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About this game:______________________________________________________________
The tide in World War II has turned, and the Allies are winning. But there's
something else they want besides victory, they want Germany's rocket
scientists. And they don't want them to go anywhere else :D

Version History:

Version 1.00:
-FAQ created on June 14 2014
-Walkthrough completed on June 17 2014!


10.0)--------KREUZBERG HQ


Mousey Keyboard settings:





Before Starting, keep in mind these gameplay tips:

-You can change certain difficulty settings if the default sets are not to
your liking. Crazy enemies + no scope drift? It's a duck hunt :D

-SMG's are very poor at range, only use them in very close quarters!

-You can tag enemies with your binoculars and Mouse 1. They will show up on
the map so you can tell where who is. Binoculars also show the distance
of the enemy as well.

----------------------------- 2.0)  PROLOGUE ---------------------------------

Press B to equip your binoculars to look at the building in front of you, just
pan the binocs around and unequip it. Now head forward to the indicator to go
to the building you just surveyed, and go beside the damaged pipe and press
SPACE to climb up (I thought climbing the pipe was it, that doesn't work).

Now you have to lay a trip mine. Select the one with wires via Z/X, and place
it first on the right of the doorway, then across the door to the left side.
Now head forward, first crouch and go behind the car, and left, once you
reach the armored car, throw a rock to the right away from the guards, and
they will investigate it, so go left around the armored car and through the

No hold C to go prone, and you need to go forward, going back the way you
came will only respawn you back to here :P So go under the rubble through
the opening, and the next area, press Q to take cover behind a, looks like
a stove and a refridgerator. Lean all the way left, equip the pistol and
take out the soldier you see. Then place a land mine near him, and go
to where the objective indicator is (vault a small gate and go up some stairs)

Ah, sniper time. Once the narrator stops talking about the wind and yadda
yadda, press hold E to focus and headshot the poor Major Gen. That... was

But you need to escape! Turn around and head back out to the objective
indicator, and some soldiers will be down below, and one will trigger the
mine we set earlier. You can snipe the other soldier after he stops to inspect
the floor. Or Tommy gun him, or pistol him.

Drop down the ledges to the stairs below, and head to where you mined the
dead guy, and.... TANK! Backtrack to that fridge stove obstacle, and prone
through that small opening we went through earlier, and a truck of soldiers
will arrive so dispatch them (our SMG has little ammo! Use wisely) Get to the
building across the road and head up the stairs and vault over the ledge we
climbed at the very beginning of the level, and the mission has ended.

------------------------- 3.0)  SHONEBERG CONVOY -----------------------------
-Recommended loadout: Welrod pistol

At the start of this level will be a soldier patrolling in front of you. Use
your pistol to take him out, any non-silenced weapon will alert the 2 soldiers
on the road. Once you take out this 1st soldier, head onto the road and go
around the truck and you'll see the 2 soldiers, I recommend pistolling the
closest one, and sniper shoot the 2nd soldier. Proceed to the door (press M
for the map if you're lost), and inside the building, to the left is a
bedroom, on the left of the bed on the dresser is a gold brick.

Now head back to the main door and go up the stairs. CROUCH! Follow the
waypoint marker and you'll see a soldier, take him out quietly and proceed
out back and down below, you'll see two waypoints, the one that says 21m is
the way, but first go out the windows of this bombed out building to the
back alley, and at the end to the right is a gold bar (it shines, at the
corner so you can't miss it). Proceed to 21m.

OH no, there's a sniper! Bolt back into this house you were about to leave,
and snipe the enemy sniper, who is dead center along the road, above the
white gate. Killing him will alert the other soldiers though, and you have
1 machine gunner just adjacent of this house you are in, and the other
soldiers are across the street where you sniped the sniper, and they will
fire at you so snipe them away. I lost count how many there were, but you
can tell everything is all clear when the music calms down. Exit this
building and onwards to the waypoint.

Climb up into the building, and there's one objective complete. They want
you to grab the explosives so just crouch and bump into the box, I say
crouch because there's a guard in this house, equip the rock and throw it
at the doorway beside the ammo box, and the soldier will approach this door
so take him out. Now, outisde this doorway you'll see some stairs going
down, all the way down there and behind a standing case is another gold

Leave this house via the upper floor and down some rubble, crouch around
these parts, otherwise you will alert the soldiers outside. I just headshot
my way through them, your choice ;) The next waypoint marker is more
explosives at a monument, so grab them, then place the charges along the
convoy route. They are waypoint markers, so they aren't hard to miss. Do
take caution when approaching the truck waypoint marker, there are soldiers
in the building near it, so crouch on your approach.

After placing the 2 explosives, get to the vantage point, which is actually
through the main door and upstairs, the closer waypoint is up through a window
and to an ammo crate, nothing more. So go on to the main waypoint, but when
you get to the stairs, crouch up them because there's a guard sleeping at
the doorway. Take him out, then proceed to the waypoint, but when you reach
a part of the building that has a lower overview of the street, there's a
sniper on the roof on the part of the road you came from much earlier, take
him out, and the noise will alert a guard in the doorway above and behind
you, so turn around right after shooting the sniper to take out this next

Head all the way up top the stairs, and in the next room on a chair is a
gold brick. Go back to the stairs, and you'll see a bookcase, you need to
climb that and then up to the attic.

Game time. When you are back in control, snipe the explosive you placed on
the truck when the armored kampfwagen is beside it. Your next objective is
to shoot Kreidl immediately, then take out the soldier in the window across
the street, and take out any soldiers near the 2nd explosive (Do not shoot
the 2nd explosive yet!) When a Tiger comes rolling in, then shoot the 2nd
explosive ASAP. Mop up the remaining soldiers then proceed back down to
Kreidl's body. You don't have to go back down those stairs again, just go
around this attic area you're in and slide down the rubble. There may be
2 left over soldiers when you approach Kreidl's body, if there isn't then I
must be a poor sniper :P After inspecting his body (grab the Luger!), exfil
via that waypoint marker, the door ahead of the convoy. Mission completo.

------------------------ 4.0)  MITTELWERK FACILITY ---------------------------
-Recommended loadout: MP-40, Welrod
Not sure if it has to be done, but I just took out the soldier on the guard
tower up ahead. Someone else keeps talking though >__> You'll notice when
someone talks on the PA speaker, there's an icon on the top right of the
screen that flashes. You need to snipe the key guards roaming the base
without letting others see the dead body. Well, that was my approach. Just
for fun, place a land mine on this main road if you have one, right below
the giant pipeline that crosses overhead. Now after I shot the guard at the
main gate, I couldn't vault over any of the areas there, so you go around
the base to the right, which has a guard tracing his steps, and there's
another guard tower here. A rocket booster also lets out some steam, giving
you more sniping chances, but other than that, deal with the guards quietly
and then proceed to the bunker marked "Nord Tunnel". Forgot to mention the
two buildings in front of the gate, facing the gate, there's 2 gold bars in
the right building, and 2 in the left. Now, to Nord Tunnel.

Go right first into the machine gun nest for a gold bar, then proceed through
the rocky tunnel. You'll come to a crane truck, and a wooden-beamed tunnel
forward, I suggest you follow this crane truck lane, as there's 2 guards
tracing their steps in the other tunnel. When this truck tunnel joins with
the rocket train car tunnel, the 2 guards would split up and then you can
take out either one. A crane overhead causes noise in case you did not
bring a silenced weapon. If you alert anyone, soldiers will come, so take
them out if it happens. Otherwise, the first objective is in a small
cut out in the tunnel, like a storage place, it's inbetween tunnels 38 and 39.
In tunnel 38, near the elevator, are light brown crates, with a gold
brick behind them.

After placing your explosive, the 2nd objective is in tunnel 39, across from
it in the engine nacelle room is a gold brick. Plant your explosive, then
crouch out of here to the next objective. When exiting the room with the 2nd
explosive to the left, I saw 2 guards there, take them out quietly or face
an onslaught from both sides of tunnel 39. Now place the last explosive and
then we have to make our way to Swagger's office :P

I won't mention any soldiers here, as it was empty in room 42. I did not
stealth any section of these explosives objectives, so I might have drawn
them all from here if there was any. Anyways, on to Swagger's office, the
only thing to look out for is a gold brick, facing the objective marker
in room 42, it's on the right, beside the upright rocket. Now head to
Swagger's office, and in the cut scene we see some soldiers. Okay...

Snipe all the soldiers that are firing back at you, and grab the gold
brick on the table right of the radio and make your way out of this
miserable underground. Press M for the map if you're lost. Be wary of any
left over soldiers on your way out, and once you are back outside, there
was a sniper on that tower I cleared out way at the beginning -__- After
he's out, a truck will arrive, and some soldiers and an officer will jump out,
unless our land mine took them out. You can either snipe them or mount that
MG-42 at the gate. I suggest mounting the MG-42 because another truck comes
along with more soldiers. Take them out then run out of here!

---------------------- 5.0)  KAISER FRIEDRICH MUSEUM -------------------------
-Recommended loadout: MP-40, Welrod

Leave this building you are in and drop down. Through this narrow path is a
russian soldier, so crouch and make sure he doesn't see you. Unfortunately,
I have no idea how to pass the next soldier, so I just shot my way through. If
you do that, there is a sniper in the building ahead, and one on the museum
building across the street. Soldiers will also fire at you from the street,
so use cover wisely. After you kill them all and the music calms down, go
into the building towards the waypoint marker, and a gold brick is in the room
on the right with the poker game. Now head back to the waypoint marker, that
is down the stairs, and crouch because 2 soldiers are here, keep your gun
drawn and kill them loud or silent, no reinforcements arrive.

Make your way outside, and wait for a russian soldier to enter a building,
this building you must also enter so crouch and keep your weapon drawn. Before
you enter the door though, behind that green crate is a gold brick. Now,
inside the building, make your way upstairs, crouching as you'll come across
a soldier gazing out the window, kill him then go inside the room he's in for
a gold brick. Then up the stairs some more while crouching, as a guard will
walk across the room, kill him, and there's a handful in the next room, I
accidentally alerted them so I just threw a grenade into the room :P Then pick
up the sniper rifle, and then back down to where that truck was blocking the

Out on the street is a row of soldiers. While these guys are lined up for the
firing squad, snipe them. I don't know how they see you crouched behind the
obstacles, but they will and they will fire back. Once the frenzy starts, a
sniper will appear atop the building on the left, snipe him and clear the
soldiers approaching you, make it quick because they will flank you fast.
Remember, the music calms down after all soldiers are dead, so if the DJ
left the beats up, there's still one (presumably near the truck behind the
building to the right). Once all soldiers are dead, search them if you want,
otherwise go to where that machine gun nest is when the soldiers were lined
up, and you'll notice a bombed out hole in the wall of the left building. Go
through and then right to follow the waypoint marker, and place the 2
explosives on the bridge and proceed ahead into the museum.

Be quiet as there's a sleeping guy and another near him, kill them quietly.
I suggest you clear the museum. There is at the most 15 soldiers, but quite
hard to navigate stealthily since it's hard to tell what's their visual
limitations. I tried, maybe I'm bad at it but I went Welrod on them, and
searching their bodies gave back the ammo, so you don't lose much other
than time. Anyways, follow the waypoint marker, which is at the back left of
the museum, and there's more soldiers up here so crouch while going up. Once
you reach the top of the museum, you'll see the waypoint marker at a ledge,
not sure if shooting the explosive on the bridge early counts, but I waited
till a tank came near, and since the cut scene shows a tank getting caught
in the blast, maybe it's best to wait.

Once you shoot the explosive, the Russians will return fire, and a new
objective is to destroy a tank that shows up in the park. First shoot the
tank commander that pops out of the turret, then look at the tanks side
fuel tanks and shoot the blinking red object, and the tank will go up in

Once your business with the russians is done, time to leave. Go back down
to where a soldier is firing at you, and you leave via the hole in the wall
the germans were looking at earlier, and go down the scaffolding. There are
soldiers firing at you from below, and a sniper in the building across, so
take them out. When you cross the bridge and head towards the waypoint marker,
more troops will arrive, and 2 machine gun nests from either side of the road
will have you zeroed in. Even when you take all of them out, when you get
ever closer to that waypoint marker, there will be 3 snipers, 2 on the right
and 1 northeast on buildings. Now you can reach that blasted waypoint lol
and that's mission complete.
---------------------------- 6.0)  OPERNPLATZ --------------------------------
This mission introduces incoming artillery. Like that PA speaker in Mittelwerk
Facility, you can use your sniper rifles to shoot isolated soldiers when a
shell explodes, so keep an eye on the top right screen. Now, head forward
towards the waypoint, and once the shelling starts, some soldiers will come
into view ahead, so take them out during the shell bursts. Head on towards
the plaza, and once you reach it, you need to clear it.

There's quite a number of them here, some come from the building on the right,
but most come from the square ahead. There are also some snipers at the very
furthest building, and taking them all out will trigger a new objective,
Reach the Vantage Point. Unfortunately, if you are scrounging around the
dead bodies in the plaza, there are more snipers from around the buildings,
take them out and then we can go to the vantage point lol.

And then once you enter the building with the vantage point, 2 soldiers will
rush you...the music just calmed down too lol. Head on upstairs to the vantage
point, there's an ammo box along the way. Once you get to the vantage point, a
scene will show an officer about to shoot Swagger. Shoot the officer first,
then take care of the 2 soldiers quick. Now we gotta defend Swagger as he
makes his way back the way you came. Snipe any soldiers that fire upon
Swagger, they will fire at you too but Swagger is their priority. You will
need to move to each available corner of this building you are in in order
to follow Swagger's path, once you take out the soldiers in your building's
entrance, Swagger will enter so meet him downstairs.

Oh boy, now we gotta defend the house. Go to that corner of the house that
overlooks the street you first came in, and a truck will roll in. You can
shoot the driver and passenger before they stop, and when you finish off the
rest of the soldiers, a 2nd truck will arrive, so take them out too, and
that's it, mission accomplished!
------------------------ 7.0)  ST OLIBARTUS CHURCH ---------------------------
-Recommended loadout: trip mines
Make your way forward, and beside the burning Tiger tank is a soldier pacing,
if you take him out, a sniper will shoot at you from a house further down
the street. Not sure if the soldier triggers the guard or vice versa, but
that's how it goes. In this level, we have the church bell ringing for us
as part of the noise suppression, so when the bell rings, take out the

It gets troublesome as there's a working Tiger tank in the street to the
Church, and guards patrolling. They can see far, so stay behind cover as
much as possible, and the church bell will ring, so take out the soldiers,
but you need to avoid the Tiger tank. There's a burning truck, go around that
to get behind a house, from the house go to a bombed out car, then into the
house (remember press Tab to see where to go). Go through the inside of this
house to go out the back through a bombed out hole, but be cautious as there
are 2 soldiers patrolling outside and another inside the building with light

Don't take your time when you are in the alley, while the bells are ringing
a sniper will lock on you, take him out during the ringing. Then make your
way to that building that had a light (which was actually fire -_-), and
crouch through the house, and go prone before you reach the main door, you
might have noticed a Tiger tank, and there are 3 soldiers outside. When one
walks near the main door, shoot him with the Welrod, another soldier will
notice but not raise an alarm, he'll come closer and take him out too, and
do this again for the 3rd soldier. Now from the front door, go right further
into the house, and you'll come to some rubble bringing you to 2nd floor
levels. If you look at the back of the Tiger, and you'll see that flashing red
object like on the russian tank in the Museum mission, shoot there to take out
the Tiger.

That should trigger one more soldier out near the bunker beside the Tiger,
and there's also an officer at the main door. Leave this house and go right,
that's where more soldiers are. There are 2 in the 2nd floor of the house with
a flag on it, so snipe them. Then make your way around here (press Tab!), and
before you turn the corner, snipe the guy manning the machine gun mount.

Before you proceed, facing the MG-42, you might notice that house near you has
a basement, there are 3 soldiers in the back room upper left, I just threw
a grenade in there :P You can go further into the basement, but there's just
grenade ammo and 3 soldiers. The MG-42 way is the way to go.

Be quiet when you climb up the way through the MG-42 gun, or else 3 soldiers
will be alerted. Make your way to the first floor of this house going towards
the Church (oh look, the basement >__<), then head to the Church. Be quiet as
there's a soldier pacing inside, take him out quietly or else you will alert
the sniper and other soldier inside. After you take care of those 2, before
you go upstairs on the opposite end of where you entered is a gold brick
behind a Munitions box. Now go upstairs.

Press TAB to find your way up to the airdrop, and once you get it, it's...
a Gewehr 43. Nice. Now we gotta defend against 3 german waves. After you take
care of wave 1, place a trip mine on the path to the way down, on the floor
where you have to defend against waves 2 and 3. Some soldiers will try to come
to you, so the trip mine can help. Wave 2 has an armored car, shoot the front
hood (the blinking red parts), and wave 3 has a Tiger tank (wait for it to
turn a little bit). Then head back down the church, there are some soldiers
where the gold brick was, as well as the entrance. After you kill them all,
leave the church. Mission complete!

----------------------- 8.0)  TIERGARTEN FLAK TOWER --------------------------
-Recommended loadout: Sniper rifle with good zoom, mid range SMG
Once you start, you'll notice a ruskie walking away from you, I don't know
how good your quick-draw skills are, but if you don't kill him there, he
will sit down and talk to his comrade, now this part you should be quick,
first take him out on the chair, then when his comrade is alerted, kill him

Now make your way, using TAB, to the waypoints, along the way will be more
ruskie's, some of them are shooting Germans so Splinter Cell around if you
can. Once you get to the first floor of this.... budweiser factory, leave
through the double doors, and more Ruskie's versus Germans. I wouldn't sit
back and beer this one out folks, them Ruskie's were losing and the Germans
started going after me lol. Help eliminate both sides, then once the music
stops dancing, you can approach Flak Tower 2 ways: through the front gate,
or up the stairs to the left to a building overlooking the front gate.
Incoming shell fire is here to mask your shots, so time those shots with the
shell bursts.

Once the front gate is cleared of all the troops, proceed up to Flak Tower.
But first, when facing Flak Tower, there's a gold brick in the left bunker.
Then head into Flak Tower. Find a way to the roof, but left and right lead
to the same place, a room with 3 soldiers inside, 2 are talking, when the
3rd walks away, shoot the two with your Welrod, then the 3rd should come to
investigate, so kill him. Go forward and left to a radio room, with a
soldier monitoring the radio, so kill him and take the gold brick on the

Now go up the stairs, and in this upper level is a soldier on the right, kill
him then I recommend going the way he came from, there will be 2 soldiers
along that path, and a 3rd soldier should come to you. Then head up the stairs
to the 3rd floor (3 stock). There's a soldier standing guard right at the
door, then to the left is a war room with an officer and 2 soldiers (plus 1
self absorbed radio man). You can throw a grenade into the room if you want :P
After you deal with them, head to the Ausgang away from where you entered
3 Stock, but before you go up the stairs, there's a gold brick in the room
to the left.

Now we are atop Flack Tower. Thanks to plenty of shell bursts, we can go
weapons free, unfortunately the soldiers here are typically in sight of each
other. You can either stealth this or go guns blazing, in either case there's
a gold brick in the center comm room, and the winch room is on the other side
of this Flak Tower. Go on down to the winch room, and at the small crack in
the wall, a cut scene will trigger and we have to snipe Mulla. Darn, I thought
we were going to use an 88mm on him... sniping him will trigger the exfil
objective, so go behind you and there's a door, and a German counterattack.

Oh, look. It's that war room with the self absorbed radio man lol. The alarm
is ringing, so no need to be quiet, so just shoot your way out of here all the
way back down the flak tower. There are many troops along the way, so I
suggest pressing Left CTRL for the short range zooming of the sniper rifle,
the soldiers come in groups of 3 or 4 at each floor down, and once you are
outside,  take care of 2 small waves of soldiers, and the exit is at the road
to the left. Mission complete!
---------------------- 9.0)  KARLSHORST COMMAND POST -------------------------
-Recommended loadout: magazine based Sniper Rifle, grenades.

There are two ways to go about destroying the tank, either through the main
road where the crashed B-17 is, or through the rubble of houses to face
the command post building facing directly west (when looking at the map).
Going the way of the B-17 has 2 guards behind it and a sniper on its right.
There's a building at the crossroad where the B-17 is facing, that has a
red couch in the doorway, on the upper floor is a panzerfaust rocket launcher.
You can destroy the tank with it, or shoot the fuel tank valve on the tank,
either way once you destroy it, you have to clear out the remaining troops
at the entrance of the command post. Don't forget that truck also has a
fuel tank valve to shoot at.

Head on inside the command post, and to the basement level, oh no there goes
the uptempo music. A wave, a rather large wave of soldiers will rush you from
either side of this tunnel, I recommend taking cover behind one of the pillars
and Aim (not scope) with the sniper rifle, there's a high chance to get a lot
of 2 for 1's here. You'll know when they are all dead by the music, so proceed
to loot all their bodies for any ammo :D

Crouch and slowly go to the waypoint marker because it's an officer lol. Kill
him then go near his body to trigger the cut scene, then go back the way you
came, and 2 snipers will slowly come in. Take them out loud, and proceed
through. Once you reach the front door though, you will be under sniper fire
everywhere. This time it isn't so much as "reach the exit", but rather you
have to eliminate all the snipers. Don't worry, they'll be marked as
waypoints. Eliminating the last sniper will trigger the escape cut scene,
and that's mission complete!

--------------------------- 10.0)  KREUZBERG HQ ------------------------------
Oh man, the objective is right in front of us but we gotta go the long way.
Head left and down this building to see a firefight between the Russians and
the Germans, take cover and watch until the Russian tank blows up, then you
can kill them all. A German sniper is in a building overlooking the tank,
and the Russian's are easy to see with their PPSH tracers. When the music
dies down, proceed towards there.

Before you even get close to the Russian tank, Germans will appear at the
buildings across the canal. One is in a building while the rest span out
in opposite directions >__> Anyways, kill them all, then proceed. OH wait!
Once you reach the other side of this canal, Russians appear behind you AND
Germans appear beside you! Take out the Jerry's first, and then the Russians
because the poor Ruskie's are outnumbered :P

Now can we go to the Subway? Damn, a small number of German's keep spawning
ahead of you. When you finally face the Subway, you'll see soldiers and a
machine gun nest, here you can try to line up 2 of the soldiers for a
double kill :D take out the machine gunner and the last soldier. Now can we
really go to the Subway? Out of frustration I mounted the machine gun and
shot the dead bodies when 2 Russians appeared from where we came, LOL!

After you kill the 2 Russians, get into the subway fast because I'm getting
sick of the outdoors lol. Once you are in the subway, ooh wow here come the
incoming artillery sounds. Unfortunately, when you get to the other side,
there are much more Germans than you can initially see, if you want to tag
all of them with your binocs, you need to shoot the soldier at the right
when an artillery shell explodes, and move around that way. Still, there
are soldiers in the red building to the right of the subway exit, so they
might see you that way too. I ended up just shooting my way through >_>

Now, before you enter the building of Wolff's office, drop a land mine at
the front door. You'll thank me later. Once you enter Wolff's office, a cut
scene will play, and then when the cut scene ends, you should get a land mine
kill lol. If it didn't get the 2nd soldier, finish him off, then more soldiers
as well as a sniper on the roof of the building to your left will shoot at
you as you head towards the Ministry building. After you clear the soldiers,
head into the Ministry building and reach the highest floor, and a cut scene
will occur, and it will cut off due to enemy sniper action!

The enemy sniper was at the "Limonate", it's got a giant Lemon sign. Now
we need to exfil via the rooftops, and many snipers will snipe you from
all buildings around the path to the waypoint marker. You can either take
them out (for points!), or make a run for it while ducking into attics now
and then. Anyways, if you reach the waypoint, it's mission complete!

----------------------- 11.0)  KOPENICK LAUNCH SITE --------------------------
-Recommended loadout: PPSh, Welrod, no grenades, but double up trip and land
mines, non-bolt action sniper rifle.
Wow, it's quick draw time. There's a soldier right in front of you at the
start, don't miss because he's going to shoot at nothing, raising their
alertness. I also recommend not going after them, there's very poor lighting
at night, and their patrols intersect each other. Anyways, thunder is your
new noise maker, so there's 2 ways to approach the waypoint: To the right of
where you started, but you must snipe the machine gun nests on the hill during
thunder, or you can go towards the church, but there's plenty of soldiers
along that route. Once you do reach the waypoint, you must go prone to proceed
to the trenches.

There's a soldier right after you pass under the prone tunnel, so take him
out. Now to reach the next waypoint is rather straightforward, you just need
to keep an eye on soldiers roaming the trenches, and there's one relaxing near
the main trench entrance. I recommend stealthing this one. Once you are at
the main trench entrance, there are 2 gold bricks along the trenches until the
machine gun nest at the end, come back and go left this time, the desk has
a gold brick, then go out to the trenches again via the opening beside the

There's a soldier, who for some reason came charging me before even knowing
I was there >__> when you go higher in elevation, there's a sniper who
shoots you all the way from that church earlier. Wow. Then head up the hill
towards the waypoint. Make your way through the train cars, and vault up the
train platform and crouch towards the waypoint. You'll have a new objective,
and that is to kill the officer you see in the doorway. Use your silencer,
and immediately kill the soldier beside him quietly as well. You must not
raise the alarm yet, you need to mine your back before you alert the Russians.

Crouch and quietly head downstairs to the basement, there might be a soldier
here, it randomized on me for the several times I did this part, but if
there's nobody down there, it's your lucky day. First place a mine in this
small basement, then land/trip mine on the top of these first set of stairs,
then a trip mine at the top of the stairs. Go back down to the basement to
stock up, then proceed to wreak havoc. There's a guard tower with a sniper
to the right, and various soldiers behind cover around the launch pad. Keep
shooting as many of the soldiers as you can, while keeping an eye on any
land mine kills, until the rocket countdown begins, which you then have to
shoot the fuel valve on the rocket quickly. Mission accomplished!

------------------------- 12.0)  BRANDENBURG GATE ----------------------------
-Recommended loadout: PPSh, magazine based sniper rifle

There's two ways to reach the waypoint up ahead, you can go into the subway
which has a gold bar, and come out the other side to the main road with a
whole bunch of Russians, or go right of the subway into a house with
motivational posters on it and a bombed out hole in the wall. The subway
way will lead you right into machine gun fire, while the bombed out house
is more stealthy as you come out from behind the machine gun nest. Either
way, it leads right to the waypoint.

Once you reach the waypoint, go into the house, up the stairs and head right
around till you see a hole to drop down, I actually got hurt going down that
hole >__> heading outside into the square triggers the new objective, get
to the Brandenburg Gate. But, you have to either stealth to it, or shoot
your way through. I don't know why, but these soldier have super vision, can
see you behind obstacles or barriers, I was at the house we just came
through and a soldier all the way at the gate saw me o_O I recommend using
binoculars to tag each soldier you can see, as well as the tank, thanks to
incoming artillery you can pick them off one by one during the shell bursts.

After you kill them all, go through the left door when facing the gate, I
don't know if the right door goes up top, but there's a gold brick and a way
up there on the left, so I say left. Go all the way to the top, halfway there
a cut scene will play, and once you are at the top, you have to quickly snipe
him while he's driving away! I actually slipped on my mouse and got lucky :P

Once you do kill him, that's it! You beat the game! The main story, anyways.
There's still challenges to do, play on higher difficulties, wind direction,
bullet drop etc >:D

13)  DLC

Funnily enough, if you acquired DLC, they are listed in "Challenges" instead
of, you know, Mission Select >__>

------------------------ 13.0)  ASSASSINATE HITLER----------------------------
-Recommended loadout: Welrod, magazine based sniper rifle					
So all you have to do is reach the vantage point. Sounds easy, but you have
to go around the train station to get there. There's a soldier standing
guard right at the beginning, so use your Welrod. Now there are soldiers on
either side of the train platform, they pace so I recommend using your Welrod
while their back is to you. When you get closer towards the end of the train
station, a train will arrive and it will randomly toot its horn. This will
give you chances to kill the rest of the soldiers on platform 2 thanks to
the noise is makes.

Now, before you leave this train station, there's a guard watching the road
right beside the steps leading out of the train station, so equip your welrod
and kill him. Now further ahead to the vantage point, are 4 soldiers on the
road ahead, I just aimed a grenade right in the middle of them and boom :D

This will trigger a sniper, who is at your vantage point! Kill him to stake
your rightful place up there. Once you do reach the edge of the vantage
point, it will trigger a cut scene, and it's Hitler! I wonder if anyone has
been able to snipe his mustache :P Before we have to kill him, you have to
shoot the truck with the glowing red valve, and then all hell breaks loose,
and Hitler will hide. Okay. What you have to do is kill as much of the
soldiers ahead of his path as much as you can, he will go from left of the
screen to the right, at times hiding behind the walls and such. Many waves of
soldiers will come, which is why I recommended a magazine based sniper rifle,
you can stun Hitler which will significantly slow him down, and then finish
him off. Mission complete!

3= FAQs

Q: How come my aim is so off?
A: Chances are you got the full difficulty settings enabled. There's bullet
drop, scope drift and wind to consider when sniping, so I suggest you practice
first how each of those 3 work, and from there you'll become a sharpshooter!

Q: Which rifle is the best?
A: Eh, hard to say since many players have different styles of play. It's
best to practice with each one, find out which one suits you best, other
than that I do like the Gewehr 43 a lot, since I loved that rifle in CoD 2.

Did I mispell something? Want to add some gameplay tips? Send me an email to
my addy below!
COPYRIGHT 2014 @BraniacUnbound

email: unboundbraniac at yahoo dot com

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