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Some great ASCII artwork from...guess who? Adam Cooley. 

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                      __/ |                                

                      V I G I L A N T E  8
                       Author: marshmallow
                  E-mail Address: [email protected]
                         Version 1.0

    Eh? Oh, yeah, an introduction! Well, this game is available for both 
the N64 and PSX...If you have both systems, buy the N64 version, since 
it has a (IMO) better controller. If that's not enough to persuade you, 
then remember that you can plug in the 4MB Expansion Pak to get a few 
extra goodies...and can you say "Four player deathmatch"? Whoohoo!  

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Version 1.0

Revision History: 

July 15th - Mainly, fixed the characters section and the cheat sections.

April 17th - Fixed very small things no one cares about...
April 11th - First release. What else am I supposed to put here?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

A "*" will appear next to any section that has been updated as of July 
15th, 1999.  

Table of Contents
- - - - - - - - - - - - - 
1) 	Welcome
2) Cars/Characters *
3) Weapons/Items
4) Special Attacks *
5) Level Tips
6) Codes and Secrets *
7) F.A.Q*
8) Credits*
9) Legal Things
10) Contact Information/Farewell  

1) 	Welcome

Welcome to the happy, cheery world of Vigilante 8. If you've never heard 
of the series, then you're in for a ride. Rev up your engine, get your 
Machine Gun handy, and get ready to kick some rear! 

Like the commercial says, "Blow  up."

2) Cars/Characters

They're both the same thing, that's why there's a slash. Here's the 
Name:                Car name: 
Special Attack: 

                         - - - DEFAULT - - -

These cars are available as soon as you start up the game.

# 1
Name: Chassey Blue           Car name: '67 Rattler
Gender: Female
Quote: "Let's get on the mission, mmmmmmm?"
Special Attack: Gridlock - Sends out a dozen small energy balls that 
explode on contact. Very powerful, but difficult to aim (unless you get 
in their face). 
Description: Very nice looking,  but seems like a tomboy (at least from 
the select screen...). Blonde hair and all of that stuff.

Speed: High
Body: Below-average
Weapon: Above-average


# 2
Name: Click Clyde             Car name: '70 Clydesale
Gender: Male
Quote: "Ye-haw, here I come 'ya hick!"
Special Attack: Lightening - Will attack several times, and can stall 
your engine. 
Description: Classic yokel. Hick. Redneck. Chaw-bacon (that's what they 
used in the 1800's, believe it or not)...

Speed: Great
Body: Above-average
Weapon: Medium


# 3
Name: Shelia                  Car name: '69 Jefferson
Gender: Female
Quote:  "Eh, let's get wild, OK?"
Special Attack: 24mm Tantrum Gun - Blows all of the weapons away from 
the foes...also packs quite a punch.  
Description: Slightly oriental, black hair, black leather...

Speed: Average
Body: Low
Weapon: Too high for her own good


# 4
Name:  John Torque                   Car name: '74 Strider
Gender: Male 
Quote: "You ready to roll the dice, bro?"
Special Attack: Bass Quake Speakers - Talk about original! With these 
babies, he can cause shockwaves which will toss the opponents a good 30 
feet away. 
Description: African American with shades, and an afro larger than a 
Speed: Good
Body: High
Weapon: Medium


# 5
Name: Loki                      Car name: '73 Glenn 4X4
Gender: Male 
Quote: "Fasten your seatbelts, and get ready for takeoff!"
Special Attack: Scatter Missiles - Sends many missiles into the air, 
Description: You know the type...the 50 year old guy who has enough 
military equipment in his backyard to supply the Japanese.  
Speed: Bad
Body: Above-average
Weapon: Very high


# 6
Name: Houston 3                    Car name: '75 Palamino 
Gender: Female...uh...sorta 
Quote: "I may be half-human, but I'm all woman..."
Special Attack: Death 3 AX - Tracks your nemeses and steals their 
Description: A black woman implanted with cybernetic equipment, she has 
been ordered to destroy the enemy. Is there really a person in there? If 
you beat the game, and see the ending... 
Speed: Too good 
Body: Average
Weapon: Average


# 7
Name: Boogie                     Car name: '76 Leprechaun
Gender: Male 
Quote: "Whooo...let's get with the groove!"
Special Attack: Disco Ball - Inflates and then sends fireballs 
Description: If the name didn't give it away, then maybe the shiny 
clothes will: he is a disco fanatic! Disco disturbs me very much... 
Speed: Medium
Body: Below-Average
Weapon: Very high


# 8
Name: Beezwax                     Car name: '76 Stag Pickup
Gender: Male 
Quote: "Gonna sting 'ya REAL good..."
Special Attack: Bees - Will send radioactive bees towards the nearest 
vehicle...very powerful!
Description: The stereotypical farmer type. Actually, everyone in the 
game is very stereotypical...kinda gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling 
inside, doesn't it? 
Speed: Medium
Body: Medium
Weapon: Very high

                          - - - SECRET - - - 

These cars can ONLY be found by looking in the Secrets and Codes 
section. He...he...

# 9
Name: Dave                      Car name: '70 Van
Gender: Male 
Quote: "Sensors detect no intelligent life...hehe"
Special Attack: Call Collect - To aliens, that is. Call some UFOs and 
watch them swarm around your foe, attacking again and again.
Description: Nerd. Dork. Freak. Choose your favorite! 
Speed: Very high
Body: Too good
Weapon: Very high


# 10
Name: Convoy                         Car name: '73 Moth Truck
Gender: Male 
Quote: "Ain't nothin' on earth that can stop a convoy!"
Special Attack: Dynotire - Sends a tire rolling about, and strapped to 
it is a stick of dynamite. Strangely enough, the tire will track it's 
target. Hmmm...
Description: Old. Glasses. 'Nuff said. 
Speed: Very high
Body: He is supreme
Weapon: Bad


# 11
Name: Molo                     Car name: '66 School Bus
Gender: Male 
Quote: "Get in back of my bus, haw haw!"
Special Attack: Pollution - A very large cloud of black smoke comes from 
behind. Mmmmm...brain damaging...
Description: No, please, anything but that, no, no...NOT THE AFRO!! 
Speed: Low
Body: He is supreme
Weapon: Low

Also, as the bus, if you hit someone, you will damage them...A LOT!


# 12
Name: Sid Burn                      Car name: '69 Manta
Gender: Male 
Quote: "Is it getting hot in here? He haw he..."
Special Attack: Molotov - Sends fireballs every which way.
Description: A gangsta punk, Sid would probably want to spend his time 
burning cats than driving. 
Speed: He is supreme
Body: Low
Weapon: Low


# 13
Name: Y the Alien                   Car name: '64 Luxo Saucer
Gender: Unknown 
Quote: "Let the invasion begin!"
Special Attack: Luxo Laser - Sends beams out...exciting, eh?
Description: An alien...a cute one, at that. 
Speed: High
Body: High
Weapon: High

3) Weapons/Items

Machine Gun:  
Your main weapon, it's very weak and doesn't do much damage at all, but 
it's good for taking down landscaping. Infinite ammo.

Sky Hammer Mortar:
A large tube will be set up on the roof of your vehicle. The shot is a 
large purple blast of energy which will track down the nearest enemy and 
explode on it. It's not that powerful, though...The sound it makes 
reminds me of the grenade launcher in Terminator 2..."fwoomp!"

Interceptor Missiles: 
A triple barrel gun on your roof, the Interceptor Missile will be 
floating in the air for a few seconds before firing it's rocket 
engine...it will then track down the nearest target, leaving behind a 
cool smoke tail. 

Bull's Eye Rocket: 
I don't know why they call it Bull's Eye since it doesn't track. Very 
powerful, but difficult to aim. Leaves a red explosion!

Bruiser Cannon: 
Although it will follow your enemy's path (360 degree pivot...sweet!), 
that does not guarantee a hit. If both of the vehicles (yours and your 
target's) is going very fast, then it probably won't hit them...well, 
unless you are aligned up perfectly.

Roadkill Mine: 
This device is set up on your bumper, and will lay down one mine at a 
time. Each mine does very little damage, not to mention it is quite 

4) Special Attacks 

By entering certain button combinations, you can do special attacks, 
most of these are very powerful and worth memorizing (that is, if you 
plan on playing the game THAT long...).

Sky Hammer Mortar: 
1. Turtle Turnover - Down_down_down_fire machine gun_ (Costs 2 Shells):    
Sends a powerful green blast that will make an opponent flip over 

2. 	Crater Maker - Down_down_up_fire machine gun_ (Costs 5 shells): This 
yellow charge will send an enemy straight to Hell...or close to it, at 
least. Taking off nearly 1/3 of it's energy, the Crater Maker will also 
usually make a huge crater in the ground.

Interceptor Missiles: 

1. 	Halo Decoy - Up_up_down_fire machine gun_ (Costs 2 Shells): If any 
missile or attack is coming towards you and you fire this, the 
projectile will track the decoy instead of you.

2. 	Afterburner - Up_up_up_fire machine gun_ (Costs 2 Shells): The 
missile stays in the gun, but it fires it's engine, so you get a BIG 
speed boost.

Bull's Eye Rocket:

1. 	Road Runner - Up_down_down_fire machine gun_ (Costs 2 Shells): Not 
very useful, since it goes in a straight line...it if hits, though, 
expect the car to go out of control.

2. 	Stampede - Up_down_up_fire machine gun_ (Costs 5 Shells): Fires five 
missiles in a row. Obviously, whomever is on the receiving end won't be 
very happy about this.

Bruiser Cannon:

1. 	Cow Puncher - Down_up_down_fire machine gun_ (Costs 2 Shells): Fires 
a powerful rocket which will knock your foe high into the sky!

2. 	Buckshot - Down_up_up_fire machine gun_ (Costs 5 Shells): Fires five 
rockets...AT ONCE! Beware of the explosions.

Roadkill Mines: 

1. 	Bear Hug - Left_down_right_fire machine gun_ (Costs 2 Mines): The 
mine will not explode, instead it will create a huge vacuum effect which 
will suck anything near it inside. Anything from the outside can have 
fun making pot shots at the victims...

2. 	Cactus Patch - Left_right_up_fire machine gun_ (Costs 5 Mines): Lays 
a lot of mines..."Go boom!" 

5) Level Tips

Note: Depending on which character you choose your mission objectives 
will differ, as will the plot, levels, and ending. The Vigilantes will 
have to protect buildings while the Coyotes will have to destroy 
targets...Then to finish the stage you have to destroy all of the enemy 
cars. For the Coyotes, I will give a "Target description" so you know 
what to look for. When you are protecting something, just lead the 
enemy's cars AWAY from the target, this works very well...usually.

And, in no particular order...

                     - - - OIL FIELD - - -  

Target description: 
The oil rigs are small towers that have a metal rod going in and out of 
the ground. Also, you need to destroy the small brown towers. You can 
ignore the large conglomeration of oil tanks, though. The raw gas tanks, 
which are for Sid, is located in the gated off area (see below).

Secret Stash: 
In one area is a large fenced off area. To get there, shoot the gates 
and the door will be blown off it's hinges. Inside you can get all sorts 
of goodies, including wrenches and green diamonds.

Flaming Pipes: 
Near the starting point are two pipes with flames coming out, blocking 
access to an area with a wrench and green diamond. Well, shoot it with 
your machine gun and it will be blown up. Be quick, though, because the 
fire will return soon.

Defensive Tips: 
Since the enemy's target is all over the level, I suggest staying in the 
fenced off area mentioned earlier. It is away from the oil rigs and is 
enclosed, so no stray fire will hit the rigs.

                        - - - SKI RESORT - - -

Target description: 
Behind from your starting point, the condos are a group of shacks near 
the base of the mountain. You only have to destroy about 2/3 of them to 
meet the mission requirements...Just be careful, when they are 
destroyed, the explosions they leave can knock you back quite a bit! If 
you have to destroy the Ski Lodge, then look for the building next to 
the ski lift at the bottom of the mountain. The ski lift station, which 
you have to destroy as Houston 3, is pretty obvious.

Watch out below: 
Go to the very top of the hill and shoot down the large trees, a giant 
avalanche of rocks and snow will cascade down the mountain and sweep 
anything in it's path away, damaging it very much. How sweet is it to go 
down the mountain at top speed, with the camera so you can view behind 
you, and witness a helpless truck get swept away?

Does that come with fries?: 
Inside the lift buildings (at both ends of the mountain) - a wrench can 
be found. It will regenerate eventually, even when others get it. Just 
bump up against the blue door and it will open. This will also allow you 

Up, up, and away: If you get inside the ski lift as it is inside the 
building, it will take you up/down the mountain (depending on which 
station you visit it). The ski lift will allow you to collect the items 
that are floating in mid-air, as well as give you some protection from 
the war below. You can escape anytime by pressing "A." You can even be 
in the ski lift if the station has blown up!

Defensive Tips: 
Stay at the top of the mountain, since the condominiums are at the base 
of the mountain. Don't worry about making plenty of avalanches...hehe. 
Just be careful not to get caught yourself!

                         - - - CASINO CITY - - -

Target description: 
The Galaxy Hotel is easy to find because it is a huge building with a 
glass door and a sign that says "Galaxy Hotel." The other target is easy 
as well because it has a sign...The Wedding Chapel is directly in front 
of the Hotel, it looks like a church. Burn, baby, burn! :) For Sid, the 
gas stations are pretty much out in the open...

Beam me up, Scottie: 
You may have noticed many items on the roofs of buildings...you may have 
also noticed the blimp that is flying around. When it lands, you can 
drive inside of it and take control. By pressing "A", you can drop 
yourself on the roofs and collect the goodies!

Ramps to Heaven: 
When you destroy the gas stations, you can use the roof as a ramp to the 
nearby wrench. 
Defensive Tips: 
Just stay away from the above targets and everything should go smoothly.

                         - - - VALLEY FARMS - - -

Target description:                                   
The silos are large gray structures that look like smoke stacks. Watch 
out! They leave very large explosions...And the barns are, well, 

It Slices AND Dices: 
Shoot the windmills and the blades will fly to the nearest foe. Just be 
careful, sometimes it falls and hits YOU!

Surfin' the waves:
The water trenches make up a large part of the level. On both sides of 
the walls are valves, when you destroy one a giant wave of water will 
come from the building at the end. Much like the avalanche, it will 
sweep anything in it's path away. This is a very bouncy ride, and the 
end will see you flying 30 feet into the air and landing on your back. 
This is too funny! I can't stop laughing everytime I do this...Try to 
make the waves when a lot of cars are in the trench, but don't get 
carried away (unless you're like me and play the level just for fun).

Stupid bridge: 
Above some of the bridges are items, but they can only be collected by 
going full speed over the bridge. Problem is, you can only collect them 
when you are coming from a certain side...if you destroy them, it 
becomes even more annoying! :)

More Ramps: 
When you destroy the little wagons near the barns, you can use them as 
ramps to the upper area of the barn. 

The building at the end of the water trench has a regenerating wrench 

Defensive Tips: 
Again, stay away from the silos and barns. A few waves should also do 
quite nicely...

                    - - - AIRCRAFT GRAVEYARD - - -

Target description:
The aircraft towers are...well...towers. Just blow them up! As for the 
Chinook Helicopters, look near where you start. They're crashed, but 
still, they're helicopters. 

Planes Bad: 
Sometimes a plane will come down and land. Be careful! It can hurt you. 
If you're lucky, you might be able to lay a Bear Hug on the runway and 
someone might get stuck when the plane comes...

Planes Good: 
At the aircraft towers are two poles, and wires connect them. Drive up 
to the red light and shoot it/bump it, a plane will come and bomb the 
runway, destroying any enemies.

Drive around the outside of the level and you will find a donut shaped 
area with a lot of items...I mean A LOT!

More items!:
Inside a hanger are some items...

Defensive Tips: 
Again, stay on the opposite side of the level and everything should be 

                      - - - HOOVER DAM - - -

Target description:
The visitor's center is at the very top of the level. Go up the slopes 
and you will find a paved road, turn left and follow it and you will 
find it. The Transformers are also found on the road, but you turn right 
instead. They are the electrical towers...you only have to blow up a few 
of them. However, I would keep destroying them, because they hide a few 
goodies. For Sid, the Power Plant is basically the thing where you hit 
the switch to cause the electricity (see below).

Black holes: 
Enter the large black holes and you will be sucked in and spat out on 
the other side of the level.

Towers go BOOM!: 
The large metal towers, when destroyed, can be very dangerous because if 
it hits someone they will be damaged. Of course, that goes for just 
about anything in the entire game, but I pointed these out because they 
are particularly large.

Do not use in water...: 
At one end of the water trench is a large building, and a bridge 
standing on pillars. Get on the bridge and trigger the switch, it will 
send a bolt of electricity through the trench, much like the wave in 
Valley Farms.

                    - - - GHOST TOWN - - -

Target description:
The Indiana grounds are...well...really obvious. Funny, you wouldn't 
think a teepee would be so explosive, would you? Also, the bank can be 
found in the ghost town part. If you're Molo, you'll need to destroy the 
train station...it's right in front of where you start. 
Redneck Wonderland: 
Near the bottom area, sometimes a twister will appear out of no where 
and twirl you around. It doesn't do that much damage, though...

Trainy Wainy:
Don't ask. The train follows the train tracks, and if you blow up the 
boxes at the back you can get mucho items.

Tumble Weeds: 
Sometimes you will see a tumble weed tumbling around...if you hit it, 
the weed will cling to you and slow you down.

Defensive Tips: 
Don't make me say it again...STAY AWAY FROM THE TARGETS!

                        - - - CANYON LANDS - - - 

Target description:
The Gas Station looks like...a...GAS STATION! Sorry, but it does. It's 
at the very top, near the bridge. The Motel, by the way, is also next to 
the gas station. The ruins, which must be destroyed when playing as Sid, 
are located near the trailers and the grocery store (the one with the 
soda machines). They are near a fenced off area...it's hidden quite 

Bye bye bridge: 
You can destroy the bridge that connects the two areas. Of course, it's 
not that useful in the first place...but oh well :)

Smashy smashy: 
Along the road are some boulders, if you can hit them, they will roll 
about wildly, and if it hits someone...well...I don't have to tell you.

Defensive Tips: 
Again, stay away from the target.

I will not cover the secret levels because, quite frankly, there's 
almost nothing to talk about.

6) Codes and Secrets

These were obtained from Cheat Code Central.


Enter "GANGS_UNLOCKED" as a password. Note: This does not unlock the 


Enter "GIMME_DA_ALIEN" as a password.


Enter "DDDDDDDDDDDDDD" as a password. Alternatively, successfully 
complete all of "Y" the Alien's missions in "Quest" mode to unlock the 
Nintendo 64 exclusive bonus level. -From: [email protected]


Enter "JTBT7CFD1LRMGW" as a password. -From: [email protected]


Enter "LEVEL_SHORTCUT" as a password.


Enter "LIVING_FOREVER" as a password.


Enter "MISSILE_ATTACK" as a password.


Enter "FIRE_NO_LIMITS" as a password.


Enter "MAX_RESOLUTION" as a password (Nintendo 64 version only).


Enter "MIX_MATCH_CARS" as a password.


Enter "A_MOON_GETAWAY" as a password. (marshmallow's note: Try this with 
the waves of water in the Valley Farms area...loads of laughs for the 
entire family!)


Enter "POPULATION_OUT" as a password.


Enter "GO_REALLY_SLOW" as a password.


Enter "I_AM_TOUGH_GUY" as a password.


Enter "LONG_SLIDESHOW" as a password.


Successfully complete "Quest" mode with Chassey Blue and Slick Clyde.


Successfully complete "Quest" mode with Sheila and John Torque.


Successfully complete "Quest" mode with Loki and Houston 3.


Successfully complete "Quest" mode with Boogie and Beezwax.


Successfully complete "Quest" mode with all characters.

Secret Levels
= = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Secret Base: 
Beat the game using Dave and Molo

Sand Factory: 
Beat the game using both Convoy and Sid.

Super Dreamland 64: 
Beat the using Y the Alien.

NOTE: Super Dreamland 64 can only be accessed in Survival and Arcade, it 
can not be found in Quest mode. And it is only in the N64 
version...hehe. This stage is hilarious! It's like a super cute world! 
Rainbows, fluffy clouds, enemies with big eyes, pigs, chickens...then 
you get to kill them with your rockets.

7) F.A.Q

Q: When I'm flipped over, how do I return to normal? 
A: Wiggle the control stick back and fourth. Don't ask me how the car 
can do that, it just can.


Q: Is there anyway to make your car get a jumpstart? 
A: Why yes, yes there is. When you've come to a complete stop and start 
going, tap the gas button and you will quickly go to your top-speed. Use 
this before jumps for some extra distance...or when you're going to 
smash someone!


Q: Why can't I start my car? 
A: It's been stalled somehow. Just hold the gas and it will eventually 
come back on. In the meantime, you'll be open to any attacks...


Q: I don't understand this. I mean, it's the 70's, but everyone has 
modern technology, like the guided rockets, and the advanced aircraft in 
the Secret Base.

A: Shhhh...you're not supposed to notice that.


Q: How do I get a "whammie"? 

A: You have to hit a car with two or more weapons at once! Try cycling 
through the weapons while firing. Note: The machine gun does not count.

8) Credits

= = = = = = = = = = 

Nintendo: Well, they made the system I'm playing it on right now...

Luxoflux Corp.: They developed the game...

Activision: ...while they published it.

Internet Sites
= = = = = = = = = = 

Nintendo Power : I got all of the character 
information there. And besides, it's the official Nintendo site...

Gamefaqs.com : Besides all of my FAQs being there, 
they have a bunch of other cool Walkthroughs for more games than I could 
possibly count on both hands. 

Cheat Code Central : For the codes on the special 
weapons, the cheats, and the secret thingies.

= = = = = = = = 

Adam Cooley : As always, he made the cool ASCSII 
artwork at the top of this document. Purdy, ain't it?

Carl Wilkinson : After finishing a few of my 
sections, I went to Gamefaqs.com to get some more tips. I noticed that 
his FAQ's set-up was strangely similar to mine...So if I don't give him 
credit, people might think I stole from his FAQ or something. 

Garrett Beaty : Told me why Beezwax's bees 
cause damage (they're radioactive), and explained what the Halo Decoy 

9) Legal...Things

You may freely distribute this FAQ as long as the following terms are 
1) The version you are taking is from gamefaqs.com
2) You give me credit
3) It is shown in it's full version
4) This fine print is included
5) It will not be used to gain a profit by ways of selling or bartering 
6) You update it as I update it. I can not be bothered to send everyone 
the newest version, it would simply take WAY too long. And besides, I'm 
too busy (i.e. lazy). 

You may put it into HTML if you wish, but the above conditions must be 
met. It can be "broken into pieces" when in HTML as long as the text 
remains untampered, unaltered, unpirated, and just plain left alone 
(except for color stuff, bold, links, or whatever, but that's not 
changing the meaning). 

This document is copyrighted (c) 1999 marshmallow 
All Rights Reserved  

10) Contact Information/Farewell

Feel free to send any e-mail you may have, stupid, ignorant, retarded, 
below-average in intelligence, mentally a midget, or 
any...pornography...to [email protected]

Like last time, I like my porn HARDCORE! None of those sissy girls who 
just want a few bucks (hey, I know something that rhymes with that...). 
No, no, I'm sorry. I have to end this FAQ in a mature and respectable 

Scratch that last comment...

                           - marshmallow -

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