Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent

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    S       P   P  L          I     N N  N     T     E      R   R
     SSSS   P PP   L          I     N  N N     T     EEE    RRRR
         S  P      L          I     N   NN     T     E      R  R             
    SSSSS   P      LLLLLL  IIIIIII  N    N     T     EEEEE  R   R

     CCCCCC  EEEEE  L       L
    C        E      L       L
   C         EEE    L       L
    C        E      L       L 

    DDDD    OOOOOO  U   U  BBBBB  L       EEEEE
    D   D   O    O  U   U  B  BB  L       E
    D    D  O    O  U   U  BBBB   L       EEE
    D   D   O    O  U   U  B  BB  L       E

      A        GGGG   EEEEE  N    N  TTTTTTT
     A A      G       E      N N  N     T
    A   A    G  GGGG  EEE    N  N N     T
   AAAAAAA    G   GG  E      N   NN     T
  A       A    GGG G  EEEEE  N    N     T


  Submitted by Ricardo Licona
  Contact Information- Name: Ricardo Licona
                       Last Updated: 2*18*07


     01- To get to a section faster, press Ctrl+F and type the section number 
or the section name and click "Find Next" two times
     02- If you see any mistakes email me at and don't   
forget to type "Double Agent Walkthrough" as the subject. Otherwise I might 
erase your email.
     03- I don't really care if you post my walkthrough somewhere without my 
permission as long as you mention that it was written by me. So feel free to 
post it somewhere if you want.



Section   $
   #      $ Section Name
[1-0]     $ Versions
[1-1]     $ About Me
[1-2]     $ Copyright
[2-1]     $ Basic Basics
[2-2]     $ Controls
[3-1]     $ Solo Mission Overview
[3-2]     $ Iceland: Frozen Wilderness
[3-3]     $ Iceland: Munitions Factory A
[3-4]     $ Iceland: Munitions Factory B

1-0 Versions

     1.0-Most part of Iceland: Frozen Wilderness
     1.5-Finished Iceland: Frozen Wilderness

1-1 About Me

      If you didn't read my name above, my name is Ricardo Licona. I am 16 
years old. My birthday is on July 27, 1990. I am a junior and play video games 
whenever I have some free time. I like playing soccer and football. My favorite 
kind of video games are 1st person shooters,shooters,adventure, and action.

1-2 Copyright
      Copyright 2007 by Ricardo Licona

2-1 Basic Basics

_          1                          2                            3
_  --------------------   --------------------------    ------------------------
_  -                  -   -                        -    -        INTERACT      -
_  -                  -   -                        -    -_____________________-
_  --------------------   -                        -    -                 -
_                         -                        -    -     _____________    -
_                         --------------------------    _______________________-
_                                                                              _
_                                                                              _
_                                                                              _
_                                                                              _
_                                                                              _
_                                                                              _
_                                                                              _
_                                                                  4  5  6     _
_                                                                   OOOOO      _
_                                                     _____________Ol   lO     _
_                                          7 ---->    \ 8-->30+30 O l   l O    _
_                                                      \__________O l   l O    _
_                                          9 ---->      \10-->0    Ol   lO     _
_                                                        \__________OOOOO      _

  1-Communications Box:Displayed when Lambert,Emile,ect. speak to you
  2-Objective Box: An update or new objective has been added to your OPSAT/PDA
  3-Interaction Menu: When near an object,door,or person this menu is displayed
  4-Noise Meter:The line across indicates surroundings noise.Other dashes are 
your noise.If your noise is greater than the surrounding noise, then people can 
hear you.
  5-Stealth Meter: Shows the amount of light shining on Sam.If it is dark, you 
are immersed in shadow and can't be seen.
  6-Life Bar: Amount of health.When reduced completely, mission fails and you 
die.Recover health by drinking bottles inside Medkits.
  7-Weapon Display:Displays the current weapon in your hand.
  8-Primary Ammo:Ammunition for your current weapon.
  9-Secondary Function:If your current weapon has launcher gadjets or OCP, an 
icon is displayed here.
  10-Secondary Ammo:Displays your current launcher gadjet's ammunition.

2-2 Controls
                                         _ _ _L Button
     R Button--> CCC                CCC <------Z Button
               C  OO  C         C    Y  C
    Control----> O  O  START/PAUSE  B X C
      Stick   C   OO       O         A   C
               C         CCCCCC         C
                C     +  C    C  O     C
 Control Pad-------> +++ C    C OCO <----------C Stick
              C   C C + C      C O C C   C
              C  C   CCC        CCC   C  C
               CC                      CC

Move- Control Stick
Back against wall- Z+A
Aim- C Stick
EEV/Zoom- Z + C down
Pause menu- Start
Opsat/Pda menu- Z+Start
Interact- A
Crouch- X
Equip Item- B
Jump- Y
Night Vision- Pad Left
EMF Vision- Pad Up
Thermal Vision- Pad Right
Sticky Camera- Pad Down
Primary Attack- R
Quick Inventory- Hold Z+ Pad Up
Secondary Attack- L
Whistle/Co-op- Hold Z+ Pad Left

3-1 Solo Mission Overview

This is just the one player story mode.You are a Splinter Cell of a secret 
agency called the National Security Agency aka Third Echelon.

3-2 Iceland: Frozen Wilderness


 SC Pistol/40
 Sticky Shocker/4
 Sticky Camera/4

***This walkthrough will be a bunch of paragraphs that are short and describe 
the best and easiest way through the missions***

Start out by entering the cavern.Watch the video if you like and whether you do 
or don't, crouch slowly and walk towards the ice.Move behind the hostile and 
when the interaction menu appears, choose the "Grab Character" option. 
Interrogate him if you wish and either press L to choke him unconscious or R to 
break his spine which will kill him.If you accidentally choked him and for some 
reason want to kill him, shoot a bullet through his head with the SC Pistol.To 
make sure a hostile is dying, switch to your thermal vision and if the green is 
fading, then he is dying.When hostiles are dead, you can't see them with your 
thermal vision.Anyway, move past the debris of the snow sled to the ledge.When 
you are near enough, choose the Initiate Dynamic Hoist to lift Hisham Hamza to 
the ledge and then pulling you up. As soon as you get to the corner, quickly 
turn around and run back to the starting point but stop at the last corner of 
the cavern.You will see two hostiles there standing on a puddle of water. Equip 
your SC-20K and your sticky shockers.Shoot a sticky shocker at the puddle of 
water and it will knock out both men.Now you can go back to the ledge and 
continue on.Drop carefully and slowly off of the ledge as to prevent damage. 
Then tell Hisham to wait with the Co-op command(Hold Z+Left) while you go on. 
Crouch slowly across the planks and at the end, move to the left edge and drop 
down.Stay within the shadows until a terrorist kills one of his men and then 
hide behind the stacks of crates. Sneak up on the lone hostile and dispose of 
him. Climb up the ladder to the small shack.In there, use the medkit if needed 
and flip the switch on the panel.Now the doors are open so continue through 
them until you reach a gate. Initiate the boost over and go around the corner. 
Climb up on the pipe and pull your legs up. Shimmy forward a bit and wait for 
the guard to stand underneath you. Choose the Grab Character option to choke 
him and continue to the end of the pipe.It will move up and keep climbing to 
the top until you reach a rail.Wait for another guard who looks over the rail 
and move under him and grab him to pull him over the rail.Climb over the rail 
and you will see that at the end of this corridor is a surveillance camera. 
Dactivate it with the OCP and EMF vision. Use the medkit under the camera if 
needed.It will not see you if it reactivates because you are under its blind 
spot.Climb up the small ladder and cut the material to enter the factory

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