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1. Disclaimer / Legal Issues
2. Characters
3. Basic Impact Strategy
4. Special Controls
5. Stores / Houses
6. Other Important Notes
7. Walkthrough
8. Final Notes and Comments

1. Disclaimer / Legal Issues
This disclaimer follows all of the disclaimer rules of The Mystical Web Site 
of Goemon. This walkthrough is free use for all. However, it may not be used 
or posted by another site without the consent of The Mystic Ninja, and it 
must not be sold or use for profit / barter in anyway (unless approved by The 
Mystic Ninja, who can be contacted at [email protected]).

2. Characters
*Goemon (Guy in Blue Hair and Red Outfit)
Main Weapon: Pipe
Projectile Weapon: Ryo Toss
Charged Up Projectile Weapon: Flaming Ryo Toss (Goes through barriers -  
	useful for hitting switches or enemies past force fields.)

*Ebisumaru (Fat Guy in all Blue Outfit)
Main Weapon: Hook Glove (Used to swing on hooks to reach higher places.)
Projectile Weapon: Ninja Star
Charged Up Projectile Weapon: Super Ninja Star (Bounces of off walls - useful  
	for hitting switches in hard to reach places.)

*Goruku (Barbarian Guy with Green Hair and Yellow Outfit)
Main Weapon: Punch or Kick (Can break blocks and rocks.)
Projectile Weapon: Rock Smash
Charged up Projectile Weapon: Boulder Smash (Can also break blocks, 
	especially below you.)
Other: He can push / pull blocks if you make him stand next to the block and 
       push and hold the SQUARE button, and then use the D-pad to move the 

*Baban (Guy with Sunglasses, Brown Hair, and White Outfit)
Main Weapon: Stick Slash
Projectile Weapon: Sparkle Rocket (Can put out fires.)
Charged Up Projectile Weapon: Super Sparkle Rocket (Can also put out fires.)
Other: Jumping, and holding the Jump button (X button) will make him hover 
       for a short time

**Strength of Character Attacks (From Strongest to Weakest)
Goruku (His projectile attack has almost no range)

3. Basic Impact Strategy 
(To be used in this exact manner unless otherwise noted!)
*Side View Mode
-Move up and down, while punching everything you can.
-Keep Impact in the middle of the screen.
-Use nasal bullets ONLY when too many enemies get on the screen for Impact to 

*Battle Mode
-Punch or shoot all projectiles that come at you.
-Use the pipe bombs early in the game.
-If the enemy tries any direct attacks (punches, etc.), BLOCK!
-When in doubt, BLOCK!
-When the enemy robot charges you, counter with a punch combo.
-Use the powered up nasal bullets attack when possible.
-Left, Left, Left, Right punch combos work well.

4. Special Controls (IMPORTANT!)
All controls for this game can be found at The Mystical Web Site of Goemon's 
Import Page on this game (now located at 
However, some more specialized control tricks are:
-TRIANGLE button: Skips through dialogue.

-Charged-up projectiles are done by switching to the projectile weapon and then       
holding the ATTACK button (SQUARE button).

-With Goruku, you can push/pull blocks by holding the SQUARE button and then 
 pushing the appropriate D-pad button (left or right).

-With Baban, if you press and hold the X button (the jump button), he will 
 hover for a short time. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT TRICK.

-With Ebisumaru, you can hook on the hooks in stages and swing, then jump to 
 reach higher places. Sometimes, you will have to jump to another hook. You can 
 affect how far Ebisumaru can jump from a hook by how far he swings (by pushing 
 the left and right button on the D-pad), as well as the length of the hook (up 
 and down on the D-pad). 
 This affects how Ebisumaru can jump in a number of ways. 
 This technique can also be used to reach hard-to-reach hooks, because you can 
 use the D-pad to adjust the hook's length / direction in mid-air. The longer 
 you hold the square (attack) button, the longer the hook stays out!

-Press up on the D-pad to grab onto tightropes, ladders, etc. While on the rope, 
 if you hold up, and then jump (X button), you can jump from the rope, and grab 
 it again (let go of the up button if you don't want to grab the rope). YOU WILL 

-In the mini games, X is always the action button (whether you have to JUMP 
 in the first game, or SHOOT in the second game)

5. Stores / Houses
Armor Store - Usually a medium size house with blue curtains (with Konami 
	symbols) on the front. Use to buy backup food (rice balls, etc.), and 
      armor/ helmets (which reflect hits and shots, respectively), which 
	varies in strength (from weakest to strongest: straw, silver, and gold).

Food Store - Usually a small house with a small orange lantern in the front. The 
	food there refills your health immediately!

Hotel - You can do two things here:
1. Save: Pick the last option, then the first option when talking to the 
2. Hotel Stay (Refills Life): Pick the first option, and then pick from the 
	three choices (50, 100, and 150 ryo; the most expensive, the more life 
	that is recovered)!

Fortune Teller - Usually a big decorated house with really big red curtains. If 
	you can read Japanese, you can get hints from the fortune teller, which 
	hints to your next objective in the game. It's free too.

All of the locations of these stores / houses can be found on the town maps. 
(What maps, you say? Keep reading...)

6. Other Important Notes
-If you got this walkthrough from The Mystical Web Site of Goemon, then you 
 really should use the maps that are "with" this walkthrough. 
 If you got this from GameFaqs, you need to get these maps from The Mystical Web 
 Site of Goemon (since this is a product of that site). Go to the Goemon Imports 
 section, and then go to this game's page. The maps are available there (and 
 there are ALOT of references to the map, so you almost need it)! There are 
 The website is located at http://mysticalninja.virtualave.net. This game's 
 Import page at this site is http://goemon.8m.com/GoemonImport/psx1.html. 

-You should use Baban (because of his jumping and hovering abilities) when you 
 can. However, I promise you, YOU WILL HAVE TO SWITCH CHARACTERS A LOT!

-Experience points are important. Gradually, they will upgrade your weapons by 
 three levels if you gain enough by the end of the game. An upgrade to your 
 weapon increases its damage capabilities (and increases its range in some 
 You get a few for picking up those small silver boxes that enemies drop when 
 you kill them, and you get even more when enemies drop scrolls. You even get 
 experience for killing enemies themselves, but remember that killing an enemy 
 with a projectile gives you less experience than killing an enemy with your 
 main weapon.
 Killing a boss gives you a lot of experience, but don't fight a boss with less 
 experience than you could have earned by yourself, or your boss battles will be 
 alot harder.
 You should be at the following levels at these times:
1. Level One – You start the game at this level.
2. Level Two – After you exit the Spaceship Stage.
3. Level Three – After you beat the Rock Stage Boss (Boss 3).
4. Level Four – After you complete the Japanese House Stage.

-In the town view mode, sometimes there will be sparkling sign around. If you 
 walk up to the sign and press the X button, the game will allow you to save! 
 You can save here in the same manner that you would save at a hotel.

-RULE OF GOEMON 1: Learn to go in towns and talk to everyone. Remember where 
 people in general are. This will help you alot when you have to go back and 
 talk to certain people in order to advance in the game.

-RULE OF GOEMON 2: When you enter a town, always save your game, replenish your 
 energy, and buy rice ball and armor. Always save money for these purposes.
 You should never leave a town without full energy!

-Finally, a note about the three balls that you see when you pause the 
 game...they mean NOTHING! They don't do anything, and I don't know why Konami 
 put them there!


7. Walkthrough

Town 1 (Map One)
Start by talk to the guy next door to the right from where you started. Then, go 
into the armor store (see map one), and get the item which looks like a green 
bag with red beads (you need it). The talk to the guy in the house to the left 
of where you started (try both responses; it moves the guard away from the 
exit). Before leaving (hopefully, you've stocked up on items by now), get the 
fortune doll in front of the exit gate where the guards are standing (on the 
left, next to the river and the wall). Then talk to the guard. After the 
conversation, he will move and you can exit.

The Forest
Jump across the rocks in the water, and when you reach the other side, go 
straight down for a fortune doll (it's partially covered by a tree). Go north 
from there, past the four statues (remember them), and follow the path until you 
reach a boy who is stuck behind a boulder. After the conversation, go back to 
the four statues, and jump in front of the second from the left a couple of 
times. This moves the boulder. Go back to the boy, and you will see that he is 
free. After another conversation with the boy, proceed on, past the big bamboo 
stalk (you'll have to return here later on in the game), and into the next 
section. Proceed east, then south past the colored caterpillars (which you can 
kill. Eventually, you will reach a sparkling sign (where you can save your 
game), and then you can proceed south to start the first stage.

Forest Stage
This stage's beginning is straightforward, but just remember that Ebisumaru's 
glove can hook on to hooks (see "Special Controls"). 
When you reach the ladder with an enemy that throws bombs, go to the right to 
collect money and food, and further right for a fortune doll. Continue right, 
kill the bomb-throwing guy, and jump over the bamboo spikes that fall.
Go down the ladder next, and continue left for another fortune doll. Then go 
right, up the next ladder, and to the right for another fortune doll. Then go 
back down the ladder. To your right is a log wall with a switch on the other 
side. It will pass through, hit the switch, and allow you to move on. You will 
need to do this again to reach the boss's lair.

Boss 1
To beat him, jump on the hands on the side, and constantly toss charged up coins 
at him. You must not let him get close to you, and don't forget to jump over his 
stars. It shouldn't be long before he is defeated.
The boss is really Goruku in disguise, and he joins your group after you defeat 

Go back through the stage until you reach the waterfall near the beginning (but 
you need to be at the top of the waterfall. If you are on the top route, you 
should reach a halfway-cut tree, and Goruku will break it (showing an item). The 
group takes the item, and immediately you are transported to a log surfing game 
(which allows you to save before you begin).

Log Surfin'!
In this "game", you must dodge rocks, logs, and then enemies (which you can 
kill). Since this is LOG surfin', remember that pushing the up button makes you 
move down, and vice versa.
During the logs and rocks sections, stay in the lower-left corner of the screen, 
and move back and forth from there when obstacles come your way. When the 
enemies with guns come, move toward the middle and eliminate oncoming enemies 
with coins or stars. At the end, you land in the Charred Sunlight Forest.

Charred Sunlight Forest
By exploring the area, you will find multiple power-ups, enemies, and a fortune 
doll. Eventually, you'll come to a yellow wrecked spaceship (from the game's 
intro) in the northwest section of this forest. Save your game at the sparkling 
sign to the right of the ship before entering.

Spaceship Stage
Use Ebisumaru’s glove to hook onto the hooks, get to the ladder, and down to the 
next floor. Use Goruku to push the blocks so you can get back up to the ledge 
(after you see that you need a pass to exit this way). Remember this place. 
Use the tight ropes to climb and get around, while using Goemon / Ebisumaru to 
shoot projectiles at enemies. Get the fortune doll, and in the next room, use 
Ebisumaru’s charged up projectile to hit the switch and get the key. Go back to 
the locked door that I told you to remember, while pushing / pulling blocks to 
get back there. In the next room after the locked door, climb the first ladder, 
and push the block on the right to the bottom floor. Then push the block to the 
edge so you can make the jump. Use Ebisumaru’s glove on the hooks to reach the 
top. Get the fortune doll, and then hit the switch at the top of the screen. In 
the next room, climb to the top of the room, and hit this switch using Goemon’s 
charged-up projectile. Collect the items here (including a fortune doll), and 
exit at the top to the boss.

Boss 2
Jump on the elevator, and the boss will come below you. At this point, he’ll 
shoot blue machine gun bullets in a line (dodge them), and a red triple shot, 
which can be dodged by watching the direction of the bullets, then moving. After 
he passes you (jump over him when he does), stay on the elevator. He’ll use the 
same two attacks (duck to avoid them), along with two different kinds of heat 
seeker missiles. The red ones go overhead in an arc towards you, and the white 
missiles come straight for you. Eliminate the missiles by hitting them with 
projectiles, and hit the boss with charged up projectiles or regular projectiles 
when you can. After the boss is defeated, you will have a long conversation with 
Baban. He will join your party after the conversation is over.

Once you are outside of the ship, go to the southwest part of the map to a well, 
which you can exit through. 
Now you are in a different part of the first forest. Follow the path, but when 
it splits, go north and hit the wooden box with Goemon’s charged-up projectile 
to make a fortune doll fall from the sky. Collect the fortune doll, and then 
continue south to return to the first town.

Back to Town 1
After you save your game and replenish your health and item supply, go to the 
first exit of the town that leads to the forest. Once you are back in the 
forest, go to the really big bamboo stalk, which is located a little past where 
you freed the boy (I told you to remember it). When you walk in front of the 
bamboo stalk, a dialogue will beginning, and another character will speak to 
you. After the conversation is over, go to the “Old Lady’s House” in the south 
of town 1 (see map one). The old lady in this house will give you an item. Take 
the item to the man next to the bamboo stalk in the forest. After he cuts the 
stalk, he will give you another item. Then go way back to Baban’s yellow ship in 
the charred sunlight forest. When you walk in front of the ship, Baban will use 
the item on his ship. After this is done, go back to town 1 and go to the “Crazy 
Man’ House” (see map one). He will have a crowd around him, but you must talk to 
him. After you talk to him and the crowd leaves, go to the very southeast corner 
of town and talk to the old woman outside of the house. She will introduce a boy 
with a paper in his hands. After the dialogue is over, talk to the boy and 
select the first option. He will transport you to an Impact fight. They will 
allow you to save before you begin the side-view Impact mode. Please refer to 
the “Basic Impact Strategy” at the top of this document to get past this section 
(and remember to block this boss’s wide arm swings.

Yae’s Forest
You will end up in a forest, and you will talk to Yae. Use the sparkling sign in 
front of Impact’s skates to save the game. Along the west wall of this area, 
you’ll find a fortune doll. Then you’ll need to go to the far southeast section 
of this area to find a house, which looks like a hotel in the inside. The owner 
will let you stay for free (filling up your energy), and he will give you an 
item when you awaken (note that Ebisumaru is now a different color…). You will 
get another item after you exit the hotel. After all of the conversations are 
done, head north to find a house owned by an old lady. After talking to her for 
the first time, go into the back room to talk to her again. Surprisingly, she 
will turn into a boss that you must fight.
Hit her with your weapon when she is not swinging her stick, but run away from 
her when she does use the stick. When she jumps, she usually leaves a hole in 
the ground (you can only go around these holes). It will take awhile to defeat 
her, but after you do, you’ll get a scroll. This item will get you past the 
guard in the southwest corner of this area. Go there, and talk to the guard. He 
will allow you to pass and enter town 2.

Town 2 (Map Two)
First, explore the town until you find the big crowd. Talk to the people, and 
then travel along the wall on the east side of town to find a fortune doll. All 
of the townspeople live in the southern section of the area, so go there to 
save, replenish energy, etc. Go to the sign in front of the castle (the sign has 
a face that looks like Ebisumaru, but only in purple. A conversation will start, 
in which we find out that the Ebisumaru that has been with you since Yae’s 
forest has been an imposter (?). When you get the real Ebisumaru back, enter the 
castle stage in front of you.

Castle Stage
As you proceed along and into the next room, jump on top of the turtles to get 
across. As you continue on, beat up the little drummer boy for a fortune doll. 
Move along, until you get to a ladder. Climb the ladder, and go to the left for 
a fortune doll, then proceed right.  Duck to avoid the bullets of the metal 
penguins, and defeat the mini-boss (you can only hit him when his hat is on). 
Watch out for his hat (duck to avoid it), and avoid the roses that he throws in 
the air (they will float down, so you can easily avoid them). After defeating 
him, quickly jump to the right side to receive a fortune doll (if you miss it, 
you will never be able to get it again).
Fall down, and beat the drummer boy for an energy dumpling. Use Goruku to break 
the logs after that, and then get the fortune doll before going down. Jump and 
punch at the same time with Goruku to break the logs in the water, and use him 
to pull the block over so you can proceed. You will face another mini-boss on a 
In the boss’s first form, simply duck and hit the horse’s wheels in order to 
defeat it, but watch out for the flame it shoots at the ground. In the boss’s 
second form, just hit the horse in its head before it can run you over. After 
you win, you will have a conversation with a turtle before returning outside to 
the town. After saving/replenishing energy, etc., exit at the south exit of town 
(see map two).

Snow Forest
Do not pay attention to the sign here; they will get you lost. Along the lower 
left side of the maze is a fortune doll. Proceed south, then when you can no 
longer go south, move east, and then move north when you can’t move east 
anymore. You’ll reach the pathway to the next stage (you’ll know that you’ve 
reached it, because there will be a sparkling sign in front of the path that you 
can use to save.

Rock Stage
Proceed along and use Goemon’s charged-up projectile on the button switch to 
open the beam force field. Be sure that you search the bottom-right side of the 
room for a fortune doll before going into the next room. Next, go down into 
another room and go right, past the conveyor belt. Use Goruku to break the 
rocks, so you can go in and talk to the two guys in that room. They will give 
you a key after the conversation. Then proceed left for a fortune doll. Go back 
to the right, down past the conveyor belts. Use Baban’s hover-jump to jump over 
the spikes, and then get on the elevator and take it down (you should try to use 
Baban for the rest of this stage unless you have to switch). There is no run 
button, so jump repeatedly to get across the conveyor belts to get across 
faster. On the top-left of this room is a pot of money, and the top-right leads 
to the next room. Continue on, using Goruku to break the rock wall to get the 
energy dumpling) to fight the boss.

Boss 3 
This boss many different attacks:
1. When it jumps, rocks fall after it lands (dodge the rocks).
1. It shoots pellets from its mouth (duck).
1. A pick ax comes out and chops at you (move out of the ax’s range).
1. Finally, it forms a circle and shoots different fire patterns in a circle 
(avoid the flames).
The best way to avoid all of these attacks is by hitting the boss in its pink 
head at all times. After it is defeated, use Goruku to push the block on the 
right in the hole (which blocks off the force field). Now exit to the left.

Go way back until you see bats again in a room. Then head to the upper-right. 
Use Ebisumaru’s glove to hook onto hooks and reach the next room. Once you grab 
the pass in this room, you must hurry to get to the top as soon as possible, all 
while avoiding boulders, using Ebisumaru’s glove to hook on to hooks and move 
upward. Don’t forget the fortune doll at the top-right before exiting to the 
left. Use Goruku’s charged-up projectile to break to break the floor, and use 
Baban’s hover technique to clear the spikes once you are down. Climb upwards 
using Ebisumaru’s glove-to-hook technique. On the last hook in this room, you 
must have Ebisumaru swing and jump on TOP of the hook. Then have Baban hover-
jump over and exit the stage.

Go back to town 2. After saving your game and buying plenty of items (you’re 
going to need them, so buy ALOT), go to the very northwest corner of this town 
(in the section with rivers – see map two), and talk to the two guards. After 
they let you past, go north (watch out for the attacking trees), and go in the 
Japanese house on the left.

Japanese House Stage 
This is the longest stage in the game, and it’s twice as long as the average 
Go straight (duck and attack the enemies in your way), and use Goruku to break 
the wall. From this point on, use Baban’s hover-jump as much as possible, just 
to be safe! After you continue on and jump on the circular platform, you’ll 
notice that you can’t make the next jump. Turn around (facing the wall), duck 
and hit the button on the wall with your weapon. The circular platform will 
follow a path, so just avoid the enemies and enjoy the ride. If you get off at 
the first level, you can go all the way to the left for some coins. Otherwise, 
ride the circular to the second level (the highest you can go), and proceed 
right until you reach a big button. Hit it, and the spikes above will begin to 
drop. You must jump on top of the spikes and travel left to reach the next 
platform. Continue on, over the hole, or get a fortune doll. Then, drop down to 
the level right below you (there is an enemy there, so be careful), and continue 
left. In the next room, make the jumps across while watching out for falling 
Once across, switch to Goruku and push the block close to the gold fish (while 
ducking the fire that it spits). Use the block to jump on top of the fish, and 
use Ebisumaru’s glove-hook technique to hook onto the circular platform (which 
you must swing and jump on top of). You will have to do this whole thing 
multiple times in this stage, so I will refer to this as THE GOLD FISH TECHNIQUE 
(remember it)!
Run up the roof (don’t stop, or you’ll get hit) to get to the next room. Watch 
out for the enemy in this room, as he will try to attack you when your back is 
turned. Break the wall using Goruku, then proceed up the ladders and to the 
right to fight some mini-boss ninjas, and their pattern is as follows.
1. Each ninja, one at a time, does a back flip and throws a fire bomb on the 
ground. Just avoid them and this attack, because they are invincible at this 
1. With half of the ground on fire, they form a super cannon, which they shoot 
at you. Jump over this shot.
1. They run at you and jump over you, one by one. Move with them to avoid 
touching them, and hit them with your weapon or a charged-up projectile.
4. One at a time, they jump down, swing their swords at you, jump up and throw a 
star at you. Then they jump off the screen. Avoid these attacks and retaliate 
with your weapon / projectile.
They repeat this pattern multiple times before they are defeated. A platform 
will come down; use it to reach the ladder (or you can use Baban’s hover jump to 
jump to the platform on the left and get an energy dumpling and some coins, but 
remember to get back on the platform). Climb the ladder and use Goruku to break 
the wall on your left. Use Ebisumaru’s glove hook technique to proceed left 
while avoiding the spikes and enemies. Climb the ladder at the end to reach the 
next room. Proceed left, climb the ladder, then go left and up the next ladder 
to get a fortune doll. Then go back down the ladder and go right until you have 
to climb a ladder to proceed. Climb that ladder, and then go down the next 
ladder to get to the next room. Cross the platform in here while avoiding the 
falling enemies, and then use the GOLD FISH TECHNIQUE again. When climbing the 
roof here, watch out for the spikes that come out of the roof; use Ebisumaru’s 
glove-hook technique to avoid the spikes safely. Once you get to the top and 
enter the next room, continue left, climb the ladder, and go right. Push the 
block under the second ladder (so you can jump up and climb it), then climb up 
the ladder, break the wall, and push the block. Proceed down to get a fortune 
doll, then go back to the double ladders and push the block to the first ladder 
so you can jump up and climb it to reach the next room. Using Ebisumaru’s glove-
hook technique (and a good swinging motion), climb to the top by going up the 
left side, and then continue left to the next room. In this room, you must 
proceed left and cross the platforms while avoiding the falling debris, then use 
the GOLD FISH TECHNIQUE. Climb the roof to get to the next room. Proceed right, 
and use Baban’s hover jump after you climb the ladder here to reach the next 
room. In here, jump on the red dog’s to get higher (it works like a trampoline). 
Use Baban to get the coins on the upper-left side of this room, and then exit on 
the upper-right. Go through the next room, and prepare to meet the boss.

Boss 4
He has a good arsenal of attacks:
1. He slams his “weapon” at you (just avoid it).
2. He charges up and shoots fire at you. Attack him until he’s about to shoot 
the fire, then avoid his attack.
3. He rides his “weapon” like a horse and tries to bounce on you (dodge and 
attack this maneuver).
4. He charges up, and then his weapon sucks you in. Attack him repeatedly, then 
prepare to get sucked in!
He will repeat this pattern until he is defeated. He will leave behind energy 
dumplings, money, and an ax-like item (which you must collect).

Exit to the right, where you will have to fight the mini-boss ninjas again (they 
have some slightly new attacks, but they have the same attack patterns). 
Continue right after you defeat them. Kill the enemies, and break the wall with 
Goruku in this room to proceed, but you might want to jump up to the left and 
get the money and energy dumpling up there before breaking the second wall using 
Goruku and climbing down the ladder. Once you have climbed down, crawl to the 
left, follow the ladders (climbing up and down), and use the tight rope after 
getting the fortune doll below the tight rope. In the next section, jump off the 
ladder and use Goruku to jump over the last GOLD FISH and down the roof. Next, 
proceed down the roof while avoiding the enemies, and then go left and jump 
across the disappearing platforms to get a gold fortune doll and money. Go to 
the edge and jump on the moving platform to get back to the other side. Exit to 
the right, where you must fight the final boss of this stage.

Boss 5
His attacks are as follows:
1. He waves his fan. Don’t get hit by the fan, but you can hit him constantly 
with your weapon/projectile.
2. He jumps around (move around him and attack him).
3. He shoots lobsters out of his arm. Use Goruku (since he is the strongest) to 
eliminate the lobsters quickly. Use the D-pad to shake them off of you if 
they get attached to you.
4. He floats above you and tries to drop on top of you. When he falls, move out 
of the way, and then attack him.
When he is halfway defeated, he will stop fighting (you can’t attack him 
anymore). Instead, a treasure box full of coins will drop down. When you collect 
them, the fight will continue. After you finally defeat him, another treasure 
box will fall, and it contains another ax-like item (similar to the one that you 
got from the first boss in this stage). Collect the items and exit to the right.

Once you are back in town, go between the now-burnt-down Japanese houses, and go 
through the gate to talk to the Buddha Statue (see map two). The statue will 
take your two ax items and transport you to town 3.

Town 3 (Map Three)
This is a very large town, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t stock up on 
items and save your game! Don’t go into the Alien Castle yet. Instead, refer to 
map three to reach the Lava Stage (it’s in the northwest section of the town). 
When crossing the rocks in the lava to reach the stage, remember that Baban’s 
projectile eliminates fires, and don’t forget the fortune doll on the right path 
and the energy dumpling on the left path. Take the middle route to reach the 
next stage.

Lava Stage
Proceed right until you reach an electric force field. Use Goemon’s charged-up 
projectile to eliminate the enemy on the outside of the barrier, and then use 
Ebisumaru’s charged-up projectile star to hit the switch that is located in the 
hole in the ceiling (try jumping on the blue pillow in front of the frog, then 
releasing the star at the right time to make it to the switch). Once the force 
field is down, use the frog to jump up to the platform where the force field 
was, BUT DON’T JUMP DOWN! Instead, use Baban’s hover-jump to reach the platform 
on the other side, where you can then proceed to the right for a fortune doll. 
Now go back to the lower level and proceed right (while using Baban’s projectile 
to eliminate the fires). Proceed on, and climb the ladder (you can use that rock 
that you pass to get the fortune doll if you pull it back there). After you 
climb the ladder, you need to go to the left and eliminate the flames using 
Baban’s projectile. Then go back to the ladder and use Goruku to push the rock 
all the way to the right so you can jump up and continue on. Once on top, duck 
and use a projectile to eliminate the enemy, then use Baban’s hover-jump to 
cross the gap and continue on to the ladder, which you must climb. Once at the 
top, prepare for the hardest section in the game.
Eliminate the enemy here, and then use Ebisumaru’s glove hook to reach the top. 
This requires a lot of practice, and you will probably fall many times before 
making it to the top. Just remember to jump at the top of you swing, and top 
push the attack button again to latch onto the next hook RIGHT AFTER YOU JUMP.
In many cases, you will have to jump on top of the hook that you are using 
(especially if it doesn’t have a flame on it), and at times, you must adjust the 
length of the glove in mid-jump! In the middle section, jump to the right side 
of the hook, latch on to it, allow one swing, and then jump to reach the 
platform on the left. Do not allow your glove’s length to get to long, or you 
will hit the flaming hook below. You will need to use this technique again when 
you reach the top of this room, so I will refer to it then as the RIGHT HOOK 
TECHNIQUE. Near the top, use Ebisumaru’s charged-up star projectile to hit the 
switch, and you can bounce another star of the ledge on the right to eliminate 
the enemy that is protecting the fortune doll. Jump on the hook above you, and 
use the RIGHT HOOK TECHNIQUE on that very same hook to reach the fortune doll.
Use this same technique (except that you’re on the left this time) to reach the 
right ledge and proceed to the next room. Proceed right, and use Baban’s 
projectile to eliminate the flames. Then go past the second frog and eliminate 
some more frogs on the ground to get another fortune doll, and then go back to 
the frog and use him to reach the higher platform (but eliminate the flames here 
also). Once you’ve eliminated these flames, proceed right. Use the third frog 
here to make the next tough jump, and then proceed to the next room. Next, you 
will need to guide the circular platform down while avoiding the fireballs (or 
you can simply jump down and stay on the right if you have enough energy/armor). 
Exit at the bottom to the right. Continue right in this room, while killing the 
fire dragons, avoiding the lava balls, and making the jump. Exit at the end to 
fight the boss.

Boss 6
You should use Goruku to fight this boss (because of his strength). This boss’s 
attacks are:
1. A straight-arm attack, and then he jumps to the other side of the screen. 
Attack him until he is ready to hit you, to move to avoid his attack. Follow 
him when he moves to the jumps to the other side of the screen, and then 
attack him some more.
2. Same as above, except that his attack is diagonal (use the same strategy).
3. He gets on a pair of skis and moves around the screen (jump over him).
4. He shoots a circular dual laser at you. When he powers it up, you can get 
close enough to him so that you can avoid the laser and hit him at the same 
time without the laser touching you. However, you must not be so close that 
you touch him, or you will lose energy.
5. He rolls around the screen (avoid him and retaliate with your 
weapons/projectiles when possible).
6. He hovers in the air and shoots a bunch of duel weapons at you. When he 
begins, hurry and place yourself in between the two flames that come from his 
booster pack below him. Then he will shoot a number of twin projectiles at 
you, which split apart and try to intersect at you! Don’t forget that you are 
stuck in between the flames, and you can’t escape. You can duck to avoid 
some, or jump to avoid him and attack at the same time. If you continue to 
jump and attack him, he will soon die.
When he is defeated, a girl will give you an item, and you will exit the stage 
after the conversation is over.

Once you are back in town 3, save the game and stock up on items. Then head back 
toward the beginning of the town and climb up all of the stairs to enter the 
Alien Castle Stage (see map three).

Alien Castle Stage
Proceed right, talk to the “computer”, and continue to proceed right. Go down 
the ladder in the next room, and use Goruku to break all of the blocks. Go down 
the right ladder for money and a fortune doll, and then go down the left ladder 
to continue on. Once you are down the ladder, simply jump down the right side of 
the room and exit to the right. In the next room, you must cross on the tight 
rope while avoiding the flames. This can be done by simply dodging the flames 
and/or by jumping or the flames and catching the flames again (for more on how 
to do this, see “Special Controls” at the top of this document). Baban is the 
best for this section.
Once you are across, climb the ladder, but remember this spot (you’ll have to 
return here later). In the next room, jump up using the platforms, and then 
proceed to the left. Climb the first rope to the top, then use Goruku to break 
the block and get the fortune doll. Then go back down and to the left, pass the 
enemies and the cannon guys (who are invincible). Climb the ladder at the end 
and jump up to the top of the room using the platforms, and go past the ladder 
to the right at the top. Use Goruku to break the blocks as you continue, then go 
back and to the ladder you passed and climb down it. Go to the right, and use 
Ebisumaru’s glove-hook technique to get to the top, and then swing to the ladder 
on the left. Climb the ladder and use the tight rope to cross the gap, and 
continue on. There, you will talk to a king statue, who will make certain 
platforms work. Now head way back to that spot that I told you to remember (it’s 
after the part where you had to cross the tight rope while dodging the flames; 
it’s the last room that you see lava in). Once you are there, jump on the 
glowing platform on the right to reach the next room on the right. In this room, 
proceed down the ladders and the platforms while the platforms are beneath the 
ladders. Avoid the flames here, and don’t forget to pick up the fortune doll, 
money, and the energy dumpling before you continue up the ladder and into the 
boss’s room.

Boss 7
His attacks are plentiful, and they are:
1. He throws his fan item at you. Get close to him, duck to avoid the fan, and 
attack him.
2. **He throws a paper bird in the air, then he pulls out a croquet mallet, 
stacks croquet pieces, and he begins to wacks the pieces at you. Move to the 
other side of the screen so the paper bird will not attack you. Then you can 
hit or jump over the pieces that he wacks at you, but you MUST hit the 
flashing head back at him. When the head hits him, he will release an item. 
You must get this item as soon as possible.
3. If you don’t hit the flashing head back at him, he will walk across the room. 
At this time, you must use Ebisumaru’s glove-hook technique to latch onto the 
hooks above and avoid him (he is too tall to jump over). Then he will repeat 
steps 1 and 2. But if you do hit him with the flashing head and get the item…
4. He throws spinning tops at you (attack the tops, then attack him).
5. Repeat step 2.
6. If you don’t hit the flashing head back at him, he will walk across the room. 
At this time, you must use Ebisumaru’s glove-hook technique to latch onto the 
hooks above and avoid him (he is too tall to jump over). Then he will repeat 
steps 1 and 2. But if you do hit him with the flashing head and get the item…
7. He has a yo-yo, which he winds up and swings at you. Attack him when the yo-
yo is winding up, and run away when he is ready to swing.
8. Repeat step 2.
9. If you don’t hit the flashing head back at him, he will walk across the room. 
At this time, you must use Ebisumaru’s glove-hook technique to latch onto the 
hooks above and avoid him (he is too tall to jump over). Then he will repeat 
steps 1 and 2. But if you do hit him with the flashing head and get the item…
10. He shoots 3 swirling balls, which attacks you as he walks across the room. 
Eliminate the balls, and use Ebisumaru’s glove-hook technique on the hooks 
above to get over pass him.
11. Repeat step 2.
12. If you don’t hit the flashing head back at him, he will walk across the 
room. At this time, you must use Ebisumaru’s glove-hook technique to latch 
onto the hooks above and avoid him (he is too tall to jump over). Then he 
will repeat steps 1 and 2. But if you do hit him with the flashing head and 
get the item…
13. Quickly use Ebisumaru’s glove-hook technique to avoid the boss as he goes 
haywire. He runs back and forth across the room, and then he self-destructs.

Once he is defeated, go back down the ladders and to the right to the next room. 
Once you’ve done that, walk to the turtle statue, and you will begin to have a 
conversation with a turtle. After this conversation, the turtle will transport 
you to a different part of the stage (remember this spot). Use Ebisumaru’s 
glove-hook technique to get to the top of the room. Use Goruku to break the 
blocks, and jump to the right corner to get to the next room. Then exit to the 
left. Once you are back in town, stock up on items, save your game, and head to 
the armor store and pick up the SCUBA gear for free. Then go back to the Alien 
Castle Stage and go back to the spot that I told you to remember (while picking 
up any coins along the way). Talk to the turtle, and he will take you to a mini-

Turtle Shooting Game
This is simply a very hard shooter, and you can push the X button to shoot. Try 
to kill everything, and collect all of the red and blue items. When you reach 
the boss, you must shoot him in the head, while avoiding his laser beam and his 
music notes (which you can shoot to eliminate). Avoid and eliminate any enemies 
in your way. After you defeat the boss, you will be transported to the castle in 
the background. Once you’re in the castle, head north for a conversation, and to 
call Goemon Impact!

After a short conversation with Impact, Wise Old Man, and Sasuke, save your 
game. Then you will head to the Impact battle. First, you will fight a broken-up 
version of the first boss. He will flash in front of you and try to hammer you. 
Punch anything that comes in front of you, and right punch its head when it pops 
up. After it is defeated, you will reach a point where you must punch/shoot 
targets that come on the screen (you’ll hear a ring when they get ready to 
appear). Try to punch them to conserve ryo, but use nasal bullets when they 
begin to overwhelm you (block if you have to). After this segment is over, 
Impact will crash into the enemy’s base.

Outer Space Stage
This board is pretty straightforward. Run into Impact’s mouth to save the game, 
then proceed right past the difficult enemies to the next room. In this room, 
the platforms move up and down automatically, so be sure to grab the coins while 
avoiding the spikes and killing the enemies (but don’t let greed kill you)! At 
the top, hurry and exit to the left. In this room, proceed left and use Goruku 
to break the ice block. Duck in the lower ditches to avoid the falling spikes. 
Proceed pass the ladder, and use Goruku to break pass the ice blocks to get the 
fortune doll. Go back to the ladder and climb it. Hit the button on the right 
and climb down the rope to jump on the glowing platform. Use the 3 ropes on the 
left to climb to the top (but try to avoid the wiggly enemies on the rope; you 
can’t kill them). Use Goruku to jump over and break the block of ice, then jump 
on the rope again. The switch to Baban and have him hover-jump over to that 
edge. Use Goruku to break any remaining blocks, and proceed right. Climb down 
the ladders and collect any coins that are around, but use Goruku to break the 
ice blocks so you can go left. Move left to get the fortune doll once you are at 
the bottom, and then proceed right. Watch out for the falling spikes as you move 
to the right, and climb the ladders at the end to the next room (collect any 
coins that you may see).  Move left, and crawl to get past the spikes. Proceed 
to the left, and attack the toys in the wooden carriages. Then use Goruku to 
push the carriage over to the ladder so you can jump up to the ladder and climb 
up to the next room. In this room, you can get the coins here, but you’ll have 
to climb the ladder to get back up to the platform. Once you have climbed the 
ladder, use the tight rope to cross the spikes. Then proceed right, to the 
ladder, which you must climb. Next, jump up to hit the red button, and attack 
some more toys in their carriages, then use Goruku to push the carriages again 
so you can make it up to the ledge. Use the platform to make it to the ladder 
above, and then climb the ladder and move left. A robot will allow you to save 
the game. After you save, follow the room to the next room on the left. You will 
then talk to Yae. After the conversation, run to the right and change to Goemon 
or Baban (you are going to need a fast runner). You will reach the robot again, 
and he will allow you to save. After you save, run to the right as fast as 
possible (if you don’t make it, you will have to reset the game)! If you do make 
it, you will exit to the boss on the right.

Boss 8
To defeat this weird boss, use your projectiles to hit the top of his head by 
jumping on the platforms around the room. If his minion’s grab you, quickly 
shake them off by using the D-pad and the buttons (remember, you can kill them). 
If you do not kill them, his minions will drag you to the boss, and then he will 
perform an attack that you cannot stop, and it takes off a lot of energy. Avoid 
his charge attacks, punches, and projectiles, and constantly attack him. When he 
is defeated, proceed to the right.

In this room, use Goruku and move to the right so you can pull the block back. 
Use the block to reach the higher ledge. As you continue moving right, crawl to 
avoid the spikes, and then go down the ladder and move to the left for a fortune 
doll. Go back to the ladder, and climb it, then enter the room on the right. Use 
Ebisumaru’s glove-hook technique to enter the next room as your proceed right 
(be sure to avoid the laser). In the next room, proceed right while ducking to 
avoid the laser, then hit the red button to turn off the laser. Return to the 
last room, and climb up the room using Ebisumaru’s glove-hook technique, but 
watch out for the flames on the platform. Jump to the first ledge on the left, 
and then continue left into the next room. Talk to the computer in this room, 
then return to the last room. Continue to climb up the room using Ebisumaru’s 
glove-hook technique until you can jump to a ledge on the right. Continue right 
to the next room, and then start crawling right for a fortune doll. Return to 
the last room again. Continue to climb up this room, and then proceed right 
while using the tight ropes to avoid the electric on the ground, as well as 
avoiding the electric bolts and the lasers on the rope. Once across, climb the 
rope to the top and talk to the robot (he shuts off the lasers and electricity 
around the ropes). After he shuts off the power, go way back to the ladder that 
was before you crossed the now un-electrified tight ropes and climb the ladder. 
Once you reach the top, continue right to fight the final boss.

Boss 9
After the conversation that comes, continue to the left and enter Impact’s head 
(the game will allow you to save). It seems like an Impact battle will begin, 
but Sasuke is missing (supposedly, he is helping to pilot Impact at this point). 
After some more conversation, you’ll be in front of Impact’s head back at the 
stage. Proceed to the right, climb the ladder and fight the boss (who has 
Sasuke’s head on a rack with other heads)!
His attacks are:
1. The regular head lunges at you (attack when possible).
2. The round head (the upper right head on the rack) shoots bullets at you. 
Dodge the bullets and attack with your weapon/projectiles when possible.
3. The laughing head (the lower left head on the rack) shoots coins and items at 
you, but he will deceptively sneak in a bomb here and there. Avoid all bombs 
and attack with projectiles.
4. The strong head (the middle bottom head on the rack) charges at you and 
attacks from all across the screen. Avoid his attack and attack him whenever 
5. The dragon head (the right bottom head on the rack) shoots fire at you while 
debris falls around you. Use your weapon to eliminate any falling debris that 
is a danger to you. Attack when possible.
When he is defeated (and Sasuke’s head rebels against the boss), go back to 
Impact’s head after the conversation is done. Enter the head, and be sure to 
save your game before you enter the final battle of the game.

To defeat this Impact boss, please read and use the “Basic Impact Strategy” on 
this boss. Counter his charges with punches, shoot/punch/block his projectiles, 
and use all of your pipe bombs early. If he turns red, he is invincible to pipe 
bombs, and worse yet, if you use a pipe bomb on him when he is red, the pipe 
bomb will be reflected back to you and cause major damage!

After he is defeated, enjoy the ending! By the way, the little segment that 
takes place while the credits are rolling (Goemon is throwing coins) is the 
ending from the very first Goemon game for the Nintendo (NES)!


8. Final Notes and Comments
-There are some more Impact moves that you can do, but I don’t know them, and  
you don’t need them to beat the game (Impact fights are easy enough)!

-Thanks to The Mystical Team of Goemon for all of their support, and their 
willingness to work with me.

-Thanks to Kurt Kalata. He beat the game before, and he helped me through a lot 
of the rough spots.

-Thanks to Gerimon Impact, for helping build the Goemon Import section of The 
Mystical Web Site of Goemon. If not for her, this walkthrough would not exist!

-Thanks to you, for visiting The Mystical Web Site of Goemon at 
http://mysticalninja.virtualave.net !


AUTHORED BY THE MYSTIC NINJA ( [email protected] )


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