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|                                   SOCOM 4                                   |
|                       Walkthrough By: redapocalypse04                       |
|                  Contact: [email protected]                  |
|                                Version: 1.00                                |

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                           ||  Table of Contents  ||
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I. Walkthrough

  First Strike_____________________[W1]


  White Tiger______________________[W3]



  Fluid Dynamics___________________[W6]


  Means to an End__________________[W8]



  Turning Point____________________[W11]

  Uninvited Guest__________________[W12]



II. Technical______________________[TECH]

                              ||               ||
                              ||  Walkthrough  ||
                              ||               ||

                                | ============ |
                                |              |
                                | First Strike |                           [W1]
                                |              |
                                | ============ |

Once you gain control of your character, use the right thumbstick to look up 
at the helicopter. Shortly after you do this, it gets shot down and crashes
into the building. Use the left thumbstick to move to the waypoints. The 
waypoint with the gold star is your objective. Move to it and press Circle to 
get behind the cover. A truck busts through the gate ahead and enemies will 
start pouring out. Use the left thumbstick to look over the cover and press 
R1 to shoot. Use Square to reload and press Start to bring up your Tac-Map 
once you receive your next objective. While looking at the Tac-Map, use the 
left thumbstick to move it around and use the right thumbstick to rotate your 
view and to zoom in or out. Pressing Square here will move the map back to
your current position.

When you pass through the gate you might walk over another weapon. Hold 
Square to exchange it for your current one. Clicking in the left thumbstick 
allows you to sprint. At the next waypoint you'll encounter more enemies on 
the road. Use L1 to zoom in. While zoomed in, you can click in the right 
thumbstick to aim down sights. After these guys are downed, move forward. You 
can press L2 to quickly switch to your secondary weapon, though it's not useful
at this point. Hold down L2 to bring up your gear menu. The D-Pad selects your 
weapons, and if you press the D-Pad in the same direction twice, you can 
change the rate of fire for the appropriate weapon. Use the right thumbstick 
in the gear menu to select from grenades. You'll need to equip frags to take 
out the RPG wielder in the building next to you. Don't worry about running out
of grenades. There's an ammo crate in front of you. Hold Square to resupply, 
then press X to vault over the roadblocks.

Take cover at the end of the road and wipe out the enemies below. Frags are 
handy here. After the next cutscene you'll have to deal with two tanks. Hold 
down R2 and you'll call in an airstrike on the spot you're aiming at. You will
have to try to call it in so that the tanks move into the path of the strike.
After the tanks are gone, one of your teammates will use C4 to blow the 
truck out of the way so you can continue. After he does this, press Down on 
the D-Pad to force your squad to regroup on you. There will be more enemies 
just beyond the truck, including a guy with an RPG in the stopped train 
further down. Take him out first or he'll just keep pelting the area with 
missiles. Once he's down, press Left on the D-Pad to order blue team, that is, 
your two squadmates, to move to wherever you're pointing. You can order 
multiple waypoints and your squadmates will move along them. This is great for 
issuing flanking routes or if you just want them to move up tactically while 
you do something else.

After you've cleared those enemies out, you'll eventually have to go down 
some stairs. Before you do, check a nearby circular table for some weapons and 
intel. The next area has you fighting more enemies, including an RPG soldier 
on the second floor of the building on the right. This is a good place to 
practice using waypoints for your squadmates. After you take down the first 
wave of enemies, move forward and you'll have to deal with more. Take out the 
RPG soldier in the building on the left first. He's pretty high up. When you 
get closer to the artillery, call in an airstrike on it. Once it's down, move 
to the waypoint to complete the mission.

                                 | ========= |
                                 |           |
                                 | Rendevous |                             [W2]
                                 |           |
                                 | ========= |

You'll need to stealth your way through the first few minutes of this. It's 
pretty simple though. Use Triangle to crouch. Hold Triangle to go prone, if 
you'd like. As long as you're low and you move quietly, you can stick to the 
tall vegetation and the enemies won't be able to spot you. Keep going until 
you're told to perform a stealth kill on a soldier facing away from you. Sneak
up behind him and click in the right thumbstick to put him down. Further ahead
in the dip you'll find more enemies. Move up the next hill and through the 
burning fuselage. You'll have to deal with more enemies up ahead. Most of 
them are centered in and around a partially destroyed two story house in 
front of the tail section of the plane.

After the enemies are gone, you'll link up with two soldier who become your 
gold team. Move forward until you're prompted to set up an ambush for the 
patrol ahead. Use Right on the D-Pad to send gold team to their waypoint, then
use left to send blue team to the other waypoint. They will be stationed on 
either side of the road. Now hold Left on the D-Pad over an enemy on the left.
Do the same with Right on the D-Pad for an enemy on the right. This tells the 
respective teams to take those enemies down when you push Up on the D-Pad. 
Get behind some cover and press Up when you're ready. You'll need to deal with
the two remaining foes in the middle. Don't forget to push Down on the D-Pad
to make the teams regroup on you.

You'll come up on the main camp just ahead. Here you can do roughly the same 
thing as before. First, have gold team simply eliminate the lone soldier in 
the middle of the road. Next, move your teams behind cover on opposite sides 
of the road. You can get up pretty far on the right side without anyone 
spotting you. Have them line up some shots by holding the D-Pad in the 
appropriate direction, then press Up to start the show. Keep an eye out for 
red explosive barrels in the vicinity too. As you move through the camp, you'll
face off against more enemies. Try to keep your teams split up on both sides 
of the road so they can cover every angle. You can take whichever route you 
want. At the end, you'll find a lot of resistance, and a lot of that 
resistance likes to throw grenades, so be careful. Take them all down and C4
the AA Battery, then move to the waypoint to finish the mission.

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | White Tiger |                            [W3]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

You'll be doing a lot more stealth work this time around. Stay in the shadows
and move slowly to keep that stealth meter on the left from rising too much.
When you get to the train tracks, stealth kill the lone enemy here, then move 
forward and shoot the next guy in the head. You'll need to move to his body and
press Circle to pick him up, then dump his body inside the shed he was 
guarding, behind some boxes. Keep going and go prone to get under the trailer.
Wait for the superior officer to leave. The other guy will go ahead and take a 
leak, stealth kill him when he does and dump his body behind some containers 
in front of him. Move to the next objective and hit R2 to toss a shell 
casing somewhere in front of the guy standing in your way. This will get him to
move. Climb the crates ahead and drop down, then follow the fence to your 

Once you get to the red-lit walkway you'll have to take out the guy here. Enter
the control room and sabotage the drydock, then make your way down the stairs.
The base will soon be on high alert. You'll need to stealth your way out of 
this place. You will soon have to get onto some containers and move around. If
you fall off, it'll probably be easier to just restart the checkpoint.
When you drop down, move behind the trucks and make your way towards the 
waypoint to end the mission.

                                 | ========= |
                                 |           |
                                 | Leviathan |                             [W4]
                                 |           |
                                 | ========= |

Move through the tall grass and deal with the first set of enemies. Although
you can hide in the grass, stealth isn't really an option here. Further on, 
you'll find two sniper rifles resting next to a wooden box. Pick one up and 
use it to deal with the sniper on the high platform ahead of you. Once he's 
down, more snipers will come out. Their red lasers give them away. You'll also
have to deal with several enemies on the ground. Once they're down, move to the
waypoint inside the building. There is a resupply crate in here. After the 
explosion, move to the cover. You'll notice that the cannon on the front of 
the ship is firing at you. It will constantly do this until you reach the 
next building, so stay behind cover. As you approach that large building, you
will have to deal with a lot of enemies, both in front and behind it.

When you get to the ramp leading up to the ship, the cannon stops firing. On 
the ship itself you'll find more enemies. After the immediate area is clear, 
move up, but don't go to the gun just yet. There are at least two snipers on 
the containers in the area on the other side of the ship. Keep an eye out for 
those red lasers. If you dropped your sniper rifle, you'll find another one on
the walkway leading between the two objectives. It's leaned up against the 
ship. After they're down, plant charges on both guns. When blue team goes to 
plant the IR beacon, watch the ramp on the side opposite where you came up. A 
few enemies will come up it. When you're ready, head down that ramp, but don't
go too far. More enemies will come out to greet you, including three snipers. 
One is on the ground next to the building, one is high on your left, and one is
high on your right, on some containers in the distance.

Take them all down and move forward carefully. Two snipers will try to hit 
your flank from up high on your left, on the ship there. Take them out along 
with the rest of the soldiers on the ground, then move to the waypoint to end 
the mission.

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | Benefaction |                            [W5]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

You can go down the stairs to your left and head under the bridge, then 
stealth kill the guy patrolling at the end if you want. However, the only 
other opposition here consists of two guards on the bridge itself, so killing 
everyone will probably just be easier. There are a few more enemies further on
as well. When you get to the ambush point, your teams will take their 
positions. Get up on the railroad tracks and get behind cover. There's an LMG
here if you want it. When the trucks pull up and soldiers get out, open fire.
The claymores that your squadmates planted will take care of the rest. Another
truck comes in after this, and enemies will start to pour out of the back of 
it into a smokescreen. They like to try and flank around, especially to the 
right, so watch out.

When they're down, move to the next waypoint under the bridge. There's a path
running off to the left. Take it and you'll come across an LMG and a sniper. 
You will need this sniper. The bridge and bunker ahead are filled with 
enemies, and there are snipers dotted all over the place. Try to take out the 
snipers as quickly as possible, because your current position allows you to be
surrounded rather easily, and it just doesn't have that much cover. Pull back
when you can, then move forward across the bridge and clear out the next area.
There will undoubtedly be more enemies hanging around behind the bunker, so be 
ready. Further on you'll come across a camp with a few more enemies.

Look down the beach and you'll see a lot of enemies, who will promptly open 
fire on you. Order your teams to take cover away from the vehicles, as they 
will inevitably blow up. You should worry about calling in airstrikes on the 
vehicles. You will need to call in two strikes on each group. Just keep 
targeting vehicles that haven't been destroyed yet. The right-most group of 
vehicles can be hard to spot from your location. It's best if you swing around
to the right and clear out the camp here, then target them. After they're all 
down, move to the next objective. You will have to protect Chung for 30 seconds
while he hacks the computer. If you've dealt with most of the enemies here, 
this won't be too difficult, but keep an eye on that side path. A few guys 
always like to come from it. Once that's done, move to the next waypoint to 
end the mission.

                              | ============== |
                              |                |
                              | Fluid Dynamics |                           [W6]
                              |                |
                              | ============== |

There are a lot of enemies to deal with at the front of the base, and there's
really no easy way to deal with them. You will want to have your teams split up
to cover all sides, or else you'll just wind up getting flanked. There are also
snipers to worry about here. Use the explosive barrels to your advantage. If
you are having a hard time hitting a sniper, order gold team to take them down,
they might have better luck. Once you're actually inside this base, move 
towards the next waypoint. Be careful though, as several enemies will come from
behind the building on the left after you get a checkpoint. Once you get 
to that building, two humvees will drive through the next gate and dump some 
soldiers out. Use the explosive barrels next to the humvees, along with 
grenades, to get rid of the vehicles, then mop up the remaining forces.

The bridge you come across next has several enemies on it, including two 
snipers on the other side. However, you can sneak around to the left to try and
get the drop on the snipers. If you are planning to do this, leave your teams
behind and just have them start taking down soldiers when you give the order.
They aren't good at stealth and will only give your position away if you 
bring them along. Move to the building. Inside you'll find a lot more 
enemies, including a couple on the second floor. No snipers though. Use 
explosive barrels on the ground floor to soften things up. Once you're on the
second floor, you'll need to head into the room on the right. There are usually
a few more enemies floating around here with shotguns. Open the floodgates
and watch out for snipers shooting through the windows.

Go halfway up the next set of stairs. A smoke grenade will go off at the top,
and two enemies will come through. In the next hallway, another smokescreen is
deployed, but more enemies come through this one. Once outside the building, 
move onto the bridge and enter the control room on the left. There are three
enemies in here. Take them out and you will have to defend this position from
enemy forces that come at you from further down the bridge. Shortly after this
a helicopter comes in. Get behind cover immediately or that thing will chew 
you up. Use the LMGs in the control room itself and the supply crate to lay 
into the chopper. Once it takes enough damage it'll leave, but a whole lot 
more enemies will come your way. Once you've taken down the next wave, the 
chopper comes back in. Shoot it until it's on fire and it'll leave. You will
now have to deal with one last wave of enemies, including two snipers this
time. Once they're all gone the chopper comes back in. Keep shooting it until
it blows up to end this mission.

                                 | ========= |
                                 |           |
                                 | Safehouse |                             [W7]
                                 |           |
                                 | ========= |

This is another stealth mission where you take control of Forty-Five. You'll 
need to follow the Naga officer while maintaining stealth. He comes around 
just after the vehicle passes in front of you. When he reaches the camp, you 
will get a waypoint. Go up the stairs when the guard patrolling at the top 
stops on the right hand side. Take it slow so that he doesn't hear you. Drop 
off on the other side and get on the pipe. You will need to drop down on the 
right side of the pipe when you get the next waypoint. Follow the officer 
and he will eventually split up from this two escorts. Shortly after this 
you will no longer need to follow him. Get up onto the rooftops and work your 
way around to silently deal with the first two sentries with red dots. You can
ignore the third one and just go straight for the car and bug it.

From here you will need to move along the waypoints and extract. Once you're 
in the water, you will eventually have to pass under a bridge with a guard on 
it. Shortly before you reach the bridge, just run to the finish. There is 
absolutely no point in trying to stealth this last bit, and it's almost 
impossible anyway. For some reason the enemies posted around here have a 
knack for spotting you even if your stealth meter only has one bar on it. Once
you reach the final waypoint here the mission ends.

                              | =============== |
                              |                 |
                              | Means to an End |                          [W8]
                              |                 |
                              | =============== |

You'll be tasked with clearing out the first part of this village. No matter
how you take it, you'll be dealing with a lot of enemies. Better to send one 
team straight down the road while you circle around and methodically wipe 
everybody out. Once you start going up the hill, the hill with the large pipe
going up it, you'll have to deal with more enemies, including a few snipers.
After you take them down, you will hit a barricade and be forced to go left, 
then back up through an alley. In this square, you'll face off against more 
enemies, and also an armored vehicle that circles the area. There are two 
rocket launchers you can go for. The one on the left, resting against the 
wooden shack thing, is the safest, but you'll have to work fast, because the 
vehicle will be coming right for you. You can also grab one directly in the 
middle. It offers the best protection from the vehicle, but you'll have to 
worry about the soldiers. Either way, two rockets will destroy the armor.

Once you've moved into the Naga HQ courtyard, you'll need to take out more 
enemies, including two snipers on the top floor of the building ahead. Inside
the building, you'll find a couple more enemies floating around, typically on
the second floor. When you get up to the top floor you'll trigger a cutscene.
After this, move out onto the balcony and take down the two snipers on each 
side. Use the balcony to get back inside the building and then head down to 
the first floor. You'll now have 5 minutes to get all the way to the 
extraction. You must move quickly. Clear this courtyard of enemies and move to
the next one. Try to clear this one of most enemies, but especially the left
side. If you can just punch through, it'll be faster. Watch out for an RPG 
soldier in a building on the left somewhere. When you next encounter a group 
of enemies, you'll be near the evac point, which is the rooftop with the 
marked enemies on it. Take all of those enemies out to stop the timer. Be 
careful though, because they all have RPGs, and the enemies on the ground will
be coming for you. Once you're on the rooftop, the mission ends.

                                 | ========= |
                                 |           |
                                 | Onslaught |                             [W9]
                                 |           |
                                 | ========= |

You will immediately have to take down a group of enemies. There are 
multiple paths up the hill, so utilize your teams. The village ahead is filled
with bad guys. If you go in guns blazing, you will get put down. Try to have 
your gold team at some point deal with the snipers. Try to pull back to the 
top of the hill and lure as many soldiers as you can to your position before
you actually move into the village. When you get close to the bridge, a few 
more bad guys will come out. They really like to throw grenades, too, so don't
stand too close to any vehicles. At the bottom of the ruined bridge you'll 
find two NATO allies that you need to escort, along with some weapons and a 
resupply. You'll need all that stuff for what's next.

As you escort the NATO soldiers through this area, you'll face several waves of
enemies. There are so many paths around here that it's really hard to not get
flanked, unless you are very adept at managing your teams. When you finally 
get to the end of this area, you'll need to deal with a few more soldiers, 
including one with an RPG. At this point, a gunship will start firing on you. 
Move up to where the RPG soldier was and grab a rocket launcher to use on 
the chopper. Hit it twice to make it go away. At this point, several enemies
will come at you on the ground. Deal with them and the helicopter comes back.
This time, though, it will come up behind some rocks in the distance, shoot a
few missiles, and then duck behind the rocks again. You've got a very limited
window in which to shoot this thing. It'll also strafe the area with 
missiles and move around very quickly after a while, then go back to it's 
usual cover tactics. Hit it two more times to take it down for good and end 
this mission.

                                 | ========== |
                                 |            |
                                 | Revelation |                           [W10]
                                 |            |
                                 | ========== |

Move forward up to the base to trigger a cutscene. After this, move forward 
and eliminate the lone hostile. You'll need to stick to the vegetation on the 
right. When you get to the bottom, stay behind the piece of cover until the 
man ahead of you moves away, then continue on, inside the building. Move up 
the stairs and plant a beacon on the chopper. After the cutscene, you'll need
to move to the evac point. The rest of the mission consists solely of 
stealthing your way through the base to the end. Stay close to walls and in 
vegetation whenever possible. When you get close to the extraction, you'll 
have to take out a guy in your way, but he's alone so it's no problem. Move 
to the beach to end the mission.

                               | ============= |
                               |               |
                               | Turning Point |                          [W11]
                               |               |
                               | ============= |

Move forward and kill the lone guard. In the next clearing, you'll have to deal
with a lot of enemies, including an automated turret. Your best bet is to 
move into the bunker portion of this building that you're in. It's under the 
platform that you can get up to via the stairs. In here, you'll trigger 
another wave of enemies. This way, you can take them all out in one go and then
just move on. I'm not sure if you can destroy the turret with gunfire or if it
automatically blows up when all enemies are downed, but it had been ruined by
the time I eliminated all the hostiles. Further on you'll find another lone 
guard that you can silently take down. The next bunker is filled with 
enemies, including at least one sniper. Take them all down and move to the 
top level. Here you'll need to protect gold team for 30 seconds while they 
hack the missiles. Enemies will come from another door on the roof and from 
the stairs right next to the terminal. After it's been hacked, target the 
freighter in the distance and call in a strike on it.

Make your way to the next bunker. There will be a couple of enemies hanging 
around before you get to it, and several more to take down when you actually
get to it. You need to make your way up top and over to the terminal. What 
makes this such a pain is that once up top, the freighter will start launching
missiles at you with amazing accuracy. You can dodge them fine, but your 
squadmates won't be so lucky, and constantly having to go back and revive them
is frustrating. The good news is that the missiles launch in volleys of three,
and then there's a lull that lasts a few seconds. This is when you need to 
move. Also, if you can make it over to the terminal, but your squadmates can't,
then just die. If you've reached the checkpoint, you'll spawn on the terminal 
with all of your allies. Now, be prepared for yet another rather annoying 
segment of this mission. Unlike last time, you'll only have to defend Chung
for 15 seconds. However, you must do this three seperate times, one for each
individual missile. Defend Chung from the bad guys, avoid the rockets being 
launched from the freighter, target the freighter and call in a strike on it, 
then avoid the rockets again and make your way back to Chung to defend him 
while he readies the next missile. It's a stressful process, but after the 
third missile, the ship goes down. Move to the evac point to end this mission.

                              | =============== |
                              |                 |
                              | Uninvited Guest |                         [W12]
                              |                 |
                              | =============== |

You'll need to stealth your way around a camp near the beginning of this 
mission. You're advised to keep an eye out for claymores and mines, but they
are both rather obvious, so don't sweat it too much. Near the end of the 
camp, you'll have to pass in front of a truck's very bright headlights. Don't
worry about it though. You'll be too far for the lights to spot you, and you'll
be in the foliage. Go up the hill and down to the next camp to trigger a 
cutscene. In this camp you'll need to move forward into the building and use
the computers inside. You're also tasked with sniping three sentries. I 
suggest waiting until after you've used the computer in the building to do 
this. For some reason, doing it now, even if each one is a headshot, manages
to put the base on alert.

Make your way into the building on the right side. Use a shell casing to 
distract the guard at the side door and then move inside to the objective. 
After you've done that, you'll have to stealth through the base, planting 
explosives on three tanks. This part is a real pain in the ass. There are 
a LOT of enemies floating around that you have to avoid. Also, don't be fooled
by the weapons on the shelf in the building. If you try to run and gun this 
last part, you will get destroyed. Move outside the building using the side 
door next to the computers. Move along the outer wall here. You should come to
a spot where the wall juts out and you can move behind a ruined stone wall. 
If you've waited to deal with the three sentries, this is the spot to take 
them down from. They are no longer marked, so this might be an optional 
objective, but it can't hurt to take them down anyway.

Keep hugging the outer wall until you reach the first tank. Plant the charge
and move through the arch. Now, you will be around some vehicles, and you may 
notice a couple on the other side of the road. Look across the road and spot
the vehicle on the right. There are probably a couple of guards hovering 
around it. Wait until the one on the left goes away (it could take a bit). 
Keep an eye on patrols moving up and down the road, then cross over to that 
vehicle when the coast is clear. From here you can backtrack to the tank you 
passed earlier and plant a charge on it. If a guy acts like he's heard or seen
you, just keep moving. He'll try to investigate, but they always lose interest
eventually. Now, move back up to the final tank. Stay in the tall grasses next
to the boundary and you should be good. You can move into the final building
through a side door and plant the charge on the tank. Just make sure the guy
patrolling near that door has moved off. After you've planted the charge, go
to the exit just outside the other side door to end this mission.

                                 | ========= |
                                 |           |
                                 | Countdown |                            [W13]
                                 |           |
                                 | ========= |

You'll encounter several enemies at the first ruins. There is plenty of 
tall vegetation though, so if you hug the right wall, you'll find some 
stairs leading down that lets you stealth by this area. Watch out for two 
guards on the bridge above you, plus more enemies just ahead of you on the 
dirt trail. You can also technically stealth the next set of ruins, but your 
teammates won't be able to, and if you get caught, you're going to be stuck 
in the middle of a lot of enemies. If you really want to, huge the right side
vegetation and try to get behind them, then have your teammates perform a 
frontal assault while you deal with the back. There's an RPG soldier at the 
back, and also watch out for some ruins high up on the right side. There's 
usually a guy in there that likes to shoot down on you.

There are more bad guys just up the road. This encampment boasts a sniper and
an automated turret, plus there's less room to maneuver. Once you get past 
this, you'll come across another remarkably well fortified camp. You'll want 
to have your teams hold back for a bit while you soften the opposition, or they
will just get in your way and die. The camp has a lot of enemies, two 
automated machine gun turrets, and two turrets that launch arcing missiles at
you. The missile turret in the far back is the main problem here. First, move
to the sandbags beneath the water tower and immediately aim for the explosive
barrels next to the closest two turrets. One is an MG turret, the other a 
missile turret. Gunfire or grenades will take these out. You can also try
to aim for the barrels next to the far MG turret, but its harder to hit, 
especially when you've got a ton of enemies and a missile coming at you. 
Try to take potshots at those barrels whenever you get a chance. Also watch out
for enemies coming for you and for those that are flanking around on the far 
left side of the camp.

When you've kind of whittled down the resistance, go to the left side of the 
camp and move towards the tent there. This is the bring your teams back to you
or have them doing something. There will still be several enemies floating 
around, but from the tent you have a clear view of the final missile turret, 
and it can't hit you, so lay into it with gunfire, then clean the rest of the 
camp up. Move forward and you'll come to a large clearing with some ruins and
a big wall up ahead. As you approach the wall, a ton of enemies will start 
rushing you, so set your teams up accordingly. There will also be snipers all
along the wall and at least two RPG soldiers.

Once you get inside the ruins, take out a few enemies in one of the first 
rooms. They like to use shotguns. You will come to a more open room and here 
you'll have to deal with a ton of enemies that like to rush, including one 
with an RPG. Grenades are your best friend here. When you see them start to 
pour out of the door, lob a couple of grenades to clear them out fast. Move
to the next objective. It's a missile launcher that you'll have to defend from
a large force enemies. This force includes snipers at first, but RPG soldiers
come into play later on. Watch out for shotgun troops that like to rush 
straight up the middle. After a couple of minutes they'll stop coming and 
the mission will end.

                                  | ====== |
                                  |        |
                                  | Animus |                              [W14]
                                  |        |
                                  | ====== |

You will immediately have to deal with some enemies to the left. There will be
two RPG soldiers in and around the building under construction. Another one 
will pop up in one of the windows of the building in front of you. Take these
guys out and move forward. More enemies come out of an alley that you need to 
enter. Cover is minimal here, so be careful. Keep going until you come to 
another courtyard. Enemies will flood into it. They might use the van as 
cover. Blow it if they do. Once they're down you'll need to go up some stairs.
Near the top, watch out for a couple of shotgun soldiers that like to pop out
and surprise you.

You'll spot the convoy again soon. Once you're back on street level, you'll 
face off against a few more enemies. Take them out and enter the parking 
garage. In here, you'll have to deal with enemies everytime you use the ramp 
to get up to the next level, except when you move up to the roof. Be careful of
using cars as cover. Once you're on the roof, deal with the snipers on the 
opposite building, then call in strikes on the two armored vehicles. Once 
they're down, another vehicle with a missile turret on it comes in. Take it 
out and two more missile turret vehicles come in. Snipers also reappear on the
rooftop ahead. After you take them down, you'll have to deal with a large 
force of enemies that try to rush up the stairs on the left. Deal with them, 
and mop up anyone else on the street.

Once you reach the building, you will not have to do anymore fighting. Just 
move through it and trigger a couple of cutscenes. At the end, when your 
reticule appears over Gorman's torso, you can take the shot, or you can let 
him live. Both give you seperate achievements. Either way, once it's done, the
campaign is over.

                               ||             ||
                               ||  Technical  ||                         [TECH]
                               ||             ||

Any website may use this guide, as long as it is kept intact and proper credit 
is given. Contact me at [email protected] if you have any
questions about the guide or the game.

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