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1-briefe description
2-characters description
3-contact information
4-Skies Of Arcadia websites
6-special thanks

                               Briefe description

My name is Lance Amerex.I have been a skies of arcadia fan since the second i laid 
eyes on it.Although this game is pretty old im still submitting this walthrough as a 
sign that im still a fan.My bed romm is pure arcadia,My celing was modified to look 
like clouds(same with my door),one side of my room has vyse and the other ships and 
the other side has the valuan ships.Now lets get on to the next section.

                                   Characters description

Vyse-a young boy who dreams of going beyond the limits of the sky(main character)
Aika-Vyse's child hood friend
Fina-a mysterious girl from the silver civilazation
Drachma-an old loney sailor with a serious vendetta
Gilder-a real excitement seeker,the guy ladies kill for
Dyne-the father of Vyse
Baltor the "black" beard-a merciless black pirate
Piastol-the angel of death,feared by many pirates
Teodora-The empress of valua.
Enrique-the prince of valua with a sense of justice
Galcian-the strongest person in the imperial armada,very selfpossed
Ramirez-a very tacturn person with the quickness of lightning
Alfonso-the first admiral,a very cowardly person
Gregorio-an old admiral woth incridibly strong defense
Vigoro-kinda like gilder only this guy would kill for a hot woman
Belleza-a clever admiral,she choses tactics that is cleverness over strength
De Loco-a mechanical maniac who loves to build stuff for war

                              Contact information
If you have any questions on this game that isnt answered through out this 
walkthrough just e-mail me the question at [email protected]

                      Skies of arcadia websites

This is the last section before the walkthrough.the skies of arcadia sites are
Well the time you have been waiting for,its time for the walkthrough!!


Before i start i must tell you about the boss format.The bosss format is lined up 
like this- Name/HP/Attack/exp/Mexp/gold/dropped item.

Chapter 1:The blue rouges-at the beggining of the game alfonsos ship is in pursuit 
of the mysterious girl.Alfonsos ship knocks her unconsious,but then a few seconds 
later diffrent ship attacks alfonsos,it turns out to be vyse and aika.They board the 
ship and then you have your first battle aginst two soldiers.Just simply attack one 
at a time until beaten.After the battle Dyne will come and will allow vyse and aika 
to go to the bridge.soon as you land inside,open the treasure chest to get a sacri 
crystal and head through the door.Go up the steps and then alfonso will say 
something like "so airpirates decided to infest my ship,if you want it that bad you 
can have it,ill get another one."Head to the door you saw him leave through.you 
should see a save anchor,use it to save and get the treasure chest then hed to your 
right.press A on the door,climb down the ladder and enter the other door.You will 
see alfonso kill his vice captin for a scapegoat.Alfonso runs away and leaves his 
war beast to attack you.BOSS BATTLE-antonio/575/thunder of fury/18exp/2Mexp/160 
gold/moonberry.Afetr you defeat antonio alfonso runs away and vyse and aika takes 
the girl and all the cargo on the ship.You must now go to pirate isle.If you are new 
to driving the ship answer how do i steer this on the dailouge selection.Keep going 
straight until you see a small island.Once inside the island you will see Dyne as he 
tells you to bring fina(the mysterious girl) to his office.head to his office and he 
will question fina about her quest.When the dailouge comes up chose sit quietly to 
raise your swashbukling rating.afetr thats all said and done exit the under ground 
HQ and to to Vyse's house and use the save anchor to save and then head inside 
it.Aika will say something about the sunset.Go out side and look for a really big 
ladder.go up the ladder and and Aika will say "the sunset is beutiful"Vyse talks 
about how he will someday go beyond the clouds.After the cut scene is over climb 
down the ladder and the screen will go blank and a song will play.After Vyse wake up 
Aika calls vyse to get ready for shrine island.Look for a hill that leads to a 
ship.go to the ship and depart for shrine island.to get to shrine island just head 
south from pirate isle.Once you land on shrine island save.Head staright into the 
entrance.when the dailouge selection comes up chose lets find a way to drain the 
water.Head tyo your right until you see a door.go through the door and hit the 
crystal.Go back through the doorand go all the way down(you will see flames come up 
as you go)go through the last door you see.From this part on its up to you to decide 
where to go.BOSS BATTLE-The sentinel/1200/blaster/117/2Mexp/moonberry. Well thats it 
for part 1.stay tuned for part 2

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