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Warhawk Strategy Guide

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                  Warhawk Strategy and Walkthrough

      : Product      : WarHawk     /    Type    : Shooting game :
      : Release Type : Walktrough  /    Done By : ThE RaVeR     :
      : Release Date : 18-01-1996  /    Supplier: - -           :

 There are two classifications of weapons in Warhawk: those that lock-on
 and those that don't. the swarmers and lock-ons will home in on the
 targets; therefore, these can help identify weak points in enemy
 structures. However, these should be saved for moving targets. Unload
 the rockets or plasma cannon on anything standing still.

 Swarm Missiles:

 Because the Warhawk shoots six of these, they are effective in hitting
 moving targets. The super swarm missiles work the same but are faster
 and more powerful.

 Lock-on Missile:

 these are super strong but slow and inaccurate unless the target is
 stationary. You don't get very many, so use them sparingly. The ultra
 lock-ons are the best missiles.


 You get tons of these. They're powerful. Because they don't lock-on,
 you'll want to use them against something easy to hit. Save the
 Swarmers and Lock-ons.

 Plasma Cannons:

 This can wipe almost everything out, but it's extremely hard to us.
 You're better off using one powerful shot instead of a bunch of little
 ones not charged up much.

 Flash Bomb:

 This weapon completely wipes out enemy fire for a short period. It can
 aid you in recharging your fields, so save it for a while when you are
 about to die.

 Doomsday Bomb:

 This thing rocks, blowing up everything in sight. It can be of great
 help when you can't find a place to hide in the canyon or gauntlet.
 It will also wipe out main targets.


 - The green arrow in the middle of the radar points to your primary
   target. if you get lost or don't know what to do, just follow the
   radar and aim at something red.
 - Your front shields are the strongest. Some of the damage to these
   will bleed off to the sides.
 - Make sure you are always moving and never flying in a straight path.
   Instead, you'll want to keep changing your course constantly as you
   home in on the target. This will confuse the enemy.
 - The planes and tanks in the levels will regenerate when killed, so
   don't waste your missiles on these dudes.
 - you can recharge your shields by constantly doing loops by holding
   down on the controller or by doing a really sharp turn by pushing
   right on the control pad while holding down R2 and you afterburners.
   Just hold your pattern until the shields are full.



The Unified International Forces saw the defeat of Strike Force Alpha,
and they're at a standstill. Everything about Kreel is a mystery. He can
set up installations and then vanish. He also possesses an unknown fuel
source that powers his forces. Your mission is to enter the warzone to
seek out this new fuel source. Once found, bring it back to headquarters
for further investigation.

Initial Target:

The first part of your mission requires you to destroy the four towers
surrounding the pyramid. The suggestion is to use your Lock-ons since
two of these will do the job. The other option would require either three
swarmers or six rockets. Once these are destroyed, the pyramid in the
middle will rise up out of the ground. you will find the fuel source
inside the pyramid. The guns on the temples can be destroyed with two
rockets. If you destroy them before attacking the pyramid, your mission
will be much easier. Also, you can get powerups from them.

Final Target:

Once you completely destroy the initial targets, the game will jump into a
cinema display, and the pyramid in the middle will rise from the ground.
In order to find the fuel source, destroy this pyramid. This can be done
in one of two ways.
Method One:
The easiest way to defeat the pyramid is to destroy the eight generators.
These can each be taken out with a single rocket or swarmer, which is why
you should use the Lock-ons in phase one. The suggestion is here to come
in low and only take a shot per pass.
Method Two:
This method is a bit more challenging, and it requires you to attack the
red eye on the pyramid. your swarmers and Lock-ons will not home in on
this target, so hit him with a full 800-blast from the plasma cannon. This
combined with a plethora of rockets, will do the job.


Upon returning from the desert, you barely have time to get out of your
ship to use the bathroom. Since you have the most maneuverable ship, you
are ordered to leave immediately and fly through a canyon to find and
destroy some unknown source of interference that is wreaking havoc on the
Unified International Forces.


- Powerups can be found in little caverns that branch off from the
  canyon. They aren't shown on the map.
- Many of the powerups wont't be revealed until you kill an enemy.
- At a certain time a line on the radar will be shown that represents
  bombers. If you don't stay in front of this line, you'll be pelted by
  bombs from above.

First Mid-Boss:

In order to defeat this Boss, destroy the five red spots. Use either
your rockets or Plasma Cannon, and save the Swarmers and Lock-ons for the
guns on the walls, tanks on the ground and the ship on the river. If you
lose your shields, you can rebuild them by sitting by the base of the Boss
and waiting until they recharge.

Second Mid-Boss:

This Boss can annihilated by destroying the guns rotating around. Since
these guns are rotating, your swarmers will have a hard time doing any
damage. You will want to use your rockets or Plasma Cannon. If your
shields are low, you can hide below the pinnacle located it the Boss'area.
Search the wreckage of this Mid-Boss, and you'll find a Lock-On power up.
A Dooms-day bomb lurks in the carcass of this Mid-Boss.

Third Mid-Boss:

This dude is easily beaten by destroying the two red squares. Like the
first mid-Boss, you can rebuild your shields by positioning your ship
just underneath this mid-Boss. Once there, just kill het engines and sit,
hovering until your shields are full.

Final Boss:

After you defeat the third mid-Boss, you'll want to fly close to the water
because you'll find a tunnel. This tunnel will take you to a new section
of the canyon, but it is not shown on the map. This section has no power-
ups in it and is pretty much straightforward. At the end of this canyon,
look towards the ground, and you'll find a square tunnel you can go through
that will take you to the Boss. Once at the Boss, you won't have to do
anything different than you did on the mid-Bosses. You once again have to
destroy the squares. Also, there are stone pillars in this area that you
can use to hide behind if you need to. Once you beat him, look in the
pillars that held him on the wall. You'll find two Red Mercury containers.


Well, it seems as though a messenger escaped the canyon before you could
wipe it out. This is good, because the messenger has been traced to a
cloaked transport over the Pacific. Now with the International Forces
providing interference, you can get to fly in and steal the cargo off this
transport. Oh, by the way, you have to do this alone because all the
others have been wiped out.


- The Doomsday bomb and Flash Bomb are located inside the ship. They are
  in the same room as the red mercury containers, but you may have to blow
  up some crates to find them.
- When attacking the Hammerheads, don't waste your time going after the
  turrets on top of the sharks. Instead just come at the Hammerheads from
  below, and the turrets won't even fire at you.
- When attacking the turrets on the mainship, you can dodge their fire by
  flying in an S pattern toward them. You'll basically slalom through
  their bullets.
- In the clouds there's a shield, Lock-on and Swarmers power-ups.

Initial Target:

First, you'll want to destroy the four Hammerhead escort fish surrounding
the big ship. when destroying these, you'll want to approach them at water
level. When you get a shadow, start pulling up so you can shoot the
rockets at their underbellies. When you destroy a Hammerhead, it will fall
into the sea and a power-up will appear. the two Hammerheads that don't
have icons by them on the map will reveal red mercury containers.
However, make sure you don't pick these up until you have all four sharks
killed. because after you pick up the first container, the guns will be
triggered, creating more enemy fire.

Next Target:

Next, take out the gun turrets. You could use a 400-point charged Plasma
Cannon on each one. Once these are destroyed, the back off the ship will
open. this is where you want to go next.

Final Target:

The last target is the inside of the ship. You'll first want to go to the
back of the ship. Once there, fly into the ship and use your guns to blow
away the door on the right side of the screen. Follow the path to three
containers and the Doomsday Bomb. When you are leaving, use the Doomsday
Bomb to blow away any remaining guns on the walls. This will not only
destroy what's in your sight, but it will also destroy the gun on the other
side of the ship. When you leave this passageway and fly inside the front
of the ship, you should have no problem because everything will be dead.


Well, it seems as through you got Kreel's attention when you destroyed the
convoy, considering he launched a series of attacks against the nations
around the world. However, there is hope. The destination of the convoy
has pointed to Kreel's main research facility. You must now go and
annihilate this sight. You cannot fail. Failure could mean full-scale
nuclear war.


- Many of the power-ups will only be revealed after you destroy either
  a tower or gun turret.
- Once you blow up one of the towers, it will start shooting Lava Bombs
  at you. It is a good idea to start above the clouds because you won't
  have to worry about Lava Bombs from the lower towers coming at you.
- The first thing you should do on this level is grab the Super Swarmer
  power-up shown on the map. You'll find it sitting on top of a tower.
  If you destroy the tower first, the icon will disappear.
- You'll find two containers in the towers above the clouds, and two
  form those below.

Initial Target:

The first part of your mission requires you to retrieve four red mercury
containers from the towers. The best way to destroy these towers is to
hover your ship just in front of the tower, then keep moving up and down
to avoid the enemies'shot. You can destroy the tower by shooting its red
base; However, it takes twice as many missiles to destroy the tower this
way. Instead, you will want to take it out piece by piece, starting at
the top and moving down.

The Boss:

Once you get the four red mercury containers, the top of the volcano
will turn into a Boss. You won't need any weapons after you destroy
him, so just start whaling away. The suggestion here is to keep full
afterburners on, making repeated runs at the Boss. If you try to stop
in front of the Boss, you'll find yourself getting bombarded.


Finally, Kreel's main stronghold has been located, but not before he
launched a major worldwide offensive. Every National force is now
engaged. However, you draw the luck mission. The mothership had
maneuvered to a low orbit over Kreel's stronghold. A decoy is to be
sent out to occupy Kreel's forces, so you can be transported inside
the fortress to find and destroy Kreel yourself.


- A Doomsday Bomb can be found in the top, back corner of the fire room.
- You can choose either path to get to the Gatekeeper; However, the left
  path tends to be a bit easier. The last legs on the right side are
  extremely difficult.
- The vertical shafts are quite useful, they let you rebuild your shields.
  However, these can also kill you because there are tanks waiting at the
  opposite side of every shaft. When descending, have your Swarmers ready
  because you will be attacked the instant you hit the bottom. On the
  other hand , when ascending, you can lock-on to the tanks before they
  can shoot you, so just pop your nose up, fire and move back down.
- When flying through the hallways, get as low to the ground as possible.
  This way you can go under all of the rods shooting out of the wall. Also
  , don't try to force yourself through a doorway, because if you get
  smashed, your shield will be gone.
- The fire rooms are extremely easy. Just fly slowly and use your right/
  left slide to slalom between the flames. This is also a good place to
  rebuild your shields.

The Mid-Boss:

First, you'll want to destroy the guns below the Boss with your rockets.
Once this is done, just hit each face with Lock-ons or Swarmers. After
you kill the Boss, look for power-ups in his remains. Fly around the
perimeter to rebuild your shields if they get low.

The Gatekeeper:

You'll find the Gatekeeper at the end of the level, and he can easily be
beaten with a powerful shot from the Plasma Cannon. This can be very easy
if you kill all the enemies in the hallway just before you get to the
Gatekeeper. This way you can use the hallway to charge your Plasma Cannon,
and you won't have to worry about getting hit by the Boss.


This is it. you finally get the chance to do battle with Kreel; However,
this may not be as easy as you think. It seems as though Kreel has found
a way to tap the power of red mercury into his veins. With this power he
is godlike and can unleash powers beyond you imagination. You must not
fail because if given any more time, Kreel will become untouchable.
The survival of the world rests on your shoulders.


- There is a full weapons power-up on the top of the tower. You should
  save it until just before you battle Kreel because it will disappear
  after Kreel appears.
- Don't waste your time searching the area surrounding the tower.
  Although the graphics are very cool, there is nothing to blow up and
  no power-ups to be found. The only thing the surrounding area is good
  for is recharging your shields, and in this level, it can be quite
  difficult. Your best bet is to fly with full afterburner while
  constantly swerving around, messing up the enemy ship's aim. Also pay
  attention to your radar because the enemy planes will try to ram you,
  and this does a number on your shields.
- Once you destroy all the energy fields, spike launchers and rams-head
  launchers, a door will open at the top of the tower. Before you fly in,
  go to the top and get the full weapons reload because once you go inside
  the door, your battle with Kreel begins.
- When you are battling Kreel, you will see a message on the screen that
  says, "Tower Energizing". When this appears, a power-up is placed on top
  of the tower. You have to get to it before Kreel does, or he will grab it.
- It is possible to destroy Kreel's henchmen, however this takes a hell of
  a lot of ammunition. Once they are gone, they will not come back, so it
  may be to your advantage to kill them. On the other hand, that is
  basically a waste of time.

Initial Target:

The first thing you must do in this level is destroy the energy fields
preventing you from getting to the top. This can be done by attacking the
towers. Each energy field has four towers that must be destroyed. You
should destroy the first and second level of towers using your rockets
while using your Swarmers on the third.

Next Target:

After you destroy the energy fields, attack the rams-head launchers and
spike launchers. However, be extremely careful when attacking these. One
hit will wipe out almost all of your shields. You should attack flying at
an upward angle from the bottom of the tower, using your lock-ons.

Defeating Kreel:

In this part of the game, Kreel is a real meanie, and it takes a lot of
patience to beat him. When he first comes on the screen, you will find
yourself completely surrounded by his fire. Your safest option is to
hit your afterburners and do an immelmann to fly to the bottom of the
tower. Kreel and his henchmen will not follow you down there, so you can
use this area to rebuild your shields when they get low. Once your shields
are powered-up, you will want to concentrate your efforts on Kreel's leg.
Using lock-ons, approach Kreel straight-on. When you have a lock, fire
your missile and immediately push straight down. If you fly past him or
turn in any way, your missile will miss. Also note that your best change
of doing damage is when Kreel is standing still. Additionally, you will
want to attack from the right when shooting at his right side. Once his
legs are destroyed, you can perform the actions discussed in the sections
entitled ending #1 and ending #2. However is you want to see the third
ending, you will have to keep whaling away at Kreel, attacking his mouth
and eyes.

End #1:

The first ending requires you to kamikaze yourself into the mouth of
Kreel. you should first destroy his legs before you do this so you don't
die before your time. Once you fly in his mouth, you will detonate the
last red mercury capsule and save the fate of the world.

End #2:

This ending is good for you, but it is a bummer for your mothership
because it will be blown up. This is done when you keep attacking Kreel,
and don't detonate the red mercury capsule. After you shoot his mouth
and eyes for a while, they will turn blue. Then his eyes will blacken,
but he will save the capsule before he allows you to destroy his mouth.

End #3:

The third ending is the best of the three. It's very similar to the first
ending discussed, but you don't die. Instead, the world lives happily ever
after. This ending is done exactly the same way, but before you fly into
his mouth, you eject from the cockpit, so only your ship blows up.


Hope you enjoyed the game.

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