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Sniper Elite III: FAQ Guide/Walkthrough
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Author: Kenny Valdes
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Sniper Elite III is a tactical third-person short game developed by Rebellion
Developments and published by 505 Games. The game is a prequel to Sniper Elite
V2 released in 2012. The events in Sniper Elite III are set in the African
conflict during World War II. As your main character Karl Fairburne in search
for a massive super weapon, today translated as weapons of mass destruction.
This walkthrough will provide a full strategy guide for the entire “campaign
only” from beginning to finish. MISSIONS ONLY! It will also include small
trophy guides within campaign, a trophy for completing each mission, and
another for completing all optional objectives. In total, this walkthrough will
earn you 10 trophies if you complete on Normal difficulty. For collectibles,
screenshots, videos, trophy guides you can visit the link provided
*Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk – Kill 8 Enemies Using Stealth Takedowns - The main
character that you play as in Sniper Elite 3 is Karl Fairburne, an American
elite sharpshooter sent to the North Africa during World War II. As you are all
well aware in Sniper Elite 3 your primary weapon is your sniper rifle, along
with a list of stealth tactics as you make your way through the game's
campaign. Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk, your first objective is to get to the
Ramparts, which is going to be one of the easier tasks in the game. To complete
this just run forward and take cover behind the sandbags where your objective
marker is located.
Next, you'll have to kill the artillery spotters. Immediately look down the
scope of your rifle and see the first spotter right in front of you. Take aim
and put a bullet through any vital part of his body that you choose. My
personal favorite is “the headshot”. (You also get the most XP for headshots)
This should give you your first taste of the very thrilling X-Ray Kill Cam
before you take aim at the second spotter. He’s about 80 meters out to the
north and you can’t miss him as he’s marked as the objective. Then take your
shot to complete the objective 
As you move onto the next objective which quite obviously the same as the
first. First, head to your objective maker below you and about 45 meters to the
northeast. Once there, look up and to the north to see the final spotter
standing on top of a cliff. Zoom in with your rifle and take him down. My first
time taking this guy out I got my first testicle shot! (Which is actually a
trophy if you get the shot from 100 meters, but you’ll have plenty more chances
earn this trophy).
With all three spotters down, your primary objective shifts and asks you to
destroy the heavy artillery. First, move to the objective marker on your screen
that is about 10 meters to your right. Watch the brief tutorial on how to take
out vehicles, the weak point just in front of the passenger side door. When
you're ready, take aim at the vulnerability, using your first shot to break
through the exterior of the vehicle, and your second to destroy it completely.
Good work soldier!
You must now find a route through the mountain pass. “Ghost of Tobruk Trophy”
proceed through a mountain region and take out four enemy artillery. During
this entire section of the mission you cannot get spotted by an enemy. The
colored ring above the enemies head can turn yellow but it cannot turn fully
red as that indicates that the enemy has spotted you. (which I’d recommend
after every enemy encounter, create a save file so if you feel you’re going to
get caught then load last save).With your objective about 90 meters to the
east, start heading that way until you come across a miniature sandbag
underpass that you must crouch to move through. It is always a good thing to
take a quick peak at your map whenever you get a new objective or you simply
want to know where the objectives are. Sneak up behind by crouching down and
moving slowly toward the first soldier, approach and use a stealth takedown to
take him out, then move forward and take out the next soldier with the
binoculars. That should give you 2/8 for your secondary objective, killed 8
enemies using stealth takedowns. Two down, six more to go! These are the
optional objectives in the campaign. They’re not necessary to complete the
mission or campaign but by completing them all you earn a trophy
Tip: Your only secondary objective is to kill eight enemy soldiers using
stealth takedowns. All you have to do is sneak up behind a target, then press
triangle for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. You must keep in mind that
shooting enemies in the head with your Welrod pistol does not count as a
stealth takedown. 
Head through the path to the southeast and you will immediately encounter three
more soldiers. Same as before, sneak up behind each of them, using stealth
kills to take them down and give you 5/8 for your secondary objective. ONLY 3
MORE TO GO! If you can't get the stealth kill on the final two, try your Welrod
or a grenade. As soon as the last soldier is down, your objective will update
to destroy the Nebelwerfers or eliminate the crew, and you've just cleaned out
the first of four. 
Tip: Ammunition is scarce in this game. Stealth isn't just an option, it's the
only way to effectively work your way through the missions. Make sure you
approach a body and hit the button indicated to search it and sometimes you
will find a crate in Snipers nests as well as crates with explosives but most
of the time it’s at random. This will often produce Welrod ammunition, in my
opinion the most valuable of all the weapons. I had the DLC pistol that comes
with the pre-order bonus which works much better than the Welrod in my opinion.
Another opinion I don’t like the fact that you absolutely MUST shoot the enemy
in the head in order to neutralize them. It gets quite frustrating and annoying
but I guess why the developer did this is because your sniper rifle is your
primary weapon. This is not any ordinary shooter game is what they try to get
across. Your second crew and Nebelwerfer are to the north. Climb up a small
rock ledge and notice several enemies on your radar. One of them is in the tent
directly in front of you. Sneak and use a stealth takedown to get 6/8 towards
your secondary objective. There are still two more soldiers patrolling outside
the tent, but their paths should make them easy targets to finish your optional
objective, killed 8 enemies using stealth takedowns. Just be aware of one last
guard roaming the area. Take him out with your Welrod if you have your
secondary objective at this point. 
As you're exiting the tent, head left and you'll find another Nebelwerfer with
three guards. This is a perfect opportunity to hit a triple kill with a grenade
and get bonus XP which is what I did or whatever method you decide to choose.
When cleared, 2/4 Nebelwerfer crews. Don't forget to search the bodies for
extras. For your next Nebelwerfer crew, head east where you'll find a path that
leads to a guard tower (which is one of the snipers nest). Be careful on your
approach, there’s a guard looking in your direction as you near the path's
opening. You can try to take him out with a Welrod nice and quick, but there's
a chance his friend's will hear you which id create a save just before that
part in case they do. (I do recommend creating a save file often depending on
the difficulty level you play on because if not then you can miss out on a lot
of progress that you may have made. I had to learn the hard way!). So approach
with caution using sandbags as cover and clear out the three hostiles to clear
Nebelwerfer crew 3/4. 
For your final crew, head south from the third one, crouching and sneaking
through a path with rocks around you and overhead. Remember, you can always use
a rock to distract a guard if he gets suspicious of you or hears you and throw
in a different direction(which the yellow circular indicator will appear)or try
and move out of sight, if possible. One guard will be near the tent, to the
right of the path's exit. If you haven't gotten all of your stealth takedowns,
this is a good opportunity for an easy one. This should leave one more enemy
around the tent, track him down and stab or shoot him, leaving only two more
closer to the actual artillery itself. These two hopeless souls are the perfect
targets for a well-thrown grenade. With all four Nebelwerfers down, it's now
time to survey the Desert beyond the Mountain Pass. This is your final
objective of the mission, just sprint to the north and into the marker to
finish things off. This should also unlock The Gazala Gallop, a trophy for
completing Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk.
*Mission 2: Gaberoun – Ambush and Kill the General the second mission in Sniper
Elite 3 is much longer than the first and more optional objectives as well.
Your mission is investigating General Vahlen and neutralizing his officers
along the way.
Once the mission starts, sneak forward and perform a stealth takedown on the
guard in front of you. Stay in this position, whip out your binoculars and tag
the guard in the tower to the northeast. From here, look down towards your
objective marker and tag the officer in the tent, then another guard patrolling
between him and the tower. 
Tip: Notice the sound coming from the device right beside you? When it's going
off, an icon will display on the top of your screen that indicates any shots
you take will be masked by the sound. Take out your M1 Garand and zoom in on
the guard in the tower. Wait for an opportunity for your shots to be masked,
then put a bullet in his head. Next, go for the roaming guard behind the tent.
It's best to drop him right here so you don't alert the officer. When your shot
is masked, go ahead and drop him. Once he’s dead, start picking off the rest of
the soldiers one by one using the same strategy to keep your visibility as a
ghost and remain silent.
Proceed down and search the officer's body, before you work your way to his
body, spend a moment locating two more patrolling soldiers, one in the ruins
near the officer's tent, and another who will walk right by the fire. Sneak
down, taking out the soldier near the fire, then the second one in the nearby
ruins (also near a fire). The last soldier is sitting in a broken building on
the northeast side of the road. Use your Welrod to shoot him in the head before
going back to the tent and searching the officer for intelligence. By doing
this you will complete your first objective, find information about the base. 
Your new primary objective is to eliminate and search key officers for Intel.
There are three of them in total, and you can kill them in any order, the map
isn't as wide open as you might expect. Follow the main road and use your
binoculars to look to the northwest. You should spot a two-man patrol that will
head up into the hills, also to the northwest. Continue to look around the
area, including directly to the north where another soldier is wandering around
some ruins. If you look up from his position, you'll find one more soldier just
chilling out in a sniper's nest. Tag him, then head up the path on the left
side of the road to deal with the patrol. Keep your Welrod equipped and
remember to always create a new save file in case you fail. At some point, the
patrol will split up, giving you a chance to use a stealth takedown on the
straggler. As soon as he's out cold, go deal with his buddy a bit further up
the path. If you're afraid of him turning around, just use your Welrod and
shoot him in the head. 
From here, head up the path and take out the guy in the sniper's nest and take
that guy out and assume the position in the snipers nest by pressing X on
PlayStation 4. You can skip the guard in the ruins, but in case things go
badly, it’s best to take him out. Once he's dealt with, head into the sniper's
nest for a stealth takedown, then bust out your binoculars and do a thorough
scan of the entire area, tagging as many enemy soldiers as you can spot,
including the officer inside the tent to the east. From this position, note
that there are two paths surrounding the area. The one you took to reach your
sniper's nest, (I’d recommend and put a land mine in that area in case if
things tend to go south) and another one to the south. You can kill the officer
from here with ease.
Tip: There isn't anything nearby to mask your rifle shot, so make sure you only
shoot once, killing the officer and then relocating by backtracking down the
path you used to get here. 
If you kill the officer from this location you’ll complete an optional
objective, eliminate the officer from the sniper nest. Either way, once he
drops, head back down the path, cross the road and head up the path to the
south. There will be two guards patrolling the path to the south, remember to
walking with caution slowly but these guys are close to one another so you
should be able to score two easy stealth takedowns. The second guard actually
patrols around the tent the officer was in, so follow behind him and then
search the officer's body once the guard has been eliminated. This will be your
first of three officers required to complete the objective, eliminate and
search key officers for Intel. 
Exit the tent with the officer's body and go around back to the lake. You can
go into it, but you are going to move clockwise along its edge to sneak past
the dead officer's goons. If you continue to head directly north, you'll
eventually find a crawl space that will safety deliver you to the next area.
Go prone and use this to approach your next target. When you emerge from the
crawl space, look left and see a guard, then look in front of you to see one
more that patrols on the other side of the building. Sneak left, using your
Welrod to kill the guard to the left, then double back where you exited the
crawl space and pick off the guard on the other side of the building. That
should allow you to sneak around the area without anyone bothering you. 
From where you exited the crawl space, go forward and take the path to the
right, heading along it as you move toward your second officer to the
northeast. Stick to the bushes to keep stealth, noticing that there is a guard
facing the direction you approach from. Get close, then pick him off with your
Welrod. The nearby officer and his buddies shouldn't notice. Next, grab a
grenade and toss it directly in front of the officer. This should net you a
triple kill, leaving only one more guy in this area. Of course, he'll come
looking for you, but since he's alone, you should be able to drop him without
trouble. Now search the officer's body to complete part 2/3 in the optional
objective to eliminate and search key officers for Intel.
While you could continue past the dead officer to the northeast, head back the
way you came, eventually hitting the road and crossing to the west side. Look
up the road, keep mind of the three guards on the left, two near a fire on a
platform. Use your Welrod to take all three out, then head west from the fire
and up onto the path. Turn left on the path (heading back toward the area with
the first officer) and use a stealth takedown to kill a lone guard. Hang out in
this location, sabotaging the nearby equipment. This is a perfect place for you
to complete an optional objective called searchlight disabled. Wait for the
on-screen notification that your rifle shots will be masked, then take out the
guard next to the spotlight. Wait for the next opportunity, and take out the
spotlight itself. Continue aiming down your scope, looking at the broken
buildings below and to the left of the tower. There will be several guards in
this location. Continue to time your shots and pick them off one by one. This
will make it much easier as you approach the third officer heading forward. 
When you can't find anyone else to shoot (the third officer cannot be hit from
here), follow the path to the northwest, using a stealth takedown to neutralize
a guard at the end of the path. You'll notice there is music playing, you don’t
need to sabotage it. If you find it annoying feel free to try it. Either way,
the previous spot we pointed out will work just fine. 
Drop down into the ruins from here, using stealth takedowns to clean out any
soldiers you missed with your sniper rifle. When the area is clear, head up to
the rocks next to the tower that had the spotlight. From this location, the
final officer should be between 30-40 meters to your northeast, pacing around a
tent. There is a guard on the far side of the tent and two inside, but you
shouldn't have any trouble scoring a stealth takedown on the officer before
worrying about them. Check his body to complete the search key officers for
Intel objective. FINALLY! 
Unfortunately, you're not done. While perched on top of the rock, you likely
received an optional objective to destroy the motor pool. Plus, as soon as you
searched the body of the third officer, you were instructed to eliminate and
search the final officer. First, however, take out the guard outside the tent,
then head inside and neutralize the two bad guys messing around with Morse
code. We suggest shooting the first in the head with your Welrod, then quickly
performing a stealth takedown on the second guy. 
Exit the tent and head to the east, going up a small hill to a generator.
Sabotage it, then take an over watch position, tagging all the nearby guards
with your binoculars. Again, wait for the generator to go haywire and the
on-screen icon to tell you it's safe to shoot, then start picking off guards
away from their friends. Again, don’t shoot unless your rifle shots are masked.
There aren't many good places for you to relocate if you're position is
Tip: Don't just shoot the guards. Go for the vulnerable points on the trucks.
It will take two shots to blow each truck up, but most of them have guards
nearby (also place a land mine or dynamite near the middle of the motor pool to
help destroy all at once).
With all of the guards killed and the five trucks destroyed, you’ll complete
destroy the motor pool optional objective. Next, head along the left side of
the road as you travel east. There will be two more guards hanging out on the
road near a couple of vehicles. When one comes close to you as he patrols,
shoot him with your Welrod. If the other guard spots his body, wait for him to
investigate and drop him as well. If he doesn't, sneak forward and shoot him in
the face anyway. Sticking to the left side of the road, you'll eventually come
across some ruins with a fire burning inside. You’ll know you're in the right
place if there's a lone guard, and you have to climb up two steps to reach the
top of the platform. Of course, shoot the guard in the head with your Welrod.
Now it’s time to cross the road and work your way up the right side a little
bit. Be careful, there is a guard standing behind a truck, next to a dried up
well. Jump into the well, then back out to score a stealth takedown on him.
From his location, make sure to whip out your binoculars and tag any targets
that you see up the road, including a machine gunner on the left side. Then,
cross back into the grass on the right, noting and tagging a second gunner on
that side as well. 
Sneak up the right side, going prone behind the back tire of a truck. From
here, you should be able to scoot out, hitting the machine gunner with a
headshot from your Welrod. Move forward and into the gunner's nest, then look
across the road to take out the machine-gunned across the road. While you could
continue to sneak up the right side, cross the road except this time heading
into some broken buildings on the left side. You'll find two guards up here,
but they are looking out over the road and should be two easy stealth takedowns
for you by going around them. You'll also notice a piece of equipment that you
can sabotage, allowing you to fire from this location without being
detected. From your current position in the broken building on the east side of
the road, start tagging targets and picking them off one by one. I suggest to
start with the guy who hangs out in the tower, just to be sure he doesn't spot
any dead bodies from his position. When most or all of the enemy forces are
down, take out the officer. 
Tip: Before you search the officer, I recommend lying out some land mines in
the middle of the road to easily take out the tank. Your final objective will
be to ambush a general, and he approaches very quickly. Preparing for his
arrival ahead of time will make things easier on you. 
Head down and search the final officer’s body and this will complete your
primary objective to eliminate and search the final officer, as well as give
you a new one to ambush and kill the General before he leaves. Since your land
mines have already been placed on the road, backtrack to your sniper's position
in the broken building or to a safe place where you can’t be seen. Then wait
for the half-track to approach. Once it’s close the land mines should
obliterate it and complete the final objective. That's pretty much it. Since
you killed everyone (Literally EVERYONE!) in this area, sprint to the marker on
your screen, completing the exfiltrate undetected objective and ending the
mission. This will also unlock a trophy or achievement for finishing the
*Mission 3: Halfaya Pass Your first objective is to explore the mountain
settlements. Once you begin, head across the bridge to the northeast and under
the tent to the right. Continue taking the path to the northeast, going under
the first bridge, then taking a right and going under another. Continue to stay
in the ditch as there are guards EVERYWHERE above you! Follow the path to the
east, skipping by the machine gun nest those branches off to the west. A short
distance east of the machine gun nest, climb up out of the ditch on the right
hand side (You can choose to take these guys out but there is a high chance you
may get caught and start a firefight). Head through the grass as you continue
northeast, then cross the bridge to the north. You'll know getting close when
the bridge shows that you are about 50 meters from your first objective. You
don't actually have to walk into your objective. Simply passing by and sticking
to the right is close enough. This will be enough to complete your first
objective explore the mountain settlements and update your objective to destroy
artillery. Which is your first optional objective and there are three in total.
Sneak your way in and amongst the convoy of trucks. You should notice one of
them is occupied with a driver and giving off quite a bit of noise. In fact,
it's enough to mask the sound of your shots from this location. Just make sure
not to shoot the driver, or the truck will go quiet and you won't be able to
snipe from this location. Also, there is one guard just to your north. Take him
out with your Welrod.
Set up directly behind the truck that is occupied. From here, take out your
binoculars and recon the area. There will be guards all around, including on
the rooftops as well as a few that are hidden inside the buildings themselves.
When it’s possible to sneak through the area if you want to be stealthy. There
are at least two to the north and northeast (one on the building, one
patrolling around it) by the building to the west. Once your enemies are taken
care of, you can put a round from your Welrod into the truck driver's head. You
can also choose to take everyone out in this area to simplify things. 
From your position behind the truck, sneak to the building just to the
northeast, climbing over the half wall near the rear. You'll notice a guard
leaning against the wall on the inside. Wait for his buddy to turn his back,
then put a Welrod round in his head. Wait for the other guard then take him out
as well. Head inside the building and go toward the sound of music. On the desk
you'll find some papers, giving you the optional objective to search the area
for any important Intel. As soon as you collect the papers, you'll be given a
new objective to find further Intel on the whereabouts of the General.
Backtrack out, then go up the stairs to the second floor. There will be a guard
here unless you’ve already sniped him, if not, take out the guard and climb the
ladder to the top of the roof. 
Use the roof as vantage point to gather Intel on the situation around this
area. You'll notice one objective is to the west, and two more are bunched up
toward the northwest. You'll also notice more guards in the area. Use your
binoculars to tag them so you can keep an eye on them as you move on. Climb
down from this roof and head to the next building to the north. As you look
through the door you'll notice two guards talking on the other side of the
building. Take out your Welrod and take them both down with two well timed,
accurate shots. 
As you approach the bodies of the two guards, you'll notice a path that cuts
through the mountains to the north. Head through there, go right when the path
splits up. Sneak up, taking cover behind a pile of bricks near two guards. Wait
for the guards to separate, then shoot the stationary one in the head. Move up
and do the same to the soldier who hopped across the gap to the rooftop. Hop
across the gap to the rooftop yourself then sabotage the generator to mask your
shots. Before you do anything, look in the northwest corner of the roof where
the Morse code is going off. On the table you'll find some documents, updating
your optional objective to find the General at one of the artillery placements.
From your position on the roof, take out your binoculars and tag as many guards
around the area as you can. Shoot everyone and anyone you can see. Focus on the
guards on the rooftops first so that they can't spot anyone you take out below.
Next head to one of your objectives to the southwest. Head down to the ground,
then move to the building in the southwest corner of this area. Go behind it to
find a path that will lead up to an opening in the left side of the mountain.
Sneak through this area until the path forks to the left and directly in front
of you. From here you should only be about 70 meters from your objective, but
this area is crawling with guards. You'll be taking the middle path directly
toward the objective. Before you head off, however, tag as many of the guards
as you can. You might also want to lay a land mine or two on the path to the
left just in case things get hairy and you need to cover your retreat. 
Sneak forward to the opening of the path, then turn to your right and use the
mountains for cover. You might have to take a guard or two down, so make sure
you either use your Welrod, or just a stealth takedown with your knife. Once
the area is clear, grab a grenade and get ready to toss it on the artillery
nearby. You want to time it so that the grenade explodes as the weapon is
firing, masking the sound and allowing you to remain undetected. This will
complete your first of three destroy artillery objectives. 
Now backtrack the way you came, heading all the way back to the rooftop with
the generator and Intel on the General. From that building, head through the
mountain to the east and into a tunnel. When you emerge, you should see a large
tower in front of you. The stairs you need to climb are on the east side of the
tower, but further to the east are a series of buildings that house about a
half dozen guards. Sneak forward, climbing the stairs and entering the tower.
Climb all the way to the top where you'll find a sniper's nest. At some point
while approaching the tower you should be given the optional objective to
disrupt communications.
From the top of the tower you can basically take out everyone and make it
easier for you on your challenging objectives. First off, mask your shots with
loud speaker system allowing you to wipe out your enemies from here. Secondly,
to the west and below you are a series of vehicles near a large fuel tank.
Looking at them will give you the optional objective to sabotage the motor
pool. Start off by tagging as many enemies as you can, then hit the button
indicated on your screen to enter the sniper's nest. Look at the fuel tank
below you and notice the valve on the end closest to you. When you have the
icon on your screen indicating your shot will be masked, shoot the valve to
sabotage the motor pool and complete this optional
Move to the northeast corner of the tower and look out. You'll see several
guards in the building to the east, and couple more by the building to the
northeast. Notice the communication lines leading to the building to the north.
These lead straight to another optional objective. Spend a few moments taking
out as many guards as you can, then climb down the tower and follow those lines
to the tower they lead you to.
Sneak down into the basement of the building that the communication lines lead
to and you'll find two guards. Take care of them with your Welrod quickly and
then complete the disrupt communications objective. Head back up to the main
floor of the house, exiting and taking the road that goes northwest. After
passing a couple of trucks and then taking a path that runs along the 
mountain, turn right and take the road until you see two guards and some trucks 
As you approach the trucks and two guards, there is a third guard to your left
that you could easily miss. Don't bother with him for now. Instead, sneak in
behind the trucks and use stealth takedowns to eliminate the two soldiers on
the east side of the road. Then, cross the road and take out the third guard in
the same fashion. Sneak up the path that leads west, ducking into the gap in
the mountain on your left. Be mindful of a guard that patrols in this cave.
Wait for him to turn his back and kill him with a stealth takedown. Continue
moving through the cave until you emerge near the bottom of a lookout tower.
There are still two more guards here, but if you wait for them to separate you
can take them out with stealth takedowns. 
Sneak to the top of the tower and perform one more stealth takedown. Then go
prone at the top of the tower's stairs and look to the north with your
binoculars. To the left of the artillery you should spot an explosive can that
has a red glow. Keep this in mind because you're going to be shooting it very
shortly. To the right of the gun you'll see the General.
Tip: You will only see General Hoesslein if you completed the optional
objectives which are outlined in bold throughout this article. If you don't see
him, check back and make sure you didn't miss anything. 
The sound of the artillery firing will mask your shot, so time it and then put
a bullet in General Hoesslein's dome. This will complete the located and killed
General Hoesslein optional objective. That's all of the optional objectives for
this mission. There's still more work to do, however, so immediately look to
your left, waiting for the sound of the artillery to mask your shot. Take out
the red container mentioned a moment ago, causing a massive explosion and
completing your second of three destroy artillery objectives. 
With that out of the way and the path clear for your retreat, backtrack exactly
the way you came, turning right when you get close to the stationary trucks.
Head southwest along the road until you are about 300 meters from your final
piece of artillery. Head south along the path that is lined up directly with
your objective. If you didn't already shoot him from the big tower where you
blew up the motor pool, there will be sniper looking east from the side of the
cliff. It's best to shoot him with your Welrod. 
Continue along the same path, sabotaging the generator and dropping down to a
ledge a few feet below. Look to your southeast and you'll see a couple of
trucks with some roving soldiers. If you want to thin out the herd, time your
shots with the noise and shoot the vulnerable points on the truck to make it
explode. If you're not sure where to shoot it, look at the truck through your
binoculars and it will highlight the weak points in red, then mark it. Now
climb down the ladder and keep moving along the mountain until you can take a
path on your right. There will be two soldiers in the area with the boxes up
ahead. Wait for them to separate and turn their backs, then score two more easy
From your little cave, look out and to the northwest. You'll see the third
piece of artillery firing away, and it just so happens its close enough to mask
your shots. Pull out your binoculars and look for an explosive red can near the
gun, then switch to your rifle and time your shot. Once you hit your target,
you'll have completed all of your destroy artillery objectives. 
You'll now have an objective to reconvene with the LDRG. To do this, you're
going to backtrack the way you came, ending up at the tower that lies between
the motor pool and disrupt communication objectives from a while back. As you
get close, a new objective will pop up, instructing you to neutralize the
Panzer 3 tank. Which will be a bit annoying but this should be no problem for
you since you’ve gotten this far. Make sure to create a save file in case.
Continue back to the tower and wait for the tank to pass you. When it does, use
your binoculars to spot the weak point on the back, then shoot that spot. Don't
bother waiting to mask the sound, just fire, chamber another round and fire
again. After your third successful shot, the tank will explode, completing the
neutralize the Panzer 3 tank objective. Climb down from the tower and head
toward the marker on your screen. When you arrive, you'll complete the
reconvene with the LDRG objective and finish the mission. This will also unlock
Through the Fire, a trophy for completing Mission 3: Halfaya Pass.  
*Mission 4: Fort Rifugio- Assassinate the Officer – Once you begin the mission,
follow the path while picking up the mines on the box to your left. Your
objective is to find a way into the Fort, so move forward until you come out on
a platform with a rope railing. From here, whip out your binoculars and look to
the east. You'll see three guards, and on the cliff behind them, your next
destination and first sniper's nest. 
You can avoid the left side of the map entirely. There are many guards over
there, but as long as you don't get spotted or alert them, you shouldn’t have
to worry. Climb down from your wooden perch, then head to the east, sneaking up
on the guard manning the machine gun. Along the way, you will get an optional
objective to disable the searchlight towers. Continue heading east, using your
Welrod to kill the two guards below the sniper's nest. Approach the generator
to sabotage it, then head up to the sniper nest nearby. If you're not exactly
sure where it is, it will show up on your radar as a white icon with a flat
bottom and two points sticking up on either end. Enter the sniper's nest and
wait for a minute.
From this location, you will be able to disable both of the search lights. One
should be in front of you, while the second is off to the west side of the map.
Wait for the generator sounds, bringing the opportunity to mask your shots.
Take out the guard in the tower first, then the light with your second shot.
Repeat this process for both towers. Be aware, you must hit the center portion
of the light and not the side. When both searchlights are down, you'll have
completed your first optional objective, disable the searchlight towers. 
Now look up to your primary objective about 180 meters away, then to the left
where you'll see a row of windows. Through those windows you’ll see an officer.
Take aim, wait for the generator to mask your shot, then put one in this guy's
dome. While it's not an objective, this will complete the Long Shot challenge
for this mission. In front of you, there will be a series of four tents with
one of the search towers behind them. To the right is a campfire, and if you
haven't shot them already, a couple of guards. Your next path is going to take
you directly past that campfire, so use the generator to mask your shots and
clear out the way from guards around that area. With the path clear, head down
past the campfire and cross the road, making a mental note of where you
Tip: Use the sniper's nest to take out about 15 soldiers, but it's not
necessary. Still, move slowly and keep an eye out for stragglers. There are a
lot of guards in this part of the mission. There's also a truck that patrols up
and down the road, you can place a couple land mines on the road to take out
that annoying truck.
You should come to a rock face that has some white paint on it. Climb up here,
but be careful of three guards to the left when you reach the top. You'll also
notice some scaffolding to your right when you reach the top. The scaffolding
is where you're going in a few minutes. Head left to where you'll see three
guards patrolling along a path with a fire. Crouch behind the sandbags and you
should be safe, but one guard will come dangerously close to your location.
From here, you have a couple of options. You can try to shoot them all with
your Welrod as they are split up, or you can toss a grenade into the fire as
they are all huddled, you can also use your rifle but then that will alert all
the guards and start a big firefight.
Move to the table next to where you threw the grenade in the fire. On there,
you'll find some documents that when collected, will update your optional
objective to assassinate the officer as he drives past the Fort. Immediately
backtrack the way you came, going down the rock face where you climbed up. Once
you reach the road, lay down either S-Mines or Land Mines, and then move off
the road and wait. When the truck passes over the mines, you'll complete the
objective to assassinate the officer as he drives past the Fort. 
It's now time to get into the fort. Head back up the rock face that you came
from, then head to your right and climb the scaffolding to get inside. This
will deliver you to the main courtyard. Crouch where you began, then spend a
few moments getting yourself acquainted with the forces inside and also equip a
grenade with you Welrod as you move in.
Tip: Be careful standing up and using your binoculars to tag people. They can
see you if they get too close and happen to be facing your direction. 
Take a look to the north and you will see some cement steps. If you wait long
enough, you'll see a guard who patrols into the first room on the right,
eventually doing a full lap through all the rooms on both the right and left
side of the alley. When the coast is clear, sneak down from your perch and head
for the stairs. Hide behind some boxes below the stairs, then wait for the
guard to enter the room on the right. When he does, sneak up the stairs and go
in the first door on your left. Head north into the next room and wait around
the corner. When the guard passes by, sneak up behind him for a stealth
Exit back into the alley, then go into the door in the northeast corner. This
room will have two jail cells, a ladder going down a level and some stairs
going up. You're going up the stairs, then through the next room and up another
level to where you'll complete the objective, locate the informant's cell. 
Tip: Be careful heading to the informant's cell. You could very well run into a
guard or two along the way, so keep your Welrod ready.
Once you meet the informant, your objective will update to search the
commanding officer. Staying on the level you are currently on and head outside
to the roof. There will be two guards in this area. Sneak your way around and
take them both out, then head back into the informant's room, heading down two
flights of stairs, then down the ladder in the room with the two empty jail
cells. You'll now find yourself in a tunnel on the ground level of the Fort. If
you look outside of the tunnel, you'll see some spiral stairs in front of you.
Before you head that way, be cautious of a patrolling guard. You can take him
out, or simply just sneak past him. Continue to be careful, though. You'll find
another guard at the bottom of the stairs, one on the wall halfway up and
another at the top. If you're careful, you should be able to sneak to the top
of the stairs, turning right and hiding in a room. 
From this room, look out and see a guard on the catwalk in front of you. You
should have no trouble taking him out with a headshot. Cross the catwalk, go
down the stairs and take your first door on the right. This will be the room
with the officer in it. Sneak up behind him for a stealth takedown, then search
his body to complete your objective, search the commanding officer. 
With this key in your hand, you're going to head all the way back in the
direction you came from. Retrace your steps, being very careful of any guards
and sneak back into the tunnel. Head all the way back to the informant's cell
and this will complete the objective to free the informant, also give you a new
one clear the courtyard.
If you have them, it's time to lay some traps to make sure that your position
is protected and none of the remaining guards gets the drop on you. If you have
one, lay a Trip Mine at the top of the stairs in the same room as the
informant. Now, lay out trip mines, S-mines, or land mines at each of the three
points of entry (at the sets of stairs) to protect your position. From the
ladder on the roof's west side, look to the southwest and near the front gate
of the fort. It will now be crawling with enemies. There are plenty of trucks
and explosives you can use to clear out the area quickly. There are plenty of
Panzerschreck rockets, go ahead and pick them up. You should whip out your
binoculars to mark the enemies to be aware of their position in the mist of the
action. Now it’s time to get reckless! You should be safe from your position,
so use all of the Panzerschreck rockets going after multi-kills and taking out
the bulk of the forces. When you're done with that, use your sniper rifle to
pick off the rest. If one of your traps goes off, replace it with whatever you
have remaining. 
When everyone is dead, you'll have completed clear the courtyard objective and
received a new one, head to the battlements. Head down to ground level and over
to the front gate of the fort. Climb the ladder indicated and take up a
position on the wall to cover the informant. 
Your new objective is to provide covering fire from the battlements. Head all
the way to the end of the wall where there's a wooden platform. From here, you
will have all of your shots masked, so just start picking off anyone and
everyone you see. Sometimes the bad guys are hard to spot, so pay close
attention to where gunfire originates from by noticing the gunfire flashes and
keep scanning all the bushes. If the informant isn't moving forward, scan the
area until you find what's holding him up. 
Tip: For some reason the informant doesn’t move until you blow up the trucks in
the area. Look through your binoculars to find the vulnerable points on the
trucks and shoot them twice to blow them up. 
Once the informant escapes the fort, you'll complete the mission and unlock No
Refuge, a trophy for finishing Mission 4: Fort Refugio. 
*Mission 5: Siwa Oasis – Your first objective is to find a way into the old
city. Go forward, sneaking up behind the soldier leaning against the half wall
in front of you (use the grass as cover). When nobody is looking, put a bullet
in his head. From there, head up north and cross the road, making sure that
nobody is looking when you do. There will be a guard over there, so take him
out when the coast is clear. 
Continue to head northwest until you find yourself at the bottom of a path that
leads to an AA gun. There will be several soldiers guarding it. A well-throw
grenade will take out the first of this three part optional objective,
destroyed flakvierling AA guns. Just make sure clean up anyone who lived
through that mess, from this AA gun, you will see one of three entrance points
into the city. There's also the front gate, as well as a smuggler's entrance on
the other side of the map. You’ll be skipping both, since both of them require
you to sneak and kill your way through more bad guys than necessary (Unless
you’re the run and gun type, then by all means, SHOOT AWAY!).
From the AA gun, head northwest. By doing so, you’ll have completed the
objective to find a way into the city. While updating a new objective to search
Vahlen's office. 
As soon as you enter the city, take your first door on the right and head up
the ladder. From there, you'll find a bit of a half wall, cross a wooden plank
and climb another ladder to enter a sniper's nest. Take your binoculars out and
use them to tag as many soldiers as you can. From this location, you can use
the sound of the aircraft overhead to mask your shots. Take full advantage of
this opportunity and kill everyone you see. Once you’ve killed everyone, climb
back down, and then head to the next AA gun, which is 60-70 meters to your
north. In fact, you can see it from the plank you used to cross into the
sniper's nest. There are no guards in sight until you get close to the AA gun.
The next AA gun is infested with guards, so your best bet is to use the Welrod
to take out a couple as they wander off on foot (away from their buddies to
notice). Once you're close, toss a grenade and you should take out most of the
remaining enemies. If anyone lives, take them out. Once you blow up the second
AA gun you'll complete two thirds of the optional objective, destroyed
flakvierling AA guns. Now there's one more to go. Next to this gun, is a ladder
that leads to a soldier standing on a platform. Climb up there, then look to
the northwest where you'll see a road leading to a gate, which is where you’ll
be heading.
There are a lot of enemy soldiers just inside this gate. Even so, if you time
it correctly, you can sneak to your left, hopping over a half wall and then
sneaking up some stairs. Although you will go up the ladder just inside the
room, don't forget to leave a Trip Mine at the bottom just in case. You should
have no trouble spotting this location on your map because it is marked as one
of the official sniper's nests. 
Tip: When in the snipers nest, look to your northwest and on top of the
building. There is an enemy sniper up there, and he can easily spot you from
his location. Wait for the planes to pass by overhead, then take him out first
before you do anything else. 
This area is heavily patrolled, but dealing with this now will make the rest of
this mission much easier. With that pesky sniper down, start tagging targets
with your binoculars. When your shots are masked, start picking them off. Try
to target soldiers who are isolated so nobody will get in the way and become a
pest. Even if one of your shots is heard, stay calm and take a break. They
normally can't pinpoint your location from one shot. 
Tip: Look to your southwest when things are a bit clearer. There are several
guards out there, and hitting them from here is no trouble for a sharpshooter
like you. I spent about 10 minutes in this sniper's nest and killed everything
that moved which made the rest of the mission much easier. 
You're headed to the building where the annoying sniper was next, where you'll
check your first of three locations to complete the investigate German supply
caches optional objective. Karl starts to speak to himself when you know you
did the right thing, Look to your right when in the building and he should
start blabbering about nothing. The locations of the supply caches are marked
with yellow dots. Visit all three of those locations and you'll complete this
optional objective. Considering the number of people you already killed, you
shouldn't expect too much or any resistance at all. 
As soon as you are done investigating the first supply cache, head up two sets
of ladders that are in the same room, then move a few feet west and go up a
third to enter another sniper's nest. This is a pretty good location. There
aren’t many people left to shoot if you've been following this guide, but you
should spot two or three at least. Again, wait for the overhead planes to mask
your shots and then thin out the herd. When you're done, go back down to ground
level. When you're back on the ground, head along the road and toward the final
AA gun to the northwest. Climb up a ladder in a back room to get a good view of
the weapon and its operators. When you're ready, toss a grenade over the
railing and complete the optional objective, destroyed flakvierling AA guns. 
It's now time for you to head to your primary objective and search Vahlen's
office. Use the marker on your screen to navigate. You will notice there are
some guards near your objective, as well as a few outside. Use your Welrod to
clear out the area around the objective, then head upstairs to search Vahlen's
Once the meeting is over you'll have a new objective, asking you to climb the
scaffolding to the vantage point. Just run to your objective marker, since
you’ve already literally taken out everyone and climb the three ladders to the
top of the platform. This will update your objective to observe the officers
and tag the correct one. Whip out your binoculars, then tag all three officers
to complete that objective and update to another one, this time requiring you
to kill the officer after he's received the Intel. When the meeting is over,
climb down all three ladders and start following your target. Do not kill
either of the other two officers right now or you'll fail the mission. Just
crouch and sneak behind your guy until he enters a room and your objective
updates. Once he has the file, you'll be told to kill the officer and retrieve
the Intel, with an optional objective to make his death look like an accident. 
Follow the officer until he stops at a truck. Take aim with your Welrod and
shoot the red barrel in the back of the truck, then shoot the soldier who comes
to investigate. Once this is done, approach the officer's body and search it
for the documents. Once this is done, this will unlock a trophy I Siwa you did
there. As soon as you get the Intel, head up a nearby ladder to discover two
rooms to the right of where the truck was. From here, you'll have to destroy
the Panzer IV to escape the city. It's easy enough. Wait for it to drive past
you, then put three rounds into the weak point on the back, or you can use your
rocket launcher to destroy it quicker. If you can't get a shot, climb down the
ladder and reposition.
Once the tank is dealt with, head to the main gate and you'll complete the
objective, destroy the Panzer IV to escape the city, leaving the eliminate the
snipers before you pass the mission. That shouldn't be too hard, since there
are only two of them and they're bunched up. As soon as the cut scene is over,
run and take cover behind the sandbags and kill the final two enemies, then
regroup with Brauer. Once complete, this
*Mission 6: Kasserine Pass – Destroy the Tiger Tank - Once you begin, sneak
forward until Brauer spots a target for you. Sneak up behind him for a stealth
takedown. From here, continue on where you'll see a burning tank. Sneak that
way and go into the cave. I suggest you equip your Panzerschreck for this
mission for there will be a few tanks to deal with. 
Tip: You should consider leaving land mines at the entrances to caves, and
pathways that lead to snipers’ nests. If things go south, it's always a good
idea to have a trap that will cover your six. Once you leave that location,
retrieve the mines as you retreat.
Move through the cave until you reach a fork in the road. The fork to the right
has a guard at the end. Take this guy out, search and hide the body, then lay a
Trip Mine to make sure no curious enemies come to investigate. Backtrack into
the cave and take the fork that goes northeast. There are at least two or three
guards down here, so when you get close, toss a grenade to take them all out.
If anyone is left, whip out your Welrod and finish them off. When everybody in
the cave is dead and you're sure that nobody outside is suspicious to you,
backtrack to the path where you killed the stationary guard. Follow it until
you emerge on the south side of the cave, if you continue west from where you
left the cave, you will see stairs (watch for enemy soldiers to your right).
Climb those stairs to a rooftop, then jump across a gap and climb up a cliff.
This is a great place to leave a Trip Mine so nobody can interrupt you while
you proceed.
As you continue to climb the cliff, you'll actually bump into a couple of
guards hanging out up here. It's hard to say exactly where they'll be, but
there are two of them, so use your Welrod to take them out. Head through the
cave (not all the way up to the sniper's nest) until you come out on the north
end where you'll find some sandbags and the edge of a cliff. If you look to
your north, you'll see the first of two parts to the only optional objective in
this mission, take out the Nebelwerfers. Unfortunately you don’t have anything
to mask the sound of our shot. With that said, take aim at a red barrel near
the Nebelwerfer and shoot it to complete the first half of this objective. Even
if your shot is heard, firing only one should keep you safe. 
Tip: After destroying your first Nebelwerfer, there may be several enemies in
the area alerted to trouble. Do not engage them. Just continue on with the
mission and they'll eventually wander off and go back on patrol. They’ll just
be attracted to the disturbance.
Backtrack into the cave and head up to the sniper's nest. Assume the position
from the sniper's nest, if you look to the southwest, you'll see the other half
of your optional objective 175 meters away. If you look directly south to the
top of a blown out, light colored building, you'll see a sniper. Wait for the
sound of your shot to be masked, then take out the sniper. Adjust, look to the
southwest, then shoot the red barrel near the artillery to blow it up and
complete the last of your optional objectives, take out the Nebelwerfers.
Now it's time to focus on the enemy infantry in the area. Seeing as how you
have a perfect vantage point, as well as the cover of the occasional overhead
airplane, take out as many of these guys as you can. It might take some time,
but tag them with your binoculars and trust me, it’ll be worth the wait to pick
them off one by one. Climb down from your sniper's nest and take the tunnel,
turning left when you emerge from the tunnel into the open. Follow the road
that leads north and down the mountain. When you get to the bottom, your
objective will be to the east, but you're heading northeast to circle around
and approach it from the side. To see exactly where you should be headed, take
a look at your map to find a snipers nest. From there, head south until you can
move left and take a position at the next sniper's nest. The nest is between
your current location on the map and your primary objective. Be aware, as there
are two guards who patrol this area. 
This sniper's nest can be tricky, you can put some S-Mines and Trip Mines
behind you to make sure nobody gets the drop on you, but the bad news is it's
very difficult to avoid detection. Also, there are several guards hanging
around the area, you also have Half-Track to worry about. Luckily, even if you
are discovered, the sniper's nest allows you to engage enemy targets from a
superior position. 
Wait for one of the guard's to come close, then take him out with your Welrod.
Next, wait for overhead activity to mask your shot, then take out the guard who
patrols along the road. Continue to work your way through the enemy until they
stop coming for you. As for the Half-Track, two bullets in the vulnerable point
at the back will take it out with no trouble if you didn’t equip the
Panzerschreck. This area is pretty tough, but follow the strategy and you
should get through it in one piece. 
Tip: You may have a truck full of enemy reinforcements inbound. With all the
commotion, they showed up. If you have this problem, put two bullets in the
engine before the bad guys unload. This multi-kill should take them out before
they scatter.
You're now headed to your primary objective. If you were heard in the last
sniper's nest, chances are there's nobody around to care. If you were sneaky,
you'll have a couple of guards to deal with. This one is a job for your Welrod.
Either way, when its all clear, set some traps, don’t head inside. 
Hopefully you've been picking up your unused Trip Mines and S-Mines. There are
three doorways to your objective. Put a trap in each one. Next, take your
regular old Land Mines and head out to the main road in front of the objective
building. Go about 50 meters to the south and put two Land Mines set about 15
meters apart in the middle of the road. When you're done, head into the
building to complete your primary objective to infiltrate Vahlen's HQ. On the
table in the middle of the room are some documents. Pick these up to complete
your next objective, find clue to location of safe combination. 
Tip: Loot the entire room. There are a supplies sitting around in ammunition
crates in the back left corner of the building. 
When you exit the building, your objective will be about 175 meters to the
southwest. Take the road that goes south, sticking close to the mountain until
you can turn right and go up a ramp. Take the ramp north until you're at the
top of this mountain. Once up there, kill everyone you see. Make sure to do it
quietly so nobody else comes running. From here, head southwest until you can
climb down the mountain down a series of large steps. When you get to the
bottom, keep taking the road west and then turn left and enter a cave. Your
primary target moves, but he should be about 70 meters away. If you have any
anti-personnel mines left, use them to cover the entrance to the cave. 
Follow the cave until a tunnel branches off and heads south. That's the one you
want. Sneak to the door, then wait for a chance to sneak across the road and
take it. This is tricky but not impossible. Use your Welrod to take out one of
the guards when they're isolated. Whatever you do, don't cross the road until
the sniper turns his back to you. 
Once you reach the other side of the road, go around back of the building that
has the sniper on the roof. Climb up the ladder, stopping just before the top.
When he's not looking, stab the sniper in the back, then use your binoculars to
tag the remaining guards in the area. Now it's time to climb back down and deal
with the leftovers. Which is the easier part of the objective
Once you're back on the ground, start taking down guards. Use your Welrod and
stealth takedowns, leaving your primary objective until last. When it's just
you and him, take him out, then search his body to find what you're looking
for. This will complete the get combination for the safe objective. From this
point, run to the northwest and regroup with Brauer. 
And of course, when you think it’s over, it’s not! Once you meet up with
Brauer, it's time to destroy the Tiger. (UGH!) Okay, first of all, if possible
go and set a few traps with land mines or S mines then go and hide behind a
building and wait for it to pass. Once it does, peek out and shoot it a couple
times with your Panzerschreck, if not equipped shoot it in the back several
times in its weak points. Your objective will update to overcome the temple
defenders. If you're near where you met up with Brauer, head east and climb up
the same steps you took to get down in the first place. 
Tip: You can use your sniper rifle at this point if you want to be done with
the mission. However, you will alert every enemy in the vicinity, but by now
you should be a master sniper by following this guide so they shouldn’t be much
of a problem.
Remember those Land Mines, Trip Mines and S-Mines that you placed all around
the main building a while back? You should start to get some kill notifications
as you make your way back to the main building. When you get back, look out
over the cliff to the road and building. The place will be infested with bad
guys. Unless you got really lucky and they all died in their vehicles. If not,
let your mines take care of a few of them as they try to patrol in and out of
the building. Whoever is left, shoot them with your sniper rifle. Even if
you're heard, just kill them all as fast as you can. 
Once you have been notified that you have overcome the temple defenders, your
new objective will be to open safe. Since everybody is dead, quickly sprint to
the marker on your screen. Once you're done, it's time to retrieve Brauer's
As you go to exit the temple, a cut scene will show you some snipers closing in
on your position (they literally show you exactly where the snipers are so take
them out with ease). When finished, proceed to collect Brauer. As you get
close, start looking for two more snipers. There is one in the building that
Brauer died on, then one more to the northwest of that location. When all four
snipers are down and you've reached the marker, you will complete the
objective, retrieve Brauer's body and finish the mission. This will also unlock
a trophy Crouching Tiger, Hidden Ratte, for completing Kasserine Pass. 
*Mission 7: Pont Du Fahs Airfield – Release the Prisoners As soon as you begin,
your objective is to gain access to the bunker network, but you’re going to be
doing a few other things before that. Take out your binoculars and look to the
southeast. You'll see two soldiers huddled by a fire, and two more who
eventually pass by on patrol. Once you have them all tagged, head down and pick
them off one by one using your Welrod. Then head to a generator a few feet
away. Sabotage it, then take out your binoculars and look to the east. You
should see a guard up in a tower with a searchlight. Wait for your rifle shot
to be masked, then shoot the guard in the head with your sniper rifle. Wait
again for the generator to go loud, then shoot out the searchlight as well.
Continue looking down scope and you'll eventually see a soldier head up the
stairs. Simply wait for your opportunity to mask your shot then take him out
(If you don’t see him heading up the stairs, simply proceed with the mission).
Start heading east, staying behind the boxes and barrels as you approach the
trench in front of you. Wait for the soldier patrolling the bunker to turn his
back, then sneak up behind and kill him with your Welrod. 
Head back to the entrance of the bunker and look up to your objective. It
should be about 240 meters away, and coming from that direction will be a four
man patrol that can get fairly messy if things don't go your way. They normally
come from behind the nearby hanger, and they don't show up often, so you might
be waiting for a few minutes. The problem with these guys is that they pass by
the fire pit where you killed your first four men, so taking them out is
essential. Camp out until they approach, then throw a grenade at the feet of
the first three. Use your Welrod to pick up the last, then relocate if
necessary. You might not have to, however, there shouldn't be many people left
alive in this area.
With the area now somewhat clear, head back to the generator and look east
again. Use your binoculars to scope out the cliff on the other side of the
airfield. Up there will be two snipers hidden (they’ll be laying down scouting
and then they’ll switch positions, that is when you can easily notice them).
These guys are annoying if they spot you, so tag each of them and take them
out. With the snipers down, you're going to the tower to the east of the
generator. The one with the searchlight and guard we took out earlier. Head
that way, then go up the stairs to the first landing. Then go all the way to
the top and enter the sniper nest from here. 
Rather than sneaking through this section of the map, just go crazy and shoot
everyone within sight of your position in the tower. Start with the four or so
guards below you to the east, then focus on the ones in the trenches to the
northeast. When you can't find anyone left alive in this area, clear the north
and then clear the northwest. You can even use the nearby Panzerschreck to take
out the 222 patrolling the runway. Yes, you will be spotted and shot at, but
your superior firing position will allow you to clear them ALL out. By the time
it's all over, you should return to a clear status. Even if you don’t, head out
of the tower and relocate to take the heat off. 
From the tower, look to the northeast. You should see the trenches and a couple
of bright lights pointing up into the sky. That's where you're headed next.
Climb down and work your way over there. When you drop down into the trench,
look for an open door that has a radio operator inside. Sneak up on him and
kill the radio operator to stop reinforcements. That's optional objective one
of four.
Climb back out of the trench and head to the northeast, getting close to the
mountain as you look east toward the back of the two hangers. This back area
has several items of interest, along with a few soldiers that need to be dealt
with. Start off by using your Welrod to take out any enemies you see, then
place a stick of Dynamite on the stationary 222 and shoot it to blow it up.
This isn't one of your objectives, but this will cause you a lot of trouble
down the road without a doubt. 
Soon you will receive an optional objective to destroy the bomb dump, of which
there are three behind the hangers. The best way to do this by shooting the
explosive barrels with our sniper rifle, waiting until our shot was masked by
the aircraft overhead. If you prefer, feel free to toss some grenades and speed
things along. As long as you destroy all three, you'll complete the objective. 
Stay behind the hangers and continue to head north. Once you pass the end of
the last hanger, you'll come upon another tower. Be careful, two guards patrol
the ground and stairs, so take them out with your Welrod and then head up to
the top. You'll find an officer dozing off in his chair. Simply shoot him with
your Welrod while he’s snoozing off to put him into a permanent snooze. This
will complete your third optional objective, kill all operators in the control
Sneak back outside, but stay on the top level of the tower. Stay low and look
through the railing to the west and up in the cliffs. You should see two more
snipers there (They’re hidden exactly like before). Tag them, then look to the
southwest and at the trenches on the ground. There will be about four more
soldiers there. Tag them as well. 
First up, take out the two snipers first, as they’ll become a huge problem if
you don’t. Then, nail the four or so bad guys in and around the trenches to the
southwest. They will likely hear you, but if you're really concerned about
that, just wait for the aircraft passing overhead to mask the sound of your
rifle or you can throw a grenade in the vicinity to blow them up with all the
explosives around, it should be enough. You're now headed to the southwest
where you just took out those soldiers in and around the trenches. Once you're
there, go to marker on your screen and smash the control panel. That’s how you
unlock doors and complete the objective to gain access to the bunker network,
then to find the map to the Ratte Factory. 
Tip: There are still about five guys hanging out on the west side of the map,
just north of where you spawned. You should deal with them before moving
forward. Follow the same tactics you’ve used throughout this entire mission.
Wait for them to separate, then take them down one at a time using your Welrod. 
When you exit the room from where you smashed the control panel, make a right,
then turn left and take your first left to enter the bunker. It should be
fairly quiet down there for the moment, but stay crouched and move from cover
to cover cautiously. Moving up you will confront six soldiers. They all
separate, so pick them off one at a time using your Welrod and stealth
takedowns, and then hide the bodies so their friends don't get suspicious. When
the last one is down, search the bunker for the POWs, releasing them to
complete the optional objective, release the prisoners. With the prisoners
free, head to your primary objective (also in the bunker) and grab the map.
This will complete the find the map to the Ratte Factory.
Head up to the top level through any exit. Be careful though, you haven't
entered any of the four hangers on this map, which can be dangerous and they do
have a hand-full of enemies inside. Try to avoid going into these, but if you
emerge on the inside of one, just kill its occupants and continue on. 
Tip: Before you head to a sniper nest, swap out your automatic weapon for a
Panzerschreck. In fact, take as many rounds as you can... you're going to need
them. TRUST ME!
Your objective is to get to a sniper point to cover the LRDG. It won't show up
on your map, so make your way to the far southeast corner of the airfield (just
east of the tower you entered at the beginning of the mission). Once you get
close, you should see a sniper nest on a small cliff. Head up there to complete
your current primary objective. 
Tip: There are two ways into this nest. One to the north and one to the south.
Set land mines, S mines, and trip mines taps all around the area, just don’t
cover the paths right beside you, set them up all around the area. You can also
set them up in the middle of the map for traps, but it will be out of the way.
Once you're in position, your objective will update to protect the LDRG from
the sniper nest. Go prone, and as soon as the shooting begins, shoot everyone
and everything you see! If there are any unexploded barrels nearby, go for
those first. You'll also see several enemies line up, giving you a perfect
opportunity for the double kill. If anyone turns toward you, take them out to
prevent them from attacking your position. 
Tip: You can skip the X-Ray Kill Camera by pressing the button you use for
interacting. As awesome as it is you’ll need every second you can get. I
recommend you create a save file before beginning this part because it can get
difficult even with the guide.
Once you complete your objective to protect the LRDG from the sniper nest, it
will update to takedown all the German vehicles. There should only be two, and
since you brought the Panzerschreck, it really shouldn't be that difficult.
Before you use it, look to the sniper nest to the west (the tower from the
beginning of the mission). There might be a sniper in there. Take him out, then
clean up any other soldiers in the area. Even if they hear and see you, there
should be lots of cover to keep you safe, and remember to keep using your med
kits if you’re running low on health. You also have your mine traps which will
help you out extremely. 
Once everybody is down, focus on the Panzer tank and 222 patrolling the
airfield. The Panzer will take two Panzerschreck rockets to take down, so once
it's out of the way, head to the trenches below and grab some more ammo. Wait
for the 222 to come close, then take it out as well. This will complete the
take down all German vehicles objective and move you along to your last, get to
the evac point. Just run to the objective and the mission is over (FINALLY!).
This will unlock Demolition Man, the trophy for finishing Mission 7: Pont Du
Fahs Airfield. 
*Mission 8: Ratte Factory – Kill General Vahlen – At last! The final mission is
finally here. When the final mission begins, you'll see an enemy soldier
directly in front of you. No worries at all because he can’t see you. Sneak up
around him and take him out either way you’d like. He’s like a gift for you for
making it this far (that’s my theory anyway). Continue along the only path, but
be careful of a guard who will patrol a bit further ahead. When his back is
turned, sneak up and use a stealth takedown to eliminate him. The path is clear
now, continue to sneak along until you complete your first primary objective,
access the canyon walkways. It will also give your next task to destroy the
power transformers on each level.
To the south will be a lone soldier standing on the side of the cliff. In the
room behind him, two more bad guys looking over some documents. Sneak forward
and use a stealth takedown to kill the lone soldier, then backtrack to where
you completed your first primary objective and cross to the west side of the
canyon. Once you get to the opposite side of the canyon, take out the two
guards in this area, then go to the second floor. Head to the southwest corner
where you can collect German advanced weapon plans. This is part one of four to
complete the only optional objective in the mission. 
Head back to where you came from, crossing to the east side of the canyon. Go
into the room with the two guards from before and hide behind one of the desks.
This part is a bit tricky. You can't use stealth takedowns to take out the two
soldiers, but you could throw a rock to distract one, shooting each of them
with your Welrod when they’re looking away from one another. Once taken care
of, be aware of a lot of enemy activity in the next room. Make too much noise
and you'll be fighting off about a dozen angry birds (you don’t want that). 
As soon as you get to the top of the stairs to enter the next area there will
be a soldier on the catwalk. Take him out with a Welrod shot when his buddy
wanders off on patrol. Sneak onto the catwalk yourself and kill his buddy when
he returns from his walk. Sneak down the stairs and take out the enemy who is
looking over some paperwork on the table. There are several more soldiers in
this area, but not a part of your objective. So keep moving south, clearing out
the bad guys as you go. You don’t have to, but you can if you want to, it’s
your choice (it will not affect your objective).
Continue heading to the south, through the warehouse until you go down some
stairs, then a ladder. Once you're at the bottom of the ladder, shoot the
explosive barrel to destroy the power transformers on each level. That is part
one of two out of the way. Quickly take cover and look across the walkway to
the northwest side of the canyon. The noise may have attracted some enemies’
attention, so keep an eye out and see if anyone shows up. If they do, put a
Welrod round in their head to continue going forward. Head back up the ladder,
then up the stairs until you reach a walkway on your left. Check for guards,
marking any that you see before sneaking across the walkway. Use the boxes for
cover, killing any guards that you come across. With the walkway clear, head to
the northwest end of it and lay down either a Trip Mine or S-Mine at the top of
the stairs. Things are about to get messy, and if anyone thinks about running
up on you, the trap will take care of them while you make your relocate. 
There’s loud noises in this area and it will mask your rifle shots here and
there which is going to help you in this area. If you lay on the northwest end
of the walkway and look into the warehouse, you'll see a hand full of German
soldiers. While waiting for your shots to be masked and start clearing out the
soldiers below. If anyone hears you, just go nuts and shoot everyone as quickly
as possible. Again, if things go badly you can retreat and let the booby trap
protect you. 
When that warehouse is clear, head inside and check the dozen or so dead bodies
for loot. You should find lots of valuable things to help you throughout the
rest of the mission. Head up the stairs to the back room that had fix or six
soldiers hanging out. You can collect German advanced weapon plans from the
desk in the northwest corner. This will complete the second of this four part
optional objective. When you exit the room your next primary objective should
be about 50 meters to the southwest. That is your next destination, but you
need to keep an eye out for any enemy patrols. If there are any soldiers that
stand in your way, take them out and proceed to the objective marker on your
screen. With your objective in sight, shoot it to destroy the power
transformers on each level, giving you a new primary objective to destroy the
Ratte ammo cache. 
Look to the south, across the walkway where you'll see a room full of soldiers.
In fact, after that raucous there could be one or two headed your way. If
that's the case, take them down quietly, then get to the the walkway to reach
the south side of the canyon. Even after the room is clear you might see a
patrol enter the area. They will walk straight through this room and into the
area where you just destroyed the power transformers. You can take them out or
let them go, either way make sure you visit the room in the southwest corner to
collect German advanced weapon plans. That's three of four. 
Head up stairs to the on-screen marker and place a satchel charge to destroy
the Ratte ammo cache. This will give you a new objective to access the cargo
elevator to get to the canyon base. If you look out the window to the room you
were just in, you should see a patrol of soldiers stepping off the elevator.
Wait for them to scatter, then either sneak past them or kill them. When the
coast is clear, step onto the elevator to complete your objective. Your new
objective is to set charges on the support pillars around the Ratte. Starting
off in the southeast corner of the room, head to the east, sneaking your way
toward your first of four objective markers. It should only be about 40 meters
away, but there are guards nearby. Drop any that get in your way using your
Welrod and plant the charge. Continue heading to the east, staying on the
ground floor and sneaking past any patrols that are in the area. If you have to
take any guards down, make sure to wait for them to be isolated. When you get
to the second marker in the southwest side of the warehouse, set the charge to
complete the second of four objectives. From the southwest side of the
warehouse, head to the north, hugging the wall and entering the second door on
your left. There might be a soldier inside, but when he's down collect German
advanced weapon plans from the desk to complete the only optional objective of
the mission and the last of the campaign. This will unlock the trophy Nothing
is Optional. The trophy will only unlock if you have completed every optional
objective in this guide.

Exit the room and go up the stairs in front of you. There will be a bunch of
guards scattered around the catwalks, so be careful and avoid suspicious
guards. If you must take someone out, try to do so when nobody is around. At
the top of the catwalk, turn left and plant the third charge. You only have one
objective remaining. Continue north, turning right when you reach the end of
the catwalk. Go up the nearby stairs, still avoiding any guards you see, slowly
making your way to the final marker. When you get there, set charges on the
support pillars around the Ratte and complete this primary objective. Of
course, as we've discussed in previous missions, it's never the end with Sniper
Elite 3. There's still more work for Karl Fairburne to do. 
It's time to set and explosive charge on the Ratte. Head south on the catwalk
and go down the stairs to the landing. From here you should be able to climb up
onto the Ratte (which is the giant tank), moving around it until you can climb
up to the very top level. Place the charge, then climb back down. This will
complete your objective, then update it asking you to escape from the hanger.
The easiest way to do this is by sticking to the catwalks and heading back to
where you got off the elevator. When you get to ground level, move toward the
on-screen marker and go through the gate. If you run into soldiers, just gun
them down with your automatic rifle and keep going.
Your final objective of the game is to take the shot and detonate the charge.
To do this, head to the marker on your screen, killing any additional soldiers
along the way. Once you reach the sniper nest, enter it and take aim at the
target, take you shot when possible to complete your objective, as well as the
single-player campaign for Sniper Elite 3 and unlocking a few trophies. And at
last you have completed your journey! It has been a pleasure walking you
through Sniper Elite 3 and I hope that you found this walkthrough useful for
you. You email me or contact me on Facebook to say what’s up or what you
thought about my walkthrough.

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