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Redline - Level Walkthru.

NOTE: The following document contains just a small portion of things you will discover while 
playing Redline.  There are multiple solutions and secrets to each of the puzzles/scenarios you will 

General Information
Besides the basics like strafing and saving often , here is some information that 
will help get you thru the missions in Redline:
1.  Handbrake - Using this  during car-combat or general driving will allow for more 
precise control of your vehicle.  Mastery of this feature is a must for both Single Player and 
Multiplayer Redline.
2.  Radar - This In-Car feature (also available as an on-foot powerup) will allow you to spot 
on-foot or in-car enemies, empty vehicles, and help you use your vehicles side-firing weapons (if 
available).  The radar also displays elevation of enemies and empty cars.  A blip on the radar with 
an arrow pointing up indicates an enemy or car above your current location.  A blip with an arrow 
pointing down indicates an enemy or car below you.  NOTE: The radar has a limited range so it 
will not display all objects in the entire world.
3.  Radio Messages and Mission Bullets - These are received by the player during the mission.  A 
more in-depth briefing precedes every mission, but the mission can be played without listening to 
the briefing.  Mission bullets will be updated as objectives are completed.  Bring up the Mission 
Bullet  when you do not know what to do next.
4.  Saw-Flying (Multiplayer and Freakway only) - This is another crucial feature that will keep 
you alive in Redline.  Saw-Flying allows you to traverse the terrain in a more efficient manner than 
just running around on foot.  Here is how to do it:
a.  Select the Saw <1 on the keyboard> and fire it up .
b.  With the Saw activated, run forward and jump .
c.  As long as the Saw is activated you will be able to fly around, but be aware that the Saw has a 
battery that must be recharged.  Try pumping the Saw to sustain longer flights.
5.  Powerups - Besides your normal health and ammo powerups, Redline features additional 
powerups you may or may not be familiar with:
a.  Car Armor - These light blue spherical globes will restore all armor.
b.  Car Ammo - These powerups are red in appearance and replenish all ammo.
c.  Car Alarm - Driving over this dark blue sphere will arm your current vehicle with an anti-car 
jacking device.  Upon entry of this vehicle by persons other than yourself will result in the car 
blowing up.  NOTE: Multiple cars can be armed at any given time, but when the player dies the 
Car Alarm is forfeit and will be set off the next time ANYone enters the vehicle.
d.  Radar - This allows the player to use a radar as if he were in a vehicle.
e.  Radar Stealth - This powerup makes the player “invisible” on opponents’ radar.  Any IR 
tracking weapons will be neutralized, but heat seekers and psi shots can still track the player.
f.  Weapon Targeting - This valuable powerup will make all the player’s on-foot weapons track to 
an enemy in the player’s field of vision (a targeting reticule will appear on enemies).  Players 
possessing this will have a green glow about them.
g.  Weapons Supercharged - When this is picked up all weapons will do twice the amount of 
damage they normally would.  Players will have a red glow for the duration of the powerup.
h.  Energy Armor - This is basically invincibility.  Do not shoot any players who have the yellow 
glow as your weapons will have no effect.

NOTE: Radar, Radar Stealth, Weapon Targeting, Weapons Supercharged, and Energy Armor 
are ALL on-foot powerups and have a limited duration.  All of the above mentioned effects do 
NOT affect the player when he is in a vehicle or turret.  However when the player is in a vehicle 
or turret, the powerup(s) in possession will not run down until the player is on-foot.


Multiplayer Specific Information
1.  Types of Maps - Basically there are two types of Multiplayer maps available in Redline: 1) 
Deathmatch and 2) Capture the Flag.  A brief description of each follows:
a.  AcidLand - Huge deathmatch map filled with multiple ramps and levels.  Suitable for games 
with 8 or more players.
b.  Asphixia CTF - Large Capture the Flag map with elevators, turrets, and the like.  Definitely 
not a map for a small group.
c.  BloodBucket - This deathmatch map is filled with turrets.  Each gang’s vehicles are 
represented here (look for the logo of each gang to find the appropriate cars).  A good map to 
practice team play on.
d.  Crimson Nile CTF - A smaller Capture the Flag map.  Make your way to the opposite fort, 
but avoid the lava, turret fire, enemy cars, …you get the picture.
e.  KillCage - This deathmatch map can be played effectively on-foot if desired.  Plenty of sniper 
ammo, weapon targeting powerups, and other on-foot goodies can be found.
f.  RantHive - The gameplay in this smaller map highlights quick kills.  Find a car quick or make 
your flight upward out of the fray.  RantHive is best played with 8 players or less.
g.  Terminal - This medium size map highlights it all - car combat, turret play, and on-foot frags.  It 
can be played one-on-one or with the max.
h.  Triagonizer - Triagonizer is a medium size map with action focusing around the central area of 
the map.  Make your way to the center to grab a car or man one of the 4 turrets available.
2.  Server Options - Redline offers many configurable Multiplayer options (see the Readme 
document for more detailed information).  Here are some of the options:
a.  Console Server - This will allow someone to setup a server just dedicated to running a 
multiplayer game.  Appropriate options are available for the console server.
b.  Gang Skins - You are allowed to choose from multiple skins from the 4 gangs found in 
Redline.  NOTE: Only the Company and Red Sixer skins are availabe for CTF matches.
c.  Map Play List - This is to be used in conjunction with either the time limit or kill limit feature.  
This will allow you to cycle maps (added to the play list) after the appropriate condition has been 
d.  Team Play - This can be played with the Friendly Fire option on or off (Friendly fire 
determines if damage can be incurred between teammates).  Each gang will appear as a different 
color blip on the radar: blue for the Company, red for the Red Sixers, Yellow for the Templars, 
and Green for the Lepers.
e.  Reticule ON/OFF - With this feature enabled, your targeting reticule will turn red when placed 
over any on-foot or in-car enemies.


Level Specific Information
Redline is broken into 12 challenging missions.  The following information will highlight various 
aspects of each:
1.  Stadium City - Defeat Rant and the Red Sixers who have taken over the city.
a.  Finding the Bike (secret) - In the area where the player is accosted by the 2 Red Sixer 
Tarantula cars, there is a hidden entrance to an area that has a bike (the entrance is behind one of 
the outer columns).
b.  Hidden Area of the City (secret) - In the tunnel following the Tarantula fight, there is an 
entrance on the right side that leads to a portion of the city that houses multiple powerups.
c.  Fighting Rant - When facing the Red Sixer leader be sure to strafe.  His weapon takes a few 
seconds to charge so try to move out of the way just before the projectile reaches you.
2.  Yahoos - Destroy all Accumulators in the city.
a.  Taking out the Turrets - In the ambush area, shooting the “glowing” tank on the wall will 
destroy everything in the general area.  There are also “glowing” barrels below the turret on the 
right which if shot will destroy the turret above.
b.  The Leper Banshee - After dropping into the hole that is created by the destruction of the 2nd 
Accumulator, you will notice a garage door with a crack in it that is located directly across the 
street from the room you dropped into.  Shoot that door to reveal the Leper Banshee bike.
c.  Finding Dean (secret) - Dean (an MIA Company member) can be found in the area where the 
3rd accumulator is located.  The player will need to search the concrete slabs to find the entrance 
to Dean’s holding cell.  Freeing Dean will result in an alternate ending scenario.
d.  Hidden Car (secret) - In the area where Accumulators 4-6 reside, another “glowing” tank is 
located in the far corner which hides a Leper Mantis and powerups.
e.  The Final Accumulator - This one is a little different from  the others you have come across.  
First, shoot the explosives blocking the way inside the base of the Accumulator.  Next, drive 
inside and destroy the 3 Accumulator posts.  Now you must quickly exit the construction site 
before the Accumulator explodes.
3.  Toxico - Find and retrieve Liddy’s stolen vehicle.
a.  Manual Override - If the player has blown his cover and the front gate is locked down, the 
2nd guardshack has a switch that will give the player access to the manual override.  The player 
will then need to flip the manual override (located to the left of the gate) to open the front gate.
b.  Vent Entrance (secret) - Destroy the last vent (the one farthest from the front gate) and drop in 
the secret vent shaft.  Double-Damage and Minigun ammo can be collected in the room below.
c.  Releasing the Dragoon - Once you have brought the underground generators back online, you 
will gain access to the Barracks.  Upon entering the Barracks, you will notice a foot-soldier 
heading toward a computer panel.  If he reaches the computer panel unmolested, he will sound an 
alarm and release the Dragoon waiting up above in the rafters.  Your Saw-Blade and Machine 
Gun will have no effect on the Dragoon.  Kill the foot-soldier or destroy the panel to avoid the 
confrontation with the Dragoon.
d.  “Tool” Door - While exploring the lower base of the Templars, you will run across a door that 
definitely looks broken (it has a crack with sparks flying).  You may get the “Tool” vocal from 
Liddy which means you need to use either a rocket or grenade to blast thru the door.  Search the 
other rooms to find the appropriate ammo.
e.  Turret (secret) - The turret on the catwalk can be accessed by destroying all 7 of the 
computers in the Control Room.  The turret can then be used to fight the Prototank rather than 
jumping into the Templar Warlock vehicle.  The turret is the perfect neutralizer for the Prototank’s 
f.  Got the Tank…Now Get Out - There are only 2 more doors that you must deal with to get out 
of the base: 1) the heavily armored door that leads to the surface, and 2) the actual front gate.  
Both of these are easily handled by a single blast from the Orgone Cannon <1 on the keyboard>.  
If you do not want to leave in such haste, this is the perfect time to thrash the opposing Templars 
with Liddy’s cool “toys” on the tank.
4.  Red6 - Drive the van loaded w/explosives into the core of the Accumulator Tower.
a.  Protect the Van - During parts of this mission, there will be times when you must leave the van 
to activate switches, pickup powerups, etc..  Try not to leave the van unprotected for long 
periods of time as AIs will either try to destroy it or car-jack it - both will result in a mission fail.
b.  Steps to Access the Elevator - In order to get the van to the top of the Accumulator, you need 
to access the Observation Tower elevator.  Here is how you do it:
1)  Shoot the glowing tank on the side of the Control Room.
2)  Enter the Control Room and destroy all of the computers.  Destroying the computers lowers 
the blue forcefield beams (on the floor).
3)  Return to the van and drive below to the newly accessible area and shoot at the Coolant 
Tanks (which are on the other side of the bars).  Destroying the Coolant Tanks breaks the bars.
4)  Walk thru the broken bars to activate the switch that gives access to the Observation Tower 
c.  “Chicken” Scenario - On the bridge that connects the Observation Tower with the 
Accumulator, there will be a Red Sixer Armadon impeding your progress.  Liddy tells you to 
“punch it” so switch to the Company Van’s Gatling Guns and charge on firing!  You will receive 
damage, but hopefully you’ll survive the onslaught.  NOTE: There are various methods to 
defeating the Armadon.  Try different approaches to see what works for you.  Also, be sure to 
have plenty of armor when going head-to-head against the Armadon or he will make quick work 
of you.
d.  Delivering the “Package” - Be sure to gain lots of momentum when attempting to drop the van 
into the accumulator core (you must bail out of the van before it completely falls into the 
accumulator).  If you do not have enough speed built up, you will have to reenter the van and try 
again (not to mention risk falling into the accumulator).
5.  Airport - Retrieve the EMP weapon.
a.  Clear out the Parking Lot - As you enter the parking lot area of the airport, you will be 
engaged by on-foot AIs, several vehicles, and an under-mounted turret.  Be sure to clear out this 
area first before driving the Toxicorp fuel truck in front of the destructible wall (that gives access 
to the interior of the terminal).  Using freelook and/or the heat-seeking missles of the Company 
Car will take care of the turret.
b.  Get to the Roof! - During a portion of the mission, a 5 minute timer will be activated.  Get 
yourself to the Control Tower as soon as possible.  From here you need to jump out to a platform 
(just outside of the tower) and make a beeline to the turret on the roof.
c.  Downing the VTOL - Once you have entered the turret and fired your initial shot at the 
VTOL, a 30 second timer will be initiated.  If timed correctly, you can bring down the VTOL in 
an area closer to the jump out point of the mission (the jump out mound is located near the area 
where the player originally jumped in).  It will take 6 shots from the Orgone Cannon to destroy 
the VTOL.
d.  Using the EMP - When attempting to leave the airport, try to pickup as many of the EMPs as 
possible (you will need to use at least one to EMP an enemy out of his car).  Use the newly 
acquired vehicle to jump out of the installation.
6.  Freakway - Survive the arena-combat.
a.  Saw-Flying - Because the player is likely to be under fire from multiple angles, saw-flying 
becomes a crucial skill to use to get you out of a jam.  There are also sniping platforms located in 
Area 1 which give you a chance to take out AIs from a safe distance.
b.  Powerup Management - As a general rule, it is important not to grab powerups prematurely.  
This rule is definitely a must for the 2 car-combat areas of this mission.
c.  Extra Vehicle #1 (secret) - If you manage to fly to the very top of the 1st Area (directly above 
the huge flame), a Red Sixer Armadon will become available in the 2nd Area of combat (it would 
normally be blocked off by Redline beams around the hand structure in the 2nd Area).
d.  Extra Vehicle #2 (secret) - On the road to Area 2, there are 3 switches located above the 
road.  If all three are activated (by shooting them w/freelook), you will be given a Templar 
Crusader which you can then use to try to clear Area 2 with.

7.  Challenge - Defeat Bork and defend the Company outpost.
a.  Damn Bork! - The most challenging part of this mission is killing Bork, the Company traitor.  
Once you have gotten his hit points down to a considerable level, he calls in his Red Sixer buddies 
to bail him out.  One strategy that works effectively is to get Bork to follow you.  If you can evade 
his gattling guns bullets and IR missles, you can lay mines that Bork will trip as he follows you 
around.  Another thing that may help out while laying mines is switching to the Rear View Camera 
b.  Liddy’s Tank (secret) - Liddy’s Tank can be found on the outskirts of the northern road 
leaving the Company outpost (the side where Bork starts during the challenge).  It is kind of tricky 
getting to it because if you just drive out in that direction you will receive a mission fail for leaving 
the combat area.  Here are the steps:
1)  Stay to the right side of the road when heading to Liddy’s Tank.
2)  You will see an orange pylon on your left.  Make a hard left turn as soon as you pass the 
pylon (perpendicular to your original heading).
3)  As you approach the wall, you should see another orange pylon (this time on your right side).  
Make a hard right turn as soon as you pass the pylon (perpendicular to your current heading).
4)  The basic motion of the path thru the pylons should be an “S” turn. Continue driving until you 
see Liddy’s tank on the side of the road.
c.  Amateur Night is Over! - If you did not do the above secret, Liddy will join you in his Tank.  
When you hear him say “I’m going for my rig hold the line,” this means you need to defend the 
outpost just a little longer.  If your in pretty bad shape, Liddy can wrap up the remaining 
Armadons while you hide behind him.
8.  Sanctum - Find and retrieve the Serum.
a.  Finding the Warlock - After opening the 2nd gate, you will see a ramp similar to the one that 
was seen in the beginning of the mission.  If you line up your vehicle so that it aims for the left side 
of the ramp, you can jump into a secret area where a Templar Warlock and various powerups 
can be found.  This area can also be accessed from the other side of the street if you do not make 
the jump in (a wall with a crack in it exposes the hidden Warlock).
b.  The Subway vs the Minefield - There are two paths to the Sanctum building.  The primary 
route is thru the Subway which results in the player using the EMP on a couple of Templar 
Warlocks guarding the entrance to the building.  The secondary approach is thru the minefield.  If 
you can successfully navigate this area, you will get to keep your current vehicle and an additional 
empty Warlock will be available by the last jump ramp.  Choose your poison.
c.  Powerups in the Lower Sanctum - Once you have made it to the lower area of the Sanctum 
building (where the elevator shaft is surrounded by flames), you will see crucified bodies hanging 
in various locations.  Destroying all of them will give you access to a hidden area where Gauss 
Cannon ammo and other valuable items can be found.
d.  Templar Initiation Ritual - This puzzle actually gives the player access to the elevator to the 
Upper Sanctum.  What you must do is touch all four of the flaming hot spikes to activate them.  
You will incur minimal damage, but there is no way around it.
e.  Shiva! - The Shiva statue can only be destroyed by firing explosive weapons at its arms 
(Grenades, Rockets, and Gauss Cannon shots).  Once the arms are destroyed repeat with the 
head section.
9.  Boom - Race to the Company outpost before the bomb detonates.
a.  The 2 Tarantulas - Destroying the 2 Tarantulas has an effect later on in the mission.  If both are 
not destroyed, an Armadon will block the 1st bridge.  Try focusing on the closest one as the lead 
Tarantula usually finds a mine and blows himself up.
b.  Slave Zero? (secret) - A model of Slave Zero can be found in the depths of one of the 
chasms.  After the first jump, you will make your way to a narrow bridge you must cross.  If you 
drive as far left as you can from the bridge, you will drop into the chasm containing Slave Zero.
c.  Fight or Flee? - Because you are timed for this mission, it is important to keep altercations 
down to a minimum.  The 5 minutes and 30 seconds allotted to get to the Company outpost is 
more than enough time…if used correctly.
10.  Area51 - Infiltrate the innards of the Company HQ.
a.  Deal with the Turret - Destroying the turret is your 1st priority of this mission.  Try to let Dean 
take on all of the Leper vehicles while you attack the turret.  Try using an EMP on it.  This will 
allow you to blow up the empty turret at your leisure.
b.  Crashed UFO (secret) - If you venture over to the crashed UFO, you can expose a hidden 
area (by destroying a panel on the UFO) that houses numerous powerups.
c.  Leper Field Commander - Use the Gauss ammo and other high impact weapons on him.  The 
Saw, Machine Gun bullets, and Shotgun pellets will have no effect on him.
d.  Underground Tunnels - Work your way to the bottom of the aliens’ lair rather quickly.  This 
will minimize the damage sustained by the hordes of aliens.  Stop only to pickup the necessary 
Alien Gun ammo and health powerups.
e.  Finishing the Level - During the final confrontation with the aliens, you have two objectives: 1) 
keep the aliens from destroying you, and 2) find a way out.  The second objective can be 
accomplished by shooting the hanging orb-like structures scattered about the ceiling.  Once all of 
the orbs are activated (they will light up once shot), a glow will appear in the center of the room - 
run for it.
11.  Barrage - Inifiltrate and destroy the Sixer accumulator and destroy the opposing 
a.  Turret Trouble - After passing the first gate, you will encounter 3 under-mounted turrets as 
well as vehicles and on-foot enemies.  You can try to run the gauntlet to the Decontamination 
Room or methodically take out the turrets.  To take out the turrets, try to position yourself with 
geometry blocking the turret’s blast while at the same time giving you a direct line of sight to them 
(use freelook - it is easier said than done).  If that fails, try using the EMP.  You start the mission 
with one, but there is another hidden in the level.
b.  Fire Suppression Switch #2 - Once you have access to the Inner Accumulator, you will need 
to activate another fire suppression switch.  As you enter the area, you will notice a ledge on your 
right side.  Follow the ledge all the way to switch room, but be aware of enemies shooting rockets 
at you.
c.  Blast your way Out - To gain access to the exterior of the accumulator, you must push one of 
the explosives close enough to the wall (with the crack in it) and detonate/shoot it.  If you have 
any Gauss Cannon ammo left, you can also use it to blow thru the wall.
d.  Shoot the Super-Structures - During the final scenario with the 2 opposing Orgone Cannons, 
try to lob your shots so that they hit the larger structures above the firing Cannons.  Usually 3 
shots a piece will do the trick.
12.  Showdown - Defend the base and defeat the Red Sixer Gang Leader, Rant.
a.  Access to the Briefing Room (secret) - The briefing room is locked down, but it can be 
accessed by accomplishing a tricky task.  In the area prior to where the player starts there is a 
window on the right wall.  If you can position yourself in such a way that a peculiar piece of 
geometry is visible, you can then use the sniper rifle to shoot it and the Briefing Room doors will 
now open to reveal powerups.
b.  Hidden Stash (secret) - Again in the area prior to the player’s start point, there is another 
peculiar piece of geoemtry which if shot will open an area with powerups.  Look above and to the 
right of the Briefing Room area (while facing the Briefing Room).  You will see the geoemtry 
which looks like a control panel.  A secret compartment will open behind you to reveal Weapon 
Targeting and a Health powerup.
c.  Man the Turret - After making your way topside, head straight for the turret on your left side 
(the one on the right is already manned).  Hold off the Sixer forces long enough to make it to the 
final showdown against Rant.
d.  Powerup Quickly - During the one-on-one fight with Rant, blow up the car carcasses to 
powerup your van.  Knowing where the powerups are located is crucial during the fight against 
Rant.  If you are having trouble, you could try fighting Rant in one of the other vehicles by 
powering it up.

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