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             Wizardry 8

- Walkthrough V0.2 - 
by Guiler ([email protected])

This guide may be reproduced only with my permission, for non-profit 
purposes only. If you would like to post a copy of this on your fansite, 
email me at . In addition, if you do so, I will 
automatically send you any updates I have made.

Wizardry 8 is (c) 2001 Sir-Tech Canada Ltd.

This is by no means complete, but it ought to help you
play the game. If you know of something that I don't,
drop me a line at  and I'll
credit it you for it. Go ahead and ask me any questions, too.

However, since it's pretty obvious that I haven't gotten very far in
the game yet, asking me how to get past a puzzle on Ascension Peak is
the fast track to Disappointment.

-Version History

0.1-12/1/2001 Done Monastery, roads, Arnika.
0.2-12/2/2991 Part of Trynton.

It is very important to have at least one flank or the rear against a wall.
If you are surrounded, you will easily be taken down, even by weak enemies.
The best fights (in your favor) take place while you stand in a doorway, a
hallway, or a cul-de-sac where they cannot get around you even to your
flank. This way, your casters can pound the enemies with spells without
fear of melee attacks, and your fighters will take the blows (because they
have the most hp). Additionally, you limit the number that can attack you
(unless they have ranged attacks--which run the risk of hitting their own
allies) and you can concentrate your firepower on one or 2 monsters.

Status effects are very important. Direct damage spells in this game by and
far are worthless. Why cast a L6 Fireball which will probably fizzle and do
6-36 damage to a group of creatures with 200hp each when you can make them
nauseous (easier to hit that way), unconscious (really easy to hit) or
blind (they run and you can pick them off piecemeal later)? Additionally,
you will do more damage when an enemy is suffering from certain effects,
like nausea, KO, or sleep.

CHEAP TRICK: If no enemies are in sight (all your weapons show red), choose
a move action. Most everyone will move before you do, and all your actions
will be delayed; saved until it is your turn to move. Then, simply click
the end move 'x' and you get all of your actions. This can also work if you
would rather have the monster get to you so you can melee it, rather than
hitting it with less damaging missile weapons.



You are on a beach. Yay. In the distance, you can see pieces of a crashed
ship (from which you miraculously escaped) and a treasure chest. You can
guess which one will be more helpful. Go open up that chest, select all the
pieces, and take them. You should have gotten a shield, which should go
to anyone who doesn't have one (and can use it) and a bomb. It is an area-
effect item and will be very useful later. Give it to your mage/spellcaster
-type. Don't worry if you can't identify it; it still works, regardless 
(unlike some games).

Now head towards the ship and your first fight. It ought to be real easy;
just a couple crabs. Take this opportunity to learn the combat system. Do
not worry to much about them flanking you; they don't do much damage.

Head out into the water, skirting it with the cliff on your left side. You
will come to a ramp. If you look down, you can see some stones which you
can take; they are bullets for slings. Go up the ramp and find some more
crabs to fight. There are more than 3, likely, but only 3 can come on at a
time due to the narrowness of the ramp.

At the top of the ramp, in the gazebo, is a battleax, a cherry bomb, and a 
sling. The cherry bomb is a portable fireball of sorts, so give that to 
someone in the back.

Done with the outside, so head back to the beach and up to the Monastery
door, lit with orange light. Open up the door and head down the corridor
with green moss on the ceiling. It will head up a ramp and take several
turns along the way. If you are lucky, you will find slimes to find on the
way (well, maybe unlucky; but at this point you need all the xp you can

From now on, only specific encounters will be mentioned because they are
(for the most part) randomly placed and change every time.

You will come into a large room with a dome ceiling and 4 electrical lights.
Continue straight, despite the passage behind you, and up the ramp. At the
end is a room with a spellbook and a book on the table. Turn on search, too,
for good measure.

Head back down to the dome room and note the passage above the ramp you
came up (west on the map). Grab the arrows on the right side and head down
this new passage. It splits to a right (N) and a left (S). Head right (N).
It splits again, but continue NW. In the room of barrels and boxes, search.
You might find some quarrels. Head out the doorway to the left (SW) and 
ignore the intersection, continuing straight (SW). You will come to a 
larger blue-tinged room with a lamp on a table and a potion, which you
should grab.

Follow the passage and take the right turn (S). It will split again, and
you should take the left now, towards the room with green slimy water in it.
The water will not harm you. Go into the corner to find a chest with a bow
and some other equipment in it.

Turn around and head back west. You'll find a room with a table in it and
some darts and a candle. From here you turn south into a green-lit corridor
with a lantern on a table. Further down is a room with a table and a poseur
cap, if you don't have anyone with lock skills. Search for a spellbook.

Further down, you'll pass a banner on the wall and find a 3-way split with
bones at the apex. The corridors are all blue-lit. Take a right and go SE,
and the passage will turn north and you will find a door on the east wall.
Go in, take the note, and search for boots and a ring of protection. 
Continue north and you can find another cell, but this one is locked and has
enemies inside. Try out the 'stand in a doorway' trick and see how well it 
works here. Once done, you can take the cure poison potion inside and some 
sling bullets (in the corner). 

Continue along this passage and you will find one that heads right (NW). On
the floor are knock picks, invaluable for getting doors open. Head up this
passage and it ends in a door, which is locked. Open it and you will find
a big wonking crab inside, with extended reach (make sure to get in melee
range if you can). Once he's down, enter search mode and get the potion in
the corner. Search for a bow. You can find arrows here, too, by the table.

You can now unbar the door here into the domed room that leads down to the
entrance, and you can also go up the stairs to the next level. Continue
straight (E) and not up the ramp yet (S). There is an alcove with a sling
in it you can take, and then continue east. You will find yourself in a room
with a large metal bridge and a pool full of enemy fish. Do not go up the
bridge using the button; you can't get down the same way, and must fight a
big boss-type guy to get back down here if you do, and this will be a 
problem if you are not high enough level.

If you jump into the water, you can head out of a cave onto the waterfall,
outside. A rock in the middle of the waterfall has some resurrection powder,
which is both expensive and useful. It is easily worth the time, especially
because you unbarred that door. You did unbar that door, right? Right?

Anyway, back to the bridge room. You can see into that room with the 
bookcase at the top of the ramp here. Cross the bridge and head right (S)
and down a ramp. It terminates in a room full of ale kegs. There are some
potions there, including ale, which fills up your stamina when used (if you
do not become nauseous). You will also find a trapped chest on the table.

This is a dead end, so head back to the bridge room, back past the alcove,
and up the ramp (S) that I told you not to go up before. I hope you are 
about level 3 or 4, because this fight will likely be a hard one. You must
fight Gregor and a number of roaches, Gregor being the king. (Before lots
of people who think they're smart mail me about this one, YES, I know it's
a reference to Kafka...) If you are lucky, Gregor won't engage and you can
pick off his friends before going after him. If not, I suggest you use that
? bomb and cherry bomb if things start getting tough.

If it proves too hard for you, you can go up the bridge and engage Gregor
by himself, but then you are trapped up there until he is dead.

Assuming you came up the ramp, you are now in a large hall. Take a right
and go in the first passage in the right. It twists and opens into a large
temple room. There are 6 coffins, all lootable, along the sides. There are
a couple of items here that you can use. Be careful, some of the coffins
are trapped with monsters.

Leave and cross the large room to the passage heading south. Skip the right-
hand turn and go instead to the room at the end of the hall, on the left
side. If you touch the statue, a trap door will open up and you will fall
to the blue rooms below. Consider _not_ doing it. Instead, touch the skull.
This opens up a panel in the wall behind the statue, which gives you the 
SAFE KEY which will open up the safe mentioned below.

Go back to the passage you just skipped. Go up the ramp and hit the
button, and then go back down. You just opened the door on the west side,
allowing you to go to the upper monastery. Before doing so, consider
exploring the rest of this level. 

To the SE is a morgue full of roaches. Head east and then north to find a
potion in the wall and (ultimately) a kitchen with a safe and a cleaver. Use
the SAFE KEY (mentioned above) to open it. You can also go east to the 
bridge room, where you can find another locked door (fit by the WHEEL KEY, 
found in ARNIKA) and a path that leads outside to a talkative Trynnie, your 
first NPC. Make sure to grab the sling stones by the cliff edge and open up 
the chest. You can also buy things from Burz, here, and I suggest you do; 
the road to ARNIKA is not particularly short, by any means. Ask him about 
'ship', 'monastery', 'messenger', and anything else you can think of. Sell 
anything you don't need, and head back to the 'Gregor' room, where you can 
go to the Upper Monastery. Don't miss the bullets on the floor there, right 
before you zone.

Opening up the WHEEL KEY door allows you to get into a room with a coffin,
2 chests, and a pair of screaming heads (enemies). There is some good loot
in there, including a demon-slaying sword and a demon-slaying bow.


You walk up into a largish room filled with crates. Go up the stairs that 
are over the ramp you just came up and you will find yourself in a control
room of sorts. You will return here soon, but for now head back down and
try to open the locks on a couple of the crates here. They are the ones
that appear to have 'handles'.

You will find 2 passages. Take the one to the left (E). Open up the door
in the bedroom you find, go down the stairs, and down to a devotional room
with a table and some bandits. They have a number of items to loot. Return
to the bedroom and head left (S). Down a long ramp is the library. Search
here by all the bookshelves. There is a locked door here that you will get
into later, but you can continue into another room, a smaller one with a
microwave. Turn the dial up all the way and hit the red button to blow it
up and get a microwave chip. Search the bedroom on your way back up.
(The OLD IRON KEY is located in a room near the exit, up a ramp; see below)

Head back to the crate room and take the right-hand passage this time. You
are in a bedroom; search the beds, then take the left-hand (S) passage. It
will twist and open up into a large hall filled with bandits. Make sure you
don't get surrounded; stay near the door or against the wall.

When done, cross the hall and take a left (E), through the closed door, into
the garden. Then, take a right (S) into the main temple area and talk to
the guy there (actually, just approach him). Then, another guy will appear
and threaten you with the power of the Dark Savant (if he's so cool, why
doesn't he kill you here? I don't understand...) Now, go up onto the 
platform at the south end with the 3 banners and take the potions there.

Return to the great hall (the one with the bandits, and the statue of 
Phoonzang) and head down the stairs (S) this time. You will find yourself
in a small room where you can get a bard horn that casts bless and samurai
armor (once you set off the BELLS). Open up the chest, and go back to the
great hall. Head west, into the purple-lit section. The main double door
leads out of this area, but to the south there is an open doorway. Go 
through here and up the ramp. You'll end up in a largish room, probably
with monsters. There is loot up here, and a chest with an OLD IRON KEY. This 
opens up the door in the library. There is also a chamber behind some glass
which you will break in a moment, with the BELLS.

Return there and open up the door. Kill the bats within and turn to your 
left to find a machine there. 'Use' the dial all the way to the right and 
press the red button. This will ring the BELLS and blow out all the glass 
in the building, allowing you to get some loot in a minute. First, go up 
the stairs to find a chest there.

Head back up to the control room, to start. This is the room right at the
beginning of the zone, up the stairs by the crates. Feeling brave? Ok. Get
up on the controls near the open window and look down. Aim for the highest
crate and jump. Then, jump down into the middle of the crates. Open up the
crate here with the handles (the only one you couldn't open from outside)
and get the Hunter's Cape, a +2 AC cloak with +5 senses tacked on. Then,
walk up the plank to get out.

Return to the room with the armor in the center (S of the great hall with
Phoonzang's statue in it) to get it, some samurai armor.

Last but not least, go up the ramp where you found the OLD IRON KEY and 
through the broken glass portal on your left. You should get a shillelagh

Go back down to the purple-lit room. Camp, save, and zone.


Now you find the nasty part of the game; encounters scale to you, and often,
over you. It is abolutely critical that you use good cover procedures out
here, because most of the monsters will crush you if you don't. Always have
your back or side to a wall and use lots and lots of protection and status
spells. If you find yourself overwhelmed, you will have to reload (and it
will happen often). On the other hand, it's pretty easy to level out here
if you're into that.

Start heading forward (W). If you run into enemies, back up to a wall or
pillar and use that to make sure they don't get behind you. The hardshell
crabs here can be irritating because they have extended reach, so take care
of the little venom crabs before advancing a step or two on them.

The area will narrow into a pass, which you can follow for a while. Note
some sling bullets along the way. Soon after, the path will split. Go left
and you'll run into a bunch of bandits guarding a treasure chest. Once 
you're done here, head back the other way, and you will come out into a 
green area with a fort on your right side (N) and a road heading straight 
out (W).

There is usually an enemy group at the crossroads, so make sure to use the
walls and also the copious cul-de-sacs in the area to your advantage, even
if you have to run for the first 2 or 3 rounds of combat. Always make sure
you rest in cul-de-sacs too, facing outward with your mages in the back.

The road splits right after it begins. Head left (S), towards ARNIKA. 
Heading right (N) goes to MT GIGAS, where the Umpani dwell, and you can do 
that now if you like, but I always head to ARNIKA first.

Head along the south border of the hills to find an amulet of static. On
the other hand, if you go along the south edge of the hills towards MT 
GIGAS, you can find some gloves (Beware of the Hogar there if you do).

Piercer Modais can be found roaming the road, from which you can get a
PIERCER MODAI CLAW for one of Antone's item quests.


Stay along the left side if you want to get into ARNIKA. You'll find a 
potion near the wall.

Heading south along the road leads you to Trynton, or the graveyard. You may
run into Rattus Rattus along the road, a Rattkin who wants you to rob a bank
in Arnika for him. Agree to do it for him and He'll give you a gun.

There are a number of small items along the way; nothing particularly great,
but if you want to get everything (and you don't want to get constantly
ambushed by monsters), stay off the road and against the cliff faces.

The graveyard is in this area, and you should circle around it first to find
a treasure chest against the graveyard wall. Actually getting into the 
graveyard will force you to confront a group of spirits, one of which is a 
spellcaster (try to move around the corner where she cannot see you, 
forcing her to come to you).

The graveyard itself consists of a large group of graves around a tomb of
some kind. Inside the tomb building is a spectre of some sort, upon which
you must sprinkle holy water (haven't done it yet, so cannot comment).

You can also find here, on 6 gravestones, 6 blue runes which must be done
to help complete the rune puzzle.

A mummy stalks the area, and it gives you MUMMY DUST, necessary for one of
the item quests that Antone will require of you to get his custom items.
You can also find a SKULL here, necessary for another of the items. Next to
it, in the tomb, is the Siren's wail, a nifty little instrument for your
bard which casts insanity on the monsters; an incredibly useful item this
is, if you have a bard.

Picuses can sometimes be found roaming the road, from which you can get
a GIANT PICUS EGG for one of Antone's item quests.


Watch out for rogues and Savant troopers. If you want to engage them, try to 
do it near a Higardi Patrol or some Brotherhood Monks. They will help you, 
and you will get all the xp and gold for anything they kill (a nifty trick 
later on in TRYNTON).

Advance past the fountain and pick up your first NPC; a rogue named Myles.
Talk to him about a number of things, and then 'recruit' him. Ask him about
'Marten', 'Trynton', 'Arnika', 'Antone', and anything else on your list.

Now, go straight up the street. You'll pass a building with 2 unicorn
statues; that's the HLL; you can't get in there yet. At the next 
intersection, take a right towards the statue. Go into He'Li's inn (on the
left) and talk to her (pay Myles' tab first for xp). Talk to her and then
buy stuff. Save money for the weapon shop though. Ask her about 'room' and
she'll tell you to kill the guys upstairs.

Go through the only closed door and then immediately into the first room on
the left. Take the viola and open the chest for HE'LI'S KEYCARD, used in
the bank later. Go back into the hall and into the 2nd door on the left for
a chest with potions. Finally, go upstairs and kill the rogues. You can
sleep here without fear of being bothered.

Cross the road, west, to get to the weapon shop. The police station/jail
is on the same block; the weapon shop is between 2 blue banners. Talk to
the rapax inside. Ask about 'custom' and he will tell you of his custom
pieces. He is otherwise unwilling to talk about anything else. Make sure
to buy yourself a crossbow if you do not already have one. If he hasn't
got one, leave, rest, and come back. Turn around from the counter and go 
into his personal quarters. Open the chest there and get ANTONE'S KEYCARD.
He probably also has some nifty equipment in there that you can use too.

Cross the road south to find the temple. Don't go upstairs, but instead
down the ramp into the basement. At the bottom is a room with a reflective
floor. Touch the blue statue to recove magic and then unlock the door
behind the tapestry. Down at the end of a marble corridor is a metal door,
behind which are a number of spirits and the WHEEL KEY. Just stay in the
door and fight them one at a time and you'll be fine.

Go through the open doorway in that marble room and open up the door on the
left side of the hallway (it has a beige eye in the middle). This is the
priests' quarters, and contains several potions. Search near all the beds
for magic items.

This is it, so head upstairs and talk to Braffit in the top room upstairs.
He will give you a background on some things (though not much important)
and you can buy potions and spellbooks from him. Use the pool nearby for

West of here is the bank, but we don't need to go there yet; we need one 
more key card. You can get it by going to the northeast corner of town, near
the docks. Ask her about some things (she doesn't say much that you don't
know) and go in the back to open up her chest and get the ANNA'S KEYCARD.

Now we are ready for the bank, near the statue at the center of town.
(Incidentally, look at the sign and it will fall off and give you treasure.)
Walk into the bank and say 'withdrawal'.  She'll tell you she needs a card.
Exit out of 'talk', go into inventory, pick up one of the 3 KEYCARDs, exit
out of inventory with it still stuck to the pointer, and click it on her.
She will open up the elevator in the next room. Go in there and down the
elevator (there is a button by the door).

Take a left out of the elevator and use ANTONE'S KEYCARD on the slider
on the right side of the door. This will open his vault. Go in and take
Bloodlust, a longsword. It is cursed (cannot be unequipped without help,
and you can't weapon-switch in combat because of this) but allows any user
(not just a fighter) to berserk while using it.

Next go into Anna's vault using ANNA'S KEYCARD. Do the same with He'Li's.
They have some loot, but nothing spectacular. Now go around the corner and
start picking the locks on the doors. The first one on the right has 2
chests and the one on the left has one. The one at the end of the hall has
a golem in it; best be prepared for it. If you have trouble defeating it,
get Vi in your party (described below) and try again. The best thing to do
is blind him; if you have the gleaming sword from the monastery coffin room
or a blinding spell, do it. He doesn't respond to paralysis.

Get the 2 chests behind him, and that's it for the bank. Let's check out the
police station now; it's on the same block as Antone's weapon shop. The
entrance is on the east side of the street, heading north from the statue
(towards the burning ship). Go on in and have a look at your friend, Marten,
on the bulletin board. Pick open the lockers to get the MARTEN ID TAG and
some miscellaneous loot. This MARTEN ID TAG will allow you to get into the
HLL later.

Go into the prison area and open up all 3 cells. Kill the rogues in the
first one and hit the panel on the floor of the second one. Fall into the
passage and follow it all the way until you are under the HLL. There will
probably be a slime on the way. The end will require you to fall a short
distance; hopefully you can survive it. You get a diamond epee, an oilskin
cloak, and an amulet of stillness (casts paralyze). The door here is basic-
ally unpickable, so just use the machine (hit that big button there) and it
will teleport you to the inn.

Now let's go get our second NPC, Vi Domina. Head north from the town square
towards the burning ship. Go in, grab the copper gloves and the damaged
black box. Go up to the door on the left side and open it. A fight will
begin with some Troopers. You must destroy them before they kill Vi (not a
hard thing to do). Go in and talk to her. Ask her about a few things, and
grab the box in the corner; it is used in a gadget later (if you have a
gadgeteer). You get 7K xp for saving her. Ask her about 'Rapax Rift' and
'Al-Sedexus'. Take her to He'Li (200xp + ale) and Braffit (500 xp).

Now you should go to the HLL. As long as you have the MARTEN ID TAG, you can
get in; the scanner will detect it. Go to the end of the hall, take a right,
and go through the room with officers to the elevator room. Take it up to
meet Tramain. Ask him about 'Destinae Dominus' to get 'Phoonzang' added to
the list. You can of course add it yourself, but sometimes it doesn't take,
and I hate retyping it every time... Otherwise, this guy is pretty useless.

Go around the other way, to the left of the entrance, to find a number of
lockers with potions.

If you like, you can go explore the Dark Savant's Tower (but you cannot get
in yet). You can always kill the guards, though. It is at the west end of
town, through a hole in the city wall.

Ther are a couple more things to do in town, but not much. Go through the
houses, one by one, to loot them for stuff. You can find a doll (combine
with hinged box for jack-in-the-box gadget) and various other things. Always
search near bookshelves.

There is a Mook building which I do not, as yet, know how to get into.

Go into the spaceport, too, on the south side of town. There are a couple
of buildings here. The first one has a flight recorder analysis slot, and
you can stick in the broken black box found at the crash where Vi was, but
it won't be able to read it. The next building (up an elevator) has an x-ray
chip and a slot for the SHINY METAL BALL found in Trynton in the Hogar's 
cage. The hangars have a couple of misc items. There is also a hidden 
(search) cursed item in the SW corner, just for kicks, the 'beanie'. I am 
going to presume later that you can find a 'propeller' and the gadgeteer 
can merge them to create an intelligence-boosting item...


You'll start across the river and you have to cross a bridge to start 
looking for the tree that is Trynton. Unfortunately, a large variety of 
difficult (status-causing) plants live here, as well as a Hogar, which, 
despite the fact that it is level 7, causes an inordinate amount of damage. 
My advice is to hit it with as many status effects as you can to try and 
keep it from hitting you.

Items you can get from here include the HOGAR TUSK, IRON WEED THORNS, VENOM

Follow the 'road' over the bridge, past some trees, and past a pair of
torch-lit pillars carved into faces. You'll see a large tree on your right
which goes up farther than you can see; this is your destination. Circle 
around it to the right, and find the main doorway. There will be a chief
there who will talk to you. Agree to help him and you can go in.

Follow the green passage to a ladder. Click on it and you will automatically
climb. You'll find yourself in a small room with an archway and another
ladder down; take that ladder and fight the roaches found there. You will
earn a magic ring and a magic drum. Once you've gotten them, go back up
the ladder and through the green-lit archway. Here you find another ladder

Grab the ale on the table to your right and move on to the next ladder down.
You will find yourself in a passage that turns left into a small room 
filled with spiders. There is a suit of mail and a ranger cloak. Go back up
the ladder and you will find yourself facing one that goes up. Take it.
This next room has an evil plant in it that needs to be disposed of.

Search this room for 2 potions and you'll note 3 ladders. Take the one on
the right first. This small room has another plant. Search for some magic

Take the center ladder next, and you will find a dung beetle you need to
defeat. Search for a sword by the crates. Then, head back down and up the
left-hand (and last) ladder. You'll find arrows and a rope to climb.

Go out onto the wooden platform and take the ladder on the left side. 'Use'
the pool for some healing, then head back down and south. You'll come around
to a platform with a small table/brazier thing that can be 'used', but I
don't know what to use on it.

Go up the ramp and into the building. Take the purple potion on the table
and search for arrows, a potion, and greaves. Leave the house and take a
left up to the circular platform. Go around it to find another route out,
on the right side. You'll pass a sign that says 'Marten's Pagoda' on the
left-hand side as you approach an elevator. Use it to get up to the higher
levels (you'll zone)--just pull on the hanging rock.


Go up the ramp and you'll pass a sign that notes that you're headed for the
Second Bough. The ramp will end in a 'T' with a right-hand going to a
building and a left-hand going further in. Take the right, into the 
building. You can find a bomb on the table.

Now take that left and it will curve to the right and through a 'cave' in
a large tree, lit by a green lantern. You will come to a crossroads by a
fountain; go straight to get into the sanctuary, a safe place to rest.
Take a VINE from each of the pillars and combine them in your inventory to
make a GOODA VINE ROPE. Then, move behind the ash pit up to the dragon head
and search it for items.

Leave and head left (S) towards the building, which is Fuzzfazz's Potion
Palace. Tell him 'He'Li says hello' and you'll get a whole pile of potions.
Talk to him about 'Seventh Bough' and 'Marten' and 'Shaman', and then trade
with him for some magic items if you are so inclined. Make sure to buy a
MYSTERIOUS POTION for the Seventh Bough quest a little later on. Otherwise, 
head out of his 'palace' and straight (N).

You will go through another tree and come to a 'T'. Take a left up to the
building there. Grab the book off the table and head back out. Take the left
and go around the spiral platform down the tree. You'll come to a building
with a path around it. First go into the building and grab the empty bottle
and search for a potion on the table. Proceed through the doorway by the
table into the next room and fight the monsters there, if you like, but the
only way out is the way you came in.

Go on past the right side of the building and you'll find an alley on your
left with a plant guarding a spear (awl pike). To your right will be a sign
noting that the Third Bough is ahead. Go up the ramp and through the tree,
past that sign. You'll end up in a zoo area. Each of the monsters has items
in their cage, so you are going to have to open up the cages and kill the
monsters within. The only really hard one to do is the Hogar, Bobo, but if
you open up the cage and wait for a Trynnie patrol to come by, you can go
in, make him hostile, and then run for it while the patrol kills him for

I suspect there is another way to keep Bobo happy, using the meat (gotten by
using the lever on the croc cage), but I have not figured it out. Does 
anyone know?

In any case, in the croc cage is the SHINY CHROME PLATE, and in Bobo's cage
is the SHINY METAL BALL and the silver sollerets, great shoes.

When done here, head up northeast towards the large orange pavilion with the
plants out front; a sign announces it as 'The Rising Elms'. Inside you can
find a plant that gives you ZUZU PETALS, needed for the Seventh Bough quest
a little later on.

Leave and take a right (N) and another quick right (E). Pass the left and
go straight into the house. Kill the monsters inside and take the BLUE
MARBLE on the table. Search in the back corner to find a sliding panel wall
and a locked chest behind it.

Once done, leave the building and take a right (N). You will find a 4-way
intersection. To your right is the Fifth Bough. To your left is the Fourth
Bough. Straight ahead is unmarked. Take the left first. You will find a
door with a blue indentation on it. Click the BLUE MARBLE on it to open it.

You will go into a large open area (in which magic does not work) which
might have monsters in it. In the center is a large stump, surrounded by
4 trees, water, and 4 floating ember dishes, which apparently can have 
something 'used' on them. I do not know what.

Take a left to find the Seventh Bough. It is a garden with a sign. First,
eat the ZUZU PETAL, and then drink the MYSTERIOUS POTION ('use' both, one
after the other). The Shaman will appear. Talk to him. He will give you
some quests and 25K xp.

Head back to the main courtyard area with the water and take your left (N).
You will find a ruined house with 2 scrolls, one of them hidden by the
broken lantern. In the back, a group of Rapax are having it out with some
Trynnie. Kill them and get the SACRED TOME. Be careful not to fall through
the hole; you will fall out of the tree, zone, and hit the ground, likely
killing anyone except any Valkyries you have. You can also find the Set
Portal spellbook in this room; you may not be able to use it yet, but it
will certainly come in handy soon.

Leave and take another left (E) to find some Oak Saplings guarding a room
full of loot. There are a number of chests on the table and a large safe,
as well as hidden items you must search for. The safe has 2 chests inside,
and to get to them you'll have to pick a 5 tumbler door. I suggest using
an item like a knock pick, or a spell such as knock knock to help out your
thief character.

You are done here. Return to the main room, and then the crossroads. You
are going to want to head up the unmarked ramp this time, which winds up
around the tree. You will find the workshop of Madras, the Trynnie. He will
quest you to kill the Ratts. Accept it and get a number of items. Talk to
him about 'Mook', 'Dominus', 'Mt Gigas' (add Sparkle), 'Destinae Dominus'.
He will join you if you ask him, and makes a capable gadgeteer. Grab the
bottle on his table, and search downstairs for potions and/or bombs. 

Return to the crossroads and head towards the Fifth Bough (the only way you
haven't been yet). You'll go down a passage into a tree and up a ladder.
Take a left first and head down towards a building there. There is a small
dais which you can put something on, but what it is, I do not know yet.
Past that building, to the left (E) is an armory, though, full of bows and
arrows, rocks and slings, and a powder.

Return to the ladder room and head out the right-hand passage this time (N).
You will go through a tree and to a bridge that falls as you approach it.
Use the GOODA VINE ROPE on it to repair it. You can then go across the
bridge and zone to the Rattkin Tree area (Bough 6).


...coming soon!

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