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WWE Crush Hour Walkthrough
Created by digifan (K.H. Justin)
Version 1 (created 22nd March 2003)

This file is copyright (c)2003 Justin. All rights reserved.



1. What's New
2. Introduction
3. The Story
4. The Controls
5. The Characters
6. Tips, Strategies and Secrets
7. Weapons and Power ups
8. Season Mode
9. Exhibition Mode
10. Other Stuff
11. FAQ 
12. Contact Info
13. Copyright Notice
14. Credits


1. What's New
Version 1.00 (6th April 2003)
-Added another person to the credits. This guide is complete.

Version 0.98 (2nd April 2003)
-Corrected some mistakes in Other Stuff column, and an email.

Version 0.97 (1st April 2003)
-Added questions in FAQ section. Also noticed that I keep forgetting
 to put the version number at the top of the FAQ and that's why
 the version number is 0 all the time.

Version 0.95 (29th March 2003)
-Corrected a major mistake in Royal Rumble Strategy. Corrected an error
 in Season mode area.

Version 0.90 (28th March 2003)
-Added strategy for Royal Rumble, all secret characters and how to
 unlock Demolition Derby in Tips, Secrets and Strategies section.

Version 0.75 (23rd March 2003)
-Corrected some minor spelling errors and mistakes. Also added 
 a new secret superstar and how to get him in the Tips, Strategies,
 and Secrets column.

Version 0.70 (22nd March 2003)
-The first version of my guide. I've completed almost everything.




2. Introduction

Everybody knows what WWE is. When you heard of WWE Crush Hour, 
you might think that they are just making another wrestling game.
But no, this is not a wrestling game. This is a car combat game,
like Twisted Metal. Many people thought that this game will
be terrible, but they are so wrong. WWE Crush Hour is very fun 
with different types of game matches like Lumberjack and 
Hardcore, all enhanced for car combat style. It's also very
cheap and definitely worth the price.


3. The Story

Vince McMahon now has complete ownership of WWE, and he's going 
too far. Now you can see the Superstars in all kinds of
different shows like Cooking Shows and even Survivor.
One of his most exciting show is Crush Hour. Now this is why
the Superstars battle in their cars.


4. The Controls

D-Pad/Left Analog Stick - Used to steer
Right Analog Stick/the X button - Accelerate
Square button - Brake and reverse
Circle button - Turbo
Triangle button - Use special move when the meter is full
R1 - Shoot 
R2 - Shoot grabbed/equipped weapon
L1 - Power slide
L2 - Change equipped weapon with other grabbed weapon



5. The Characters

-Characters with brackets means the character that they unlock in 
 season mode. If there's a mistake, please tell me at once.

The Rock (Hulk Hogan)
Edge (Christian and Hulk Hogan *not sure*)
Chuck Palumbo
Billy Gunn
Chris Benoit
Brock Lesnar (Bradshaw)
Stacy Keibler
Booker T
Rob Van Dam (Ric Flair)
Big Show (Ric Flair)
Chris Jericho (Christian)
Kurt Angle (Stephanie)
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Bubba Ray Dudley (D-Von)
Triple H (Ric Flair)
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy (Lita)
William Regal
Trish Stratus
Hollywood Hulk Hogan *secret* 
Mr. McMahon *secret and only in Exhibition*
Kevin Nash *secret*
Ric Flair *secret*
Bradshaw *secret*
D-Von *secret*
Stephanie McMahon *secret*
Lita *secret*
Christian *secret*

- Mr. McMahon (Vince) can be unlocked by anybody at the end of season.
- Kevin Nash is unlocked with a code. 


6. Tips, Strategies and Secrets

~ Use your special wisely. If the opponent has the invulnerability
  power-up, wait until it's over before shooting your special.
  If your special has multiple shots, shoot when there are multiple 
  enemies nearby to take them all out.

~ I know it's cheap, but always target enemies that have low health

~ Leave the weak weapons and grab the powerful one.

~ Even though they are weak, the mines comes in about 4 a pack.
  Put them at a place where enemies always go and it's almost a 
  sure KO.

~ If you can't pass a match in Season mode, quit and come back.
  The players will be different and you might get weaker enemies.

~ You never know where there are fake walls.If you shoot them,
  they'll brake. Almost all of the time, there's something
  good inside.

~ If opponents are at the edge of a platform with no fences,
  push them off. They'll lose a score.

~ In the character select screen, press L2, Square, R2,  Circle
  to unlock Kevin Nash. This code was taken from the GameFAQs Codes
  & Secrets page. Thanks to testerx for finding the code!

~ To unlock Demolition Derby mode, beat a match without firing a single
  weapon. I did it in Season mode, but you can do it in Exhibition
  (see credits). To beat a match easily, try Lumberjack or Hardcore.
  You can play Demolition Derby in any one of the arenas. To select
  DD, select it at the rules page.(where you select match type, score
  to win, Handicap, AI Computer etc.) In DD, there's no weapons.
  You deal damage by ramming opponents. No health pickups either. Only

- I received a long email from David Gray
  The background color in the character select screen is important.
  Red means they start in Raw and advances to Smackdown.
  Blue means they start in Smackdown and advances to Raw.
  Same as above characters, but all levels are set for "Hard" AI
  difficulty and some levels have more K/Os required.
  In final battle, when you lower Vince's 1st health bar, he will 
  explode and a tinier car will replace him.


7. Weapons and Powerups

In Crush Hour, there are plenty of weapons and pick ups.
Unfortunately, it's like impossible to know what a specific pick up
is until you pick it up except the health and turbo, unless you 
memorise the location of that item.

Health pick-up

- Restores a bit of health. The pickup looks like a "plus sign"


- Makes you zoom ahead. The pickup looks like an arrow

Twisty Rockets

- A lot of missiles will zoom and home towards the opponent.
  Always have 1 ammo per pick up. Very useful.

Laser-Guided Rockets

- Homes towards opponents. Comes in 3 ammo per pick up.


- The most powerful weapon ever, but comes in 1 ammo per pick up.
  The range is medium and it does not home. Powerful but
  hard to hit somebody with.


- Not too powerful, but comes in about 4 ammo per pack. Lay it
  on somewhere where opponents always go to like near a weapon.
  If not careful, you'll step on your own mine and damage yourself.

Grenade Launcher

- About 8 ammo per pack, this can be a powerful weapon.
  The only problem is it's hard to hit an enemy with it unless
  they are driving towards you or they are aginst a wall.

Atomic Drop

- Quite a powerful one, but very hard to hit somebody with.
  1 ammo per pack. When you shoot, it flies far away then drops
  to the ground, dealing a lot of damage to any nearby cars.
  Looks like a blue cannon.


- Comes in about 2 ammo per pack, this gun is quite useful.
  Medium range.

Ramming Power

- This is one of my favorite weapon. Ram somebody with this on 
  and you'll deal MAJOR damage to the vehicle you rammed.

Double Damage

- Looks like a remote control. Makes your car glows red and you'll
  do double damage


- Makes your car pure black (or is it silver?)
  and you'll suffer less damage.

- You'll not suffer any damage for a short period. Looks like the
  WWE icon.


8. Season Mode

In Season mode, you get a chance to unlock more Match Types and
Superstars. This is the order of matches you'll have in Season.
For information on how to beat each matches, see Exhibition Mode.

Week 1 - Smackdown  (2 other opponents)
Week 2 - Hell in a Cell 
Week 3 - Lumberjack
Week 4 - Hardcore
Week 5 - Smackdown (3 other opponents)
Week 6 - Raw (2 other opponents)
Week 7 - Cage *
Week 8 - Running the Gauntlet *
Week 9 - Battle Royal *
Week 10 - Raw (with 3 other opponents)
Week 11 - Bottom Line *(with 2 other opponents)
Week 12 - Iron Man
Week 13 - Survivor Series *
Week 14 - Royal Rumble *
Week 15 - Bottom Line (with 3 other opponents)
Week 16 - King of the Ring *
Week 17 - Final Battle **

* = complete to unlock in Exhibition mode.
** = Takes place in King of the Ring arena. A 1 on 1 with Vince

Note: Sometimes, the order of Smackdown and Raw matches switches with
      each other.


9. Exhibition Mode

Here's a list of matches in Exhibition mode:
Hell in the Cell
Cage *
Royal Rumble *
Running the Gauntlet *
Survivor Series *
King of the Ring *
Battle Royal *
Bottom Line *

* - unlock in Season mode first

 And here's the strategy for each match


Goal : Score a set number of KOs

Stage Layout : The whole arena is a circle. In the outer circle,
               you will find health and turbos. In the inner circle,
               there are flame jets with the Twisty Rockets,
               Annihlator, Laser Guided Rockets and Grenade Launcher
               standing on them, waiting to be picked up.
               These weapons does not appear in the first time you
               play Raw in Season. In the innermost circle, there
               are buzz saws that pop up from the ground , protecting
               an invulneralbility pick up.

Strategy     : Definitely a hard stage. There are no walls to block 
               shots from hitting you. If you get destroyed by the
               hazards, you'll lose a KO score as well.
               Just grab the powerful weapons  and target the weaker 


Goal : Score a set number of KOs

Stage Layout : The main area has 4 mini ramps leading up to a 
               Double Damage protected by flame jet. On the
               flame jet, you can get an armor as well.
               In the outer areas, you can find health and turbo 
               pickups as well as fake walls. Destroy the fake wall
               and you could find a Twisty Rocket and even an 

Strategy     : It's easier than Raw as there are less hazards and plenty
               of walls to protect you. Also, the weapons are easier to
               find. Just shoot anybody and everybody.


Goal : Get the belt and hold on to it for a set time limit.
Stage Layout : The starting area has three paths, left, right, and
               straight. Straight will lead you to the main area
               with the belt. The main area has a few paths as well.
               Some leads to the starting area and some leads to a
               smaller room.

Strategy     : Use turbo. If you fail to get the belt first, shoot 
               the person that has it until he/she explodes, then grab
               the belt. When you have it, go to an open area and try 
               not to get cornered. Also, try to pick as many health as
               you can and use turbo to escape from everybody.

-Hell in the Cell-

Goal : Score a set number of KOs

Stage Layout : It's basically a square. You start out in the innermost
               square, with an armor in the middle. Then the doors open,
               allowing you to go to the outer square. There you'll find
               mines and grenade launchers. After a short while, the
               pyramid doors open, allowing you into the pyramid, where
               all the powerful weapons lay. The Annihlator lies in one
               of the bigger pyramids, on a square platform with pillars
               surrounding it, near the fire pit. In Demolition Derby,
               the Annihlator is replaced with an invulneralbility 

Strategy     : Same strategy as always. Just shoot away and grab those


Goal : Get a set number of stars before others. The stars has a beam
       of light shining on it and an arrow appears on top of the screen,
       guiding you to the star.

Stage Layout : A logging area. The starting area is a big wide circle.
               The above area has a ramp (sometimes a star appears  
               in the air so you have to use the ramp) and 2 huts.
               The bigger hut with the buzz saw has an annihlator.
               Stars often appear behind the hut as well.

Strategy     : Use turbo often. You can find turbos around the starting
               area. KO an opponent to lower their score by 1.


Goal : Have the highest KO score after the time limit.

Stage Layout : The starting area is a square with a VRF gun. Not too 
               useful. The outer areas have the ramming power and
               a laser guided rocket.

Strategy : Just keep shooting away and build up your special meter.

-Cage Match-

Goal : Battle in a cage. The last person surviving in it gets a contract
       and you have to deliver the contract to a random place. But it's
       not that easy. Opponents will try to stop you. Deliver a set
       number of contracts to win.

Stage Layout : Basically, the cage area is a large square with about
               4 health pickups. On your way to the bottom area,
               flame jets will try to torch you.The furthest dock 
               with the crates have an annihlator.

Strategy : Shoot and grab the health. Repeat. If you did not get the 
           contract, shoot and kill the person that has it to make him/
           her drop it. If you have it, use turbo to deliver it before
           the opponents destroy you.

-Royal Rumble-

Goal : Get the crown before the time expires or get eliminated.
       As more people get eliminated, more people will also join in the 

Stage Layout : The bottom area isn't that interesting, but the upper
               area is a large circle and contains a lot of weapons.
               Two crowns will appear each time. A beam of light
               shines on the crown. The arrow at top area of the screen
               points to the nearest crown. If it's red, that means
               no more free crowns and you'll have to kill an opponent
               to get a crown.

Strategy : When you start, don't bother to use turbo. When you head up
           the ramp, ignore the arrow pointing right, leading to the
           crown. Instead, turn left and get the crown there.
           Then, it's all luck. Kill an opponent to make
           him/her drop the crown. There's always 2 crowns.(except last
           After you get the first crown, just keep going in circles,
           avoiding shots and picking up health and weapons. This 
           match is more to luck. If someone else has the crown,
           fire all your weapons on him/her. If he/she explodes,
           pick up the crown and run. 
           Don't blame me if the above strategy don't work. It always
           work for me somehow.

-Running the Gauntlet-

Goal : Get a set number of stars before others

Stage Layout : You're at the rooftops, and it's easy to fall. There are
               ramps for you to jump to other roofs. There are also 
               flame jets on the ramps. If you fall, you'll lose
               a star point. Take this opportunity to push high 
               scorers to the bottom.

Strategy : Very hard. One of the best strategy is stay in one area
           and wait for the star. Slow but it works sometimes.
           Also, push other people off to lower their score but be
           careful not to fall yourself.

-Survivor Series-

Goal : Eliminate the opposing team members to score a point. Score
       a set amount of points first to win.

Stage Layout : On the streets. The main area has 2 beams of light to 
               tag. In the middle is a Double Damage pick up. Nearby,
               there's a breakable window where you will get a grenade
               launcher. There's an annihlator behind a breakable
               window in the outer streets.

Strategy : Don't hestitate to tag when you're low at health. The 
           opponent will always tag when they're health bar turns red.
           To avoid that happening, try to bring the fight to somewhere 
           far away from the light.

-King of The Ring-

Goal : Eliminate all the opponents as they come in 1 by 1.

Stage Layout : It's like a coliseum. Around the statue, there's a
               double damage. The outer area has health pick ups.
               Around the outer areas, there are some small areas
               where you can find powerful weapons. 

Strategy : Just be careful and grab all the weapons. Also, if you need
           to, rush to the health pick ups before opponents reach it.
           when somebody comes in, keep shooting. When your health gets
           low, always rush to the nearest health pickup even if the
           opponent's health is lower than yours.

-Battle Royal-

Goal : Eliminate all other opponents before they eliminate you.
Stage Layout : The middle area has trains rushing past. Hit the train
               once and you'll lose instantly. There are paths behind to
               allow you to go to other areas.

Strategy : Avoid the train at all costs. Then just shoot away. When 
           your health is low, avoid enemies and grab the health pick up
           before enemies eliminate you.

-Bottom Line-

Goal : Score a set number of KOs before your opponents.

Stage Layout : To the left of the starting point is the helipad. There
               you can find grenade launchers, twisty rockets, health
               and maybe a turbo. Further along the helipad you'll find 
               an atomic drop. Straight from the starting point is
               the main area. In it, you can find a ramming power and
               a few other weapons. Straight from the main area is a
               ramp leading up, but there's a hole in the middle of the
               ramp!! The outer, narrow area, has a few handy weapons
               including an annihlator.

Strategy : My favorite area is the helipad mentioned earlier. Grab
           the twisty rockets and grenade launcher & stay there. When an
           opponent come near you, shoot the twisty rocket and the
           grenade launcher continously. If the opponent did not 
           explode, they will most likely get the health pick up at the 
           corner. When they do so, just ram them off the edge to the
           water, lowering their KO score or continue to shoot until
           they explode.

-Final Battle- (not available in Exhibition mode)

Goal : Defeat the all powerful Mr. McMahon

Stage Layout : Same as King of the Ring

Strategy : Damn hard. Vince has 2 health bars. The best way is to get 
           all the powerful weapons and the double power and fire
           away. Get all the health before Vince does as well.
           By the time you destroy Vince's first health bar, you
           should have already filled your special meter. Shoot special
           for instant victory! If not, good luck destroying Vince.
           Or you could try taking the ramming power to the right 
           from where you start, then turbo a few times on Vince.


10. Other Stuff


While you're progressing in Season mode, you'll view 3 ads.

1. Cooking with Kane

- The screen shows Kane wearing a chef's uniform and standing next
  to a barbeque grill. The announcer will ask Kane what's today's food
  or something and Kane opens the grill cover. Inside it is....
  dynamites! The announcer will get a shock and the dynamites explode.

2. Happy Pee Pee Smile

- Edge (thanks to A Link Named Mandube) advertises a shampoo
  with a star, moon and octopus cartoon character.

3. Survivor

- The cameraman shows Stacy Keibler and Trish Stratus trying to make
  a fire. The cameraman aims at Stacy's backside and Trish's chest.
  Both of the women get mad and the camera drops. Soon, the 
  cameraman's  spectacles drop to the ground.

-More to come-


11. FAQs

Q: Who is the best character in the game?

A: It's all based on your skills, but in my opinion, Brock Lesnar.
   Very powerful, and he shoot his special 3 times, and they home on
   to the opponents.

Q: How do I make quick turns?

A: Sometimes, an opponent will fire you without stopping from behind
   and by the time you turn around, you'll usually explode.
   To turn around quickly, use Power Slide. Press the reverse button
   and the powerslide button at the same time to turn around quickly.
   The powerslide can also be used to make quick turns to avoid enemies.

Q: How do I win Demolition Derby mode easily?

A: It's already easy as it is, but if you still have problems, try 
   finding and picking up the ramming power. Ramming Power + Turbo=
   MAJOR damage.

Q: I noticed that when you complete Season mode with a character,
   the character will be wearing a belt in the character select screen.
   Does this mean that you'll get something when you beat Season with 

A: Currently, nobody knows.


12. Contact Info

For any reasons you would want to contact me,
e-mail me at [email protected]  or AIM me at digifan002 .
I do not accept flames and spam.
People that gives me advice or something simillar will be added to 
credits. If you don't want to be in the credits, please tell me.
By the way, I rarely check my e-mail, so it may take a long time
before I reply you.


13. Copyright Notice

This file is copyright (c)2003 Justin. All rights reserved.
If you want to use my guide, E-MAIL ME AND ASK FOR MY PERMISSION first.
You may find this guide at GameFAQs, IGN, Neoseekers, Cheat Happens
and Cheat Codes Central.


14. Credits

Me - for writing this
THQ - for making the game
CJayC - for creating GameFAQs
testerx - Finding the Kevin Nash code
A Link Named Mandube - Telling me about Edge as the shampoo guy and
                       about the error at Survivor.( It was Stacy's
                       chest and Trish's butt)

David Gray - Sending an email containing a lot of stuff that even
             I can't list it here.

Michael Beckett - I checked his email too late, he informed me 
                  about Christian and D-Von. But still, thanks
                  for the email.

Paul Rudoff - confirming that Demolition Derby can be unlocked
              in exhibition.

IGN, CCC, Neoseeker, Cheat Happens
 - asking permission before posting my guide

Everybody in GameFAQs Message Board 

More to come as they give me advice etc.


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