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Resident Evil 2
Dual Shock Ed.

Made by: CJ Sinacola
[email protected]
Version 1.1e Last date edited: March 21, 2003

Hey, and welcome to my first ever walkthrough.  I'm new at this, so thats why 
there's no fancy title at the top, sorry.  Well, let's get started.

Note:  I'm still working on this, so please don't critisize me yet.  I'm publishing 
this right now so I can get some input about it.  And if anyone knows how to make a 
catchy title for the top, please, let me know.

Also, i am wondering if anyone would want to help me out with this guide... it's 
takin me much more time and effort then i first thought not to mention the fact 
that i can't find the game at the moment:(.  So, if anyone out there wants to help 
me out, send me an email with the subject being walktrough help.  and then, i will 
grant that person co-authorship... this offer won't stand long, so take it will u 

Table of Contents:

1.Legal Stuff
2.Version History
3.The baddies
   A. common
   B. unique
4.The heros
5.Gameshark codes
    A. Lean A
    B. Claire B
    C. Claire A
    D. Lean B
7.Extreme Battle mode Walkthrough (coming soon)
8.Words of Advice and Secrets

1. Legal Stuff

	I have given sole rights of this Walkthrough, as of now, to 
No one else should have it, because I have yet to give it out to them:).  All names 
of characters mentioned within are rights to Capcom and any affiliate they choose.  
This Walkthrough is meant to help out anyone who reads it, and I'm doing it for 
because, personally, I like free walkthroughs when I need them in other games:).  
you want to use parts of this walkthrough, or redistribute it, contact me first.  
you don't, I'll just have to have a zombie eat you or something.


2. Version History

   Version 1.0-May 5, 2002- Decided to make first walkthrough.  Put in pratically 
every feature.

   Version 1.1-May 24, 2002- Added Version History and put more into the Leon A 

   Version 1.1b-June 1, 2002- Put even more into Leon A guide, and stopped 
spelling "the" wrong.

   Version 1.1c-June 7, 2002- Added to walktrough.  Also realized that walktrough 
was going wrong, so fixed it.
   Version 1.1d-July 8, 2002- Changed words of advice and email address.
   Version 1.1e-March 21,2003- Finally remembered to edit this, although info is 
probably not 100% accurate...


3. The baddies
	(Note:  These are the bad guys as I, myself, have seen them, so if there's 
something I missed, email me at [email protected])

         A.Common Baddies.  These are the baddies you'll run into a lot, and I do 
mean a LOT, in the game.  Thus, the name.
         The main nemisis, pun not intended, in any RE game.  They can be biters, 
can spit acid.  Usually, a couple of rounds does them in.

          You first see one in the police station, you can't miss it...well, I 
if you're pratically blind you could, but that's a different story all together.  
They walk, and leap, from four legs.  They also use their spear like tounque, hence 
their name.

          The name speaks for itself, a black bird that likes to peke 
people...espesially you.  The best stratagy is to just run by them to the door.

          These are dogs that just love you...I mean come on, human flesh must 
REALLY good.  When you shoot them, just make sure that you wait until they growl to 
shoot them again until they die, you vicious animal killer you.

         First dogs, but now plants?!?  Soon even the kitchen sink won't be safe.  
These guys are a real pain, for they spit acid and can hit you while they are 
dieing.  They got me once because of that, but never again.

         Hope nobody out there is afraid of spiders, cause there are a couple in 
this game.  Just beware, they can poison you, and to most people, poison does not 
feel good.

         B. Unique baddies, A.K.A. bosses.

         You might not recognize him, but he's the only major boss you fight in 
scenario A.  He's big, ugly, and mean...wow, I just described some people I 
He requires different stratagies for each form, so that will be in the walkthrough.

         He's only in Scenario B.  He's the thing in a trench coat.  The best thing 
to do is to avoid him if you can.  Technically, I've been told you only have to 
fight him at the end and run from the rest, but I have yet to escape all of the 


4. The Heros

Leon S. Kennedy:
     He's an idealistic rookie cop not related to JFK...at least not to my 
knowledge.  He likes to help and serve.  Although reckless, he does do what needs 
be done, even if no one listens to him:).

Claire Redfield:
      Sister to Chris from the original, she is in town to look for him.  Instead, 
she finds a town full of zombies.  She will typically try stuff others might not.


5. Gameshark codes

       Yes!! My personal favorite part.  Why?  So that when I'm very bored, or mad, 
I can just put in this game, get the rocket launcher, and blow everything to 
bits...and no, I don't listen to that little voice in my head that tells me not to 
cheat:).  Well, here they are.

(Note:  Don't use the code for Claire to have infinite health on Leon's disk, it 
will mess up the game.  and for the 4th survivor, I don't know if Leon's codes work 
or not, I have yet to get him for some strange reason.)

Leon codes:

Infinite Health: 800CFD4E 00C8

L2+X for Custom Magnum: D00CE2FC 0041
                        800D4A3C 6306

L2+square for Magnum: D00CE2FC 0081
                      800D4A3C 6305

0 saves: 800D46C4 0000

L2+O for Rocket Launcher: D00CE2FC 0021
                          800D4A3C 6311

Claire codes:

Infinite Health: 800CFD06 00C8

L2+X for Rocket Launcher: D00CE2B4 0041
                          800D49F4 6311

L2+square for Grenade Launch: D00CE2B4 0081
                              800D49F4 6309

more to codes to come...:)

6. Walkthrough

         Yep, it's what you've been waiting for.  So, let's get to it!
(Note: I'm writing this as I go through, so this is just the beggining!:) I also 
won't discuss where herbs, or ammo that is out of the way, considering I used a GS 
to get through the game, nor shall I discuss straight forward paths, like the first 
path.  And when I say right or left, it most likely means your characters right or 
left, not the screens.)

A. Leon's Scenario A

      After watching the opening CG film, or skipping it, it doesn't matter, head 
the police station.  Once you get there, go to the blue door on the left near the 
desk.  The guy inside will give you a blue card key.  Go out to the computer, not 
the one your on right now, and use the key.  Go into the door 6closest to the one 
you just came out of.  Inside is a chest and a desk.  Forget the desk and head for 
the other door behind the makeshift wall.  You will then see a licker crawl by the 
window, and yes, it's coming to get you...but not in this room.  Go and follow the 
licker, not through the window but the door.  Then...the licker slices off your 
head...no, but you do see the camera through the window.  Go forward to find a guy 
who seems to have misplaced his head.  On him is some ammo, which you can either 
grab or leave on him, not that he needs it.  Continue forward to see whats been 
causing the drops to splash. (I've told them contless times to fix the stupid pipe, 
but noooo)  Actually, you see the licker, and he wants to toungue you...literally.  
After you either, A: kill him, B: run away, or C:...wait, C is you die, so never 
mind, go to the next hallway.  Go through the hall untill you see a door on your 
right, or left if your walking backwards.  Enter it and go in and light the 
fireplace in back on fire.  Grab the jewel, which if you examine it becomes a 
heart no matter what you do to it, and leave.  Continue down the hallway and go to 
the next room where you'll find some slackers, so you, being the ruthless killer 
are, give them death as a punishment.  Go up the stairs and solve the puzzle, this 
one is sooo easy, so...no help for you.  Then, after you solve the puzzle and get 
the other virgin heart, go into the next room and teach those cops how to fire a 
gun.  Go into the first door on the left and pick up the diary.  After reading it, 
or just skimming over, doesn't matter, pick up the medallion.  Claire will come in 
and you'll give her a radio and the diary.  Go back to the entrance (remember the 
empty hallway?  Some people really want in through those boarded up windows) and 
the medallion in the statue to get a key.  Then, go to the hallway where you first 
met the licker.  Use the key on the door near the blood stain (If you didn't kill 
the licker, then do this QUICKLY).  You must then push the stairs straight back and 
then get up and grab the crank.  Then go back to the S.T.A.R.S. office hall and go 
to the very end.  There might or might not be some zombies in here, it all depends 
on if you killed them earlier or not.  After you unlock the door, discard the key 
because the game is right, it is useless now.  In this room, you'll find some guys 
having a snack and decide that it's time for the main course...you.  So blast them 
and go to the right hallway.  Your in the library, but your not here to read.  Go 
the stairs and follow them all the way around, then...BOOM! The floor falls, and so 
do you.  Now go and activate the book cases.  Once done, move the far left(on the 
screen) book cases to the right.  There, puzzle solved.  Grab the plug and go out 
the bottom door.  Your now back in the main lobby, but on the balcony, and some 
people just want to check what blood type you have.  Instead, show them what bullet 
type.  Then, lower the ladder(trust me on this) and go to the other end.  Inside is 
a save room.  In it is a small key(you don't need it, but if you want the Handgun 
parts, they're in the desk next to the library.) and a Seceritary's diary.  Go out 
the door and you'll find a cop who just wants eat, I mean, greet you.  Blow him 
and go toward the light.  Don't turn the corner because there's a zombie on fire.  
End his misery and go through hte door to the right of the save room...I can't 
believe I spelt "the" wrong...oh well.  I recomend you run through this hall.  
Unlock the first door you see, but don't go through it.  Instead, go to the left 
follow the hall to a door.  Run, and don't look back because some birds want to 
a free meal.  Outside is a helicopter on fire.  (Note:  This has absolutly nothing 
to do with the gameplay, but if you have the shotgun, you can shoot the 
camera...it's funny, but wastes ammo:)  Go to the right and down the stairs.  Down 
there, you'll find some "drugies" and you, being a cop and all, decide to help them 
quit their habbit...permenatly.  After you kill hte zombies, go to the cabin...I 
it again, ARRRGH.  Inside the cabin, you'll find a typewriter and a valve handle.  
If your curious, open the door, if not, go back to the burning helicopter.(I can't 
believe you fell for that trick.  hahahahaha...okay, don't sue me for not telling 
you what 'lies beyond the door'.)  Use the valve handle on the water pressure 
thing.  Then, go through hte crow hallway and back to the once burning hall...this 
is getting old now.  Go into the door, not the one that got busted up via the 
helicopter, the other one.  Inside, you'll find another key and, if you put the 
hearts in the chests of the virgins...you'll get another plug.  You'll need them 
later, trust me.  Be sure to grab the diamond key.  Go back through the crow hall 
and use the door you unlocked earlier.  Go down and go to the back, killing the 
slacker cops if you like.  The dude next to the door is dead, however, the other 
on the ground is very much...um...'undead'?  When you go through the double blue 
doors, kill kill kill all the zombies...I sound like a monster truck 
anoncer...*ahem*, anyways, go to the right and follow the hallway.  Go through that 
door and kill the pimps and the prostotute you find there...insider joke, I might 
explain it later.  Go through the first door you see when you follow the path.  
Inside is a cord(you don't need, but if you want it...) and a plug.  Now RUN out of 
the room, because the licker behind the glass gets tired of interogation.  Now go 
the main lobby room.  Toward the hall with the headless policeman.  If you grabbed 
the cord, you can insert the cord in this hall.  It will change some stuff, but it 
isn't major.  Go through the broken window hall also.  Once through the hall, go to 
the right.  You can now unlock the door which leads to the evidence room.  Inside 
the room are some cops who think you look like a doughnut.  Kill them and go 
straight.  Go into the room...look familar?  It should.  Go straight and you'll see 
the dude who locked you out of the room.  Once he gets up, you should pay him 
back...in spades!  Then, grab the heart key.  Go back to the main lobby and then to 
the far door and trough the double blue doors.  Now, go through and then go left.  
You can now unlock the door.  Once you go through the door.  Go down the stairs and 
beware the dogs.  Take a right and follow the hall to the last door.  Once there, 
you should start to walk and... THE ZOMBIES CAN NOW USE GUNS!!  Just kidding, but 
you do get shot at.  Once she explains her name is Ada(for all of you who played 
first, she is the Ada that's used as the password.)  Push the car and go out the 
door to the end of the hall.  Go through the gates and talk to Ben.  Once he's done 
talking, grabe the manhole opener and go to the dog kenel(first door on the left.)  
Just go straight and open the sewer.  Insid are some spiders...oh yeah, I forgot 
about them.  Well, go through the sewer and to the left is a save room.  Go 
and you'll find a room with apparently nothing.  Go to the back of the room and put 
all your plugs in the board thing.  Once you go outside, Ada awaits you.  Once you 
push her up into the vent...hehehe...you control Ada.  She can only use her 
so don't use the gameshark codes to switch her gun.  Run by the dogs and go to the 
door on the left.  Another puzzle.  Go down to the bottom and push the first box to 
the end.  Get on top of the one box and push one towards the other box, then push 
the box back a bit, then puch it near the wall.  Go back towards the top and push 
the button.  Go across the bridge and grab the club key.  Go back to Leon.  Use the 
save room if you wish, then return to the hallway were u killed the pimp...maybe i 
won't explain the insider joke, it's too long of a story.  well, anyways, go all 
the way down the hall and unlock the door.  I'm not sure if that's the only door 
that uses that key or not, but after i opened that door, i never used the key 
again.  go in and make sure u have the lighter...i think it is standerd with Leon, 
but i can't remember.  well, it's another puzzle, and i don't know the answer at 
the moment, but the after u light the things in their correct order, a cog falls 
from the wheel of the carrige picture.  and then... nothing happens...at this time 
and place.  well, anyways, go back to the library, killing all the lickers and 
zombies u come across. and then, THE ZOMBIES ARE INVADING!!!  not that it matters 
anyways, but i thought i'ld let u know.  well, go up the stairs and enter the 
door.  I can't remember if it's in this scenerio that there's a baddie up there or 
not, but anyways, just go to the other door.  O, make sure u have the crank with u 
because u are going to need it.  use the crank to lower the stairs and use the cog 
to open the vent thingie.  then grab the plug thing u find and drop down the 
shaft.  You will then hear Ben scream as something kills him, and it's not Ada... 
well, go find Ben and u see that he actually isn't dead, but he is bleeding awfully 
bad.  well, he tells u that the cheif, of all people, is behind it all.  and then, 
he suffers a heart attack and his heart jumps out and skitters away...don't worry, 
you'll see it again soon.  then, u must go back to the plug room, but before u do, 
save, especially if u don't have inf health on your GS.  When u enter the room, all 
is fine, until u turn the corner and find out the Ben's heart has really grown, in 
size and in appetite.  So do the most logical thing, blast it!  and beware of the 
little things it spews from it's mouth... they are hungry also... well, go and 
insert the last of your plugs(if i missed any plugs, tell me because im doing this 
part from memory, so...) and enter the door.  Then... a monster is after u... i 
mean, Ada shows up, again.  and so, you have a allie that u can't allow to die... i 
think.  i don't remember clearly what happens next, so i'm gonna end it here and 
try to find my game.  until then, happy hunting!


7. Extreme Battle mode.

To be here soon...maybe in quite a while, but it will be here.


8. Words of Advice and Secrets

1. If you aren't using a gameshark, don't kill every zombie.  Most you can run from.
2. Check everywhere for stuff.  You never know what you'll find.
3. Save after beating a hard boss, or getting pretty far, because some bad guys, 
I've been told, have insta-kills.  Email me at [email protected] to tell me 
about it.
4. If you want to see Brad Vicktors, go to the police station without grabbing ANY 
items.  He drops a special key which gives you a change of clothes and a gun(Claire 
only gets the gun, Leon gets two alternate costumes.)
5. Get a good rank and you can get unlimited firepower.  Be warned, using those 
weapons lowers rank of next game.
6. This is the most important one...Never give up and have fun.  I know it can be 
frustrating at times, but it's a game and it's meant to have fun on.

Know stuff I didn't mention as of yet?  Tell me them.  Although it might take me 
some time, I will finish the walktrough.  Who knows, I might change the format and 
stuff.  Enjoy the game!

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