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                                                  Sky Odyssey:
                                                  Stormy Seas                 

----That's surfing water!
----No, yah think...

You are about to experince the next level.  Hold down square until you get the 
igination bar all the way to the top.  Take off when you get to 75 KNT's.  Fly 
North-West until you see the first checkpoint ring.  Fly through the 3 rings. 
Lower your landing gear if you put it up.  Fly a little bit past the blue arrows.  
Turn and Hold X so the igination bar is off.  Lower your plane and try to get 
equal with the landin' strip.  As soon as the arresting wires engage, hold L1 & 
R1 to apply the air brakes. When you get a mission complete, You will get 
some sweet pantoons so you can land on the water.  You have just completed 
Stormy Seas!!!!!

Author: Matt Perry

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