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          Spyro The Dragon
     Walkthrough/Strategy Guide 
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World One: Artisans


1. welcome to the starting point for Spyro The Dragon! Here you'll learn the
finer points of being a heroic dragon; including what you can and can't do.
As you progess through this land and its Arch Portals; keep your eyes open
for opportunities to practice your skills. and; as always; explore
everywhere and grab as much loot as you can!

Basic Stats
Dragons: 4
Fodder : Flocks of tasty sheep!
Difficulty Level: Very Easy (What were you expecting?)

2. Strategies
46 Treasure Points: 25 Red; 8 Green; 1 Blue
The raised platform where you start the game offers an excellent view of the
surrounding area. It's also the location of the first crystal dragon you'll
find. Free him and listen to his advice.

Since the enemies here won't attack Spyro; feel free to raom about and get a
good feel for to control his actions.

Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
These marauders won't attack Spyro; but run away when you spot them. A few
well-placed fire blasts or charges will cause them to relinquish a total of
five red gems.

Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
Like the gem thieves; these bandits flee at the mere sight of a dragon
bearing down on them. Toast them or mow the down to undo the magic animating
the green gems.

When Spyro defeats an enemy for the first time, the gem within is released
for Gnasty Gnorc's evil spell. If Spyro returns to a previously visited
area; enemies he already defeated will return. Defeating them again reveals
a life shere; butterfly; or dragon statue instead of a gem. Collect 20 life
spheres to gain another life.

3. Keep Sparx Healthy!
Every time Spyro is hit by an enemy or falls into water; Sparx loses some of
his glow (power to protect Spyro). Release the butterflies by ramming or
barbecuing the sheep roaming the Artisans Home World so Sparx can gulp them
down and regain his protective powers.

Keeping Sparx healthy benefits Spyro two ways. First it allows Spyro to take
damage without losing a life. Second; the healthier Sparx is; the farther he
can fly from Spyro to retrieve gems. If Spyro loses Sparx. he must gather
the gems himself.

4. Explore Strange New Lands
Once you've released all 4 of the dragons and collected all 100 treasures
your job is done here. Uncover the secrets within the other lands by walking
through one of the archways.

5. Glide For It!
To reach the raised area between the two parapets; Spyro must glide from
atop the hill front of it. Press X when Spyro reaches the peak of his jump
to maximize glide distance.

6. Uncover an Extra Life!
Nestled at the center of the shrubbery maze lies a chest that holds 1-Up
dragon statue. At the back of this sea green; the archway into the land of
Dark Hollow can be found.

7. North Tunnel
18 Treasure Points: 10 Red; 4 Green
The northern castle passage will take Spyro to a pier where Marco the
Ballonist will allow our tiny hero to venture into the Peace Keepers World
and cotinue his quest rescue the rest of his brethren.

8. Boss Level Alcove
10 Treasure Points: 2 Red; 4 Green
Just beyond the gap lies a peaceful area with plenty of treasure lying
around. Grab them up and flame those sheep if Sparx's glow isn't at its

9. Not Just Yet, My Imoatient Friend
Freeing Argus; this mighty dragon will instruct our impatient little dragon
how he can enter the Dragon's Mouth and take on Toasty; the boss of the
Artisan Home World.

10. East Tunnel
26. Treasure Points: 20 Red; 3 Green
At the end of this passage lies another imprisoned dragon and the archway
into Town Square. Here you'll learn to use the camera system to carefully
plan your glides!

11. Town Square Ahead!
You'll find the archway to Town Square at the top of the tower. Simply run;
jump; or walk into the column of swiriling sparkles and they'll whisk Spyro

12. Gliding Lesson; Part 2
After you reach the top of the tower; use the triangle button to line
yourself up before attempting to jump to the adjacent towers. Press the X
button once to jump off the platform and glide onto the tower tops to either
side and recover the treasure!

13. Not all the gems will be found laying around in plain sight. So search
out all the paths and the backs of towers and such.

Advice from the Council Of Dragons


Each of the five Dragon Worlds you encounter comprises a Home Base; three
Regular levels; one Treasure Round and a Boss stage. The Treasure Rounds
usually are hidden and take a little brain power to find. But don't worry;
some of the dragons you've rescued will give you hints to their locations!

Rumor has it there's a well hidden secret area within the Artisans World
where dragons learn to fly. To uncover its location explore the area near
the waterfall.

 Stone Hill

1.Standing in an open field to the right of where you enter the Artisans
World is the arch to Stone Hill. Inside you'll find pastoral plots of land
nestled along the seashore. This is a land for using Spyro's basic skills.

Basice Stats
Dragons: 4
Gems: 200
Locked Chest (and Key): 1
Egg: 1
Fodder: Lots of yummy sheep!
Level of Difficulty: Easy (But with a few tricks!)

2. Strategies
Pasture 1
53 Treasure Points: 12 Red; 8 Green; 5 Blue
The entrance arch drops you here; in a large circular pasture filled with
sheep and their guardian Rams. Running around outside of this arena will
gems. Just keep an eye on the three Rams_they'll charge when you get within
a certain distance.

3. Well-Diving
Go ahead! Jump down that well! At the bottom the crystallized dragon; Gavin;
guards a Locked Chest. Its key is well hidden in a cave off of the balcony
where the fourth dragon; Astor; and the Exit Warp lie.

4. Northern Tunnel
36 Treasure Points: 15 Red; 8 Green; 1 Blue
The tunnel to the north will take to a chamber filled with treasure and
another dragon. Quickly grab what you can before Gnasty Gnorc turns it into
the another monster! Then rescue Lindar and save your progress!

Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
These woolly creatures with the big horns will charge you if you get too
close. Sidestep their attack or toast them to put them in their place.

Defeat Using:

Attack Method
The Shepherds of Stone Hill don't take kindly to dragons eyeing their flocks
of sheep; and have been known to take a swing at them their crooks.

5. The Palace
40 Treasure Points: 3 Red; 6 Green; 5 Blue
Within the palace lies more treasure abd an Extra Life Box; as well. Defeat
the Ram then make your way to the balcony where the dragon; Astor; waits
along with the Exit Warp. But don't leave yet! You have much more to

6. Head for the Beach!
Can't find that missing key? Have you gone beach-combing yet? Jumping off
the palace balcony leads you to a sandy shore and a mysterious cave. You'll
find treasure galore here (including that pesky key). When you're ready to
leave; take the whirlwind at the far end of the beach!

7. Southern Tunnel And Pasture 2
46 Treasure Points: 10 Red; 8 Green; 4 Blue
The tunnel to the south of the palace area leads to another circular
pasture. This one is inhabited by those delicious flocks of sheep; as well
as their Shepherds. Hug the walls to collect of the treasure lying around;
then take out the enemy. When you're done; ride up the Whirlwind in the
tower is in order. That's where you'll find the last dragon.

8. Gliding Lesson
Gildas (dragon number three) gives you hints on how to fly farther_and with
a good reason! You Must follow his advice to the letter to reach the
perimeter lands atop the pasture walls. Line yourself up where you think
you're closest to the walls; and then JUMP! Pressing the X button again at
the top of your jump will extend your glide and allow you to reach those
out-of-the-way places!

9. Wall Tops
25 Treasure Points: 9 Red; 8 Green
Be sure to explore the perimeter lands thoroughly. You have a lot of ground
to cover and many a secluded gem to find. Don't worry though; the markers
designate an invisible shield to designed to keep you from straying too far.

10. Stop That Egg Thief!
Flying off the tower in the second pasture area lands you on the perimeter
of this world. Traveling around the tops of the walls; you can't help
running into this blue-cloaked thief clutching an egg. Race after him and
either butt him with your horns or flame him with your breath to make him
surrender his precious contraband!

Advice From The Council of Dragons


Search everywhere in your quest to collect all of the gems! You'll find them
scattered everwhere epecially in out-of-the-way places!

 Dark Hallow

1. The arch for this level is tucked away in a twisty hedge maze. It's
tricky to find; but you won't encounter much difficulty once inside. That
doesn't mean you can goof on the job; though!

Basic Stats
Dragons: 3
Gems: 100
Locked Chest (and Key): 1
Fodder: Frog legs; anyone?
Level of Difficulty: 3 Dragons and 100 Gems? This level is a piece of cake!

2. Strategies
27 Treasure Points: 11 Red; 8 Green

This gloomy world is inhabited by both Frogs and Gnorcs of all sizes
preparation. If this level teaches anything; it's how to handle different
types of momsters. The Gnorc Soldiers you can either flame (once their
shields are lowered) or charge. However; once you've cleared the ground
floor of them; you'll to look higher to get to where Alban the Dragon waits.


Defeat Using: Charge (or Flame when their shields are turned)

Rewards: Red/Green Gem

Attack Method
These troops tend to cower when you approach; but their dagger strike can
knock Sparx senseless. Keep your distance when you see lower their shields!

Gnorc Warrior
Defeat Using: Flame

Rewards: Green/Blue Gem

Attack Method
Get too close and these hall monitors will push you back with their big
bellies! Because their armor doesn't reach behind them; wait until their
backs are turned before flaming their butts.

3. Climbing and Flying
To get to the first dragon; you'll have to jump from the top of the hightest
pedestal in the courtyard. (When you get to the top you'll find this level's
Locked Chest!)

4. Lower Courtyard
32 Treasure Points: 11 Red; 3 Green; 3 Blue
Two of the three dragons in this level are pretty easy to find. The third is
easy to overlook; unless your keen eyes spot the hidden down to another
chamber. Get past the sentries and you'll find not only the dragon; Oswin;
but also the missing key! While you're there; don't forget to pick up the
red gems someone left scattered on the floor around the platforms.

5. Upper Courtyard
41 Treasure Points: 20 Red; 8 Green;1 Blue
Only a short step up a phalanx of Gnorc Soldiers first while staying out of
the range of that Gnorc's club. One blow and you'll be as flat as a pancake!
Once that area's cleared hop up the staircase and deal with the next Gnorc
infestation. The one in the pit's pretty fierce; but you'll find that you
can barbecue him with ease if you attack at the very bottom of the stairs.
Then it's up to rescue Darius; who will give you some helpful_althrough

6. Offsides
Lighting those two bonfires won't get you anything, but they'll illuminate
two out-of-the way niches off to the sides of the Upper Courtyard. To get
there; glide from either side of the wall. Don't forget to open the Extra
Life chest in the nook on the right!

Advice from the Council of Dragons


Pay attention to the wisdom of the dragons in this area! They're full of
advice for dealing with certain types of enemies. You're better off
headbutting armored enemies; because only make their armor rosy from the
heat. On the other hand; you're too small to take on oversized with your
horns alone. Flame-broiling those guys is the only way to go!

 Town Square

1. Take the Warp Tunnel in the tower on the other side of the Artisans Home
base to find the portal to this level. Town Square comprises many glide
points; so learn to glide well and do it fast if you want to clear this
world! Fortunately; most of the glide points are obvious; even to a young
dragon like you_but that doesn't mean you won't have to figure others out!

Basic Stats
Gems: 200
Dragons: 4
Egg: 1
Fodder: Chickens galore!
Level of Difficulty: Easy (for a fly-dragon like you!)

2. Strategies
Glide One
18 Treasure Points: 5 Red; 4 Green; 1 Blue
You Start off in Town Square in one of the lowest spots in town. Take heart;
since you're a stairs climb from the first dragon. Once you've freed Nils;
use the pad as your flight guide. You won't get anywhere unless you position
and time your glides well!


Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
Like the ram; these beasts will charge you if they see you coming and try to
gore you with their horns. Nasty!

Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Mehtod
As long as a Bull is chasing these guys; they won't give you a second
thought. If their distraction is removed; though; you'll have to dodge their
flailing fists.

3. Watch Out For That Bull!
This glide is pretty straightforward. Just time your leap well so you don't
fly into the path of that charging Bull.

4. Glide Two
17 Treasure Points: 2 Red; 5 Green; 1 Blue
Once you've cleared the square of Bulls; take another climb up the stairs to
your next gliding point. There's an Extra Life Chest on the other side just
screaming out you name!

5. Charging For Gems!
There's a gem in that box there; but you'll have to jar it loose before you
can claim it. Charging the case (or even flaming it) causes a gem of the
same color to leap into the air. Now all you have to do is jump for it.

6. Glide Three
25 Treasure Points: 5 Red, 5 Green, 2 Blue
If you're not careful; you could forget to make his next leap! Do I need to
remind you how very much Spyro hates water? On the other side of the pond
you'll find the dragon; Devlin. Free him and watch the bullfight in the next

7. Look Before you Leap!
Believe if or not; Spyro isn't a big fan of water and he drowns easily.
Before you run over a precipice; check to see what lies below_just in case
your wings fail!

8. The Toreador's Song
The Toreadors and their mighty bulls congregate round the fountains in the
courtyards of Town Square. Around and around they go; paying no attention to
no one until you roast one of them; that is!

9. Glide Four
45 Treasure Points: 7 Red, 9 Green, 2 Blue, 1 Yellow
To get the next area; all you have to do is climb these stairs and then
perform your own "running with the bulls." There are three sets of horns
that you'll have to pass through here (not counting the Bull whose busy
chasing the Toreador); so don't let down your guard. Another dragon awaits
as well as the whirlwind home.

10. Flying Blind
To get the Egg Thief the dragon Alvar warns you about; you must jump to the
next highest level. But how? Try this Jump on the platform at the top of the
staircase into this area (you know; the one surrounded by chickens!). If you
jump just right; you cna glide around the wall and onto the plot of land
around the corner. knowing how to do a blind jump comes in handy in later

11. Glide Five
95 Treasure Points: 11 Red, 12 Green; 6 Blue; 3 Yellow
Congratulations on making it this far! Those glides are pretty tricky and
have to be timed just right. You're only a short chase to the end and you'll
want to be thorough in picking gems; lest you have to make the whole flight
again. Look around every corner and in every nook; just to be on the safe
side. You'll have two more glides to make until you reach the dragon; Thor
at the end. Be careful where you make leaps and try to find shortest
distances. Once you've freed Thor; you can jump down and to the exit.

12. Those Pesky Thieves
Now that you've made it onto the walls; you must catch that irritating
thief. If you're good, you can make a quick leap onto the next of land and
charge after him. If you don't gore him or flame him before he gets out of
the tunnel; you'll have to jump off the wall and do it all over again. After
you get him; continue your trek around the walls and rescue Thor; the fourth

Sunny Flight
If you play around the waterfall enough (hint: check out the stones!);
you'll discover the portal to this world. Once inside; you must fly quickly
and nimbly to all 32 items before your time runs out!

Basic Stats
Barrels: 8
Chests: 8
Arches 8
Planes 8
Level of Difficulty: Medium to Easy (Depends on your piloting skills.)

Time Is of the Essence
You start with only 30 seconds on the clock to complete this course.
Thamkfully; Spyro receives bonus time for each item he collects/flies

The easiest way to complete this course is to start by collecting the
barrels. Flying against the direction in which the four trains travel allows
Spyro to flame the cargo barrels and gain a three-second bonus for each
barrel he explodes. After he collects all eight; fly over both sets of train
tracks; veer off to the cave below; and move on to the chests.

As Spyro flies into the cave's mouth, he finds a small tunnel that exits
into a cirular area that holds five of the chests. Try to toast the center
one first; then fly close to to the area's outer wall and take out each of
the other four. After capturing all eight of the chests; move on the arches
and planes.

Try to keep Spyro to one side of the tracks and let loose with a blast of as
each train approaches. Approaching head-on; Spyro may collide with the train
engine and spiral down to the water below.

Arches: Part 1
Fly back out of the cave; take a sharp; and proceed; hugging the cliff wall
and flying through each of the first six arches as they appear. As with
other items on the course; each successful fly-through adds three seconds to
the clock.

After Spyro flies through the sixth arch; the eight planes lie directly
ahead. Like the trains; flying against the direction the planes are moving
in allows Spyro to toast these aerial targets quicker than following them.
After downing them; complete the course by flying through the two remaining

The two groups of planes fly in similar pattern but in opposite direction.
Focus on taking out one group; and then follow up with the second.

When you complete the course or time runs out; a status screen will display
with the results of your flights. If you manage to collect all 8 items in
each category you'll receive an additional 'All In One' bonus as well.

Advice from the Council of Dragons


Don't worry too much about ending up in the drink. It won't cost you a life;
and you can replay this level as many times you like. And after you complete
the course; you can replay it again to try to beat your best time. The timer
is replaced with a time-elapsed display so you can monitor your progress.


1.You can visit this first Boss stage only after you run through one of the
three Regular levels in the Artisans World. As in the game's other levels;
you must gather gems and rescue dragons. However; at the end you'll
encounter a fearsome boss who needs to learn a lesson!

Basic Stats
Dragons: 1
Gems: 100
Fodder: None
Level of Difficulty: Medium-Easy (Lack of fodder and the bites those
watchdogs makes this level a challenge!)

2. Strategies
To The Castle
24 Treasure Points: 12 Red; 6 Green
As Spyro makes his way up the pathway; he'll have to contend with several
groups of Shepherds and their dogs. Slink up to them slowly and cook them
once they're within range!

3. Jump or Glide
To reach the small raised area with the two red gems; Spyro can glide from
the raised area with the Shepherd and the two dogs or use a well-timed jump.

4. Castle Halls
30 Treasure Points: 12 Red; 9 Green
Within the walls of this castle; more gems under the influence of Gnasty
Gnorc's spell await you.

Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
They're back for more! These wizened old shepherds now guard the pathway
leading to Toasty! As before; time your attack with the swinging of their
crooks and you should have no problem eliminating them.

Sleeping Dog
Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
The saying goes; "Let sleeping dogs lie;" and getting too close to the
hounds can get Spyro flattened! Ease up to them slowly and blast them with a
flame once they're in range. As they jump in the air to pounce; take them
out for good with a second blast of fire.

If you find that these mongrels are moving too fast to eliminate them
quickly; be sure to run or roll of the way of their pounce or you'll end up
a very flat little dragon!

5. More of the Same
You must be getting close; given the number of guard dogs and shepherds in
the area. Take them out as before.

6. Toasty: The sheep in wolf's...ER; Jack-O-Lantern's Clothing!
Treasure Points: 2 Red; 7 Green; 6 Blue
Past the other side of the castle; lies Toasty; Gnasty Gnorc's guardian.
Defeat him to release the Artisans World from Gnasty's evil spell.

7. Free Nevin!
Releasing Nevin opens this world's only save game pedestal. If you don't
save here; you must start the level over should Spyro fail to defeat Toasty!

8. One; Two; Three...
It takes three good blasts of flame to shear this sheep! Unfortunately; you
must take out six dogs to do so. As with the other large enemies; you can't
defeat Toasty by charging him. You'll just have to get close and turn up the

9. Forgetting Some Gems?
If you've defeated Toasty but find yourself short of the 100 gems this world
offers; consider retracing your steps back to the castle. Jump onto the
raised area leading outside and follow the ledge around the corner.

Be sure to use L2 amd R2 to rotate the camera as you round the corners. You
don't want to let an enemy get the jump on you.

10. Heading Home
Once you've defeated Toasty; gather up the rest of the gems in the chests
and head back to the Artisans Home World into the swirling column of

World Two: Peace Keepers


1. Marco's balloon ride lands Spyro in a sundrenched worlds of desert plains
and canyons. Here; Spyro must contend with a desert army of Foot Soldiers
and their cannon artillery. As in the Artisans Home World; the archways
Spyro finds here lead into this world's five other lands.

Basic Stats
Dragons: 3
Gems: 300
Fodder: Agile Desert Hares
Difficulty Level: Easy

2. Strategies
5 Treasure Points: 1 Blue
>From the docks; make your way into the stone garrison; and release the
dragon; Titan. Take out the patrolling Foot Soldier; and then exit out the
other end into this world's main area.

3. Where's The Oasis?
115 Treasure Points: 23 Red; 16 Green; 12 Blue
After you exit the garrison; watch for charging soldiers and incoming
shells. There are plenty of small; tucked away places in which to find large
amounts of hidden treasure.

4. Fight Fire with Fire!
When Spyro removes a soldier from a cannon; he can use the weapon himself!
To line up a target; position Spyro near the rear of the cannon and push the
pad/stick so he uses his head to turn the cannon. When you've taken aim;
flame that fuse to launce your own attack.

Foot Soldier
Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
If Spyro moves into their patrol range; most Foot Soldiers won't hesitate to
stick him with their spears. However; some will turn tail and duck under
cover of the nearest tent.

Cannon Patrol
Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
When these soldiers see Spyro coming; they'll head for the big guns and
start firing at our little hero! Avoid incoming shells by zigzagging toward
them. To defuse the situations; circle around the cannons and ram or roast
the troops.

5. Run; you Coward!
Althrough many soldiers will attack Spyro on sight; some prefer to turn tail
and run. Expose these cowering would be deserters by flaming their tents.
Occasionally; some of these soldiers can't resist taunting our tiny dragon
friend. You know what to do.

6. Dry Canyon
Just beyond the pair of dueling cannons lies the Archway to the Dry Canyon
lands. Three treasure chest lead to this entrance.

7. Tastes like Chicken
These bouncing bunnies will release the butterflies Sparx needs to keep his
healthy glow.

8. Cliff Town
Almost directly across from the first set of tents; you'll find the entrance
to the Cliff Town lands. Step through Arch to enter this desert city.

9. Magnus
The launch point for Gosnold the ballonist lies directly behind Magnus the
dragon. After you retrieve 1200 treasure; he'll fly you to the world of the
Magic Crafters. Don't forget to grab the 1-UP dragon in the chest behind

10. Brrr-Ice? In the Desert?
Directly behind Magnus is a small passage downward. At its end; you'll find
the Archway entrance to the Ice Cavern lands.

11. Demolition Time!
The steel-banded chests may be impervious to fire and being kicked around;
but let's see them stand up to the power of an artillery shell! Use the
cannon to break open these treasure troves and recover the gems within.

12. What's Up; Doc?
This Archway leads our little dragon into the lands of the witch doctor;
Shemp! Make sure Sparx is in good health before making the journey.

13. "X" Marks The Spot!
53 Treasure Points: 3 Red; 5 Green; 8 Blue
To access a hidden; Spyro must use the nearby cannon to blast at the large
bull's-eye on the bluff. Move the cannon into position; let loose with a
blast of flame; and eliminate this obstruction.

14. Night Flight
On the other side of the bull's-eye bluff lies the entrance to the Peace
Keepers Treasure Rounds; Night Flight. By the time you finish this flight
course; you'll have no problem performing complex glides on the regular

15. Gunnar
Release Gunner the dragon and rescue the Dragon Egg from the hooded thief!
You must run close to the pool's edge to close the gap to ram him or engulf
him in a fan of flames. Remember to recover the key while you're here:
you'll need it just ahead.

If you sneak up on the right side of the Egg Thief; you'll run right into

16. The Great Divide
27 Gem Points: 2 Red; 5 Green; 3 Blue
Carrying the key; bridge this gap with a well-timed glide to reach the cave
on the other side. Within lies a large cahce of stolen gems!

 Dry Canyon

1.Hidden in a crevice along the eastern wall of the Peace Keepers Cavern
lies the Arch Portal to Dry Canyon. This level is filled with Gnorc
Musketeers; sharp beaked Falcons; and a few blind glide points. You must
stay on your toes to discover all the secrets this canyon holds!

Basic Stats
Dragons: 4
Gems: 400
Locked Chest (and Key): 1
Egg: 1
Fodder: Bunnies!
Level of Difficulty: Tricky (for the first level of the second world-but

2. Strategies
Canyon Floor
132 Treasure Points: 6 Red; 18 Green; 4 Blue; 7 Yellow
You start in a basin of land below a busy; well-fortified canyon fortress.
As you make your way forward; pick up the treasure lining the riverbanks and
watch out for Gnorc Musketeers. They may be napping when you first spot
them; but they'll soon wake and be at the ready. A path to your left (around
the tower's base) as you enter the passage is filled with guarded gems you
won't want to miss. As you walk through the channel; you'll encounter the
first dragon on a platform to the right. Hop up the stairs and free him from
his crytals prison. The stairs on the left are important; but come back to
them after the coast is clear. Across the stream and around the bend; a
couple of Falcons and a Bird Wrangler lie in wait. The Falcons will swoop
off their perch to attack as soon as you come in range; so stay at the
ready. A quick burst of flame is usually all it takes to turn them into
dinner. After you clear this bottom floor (ignoring the next set of stairs);
backtrack to where you found the first dragon and get set to head upstairs.

Gnorc Musketeer
Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
With their trusty shields to protect them; these soldiers delight in taking
potshots at Spyro. Dodge their bullets to deliver a well-placed charge; or
flame them when their guards are down.

Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
These large birds stand sentry atop their posts awaiting interlopers.
Barbecue them as they swoop toward you-while you're still beyond their

Bird Wrangler
Defeat Using: Flame

Attakc Method
Often flanked by falcons; these hefty men use birds as their weapons;
swinging them 'round and 'round. Dispatch them quickly with a touch of
Spyro's fire.

3. Thief at 9 O'Clock!
As you enter the canyon; keep an eye out for an opening to your left. A
thief lies in ambush there. Chase him around the stone base (watch out for
the stream) and reclaim his stolen booty.

4. Fortress Interlude
159 Treasure Points: 27 Red; 31 Green; 12 Blue; 1 Yellow
Up the first set of stairs lies the launch point to a fortress built into
the canyon wall. The glide is straightfoward; but if you don't quite make
the ledge; be thankful you took the time to clear the land below. Down the
stairs a Wrangler and three Musketeers guard a corridor. Don't let them
catch you off-guard and deplete your life (or Sparx's); because you'll find
a trio of Falcons and Wranglers at the end. Dispose of them and take stock
of your surroundings. Dragon number two; Ivor; is dead ahead; and another
Falcon trio waits to your left. To the right lies a platform. Wander to the
right of the Dragon Fortress to find a way to the top-and a lone mountain in
the middle of nowhere. Take out both bird parties and head to the top of the
fortress-your point of flight for the Extra Life platform and the canyon
steps. After clearing this area; you can exit the way entered or jump down
from the notch in the canyon wall.

5. Fireworks Time!
In the world of Spyro The Dragon; almost everything is flammable. Take this
chest of fireworks; for example. Light the fuse with your flame and the
package will explode in a shower of gems. Just don't get too close.

6. Treasure Ahead!
On a floating island; you'll find riches beyond compare. Before you fly
there; however; you must acquire a certain key. Most of the island's loot is
locked securely within a chest. Don't worry; the key is in a safe place.

7. Up The Canyon Steps
91 Treasure Points: 8 Green; 6 Blue; 2 Yellow; 1 Purple
You can approach this area up the second set of stairs on the canyon floor
or from that notch in the wall. Clear the area of treasure and enemies as
you go; making sure to rescue the third dragon on your way. Don't forget the
Extra Life chest! The Exit Warp; surrounded by treasure and more Musketeers;
lies across the bridge to the Watch Tower. As for the fourth dragon; he's on
a ramp to the right. Wonder how to you get there?

8. How to Get That Last Dragon...
18 Treasure Points: 8 Red; 2 Blue

You can see him from the Exit Warp-but how do reach that platform? Boris the
dragon is of the opinion you must be an expert glider. Jumping from the
platform where you first rescued him; you'll find yourself en route to
another fortress. Through the hall on the other side is another ledge that
looks out an what seems to be nothing. Do a blind glide left (follow the
line of red gems); however; and you'll be amazed at what turns up!

 Cliff Town

1. The Arch to this level lies in the middle of the battle-field; where
you're most likely to overlook it. Beyond is a spacious town built at the
base of; and into; a cliff. Look everywhere: treasure is scattered far and

Basic Stats
Dragons: 3
Gems: 400
Locked Chest (and Key): 1
Strong Box: 1
Egg: 1
Fodder: Gila Monsters
Level of Difficulty: Easy (if you follow your elders' advice!)

2. Strategies
Ground Floor
113 Treasure Points: 16 Red; 11 Green; 13 Blue; 1 Yellow
In this level; it's Absolutely Vital you search every corner and niche for
hidden treasure. Gems and chests are tucked away and everywhere! Don't worry
about the chests on the roofs just yet. You'll get to them in time. On the
other side of the bridge; past the Pueblos; is this level's first dragon. He
stands out in the open; so don't hesitate to run and rescue him. From nearby
you'll hear the familiar taunting of an Egg Theif. You must chase him
through the well-guarded streets of Cliff Town; so keep an eye out for
Pueblos. Before climbing the cliff; check out the little alley at its base
for an Extra Life chest and a horde of treasure!

3. Nothing Like Home Cooking!
The Fat Ladies are cooking up a storm-good news for a gem hunter like you.
When you flame a Fat Lady; make sure to hit her cauldron. The extra heat
causes another gem to pot!

4. Up The Steps
170 Treasure Points: 9 Red; 8 Green; 15 Blue; 7 Yellow
Climb the steps; alert for Fat Ladies and their Pueblos. This is the worst
place in all of Cliff  Town to get slapped in. At the top; check out the
area Exit Warp. The gems there get you a lot closer to the 400 mark. Then
rescue Enzo and listen to his flight plans. His platform makes a great glide
point. You can reach the two chests on the nearby roofs from here; as well
as the river's  for shore.

Defeat Using: Charge

Attack Method
Sent off to battle by their senoritas; these troops run and take up
defensive positions; courtesy of their steel capes. If you're not quick to
butt them out of existance; they'll attack with their sharp daggers; so

Fat Lady
Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
They can't hurt you; but their slaps will send you flying-and if you're near
a cliff ledge; that could be a bad thing. Toast them with your breath; and
then heat up their pots for an easy extra gem.

Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
Making an encore performance; these bads birds will swoop down on you from
their lofty perches if you aren't careful.

5. Light a Rocket!
Before gliding across the river; try opening that Strong box. From this
vantage; you can fly easily to the roof with the little red fire rocket on
the edge. Lighting this with your flame sends it spiraling through the air
until hits-you guessed it-the Strong box. This is but one way to open those
highly secure boxes; so file it away for future reference.

6. Across The River
57 Treasure Points: 11 Green; 5 Blue; 1 Yellow
Here you must fend off Falcons as you collect the green gems scattered
about. Look everywhere lest you miss one (or the two beneath the cliff
face). Then rescue Marco before leaping off the cliff. For your trouble; he
tells you all about the advantages of his lofty perch.

7. Surprise Whirlwinds
This level is home to two Whirlwinds. What? You didn't notice them? That's
because only certain events will trigger them. Rescuing Marco causes a
Whirlwind to appear between the two houses near the cliff in town; perfect
for returning to this lofty glide point. After you clear the level of
treasure; you can take another surprise Whirlwind to the top of the steps;
and the Exit Warp. This one appears after you get to the top by coventional

8. Happy Gliding
60 Treasure Points: 8 Red; 1 Green; 1 Blue; 2 Yellow; 1 Purple
>From Marco's peak; you can reach two important gem locations: The roofs are
out in the open and entirely visible. The other area is hidden. Jumping from
the cliff edge near the force field; you can just glide over and land on the
narrow ledge behind your entrance point. There you'll find a line of red
gems-and a valuable purple one in a metal case.

 Ice Cavern

1. The portal to this level is well-hidden in a deep chasm. Beyond is a
snow- and ice-covered world; where narrow icy ledges and snowball fights
prevail. I wonder how Spyro handles the cold?

Basic Stats
Dragons: 5
Gems: 400
Locked Chest (and Key): 1
Fodder: Bats
Level of Difficulty: Hard (This is the hardest level in Peace Keepers; but
careful dragons should have few problems.)

2. Strategies
74 Treasure Points: 18 Red; 13 Green; 4 Blue; 1 Yellow
>From the cupola where you land; follow the path left. Spyro gets good
traction in ice and snow; so don't worry about him splipping. But that's the
least of your problems. Brutal Snow Gnorcs and mischievous Snowball Troopers
fill this area. Keep an eye out for both. Fodder for Sparx may be plentiful
here; but a stray snowball might knock you somewhere bad.

Snow Gnorc
Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
Avoid the fists of these scary purple beasts! If you flame them from afar;
they can't smash you.

Snowball Trooper
Defeat Using: Charge/Flame
Attack Method
These Gnorc troops blend into the scenery and can throw far. Each snowball
hits dims Sparx's glow one increment; so clear the area of these guys.

Ski Partrol
Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
Big Gnorcs on skies-what could be more pleasant? This is another speedy unit
to hobble quickly.

Armored Gnorc
Defeat Using: Charge
Like most of the larger Gnorc troops; these brutes rely on simple pounding.
To rid the Ice Cavern of them; charge them over the ledge.

Watch your step!
Ice Cavern contains many narrow ledges and walkways. To pick up all 400
gems; sometimes you must go out on a limb. Spyro won't slip or slide; but
one false move can send him into the void. Walk in these areas.

3. Cavern
104 Treasure Points: 29 Red; 10 Green; 9 Blue; 1 Yellow
In the first room; remember to explore the ledges after rescuing the second
dragon. A locked chest sits on the balcony off this room-and opening those
is always rewarding. The next area is a snowy walkway guarded by Armored
Gnorcs and the like. Charge them over the edge and make your carfully along
the path into the next room; where dragon number three awaits your help. A
nasty Snow Gnorc guards the treasure filling his room. Defeating these
should be no problem by now; so toast away!

Look For the Telltale Gems
Every so often you'll find a gem that seems out of place. Depending on the
circumstances; these gems can be markers for important glide points. Here in
Ice Caver; this green gem sits precariously on a ledge over a floating
platform. Is this a clue? Why don't you glide and find out?

4. Charging Lampposts
A careful observer will spot the gems atop of the Ice Cavern's lampposts.
How do you reach them? A simple charge will do; but don't get too
heavy-headed; least you fall off the edge.

5. Exit
89 Treasure Points: 18 Red; 18 Green; 3 Blue; 2 Yellow
After you leave the cavern behind; head right; where a bounty of gems lie
along another ledge. Grab them and continue. You must cross the gorge on
this narrow bridge to free the fourth dragon and use the Exit Warp. This is
one area where you won't want to dash or run. Walking gives you far more
control over Spyro's actions. After making it safely to the other side;
rescue Asher and check the catacombs behind the Exit Warp. The catacombs are
rich in treasure; but if you faithfully gathered all the treasure you could
find as you went along; you're still short of the 400 mark. It's time to
search for hidden places.

6. Secrects In The Snow
133 Treasure Points: 14 Red; 17 Green; 11 Blue; 3 Yellow
>From Andor's pedestal you can see the opening to another high in the canyon
wall. Try jumping from wall section to wall section (follow the gems on top)
to get there. Indisde; you'll find another snowy cave filled with
treasures-and Gnaty Gnorc's henchmen. As you make your; watch out for the
Ski Patrol! Their skies make them fast and their snowballs make them lethal.
Don't forget to knock the gems off the lampposts. Just beware of
snowball-throwing troops as you line up your charges. Around another bend;
you'll find the level's last dragon and an exit into the catacombs. The
second "secret" area is the platform with the key for the locked chest. You
can reach this easily by gliding from the chest's balcony. A green gem marks
the spot you should from. After collecting the key; run back through the
cavern and collect your reward. The final secret takes you easily to the
platform of Extra Life chests. The platform off the starting area is the
perfect spot to glide from. Just aim between the two stalactites and veer
right as you glide through.

Night Flight

You must be quick and be precise to complete this course in the alloted time
and collect every ring; arch; chest; and light.

Basic Stats
Ring: 8
Lights: 8
Chests: 8
Arches: 8
Level of Difficulty: Medium

With 25 seconds on the clock; there's no time to spare. This level's bonuses
are smaller ; as well; so make every second count!

Flying through the sequence of rings guides Spyro through a tunnel into the
next section of the course. With a second added to the clock with each
successful fly-through; you should have close to the original 25 seconds by
the time you complete all eight.

After passing through the last ring; Spyro will be lined up for his next set
of targets-the treasure chests. The first three are grouped fairly close
together; but allow enough space between them to account for altitude

Time your fire blasts to avoid waiting until the last second to hit each
chest. Remember; the flame fans out and travels for a short distance; so you
have to room to work.

After the first group; you must bank left sharply (indicated by the Air-Sign
Fairy) to begin your assault on the next group of four chests. Dive sharply
to get a bead on the fifth chest. Rememer to pull back before ramming the
stone platform or plunging into the water! The last chest is easy and; with
a quick; short bank left; pushing forward on the sticks puts Spyro in line
for the third set of targets-the arches

All is not lost if Spyro smacks into an obstacle and plummets toward the
water below. Quickly tap the X button once to pull him of the spin and
regain control.

Arches: Part 1
Diving down from the last treasure chest and hugging the water's surface
will allow Spyro to soar at breakneck speeds for a short period. Because the
path is relatively straight; you can take advantage of his extra burst of
speed in clearing the first four arches.

Lights: Part 1
After Spyro soars through the fourth arch; break hard to the right and
double back to light up some Lighthouses. The pattern for them is
horseshoeshaped; leading back to the fifth arch; where you pick up where you
left of and complete them. As Spyro closes in on each glass tower; shooting
a flame blast lights them up. As with the trains in World One; the best way
to collect these objects is to keep them just left of center on your
approach and let loose with a fan of flame just before banking away.

Arches: Part 2
After passing through the fifth arch; prepare to dive quickly to pass
through the next two; just above the water's surface. A short climb and turn
left puts you in a perfect position for the eighth and the final arch; with
the three remaining Lighthouses just ahead.

Lights: Part 2
After Spyro flies through the eighth arch; you must dive again; low; to
light up the fifth Lighthouse. Light up the next one; keeping it on the
right; and bank left to bring the final Lighthouse into sight and range.

Doctor Shemp

1. Strategies
Canyon Pathway
191 Treasure Points: 13 Green; 22 Blue; 3 Yellow; 1 Purple
Making his way up the canyon passage; be on the lookout for advancing
Tribesmen and club-swinging Fat Ladies.

Basic Stats
Dragon: 1
Gems: 300
Level of Difficulty: Medium

Always use L2 and R2 to pan around blind corners before proceeding into the
uncharted territory.

2. Hey; What's Over There?
Near the rising column of sparkles; a lone Fat Lady stands in the distance.
Defeat her to see what she's hiding.

3. To The Top!
Ride this second column to really gain height. You'll need every inch to
make that jump and retrieve the purple gem.

4. Ride The Wave
At the end of the canyon passage; a swirling column carries you to the ledge
high above.

5. Don't Forget The Key!
Before entering Doctor Shemp's abode; use this elevated area glide to the
raised bluff and recover the key and the other treasure.


Kamikaze Tribesman
Defeat Using: Charge

Attack Method
With a swat on their backsides from the Fat Lady; these Tribesmen hurl
themselves fearlessly toward Spyro. In fact; as long you avoid them; they'll
continue running and screaming right off the edge to their deaths!

Fat Lady
Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
These large women don't take kindly to dragons and won't hesitate to use
their large clubs. They'll swat Spyro out the way if he tries to ram them.
Flambe them when you're in range.

6. Just Witch Doctor Are You; Again?
109 Treasure Points: 3 Red; 3 Green; 11 Blue; 2 Yellow; 1 Purple
The good (witch) doctor's home consists of three platforms linked by rope
bridges. Unfortunately; they only roll down into place as the doctor passes
each area.

Trondo; this level's lone dragon; stands at the bottom of the tunnel. Free
him and listen to what he has to say. His advice will help you defeat the
witch doctor; Shemp.

7. Strike One!
The fireproof vests the doctor wears protects him from our hero's fiery
breath; but his backside is more vulnerable. When he starts moving around;
get behind him and roast him.

8. Returning to the Lone Fat Lady
Now you have a route to the Fat Lady you couldn't reach before. Glide from
the top of the first platform and make your way through the tunnel. Remember
to grab the treasure along the way.

9. Strike Two!
The strategy changes a little as we move to a more direct approach. Don't
hesitate: Walk right up to him. As the Doctor starts his wind-up to club
Spyro; let loose with a volley of flame and send him hopping on his way.

10. You're Outta Here!
The last hit requires Spyro to move in close and jump over the skull-topped
staff as Doctor Shemp attempts to knock him into tomorrow. Fry him as he
spins around from the force of his attack.

11. Unlock the Chest
Using the key from the first area; glide to the small ledge and unlock this
chest to reclaim the purple gem within!

12. Going Home
Having defeated Doctor Shemp; rescued Trondo; and collected all 300 gems;
it's time to return to the Peace Keepers Home World.

World Three: Magic Crafters


1. The land of the Magic Crafters is a magical one. The gems-turned-Druids
now command the terrain itself!

Basic Stats
Dragons: 3
Gems: 300
Dragons Eggs: 2
Fodder: Soft Tender Lambs!
Difficulty Level: Medium

2. Strategies
The Ice Castle
29 Treasure Points: 7 Red; 6 Green; 2 Blue
Beyond the two pools; within the castle; the Armored Druids congregate in
full force while a Blue Thief covets another Dragon Egg in the hall to the

3. Stop That Thief!
Yet another of those insufferable gigging creatures is running around with a
stolen Dragon Egg. Stream roll him to end his laughter. Lining Spyro up to
cut the the corner of the first turn pretty close from the area just past
the pools; you should be able to ram or incinerate him. if he makes it to
his little perch; return to the pools and wait for him to come down again.

4. Cosmos
The Armored Druids seem to enjoy having one of the dragons as a centerpiece
for their area of the castle. Free Cosmos from his crystal prison; and then
bulldoze those birds.

Armored Druids
Defeat Using: Charge

Attack Method
Armored Druids hold their ground until something gets too close. Then they
move in and will knock you senseless with their clubs. Their armor protects
them from Spyro's fire attack; so knock them over by ramming them.

Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
These crazy Druids can't seem to make up their mind how they want their
surrounding landscape. Dash to rush them before they can raise the ground
around them and block Spyro.

Green Wizards
Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
These little Wizards cast lightning from their fingers when Spyro gets to
close. Running away may not be enough-the lighting bolts follow!

5. Outside: Part 1
75 Treasure Points: 10 Red; 5 Green; 6 Blue; 1 Purple
Outside; the world's gone mad!! Sections of terrain heave and swell to the
power of the gems-turned-Druids.

6. Ramming Speed!
Approaching the Druids causes them to raise their defenses-as well as the
surrounding land. To restore order; you must race toward them and ram them
before they react!

7. Alping Ridge
The land of the Alpine Ridge lies behind the Archway off the path; left of
where Spyro exited the ice castle.

8. Egg Thief Court
At the top of the winding path; an Egg Thief happily parades around
displaying his treasure. From the center of this area; follow him until he's
in range; then give him a good blast of flame. Approach this island from the
side with the treasure chest. After you get the treasure from the chest;
charge the Armored Druid. Remember to as soon as you hit him; or Spyro will
end up in those icy waters.

9. Zantor and the High Caves
At the top of the supercharge ramp; releasing Zantor allows him to explain
the finer points of "super-charging." Just behind him is the Archway into
the land of High Caves.

10. Supercharge Past the Druid
To gain access to the cave beyond; Spyro must supercharge his way down the
ramp and elimintate the Druid at the cave entrance before he raises the
surrounding ground to block the way.

11. The Cave
17 Treasure Points: 3 Red; 2 Green; 2 Blue
This winding tunnel provides access from one of the mountain to the other.
Clear the path of enemies to allow Spyro to pass through quickly.

12. Boldar and Crytsal Flight
Within the cave lies the imprisoned Boldar and the Archway to the flying
land; Crystal Flight. Don't forget those gems behind the arch!

13. Outside: Part 2
Treasure Points: 3 Red; 4 Green; 7 Blue; 3 Yellow; 2 Purple
Outside the cave passage; a Druid shifts a portion of the wall back and
fourth; making the crossing tricky. Wait for the right moment; and then rush
and bowl him over!

14. The Strong Box
Dragon Breath and normal ramming aren't enough to open this steel-banded
chest. You must build up some momentum and crash into it! Start at the top
of the Supercharge ramp and race down through the cave to open this box.

15. Wizard's Peak
At the top of the winding path lies the entrance to Wizard Peak; guarded; of
course; by a group of the little Wizards.

16. Worth the Trip!
To get the treasure; Spyro must venture onto the narrow ledge over the icy
water. Once he's there; a bigger secret is revealed.

17. Taking the Low Path
Outside the cave another path runs down to a lake a Armored Druid guards.
Beyond it; another Druid wages war with the block of ice in the center of
the lake.

18. Blowhard
Enter the land of Blowhard the mighty! Beyond this Arch lies Gnasty Gnorc's
minion of the Magic Crafters World.

19. Using the Key
You say you've found a key but not the chest it fits? Simply journey back to
the terrace where the High Caves Arch is and glide off the edge toward the
distance waterfall. In migflight; the target destination will come into
view. Once he;s inside the cave; Spyro can unlock the chest.

20. Tuco the Balloonist
At the end of the path behind the Archway to Blowhard; Tuco allows Spyro to
proceed into the Beast Makers World-after he recovers five Dragon Eggs.

 Alping Ridge

1.Alping Ridge is home to the same annoying Green Druids you had to defeat
to reach the portal to this land. You also will face many large;
cantankerous beasts and their bird like tamers. Good problem-solving skills
and quick reflexes are vital!

Basic Stats
Dragons: 4
Gems: 500
Dragon Egg: 1
Fodder: Lamb
Level of Difficulty: Easy (...compared to what lies ahead. And that's not
saying much!)

2. Strategies
Road Of Druids
126 Treasure Points: 9 Red; 11 Green; 9 Blue; 5 Yellow
As soon as you land on the opening platform; prepare to be attacked. The
large Beast ahead will attack as soon as you make a move toward him. Dousing
him with flame is the only way to defeat him. This level is filled with
Druids moving things back and fourth and up and down. You must dodge their
obstacles and move quickly to defeat them. Once overcome; they'll flee. As
always; don't get so caught up in defeating enemies that you forget to scour
the land for gems and other goodies. This level's first dragon lies on the
other side of the arch the Armored Druid guard. Zane wants to know if you're
afraid of those big scary monsters. Are you? If not; fly to the platform
below; where one lies in wait.

Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
When the Beasts com lumbering after you; make sure you have some flame
ready. You'll have an easier time if you attack first.

Armored Druid
Defeat Using: Charge

Attack Method
You know these creatures from the Home World. Flame them and watch out for
their staves.

Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
You'll see a lot of these earth shifters-and wish you hadn't! Mow'em down
with your horns (or sear them with your flame) and put an end to their magic

Elder Wizard
Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
Lighting is the favored weapon of the magical set; and these Elder Wizards
are no exception. Scorch them quickly before they unleash their magic.

3. What's a Gem Doing There?
This archway is more than decorative. If you climb to the ledge; a blue gem
will show you where to jump and glide to the field on the other side. Pretty
clever; eh?

4. Into The Cave Of Illusions
268 Treasure Points: 15 Red; 19 Green; 21 Blue; 11 Yellow
The area ahead is full of Druids waiting to catch you unaware with a hidden
Beast or moving a wall. Stay on your toes and plan your glides carefully.
Jumping just before this wall opens guarantees you'll make it inside. The
path beyond the tunnel is cut into the cliff face. After leaping from the
floating island to more solid ground (provided it doesn't smack you in the
face); dragon number two awaits you. The area above the dragon pedestal is
home to many Beasts. Take care not to fall in when you empty this pit! As
you climb the hill; you'll find a Druid with another one as a present for
you. If you survive the on slaught; you'll the third dragon at the top of
the stairs next to the Exit Warp.

5. Sleeping Beauties?
Many enemies tend to fall asleep on watch-these beasts; for example. When
you enter their lair they're sound asleep. Take advantage of that; by all

6. Distant Cave
59 Treasure Points: 8 Red; 8 Green; 5 Blue; 1 Yellow
The treasure platform next to the Exit Warp looks out onto a tiny cave in
the distant mountain. Glide carefully and explore the land within. You
should walk away with a ton gems; as well as a Dragon Egg! Remember to free
Kelvin before you Leave!

7. Fireworks
DIdn't your mother warn you about the dangers of fireworks? They may look
pretty (and spew out those pretty gems!); but they can burn you badly if you
get too close. Use care when you light the fireworks on these platforms.
You'll be in their blast radius unless you flee!

8. Across The Void
47 Treasure Points: 16 Red; 3 Green; 3 Blue; 1 Yellow
Back at the Exit Warp; fly from the end of the short tunnel back to the
starting point. From there; return the arched gate near Zane's pedestal and
hop up the steps on the left to the top. From here you can fly safely to the
field on the far side. Take out the Elder Wizard first; and then that
annoying Druid. If you need some healing; snack on the wandering lamb before
heading into the tiled area. Arounnd the corner you'll find three more Elder
Wizards-and their bolts hurt! Then it's up three disappering steps; through
annoying Druids; and you're home free!

 High Caves

1.The arch to this level is next to a Supercharge area; which should give
you hint about what lies beyond. Here you'll meet an ally who'll provide
more new skills to master.

Basic Stats
Dragon: 3
Gems: 500
Dragon Egg: 2
Fodder: More of those tasty lambs
Level of Difficulty: The first of many Supercharge levels. Train here and
you can go anywhere!

2. Strategies
Bug Cave
129 Treasure Points: 15 Red; 12 Green; 8 Blue; 5 Yellow
You can approach this level two ways-going up Wizard's Hill or attacking Bug
Cave. Each has advantages; but either way you end up in basically the same
place. Bug Cave is home to a family of large; armor plated Bugs! If one
spots you making your way through their lair; you'd better run as fast you
can beyond their pincers' reach! Fortunately; you'll find at least one
treasure platform in each room where you can collect gems and keep out of
reach! At the end of the fifth chamber lives a new character-the Flame
Fairy. This fiery-haired imp gives Spyro the ability to breath Superflame
for a short period. This technique is handy for disposing of Bugs.

Whether you use the Superflame or the Supercharge is a matter of personal
preference. The Supercharge is especially good against the Bugs in the
middle chamber and the two downstairs to the right (if you can control Spyro
that Long!). The Superflame is more of reliable for taking out the two Bugs
in the chambers next to the Flame Fairy; upstairs from the middle chamber.

Elder Wizards
Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
Will these wizrads ever disapper?! Flame-them and watch out for their bolts!

Tornado Wizards
Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
As their name implies; these Wizards toss tornadoes to and fro. Stay out of
their path as you make way to attack.

Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
They're back and moving things all around; again. Flame or charge them; and
make the High Caves safe!

Defeat Using: Supercharge; Superflame

Attack Method
These surprisingly swift creatures will snap at you with their front pincers
until you're black-and-blue. Keep out of their way unless you're

3. The Bug Blues!
Disposing of the Bug in the first chamber is difficult. Superflame doesn't
last through all the rooms; and colliding with the cave's stalagmite
obstacles can put a quick end to Spyro's Supercharge. There's an easy way
around this; however. To the right of the Flame Fairy's balcony is a
building that provides a great shortcut to the mouth of Bug Cave. Let the
Fairy charge up your flames; and then glide on over! The gems you'll find
there are reward enough!

4. Flame Fairy
At one end of Bug Cave a pretty Fairy hovers in the air. When she kisses
Spyro; he blushes beet red and; for a limited time; breathes fire hot enough
to char 'most anything. Use this toast those nasty Bugs!

5. Wizard Hill
98 Treasure Points: 7 Red; 8 Green; 7 Blue; 4 Yellow
Wizard Hill is home to a group of feuding Elder and Tornado Wizards. Take
out the Elder Wizards while the tornadoes distract them. As for the
tornadoes Wizards; their creations follow a designated path. Avoid it and
you can take the Wizard easily. While trudging up to the hilltop; use the
turnoffs to keep yourself out of harm's way. At the top of the hill; Cyrus
the dragon waits with a complaint about the local Druids. They're moving
everything; and it's driving him mad! To take out the Druids on the moving
towers; wait until they're at their closest; and then jump over. Flame or
charge the Druid; and then wait for the tower to stop moving before moving
on to the next. The last tower leads to the entrance of a small treasure
room. Grab the gems; and then hop out window and follow the ledge to the

6. Other Side Of The Cave
133 Treasure Points: 9 Red; 7 Green; 12 Blue; 5 Yellow
The first thing you'll run into on the other side of the cave a dragon
awaiting rescue. Free him from his crystal cage and explore the area. Three
treasure rooms lie across the bridge. You can walk to the first; but to
reach the other two; you must fly from the bridge railing.

7. The Fairy Trio
Fairies that come in groups of three can only mean something good. Here in
High Caves; they act as a safety net; letting you practice your Supercharge
without fear of falling. Fall anywhere in this area and they'll catch you
and return you to the top of the dash area.

8. Supercharge
140 Treasure Points: 9 Red; 3 Green; 1 Blue; 7 Yellow; 2 Purple
The Supercharge ramp takes center stage for the rest of the level. In fact;
mastering this skill now is crucial for the rest of the game. Given the
Fairy trio's assistance; there's no reason you should leave this level
unskilled. Use the Supercharge ramp to soar to the caves opposite. The force
of the charge will catapult you there; where treasure; the third dragon; and
the Exit Warp lie. Don't worry if you don't make it (or slam into a wall).
The Fairy trio will pick you up and return you to the top of the ramp.

9. Supercharge + Jump =
Super Supercharge
Admit it! The distance you flew with the Supercharge impressed you. Now try
pressing the Jump button as you dash off the end of that ramp. You should
have no problem reaching that distance area! Supercharge + Jump (along with
a glide) sends you to a distance plot of land. Be quick to grab the Dragon
Egg from the other Egg Thief here. To return to the mainland; just jump off
the end.

10. On the Other Hand
If you're having difficulty reaching that distance area with the
Supercharge; try flying from the left edge of the right-hand cave. If you
veer left just after takeoff; you should reach the edge with room to spare!

Advice from the Council of Dragons


Matering the Supercharge is extremely important in later levels and worlds.
Use this level's dash ramp to practice until you comfortable with this new
skill. Master the Supercharge + Jump skill; as well. That combintation will
take you to new heights-but only if you remember to keep pressing the Dash
button at the same time you add the Jump. For especially distant areas; try
gliding after you reach the apex of the Supercharge jump.

 Wizard Peak

1. Finding this lofty portal is no challenge once you get handy with the
Supercharge. And you'll need to be! This world introduces multiple sets of
Supercharge ramps and teaches the importantce of using them two at a time.

Basic Stats
Dragons: 3
Gems: 500
Strong Box: 1
Dragon Egg: 2
Fodder: Sheep
Level of Difficulty: This is World Three's hardest level. You've been

2. Strategies
The Magical Path
311 Treasure Points: 17 Red; 17 Green; 24 Blue; 9 Yellow; 2 Purple
Hold on to your hats! We're going to blow through the main road of this
world in one swift rush! This world's Elder Wizards have embarked on a quest
to fill it with animated Snowmen! I don't know what they mixed into that
spell; but these monsters are mean (not like Frosty) and carry big sticks.
As you run through the main part of the castle; they materialize everywhere;
usually in the company of one or two Green Wizard. Flame them quickly to
take out the whole group without harming Sparx. In the castle's final room
stands the first of this world's three dragons. He'll clue you in on the fun
of using Supercharge ramps as bowling alleys! The following sets of
Supercharge ramps are good for mowing down the Elder Wizards congregating at
the bottom. The ramps are positioned so you can link them easily and double
your charge power!

Elder Wizard
Defeat Using: Flame; Supercharge

Attack Method
This time around they're animating Snowmen! Flame those inside and "bowl"
over the ones hanging out in groups.

Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
These icy monsters just want to beat you to a pulp. It's a shame a little
heat wipes them out so easily.

Green Wizard
Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
These lighting-bolt-armed magicians appear in pairs. Don't turn your back on
one to defeat the other!

BIrd Warrior
Defeat Using: Charge

Attack Method
Don't know what these avian warriors are doing in a Wizard's enclave; but
they're as mean as ever. Charge them into nonexistance-or let the Snowman do
it for you!

At the top of the ramp fourth; a ledge overlooks a distant pedestal. Have a
clue about to get there?

another way to break into those Strong boxes is to Super Charge them. Pick a
dash ramp and haul tail straight into it. Your Gem Count will be happy you

Outside; free of Wizards and Snowmen; waits the second dragon. Save here:
you must pass through another Snowman gauntlet on your to the Exit Warp. As
you make your way up the steps; an Elder Wizards runs ahead summoning
Snowmen to slow you down. Their presence is almost helpful; though: they
have a habit of taking out any other enemy units their way. Up the first set
of stairs is one of this level's two Egg Thieves. Try dive-bombing him after
you get him going in a safe direction! Atop the next set of steps lie dragon
number three and the Exit Warp. Remember; you're only two-thirds of the way
through this level! And the remainder is not for faint of heart...

3. Outside Ledge
74 Treasure Points: 18 Red; 8 Green; 2 Blue; 3 Yellow
Back at the beginning; you'll a ledge you can reach from the left edge of
the platform you're standing on. This is the first in a series of ledges
that will take you around the outside of the Wizards' den.

The lambs on the ledge serve two functions. On the positive side; they guide
you from area to area. On the negative side; they can push you off these
narrow ledges on their return journeys. Play it safe and toast them right

>From these ledges; two glide points lead to the ledges where Elder Wizards
practice their craft. The first is at the end of the ledge system across the
"bridge." You can see the tip of the balcony from your perch; when you
glide; hug the cliff wall. The second glide point lies atop the ledges to
the right. look down to see the jewel-encrusted ledge that leads to the
other Wizard's balcony.

Save your position at Jarvis's dragon pedestal in case you miss and fall
into the viod. There are no Fairies to help you out here. There are times
when running down one Supercharge ramp just won't give you enough of a boost
to reach your target. That's when a second one comes in handy. Starting atop
the first Supercharge ramp and dashing all the way to one of the two jump
points guarantees you enouhg left for even the farthest point on Wizard Peak

4. Platforms Galore!
115 Treasure Points: 9 Red; 7 Green; 12 Blue; 3 Yellow
If you've explored the whole level; you must have found the two sets of
pedestals at the ends of ramps. Supercharging down two ramps will give you
the momentum you need to reach either area. When attempting the set of
three; aim for the big pedestal across from the launch ramp. Add a jump to
your charge when you hit the end of the ramp or you'll fall a little short
of the ledge. Adding the jump; you'll almost leap over your target! Clear
the path of gems (don't forget the ledge in the back!); and then hop over to
the two beside you before heading back to the mainland. The second pedestal
can be the hardest to reach. The secret is to add your jump just before you
reach the windowsill. Check out the ledge at the back for the source of the
taunting. This is one Egg Thief who won't run away! Then head back to the
Exit Warp.

Crystal Flight

Basic Stats
Rings: 8
Arches: 8
Planes: 8
Chests: 8
Level of Difficulty: Medium-Hard

As in the previous worlds' courses; the first section is fairly easy. After
that; however; Spyro must fly a near-perfect run to complete this course in
one turn! Don't let the fool you! After the first leg; proceed against the
direction the planes are flying to complete this course within the allotted

The rings at the start of the course are spaced pretty far apart. You'll
have less time left on the clock after Spyro passes through the last one and
makes his way toward the arch in the distance.

Arches: Part One
After the first arch; bank hard right to reach the second. After Spyro
passes through it; dive low and skim the water's surface to increase his
speed. Proceed through the next three arches; and then bank to the path's
left fork.

Planes: Part 1
The planes approaching our little hero fly at two alternating altitudes.
They're too close together to shoot them all down in one pass; so pick a
level and try to take out the first three.

Arches: Part 2
After blasting the third plane out of the sky; swoop down and fly through
the low archway. Continue along the canyon wall; and then bank right through
the seventh arch; where the Road-Sign Fairy is.

Planes: Part 2
Skip the last arch for now and remove the remaining planes as they fly fly
around from the other side. If you were successful in the first run; you
shouldn't have to adjust your position much to defeat them.

Don't worry if you still haven't shot down all the planes at this point.
You'll have another chance as you loop around the island again.

After shooting down the last plane; Spyro should be approaching the end of
the canyon island he's been flying around. Three treasure points should be
in sight. Explode them in order; right to left; and then bank back right and
collect the remaining five.

Arches: Part 3
Once Spyro's collected all eight chests; the only item left should be the
lone arch on the other side of the island. Follow the path; cornering at the
Fairy; and through it to complete the course.

Advice from the Council of Dragons

You may not know this; but within the flying courses you can perform a
loop-the-loop by pressing R1; or a 180-degree turn by pressing L1; as long
as you're not flying to high.


1. Bloward is composed of wind and lighting. He and his coven of Green
Wizards defend these winding mountains passages.

Basic Stats
Dragon: 1
Gems: 400
Level of Difficulty: Medium

2. Strategies
Pathway Up Mountain: Part 1
131 Treasure Points: 3 Green; 15 Blue; 5 Yellow
The pathway up the first mountain is straigthforward; with small groups of
Green Wizards and boxes of fireworks dotting the route. To release the
gem(s) from the chest of fireworks; ignite the fuses; stand back; and watch
the display! If Spyro stands too close; Sparx's protective glow will dim.

3. Wizard Warfare
Defeating the Green Wizards is easy if you follow this advice: Wait for them
to launch a lighting srike; and then jump over it. Attack them with a charge
or blast  of flame afterward.

4. Blowhard Shows His Stuff!
Bloward stands at the top of the passage. Wait for him to come down; and
then fight fire with fire. Hitting him once releases a yellow gem and opens
the cave entrance behind as this boss flees.

Green Wizard
Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Mehthod
These little electrically charged magic-users are intent on frying poor
little Spyro. Avoid the lighting blast with a hop and then charbroil or ram

5. Cave Of The Druids
105 Treasure Points: 1 Red; 2 Green; 10 Blue; 5 Yellow
Within the cave passage; the Druids work their magic; moving platforms up
and down and back and forth. Defeat each to end their shifty magic and
stabilize the land towers. Don't forget the gems scattered on the ledge

6. Altair
Beyond the first section of the Druids caves; Altair lies imprisoned in
crystal in this small room. Free him to hear stories of old. The second leg
of the Druid cave is a bit easier to navigate. The land sections move close
enough that Spyro can step right onto them. Ride one to the other side;
flame the Druid and proceed to the next.

7. Pathway Up Mountain: Part 2
81 Treasure Points: 2 Red; 2 Green; 1 Blue; 7 Yellow
Gather all the gems lying; as well as those in the stone and wooden chests;
and then move on for Round 2 of the showdown with Blowhard. Avoid his
lighting blasts and blast him again to watch him flee.

8. Snow Mountain
83 Treasure Points: 4 Green; 2 Blue; 4 Yellow; 1 Purple
Beyond this long glide lies this journey's final leg. Light the chest of
fireworks; climb the path; and then put an end to Blowahrd once and for all.
Using the same strategies as before; deflate this big bag of wind! Be sure
to grab the green gem from the chest before returning to the Peace Keepers
Home World.

World Four: Beast Makers


1. Welcome to the...lovely...swamps of the Beast Makers World.

Basic Stats
Dragons: 2
Gems: 300
Fodder: Swamp Chickens
Difficulty Level: Over Easy (Ok; there are Two tricky areas.)

2. Strategies
The Swamps
41 Treasure Points: 6 Red; 5 Green; 5 Blue
Descending from Tuco's balloon ride; Spyro finds himself in one of the most
dismal worlds he's ever seen! Green ooze bubbles from well; and strange
diseased-looking chickens run about. Why would dragons want to live here?

3. Approach with Caution!
Spyro should take a clue from the swamp-fried chickens that stray too close
to his Gnorc; and time his movements accordingly.

4. Bruno and the Gateway to Terrace Village
Around the corner from the two electrifying Gnorcs you'll find Bruno the
dragon and the archway into the Terrace Village land.

Electro Gnorcs
Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
Either these Gnorcs really enjoy their work or the tunes pumping out of
their radios are pretty cool. Thanks to their battery-powered backpacks;
these guys add a little charge to the surrounding area; courtesy of their
cattle prods. Wait for the electricity to dissipate; and then make your

Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
Be quick to flame these charging wild pig-or face the sharp end of their
tusks! Although you can outrun these wild animals; it's better just to roast

5. Boar; Boar; and More Boar
137 Treasure Points: 19 Red; 19 Green; 12 Blue; 2 Yellow
Using small leaps; Spyro must jump inhabited island to the next to reach
this land's other sections. Be sure to stand clear of the explosions from
the three chests of fireworks on the log leading to the islands.

6. Look Sharp!
These beasts may not be too intelligent but they're fast! Flame them quickly
or feel the sting of their sharp tusks!

7. Misty Bog
Defeating the Boar on the rightmost island allows Spyro to travel unhindered
to the land of the Misty Bog.

8. Cleitus
When you release Cleitus; he offers you a quick thanks before high tailing
it out of this land. (Thanks for the help!)

9. Trouble Ahead!
Spyro is in for a rude awakening when he collects the gems alongside the
hut. After the first few; he'll attract the attention of the Boar camped
behind the hut. Flame him as soon as you hear the snort or it may be too

10. Well-Diving
When he jumps down this well; Spyro uncovers the archway to the fourth
special flying area; Wild Flight. To get out of the well; stand under the
column of swirling spakles and jump!

11. One Big Tree
Beyond the left island lies a bridge to this land's final area (past the
large tree in the foregoing image.

Explore all the concealed areas around the tree's roots to uncover loose

12. Tree Tops
Spyro can enter the lofty land of Tree Tops by walking through this archway.

13. Across The Bridge
122 Treasure Points: 13 Red; 12 Green; 11 Blue; 3 Yellow
The contents of the locked chest in the background are Spyro's once he gets
the key. Be sure to grab the 1-UP from the chest to the left.

14. Electric Dance Floor
Both platforms require Spyro to time his flight so the stone floors radiate
electricity when his tender dragon toes touch ground.

15. Cray The Balloonist
Rescue 50 dragons and Cray will allow Spyro to use his balloon to reach the
Dream Crafters World.

16. Metalhead
Step through this Arch when you feel you're up to the challenge of Metal
Head; Gnasty Gnorc's robot minion; boss of the Beast Makers World.

17. The Key to Success
>From atop this pyramidal structure; stretch your gliding capabilites to
their limit to reach the small tree stump. To return; make your to the
second stump; and then back to land.

 Terrace Village

1.  The western passage is shortest and safest in terms of
health-replenishing fodder; but the supply of succulent Swamp Chickens
doesn't regenerate as in previous levels; so don't be careless and use them
all up in the first section. Treasure lies hidden throughout the village
area; usually tucked away in a corner somewhere. Don't neglect your
exploration! After you scour the village; head into the huts. The Gunners
here are numerous; so proceed with caution.

Basic Stats
Dragons: 2
Gems: 400
Strong Box: 3 Fodder: Swamp Chickens
Level of Difficulty: The easiest of the three regular levels in Beast Makers
(as long as you avoid Gnasty Gnorc's electroshock therapy).

2. Strategies
The Village
118 Treasure Points: 9 Red; 17 Green; 15 Blue
When you enter this swampside village; you must choose whether to enter the
village proper or a hang a left and wander on an outer ledge. Laser Gnorcs
and Gunners guard both areas well; and clearing the level requires you to
traverse both. Regardless of which you choose; both lead to the same
place-the Electric Fields.

Laser Gnorc
Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
Armed with big laser guns; these troops are big and fierce! Attack them
before they can draw and fire.

Defeat Using: Charge

Attack Method
These mobile guns turrets will fill you full of lead in the blink of an eye
if you're not careful. Take care to surprise Them; instead of the other way

Electro Gnorc
Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
Electro Gnorcs like nothing better than to charge up a piece of sidewalk and
electrocute trespassers. Wait until the charge expires; then charge them
with your horns!

In the end; you'll arrive at the entrance to the Electric Fields; where you
first dragon awaits you. Free Claude and get to take an a whole bunch of
Electro Gnorcs.

3. That's Not a Safety Net Down There!
>From the edges of Terrace Village; it looks like you have a nice green
platform beneath you should you fall. Don't be a fool! That's swampland; and
you'll die a horrible death if you end up there!

4. Electric Fields
282 Treasure Points: 28 Red; 22 Green; 34 Blue; 4 Yellow
A Gunner guards a niche to the right of Claude's pedestal. You'll find a
rocket there; primed for firing. Light it and it will spiral away and
explode at one of the two Invincible boxes in the path's upper-left corner.
Be on the lookout for other rockets to open the two other Invinicble boxes
in this area. The path to the Exit Warp is no more (and no less) than a
continuous stream of electrified plots of concrete. Time your dashes well to
get past the Electro Gnorcs and whatever else stands in your way before the
next charge is fired into the ground. Rescuing Cyprin gives you a break from
possible electrocution; and a chance to heal wounds. Down the path to the
right you'll find a grotto filled with gems and Swamp Chickens. Laser Gnorcs
and Gunners run rampant there; too; but you should be able to handle them
easily; by now. Back to the Electric Fields! This section of the course is
far more challenging than the last; especially because these fields are
separated by gaps of varying sizes. Remember to time your jumps so the
electric charge ends when you land; Not when you take off!! A sparkling
Whirlwind takes you to the top of the final launch platform. From there; you
can either continue to the end or explore the rooftops. Let's choose the
second option and snare the rest of the treaure. You have just enough space
to jump to the platform facing the swamp; and then back across the main
course to the next one. Hop up the neatly camouflaged steps to the top; and
then head over to the chest ahead. This object of desire marks the spot for
a death defying blind glide. As you take off; veer left and glide around the
gun tower to a landing spot an a roof covered in metal chests. From there
you can access the remaining platforms with a mere glide or hop.

The Rocket's Red Glare
This another land where the rocket's amazing power will put to use busting
into those Strong boxes. Look for three rockets to match the tree concrete
boxes; and then set them off!

Back at the final jump point; only one Electro Gnorcs stands between you and
the Exit Warp. Again; time your jump so you don't get a nasty shock when you
land. Then it's sweet home; sweet home!

Misty Bog

1. On an island off Beast Makers Home mainland; a fierce Swamp Boar guards
the Arch Portal Misty Bog. This misty level comprises no more than a number
of islands and large tree trunks. Getting from place to place puts your

gliding to the test; but defeating some of the enemies here is your biggest

Basic Stats
Dragons: 4
Gems: 500
Fodder: What Is a Swamp Chicken anyway?
Level of Difficulty: Two words-Attack Frogs!

2. Strategies
>From Pad To Pad
148 Treasure Points: 6 Red; 11 Green; 22 Blue; 1 Yellow
Here in Misty Bog; you won't find much in terms of continuous land-or even
flocks of Swamp Chickens fodder. You Will find many islands guarded by large
groups of hostile plants and frogs. And well-hidden treasure hordes; of

Search everywhere-especially behind wooden fence-to make sure you don't miss
a single gem. These first platforms are hard to backtrack to after you reach
the end of the level.

Gnorce Dude
Defeat Using: Charge

Attack Method
Preoccupied their radios (and those tasty Swamp Chickens); Gnorc Dudes;
though slow to react; can still pack a healthy wallop with their flailing
knife attacks. Charge them while they're distracted or when they head toward

Dragon-Eating Plants
Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
Once innocent clumps of grass; Gnasty Gnorc's magic turned these plants
into-blooded killers. Burn them to charcoal before they chew you up and spit
you out.

Attack Frogs
Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
Yup! They're every bit as scary as they sound. Highly mobile; with a
super-long tongue; these monters you'll want to avoid. But because your
perfect score depends on your taking them out; try a combination of flaming
and jumping.

Swamp Boars
Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
As in the Home World; these obnoxious; overgrown pigs will chase you down
and gore you; if you're not careful. Their charges are inevitable; so why
not line them up just so and let others feel the their pain?

Even on the starting island you'll find a "secret" area where a Gnorc Dude
patiently waits to trap those sickly chickens. Headbutt him and grab the two
blue gems tucked away in the curve of the wall before you begin your trek.
Ahead an army of Piranha Plants await you. Char them methodically; one by
one. Because these guys would like nothing better than to chew you up and
spit out your remains; don't try to take them all at once. Your next
obstacle is a large group of Attack Frogs. Get used to these beastly
creatures; they turn up all over the place. Dipose of them with careful
bursts of flame. You also have a better chance against them if you keep in
constant motion. The tongue of the Attack Frog is long and extends farther
than you'd expect; roughly the same distance as your flame. Standing still
to flame them is Not an option. On your way to set Rosco free from his
crystal prison; help out that frantic Gnorc Dude by getting rid of the angry
Boar chasing him. Just don't expect any thanks!

3. The Importance of Being Careful
Misty Bog; we're told; used to be a classy swamp. Now it's overrun with a
large groups of beasties who want you for dinner. Your best bet is to defeat
these groups one plant (or frog) at a time. The last thing you want them to
do is swarm you!

4. The Cave Of Doom
128 Treasure Points: 13 Red; 15 Green; 17 Blue
The Cave of Doom is named for the nasty suprise waiting inside. But first
you have to get there. Gliding from Rosco's pedestal to the covered bridge
is a good start. Changing your way through that phalanx of Gnorc Dudes is
even better. WIth that threat gone; you can backtrack to the middle of the
bridge and leap over to the island with the lone Swamp Chicken and its
stealthy would-be trappe. If Sparx needs a pick me up; by all means dispose
of the Swamp Chicken. You'll want to be in full health before making that
final leap over to the cave. The three Attack Frogs on the shore are just a
taste of things to come. Land on the far left side to avoid ambush. Then
take them on with a well timed charge or bursts of flame. Take care not to
lose more than a shade of Sparx's glow. Much more lies ahead; and you can't
return to the mainland for a recharge! Inside the cave and around the bend

ou'll find a room with Attack Frogs and Gnorc Dudes. The Dudes will stay
pretty still; but the Frogs jump all around. To make matters worse; due to
their pastel coloring; the Attack Frogs tend to blend in with the Dudes;
making it hard to distinguish between them in the heat of battle. If you
feel lucky; try running through the crowd and over to the dragon on the
other side of the room. A new save place may make thing easier; if you're
still fazed by the Frogs' whip-like tongues. Alternatively; you can stay and
fight your way through the troops one at a time.

5. Let Me Off This Crazy Island!
It may seem like you'll never escape the Cave of Doom. But although you
can't return the way you came; you can make it back to the mainland after
you get through the whole cave. See that ledge? You can glide from the
leftmost end straight to Rosco's pad.

6. Down The Tree Trunk
A helpful fairy indicates the next leg of your journey with a nice neon
arrow. Hop down into that hollowed-out tree trunk and prepare yourself!
You'll have to battle your way through to the Exit Warp; but things aren't
nearly as dire as it might seem at first. After rescuing Jean; you'll find
yourself in Boar country. These monsters are programmed to charge you if you
get too close. Use this to your advantage by pulling as many enemies as you
can between yourself and a Boar. He'll run Them over in his haste to get to
you. You can kill several beasts with one stone this way!
After you clear the area and skip to the final dragon and the Exit Warp;
you'll still be shy of the 500 gems needed to complete this level. Where to

7. Top Of The Tops
93 Treasure Points: 8 Red; 5 Green; 7 Blue; 4 Yellow
Look! Up in the sky! on top of the ruins! It's....it's....some Spring chests
and loose gems! Glide from the left pyramid on the exit platform to the top
of the square wall. Then leap to the staircase-shaped wall of the ruins. The
ceiling is in bad repair; but watch your step and you can still collect all
the loot fairly safely. Next; looking back at the Exit Warp area; you'll spy
a series of tree trunks and another bridge shining with the telltale gleam
of uncollected treasure. Glide from this corner and you'll just make it to
the first trunk. Take care not to fall in the water as you jump from the
trunk to trunk. There's no point low enough to save you from the swamp water
and prevent you from repeating this experience. Mow down the Gnorc Dudes
hanging out on the bridge and collect the remaining loot. If your gem
counter has reached 500; either exit the level manually or hop back to the
Exit Warp; breathing a deep sigh of relief.

Tree Tops

1. The Arch Portal to this land lies hidden among the roots of a giant tree.
Make sure you have your Supercharge skills finely honed before entering.
You'll find more Supercharge ramps here than in any other level!

Basic Stats
Dragons: 3
Gems: 500
Strong Box: 2
"Egg" Thieves: 2
Fodder: Swamp Chickens (again)
Level of Difficulty: Completing this level puts your Supercharge skills to
the test. This is one of the game's hardest levels!

Two conflicting activities take place here in the Tree Tops World: you must
collect dragons and gems; and two Thieves must show you (immediately) the
path to their well-hidden; hard-to-reach lairs. These activities conflict
because once the Thieves start on their respective journeys they won't
return to their starting points unless you exit and reenter the level. The
best strategy? Jumping from tree to tree in pursuit of a Thief is a thrill;
but plummeting off an unfamiliar Supercharge ramp isn't. So go ahead and
explore the world! Then; once you're comfortable; restart and go after those

Banana Boy
Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
Watch out for flying bananas! When these little tribesmen let them fly; duck
or jump over them lest Sparx lose vitality.

Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
You'd expect these muscle-bound apes to bend you into submission; but you'd
be wrong Instead these guys use their arms to balance while they kick you
with their astonishingly stretchy legs. Don't get too close or you'll go

2. Strategies
Through The Trees: Part 1
153 Treasure Points: 4 Red; 17 Green; 19 Blue; 2 Yellow
You start off outside a tunnel corridor through a large tree. Beyond the
anteroom lies a windowed hallway. Instead of continuing through the tree;
hang a left and jump out the second window onto the bridge between the two
trees. Run through the Banana Boy sentry and grap the key in the hallway.
(You'll need it later!) Follow the path around the outside of the tree to
the top. From the launching platform; glide to the next tree; where you'll
encounter Isaak the dragon. Although you can glide from this tree to the
neighboring one without help; check out the Supercharge ramp; instead. Using
the ramp to fly to a stone-walled treetop fortress; guarded by a Strongbox
and several Banana Boys. Dispose of these distractions; and then head to
either jump platform. The one on your right; across from the next
Supercharge ramp; is your safest bet for crossing the void. From the top;
dash down the ramp to a fifth; aiming so you can Superdash into the Strong
box when you land. Take out the Strong arm blocking your way and you're only
a short glide from the Exit Warp.

3. Finding Your Way Home
>From the Exit Warp platform (a common and point for all journeys through
Tree Tops) you can find your way to the starting easily. Just hop into the
Whirlwind off the edge of the exit tree and let it carry you to the end of
the Supercharge ramp directly across from it. Dash up the ramp (at normal
speed; i'm afraid) to the top; and then travel through the corridor to the
usual point of entry. To the left (as you exit) a wooden path spirals around
a tree trunk. Glide over there and make your way up the pathway to another
of those sparkling columns of air. Jump in and you're back where you started

4. Through The Trees: Part 2
152 Treasure Points: 6 Red; 13 Green; 13 Blue; 4 Yellow
The second route through the trees takes you on a straight and mostly direct
route to the Exit Warp. From the start; follow the hallway through the tree
to a launching point at the end; where two Banana Boys wait. Carefully glide
to the tree directly across from the platform; making sure to flame the
Strongarm blocking your safe landing. The purple robed Thief; in his haste
to escape; will awaken two more Strongarms in the pit. I know you can handle
them; so take them out and open the locked box with the key you grabbed
earlier. Then hop up the steps to where Lyle awaits you. Using the
Supercharge ramp; do a Supercharge +Jump to get the next tree with enough
force to break the Strong box in your way. Then travel through the tree to
the next Supercharge ramp. It's only a short Supercharge until you're on the
exit platform again.

5. Supercharge Number 1
(Route Of The Purple Thief)
As you flew toward the exit three; you probably saw the taller platform
above the Exit Warp and wondered how you could build up enough momentum to
get there. Well; wonder no longer! The purple Thief you glimpsed from the
back of Tree 1 will be glad to show you the way. If you missed him; we'll
tell you. Make your way to Lyle's dragon pedestal and step on it to save
your position. Race down the Supercharge ramp and; taking a well-timed jump
to launch you farther; veer right to the pathway around the staring tree. At
breakneck speed (that is; still Supercharging); follow the path around and
through the tunnel; launching yourself from the end with another well-timed
jump. To the right you'll see the jagged posts of the log fence at the top
of Tree 3's Supercharge ramp. Charge over there and down; the added boast
will catapult you to the top of the exit tree; where that purple-robed devil
waits and taunts you.

6. Supercharge Number 2
(Route Of The Yellow Thief)
The first Supercharge trip was fun; but ain't seen nothin' yet! The yellow
Thief will take you on a journey through Five trees before you build up
enough steam to reach his out-of-the-way home. This time (from the start);
make your back through the window and over to the tree where Isaak once
stood frozen in crystal. Save your position; and then head on down the
Supercharge ramp. At top speed; leap over to the fortress-type trunk
straight ahead; then jump northeast off the launch platform. Veer right;
land on the neighboring Supercharge ramp; and launch yourself in the air
from it. Veer sharply right; aiming at the next Supercharge ramp. You'll run
Up this one; so don't be surprised or let up on that Dash button. At the top
(still Supercharging!); jump to the wooden pathway to your right; so make
sure you're going at breakneck speed! The ramp at the end spits you into the
air across from a tree that still seems very far away. At the top of this
jump; start gliding and you'll land there without fail. The yellow-robed
Thief awaits you; purple gem in hand. So does the final Tree Tops dragon.

Wild Flight
Unlike the dark; murky area of the Beast Makers Home World; Wild Flight is
bright and cheerful. You have no time to stop and admire your surroundings;
though; as you rocket through this small; twisty; confined course.

Basic Stats
Boats: 8
Arches: 8
Planes: 8
Chests: 8
Level of Difficulty: Hard (Well-timed banks and low flying are crucial!)

Fly Spyro!
Fly Like the Wind!
As Spyro races through this time trail; prepare to skim the water's surface
to remove the Gnorcs from their patrol boats.

You'll find the Gnorc Patrol and arches in the lagoon at the start of the
course; and in the surrounding river. Perform some tight turns and banking
maneuvers and Spyro should be able to blow all the boats out of the water
and pass through all the arches by the time he comes full circle; returning
to the lagoon.

Remember; the lower Spyro flies; the Faster he flies. While racing upriver
to fly through the arches; stay close to the water's surface to maximize
your airspeed and complete this section in the shortest time.

Chests: Part 1
After circling back to the lagoon; blast the chest in the center of the
cove; then bank and enter the tunnel; picking up both chests within. At the
end of the tunnel; head to the top of the waterfall and blast the two chests
sitting on small stone platforms there. Exit the aqueduct and dive down and
to the right grab the lone chest perched across the bay.

Pilot To Bombardier; Gnorc Dead Ahead! The two squadrons of four planes fly
a set course that takes them between the open area through one of the two
aqueducts in this area. Pick a group and; flying against their direction;
take each plane as it approaches. Remember to adjust your altitude with each
plane because they fly at alternating levels. After you've downed the first
group; switch dircetions; and then lock on and shoot down the remaining four
Gnorc pilots.

Chests: Part 2
After dowing all the planes; only two treasure chests remain; on the ledges
below. You can take them both out in one pass; but if you miss one; remember
to fly away for a second or two before banking to give yourself plenty of
room to get in position again.

Metal Head

1. Enter a world filled with tribal warriors and gorilla monsters. Behind
this jungle madness lies Metal Head; the mechanical ape; ruler of the Beast
Makers Home World.

Basic Stats
Dragons: 1
Gems: 500
Level of Difficulty: Medium-Easy

2. Strategies
The Playroom
239 Treasure Points: 27 Red; 16 Green; 26 Blue; 5 Yellow
Duck; weave; and roll to avoid inbound Banana Boys the Strongarms toss at
Spyro. Once they run out of "ammunition;" pick up the treasure scattered
about; and then move into flame range.

3. Rusted Grate
>From the vantage the bridge provides; Spyro spies a hole in the grating.
Glide down to the ledge; and then hop past the grating into the area it

4. Finders; Keepers
After slipping past the hole in the grating; Spyro discovers a stair-filled
chamber with dragon treasure spread about.

The chest key lies in a small chamber at the end of the catwalk atop the

5. Sparkling Transportation
Beyond the Archway lies a sparkling column Spyro can ride up to the top of
this chamber and then glideover to previously inaccessible rooftops.

6. Not So Fast
Before jumping from the roof; crane your neck in this dircetion! Hit the X
button at the top of the jump maximize the glide and reach this second
rooftop area.

Armored Banana Boys
Defeat Using: Charge

Attack Method
These armor-plated natives hurl Bunches of bananas at our little dragon.
Maneuver out of the way and stick them with a pair of dragon horns.

Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
Picking up and hurling a Banana Boy at Spyro is this enemy's preffered
attack method. But if no boys are present; he'll simply wait and kick
anything that approaches too closely. Cook 'im as soon as he's in range.

7. A Bridge Too Far
Use care crossing this bridge. The strongarms in the distance can still see
you and won't hesitate to fling the nearby Banana Boys. At the top of the
stairs; more Strongarm await-with a fresh supply of Banana Boy projectiles!

8. Sadiki
At the bottom of this ramp; the dragon Sadiki reveals Metal Head's weakness
to Spyro.

9. Metal Head: Round One
78 Treasure Points: 6 Red; 1 Green; 8 Blue; 3 Yellow
There's no turning back. Once Spyro passes this Archway; the door shuts
behind him; sealing him in a battle to the end with the mechanical
monstrosity; Metal Head.

10. Red Means Stop! Green Means Go!
Between tossing Strongarms and Armored Banana Boys at Spyro; Metal Head
occasionally uses the energy he draws from the power poles to launch an
energy-based attack. Use Spyro's Dash ability to charge through the power
poles; cutting off Metal Head's power source.

When the light on a power pole changes from green to red; it's about to
power up. When a pole has electricity pulsing through it; it can't be
destroyed. Avoid electrified poles at all costs!

11. The Giant Retreats
Once all the power poles are destroyed; Metal Head retreats through the
doorway behind him. Go after him; Spyro!

Check the platform at the top of this stairway. When Metal Head loses his
power source his unused "enemy" ammuntion transform into gem; and you'll
find it here.

12. Metal Head: Round Two
183 Treasure Points: 9 Red; 12 Green; 12 Blue; 9 Yellow
As in the first encounter; Metal Head seals the door behind Spyro once he
sets foot into this second arena. Use the same strategies as before and take
out the power poles to put this bad boy down for good!

13. Waterfall Treasure
Pan left and you'll see a sparkle behind the distant waterfall. Use the
ledges along the left side of the arena to make your way to the cave and
claim its treasure! The key from the room behind the broken grating comes in
handy here!

14. The Exit Revealed at Last!
Toppling the mechanized monster unlocks the door behind him; allowing Spyro
to reach the swirling vortex and return to the Beast Makers Home World.

15. Leftover Loot
The column at the end of the hallway carries Spyro to the upper level. Pick
up all the loose treasure lying about; and then make your way outside to
pick up the 2 gems hidden on the other side of the outside ledge.

World Five: Dream Weavers

1. Home
The Dream Weavers Home World is really a group of islands floating in the
sky. One misstep and our little dragon will find himself "exiting the plane
without a parachute;" so to speak!

Basic Stats
Dragons: 3
Gems: 300
Fodder: Magic Mushrooms
Difficulty Level: Medium-Hard

2. Strategies
Island Hopping: Part 1
48 Treasure Points: 6 Red; 6 Green; 4 Blue; 1 Yellow
There are many areas to explore in this world; but the paths are easy. Just
follow along as we show you the way!

3. Dark Passage
Just a short glide from this level's start; you'll find the archway into the
Dark Passage.

4. Floating Monastery
118 Treasure Points: 13 Red; 15 Green; 7 Blue; 4 Yellow
After defeating the Carrot Tops and Armored Monks; jump onto the swirling
column to soar to the castle on the other side of the gap.

Carrot-topped Monks (Small/Tall
Defeat Using: Charge/Flame (small)/Flame (tall)

Attack Method
The small form of this bushy haired enemy look harmless enough; but get too
close; and he'll give Spyro the boot! And if you think the small ones are
bullies; the ray-gun-enhanced tall versions will slap Spyro silly if he gets
too close! Although you can attack the small Carrot Top both ways; it's
easiest just to flame them both.

Slap-Happy Armored Monks (Small/Tall)
Defeat Using: Charge (small)/- (tall)

Attack Method
These strange creatures will beat themselves silly in their tall form-and
Spyro; as well; if he ventures too close! You can defeat them in their small
form (with a charge); so avoid the tall ones altogether.

Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
Fools don't attack Spyro directly; but they Can knock him off an island if
they bump into him as they run around like; well; fools. Flame them to set
special events in motion; but be quick about it!

5. Lateef
Within the walls of this floating monastery; a small Carrot Top blocks the
route to Leteef. When he releases this dragon; Spyro gets a cryptic clue.

6. Lofty Castle
Behind the imprisoned dragon; Lateef; Spyro can enter the land of Lofty
Castle; where huge birds and balloon-riding Gnorcs fill the sky!

7. Tiny Steps
Use short; controlled dashes to break open the metal chests on the terrain
around this floating pool.

8. Pathway Blocked!
Until Spyro can get his mitts on that ray-gun; he can't venture beyond this

9. Island Hopping: Part 2
88 Treasure Points: 8 Red; 5 Green; 10 Blue; 2 Yellow
Bopping from island to island; Spyro makes his way closer to the source of
these irritating transformations.

10. Jacques
Beyond this Arch; the sinister Jacques In-a-Box awaits Spyro. Get ready for
some of the most death-defying gliding you've ever seen!

11. Amos the Balloonist
Once Spyro collects 6000 stolen dragon treasure; our chilly friend here will
allow Spyro to use his balloon and enter the world of Gnasty Gnorc!

12. Hey; You With the Gun!
Jump on the sparkling columns to whirl your way up to the gunner's platform.
Like the Cannon Patrol in the Peace Keepers World; chase this Gnorc around
until you can ram him or set him aflame.

Now that Spyro has the power; use the gun to transform the Armored Monks
into their smaller versions.

13. Zimoko
As Spyro glides his way to the second floating castle; be sure to release
Zimoko from his crystal prison.

14. Floating Castle
46 Treasure Points: 11 Red; 5 Green; 5 Blue
Search every nook and cranny and you'll find many gems on this floating
island Remember; you can't enter the extra land in Gnasty's world until you
achieve 100 percent!

15. Haunted Towers
The gateway to the last regular Dream Weavers land lies beyond the castle
exit. Beware the dreaded Undead Tin Soldiers!

16. Mazi
You'll find Mazi; the third and final imprisoned dragon; next to the Arch to
the Haunted Towers. After collecting all the gems in this area; use the
sparkling vortexes to return back to the starting point of this land.

17. Stop; Fool
Flaming the Fool lowers the rotating platform briefly. Jump on it quickly to
collect the gem and the 1-Up dragon.

18. The Final Stretch
Making his way back to the Floating Monastery; Spyro now can dash past the
two Armored Monks and Leap this gap to close in on the Dream Weavers Special
Flying land.

19. Fools on Parade
Timing is everything here. Flame both Fools and then jump from one raised
platform to the next before their timers expire.

20. Icy Flight
Ready for a fast and furious flight? This by far the game's most difficult
flying course.

Dark Passage

1. Travel left of where the balloonist lets you off in the Dream Weavers
World to find the Arch Portal to this deceptive world. Dark Passages is home
to Two dark passages. The first leads dirctly from start to finish; the
second is concealed in the walls.

Basic Stats
Dragons: 5
Gems: 500
Strong Box: 3
Fodder: Hopping Mushrooms
Level of Difficulty: Medium-Easy (Just keep your eyes peeled for the
"hidden" passage!)

2. Strategies
Main Passage
204 Treasure Points: 12 Red; 21 Green; 18 Blue; 7 Yellow
This level is a breeze once you've learned the enemy's patterns. The
invincible Fools determine the size of their pets. When it's dark; they grow
to nightmarish proportions. Charge their masters to shed a little light and
shrink them back to normal size.

Defeat Using: - (They're invincible!)

Attack Method
The fools in the Dark Passage don't attack: they get their pets to do it for
them. When they turn off the lights; their beasts grow nightmarishly large.
Turn their lights on with a flame or headbutt and back to normal the
monsters go.

Devil Dog (Small/Tall)
Defeat Using: Flame/Charge (small); Headbutt/Flame (tall)

Attack Method
Both versions charge with fangs bared when they see you. Their bite is harsh
and causes Sparx to dim quickly.

Armored Turtles (Small/Tall)
Defeat Using: Charge (small)

Attack Method
Don't go near these creature when they're large. Then they're invulnerable
and prone to bursts of fireballs. The smaller ones aren't any better
fireball-wise; but you can defeat them with a careful charge.

Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
Watch out for Cupid's arrow! It makes you swoon with pain; not love. Dodge
the arrows and run into the flaming distance.

After your first encounter with these families; take the lift to the top
where you'll find one of five dragons along this trail. The road quickly
evens out into tunnel and ledge sections. Within the tunnels Fools and their
pets; the ledges are home to Cupid's; Mushrooms and the odd dragon. You'll
find the dragon number two; Azizi; at the midpoint of this winding trail.
The Strong box is a sign you're almost to the top. Don't worry about
breaking into it just yet. All will be revealed in time... Climb the narrow
bridge to the top and collect the third dragon. The Exit Warp beckons; I
know; but we're only halfway done.

3. Hidden Passage
296 Treasure Points: 34 Red; 41 Green; 24 Blue; 6 Yellow
Opposite the ledge where Azizi once stood (he was dragon number two); you'll
spy a concealed tunnel opening in the rock. Glide over (you can make it!)
and go through the tunnel to the end outside. From the ledge; you can see
your next destination. Jump over to the dog-free area; and then plow through
that pack of puppies. A Whirlwind takes you up to a large patio; where you
must defeat a group of enemies on both sides. If you're ailing already; run
into the cave ahead and rescue Apana first. From Apana's cave; jump to the
ledge on the right; dive-bombing the Armored Turtles; and hop up the steps.
Follow the ledges around until you reach another short tunnel. It houses-you
guessed it-dragon number five. Beyond Obasi's pedestal lies another
death-defying glide. You land outside a room filled with Devil Dogs; Armored
Turtles and Cupids. At the back of the cave is the Whirlwind to the final
tunnel. Finally; at the end; you'll find a rocket aimed at the Strong box a
platform or two from the Exit Warp. Set if off and collect your reward
before warping home.

Lofty Castle

1. Lofty Castle (inside the Dream Weavers castle; on the right side) is
unlike any world you've seen so far. Here Gnasty Gnorc's minions have caged
all your fairy friends. Rescue them and you'll be amazed at the help they

Basic Stats
Dragons: 3
Gems: 400
Locked Chests: 1
Fodder: Mushrooms
Level of Difficulty: Free the Fairies! How hard could that be?

2. Strategies
Fairy Trio One
95 Treasure Points: 10 Red; 15 Green; 5 Blue; 1 Yellow
At first sight; Lofty Castle resembles any other level. Platforms; enemies;
gems; gliding...

Gnorc Balloonists
Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
These oversized Gnorcs float serenely in the air swatting enemies with their
shields-but only while they're attached to their balloons. Burst the balloon
and they'll plummet to the earth below.

Puffer Birds
Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
Floating in the air like large; puffy dumplings; Puffer Birds glide serenely
until within beak-drilling range. Then; watch out. Let them approach; and
then barbecue them with your breath.

Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
Here too you'll find that Cupid's arrow has a sting. Flame them before they
shoot you.

Then you notice the caged fairies; and realize you can't go very far without
them. Your job is to free each Fairy Trio. They; in turn; will recharge the
lifts that boost you to the next area.

3. The Importance of the Fairy Trios.
Besides rescuing you from the abyss when you fall; these Fairy Trios serve
other purposes; too. In Lofty Castle; they combine their powers to create
lift tunnels to carry you to the next section of the castle. Free all three;
or you won't get far!

4. Dive-Bombing Balloonists!
To reach this platform you'll have to burst the Gnorc Balloonist's bubble.
Time your jump well; and then flame his balloon when it's in range. You'll
land and everyone will be safe.

5. Fairy Trio Two
47 Treasure Points: 10 Red; 6 Green; 5 Blue
Freeing the first set of fairies is straightfoward; and the Whirlwind they
power up takes you to Mudada's pedestal. In the second area; you must risk
your life to proceed. Jumping off the raised walkway puts you in a grassy
park where an army of Cupid archers guards three fairies. Defeat them and
free your friends. The Whirlwind they create lifts you to the walkway again;
and you can use it when you get the key to that Locked Chest.

6. Supercharge Interlude
138 Treasure Points: 13 Red; 5 Green; 21 Blue; 1 Yellow
At the end of the walkway; you have a choice of platforms to glide/jump to.
Hop to the island on the left; where Puffer Birds hover in a line. Toast
them (and the Cupid; as well); and then leap to the path around the tower.
Before entering the tower itself; climb those stairs and collect the
treasure. This is the one place you might overlook; and the most annoying to
backtrack to from the end. Inside the tower; a Whirlwind takes you to the
very top. Look off the edge and you'll see a line of Gnorc Balloonists and
caged fairies spiraling down to the floor. You must defeat the enemy and
free the fairies as you glide down; using your fiery  breath as a weapon.
This may take more than one fight; just ahead back to the original lift.
After you free them; the fairies create a Whirlwind that will hoist you up
to another section of the tower top. Here the second dragon stands; as well
as the key to the Locked Chest. A door across the way leads to another
spiraling ledge. Actually; the door leads to a Supercharge ramp. Once you
know the trick to this one; you'll have no problem. Dash down the ramp and
jump as you reach the end. Charge to the top of the floating structure
opposite the tower and supercharge down. Another well-timed jump at the end
sends you flying to the raised platform overlooking Mudada's pedestal. Grab
the gems and open the Locked Chest below!

7. Deceptive Ramps
At first glance it looks as if you must supercharge foward off the ramp to
the arch-covered portion of the structure ahead. But on closer examination;
you'll realize that doing that will lead to you run around in very fast
circles. Instead; aim at the top of the spiral and supercharge down it. Jump
at the end and you'll be in a perfect position to rocket to the gem-covered

8. Fairy Trio Three
40 Treasure Points: 12 Red; 4 Green; 2 Blue; 1 Yellow
Head to the fork in the road; back before the Supercharge detour. This time
take the path to the right; and leap and glide to the next large platform.
Another dragon rests there and the platforms around him hold the cages of
another Fairy Trio. The two Whirlwinds on the platform across the stream
carry you to the islands above. The one on the right takes you to an island
on the right; and the one on the left takes you up to a launching point on
the left. Free the fairies and they'll send you into the palace structure

9. Fairy Trio Four
100 Treasure Points: 9 Red; 18 Green; 7 Blue; 2 Yellow
To get to the next-and last!-Fairy Trio; you first must make your through
this Cupid-infested palace. Cupid's arrow can travel far; so take care as
you prance along the winding path. Glide from the palace exit to the island
directly across from it. The water fountain is home to a flock of Puffer
Birds. They'll attack if you try to steal their gems or release their
captive. The other two fairies are in easy reach of the lift platform on the
right. Get the first; and then fly over the island above the fountain. From
there; jump down and let the fairies boost you to the final platform. The
Exit Warp awaits you!

Haunted Towers

1. Will Spyro never rid of those darned Wizards? Hidden in the castle to the
left lies the Arch Portal to Haunted Towers; a place where Tin Soldiers are
brought to life by more of those pesky Wizards.

Basic Stats
Dragons: 3
Gems: 500
Strong Box: 3
Fodder: Mushrooms
Level of Difficulty: Another level with a tough Supercharge! This is the
most difficult Dream Weavers level!

2. Strategies
Road To The Castle
240 Treasure Points: 22 Red; 19 Green; 10 Blue; 13 Yellow
At the start of Haunted Towers; you get a sign of thing to come. The Soldier
lying in a lump of inert metal is harmless now; but what if a little magic
come its way? The answer comes the moment you open the door ahead and step
inside. That metal is now a huge; virtually indestructible; threat. Run
through the line of buildings  avoiding Soldiers and taking out Gnorc-adiers
until you can reach the end. Salvation arrives in the form of a Flame Fairy
fleeing a lusty Gnorc-adier

Tin Soldiers
Defeat Using: Superflame

Attack Method
Get out of the way fast when one of these giant Soldiers winds up to take a
swat at you! They're immune to all attacks except Superflame.

Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
Yes; those are grenades they're brandishing! Run them over or burn them up
before they toss one at you!

Blue Wizard
Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
Great! Another lighting-shooting magician. This group controls the Tin
Soldiers; animating them with their magic. Toast the Blue Wizard before he
can issue his magic spell; and those Soldiers will remain inert piles of

When you rescue the damsel in distress; she rewards you with a
flame-charging kiss; which allows you to take on those Tin Soldiers and free
the gems they're made of. This also way to get past the Soldier in the patio
area the Wizard uses a shield.

Remember; the Superflame lasts only briefly; so prepare to make several
sorties to take out all the Tin Soldiers-both among the houses and on the
first island beyond the Whirlwind!

You also can use the Superflame to open the metal door in the middle house.
On a patio behind lie gems a-plenty! Pick them up and then head over to the
Whirlwind on the other side of the house. You can use the Flame Fairy in the
house to take out the Tin Soldiers on the first island the Whirlwind takes
you to. When that platform is clear; carefully cross the bridge to the other
side. Charge each steel case; one at a time. Ramming them with a dash may
send you over the edge; and don't want that! Rescue Kosoko and then take out
the Gnorcs as you dash to the palace across the bridge. Inside you'll find
another Flame Fairy (this land is full of them!) who'll charge you up so you
can defend yourself against those nasty Tin Soldiers. Using your Superflame;
break through the steel door and take the lift at the end of the ramp up to
the stairs. Climbing the stairs puts you at the top of curvy Supercharge
ramp. Oh joy!

3. Superflame the Strong Box
Invincible boxes may be immune to Spyro's normal flame; but watch out when
it's been supercharged! You'll have just enough time to run here from the
Flame Fairy's home  and explode this box. Given the 34 gems points it holds;
you'll want to make this a priority.

4. Supercharging Through The Castle
133 Treasure Points: 9 Red; 17 Green; 10 Blue; 4 Yellow
Pay attention now. This Supercharge lesson focuses on navigating twisty
hallways and corners at Top Speed. This skill will to be crucial for getting
to this level's hardest part! For now; you must break through two sets of
metal doors. If you haven't bumped into a wall yet; you can go for one of
the other two in the room beyond; as well. This room gives you access to
five rooms. Behind the first door on the left you'll find a Flame Fairy
(very helpful). Dragon number two waits behind the third wooden door. Use
the Superflame to take out guardian Tin Soldiers and any remaining metal
doors. Use it to burst the Invincible box on the balcony behind the second
metal door to the right; as well. Go out the first door to the right and
climb the stairs. (It helps if you've recharged your Superflame.) Jump over
to the next platform and run past the Tin Soldiers into the courtyard. A
Flame Fairy hovers anxiously in the corner. With her help you can clear this
area. Then take on the Blue Wizard by the Exit Warp-but don't jump in just
yet! You must be wondering where the rest of the gems and dragons are.

5. Another Tricky Supercharge!
So you're standing at the Exit Warp when it suddenly occurs to you that
you're missing about 127 gems and a dragon. What to do; what to do...
Remeber that faraway ledge you spied from the Whirlwind into the castle? The
one you thought you could reach if you only had a little more boost? Try
this: Race down the Supercharge ramp; through the second door on the right;
and jump off the left edge. This puts you right in line to race up the
Wizard's ramp and into the air. You can glide with ease to that ledge; now!

6. Upstairs
127 Treasure Points: 8 Red; 12 Green; 6 Blue; 4 Yellow; 1 Purple
If you followed the foregoing Supercharge dircetions; you're eating your
fill of Mushrooms on that distant balcony. Take the Whirlwind up to the next
level. To the left of where you enter; you'll find a sage dragon who'll
marvel at your Supercharge skils. Pat yourself on the back. You deserve it!
Then follow the corridor into a large room with a great staircase. The
Soldiers lying there in disarray seem harmless until you start climbing the
stairs. Then magical beams streak down to awaken them and alert them to your
presence. If you don't make it to the top before the Wizard finishes
reanimating the Soldiers; you'll find yourself in a no-win situation. At the
top of the stairs; in a little; the Wizard protects himself with a
puppet-Soldier. Once animated; this Tin Soldier won't attack you; but his
mimicking movements will prevent you from passing. Your only recourse is to
leave the room and try again.

Leaving the staircase room and going out in the hall toward the dragon
pedestal resets the Tin Soldiers. When you return to the stairs; they'll be
sleeping like babies!

After you make it to the and toast the Blue Wizard; knock down the door and
claim the treasure behind it. A Super Flame Fairy hovers inside and fills
Spyro with those super-hot flames for the rest of his journey here in
Haunted Towers. Use this unlimited gift to clear the stairs of Tin Soldiers
and to break open the Strong box on the balcony. Then hop down that hole in
the floor and get ready to go to World Six and face Gnasty Gnorc!

7. There Are Flame Fairies-And There Are Flame Fairies!
In the room at the top of the stairs you'll find a very special Flame Fairy.
Dressed in a distinctive yellow frock; this beauty will endow you with a
supply of Superflame that lasts until you enter the Exit Warp. This gives
you plenty of time to take your revenge on those Soldiers and open the
Strong box.

Icy Flight

Overcrowded areas; tiny tunnels; and twisting canyon runs pretty much sum up
this course. But ny now you've probably mastered the power of flight. Now
you can prove it!

Basic Stats
Light: 8
Chests: 8
Barrels: 8
Copters: 8
Level of Difficulty: Hard-Very Hard (Depends on your flying skills and your
ability to pull out of a spin.)

Not Much Room For Error
You must fly a pretty consistent and near-perfect run to achieve the extra
80 points for the "All-In-One" bonus.

The easiest way to complete this course is to fly through a couple of times;
nothing where everything is in relation to other objects.

>From the start of your run; targets rush into view with every turn. Light up
the first lighthouse; and then grab the chest on the small ledge after
lighting the second light during a left-side flyby. Flame the third light
house; and then quickly bank left. As you speed through this canyon; grab
all four chests from the small ledges along the left side.

As long as you don't run head-first into a wall or lighthouse; you won't
crash into the water below. Use this tactic to slow your flight so you can
adjust your elevation before reaching the next target.

Exiting the canyon; ignite the two lighthouses and grab the chest on the
platform between them with a well-timed quick dive. The seventh light lies
on the other side of the wall. Try to stay to one side of the canyon as you
approach the lighthouse so you have enough room to make the turn back.
Looping back past the wall again; ignite the lamp in the last lighthouse and
flame the chest on the small ledge next to it. As you fly back toward the
railroad tracks; collect the last chest; on the ledge between the exits of
the canyon passage.

As you approach the chest on the ledge next to the lowest lighthouse; press
L1 to allow Spyro to perform a 180-degree turn before crashing into the
quickly approaching wall.

Barrels: Part 1
As you reach the railroad tracks; you'll want to enter the tunnel on the
left side. Traveling in this direction; you can flame the barrels on the
trains as they approach.

Copters: Part 1
Past the second tunnel; the area opens into a small cove where three Gnorc
helicopters hover over platforms. You have enough time to down two of them
before the third arrives. Make it count.

Barrels: Part 2
After dowing one or two of the three copters; bank back toward the tracks
and explode the crossing train's barrel cargo. After blowing up the barrels;
finish off the remaining Copter(s) in this area; and then enter the tunnel
with the green glow. The last train approaches before you reach the next
cove. Collect the last two barrels and get ready for the final leg of this

Copters: Part 2
This last section of the course is actually fairly large; allowing Spyro to
perform just about any maneuver necessary to capture the five remaining

An alternative method for completing this course is to travel along the
railroad tracks until you've collected all eight barrels. At that point you
should be in the cove where the five Hueys are hovering. Take them all out
and enter the lower tunnel back to the first cove area; where you'll find
the last three Copters.


1. This world is reminiscent of Hades; with its brimstone-colored walls and
boiling-lava lakes and rivers. Here waits the final minion of the Dragon
Worlds; the infamous Jacques.

Basic Stats
Dragons: 2
Gems: 500
Fodder: More Magic Mushrooms
Level of Difficulty: Very Hard

2. Strategies
It's A Nice Place; But...
168 Treasure Points: 6 Red; 16 Green; 15 Blue; 3 Yellow; 1 Purple

3. Who's the Fool?
Flame the Fools to raise these small stone platforms and reach the higher
platforms beyond. Remember; the Fool will remain a timer clock for a short
period; so you can't dilly-dally!

4. Turn and Burn
Back near the lava-fall; this passage is filled with Pansies perched on
small platforms. After defeating the first one; jump and glide from his
perch to flame the Pansy out in the open; making a quick landing to collect
the gem afterward. Dowse the Fool below with fire to proceed into the next

5. Turn and Kick and... (Sorry 'Bout That-Wrong Game)
With deft agility; Spyro jumps; flames; and glides through one more tricky
situation and is one step closer to reaching the tunnel to Jacques.

6. Locked Box
Ignoring the ominous-looking tunnel for now; track down the key so Spyro can
open this chest.

Armored Horrors
Defeat Using: Charge

Attack Method
With those massive swinging claws; you have to ask?! Defeat these beasts
with a quick dash; ending with Spyro horns knocking these creatures

Giant Pansies
Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
Would you believe these hulking creatures are just trying to protect their
flowers? When one of them catches sight of our hero; they'll rush at him.
Avoid their swinging fists and barbecue them!

7. Dive-Bomb Attack!
Pressing the square button while gliding allows Spyro to turn his glide into
a charging dive-bomb attack. Use it to take down the Armored Horror on the
first floating platform.

8. Dragon's Leap
76 Treasure Points: 8 Green; 8 Blue; 2 Yellow

9. Fools Puzzle
The platform up to offers an excellent view of the puzzle ahead. The
platform below consists of two rising inserts. To activate; Spyro must flame
the two Fools running around it quickly get to the top. Before making the
long glide across the lava lake; after activating both rings; climb to the
top and turn toward the wall. Glide into the cave to retrieve the key
within; then reactivate the puzzle to make the glide.

10. Timing Is the Key
At the other side of the gap; the second puzzle awaits the
little-dragon-that-can. To reach the dragon imprisoned on the other side of
the lake; beyond the rotating platform; Spyro must climb over this ledge and
flame both Fools on the other side. The Fool beyond the lava-fall triggers
the lowering of the platform near the chasm. Flame him first. Then rush back
and flame the second Fool. This raises the small platform so you can get
back over the mound and on the platform near the chasm before it ascends

11. Dragon Ahead!
74 Treasure Points: 6 Red; 4 Green; 12 Blue

12. Unika
Glide down and release Unika the dragon. He won't offer much in the way of
help; so don't hang around.

13. Pansy Towers
Beyond the dragon; down and to the left; this area holds four blue gems for
a Master Glider. Using the sparkling vortex for some initial lift; glide
around; and flame the Pansies one by one. It may take a few passes to
collect all four gems; but persistance will pay off.

You'll find a 1-Up on the ledge below the towers.

14. Fool's Bridge
Flaming the Fool running in circles causes the distant wall section to
extend; providing a ledge broad enough to land on. As the timer ticks; glide
to the ledge and leap to the platform beyond the ledge retracts. The
swirling; sparkly vortex will carry Spyro to an even more remote area.

15. Something Overlooked
At the end of the canyon; another treasure area waits. Return using the
vortex near the gem coffers.

16. Return Flight
>From the farthest point; Spyro can glide back over this chasm easily if he
aims to the right of the opposing side when landing.

17. The Infamous Jacques In-A-Box
182 Treasure Points: 7 Red; 7 Purple
After returning to the collect the treasure from the Locked Chest; Spyro is
ready to face his final battle within the Dragon Worlds.

18. Revilo
After his release; Revilo offers some cryptic but wise advice.

19. The Chase Begins
Proceeding down the corridor; Jacques makes his "presents" known. This
gift-tossing Jack-In-a-Box is quick and crafty. Dodge incoming boxes by
rolling to either side using L1 or R1.

20. An Uphill Battle
The battleground reaches new heights as Jacques lures Spyro out over a huge
lava lake.

Advance a short distance; and then wait for a incoming box. Dodge it and
repeat the process until Jacques retreats. In certain areas; he won't budge
until Spyro light a fire under him.

21. There Can Be Only One
As he reaches the end of his tether; Jacques gives it all he's got; pelting
Spyro with box after box. Wait for a break in the action; and then move in
for the kill.

22. Return Home
After defeating the last of Gnasty Gnorc's minions; make the leap of faith
into the vortex beyond to float to the platform high above. There; the
swirling column of sparkles returns Spyro to the Dream Weavers Home World.

World Six: Gnasty's World

1. Home
Here; Spyro finds himself at the end of his long journey; with Gnasty Gnorc
running the evil show.

Basic Stats
Dragons: 2
Gems: 200
Fodder: River Rats! mmm...
Difficulty Level: Extremely Easy

2. Strategies
Three Ominous Dragon Heads
200 Treasure Points: 3 Red; 6 Green; 17 Blue; 5 Yellow; 2 Purple

3. Not a Whole lot of Options
At the start of the Machinists World; Spyro can only return to the previous
worlds-via the balloonist-or access the land of Gnorc Cave. Completing this
land opens the first of the Dragon Heads.

4. Twilight Harbor
After you complete Gnorc Cave; the Dragon Head on the left opens; revealing
the archway to Twilight Harbor. You can recover an additional 50 treasure
from the treasure chest; as well.

5. Gnasty Gnorc
Reaching the Twilight Harbor whisks Spyro back to Home; where the second
dragon head opens. Once it does; Spyro finally will confront Gnasty Gnorc!
You'll find the last 75 treasure in the chest inside this head.

Gnorc Cove

1. The first land in Gnasty's World is not as intimidating as you might
expect. Here you'll roam among Dockworkers; Engineers; and scores of handy
barrels as you seek the final dragons and gems. Get to this level's Exit
Warp and you'll gain access to the next land.

Basic Stats
Dragons: 2
Gems: 400
Strong Boxes: 4
Fodder Rats (catchable without a trap!)
Level of Difficulty: Deceptively simple for the last series of levels. Maybe
you're just good.

It bears repeating that the secret to opening the portals to the other
worlds in Gnasty Gnexus is going from the Start to the Exit Warp in each
world. Whether you clear the world of its gems and dragons is immaterial;
unless you want access to the last level. You must have a perfect 100
percent to make that third Dragon Head lossen its lips.

2. Strategies
Use the carts as steps and hop up a level; to where you can jump to a bridge
that will take you safely across the water. From the other shore; it's a
simple to the docks next to the ship (after you take out that TNT
Wrangler!). On the ground floor; you'll find more Dockworkers and another
TNT Wrangler. Try to burn away his armored apron with the blast from the
Dockworker's TNT barrel; then attack him a second time. Because he can turn
freely; you can't sneak up behind him as you can regular workers. Need to
get up to the next level? This ramp will take you there; but only if you can
make it through the stream of TNT barrels. Standing right in front gives you
a safe vantage point from which to decide when to make a run for it. There's
a lot of treasure up here; but none is important than the dragon; Lateef.
Seem familiar? Like all the dragons here in Gnasty's World; Lateef appeared
in an earlier world. Why must you rescue him again? Call it moral support:
they're here to remind you that only Spyro can defeat Gnasty!

Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
These burly workers will flatten you with their loads of TNT or steel
barrels if you get in the way. Defeat them and you get a new toy to play

Defeat Using: Charge

Attack Method
These guys are smart! They stand on steel barrels out of range of your fiery
breath. Get too close; and they'll brain you with a wrench. Charge them
quick or use other at your disposal.

TNT Wrangler
Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Mehtod
TNT Wranglers look just like Dockworkers; but they wear armored aprons. They
can turn freely and have a penchant for smashing young dragons under their
heavy loads. You take your chances; charging or flaming them (they Will
throw that lit TNT barrel at you!); but you can toss barrels of your own to
dispose of them. Livening things up; TNT Wranglers usually take two hits to
take out.

4. Using Barrels
Destroying a Dockworker gives you his stock of barrels (steel or TNT). You
can send steel barrels from afar is always safest. Both kinds are good for
ridding the level of enemies breaking open those Invincible boxes.

5. Shipyard
114 Treasure Points: 17 Red; 16 Green; 14 Blue
The ships here in Gnorc Cove pose little threat to your well-being. In fact
the rats and 1-Up box make up for any health or lives lost. Use the
well-placed barrels and TNT to dispose of enemies and open tricky boxes.
You'll be amazed at how creatively you can use these tools. In the final
ship; you must slide past a barrel-rolling Dockworker to get to the exit.
Unfortunately; his barrels provide little help against the line of Engineers
on the next of docks.

6. Docks
187 Treasure Points: 15 Red; 31 Green; 20 Blue; 1 Yellow
Without anything with which to take these guys out from afar; you must get a
physical. Charging the barrel out from under the first Engineer sends it
flying into the next. You can take out the whole line with one blow; And
you'll blow the apron right off the TNT Wrangler around the corner. If you
rescue one dragon in this world; make sure it's Tomas! His speech will
inspire you; too! After defeating another line of Engineers; head over to
the structure in the middle of the harbor. Ramming this set of Engineers
would be a Big mistake. You can light the fuse on their TNT stands with
impunity; however; and watch the fireworks explode. Pick up the gems the
ex-Engineers leave behind and skip down the stairs. There are three
passageways to choose from; each with positives and negatives. The hallway
at the foot of the stairs is home to a pair of feuding Dockworkers. Their
racing barrels run right into another workstation in the and the collisions
are dangerous to be near. If you get past them; you'll find a present
waiting for you. Two TNT Wranglers guard the middle hall. Aim the barrel at
a point between them to kill them both at once. The same barrel works
against the nearby Strong box. The final hallway is filled with gaps guarded
by TNT Wranglers. Put those barrels to good use and clear the way before
flying over. At the end lies a sparkling lift to the Exit Warp. Pass through
to Twilight Harbor!

Twilight Harbor

1. Inside the head of the first dragon lies the portal to Twilight Harbor.
Commandos and small Gnorcs with big machine guns guard this world. Keep on
your toes or this world will bring you to your knees!

Basic Stats
Dragon: 2
Gems: 400
Strong Box: 1
Fodder: Rats
Level of Difficulty: Hard than Gnorc's Cove. Much Harder.

2. Strategies
Boot Camp
133 Treasure Points: 15 Red; 19 Green; 14 Blue; 1 Yellow
You know you're in trouble when the enemies have machine guns with streams
of fire longer than your own-especially when you confront one as soon as you
land; before you can even catch your breath. This first section introduces
you to Gnasty's milltant forces and their peculiar tricks. It also teaches
you the value of looking around corners before you walk into a room. First;
head into the fortress; taking out the Machine Gunner who runs right in
front of you. You'll find another in the alcove to the right; and a Gnorc
Survivalist ahead. Both have ranges that make waiting until the "right"
moment a bad idea. Speed is your only ally against these troops: make the
most of it. A sparkly column next to the departed Gnorc Survivalist (the
best kind) carries you up to a broken bridge. Relieve the ledge to your left
of its gems; and then glide across the lake to the Machine Gunner on the
other side. Before blindly jumping into the next building; take a moment to
look around. A Gnorc Commando waits to fill you and Sparx full of lead; and
it's better for you to have the advantage in this fight.

Machine Gunners
Defeat Using: Charge/Flame

Attack Method
Small Gnorcs with machine guns-what could be better? You know what to do:
dispose of them before they fire.

Gnorc Survivalist
Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
A commando in a leopard-skin tunic? These crazed Gnorcs are mean; bad; and
dangerous. Wait until they've thrown their explosive; then step in for the

Gnorc Commando
Defeat Using: Flame

Attack Method
The Gnorc Commando keeps you at a distance by constantly peppering the
ground in front of him with machine-gun fire. Wait until it's safe (leaping
over the stream of bullets; if need be) and toast him good!

Another Gnorc Commando guards the walkway to the first dragon; with a couple
of Machine Gunners as backup. Because the Commando goes into action the
moment you hit the doorway; your best bet is to leap-frog the line of
bullets. Then take out the remaining troops as they rush you. The Strong box
is a puzzle; and Cosmos the dragon is no help. Leave it for now. You can
come back for it later. Your last stop in Boot Camp lies through the next
building. This is virtually a repeat of the preceding two buildings; so
apply the techniques that got you through before and you'll survive here;
too. Next up are the Drawbridge and the final Supercharge ramp.

3. The Drawbridge
115 Treasure Points: 5 Red; 5 Green; 8 Blue; 6 Yellow
On the other side of the third building wait a dragon (remember Cleitus?)
and a Supercharge ramp. There's also the matter of a certain Drawbridge that
plays a pivotal role in what happens next. With the Drawbridge up; dash to
the top of the ramp and use it to catapult yourself to the top of Building
3. If you're really good; you can aim right at the Commando guarding the
entrance and take out en route. Inside; grab the treasure and walk out on
the ledge on the other side. To the right you'll find a 1-Up box in a tiny
niche. In the middle of the lake you can see yellow gems shining on an
island. You can reach it from your perch; you know. Next; lower the
Drawbridge and dash back up that ramp. This time we're heading for the
Strong box near Cosmos's pedestal. Controlling Spyro in Supercharge mode is
difficult; especially through a twisty area like this. If you land in the
water; immediately jump to the nearest platform and you shouldn't lose a
life. Make sure Sparx is fully charged before you begin your dash!

4. Drawbridge Up or Down?
You can have it both ways-and you'll need it bothways. To charge its
position; just flame a crank. When the Drawbridge is up you can use it as a
launchpad in conjunction with the Supercharge ramp to reach the attic of the
building ahead. Closed; it allows you to Supercharge straight through to the
Strong box on the other side of that building.

5. The Home Stretch
153 Treasure Points: 6 Red; 16 Green; 11 Blue; 6 Yellow
Now that you've collected more than 200 points in loot; save your progress
at Cleitus's pedestal and head into the building next to him. This building
is tricky; with a patio where you'd expect another passageway to be. The
true exit lies to the right; patio gives you a good view of what's to come!
Down the walkway lies the next room; where you'll find yourself surrounded
by every kind of Gnorc troop in the land. Check Sparx's health before
entering; if necessary; backtrack to the last group of rats. You're almost
to the end! A gaunlet of Commandos and Machine Gunners between you and the
Exit Warp. Go down the line; jumping and flaming when necessary; and you'll
be home no time!

Gnasty Gnorc

1. Strategies
Steel Arena
124 Treasure Point: 24 Red; 5 Green; 5 Blue; 4 Yellow; 1 Purple
Entering the world of Gnasty Gnorc; Spyro finally comes face-to-face with
his nemesis. Within the confines of this metal area; Spyro must dodge the
blasts of green energy Gnasty spits forth while he collects the treasure
lying about-and gets the key from the Thief.

Basic Stats
Gems: 500
Difficulty Level: Medium-Hard

2. To Catch a Thief
To open one of the locks leading to Gnasty; Spyro first must reclaim the key
from this quick; agile creature.

Tip you might find it easier to run through the tunnel once and collect all
the loose treasure so it won't distract you when you chase the Thief.

The Chase is On!
Spyro must dash through this twisting; winding tunnel to catch the Thief. By
cutting corners closely and taking the right-hand fork; Spyro should be able
to overtake or run into the Thief and collect the key from him.

4. Behind Door Number 1...
Having successfully wrested the key from the Thief; Spyro can open the door
opposite Gnasty's platform.

5. The Return Of The Thief
55 Treasure Points: 12 Red; 4 Green; 3 Blue; 2 Yellow
Unfortunately; behind the locked door waits yet another Thief; key in hand.
This time the route is even more complex; with a few spots where a
miscalculated turn can spell disater!

6. Trial Run Is A Safe Bet
Like the tunnel of the second Key Thief; this section has its own
treacherous sections. Instead of launching head-first to chase Gnasty; walk
through the track at least once. This way you can get a feel for the tricky
spots and pick up any loose gems.

7. The Final Confrontation: Part 1
221 Treasure Points: 13 Red; 4 Green; 15 Blue; 10 Yellow
Opening the second lock lowers the stairway to the ledge from where Gnasty
Gnorc observes our hero's progress. Like any true villain; he flees at the
sight of Spyro closing in!

8. The Chase is On!
Gnasty wastes no time putting distance between him and Spyro. Dash as fast
as you can to keep up!

There are two tight descending turns in the Gnasty Gnorc's circuit. Take
time to walk through the course at least once; collecting all the treasure
as you go; to see the course in its entirety.

9. The Last Stand?
This point on the course is Spyro's only chance to hit Gnasty. If you
managed to keep close to him as he sped through the track; you'll have just
enough to hot-foot him before he takes off for another lap.

You can take the two descending stairway turns while dashing if you keep
Spyro toward the right-hand side until he hits the ground again.

10. Small Rewards
Burning Gnasty's tender feet yields a purple gem-just before the villain
retreats through the door to the right.

Time Is Of The Essence!
100 Treasure Points: 4 Purple
With the ledges receding into the walls; speed is critical. There is
absolutely no room for error! Mustering all your gliding skills; naviagte
Spyro through this zigzagging area before the ledges disappear altogether by
leaping from ledge to ledge as soon as his feet touch each surface.

12. The Final Confrontation: Part 2
Having reached the top; Gnasty Gnorc attempts to eliminate our hero a final
time. Avoid his club and flame him to end his evil reign!

13. Spyro the Hero
With peace restored to the kingdoms of the five dragon worlds; Spyro
conducts a press conference to discuss his future plans. And just what are
they; you ask? Well; first; did you manage to recover All the stolen
treasure; rescue All 12 Dragon Eggs from the Thieves; and free All 80
imprisoned dragons? No? Then go back; Young dragon; and finish the job; for
the true ending awaits only those who complete the game 100 percent!

Gnasty's Loot
Here it is; your reward for completing the game with a perfect score of 100
percent! When you hit that magic percentile; head over to the third Gnorc
Mouth. You'll find it wide open; the Arch Portal shining inside. We won't
spoil your fun (and this level Is fun!). Let's just say; here you'll fly;
chase Thieves; and pick up more loot than you thought possible. When you
finish this level; you're treated to the best of the two endings. Good luck;
and have fun. You deserve it!

Basic Stats
Dragons: 0
Gems: 2000
Thieves: 4

I Hope You All Enjoy This Complete Walkthrough.

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