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	         Welcome to Shadowgate64 for N64
		       Complete Walkthrough
	              Author: David Zabroski
		        [email protected]
	    Check out my Dragon Warrior/Quest Website at:
			  Updated 2/26/01

I.	Introductions
	a.	Tips
II.	Escape
	a.	Cells
	b.	Sewers
III.	Towers
	a.	Tower of Disciples
	b.	Graveyard/Church
	c.	Tower of Lakmir
	d.	Graveyard/Church II
	e.	Tower of Disciples II
	f.	Village/Inn
	g.	Village Square
	h.	Trash Pit
	i.	Village Square II
	j.	Tower of Disciples III
	k.	Dungeon Keeper
	l.	Graveyard/Church III
	m.	Sewers II
	n.	Village/Shop
	o.	Dungeon Keeper II
	p.	Village/Inn II
	q.	Agaar's House
	r.	Excavation
	s.	Tower of Trials
	t.	Tower of Disciples IV
	u.	Excavation II
	v.	Tower of Flying Dragon
IV.	The Last Battle
	a.	Stable
	b.	Chamber of Holding
	c.	Village Square
V.	The Ending


I.	Introduction
	a.	If you liked Shadowgate you will love this game.
		Things are a little different, but then they are the
		same. Things are hidden, tough and confusing. A
		true RPG gamers' dream!
	b.	I am not going to give you exact directions all of the
		time. This will make the game a little bit harder, but
		you getting a lot of info anyway.
	c.	Tips
		i.	I only recommend using this guide a help
			through or tip walkthrough. If you get totally
			stuck in the game check out this
			walkthrough. You may need it. It took me a
			long time to get through the second part of
			the game. Here are some tips
			1.	Check everything.
			2.	Take what you can, you have unlimited
			3.	Save your game before you try
				potions or other dangerous grounds
			4.	Crouch under table to find things
			5.	Just because there is a item you can
				take it doesn't mean you need it, but
				there may be a few cases this is wrong.
			6.	Some items may be out of reach.
				They may be important, or they may
				serve no purpose at all.
			7.	Know your character, who he is and
				what he can do!
II.	Escape
	a.	Cells
		i.	You are placed in a cell by the guard. Talk
			to Agaar in the cell next to you. Through the
			1.	After you talk the guard will feed
			2.	Take the meat and eat it.
			3.	Take the bone
			4.	Move to the straw and move it.
			5.	Use the bone to open the hatch.
	b.	Sewers
		i.	To your right you should see a small grate at
			the bottom of the water. Take the loose iron.
		ii.	Now go to the far grate with the bottle
			behind it.
			1.	The bottle or wood serve no purpose
			2.	The hole in the wall serves no
		iii.	Go through the door and take the map
			1.	Be careful not to fall into the water.
				If you do you die
			2.	The same goes for ledges. You can
				not fly or swim!
		iv.	Go back to sewers. Enter the middle door
			1.	Use the iron bar to pick at the pillar.
				It will fall over allowing you to
				cross the water.
			2.	Ignore the ghost.
			3.	You can read the letter near the
			4.	Go through and grab the pick axe
		v.	Go back to the sewers and go to the final
			1.	Go through both door and use the
				pick axe to climb the wall
			2.	When you reach the end of the hall
				look up and use the pickaxe to make
				an opening. Go through it
III.	Towers
	a.	The Tower of Disciples
		i.	There are tons of books here. You can read
			them if you want to
			1.	There are books that are blank you
				need the ring of dead to read them
		ii.	Go to the hall way and take the first door on
			your left and grab the rope behind the wood
		iii.	Go exit and go to the room across from it.
		iv.	Take the fairy statue and leave
		v.	Take the stairs up and take the elf statue.
		vi.	There are three doors starts from the right.
		vii.	Take the liquid sunset and leave
		viii.	Take the next one if you want. There is a
			coin and a not here.
		ix.	Take the final door and put the statues in
			this order
			1.	Fairy
			2.	Elf
			3.	Human, already placed
		x.	Take the Pixie Flute and head to the library.
		xi.	Go to the one with the small set of stairs
			leading to the window.
			1.	Use the Rope
			2.	Use the Flute
			3.	You should climb down to the
			4.	Play the flute again to grow big.
	b.	Graveyard/Church
		i.	There are a bunch of ghosts here. Some are
			more important than others. You can't talk
			to them yet so ignore them for now.
		ii.	Enter the church and go behind the alter and
			get the Dragon Tears
		iii.	Go to the right and go down the stairs.
		iv.	There is a crow bar and a key behind the
			1.	Ignore the coffin for now
		v.	Go back up the stairs and go to the opposite
			side of the church and climb the wooden
		vi.	Use the crowbar to pry the nail loose and
			show a new set of stairs.
			1.	Before you go up the stairs go back
				down and take the nail
		vii.	Go out the window
			1.	Be careful not to fall through. You
				need to get to the open window.
				Avoid the cracks in the roof.
	c.	Tower of Lakmir
		i.	Listen to Lakmir and just continue through
			the game. The name sounds familiar?
		ii.	Go through the hallway and take the door on
			the right.
		iii.	Take the oil canister and use the Dragon
			Tears on the barrel of water to purify the
		iv.	Exit and move up the stairs to talk to Lakmir
		v.	Head down to the stairs and take the right
			door. Take the cup and key
		vi.	Go across the hall and grab the giant hair. It
			is hard to see.
		vii.	Go down the stairs and open the door with
		viii.	Take the crest off the door in the back.
		ix.	Go back to the room with the barrel and use
			the cup to take the water.
		x.	Go to the room in the hall with the fire that
			looks purple. Use the water to put it out.
			1.	Place the crest in the alter and go
				back to the door you took the crest
				off of.
		xi.	There should be some Knight Statues. They
			are teleport machines. This can get
			confusing so here is the order you must
			touch them.
			1.	Left,
			2.	Right
			3.	Right back
			4.	Right
			5.	Left
			6.	Take the stairs
		xii.	Go to the door to the left
			1.	Put the nail into the machine and
				take the key that pops out.
			2.	The forest nectar is poison so don't
				drink it!
		xiii.	Go across the hall
			1.	Take the night elixir from the shelf
			2.	Use the night elixir and the liquid
				sunset on the dish by the bed
			3.	Climb onto the chairs in the middle
				of the room and use the key you
				made from the nail on the glowing
				star on the ceiling
		xiv.	Go to the room with the moon on it that just
			opened. You'll see 3 rings
			1.	Green will kills you
			2.	Blue will make you walk funny
			3.	Red will let you see dead people and
				read blank books
				a.	If you wear the red the dead
					will talk to you
				b.	Living people will not
					understand you
				c.	Keep the red on at all times.
					You never know where a
					dead person will pop up.
			4.	Take the blue and the red
		xv.	Leave and head for the Church
	d.	Graveyard/Church II
		i.	Go to the right of the church and move the
			boards blocking the way
		ii.	Use the dragon tears on the grave.
			1.	He will thank you for purifying his
				soul and teach a magic word
		iii.	Go into the church and head down the stairs
			to the room with the coffins.
		iv.	You can unlock them and talk to the old
			woman with the book.
			1.	She will tell you a story about her
				son and give you her pendant.
				a.	Listen to the story it will be
					important later.
		v.	You can open the doors in the back of the
			church now. They will lead back to the first
	e.	Tower of Disciples II
		i.	Now that you are back with the ring you
			have to see a man about a shoe
		ii.	Go into the hall way and go into the room on
			the left.
			1.	There will be a ghost of a man there
				he will tell you about his missing
				granddaughter and asks you to find
				a.	Take the shoe
		iii.	Go through to the huge double doors that
			you can unlock now and go into the village
		iv.	Put on the pendent
	f.	Village/Inn
		i.	Go into the inn at the village wearing the
			pendent from the woman. The inn keeper
			will get upset about the pendent accusing
			you of stealing from the dead. To prove that
			you didn't steal it you must take a quiz
			1.	What's the name of Saul's friend?
				a.	Answer:  Lucas
			2.	What was Saul hoping to find?
				a.	Answer:  Gold and Gems
			3.	How long after he left did the poor
				woman die?
				a.	Answer:  A fortnight
			4.	What season was it when Saul came
				a.	Answer:  High Winter
			5.	Who did he leave with on the night
				he was last seen?
				a.	Answer:  Dwarf
			6.	What did Jezebel become sick with
				after he left?
				a.	Answer: Black Death
		ii.	If you answer his questions correctly he will
			let you stay for free.
		iii.	Talk to the woman sitting at the table. She is
			Agaar's sister!
			1.	She tells you that you must save him
				from prison. She gives you his orb.
	g.	Village Square
		i.	The square is a wide open area with a statue
			of Lord Jair in the middle.
			1.	Talk to Lakmir and go to the right.
		ii.	You should see a water around a tower.
			1.	The little girl should appear if you
				have the ring on.
			2.	She says she is looking for her
				slipper and can not go home without
	h.	Trash Pit
		i.	Take some time to explore the village. There
			are many doors that are locked.
		ii.	The area you want is a huge pit.
			1.	Go down the ladder to find a man
				digging through the trash. He is
				looking for a coin
			2.	Give him the ancient coin you found
				in the tower. He snatches it and runs
			3.	Search the trash to find the slippers.
	i.	Village Square II
		i.	Put the red ring on and talk to the girl. She
			will head home
	j.	Tower of Disciples III
		i.	Go back to the man and his granddaughter
			and he will give you the Stone of Thirst.
	k.	Dungeon Keeper
		i.	The Dungeon keepers house is hard to find,
			it is near the guards post.
		ii.	Go inside and climb the stairs to the second
		iii.	Talk to Wil Goddard and listen to his songs
			1.	He will mention how the Dungeon
				Keeper has a passion and talent for
				music, but he had to sell his violin.
			2.	After you hear a bunch of songs he
				will give you a flower.
	l.	Graveyard/Church III
		i.	Go back to the graveyard and go the end.
			1.	If you came here earlier he talked
				how no one ever came to pay their
				respects, and how they are not
				touching his money.
			2.	Put the flower on the grave and he
				will show his appreciation by giving
				you his treasures!
	m.	Sewers II
		i.	Head back to the sewers.
			1.	You can talk to Sauls friend who is
				dead by the water. He will tell you of
				his betrayal
			2.	Go into the water where there is a
				small cliff. Talk to the ghost there.
				He will give you the treasure.
	n.	Village/Shop
		i.	Go back to the village and go the shop. It is
			one of the first buildings.
			1.	Give the shop keeper the treasure
				and he will give you a choice of
				a.	Get the chipped violin
	o.	Dungeon Keeper II
		i.	Go back to the Dungeon Keeper's home and
			SLOWLY walk to the music stand.
			1.	Place the violin on the stand and
				hurry to the other side of the wall by
				the first. You should hear his
			2.	Once you hear the music playing
				SLOWLY walk behind him.
			3.	Take the key off the hook and go
				down the stairs.
			4.	Unlock the door and give Agaar the
			5.	The Dungeon Keeper appears and
				locks you in. Agaar uses the orb and
				switches places.
			6.	Quickly use the key on the door to
				lock the Dungeon Keeper in.
	p.	Village/Inn II
		i.	Once you get back to the inn Agaar thanks
			you and unlocks his house
	q.	Agaar's House
		i.	There are only 3 things you need here
			1.	The Flint
				a.	On the bookcase
			2.	The Lever
				a.	Attached to bedpost
			3.	The Fang
				a.	Hidden in bookcase, hard to
	r.	Excavation
		i.	You are not far from the next area
			1.	Go right into the excavation pit and
				go into the left entry way.
		ii.	Use the Stone of Thirst to drain the water
			1.	Climb down the ladder and up the
				next one
		iii.	Use the lever on the machine and listen to
			1.	You must turn the valves in order for
				the machine to work. You must turn
				them in this order from left to right
				a.	Left
				b.	Right
				c.	Right
			2.	Pull the lever
		iv.	The water should be gone
	s.	Tower of Trials
		i.	This is my favorite part of the game. You
			must complete a series of puzzles to get
			through the tower. They are very hard.
			There is a catch, the test has been altered to
			show the true line of kings
			1.	When Jair became king he stopped a
				line of heirs from gaining the throne.
				One of those heirs changed the test
				to what it should have been if Jair
				wasn't named king!
		ii.	Pay Homage to the King
			1.	Go to the Picture of Nathor Dreslin
				and press the switch at the bottom
		iii.	The Coat of Arms
			1.	You must now re-create the coat of
				arms. The pieces are:
				a.	Tower with one window
				b.	The far right dragon
				c.	The left dragon
				d.	The left sword
		iv.	Quiz
			1.	You will now be faced with a series
				of questions. The questions I have
				received are:
				a.	For what symbol is one given
					a sorcerers rank?
					i.	Answer:  The Ring  of
						the Kingdom
				b.	What was responsible for the
					banishment of the Evil One?
					i.	Answer: The Staff of
				c.	By what name does the
					master of Dersius go?
					i.	Answer:  Aristolin
				d.	Of what species was the last
					i.	Answer:  Gold
				e.	Who is the rightful king of
					Kal Torlin?
					i.	Answer:  Nathor
				f.	Who has forever been known
					as the Good Master?
					i.	Answer:  Lakmir
				g.	Does the Royal Family's
					Dragon scream?
					i.	Answer:  No
				h.	What is Lord Jair's
					i.	Answer:  Westland
				i.	What type of magic is
					expressly forbidden?
					i.	Answer:  Death
				j.	Name the number of ways
					into the Royal Family's
					i.	Answer:  Two
				k.	Which ring is used as a
					punishment for those who
					disobey the rules?
					i.	Answer:  Green Ring
				l.	What is the prohibition
					against black magic?
					i.	Answer:  It taints the
				m.	What was the name of the
					First Dragon?
					i.	Answer:  Bolhalor
		v.	The Maze of Death
			1.	Touch the first Armor and you will
				be transported. You controls are
				messed up. You can turn you paddle
				90 degrees or put on the blue ring to
				counter the effects.
			2.	Here is how to get through this
				a.	Move around the blades and
					touch the first statue.  Touch
					the next statue. Ignore the
					statue in front of you, and go
					around the corner and touch
					that statue instead.  Now head
					through the door, and take off
					the blue ring.  Don't touch
					the full set of armor, if you
					touch it you'll be returned to
					the beginning of the tower.
		vi.	Candle Maze
			1.	This is one of the hardest parts of
				the game. You have to make it
				through the maze while your candle
				melts away. If the candle goes out
				you start at the beginning again.
			2.	Use the flint on the candle and take
				the candle
			3.	Here is how to get through it.
				a.	Head through the double
					doors and go to your left,
					go around the corner, and
					move forward up the stairs.
					Go forward a step, turn to
					the right, and go forward.
					Go around the corner making
					U-turn.  Hit the red switch,
					then turn around, and go
					back towards the stairs
					you just came up.  Go
					through the doorway that
					just opened right before
					the stairs, and hit the
					switch.  Turn around, and
					go back towards the first
					switch and enter the
					doorway on the right side.
					Go along the path, through
					the first door you come to,
					and climb up the ladder.
					Go along the path, and press
					the switch in the first alcove
					on the left, then continue
					along the path 	avoiding the
					armor, there and climb down
					the ladder that just opened
					up.  Go through the right
					door, and then the next door.
					Turn to your right, and hit
					the switch.  Then turn
					around and go through the
					right door, not the one you
					just came through.  Then go
					through the next door as well,
					and climb up the ladder.
					Walk forward to the second
					alcove and hit the switch that
					you hit before.  Turn around,
					go right, and head back down
					the ladder.  Go straight, and
					turn to the right, just before
					the door, and hit the switch.
					Turn around and go back up
					the ladder you just came
					from. Hit the switch in the
					alcove again, and then
					proceed down the ladder that
					just opened up.  Go through
					the right door, through the
					next door, then turn to the
					right around the corner and
					up the stairs.  Place the
					candle in the candle holder
					and go through the door.
					Now you can read the plaque
					if you want, and then head
					toward the mirror on the
					right.  Walk through it
					backwards and you're almost
					done.  Although, you can
					examine the mirrors if you
					want to see what you look
					like.  Take the ring of the
					kingdom off the pedestal,
					equip it in the menu, and then
					walk onto the platform.
			4.	You will be transported to the
				beginning and Lakmir will
				congratulate you.
	t.	Tower of Disciples IV
		i.	Go back to the tower and go to the door
			where you the dragon door is.
		ii.	Make sure you have the Ring of the
			Kingdom on and the door will open.
			1.	Take the Dragon Flute and leave.
	u.	Excavation II
		i.	Head back to the excavation site and go to
			where there are 2 huge dragon statues.
			1.	Use the Dragon Flute and open the
	v.	Tower of the Flying Dragon
		i.	Follow the path around and enter the first
			door on the left.
			1.	Go down the ladder and take the
				Dragon's Eye
			2.	Head back to the path
		ii.	Keep following the path until you reach a
			dead end.
		iii.	Place the Dragon's Fang into the place and
			go up the stairs
			1.	Make sure you put on the ring of the
				dead for this next area
		iv.	Talk to D'Nar and he will tell you his story
		v.	Use the Giant's Hairs on his Lute and listen
			to his song
		vi.	All right go to the next room for another
			1.	This is one of the hardest parts of the
				game you must play the dragon
				wings to make the same song a
				D'Nar played. Good luck, but here is
				the answer.
			2.	The view is from the door facing the
				Dragon's Feet
				a.	Back left
					i.	Right Wing
				b.	Back Right
					i.	Left Wing
				c.	Front Left
					i.	Left Wing
				d.	Front Right
					i.	Right Wing
		vii.	Now that you solved the puzzle go up the
			1.	A Dragon!
		viii.	The Dragon is turned to stone. Put on the
			Ring of the Kingdom and take the Staff of
			1.	If you ever touch the Staff of Ages
				without the Ring of the Kingdom
				you will die!
		ix.	The Dragon will come back to life and take
IV.	The Last Battle
	a.	Stable
		i.	Now that you have gotten everyone's
			attention from the Dragon and locking the
			Dungeon Keeper in the cell you are FBI's
			Feudal Class Most Wanted!
		ii.	Go into the stable and head to the hay in the
			trough. Use the flint to light a fire and run
		iii.	Head around the stable  and go through the
			double doors.
		iv.	Give the pendent to Saul and he will become
			overwhelmed with shame. He will distract
			the guards for you to enter the Chamber of
			1.	Saul has become Belzar's assistant
	b.	Chamber of Holding
		i.	Now that you are inside you must stop
			Belzar. He thinks he received the Staff of
			Ages from Saul, but it is the Staff of
			1.	I wonder if the Mad Clown gave it to
		ii.	Place the Dragon's Eye into the staff and
			hide to the right
			1.	Make sure you are far enough away,
				but you should still be able to see
				Belzar reach for the staff.
		iii.	The place will explode killing Belzar. Exit
			and notice the Warlock Lord has risen
	c.	Village Square
		i.	Head to the Village square and see the
			Warlock Lord rise. Lakmir will say how
			only Lord Jair can kill him.
			1.	All is lost, but is it!
		ii.	Give the Staff of Ages to the statue of Lord
			Jair, then give the Ring to the statue
			1.	Make sure you do the Staff first or
				you will die.
		iii.	The statue will kill the Warlock Lord and
			you beaten the game.
V.	The Ending
	a.	There is a small ending and a hint of another sequel.
		We'll see!

This walkthrough was made by David Zabroski.
Any attempt to Plagerize my work will be delt with.
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