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       Omikron: The Nomad Soul
     Walkthrough/Strategy Guide 
       written exclusively for 
        *Cheat Code Central*

            Cody Pitre
      ([email protected])

Complete Walkthru for the PC and Sega Dreamcast and soon for the 

This is just a simple walkthru to let you know what you need to do to 
advance in the game. To learn how to play the game read the manual.

Hints & Tips
If you don't want to use the walkthru here are a few tips on playing 
the game.

1. Save & Advice: To save the game you need 1 Magic Ring, to get advice 
   on what to do you need 3 Magic Rings. Save game before buying advice, 
   that way after you buy the advice, write it down then exit the game.
   Reload your saved game and you will still have the 3 Magic Rings.

2. Increase Fighting Skills: At Kay'l's Apartment keep training til you
   advance to a Grand Master of Tarr. Each time you become someone new
   you'll have to train all over again so find a training room.

3. For PC Players: It's best to use a gamepad when playing the game. On 
   the shooting levels use the gamepad to guide your character and use the 
   mouse to point and shoot.

4. If you have the Reincarnation Spell you can become other characters.Any 
   character you see who is unique and doesn't speak to you. Example: If you
   examine someone and your character says something about how that person
   looks or if they say that appearance could be useful for the mission.

As you progress in the game you may end up using different characters from 
the ones I mention but the mission will stay the same. It will only change 
some if you tell the captain that Jenna 712 is guilty.

Kay'l Walkthru

After the movie scene Kay'l will come and ask for your help keep agreeing
with him til the next scene starts. Once you can control Kay'l go down the
passage and pick up 3 Magic Rings. Continue down the passage until you reach 
the street. Now keep walking down the street until the music and opening 
credits start. Just sit back and watch this will take about 3 minutes.

Once you have control again, walk to the street where the cars and bike 
sliders are driving. Use your sneak to call a car to take you to Kay'l's 
Apartment. Get in the car when it pulls up.

Kay'l's Apartment
When you arrive go inside the building and into the elevator. Activate your
sneak and use Kay'l's Apartment Key on the elevator panel. In Kay'l's 
Apartment turn left and go behind the screen to his desk. Open the desk 
drawer to get the 500 Seteks(Omikron money). Next get the Ring Note off the 
table in the center of the room. Use your sneak to examine the Ring Note.

Now go to the bedroom, its the back door on the left.(Whoa! Who's the babe?)
Enter the bedroom and open the chest to get the Sleeping Pill Prescription.
(You'll need it later.) Then go and open the closet and get Kay'l's Police 
Badge and the Medikit Large. Next turn right and enter the training room. 
Here you can increase your fighting skills without sustaining any damage. 
Just go to the center of the roomand operate the computer that comes down. 
Now choose your difficulty level and get ready for action. I suggest that you
keep training till your reach the title of Grand Master of Tarr. It should 
take you about 10 to 12 successful battles to get this title. Now head back 
for the living room. Look for the kitchen door on the side wall. Inside the 
kitchen pick up and read the Omikron News. There is a save point in the 
corner but there's really no reason to save now. Go back to the living room 
and watch the scene.

Talk to Telis. Tell her you can't remember anything. Ask her about the 
circumstances about your disapperance. Then ask did she notice anything 
strange about your behavior before the disappearance. Ask her about Den,
Ask her about your investigations. Really just keep asking her questions 
til she recomends you to go to the police station(Secutity HQ). After she 
goes into the bedroom pick up the gun she droped and then follow her. Join 
her on the bed, after all she is your wife. When you wake up leave the 
apartment and call a car to take you to Security HQ.

Security HQ
The Security HQ is the big building with a police droid standing in front of 
it. Before goin in go across the street to the Drug Store. Give the clerk the
Sleeping Pill Prescription and pick up the Prescription off the counter.
At the Drug Store you can also buy Medikits at any time during the game if 
you have enough Seteks. Now go back across the street and enter the Security   
HQ building.To open the second door use Kay'l's Badge on the panel with a red
and green dot. Walk on the right side of the police droid and enter the side 
elevator door and press the use button to activate the elevator. 

Kay'l's Office
Kay'l's Office is on Level: -2. Use your Kay'l's Police Badge on his office 
door which is the door with the blue strip on it.Open the closet and get the 
Medikit Small. Go to the desk and read all the files on the computer. You'll 
see the words Data Memorized when you exit the computer. You can then look 
in your memory on your sneak, these messages will stay on your sneak unitl 
you have done what they say. Next open the right desk drawer to get the 100 
Seteks. Put all the notes in the Multiplan on the wall. When ever your sneak 
is full use any Multiplan you find to put the stuff you don't need in it. You 
can also retrieve everything from any Multiplan in the game. There's a save 
point in the corner but there is still no reason to save the game yet. You 
can't die in Omikron unless you lose a fight with a demon.

Yodim's Office
Yodim's office has a gold strip on the door. It should be unlocked any there 
should not be anyone in the office. Get and eat the salad out of the closet.
Next get the Sha'armet Tournament Flyer off the desk and read it. You can go 
to there anytime in the game to fight for Seteks. This a good way to get some
quick cash.

Sork's Office
His office door has a yellow strip. This is not important, its just fun to 
tick this guy off. Talk to him and say whatever you want. Next go back to the
elevator and you will get a call telling you to report to Captain Lea's 

Captain Lea's Office
Captain Lea's office is on Level: -4. You'll see another police droid 
guarding her door. Go in her office and tell anything except that you're 
from another dimension. Keep talking to her til she assigns you a new case.
Then pick up Jenna's Key, the Jenna 712 Detention Dossier, and the Mission 
Order Jenna 217. Read the Jenna 712 Detention Dossier. Now leave and go to 
the Detention Cells.

Detention Cells
The Detention Cells are on Level: -3. the door to the Cells has a green 
strip on it. Pick up and read the ad on the table. Next give the guard the 
Mission Order Jenna 712 then follow him to the cell. Ask Jenna 712 about the 
"Awakened" then keep asking her questions. When she asks,"Are you going to 
condem me?" Tell her, "I can't tell you anything for the moment". Now head 
back to Captain Lea's Office. When Telis calls agree to meet her for lunch.

Back at Captain Lea's Office
Talk to the Captain and tell her you think Jenna 712 is innocent. She will 
then ask you to get her a Cup Of Koil. So go to the Rest Room on Level: -1.
It's the door with a yellow strip. Buy a Cup Of Koil from the Vending 
Machine. Now mix the Sleeping Drug with the Cup Of Koil by accessing the 
sneak and press your button on the Sleeping drug then press Use On and the 
press the button on the Cup Of Koil. Before returning to Captain Lea's Office
you can go and talk to Tarek on this level. His office door has a green 
strip on it. Return to Captain Lea's Office and give her the Drugged Koil 
and watch her go out like a light. Get and eat the sandwhich from the closet 
and then get Captain Lea's Badge out of her desk drawer. Now go to the 
Surveilance Room.

Surveilance Room
The Surveilance Room is the other room on Level: -4. The same Floor as 
Captain Lea's Office. Once inside the Surveilance Room go into the left 
door and pull a fuse out of the machine. This will disable the Surveilance 
Cameras. Then go back to the Surveilance room and go through the door on the
other side. Search all the lockers in that room and you'll fin a Magic Ring, 
Double Waver Ammo, A Memo, and Decagun Ammo. read Memo then go to the 
Archive Room.

Archive Room
This room is on Level: -3 (go thru door with green strip). Use Captain Lea's 
Badge on the panel next to the police droid. Use the Computer and read all 
the files. I believe you should see the words Data Memorized again when 
you're done. Now leave Security HQ to have lunch with Telis.

Anekbah - Resturant Tahria St.
Call a car to bring you to Anekbah - Resturant Tahria St. When you arrive 
go into the resturant, Telis is at the back table. Press the use button to 
sit down and talk to her.It doesn't matter what you talk about. During Lunch 
you'll recieve a call about 8 robbers holding up a supermarket. Take the 
Talisman Telis gives you before you go. Hold on to this Talisman throught 
the game, it will become very important later.Before you go, there is a 
save point at the front corner inside the resturant if you want to save the 
game now. Before calling a car, go down the street at the corner of the 
resturant to the Gun Shop and buy an Activated Radar for 100 Seteks. Now 
call a car to go to the Supermarket Zodir St.

Supermarket Zodir St.
Enter the Supermarket and watch the scene. Suprise! your're trapped inside 
with no way out! Oh, and by the way there is way more than 8 robbers in here.
Kill all the robbers you can find then find and talk to the hostage. He'll 
tell you there's another robber behind the door in the back. Go there and 
fight hand to hand combat with this guy. After the fight pick up the Mana 
Potion.If you can't kill all these men don't worry you'll surive, their not 
demons. Once the fight is over take some Medikits. The door you came in is 
now open again. Now its time to go to the Morgue Zone 42, so call a car to 
take you there.

Morgue Zone 42
I hope you don't have a weak stomach. Enter the morgue and talk to the nurse. 
She'll tell you where Yudin is. Go thru the left door and talk to Yudin. You 
need to ask him where Den's body is. Also ask to examine the bodies. Now 
leave the room on the left and go thru the door on the right. Enter the 
first door down the hall on the right. Pick up the Surgical Instrument 
laying next to the uncut body. Use the Surgical on the bloody corpse. Now 
pick up the Corpse Sample which is now next to the body. Get the Medikits 
off the shelf. Leave this room and go to the next one down the hall. 

Use the panel against the freezer to access the bodies. Choose number 4 to 
access Den's Body examine it and get his broken sneak. Press the panel again 
to put up Den's Body. Use panel again and pick number 2, there is a Magic 
Ring hidden with this corpse. Now go to the machine against the back wall 
and use the Corpse Sample on it. It will tell you the DNA is not human. 
Hold on to Corpse Sample you'll still need it later. Now it's time to go 
to Anekbah - Bar Zone 52.

Anekbah - Bar Zone 52
Call a car to take you to Bar Zone 52. Make sure to take some Medikits 
before you enter cause you'll have to shoot it up with everyone in the bar. 
Talk to the bar tender and then get ready. Ther should be 4 or 5 guys in the 
bar and 1 in the bathroom. If you kill everyone there will be 1000 Seteks, a 
Magic Ring, and Octogun Ammo in the last stall in the bathroom. Go back in 
the bar and pick up the Dreamer's Flyer Memo on one of the tables and read 
it. Before you leave for the concert put everything you don't need in the 
Multiplan on the wall. Now call a car to go to Harvey's Bar.


Qualisar - Harvey's Bar
When you arrive in Qualisar go up the ramp in front of you. Look for a sign 
that says Harvey's Bar and enter it. Inside, first fin the bathroom there is 
10 Seteks in the first stall. Now go to the stage and enjoy the show. If 
you're wondering why that guy sounds like David Bowie it is because he is. 
When the band is done go to the next building which is the Sex Shop. Just go 
in and buy a poster then go to the next building which is Aka's Bar.

Qualisar - Aka's Bar
Here is where you need to talk to Anissa 109, the exotic dancer in the black 
bikini. You have to talk to the bar tender first to find out who she is. 
Either pay him off or threaten to check his license and then threaten to 
check his customers. When Anissa goes to the bar go talk to her and follow 
her to her dressing room. Ask her to repeat everything she told you before. 
Then ask her "Are you sure he was a police officer?". Then ask, "Is there 
anything else?". Then ask "Did you keep the paper?" She then goes to change, 
when she screams shoot the panel next to her door to open it. Too late, she's
dead! Search her body to get a key. Open her closet to get Den's card and 
read it, there is also a Medikit Medium. Go to the table in the corner of 
the room and press the black hand statue. This gives you access to the safe. 
Use her key to open the safe and get the paper and read it. This paper will 
become important later. Leave the bar and go to the next building which I 
think is called Xan Store.

Xan Store
Buy any supplies you need here. This is also the place tp fight in the 
Sha'arment Tournment. If you read that memo you'll be able to ask to buy a 
Battery For A Meca-Lamp, which is the pass word to enter the tournament. 
Fill up on Medikits then go to the back and take the elevator up to the 
tournament. You'll be able to keep fighting until you're out of energy, you 
can always buy more medikits then go right back up to fight some more. When 
you're done buy some more medikits if needed but save at least 400 Seteks in 
order ti fix Den's sneak a in a few minutes. Now go across the bridge in 
front of this store. There is no reason to enter the Peep Show unless you're 
just a pervert. There are 2 Magic Rings in the bathroom of the bar next to 
the Peep Show. After that go back across the bridge, pass all the buildings 
you entered and continue going straight till you get to Fu-an's.

Pay Fu-an 400 Seteks to fix Den's Sneak. You now have Den's Police Badge 
which opens up his office door. So go back to Security HQ.

Back At Security HQ
Go to Boog's office(Level: -1, blue strip on door) and give him the poster. 
He'll give you the Security HQ Master Key. I'm not sure what the key is for. 
I think its used to open the Archive Room door in case you didn't drug 
Captain Lea to get her badge. Go to Den's Office.

Den's Office
Use Den's Badge to open his office door(Level: -2, red stip on door, I think). 
Get and read the Memo and Message from the closet. Then open the right desk 
drawer to get Den's Apartment Key. Make sure you read Den's Card from 
Anissa's closet so you will know his address. Exit Den's office and talk to 
Tarek. Tell him can't tell him anything at the moment. Now this is the first 
time that you really need to save the game so go to Kay'l's Office  and save 
the game. As you head out of Security HQ you will receive an urgent call 
from Telis. You must go to Kay'l's Apartment immediately!!!

Back At Kay'l's Apartment
When you enter Kay'l's Apartment pick up the note from the floor, read it 
and get back in the elevator to go to the roof and find Telis.Find Telis and 
talk to her. Now get ready to battle your first demon. Don't panic, cause if 
you lose someone will save your soul from going to Hell, and you will become 
Syao 471. If you win you will remain as Kay'l. I recommend leting the demon 
win so you can become Syao 471 just because she's a cool looking and chick 
and also because everyone is looking for Kay'l not Syao. If you stay as Kay'l
you will become someone else again later. After the battle go back to the 
elevator and talk to a member of The Awakened.

Talking To The Member Of The Awakened
Ask these questions:
Who are you?
What do you want from me?
What danger?
Why do they want my soul?
Tell me about the video game "Omikron".
And what would happen if a demon got my soul?
What should I do to save my soul?
How can I destroy the gate?
Who is the demon guarding the gate?
Commandant Gandhar?
How can I get to the gate?
Gandhar's Office is well guarded, How can I get in?
And Telis? What happened to her? Why did she attack me?
Where can I find this Power Rod?
What happens when I die? Why do I change bodies?

Den's Apartment
After talking to the member of The Awakened, go down to the street and call 
acar to take you to Den's Apartment. Use Den's Apartment Key on his 
building's elevator panel to be brought to his apartment.Go to Den's bedroom 
and get his Wedding Picture off the table and examine it to get a code. get 
Jafa'yl's Parchment, a Reincartion Spell, and Double Waver Ammo from the 
closet. Get the Omikron News off the bed and read it. Go into the shower and 
get a small key. Use the small key to open the chest in the bedroom. Get the 
Mana, Medikit Large, and the 200 Seteks out of the chest. It would be a good
idea to save the game again here. Now go into the Living Room, Remember what 
Den's Message said " Truth hides behind the White Tiger". Push the white 
tiger statue at the enterance and then press the button on the floor. The 
white tiger picture on the wall reveals a safe. Use the code 7213 from the 
wedding picture to open the safe. Get Den's Map, a Pass for Security HQ, and 
a Transcan Tape out of the safe. Use the Transcan Tape on the transcan 
Machine next to the safe to play Den's message. Look out, Behind you is 
another demon, if you lose this time your soul will be taken to Hell and the 
game is over. After battle leave the Apartment building and go to Jenna's 

Jenna's Apartment
Since you're in the neighborhood call a car to take you to Jenna's Apartment 
to steal, uh, I mean borrow a few things. Use Jenna's Apartment Key on the 
elevator panel. Get and eat the candy bar off the table. Pick up and read 
the Omikron News. Get a key from the bottom of the toliet to open the 
bedroom closet. Get 20 Seteks, Jenna's Note, and a Medikit Large from the 
closet. Now go to the Supermarket Zone 9 to get the Power Rod.

Supermarket - Zone 9
If you talked to the member from the Awakend and asked what I said to, the 
address for Zone 9 will be on your sneak. So call a car to take you there. 
When you arrive show the monk with the orange skirt Telis' Talisman(The Sign 
of The Awakened). Now follow him and enter the building her will stand next 
to. Ask the man for a Power Rod and give him the Corpse Sample. If you put 
the Corpse Sample in a Multiplan , there is a Multiplan on the wall, get the 
Corpse Sample and get rid of everything you don't need. Pick up the Power Rod
and head back to Security HQ.

Last Time at Security HQ
Go to the Ventilator Room( Level: -5, orange strip on door). Go up the left 
hallway to the control operating room. Use the Pass for Security HQ on the 
panel next to the gold shield bars. Now activate the green machine to turn 
off the fans. Then activate the panel on the wall to lower the window. Jump 
thru the window, trust me.

Swim til you find an open passage, climb out, get the Electric Wire, head up 
the ramp through the door and back to the control operating room. Use the 
Electric Wire on the Big Electric Panel behind the comuters. This will ope 
the other fan door. Read Den's Map then go to the newly opened door. Jump on 
the fan blade and walk to the right blade then jump across to the right 
tunnel. Now keep going til you fined Gandhar's Office.    

Finding Gandhar's Office
After you jump to the right tunnel look for an elevator and ride it. Get out 
the elevator and continue down the hall and you should come across another 
save point. You'll be fighting another demon soon so you might want to save 
the game. Contiue on til you see a black square whole on the ground that is 
the entrance to Gandhar's Office so walk over it. Gandhar's demon guard is 
waiting for you. So get ready to kick some more demon butt. After you defeat 
the demon, pick up the 3 items left where the demon was killed. Get the 3 
Magic Rings off the desk. Open the desk drawer and get the Pass to Jaunpur, 
then search the desk drawer again to open a secret door. Now go inside this 
secret room and you'll find a panel. Read Anissa's Note for the code to open 
the door. The hint for the code is "The first figure is for the column, the 
second is for the line. If you have trouble here is a diagram:

0 0 0 0 0 1
0 0 0 1 0 0
0 0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0 0
0 0 1 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 1 0 

Press the buttons where I put a 1 to open the Ultimate Door.

Fighting the Lost Souls and Gandhar
Before you come across any foes a Mystic will appear and tell that if you 
die, you'll come back to this point and try again. Don't try to save the 
game at those 3 Floating Rings cause it won't work. So continue on and get 
ready to use the Power Rod on everything you see. When you fight Gandhar 
keep aiming for his head and dodge his shots at you. When you defeat him 
there is a brief scene. After scene pick up the 5 Magic Rings, a 100 and 
500 Seteks, and Mana. Go to the end of the passage to find an underwater 
passage that will lead you out of this place. When you reach the surface 
you're meet by Jenna 712. Listen and do what she tells you. Examine your 
Pass to Jaunpur so you can call a car to bring you there. When you get there 
you must show the police droid your Pass to Jaunpur. If you are still Kay'l 
this end for you and you will become Ysmala'n 402(a nurse). If you're Syao 
471 you will continue to play as her.

Ysmala'n 402 and Syao 471 Walkthru

 After you give the police droid your Pass to Jaunpur, go thru the tunnel 
when you get to the other side call for a car to bring you to the Jaunpur - 

Jaunpur - Temple
Once you exit the car, go through the entrance next to the guy exercising. 
Then go through the entrance on the left, go straight til you see a path on 
the left. Walk up the path and enter the temple doors. You'll fin Yob in the 
back corner. Yob is a black man wearing green clothing. Talk to him and then 
follow him. When you enter the room he went into pick up the 2 candels. Then 
climb between the 2 statues and stand in front of the red square(hole in 
picture). Use Telis' Talisman(The Sign og The Awakened). This will open a 
secret passage to an elevator which leads to a secret base of the Awakened. 
Get out the elevator and keep exploring til you find Jenna 712. Listen to her
and follow her after that. She will take you to her leader Dakobah. After you
talk to him continue to explore the base and learn your way around talking 
to everyone you can. Then find Jenna's room and  talk to her again. 

Next find Namtar to give you a mission if you haven't found him yet. Then 
find Krill to ask him what type of explosives you need to blow up the bridge.
Get a detonator from his closet before you leave. Now go to the place where 
you first talked to Jenna when you came in. Its the place where you see 
people working and laying down. There's small down on one side by itself 
enter and talk to Soks to get the explosives. After he gives them to you, 
combine the explosives and the detonator by using the Use On button in your 
sneak. Now either find Yob and do some training or go straight to doing the 
mission. There's a save point here if you wish to save first.

To get out of base go down the hall next to Jenna's room. You'll come across 
a blue with buttons on it. Next to that blue wall is another tunnel which 
leads to an elevator to take you back to the surface. Once up top find a Drug
Store and a Gun Shop if you need Medikits or new weapons and ammo.
If you still need cash you can still go back and fight at the Tournament.
Now find a street and call a car to take you to Jaunpur - Bridge Zone 12.

Bridge Zone 12
Go across the bridge and find a save point. You don't have to save, I'm just 
using this as a point of reference. Now turn left and walk along the orange 
cement wall til you come across a metal grate on the ground. There should be 
holes in the wall next to this grate. Press the use button to climb the gate.
You'll see what looks like a save point, but like before this is just where 
you'll end up if you lose your energy. It's not a save point. Get ready the 
shooting is about to begin. Kill everyone in sight and try avoid getting 
shoot. There are Medikits hidden throughout this maze. Your goal is to 
activate 2 Control Panels you have to activate the panel on the far opposite 
side of the crane before you can activate the one next to it. If you bought 
the Activated radar earlier, all the red dots are the enemy and your the blue. 
Once you activated both panels, run passed both police droids to the green 
door to get out of there.

The Dock
Now your at the dock, I believe she activates the first control panel 
automatically to lower the dock. Next jump in the water for a swim and head 
for the bridge. Swim under water to find a lever next to an underwater crate.
Pull lever to raise crate to the surface. Now look across the river to see 
another raft in the corner, get on raft and activate panel to raise you to 
the surface. Get off, there should be another panel to the left activate it 
to release another crate. Now jump in the water and swim back to the dock. 
Jump on raft and activate it to take you to the first crate. Pick up the 2 
Magic Rings then keep jumpimg across each crate to get to the column under 
the bridge. Use the WCM Expolsives to blow up the bridge. Then "Run Forrest, 
run!" Mission complete. You will automatically be brought back to the base.

You now have three options. I recommend first continue your training with 
Yob til you are a Grand Master Of Tarr. Then go back to the Tournament to 
earn some more Seteks. Now return to Namtar at the base for another mission.  

Jaunpar - Zone 9
Call a car to take you to Zone 9 to find the Book Store. When you arrive 
turn right and head straight til there's a building in your way, next turn 
left and take a righ at the corner of the building. Take a left at the next 
street, when you turn you should see a sign that says Resturant. Keep heading
straight til you see the Book Store on the Right. Show the man next to the 
bookcase the Talisman and then pick up the Pirate Box. Now go back the way 
you came and calla call to take you to Jaunpur - Sect 22 Roofs Access.

Jaunpur - Sect 22 Roofs Access
Get out the car and head for a huge metal door to go thru. It's on the left 
side of the building you're facing. Go thru door and keep goin til you find 
another huge metal door to go thru. Now keep walking til you see a Quanta 
Kola sign hanging then turn right and go thru that passage way and climb the 
wall with the metal bars. (PC Players press the enter key to climb up and 
down). There is a save point if you like to save now. See the 2 boxes next 
to each other, push the first one down on top of the police droid. Then climb
down and enter the door he was guarding. Get on the metal elevator and press 
the red button. That Mystic guy will reappear and repeat himself. Get ready 
to shoot it out. Try to take out one officer at a time. The antenna is in the
far right corner. Use the Pirate Box on it to send the message. Now you have 
to escape. 

Take out as many guards as you can from where before you get down from the 
antenna. Once on the ground make your way towards the front to the fence. 
Find the ladder to the building closest to the fence and climb up. Take out 
any guards you see then look around. Look straight ahead, there should only 
be one row of buildings in front of the fence. Jump on the nearest building 
there should be a red canopy nearby. Turn left and jump to the next building.
This should start the mission ending scene. You will automatically return to 
the Awakened headquarters.

Talk to Namtar when you return and he'll give you a key to the hideout at 
8250 Konera Street.

Dakobah's Library

First find Soks at the bottom floor with the other members of the awakened, 
He's standing next to a column(I think). Give him the insulating spray. (If 
you haven't found the insulating spray its on the table on the bottom floor 
where someone is writing a letter.) He'll then give you a Hydromagnetic 
Pistion to fix the elevator in Dakobah's library. 

Find and talk to Dakobah in order to get his permission and his key to enter 
the library. The library is the room behing the awakened flag, the room next 
to where you found Dakobah. Inside the library you'll find the books "The 
Magic Signs of the Art" and "The Book of Beshe'm's" on the first floor. Use 
the Hydromagnetic Piston on the elevator to fix the elevator. On the second 
floor you'll find "The Secret Rites of the Art", Ampher Dew, "The History of 
Xendar's Temple", and "Ars Magica Volume XXXVII". Read all the books and 
write down the symbols for the numbers 1 - 9.

Finding Xenda'r's Temple
Leave the library and go down the hall next to Jenna's room and examine the 
blue wall. You'll see four stones with three symbols on each one. Add up the 
symbols on each stone to find the values for the symbols you don't have.(Use 
the symbols for 1 - 9 that you wrote down eariler) You should come up with 
the symbol values for 10 and 14.

Now go down the hall next to Krill's room to find a similar blue wall but 
with buttons to manipulate the stone symbols. Add the two smaller symbols and
each stone to get the value for the larger symbol. Once you pressed all the 
correct values the door to Xenda'r's Temple should open. Before you enter 
Dakobah talks to you.

Inside you'll find the Cepher Leaf next to the tree and you'll find 5 Magic 
Rings and the Drops of Shadow on a green platform to the right. Next jump 
into the water and swim to the other side to enter Xanda'r's Tomb.

Xanda'r's Tomb
You can find a save point in here if you want to save. Go to Xanda'r's body 
to get the Powder from Dead Man's Skull, the Beshe'm, and Vyagrimukha's 

Now look for the ceremony stones across from Xanda'r's body. Place the 
Beshe'm on the center stone and the candels(from Janpar Temple) on the two 
unmarked stones. Now facing Xanda'r's body, place the Drops of shadow at the 
12 o'clock position, the Cepher Leaf at the 4 o'clock position, put the 
Powder from Dead Man's Skull at the 6 o'clock position, and finally put the 
Ampher Dew at the 10 o'clock position. Find the intersecting lines near the 
middle of the ceremony platform and watch the ceremony take place. Once the 
ceremony is complete pick up the Beshe'm bowl and leave Xenda'r's Temple and 
go talk to Dakobah and show him the Beshe'm. Now it's timw to go to the 
hideout that Namtar told you about.

Janupar - 8250 Konera Street
Return to the surface and use your slider to take you to the hideout. You 
might have to examine the key to get the address. Once you get there use 
your map on your slider to find out exactly where the hideout is. Enter the 
hideout there is a save point in a closet next to the door. Go downstairs 
and talk to Jenna and she'll give you your next mission. Before you leave 
pick up all the items in the room( 8 Time Bombs,2 Magic Rings, 100 Seteks, 
Kloops Beer, Xiam Noodles, Ad for Wikis Gardens, and a Medikit Large). Now 
go to the gun shop and talk to Qazef.

Janupar - Zone 29 Gun Shop
Qazef dosn't part with the information easily. You can either use the Truth 
spell on or use your Reincarnation Spell on the woman by the gun rack. Make 
the Truth Spell by mixing the right ingredients in the Beshe'm. They are a 
Wiki and the Dead Man's Tongue. If you decide to change identies you will 
lose all the Fighting points(Attack, Dodge, etc..), Training Title, and Mana 
that you've obtained so far. No matter what you decide Qazef will give you 
the address to Tetra Trust Factory. Befor you go buy a sewer map from any 
Bookstore. Call up on your slider to take you to the address he gave you 
(2130 Madeeb Street).

Tetra Trust Factory
Once you get out the car look at the Sewer Map turn right and keep going to 
you find the water. Jump in the water, there is a lever underwater near 
where the map says the door is, find it and pull it to go inside. After that 
get out the water and you'll receive a message from Jenna. Continue on and 
you'll fall down into the showers of the locker room. Dont' let the guys in 
the shower see you or you'll have to fight them. Go to the locker room and 
fight that guy who attacks you. Once the fight is over go the locker with 
the picture that matches the tattoo off the guy's chest you just fought. 
Get the Tetra 1 Pass and the Medikit Large. Before you go thru that door use 
the Multiplan to get rid of what ever you don't need. Load up on medikits 
and make sure your energy is full cause you're in for a long fight. Even 
though Jenna said you'd only have to place 8 bombs, you'll have to place a 
bomb on every console you find. Don't worry you won't run out of bombs.

Hopefully you still have the Activated Radar to see your enemies coming. Kill
everyone in the room then from the door you entered go right and up the ramp 
and thru the door. Kill the enemies, wait for the train to pass then run 
across the other side an activate the panel which opens the other door in 
the previous room. Get the Medikit in the corner. Now head for that newly 
opened door. Kill the enemies running toward you. When you enter the door 
you will be back in normal mode briefly so take a medikit if you need to 
before going on.

I'm not going to go in great detail about this level, just go in every room 
you find and place a bomb on the center panel. If you can't place a bomb in 
a room it probably means you just have to activate a panel in that room to 
open a door or deactivate a conveyor belt. You should eventually come across 
a room with a wounded guard. You can use the Reincarnation Spell to become 
him to avoid being shot at. But this will only work shortly because once you 
activate the next panel to open a door they'll know who you are. This panel 
is across a bridge where there will 2 quards where you enter the room and 1 
across the bridge. You have to activate that panel. There is a medikit in the
corner of that room. (I don't think its worth using the quard but give it a 
try if you want) Then go back the way you came and keep planting bombs.

You will eventually be standind on a catwalk cut off by a huge pool of that 
green goo. Look up and you should see a pulley system. Use it to swing across
the goo. Continue making your way planting bombs and activating any panels 
that you see. At some point you'll come across room with a panel that has a 
wheel crank. Turn the wheel once to to swing the walkway to you. Now jump on 
the walkway and turn the wheel on the next panel to get to the other side. 
Pass thru the next door, wait for the train to pass and run across the tracks. 
Go up the stairs on that side and enter a green lighted tunnel. Keep going 
till you see a grating on the floor. Press the use button to move it aside. 
Wait for train to pass then jump down and run across the tracks to an alcove 
with a Medikit Small.

Now wait for the next train to pass then go left and across the tracks to 
another alcove with a door.Inside that room there is elevator in the midlle 
and this room also connects to three others. You have to activate the panels 
in the 3 rooms with Mecaguards to operate the lift. But watch out these 
panels also activates the Mecaguards! Once all three are activated ride the 
elevator to end the mission. Walk down the hall to meet Jenna.  Surprise the
authorties arrive and arrest you both and take you to Pamoka Prision.

Escaping Pamoka Prision
You will be interrogated by Security Chief Mashround. You refuse to tell him 
what he wants to know and he'll give you a few hours in a cell to change 
your mind.

In your cell, pick up the bowl then go and face the guard and use the bowl 
on the cell bars. A menu of insults will come up, pick any one and watch the 
guard fall to the ground as you use the bowl to block the shocking ray. 
Examine the body to bring it closer to the cell then examine it again to get 
the key. Facing the cell bars go to the right and use the key to get out.

Jenna's cell is next door. She'll tell to come up with a plan to get her out.
Continue down the hall till you find the next door that opens. Go inside and 
use the Multiplan to reactivate your Sneak and restore its contents. Next 
Reincarnate into the guard, Zao'r, who's standing outside the door. Now go 
back ane rescue Jenna. Once she gets out just follow her to find the way out.
Talk to the guard blocking the way out. Pick your excuse and stick to your 
story. He'll let you pass and you and Jenna will head back to base.

Traitor Among The Awakened
Jenna believes there is a traitor among the members of the Awakened. She 
asks you to investigate the matter. Find Soks and find out what has he heard.
Ask him to distract Krill so you can search his room. Follow Soks to Krill's 
Cell and he'll unlock it for you. Krill is asleep so open his closet. All 
you find is a screwdriver. Take it, well Krill is not the traitor. Go to see 
Meshka'n, his room is next to Yob's training room. Use the screwdriver to 
open the door. You'll find Meshka'n dead. Pick up his journal from his desk 
and read it. Get Meshka'n's Key and the Acid from the unlocked closet. Go 
back to Dakobah's library, Meshka'n's Key opens the chest.Get the Dew of 
Light from the chest.

Got to Yob's Training room, he's training Namtar so sneak around and examine 
Namtar's clothes to get his key to his room. Go to Namtar's room and open the
door with Namtar's Key. Look at the floor next to the closets. Notice that 
one has skid marks next to it, indicating that it was moved. Get on the  
opposite side of the closet with the skid marks and press the use button to 
move the closet. Examine floor to find the hatch. You have to use the Acid 
on the hatch to open it. Pick up the Demoniac Cube. As you begin to leave a 
message for Namtar goes off. Namtar's the traitor and a demon.

Grab the Sham Horn off of the wall in Namtar's room. Now to unmask Namtar 
you need to make the Unmask Demon Spell. Mix the Sham Horn and the Dew of 
Light in the Beshe'm. Now go back to Yob's training room to confront Namtar. 
Use the Unmask Demon Spell on Namtar before you attack. Namtar trasforms and 
the game goes into Fight Mode. When your done leave the room and Dakobah and
Jenna come to thank you. Dakobah gives you "Ars Magica Volume XIX". He then 
tells you he has arranged for you to meet Boz at 1211 Tramesh Street.

Boz(a.k.a. David Bowie)
Return to the surface and use your sneak to have a car take you to Boz's old 
home(1211 Tramesh Street). The Slider drops you off right in front of the 
door to Boz's home.In the room on the right you'll find an Octagun and 
Octagun Ammo. Now go back to the main room and head down the ramp on the left.
Keep walking to you find a room with a big computer. There are  2 Magic Rings
here. Press the use button on the computer to talk to Boz. After your 
conversation pick up the Pass to Lahoreh on your way out. Take a ride to the 
Access to Lahoreh. Enter the tunnel and go to Lahoreh.

Lahoreh Library
When you arrive at Lahoreh look at your map on your Sneak to find the 
location of the library and just keep following the map till you get there. 
As you make your way inside the library you'll receive a message from Jenna. 
She'll tell you the new location of the Awakened base in Lahoreh. Look 
around the entire library. You should find : "Tarr Fight Techniques Volume 
9", Tarr Fight Techniques Volume 22", "Eye of Vyagrimukha Parchment", and "On 
Parallel Universes". Read these books they should be found on tables 
surronding the room.Make your way to the center of the book shelves where 
there is an elevator. Read the sign or talk to the guard to find out that 
only researchers are allowed. Should be no problem for the Nomad Soul just 
find professor Enay'd to reincarnate into. I think you can find him in the   
history section.

After you become a new man, go back and talk to the guard who'll now let you 
pass. When you reach the research room go to any book shelf and borrow and 
read all of those books. Next ask the man sitting down if he can help you 
translate one of the books. He says he'll let you borrow his Tradutech, 
which translates text, if you do him a favor. He asks for the Aegmarr Index 
of the 3rd planet of the 4th System. So drop all the books you took off the 
shelf in the book return, which  looks like a grey waste basket. Now head 
back downstairs to the Astrology book shelf section. Buy the "The Quartet 
System", "Tables of Cosmic Correspondence" and the "Masa'u Ruines". You won't
need the "Masa'u Ruines" till much later but better to buy it now than have 
to travel all the way back here later. Read "The Quartet System" to find the 
Cosmic Coefficient of the 3rd planet, Kalisha, which is 13.5. Use that number
when you read the "Tables of Cosmic Correspondence" to get the Agmaar index 
of 0.1851. Go back up the elevator and tell the researcher the number is 
0.1851. Now pick up his Tradutech.

You must go behind the elevator and turn off the lights before you use the 
Tradutech. Press the light switch then access your Sneak and use the 
Tradutech on the book. The guard will turn on back the lights and the 
Tradutech automatically goes back to the researcher and the book is already 
put back in its place. Since you have the translation you don't need the book
anymore anyway. The translation says you'll have to find 3 of Vyagrimukha's 
jewels, but since you should already have found one next to Xenda'r's body 
you just need 2 more.

Awakened's New Base
The new base is pretty easy to find just access the map on your Sneak to find 
your way. You will find yourself at a dead end. Just dive into the water and 
pull yourself on the ledge of the brown rock wall. The door is on the left, 
press the use button to open it. Make your way to the building on the right 
and there you'll find Dakobah and Jenna. Show Dakobah the translation and 
he'll give you your new orders. Befor you get get the Mana Potion off the 
desk and a Magic Ring off a chair. There is another building at the far end 
of the base that you can enter to find another Mana Potion. Now head to 
Yrmal'i Square.

Yrmal'i Square
Find Yrmal'i Square by following the map on your Sneak. It is a dome-shaped 
building with doors all around it. When you enter you should see four columns
with symbols on the top of them. There is also a stone triangle on the floor.
In order to activate the elevator in the center of the room you have to 
press the correct symbols on each column. Now i'll list two ways of how to 
do this. The first way will be to tell where to find the symbols. The second 
way will just to tell you what they are.

Where are the Symbols?
The triangle on the floor of Yrmal'i Square points to a map on the wall. The 
huge circle at the left hand corner of the map is where you are. The four 
dots are where you can find the symbols. It would help you if you would draw 
this on a sheet of paper. The symbol position right below your location on 
the map is in a Sorcerer's Shop. You'll have to find the ramp that I'll take 
you up to the Sorcerer's Shop. The symbol is on a fallen column inside the 
shop on the floor. Notice which way the triangle is pointing at each symbol 
location so you know which column it goes on.While your there buy the Drops 
of Shadow for a spell you'll need to cast later. 

Now head to the entrance to Jaunpur. Don't go to Jaunpur I'm just using that 
as a point of reference. Now from the entrance head up the street, jump in 
the water and check under each bridge for the next symbol which should be on 
the left. When you find the symbol climb out of the water on the same side 
that you found the symbol.

There should be a ramp near by that will take you up to 2 restaurants. Walk 
pass the first one and keep walking to reach the next one.  The symbol should
be right there on the wall. Now go back to where you found the previous 
symbol. Walk over that bridge and turn left. Keep walking straight to you 
reach the curb. You should see A huge grey building, the next symbol is under
that building. So jump in the water and swim under the building. The symbol 
is on the center of the foundation. Now go back to Yrmal'i Square and press 
the correct symbol on each column then stand in the center to activate the 

The Easy Way
Stand right behind the triangle facing the map on the wall. Go to the column 
at the upper right and press the circle with a line thru it. Next go to the 
column on the upper left and press the 2 parrell lines with a line thru them.
For both the lower left and lower right press the symbol with 2 wavy lines. 
Now stand in the center to activate the elevator. I think the game might 
activate the elevator automatically. You still need to go to the Sorcerer's 
Shop and buy the Drops of Shadow.

Finding The Second Vyagrimukha Jewel
Enter the doors at the bottom of the well where the elevator drops you off. 
You should find youself in a roon with five pedestals. There are two items 
in this room you can pick up but I can't remember what they are right now. 
In order to enter the tunnel ahead of you you have to lower the platform by 
using the five pedestals. Press the center pedestal. You'll have to repeat 
those tones by using the surrounding pedestals. The order of the first set 
of tones is: Lower Left, Upper Right, Lower Right, Upper Left. Press the 
center pedestal again to hear the next set of tones. The order od the second 
set is: Upper Right, Upper Left, Lower Right, Lower Left, Upper Left, Lower 
Left. Now walk on the lowered platform and enter the tunnel. Instead of goin 
in to a long detail of how to translate those symbols, I'll just tell where 
the correct Vyagrimukha Jewel is. Go to the last row and open up the second 
casket from the right. Go back the way you came and go back up the elevator. 
Time to go to Jahangir Park. Mahe sure before you go that you have both 
jewels, the Drops of Shadow,and the "Masa'u Ruines" book.

Jahangir Park
Remember that place where you dropped a crate on a Mecaguard and then it 
when into shooting mode on the roof tops. This is where you need to go to 
find the park. First from the Yrmal'i Square, head  back to Jaunpur. When 
you get to Jaunpur, use your Sneak to call a Slider. You can use the address 
for the Tetra Trust cause its right across the street from where you need to 
go. Go thru those 2 hugh metal doors again and keep walking past tha place 
where you were in shooting mode on the roof. You'll find a ramp that will 
lead you to a door to enter Jahangir Park. The door will have Jahangir Park 
written over the door. There is a set of rings on the right side of the door 
if you want to save.

Walk straight then turn right and find a flock of birds on the ground across 
the stream. Jump in the water then climb to where the birds are. When you 
scare them away pick up the Jipan Feather. Jump back in the water and swim a 
little farther down the stream then turn around. You should she a cave 
entrance near where the birds were. Enter there and keeping going up this 
tunnel till you can't go anymore. You should find the final Vyagrimukha 
Jewel. Now return to the door that you went thru to enter the park. From the 
door head straight down the path to the center of the park. There you should 
find a building, enter it and keep going straight to you are in the room 
with symbols all around the room. To get to Kiwan's tomb you have to press 
the symbols that spell his name. Use the "Masa'u Ruines" to translate the 
symbols on the wall and press the symbols that will spell Kiwan's Name. Enter
each letter seperately starting with K.

Kiwan's Tomb
Once you find Kiwan's mummy, mix the Jipan Feather with the Drops of Shadow 
in the Beshe'm to make the Resurrection Spell. Use the spell on Kiwan to 
awaken him and talk to him. He reveals 2 maps in this room and a secret 
lever to pull outside, behind the tomb under water. Look at both the maps, 
but don't worry about drawing them. I beat the game without using these maps.
Take the elevator back up and go behind the building then jump in the water 
to find the secret lever. Go back to the front of this building and face it's
entrance. If you want to be a new character, explore the right side of the 
park. There are 2 fighters around there that you can reincarnate  into. But 
you should know that you won't be them long before having to become someone 

Vyagrimukha's Jewels
Standing in front of the center building explore the left side till you find 
a cave entrance. You should see columns near the entrance you're looking for.
Enter this cave to find the statue head of Vyagrimukha. Place all 3 jewels 
here to open the entrance.

Finding Soyinka
Go down this passage and jump in the pool and find a entrance to another 
room at the bottom of the pool. Climb out the water go down the hallway and 
go thru the door that will open up to Mayere'm an underground city. Make your
way to a wooden bridge once you cross it, the bridge will retract. Your goal 
is to get to the tower in the middle. Avoid the elevator at the tower in 
front of you and enter the tower and cross the rope bridge on the right to 
the next tower. Turn right again and cross another rope bridge. Now turn left
and cross the next rope bridge. On the back wall of this room is a big green 
button, push it. It will lower a bridge. Get on the elevator and take it down. 
Cross the wooden bridge you just lowered to the next tower. Continue down 
the walkway to the left and cross that rope bridge.Take the elevator on the 
left to go up. Continue down the walkway and cross yet another rope bridge. 
Enter this tower and head left, at the end of the hall should be another 
green button to push. Turn around and walk around to the other side of this 
room and find 5 Magic Rings. 

After you pick up the 5 Magic Rings, turn right and jump in the elevator 
when it rises, You have to stand near the window ledge for this to happen. 
The elevator only goes one way so press up and down to see which way it goes.
I say that because I don't remember if it goes up or down.Now turn left and 
find a retracted bridge, when you start to cross it, the bridge will lower 
itself. But watch out there is a gap ahead that you have to jump across. On 
the other side of the gap take a right and then take the elevator up. Go 
straight from the elevator then turn left to see a platform on a string that 
connects to the center tower. Jump on and enjoy the ride down to the center 
tower. You will now have a conversation with Soyinka. She'll give you 
direction on what to do next.

Passage to Hamestaga'n
Exit Soyinka's throne room. The quickest and safest way to get down to the 
ground is to jump into the water below. In the water, look for and white 
fence and swim to it. Go thru an open space in the fence. Turn left and then 
turn right when you come across some barrels filled with green slime. Press 
the use button to smell how wonderful the slime smells. Try not to gag. Now 
go talk to Fodo he is grooming his Sham. He offers you the Sham to the right 
of you. The one by itself, try to get on it. It won't let you get on so go 
talk to Fodo again. He says that he made a mistake and that only Azkeel can 
ride a Sham. So go and press the use button again on the barrel of green 
slime to drink it. You begin to die when Fodo comes along to help, and your 
soul will then occupy his body. Now you can ride the Sham. Head to the right 
to find a large rock and use the Sham to push it aside. You'll then dismount 
and head it alone. Pass thru a silver into Hamestaga'n. Before you enter the 
second silver door you'll be attacked by a Krubor. If you win you'll contiue 
as Fodo, if you lose you'll become the Krubor.

Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostbusters
After entering the second silver door you'll go into shooting mode. This is 
probably the easiest shooting mode in the entire game. You need to find the 
Book of Nout which is behind the fountain straight ahead. Kill the Hellhounds
in front of you on your way. See that fountain the platform behind it has 
the Book of Nout. Once you reach it press the use button and the book will 
talk to you. It tells you you need to find three ghost here in this room to 
send you to Mahahaleel. After the conversation you'll be in shooting mode 
again. Turn around, see that tomb on the right go and open that door to 
release one of the three ghost. If you picked the right tomb the ghost will 
fly to where the Book of Nout is. If you pick the wrong tomb your character 
will put his hands on his head. 

The other ghost here will try to kill you if they see you, you can kill them 
but try to stay out of sight to avoid a fight. From the tomb you just opened,
turn diagnonally right and go that way to find the next ghost. Once you find 
him go back to the Book of Nout. Slide down on the left side of the back of 
the platform the Book of Nout is on. See that walkway leading up go up it all
the way, as far as you can go. You should see a tomb at the top(don't open 
it) and a Medium Medikit. Get the medikit and turn left then slide down the 
wall on the left and the end of walkway. You should see some steps that lead 
to the last ghost's tomb. Open it then make your way back to the Book of Nout. 
To get back first find a way that leads to the entrance you came thru to get 
is this room. Then make your way back to the Book of Nout and the 3 ghost 
will teleport you to Mahahaleel.

Finding Kushulai'n
This is super super easy. Go straight and find the save point and save if 
you like. Then contiue forward and you'll see Kushulai'n's Home raised above 
the ground. Slide down the snow bank to get underneath his home. There is a 
platform in the front of this building and if you walk on the right one it 
will take you up to the door. Jump across and enter Kushulai'n's throne room.
Go and talk to him sitting on his throne. He then dies, pick up the Barkaya'l
sword and then press the use button next to him to reincarnate into 
Kushulai'n. Look for 5 Magic Rings behind the throne. Then go thru the green 
glowing transporter to take you to Astaroth.

Death to Astaroth
Walk across a bridge above the lava till you come across a staircase. Go up 
the stairs and find a small room with a black door and a save point. Save! 
Save! Save! Save! Then go thru the black door. In his lair, You'll see 
Astaroth connected to six tethers that give him control of Ix and Omikron. 
Now the game will go into shooting mode. You need to find six crystals spread
out in the lair. Shoot each one with the Power Rod. This will release 
Astaroth from Ix and he'll then go after. Try to keep him in the center of 
the room by running circles around him, shooting him in the back with the 
Power Rod. The spot on his back is his only weaknes. Once you've depleted 
all his energy, he'll fall. Then the your character will automatically thrust
the sword into Astaroth's back and its game over. 

Sit back and watch the ending. say your goodbyes to everyone before you 
return to your own dimension.

Walktrhu done by Cody Pitre
Email: [email protected]

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