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Ok everybody, 

this is my first FAQ/walkthrough so it may not be the best out there......

Basically, Belkan aggresors are trying to pin yuktobania and osea against each other so that they are 
exhausted from the war. In that, they would try to retake control of the other country like they did 15 
years ago.

out of the 31 possible missions, the hardest tend to be:
18+.....when you are being attacked simoultaneously by the "8492"nd squadron or more commonly 
called by in their flight records, the Grabacr agressors. 
Four horseman: watch your timing in destroying the radar facilities

27 aces: you have to kill the all targets in the tunnel to get an S rank


Best Planes in game to use:
#1 Falken SP weapon is a tactical laser which destroyes enemy targets instantly up to 10000 ft away
#2 x-02 wyvern  SP is XMAA i think, very fast and evasive/manuverable 

real planes(reality):
f-22a raptor.......i saw 4 yesterday no joke (taking off) @ langley Air force base (august 17 , 2009)
b-52 in mission 6 with the ssto
those are all i can think of

im not sure about this but its just a guess....

if u have ace mode (difficulty)...if u use the falken on it and get S rank on all missions...i THINK u can 
get the falken's special paint scheme 

other facts:
captain bartlett is called osean g in mission 27 aces and later gets into his plane

8492 leader is named ashley 

Pops flew alone in former war against his country and was a legendary ace called huckebein the raven 
and refered 2 as THE "colonel"


p.s. this is kinda short but il try 2 update some more stuff..hope it helps

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