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         ____   _   _  _   _  _   ___  ___   ____   ____  ____    ____
        /    \ | | | || | | || | /   ||   \ |    \ |  __||  _ \  /    \
       |      || | | || | | || ||    ||    || | | || |__ | | | ||      |
       |  ||  || |/ / | | | || || || || || || | | ||  __|| |_| ||  ||  |
       |  ||__||   /  | | | || ||    || || || | | || |   |     /|  ||__|
       |  |__  |   \  | |_| || || || || || || | | || |__ |  _  \|  |__
       |     \ | |\ \ |___  || ||_||_||_||_|| | | ||____|| | | ||     \
        \__   || | | | ___| || |___________ | |_| | _____| | | | \__   |
        __ |  ||_| |_||_____||_____________||____/ |_______| |_| __ |  |
       |  ||  |  _  _     _  _' _    _  _      _  _ ____   _  _ |  ||  |
       |  ||  | |_ |_||_||_|| ||_   |_|| \|  ||_ | | |   ||_||_ |  ||  |
       |      |  _||   _|| \|_| _|  | ||_/ \/ |___ | | |_|| \|_ |      |
        \____/                                                   \____/

              |   WALKTHROUGH   |
          |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-TABLE OF CONTENTS-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|
          |  1 - Introduction.............................[010000]  |
          |      i - Controls.............................[010100]  |
          |     ii - Experience...........................[010200]  |
          |    iii - Upgrades.............................[010300]  |
          |     iv - Stats................................[010400]  |
          |      v - Hats.................................[010500]  |
          |     vi - Heroic Challenges....................[010600]  |
          |    vii - Elemental Gates......................[010700]  |
          |   viii - Star Rating..........................[010800]  |
          |     ix - Adventure Packs......................[010900]  |
          |  2 - Walkthrough..............................[020000]  |
          |      i - Chapter 1: Shattered Island..........[020100]  |
          |     ii - Chapter 2: Perilous Pastures.........[020200]  |
          |    iii - Chapter 3: Sky Schooner Docks........[020300]  |
          |     iv - Chapter 4: Stormy Stronghold.........[020400]  |
          |      v - Chapter 5: Oilspill Island...........[020500]  |
          |     vi - Chapter 6: Dark Water Cove...........[020600]  |
          |    vii - Chapter 7: Leviathan Lagoon..........[020700]  |
          |   viii - Chapter 8: Crystal Eye Castle........[020800]  |
          |     ix - Chapter 9: Stonetown.................[020900]  |
          |      x - Chapter 10: Treetop Terrace..........[021000]  |
          |     xi - Chapter 11: Falling Forest...........[021100]  |
          |    xii - Chapter 12: Troll Warehouse..........[021200]  |
          |   xiii - Chapter 13: Goo Factory..............[021300]  |
          |    xiv - Chapter 14: Battlefield..............[021400]  |
          |     xv - Chapter 15: Crawling Catacombs.......[021500]  |
          |    xvi - Chapter 16: Cadaverous Crypt.........[021600]  |
          |   xvii - Chapter 17: Creepy Citadel...........[021700]  |
          |  xviii - Chapter 18: Molekin Mine.............[021800]  |
          |    xix - Chapter 19: Lava Lakes Railway.......[021900]  |
          |     xx - Chapter 20: Quicksilver Vault........[022000]  |
          |    xxi - Chapter 21: Arkeyan Armory...........[022100]  |
          |   xxii - Chapter 22: Lair of Kaos.............[022200]  |
          |   xxiv - Chapter 24: Pirate Seas..............[022400]  |
          |  3 - Hats.....................................[030000]  |
          |      i - Speed Hats...........................[030100]  |
          |     ii - Armor Hats...........................[030200]  |
          |    iii - Crit Hats............................[030300]  |
          |     iv - Elemental Hats.......................[030400]  |
          |  4 - Winged Sapphires.........................[040000]  |
          |  5 - Skylanders...............................[050000]  |
          |  6 - Heroic Challenges........................[060000]  |
          |  7 - Frequently Asked Questions...............[070000]  |
          |  8 - Updates..................................[080000]  |
          |  9 - Contact..................................[090000]  |
          | 10 - Copyright................................[100000]  |
               |                                    |
               | Author: dark52                     |
               | Version: 1.0                       |
               | Updated: 13/11/11                  |
               | Website: http://www.darkspyro.net/ |
               | Email: dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net |


Welcome to my complete Walkthrough to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii
versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. This walkthrough is based off the
PlayStation 3 version primarily so some parts may be slightly different if
you're on the Wii - the other versions should be pretty much identical.

The walkthrough itself tries not assume you have any specific Skylanders and
will mention when you need a certain element or ability to complete a task.

 ,--------,                      ,----------,                       ,--------,
| [010100] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Controls  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010100] |
 '--------'                      '----------'                       '--------'

                   | ACTION             | PS3              |
                   | Pause              | Start            |
                   | Info Page          | Select           |
                   | Move               | Left Analog/Dpad |
                   | Primary Attack     | X                |
                   | Secondary Attack   | Square/R1/R2     |
                   | Special Attack     | O/L1/L2          |
                   | Interact with NPCs | Triangle         |
                   | Use Objects        | Right Analog     |
                   | Skip Cutscene      | O                |
                   | Fastforward Text   | Hold X           |
                   | Join Co-op         | X                |
                   | Leave Co-op        | R3               |

 ,--------,                     ,------------,                      ,--------,
| [010200] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Experience  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [010200] |
 '--------'                     '------------'                      '--------'

Every time you kill an enemy they will drop a load of small glowing dots,
collect them by walking close. These will fill up the yellow bar at the bottom
of your Skylander's portrait, once it reaches the edge your Skylander will
level up. Levelling up has a few side effects, one is that some enemies around
you may be killed by the powerful burst of energy released, your Skylander will
also regain full health as well as their maximum health increasing.

Your attacks and powers do not get stronger with a higher level character, only
your health. To increase your other stats you will need to complete Heroic
Challenges or wear a Hat.

 ,--------,                      ,----------,                       ,--------,
| [010300] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Upgrades  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010300] |
 '--------'                      '----------'                       '--------'

Throughout the levels you will find many coins in various shapes, sizes, and
values to pick up, these are stored on your Skylander and can only be used by
the Skylander that picked them up. Coins can be found in various smashable
items such as barrels, bones, carts, and vases.

You can also find coins in larger quantities in special Treasure Chests that
are limited to three per level, these are usually hidden off the main path and
require you to explore or solve an optional puzzle to reach. You may need a
specific element Skylander to reach some of these.

Once you have completed the third chapter, Sky Schooner Docks, you can upgrade
your Skylanders' abilities while in the Ruins hub world. Speak to Persephone to
spend your coins on the more powerful moves. You can reduce the cost of these
upgrades by finding Winged Sapphires in the Ruins hub world, these are not all
available right away and more will appear as you progress through the story.

Each Skylander has four basic upgrades before you have to choose a path to go
down, these paths usually mean focusing on one of the Skylander's core
abilities and making it even stronger. This choice is permanent and you can
only go down one of the paths, the other three abilities are then locked out.

You can of course take drastic action and reset your Skylander to choose their
upgrade path again if you're not happy with your selection. This process
deletes all experience, levels, coins and nicknames that they have gained.

There is also a special upgrade that requires you to find that Skylander's
"Soul Gem". A Soul Gem is a token that you will find hidden somewhere in a
specific level - selecting the ability on Persephone's upgrade screen will tell
you which. Unfortunately you will still need to spend some coins with
Persephone to use the upgrade, it's not free. You can collect Soul Gems for
Skylanders that you don't own (yet) and preview them in a short video.

 ,--------,                        ,-------,                        ,--------,
| [010400] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Stats  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [010400] |
 '--------'                        '-------'                        '--------'

Each Skylander has a base set of stats.

  | [010401]      Max Health      [010401] |

This is the maximum amount of health that your Skylander has. To improve this
simply level up your character. It will mean you can take more hits before

  | [010402]      Speed      [010402] |

How fast your Skylander walks around. Improve this with a Hat and by doing
certain Heroic Challenges.

  | [010403]      Armor      [010403] |

This does not reduce the amount of damage taken, you just have a higher chance
to block an attack. You'll see a yellow shield icon appear instead of the
damage when it works. Improved by Hats and certain Heroic Challenges.

  | [010404]      Critical Hit      [010404] |

The higher this is the more often your attacks will hit with a larger number
than usual. When it does take effect your attack will be 1.5 times its normal
number. So something that would usually hit for 26 damage would on a crit hit
for 39 damage. Improved by Hats and certain Heroic Challenges.

  | [010405]      Elemental Power      [010405] |

Increases how much extra damage your Skylander does in their elemental area as
well as against their equivalent element in PvP battles. The number appears to
simply apply as a percentage of your attack. So for example if you do 80 damage
normally and have 50 Elemental Power you will do 40 damage extra in your
elemental zone. Improved by Hats and certain Heroic Challenges.

  | [010406]      Heroics      [010406] |

The number of Heroic Challenges your Skylander has completed.

  | [010407]      Hero Level      [010407] |

The level on Skylanders: Spyro's Universe - has no effect on the console game.

 ,--------,                        ,------,                         ,--------,
| [010500] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Hats  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010500] |
 '--------'                        '------'                         '--------'

In each level you can find at least one hat, these are special items that boost
your Skylander's stats slightly when worn. Most hats are found behind elemental
gates so you will need a Skylander of specific elements to get a lot of the

Each system has a different exclusive hat that is not on the others.

    * PlayStation 3 has a Straw Hat
    * Xbox 360 has a ???
    * Wii has a Happy Birthday Hat
    * PC has a Bowler Hat
    * 3DS has a Balloon Hat

It does not appear to be possible to permanently unlock these hats
cross-platform but they will remain on your Skylanders if you go to a different
console with them equipped.

 ,--------,                  ,-------------------,                  ,--------,
| [010600] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Heroic Challenges  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [010600] |
 '--------'                  '-------------------'                  '--------'

Each Skylander will unlock a Heroic Challenge that when completed by a
Skylander will permanently boost their stats slightly. To unlock a Heroic
Challenge simply place your Skylander on the portal, however it will not unlock
if the Skylander is "owned" by another person or save file. You can simply
claim ownership though and unlock the challenge.

To take part in a Heroic Challenge you need to first complete the second
chapter, Perilous Pastures, you will then be able to talk to Cali in the Ruins
hub world who will start the challenges.

Each Skylander can complete every single challenge themselves, it's just that
some may find it certain tasks difficult than others.

Please note that the characters that have multiple toys, like Spyro, Dark Spyro
and Legendary Spyro, will unlock only one Heroic Challenge between them.

Crit +5 Speed +8 Armor +3 Elemental +9

 ,--------,                   ,-----------------,                   ,--------,
| [010700] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Elemental Gates  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010700] |
 '--------'                   '-----------------'                   '--------'

In each level you will find a few elemental gates, these are entirely optional
and by skipping them you do not hinder progress through the story. To open an
elemental gate simply stand near to it with a Skylander of the corresponding

If you are playing co-op and one player goes through a portal with a whirlpool,
whirlwind, or exhaust vent the other player will be dragged in too. You do not
need both characters to be the matching element, one will do.

Behind elemental gates you will usually find a small puzzle or set of obstacles
to get past to reach a Present with a Hat inside or a Treasure Chest.

 ,--------,                     ,-------------,                     ,--------,
| [010800] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Star Rating  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010800] |
 '--------'                     '-------------'                     '--------'

When you finish a chapter you will be shown a summary screen of your completion
of the level's objectives. Each checkmark only needs to be gotten once and then
it stays checked permanently, there's no need to get every single thing in one

The first star is pretty much a given that you'll earn upon completing a level,
although in rare cases you can skip a crucial part.

The second star is how well you've done in the level itself.

    * Enemy Goal is how many enemies you've killed, if you have managed to kill
      a certain number you will be awarded with this.
    * No Lives Lost is given to you if you complete the level without having
      any of your Skylanders die. You can switch all you like but if a single
      Skylander runs out of health you will not gain this checkmark.
    * All Areas Found means that you've been to every area that has its name
      pop up on the screen, there are named areas behind elemental gates so if
      you don't have the correct element you won't be able to get this
      (sometimes standing really close to the gate will count as finding it
      though, sometimes).
    * Cleared in under, you have to race through the level as fast as you can
      trying to finish it in the time given. There's no onscreen counter so
      unless you time yourself you won't know if you've managed it until you
      get to the summary screen.

The third star is collections. Each level has one or two Soul Gems to find, a
Legendary Treasure, one two or three Hats, three Treasure Chests, and a Story
Scroll. Many of these will be hidden behind elemental gates so don't get too
stressed looking for them if you do not have the element required for the gates
in the level. And sometimes they are hidden in plain sight but still need a
specific element to reach.

 ,--------,                   ,-----------------,                   ,--------,
| [010900] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Adventure Packs  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010900] |
 '--------'                   '-----------------'                   '--------'

The Adventure Packs come with a Skylander, a Location Piece and two Magic
Items. The Skylander is just the same as any of the other Skylanders except
that their Soul Gem is found in the level that you get with the Location Piece.

The Location Piece when placed on the Portal of Power will unlock a brand new
level as well as a battle arena for your PvP fights. It can then also be used
as a weapon, place it on the Portal during a fight and you will get some kind
of special attack that is usually quite deadly. This ability will work once in
a level, resetting when you go into another one.

The Magic Items do not unlock anything but instead temporarily provide your
Skylanders with something special.

The main thing is to remember to actually use them.

  | [010901]      Pirate Seas      [010901] |

The Pirate Ship, along with unlocking the Pirate Seas level and the Pirate
Grotto PvP arena, will cause a blast of cannonfire to cover the area near your
Skylanders. To gain access to the level you simply have to walk down to the
docks where you'll find the Pirate Ship.

The Hidden Treasure will bring up a radar that will lead you to an extra
Treasure Chest buried somewhere in the level. The circles around the treasure
icon indicate how close you are, the more that are green the closer you are. If
you're standing right on the spot where it indicates a Winged Treasure Chest
will appear which you can shake open. This can be redone time after time in the
same level but requires a loading screen before it resets (except on the Wii,
it resets just by talking to someone). If you're struggling to find a Treasure
Chest for the Objectives checkmark then you'll be happy to know that this bonus
chest actually counts in that total.

The Ghost Swords cause a couple of giant swords to fly around the screen
attacking nearby enemies, this only lasts for a few minutes per level so take
it off the Portal while you're not attacking anybody. You can see how long
there is left by watching the green circle around the icon at the bottom of the

  | [010902]      Darklight Crypt      [010902] |

The Darklight Crypt also doubles up as a weapon of mass destruction. To find
the level simply go to the northern end of the Ruins near to Flynn's Balloon.

Time Twister slows down nearby enemies for a while. Duration indicated by green
circle around icon.

Healing Elixier heals your Skylanders, it can only heal so much per level so
use wisely - it will still count down even if your Skylanders are at full


Please note that the sections in boxes require a specific element Skylander,
and that you cannot complete the game to 100% without at least one of each of
the eight elements.

 ,--------,             ,-----------------------------,             ,--------,
| [020100] |~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 1: Shattered Island  |~-~-~-~-~-~| [020100] |
 '--------'             '-----------------------------'             '--------'

   1. Rescue the Villagers

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found:
          o Fractured Vista
          o Old Town
          o Market Curve
          o Turtle Gully
          o Chompie Pit
          o Ancient Landmark
          o Turtle Hideout (Magic)
          o Whirlpool Falls (Water)
          o Floating Mills (Tech)
    * Cleared in under 03:48

    * Soul Gems: 1
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 3
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [020101]      Fractured Vista      [020101] |

At Hugo's prompt, put your first Skylander on the Portal of Power to begin. Any
of them will do. Head right across the wooden bridge to Fractured Vista.

Here you'll find your very first barrel to smash, inside it you'll have a
chance find coins that are used to upgrade your Skylander later on. These vary
from simple coins to gems and other various items, all worth various amounts of

Keep on going to the right over a smaller wooden bridge and Eon will tell you
to break through some obstacles, notably the large wooden fence blocking your
progress. Depending on your Skylander you'll have different ways to smash it,
but pressing the Primary Attack button a few times next to it should suffice.

Once you've either smashed it completely or just made a hole continue onwards
where Snuckles will give you an overview of the situation ahead. He'll suggest
using the cannon up ahead, nice idea. On the ground next to the blockade you'll
see a purple glowing icon of a cannon, this should help you identify future
potential destruction. Walk over to the cannon and press the Action button when
you see the prompt above it.

One shot will destroy the barrier but if you're looking for the Legendary
Treasure for Shattered Island then fire the cannon a second time to blow up a
building a bit further on.

  | [020102]      Old Town      [020102] |

Walk through the gap you just created and you'll be told of the power of Keys
by Rizzo. Simply walk into the golden floating key on the left to pick it up.
It'll follow your Skylander overhead, approach the lock on the gate and you'll
be prompted to perform an action. Depending on your system this will either be
a movement with the Wii remote or a movement with the right analog stick.

  | [020103]      Market Curve      [020103] |

A Mabu will wander off as you approach him, instead of following him go to the
right and walk into a large brown Treasure Chest with three padlocks on it.
It'll prompt you to perform another action to shake it open, inside you'll find
a whole load of coins. Each level has three of these hidden in them and if
you're trying for full completion you're going to want to find all three.

Now walk towards the cannon ahead and fire it into the blockage. Before
grabbing the key behind there you can pick up the Legendary Treasure on the
right, provided you fired the first cannon twice that is. Anyway, grab the key
and head down to that Mabu and open the gate.

  | [020104]      Turtle Gully      [020104] |

Nort will explain the problem; there's a turtle blocking the bridge. Luckily
your Skylanders are strong enough to simply push it out of the way, just walk
up to it and keep walking in the direction of the arrow that appears on its
shell. Push it again to move it completely out of the way.

Follow the string of coins down a small drop to the right (big enough that you
can't get back up so make sure you're done in town) and you'll come across a
pair of turtles blocking the path. Push the first one to the left and then the
other all the way across the bridge.

After being introduced to Flynn if you've got a Magic Skylander (eg Spyro) then
push the turtle right to the wall and then left off the side (ignore the bounce
pads for the moment). Walk over the turtle and down the path to a gate with a
large purple star in the middle, this signifies that you require a Magic
element Skylander to get through, luckily the starter pack comes with one. As
you step forwards a bridge will form, note that once it's formed you can switch
out to any Skylander you like and it will remain.

  | [020105]      Turtle Hideout      [020105] |

 | Turtle Hideout                                                            |
 | The area you'll find yourself in has another turtle puzzle in it. Push    |
 | the nearest turtle to the left, then the turtle on the right forwards two |
 | spaces. You can either walk around them or push the remaining two turtles |
 | where the arrows indicate they can be moved it. Either way walk into the  |
 | large Present on the other side and start shaking it open. Inside you'll  |
 | find your very first hat, the Viking Helmet. Equip it if you want to. You |
 | can change your hat at any time by opening up the Skylander Info Menu.    |
 |                                                                           |
 | Turn around and walk up the ramp to a glowing purple icon, collect this   |
 | Soul Gem to unlock the ability to purchase Chop Chop's "Cursed Bone       |
 | Brambler" power. You can also watch a short preview of the character, it  |
 | doesn't matter at this point whether you own him or not.                  |

Once you've got both the Soul Gem and the Hat walk back along the magic bridge
and back up towards the spot where Flynn told you to use some bounce pads.
Stepping onto these will propel your Skylander up onto the ledge above, from
there go right onto another pad. Here you'll find the first Story Scroll of the
game, these provide a bit of background information to certain things in the
game but have no other practical usage.

Move on to the left and use the bounce pad to cross the small gap to another
bounce pad that will take you all the way up to Flynn.

  | [020106]      Chompie Pit      [020106] |

If you've got a Skylander that can cross water (eg Gill Grunt) you can grab
yourself the second Treasure Chest over to the left. Approach the Monster gate
with Blobbers on the other side, he'll tell you all about the Monster gate and
how to open it you need to get rid of all the nearby monsters. In this case
we're fighting Chompies, little green monsters that'll try to bite you. Use
your Primary Attack to quickly get rid of the first wave. In total you'll need
to kill 15 Chompies before the gate will open.

Once it has done Blobbers will introduce you to the elemental gates, on the
left a water gate, on the right a tech gate. You can just ignore them and
follow Blobbers up the main path but we'll go into both of them.

 | Whirlpool Falls                                                           |
 | Use a water Skylander, like Gill Grunt, to go through the gate and into   |
 | the centre of the whirlpool, this will teleport you up on top of the      |
 | nearby waterfall.                                                         |
 |                                                                           |
 | From there use the bounce pad to jump up onto the next ledge (note that   |
 | you can smash things like the hay cart for coins as well as barrels and   |
 | the many other items you'll find lying around). On the right is a second  |
 | bounce pad that will take you directly to the Present and your new Pan    |
 | Hat.                                                                      |

Drop back down and follow the coins back to the elemental gates.

 | Floating Mills                                                            |
 | Much like the earlier magic gate a bridge will form on the other side     |
 | when you approach with a Tech Skylander like Trigger Happy. Cross that    |
 | bridge to reach a small challenge with rotating blades. Wait for the      |
 | blade to pass you by before walking to the right and following a second   |
 | rotating blade around in a circle. The Present is then right there with   |
 | its Anvil Hat inside.                                                     |
 |                                                                           |
 | To get back to the path you're going to have to go through the rotating   |
 | blade obstacles again.                                                    |

Follow Blobbers up the slopes.

  | [020107]      Ancient Landmark      [020107] |

First take care of the Chompies littering the area, then push the turtle to the
left twice so that it fills in the gap. Walk up the slope over the turtle and
fire the cannon into the blockage on the other side of the area. This will
reveal the key for the gate down below.

Use the bounce pad to cross over to the other side, before you grab the key
first collect the treasure from the Treasure Chest on the right. Then pick up
the key and jump down to open the gate for the Royal Family.

The game will give you a report on how completely you finished the level, if
you've followed the walkthrough so far you should have everything ticked off,
except probably the "Cleared in under XX:XX" one. You will need to run straight
through a level to get that one ignoring all side things like the elemental
gates. Once you've achieved a tick on this it will stay ticked so future goes
through do not need to reaccomplish everything on there. You can go back at any
time by selecting Chapter Select from the Pause Menu.

  | [020108]      Ruins      [020108] |

There's not all that much you can do here right now, there's a few places to
gather a few coins and a totem that you can use a Magic, a Water, and a Tech
Skylander on to get a few more gems from. Just talk to Flynn to get to Perilous
Pastures and continue with the adventure.

 ,--------,            ,------------------------------,             ,--------,
| [020200] |~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 2: Perilous Pastures  |~-~-~-~-~-~| [020200] |
 '--------'            '------------------------------'             '--------'

   1. Find Cali

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found:
          o Sunflower Ridge
          o Bleating Highlands (Tech)
          o Fairy Ring
          o Ancient Stones (Water)
          o Landing Deck (Life)
    * Cleared in under 03:51

    * Soul Gems: 1
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 2
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [020201]      Sunflower Ridge      [020201] |

Eon will introduce you to the concept of specialised areas. These will be
clearly indicated in the top left corner throughout and Eon will mention it
every single time you change area. What this all means is that the Skylanders
of the matching element will do extra damage, the exact number of extra damage
is a match to their Elemental Power stat. You don't have to pay any attention
to this though, you'll do just fine with any Skylander you like.

Up ahead you'll find a key floating about in the middle of the path, there's
also a tech gate on the right.

 | Bleating Highlands                                                        |
 | Step into the bounce pad at the end of the bridge and then again up to    |
 | the main event. You'll be introduced to a few Chompy Pods and some Drow   |
 | Spearmen. The Chompy Pods will spawn Chompy after Chompy until you        |
 | destroy them and the Drow Spearmen will attempt to hit you with their     |
 | spears. Kill them all and then move down to the left where you should see |
 | a couple of bounce pads, drop down to them and move towards the screen.   |
 |                                                                           |
 | You should see a line of coins going down, follow them down to another    |
 | large area with a Chompy Pod in it. Kill that pod and use the bounce pad  |
 | to jump up to the right where there's another Chompy Pod and another      |
 | bounce pad. Go up again and then once more and you'll reach a Treasure    |
 | Chest. From here you just use the pad to get back to the spot with two    |
 | bounce pads. Use the left one to jump up to the location of the Present   |
 | and its Cowboy Hat contents.                                              |
 |                                                                           |
 | Follow the coins down on the left and you'll bump straight into Stump     |
 | Smash's "Waterlogged" Soul Gem.                                           |

Now pick up the key if you didn't before and unlock that gate. There's an
incredibly simple turtle puzzle here, just push them both back two spaces and
then use them as a bridge. Follow the path along and take the key, you'll spot
another Drow Spearman at the gate all by himself. Once he's dead open that

  | [020202]      Fairy Ring      [020202] |

Destroy the Chompy Pod in the middle of the area to stop the Chompy spawning
and then grab the Story Scroll over to the right. Go to the left side of the
location and you'll see a turtle sitting in a wall. Push it through so that you
can go around it, but then push it back into place so that you can use it as a
bridge. This will cause a pair of Drow Spearmen to appear.

Once you've gotten rid of them simply walk up the steps on the right and cross
over the turtle to get the key. Drop back down into the main area and open up
the gate at the top end.

Now comes a choice, do you skip half the level and get the Legendary Treasure
or do you complete the rest of the level and come back later for that Legendary
Treasure? The choice is made simple if you don't actually have a Life

 | Landing Deck                                                              |
 | If however you do and you want to get it now then switch to that Life     |
 | Skylander and approach the edge of the land to the left of the thatched   |
 | house. This will cause a bridge to form which will let you walk over to   |
 | an island ahead. From there just drop down off the side and collect the   |
 | Legendary Treasure. Step on the round button to open the gate and you'll  |
 | now be right at the end of the level. Just use the turret to smash the    |
 | locks and you're away.                                                    |

For those taking the normal path simply follow it around to the right, smash
through a couple of barriers and, next to a turtle on the side of a cliff,
you'll find a Treasure Chest. Shake it open and then push the turtle off the
side. Follow it down and head towards that water gate you can see.

 | Ancient Stones                                                            |
 | Here we find a more challenging block puzzle. Push the middle one onto    |
 | the teleporter and then push both sides out once. Next push both the      |
 | blocks to the sides of the teleporter down and finally push the block off |
 | the teleporter to the left.                                               |
 |                                                                           |
 | You'll now be in the middle of the next part of the puzzle. Push the      |
 | block to the right and then the block above that to the right too. Walk   |
 | through the gap to collect a bit of money and then push the one ahead up. |
 | Push the one on your left down and then the one to the left of it now     |
 | down too. Move into the gap and push the end one to the left and then the |
 | one at the end of the new gap forwards. Now finally push the one next to  |
 | the teleporter up and out of the way.                                     |
 |                                                                           |
 | Not done just yet though. Push the previous two blocks back into position |
 | and then use the teleporter. Up here you'll find a Treasure Chest (as     |
 | well as a Scarecrow with lots of crows). Now, drop down to the left onto  |
 | the blocks next to the teleporter you just used. Walk along the diagonal  |
 | blocks all the way to the teleporter nearer the start up on the blocks.   |
 | This one will take you to the "Birthday Hat" Present.                     |
 |                                                                           |
 | The teleporter at the Present will take you back to the scarecrow, just   |
 | drop down anywhere and go back through the whirlpool to the level.        |

Push the turtle along its path and down into the gap, now just wander along and
drop off the little ledge into the final area.

  | [020203]      Landing Dock      [020203] |

There's a trio of Drow Spearmen up ahead, kill them and two two Chompy Pods
before jumping into the turret. Simply shoot each of the four padlocks to
finish this up.

  | [020204]      Ruins      [020204] |

Before we can get going to the next level we've got to take care of some
brambles in the south. Use your attacks to clear every last piece so that the
others can work out where we're off to next.

This also marks the point where you are able to take part in the Heroic
Challenges to boost your Skylander's stats. Each Skylander you add to your
collection adds a new Heroic Challenge. Note that if you have two different
versions of a character  (like Spyro and Dark Spyro) you only get given one
challenge for them - so that makes 32 Heroic Challenges in total.

 ,--------,            ,-------------------------------,            ,--------,
| [020300] |~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 3: Sky Schooner Docks  |~-~-~-~-~-| [020300] |
 '--------'            '-------------------------------'            '--------'

   1. Find the Golden Propeller

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o Glider Tower
          o Propeller Farm (Undead)
          o Fortress Tower
          o Kaw's Islands (Earth)
          o Shoreline Tower
    * Cleared in under 07:59

    * Soul Gems: 1
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 2
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [020301]      Glider Tower      [020301] |

The game will prompt you to look at the Skylander Info page, you can just quit
straight back out of it. Use the teleporter and prepare for instant battle, a
Drow Spearman will immediately attack you. Take care of him and then walk
across the bridge towards a Chompy Pod up on a battlement. Follow the base
around to the right and you'll slope up to the top where you can attack it and
where there's a key waiting for you.

Unlock the gate below and cross over to a turret next to a blocked path. Your
aim here is to shoot down zeppelins. Fifteen of them in total. Along with them
there are also a couple of balloons flying around dropping gems, shoot the gems
to get extra treasure upon completing the turret mini-game. Once you've shot
down the fifteenth zeppelin you'll be able to continue on.

Through the now destroyed blockade you'll meet a Drow Witch. These throw things
at you. Kill her an follow the path over a wooden bridge to a longer wooden
bridge. There's a couple more Drow Witches at the start of it, once you've
killed them follow it straight along to an Undead gate.

 | Propeller Farm                                                            |
 | Named so because of the many rotating blades ahead. Follow the first two  |
 | around and drop down into a third blade. Down again into another this     |
 | time with a bounce pad on the other side, use that to get up into another |
 | blade with a teleporter. Don't use that teleporter just yet. Instead      |
 | continue forwards through the blades, the first one afterwards requires   |
 | you to bounce to the right-hand side and then up to the left on the final |
 | one.                                                                      |
 |                                                                           |
 | Right at the back here you'll find a key. Take it and start making your   |
 | way back through the blades to that teleporter you passed. You'll end up  |
 | next to a Treasure Chest and the gate for that key. We're not quite done  |
 | yet though, there's another bounce pad on the other side that will take   |
 | you upwards to a rotating blade with four blades instead of two.          |
 |                                                                           |
 | Because of the speed of the blades you may find that you need to use the  |
 | bounce pads here to bounce backwards over the approaching blades, but     |
 | once you make it to the other side you'll find the Present that contains  |
 | your Propeller Cap.                                                       |

Drop down to the left and kill the Drow Witch and the Chompy Pod she's standing
next to. The turret ahead first will ask you to shoot down eight zeppelins,
then once they're down you'll be told to shoot down a Heavy Airship, just keep
firing at it, ignore the others and it'll eventually crash.

  | [020302]      Fortress Tower      [020302] |

Go through the smashed wall and down to an Air Spell Punk, these protect other
enemies so you should try to get rid of them early on in larger fights. So
ignore the two Drow Spearmen and go straight for the Spell Punk, once it's dead
you can turn on those Spearmen.

Step back and to the left a bit and you'll find a Story Scroll, go to the right
and there's a Treasure Chest. Try to avoid the exploding plants though.

Back to the track go through the monster gate that you just opened and start up
another fight. There's an Air Spell Punk hiding behind the barrels at the back,
smash through them and kill him. Then focus on the Witches and the Spearmen.
Back to the left of the enemies is a Soul Gem, this one unlocks Sonic Boom's
"Resonant Frequency" power. If you continue down the path behind the barrels
where the Spell Punk was you'll come across an Earth gate.

 | Kaw's Islands                                                             |
 | Bounce up to the Chompy Pod and then up again to a platform above, timing |
 | to not knock your Skylander's head on the rocks orbiting it. Jump to the  |
 | right over a load of treasure and then again upwards avoiding some more   |
 | rocks. Keep following the bounce pads along in-between the flying rocks   |
 | until you reach the Present; a Jester Hat. Instead of stepping into the   |
 | teleporter drop off the platform to the left and you'll land on a small   |
 | platform beneath with a Treasure Chest on it.                             |
 |                                                                           |
 | The teleporter here will take you back to the start of the bounce pads    |
 | and allow you to get back to the level easily.                            |

Walk along the path beyond the monster gate that opened and you'll meet
Persephone. After her conversation a large airship will arrive and provide you
with a way forward.

Kill the four Drow Spearmen on the bottom floor of the ship to open up the gate
to a Goliath Drow. These guys are a lot tougher and require a bit of caution,
keep out of their way if they're charging but otherwise you will generally be
able to interrupt their cast and get them dead quite quickly.

Up at the top of the ship is another Goliath and a pair of Witches, take down
the Witches whilst avoiding the Goliath's charge. Once all three are dead the
drawbridge will drop. Don't go over it yet though, instead go back to the front
of the ship where another drawbridge has also gone down.

As you approach the building a door will open and reveal a teleporter, use it
to get to another platform with a teleporter on. Kill the Chompy Pod and then
teleport over to the Legendary Treasure. Drop down to the left and go to the
back of the ship again.

  | [020303]      Shoreline Tower      [020303] |

There's a long empty stretch of walkway to a turret to finally shoot down the
airship that you're after. Just ignore the others and focus on it, you'll
switch perspective and be able to finish it off. Now just collect the propeller
and you're done.

  | [020304]      Ruins      [020304] |

It's time to unlock the ability to upgrade your Skylanders and use that cash
you've been collecting. Talk to Persephone over to the left to get started. You
don't actually have to upgrade if you don't want to but it certainly helps.

Once you're done with Persephone you will need to talk to Flynn again to get
moving to the next level.

 ,--------,            ,------------------------------,             ,--------,
| [020400] |~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 4: Stormy Stronghold  |~-~-~-~-~-~| [020400] |
 '--------'            '------------------------------'             '--------'

   1. Rebuild the Bridge
   2. Find the Eternal Air Source

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o Lower Reach
          o The Approach (Life)
          o Upper Reach (Life)
          o The Battlement
          o Sky Ramparts (Air)
          o Inner Keep
    * Cleared in under: 05:22

    * Soul Gems: 1
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 2
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [020401]      Lower Reach      [020401] |

Go down the steps and smash through the grey brick wall on the right to find
the level's Story Scroll. Continue down the main path towards a Chompy Pod, a
key on the left and a locked gate to the right.

Walk through the bouncy plants that appear, they're not really much of an
obstacle for now but later on in the game they'll be rebounding you into
dangerous things. At the bottom of the slope you'll find an Air Spell Punk with
a couple of Drow Spearmen, kill the Spell Punk first as it'll be protecting
those Drow.

 | The Approach                                                              |
 | Over to the right is a Life gate, walk over the bridge and you'll see a   |
 | block puzzle. Push the two near ones into the gaps and the far one off    |
 | the edge to reveal a teleporter. Push the one to the left off the side to |
 | the left and then follow it down. Push it to fill in the final gap in the |
 | bridge to cross and get your new Fez Hat.                                 |
 |                                                                           |
 | Upper Reach                                                               |
 |                                                                           |
 | Teleport back up to the Upper Reach and push the right block to the right |
 | three times (the top block here has a rather pointless teleporter         |
 | underneath it). There's a Treasure Chest on the other side. There's a     |
 | trio of enemies beyond a wooden fence south of the previous platform but  |
 | not much more. Teleport down and rejoin the level.                        |

  | [020402]      The Battlement      [020402] |

Smash through the wall and head right. You'll encounter the first of the spike
traps, these move up and down and will, naturally, hurt if you're standing on
them at the time. You can sometimes walk through them while they're up but
often not, plus when they go down the spears will hurt you as well. Cross over
three of these traps and you'll reach a Lightning Pylon. Just follow the
onscreen instructions on how to lower it.

The gate to the right will lower once you've done that, head up the teeny tiny
ramp and smash through a fence. There's a whole host of enemies on the other
side. A Drow Witch, a Chompy Pod and its Chompies, three Drow Spearmen, some of
those exploding plants and some of those bouncy plants. You can just ignore
them and blast through the fence but where would the fun be in that?

After them is the second Lightning Pylon. As you approach the lone Drow Witch
five Drow Spearmen will leap in and start attacking! Some more spike traps are
up now, made slightly trickier by having two right next to each other moving at
different times. All you need to do is step onto the first one as it goes down
and wait for the second to go down too, moving immediately as it does.
In-between the two pairs of spike traps is a split in the path which leads to
an Air gate being guarded by a few Spearmen.

 | Sky Ramparts                                                              |
 | Step into the tiny vortex to get transported over to the Air Area.        |
 | Straight away you'll find the Treasure Chest, go over the spikes and use  |
 | either of the two bounce pads to jump up onto the spike filled ledge.     |
 | Drop down the other side and weave around the squares of spikes to get to |
 | another bounce pad over some more spikes.                                 |
 |                                                                           |
 | This next bit requires you to watch where you're bouncing. Bounce up onto |
 | the top section of an L shaped stone wall, use the bounce pad on there to |
 | bounce towards the screen, bounce right and then up to a platform with a  |
 | space on it. Bounce to the right from this one and then diagonally down   |
 | to the right before finally reaching the end where there's a bomb         |
 | floating.                                                                 |
 |                                                                           |
 | If you want a few extra gems pick up the bomb and rush back along the     |
 | ground (or using the bounce pads if you like) and back over the previous  |
 | spike wall to throw the bomb at the wall with the wooden beams strapped   |
 | to it. Then go back up to the bomb place again. Move northwards and       |
 | manoeuvre around the stone platforms until you reach the far end with a   |
 | bounce pad on the floor.                                                  |
 |                                                                           |
 | Bounce up to the right and use the bounce pads to reach a button back at  |
 | the far right end. Now for the real use of the bomb, jump down and grab   |
 | the bomb, now run along the straight path that has opened up and use the  |
 | bounce pad at the end to get up to a wall on the left that you can        |
 | destroy with the bomb. Stay up on the platforms as you bounce leftwards,  |
 | if you fall down you can get back up back to the right. At the end drop   |
 | off to the Present, a Fancy Hat.                                          |
 |                                                                           |
 | To return to the level simply step into the vortex where you began.       |

Kill the Witch and her guards to get to the third Lightning Pylon over the
spike trap. Past the next gate is a wooden ramp with a Drow Witch and a Drow
Goliath on it. Move out of the way when he charges at you and then take care of
him. Follow along this wooden path and kill another Witch at the end of it. The
next spike trap is a little devious in placing bouncy plants such that you
can't just run straight over it, you have to go diagonal. It's also a little
larger than the single traps from before.

Four new Spearmen will pop up to protect the final Lightning Pylon. Before
going over to the bridge you reconstructed there's a couple of things to do
here. Behind a small wall of barrels is a Treasure Chest and a teleporter. The
teleporter will whisk you away to a tiny island with the level's Legendary
Treasure onboard. Claim it and teleport back.

It was quick and the camera angle didn't really help show it but turning that
final Lightning Pylon built a bridge back along the path a short distance.

  | [020403]      Inner Keep      [020403] |

As you approach the centre of the level you'll a Windbag Djinni appear. Watch
out for its electrical attack as if you're not careful it can quickly wipe out
your health if you let it hit you too many times. The gate to the right will
lower once you get rid of him, follow the sloping path upwards but watch out
for those barrels, inside are hiding not coins but Chompies.

Depending on your Skylander's attacks you may or may not be able to harm the
Drow Witches standing slightly elevated in front of the Soul Gem (we'll be back
for that a little later). If not just ignore them and continue upwards. Weave
through the gauntlet of exploding and bouncy plants until you reach a more open
spot where a large door opens to let out a small wave of Spearmen. Kill them,
the Goliath and the Witch.

Before carrying on along the path upwards you should smash through the wall of
jars beneath it and stand on the circle behind them. This will open up the Soul
Gem's cage allowing you to run back and get it. So long as you're quick enough,
the gauntlet of plants may be more annoying when moving in a rush. The Soul Gem
belongs to Warnado and unlocks his "Thick Shelled" power.

Now that you've got that you can go up the slope again. Here you'll find a long
series of spikes. Simply walk onto each following one as it goes down and
you'll safely make it to the other end, they've kindly left some food halfway
along if you're having trouble.

It's free all the way to the top now, get ready for a fight. First up is an Air
Spell Punk and three Drow Witches. Once you get started they're joined quickly
by a pair of Drow Goliaths and a Drow Spearman. Once all of those are gone a
pair of Spearmen will appear to the right and a pair of Windbag Djinnis will
appear to the north. Again watch out for the electric attack. Once those are
all dead you can grab the Eternal Air Source by walking into the middle of the
area and finish the level.

  | [020404]      Ruins      [020404] |

You will now start to find Winged Sapphires around the Ruins, these look like
blue butterflies and will provide a discount on your upgrades from Persephone.
A small discount. You also won't be able to find all ten of them right now as
they will each appear at points as you progress further through the story. The
first is right next to Persephone.

Walk down to the beach and you'll meet Gurglefin. To open the lock walk up to
it and press the Action button. From there it's a rotating mini-game where you
will try to get the Imp to fall through each of the glowing dots on the board.
There's no time limit or limited number of turns and you can never get into a
position where you can't finish somehow. This first one is pretty
straightforward; rotate Right, Left, Left, Right, Right.

 ,--------,             ,----------------------------,              ,--------,
| [020500] |~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 5: Oilspill Island  |~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020500] |
 '--------'             '----------------------------'              '--------'

   1. Free the caged Gillmen
   2. Destroy the Troll Refinery

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o Tadpole Island
          o Access Platform Alpha
          o Access Platform Beta
          o Sludge Marsh
          o Drill Platform Delta
          o The Refinery (Fire)
          o Exhaust Vent Zeta
    * Cleared in under: 05:07

    * Soul Gems: 2
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 1
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [020501]      Tadpole Island      [020501] |

Almost as soon as you begin you can find the Story Scroll, it's behind the
building on your left.

  | [020502]      Access Platform Alpha      [020502] |

Walk along the pier towards the first enemy of the level; a Troll Greasemonkey.
This guy will raise his ratchet above his head and smash it down to the ground,
stunning himself for a second if he misses. Just walk around him attacking.

Now for a new type of puzzle, a block puzzle but with beams of light attached.
This one's simple enough, just push the prism forward into the beam of purple
light, it'll redirect the light into the receptacle on the wall and open the

  | [020503]      Sludge Marsh      [020503] |

If you've got a Skylander that can go over water you can backtrack a little, go
down a ramp to the right and onto Sludge Marsh, here you'll find Wham-Shell's
"Carapace Plating" Soul Gem. Go forwards and up the ramp to the next area. If
you didn't have one you'll just smash through a fence to get to the same area.

  | [020504]      Access Platform Beta      [020504] |

The Tech Spell Punk has a long range attack, it'll beep to warn you that it's
locking on and give you a visual on the floor of the location of the attack,
how nice of it to do so. A pair of Greasemonkey's will approach as well, once
you've killed all three head up the ramp to the right. On your left now is a
bounce pad that'll jump you to a Treasure Chest. Jump back down once you've got

Around the next corner is another new enemy type, this one's got a gun and is
called a Blaster Troll. They stand still and charge up their weapon, you can
easily move out of the way as it fires. The blast is medium range spread out in
front of the troll so don't be too concerned with them if they're on the other
side of a an area while you're fighting.

  | [020505]      Drill Platform Delta      [020505] |

This next light puzzle has added the second element; a switch. Pulling the
lever will rotate the beam of light 45 degrees, do this just once (if you
accidentally go too far, just keep rotating it until it points north-east
again). To finish it off push the moveable prism forwards twice into the light
beam and redirect to the receptacle on the left next to the exit ramp.

Pick up the key floating about here and free the first of the Gillmen who's
further left next to a light switch. Ignore the light beam for now and smash
through the fence to the left of it. If you walk up onto the wooden path you'll
find a Treasure Chest at the far end of it.

  | [020506]      Sludge Marsh      [020506] |

Drop down off it and enter the swamp again, if you hang left you should find
the level's second Soul Gem, this one's for Boomer and his "Troll Bomb Boot"
power. Now back to that light beam.

Pull the switch three times to make the beam face south-east, the push the
prism south once and west once. As you approach the opened gate you'll be shown
a Troll Grenadier high up out of reach, he can still attack you though as he's
got a long range with his grenades. They don't explode on impact but they do
explode quite quickly, you should be able to walk out of range of the explosion
(provided you don't push the grenade along with you).

Kill the three Greasemonkeys that walk towards you and enter the area to your
right. On the far side is a trio of Grenadiers who'll throw their grenades at
you, they won't even move other than to rotate to throw at you. Just kill them
and pick up the key to free the Gillman in the cage here. That's two out of
five. The light puzzle here just requires you to pull the switch four times
while avoiding the high up Grenadier's grenades.

Go through the newly opened gate and up the ramp on the left towards a key on
the ground. There's three more Greasemonkeys that will saunter down the ramp
towards you, kill them and get that key. While you're here rotate the light
beam so that it points north-west and hits another prism in the distance.

If you've got a Fire Skylander go left at the ramp, otherwise wander back down
and free the Gillman at the edge of the water.

 | The Refinery                                                              |
 | Drop down into the flames and you'll be transported across the level to   |
 | an empty looking platform. There are three pipes at the edge, only two    |
 | are open though. Walk into the left pipe. Next the left pipe again. Here  |
 | you'll find the "Plunger Head" Hat. After that step into the left pipe,   |
 | and again a left pipe.                                                    |
 |                                                                           |
 | At the area with a bounce pad head into the right pipe. This next spot    |
 | has only one exit, it also has a switch in the corner, pull it and then   |
 | go down that single exit back to the bounce platform. Go into the left    |
 | pipe and then from there the right which should take you back to the      |
 | start and the three pipes. Enter the middle pipe that you just opened to  |
 | exit this madness and grab the Legendary Treasure. Just that last pipe    |
 | now.                                                                      |

Walk back down the slope and open up the cage at the edge of the water. If you
like you can use the light beam here to destroy the entire platform of Trolls,
just rotate it a few times. Get up onto the platform and step into the
teleporter. There's a key on the left, blow up the explosive barrels to get to
it, watch out for the Tech Spell Punk above you. Free the fourth Gillman and
teleport out.

You'll be shown a Mark 31 Troll Tank, this is a strong enemy that has a weak
spot. Simply run around it and hit the explosive barrel on its back a few
times. Kill the two Blaster Trolls first and then approach the Tank. Once
defeated a Greasemonkey will drop out of it, kill him and free the last of the
trapped Gillmen.

  | [020507]      Exhaust Vent Zeta      [020507] |

One final challenge now, walk along the path towards the bomb and instead of
going towards the exhaust vent that you were shown, go right down a slope, kill
the Tech Spell Punk and open up the last of the Treasure Chests. Go back up the
ramp and grab a bomb, run as fast as your Skylander can move along the path to
the Exhaust Vent and throw the bomb as indicated. You just need to get it near
it, you don't actually need to get it right into the vent itself.

  | [020508]      Ruins      [020508] |

Pick up the Oil Can from in front of the Oil Donkey and head up the steps to
the Far Viewer. Oil it using the usual method of opening locks. Once that's
done you can go back to the beach to talk to Gurglefin and head to Dark Water

 ,--------,             ,----------------------------,              ,--------,
| [020600] |~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 6: Dark Water Cove  |~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020600] |
 '--------'             '----------------------------'              '--------'

   1. Find the Twin Spouts' location
   2. Retrieve the Twin Spouts
   3. Escape in the Pirate Ship

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o The North Star
          o Battery Island
          o Whale's Belly
          o East Gate
          o Lost Rigger's Cove (Magic)
          o Torta's Town
          o Bridge of Hands
          o The Ancient Temple
          o The Elvenship
          o West Gate
          o Watery Graves (Water)

Cleared in under: 06:03

    * Soul Gems: 2
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 2
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [020601]      The North Star      [020601] |

You might have spotted it as the level began but if you walk to the left up
onto the ship you can find Dino-Rang's "Sticky Boomerangs" Soul Gem.

  | [020602]      Battery Island      [020602] |

Walk along the pier towards land and Gurglefin will flag up an enemy using a
cannon high above, this will result in you needing to avoid the yellow cross
that it's aiming at you. But not for long. Smash through the brick wall on the
left to get introduced to a Nauteloid. This little insects have a fairly slow
build up to their charge so should be easy to avoid.

Smash through another brick wall and a band of six more Nauteloids will appear,
same as before they're as weak as the Chompies. Walk up the slope on the right
and you'll be shown a couple of Blastaneers. These purple squids shoot small
cannonballs in straight lines towards you, they're long range and don't drop
off. Much like other enemies they point and pause before shooting giving you
plenty of time to get out of the way.

Also here you'll find a few more Nauteloids as well as the squid that was
firing the cannon earlier. He won't do much to you now but you might as well
get the experience anyway.

  | [020603]      Whale's Belly      [020603] |

Cross onto the ship and step onto the bounce pad to get up onto the top of the
mast. Jump down off it to the left, following the path of jewels of course, and
approach the lifted up gangplank at the back end of the boat. It'll
automatically lower allowing you across.

  | [020604]      East Gate      [020604] |

There's a couple of Blastaneers waiting for you here next to a locked gate. To
get the key continue up to the left and smash through a bit of fence. The game
will show you some far off place for some reason. Grab the key here and go back
down through the previous gate.

There's a few Nauteloids on the slope down to the left, and a couple of
Blastaneers too. And right behind them is a lock puzzle.

Here's a solution: Left x 4, Right x 2, Left, Right x 4, Left x 2

To the right of the other side is a Magic Gate, but before we go through there
you will want to jump down onto the beach below it, aim for the bounce pad, if
you can cross water make your way forwards and you'll find the level's Story
Scroll. Use the bounce pad to get back up and head through the Magic gate.

 | Lost Rigger's Cove                                                        |
 | Move left along the wooden jetty and smash through a wooden fence         |
 | blocking the path and a wooden fence blocking a teleporter. This will     |
 | take you a fair distance to the left and deposit you on a small stream of |
 | water. Step right off it and attack the blue squid dude, a Squidface      |
 | Brute. This big guy wields a large anchor and will attempt to smash it    |
 | down on you, he's a lot like the Troll Greasemonkey enemy from the        |
 | previous level except with more health. There's also a Blastaneer just    |
 | past him before a bounce pad.                                             |
 |                                                                           |
 | Bounce up to another Blastaneer and another bounce pad on the left. Up    |
 | again and follow the pads to the right where you'll find another lock     |
 | puzzle. This one's a little different in that it has some conveyor belts  |
 | that will move the imp along if it crosses them. It also has two green    |
 | holes that, if the imp falls into, will transport the imp across the      |
 | board through the other hole and will fall as gravity applies.            |
 |                                                                           |
 | And here's a solution if you're stuck: Left x 3, Right x 5, Left x 2,     |
 | Right x 2, Left x 2                                                       |
 |                                                                           |
 | And there's your present, a Tiki Hat. Drop down to the left and you'll be |
 | back at the start of the magic section all ready to rejoin the level      |
 | normal.                                                                   |

Across the bridge and you'll find a Squidface Brute as well as a few Nauteloids
running about. Ignore the fence for the moment and drop down onto the beach at
the far left end of the area, there you'll find a Treasure Chest. Bounce back
up and go through that fence.

Over the bridge is a Water Spell Punk. These guys are harmless but cast a spell
that creates a puddle on the ground, if you step onto the puddle you get
frozen. You can either wait for it to thaw or you can shake it off. Either way
it does no damage and will only serve to prevent you from attacking other
enemies for a short time. So along he's harmless, in a group he can be

The path continues left, kill the Nauteloids and the Blastaneer before
advancing through a fence and up over a stone bridge.

  | [020605]      Torta's Town      [020605] |

You'll first be met by a small group of Nauteloids, then a Brute and a yellow
crosshair. If you drop onto the beach on your right you can gather Ignitor's
"Fire Forged Armor" Soul Gem. Use the pad to jump back up. Go up the slope
towards the key. Kill the two Blastaneers here and then, having grabbed the
key, smash through the wooden barrels on the left that're blocking a teleporter
in the front door of the larger building.

This will teleport you over to the two cannon firing squids as well as the
level's Legendary Treasure at the far end. Drop off the platform to the left
and make your way down the slope and to the locked gate far to the right. Kill
the Brute and the little Blastaneers.

  | [020606]      Bridge of Hands      [020606] |

On the other side of the gate is a Water Spell Punk, follow him along the
bridge and you'll meet a Squiddler, another squid enemy. This guy fires two
exploding blowfish at you, they don't damage on impact but will shortly explode
with a fair blast radius. Move out of the way once they land and you'll be
okay. These are the level's equivalent to the Troll Grenadiers of Oilspill

  | [020607]      The Ancient Temple      [020607] |

Step forward and you'll get locked into the Ancient Temple. Kill the Brute and
the Nauteloids that are harassing you at the front, cross the bridge into an
area filled with Squiddlers and a single Water Spell Punk. That Punk's spells
might just be a little more irritating here as the blowfish will still damage
you if you're frozen. Once you've killed them all step and grab the Twin Spouts
from the pedestal at the top.

  | [020608]      The Elvenship      [020608] |

You'll suddenly be transported a long way across the level, just follow the
wooden platform along and kill the Blastaneer and his Nauteloid pals. Right at
the end just before the ship is a pairing of Brute and Squiddler to get past.

Step onto the bounce pad at the front of the ship and cross over to the second
mast. Follow the jewels down onto another bounce pad and use it to jump over to
the teleporter further ahead.

  | [020609]      West Gate      [020609] |

This teleporter will take you directly to the level's second Treasure Chest.
Teleport right back and bounce down to a Water gate.

 | Watery Graves                                                             |
 | Go through the whirlpool and ignore the wooden platforms for the moment.  |
 | Instead cross the way to the right and step onto the bounce pad. This     |
 | will take you up to the last Treasure Chest. Jump back down and make your |
 | way onto the wooden platform up the slope. Watch the moving platforms and |
 | step onto it as it approaches. If you stand still you should be fine,     |
 | trying to stay on by moving around is just going to cause you to fall     |
 | off. You've got to watch out for the red blasts from the statues at the   |
 | side.                                                                     |
 |                                                                           |
 | Step onto the next platform and then onto another moving one, one last    |
 | transfer and you'll reach a moving platform with a bounce pad on it. Run  |
 | on and bounce over to the other bounce pad on the right. This'll take you |
 | up where you have to wait for another platform. Stand on it and you'll be |
 | taken to the Present with a Tropical Turban hat inside.                   |
 |                                                                           |
 | Go back through the whirlpool at the south end to get back to the level.  |

Move left through a fence and a couple of Brutes, killing them should open up
the monster gate behind them. Up the ramp all the way to the end of the level.

  | [020610]      Ruins      [020610] |

There's nothing new to do here this time, just talk to Gurglefin to get going.

 ,--------,             ,-----------------------------,             ,--------,
| [020700] |~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 7: Leviathan Lagoon  |~-~-~-~-~-~| [020700] |
 '--------'             '-----------------------------'             '--------'

   1. Bring 4 Statues to the Shrine
   2. Find the Eternal Water Source

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o Pearl Cluster
          o Turtle Island
          o Shark's Tooth Island
          o The Shrine
          o Plank Walk (Water)
    * Cleared in under: 09:05

    * Soul Gems: 1
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 1
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [020701]      Pearl Cluster      [020701] |

One thing to note about this level, if you're over the water watch out for the
Leviathans patrolling below as it will eat you if you're close by. If you do
get eaten simply attack the Leviathan's dangly Uvula and you'll be spat out
near the start of the level. Go over the water at the bottom of the tiled
bridge and follow the chain of jewels to a Water Gate.

 | Plank Walk                                                                |
 | The teleporter here will take you back out, so don't go stepping into it  |
 | right now. Walk to the right and cross the wooden bridge. You'll come to  |
 | a formation of islands in a triangle with bridges connecting them, and    |
 | running around them is a Hob 'n' Yaro carrying your Present. You'll need  |
 | a long range attack to hit him or a fast Skylander to chase him down for  |
 | a Napoleon Hat.                                                           |
 |                                                                           |
 | Watch out for the Squiddlers in the centre and the Blastaneers around the |
 | edges. Also here is a Treasure Chest to the north. Teleport back out from |
 | that initial island.                                                      |

Anyway, walk down the path and you'll see the little red devil-like Hob 'n'
Yaro steal the first of the four statues. You're going to have to chase it down
to get that statue. First get rid of the Squidface Brute blocking your way
before crossing another bridge.

The little thief will trap himself between some barrels and a fence so it
should be straightforward to catch. Smash through that fence, perhaps kill the
Squiddler on the platform, and approach an upturned boat. Out of that boat will
appear a string of Nauteloids for you to wipe out. Next to the next wooden
bridge is a boat with a couple of Squiddlers aboard, you can smash this to
destroy them both.

  | [020702]      Turtle Island      [020702] |

As the name may have suggested to you, there are some turtles on this island.
It's another simple block puzzle, you've got to push them into a line to use as
a bridge. First push the right-hand one forwards, then the one to your left to
the left. Push the middle one forwards now and then circle around it to push it
to the left. Now push the remaining two turtles into position next to it and
move on over them.

  | [020703]      Shark's Tooth Island      [020703] |

Another one of those thieves will appear and take a key, this one will be
slightly tricker to chase down but if you don't have any range attacks and
aren't particularly fast you can trap him by pushing a turtle in the far right
corner so that it blocks a bridge. Then just circle around and he'll get
trapped allowing for easy grabbings. There's also a Story Scroll on the right.

After going through the locked gate you'll need to push a turtle out from
in-between a couple of Squiddlers, push it back once you're on the other side.
The second statue is right here too. Drop off the side next to it and smash up
all the scenery, to the north is a teleporter from under the little pirate hut.
This will teleport you up to the Squiddlers you just passed by and, provided
you pushed the turtle back into position, a Treasure Chest.

Carry on leftwards, there's more enemies hiding in the boats and a Brute
that'll approach. Walk up a small plank just beyond a couple of raised wooden
platforms to find Zap's "Love for the Sea" Soul Gem, and a couple of Squiddlers
on a boat.

Cross over the bridge to the next island and, aside from another Brute, another
thieving Hob 'n' Yaro will appear and run after the statue to the left. To trap
this one there's a turtle on the island where the statue was situated, it again
blocks a bridge. Go around and hunt it down.

On the bigger island with a raised platform with a couple of Squiddlers on, go
around the back of the large building and you'll find a Treasure Chest. Go up
the steps to the top of the building where Gurglefin is waiting next to a
turret. He says to aim for the masts but you're going to need to fire on the
rest of the ship as well.

This also triggers the appearance of the Legendary Treasure. To get it simply
go over some water and get eaten by a Leviathan. And make your way back through
the level to where you just were.

At the right side of the island is a slope up to the smashed up ship where you
can find the final of the four statues. Kill the Blastaneer on the other side
of it.

  | [020704]      The Shrine      [020704] |

Make your way along the bridges to the shrine killing the few final enemies in
your way and place the four statues in it by standing on the glowing circle.
Approach the Eternal Water Source when you're ready to leave.

And it's time for your first boss fight.

First Kaos will send out his Evil Water Dragon, this is essentially a clone of
Zap and has the same sort of abilities. His attack pattern consists of a short
dash forwards followed by three electric blasts fired at your Skylander. He'll
then celebrate and start the cycle over. You have a chance to melee him when he
pauses and can long range attack at any point. When his life bar (at the top of
the screen) empties he'll drop some food and some experience.

The next stage of the fight involves a spell from Kaos, this will cause the
floor to flood and a series of small sharks to rush by. Stay out of their way,
you can't actually attack them, otherwise you'll get damaged. Getting close to
one will trigger a brief slow-mo sequence where if you manage to move out of
the way you'll be given a small amount of health. Not particularly worth it as
a method to heal up as the damage done when hit is much larger but it's a nice
accidental reward.

Survive that and Kaos will send out his second minion, an Evil Amphibious
Gillman (aka Gill Grunt). He will stand still and fire a triple blast of
harpoons out at once, one direct ahead, and one to each side. If you move to
the side as he first you'll generally be in-between the harpoons. He does this
three times before pausing. If you get close to him as he's about to fire he'll
zoom off a short distance with his water jet and start firing. Once he's dead
you're onto the second part of the spell. Again dodge the sharks, you should be
able to stay where you are and move a little side to side to avoid them all
fairly easily.

Third minion is an Evil Ice Yeti, the equivalent of Slam Bam. His attacks
consist of moving towards you and firing an ice beam along the ground, after a
distance this stops and turns into a large ice block that doesn't really do
anything, aside from blocking your way towards him. Once either three of those
are cast or you walk into one he'll start swinging his arms about three times
puncing the air, or your Skylander if you're close by. If you're melee attack
during the ice phase and then move away, because you're close it'll only cast
one ice block before starting to punch. If you're long range attack him at any
point by standing a fair distance away from him, he should take a little while
to get to you so if he gets close just run off again.

And now for all three of the minions at once. Luckily they have a much reduced
health pool each. "Zap" the Evil Water Dragon is probably the most dangerous at
this point as he's a fast mover and first quick blasts of electricity. So take
him down first. Then we go for Slam Bam who you should have been keeping away
from. And finally focus on "Gill Grunt" the Evil Amphibious Gillman, he has a
long range attack but doesn't move so you can always be sure of where he is
(provided you don't make him move that is). All through this Kaos will be
sending yet more sharks out, it'll build up to be quite hectic but then after a
while it'll just turn into an infinite stream of them to the left and right

Once you've defeated all three minions you win the Eternal Water Source to
finish the level.

???If you're going for the Cleared in under a specific time task then you'll be
happy to know that the timer stops when you enter a boss fight, however while
the time needed is just through the main part of the level you do still have to
defeat the boss section to get the credit. Just not in a rush or anything.???

  | [020705]      Ruins      [020705] |

You'll be told to investigate a newly opened section of the beach. Before you
go down there you can also now find that a new totem with a Fire section has
appeared in the same place as the previous one this time giving even more gems.
There's also a larger gem inside the cage where Gurglefin was trapped, the lock
puzzle is a little more complicated this time. A solution is: Left, Left, Left,
Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Right, Right.

While you're here grab the Oil Can and then approach the gate that you saw open
to the right. The second Winged Sapphire should be right there. Ignore the
little things diving into the sand and use the Oil Can on the little robot
sitting next to the wall. This will open up a cave in which you can find the
third Winged Sapphire.

Outside again there's another larger robot further along, oil him too to get
him talking. The Clam-Tron 4000 wants you to gather five clams for him, they
are the little red things running about. To collect them simply run into them,
they no longer dive into the sand and don't move very fast.

There's a fourth Winged Sapphire to get now as well, go over the water to the
north-east and you'll find a tiny stone platform with a bounce pad on it.
Follow the pads along across a series of high-up floating platforms and you'll
find that Winged Sapphire.

Grab the bomb that the Clam-Tron 4000 made (they respawn so don't worry it
blows up too soon) and head up the stone steps to the right, throw it at the
tunnel blockage.

 ,--------,            ,-------------------------------,            ,--------,
| [020800] |~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 8: Crystal Eye Castle  |~-~-~-~-~-| [020800] |
 '--------'            '-------------------------------'            '--------'

   1. Destroy the two Towers
   2. Get the Crystal Eye

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o The Gauntlet
          o Outer Courtyard
          o Secret Tower (Undead)
          o Puzzle Pit (Earth)
          o East Tower
          o Inner Courtyard
          o West Tower
          o The Tower of Eyes
    * Cleared in under: 05:59

    * Soul Gems: 1
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 2
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [020801]      The Gauntlet      [020801] |

To open up the gate here you need to hit the floating metal eye, it'll give you
eight seconds to go through or it'll close again. Once you're through it'll
permanently stay open even if you go back the other side again. You'll see this
door opening mechanic several times throughout the level, just generally a
little more complex.

Approach Diggs to get introduced to the first of the newest batch of enemies,
the Timidclops. These guys roll barrels down slopes, either weave your way
through the barrels or just smash them as they approach. The enemies themselves
will run off and cower in fear once you reach them.

Straight up the next barrel filled slope on your left and you'll meet a
Cruncher. These little fellas will leap at you and hold on tight, you'll need
to shake them off or they'll continue to do a small amount of damage. Of course
you can easily kill them before they jump on you and they have the usual
telegraphed preperation time for the leaping. Even if you have more than one on
you it still only takes the one shake to get rid of them all.

The next slope has three Timidclops at the top of it, but nothing worse than
previously really. At the top is a Cyclops Chopper, these attack by spinning
really fast and become invulnerable whilst doing so, so move out of their way
if they're spinning and attack when they're dizzy/celebrating.

The gate here requires you to hit the two floating eyes on either side of the
door. You need to hit both of them in a short time, four seconds, otherwise the
one you hit will reset and you'll need to hit it again. Once both are hit
you'll still have a time limit to get through the door or they'll both reset

  | [020802]      Outer Courtyard      [020802] |

Step into the centre of the next area and the Cyclops Chucker will debut, these
are again like the Troll Grenadiers and Squiddlers in that they stand still and
throw things at you. This guy throws rocks, rocks damage upon impact but do not
explode. Go up the steps next to it and attack. To the left of the Chucker is
the Story Scroll, and if you go up the steps to the right of the exit you can
smash a cart and find the level's Legendary Treasure too.

Hit the switch next to where the Cyclops Chucker was standing and run down
through the gate. Out of the barrels will jump a whole load of Crunchers, kill
them and then push the two turtles down into the gap, it doesn't matter which
order you do it in. Push the far turtle away and then back in again once you've
gone through, in fact push it back one place further so that you can use it as
a stepping stone above. Push the next turtle off the side and the last
remaining one all the back to the wall behind it.

Go up the steps on the left and cross over that last turtle. There's a gate
closed, this one requires two eye switches to be thrown, the second up the
slope to your right. First kill off the parade of Crunchers and the lone
Cyclops Chucker and then, if you have an Undead Skylander, venture off into the
elemental zone that's right next to that second switch.

 | Secret Tower                                                              |
 | Teleport through, hit the two switches and run through the gate before    |
 | teleporting into a tower. In here you'll be fighting a whole load of      |
 | enemies starting with three Chompy Pods (and their Chompies) and a couple |
 | of Cyclops Chuckers. Note that if you lure an enemy onto the spikes they  |
 | too will get damaged (preferably you're not on the spikes with them       |
 | though). Then next up will be some Cyclops Choppers and a Cyclops         |
 | Mammoth. Once you've killed all of them a Present will appear in the      |
 | centre of the room and reward you with an Eye Hat.                        |
 |                                                                           |
 | Teleport back out.                                                        |

If you follow the path further to the right you can find an Earth gate too,
right before it is Prism Break's "Shard Soul Prison" Soul Gem.

 | Puzzle Pit                                                                |
 | This section consists of a puzzle involving switches and moving blocks.   |
 | The switch to the bottom-right changes the middle vertical line of        |
 | blocks. Bottom-left does so too but also adds two horizontal blocks in    |
 | the middle. Top-left rises a cross over the whole field, so does          |
 | top-right.                                                                |
 |                                                                           |
 | The order to go in is: bottom-right, top right, top-left, bottom-left,    |
 | middle. Right, hit eye switch, run through center careful to avoid        |
 | switches, go through door on left side to get Treasure Chest.             |
 |                                                                           |
 | Now stand on the left switch to make the block between you and the middle |
 | switch rise up. Now: middle, top-right, middle and you can go grab the    |
 | Present which is a Trojan Helmet. And so teleport out.                    |

Hit the two switches and go into the tower.

  | [020803]      East Tower      [020803] |

Inside it's a big round fighting area. You'll be formally introduced to the
Cyclops Mammoth, he's a bit tied up in here right now. When not tied up they
simply leap about trying to land on you and since they're big enemies they have
a lot of health, dodge their jump and then attack. You can kill this one
without setting if free but if you smash the pole it's attached to it'll start
leaping about like normal.

The aim in here is to smash the four eyes on the north side of the room,
they're the things currently channeling a yellow energy. To smash them simply
walk over to them and attack them. When all four are down you just need to hit
the central yellow glowy thing. There's not many enemies in the cycle here,
just a few Crunchers to start with and then a few Choppers afterwards, so once
all the enemies are dead and the eyes smashed you'll automatically leave the
tower as it collapses.

  | [020804]      Inner Courtyard      [020804] |

The gate to the left of the entrance will now lower to let you through, there's
a Cyclops Mammoth in the way though and a couple of Cyclops Choppers in the
more open part. If you go to the south corner of the courtyard you'll find a
Treasure Chest.

Follow the path down to the left and drop into an area with a few Choppers on
the floor. Kill them all and go to the right-hand side where there's a Treasure
Chest. Approach the slope on the far left next to a dormant eye switch and
you'll be shown the door above. The switch will activate so attack it and run
up the first bit of the slope where there's a second switch. Still more to go,
up the slope again to a third, and the fourth is in-between a pair of Cyclops
Chuckers. Remember you can run through the door and then go back for the

Down the path is the second of the towers.

  | [020805]      West Tower      [020805] |

Much like the East Tower except with different setup of enemies inside. First
destroy the eyes and central beacon to turn off the tower, then focus on the
three Chuckers standing on stone pedestals, if you smash the pedestals down you
can reach the Chuckers to kill them. Then just kill the two Cyclops Mammoths
that are tied up to finish the tower.

Again a previously closed barrier will lower allowing you to get back up the
the Inner Courtyard where the door you switched off has now opened.

  | [020806]      The Tower of Eyes      [020806] |

There's a line of four Timidclops at the top of the slope, smash your way up
there whilst watching out for the Cyclops Chuckers to either side and then a
few Cyclops Choppers that'll spin towards you as you reach the top. Once all
are dead head inside the building to start the fight for the Crystal Eye

Your first enemy is a Cruncher Pod, just like Chompy Pods except they spawn
Crunchers. Kill them both and then focus on the three Chuckers standing up on
their pedestals. A few Choppers will appear from the left during this, kill
them and some more will then appear again bringing with them a Cyclops Mammoth
and a few Chompies.

After that it's a pair of Cyclops Mammoths with a few companion Choppers.
That's it, the barrier will lower and you'll be able to take the Crystal Eye to
finish the level.

  | [020807]      Ruins      [020807] |

There's nothing new in the Ruins, well except for the Molekin Survivors on the
beach. Just accept Diggs' offer and head to Stonetown.

 ,--------,                ,----------------------,                 ,--------,
| [020900] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 9: Stonetown  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020900] |
 '--------'                '----------------------'                 '--------'

   1. Defeat the Stone Golem

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o Mushroom Ridge
          o Old Cyclops Fort
          o Blue Water Swamp
          o New Fortress
          o Town Outskirts
          o Wayward Town (Life)
          o Rumbling Ravine
    * Cleared in under: 07:39

    * Soul Gems: 2
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 1
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [020901]      Mushroom Ridge      [020901] |

Over to the left next to the first door is a crowd of Chompies and a Chompy
Pod. Behind them there's a purple bomb icon on the ground but no bomb in sight,
for now hit the switches to either side of the door and move through it.

  | [020902]      Old Cyclops Fort      [020902] |

Walk down the steps and kill the Cyclops Chopper that attacks, on your left
ahead is the bomb you were looking for. Grab it and take it back to the wall
you just passed, you'll need a fast Skylander to get there in time though.
Beyond the wall is simple a slope up to the Legendary Treasure. You can simply
drop down here and get back to the main part of the level.

As you approach another door with two teleporters to either side you'll be
attacked by four Cyclops Choppers and a Squiddler. Teleport with the left
teleporter up to the top of the mini tower on the left and hit the switch up
there, jump off the side and use the right teleporter to hit the right switch.
Drop down and go through that door.

  | [020903]      Blue Water Swamp      [020903] |

Before you step onto the wooden platform go off to the right along the edge of
the water (or over it) and go back around the side of the fortress where you'll
find a Treasure Chest.

The first island is full of barrels full of Chompies, kill them all and walk up
the stone slope up to the top of a short tower to get the Story Scroll. Go back
down and onto the next bit of wooden platform, kill another Cyclops Chopper and
then push the three turtles to form a bridge to the next part.

There is an island off to your left here that you need to cross some water to
get to, if you smash the little pirate hut on there you'll find a Treasure
Chest. The teleporter on here just takes you back up to the place where you
found the Story Scroll so don't bother using it.

Walk further onto the land and you'll be introduced to the Rock Walker. This
guy will attack by running up next to you and vomiting out a stream of lava.
Step out of the way to avoid standing in it for too long. Go up the stone
bridge to his right, you should find a key at the end. This will spawn in a few
Chompies that will walk up the slope and a pair of Rock Walkers.

Along the next wooden section beyond and the Earth Spell Punk will make its
first appearance. This type of Spell Punk helps out your enemies by providing
them with some extra armor, not all that game-changing, especially when it's
just a load of Chompies like it is now. Approaching the big gate will cause a
mass of Chompies to explode out of the barrels. And as with all Spell Punks
it's harmless by itself.

Before you go through the gate, smash the pirate hut to the left of the stone
area and you'll find Lightning Rod's "Zapper Field Deluxe" Soul Gem.

  | [020904]      New Fortress      [020904] |

On the other side of the locked door is a pair of Cyclops Choppers, go to their
right once you kill them. Another block pushing problem now. Push the one on
the right forwards and then the one to your left once. Now in the middle of the
three push it out and then out again. Move into the gap and push the two blocks
into alignment with that second block under the coins. Now push the last
remaining block along so that you can get past it and push it back into place
again. Walk up and over the blocks to reach a key.

Drop down and continue to the left of where the Choppers were. To the left of
the three lock door is the second key, go to the right and make your way up to
the third key. Unfortunately one of those thieves will appear and take it,
chase him down to get it back. To corner him just double back down the steps
and he will stop underneath where the key was originally.

Step back out into the light and smash down a stone barrier at the bottom of
the steps. Kill the Chompies and the Rock Walkers that attack before advancing
down the path to another pair of Rock Walkers and their Earth Spell Punk.
There's also a Squiddler up on a platform and a purple bomb icon against the

To get the bomb will require a bit of block pushing, first kill the Rock Walker
next to them though. On the ground level there's two blocks next to each other,
push the nearest one to the right into a path to get to the bomb and the far
one forward into the two block gap there. Go up the slope and push the block
here into the second of that two block gap, cross the blocks and then push the
fourth block down over the first block to complete the bridge to the bomb. Take
that bomb to go collect a Soul Gem, Bash's "Triceratops Honor Guard" to be

Go back up the block slopes and move the far right one into the gap to its
left, pretty straightforward pushing the next block down and then the one after
to the right. Push through the next block and walk around the wooden platform
to reposition it to allow you to cross over it shortly.

  | [020905]      Town Outskirts      [020905] |

Just before you enter the outskirts you'll want to kill a couple of Rock
Walkers and an Earth Spell Punk. Go over the bridge and, instead of following
the Stone Golem, head to the left through a Life Gate.

 | Wayward Town                                                              |
 | Step off the wooden bridge to the left now and drop down a couple of      |
 | spots, cross a bridge and you'll reach a bounce pad. Bounce up to a       |
 | Chompy Pod and a Treasure Chest behind it. Drop down to the right into a  |
 | town scene.                                                               |
 |                                                                           |
 | Bounce up on the north-east side of the fountain and then up again to a   |
 | bomb. From there drop back down and start blowing up the houses, the one  |
 | you want is south-east of the fountain. Underneath that house you'll find |
 | another bounce pad that will take you back up to the bomb icon. Go        |
 | collect a bomb again and use this to reach it and the Present behind      |
 | there and pick up your brand new "Top Hat". If you missed or were too     |
 | slow you can just jump straight back down to the left and start over, you |
 | don't need to go all the way back through the other path.                 |

Head back to the main part of the level and go over the bridge to the boss

  | [020906]      Rumbling Ravine      [020906] |

The first part of the fight with the Stone Golem involves him throwing large
boulders. These bounce around the area, the game does give you a bit of help
with the exact path shown on the ground, dodge these to avoid getting hurt,
some characters can also smash them. The large stationary rock in the centre of
the area is useful for long ranged characters to hide behind, close range melee
attackers will need to get close to the Golem but the boulders should get
thrown over you - just watch out for his ground punch.

After you've gotten the Stone Golem a fair amount down, I'd say a quarter, the
second stage will begin. This involves him throwing a large number of smaller
boulders from the sky, you can see where they land by the giant red crosses on
the ground. This first part just needs you to keep mobile in order to avoid
them. During this stage the Stone Golem becomes invulnerable with a swirling
shield around him.

After a few of those he'll get back to throwing the large boulders again. If
you don't kill him quickly enough he'll repeat the same throwing sequence.

Again down another quarter to half health triggers the next airborne show. They
will again try to hit you so keep moving, the last one is a larger barrage of

The final stage will begin with a more set pattern of rock drops. It'll centre
on you but if you stand still until the third wave you'll be fine, then another
larger grouping will drop. The trick in this next part of the boulder roll is
to move out of its way and let it rebound back into the Stone Golem. Stand next
to the centre stone on the side closest to the Golem, you should avoid getting
hit by the boulder there. Once he's stunned you can attack him and finish him
off (or repeat the process until you do so).

  | [020907]      Ruins      [020907] |

Just before leaving for Treetop Terrace with Arbo you can find one new thing in
the hub world. If you attack the rock where Arbo just came out of you can find
a Winged Sapphire. Subsequent attacks on the rock will give you a little bit of

 ,--------,             ,-----------------------------,             ,--------,
| [021000] |~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 10: Treetop Terrace  |~-~-~-~-~-~| [021000] |
 '--------'             '-----------------------------'             '--------'

   1. Collect the Life Seeds

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o The Canopy
          o The Sluice Gate
          o The Hollow
          o Ancient Trunk (Magic)
          o The Seed Tree
    * Cleared in under: 05:54

    * Soul Gems: 1
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 1
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [021001]      The Canopy      [021001] |

Stepping forwards will introduce you to the Corn Hornet, a yellow and black
flying insect that fires stingers that stun, to get out of the stun either
shake it off or just wait a few seconds. They have a fairly obvious shaking
phase that signals that they're about to fire.

Squish it and then use the pulley that the game focused you on. This will raise
a log blocking your path a little further on but also start a timer, if you
don't cross the bridge in time it'll reset and you'll have to go back and use
the pulley again. To make it more of a challenge there are several of those
bouncy plants in-between.

There you'll see the first of a new type of enemy called the Blade Witch, they
look similar to the Drow Witches you've fought before except that now they have
a protective shield. She'll lower the shield to throw her boomerang out but
otherwise it's kept up. Kill her and the two Spearmen with her. Use the bounce
pad to get up to a platform with a Hornet and two more Spearmen on it, you'll
have to kill them all to get past the Monster gate.

For a few extra games use the teleporter that's underneath the pile of barrels,
otherwise continue down the path that just opened up to meet the Life Spell
Punk. These heal other enemies so you'll want to try and kill the Life Spell
Punk first otherwise if you're not fast enough at dealing damage you'll just
keep pummelling away forever. Obviously it can't heal a dead enemy so if it's
protecting weak ones you should easily be able to get rid of them.

Bounce up on the bounce pad hiding under the barrels behind them and you'll
reach the Legendary Treasure. Either fall or teleport down.

  | [021002]      The Sluice Gate      [021002] |

Hidden behind the barrels and weapons to the south-east of the pulley is a
small bridge to a Treasure Chest. Once you've got that use the pulley, which
will open a gate at the top of the ramp, and run up the slope. Dodge the
barrels if you don't have long range attacks, otherwise they'll explode. On the
other side is a Blade Witch and a couple of Drow Spearmen, on their left is the
Story Scroll.

If you follow the small bridge down to the right you'll find another pair of
Spearmen and a Treasure Chest. Killing those two will open up the Monster gate
on the tree and allow you inside.

  | [021003]      The Hollow      [021003] |

The game will show you an overview of the area and introduce the Blitzer Bully.
These guys are much like the earlier Goliath Drow enemies except that they have
a Life Spell Punk on their backs. Wait for them to charge, move out of the way
and blast them in the back to knock it off. Kill the Spell Punk first and the
Bully will be straightforward.

The timer on this next pulley is a little bit of a lie. The idea is to run
through the gate and onto the four wood squares, at about the five second mark
they'll rise up to let you reach the exit, but at zero they'll drop back down
again. Teleport out of course.

Kill the mass of Spearmen and the Life Spell Punk in the middle of them, then
go through the Magic gate.

 | Ancient Trunk                                                             |
 | Straight away you'll find Gill Grunt's "Anchor Cannon" Soul Gem. Then     |
 | take a couple of teleports into the tree itself.                          |
 |                                                                           |
 | In here you'll be bouncing upwards a lot. After the second pad you'll be  |
 | attacked by a single Hornet, the pad after that is a much higher jump, go |
 | to the left at the top of it. Jump up left past the Witch and then again  |
 | a high jump to another Witch back to the right. Kill the Hornet and walk  |
 | towards the screen where there's a Present with a brand new Moose Hat     |
 | inside.                                                                   |
 |                                                                           |
 | Bounce up to another couple of Hornets before bouncing up again to a pair |
 | of Witches. Cross the bridge and you'll find two more Witches and Hornet  |
 | before reaching the teleport out of here. Note that enemies that fall off |
 | the platforms in here stay alive, they're just further down.              |

You'll end up just above the path near to the Magic gate, you've barely skipped
anything and can easily track the short distance back. Kill the Hornet and the
two Witches here and bounce up onto the slightly raised segment. Bounce up
around the tree and drop down next to a large ball made of twigs. Nudge that
ball down the slope and you'll kill a whole line of enemies.

Use the pulley at the bottom to make the orange tree platform move into
position, you've got ten seconds to get to it and a long set of spikes
in-between. If you fail to get there in time the game will provide you with a
handy teleport back to the pulley to try again. Time the pull so that the first
one or two of the spikes have just gone down.

There's another thing blocking your path on the other side, walk to the left
across another set of spikes, stand off to the side as they come up near you.
Then use the pulley again as the nearest go down and pass through that wooden
gear with ease.

Kill the two Hornets and the two Witches to open up the monster gate on the far
side of the tree, walk up the slope and kill a few more enemies before going to
the right and finding the last Treasure Chest of the level. Now go left over
the bridge to follow that Bully (unless he accidentally killed himself falling
off the side), beyond him is a light puzzle.

First push the only moveable prism (the one on the left) down once and then
right once. This will direct the lightbeam into the central prism. Use the
lever to rotate it twice into the receptacle which will lift the log blocking
the path.

  | [021004]      The Seed Tree      [021004] |

The final section of the level gives you a big fight for the Life Seeds. First
off we have a pair of Spearmen, a pair of Hornets, and a pair of Witches. Take
down the Spearmen first as they're the most dangerous, the Hornets' stun can be
annoying when attacking the Witches so take those Corn Hornets down next. After
killing the Witches it's time to focus on the two Blitzer Bullies. They'll each
jump down individually so it's no real threat. Once they're all dead go up the
slope and grab the Life Seeds.

  | [021005]      Ruins      [021005] |

You'll be asked to gather fifteen apples from the bushes, simply attack the
sheep to keep them away and walk into each apple as it grows to full size. Once
you've done that it's off to Falling Forest.

 ,--------,             ,----------------------------,              ,--------,
| [021100] |~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 11: Falling Forest  |~-~-~-~-~-~-| [021100] |
 '--------'             '----------------------------'              '--------'

   1. Find the Eternal Life Source

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o Owl's Roost
          o Pinecone's Landing
          o The Acorn Stash (Earth)
          o The Great Stump
    * Cleared in under: 07:43

    * Soul Gems: 1
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 1
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [021101]      Owl's Roost      [021101] |

If you drop down off the side to the right you'll quickly find the Legendary
Treasure, unfortunately that's not the acorn we're looking for. Bounce back up
and walk along the wooden planks to the right, three Troll Greasemonkeys and a
Blast Troll will attack, kill them and step off the path to the right onto a
tree midsection with a ramp and a Troll Grenadier on.

If you aren't going for the Achievement/Trophy then pick up the pile of rockets
at the top and walk to the edge nearest the giant chainsaw. Fire the rockets in
its general direction, six should do it. Once it's exploded and formed a handy
ramp make your way down, smash through a fence and walk up along it.

After killing the three enemies out in the open another group will burst
through the fence to the north, and once those are dead the Monster gate will
open. There's a rotating blade next, step onto the bounce pad here to reach a
Soul Gem, Stealth Elf's "Sylvan Regeneration". Jump straight back down again.

Carry on through the rotating blades, at the four blade one bounce up. If you
take the northern bounce pad on this blade you'll find a Treasure Chest. Drop
down and use the second pad, the next jump here requires you to wait so that
you're not bumping straight into the blade overhead. Go down the slope and
attack the large grouping of Trolls in amongst a large collection of explosive
barrels (harmless to you).

Wander across the tiny bridge to a grassy area, go up the curve to the left and
kill a few more Trolls, smash through a fence and then attack the Tech Spell
Punk, one of the only ones that can actually do damage. The Story Scroll is
also here so pick that up. Grab the rockets and go through the newly opened
Monster gate, you'll probably want to kill the Trolls attacking you first but
you should be able to fire the rockets over their heads.

  | [021102]      Pinecone's Landing      [021102] |

Walk up the chainsaw and snuff out the Tech Spell Punk at the top, go left and
south-west up to an Earth Gate.

 | The Acorn Stash                                                           |
 | First challenge here is a rotating lock puzzle. It's on the far wall.     |
 | Solution:                                                                 |
 |                                                                           |
 | Right, Left, Right x 2, Left x 2, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right x 2,    |
 | Left x 4, Right x 3, Left                                                 |
 |                                                                           |
 | This opens up a teleporter behind there. Walk to the end of the platform  |
 | you go to and drop off to the left onto another similar looking slope,    |
 | you'll need to smash through a fence halfway up it. Drop down into a      |
 | large open area with a bounce pad right near you. There are few Troll     |
 | Greasemonkeys and Blast Trolls, as soon as they're gone the Monster gate  |
 | will open to let you collect the Coonskin Cap from the Present.           |
 |                                                                           |
 | Bounce back up the bounce pad and go back down the slope you just climbed |
 | up, for once don't follow the path of coins down, instead drop off the    |
 | south side of the end to land on a slightly raised section at the start   |
 | where the two Grenadiers are standing, here you'll find a Treasure Chest. |
 | If you missed the landing then just teleport back up and jump straight    |
 | off the first platform.                                                   |

Follow the winding path down through some explosive barrels and a few Trolls,
after smashing through the fence use the bounce pad to jump up to the left onto
a grassy area, don't land on the rotating blade section just yet. Up here
you'll find the last of the Treasure Chests, it's being guarded by a few more
Trolls and a couple of those Corn Hornets.

Jump back down the way you came up and go onto the rotating blade part this
time, jump up again using the pad here. There's another large chainsaw and a
rocket shown to you, you can just attack the chainsaw yourself but if you want
to go up to get the rocket you'll need to go through a short series of rotating
blades and bounce pads, nothing complicated.

  | [021103]      The Great Stump      [021103] |

Smash through the barrier and attempt to pick up the Eternal Life Source. It's
not quite that easy though, time for a boss fight!

First up we have an evil looking copy of Zook. He creates a mushroom shield and
then first three thorns out that each explode into several smaller thorns, and
then fires another blast into the air which creates a few mushrooms near to
where you were standing. The mushrooms are purely to block your attacks and
hinder your movement, you can shoot through them but it's easier to go around
the other side and hit him from behind his cover. Melee attackers can just walk
right up to him and smash him in, the thorns should miss you completely.

The magic spell section is made up of some red insects with a line of green
dots following them, if you kill the red thing then all the dots will explode
in a chain reaction. Note that bumping into the dots will hurt you, so getting
surrounded and enclosed by them is not exactly a good idea. After a few
straight lines of them they'll come in with the entire area enclosed and
closing in on you, kill the red one to destroy it before it gets too tight.
Easier for long range attackers of course.

Next up is Stealth Elf. Her attack consists of running up to you and performing
a strike attack, then she disappears and reappears somewhere else to do the
exact same thing over and over. Attack right after dodging her attack, she'll
quickly disappear but it's a lot safer than trying to attack as she's rushing
towards you.

Again with the spell, the first wave will be a semi-circle of red things
approaching with a straight line of dots behind them. After that begins a
swirling sequence. Move in-between one of the swirls and then follow the gap
around the outside edge of the area, as they pass through the centre you can
stop but try to be in the north-east for the next bit. Now comes a series of
circles with a gap in, you'll have to walk through that gap as there's no red
insect in sight. The gaps should appear in an anti-clockwise manner, move
inwards as the previous circle explodes to get to the gap quicker. Lastly is a
long spiral sequence, keep close to the middle circling anti-clockwise around
the centre of the bubbles, you should be able to keep ahead of the dots if you
keep in tight.

The third minion is Stump Smash, he has a more complicated attack pattern than
the others. First he'll spit out a pair of small spiked seeds that will roll
around the area, if these hit you you'll be damaged slightly and get slowed
down, shake it off to get back to normal speed. You can avoid these initially
by standing directly infront of Stump Smash, they'll veer off to the sides, but
watch out for their bounces off the edges as they'll keep going for a while.
He'll also fire a much larger spiked seed that does much more damage but
doesn't slow. This one however he fires straight so don't get it mixed up, he
alternates between which one he fires but you'll only see one of the big ones
out at a time as it will explode just before he sends out a new one, but the
smaller ones can build up (for the Achievement!) so that the whole place is
full with them rolling about. Stump Smash himself doesn't do any smashing, it's
just seeds.

After that you're onto the third magic spell. A single constant sequence this
time, you can either tirelessly circle about a central collection of dots as
they rotate around, attacking the red insects as they turn up. Or you can find
a safe spot at least about midway out that you can stand in and avoid all the
green dots, you just need to watch out for the red things coming towards you.

And the inevitable trio of minions. Your first target should be Stealth Elf as
she's the one that's going to be attacking you more consistently. After that
Stump Smash as he'll fire things that can actually hurt, Zook last as he is
standing off in the distance and his attacks won't even reach you if you're on
the near side.

  | [021104]      Ruins      [021104] |

The elemental totem has now added a new element, Earth. Smash it down to get
another load of gems. The lock on the beach has changed again and has a few
more gems in there now too. Solution:

Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Right, Left

And that's it, go back to General Robot and you're off to Troll Warehouse.

 ,--------,             ,-----------------------------,             ,--------,
| [021200] |~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 12: Troll Warehouse  |~-~-~-~-~-~| [021200] |
 '--------'             '-----------------------------'             '--------'

   1. Find the Troll Warehouse
   2. Find the pieces of the Map
   3. Get through the Minefield

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o Research Base Omega
          o The Foundry
          o Isolation Cells (Life)
          o Access Catwalks
          o Lava Refuge (Fire)
          o Warehouse 14
    * Cleared in under: 08:53

    * Soul Gems: 1
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 2
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [021201]      Research Base Omega      [021201] |

To get moving you're going to have to solve a lock puzzle.

Right x 5, Left, Right x 3, Left x 2

  | [021202]      The Foundry      [021202] |

A brand new Trollverine enemy is upahead, these guys carry a shield in one hand
and a claw in the other. They'll run towards you and perform a swipe attack
that will make them a bit dizzy for a second. This is your time to strike. Once
you've killed him and the Greasemonkey assistants there's another lock puzzle
directly ahead.

Left, Right, Left, Right x 2, Left x 4

Through this door is a Rocket Imp. He'll fire three rockets at you in
succession and then laugh, attack while he's laughing. Follow the path along
and you'll find the Story Scroll at the top of a ramp. There's a bunch of
Greasemonkeys around the corner, they've got a Rocket Imp in with them so watch
out for that. The gate behind them will open once they're all dead.

You'll now approach a minefield, you can't cross it right now thanks to all the
mines (not even if you've seen the path). So ignore it and continue left up the
small ramp to a Life gate.

 | Isolation Cells                                                           |
 | The challenge here is to get through with enough keys, unfortunately you  |
 | can't get everything in one go.                                           |
 |                                                                           |
 | Grab the first key, go through the right-hand door and pick up two keys.  |
 | Do not open the door in here. Go back to the start and use one of the     |
 | keys on the left door. Pick up the key in here and then go into the lock  |
 | puzzle room, open the lock puzzle:                                        |
 |                                                                           |
 | Left x 3, Right, Left, Right, Left x 2, Right, Left x 3                   |
 |                                                                           |
 | And grab the two keys behind there. You should be able to open the locked |
 | door in there from this side even though the lock is on the other, grab   |
 | the two keys in the tiny room before walking back to the lock puzzle room |
 | and going through the right door. There are now just two doors between    |
 | you and the Present, your brand new Spy Gear. You should still have one   |
 | key left so you'll have to choose between the Legendary Treasure and a    |
 | Treasure Chest.                                                           |
 |                                                                           |
 | Here's where they are for your next go through:                           |
 |                                                                           |
 | Pick up the first key and go through the right-hand door. Here you'll     |
 | find two keys. Use one on the only door in here to find a Treasure Chest. |
 |                                                                           |
 | Go back to the start and go through the left door. Through the right door |
 | in here and now go through the middle door to get the Legendary Treasure. |

Walk down the ramp to the left of the Life gate into an open area with a few
Trolls in it, on the right side is a small piece of paper floating in the air,
which is naturally the first piece of the map. Kill any remaining trolls to
open up the door to the left.

The next room has a large Gun Snout it in, this is a large turret that, despite
its legs, does not move. Instead it fires a series of shots at you (about 10)
and then pauses, it'll then jump up and start firing again. Once you manage to
kill it a Greasemonkey will emerge from the wreckage and attack you.

Another lock puzzle is blocking your way.

Right, Left x 6, Right x 2, Left x 3

Behind the puzzle is the second piece of map and a button on the wall. This
will open up a couple of large doors that will let you walk past the beginning
of the level through to a large light puzzle.

First use the lever on the right once to point the prism next to it south-west.
Push the prism north of that three spaces to the left. Push the block north of
that prism one space to the left out of the way of the light beam. Now push the
northern most block once to the left so that you can stroll all the way around
and push the prism just south of it two spaces north.

In the middle of the red walkway is the third piece of map.

The next open area has a large green section in the middle, a Gun Snout at the
far end and Zook's "MIRV Mortar" Soul Gem. Another lock puzzle awaits.

Right x 5, Left x 3

  | [021203]      Access Catwalks      [021203] |

Walk up the steps and then drop down off the end, there's a load of Trolls down
here as well as another Gun Snout. In the bottom right corner is a Treasure
Chest. Up the steps on the left follow the catwalk all the way around and pick
up the final piece of the map. Kill the Rocket Imps and then go through the
Fire gate if you can.

 | Lava Refuge                                                               |
 | This is one elemental area where you actually need to stay as the         |
 | element, the majority of this requires you to walk over lava. Kill the    |
 | two Lava Kings and the Flame Imps they spawn. The Imps run around and     |
 | hurt you as soon as they get next to you, the Lava Kings run around       |
 | firing Imps out. Once you've killed them all go solve the lock puzzle on  |
 | the left.                                                                 |
 |                                                                           |
 | Right x 5, Left x 2, Right x 3, Left, Right x 3, Left x 6, Right x 2      |
 |                                                                           |
 | Once you've picked up the Present with the Rocket Hat inside, teleport    |
 | back out using the teleport back where you dropped in.                    |

Take the teleporter at the end of the walkway and then walk past the Life gate
back to the minefield.

  | [021204]      The Minefield      [021204] |

Now that you have the complete map there will be a path through the mines,
follow it until you reach the curve on the right side closest to the Treasure
Chest. You can walk straight down to that chest, there's a gap in the mines
there. Now just get back to the dotted line and follow it.

  | [021205]      Warehouse 14      [021205] |

Walk into the red cross to finish.

  | [021206]      Ruins      [021206] |

Nothing new to do here, upgrade if you like and then advance to the Goo

 ,--------,               ,-------------------------,               ,--------,
| [021300] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 13: Goo Factory  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [021300] |
 '--------'               '-------------------------'               '--------'

   1. Find the Mabu Captain
   2. Level the wall with MEGA BOMB
   3. Raise all Goo Factory Flags

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o Western Trenches
          o Sandbag Hill
          o Potato Farm (Air)
          o The Ammo Dump
          o Goo Factory
          o Twenty Stone Defense (Fire)
    * Cleared in under: 06:36

    * Soul Gems: 1
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 2
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [021301]      Western Trenches      [021301] |

Go to the right and make your way up to the Story Scroll next to a Troll
Grenadier. Walk up the other slope to the left and pick up a bomb, step off the
side to the right and throw it towards the barbed wire behind the purple icon.
There's a Treasure Chest.

Get another bomb and throw it off to the left into another bit of barbed wire
blocking the path below, you can either walk down to it or throw it from here.
Either way continue past it and a load of trolls until you reach Rizzo.

  | [021302]      Sandbag Hill      [021302] |

Start your ascent up the hill by going right. You'll begin to be targeted by
cannonfire so keep moving. At the first bend in the path you'll find an Air

 | Potato Farm                                                               |
 | It's a minefield! Keep along the near side as you approach the first      |
 | bounce pad, use it to bounce to the right into the corner. Bounce north   |
 | then west, north at the end, east and then north again. Still not there   |
 | yet, go west and into the teleporter at the front of the building.        |
 |                                                                           |
 | In here you'll find a Present containing the General's Hat. Teleport out  |
 | and you'll be next to that same building. Use the bounce pad on the right |
 | to get up over the wall going north. There's a Monster gate and a couple  |
 | of enemies, a Spell Punk and a Rocket Imp, to kill. After they're dead    |
 | pick up the Legendary Treasure and teleport away.                         |

There's a tiny bit of a shortcut here for Fire Skylanders, you can skip blowing
up a few bits of barbed wire and go straight for the top with a bomb. If you
don't have a Fire Skylander to cross the lava with then pick up the bomb and
blow up the barbed wire up the slope to the left.

From there grab another bomb and walk up to the top (exactly where the Fire
would get you) and blow up that fence. Smash the cannons behind it and go meet

  | [021303]      The Ammo Dump      [021303] |

Follow Nort to the left and drop down where he stops. There's a tank rumbling
around here, go take out its fuel tank. If you go to the right at the top of
the slope you'll find a Soul Gem, Camo's "Orbiting Sun Shield". Also to the
left near the MEGA BOMBs is a Treasure Chest.

Take one of the MEGA BOMBs by walking into it, roll it down the slope and into
the blockade. Then go back and grab another MEGA BOMB. Take this one all the
way back down the hill and push it into the blockade that Rizzo wanted you to
destroy. Try to nudge it over the slight bump in the path and it should slowly
roll right into it, no need to get all dangerously close to those turrets.

  | [021304]      Goo Factory      [021304] |

Walk left and you'll encounter a Fire gate.

 | Twenty Stone Defense                                                      |
 | Cross over the lava to get to the puzzle area. It's time to start         |
 | pushing. First push the top and third from top blocks to the right. Push  |
 | the one in-between them north. Go right and push the block underneath the |
 | Grenadier to the right two spaces. Walk into the aisle and go south. The  |
 | second from bottom and fourth from bottom can be pushed left, then push   |
 | the one between south. The teleport goes right to a Treasure Chest.       |
 |                                                                           |
 | Stay on the ground and go north, push the second from top block one (or   |
 | two, doesn't matter) to the left. Then go up the slope at the bottom and  |
 | push the block there off left. Walk along the blocks to the Present on    |
 | the far side. Inside, a Spiked Hat.                                       |

Go north past the gate and drop down onto a bomb which you'll want to throw at
the barbed wire and the turret shooting at you. Follow the path along and it'll
curve around back towards the start, next to there you should see the first
flag. Walk up the slope north of it and then twirl it up.

Carry on north, drop down into a trench underneath a Rocket Imp and go left
around up to it. Following the path will get you past a few more Grenadiers to
the second flag. There's a tank blocking your way now, get around it and hit
the tank on the other side. As you approach the final flag another tank will
appear, destroy it and raise that final flag.

  | [021305]      Ruins      [021305] |

Straight on with Battlefield.

 ,--------,               ,-------------------------,               ,--------,
| [021400] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 14: Battlefield  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [021400] |
 '--------'               '-------------------------'               '--------'

   1. Find the Command Team
   2. Get Tech Source from the Fort

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o Southern Trenches
          o The Bird's Nest
          o Defensive Perimeter
          o No Man's Land (Undead)
          o The Stadium
          o Tech Base Theta
    * Cleared in under: 04:25

    * Soul Gems: 2
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 1
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [021401]      Southern Trenches      [021401] |

Along the path to the right, after a Rocket Imp, is a bomb, take this back to
the start and go left up to some barbed wire which you'll want to destroy.

  | [021402]      The Bird's Nest      [021402] |

Fire the cannon to destroy the building in the centre of a large battlefield,
it will reveal something useful. Now go back and grab another of those bombs,
this time head north and destroy the barbed wire there. Watch out for the Gun
Snout, once you've killed it go up to the left and grab the Story Scroll. Now
go south through the exit directly to the left of where you just came in.

  | [021403]      Defensive Perimeter      [021403] |

Watch out for the pits with mines in and go grab the Legendary Treasure that
you revealed after firing the cannon earlier, it's right in the middle. If you
continue south from there you'll find a Treasure Chest.

Backtrack to where you fought the Gun Snout and go through the monster gate to
the north. A fairly long path now, once you reach a pair of Trollverines go
left and grab a key from the floor. Continue onwards north through a small
brick fence, on the other side to the right is another larger brick wall you
can smash through and find a Soul Gem, Drill Sergeant's "Arkeyan Armor".

Open the locked gate and head left past a Blaster Troll and a Rocket Imp.
There's a few more enemies up at the end next to a monster gate that'll open
once they're dead. Destroy the Gun Snout and walk up the slope behind it, keep
moving though as the building there will shoot at you. Approach the wooden door
and step into the teleporter inside. Fire the cannon and then teleport back.

Go south at the point where you encounter a bunch of Blaster Trolls, pass by
the cannon and enter the Undead gate.

 | No Man's Land                                                             |
 | Teasingly you can see the Present straight away, but you can't get to it  |
 | yet. Walk around the back and you'll see a purple icon on the floor for a |
 | bomb, no bombs in sight though. Use the teleport on the left.             |
 |                                                                           |
 | Walk up the slope on the left and avoid standing on the small stone       |
 | button, this will raise up a set of four blocks to your left which you    |
 | don't want to do right now. Drop down into the area next to them and      |
 | bounce up out again north. Drop off next to a bomb icon and then smash    |
 | through a brick wall at the top of the slope here. Behind there you'll    |
 | find a bunch of MEGA BOMBs.                                               |
 |                                                                           |
 | Roll it down and to the left into the barbed wire. Stand on the switch    |
 | behind there and then go and grap another bomb. Take this through the     |
 | blocks that just lowered and put it onto the set of four to the south.    |
 | Walk (without the bomb) back through the lowered blocks and bounce up     |
 | using the pad to the right. Go south and press the button for those four  |
 | blocks to raise up the MEGA BOMB.                                         |
 |                                                                           |
 | This is where it gets tricky, you'll need to push the bomb along the      |
 | raised section north to a bomb icon there, you might have some trouble    |
 | keeping it from falling down the ramp, you can push it back up if it does |
 | but it might take some doing. Behind that barbed wire is another Treasure |
 | Chest.                                                                    |
 |                                                                           |
 | Reset the square of blocks to its lower position and then go take another |
 | bomb. Bring it back up on the blocks and then just push it down the ramp. |
 | Position it on top of the button at the bottom of the thin ramp so that   |
 | it keeps open the gate to the right. Step onto the button behind there    |
 | and the blocks next to the thin ramp will raise. Now just push that bomb  |
 | up along those blocks and into the blockade next to the Present with a    |
 | Combat Hat inside.                                                        |

There's another building to destroy ahead so fire the cannon here, then go
north past the junction you came in on and kill a Gun Snout. Grab the key to
the left inside the remains of that building you just destroyed, and the second
key north of a piece of barbed wire with a bomb icon.

Before you can go through there you'll going to have to go a little further, so
open up that locked gate to reach the command post where Rizzo is waiting. Now
that MEGA BOMB is what you need to destroy the barbed wire, take it back
through and blow it up. Drobot's "Afterburners" Soul Gem is your reward.

Head back to the Mega Bomb again.

  | [021404]      The Stadium      [021404] |

Roll the bomb north and push it into one of the blockades marked with a bomb
icon. Step up the slope in-between the two blockades and grab the bomb, use the
bounce pad and then throw the bomb at the turret in the top left corner. This
will reveal another bounce pad, use it to get up over the wall on the left. Go
up the ramp (watch out for mines on the ground) and bounce across the gap to
the last Treasure Chest.

Now to deal with the tank, drop back down and, just like the smaller ones,
attack the barrel at the back. You can also use the bombs to help if you like,
it'd certainly help with the turrets in the bottom right corner. Once it's
destroyed you can pick up the Eternal Tech Source.

  | [021405]      Ruins      [021405] |

Once again the elemental totem has gained a new icon, Undead this time, and
consequently has more gems to give you. The prison on the beach also has
another puzzle and a few more gems;

Left, Right, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left

If you go down to the beach and approach the spooky door you'll meet T-Bone.
He'll ask you to find his body parts, they're all over the beach but searching
is made incredibly easy by the massive dotted lines leading to each part. The
last part will require you to push a few turtles out of the way, but once
you're done it's time to go to the Crawling Catacombs.

 ,--------,           ,--------------------------------,            ,--------,
| [021500] |~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 15: Crawling Catacombs  |~-~-~-~-~-| [021500] |
 '--------'           '--------------------------------'            '--------'

   1. Find the Skull Mask

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o Pit of Webs
          o Alchemy Lab
          o Chamber of Eyes (Undead)
          o The Skittering Dark
          o The Widow's Court
    * Cleared in under: 05:08

    * Soul Gems: 1
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 1
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [021501]      Pit of Webs      [021501] |

Smash through the brick wall and you'll encounter the first of many spider
enemies, a Spider Swarmer. These guys simply run up to you, glow red for a
second and then explode. Just step away once they turn red and you'll be fine.
That's not to say you can't attack them, they squish easily.

Smash through another brick wall, this time to the left, and then straight
through a wooden fence.

  | [021502]      Alchemy Lab      [021502] |

And behind that fence you'll find the Story Scroll.

Step back out and go down the steps to the left, you'll be attacked by a large
swarm of those spiders. Once they've all exploded go south and pick up a bomb,
take it a short distance north to a wall on the left with a bomb icon under it.
Behind that wall is a Spider Spitter. These are just like the Chompy Pods and
will continue to eternally spawn Spider Swarmers until it is destroyed.

Destroy them all and then bounce up a couple of times to a key. Drop off and
continue north and then east to a door with three locks on it. You've got one
key already, just two more to go. You'll also be shown the Fat Belly Spider.
These attack by running up to you and emptying their sack of goo into a puddle
around them. Then then suck it all back in again, run towards you and goo all
over the floor again. Obviously the damage comes from standing in the goo, just
avoid doing that and you'll be fine.

To the south of the door you'll find a bounce pad, this will take you up to a
bomb. Throw it at the destroyable wall on the right and then pick up another
bomb. Jump down and throw it over the edge to the blockage next to the second
key. Continue down the steps and you'll be right next to another one of those
thieves with the third key. If you're having trouble catching him go back and
get a bomb to throw across the rectangle he runs around.

Once he's dead (and all the Fat Belly Spiders) the monster gate will open and
allow you to pick up Spyro's Soul Gem, "Earth Pound". You can't get through
either of the other two gates from here so go back up and open the triple
locked door.

As you go down the steps the screen will darken and suddenly a trio of Spider
Spitters will appear, destroy them all!

 | Chamber of Eyes                                                           |
 | First things first, stand in the middle and grab a bomb. Stay there and   |
 | throw it at the north wall, then throw a bomb north-east at a second      |
 | switch, then directly south, and finally to the west past some spikes. If |
 | you do this quickly enough the gate north-west will open and allow you to |
 | pick up the Present and claim your new Beret.                             |

Smash through the wooden fence and go north through a large pile of bones, yet
more Spider Spitters will appear for you to kill. At the top of the steps the
darkness will recede, walk past the spikes and down the other side to greet a
Moon Widow. These enemies run around leaving a white trail behind them, step in
that trail and you'll be stuck in their web. Shake out of it to get free.
They're fairly resilient but don't themselves do any damage.

Pick up the bomb in the middle and throw it over the barriers to each eye
switch to the left and right of the gate. Take another bomb and head up the
steps, throw it at the wall just after the spikes, behind there is a block

Move the nearest one on the left forward once. Then run to the far end and push
the left one there down once. Return to the start and pick up the bomb, walk
along the blocks to the other end and throw it at the breakable wall back
there. Behind it is a teleporter, this will whisk you away to the Legendary
Treasure you may have noticed back near the triple locked door. Teleport and
then bounce back out to the main path.

Continuing right past another set of spikes you'll descend into a room with a
series of moving spiked implements, these are easy to avoid if you're paying
attention. In the north corner you'll find a Treasure Chest. Go south through
the spikes, destroy a couple of Spider Spitters to either side, and you'll meet
a Gargantula. This massive spider's attack is by firing out some webbing at you
and pulling you in, if you don't shake out of it before she pulls you in close
you'll have significant damage done to your Skylander. Being close when she
does that means the time given to escape is tiny. In this particular case you
can use the nearby bomb for help.

Grab the key that the Gargantula drops and open up the door, then go back and
pick up a bomb to destroy the wall just beyond it. You'll find a Treasure Chest
there, again the other thing you may have spotted near the triple locked door.

Continue on the main path northwards, down into the dark again.

  | [021503]      The Skittering Dark      [021503] |

Smash through the wooden fence and you'll find yourself in a small area with a
bunch of Spider Spitters along with one of those Moon Widows to annoy you. Once
you've destroyed them all go right, you'll approach a gate with a light behind
it, you can't get there right at this moment.

Continue north to a fork in the track, head down the right path and clear the
area of enemies, including a large Gargantula by a bombable wall. Go left and
down and you should end up in a small room with some more Spider Spitters and a
bomb. Pick up the bomb and throw it at that wall you just cleared out. There's
a key behind it. Grab another bomb and then go back to the fork in the track,
take the right path and go through the skulls to a wall you can blow up,
there's a second key in the room that doesn't need the bomb but there's a
Treasure Chest behind that wall.

Take those keys back through to the door directly north of the little room
where you just picked up those bombs.

  | [021504]      Widow's Court      [021504] |

You'll be back in the light again but in a large room that is just about to
fill with enemies. First take care of the Fat Belly Spiders that attack you,
then push through the exploding Spider Swarmers to destroy more Spitters,
careful not to get trapped in the Moon Widows' webs too often. As you advance
towards the north end of the room you'll attract the attention of the two
Gargantulas sitting there, just avoid the webs they fire out and you should be

Once all are dead the monster gate will open and allow you access to the Skull

  | [021505]      Ruins      [021505] |

Once again there's nothing new to do here, upgrade if you want or head straight
into the Cadaverous Crypt.

 ,--------,            ,------------------------------,             ,--------,
| [021600] |~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 16: Cadaverous Crypt  |~-~-~-~-~-~| [021600] |
 '--------'            '------------------------------'             '--------'

   1. Find the Skeleton Key

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o The Catacombs
          o The Evershifting Hall
          o Maze of Skulls (Tech)
          o The Dark Retreat (Earth)
          o The Shrine of the Unliving
    * Cleared in under: 05:53

    * Soul Gems: 2
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 2
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [021601]      The Catacombs      [021601] |

Over the other side of the room is a tiny red monster called a Rhu-Baby, these
little guys run up to you and prepare to attack with their pincers, if you get
hit, aside from getting injured slightly, you're knocked backwards a fair

Fire the cannon so that it hits the wall on the right, through there you'll
find a Soul Gem for Hex, her "Skull Shield" ability. Go back and use the lever
to rotate the cannon so that it's pointing to the left, then fire the cannon.
Aside from a load of Spider Spitters you'll also find the Story Scroll inside
this small room.

Rotate the cannon again so that it now faces north, this will open the path to
the rest of the level and introduce you to the Rotting Robbie enemy, if you
have a Fire Skylander you will be able to attack these directly, otherwise you
can either lure them in front of a cannon or push one of those candles into
them. The candles are quite formidable and can also be used to kill many other

You'll also shortly meet Bone 'n' Arrow, skeleton archers. These simply stand
in place and fire arrows at you. They'll fire three arrows at the same place
before retargeting you and firing again. Simply let them focus on you and then
move out of the way, they'll be incredibly easy to attack while they're busy
firing at that empty space. As you get near to the three out in the open a load
more will pop out of the coffins lining the sides of the corridor.

At the end of the corridor you'll see an empty circle with a lever, ignore for
now. Go right to a block puzzle. Simple as always, push the bottom one to the
right twice. Push the top one to the right once, the middle right up, then the
left to the right twice. Now cross over the gap and push the top of the two new
blocks to the left, the other one down. Push that one back to the right and
then down three times.

  | [021602]      The Evershifting Hall      [021602] |

The Undead Spell Punk will make its first appearance. These things increase the
tiny little Rhu-Babies into Rhu-Barbs, massive versions that are a lot tougher
to kill. Of course you can just kill the Undead Spell Punk first and make them
return to normal size. If you follow it down the path to the right a whole new
load of Rhu-Babies will rush out of the coffins, so it's in your interests to
kill that Punk.

Go down the steps and into another area with Rhu-Barbs, to get to the Undead
Spell Punk you just need to smash through the brick wall on the left. There
also happens to be a Treasure Chest in the room with the Spell Punk, and if you
go to the south section where there's a load of Bone 'n' Arrows you can find
Trigger Happy's Soul Gem "Infinite Hellfire".

Once you've killed all of the enemies here the monster gate will open allowing
you down to a cannon. Push it to the bottom of the track where there's a
turntable, meanwhile a couple of those zombies will approach, either fire at
them with the cannon or get them near to the candle in the wall at the top.
Once the cannon's in position rotate it so that it's facing the opposite
direction, then push it all the way back up. Fire it at the wall and you'll
find a Tech gate.

 | Maze of Skulls                                                            |
 | An unusual challenge now, it seems more like a Heroic Challenge than      |
 | anything done previously. You have 1:20 to find ten elemental skulls,     |
 | luckily that's fairly easy. Standing in your way are a few of those       |
 | skeleton archers and a couple of spike traps. All together not much of a  |
 | maze. And despite needing only ten there actually are twelve of the       |
 | skulls lying around so you don't even need to scour the area.             |
 |                                                                           |
 | If somehow you fail to get the 10 in the 1:20 given you just get thrown   |
 | out and can simply walk back in to try again, and this time the enemies   |
 | you've killed are still dead.                                             |
 |                                                                           |
 | Once you do manage it you'll automatically teleport out and be given a    |
 | Present with a Crown of Light inside.                                     |

Just south of the Tech gate is a stone button you need to stand on. Walk back
up the steps to the doors that just opened, going right at the top you'll be
attacked by a new wave of archers coming out of their coffins. Once they're all
dead the door will open. Smash through a brick wall to get to an Earth gate.

 | The Dark Retreat                                                          |
 | Escape the Maze! Your challenge here is to find the exit of the dark      |
 | maze. Go forwards and you'll be attacked by a little Rhu-Baby, continue   |
 | straight and then left as you reach the end. There's more red enemies     |
 | here, if you go north past a spike trap you'll be able to kill one of the |
 | many Undead Spell Punks helping them.                                     |
 |                                                                           |
 | Go down to the left and then up through a brick wall, go up through       |
 | another brick wall and then right. You'll reach the teleporter. You'll    |
 | find a Treasure Chest and a Present with a Bone Head inside.              |

Go up the steps to the north and you'll find along corridor with a cannon on
tracks. Push it along forwards until it's inline with the first wall on the
left. Inside that room you'll find a few Spider Spitters, and once you've
cleared them out a lever. Pull it to rotate the turntable to allow you to
continue pushing the cannon. There's no need to rotate the cannon itself, just
push it forwards again and fire at the next wall.

Just a lever in this room, pull it and then push the cannon right to the end
where you'll want to destroy the last wall. This will cause a whole load of
doors to open up. Go on through the wall you smashed and north to a teleporter
next to a couple of stone coffins. This will teleport you up onto the wall
where you can find the Legendary Treasure.

Drop back off it and continue left down the steps, then north at the
crossroads. A few enemies will pop out of the coffins here again, kill them to
open the door ahead. Beyond that door will be a trio of archers, and beyond
them a small room with three more archers and a key. After killing them the
door will open.

We're back near the start of the level again, you might not quite recognise it
thanks to the rotated camera. Anyway, straight ahead is the locked door for
that key. Go through to find a room with a crossed set of tracks with a
turntable in the middle. Kill off all the enemies in here and then push the
cannon from the left to the turntable. Fire it at the wall to the north for a
few gems and then rotate it so it's facing south. Push it back to where it was
originally and fire it at the wall south of there to find the last of the
Treasure Chests.

Push the cannon back onto the turntable and rotate it so that it's facing the
wall to the right, destroy that wall. The cannon in the next room simply needs
firing and then pushing along onto the turntable you'll have passed by much
earlier in the level. You'll need to rotate it first to get in on there, then
rotate it again so that the cannon faces the wooden bridge to the north. Fire!

  | [021603]      The Shrine of the Unliving      [021603] |

Cross over that bridge and get rid of the zombies, either by going back to the
cannon or using the candle that's just past them. In the next room you'll
suddenly be trapped. Enemies will spawn in and start attacking, after a few are
dead the north door will open and allow you to kill the Undead Spell Punk
behind there. Return to the central area once you've killed it.

More enemies will spawn in, stronger ones. After them the gate to the left will
open and allow you access to the Skeleton Key.

  | [021604]      Ruins      [021604] |

That's right, nothing. Creepy Citadel it is.

 ,--------,             ,----------------------------,              ,--------,
| [021700] |~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 17: Creepy Citadel  |~-~-~-~-~-~-| [021700] |
 '--------'             '----------------------------'              '--------'

   1. Enter the Castle
   2. Collect the Undead Source

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o Skeleton Gate
          o Tomb of Stones (Air)
          o Main Gate
          o Box Goblin Swamp
          o The Gallery
          o The Grand Ballroom
          o The Undead Gateway
    * Cleared in under: 12:03

    * Soul Gems: 1
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 1
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [021701]      Skeleton Gate      [021701] |

Just to the right is the Story Scroll. Head up the slope and you'll be attacked
by a Bone 'n' Arrow as well as a couple of Spider Spitters, kill them off and
then walk down the path to the right where you'll find a light puzzle. First
step onto the round stone button on the left side, then push the prism next to
it to the right once and then forward twice. Finally rotate the south prism
four times so that it's pointing north.

Beyond the gate that opens is another prism, rotate it just once so that it
points to another set across the way. If you wander towards the screen down the
smashed up flooring you'll find a teleporter next to the water, this will take
you to a Treasure Chest. Use the teleporter to get back and then the teleporter
there to get across to a platform with an Air gate on it.

 | Tomb of Stones                                                            |
 | Run straight along the spike trap and then left and at the end there's a  |
 | moveable block. Push it south twice to get past. Go around it and stand   |
 | on a switch in the middle of a spike trap at the bottom. This will lower  |
 | two rows of blocks to the right, so go right and into the next segment.   |
 |                                                                           |
 | Here go north past the bomb and push the right-hand block north, step on  |
 | the button underneath. This will lower the block on the left. Go through  |
 | the gap carrying a bomb and throw it at the wall at the end there. Push   |
 | the block behind it north and stand on the button. This will again lower  |
 | some blocks, these ones are to the south allowing you quicker access to   |
 | the bombable wall you'll have passed by earlier.                          |
 |                                                                           |
 | Go back and get another bomb and blow that wall up. Bounce to the right   |
 | and walk north to press another button there. Drop down and use the       |
 | bounce pad that it revealed to get the Present, Rocket Hair. Go back to   |
 | the bomb again and press the button to the right, this will raise up the  |
 | block on the left. Make your way back to the start and walk through the   |
 | first spike traps again, go up the ramp, bounce to the right and walk to  |
 | the Treasure Chest that's on the blocks above the bomb.                   |
 |                                                                           |
 | If you're having trouble getting out of the bomb room then try it the     |
 | other way, press the button to lower the left block, circle around and    |
 | push the block north of the button south past the button and press it     |
 | again. You should then be able to go up the ramp as you did before.       |

Anyway, press the button in the top right corner, this will lower two of the
blocks. Press the button where the south one was. Now push the left prism two
spaces right, then press the bottom button again. Push that prism down once and
right once. Now just pull the lever on the left twice. Teleport off the

  | [021702]      Main Gate      [021702] |

As you approach the locked gate you'll be introduced to a new enemy, the Shadow
Knight. These suits of armor stand around in groups, the trick being that only
some of them are actually enemies, the rest are empty. Gotta be ready for the
ones that actually attack. Their attack is to slam their sword into the ground
which creates a blast wave, this is quite a dangerous attack and will do a lot
of damage.

There's an odd whirlpool to the right that skips part of the level, the only
point is to speed up going through the level as it allows you to skip doing the
lock puzzle, this actually means that if you did it on your first go through
you can finish the level without getting the Enter the Castle chapter progress
marked. So don't take it. Solve the puzzle on the door instead.

Left x 2, Right x 2, Left, Right x 3, Left x 7, Right x 3

Behind the door is a load of swinging axes, time your walk through to avoid
them. After that is a pair of axes that thrust inwards, move beyond and you'll
see some suits of armor against the wall ahead. Neither is an enemy, walk into
the next room and destroy the two Spider Spitters. Across the other side of the
circular pool is a pair of the skeleton archers and a single Shadow Knight.
Once you've killed them head up the curved slope.

Slightly further along you'll see a stone circle rotating as two axes swing
over it, run past careful not to get pulled off course. The next room will
contain a selection of Spider Spitters and a Gargantula sitting near a monster
gate. Kill them all to progress.

Go right and down where you'll find another Shadow Knight and a pair of Bone
'n' Arrows standing near another monster gate. Go through there and head north.
A gate will close behind you now.

  | [021703]      Box Goblin Swamp      [021703] |

A bit of a maze here. First stand on the button at the front. Then stand on the
right-hand button that appears. This will allow you access to a block on the
far right that you have to push onto the large square button that just
appeared. Go back to the start and push the button to the north that has
appeared, this will allow you to exit the maze.

There's a Gargantula standing by a monster gate, there's also another further
north that you'll need to kill to actually open up that gate, it's standing
next to a Soul Gem, Whirlwind's "Healing Rainbow".

  | [021704]      The Gallery      [021704] |

Go up the bridge and into another gauntlet of axes. Wait for them to swing out
of the way before moving. Wind up to the top and into a room with a couple of
Moon Widows running about, they'll be irritating thanks to the two Shadow
Knights that also just happen to be there. Move on down the hallway past a load
of suits of armor, two of which spring to life as you get near.

You can leave the trio of messaging Moon Widows alone, you only need to kill
the archer by the monster gate. Head up the ramp and kill a pair of archers
there, if you go down to the left you'll find the last Treasure Chest. Continue
on along the red carpet past another series of axes, kill the two Shadow
Knights standing at the end.

  | [021705]      The Grand Ballroom      [021705] |

Step on the button next to the large block area, this will cause a line of
blocks to your right to lower. It's not exactly a straight shot though as there
are axes moving about in there, go through and stand on the button at the end
there. Reverse and go down through the beam of light, then up to the right
where there's another button. This then lowers some more blocks back where you
just were, so go back through the light and up past the previous button,
ideally keeping the blocks lowered.

Stand on the button in-between the axes and quickly go north, there's another
button to the right under some axes to press. Continue right to the edge of the
area. Go south and press the button there, this'll reorganise some blocks along
that last path. Go back in past the axes and press the northern button on the
left. Go through to the northern edge and then left down to the button back
past some axes. Press the button down to the right and stop. Do not press that
last button yet.

Go back through the axes to the northern edge and walk along to the right
corner, then south all the way to the bottom where there's a new button to
press. This lowers the blocks in the top left corner and allows you access to
the Legendary Treasure. Once you've got it you can go directly south and stand
on that last button to finish off the room.

Past a couple of diamond forming Moon Widows is a trio of Shadow Knights and a
single archer. Step into the light.

  | [021706]      The Undead Gateway      [021706] |

The first minion that Kaos sends out is an evil version of Ghost Roaster. His
attack pattern is to turn into a skull and rush at you from across the arena.
Keep dodging out of the way and he'll pause for a bit before carrying on.
Attacking him may be tricky for melee Skylanders but as long as you watch where
he is at long range will defeat him without a scratch.

New magic spell time. This spell consists of a series of light beams that form
across the arena, they start off white to allow you to get out of their way and
then turn red - meaning painful. The first one will aim directly for you so
move out of the way, second is a series of diagonal lines that you need to
stand between. Then some horizontal ones going halfway across, stand in-between
a pair to either side. And then some diagonal cross hatching, stand in a square
and you'll be fine. Lastly is a pattern similar to the first one, they'll go
straight for you so keeping move to the side slowly and you should be able to
avoid them, go too fast and you'll just trap yourself.

Second minion is Chop Chop, he moves towards you with his shield up and then
swings for you in a spin. Step out of the way as he approaches you to avoid the
attack, then attack his back as he recovers. This is a fairly difficult minion
as his shield is really effective and he moves fast. Just keep attacking when
you can and stay out of his way.

The first wave of the spell creates a cross that focuses in on the bottom edge
so move north or to the sides immediately or you'll get trapped. After that
it's a set of squares over the arena, then three lines revolving around the
edge, you can stand in the middle to avoid them but it's not all that useful
for the next part. After that a massive star shaped pattern focusing on the
middle, stick to the edge and walk around to keep up with it. Then a simple
line pattern and finally the same as the last attack before, just move slowly
to the furthest side from you.

Third minion is Hex. She has a powerful set of attacks, first she'll fire a
blast of purple light at you three times, then she'll raise a bone shield in
front of her and cast a larger spell. This will create four purple lights that
will crash down where you're standing, keep moving to avoid them. And repeat.
Your best time to attack is when she puts up the shield, either run around the
other side or smash your way through. Don't stick around too long, those four
blasts are incoming.

More magic. Some tiny lines around the edges, then a set of randomish lines
that should be easy to avoid. You'll just keep getting a few of those until the
next stage.

All three minions. The advice above for these three still holds, you've just
got them all to deal with at once. Hex will probably be the easiest to get rid
of, her attacks are fairly annoying to avoid with the other two so take her
down first. Ghost Roaster's speed will mean he gets irritating to keep
avoiding, smack him one. And finally that irritating Chop Chop. You'll have to
contend with some more of the magic spell if you take a while, you're likely to
have to make a choice between walking through a red beam or getting mowed down
by a minion - take the beam.

  | [021707]      Ruins      [021707] |

The last of the barriers will lower allowing you access to the train tracks at
last. Before we go solve the train problem there's a few new things to do,
there's a Winged Sapphire where the fence was on the left. The elemental totem
has again refilled, quite a lot in there this time. The prison down by the
docks has again got more gems inside.

Left, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Right, Right, Right, Left,

Grab the oil can and make your way along to the bomb, pick it up and take it up
the tracks and blow up the cave near the train (not the place they showed you
first). Behind there is another Winged Sapphire. Go grab another bomb and bring
it up to the train again, this time aim for the little crater in the middle of
the circular bit of the track. It won't be very clear but you can now jump down
that hole to find another Winged Sapphire.

Leave the cave and walk back up to the train again, use the oil can on it to
find the ninth Winged Sapphire. Unfortunately the tenth is still unavailable so
you can now go buy your upgrades if you like.

Once you're happy go down and grab another bomb and throw it at the cave at the
end of the tracks. We're off to Molekin Mine.

 ,--------,              ,--------------------------,               ,--------,
| [021800] |~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 18: Molekin Mine  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [021800] |
 '--------'              '--------------------------'               '--------'

   1. Rescue all Molekin Miners
   2. Roll Molekin in cart to safety

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o Access Tunnel Vin
          o The Secret Claim (Tech)
          o The Underground Lake
    * Cleared in under: 05:53

    * Soul Gems: 2
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 1
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [021801]      Access Tunnel Vin      [021801] |

If you're using an Earth Skylander you don't actually need to pick up the
Pickaxe, you can smash through the large rocks simply be attacking them.
Everyone else should pick up that Pickaxe and start smashing your way through
the rocks ahead. There's a load of Flame Imps standing next to the first of the
trapped Molekin Miners, these guys run up to you and instantly deal a small bit
of damage. They'll keep doing that until you kill them, being small that should
be fast.

To the left of the first miner is a line of rocks going into the wall, smash
through them. Head up the slope and smash through one more rock to get to a
small room with a button in it. Stand on that button and a large fan in another
part of the level will temporarily stop working. You've got just one minute to
get there, but you can of course always run back and restart the timer. Go back
to the tracks and continue onwards where you'll see a Rock Walker, they have
the same name but a different attack. Instead of a short range vomit they fire
out a ball of fire that rolls along the ground. Smash through the rocks on the
right-hand side of the track, behind there you'll find the second miner.

Follow the corridor in here to the right, through some barrels, past a Tech
Gate, and then finally to the large fan and the Legendary Treasure which you
can only pick up if the fan is still turned off. Go back to that Tech gate once
you've got it.

 | The Secret Claim                                                          |
 | Smash through the rocks at the start and you'll reach a block and cannon  |
 | puzzle. The general idea here is to move the cannon and the blocks so     |
 | that you can fire at the large purple crystals.                           |
 |                                                                           |
 | First push the cannon to the right-hand end of its tracks. Push the far   |
 | block all the way to the left. Then push the two blocks on either side of |
 | the cross formation towards the tracks. Push the central one to the left  |
 | once, then push the right-hand one near the tracks back into position and |
 | then to the right. Push the central one back into position, the left one  |
 | forwards and the near one left twice. Push the left one back towards the  |
 | tracks and the central one left once. Now move the cannon into the middle |
 | of the tracks and fire it at the first crystal.                           |
 |                                                                           |
 | Push the blocks either side of the smashed crystal outwards so that the   |
 | two remaining crystals are exposed. Push the cannon once to the right and |
 | fire. Now move the top left block all the way to the right, the central   |
 | one right once, then the left one back away from the tracks. Move the     |
 | cannon into position one gap away from the left edge where you just moved |
 | that block from. Push the central block towards the tracks and then       |
 | finally the left block into the middle. Fire.                             |
 |                                                                           |
 | Now all that remains is to push that last block out of the way and claim  |
 | your Present, a Miner Hat.                                                |

Head back out the way you came and across a wooden bridge section.

  | [021802]      The Underground Lake      [021802] |

Kill the trio of Rock Walkers and the Flame Imps before heading down the slope
in the middle of the bridge. A much simpler version of the Tech gate's puzzle,
push the block left and then away from the tracks to allow you to push the
cannon to the opposite end. Fire it and walk up the slope to rescue the third

There's a Lava King up next, he'll fire a few Flame Imps out of his head at you
and also has an attack firing flames out of his hands. It's quite a powerful
attack so don't stick too close to him.

In the middle of the rocks to the right of the tracks here is a trapped machine
that'll do massive damage to you. Stay away while it's pounding on the ground
or you'll quickly find yourself a Skylander down. Smash through the rest of the
rocks to find the fourth miner to the right and the fifth over near some
crystals on the left. You'll also find the Story Scroll with him.

Go back to the tracks and you'll come across Diggs and a locked door. To the
left of that are some more rocks to destroy. In amongst the next lot is another
of those sleeping machines, it'll wake up and drill through the rocks to get at
you. To the right of those rocks is the sixth miner, to the left a further

If you go down the corridor behind the set of rocks on the right-hand side in
that passageway you'll not only find Cynder's "Haunted Ally" Soul Gem in the
middle of the water, but a Treasure Chest up a bounce pad to the left. There's
also a rock to smash in here a little further south, and behind that another
Treasure Chest!

Go back to the passageway and continue left where a thief will steal a key,
you'll need this key if you want to finish off the Collections objective. Chase
it down and then free the miner on the left, don't free him before otherwise
you'll be teleported back to the locked door and have to come back for the key.

Inside the locked door is a bomb, you can use this to destroy the large purple
Tzo Crystals that you couldn't see a cannon for. There's some just outside to
test it on. The ones you want to blow up though are further behind them down a
passageway to the right.

  | [021803]      The Crystal Grove      [021803] |

It's another block and cannon puzzle. But first you can grab the Treasure Chest
to the left.

Destroy the near three crystals with the near cannon, leave it at the left end.
Push the block up from the left crystal in towards the rest of the blocks,
this'll give you a clear sight for blowing up the crystal above it. Next push
the right-hand equivalent down once and then left, now push the right cannon up
three times to destroy the next crystal. Push the block blocking your way into
the middle and then the cannon up two more times and blow up another crystal.

From the gap where that crystal was you can now push that last block down once
and do the same with the cannon, blow up that crystal behind it. Circle around
the entire area and push the block in the way of the last crystal into the
centre, fire the bottom cannon.

Now push the left block on the top track down once, circle back around and push
the right one up off the tracks too. This will give you access to the cannon to
push it to the left end and fire at the crystal blocking the Soul Gem.
Flameslinger's "Super Volley Shot" is yours.

And that's pretty much the entire level done. Return to the locked gate and
push Diggs along towards the start of the level. You might find you missed a
rock or two so smash them with the pickaxe if needs be.

  | [021804]      Ruins      [021804] |

Straight off to Lava Lakes Railway with you.

 ,--------,           ,--------------------------------,            ,--------,
| [021900] |~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 19: Lava Lakes Railway  |~-~-~-~-~-| [021900] |
 '--------'           '--------------------------------'            '--------'

   1. Set each of the track switches
   2. Repair the train tracks
   3. Find the Eternal Fire Source

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o The Molekin Mines
          o The Crystal Grottos
          o Lava Lagoon
          o Firey Depths (Fire)
          o The Fire Source
    * Cleared in under: 06:29

    * Soul Gems: 1
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 1
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [021901]      The Molekin Mines      [021901] |

Stepping forward you'll be introduced to a Fire Spell Punk who runs around
blowing up things. It'll spawn in a barrel and then run off before lighting a
fuse that will go back and detonate the explosives in the barrel. Stay away
from that barrel, it hurts if you are close by at detonation time.

First off it'll blow up the wooden fence and allow a load of Fire Imps through,
once you've killed them and it unless you're an Earth Skylander you should
follow the tracks down to the left off the main track to pick up a pickaxe. Go
back and onwards through where that fence was, at the bend there's some rocks
to break in the wall on the right. You may also need to kill a couple of Rock
Walkers as you do so.

Follow the path up to the lever above the tracks and then jump down to the
train to move a bit further along. No need to backtrack by the way, you only
really went just past the curve.

There's another Fire Spell Punk at the turntable as well as a Lava King spewing
out more Imps. Once you've killed them smash through the rocks to the left of
the track and you'll find a cannon. No need to reposition it, simple fire it.
Twice. Go up to the lever and pass by into a room behind it with a Soul Gem,
Eruptor's "Mega Magma Balls" in it. Then pull that lever and jump back into the
train again.

You gotta back up a little this time, kill the three Rock Walkers and then go
down the path off to the left of the track. You'll find a bomb in there, along
with a Fire Spell Punk, but if you continue upwards you'll also find a Treasure

Take the bomb and throw it at the Tzo Crystals next to the train, there's a
Lava King right behind there. Ignore the lever and go to the right, you should
follow a passageway up to a fork in the path where you'll go up into a room
with a Treasure Chest and the Legendary Treasure inside. The other path goes to
where you will have already been if you fired the cannon twice. Go back and
pull the lever.

  | [021902]      The Crystal Grottos      [021902] |

Pick up the Story Scroll from where you start this section and then walk left
down to the first set of blocks. Watch out here, you'll miss out on the
Treasure Chest if you push the blocks without thinking. All you need to do
really is to push the near side block down twice and once to the left, then go
back to the tracks and use the line of blocks to get to the Treasure Chest.

Drop off to the right and push the two northern blocks to the left straight off
into the gap. Push the third block left once and then up three times so that it
falls into the gap directly under the tracks. There are two blocks on the left
now, push the left one into the hole then leave the other for the moment. Walk
through to the other side of the tracks, push the block on the right to the
right three times. To the right of them is another block, push this left twice
and then down once to fit it into the tracks. Go back through the gap to the
left and push the remaining block up once, left once and then up.

Go up onto the tracks yourself and walk down them to the next section of

Push the first two blocks directly in line with the tracks, the one down to the
left of them into the gap, the one up to the left of that on top of it and then
up into the remaining gap in line with the previous two. Of the two remaining
on the ground to the left push the right one down twice and then to the right
into the hole. The other should be pushed to the right twice before being push
up three times to line it up. Walk up the curve of the tracks to the left and
push the block off to finish it up.

  | [021903]      Lava Lagoon      [021903] |

There's another of those pesky Fire Spell Punks ahead, if you leave it be it'll
kill a Rock Walker at the bottom for you. If not then just kill it yourself.
One the island after that is a Lava King, to the right a smaller island with
several Rock Walkers on. You'll need to kill them and the one on an island
south to open up the monster gate. You'll also find a Fire gate.

 | Firey Depths                                                              |
 | Walk down over the tiny bit of lava gap onto a wooden platform where you  |
 | can board a moving rock platform. This will take you a short distance to  |
 | a platform with a bounce pad to its south. If you want some gems you can  |
 | take that route but it'll just lead you back to the start again. For the  |
 | real prize go north along the moving platforms with bounce pads on them.  |
 | The trickiest part is right at the end with the ones moving side to side, |
 | you just need to try and stay on the last one until it's in position so   |
 | that you can jump up to the Present for your new "Lil Devil" hat.         |
 |                                                                           |
 | If you fall off just walk back to the beginning and start again, although |
 | you might like to explore the lava for some gems while you're there.      |

Kill the two Lava Kings to pass beyond the monster gate here. To the right is
another Lava King that'll need killing to get through the very last monster

  | [021904]      The Fire Source      [021904] |

Flameslinger is your first minion to fight, he attacks using a bow. First he'll
charge up an explosive arrow to fire towards you, it may not even reach the
entire distance but stay away from the trail that it leaves. Then three quick
arrows that definitely will, just move out of the way. If you're up close stay
out of the fire trail that he makes as he runs away from you.

The first part of the fire spell is fairly simple, just keep moving and stay
out of the yellow crosses.

Next up is an Evil Phoenix Dragon, Sunburn. He'll teleport around until he gets
near to you where he'll then fire a beam of flames out, this will tire him for
a few seconds giving you a chance to attack. Try not to move too quickly away
from the teleport marker otherwise it'll just keep teleporting around.

This second part is a lot stronger, make a mistake and expect to pay the price.
Out of the centre will spawn four glowing balls, this will leave behind a trail
of fire that really hurts, move so they don't get you. It'll repeat with a
similar pattern, to avoid simply walk in a circle that takes up about a quarter
of the area-  first to the left and then to the right, you should walk around
the firey blasts with ease. After those two a direct line of them swing around
the entire arena. After that two sets that'll swing round in opposite
directions. For those two these you can just stand right at the bottom and
avoid all damage, but get ready to move as the next one will go there. For the
next one again stand at the bottom and then for the very last swirling pattern
move up and right as they come past.

Evil Eruptor is last up. He'll fire three quick blasts out of his fists at you
and then create a pool of lava around himself, that'll only hurt the Skylanders
up close. He'll then rest for a bit before starting again. Try not to get hit
by the blasts and then if you're ranged attack as soon as he's done with them.
If you're melee you'll have to wait for the lava to subside before going in
during his break.

No third spell this time, straight into the triple fight. Go straight for
Flameslinger first, his attacks are likely to be the ones that'll hit you if
you're going for the others. Then get Eruptor and finally Sunburn who shouldn't
have been much of a problem if you were moving a lot. All through this you'll
also be avoiding the fire spells from before, simple stuff really. If you
survive them for long enough they'll just stop and leave you to your minion

  | [021905]      Ruins      [021905] |

There's nothing new to do here, talk to the Weapon Master and head straight to
Quicksilver Vault.

 ,--------,            ,-------------------------------,            ,--------,
| [022000] |~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 20: Quicksilver Vault  |~-~-~-~-~-| [022000] |
 '--------'            '-------------------------------'            '--------'

   1. Unlock Gate to the Quicksilver
   2. Activate the Vault beams
   3. Find the vial of Quicksilver

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o Skeleton Gate
          o Main Gate
          o Dimensional Rifts (Life)
          o The Scion of Earth
          o The Grand Ballroom???
    * Cleared in under: 06:43

    * Soul Gems: 1
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 1
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [022001]      Skeleton Gate      [022001] |

Walk down the curving path and you'll see your first Arkeyan Blasters, these
are stationary machines that fire little electrical balls at you. They will are
attracted to you if you get close but can be easily destroyed. Smash the two
Blasters to open the monster gate behind them.

A load of Gnashers are next, they're just like the Fire Imps you've seen before
except blue. There's a lock puzzle on the left behind which you'll find a
Treasure Chest.

Left x 4, Right x 3, Left, Right x 6, Left x 5, Right x 2, Left x 2

Smash through the brick wall to your right, behind it is an Arkeyan Defender.
It has a shield that protects it from attacks, only lowering it to swing the
large hammer that it's carrying. If you step back as it does so it'll smash
into the ground and get stuck for a few seconds. That's your chance to attack
while it recovers. Or rather right when it lowers the shield if your attacks
knock back.

Follow onwards to another Defender and a trio of Blasters behind it, around the
corner is another set of three Blasters and a key that you will need to
collect. Along your trip back towards the crossroad you'll be attacked by a new
pair of Defenders, kill them and make your way forwards down the remaining

There are a few Gnashers and a couple of Blasters before yet another two
Defenders that will smash through a brick wall right before the locked door
that you should have the key for.

To the left there's another lock puzzle with a Treasure Chest behind it.

Right x 3, Left, Right x 3, Left, Right x 2, Left, Right x 3, Left, Right x 3

Go up the steps on the right to a group of Defenders, then you'll see an
Arkeyan Ultron that's incredibly similar to the sleeping machines you'll have
seen in the mines before. A completely different style of attack though, these
fire a set of rockets up into the air and begin targeting with their laser
eyes, when it stops and a red beam appears from above the rockets will start to
smash down, first onto the immediate target then in larger circles around it.
So keep moving once you dodge the first set. The time to attack is during that
focus phase as that's when it lowers its shields.

Grab the Soul Gem behind it and you'll have Wrecking Ball's "Enemy Slurp", then
use the teleporter as directed.

  | [022002]      Main Gate      [022002] |

The Magic Spell Punk has an odd attack, it creates a metal ball that hovers
around and zaps you if you stay close to it. You can sever the link between
Punk and Orb by attacking the Orb but the Orb itself is indestructible and will
start floating again after another cast by the Punk. So go kill the Spell Punk,
ignore the orb.

If you walk over the chain at the top end of the platform you'll find a pair of
Arkeyan Defenders who are guarding the key that you're after. There's also a
Treasure Chest here. Once they're dead a teleporter will appear back on the
first platform that'll take you to another platform.

Kill the Gnashers and the two Magic Spell Punks and a teleporter will appear at
the top edge. This next platform is home to a few more Gnashers, a couple of
Defenders as well as an Arkeyan Ultron. There's a Life gate here to go through.

 | Dimensional Rifts                                                         |
 | Falling off the blocks here just will send you back to a bit of solid     |
 | land, you can't swim or fly over it. First step onto the moving platform  |
 | and wait for it to move to the left, step forward and wait for the next   |
 | platform to arrive. This will speed to the right past a central block,    |
 | wait on there for it to stop there on the journey back to the left. Walk  |
 | forwards as the two blocks form a direct bridge, go left and step from    |
 | one moving platform to another. Step on the circular button at the end.   |
 |                                                                           |
 | Turn around and go back towards the start, at the platform that stops at  |
 | three places get off on the right-hand end. The platforms to the right    |
 | raise and lower into the goop so try to time your run so that you step    |
 | off the left one as the right one comes up rather than down. Step onto    |
 | the first of a set of three platforms moving to the right, wait on that   |
 | one and step off to the south onto the lone platform. Wait there for a    |
 | platform to arrive from the south, this will take you down to another     |
 | platform moving to the right, and this will take you to the Present with  |
 | a Unicorn Hat inside.                                                     |
 |                                                                           |
 | Step back onto the left and back to the three moving platforms from       |
 | before, move to the top of them when they line up at the left side and    |
 | then step off them when they move back to the right to get the Legendary  |
 | Treasure.                                                                 |

Use the teleporter here and you'll finally be returned to the locked gate.

  | [022003]      The Scion of Earth      [022003] |

Go down the chain and then left down the slope towards an Ultron smashing
through a small wall. The Story Scroll is right behind it but watch out for the
swathe of Gnashers and the Defender wandering about. Continue down the slope
and onto anther chain, this will take you to a teleporter.

  | [022004]      The Grand Ballroom      [022004] |

This first puzzle requires you to push the top block left once, the bottom
block up once and then the bottom prism left twice. Next push the top prism to
the left once, the right block back to the south and the left block back to the
right where it started.

Go down the chain to the next puzzle, only very slightly more complex. Walk
around the left side and push the block to the left of the top prism upwards,
also push the block to your right to the right twice. Push that top prism to
the right just once. Push the southern block up one and then the south prism
right twice.

The next puzzle has more to it. Pull the lever in the bottom left corner once,
the lever in the middle twice. Push the left prism up two and right one. The
block to the right of the central lever needs pushing right twice, then push
the prism south of where it was down once, and finally the prism up in the top
right corner up one.

  | [022005]      The Scion of Earth      [022005] |

A teleporter will take you back towards the Scion, grab the key and slide along
the chain. A new set of enemies will have appeared, kill them! There's a
monster gate at the top of the slope which requires them all to be dead of
course. Next bit has a few Gnashers and another pair of Magic Spell Punks to
kill, three Defenders will be on the slope up into a larger section with an
Ultron and some more Punks.

To finish the level simply unlock the gate and walk to the centre.

  | [022006]      Ruins      [022006] |

And off to the Arkeyan Armory.

 ,--------,             ,----------------------------,              ,--------,
| [022100] |~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 21: Arkeyan Armory  |~-~-~-~-~-~-| [022100] |
 '--------'             '----------------------------'              '--------'

   1. Use War Machine to find Temple
   2. Use Security Card on Panel
   3. Use switches to get the Source

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
    * Unyielding Garrison
    * Halls of Molten Fire
    * The Crucible
    * The Vault
    * Pandoran Gift Shop (Air)
    * Cleared in under: 10:08

    * Soul Gems: 1
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 1
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [022101]      Unyielding Garrison      [022101] |

Go down the slope to a small circular area, there's a switch on the northern
edge that will switch on the lights. After that use the switch on the south
side to open up the door to carry on. You'll find the Story Scroll in the bend
of the slope down.

The Defense Drone is a new enemy, the green circle on the floor spawns out a
few small flying machines that fire at you, to stop the spawning simply destroy
the control tower nearby. Hit the switch on the right to open up the door. The
next section has a load of Arkeyan Blasters surrounding a Defense Drone control
tower, destroy them all to open up the monster gate behind. In the next bit
there's just one control tower with four spawn points, go for the tower to
destroy all four spots.

Ignore the door next to the Weapon Master here and instead follow the path up
to the left, at the top you'll find another Defense Drone tower and the
Treasure Chest next to it. Return to the Weapon Master and go through the door
to climb aboard the War Machine.

  | [022102]      Halls of Molten Fire      [022102] |

This section is pretty straight forward, shoot down the flying enemies and
punch the platforms. The machine will walk by itself and has plenty of health
so there's not much you need to do.

Up until you get to the fist fight with another War Machine that is, but even
there you just need to keep tapping the attack buttons until it explodes.

  | [022103]      The Crucible      [022103] |

First pull the active switch and then the other switch that will open the door,
there's a set of four Arkeyan Defenders blocking your path, you'll have to kill
them to progress past their monster gate. Along the path towards the vault
you'll have to kill a whole long line of Arkeyan Blasters lining the route,
once you've gotten through them you're there.

  | [022104]      The Vault      [022104] |

Go down the steps to where the Eternal Magic Source is being kept, it's locked
up of course.

  | [022105]      The Crucible      [022105] |

Hit the switch and go down the slope to the tiled floor, head left at the
bottom and onto the rocky section. In the north-west corner next to a Defense
Drone tower is a Treasure Chest.

 | Head south from there and you'll find a blue glowing object surrounded by |
 | rocks but no pickaxe in sight. You'll need an Earth Skylander to break    |
 | through there and collect the Legendary Treasure within.                  |

Continue to the right and there you'll see an Air Gate.

 | Pandoran Gift Shop                                                        |
 | A lot of moving platforms ahead. If you fall off then walk back to the    |
 | left and use the teleporter to get back up. Walk along the path and take  |
 | the first across, the next two move towards each other. Quickly step onto |
 | the three platforms moving in and out of the wall, do it as soon as the   |
 | first one pops out rather than waiting for all three to be in position.   |
 |                                                                           |
 | Stop there and wait for a single platform coming from the screen rather   |
 | than walking along the next three, that's the last of the Treasure        |
 | Chests. Go back and to the right along that second set of three           |
 | platforms. The next platform won't quite reach so you need to use the     |
 | bounce pad to get on it at its closest point. The next bounce pad is used |
 | as the platform approaches too.                                           |
 |                                                                           |
 | You've reached a sort of checkpoint, falling off the platforms now will   |
 | only mean coming back to here. Use the rising platforms to get up and     |
 | walk along the undulating platforms, perfectly straightforward. Wait for  |
 | another platform at the end, you'll be switching between the up and down  |
 | sides to get to the Present with the Wizard Hat inside.                   |

Walk up the steps at the right-hand end and attack the two Defense Drone towers
and a line of Arkeyan Blasters, behind them is the Security Card. If you then
go north you'll find Voodood's Soul Gem "Impervious Tripwire".

Your trip back up to the Security Panel will be interrupted by some more
enemies that have spawned in on the slope upwards and the Vault itself, the
most dangerous being the two Ultrons at the centre of it all. Once you've
destroyed them press the button on the wall to open up the gate and get up to
the Security Panel.

The first of the three switches is in the room directly north of the Security
Panel, approach it and kill the two Defenders that are in there. Next head down
to the right for the second door, there's another couple of Defenders in there
too. Finally go down through the vault again and north to the third switch.
Return to the vault to pick up the Eternal Magic Source.

  | [022106]      Ruins      [022106] |

The last few things have been added to the Ruins, the eighth element added to
the Elemental Totem for a whole load of gems. The last Winged Sapphire is down
in the cage at the docks:

Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left

Once you've done that and upgraded your Skylanders, it's time to enter the Lair
of Kaos.

 ,--------,              ,--------------------------,               ,--------,
| [022200] |~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Chapter 22: Lair of Kaos  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [022200] |
 '--------'              '--------------------------'               '--------'

   1. Find entrance to the Castle

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o Coldfire Crater
          o Path of Fangs
          o Alternate Ends
          o Towers of Darkness
          o The Farthest Reach
          o Forlorn Islands
          o Castle Blackthrone
    * Cleared in under: 08:51

    * Soul Gems: 1
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 1
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

  | [022201]      Coldfire Crater      [022201] |

Once you've smushed the Flame Imps you'll be able to use the teleporter to go
up a short distance. Smack around a few more Flame Imps and head up to the
right where there's a Lava King guarding a key. Take that key and use it in the
door on the left. A couple of Drow Witches will appear but they should be no
problem at this point.

  | [022202]      Path of Fangs      [022202] |

It's easy to miss but the mechanic of this path is for you to choose a side and
then the path will open, the other side closing. At this first point it is
fairly trivial, either Food or Gems. Choose one and walk over the middle of the
little circular area, this will trigger the gates to switch and allow you
through (but block the other side).

Lining the sides of the path now are some electrical fangs, these slam down and
shoot out electricity when you get close, to avoid them simply approach and
retreat, wait for them to go back up and then quickly walk through as they have
a short pause before they do it again. Characters with a fast movement ability
can also just run straight through.

After another pair of fangs is a choice that seems to have been made to cause
anyone not concentrating to lose all sense of what was triggering the gates to
open. Anyway the right-hand side has a magic gate to go through.

 | Alternate Ends                                                            |
 | Instead of a rotating blade the floor rotates, to get past the blade you  |
 | need to wait for the bounce pad to get onto the correct side so that you  |
 | can use it. Bounce to the right and up the steps. Here is a rotating      |
 | floor and a rotating blade, the bounce pad is just for getting a few gems |
 | in the air, walk up the steps.                                            |
 |                                                                           |
 | The blade and floor combo at the top of those steps is trickier, you need |
 | to use the bounce pad to get up to the left onto some moving steps. Once  |
 | you're on them wait for them to line up and walk to the Present with the  |
 | Wabbit Ears inside.                                                       |
 |                                                                           |
 | Drop back down and go along the path to the right, bouncing up to a       |
 | large, empty platform. Drop off the other side and walk through the spike |
 | traps to a bounce pad that'll take you up to a Treasure Chest in the      |
 | middle of a spike trap. To get back to the level simply go in the         |
 | opposite direction, you'll need to bounce onto that raised bounce pad of  |
 | course.                                                                   |

Go through the next set of fangs before taking the left side to pick up Double
Trouble's Waterwalker Soul Gem. Bounce up to a couple of Drow Witches and then
pick up the Story Scroll on the right-hand side. Your next choice is between
food and money, and then, irritatingly, between the Legendary Treasure and a
Treasure Chest. So you'll have to come back to get the other for full
completion. Remember that you do get money from picking up a Legendary
Treasure, I'd pick that one.

That last choice will open up a rotating blade over a rotating floor. Follow
the blade clockwise to get around it and down some steps.

  | [022203]      Towers of Darkness      [022203] |

You'll next come across a triple locked gate being guarded by a Lava King, some
Drow Witches and a couple of Shadow Knights. The keys are further along so go
up them steps to find the first just sitting there out in the open. The other
two'll be a little trickier.

Now there are two directions to go in, either left or right. For the sake of
the walkthrough we'll go left first but it doesn't really matter. It may look
like a deadend but if you cross over the centre of the circular area the whole
thing will begin to move and take you off to the next location. Unfortunately
the elevator is lined with those electrical fangs so try to stand in-between
them while you're waiting to arrive.

  | [022204]      The Farthest Reach      [022204] |

Go down the red slope towards a group of enemies, there's four Shadow Knights
and a Tech Spell Punk. You can just run in and grab the key as killing them is
unnecessary to get back, simply use the same elevator you came in on. The ride
back is just as slow.

  | [022205]      Forlorn Islands      [022205] |

This one has a few Drow Witches and a couple of Shadow Knights, there's also a
Treasure Chest off to the right. Once you've got it and the key use the
elevator to return to the locked gate.

  | [022206]      Towers of Darkness      [022206] |

The rotating blade at the bottom is simple, just follow it around, there's a
Tech Spell Punk attacking you though so watch out for that. Kill it and the two
enemies next to a closed gate, it'll open once they're dead. This last area
locks you in and brings on a few waves of enemies for you to fight.

First up will be some Drow Witches and a Lava King, once they're dead a couple
of Shadow Knights will arrive. After them two Tech Spell Punks and finally a
Lava King and two Shadow Knights.

If you're ready (your characters will all heal up so don't worry about that),
step through the gate and we're off to face Kaos.

  | [022207]      Castle Blackthrone      [022207] |

You have two initial directions to go with this fight, either concentrate on
wiping out the minions or concentrate on attacking Kaos while he's sat on the
floor in his machine. It's a long fight either way.

If you go for the minions then wiping out each trio will advance the stage of
the fight, unfortunately this doesn't actually advance any damage done to Kaos.
Once you've wiped out all five waves of minions you'll just be left to avoid
the magic spells while trying to attack Kaos. The downside being that he will
have more health left at this point so you'll have to dodge for longer, the up
side being that you can collect or store food from minions, to store it just
leave it alone and it'll remain on the floor until you walk into it.

If you go straight for the attack on Kaos you won't have to kill the minions,
about every tenth of health you take will advance the stage of the fight and
the minions will be replaced by the next set. The up side is that the final
stage starts with less health on Kaos, down side is that you won't have any
food dotted about the level waiting for you pick it up.

First off you'll get a small array of different minions one at a time, each one
getting removed after a while only to be replaced by another whether or not
you've killed it. They'll retain their health status when they reappear so
attacking them does actually mean something.

Hopefully you remember how you fought them previously, the same thing applies

If you kill all of the minions or damage Kaos enough you'll be attacked by the
Hydra. This is essentially just the magic spells you'll have encountered
before, the game will select one of four at random to attack you. This does
mean you can get the same one multiple times in a row.

    * The blue one does the shark attack.
    * The green one does the green ball attack.
    * The skeleton looking head does the laser attack.
    * The black firey one does the fireball attack.

The spells for now are the most basic form but this will keep going and going
until you get Kaos's life bar down about a tenth, he lands at the start of each
attack for a few seconds - that is your cue to attack.

The next set of Evil Minions are his brawlers, and he'll send out two at a
time. The minions that make up the rotating selection are Stump Smash, Eruptor,
and Slam Bam again. After a short time they'll be removed and then the shark
magic spell will be cast. You have a chance to attack Kaos at the beginning of
each of these parts, take it!

Eruptor is the one most likely to suddenly lower your health, his initial
fireball attacks are powerful and if you get caught up in them not only will
you be hit by them but the other two minions' attacks will likely hit you too.
So stay wary of Eruptor and watch out for Stump Smash's rolling seeds.

If you kill all of those three or you get Kaos down by another tenth, another
set of three will take their place. The next lot are Stealth Elf, Zap, and
Ghost Roaster, much more annoying enemies. The magic spell cast during these is
the one with the green balls.

Ghost Roaster and Zap are the annoying ones this time, just watch Ghost
Roaster's preparations to attack and go for Zap first as he has some long range
attacks that'll get dangerous.

If you decide to kill those off too the next three will arrive; Zook, Chop
Chop, and Sunburn. Even more annoying enemies and you'll now get all three at
once. The magic spell for them is the laser beams.

This is the hard part, Chop Chop is just as devastating as the last fight. Keep
a close eye on his approach and if possible kill him first.

We're onto Hex, Flameslinger, and Gill Grunt now. You guessed it, it's the
fireball spell. These ranged attackers are all fairly pathetic, they all stand
still in about the same spot so if you've got an attack that does a wide area
of damage it'll be great here.

Once those three are dead, or you've gotten Kaos down to about half health,
you're out of minions. On the Wii version at this point Kaos will regenerate,
what fun. Now you've instead got to suffer through constant waves of magic
spells, you'll get each of them in turn first with Kaos on the floor ready to
be attacked and then several more just avoiding them. He'll come down only
after you see the Hydra's head swap so just focus on avoiding the spells until

That's the last part of the fight, if you're still near the top of Kaos's
health bar you've got a long way to go though. Just keep at it and you'll
eventually manage to get it to zero and win the battle.

  | [022208]      Ruins      [022208] |

And that's that. What is there to do now? Aside from going back to fully
complete any levels you've not done so for yet, you can finish levelling and
upgrading your Skylanders, as well as completing any skipped over Heroic

The walkthrough will now go on to detail the Adventure Packs, these can be done
at any point you like but if you go by chapter number they are after the Lair
of Kaos.

 ,--------,               ,-------------------------,               ,--------,
| [022400] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Chapter 24: Pirate Seas  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [022400] |
 '--------'               '-------------------------'               '--------'

   1. Defeat the Pirates
   2. Destroy the Island defenses
   3. Defeat Dreadbeard

    * Enemy Goal
    * No Lives Lost
    * All Areas Found
          o The Docks
          o Shipwright's Square
          o Pirate Training Grounds (Life)
          o Fountain Square
          o Mayor's Office
          o Coconut Islands
    * Cleared in under: 17:34

    * Soul Gems: 1
    * Legendary Treasure
    * Hats: 2
    * Treasure Chests: 3
    * Story Scroll

Simply place your Pirate Ship onto the Portal of Power whilst in the Ruins and
a new ship will arrive down at the docks.

  | [022401]      The Docks      [022401] |

Walk backwards down the dock it immediately pick up the level's Story Scroll.
Go onto land and to the right, there's a small group of red Chompies that'll
attack, these are pretty much the same as the green ones. Once you destroy the
Chompy Pod they're coming from you'll be able to advance through a monster
gate, this will take you to an open area with a new type of enemy, the Seadog

  | [022402]      Shipwright's Square      [022402] |

The Seadog Skippers are much the same as many other enemies, they'll turn
towards you and start their firing animation, this gives you plenty of time to
move out of the way of the cannonball. Once you've killed them and the Chompies
talk to he pirate standing behind the small blue table.

Fangs will introduce you to the sport of Pirate Cards, all you have to do is
find matching pairs. The Anchor Deck is only six cards so it shouldn't take too
long to beat but they give you 55 seconds anyway. The Ship Master that you free
will tell you where you can find Mayor LeGrand, up at the top of the hill.

Before you go there though go behind the area that the cage is on and towards a
Life Gate, there's a Treasure Chest right next to it.

 | Pirate Training Grounds                                                   |
 | If only you had a key. Go around the circular walled area and up onto a   |
 | small raised platform with two glowing buttons on it. You might as well   |
 | just stand on both of them, this will raise up the blocks on the left and |
 | right, drop down and push the moveable block left once, then down twice.  |
 | Walk around and then up the steps again to use the blocks as a bridge to  |
 | another button which you should now stand on.                             |
 |                                                                           |
 | Jump back down and push the block up twice and right three times, then    |
 | push it down twice. Again go back around and press the button up on the   |
 | platform there. Push the block in-between the newly raised pair to go     |
 | north. Bounce up twice and walk forwards.                                 |
 |                                                                           |
 | Use the bounce pad in the middle of the spikes to bounce up to the right, |
 | keep bouncing along until you get to the end where there's a bomb.        |
 | There's also a button here you might want to press, it's not 100%         |
 | necessary but if you fall off in a bit you might find it a bit easier     |
 | getting back. Anyway bounce up to the bomb and grab it, now bounce back   |
 | along to the left hopefully with just enough time to throw the bomb at    |
 | the wall. Grab the key and step into the teleporter.                      |
 |                                                                           |
 | Now it's a simple case of going up to the Present and collecting your     |
 | Pirate Hat.                                                               |

Return to where you played Pirate Cards and go down to the south keeping to the
left, you should pass by a Present on the right, you'll have to wait a bit
before reaching that. Right before the next monster gate is a lone Seadog
Pirate, these guys simply attack with a sword in a jabbing motion.

Through the gate and you'll meet a Captain K9, a large enemy that smacks the
ground with an anchor. Once you've killed him and the rest of his gang behind
him proceed towards the far left where you'll spot a turret sitting there. Hop
in. Shoot the ship enough and you'll be thrown out to pick up the Legendary

If you walk up the curved steps of the building right next to the turret you'll
find Terrafin's Soul Gem for the "Surface Feeder" ability.

  | [022403]      Fountain Square      [022403] |

Follow the path along until you reach a fountain in the middle, head south of
that to a bounce pad. Use the bounce pad to jump all the way back across to the
Present and Treasure Chest you passed by earlier. The Pirate Doo Rag is yours.
Return to the fountain and continue on along the path, kill the ambush of
enemies that are standing near an empty table.

Go up the slope on the left.

  | [022404]      Mayor's Office      [022404] |

There's a whole host of enemies up here including a Life Spell Punk to heal
them up a bit. Once you've killed them all go talk to the pirate standing next
to a table. Bandit's Cannon Deck ups the game by having nine cards on the
table. How you do match nine cards into pairs? Well one of them is a Wild Card
which when flipped will take both of the other card you flip off the table.
Leaving you with a nice even number left to complete in 1 minute. The game will
also introduce cards that extend your time limit, they'll simply say +8 or some
other number and that amount of seconds will be added onto your time when you
match the pair.

Once you've beaten that go back down the slope to the table you saw earlier,
it's now occupied by a pirate named Chance who has a Pirate Curse Deck. The
Pirate Curse Deck has twelve cards in it, including a brand new pair the Pirate
Curse. If you match the Pirate Curse the entire deck will shuffle around
causing you to lose track of the position of cards you've previously turned
over. Because of that and due to the fact that it doesn't even count as one of
the pairs needed for completion, try and save them for last.

  | [022405]      Coconut Islands      [022405] |

Crossover the drawbridge and go left towards a couple of Seadog Skippers and a
couple of Chompy Pods. Guarding the bridge on the right is yet another pirate,
this one, going by the name of Woof, has the Mermaid Deck. Fifteen cards this
time, that means there's a Wild Card in there along with the Pirate Curse
cards. There's also a Peekyboo pair, if you get them both the game will show
you each card in the entire deck one by one. Very useful but obviously it can
be tough remembering them all from that showing if there are a lot left on the

Cross the bridge and destroy the Chompy Pod, and before you know it you'll be
playing another deck. Doggerts' deck is the Lookout Deck, there's nothing new
this time just more cards. Eighteen of them to be precise.

There's a whole line of enemies up ahead, smash your way through them and then,
if you've got a Skylander that can go over water, cross the water on the left
and go north under a grassy bridge where you'll find the level's final Treasure
Chest. Return to land and walk up the slopes, kill the enemies up there and
cross that same grassy bridge going left.

Dreadbeard has a game for you. Pirate Cards! The Skull Deck is made of 21 cards
and you get two minutes to beat it.

Circle the island firing at the towers and the ships, every two towers you
destroy a new cannon will appear and start firing at you up to three. There's
not much you need to worry about, it's only if you're sitting still for too
long that you're likely to actually get anywhere near being destroyed. Remember
that you can immediately turn around and go back if you miss fully destroying a
tower, no need to circle the entire thing again.

Once you've finished off the towers and the ships you'll have to play one last
game of Pirate Cards with Dreadbeard. The Poop Deck Deck. There are 24 cards in
this one and you're given 2:10 to finish it. With only 10 pairs needed there
are two Wild Cards in there as well as the Pirate Curse pair. You've also got a
new card, the Remove Curse card, if you match them the Pirate Curse cards will
be removed from the table.

You can return to the Pirate Seas either by visiting the ship in the docks or
the normal Chapter Select method.


Those funny little things you wear on your head. Hats. You can find a few in
each level, they all give you a small bonus to your stats. You can either
choose them for those stats or just the way they look.

The "exclusive" hats all have the same stats as each other, they just look

            | HAT             | SPEED | ARMOR | CRIT | ELEMENTAL |
            | Combat Hat      |       |       |      | 15        |
            | Napoleon Hat    |       | 5     |      | 5         |
            | Spy Gear        | 2     |       | 5    |           |
            | Miner Hat       |       | 7     |      | 7         |
            | General's Hat   |       |       | 7    | 7         |
            | Pirate Hat      |       |       | 20   |           |
            | Propeller Cap   | 3     |       |      |           |
            | Coonskin Cap    |       |       | 10   |           |
            | Straw Hat       |       | 2     | 2    |           |
            | Fancy Hat       | 1     | 2     |      |           |
            | Top Hat         |       | 5     | 5    |           |
            | Viking Helmet   |       |       | 5    |           |
            | Spiked Hat      |       | 7     | 7    |           |
            | Anvil Hat       |       | 5     |      |           |
            | Beret           |       |       | 15   |           |
            | Birthday Hat    | 1     |       | 2    |           |
            | Bone Head       | 3     |       |      | 7         |
            | ???             |       |       |      |           |
            | HAT             | SPEED | ARMOR | CRIT | ELEMENTAL |
            | Wabbit Ears     | 5     | 12    |      |           |
            | Tropical Turban | 2     |       |      | 5         |
            | Chef Hat        |       |       | 10   | 10        |
            | Cowboy Hat      |       | 2     | 2    |           |
            | Rocker Hair     |       |       | 7    | 3         |
            | Royal Crown     |       |       |      |           |
            | Lil Devil       | 9     |       |      |           |
            | Eye Hat         |       |       | 5    | 5         |
            | Fez             |       |       |      | 5         |
            | Crown of Light  |       | 15    |      |           |
            | Jester Hat      | 1     |       |      | 2         |
            | Winged Hat      |       |       |      |           |
            | Moose Hat       | 2     | 5     |      |           |
            | Plunger Head    |       |       | 2    | 2         |
            | Pan Hat         |       | 2     |      | 2         |
            | Rocket Hat      | 6     |       |      |           |
            | Santa Hat       |       |       |      |           |
            | Tiki Hat        |       |       |      | 10        |
            | HAT             | SPEED | ARMOR | CRIT | ELEMENTAL |
            | Trojan Helmet   |       | 10    |      |           |
            | Unicorn Hat     |       | 12    | 12   |           |
            | Wizard Hat      |       |       |      | 25        |
            | Pumpkin Hat     |       |       |      |           |
            | Pirate Doo Rag  | 4     |       |      |           |
            | Cossack Hat     |       |       |      |           |
            | ???             |       |       |      |           |
            | ???             |       |       |      |           |
            | ???             |       |       |      |           |
            | Balloon Hat     |       | 2     | 2    |           |

 ,--------,                     ,------------,                      ,--------,
| [030100] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Speed Hats  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [030100] |
 '--------'                     '------------'                      '--------'

            | HAT             | SPEED | ARMOR | CRIT | ELEMENTAL |
            | Lil Devil       | 9     |       |      |           |
            | Rocket Hat      | 6     |       |      |           |
            | Wabbit Ears     | 5     | 12    |      |           |
            | Pirate Doo Rag  | 4     |       |      |           |
            | Bone Head       | 3     |       |      | 7         |
            | Propeller Cap   | 3     |       |      |           |
            | Moose Hat       | 2     | 5     |      |           |
            | Spy Gear        | 2     |       | 5    |           |
            | Tropical Turban | 2     |       |      | 5         |
            | Fancy Hat       | 1     | 2     |      |           |
            | Birthday Hat    | 1     |       | 2    |           |
            | Jester Hat      | 1     |       |      | 2         |

 ,--------,                     ,------------,                      ,--------,
| [030200] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Armor Hats  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [030200] |
 '--------'                     '------------'                      '--------'

             | HAT            | SPEED | ARMOR | CRIT | ELEMENTAL |
             | Crown of Light |       | 15    |      |           |
             | Unicorn Hat    |       | 12    | 12   |           |
             | Wabbit Ears    | 5     | 12    |      |           |
             | Trojan Helmet  |       | 10    |      |           |
             | Spiked Hat     |       | 7     | 7    |           |
             | Miner Hat      |       | 7     |      | 7         |
             | Top Hat        |       | 5     | 5    |           |
             | Napoleon Hat   |       | 5     |      | 5         |
             | Moose Hat      | 2     | 5     |      |           |
             | Anvil Hat      |       | 5     |      |           |
             | Straw Hat      |       | 2     | 2    |           |
             | Cowboy Hat     |       | 2     | 2    |           |
             | Balloon Hat    |       | 2     | 2    |           |
             | Pan Hat        |       | 2     |      | 2         |
             | Fancy Hat      | 1     | 2     |      |           |

 ,--------,                      ,-----------,                      ,--------,
| [030300] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Crit Hats  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [030300] |
 '--------'                      '-----------'                      '--------'

             | HAT           | SPEED | ARMOR | CRIT | ELEMENTAL |
             | Pirate Hat    |       |       | 20   |           |
             | Beret         |       |       | 15   |           |
             | Unicorn Hat   |       | 12    | 12   |           |
             | Chef Hat      |       |       | 10   | 10        |
             | Coonskin Cap  |       |       | 10   |           |
             | Spiked Hat    |       | 7     | 7    |           |
             | General's Hat |       |       | 7    | 7         |
             | Rocker Hair   |       |       | 7    | 3         |
             | Top Hat       |       | 5     | 5    |           |
             | Eye Hat       |       |       | 5    | 5         |
             | Viking Helmet |       |       | 5    |           |
             | Spy Gear      | 2     |       | 5    |           |
             | Straw Hat     |       | 2     | 2    |           |
             | Cowboy Hat    |       | 2     | 2    |           |
             | Balloon Hat   |       | 2     | 2    |           |
             | Plunger Head  |       |       | 2    | 2         |
             | Birthday Hat  | 1     |       | 2    |           |

 ,--------,                   ,----------------,                    ,--------,
| [030400] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Elemental Hats  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [030400] |
 '--------'                   '----------------'                    '--------'

            | HAT             | SPEED | ARMOR | CRIT | ELEMENTAL |
            | Wizard Hat      |       |       |      | 25        |
            | Combat Hat      |       |       |      | 15        |
            | Chef Hat        |       |       | 10   | 10        |
            | Tiki Hat        |       |       |      | 10        |
            | Miner Hat       |       | 7     |      | 7         |
            | General's Hat   |       |       | 7    | 7         |
            | Bone Head       | 3     |       |      | 7         |
            | Napoleon Hat    |       | 5     |      | 5         |
            | Eye Hat         |       |       | 5    | 5         |
            | Tropical Turban | 2     |       |      | 5         |
            | Fez             |       |       |      | 5         |
            | Rocker Hair     |       |       | 7    | 3         |
            | Pan Hat         |       | 2     |      | 2         |
            | Plunger Head    |       |       | 2    | 2         |
            | Jester Hat      | 1     |       |      | 2         |

|~-[040000]~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-WINGED SAPPHIRES~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~[040000]-~|

1. Next to Persephone after Stormy Stronghold. 2. At the gate that opens on the
beach after getting the Eternal Water Source. 3. Inside the cave opened by
oiling a robot on the beach. 4. Up a series of bouncy pads in the water to the
east of the bridge. 5. Under rock where Arbo came from. 6. Inside fence next to
the Train opens after getting the Eternal Undead Source. 7. Inside a cave near
the Train, blow it up. 8. Inside a hole near the Train, blow it up and then
jump in. 9. Oil the Train. 10. Inside the prison by the docks after getting the
Eternal Magic Source.


Here is a list of the Skylanders and their base stats, these can be improved by
doing Heroic Challenges.

The Health stats are from the Skylander at level 10.

Unfortunately, since I don't have all of the Skylanders and many are still
unavailable at the time of writing, some are missing their stats.

         | Bash            | 35    | 12    | 20   | 39      |        |
         | L-Bash          |       |       |      |         |        |
         | Terrafin        | 35    | 18    | 30   | 39      |        |
         | Dino-Rang       |       |       |      |         |        |
         | Prism Break     | 35    | 18    | 30   | 39      |        |
         | Drobot          | 43    | 24    | 20   | 39      |        |
         | Drill Sergeant  |       |       |      |         |        |
         | Boomer          | 35    | 18    | 50   | 39      |        |
         | Trigger Happy   | 50    | 30    | 50   | 39      | 400    |
         | L-Trigger Happy |       |       |      |         |        |
         | Cynder          |       |       |      |         |        |
         | Hex             |       |       |      |         |        |
         | Chop Chop       | 50    | 24    | 10   | 25      | 600    |
         | L-Chop Chop     |       |       |      |         |        |
         | Ghost Roaster   |       |       |      |         |        |
         | Camo            |       |       |      |         |        |
         | Zook            |       |       |      |         |        |
         | Stump Smash     | 43    | 30    | 20   | 32      | 680    |
         | Stealth Elf     | 50    | 12    | 50   | 32      | 540    |
         | Sunburn         |       |       |      |         |        |
         | Eruptor         | 35    | 18    | 30   | 39      |        |
         | Ignitor         | 43    | 12    | 40   | 39      | 480    |
         | Flameslinger    | 50    | 24    | 40   | 39      |        |
         | Spyro           | 50    | 18    | 30   | 32      | 560    |
         | Dark Spyro      | 50    | 18    | 30   | 32      | 560    |
         | L-Spyro         | 50    | 18    | 50   | 25      |        |
         | Voodood         | 35    | 12    | 30   | 32      |        |
         | Double Trouble  |       |       |      |         |        |
         | Wrecking Ball   |       |       |      |         |        |
         | Whirlwind       |       |       |      |         |        |
         | Sonic Boom      | 50    | 18    | 30   | 25      | 560    |
         | Warnado         |       |       |      |         |        |
         | Lightning Rod   |       |       |      |         |        |
         | Zap             | 50    | 24    | 30   | 32      |        |
         | Wham-Shell      |       |       |      |         |        |
         | Gill Grunt      | 35    | 6     | 50   | 32      | 540    |
         | Slam Bam        |       |       |      |         |        |

|~-[060000]~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-HEROIC CHALLENGES~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-[060000]-~|

There are 32 Heroic Challenges in total, one for each Skylander.

Dark Spyro, Spyro, and Legendary Spyro all share the same challenge. Bash and
Legendary Bash also share the same challenge as each other. As do Chop Chop and
Legendary Chop Chop. Legendary Trigger Happy and Trigger Happy are the same
too. So if you had all nine of those Skylanders you would only have four
different Heroic Challenges.

The stat increases are as follows:

Speed +8 Armor +3 Crit +5 Elemental +9

And here is a table listing the challenges with the character that unlocks them
and the type of reward.

        | 1  |                           |               |           |
        | 2  | This Bomb's for You       | Ghost Roaster | Armor     |
        | 3  |                           |               |           |
        | 4  | Where Art Thou, Paintings | Spyro         | Crit      |
        | 5  | Lair of the Giant Spiders | Prism Break   | Crit      |
        | 6  |                           |               |           |
        | 7  |                           |               |           |
        | 8  |                           |               |           |
        | 9  | Mining for Charms         | Bash          | Crit      |
        | 10 |                           |               |           |
        | 11 | Mining is the Key         | Ignitor       | Speed     |
        | 12 | Mission Achomplished      | Stump Smash   | Armor     |
        | 13 | Pod Gauntlet              | Chop Chop     | Elemental |
        | 14 | Time's A-Wastin'          | Sonic Boom    | Crit      |
        | 15 | Save the Purple Chompies! | Drobot        | Speed     |
        | 16 | Spawner Cave              | Terrafin      | Crit      |
        | 17 |                           |               |           |
        | 18 | Hobson's Choice           | Trigger Happy | Speed     |
        | 19 | Isle of the Automatons    | Eruptor       | Elemental |
        | 20 |                           |               |           |
        | 21 | Minefield Mishap          | Stealth Elf   | Speed     |
        | 22 |                           |               |           |
        | 23 | Spell Punked!             | Voodood       | Armor     |
        | 24 |                           |               |           |
        | 25 |                           |               |           |
        | 26 |                           |               |           |
        | 27 | Bombs to the Walls        | Flameslinger  | Elemental |
        | 28 | Operation: Sheep Freedom  | Boomer        | Crit      |
        | 29 | Jailbreak!                | Gill Grunt    | Armor     |
        | 30 |                           |               |           |
        | 31 |                           |               |           |
        | 32 | Break the Cats            | Zap           | Armor     |

|~-[070000]~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-[070000]-~|

      Q: Do the Adventure Packs make up any of the percentage complete

A: No, the Adventure Packs are purely extras.

      Q: Do the Heroic Challenges add any percent complete?

A: No, the Heroic Challenges, while useful in improving your characters, are
not required for 100% completion.

      Q: So just the elemental gates?

A: Yes, getting 3 Stars in each of the 22 main levels will get you 96%
completion - defeating Kaos will make it 100%. Which means you need five extra
Skylanders: one each of Fire, Undead, Earth, Air and Life.

      Q: What elements come with the Adventure Packs?

A: They are as following:

    * Pirate Seas = Earth
    * Darklight Crypt = Undead
    * Dragon's Peak = Fire
    * Empire of Ice = Water

All in all means that if you want to get 100% and all four of the bonus levels
you will still need an Air and a Life Skylander.

      Q: But what about the accolades!?

A: Yes, you'll need all of the Skylanders and all of the Adventure Packs to get
all of the accolades. You don't specifically need the Legendary set of
characters, the normal ones will do. While they do count towards your total
Skylander count you'll need all the Heroic Challenges unlocked to get all the
accolades so they're really just extra.

      Q: So how much percentage can I get with just the starter pack?

A: I believe the maximum percentage with just Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Trigger
Happy is 57%.

      Q: Do the Legendary Skylanders unlock their own Heroic Challenges?

A: No. The same Heroic Challenge is unlocked by the normal and Legendary
versions of a character, getting both versions will not add any new challenges
to your game compared to having just one of them.

      Q: Where do I find the entrance to the Adventure Pack level?

A: Pirate Seas is down by the docks, it should be the large pirate ship.
Darklight Crypt is up near Flynn's Balloon.

      Q: My Portal of Power / Skylander isn't working! What do I do?

A: You will probably need to contact Activision Support through one of the
following channels:

Activision Customer Service:





      1-800-225-6588 (U.S. & Canada) Seven days a week from 7am - 7pm Pacific
      Time except for national holidays.

Self Service Warranty Site:


Check the Customer Service page of your manual for local information.


      v1.0 - 13/11/11
      Completed the walkthrough.


Please contact me at the following email address regarding the game. Make sure
to state the name of the game in your email as well as the platform you're
playing on and to have read the Walkthrough in order to make sure that your
question hasn't already been answered.

      darkgta (at) gmail (dot) com

You can find another copy of this guide, along with guides for every other
Spyro game, on my website for Spyro the Dragon:



      Copyright 2011 dark52

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.


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