenders and head straight for the basket.
[Battle for the Ages]
  Conference Finals - May 19, 2015
    Game Goal: Alpha Dog Battle
      Show Dwyane Wade that LeBron is still the top dog.
      This a rematch of opening night when you were suppose to abuse the rim
      but this time it's personal. The Heat are virtually the same team as in
      [Can't take the Heat] but the Goal now is to outplay D.Wade. In case you
      forgot about Wade he tends to shoot everywhere except the 3. His Skills
      are Shot Creator, Interceptor, Closer, Deadeye and Pick & Roll Maestro.
      He'll touch the ball a lot so like Trice when he starts getting close put
      someone in front of him like James or Faried. Gallinari still tends to
      shoot from outside so watch out for him. Defensively he's not too good
      against LeBron so attack the basket often. Play sound defense and don't
      throw the ball away so easily.
[Getting Clipped]
  The Finals - June 21, 2015
    Game Goal: Play Smart Basketball
      Have an efficient game with LeBron and keep his mistakes to a minimum.
      C.Paul tends to drive instead of shoot and complements his offense with
      Skills such as Dimer, Floor General and Pick & Roll Maestro. J.J.Redick
      will look to shoot the 3 if open, even more off a catch with his Skill
      Catch and Shoot. M.Barnes is a good perimeter defender so don't think
      screens will work against him with his Pick Dodger Skill. B.Griffin is a
      post monster (Posterizer, Highlight Film, Finisher, Post Playmaker) and
      good receiver (Screen Outlet). D.Jordan is another dunker (Posterizer)
      and is a good defender (Eraser) and a seemingly automatic scorer inside.
      J.Crawford is the bench threat that's always looking to score followed
      by Z.Randolph with his Post Proficiency Skill.
      The Goal is for LeBron to have as little miscues as possible. The main
      culprit is Paul who is an absolute thief (Pick Pocket) so if LeBron has
      the ball protect it (Y) and you're better off missing a shot than to pass
      at the last second. Those guarding James aren't that fast so use speed to
      get around them. Don't give Griffin or Jordan a clear path as Paul will
      try to the Alley-Oop pass. Remember to help out on Paul once he starts
      attacking. If you post up with James they might double up on him so pass
      it out quickly or risk getting a turnover. Once Crawford is on the floor
      he's looking to score so focus on him. The key to winning is taking care
      of the ball so do that, with good shot selections this game is in the
[The New Big Three]
  Opening Night - October 30, 2015
    Game Goal: LBJ, CP3, D-12 - FTW
      Put the rest of the league on notice that the new Big Three mean
      Looks like Paul had no hard feelings against James after losing to him
      in the Finals.
      R.Rondo is below average when it comes to shooting but driving and ball
      handling he is not. His ability to take it to the basket far outweigh
      his shooting skills. There is also his defense (Pick Pocket) and passing
      (Flashy Passer). A.Bradley can shoot the ball better but doesn't tend to
      that much. He is a Lockdown Defender with Active Hands and gets by the
      screes with Pick Dodger. J.Green is their 3 point threat while
      J.Sullinger and A.Varejao protect the post. R.Stuckey is their driving
      force off the bench followed by K.Olynyk who can shoot close and mid-
      range. J.Crawford likes to shoot a lot like the other J.Crawford, if you
      know what I mean.
      The Goal is for Howard, Paul and James to have a big game statistically.
      That means Paul is suppose to have a lot of assists, James has to have
      his and Howard must be a defensive presence. Your quarter length has to
      be higher than 6 if you want a better shot at reaching the goal. Besides
      the additions of Paul and Howard, Felton, Smith and Nene are gone,
      H.Warrick and B.Gordon are in.
      Rondo will control the ball most of the time he's on the floor so control
      another player to double team him when he starts to drive since he's
      looking to score close. Paul should drive and use the Pick & Roll. For 
      Howard, call a play for him to Post Up or send him to cut to the basket 
      even make an Alley-Oop pass if you can. LeBron shouldn't have any 
      problems with Green guarding him. Off the bench B.Gordon can shoot mid-
      range and the 3. The Celtics are a good rebounding team so make sure you 
      put a body on them when a shot goes up to prevent them from getting the 
      rebound or even the putback. 
[Quest for 73]
  Season Finale - April 17, 2016
    Game Goal: Be Like Mike
      Have LeBron put up an MJ-like performance in front of His Airness.
      And just like that the Bobcats are 3rd overall. T.Lawson tends to drive
      and shoot inside (Finisher) despite being a good shooter, and very fast. 
      W.Ellington is a mid-range specialist. M.Kidd-Gilchrist tends to shoot
      close and drive like Lawson, and like LeBron at SF is very fast. He's
      known to go after loose balls (Scrapper), a good defender (Lockdown
      Defender) and good against screens (Pick Dodger). C.Zeller and
      A.Jefferson are post players (Post Proficiency) who're good around the
      rim. Role players are V.Carter, R.Sessions (Finisher), A.Jamison, 
      B.Biyombo (Eraser) and A.Oliver (Shot Creator).
      You'll be setting up James to get the Goal so either control James or
      set plays for him to get into position. Gillchrist is just as fast as
      James plus he has Scrapper Skill so don't force the one-on-one with him.
      Paul is good tossing the Alley-Oop so watch for cutters especially in 
      fast breaks. The Bobcats have decent players off the bench so when your
      subs are in, play smart and don't leave them open since they can really
      shoot from mid-range.       
[When Big Threes Collide]
  Conference Finals - May 19, 2016
    Game Goal: The Best Big Three
      Prove to the Bulls that the better Big Three is in New York and not
      This season just gets better.  The Knicks get bumped to 2nd overall with
      the Bulls taking the top spot.
      Something fishy must've went down to assemble this kind of lineup, though
      the same could be said for the Knicks lol.
      D.Rose is better close and on the drive and tends to go that way on the
      offense (Finisher). There's D.Wade and his rank may have dipped a bit but
      he is still capable. He usually creates his own shots (Shot Creator) when
      he's not looking to drive. C.Anthony is like Wade that he can shoot any
      where but not so much from beyond the arc. Unlike Wade he has the Skill
      Finisher but tends to shoot mid-range jumpers. K.Garnett tends to shoot
      mid-range and set plays from the post (Post Playmaker). J.Noah won't look
      to score that often but defensively he can be brutal (Scrapper, Bruiser,
      Tenacious Rebounder, Defensive Anchor). J.Butler is the Lockdown Defender
      off the bench and K.Korver is dangerous from the arc (Corner Specialist,
      Catch and Shoot), W.Bynum tends to drive (Finisher) and T.Gibson is the 
      Lockdown Defender at PF.
      The Goal is for your Big 3 to outperform their Big 3. Rose, Wade and
      Anthony will be doing the scoring often. When Rose has the ball control
      another player to block the lane. Wade will either drive or shoot mid-
      range so if he does get past you quickly swith to another defender.
      Anthony is in a tighter spot since LeBron will be guarding him.
      Howard is much stronger than Noah so don't waste his presence out there
      and have him Post Up. The same goes for Faried. When the subs are on the
      floor keep Bynum from driving and keep Korver out of the corners and do
      not leave him open.
[The LeBron Stopper]
  NBA Finals - June 21, 2016
    Game Goal: Dominate the LeBron Stopper
      Fill up the stat sheet with LeBron James.
      Maybe we should just let the 2011 Finals go, you know?
      Drakos is the ghost of Nowitzki sent to haunt LeBron in the NBA Finals
      again. What makes this guy so "terrifying"? Well like any created player
      his defense is HIGH. But that's it. He can't shoot that well and tends to
      drive the ball. His ball handling is poor too. D.Williams is mostly the
      same when he was in the Nets. He still tends to drive the ball or shoot
      the 3. He also retains his passing Skill Flashy Passer. M.Ellis is always
      looking to score and shoots mid-range often followed by the drive. Like
      Drakos he has the Interceptor Skill. C.Bosh can still shoot the ball
      (mostly from mid-range then close) and B.Wright is their shot blocker
      and rebounder. J.R.Smith is their 6th Man (tends to shoot the 3) who
      you should be familiar with. S.Larkin can shoot the 3 and excels at the
      Pick and Roll.
      For the Goal LeBron needs to score, get assists and rebound. To get past
      Drakos be sure to protect the ball first with Y, then use your speed to
      spin around Drakos (Rotate RS from Ball hand behind back) and drive to 
      the hoop and possibly draw a foul. For assists post up with LeBron and
      pass out when they start to double team. If you can't get rebounds when
      you control LeBron control other players to keep Dallas off the glass and
      let James get the ball if he's near the basket. Of course different
      things can happen but as long as you don't force it, scoring against
      Drakos won't be that difficult.
      Williams and Ellis will look to score often so keep them at bay by
      sealing the key with another player like Faried or Howard. Force them to
      take outside shots that should be contested. Their weakness is the post
      so attack it with Faried or Howard with their strength. When they start 
      doing a full court press just run with it. I know, it looks too easy but
      oh well.
[Return of the Mamba]
  Opening Night - October 30, 2016
    Game Goal: Dynamic Duo Lights up Hollywood
      Put on a "Showtime"-like performance with Kobe and LeBron in the L.A.
      Sure, why not?
      K.Walker mostly drives the ball and shoot the mid-range jumper. He's
      fairly fast with good ball handling. He's also adept at stealing the ball
      (Pick Pocket) and creating his own shot (Shot Creator). A.Afflalo can
      score (Corner Specialist) but he won't force it. K.Leonard has good
      defensive Skills (Active Hands, Interceptor, Lockdown Defender) and can
      shoot the ball fairly well but tends to drive instead. P.Gasol is better
      off near the basket with his Post Playmaker Skill. J.Hill is a rebounder
      specialist (Tenacious Rebounder, Scrapper) but can only score close.
      J.Crawford can still shoot the mid-range jumper (Catch and Shoot) and is
      the 6th Man. S.Blake and J.Meeks both can shoot outside too (Catch and
      The Goal is for this to be a high scoring affair for the Knicks with the
      addition of K.Bryant at the wing. Kobe, LeBron and Paul are good with the
      mid-range jumper and can all take it to the basket with their ball
      handling skills. Any of them can pass the ball with ease for the assist.
      There was some changes in the Knicks. Gone is Howard who probably didn't
      like his role and in is B.Biyombo who's mainly in for defense (Eraser).
      K.Faried is back and he's as good as ever. The bench has S.Novak who can
      shoot the 3 (Catch and Shoot, Corner Specialist) and V.Carter if anyone
      else can't score. M.Harkless is fast and a good defender (Interceptor,
      Scrapper) at the forward.
      You can control the Lakers by controlling the boards. The Knicks can run
      the ball after getting a rebound so keep Hill and Gasol away from the
      basket. Walker and Gasol will mostly shoot the ball if Crawford isn't
      around. Scoring against these guys shouldn't be a problem in the end.
[The Facilitator]
  Regular Season - January 24, 2017
    Game Goal: To Dish is to Receive
      Make an impact with LeBron by getting his teammates involved in the game.
      See? LeBron isn't selfish at all.
      R.Rondo is like before always looking to drive. A.Bradley tends to drive
      and shoot mid-range. He is also a good defender (Lockdown Defender, Pick
      Dodger, Active Hands). J.Green is about average but despite shooting
      well on the floor (Catch and Shoot, Corner Specialist) tends to drive 
      often. J.Sullinger tends to shoot close but can shoot outside. On defense
      he is strong (Bruiser, Tenacious Rebounder, Hustle Points). A.Varejao is
      the same relentless rebounder as before. R.Stuckey leads the bench with
      his Finisher Skill. Besides J.Thompson the rest of their bench can shoot
      The Goal is for LeBron to have as many assists as possible. He can score
      occasionally but the focus should be on his teammates. You can either
      get those in transition, drive and dish or post up and pass the ball out.
      Not much to say as far as scoring against the Celtics but you can really
      pull away if you defend well and rebound. Block the passing and driving
      lanes to force them into taking outside shots and contest them of course.
[A Temporary Truce with Trice]
  All-Star Game - February 17, 2017
    Game Goal: Best of the Best
      Win the All-Star MVP with LeBron.
      Simply have LeBron be Top Player to get the MVP.
[The One True King]
  Season Finale - April 17, 2017
    Game Goal: There can only be One
      Outscore John Trice with LeBron and win the scoring title.
      If they be Kings then who be servants?
      K.Irving can shoot from anywhere on the floor but tends to shoot closer
      to the basket. His Offensive Skills are Finisher, Shot Creator and
      Closer. D.Waiters seems like a mixed bag as he tends to try anything.
      Then there is Villain #1 J.Trice, who can shoot well and tends to score
      often. His defense is high (Lockdown Defender) on the perimeter and will
      not hesitate to steal the ball. A.Bennet can score inside and out but
      tends to shoot close. He won't think twice about dunking (Posterizer).
      T.Chandler is the Defensive Anchor at center. Doesn't tend to shoot
      unless he's under the basket. His rebounding and hustle are very high.
      T.Thompson is the 6th Man who does inside scoring and is a Tenacious
      What you'd want to do is keep Trice from having a big scoring night,
      which he can easily have if you let him be. Let the CPU guard Trice while
      you control a player to block the lanes. Even if other players end up
      scoring the idea is to prevent Trice from scoring so you can get the
      Goal. If you let Trice have his way he WILL heat up with his Microwave
      Skill. Control the boards and don't make errant passes that will allow
      them to easily score. For LeBron either run screens or have him post up
      to spin and drive to the basket. Don't have LeBron force shots remember
      you also have Bryant and Paul to score the ball when they start doubling
      on LeBron.
[Rally the Troops]
  1st Round - April 29, 2017
    Game Goal: Never Give Up
      Make a run and overcome the deficit.
      You begin the 4th quarter down by 15 and the Goal is to overcome that
      and win the game.
      J.Wall tends to drive and shoot mid-range but mostly drive (Finisher). He
      passes well (Dimer) and can steal the ball (Interceptor). B.Beal is the
      speedy guard who can shoot and drive the ball (Catch and Shoot, Corner
      Specialist, Shot Creator, Deadeye). O.Porter tends to shoot mid-range
      and isn't looking to rebound. D.Favors and E.Okafor are both good at
      close shots and tearing down the rebounds as well as shot blocking.
      T.Parker is the 6th Man and he's always looking to drive the ball.
      Assuming your quarter length is long enough getting back into this lead
      won't be a problem IF you play properly. Lazy passes will automatically
      get intercepted and post plays can be disrupted by this team so you'll
      have to be patient with the ball. When you post up or protect the ball
      they will always attempt to reach-in. Defense will largely determine the
      outcome so keep Okafor and Favors away from the basket and when Wall,
      Parker or Beal starts to drive you have to help out defensively by
      switching to the nearest player if they get past you. If Parker or Wall
      are in the game they tend to hold the ball most of the time. Offense wise
      LeBron could isolate against Porter and use speed to get around him with
      the spin. They will most likely double so if they do pass it out but be
      careful that they don't intercept it. Paul and James can shoot the 3 if
      they're open, but don't rely on them too much as the long rebound will
      usually result in a fast break. Your primary offense usually starts from
      Paul or James then Kobe. Having Faried post up can be problematic with 
      Favors and Okafor in the way. And to be safe go for a layup instead of
      the flashy dunk because Porter has the Chasedown Artist Skill. As long as
      you're patient, sending the Wizards packing won't be that difficult.
[Down but not Out]
  Conference Semis - May 18, 2017
    Game Goal: Flue Game Redux
      Burn up the stat sheet with LeBron despite him not feeling so hot.
      M.Chalmers tends to shoot the 3 and drive the ball. He shoots better
      close and far away. T.Ross tends to mix his shot selections and prefers
      to drive (Highlight Film). L.Deng is the defensive specialist (Lockdown
      Defender) and tends to shoot mid-range (Catch and Shoot). G.Munroe tends
      to shoot close only and can actually drive the ball (Finisher). 
      A.Drummond also tends to shoot close exclusively especially when it's a
      dunk. Defensively he has the Tenacious Rebounder, Eraser, Hustle Points
      and Defensive Anchor Skills. He tends to foul a lot though. K.Caldwell-
      Pope off the bench is an excellent 3 point shooter (Deadeye) but below
      average defensively on the perimeter. C.Kaman is their post player in
      place of Drummond. J.Richardson is the other 3 point threat and he'll
      mostly shoot those.
      LeBron isn't feeling well and as a penalty his ratings take a hit and
      loses most of his Skills save for Dimer. This motivates Kobe and the
      front court so they receive a modest boost. The Goal is to fill the stat
      sheet with assists, rebounds and points. The rebounds might be hard to
      come by but it isn't impossible, just random. Use LeBron's Dimer Skill to
      pass the ball out to Paul and Bryant either after a drive or sending them
      to cut. You can also set up plays for them. I wouldn't recommend driving
      with LeBron since he doesn't have his Finisher Skill. James is slightly
      stronger than Deng so back him down and use Post Fadeaways close to the
      basket. The Pistons will mostly look to Munroe to start something with
      Chalmers holding the ball often when he's in. You can control Faried to
      keep Munroe away from the basket since Faried is much stronger. When it
      comes to the bench the Pistons have the edge with Caldwell and Richardson
      who can shoot outside and Kaman who can score inside so it can be an
      uphill battle so the best you can do is force them into outside shots but
      that might lead into long rebounds which can be a pain when Munroe and
      Drummonds are in.
[Ringless Recruits]
  Regular Season - November 29, 2017
    Game Goal: Another Big Three Battle
      Outperform the Big Three of Rose, Anthony, and Davis with the Big Three
      of James, Smith and Aldridge.
      So you end up losing in the Conference Finals, thus ensuring Kobe would
      not get a 6th ring before LeBron does. Instead, Trice gets his first.
      The new season continues against the Bulls and you're back home with the
      Cavs who won the Championship with Trice only to have him bolt to LA
      once he heard LeBron wanted his locker back.
      D.Rose tends to shoot close and drive (Finisher), handle the ball well
      (Floor General, Dimer, Pick & Roll Maestro) and good defensively.
      J.Butler tends to drive the ball and is a Lockdown Defender. C.Anthony
      you know of course can post up, shoot mid-range and beyond the arc with
      his Finisher, Shot Creator and Deadeye Skills. He tends to shoot from
      mid-range down to the basket. A.Davis tends to shoot close to the basket
      and is rather good defensively (Eraser, Finisher, Hustle Points,
      Defensive Anchor, Chasedown Artist). J.Noah specializes on defense with
      his Scrapper, Bruiser, Tenacious Rebounder and Defensive Anchor Skills.
      J.Crawford again leads their bench and though his shot tendency went
      down it's still high. T.Gibson and J.McGee are their post players off the
      The Goal is for your new Big Three to outperform theirs. You can easily
      win if you play to their strengths. LeBron can post up and use his speed,
      J.Smith can shoot well mid-range and is fairly fast at PF. L.Aldridge is
      very good in the post with his Finisher, Post Playmaker, Post Proficiency
      and Screen Outlet Skills. You can always use the Pick & Roll with Smith
      and Aldridge. There are also a lot of good shooters to pass out to like
      D.Waiters, A.Afflalo and K.Irving.
      Defensively you'll want to keep Noah and Davis away from the basket so 
      control either Aldridge or Smith to keep them in check but watch out for
      Anthony and Rose who will look to drive. If the game is close Anthony
      and Rose have Closer Skills while you have Irving for that.
[Quest for 34]
  Regular Season - April 4, 2018
    Game Goal: Trice as Nice
      Put on a show with LeBron against John Trice and make him eat his words.
      Lightning strikes Trice. Great now it's infecting me too.
      K.Walker tends to shoot mid-range besides the drive (Finisher). On the
      defensive end he can steal the ball (Pick Pocket) and draw the charge
      (Charge Card). D.Derozan is the speedy guard who can shoot and really
      dunk (Finisher, Highlight Film). He tends to shoot close to mid-range if
      he can't drive the ball. There is of course J.Trice who leads the class
      of 99. A Lockdown Defender, he tends to shoot everywhere while hogging
      the ball. K.Love fairs better on the perimeter though he will tend to
      shoot near the basket (Finisher) if not open on the 3. He is a maxed out 
      rebounder (Tenacious Defender) that can start a fast break with his Break
      Starter Skill. J.Hill is also a strong rebounder (Tenacious Rebounder)
      who can score under the basket. P.Gasol leads a ridiculous bench that
      includes K.Leonard (Lockdown Defender, Corner Specialist), R.Anderson
      (Catch and Shoot), D.West (Post Proficiency, Bruiser) and D.Green (Catch
      and Shoot, Corner Specialist).
      You'll have to rely on your Big Three to score and for the Goal LeBron
      has to perform well while preventing Trice from getting his. As before
      keep Trice back and stop him from driving to the basket. With his Micro-
      wave Skill he can heat up in a hurry. J.Smith has the advantage over
      Love with his ball handling and speed so post up with Smith instead of
      taking the mid-range jumper often. Aldridge too should post up if you
      can't get through with LeBron. Don't forget Irving and Waiters can shoot
      from the perimeter so pass when it gets crowded. When both teams send
      their bench to the floor stay close to Anderson and Leonard on the peri-
      meter and let the CPU handle the post with Gasol. You should not let
      those two have open looks. If you can't score at least defend until the
      starters get back into the game.
[Scoring Title Assist]
  Season Finale - April 17, 2018
    Game Goal: Put Harden on Lockdown
      D-Up James Harden with LeBron and prevent him from winning the scoring

      K.Irving is out of the lineup and for him to get the scoring title, all
      LeBron has to do is prevent Harden from scoring 31 points or else the
      title will belong to the Bearded One.
      J.Lin tends to shoot close and drive the ball. His defensive Skills are
      Scrapper and Interceptor. He also excels with the Pick & Roll. W.Matthews
      tends to shoot the 3 which he is good at especially at the corner with
      his Corner Specialist Skill. And there is J.Harden who's lust to shoot 
      the ball from anywhere is ridiculous. His defense comes to a surprise as
      here he is good (Active Hands). J.Green can also score the ball from
      close range but will shoot the 3 if open (Corner Specialist, Catch and
      Shoot). O.Asik vowed to never shoot the ball unless it's under the 
      basket. He can really pull those rebounds (Tenacious Rebounder) and can
      give opponents headaches with his Brick Wall Skill. P.Beverely leads the
      bench with his speed, driving ability and will to rebound (Tenacious
      Rebounder, Scrapper).
      Control LeBron to be all over Harden to prevent him from running wild
      even if other players score. The Rockets like to shoot the 3 so don't
      think they won't try it AND make it so if Harden gives it up switch to be
      near the open man. They will also screen often for Harden. Your secret
      weapon in this game is Waiters because of his Microwave Skill. Aldridge
      can handle himself in the post and Smith should post up on Green. Scoring
      and winning won't be a problem just keep up with Harden for the Goal.
[LeBron VS. The Giant]
 Conference Finals - June 2, 2018
  Game Goal: Big Man on Celtics
    Outplay Ekon Okoye and show that LeBron can score and board with the best
    of the NBA's bigs.
    R.Rondo is still looking to drive the ball, A.Bradley tends to also drive
    and shoot mid-range then there's C.Parsons who can shoot beyond the arc
    (Corner Specialist, Catch and Shoot, Deadeye). J.Sullinger shoots close
    and has Bruiser, Tenacious Rebounder, Hustle Points and Break Starter
    Skills. E.Okoye is a made-up player created specifically for the post. He
    only shoots close and his Skills are Eraser, Post Proficiency, Finisher,
    Defensive Anchor and Lockdown Defender. Wow. Main players off the bench
    are R.Stuckey who tends to drive (Finisher) and A.Varejao who's a good
    rebounder (Bruiser, Post Playmaker).
    The Goal is to mimic Magic Johnson and beat the Celtics with LeBron playing
    Center against "The Giant". Two things LeBron has over Okoye in the post is
    speed and ball handling but even so it's not bulletproof. The gameplan is
    to have LeBron post up often and try to score past Okoye. You have to use
    Post Shots (Hook, Fades, Step Throughs) to get points toward the Goal. You
    will notice that LeBron now has the Post Proficiency Skill. If LeBron gets 
    double teamed then pass it out and if the defender is late to get back then
    shoot the ball otherwise send it back to LeBron and make your move again. 
    Waiters, Irving and Afflalo can shoot outside if James has to pass it out. 
    Going up against Okoye brings the chance that he'd foul LeBron and maybe 
    get into foul trouble.
    Besides Okoye, the other players you'll want to also keep an eye on are 
    Parsons, Bradley and Stuckey off the bench who will look to shoot and drive
    the ball. If LeBron misses the shot in the post, the Celtics have a high
    chance for fast break points so getting back on defense takes more priority
    than an offensive rebound. 
[Kings Square Off]
  The Finals - June 6, 2018
    Game Goals: Still the King
      Show King John that LeBron still reigns supreme in the NBA.
      The Lakers are the same when you played them in [Quest for 34] so here is
      the copy and paste:
      K.Walker tends to shoot mid-range besides the drive (Finisher). On the
      defensive end he can steal the ball (Pick Pocket) and draw the charge
      (Charge Card). D.Derozan is the speedy guard who can shoot and really
      dunk (Finisher, Highlight Film). He tends to shoot close to mid-range if
      he can't drive the ball. There is of course J.Trice who leads the class
      of 99. A Lockdown Defender, he tends to shoot everywhere while hogging
      the ball. K.Love fairs better on the perimeter though he will tend to
      shoot near the basket (Finisher) if not open on the 3. He is a maxed out 
      rebounder (Tenacious Defender) that can start a fast break with his Break
      Starter Skill. J.Hill is also a strong rebounder (Tenacious Rebounder)
      who can score under the basket. P.Gasol leads a ridiculous bench that
      includes K.Leonard (Lockdown Defender, Corner Specialist), R.Anderson
      (Catch and Shoot), D.West (Bruiser) and D.Green (Catch and Shoot, Corner 
      Just like in [Quest for 34] you have to outplay Trice so do as you've
      always done so far to win. Either you control LeBron to guard Trice or
      use Smith or Aldridge as a fallback to prevent Trice from scoring if he
      does get past LeBron. Even if it is LeBron VS Trice you don't want to
      force it so lean on your teammates when you have to. When your bench is
      on the floor it's probably best to work inside than to rely on the out-
      side shot so use Pick & Rolls to get to the basket. Bennett would be your
      best all around player off the bench. Just be patient and you're sure to
[Return of The Flash]
  Regular Season - November 21, 2018
    Game Goal: D-Wade's Game
      Help Dwyane Wade to dominate and win Player of the Game.
      Despite snapping the Lakers Playoffs win streak, the Lakers still won
      the Championship but at least you didn't let the Lakers be the first
      team EVER to sweep the Playoffs, right?
      Trice still wants LeBron to quit, but instead of retiring he brings yet
      another player out from it. Wade is the latest victim to fall under the 
      influence of James and "All of the Lights".
      M.Carter-Williams still likes to drive the ball and pass the ball around
      (Dimer). D.Traiters - I mean Waiters, takes his talents to Philly and he
      can shoot the ball and lay the ball in (Shot Creator). E.Turner tends to
      shoot close. M.Morris can shoot close too but can also shoot the 3.
      N.Noels can't shoot but he can dunk and rebound and is very defensive
      minded (Eraser, Defensive Anchor). Don't be surprised but he is quite 
      fast (Chasedown Artist). T.Evans is their weapon off the bench and he
      tends to shoot close and drive (Finisher). They also have D.Lee (Post
      Playmaker) and K.Lowry (Charge Card, Alley-Ooper).
      Wade loses some of his Skills leaving him with only Pick & Roll Maestro.
      Use that with Wade to get assists toward the Goal. For scoring have Wade
      get to the basket then use Runners and Layups, maybe even draw the foul.
      His shots inside have a better percentage than outside so keep that in
      mind. K.Irving is your best 3 point shooter, and the bench is much
      improved with J.Lamb, J.Smith and T.Chandler.
      You'll need to keep Noel and Morris in check because they can sneak in 
      for the offensive rebounds and putback. Rebounds will be the key here
      because all that good defense can be wasted if you don't get the rebound.
[In LeBron we Trust]
  Regular Season - December 2, 2018
    Game Goal: Everyone Jump on My Back
      Put the team on LeBron's back and have a scoring performance for the
      R.Rubio tends to drive the ball and his Skills are Charge Card, Flashy
      Passer, Dimer, Pick Pocket and Interceptor. His ball handling and steals
      attributes are quite high. V.Oladipo drives and shoots close (Finisher),
      can strip the ball (Active Hands) and is a speedy defender (Lockdown
      Defender, Scrapper). He's also a good dunker. T.Harris is average with
      his mid-range shot and tends to shoot close. A.Nicholson is a post player
      (Post Proficiency) who tends to shoot close also but can shoot mid-range.
      And N.Vucevic like everyone else shoots close and is a good rebounder
      with Tenacious Rebounder and Hustle Points Skills. N.Robinson is off the
      bench and can heat up if left uncheck (Microwave). He tends to drive and
      shoot the 3. G.Davis (Charge Card, Brick Wall, Bruiser), D.Lamb (Catch 
      and Shoot, Microwave) and C.Boozer also line the bench.
      The Goal is for LeBron's teammates to set him up for a scoring fiesta.
      You can score with other players if you have to but for Goal you'll need
      to keep assisting James. With Irving use D-Pad Right to direct LeBron. 
      LeBron can have Aldridge Post Up and get the ball back for an assist. In
      fast breaks LeBron should be on the receiving end.
      Rubio won't be looking to score opting to pass instead. Although Oladipo,
      Harris and Nicholson have similar range attributes Oladipo is the much
      bigger threat with his speed so you might use Wade to stay on him. The
      Magic thrive on the fast break so don't make errant passes.
[LeBron Unleashed]
  Regular Season - January 8, 2019
    Game Goal: It's all about the Highlights
      Make highlight plays a premium to win over the crowd, fans and media.
      S.Curry is a deadshot from long range and tends to shoot from there
      (Shot Creator, Heat Retention, Catch and Shoot, Microwave). K.Thompson
      is another perimeter shooter (Catch and Shoot, Corner Specialist, Micro-
      wave) who tends to shoot the mid-range jumper and the 3. H.Barnes is
      another who can shoot outside and dunk (Posterizer). J.Henson tends to
      shoot close but can block and rebound well (Tenacious Rebounder).
      M. Leonard tends to shoot under the basket or close. J.Lin (Scrapper,
      Pick & Roll Maestro, Interceptor, Break Starter) and D.Nowitzki (Catch
      and Shoot, Deadeye) are the primary players off the bench. Lin tends to
      drive the ball or shoot close with runners. Nowitzki tends to shoot close
      or mid-range and can shoot the 3.
      The Goal requires highlights to be made so LeBron now has power Skills
      like Highlight Film, Posterizer, and Eraser. Every possession doesn't
      have to be a dunk but you'll need to keep an eye out for opportunities.
      In Fast Breaks LeBron has the One Man Fastbreak Skill to take it to the
      basket. In transition LeBron can Stutter Step past defenders. You don't
      want to stress it though so have your teammates get some shots in.
      Curry will control the ball often so you might want to control LeBron to
      guard Barnes most of the time or control Wade if Thompson is the one
      getting loose. Lin and Nowitzki are their bench players to look out for
      when they're on the floor. Lin will look to drive if he's not passing.
[Don't call it a Comeback]
  1st Round - May 4, 2019
    Game Goal: King on D
      Shut down Chandler Parsons and prove LeBron can get it done even when
      playing hurt.
      R.Rondo cut back on his tendencies a little but he's still dangerous
      close and defensively (Pick Pocket). A.Bradley can shoot mid-range and
      is a Lockdown Defender with Active Hands. C.Parsons tends to shoot mid-
      range and from beyond (Corner Specialist, Catch and Shoot, Deadeye) if he
      isn't looking to drive. J.Sullinger can shoot and rebounds better (Hustle
      Points, Bruiser, Tenacious Rebounder). He tends to shoot close. E.Okoye
      upped his game this time around, now he can score a little from mid-range
      but he'll always stay close. He has all the Center Skills like Eraser,
      Post Proficiency, Finisher, Defensive Anchor AND Lockdown Defender. Ugh.
      R.Stuckey (Finisher) leads the bench and tends to drive then shoot close.
      Then there's A.Varejao with his defense (Bruiser). K.Olynyk shoots close
      and mid-range, even the 3 pointer though he tends to look less for that.
      He also has Post Proficiency.
      It's up to LeBron to shutdown Parsons if you want the Goal. LeBron only
      has Catch and Shoot, Dimer and Post Playmaker Skills so defense comes
      first over offense.  You can try an inside-outside kind of play where 
      White posts up and work his way to the basket and pass it out if they 
      start to double team. He has Dimer and Flash Passer Skills so he won't 
      get caught easily. Irving, Wade and White should be your primary scorers 
      without LeBron and Aldridge having to create their own shots.
      Whenever Parsons is on the floor you have to prevent him from getting
      open looks. Control LeBron to guard him on the perimeter but if he
      managed to get close switch to White or Aldridge to pressure him. Try to
      minimize turnovers and on their missed shots get that fast break points.
[Walk the Walk]
  Conference Finals - June 2, 2019
    Game Goals: Paul who?
      Make Paul George a non-factor on offense in this deciding game.
      M.Conley tends to drive and shoot close. Defensively he can really steal
      the ball (Pick Pocket, Interceptor) and can direct his team (Floor
      General). He can shoot anywhere including the 3. O.Johnson can shoot mid-
      range and the 3 and tends to (Catch and Shoot). He also drives the ball
      on occasion. P.George automatically shoots from any range and even drives
      the ball when he can. He has Lockdown Defender, Interceptor and Active
      Hands Skills. E.Davis is primarily defense with his blocks (Eraser) but
      can shoot close when given the chance. R.Hibbert can also score close and
      defends the post well (Hustle Points, Eraser, Defensive Anchor). G.Hill
      off the bench has range and speed, T.Hansbrough can rebound (Scrapper,
      Bruiser, Hustle Points) and L.Stephenson tends to drive the ball.
      LeBron is still hurt so like Parsons, George must bow to the King, which
      he won't do if you don't guard him. This assignment may be harder but
      it's doable. To save LeBron's energy you should let the rest of the team
      create their own shots. LeBron has to mostly concentrate on the defensive
      end. You can control White to help James on defense if George decides to
      drive the ball. Don't force shots that will allow the Pacers to score 
      easily on the fast break. Just keep pressuring George to take all the
      shots while you build a lead enough for the bench to sustain.
[Will to Win]
  The Finals - June 21, 2019
    Game Goal: Win
      Win the game
      R.Westbrook tends to drive and shoot close but can shoot virtually any
      where on the floor (Finisher). His defensive Skills are Pick Pocket,
      Interceptor and on offense he uses Ankle Breaker and One Man Fastbreak.
      G.Hayward tends to shoot mid-range (Catch and Shoot) and drive. He's also
      good close to the hoop. K.Durant tends to shoot close but can pullup from
      any spot on the floor (Deadeye, Shot Creator, Finisher). S.Ibaka also
      tends to shoot up close. He can block (Eraser) and get offensive rebounds
      with his Hustle Points Skill. He also has Defensive Anchor. M.Gortat just
      shoots near the basket and could make the mid-range shot. He can crash
      the boards and receive in the Pick & Roll game (Screen Outlet). The 6th
      Man off the bench is B.Jennings who can shoot the 3 and drive. He tends
      to shoot outside and can lay the ball in. J.J.Redick can also shoot the
      3 and tends to do just that (Catch and Shoot).
      LeBron is still hurting but that doesn't drop your team's motivation. If
      you want to score with LeBron have him post up on Durant because LeBron 
      is stronger than Durant. When they start to catch on pass it out to 
      Irving or Wade for the drive or open shot. Aldridge can also have his way
      with Gortat. You'd mainly want White as a stopgap in case Westbrook does
      manage to get past Irving. Offensively with your\starters it shouldn't be
      that difficult, and your bench is able to keep up with theirs so long as 
      you don't make errant passes. The Thunder have good shot blockers so just
      go with the layup instead of the dunk. The Jennings/Westbrook combo can 
      be a pain to deal with so you might have to guard either one of them on 
      your own. Remember, don't make long passes, be patient and play solid 
[The King's Coronation]
  The Finals - June 24, 2020
    Game Goal: King VS. King, The Final Chapter
      Outperform John Trice and prove to the world once and for all that LeBron
      is the only true King of the NBA.
      D.Lillard tends to shoot mid-range and drive the ball. He has good range
      and his Skills include Pick & Roll Maestro, Catch and Shoot, Shot
      Creator, Acrobat and Floor General. D.Derozan tends to shoot mid-range
      more than close and can take it to the basket (Finisher). Like Lillard
      he has good range. J.Trice is nearly maxed and hasn't changed his
      shooting habits at all. He'll take anything except the post. His notable
      Skills are Finisher, Microwave and Lockdown Defender. K.Love hasn't
      changed either as he's still locked on to the ball (Tenacious Rebounder)
      and tends to shoot inside more often but can and will make the outside
      shot. M.Gasol replaces his brother Pau in the lineup, and he tends to 
      shoot close. His defensive awareness is very high (Defensive Anchor, Post
      Proficiency, Brick Wall, Screen Outlet, Bruiser) and will pull those
      rebounds. K.Leonard is still hanging around and he's as usual a Lockdown
      Defender who tends to drive and shoot close off the bench. D.Green and
      R.Anderson are the other 3 point threats (Catch and Shoot).
      LeBron has one last shot at getting that 7th ring and one look at this
      lineup makes you wonder how he can NOT. So basically Curry, Beal, Griffin
      and Okoye should pick up the slack if you can't get it going against the
      Finals Boss. Have Okoye and Griffin screen for LeBron and charge the
      basket. Use Fadeaway jumpers to get over Trice. Remember it isn't always
      about scoring so dish out to Curry and Beal who are money behind the arc.
      Your bench isn't bad either so you cannot lose that easily, just keep
      track of Trice and don't let him heat up with his Microwave Skill. It
      won't be long before the clock crows that you can finally deny Trice.
      Congratulations! You've led LeBron to 7 rings.
() MyCareer
MyCareer takes MyPlayer through the NBA as you start from the bottom making
your way to the top. It is similar to past MyCareer Modes in 2K where you must
earn VC (Virtual Currency) in order to boost your attributes, improving your
player into star caliber material. You can find many tips online on how to make
a monster player, so I suggest searching for specific info.

Be sure to set your Difficulty and Quarter Length before you start MyCareer.
[MyCAREER: The Creation]

  The MyPlayer you created when you first started the game is brought here and
  if you want to change the name you'll have to do it from the Main Menu under
    Change any information about your player. Nickname is for play-by-play to
    call if your last name doesn't match any current NBA player. Position is
    what spot you want to play in.
  [Body and Head]
    Your player's Height and Weight. Keep in mind this affects the maximum
    attributes can go.
  [Gears and Shoes]
    Accessorize your player. Shoe Style is 2K Generic by default until you land
    a deal with a Shoe company.
    Change Positions and Play Style for your player.
    Customize your player's style of play. Signature Introductions are only
    available once you purchase them.

When you're done press Start to continue.

[The Rookie Showcase]

  Depending on how high or low you want to go in the Draft, you should either
  tank the Showcase (and go to better teams) or dominate it (to go to worser
  teams). If you've decided on which team to be in then you'll have to make 
  some adjustments if you miss the spot, which means keep trying.
  Also depending on your Position are tips on which stat gives you points from
  the most to the least, which you'll see before the game starts.
  Points are awarded and deducted depending on your play on offense/defense.
  I'm not going to point out every detail as it's better for you to play and
  learn from things that's pointed out for you as you go. You will see these
  pointers on the top right.
  After the game you will see a recap grading your Performance, Team Play, High
  lights and Bonuses.
[Pre-Draft Interview]
  3 teams will interview you and if your team wasn't one of them then you'll 
  have to go back and redo the Showcase. If the team you want interviews you, 
  then you will have to give good answers (usually A) and give bad answers to 
  the other teams (mostly Y).
[NBA Draft]  
  You will most definitely land with the team that you gave good answers to.
[Contract Negotiations]

  The team that selects you will give you a role and details concerning your
  contract with them. As a rookie you are automatically committing two years to
  your team with one team option afterwards.

[GM Sitdown]
  GM topics become available as you progress, and if you're playing well you
  can talk about getting more minutes. The more you play well you can become a 
  starter given the positions you want to be in aren't occupied by players 
  better than you.
  There are different kinds of topics like praising the coach, demanding a 
  trade, complaining about the coach, disliking a certain player and such. Keep
  in mind that these sitdowns exist for certain reasons and using them when
  unnecessary is a waste. For example, asking for more playing time when you
  haven't played much games. This topic is usually best after at least 5 games.
[Social Media]

  Here you can see comments about your MyPlayer and Social Challenges that get
  aimed at you. You get points if you beat the Challenge in the next game.
  Local Fan Support shows a percentage of the total fans that support you. The
  Teammate Chemistry percentage is of course how well you fit with the team.
  Press X to see options to boost your popularity with the team and local fans.
  Any of these choices will cost 500 VC.  
[Rookie Year]
  You will be notified of GM Meetings, Endorsements and Milestones on your Home
  Screen. Using RS you can see Player options like Signature Skill Upgrades 
  and Attributes you can purchase using VC (Virtual Currency).
  Career options include meeting with the GM and viewing your endorsements.
  Play Now shows the option to play the next Key Game or just the next Game.
  You can also play Drills to earn VC or attend Legend Camps that improve core
  attributes depending on your Coach.
  Before you play I suggest doing drills to get some stats in. Dribbling Drills
  are important if you're a PG/SG/SF. You can repeat the same drill but you'll
  only have 3 tries for now.
  Drill or spend once you're done play the next game to start. You will start
  off on the bench so unless you want to watch press Y to simulate to your next
  You will be given a matchup before you play so make note of the scouting
  report on that player especially their Signature Skills.
  So what should you do? Generally you want to earn as much VC as you can and
  the only way is to play well to win. In the Rookie Showcase you should've
  seen what is considered negative (like errant steal attempts) and positive
  (good screens, defensive transitions) and what gives you more points based on
  your position. SG for example gives more points if you score but less for
  During games you will be presented with Dynamic Goals. As you progress these
  Goals will be given based on what has occured in the game. Reach these Goals
  to obtain a Bonus after the game. These Goals range from getting a rebound or
  not committing a turnover to even more complex ones depending on your overall
  rank and Skill.
  After every game you will meet with the media and depending how you answer it
  can affect Teammate Chemistry, Fans, and Local Fan Support. Too negative will
  only lower playing time on the floor and lose trust in teammates.
  If you want easy VC keep doing the Dribbling Course. Gold gets you 60 VC. To
  get past the defender use a Half-Spin (Rotate RS from ball hand toward the
  Signature Skills gives you an attribute boost to yourself and/or your team.
  You can only equip a maximum of 5 at a time, and they are only switchable
  before games and not during.
  Usually after 5 games that you've played in, Nike or Jordan would like you to
  endorse their brands so choose either one. Depending on the brand you can
  choose their shoes in Player Options. Press A on the shoe to equip or edit.
  As you get better more Shoe Manufacturers will notice you and try to get you
  to endorse their brand.
  After 2 season with your current team if they like you they will use their
  Team Option to have you on for a third season. After which you can sign with
  any team as a free agent. To enter the Hall of Fame you will have to complete
  a certain amount of goals. You can see these goals under Career Options.
  Once you've reached all the HOF Goals you can retire and watch your own HOF
  Ceremony. But it doesn't have to end there, you can start another MyCareer
  at a different position or put off retirement and just keep playing until the
  NBA is completely filled with created players. 
  Manage your own team like a Fantasy Draft with various customizations

[The Association]
  Manage all aspects of a team and lead them to a championship

[Training Camp]
  Recommended for beginners to learn the controls and play of the game

  Play a continual season in the NBA

  Start your own custom playoff

  Practice Freestyle, Free Throws, Post Moves and Scrimmages

[The Association: Online]
  Online mode of The Association

[NBA Blacktop]
  Street challenge from 1v1 to 5v5

  Verse others online, join a Crew and check your online stats


  Edit and view your existing MyPlayer

[2K Shoes]
  Create and view existing shoes from various brands
[2K Beats]
  View and play featured music from various music artists
[2K Share]
  Manage your uploaded files and view files from others online
  Enter or enable codes for the game
  Those responsible NBA 2K14

Note: This reflects the roster as of Jan 29,2014 in ascending order

[Philadelphia 76ers]

  Overall Rank: 22th
  Offense: 23rd
  Defense: 21st

[Charlotte Bobcats]

  Overall Rank: 27th
  Offense: 30th
  Defense: 30th 

[Milwaukee Bucks]

  Overall Rank: 25th 
  Offense: 25th 
  Defense: 22nd

[Chicago Bulls]

  Overall Rank: 19th
  Offense: 20th 
  Defense: 8th

[Cleveland Cavaliers]

  Overall Rank: 14th
  Offense: 27th 
  Defense: 14th 

[Boston Celtics]

  Overall Rank: 17th 
  Offense: 18th 
  Defense: 20th

[Los Angeles Clippers]

  Overall Rank: 6th 
  Offense: 14th 
  Defense: 4th 

[Memphis Grizzlies]

  Overall Rank: 7th 
  Offense: 12th 
  Defense: 6th

[Atlanta Hawks]

  Overall Rank: 28st 
  Offense: 11th
  Defense: 27th

[Miami Heat]

  Overall Rank: 1st 
  Offense: 1st
  Defense: 3rd

[Utah Jazz]

  Overall Rank: 29th 
  Offense: 29th
  Defense: 25th

[Sacremento Kings]

  Overall Rank: 26th 
  Offense: 21st
  Defense: 29th

[New York Knicks]

  Overall Rank: 15th 
  Offense: 17th 
  Defense: 13th

[Los Angeles Lakers]

  Overall Rank: 30th
  Offense: 10th
  Defense: 28th

[Orlando Magic]

  Overall Rank: 24th 
  Offense: 28th
  Defense: 18th

[Dallas Mavericks]

  Overall Rank: 9th 
  Offense: 5th
  Defense: 17th

[Brooklyn Nets]

  Overall Rank: 18th
  Offense: 22nd
  Defense: 23rd

[Denver Nuggets]

  Overall Rank: 16th 
  Offense: 16th
  Defense: 16th

[Indiana Pacers]

  Overall Rank: 2nd
  Offense: 6th
  Defense: 1st

[New Orleans Pelicans]

  Overall Rank: 20th 
  Offense: 24th
  Defense: 15th

[Detroit Pistons]

  Overall Rank: 12th
  Offense: 15th
  Defense: 11th

[Toronto Raptors]

  Overall Rank: 21st
  Offense: 19th 
  Defense: 24th

[Houston Rockets]

  Overall Rank: 5th
  Offense: 2nd
  Defense: 12th

[San Antonio Spurs]

  Overall Rank: 10th 
  Offense: 3rd 
  Defense: 9th

[Phoenix Suns]

  Overall Rank: 23rd
  Offense: 13th
  Defense: 26th

[Oklahoma City Thunder]

  Overall Rank: 8th
  Offense: 8th 
  Defense: 2nd 

[Minnesota Timberwolves]

  Overall Rank: 11th
  Offense: 9th 
  Defense: 19th

[Portland Trail Blazers]

  Overall Rank: 3rd 
  Offense: 4th
  Defense: 10th

[Golden State Warriors]

  Overall Rank: 4th
  Offense: 7th
  Defense: 7th

[Washington Wizards]

  Overall Rank: 13th
  Offense: 26th
  Defense: 5th

Here is the list of Achievements and their requirements:

[Dawn of and Era = 15G]
  Get drafted as a lottery pick in the NBA draft in MyCareer mode.

[Serving Notice = 15G]
  Get 250,000 fans in MyCareer mode.
[I'm Here to Stay = 25G]
  Get 1,000,000 fans in MyCareer mode.
[Man of the People = 40G]
  Get 2,000,000 fans in MyCareer mode.
[Everyone is Special = 15G]
  Purchase and equip 1 Signature Skill in MyCareer mode.
[Some more Special than Others = 30G]
  Purchase and equip 5 Signature Skills simultaneously in MyCareer mode.
[Now Playing = 15G]
  Purchase a pre-game ritual in MyCareer mode.
[Both Feet on the Ground = 30G]
  Sign an endorsement contract with either Nike or Jordan in MyCareer mode.
[Come Fly with Me = 15G]
  Purchase Michael Jordan's dunk package (Historic Jordan) in MyCareer mode.
[NBA Cares = 15G]
  Make a donation to the NBA Cares gloabal community outreach initiative in
  MyCareer mode.
[MyPlayer of the Game = 20G]
  Be named Player of the Game (in an NBA game) in MyCareer mode.
[My Every Day Player = 20G]
  Become a starter in the NBA in MyCareer mode.
[My All-Star = 25G]
  Be named an NBA All-Star in MyCareer mode.
[Immortality = 30G]
  Make the Hall of Fame in MyCareer mode.

[Runneth Over = 30G]
  Obtain a balance of 20,000 VC (Virtual Coins).
[Buzzer Beater = 20G]
  Make a game winning shot with no time left on the clock in a non-simulated
[Trip-Dub = 20G]
  Record a triple double with any player in a non-simulated game.
[Dub-Dub = 20G]
  Record two double double with any teammates in the same non-simulated game.

[Five by Five = 20G]
  Record 5 or more in 5 different stats with any player in a non-simulated
[It's Raining = 20G]
  Make 15 or more 3-pointers with any team in a non-simulated game.
[Block Party = 20G]
  Record 10 or more blocks with any team in a non-simulated game.
[Men of Steal = 20G]
  Record 10 or more steals with any team in a non-simulated game.
[Swat and Swipe = 20G]
  Record at least 5 blocks and 5 steals with any team in a non-simulated game.
[Smothering = 20G]
  Hold the opposing team's FG% below 40% with any team in a non-simulated
[Giveth and Taketh Away = 20G]
  Record 10 or more rebounds and assists with any player in a non-simulated

[Hold the Fat Lady = 20G]    
  Start the 4th period by losing by 10 or more points and win with any team in
  a non-simulated game.

[Wire to Wire = 20G]
  Do not allow your opponent to lead teh game at any point with any team in a
  non-simulated game.
[The Closer = 20G]
  Hold the opposing team to zero points in the final two minutes of a non-
  simulated game.
[The Here and Now = 15G]
  Begin a "Today" Association.
[Puppet Master = 10G]
  Adjust your "Total Sim Control" strategy in the The Association or Season
[Not Your Father's Association = 10G]
  Join an Online Association.
[Another Day, Another Win = 20G]
  Win 5 NBA Today matchups.
[Don't Hate the Player = 30G]
  Win the championship in an Online Association.
[Streaking = 25G]
  Win 5 non-simulated game in a row in The Association mode.
[Ticker Tape = 30G]
  Win an NBA Championship in The Association mode (playing every playoff game).
[All The Sprite Moves = 15G]
  Win the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.
[Hey Mr. DJ = 10G]
  Create a 2k Beats Playlist.
[Maestro = 15G]
  Create a shoe in the 2K Shoe Creator.
[Greatness Achieved = 20G]
  Complete LeBron: Path to Greatness.
[99 Stars, 1 LeBron = 35G]
  Get 99 stars in LeBron: Path to Greatness.
[From the Ground Up = 20G]
  Purchase 15 Boosters in MyTeam mode.
[82-0 = 20G]
  Finish any team's schedule in MyTeam.
[On the Road Again = 15G]
  Play a MyPlayer Blacktop game online.
[It's Got to be the Crews = 10G]
  Winning is everything. Get a W as part of a Crew.
[This One Counts = 15G]
  Win one online Versus match.
[Back to Back to Back = 15G]
  Win 2 Versus matches in a row.
[You're Officially Hot = 20G]
  Win 5 Versus matches in a row.
[Lincoln = 15G]
  Win 5 Versus matches total.
[Hamilton = 20G]
  Win 10 Versus matches total.
[The Sum of Its Parts = 15G]
  Play a Team-Up Game.
================================ <-End of FAQ-> ===============================

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