Walkthrough - Guide for Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

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Please try and under stand that I have an Xbox at my moms so I can not complete
the walkthrough at this time, but here is the first part for Sphinx. If you have 
any questions contact me via email.  megaman789

  To begin the game you(Sphinx) and Horus will be talking to Imhotep, your 
master, and he will tell you that the both of you will need to work together 
on retriving the lost sword of Osiris.  He will then teleport you to the land 
of Uruk.
  Horus will then leave to check out a rock structure and tell you to look 
around the landing.  Walk down to the base of where you started and head over 
to the small pile of rocks on the lip over the edge of the cliff.  Pick up a 
rock from the pile and take it over to one of the trees and throw it at it,if 
you go to the one 
on the right a cobra will fall out of the tree will a cocnut.  After you pick 
up the coconut get another rock and throw it at the other tree.  There are 
flowers around that explode when you get to close to them so watch out.  After 
you get the coconut go over to the lava and jump up on the ledge, then there 
will be a stone step that will allow you to get up to the other ledge.  There 
will be another tree that has two anuks in it.  Go towards the lava and there 
will be a cutscene where Horus speaks to you. There are rocks that are 
floating in the lava wich you need to jump on to get across the lava.  Here 
there will be another cutscene wich Horus tells you to find another way up.  
There is another tree here with a pile of rocks, pick up a rock and throw it
 at the tree to get another coconut. Jump back across the lava and goto the 
snake-like thing in the lava.  Its tounge will be on the ground so step on it,
don't worry it wont kill you, it will eat you then spit you out and say that it
wishes it had coconuts, this is were the coconuts come in, talk to him again and
agree to give him the coconuts and he will tell you to step on his tounge and he
will spit you where ever you want.  Use him to get up to the rock structure(aim a 
little high).  To be cont.... 

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