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Game Name:Space Quest VI-Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier
Type of game:Point-and-click adventure
Creator:Sierra On-line
Game Copyright:Sierra On-line, 1996
Game content age rating:13 and up (My opinion)
  "T"-13 and up(ESRB's opinion)
Game Content indicators:Violence, gross deaths for Roger,
  Mild language, difficulty level, Visual Innards
Type of guide:FAQ/Walkthrough
E-Mail:[email protected]
Guide copyright:Chaz5000, 2001
Guide content age rating:10 and up
Guide content indicators:Discussion of Violence, description
 of some of Roger's deaths, Mention of Innards
Version Number:1.00
Date of Creation:September 10, 2001
  Table of Contents:
 Chapter 1:Polysorbate LX        
 Chapter 2:Hostage by Nigel      
 Chapter 3:Deepship LXXVI        
 Chapter 4:Planet-hopping        
 Chapter 5:Sys Inny and other fun 
 Chapter 6:Biology class         
  Chapter 1:Polysorbate LX
 As a result of the events in the previous game, Roger Wilco 
has been busted back to Janitor Second Class and re-assigned
to the Deepship 86.  Due to the crews preformance in last 
week's episode,"A Stitch in Time Saves Gamma Nine"(Thank you,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, 
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
and Thank you), the entire crew gets shore leave on the
lovely Polysorbate LX(Sixty).  However, something goes
terribly wrong...
  Roger gets beamed up to his waist(Waste?) in pavement.
To get out of this predicament, use your hand icon on the
walking robot when he's close enough to grab.  Now that 
you're standing, grab the ID card off of the bicycle.
  Roam the streets until you find a phot booth. "Pop a coin
in the slot and ramble on in".  After you leave the booth,
you have a gorgeous set of photographs.  Use these on the 
ID card and *POOF*, you've got a fake ID.
  Now walk through the streets, looking for a man in a 
trenchcoat.  Strike up a conversation twice, and you'll
get a handy DataCorder.  Now go to the Orion's Belt bar.
  Walk over to the east side of the screen, and kick open
the door.  Once inside, grab the pipe and leave(Quickly, 
before you become Roger-Haggus).  Go upstairs, and show
your fake ID to the people at the westmost table.  Grab the
hoses they left behind, and use the hand icon in your 
inventory on the hoses.  Grab the nitro tank and bring it 
over to the conduit on the wall(Turn up your monitor's
brightness if you can't see it).  Climb down the stairs, show
the ID to the barkeep, and order the special.
  While the bartender is occupied, open the freezer and grab
the icecube trays.  While you're back here, pull on the 
conduit that doesn't spray you with water.  Use the hose
on the conduit just to the left of the bar and the one you
just opened.  Now race upstairs, turn on the Nitro, run back
to the basement, and use the metal bar on the Endodroid.  Use
your dustpan on the cubes, and put those cubes in the icecube
tray.  Put the tray back in the freezer(You may need to order
another "Special"), and take them out AGAIN.  Talk to the
EndoDroid runner right outside the bar.  You get 50 
buckazoids and you can keep the DataCorder.
  Go to the arcade, and play a game of "Stooge Fighter 3"
against Djurkwhad.  He seemed to beat you rather quickly.
To remedy this, go to the screen that you beamed in at, and
talk to Elmo Pug.  Now enter Boot Liquor, and buy a bottle of
Coldsordian Brandy.  Go back to Elmo, give him the bottle,
and look at the "Cheat Sheet" he gives you.  Now re-enter the
arcade, talk to Djurkwhad, and challenge him to a game of
Stooge Fighter 3.  Use the cheat code to beat him, and 
collect your buckazoids.  Enter the hotel, buy a hotel room,
and use the elevator.  Once upstairs, use the keycard on your
door, and get kidnapped!
  Chapter 2:Kidnapped by Nigel.
 When you awake, use your hand on the nail twice, and pick
up the nail.  Use it on your cuffs.  Once you are free, grab
the tapestry and lay it on the floor.  Use the hand icon on
it, and then use your built-up charge on your captor.  Use 
your hand on the CD rack a few times, until you get a copy of
Popular Janitronics.  Use the CD on the computer, and read 
the articles.  Now grab your DataCorder off the desk and the
Moddie off the Humidifier.  Use the keycard on the door and
  Talk to your other captor, then go digging around through
the boxes in the room.  When you have the two Moddies, peel
the label off of the Churlish Moddie and put it on the 
Burlesque Moddie.  Give the new moddie to Nigel, who then
exits the room, leaving his belt behind.  Grab the PGA and
Damping-field deactivator, and use the deactivator.  Step
out onto the ledge, and open your DataCorder.  Reprogram it
according to the copy protection that came with your game. 
  Once you finish this, close the plate.  Turn the power on,
and you Stellar will rescue you!
  Chapter 3:Deepship LXXXVI
 When you're back in control of Roger, use your hand icon
on the hair on the PGA.  Use the hair on the DNA scanner, 
then talk to Jebba the Hop a couple times.  You'll finally
convince him, so use the Hair on the scanner AGAIN.  Press
the scan button, then the Imprint Datacart button. Take the
Datacart, and use it on the ComPost.  Remember the name-it
comes in use later.  Once back in your good 'ole quarters
(What's so futuristic and wondeful about Shimmery Sheets!),
use the hand icon on the ComPost, and read the message for 
you.  Go to the transporter room, and beam down to Delta
Burksilon.  Talk to Kielbasa, then exit the room and press
the "Quarters" button.  Enter the room.  
  Follow Sharpei's instructions until some gas starts to
come in from the vent.  Quickly grab the piston, and use
it on the door.  Stellar will beam in to save you, and
is "Killed" in the process.  You return to the ship.
  When you're in control, use the eulogy on yourself.
After the groundskeeper(From New Orleans cemetery #3)
buries Stellar, type the HoloCabana program #5551212 in
the control panel(NOT the ComPost).  Once you've learned
the Vulgar Nerve Pinch, go back to your quarters.  Click
on the ComPost to see another new message.  Go to the bridge
and confront Kielbasa with your findings.  He'll give you the
day off, so make good use of it.  Go to 8-rear, and talk to
Circuit Sidney twice.  Grab the body parts he leaves on the
table, and go to sickbay.  Open the cabinet on the east side
of the island, and grab the bottle of Morphin.  Go to the
shuttle bay entrance, and use the Vulgar Nerve Pinch on
the smaller of the two guards.
  You awake in the brig.  Wait a few moments until Dorff 
shows up.  After you get all the food, put them together in 
the following order:Shishkabobs with Yoda's Ears with the
Rack of Orat with the pastries with the tubers with the
melon with the pasta.  Viola!  A grammatically incorrect
sentence and a duplicate of Roger.  Put the replica on the
bench, and wait until Dorff leaves.  When Dorff returns, hide
in the cart as soon as you can.  Once you're free, go to the
Shuttlebay again.  Use the Morphin with the Donut, hide around
the western corner, and put the 'special' donut on the guard's
plate.  After he eats it, use the nerve pinch on the runty guard.
Search the guards for keys.  Press the left button on the 
shuttlebay door, then use Sidney's arm to reach the right button.
  Use the keyring(After entering the shuttlebay)to unlock a 
shuttle AND figure out which one to nab.  After entering the
HamSter, grab the recall notice from the back of the seat.
Now sit down in the captain's chair and press the "Power"
button.  Press the ICD button, then set the fuels to the
following:Lanthanum, Sulfer, Silver, Neon.
  Press the "Initiation" button, and hold up Sidney's eye
to the scanner.  As you blast off, a Storm Pooper throws
a fish into your engine.
  Chapter 4:Planet-hopping 
 After being sucked into the Super-Double-Reverse-Anti-Anomaly,
you discover that your ship has stalled out!  Punch the flashing
blue button to activate your Holographic Co-Pilot.  Pull the two
latches under the dash and open the glovebox.  Grab the items
inside, and stand up.  Open the closet and grab Roger's suit and
helmet.  Put both on, and exit the ship.  Grab the sign and
jumper cables from the trunk, and put the sign on the fin of
your ship.  After a few moments, someone shows up.  Read the 
recall notice, and use the information contained within to 
properly hook up the cables.  After you get the engine going,
grab the fish from the Nacelle and enter the ship.
  Open up the access panel next to the closet.  Put some glue on
the cracked crystal.  Now open back up the DataCorder and grab the
gem inside it.  Put some glue on it, and stick it to the crystal.
Close the panel, sit down, press the intiation button, and *POOF*,
you're off for Delta Burksilon.
  Once you're at Delta Burksilon, leave your ship and go down to
Lab A.  Talk to Beleauxs, then use your hand icon on the box of
Hi-Tek stuff.  Take the Moddie and return to your ship.  Sit
down and press the power button.  Press the big PTS button, then
the small one on top of the dash.  Take the photo, then press the
small button again.  Grab the second photo, and peel both apart
in your inventory.  Place the first positive and the second
negative on the blue monitor.  Press the initiation button and
head back to Polysorbate.  When you arrive, talk to your faithful
companion to beam down and recieve a transport signaller.
  Once you arrive, head west to Implants-N'-Stuff, and talk to
Fester Blatz(Yes, the very same one from SQ3!).  Look at the
"Brain-dead" sign next to him, and give him the Moddie.  Return
to the beamdown point with your Cyberspace Jack, and use the 
  Once aboard, return to the cockpit and press the "Initiation"
button.  Return to Delta Burksilon, and go back to Lab A.
Sit down at the computer and press the Cyberfunctions button.
When prompted, insert the jack and you're surfin' the net!
  Chapter 5:Sys Inny and other fun 
 Walk through the screens until you reach the office for the
Information Superhighway.  Grab the screwdriver and plank, and
enter the building.  Talk to Sys Inny and take a number.
Now, will our intrepid hero Roger Wilco sit down and wait until
his number is called(If it ever even is)?  Of course not!
Open the number display with your hand, then use the screwdriver
on the inner workings.  Talk to Sys Inny again, and enter the file
room.  Grab the following files:Rancid, Nigel;Beleauxs, Hayden;
Sharpei; Santiago, Stellar; and Project Immortality.  Leave the
room, use the files on the printer, and exit the building.  Use
the plank on the broken bridge to make the return trip shorter, 
and leave the highway.
  Grab the files from Beleauxs' printer, and give them to him.
He will confess his wrongdoings and agree to inject you into
  Chapter 6:Biology class    
 Once you are in control, stand up and grab the spacesuit and
helmet.  Once you're outside, get the Alveoli and the blood
vessels off the wing of the ship.  Climb through the ulcer
and into Stellar's Stomach.  Climb down to the bottom and grab
the feather, staple, celery string, and candy.  Chuck the candy
into the pool of acid.  Use the string on the staple, and climb
back up the wall.  Use the grappling hook on the esophagus.
You'll fall, but climb up the string.   
  Climb past the twinkoid stuck in Stellar's throat, and
dislodge the pill with your hand.  Now tickle her throat with
your feather.  Climb down and exit to the west.  Go down
a screen and exit to the east.  Take the upper passage into
the gallbladder, and enter your inventory.  Use your duct-tape
on the blood vessels, and the blood vessels on the pump.  Use
the pump to collect bile in your helmet.  Head south.
  Grab part of the stone fragments, and head east.  Climb through
the passage until it becomes to tight, then use the alveoli on the
tight spot.  Ue your mouth to inflate them, and crawl on through.
Grab a dollop of pancreatic liquid, and return to the stomach.
Use your mixture on the pill, and grab one of the tiny ones.
  Exit to the west and head south until you reach a Tapeworm(eww).
Use the pills on its mouth, and use the hand icon to ride it down.
Grab the fingernail, silver filling, and paperclip.  Climb back
on the worm.  Head back to your ship.
  Use the silver filling on the flashing red light on your ship, then
enter it.  Sit down and put the CD in the "Subroutine Program" slot.
Press the "Initiation" button, and head to the brain.
  When you arrive, take the suit, put it on, and leave.  Use the 
fingernail fragment on the skin, and walk left.  When you almost
fall, quickly click the feet icon to help him get up.  Walk on
to the two big nanites.  Once you get to the right spot, chuck a
stone at one of the nanites.  Then throw a stone at the other.  Then
throw a stone at the first one again.  Now climb the elevator and press 
the button.  As you go down, read the signs.  Your goal is the "Cough
Control Center".  Once you reach there, ram the wall with your fancy
new paper clip.  Go down the rest of the way, and click the hand icon
on the pile of garbage.
  After Sharpei's monologue, use the paper clip on the nerves to the
east.  The robot has been extermeenated, but Sharpei's
brain is still alive.  Once you regain control, quickly give the fish
to Sharpei.  
                       T  H  E    E  N  D

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