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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
for Game Boy Advance
by OTACON120 ( [email protected] )
Last Update and Current Version: 7/25/01 - v 3.2
Table of Contents
1. Intro
2. Updates
3. Walkthrough
   A. Hangar
   B. School II
   C. Marseille, France
   D. Warehouse
   E. New York City
   F. Skate Street, Ventura
   G. Rooftops
4. Credit
5. Legal Info.
6. Closing
1. Intro
As it is with most FAQs, I probably won't find everything on my own.
So, if you have a piece of juicy information, feel free to send your
submissions to [email protected] Also, if you have any questions,
also send those in. I may put yours up on this FAQ! >=)
Also, don't look for a character list with all of their specials, as I
already have an FAQ for that here. >=) Look there for help. ^_~ I have
also submitted several codes to GameFAQs, and if those don't appear on
the site soon, I'll post them here. Now, on to the FAQ!
2. Updates
6/11/01 - v 0.2 - First version of the walkthrough. I would have
submittied this complete, but I don't have riding five bells on School
II, as that is as much as I had time to put up right now. I will update
more later, when I don't have anymore plans. >=) So please don't e-mail
me about how to do stuff, asI already know, I just haven't had the
chance to put them up yet.

6/11/01 - v 0.5 - A little more added to the FAQ, still not complete
though. Got all the way to getting a gold medal on Marseille, France.
Also, added a few new websites to the Legal Info.

6/13/01 - v 0.7 - I know that there is already a completed version of a THPS2
walkthrough on GameFAQs, but the only reason that this isn't completed is
1.) I had plans the first day of work on this, and
2.) I would have had this done on the 11th, but I had a major keyboard
malfunction, keeping me from finishing this FAQ. So, until I can get a
new keyboard that doesn't mess up from time to time, I won't be able to
do this in full. Expect the walkthrough to be done by the end of the
week, if not, then I'll ask for the Walkthrough to be removed, so hope
for me.  >=) But I got all the way to collecting S-K-A-T-E in New York
on this update, isn't that good enough?

6/14/01 - v 1.0 - Finally! A full version! YES! The only thing I have
left out is Rooftops, as I don't know how to actually get to that level
yet. I have been there, but I don't actually know specifically what to
do to get there. When I figure this out, then I'l add the rooftops
level. Any help as to how would be greatly appreciated. >=) Also, new
site added to the legal info. I'm just glad I finally got it done...
still need to go out and get new keyboard though before I produce any
more Reviews and/or FAQs... >.<

6/15/01 - v 1.1 - No big Walkthrough changes here. Just been getting a
lot of offers to put this FAQ on people's sites, so that is all this
update is for. Another site to the legal info. Sorry for any
disappointments about expecting the Rooftops level. Not yet. >.<

6/16/01 v2.0 - HUZZAH! I've received some info. as to how to get to the
Rooftops level! Joy! Check it out ASAP! That's about it. >=) Check out
Credit to see who let me know.

6/17/01 - v 3.0 - I received word that I forgot to put in the part on
the Hangar of how to nosegrind over the pipe. Now it's there. Also
added anoher website to the legal info. >=)

7/17/01 - (Not So)Final - I've had many many people e-mailing me about the way
to access the Rooftops level, telling me it was not 100% true. Check the
Rooftops section to see really what you have to
do. Also, added a few sites to the Legal Info.

7/26/601 - v 3.2 - Back from the dead! I just got a new computer, and I
have pulled this out of reitrement, and the last uopdated I sent in is
no longer the final version! ^_^ Basically, I changed the e-mail
address on this and all my other FAQs, but no new info as of yet. This
means I will accept more e-mails about legal info. >=) Glad to be
working on this again. Also, one last note: I AM WORKING ON THE MONEY
matter how helpful or helpless, will be ignored if they contain any
from of the statement "You need the money locations!" Thanks you. >=)
3. Walkthrough
If I have forgotten anything in the walkthrough, or have any wrng ways
to get anything, please let me know at [email protected]
Also, if you e-mail me about something that could be added to the FAQ,
A. Hangar, Meacham Field, Texas
*** Get S-K-A-T-E ***
To Get S: Go straight down the ramp at the start, grind the rail and
then ollie to the S while still on the rail.

To Get K: Gain enough speed so you can grab some huge air off of the
lip of the banked wall behind that big airplane, then grind the lower
rail on the far wall. Then, when you get to the letter, ollie.

To Get A: Go to the ramp on the airplane and ollie off the top of it to
get the A. With the perspective of the Game Boy Advance, this make look
like a huge ollie, but you should be able to get it by your second

To Get T: First, get a lot of speed, then head toward the wall near the
T at a certain angle so that you can ollie right over the middle
barrier to the letter T.

To Get E: Grind over the lip on the left wall to a rail, and then when you get
to the letter, ollie to it.

*** Five Barrels ***
For the first barrel, just go to the halfpipe on the right side of the stage
and run into it.

Next, go for the barrel on the far side of the halfpipe in which you found the
first barrel.

For the third barrel, go into the open space on the right side of the
airplane. The barrel is near the near wall.

This barrel has to be the hardest barrel on the level, for me anyways.
This one is on a ledge on the far wall, near the left side of the
level. Just grind along the lip of the wall, until you reach the
barrel, then ollie over to it.

This last barrel is in a small, protective area. What you have to do is
turn into it from the banked walls to get to this last barrel.

*** Five Pilot Wings ***
For the first set of pilot wings, they are right over the start ramp.
To get these, jump diagonally from the inside wall, across the opening
of the start ramp, and grab the Pilot Wings in the air.

Next, head over the the halfpipe nearby. buold up plenty of speed, then
head over the the end of the halfpipe near the wall, and ollie over the
the floating Pilot Wings.

For the third set, girnd the lower wall rail in the direction of the
helicopter. Ride all the way to the end and then drop down onto the
Pilot Wings above the barrier wall.

Now, ride straight up the wodden ramp next to the barrier wall, and
ollie near the top of the ramp. Grab the Pilot Wings in the air.

Finally, on the other side of the barrier wall, grind the bump, and
when you are near the Pilot Wings, ollie up to them.

*** Nosegrind over the Pipe ***
Simple. Just align yourself with one of the pipes that go over the
halfpipe to the right of the start point. Head toward it, and hold
Up + A when you grind it to do a nosegrind. Nosegrind all the way to
the other side of the pipe. >=)

*** Three Hangtime Gaps ***
For the first hangtime gap, you have to jump completely across the
halfpipe near the start. Simply go straight down the start ramp, and
ollie over the halfpipe when you reach the lip of the halfpipe.

The second hangtime gap is jumping over the airplane. This jump is
pretty simple, just jump off of the wodden ramp on the airplane, but
you have to land at a certain angle or it won't count.

The last hangtime gap is jumping over the helicopter. Build up as much
speed as possible, and then head for a ramp on one side of the
helicopter, ollie of of it, and hope. >=P

*** Hidden Tape ***
First, to get the tape you have to gain access to the Wind tunnel,
which is done by grinding the propeller on the wall over the halfpipe
near the start. Simply ollie toward the propeller when you
reach the lip of the halfpipe, and when you are near it, hold A to make
sure that you don't have to try to get good timing on it. >=)

Then, head to the left side of the level, and grind the top of the ramp
behind the barrel Grind, and then ollie to the left. You should appear
in the Wind Tunnel.

Use the halfpipe here to gain Mega, MEGA speed. When you are fast
enough, jump diagonally across the gap in front of the Wind Tunnel
entrance. If you miss it, try not to jump as high as you are. >=)
B. School II, Southern California
*** Get S-K-A-T-E ***
To Get S: From the start point, turn right and grind the ramp that is
railing to the S. Ollie to the S.

To Get K: Go to the courtyard area near where you found the S. Go up
the ramp there, and ollie and do a spinning move, and grab the letter.

To Get A: Find the small rectangle building with the cement bench.
Grind the cement bench, starting on the right sideof the bench. The
letter is somewhere on the bench.

To Get T: Go to the ramp on the lower right-hand end of the level, and
do a few ollies off of it. Head toward the ramp at a slight angle, and
then ollie and spin off of the ramp to get T.

To Get E: From T, of the two buildings there, go to the right building.
Grind the rail, and ollie right before the end of the rail to get E.

*** Wall Ride Five Bells ***
On the same building where you got the E,, there is a bell on the side
facing the other building. Simply grind as you ollie into the wall to
wall ride into the first bell.

From there, go to the wall furthest to the right and top. Ollie off of
the raised platform (Opposite the stairs) and wall ride all the way
to the bell.

For the next bell, head back to the main area of the level. On your way
there, just generate enough speed to wall ride and hit the bell on the
wall of the huge building.

Remember the building where you found the A? Go there, and head to the
side facing the edge of the level. The bell is on the middle window.
Get enough speed to start your wall ride at the edge of the building,
and ride into the bell.

This bell is near the start, and has to be the hardest one, for me at
least. >=) You have to wall ride on the building that makes the upper
edge of the level, and wallie up to the bell.

*** Five Hall Passes ***
First, grind the rail between the stairs and the big ramp near the
start, and ollie up to it in the air. Optionally, you can just ollie to
it from the stairs.

Next, find the picnic tables a little to the right of the Hall Pass
mentioned above. Ollie onto the edge of the table, and grind until you
are near the end of the table, and then ollie again to get the next
Hall Pass.

Now, gain a lot of speed, and then ollie up to a rail near three blue
doors. If you have enough speed you will ollie right into the Hall

Now, in the lower wight-hand area of the level, there is a Hall Pass
between to wooden ramps. Just ride up one of the ramps, diagonally, and
jump diagonally across to the other ramp, and spin while in the air to
grab this Hall Pass.

This one has to be the easiest one in the level. Simply go to the right
of the last Hall Pass, to a raised  platform. Grind the lip of the
platform, and ollie up to the Hall Pass when near it.

*** Kickflip TC's Roof Gap ***
This is done on the two buildings in the lower right-hand area of the
level. Try to make sure that you have built up your speed, air, and
ollie stats before trying this. That will make it a lot easier. Use a
ramp on the border of the level, this will help you get some speed, and
then ollie off of a small ramp to get onto the first roof.
Then, basically just ollie to the building next to it, while doing a
Kickflip in the air.

*** Grind 3 Roll Call Rails ***
The first Roll Call rail is in the lower right-hand area of the level.
There is a ramp near a set of stairs. Use this ramp to ollie up
onto the rail of the stairway, and grind the entire rail to the very

The next rail is at the huge staircase near the start. Just grind from
the very top of either rail, all the way to the end.

For the last Roll Call rail, get onto the same rooftop you did to do
the Kickflip TC's Roof Gap, and grind the rail you find there.

*** Hidden Tape ***
Remeber the courtyard with the ramp? Go up that ramp to gain some
speed, then head to the opposite side of the courtyard and use the ramp
there to ollie onto the rooftop. When there, try to maintain the same
speed and ollie off of the air conditioner to the top of the other
building. Drop down into the enclosed courtyard area, and ollie up onto
the ledge and grind to the tape.
C. Marseille, France
For this course, on your first three heats, I recommend doing nothing
but going around and collecting bookoos of money. That way you can up
your stats some, and then take on the competition.

GRINDAGE: 8/10 - A lot of stuff to grind here. Find anything to gridn,
then try as many grinds as humanly possible to gain major points. When
I did this 5-0 Grinds and Nose Grinds seemed to get
me the most points.

VERTS: 9/10 - Ok, for the Verts, I recommend going around and making
huge combos that you know you'll be able to pull off.  There are two
awesome vert areas, and too little time to choose, just find one and
go. In your combos, try a few heelflips and kickflips. Also, add a few
specials in there when you can. This should help you get the Gold
Medal. >=)
D. Warehouse, Troy, New York
****NOTE: Players of the original THPS on N64 and/or PSX will not have too hard
of a time doing this level. It is almost exactly the same, with a few minor
differences. ****

*** Collect S-K-A-T-E ***
To Get S: Get some speed, then go to the small ramps at the left side
of the level, and ollie off one of the ramps there and grsb the S in
the air between the two ramps, or the kicker gap.

To Get K: Grind the lowest rail on the back wall of the level, and just grind
into the K.

To Get A: Just find the the taxi cab surrounded by wooden ramps. Simply
ollie off the wodden ramp up to the A floating over the taxi.

To Get T: From the right ramp at the start, at the bottom of the ramp
make a small u-turn and go to the ramp to the right of the bottom of
the right starting ramp. Go up then down this ramp and then jump the
halfpipe next to it, and grab the T in the air over the halfpipe.

To Get E: Simply go up the ramp to the left of the left starting ramp.
ollie when near the E, and grab it.

*** Five Crates ***
The first crate is right at the start, next to the ramp behind you when you

The next crate is near where you got the E. Simply ollie up to the ramp
where you found E, and the crate will be there.

Now, go to the puddle of oil on the left side of the level. There is a
crate in the middle of the puddle.

Ollie the edge of the tongue-shaped platform, then ollie onto it to get
this crate.

The last crate is behind the halfpipe, next to the raised platform with
the rail.

*** Five Spray Cans ***
The first one is in the area behind the start point, in the same area
as the crate up there, up the two ramps.  The ramp on the wall of that
area, in the bottom side of that ramp is a floating paint can.

The next spray can is on the ramp near the halfpipe, to the right of
the two big ramps. Generate lots of speed before you try to get this

On the raised platform behind the halfpipe, the platform with the rail,
there is a spray can on the rail. Grind the lip of the ramp on the back
wall, and grind all the way to this rail and then
ollie up to the can.

This can is in the upper right-hand corner of the level. Just ride up
to the corner, and ollie up onto the corner.

The last can is above the ramp opposite the oil spill. Just about any
move will get you enough air to get it.

*** Three Oldskool Gaps ***
The first gap is the starting ramp between the two vert ramps. Just get
plenty of speed, and hit one ramp, heading diagonally toward the other
ramp when you jump, and try to jump across the big starting ramp to the
vert ramp on the other side.

Is you got the S, then you probably already got this gap, but this gap
is on the two small ramps on the left side of the level. Just jump from
one ramp to the other.

The last gap is to jump over the tongue-shaped platform. Just hit one
wall, and ollie right over the tongue-shaped platform.

*** 5-0 the Big Rail ***
See the rail all by itself in the middle of the level? When you go to grind it,
hold Down on the Control Pad, and grind the entire rail.

*** Hidden Tape ***
Do a whole bunch of vert moves to get yourself up enough to grind the
uppermost rail on the far wall, and then grind and ollie as much as
possible to gain enough speed to ollie (or wall ride, you choose) to
the tape across the gap.
E. New York City, New York
*** Collect S-K-A-T-E ***
To Get S: Grind the bench near the start point, and ollie onto the
cement wall that is near it and grind the wall, in the direction of the
left side of the level. Just before you get to the gap in the wall,
ollie and grab the S.

To Get K: See the ramp near the blue cow? Get enough speed and go up
that ramp, and do enough vert moves to go high enough to grab the K out
from above the ramp. To Get A: Find the blue bench that is next to the
path leading to/from the blue cow area, and grind it. Ollie up to the A
when you are near it.

To Get T: Follow the path that the blue bench with A was on, and head
to the upper left-hand side of the level. On your way there, you will
come to an area with rails on both sides of the path. Ollie onto the
right-hand rail, and grind. Ollie as soon as you get on the rail to
grab the T; otherwise, you may have to turn around.

To Get E: After leaving the path with the T, will come to two ramps,
with a gap between them. Get major speed, then ride up one if the
ramps, and ollie and spin to the other ramp, grabbing the E
in the process.

*** Five Subway Tokens ***
The first token is floating above the gap between the two small ramps
in front of the starting point. Simply ollie off of one of the ramps
into the the air and grab the token.

The next one is farthest away from the rest, so go ahead and grab it
now. Go to the ramp that leads to the lower right-hand area of the
level, and grind the right-hand rail... ollie up to the
token when near it.

Now, go to the path that turns into a broken bridge, near the blue cow.
Grind the right-hand side of the bridge wall, and ollie when near the

For the fourth token, go down the same path that you found the T on. Go
all the way down it, and then turn at the end, and go up the wooden
ramp there. Ollie off of it toward the token to grab this one. If you
can't find the token's position, try looking for it's shadow. That

The fifth and final token is floating above the gap between the two
small ramps next to the building forming the upper border of the level.
Just like the first token, simply ollie off of one ramp toward the
other ramp, and grab this token while you're in the air.

***   Ollie The Fire Hydrants ***
The first hydrant is pretty hard to get. It is near the right-hand
bench of the two benches near the start. Simply go to it, and ollie to
it. Yes, ollie. It's not on the ground, it's floating. o.O
The other two hydrants will basically be the same way.

For the next one, go to the upper right-hand corner of the level. Ride
straight down the sidewalk, just inside the curb (note this is on
the upper side of the road), and ollie just before you get to the

And the last hydrant, is grabbed exactly the same way. This one is near
the two big cement ramps where you found the E.

*** 50-50 Joey's Sculpture ***
This is right near the start. From the start, turn right and hop over
the railing and land on the big rail looking thing in the lowered area
of the level (lower right-hand corner) and do a 50-50 grind on the
whole thing.

*** Wrangle The Blue Cow ***
You've been going around this thing a lot, but now it's time to ride
the bronco. This takes three different things to complete: First, see
the square shaped raised platform the cow is on? For aeach pair of
parallel sides, ollie from one side to the other, OVER the cow. This
makes two jumps. For the final one, line up with either end of the cow,
and then ollie and grind the entire cow's back.

*** Hidden Tape ***
Use one of the small ramps in front of the upper building where you got
one of the subway tokens, and ollie off of the small ramp, and wall
ride and wallie up to a rail. Grind this pipe all the
way to the huge electric sign. Ollie from the rail up onto the electric
sign, and grind the sign all the way until you see a multi-layered
fire-escape. Ollie up to the fire escape. You will now grind and ollie
all the way up the fire escape until you finally get to the
tape. Whoo...
F. Skate Street, Ventura
Same as the first competition, I recommend using most of your time here
just collecting money to up your stats. But you might want to spend a
little more time doing this, because the prices will probably be about
as expensive as 3 huge mansions made of 100% pure 24 karat gold, along
with 5 100% pure 24 karat gold Benzes.... >.< but I digress. Just get
lotsa money, and soup up your stats. >=)

GRINDAGE: 6/10 - Not as much grindage here as there was in the first
competition in France... but still some grindage. You could try to
grind the huge banked area up in the upper left-hand
corner of the level to get some huge air. You could even grind the
whole thing, and then drop down and grind the lip of the ramp below it.

VERTS: 10/10 - *Drool* Awwww.... Awesome, just awesome.... Thhere's a
halfpipe, a pool-type thing, many ramps and hill-types things.... and
lotsa lotsa VERTS! ^_^ My favorite ramp is the one in the upper right
hand corner of the level.... one of the best places to rack up major
scores. Once you get as much speed as possible there, soar into the air
and do as many inasane tricks as HUMANLY POSSIBLE! Sweet.... But
always, ALWAYS try to add in a special in your combos. Those will help
out a lot. But, you could also try out the other halfpipe, and the
pool-type thing, but the same rules apply. >=)
G. Rooftops, Boston
Well, there are two ways to get to this level: First, you could cheat,
and do  this code at the main menu or at the in-game pause menu: Hold
R, and press A, Start, A, Right, Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Down

Or, you could be a hard worker and get 2 gold medals with EVERY SKATER.
That means, all the  money, and 2 gold medals.

There aren't any items to pick up, or judges ranking your performance.
Basically, this level is just a goof-off level. But, I'll tell you what
little I know about it. >=)

To get from the smaller building to the larger building: From the
smaller building, ollie up onto the lighted billboard on the
upper-left-handed corner of the smaller building. Grind its edge, and
when you are close enough, ollie to the narrow ledge of the larger
building. Simple enough, eh?

Now, you're probably wondering how to get back now, huh? I didn't think
so, but I'm telling you anyway. Get mega, mega speed, and just ollie
off of the slanted skylight on the upper-right-hand corner of the
larger building to the other building. Simple, huh? Enjoy the rest of
your session of goofing off. >=)
4. Credit
Many, MANY people for telling me that the Rooftops access sent in by
someone else was not completely true.

Spencer ([email protected]) for telling me that I forgot about the
"Nosegrind over The Pipe" explanation.
5. Legal Info.
This FAQ should only appear on the following sites:

If you see this FAQ on any site other than the above mentioned, please
report  the site and it's URL to me as soon as possible at
[email protected] . This FAQ cannot be used in any form of printed or
electronic media involved in a commerical business, in any way, shape,
or form. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you want to use this FAQ or any part of it
on your personal website, please e-mail me ([email protected]) for
permission before you do so. If you want to place a link to this FAQ,
again, please e-mail me for permission. There is a specific way you
must do this, though. You CANNOT simply link to this document. By
GameFAQs legal rules, you MUST put your link to the gamefaqs.com page
that lists all of the FAQs for this game. Simply put, you can only link
to a webpage with a .htm or .html extension, not .txt or .doc! That is
unless, of course,you get my permission to link directly to my FAQ.
This Document (c) 2000 by Jakob Schiebert AKA OTACON120. All rights
6. Closing
That's it for this walkthrough of THPS2 for the GBA. I hope it helped,
and if not, sorry! If you have any questions/suggestions/comments about
this walkthrough, please let me know at [email protected] >=)

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