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                           Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
                              Xbox 360 Version 1
                          Written By: David Harris
                          Email:[email protected]
                          Gamertag: ForeverMidnight

 Hello, I am ForeverMidnight and this is my guide for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2.
  When writing guides I leave out all of the juicy reveals in a game because 
there are some experiences you should see for yourself. When I write, I try and
be relaxed and throw in a joke every now and again because reading a guide can 
be a little stale after a while. Reading this guide, you may notice that it 
doesnt look all fancy with a lot of detailed page breaks and cool letters made 
out of tiny letters and numbers. I dont do those for two reasons: first being I
dont know how, and the second (and most important) I would rather spend more 
time getting this guide out to help readers than spending X amount of time 
making fancy things. I am not trying to impress, I am trying to help. I am 
open to any suggestion or alternate ways of doing things in this game and if 
someone emails me a suggestion or recommendation, I will add it and give you a 
shout out. I take messages on Xbox live, but not random friend requests.

Well enough about me, let's get this game started.


   Welcome to Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, a sniping simulator putting you in the 
boots of Cole Anderson, a soldier from the first Ghost Warrior title but now
in his own stand alone game.

This is a first person shooter that employs stealth tactics above run and gun
shooting, so beware Call of Duty fans, this is not the same game. The gameplay
requires you to stealthily move through the missions and take out enemies 
without being caught, all ninja like. This leaves it open for you to be able
to shoot as you choose. The game does give recommendations for the best way to
sneak through the levels, and thats what this guide is based upon. So if you
want to do the game your way, but need some hints as to how to get through a 
particular level, then thats what I am here for.

================================Table of Content===============================

1. Gameplay Tips

2. Main Guide

Act 1
Mission 1: Communication Breakdown                                       [A1.1]
Mission 2: From Out if Nowhere                                           [A1.2]
Mission 3: Leave No Man Behind                                           [A1.3]

Act 2
Mission 1: Operation Archangel                                           [A2.1]
Mission 2: And Justice for All                                           [A2.2]
Mission 3: Ghost of Sarajevo                                             [A2.3]

Act 3
Mission 1: Knife in the Dark                                             [A3.1]
Mission 2: Burning Bridges                                               [A3.2]
Mission 3: Bad Karma                                                     [A3.3]
Mission 4: No Loose Ends                                                 [A3.4]

3. Achievements

   -Operation Quarterback                                                [ACH1]
   -Operation Archangel                                                  [ACH2]
   -Left No Man Behind                                                   [ACH3]
   -My Rifle Is My Best Friend                                           [ACH4]
   -Harvester Of Sorrow                                                  [ACH5]
   -Guardian Angel                                                       [ACH6]
   -Hangman's Knot                                                       [ACH7]
   -Nemesis                                                              [ACH8]
   -Balls Of Steel                                                       [ACH9]
   -Bullets Can't Hurt Me	                                        [ACH10]
   -I Never Bleed                                                       [ACH11]
   -Distance Matters Not                                                [ACH12]
   -Worlds Apart                                                        [ACH13]
   -Fisher King                                                         [ACH14]
   -Psst, Don't Look Behind You                                         [ACH15]
   -Say Hello To My Little Friend                                       [ACH16]
   -Kill With Still                                                     [ACH17]
   -Death's Scythe                                                      [ACH18]
   -Hazardous Materials                                                 [ACH19]
   -Nerves Of Steel      	                                        [ACH20]
   -Solid Sandman                                                       [ACH21]
   -Back To School                                                      [ACH22]
   -Karma Chameleon                                                     [ACH23]
   -Laugh This Off                                                      [ACH24]
   -Poking the Bush                                                     [ACH25]
   -Keepsakes Of War                                                    [ACH26]
   -In Search of Enlightenment                                          [ACH27]
   -World Warrior                                                       [ACH28]
   -Bloodstreak  	                                                [ACH29]
   -Pure Ownage                                                         [ACH30]
   -The Sniper Elite                                                    [ACH31]
   -Kill That F**ing Band!                                              [ACH32]
   -Blood And Tears                                                     [ACH33] 
   -Unhappy Camper                                                      [ACH34]
   -Everything But The Kitchen Sink                                     [ACH35]
   -Wrath Child                                                         [ACH36]
   -Death Dealer                                                        [ACH37]
   -U Can't Touch This                                                  [ACH38]

4. Legal

==============================Gameplay Tips====================================

The missions come in three difficulties: Casual, Medium, and Expert (that 
escalated quickly). 

On Casual and Medium:

*Enemies are not as aware to your presence and are lousier shots.

*Your team will offer you hints as to how to get through an objective

*Your minimap will often have red indicators to show you were an enemy is at,
which helps when spotting snipers. 

*You have the benefit of a red dot assist on your scope. When aiming down your 
sights, after a few seconds a red dot will appear to show you exactly where 
your bullet will land, which is needed for those long distance precise shots.

On Expert:

Its everything above, but in reverse. No hints, no help, better enemies, and 
you have to judge for yourself where your round is going to land based off of
height, distance, and wind speed.

* When going for achievements and during times you want to be stealthy, you can 
employ the reload checkpoint option in your menu. Most of the secret 
achievements have certain requirements that, if you fail, you can reload the
previous checkpoint and it will act like it never happened. The same can be 
said when doing a stealthy part of the mission where you want to avoid a 
firefight, as long as the checkpoint is within reasonable walking distance
of course.

* Unless you are a super lousy shot, you never really have to worry about 

* Dying isnt a big deal in this game. Checkpoints are usually not too far off
and you come back with full health and ammo. I made it through the entire game
without using a medpack. Would it have been easier? Yes, but it shows that
death isnt a major setback.

* Play this on at least medium difficulty before expert. Its as if you are 
scouting out everything ahead of time so you know where the best spots are,
how to distract enemys, when you can shoot grenades, and it gives you a feel
of how your rifle will fire during long distance shots. Expert gives you very
little help during missions and none during shots.

* Collectibles change from Golden Statues, to Film Reels, to Golden Statues...
Dont ask me why, but im letting you know ahead of time now so you dont go
running through Act Two looking for statues and ignoring the odd amount of
film reels like I did. Also, collectibles dont do anything for you except give
you some meneal task.

* You can pick up dead snipers rifles, but its up to you whether you like it or
not. You dont get to choose, change, or upgrade your rifles at all. The only
difference I noticed is how each rifle reloads. I prefer the one with the 

=================================Main Guide====================================

Act 1
Mission 1: Communication Breakdown                                       [A1.1]

As you begin, walk forward and climb up the ledge. Follow your spotter around 
till he tells you to hold, there are two guards in front of you. When he tells 
you, shoot the guard on the right, then  
equip your thermal and shoot the guard in the shack through the wood or between
the cracks. Follow your spotter down and walk with him until he tells you to 
halt again. There are two guards you are going to synch shoot, until three more
arrive and halt that thought. Follow the spotter through the water again and 
follow his instructions to eaves drop the soldiers on the bridge.

Continue following through the water until you hit land, then knife kill the 
soldier while your partner gets the other. Approach the right side of the 
bridge and crouch to get a good vantage on the guards ahead of you. Kill the 
guard on the bridge when the boat leaves, then the guard on the pier to the 
right, then the guard wandering the campfire. You two will synch kill the last 
few guards which will allow you to proceed through the camp.

Around the corner is a water camp full of guards. There are two guards on a 
ledge to the right that you can synch kill. Move forward and follow the 
instructions of your spotter till you get under the pier. Walk under and around
the corner, then wait till the guards pass. Climb up and kill the guard on the 
right to clear the way to the path forward.

When you reach the ledge, take out the sniper to your right in the tower
quietly. Now take out the lone guard ahead on the back right, then the one on 
the back left. For the two standing next to each other, you can distract them 
by shooting the radio and then finishing them OR you can walk all the way 
around and get a double headshot and finish the last one however you want.

Proceed to the water and start swimming to the other side, dive when the enemy 
boat appears and keep swimming to the markers till you get inside the marked 
location. Kill the two guards in this cave then make your way to the top of the
tower to set up an overwatch.

As your allies swim up to a pier, shoot the guard when they tell you too so 
that he falls off into the water. Wait until they tell you to engage, then 
shoot the two guards when they are facing away so they don't raise an alarm. 
Your next target is on a balcony to the left. Your next target is a sniper in 
a tower, take the shot after the chopper leaves. The next target is a group of 
three, you can kill one and the others will take care of the rest. The next 
two are on a ledge to your right, kill them quickly before they can raise an 
alarm. Your next target appears on a bridge as your guys move up. Wait a bit 
while three guards line up, then get a double kill on the two to the right. Pop
the next two quickly that show up because your friend gets spotted by a guard, 
kill him before anything happens. The last part of the overwatch is the upper 
area filled with guards that you have to clear out with the help of the rest of
the soldiers.

Mission 2: From Out if Nowhere                                           [A1.2]

Equip your night vision, then proceed forward towards your markers. As you get 
further in, some enemies will pop on your radar. It is very dark in this room 
so it will be hard to get spotted. There are three roving guards on the ground 
and one up top. You can kill the one that walks closest to you first, then the 
other two as a double kill. Finish off the guard up top then follow your 
markers. When you cross the bridge, turn back around and take the wooden path 
to the upper platform to find a secret.

Walk forward and stealth kill the sniper so you can set up overwatch in his 
spot. You will start by sweeping the area looking for the hostage you are 
trying to rescue. Once the teams make it up, they will knife the first two 
guards at the staircase, leaving you a sniper at the top. Next are two targets 
on the right for a synch kill, shoot the one up stairs. Next are two snipers on
the far left, followed by three more guards near the boat that you must kill. 
Your next group are to the north, a single guy at the top of some stairs, the 
pilot that immediately comes to investigate, then a double kill beneath them. 
To the right is a guard on a ledge and a guard on the floor with a friend, kill
one and your buddies will pop the other. Next is a guard in a building on the 
left, he will start running for an alarm so you must take him out before that 
happens. Listen to the plan, then shoot the barrel when you are told to. Next 
is a kill as you like of the soldiers in the top building. Once your guys make 
it in, the hostage is lead to the roof by a gunman that you must take out with 
a clean shot.

Once you can move again, hop up the ledge to the left and proceed up the 
platform. Kill the lone guard up here and ignore the three on the ground. Once 
the area opens up, there is a guard wandering the ledge in front of you that 
you must kill. Now there is a sniper to the right on a ledge high above the 
cliff, run forward then lay down to avoid being spotted, turn around and 
eliminate the sniper. Move up and inside of the path until enemies pop on your 
radar. When the two closest to you line up, take the double kill and then pop 
the third guard that runs towards you.

When you make it to the buildings outside, go on top of the first one and 
eliminate the lone guard here, then snipe the guard on the roof of the 
adjacent building. Inside of that building, underneath the stairs is another 
secret item. There is one last guard before you reach the overwatch objective.

Kill the roving sniper on the right, followed by the guard that walks out of 
the building, the sentry in the turret, and the last two closest to you.

Follow the waypoints to the lone sniper standing in your overwatch, then shoot 
the sniper on the roof of the building across the street, the guard by the
pool area, then (if you live it up as shoulder-leg) a double kill in front of 
the gate. 

As you round the corner, three marcs come running down the path at you. Line 
em up and knock em down quickly. This next area can be a bit tricky, there is 
a sniper on the building to the right your coms tell you to kill while he is 
on the right. Let him walk left, then back right before you take the shot. 
Then, being all ninja like, crawl through the shrubs on the left to go around 
the guards and behind the humvee. When you reach behind the humvee, start 
running down the marked path. Stop before you round the corner to let the 
choppers pass, otherwise they will cut you down.

Kill the guard marked as bait to draw three more to him, while they are all 
standing around trying to remember what a bullet hole looks like, shoot the 
grenade at the belt of the guard to make them 'splode, then kill the guard on 
top of the building to the left. You are free to move up the stairs to the 
tower, there is a final secret item on the bottom floor of the tower. Move up 
top to set up your overwatch.

Your guys come in the water on the right. Your first target is a guard on the 
bridge here, your boys will take care of the rest. On the yacht there are two 
guards manning spotlights, kill the guards followed by the spotlights. There 
is a random guard that comes to investigate, kill him too. Next are two guards 
to the left, kill the higher one first before you shoot the second. Two guards 
on a path to your right call your attention, shoot the bald one and the two 
lights above the bodies. A car approaches and drops off three guards, shoot 
them from top to bottom. Once the troops move up, you can shoot the breaker 
box to kill the lights. Equip your night vision and lay waste to the enemies 
by the pool.

After the cut scene, you must keep your guys alive by blowing the soldiers 
away. Keep at em and a humvee will appear, pop the guy in the turret and finish
off the soldiers that you can find. Eventually your guys will be taken and the 
level will conclude.

Mission 3: Leave No Man Behind                                           [A1.3]

$   You earn "Solid Sandman" here  $

Approach the objective once you have control and you will see a beach hut with 
some guards surrounding it. You need to clear out this area without causing 
any alarm. Your targets are as follows:  
The guard walking to the end of the pier, the sniper on the second floor of the
building, the guard underneath the floor, the guard by the boats, and finally 
the guard walking around towards the top. After you kill all of those guards, 
follow your objective until you can spot and kill the last guard on your 
minimap. Kill everyone without being spotted and you will earn the "Solid 
Sandman" achievement.

Once you reach where the boat huts are you will be able to find a secret item 
behind the rocks along the right side of the map, one of the most randomly 
placed for these items.

Following the marker you will come across another group of guards. There is a 
lone sniper perched atop the canopy in the prone position. Move around to the 
left and stay behind the shrubbery to  
stay hidden. Kill the lonely guard at the back of the hut, then move inside and
around the back to avoid the guards in front. Move to the left path once the 
patrolling guard moves out of sight.

Take the right fork and hop up the wall. There is a guard standing in front of 
you that you can knife and automatically drag into the bushes. Head up the 
stairs and across the ladder, ignoring the guy on the ground and focusing on 
the one guard in front of you from the ledge. The last two guards are further 
forward and can be taken out from a distance or up close, I can leave that up 
to you. Hop up the boxes or just go around and up the stairs to reach your 
next objective.

Across the cliff is a little shack with some guards in it, kill them in a top 
to bottom order then run and jump into the water on your right. When you can, 
surface on the land away from the shack and take post in the shrubs there to 
get clear sights on the guards. There are two you can double kill on the bottom
and two more patrolling guards around the hut. When they are all dead, jump 
into the water and go into the hut, on the top floor is another secret item.

Move all the way up to the tram car area. A third secret item is inside the 
office on a desk. Enter the cable car and hit the button to move it forward, 
pop the guard that's standing at the other end. Once you touch ground, the eyes
in the sky grant you the enemies on your radar. Go inside the office here and 
snipe the sniper on the upper right side. Now through the wall you can hit the  
guard under the shack closest to you, followed by the prone sniper on the left
side. The last two can be lined up for a double kill or distracted with the 
radio. When they are all dead, you can go to the little building in front of 
the cable car room and on the first floor is the last secret item sitting on a 
table. Move to the objective to set up overwatch.

Stand by for all of the cutscene's. Once you have control, zoom in on the 
hostage quickly and take out the shooter and his guard with a double shot or 
else he will kill the hostage. Now it's a matter of following him and killing 
the guard that pops up around him. When he enters the building, he will slowly
walk backwards out with a guard, shoot the guard and the friendly will run 
inside to grab a gun.

Run to the next overwatch location and set up shop, there will be two guards 
shooting. Once both of them are dealt with, another group will approach from 
the left, the farthest soldier on the left has an RPG so it's a great idea to 
take him out first. Follow up with the other three guards and watch your boy
show them how a real man uses an RPG.

After the cut scene it's all about just running with Diaz to not get shot, it's
a very short chase.

Act 2
Mission 1: Operation Archangel                                           [A2.1]

Follow Maddox forward for a bit till you get to the cliff. Your target is the 
soldier on top of the tank, then the soldier fixing the back of it. Follow 
Maddox back down and past the train wreckage. He points out a roving soldier on
the top floor of the house ahead, pop him and move into the house with Maddox.

When you move out there are three soldiers to hit. The soldier to the left of 
the house, a soldier on the radio to the right, and the last being on the first
floor of the building. Follow your spotter forward and you will see a bunch of 
guards approaching from either side of the train, duck down and crawl under the
train to avoid them. When he tells you to halt, you better stop all that 
crawling. If your detection meter starts to go off, just ignore it because it 
won't fill all the way.

Keep pressing forward with him till you come to some stairs, stay slow and low 
behind him so you don't get spotted. Just follow Maddox through the brush and 
listen to what he calls out so you don't get thrust into a fight. Once you 
make it past the train yards, you have to eliminate and group of enemies at a 
train station. Be careful with headshots here, you nail them in the helmet and 
they will stay alive and raise the alarm, go for chest or face if you can. If
you go straight instead of right you can find a secret item on a bench.

When Maddox tells you to get down, he will point out a sniper on your right to 
take out first. Next is a double kill a little lower, do it in the chest to 
keep it quiet. Finish off the last guy on the left and your good to go to the 
AA gun bunkers.

There is no sneaky way to do this, so you want to line up as many quick kills 
as you can before you get spotted. Wait till an AA gun rotates enough so you 
can get a double kill on the gunners, then pick off the officer behind him. 
The remaining soldier in the front shouldn't give much trouble. When their 
dead, proceed to the gun and plant some C4 on it. Move towards the next gun 
and blow the C4 when you're a safe distance away, an explosion from a plane 
takes care of the second gun when you approach it. To take out the third gun, 
I crouched behind some sandbags at the second AA gun so I could get my shots 
off and be far enough away to not get to shot up.

Once you blow the AA guns you move down into an underpass. A group of soldiers 
come from the front and you have to move to a side shack, if you run forward 
however, you will find a secret item on a table. Once your inside the shack, a 
dog will spot you guys and you have to run for it, there is no helping it. 
Wait till the dog just passes the exit and slowly start moving out of it aiming
behind you. Once Maddox is spotted, kill a few of the guards and start 
sprinting the other way, it eases up on the gunfire you take. Run down the hall 
and take cover on a crate to your right while Maddox sets a charge, enemies 
will keep spawning so just take your time till he is ready. Once he says 
"Go, go, go!" run behind you and duck left so the soldiers can move forward and 
set off the explosion, ending the level.

Mission 2: And Justice for All                                           [A2.2]

Now we need to pull a Peter Parker and snap some photos of bad guys doing bad 

Inside the building Maddox will tell you to kill the soldier on the right 
"ricky tick"...whatever that means. Remember that helmets will block bullets 
so aim for necks, faces, or chests. The next  two soldiers are close up kills 
so you can do them as you please.

Move upstairs and you will find a soldier across talking to one above, take the
stairs up and pop the soldier on the high ground while Maddox takes care of the
other. Jump to the second floor and follow your crew to the third floor. There 
is a secret item on a desk in the back corner behind some rubble. One more 
guard on the fourth floor and your all clear for your photo op. When you have 
the camera, follow the icons around and snap a pic when your target icon turns 

Once you have control again you will move back to where you started the level. 
Go through the unlocked gate and follow your group. More guards are around and 
you have to stealth kill one of two while Maddox angrily knifes another. 
Ignore the guards in the center and move up the stairs, a nearby distraction 
will draw most of their attention away. One guard on the same level as you will 
start running at you, kill him before he raises an alarm. Follow your crew 
around the corner and kill the guard Maddox points out, don't get to close to 
the ledge as you proceed forward or you will get spotted.

Inside the busted up building you will be moving in the dark, you can use your 
night vision if you wish but you won't be in here long. Stealth kill the guard 
down here and move on out, told you it wouldn't be long. Here you will see a 
few guards being naughty, unfortunately Marinov thinks he can help by talking 
to them. Run to a fallen roof to the left and take position at a window, once 
the hostilities happen, pop the guard before he kills your contact. 
Immediately aim left after this as Multiple enemies will start coming from 
there. Kill them quickly and keep an eye on your radar as some will get close, 
your partner isn't very good at watching your back. Once they are all dead, 
run into an adjoining room of the building you entered in and you will find a 
secret item on a shelf in the middle of the room.

Following your marker takes you into an underground garage filled with 
soldiers. Slowly move out and to the left, taking care not to get spotted. 
Around the corner is a single guard between you and a fuse box, take him out 
then run over and cut the power. Equip your night vision and start heading to 
the opening on the other side. Tiptoe around all of the guards till you get to 
the other side. Knife the guard on the left and then book it out and around 
the path. Outside where there is a large fiery crater, there is a fenced off 
area to the right with a secret item on the ground.

Maddox points out a sniper in the distance snipe him and slowly move forward 
looking at the top of a roof to your right. A sniper appears on the corner that
you have to shoot. When you make it forward a bit, Maddox will tell you to get 
down and crawl. Aim at the roof of the building you are crawling towards to 
hit the next sniper. This draws attention to the guards in the patio area, 
which can't be helped; kill them off and press forward. There is another sniper
high and to the right as you enter the middle of the patio area, kill him and 
move to the stairs. Turn around and move up and you sill spot a sniper in on 
the roof of the building in the distance. 

You and Maddox will exchange angry words after you deal with the sniper, then 
hop down into the open area full of guards. Sneak around to the far building 
with Maddox to avoid open conflict, knifing the guard inside. Once you're out 
back, Maddox will point out a sentry to kill while he does the other one. Go 
inside the building with your team and you will find a secret item up to stairs
to the right. Approach the observation point and highlight all of the enemies
with your binos. Once you highlight your target, Maddox will save you from a 
sniper round. He is sooo nice, isn't he? Well now that everyone knows your 
here, no need to be quiet. Snipe the snipers to your right and on a building 
to the left, then move on to the guards in the pavilion that are advancing on 
you. Once the last guard has been dealt with, aim at the window of the building
in front of you to find and kill your target. Behind you, the previous guards 
will come at you from the right primarily, kill them as you see fit.

Mission 3: Ghost of Sarajevo                                             [A2.3]

Why are people such douches?

Move forward when you can and open the door at the top of the stairs. Let the 
guard walk forward, then take the stairs to the left. There is a single guard 
up here near the window, kill him and go  
towards the marked door.

After the scene, go to the second open door and belly crawl under the planks 
to the room to the left. Then again to the next room marked with your gear, 
snipers F'd now. Grab the rifle and the secret item on the table before you 
deal some karmatic justice to the sniper across the way. Back in the previous
room a guard will come out of the door across from you, duck left and let him 
pass, then you can kill him if you want. 

After you get your world rocked by a mortar, go into the next room and move 
downstairs, killing the guards as you go. Once you hop outside, you will 
communicate with command. Move towards the objective and aim at a guard on a 
billboard to your right. There are lots of guards in the area in front, so 
duck left behind and up some walls. Keep moving around and towards some trees, 
you can hop down once all of the guards move. Stay to the back of the trucks 
and crawl underneath them to reach the other side, watch out for the sentry 
who gets out of the passenger side of the second truck. Once you crawl to the
stairs, sneak up and around to stealth kill the lone guard, then take up 
position and aim at the two guards on the distance. You can wait till they are 
lined up for a double kill, or wait till the rover is to the left in front of 
the wall and kill him followed by the second guard. If one raises an alarm, 
alllllll of the guards in the pavilion will come at you.

$   You can earn "Back To School" here   $

Now we move on to sniper alley, it sounds bad, but only if you don't know 
where the enemies are. Move up to the library and hide behind the pillar, 
there is a sniper in an open window across the  
way. He is easy to spot because he is wearing a blue jacket...not the most 
stealth of snipers.

Approach the window in the second room and look across the street. On the top 
floor, seven windows to the right is the second sniper, his window is just 
after the second boarded up one.

In the third room, approach the window slowly and aim at the next building to 
spot the third sniper on the top floor, second window from the right.

In the next room, guards come out from the downstairs door. You can get hit in 
here if you're going for the achievement so don't worry. Move to the left and 
wait at the corner, looking towards the next corner near the stairs. Two guards
come up, one goes right while the other goes left, guess what you should do to 
the left one? You can kill the second guard from here or move down and take 
him. If they spot you, this corner is a great place to set up shop, giving you 
an eye on the stairs and letting you see them before they see you if they make 
it around the corner. Once you make it to the other side, stay next to the 
wall as two guards in the next room make their way towards the door. They will 
both come out of the second door so go into the first one and run to the 

Once you make it into the next building, a sniper will take out a civilian. 
Achievement is back on. Turn to the right and creep to the left till you can 
see a window in the bathroom. From the window you should be able to spot the 
sniper across the street, zig to the right if he spots you first to avoid 
getting shot.

In the next room (the one with the guy dead in the corner) aim at the roof of 
the building across the street to spot the third sniper on the right hand side.

Don't go too far, as the last sniper is in the same building in a window on 
the upper floors on the left side. If you killed all snipers without getting 
hit, you will earn the "Back To School" achievement.

Outside you are clear to move forward. Run towards the giant crater and make 
your way through the sewers. There are guards across the way that you don't 
have to worry about, it's the two on the floor here you have to worry about. 
Once they move on, follow them low so the guards across the way don't spot you,
then kill them when they separate.

Follow the objective through some tunnels you have to crawl through, and move 
right once you jump down. Moving up the ramp, you will see a group of guards. 
When they separate, stealth kill the lone guard to the left, then the two 
guards to the left of that. Move back towards the group that went low and take 
them out, leaving only a few that will bother to run at you. Once they are all 
dead, follow your objective marker inside the ruined building. There is one 
guard here you can stealth kill, and another secret item to his right on a 

Outside there are six guards, but don't panic. Your first target is the guard 
fixing the car to the left, then pop the roving sentry that moves all the way 
to the right. Next, if your careful, you can line up a double kill with a 
guard on the front right and the guard on the back left. Now you only have two 
guards to worry about with little to no wind resistance, have fun!

Move inside the hotel and pick up the secret item on a table on the second 
floor. On the top floor you spot your last target in the Act. Once you have 
control, you must kill your target while he is in a moving vehicle. Go to a 
knee and take aim, as the vehicle turns right and starts going left, take a 
breath and fire at the rear passenger window. The cut scene will take care of 
the rest.

Act 3
Mission 1: Knife in the Dark                                             [A3.1]

Now we have Diaz as our spotter. Follow him forward to the ledge to spy on the 
enemies ahead. Take position on the right and take a good lay of the land. The 
roving guard in the front is best taken out first when he heads to the left. 
There is a prime double kill when the two guards are looking at the map on the 
right. The farthest rover can be taken out when he walks away from the guard 
in the turret, leaving mister turret completely oblivious that his whole team 
is dead with him following after. Before you move to your objective, collect 
the secret object on top of where the double killed soldiers were.

Follow Diaz and he suggests splitting up, you take the right while he goes up 
top to be your eye in the sky. Go to the marker and start crouching, there is
 a sniper that can spot you on your top left inside of a wooden shack. Deal 
with him and his buddy to his left first. Next is the roving sentry that moves 
behind the wall, followed by the last rover when he is inside of the hut or 
behind his buddy, who you kill last.

When you touch ground, quickly run forward and through the door in the wall to 
the farthest open building, a convoy of enemies come from the right and will 
spot you if you don't get out of there. Follow the route around the back to go 
around the guards and get to where they came from. Stay to the foliage in the 
left so you can duck down if your spotted.

Diaz tells you to hide when a chopper comes inbound, do so and don't move till 
you hear the all clear. Take out the lone guard on the bridge that Diaz marks, 
he will take out the second. Move forward with Diaz till he tells you about 
the snipers in the towers. Your first target is in the top window to the left, 
then middle tower on the shop window again, followed by the third tower at the 
top going prone.

Move forward till Diaz tells you to duck out of the spotlight, stay where he 
goes and listen when he tells you to halt or move forward. When you move 
towards the bridge, stay to the right to avoid the light. Down the river and 
into a cave, you two will eavesdrop on two unsuspecting guards. When they are 
done, stealth kill the one on the left with a knife for a simultaneous kill. 
Stay to the right a bit and watch that guard as he like to peak over his 
shoulder. As you exit the cave, Diaz points out a double kill above you, wait 
till the rover is walking to the right to get the better shot. Take out the 
final target when Diaz points him out. Inside the shack to the right is another
secret item.

Follow Diaz up to a sniping nest and take the shot he calls to the right. The 
sniper to the left becomes the next target, but killing him draws the attention
of the final three guards. You can shoot them normally-or-equip your pistol, 
back into the left corner, and wait for them. Chances are at least one will 
make it up there and your partner can't be counted on to cover you, I found 
this to be the easier alternative.

Keep following Diaz around until he points out the two guards, take the right 
for the simultaneous kill. Right before you go up the stairs to the com tower,
go through some planks to the right to find a secret item at the top of the 

Mission 2: Burning Bridges                                               [A3.2]

Well aint this some shit, time to go ninja.

$   You earn "Karma Chameleon" here   $

Now you have to get your rifle, if you're going for the above achievement then 
you have to do it without being spotted.

Move forward till Diaz tells you to stop, wait for the chit chatting guards to 
break and run across the bridge when Diaz gives you the go ahead. Shoot the 
guard you see here immediately.

Stick to the path and go around the guards next to the fire, hiding behind 
walls if your being spotted. As Diaz tells you about the guards coming for you,
jump into the water on the right and swim to the pier. Crouch down, shoot the 
scout ahead of you, then continue on the path avoiding the guards. As your 
about to round a corner, Diaz will yell "STOP!" Let the guard who came out of 
the shack go back inside then continue down and off.

Slowly approach the next corner and stay out of view of the sentry, Diaz tells 
you to knife him, so do it and you will automatically drag him back into the 
shadows. Move around the corner avoiding a searchlight and kill the guard on 
the phone inside the marked tunnel. Your back to your rifle now, grab it as 
soon as Diaz gives you the go ahead to avoid the searchlight. The achievement 
should pop now.

As soon as you grab it, take aim at the spotlight on the bridge ahead of you 
and take it out which should also kill the guard manning it, follow that with 
the guards on either side. The door to your right should be open now, so go 
through it and stick left. A guard comes out ahead of you that Diaz warns you 
about, when he gives the go ahead you can take a simultaneous kill with Diaz. 
Go up the steps and climb the ledge to the overwatch.

Diaz marks a roving sentry on the wooden bridge to the left, followed by the 
two on the other side for a double kill. Diaz marks a guy on the right that you
need to snipe the bell for to draw him out into your scope. Diaz tells you the 
only way to get the last three is to go loud, so kill the guy in the middle and
start aiming down the bridge. When the guards come in sight, hold your breath
to take a double kill; take them out one at a time if you miss, no biggie.

You pass a secret item on your right as you move towards your objective 
markers. Grab the explosives Diaz marks and attach them to the marked icons. 
You can find another secret item on the second floor of your location, grab it
before moving on. Follow Diaz and you or Diaz can take out the random guard 

Once Diaz blows the C4, the cave starts to collapse, just keep sprinting behind
Diaz the whole time to make it out.

Mission 3: Bad Karma                                                     [A3.3]

Follow Diaz when he's done spouting his nonsense. He points out a lone guard in
a tower off in the distance. Run across the bridge behind to left column and 
get a simultaneous knife kill when you get the chance. Before you go in the 
building, look behind the statue of the four armed god on the right for the 
first secret item.

Diaz wants you to go into the tower first, then rushes past you as soon as you 
take a step inside. Guy can't make his mind up.

In the back of this upper room is the next secret object, and in the courtyard 
is a bunch of guards. Diaz tells you to shoot a grenade off the guards in the 
front, pop the guard that moves upstairs first. After you shoot the grenade, 
the last guard yells for backup in the form of...one guard...so difficult 

Move down into the courtyard after you deal with the final two guards and 
catch up to Diaz, who points out two snipers in the right tower. Kill them 
when they separate, killing the left one first.  
Doing the right one last, immediately drop your sights to the lower door to 
kill a guard before he makes it inside, you will have a firefight otherwise.

Kill the guard to the right of the guy you just killed, then wait for the 
patrol in the middle of the square to separate. Kill the two guards Diaz points
out, then follow the guard as he moves up the stairs. Kill him when Diaz says, 
then take the double kill as Diaz kills the final guy. As you make your way 
through the courtyard, Diaz points out two snipers up high on the temple wall.
Kill them and move to the objective marker. To the left of the stairs to the 
tower on the right is a secret object on the ground, imagine how silly I felt 
searching high and low inside of the tower and coming out to find it right 

Follow Diaz across the bridge and towards a couple guards the two of you must 
kill. Inside of the cave Diaz takes his time getting knife happy with one of 
the guards, then tells you to not be seen by a vehicle and to take out a lone 
guard on the path. Moving up the hill, the driver moves out of the vehicle and 
walks around. Shoot him when he can't be seen by the gunner, and then the 
gunner. Follow Diaz all the way to the overwatch to get a cut scene.

Once the cut scene is over and your back on your feet, aim immediately forward 
to get eyes on the chopper. The wind is blowing left so aim a bit to the right
of the pilots window and up towards the window corner to hit that traitor scum.

Mission 4: No Loose Ends                                                 [A3.4]

We have almost killed everyone, can you feel it?

Follow Diaz forward and up to where he points out some guards on a bridge. 
Take the double kill first and the guard on the bridge won't notice. Follow 
Diaz inside for a cut scene. 

Belly crawl allllll the way to the other side. Diaz will throw some smoke on 
the ground ahead of you to cover your path. Keep following Diaz around and up 
to where a bunch of guards are located. Shoot the canister Diaz points out, 
then lay waste to all the remaining guards, no use in being quiet.

Follow Diaz once their all dead and take cover once you point out how quiet it 
is. There are two snipers Diaz points out on the tower ahead of you. Take them 
out and continue with Diaz until you two split up. Which is pretty beneficial 
during the cut scene ahead of you.

His help gets him spotted so now he needs you to kill the guards ahead on the 
path. When you see the bridge, turn around and collect the secret object laying
there. Once they are all dead, move across the bridge and join up with Diaz, 
who will point out a fuel canister in a window of the tower your being shot 
from. When you blow it, it gives you a chance to run across the bridge and into
the tower.

Take the ladder up and out of the tower. There is a secret object to your left 
as you exit. Follow Diaz to the ledge and shoot all of the targets Diaz points 
out. Follow Diaz again until you get to your overwatch where he marks two 
mortar teams. Kill all four guards manning these mortars, now we have to deal 
with snipers.

Diaz will eventually point out the snipers to you...right after they shoot you.
After you have dealt with the second mortar team, look at the stairs leading 
to the door of the building in front of you. Above the door is the ledge of the
first sniper. Below and to the right, between some rocks, is the second sniper.
The third and final minion sniper appears on the top left ledge of the left 

$   You earn "Laugh This Off" here   $

The..."boss"... is hard to spot as Diaz won't be able to call him out. But 
that's what you have me for right? There is a hall with some windows to the 
left of the stairs leading to the center building that the sniper runs around 
in. Aim at the far left window as this is the first window he should take a 
shot at you from. Wait for it...Wait for it... As soon as he moves up: hold 
your breath, take your time, and take the shot. Killing him with your first 
shot earns you "Laugh This Off."


There are the standard beat this and get this X amount of achievements, and 
there are a few secret ones that can only be done on several missions. As they 
take forever to type out a second time, I make note of it in the guide as to 
where you can earn them. Some notes on achievements

* Go through the game on medium first to get a feel for the rifle and to know 
where the enemies are. The red dot and most markers will not appear to help you
with your shots.

* All of the achievements that require you to do X without being/doing X, can 
be done if you accidentally did the X. Just reload the checkpoint and all will 
be forgiven. I must have been spotted by the searchlight for "Karma Chameleon" 
three or four times before I grabbed it. Reload checkpoint can be your friend.

* The multiplayer achievements....will take a lot of time. There are not very 
many playing the multiplayer and the levels tend to drag on since the name of 
the game is camping.

First set of achievements are the ones that you get just for playing through 
the game, can't miss them.

 ***Operation Quarterback: 10g                                           [ACH1]
    Completed Act 1
 ***Operation Archangel: 20g                                             [ACH2]
    Completed Act 2

 ***Left No Man Behind: 20g                                              [ACH3]
    Completed the game on Casual

 ***My Rifle Is My Best Friend: 50g                                      [ACH4]
    Completed the game on Medium

 ***Harvester Of Sorrow: 75g                                             [ACH5]
    Completed the game on Expert	

 ***Guardian Angel: 15g                                                  [ACH6]
    Rescued the friendly

 ***Hangman's Knot: 10g                                                  [ACH7]
    Killed Major Vladic

 ***Nemesis: 10g                                                         [ACH8]
    Killed Maddox once and for all

Now for the do X to get X achievements

 ***Balls Of Steel : 20g                                                 [ACH9]	
    Completed any single player mission without using med kits, but taking 
       -See "I Never Bleed"

 ***Bullets Can't Hurt Me: 25g	                                        [ACH10]
    Completed any act without using medkits
       - See "I Never Bleed"

 ***I Never Bleed: 75g                                                  [ACH11]
    Completed the Campaign using max one medkit per mission
       - Alrighty now here is the thing about these three achievements. Like I 
have mentioned earlier, first aid is not a big deal in this game. When you die,
you don't start off very far in a checkpoint. I completed the entire game 
without medpacks because of that, annoying as it is, it has to be done anyways 
because of "Bullets Can't Hurt Me." Do the game on medium first, the hits you  
take won't be as bad as if you played on the Expert difficulty and you will 
make it through the campaign easily enough without using a single medkit.

 ***Distance Matters Not: 20g                                           [ACH12]
    Killed 20 enemies from a distance of 600m or greater
       - You will get this before you finish Act 1 during Mission 2.

 ***Worlds Apart: 20g                                                   [ACH13]
    Took a successful shot from a distance of 1 km or greater
       - Done for the first time during Act 1, Mission 2 during the first 
overwatch snipe fest.

 ***Fisher King: 10g                                                    [ACH14]
    Killed 25 enemies using thermal or night vision goggles
       - You can don your goggles at any time with the d-pad, there are plenty 
of opportunities and required situations for the goggles to be used.

 ***Psst, Don't Look Behind You: 20g                                    [ACH15]
    Killed 15 enemies with a stealth kill
       - Sneak up behind an enemy and use your knife to kill the enemy.

 ***Say Hello To My Little Friend: 10g                                  [ACH16]
    Killed 30 enemies using your sidearm
       - Takes some time but you will get it.

 ***Kill With Still: 10g                                                [ACH17]
    Killed 50 enemies while holding your breath
       - Will be earned before the end of Act 1

 ***Death's Scythe: 30g                                                 [ACH18]
    Took 50 headshots in single player
       - You may not earn this the exact same time as the above achievement 
but still you will get it before the end of Act 1

 ***Hazardous Materials: 25g                                            [ACH19]
    Killed three or more enemies by shooting a grenade
       - Your first opportunity to get this is during Act 1 Mission 2. As you 
make your way to the lighthouse you shoot a guard to draw the attention of 
three more who stand around wondering how a bullet hole appeared in their 
partners head. The guard in the middle has a grenade attached to his belt you 
can shoot to take out all three.

 ***Nerves Of Steel: 30g	                                        [ACH20]
    Achieved 100% accuracy in any single player mission
       - One of the first hard achievements. I don't recommend getting this on 
Expert unless you are the lovechild of Hawkeye and Vasily Zaytsev (watch 
"Enemy At the Gates") Do this on the medium or lower difficulty so you can get
the red target assist for your long range shots. The thing with this is you 
cannot miss OR hit a helmet and the achievement cannot be gotten if you reload 
a checkpoint. The best mission for this is mission 1, just take your time and 
move through the mission slowly.

Secrets and collectibles

 ***Solid Sandman: 20g                                                  [ACH21]
    Killed all enemies in the beach houses without causing an alarm
       - Earned during Act 1 Mission 3, the solution is marked in the guide.

 ***Back To School: 30g                                                 [ACH22]
    Killed all enemy snipers in Sniper Alley without being hit 	
       - Earned during Act 2 Mission 3, the solution is marked in the guide.

 ***Karma Chameleon: 20g                                                [ACH23]
    Retrieved your weapon without being detected
       - Earned during Act 3 Mission 2, the solution is marked in the guide.

 ***Laugh This Off: 50g                                                 [ACH24]
    In the final duel with Maddox, killed him with the first shot
       - Earned during Act 3 Mission 3, the solution is in the guide.

 ***Poking the Bush: 20g                                                [ACH25]
    Collected all secrets in Act 1

 ***Keepsakes Of War: 20g                                               [ACH26]
    Collected all secrets in Act 2

 ***In Search of Enlightenment: 20g                                     [ACH27]
    Collected all secrets in Act 3

Now for those lovely, lovely multiplayer achievements. The best way to earn 
these achievements is to get a friend into a private match and boost the 
achievements. It will take a while but it is doable. If you can't make friends,
I can offer as much help as I can to do this by yourself.

 ***World Warrior: 5g                                                   [ACH28]
    Participated in any multiplayer match
       - Just join any of the two maps

 ***Bloodstreak: 10g	                                                [ACH29]
    Killed 25 opponents in multiplayer
       - See "The Sniper Elite"

 ***Pure Ownage: 30g                                                    [ACH30]
    Killed 50 opponents in multiplayer
       - See "The Sniper Elite"

 ***The Sniper Elite: 50g                                               [ACH31]
    Killed 100 opponents in multiplayer
       - You have one of two maps to choose from and limited amounts of people 
playing. The games draw out for a while because it's a violent version of hide 
and seek. Just dedicate yourself to playing for as long as it takes.

 ***Kill That F**ing Band!: 20g                                         [ACH32]
    Took 25 headshots in multiplayer
       - Is it just me or is this a From Dusk Till Dawn reference? You do get 
the red dot assist in multiplayer but you don't get the option to slow down 
time, understandable. Find a good nest and wait for an opponent to walk into
your scope trying to get at other people on your team.

 ***Blood And Tears: 50g                                                [ACH33] 
    Took 50 headshots in multiplayer
       - Same as "Kill That F**ing Band!"

 ***Unhappy Camper: 10g                                                 [ACH34]
    Killed 10 opponents in multiplayer using your sidearm
       - You can do this by running across the map to the opponents side, or 
wait until an enemy runs to your side to get your team.

 ***Everything But The Kitchen Sink: 50g                                [ACH35]
    In one multiplayer round killed an opponent with a sniper rifle, sidearm 
and melee attack
       - This can be a bit annoying to do without help but you basically have 
to run to the other side and get a knife and pistol kill on a sniping enemy, 
then get a normal snipe.

 ***Wrath Child:	10g                                             [ACH36]
    Won 10 Team Deathmatch rounds

 ***Death Dealer: 30g                                                   [ACH37]
    Won 25 Team Deathmatch rounds
 ***U Can't Touch This: 50g                                             [ACH38]
    Won 5 rounds in a row in Team Deathmatch


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Version History 1.0- Main guide and achievements posted.

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