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-Creating Vehicles

Twisted Metal 4 is a challenging, fun, violent and entertaining game. Destruction, 
that's really what it's all about.

In a tournament you choose any vehicle of your choice and drive around shooting and 
destroying your enemies and everything in your way. Each level will have a different 
amount of enemies for you to choose. Always be prepared for a boss. Once you have 
successfully completed a level, you will be prompted to save.

A deathmatch is the same as tournament accept you can choose the level you would 
like to battle in, you may choose a difficulty and you may choose how many enemies 
you would like to battle against. You can play in played mode that allows you to 
play as many matches as you like. You also have a choice of playing won mode that 
allows you to play as many matches as you want up to 99. You must complete as many 
matches as you have chosen and there can be a tiebreaker, this is only for won mode.

Each character/vehicle/driver has his/her own special attack. Once you use up all of 
your specials then you must wait for it to recharge because it is no a weapon pick-
up. Advanced attacks require a certain amount of energy. If you do not have the 
required amount of energy for a certain advanced attack then you must wait until you 
do have enough energy. These advanced attacks are massive attack, rear massive 
attack, freeze, rear freeze, rear attack, high jump, shield and invisibility.

There are eight exciting levels of play:
-Construction Yard
-Neon City
-Road Rage
-Sweet Tooth's Bedroom
-Amazonia 3000 B.C.
-The Oil Rig
-Minion's Maze
-The Carnival
Each of the eight levels has a boss or two to battle after you destroy all of the 
enemies in that level. These bosses are:
-Crusher (Construction Yard)
-Moon Buggy (Neon City)
-Super Thumper (Road Rage)
-RC Car (Sweet Tooth's Bedroom)
-Super Axel (Amazonia 3000 B.C.
-Super Auger and Super Slamm (The Oil Rig)
-Minion (Minion's Maze)
-Sweet Tooth (The Carnival)

There are many weapon pick-ups scattered throughout each level:
-Fire Missile
-Homing Missile
-Power Missile
-Speed Missile
-Rain Missile
-Rain 2 Missile
-Ricochet Bomb
-Remote Bomb
-Remote Freeze Bomb
-Auto Lob
There are health pick-ups also. There are two kinds of health pick-ups, partial 
health and full health.

You can create your own destruction machine. Here are the options to choose from to 
create your own vehicle, size, style, paint, special attack, a phrase to say when 
firing the special attack and a name for your vehicle. You may use your created 
vehicle in tournament or deathmatch. When you have finished creating your vehicle 
you will be prompted to save your vehicle.

There are passwords to make your vehicle a destruction, killing, destroying machine. 
But you must find the passwords on your own.

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