Walkthrough - Guide for The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

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After the recap of the last moments of The Legend 
of Spyro: A New Beginning you begin outside the 
Dragon Temple, simply walk up the slope and head 
inside. Go around the dragon statue and pick up 
Enchanted Scriber's Quill [01/40]. This ones a 
freebie but in general they're hidden just out of 
view so you usually have to be looking to find 
them. Go through the door that opens and then top 
the right through another door. 

Electricity Dream
Glide down to the yellow circle ahead. Then it's 
off to kill some Stone Trolls with your new 
Electric Orb attack. It's a slightly more 
involved attack than the others, you need to get 
the orb into the range of your enemy before 
detonating it by breathing again. Jump on over to 
secondary isle, for Electric Spin. 

This one's a fun move where you can just weave 
your way through enemies with incredible power, 
sending them flying into the air. Now for the 
practical useage. 

Hit the orb with your own Electric Orb and then 
jump up onto the platform that raises. Turn to 
the left and jump and fire another orb to the 
crystal in the distance. Jump onto the second 
platform now and jump and breathe the third orb. 
With that done jump all the way up to the usual 
Fury section. Then it's the usual jumping to the 

Celestial Caves
Going forwards you'll want to use the tilt beam 
in the middle of the blue part to get up onto the 
ledge on the left. Turn around and jump onto the 
platform floating about which will then whisk you 
across the room. Jump off and go left, through 
into the yellow. Use the floating pillar ends in 
here to get across to the opposite end and into 
red. Jump down and then straight outside. 

Dead ahead is a pond with a Quill floating on it. 
Go over to grab it, that's Quill [24/40], and the 
circle of Stone Trolls will awaken. They're just 
as easy to beat as they were in the dreams so 
don't worry about them. Once they're dead some 
platforms will lower from above. Go over to the 
right and use the tilt beam, not to get onto the 
ones on the left but to go out towards the right. 
You'll find Quill [25/40] hovering over the tilt 
beam after a couple of floating platforms. 

Now glide back to land and use the tilt beam 
there to go up to the left. Jump along the 
platforms to the ledge with a couple of blue 
spotlights going back and forth. Keep out of 
their path, use Dragon Time or you can use 
Electric Spin and you can just go straight 
through. There's another couple of Stone Trolls 
up ahead, kill them and then turn your attention 
to the rather large flaming Fire Elemental on the 
left, Ice Breath should be useful. 

Once you've destroyed him turn back to the 
remaining statues at the bottom, jumping onto the 
shield of the nearest. Jump along the branches 
sticking out of the wall and you'll reach Quill 
[26/40]. Land and then glide down to the left, 
landing on the tlt beam (Comet Dash if you can't 
quite make it) and then get up onto the platform 
above. Kill the two Stone Trolls and walk down 
the path behind. 

You'll come to an area with three inanimate Stone 
Trolls and a couple of those statues you need to 
push, so push them into their places, the Stone 
Trolls will awaken for you. Jump up to the Fire 
Elemental when you're done with them and kill him 
too. Jump through the caves behind him and you'll 
get to a large open space. 

As you kill each of the crystal ball spiders drag 
the crystal ball they leave behind onto one of 
the four holders lined up along the wall. If you 
don't get the ball into the holder in time it'll 
explode and you'll have to kill another spider. 
Once all four are in place it's time to use your 
breaths. From left to right it's Ice, Earth, 
Electricity, Fire. If you do it quick enough the 
door will open. Follow the book into a room with 
five doors, four with elements marked. 

Go into the fire one on the left. 

Fire Cave
You might like to note that you can only use Fire 
Breath in here. Anyway, walk forwards and you'll 
be greeted by a pair of crystal ball spiders. 
Kill them and use their remains in the pedestals 
behind you, light them up to get through the 
door. Once inside jump over the water and turn 
around. Look up at the back of the big piece of 
rock and you'll see Quill [27/40]. 

Keep going through the cave and you'll meet a 
Fire Brute. Not quite the same as the Fire 
Elemental but he has an annoying blocking move. 
Once he's dead continue on through and kill 
another couple of these Brutes. Once they're both 
dead the blockage will be gone. Again continue on 
and there's a Fire Elemental up the ledge. Jump 
up and kill it, as you do, and then go through 
the door at the end of the short path. 

Glancing upwards you can see the next relic, yay. 
Jump onto the book in front of you and then onto 
the small platform to the right. Light the candle 
with your fire breath and a couple should flip 
back to normal. Jump over to the next candle and 
do the same, repeat this across the room going 
quick enough so that they don't turn back with 
you on them, Dragon Timing up the last bit. At 
the top instead of going to the Brutes, go to the 
left and jump over the book platforms (watching 
out for their magic closing powers) to where you 
get Magic Relic [4/5]. Then go to the Brutes and 
brutaly kill them. 

Run up the slope and kill the Fire Elemental and 
his two Fire Brute friends, I heard they said you 
guys look like dorks. In the next room you'll see 
a teeny tiny Button Crab. Use Dragon Time and 
then Tail Strike it. Tail Strike is a move 
identical to Head Bash or Horn Dive of previous 
Spyro games. To do it you double jump and melee, 
this should slam you down to the ground. If you 
hit it successfully it will stop moving 
completely and activate a red teleport pad for 
you to jump on in the next room. 

Fire Spirit
A very familiar looking boss, the key here is to 
destroy his shield with your fire breath. Stand a 
little away and burn it off. Then run in and 
melee until he gets his shield back, back off, 
destroy the sheild, melee, and so on. There's a 
green gem pile if you run out of magic. 

One down, three to go. Next up, Ice. 

Ice Cave
The ground ahead might look reasonably solid, it 
is infact not. Use your Ice Breath to create 
platforms to cross it. Go through the door to 
where there is a trio of Ice Brutes. Luckily your 
Ice Breath is great for defeating large foes. 
Once they're all dead a crystal ball spider will 
fly in. Kill it and put the ball into the 
pedestal on the right near the entrance. 

Make sure to fill up on magic, then go over to 
the ledge, look down to the left, and I mean 
directly down, and you'll see the relic. Simply 
jump and hover down to Health Relic [4/5]. Now 
cross the water using Ice Breath (you'll need to 
use the biggest distances you can do) and jump 
onto the book. Try and get the crystal ball in 
the wall with your Ice Breath as you go past, if 
you miss then you can just stay on the book which 
goes up and down. When you get it, or run out of 
magic, jump off at the top (remember to go back 
with more magic in a bit if you missed) and kill 
the Ice Brutes. 

Also kill the crystal ball spider and take the 
crystal ball over to the right, then breathe on 
it. This being the third crystal ball some books 
will then lower. Jump up the books and at the 
top, instead of going inside, go to the left 
where you'll find Quill [28/40], then go through 
the door. 

A little way through and you'll find a Button 
Crab, this'll activate a teleport pad on the 
right. Use Dragon Time and then Tail Strike it. 
Tail Strike is a move identical to Head Bash or 
Horn Dive of previous Spyro games. To do it you 
double jump and melee, this should slam you down 
to the ground. When you hit it successfully it 
will stop moving completely. 

Ice Spirit
It's a lot like the Fire Spirit. Blast it a few 
times with Polar Bomb, smashing the shield if it 
blocks. Then melee it a bit, run off and repeat. 
He might get his mace stuck in the ground at 
points, this will then break if you melee him but 
he'll get it back soon enough. All you really 
need to do is hit him with Polar Bomb a lot, 
it'll take off health and there's a nice 
regenerating green gem cluster. 

Earth Cave
Turn around and jump onto the pedestal behind 
you. Jump up the branches to the right all the 
way to Quill [29/40]. Next use Earth Flail to 
activate the crystal ball switches on the ground. 
Move on along the path to where you'll find three 
Earth Brutes. Kill them and some Button Crabs 
will be set free. At the far end of this part is 
a tilt beam, use it to reach Quill [30/40]. Jump 
back down and use Dragon Time to Tail Strike both 
of the Button Crabs in order to continue. Tail 
Strike is a move identical to Head Bash or Horn 
Dive of previous Spyro games. To do it you double 
jump and melee, this should slam you down to the 
ground. When you hit one of them successfully it 
will stop moving completely, then repeat for the 

Go through the cave and kill the four Earth 
Brutes. Once they're dead a couple of crystal 
ball spiders will appear. Kill them and move 
their crystal balls into position. Use Earth 
Breath on them both to open the way out, don't go 
quite yet though. Push the statue on the left 
into position on the white circle. This will 
allow you to reach the branches circling the rock 
in the middle, get around and then onto the ledge 
with Quill [31/40] on. 

Now go along the exit and use Dragon Time to 
cross the platforms. It's just a simple case of 
walking to the already active teleport pad now. 

Earth Spirit
Again? Smash the shield with Earth Flail and beat 
him up, backing off when he recovers. Rinse and 

Electric Cave
To cross the lake ahead without Ice Breath you 
need to jump and fire your Electric Orb attack at 
the crystal ball switches, the one on the left 
first, then from the platform it creates detonate 
another orb to get the next platform to rise and 
be able to reach shore. Kill the two Electric 
Brutes on the other side. Once they're dead turn 
around and look back to the water. On the right 
you'll see some rocks, smash them and behind 
you'll find Quill [32/40]. 

Another lake to cross next. First get the switch 
on the left near to you, jump to the platform it 
pulls up and then over to land on the right. Then 
it's the switch to your right as you land, 
standing on that one's platform you can reach the 
final one up high and make it to the other side. 
There's a statue you can push but it isn't 
necessary to reach Quill [33/40] floating there. 
Kill the Brute that appears and head down into 
the cave and through the door by meleeing it. 

Kill the Brutes in the area below and then the 
crystal ball spiders that appear. Put them into 
place and use Electric Breath on them. A book 
will lower and allow you up to the exit. There's 
a little bit of work first though, by way of 
Button Crabs. There are three darting around here 
so make sure to search behind all the bits of 
rock if you can't find them. Use Dragon Time and 
then Tail Strike each of them. Tail Strike is a 
move identical to Head Bash or Horn Dive of 
previous Spyro games. To do it you double jump 
and melee, this should slam you down to the 
ground. When you hit one of successfully it will 
stop moving completely. Repeat for the other two. 

Electric Spirit
Another identical guy. This time a bit harder 
seeing as your attacks don't do much to his 
shield. Keep throwing orbs at him and replacing 
your magic with the regenerating cluster. It 
might be a bit slow but it works. 

Elemental Dragon
Go towards the middle of the room and you'll be 
teleported into the last test. 

The key here is watching the colour of this 
dragon. Red means fire hurts her, Blue is Ice, 
Green = Earth and Yellow is Electricity. This 
fight consists of you running away from the 
dragon, jumping over her tail swipes and charging 
away from the claws, while simultaneously 
attacking with your elemental attacks. 

The best one of the bunch is Electric Spin. It 
does a lot of damage and the Elemental Dragon 
can't hit you. It does take up a lot of magic 
though so you can't go killing her in one attack. 

Just keep out of her reach and keep attacking, it 
may take a while but the gem clusters will slowly 
reappear after destroying them. Also, one hit of 
a cluster should be enough to fill your bar so 
don't go mad when filling up. 

Mountain Fortress
Hey look, another place where a flight level 
could have been. Ah well. Jump and glide straight 
down ahead, it's not a very forgiving bit of 
gliding. Keep going forwards, over the next gap 
and down to the right. Go up around the platform 
to where there are thorns to your right. Smash it 
then jump up to the right. Smash another bit of 
thorns blocking your way and collect Quill 
[34/40]. Jump back to the normal path and 
continue up the platform. 

Follow the soldiers across the gap and then once 
more to solid land. Before entering the large 
green doors, go to the right. In the corner 
you'll find Quill [35/40]. Now head inside. 

Head towards the door on the far side of the 
courtyard and some apes will appear to start 
attacking. After you've killed a few of them 
they'll run off again and the door will open. 
Watch out for the green beam of light in the next 
part. The easiest way through is to use Electric 
Spin. If you have full magic you should be able 
to make it to the other end of the room in time. 
If not then a mixture of Dragon Time and charging 
should be able to do the trick. 

Once out the other side you'll see some more of 
Gaul's forces running off. Follow them through 
the archway and then down the hole. Keep on 
following, along the tunnel and then up the 
floating platform and out into a courtyard with a 
Commander. He'll immediately turn invisible. 
Luckily he's using the kind of invisible you can 
just about see as long as you're paying 
attention. Treat him like any other Commander by 
freezing and attacking with Ice type attacks. 

Once he's dead you'll be attacked by a load of 
soldiers and leaders all at once. When they're 
all gone some more soldiers will appear with some 
Death Hounds. Once the leaders have arrived and 
the door opened you can rest. Destroy the thorn 
bush to the right of the door on the far side of 
the courtyard, then Tail Strike the square switch 
behind it. This will open a door near to the hole 
in the courtyard where you'll find Magic Relic 
[5/5]. Now go through the other door and follow 
the cave through. 

Once outside again you need to jump up the 
platforms on the right, avoiding the exploding 
barrels as they fall. They fall in large groups 
but then there are large gaps, large enough to 
get to the top and into the cave. Keep walking 
 (Dragon Time if needed) past the barrels all the 
way through the the wall of them, flame it the 
ones to the right and the wall'll explode. 

Kill the apes as they appear and then continue 
down the track once they stop doing so. Jump and 
glide down to the left where the camera showed 
and then up to a green waterfall. Turn around and 
a pack of Trolls will run in. You can kill these 
all pretty easily with an Earth Flail or two. 
Once that's done get ready for the waterfall. 

You need to wait for the correct pattern of rocks 
to appear, there's only one but you need to wait 
for it to cycle into the correct position. Once 
it does so (the pattern is simply one in which 
there are five close together ascending 
platforms) jump up them using Dragon Time to get 
up quickly enough to reacha a stationary one on 
the right of the waterfall. Then jump along a 
pair of ascending platforms to cross to the other 
side of the waterfall, though you'll probably 
need to wait for the rocks to cycle through 
again. Once at the top, instead of going down the 
path to the left, jump and glide to the right, 
passing through Quill [36/40]. Then get back up 
to the top again and go left. 

Use Ice Breath to cross the green water, moving 
fast enough to dodge the red bolts from the Ogres 
up ahead. Get underneath the ones above to attack 
the ones right near to you so as to get out of 
the firing range of the others. These annoying 
things don't much like fire, use it to keep their 
final ghost stage away from you. As for their 
armoured form well they don't like Earth Flail. 

Once you've killed them and gone up to the two 
above as well, the door there will open. Make 
sure to have filled up on green gems as you may 
want to use Electric Spin to get through here. 
Once out the other side look down below the 
entrance, you should be able to see Quill [37/40] 
below. Jump down there to collect it. Then go up 
the platforms on the left of the entrance to 
reach the middle of the room. Here you'll be 
attacked by many waves of enemies so make sure to 
be nice and healthy. The green gems before the 
middle are unlimited but the red aren't, so save 
them for a bit. 

You'll be attacked by wave after wave after wave 
of enemies here. Earth Flail is useful for 
attacking the Ogres, Yaks and Trolls that appear 
as it's a nice heavy hitter. Make sure not to 
leave the Yaks too long as they get aggressive 
and do a lot of damage. If you're really having 
trouble here then you can just stand off the 
platform to the side and very slowly attack with 
the long range attacks, refueling when needed. 
It'll be slow but it'll eventually get you there. 
Once the final few are dealt with small platforms 
will appear at the side allowing you upwards to 
the exit, you'll want full magic though. 

Straight away is another of the green beams. And 
at the far end you should be able to easily see 
Quill [38/40]. Electric Spin through the hall and 
the quill. Head outside for a fight. 

You've fought him before. Dodge the red blasts 
and flame as he goes up and down, you don't even 
need to jump this time. 

Mountain Fortress
Once he's dead you're free to walk about again. 
Head over to the left and jump down onto the 
ledge below. Here's Quill [39/40], just one more 
to go now. Jump back up to where you were 
fighting and go over to the right. You should be 
able to see a rocky platform with green in it 
floating downwards. Jump on board and wait for it 
to take you upwards. Keep facing away and at the 
top glide forwards to where that final Quill 
[40/40] is further out. That's all of them. 

Turn around and jump back onto that moving 
platform, jumping onto another quickly moving one 
more directly above the fight. Jump from this one 
onto another rising platform at the other end of 
its circle, it'll be a few passes before it gets 
in range. Wait for that one to rise up, then jump 
onto another fast mover, and then onto another 
riser opposite. You'll be able to get onto real 
land now. Go through the archway ahead and 
towards the door on the left of the green pool. 

Outside again with an invisible Commander, try 
and take care of him first. Electric attacks are 
nice for this. Then kill the rest of the bunch of 
apes and dogs. Some more will pop in, kill them 
the same. Another bunch will arrive complete with 
Leaders and loads more soldiers. Keep killing 
them until they're all dead and the door opens. 
Go through that door and into yet another green 
beam corridor. Electric Spin through it and then 
jump up the platforms in the circular rocky room. 

Through another corridor and out into a room with 
a large dragon statue and plenty of candles. Jump 
up to the right to the top near the statue. Turn 
around and jump onto some really dark platforms 
sticking out of the wall behind you. Follow them 
along to Health Relic [5/5], the last collectible 
of the game. Glide to the exit ahead. 

The big one. The final fight. Gaul. 

The first part of the fight has a few tricks to 
it, but you need to first learn his moves. He'll 
start out with a blast from his chest and then 
get to swiping at you. Keep away from him until 
he strikes his jump pose, he'll move both swords 
down to his left. Each time he lands he'll try to 
land on you and will blast out a circle of green. 
Jump and then charge when this has passed to 
avoid it and keep a distance away. He'll jump 
five times in a row and then rest, this is your 
chance to attack him. He'll then teleport off or 
try to attack you, and repeat all over again. 

If you're finding that you keep dying by being 
hit from his jumps, smash the pots surrounding 
the arena. Each one will smashed reduce Gaul's 
power so that his hits no longer are no longer 
one hit kills. He won't become defenceless and 
will still take the same amount of attacking to 
kill, but he won't hit as hard giving you an 
easier time. Though the tricky bit is smashing 
the pots as you need to do this while avoiding 
his attacks as usual but it should help. 

Once onto his second stage you'll be able to use 
a new long range attack. Run away from his 
tornado spin attack using Dragon Time to make 
sure you don't get thrown up into the air. Repeat 
until he stops, then attack with your Convexity 
Breath, just hold and point from afar. If you 
can't manage it it doesn't matter as it doesn't 
hurt, just make sure to glide back down. Simply 
hold down breath and point in his general 
direction. It should hurt him if you're pointing 
it right. Avoid the fire blasts and then he'll 
start a succession of laser blasts from his eyes. 
Once he's done three you are free to blast him 
with Convexity Breath again. Keep attacking him 
with it at any point he's not right next to you 
and you'll soon have him beat. 

One final thing to do though. Once his bar is 
gone you'll then be unable to move, though you 
can rather aimlessly attack with your breath. 
Don't do that. Your Fury bar is full; trigger 
your Fury and complete the game. 

You've now unlocked the Dragon Challenges which 
you can find in the Extras menu which is on the 
title screen. 

Continue down the corridor and use your melee 
attack on the cracked door at the end. You'll 
then meet the first enemy of the game, a Toad 
Weed. It's like the Frog Weed of A New Beginning 
except blue and a bit more vicious looking. A 
simple knockup of the creature is needed to get 
it out of its hole where you can then proceed to 
kill it. Follow Sparx up to a second Toad Weed, 
then go up to where the game tells you to double 
jump and glide. Instead of doing so stop on the 
platform just below the top one and turn to the 
right. Double jump and glide onto the out-
stretching tree branch and then quickly to the 
Quill [02/40] as it'll collapse and you'll fall 
if you stay more than a moment. 

Go back and glide over the gap as the game 
suggested now. Position yourself so that the Toad 
Weed is between you and the root wall beyond. 
Knock him up into the air and then knock it back 
into the wall, smashing it. 

Fire Dream
Immediately you'll notice a strange effect on the 
screen and Spyro's movement is slowed. This is 
Dragon Time, for now it's unlimited so take your 
time in jumping onto the rotating platform ahead, 
of course once you're on the platform jump off 
straight away. Once you land on the next bit of 
land you'll have the Dragon Time ability for 
real. Switch it on at the right moment so that 
you can jump on the fast moving platform directly 
infront of you, and then off again when you land 
on it to preserve it for your next little jump. 

As the platform gets close to another fast moving 
platform start your Dragon Time again and jump 
onto the new one. You can jump off this onto 
solid land without using Dragon Time. There's 
another fast mover and then a tilt beam. It 
doesn't require Dragon Time to get on but you 
might to get off unless you're quite quick off 
the mark. Use it so that you can reach an end 
without it sinking below the level of the 
platform you want to get to. Then just glide down 
to the firey spot ahead. 

Now with Fire Breath back you should head 
forwards and jump up the floating platforms to 
get to where there are four Stone Trolls waiting. 
Once you're told what to do they'll begin to 
awaken, here you won't have to do much damage and 
your magic is self regenerating. Move over to the 
far end and jump up the new platforms to get to 
some more Trolls. Kill them with your new Comet 
Dash attack (Fire Breath does nothing) and then 
move on again. 

Use your Fire Breath on the three torches and 
again it's moving on time. Go up the platforms 
and jump onto the teleporter. You'll learn all 
about gems, and get a few free ones too. Some 
more platforms will appear once you've smashed 
the clusters so get up them and teleport into the 
last part of your fire training. Fury. 

Kill the advancing Stone Trolls in any way you 
feel like, Breath, Dash or Melee. Smash the 
purple gem cluster in the centre to help things 
along a bit. Once your Fury meter reaches the 
full point simply unleash your fury upon whatever 
is around. Whilst furying you can't be hit. Once 
done head up the last set of platforms and enter 
the building. 

Back out in the Temple level again, walk forwards 
and some apes will appear. After killing the pair 
of soldiers that attack first a couple of Death 
Hounds will appear. These are fast moving enemies 
that will charge into you from afar, so watch out 
for them. Another pair will arrive and then 
you'll see a short scene of a large ape leader 
jumping down. His attacks, if they hit you, will 
freeze you on the spot. Use fire breath to get 
out of it quickly, jiggling the analogue stick is 
a bit slow. Once you've taken care of the Leader 
and the soldiers and hounds that appear some 
bombs will helpfully smash some rocks for you. 

Go over to the right and push the first statue 
into position at the end of its track. Then off 
to the left and push the second statue. Jump on 
top of the statue to reach the part above. Stand 
on the circle and the door will open. Activate 
Dragon Time and wander into the building. 

Dead ahead there's a torch to flame (to the right 
is an unlimited green gem cluster if you run out 
of magic) and down the hall to the left you'll 
find another couple, the last of which will open 
up the big door. Go through that very same door. 
Avoiding the large hole in the floor, continue on 
through this passageway to where some soldiers 
put out the torches. Kill them and their leader 
and reignite the torches. The door will reopen to 
go through. 

Go right and outside. Kill the spider, once it's 
down you need to tail strike it (aka head bash or 
horn dive) so that it doesn't get up again. After 
killing it turn to the left and jump up onto the 
ledge. Stand on the little platform in the far 
corner and look up to the left. Jump from the 
first branch onto the hexagonal pillar, then onto 
a tree branch and then across the path to Quill 

Continue on along the path again and light the 
three torches ahead, jumping up the steep 
platforms to reach the last one. The door will 
open and a Snail Rider will enter. Flame the 
snail and then jump and air melee the rider. Make 
sure to jump back after a few hits as the snail 
will pop out again, hitting you in the process. 
Keep repeating this until they're dead. The door 
will open. 

Go through the door and along to a fire torch 
which you'll need to light. The other two are 
just ahead, one to the left and the other behind 
a vine wall which you'll need to smash using your 
melee attacks. Once lit, in will charge a couple 
of Death Hounds, take care of them before moving 
through the door. Go down the corridor to the 
left carefully, the floor will shake and 
collapse. Glide over the gap to take out the 
leader throwing ice bombs at you, as well as the 
couple of soldiers he summons when you reach him. 
Now turn around and go back over the second gap 
and look down into the first. You should be able 
to see a green thing twirling around down there. 
This is the first of five Magic Relics, Magic 
Relic [1/5]. Jump back out of the hole again and 
go through the door you just opened. 

Smash down the vines blocking your way and go 
right (left to some Blue Spirit gems) and head 
outside. A Commander and a pair of Death Hounds 
will appear. Kill them, watching out for the 
Commander's green blasts that he sends out every 
now and again by hitting the floor. Then you need 
to light the three torches. One to the right of 
the entrance, one to the left and the last you 
need to use the platform the left one is on to 

The correct direction of travel once inside is to 
the left. Smash the vines and jump over the gaps, 
watching out as the floor is all ready to 
collapse, even just by gliding over. Once at the 
other end you'll reach a check point. Tail Strike 
the vines and you'll fall through into a spider 
den. Watch out for their spinning, and remember 
the easy way is to simply knock them up into the 
air once and Tail Strike them when they're down 
or you'll keep on having the attack them. You 
only have to hit them twice. Once the first two 
are dead another pair will smash their way in, 
handily making an exit for you once you're done 
with them. 

Follow the path out and smash the vines in your 
way, you'll reach some Toad Weeds. Kill them and 
get onto the bridge just past, turn to the right 
and you might just notice a red/orange spinning 
icon in the distance. Glide down to it and 
collect Health Relic [1/5]. Use the roots on the 
wall to get back up, the last one requiring a 
sudden change in direction. You'll get back up on 
the right side of the bridge, keep going. 

You'll encounter a spider lickety split, kill it 
and jump up the platforms beyond and inside 
again. You'll reach a room with five hexagonal 
pillars of varying size. Exactly positioned so 
that you can reach the very highest one and 
collect Quill [04/40]. 

Continue on to the right, watch as the pillar 
topples over forming a bridge, and immediately 
avoid the spider's attack. Cross that new bridge 
and kill that spider (I say spider, it's only got 
six legs). Down the path behind it and up to 
where a Snail Rider is sitting waiting. He'll 
summon a load of Toad Weeds to help, ignore them 
whilst going straight for the big target. 

The vine wall will smash by itself allowing you 
through. Jump over the broken bridge and follow 
the leader dancing about on the other side 
upwards. At the first jump before turning to jump 
up again continue along a bit and round the 
corner you'll discover Quill [05/40]. Get back to 
jumping upwards. As you enter the passageway 
watch out for the rolling barrel. It will explode 
if you bump into it so just jump over, Dragon 
Time if you can't seem to time it right. Kill the 
leader standing about halfway through the tunnel 
and then jump straight off the end. 

Glide down to the torches below, light the three 
of them and get back upwards to continue along 
the path above. A couple of hounds and a leader 
will run in to get killed. Once past them there's 
a Commander in the next room awaiting the same 
fate. He'll summon three soldiers to help him 
though, and once the four of them are dead 
another few waves of soldiers and leaders will 
smash their way in. 

Once they're out of the way some spiders will 
appear. Jump up the platforms once you've 
squished them and you're saved again. Use the 
branches on the left to get over the thorn pit 
where a couple of spiders will promptly attack. 
Avoiding the attacks of a third long distance 
spider you'll then want to glide over some more 
thorns using branches, you might need Dragon Time 
in order to avoid getting stopped. 

There's another Snail Rider up ahead along with a 
crafty catapult and and ball for firing in it 
hidden beneath some vines. Kill the Snail Rider 
in the usual manner and melee the vines holding 
the ball in place. Drag it up the slope to the 
catapult, stopping only to kill the Toad Weeds 
that appear, push it into the cup and melee it to 
trigger. Use the platforms below to get up to 
where you smashed and keep going. 

Watching out for the ice bombs, glide down to the 
left, up the platform, light the torch and glide 
over to where the leaders and commander are. Kill 
them, light the torch and finally glide over to 
the last torch in order to open the temple door, 
making sure that none of the apes have put out 
your torches. 

It's a quick trot along a long thin path, jump 
over the spikes onto a tiny platform in the 
middle of them and again to a branch sticking 
out, one more platform and then to safety. Wander 
past the gems and into the darkness at the end. 

There's a few soldiers and a couple of leaders to 
kill before you get to the boss fight. 

Immediately you'll have to dodge his red blasts, 
and since you're in strafing mode for no good 
reason that's jumping to the left of right. Use 
Dragon Time to dodge if necessary. In order to 
hurt him you need to jump and tap flame when he's 
either going up or going down. Keep repeating 
this simple process over and over again until his 
life bar is empty. 

Once he's defeated you're treated to a long talky 
cutscene in which you're cheated out of a flight 
level. On with the show. 

Ancient Grove
Almost immediately a trio of Grove Mites will run 
up to you and latch onto Spyro's back if you 
don't kill them. If you do get on you just 
perform a melee attack of two to shake them off 
again. Charge over to their nest straight ahead 
and smash it so that no more bother you. Go up to 
the waterfall and wait for the platform floating 
in it to come down so that you can jump onto it 
and up to the left onto some round thing sticking 
out, allowing you to reach the upper layer. You 
might need to use Dragon Time if you can't manage 
to time it perfectly. Go round to the right, past 
the exit of this area and keep going. 

Jump onto the round collapsing tree branches all 
the way to where you'll find Quill [06/40]. Jump 
back to the top of the waterfall and follow the 
actual path out of this starting area. There's a 
Mite Nest straight ahead so smash that to pieces 
to avoid bother. Keep on going past here and you 
should then be able to see a green icon up in the 
distance. A few trees will collapse as you 
continue and then a pair of Death Hounds will 
appear behind you. Turn around and kill them in 
order to trigger another to free up the path. 

Go past the tree lying over the path and attack 
the three hounds still waiting for you, being 
aware of the mites running in from ahead as well. 
Once the hounds are dead go smash the nest and 
melee the tree that it's under. Jump up onto the 
fallen tree and turn around, jump onto the tree 
branch sticking out, then to another on the right 
and finally glide into that green icon floating 
in the air, Magic Relic [2/5]. 

Turn around again and use the tree for its 
straightforward purpose - getting past the tree 
wall. You'll immediately notice a large pulsating 
mushroom type thing standing in the middle of 
some purple water. Jump and melee it, watching 
out for the occasional mite from a little further 
on, and grab Quill [07/40] left behind. 

Continue round the room to the other side where 
you'll encounter a place with a load of Grove 
Mite nests, despite this there seem to be very 
little actual mites so smashing them shouldn't be 
any sort of challenge. Keep on through the tree 
and glide down onto one of the platforms in the 
purple water below. Use Dragon Time to cross this 
water, switching it on and off again to get the 
platforms to get into the useful position. 

As soon as you're over the water jump up to the 
righthand side of the path and melee the base of 
a tree there. It should fall over the path, so 
jump up onto it (avoiding the attacks of a Grove 
Beast up ahead) and then up onto the tree branch 
on the upper lefthand side of this path, then up 
to one slightly above, over to one on the right, 
back over to the left and round the circular part 
to where Quill [08/40] is. 

Drop down, take care of the large Growth behind 
you if you want, you might recognise it from its 
brief appearance in A New Beginning, and then 
just keep on going. You'll quickly arrive at a 
larger lake of purpleness, this one inhabited by 
Grove Worms, creatures that spit out an annoying 
substance that can hurt you a bit. To kill them 
you can jump into the water and tail strike, but 
it's not particularly worth it, so just ignore 
them and avoid their attacks. 

Jump onto the first platform and smash the nest, 
over to the right is another nest, then just keep 
on following the platforms around. There are some 
Blue Spirit Gems that you might want to get, you 
can get these by taking a detour along some 
branches to the right. In any case smash the next 
nest of Grove Mites and get on over to the other 
side of the lake. Approach the thorny blockage 
and a death hound or three will smash their way 
through. Back off to get out of the range of the 
Growth and kill the three of them, then run up to 
the Growth and take him down, noteful of the fact 
that he's rooted to the ground so you can't knock 
him into the air. 

Some more Death Hounds and another Growth and 
just around the corner so lure those hounds out 
and take on the Growth by itself. And when 
they're dead your path will clear up. Trundle on 
along it and you'll hit a cutscene. 

Ice Dream
Back in the training grounds, it's time to learn 
Ice Breath and all its new features. You don't 
even have to walk over to where you regain the 
power, how lucky. Jump up the platforms, Dragon 
Time for the first one, and try out your new 
Polar Bomb attack. This is much more powerful and 
much more useful than the Ice Breath of the 
previous game, this time your foes almost always 
freeze allowing you the freedom to get up close 
and personal without them attacking. 

There's a tilt beam inbetween you and the next 
part, not too difficult I should imagine. Using 
the cool new Ice Tail attack you can quickly kill 
these Stone Trolls. Using the beams to get up 
high now you should reach a small lake where 
you'll be instructed to use Polar Bomb to help 
cross. It's quite a nice method of getting across 
the water, simply fire it into it and it should 
create a small ice platform that you can stand on 
for a short time before it breaks up and becomes 
water again. Make as many platforms as you like 
here, your breath is unlimited for now. 

Once at the far end of the lake you should use 
the turning tilt beams to reach the platforms 
above to the left where you'll be doing the Ice 
Fury. Ice Tail is quite slow but will wipe out 
the trolls easily. Unleash your fury and then 
jump over to the building to finish up and get 
back to the real world again. 

Grove Underground
Scavengers attack! Three soldiers and a leader 
will immediately rush towards you, simply use 
your new Ice abilities to defeat them all. You 
should be able to make it over the first gap in 
the platforms without using Polar Bomb to create 
a platform but the next part requires it. Try and 
get the platforms a decent distance apart (you 
use the same amount of magic however long you 
charge it) so that you don't run out of breath 
before you reach the other side. If you decide 
that you want to kill those annoying Grove Worms 
then it'd probably be best to attempt it from 
shore where you can stock up on magic. It's only 
a short hop to the next platform but then it's a 
bit longer to dry land again. 

Once there you should run along to the other end 
and go for one last run across an even longer 
stretch of the purple water. There's a couple 
more Grove Worms to the right inbetween some odd 
low platforms in the water and then a host of 
mite nests that you may want to smash. Now, stand 
on the raised platform to the right in the water. 
Looking back you'll notice another platform start 
to rise, use Dragon Time, jump onto that platform 
and keep going along this pattern to get to the 
top of the last one where Quill [09/40] is. 

Getting back to the path, as you approach the 
next corner a pair of Death Hounds will charge 
around and start to attack. Once you've killed 
them jump up the steps at the end and you'll 
emerge into large open area, pirate ship ahead. 
Proceed further forwards until a scene introduces 
a whole load of scavengers. This might take a 
little while as there are several waves of 
leaders and soldiers. Once you're done with them, 
or bored of them, go over to the far right 
corner. A small boat of three soldiers will 
arrive, ignore them and instead flame the fuse 
inbetween the boxes on the left. Wait a short 
while and some explosives will go off. 

Now go through the gap in the cages that you just 
made, another small boat will turn up, this one 
you should get on (killing the passengers first 
of course) and it'll take you a short distance to 
the left. You should then follow Sparx up onto 
the cages back on land and then just keep 
following him over the cages. Once on the highest 
points get as close to the large ship just off 
land and glide down onto the deck, next to a 
cannon. The game will helpfully hint that you 
should hit the barrel of cannonballs on the far 
side of the ship. First you might want to kill 
the attacking scavengers, but once they're dead 
take a cannonball over to the front of the 
cannon, then once it's inside light it with your 
fire breath. 

That's another path opened. Glide back down to 
dry land and make your way along to the new 
opening. Use your Ice Breath to put out the fires 
and then melee the wood left behind. 

Seem familiar? Yes, this fight is almost exactly 
the same as your fight against the Assassin. I'm 
not really sure whether or not to class it as a 
boss fight but I might as well. 

Just like with the Assassin you need to dodge the 
blasts of red either by just jumping to the left 
or right. Or use Dragon Time to slow things down 
for you. And then attacking is simply a case of 
jumping and hitting the breath button, oddly you 
can't change breaths despite having Ice Breath 
now but I guess fire works perfectly well anyway. 

Grove Underground - Continued
Turn around and head down the path to the left 
and jump down at the end of it. The game will 
save and you'll see a short flyby of the upcoming 
enemies for the next little area. Anyway, kill 
the Grove Beast to your left, he'll set of green 
blasts by hitting the floor and doesn't seem to 
be able to be thrown into the air. No matter, he 
freezes well. Over to the small pond with three 
Grove Worms sitting in and another Grove Beast on 
the far side. Around the pond and to the right 
and you'll round a corner where two more Grove 
Beasts will pop up ahead. 

Get over the thin strip of purple water between 
you and them and beat the gems out of them. Over 
some more water to the exit ahead, a Grove Beast 
might be there but he tends to kill himself. 

It's bottomless pit time now, the flyby helpfully 
showing you the Health Relic you're going to be 
trying to get in a minute as well. Jump forwards 
onto the tree branch and then follow a few more 
branches until you get to a large floating 
jellyfish. For the most part these are harmless 
platforms that seem to allow you to land on them 
in impossible places but some ahead, like the 
very next one for example, will flash yellow and 
shock you, so watch out for those. Timing your 
jump to land exactly after the Jellyfish stops 
shocking make your way over to a large tree trunk 
just past a few more branches. Don't go inside 
yet though, instead head to the right. 

You should be able to see a path of branches 
curving around to the left, just keep following 
them and past the shocking Jellyfish. The jumps 
here will start to get annoying so either be 
really good at perfect timing or double jump and 
instead of gliding the whole way, use Comet Dash. 
This will propel you forwards through the air 
usually closer to the target branch and higher 
than you would have got with a normal glide. 
You'll be rewarded with Health Relic [2/5] for 
getting to the end of the path. Glide downwards 
onto the Jellyfish ahead and get back to the 
tree, go inside now. 

Once inside you'll be trapped. Surrounded by an 
onslaught of Grove Beasts. The best way of taking 
care of the wave upon wave of these beasts is to 
keep freezing them. They don't like the cold. 
Once it's over a mushroom platform will descend 
allowing you to jump onto it. It'll take you 
upwards to the exit, an oddly bright light. 

Back out in the darkness jump onto the Jellyfish 
ahead of you and wait for another to come 
floating by. Jump on-board, wait for it to get to 
the other end of its path and jump onto another 
Jellyfish. There's a pair of Jellyfish of the 
shocking variety up next, it's all a matter of 
timing but if not unless you're really low on 
health it shouldn't matter here. A few more jumps 
following Sparx onto another moving Jellyfish, at 
its point on the far side of the tree jump again 
to another doing the same kind of thing, and then 
onto a nice normal stationary one. 

Wait for it to float up a little and at the 
highest point as they start to go down again, 
jump towards the one above. You should make it by 
landing on the side, jump again if you're sliding 
off. Instead of going left like mean old Sparx 
wants you to do, go to the right and follow that 
short path of Jellyfish to its conclusion, Quill 
[10/40], you'll need to jump to grab it. Go back 
now and follow Sparx to the left. Getting past 
the last few Jellyfish and emerging on proper 
land again. The game will also save at this point. 

As you walk a little forwards a Grove Beast and a 
number of Death Hounds will popup out of the 
ground for no reason. Keep to one end of the area 
so not to provoke all of them at once, try to 
either kill the hounds first or incapacitate them 
with ice while you attack the Beast. Once all of 
them are dead and gemmified another hound will 
smash through the wooden fence. Kill that and 
then you'll see some more Growths up ahead 
throwing those ice/web things at you. They're 
also guarded by a few more hounds so watch out 
for those. A quick ice breath or two should 
freeze them all solid to allow you to nullify the 

Going left at the corner (where else would you 
go? ), you might just notice the twirling sight of 
a feather in the greenery ahead. As you trot down 
the path towards it a trio of Death Hounds will 
pay you a visit from their forest home. They 
should attack you near a tree on the left with a 
load of dents in. Melee the base of it and it'll 
fall down. Jump up onto it and then directly over 
to the feather to the right, that's Quill 
[11/40]. The camera here's not very good but 

Jump back down to the path and not much further 
you'll reach a large purple lake with a half 
sunken ship in it. Also to the left you have an 
unlimited green gem supply. Handy. Using Ice 
Breath make your way over to the ship, jumping on 
the side and to the front where there's a leader. 
Kill him and then smash open the box nearby. 
Inside is Quill [12/40], nice. Refill your magic 
if needs be and jump over to the three stone 
platforms in the lake. Using Ice Breath again go 
around the ship to the left and grab Quill 
[13/40] sitting on the small platform there. Jump 
back into the ship to refill your magic and then 
go back to the platforms again and finally get up 
the ledge dead ahead (you may be able to go 
straight from the quill to land depending on how 
much magic you used getting there). 

From here it's just path to the boss. 

The Stone Sentinel of The Eternal Night. 
Unfortunately, like the other couple of 'boss 
fights' you've had you're stuck in strafe mode. 
Not all bosses are like this so don't worry too 
much. Anyway, this fight is much more boss worthy 
with Arborick needing a special method of attack 
to defeat. 

That means setting him on fire in a certain way. 
Hit each part of his body twice with your fire 
attack, the second hit should be immediately 
after whilst he's still glowing red. You need to 
hit both of his hands, both of his feet, and his 
torso in order to beat his first health bar. If 
you don't get them all on fire quick enough he'll 
start spinning and regenerate all his health, 
putting out the fires at the same time. During 
this you'll also have to avoid his punches and 
kicks, Dragon Time is a big help in all of this. 

The second part of the fight is a much closer 
affair, there's no specific thing you need to do 
besides attack. He no longer sets on fire and 
won't regenerate once he's moved right up onto 
where you are. Just keep moving from side to side 
pounding away at his feet and his health, dodging 
his now even stronger attacks. 

One large part of this fight is dodging the 
flames he sends out when he starts to spin. Avoid 
this by watching their path closely, you should 
be able to tell where the ones headed in your 
direction will land based on your current 
location. Dodge these and getting hit 
occasionally by Arborick won't be that much of a 

Fellmuth Arena
Without so much as an exploratory rest you're 
thrown into a fight against the Blundertails. 
They're a couple of large scorpions with cannons 
for stingers. These two work closely together and 
so are harder than they would be alone, 
obviously. To do some damage you need to do a 
melee knockup to open their blocking claws, then 
you can attack them freely, if the other one 
didn't have a problem with you doing that of 
course, so the best thing to do is knock one up 
and then the other, then attacking the second. 
Repeat until one of them is sort of flat on the 
ground, it's at this point you should perform a 
Tail Stike to squish them, like the spiders. With 
just the one Blunder Tail left there shouldn't be 
too much of a problem. 

Earth Dream
Glide down to the green circle ahead to reawaken 
Spyro's Earth element. Then just jump up the 
simple platforms to get to the Stone Trolls. Here 
you'll be told about Earth Flail, no more rapid 
fire Earth Breath, this one is still quite tough 
and is useful in attacking a lot of enemies, 
though not if they're too close already. Kill the 
four trolls to advance. 

You'll need to use Dragon Time to get up to where 
you are taught about Earth Pound, an attack good 
for groups as well. This jumps Spyro and nearby 
enemies into the air for you to immediately air 
melee them, it damages them a bit too. The four 
trolls are quickly defeated and you move on to 
the practical use of the Earth element, smashing 
rocks. And turning crystal ball switches on. Once 
you've smashed the rocks stand in the middle of 
the crystal ball things, hold down Earth Flail 
and turn a full circle. You'll then be let to go 
off and do the Earth Fury. 

One little platform jump left and you're back in 
the waking world. 

Ravage Rider
For the first health bar it's a simple case of 
standing in the middle to entice the Ravage Rider 
to turn and fly at you. You should watch the 
cannon in its side, popping out occasionally to 
fire a cannonball at you. These are easy to dodge 
if you see them coming. Every few runs down the 
centre of the arena and the Ravage Rider will 
crash, the driver's legs sticking out the bottom. 
Melee the ship at this point (jumping will waster 
time), you'll probably need to do this a couple 
of times before getting to the second stage. 
Getting too close during this part will mean that 
the Ravage Rider will blast fire out of the 
cannon spot. 

Once onto the second stage of the fight you're 
going to need to be tougher. Circle the arena 
staying near the middle, on the opposite side of 
it to the Ravage Rider. This should both make the 
cannonballs miss and any fire won't reach you. 
He'll quickly turn into the middle so get ready 
with your Dragon Time in order to get out of the 
way. He crashes a lot less often so you'll just 
have to keep circling until he does, making sure 
not to let him catch you up too closely. You also 
get less time to attack when the ship crashes so 
you need to do that more times than before as 

Once that bar is gone he'll do one more circle of 
the arena and you win. 

The Ice King-alike Executioner has a nifty sword 
and shield dealio. Stand a little away and blast 
at him with your Fire Breath. This will quickly 
destroy his shield. Dragon Time, run up to him 
and melee. Avoid his occasional sword attacks and 
you should be able to quickly get rid of his 
first health bar. You're probably supposed to 
wait for him to get his sword stuck in the ground 
but waiting for that can mean he'll do his very 
annoying other attack where he knocks you into 
the air from a distance. 

His second should be about the same without his 
shield, just melee him and avoid any of his slow 
motion attacks (in Dragon Time of course), using 
Comet Dash as part of air melee attacks is quite 
useful but you may want to save a few for his 
third final health bar which is again pretty much 

Fellmuth Arena
Finally you're out of the fights and straight 
into another fight with a bunch of Scavenger 
Soldiers. Once you've killed this first lot a 
door will open to the right and yet more of the 
monkeys will pour in. Kill them and you're free 
to go through that door. Over in the far corner 
you'll see a bunch of boxes all piled high, smash 
into the lighter coloured ones at the bottom a 
few times, this should clear the way. 

Hit the lever on the wall next to the pressure 
pad and a barrel will roll out of the pipe behind 
you. Stand on the pressure pad until the barrel 
has rolled past the spikes, switch Dragon Time on 
and quickly run over to the next pressure pad. 
Again stand on it and wait for the barrel to roll 
over the spikes (turn off Dragon Time while 
waiting). Another pressure pad to get it over 
another set of spikes, and then if you want to 
get the Health Relic, run over to the far 
pressure pad and let the barrel roll into the far 
wall. This will destroy the blockage and let you 
use Dragon Time to reach Health Relic [3/5]. 

To get on with the game repeat all of that except 
without letting the barrel roll past the last set 
of spikes. It'll hit them and explode, opening 
the side of the ship. Jump down. 

The pattern for the first pipe is three blasts 
and then a gap. You might like to use Dragon Time 
for an even safer jump. Keep going left, the next 
is eight bursts and then a short gap (Dragon Time 
quite useful), the next has five bursts (the top 
is pretty redundant but it bursts for three of 
those five) and then its gap. The last one has 
ten bursts before its miniscule gap, Dragon Time 
is most useful for this one. 

Now you're at the other end switch to Ice Breath 
and use it on the fires, then smash the remaining 
wood (or jump over it, whatever). Smash down the 
door and turn left. Keep going to the end and 
then flip the lever. This will invite a new load 
of scavengers in to start wailing on you. Wail on 
them and then go past where you just got into 
this section and beyond where the gate just 
opened. You've been here before so just keep on 
going forwards to the very end where you'll meet 

Walk out of the door to your right and you'll be 
shown the side of the ship firing cannons. You 
can mostly ignore the cannons as you jump right 
over the top of their shots, but don't stand 
around waiting as the planks go rather wonky. Get 
to the far end of the cannons and stand in the 
lift. Jump off at the top. Up here you're going 
to want to push the little carts towards the wall 
to block the steam coming out. Those leaders 
might want a bit of a killing too. Once all of 
them are pushed against the wall (you may need to 
remove a blockage or two). 

Back down by the door head inside and to the 
left. In the room first open on the right is a 
cannon, but no cannonball. That's in the room 
first on the left. Hitting the barrel will summon 
a pirate ghost, you can kill these very easily. 
Take the cannonball back to the previous room and 
fire it. Quill [14/40] is waiting under the 

Back into the cannonball room again, take another 
to the next room along the corridor. Fire the 
cannon and go back for another ball. Fire once 
again and you'll be able to grab Quill [15/40]. 
Continue down the corridor again, going left 
after a very short distance and through into a 
room with the bottom of a mast in. Go into Dragon 
Time and hit the lever on the base of it. Quickly 
run around the mast and into the lift. The lever 
at the top opens the grating on the far side, use 
Dragon Time to get there in time. 

Kill the few scavengers that attack you as you 
reach this new checkpoint, once they're all dead 
and no more are arriving turn to the left and hit 
the lever next to where you came in. This'll drop 
a cannonball for you. Drag it over to the far 
left and put it in the cannon there (it's the one 
facing a pile of girders) and fire it. Quill 
[16/40] is found in the rubble. Hit the lever 
again and take it over to the right where there's 
another cannon. Firing this one will destroy the 
cannonball holder and make a way for you to jump 
up to the next part. 

You'll suddenly be onset with a horde of leaders 
and soldiers, and a couple of Fire Cannons on 
either side. Kill a load of them and a Scavenger 
Commander will appear. The totems mentioned are 
little statues that glow purple, a beam of light 
connects them to the things that it's helping. 
Smash the totems or you'll find that your enemies 
regenerate health while you're killing them. Go 
up the ramp at the back and take care of the 
Commander. Once he's dead a few more troops will 
pop in. Kill them and jump onto the left lift. 

Beat up the several Leaders on this platform, 
once they eventually stop appearing another lift 
will come down to you. Kill the soldier and jump 
on-board. Jump out once you stop and kill the 
platform full of scavengers, then look out to the 
far side of the platform. You should be able to 
see the Quill floating about on the end of the 
wooden bit. Simply walk out to the end to grab 
Quill [17/40] then hop back onto the lift and go 
back down. Walk along the rope bridge over the 
arena to the far mast. 

Jump straight into the lift sitting there and 
you'll be dropped down into a large battle. Kill 
all of the soldiers and leaders around down here 
first, then fire the cannon on the left. This 
will free a pair of Blunder Tails. Defeat those 
like you did the two in the arena; if they're 
close together you should knockup one and then 
the other and attack that one while the other 
recovers. Keep doing this and then finishing them 
off with a Tail Strike. Go up the steps to the 
left, lure the load of soldiers there down onto 
the deck and kill them all, making sure to smash 
any totems that the Commander throws down. Once 
they're all gone go up to the middle and use Ice 
Breath to help defeat the three Commanders at the 

Once you kill that last one a proper war will 
break out. Turn around and smash the large chest 
next to the steering wheel. Inside is Quill 
[18/40]. Walk down to the scavengers below and 
you'll see some Dreadwings destroy the deck. Once 
you've killed the scavengers to your satisfaction 
just jump down through the new hole (dying before 
getting through the hole means doing the entire 
battle over again). 

The big dumb pirate will start firing his hook at 
you. Dodge it a couple of times and he'll get it 
stuck. This is your chance to melee attack a few 
times him but as soon as he manages to free it 
you need to get out of his way. Keep repeating 
this simple method about three or four times 
until you eventually get his first health bar 

His second attack consists of firing several 
shots in a row, dodge these by walking to the 
side and then jumping back along the same path 
then walking it and jumping and walking and 
jumping until he finishes this attack. He'll then 
fire a couple of times with several bullets at 
once. Double jump right over these (or if you're 
in the air when he fires, get on the ground). His 
gun will start to spark after about four of these 
multi-shots and give you a chance to attack, a 
melee of three hit should be about right. You and 
he should then repeat this until you defeat him. 

Pirate Fleet
Glide down onto the deck of the pirate ship below 
you, landing in the midst of a bunch of 
scavengers. Kill the two that are left. If you 
want to kill the Armordillo locked in the cage 
you should be able to melee him, or just jump on 
the top of the cage and perform a few Tail 
Strikes. Anyway, go over to the far side of the 
ship and glide down to the next one, following 
Sparx as he changes direction so that you miss 
the Dreadwings. 

Once on the pirate ship kill the leaders and then 
use Ice Breath to get up to the Commander at the 
stern who you will need to kill. Once he's dead a 
small boat of three Soldiers will appear on the 
starboard side. This boat will take you to 
another small boat which you'll need to transfer 
to. This one will take you up to a third large 
pirate ship. 

Kill the few scavengers on here and grab a 
cannonball from the dispenser at the back. Take 
it to the cannon in the middle and fire it at the 
bits of wood blocking the other ship. Glide over 
the gap between the two ships and get read for a 
fight. A few waves of enemies will appear then a 
Commander will open up the top for you and some 
more soldiers will pour in. After defeating them 
but before jumping out of here, smash the 
treasure chest over next to the large crate. 
Inside you'll find Quill [19/40]. Now jump up out 
of there. 

Go up towards the Commander and he'll summon a 
bunch of soldiers to attack. Ignore them and just 
jump up to the Commander and kill him first. Once 
he's dead a small boat will arrive to the left of 
the ship at the back, kill the passengers and 
jump onto it. On this next ship you'll need to 
kill another bunch of scavengers. Before exiting 
and jumping on the next little boat, instead go 
up to the top back of the ship and use Earth 
Flail on the piles of straw there. The largest 
pile has a pressure pad underneath. Stand on it 
and the door in the middle of the deck will slide 

Dragon Time and run down into the hole. Behind 
the pair of crates on the left is Quill [20/40], 
that's half of them done. Jump up to the top of 
the room and the door will open automatically for 
you. Now get onto the boat to the right, it'll 
smash a hole into the next ship. 

Kill the scavengers that attack and then use the 
cannon to destroy a large crate blocking the 
exit. Then stand on the pressure pad at the far 
end of the room and go through the door. Kill the 
Ghost and the lone Blunder Tail at the far end of 
the room. A lift will come in, laden with a 
leader, which you should jump up to and get into. 
Emerging on the deck you'll want to kill the two 
Fire Cannons on either side and the Blunder Tail 
next to one of them. 

Go towards the back of the ship and kill the 
scavengers there, some soldiers will burst 
through a crate, kill the Commander behind it as 
well. Hit the lever up here at the front and a 
boat will turn up on the right-hand side. Ignore 
it just for now and head towards the back of this 
ship. On the right next to the treasure chest, 
jump over the barrier and onto a small boat 
sitting there. Jump onto the boats slightly 
further out to get Quill [21/40]. Now jump back 
and go to the middle right. Jump along the planks 
to the boat and get on. 

Glide down to the pirate ship below and 
Scurvywing will attack. Again. 

It's exactly the same as your previous fight. 
Dodge the red blasts by jumping to the side, and 
jump and tap flame when he goes down or is coming 
up to attack. Simple. 

Pirate Fleet
Head towards the back of the ship and hit the 

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