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Zoids Saga Walkthrough v.1.0
Released on May 19, 2002
by Soren Kanzaki ([email protected])

Table of Contents:

Section 1: Overview
Section 2: Version History
Section 3: Walkthrough
  Scenario 1: The Fall of Arcadia
  Scenario 2: The Heart of an Organoid
  Scenario 3: The Demons of Mount Osa
  Scenario 4: Clashing Emotions
  Scenario 5: A Cherished Prize
  Scenario 6: Dark Awakening
  Scenario 7: Unraveling Destinies
  Scenario 8: A Gathering of Storms
  Scenario 9: Our Final War
  Scenario 10: And Eternity
Section 4: Zoid Acquisition Guide
Section 5: Credits
Section 6: Copyright / Authorization
Section 7: Miscellaneous

Section 1: Overview

    Mecha.  Robots.  Zoids.  Shiny metal things.  Whatever your favorite 
term, large mechanical combat units (and blowing them up) are here to stay.  
And a language barrier isn't going to keep a lot of fans from playing Zoids 

    Armed with a trusty set of reference materials, dictionaries, and plenty 
of on-line resources, I've compiled this walkthrough (with some story 
information) for those players who want more out of their Zoids Saga 
experience than just watching the battle animations.

Section 2: Version History

    0.6 (4/08/2002): Preliminary draft.  So far, only the first three 
scenarios are complete.

    0.7 (4/17/2002): Added Scenario 4 and 5.

    0.8 (5/07/2002): Added Scenario 6 and 7.

    0.9 (5/13/2002): Added Scenario 8 and 9.

    1.0 (5/19/2002): Added Scenario 10.  Some corrections based on my new 
semi-official romanization choices.  (Geno Hydra, Wardick, Gojulas G Ogre, 
etc.)  Added Zoid Acquisition Guide.  Still haven't seen the Dark Spiner / 
Dark Spiner DCS on the replay, but I figured since everything else was here 

Section 3: Walkthrough

  Scenario 1: The Fall of Arcadia

      Area 1: Arcadia Castle and Eastern Labyrinth

      Items: 4200G, 1400G
      Zoid Data: Trinity Liger
      Commands: Prince's Cheer
      Enemies: None

    As the game opens, the main character (default name: Atory) will be 
seated at his desk, studying his history.  Regina, one of the three warriors 
of Arcadia, will try to get the Prince's attention.  Atory, being a 12 year 
old with no interest in studying, will fail to hear anything, and Regina will 
finally yell and get his attention.  Looks like Atory's busted ... again.  
Regina will drone on about the Republic and the Empire, and their history of 
warfare.  After a brief lecture, Regina will leave the room.

    Atory can now explore Arcadia Castle.  There are several Royal Soldiers 
in various floors of the castle.  Atory's mother, the Queen, is also inside 
the castle, and if you wish, you can talk to Regina.  However, the two people 
you need to talk to are Ace and Jack.  Ace, the ex-Guylos soldier with long 
hair, is in the large mess hall in the northwest section of the ground floor.  
Jack, the warrior with a blue headband who has Helic Republic ties, is 
prowling the western corridor of the second floor.  Once you've talked to 
Jack and Ace, your father the King of Arcadia will appear on the ground 
floor, north-east section.  Talking to the king will advance the storyline.

    After Regina appears, Atory, Ace, Regina, and Jack will gather in the 
throne room on the fourth floor of the castle.  The King will talk for a 
while, when suddenly the castle comes under attack!  A Command Wolf Urban 
Combat Variant and a Red Horn BG are bombarding the castle.  At first, it was 
assumed that the Republic was attacking them; but the Red Horn BG is an 
Imperial Zoid.  The King, realizing the danger, tells his three Zoid warriors 
to take Atory out of danger.  Before you leave, though, the King will give 
you a gift: the Prince's Cheer Command.

    Atory and the 3 warriors will arrive at the main gates of the castle, 
only to find that an approaching army has barred their way.  A strange man in 
an iron mask, known only as the Emperor, has attacked Arcadia with his 4 
Heavenly Kings.  Seeing the main way blocked, Regina and the others will 
suggest you try the Zoid hanger in the basement.

    As luck would have it, a fully prepared Gustav Zoid carrier is waiting 
and ready for your flight!  While 3 Command Wolves are ready to serve the 3 
warriors of Arcadia, there are three other Zoids in the hanger that could be 
taken.  Sadly, as there are only 4 pilots here, you can only take one of the 
three.  Each of the warriors will stand next to a Zoid and describe its 
advantages and disadvantages to you.

    In front of the left most Zoid, a blue Shield Liger, stands Regina.  
Regina explains that the Shield Liger has excellent defensive capabilities 
due to its E Shield, and can therefore sustain the most damage.  To his 
right, Ace looks over a red Saber Tiger, which has several different and 
powerful weapons systems.  He explains that this is the principal Imperial 
Type Zoid.  Finally, to the far right, Jack will offer you the chance to 
pilot a Raynos.  This aerial Zoid is fast, but somewhat lacking in defense.  
Also, he will inform you that most aerial Zoids cannot mount offensive 
armaments, but they are harder to hit.  To make your selection, simply talk 
to the appropriate Zoid warrior and select the first option when the small 
menu pops up.

   Once you've loaded the Zoid of your choice, the party flees Arcadia Castle 
and enters the eastern underground labyrinth.  Navigating this section is 
straightforward.  The chests contain 4200 and 1400 G.  Before exiting the 
labyrinth, Regina will spot an inoperable Zoid.  It's a Trinity Liger, the 
pride of Arcadia's Zoid research program, but there's no way to get it 
working now.  However, Regina will grab the Zoid Data on the Trinity Liger.  
Perhaps someone can help you resurrect this powerful Zoid?

      Area 2: Arcadia Town

      Commands: Enveloping Attack, Brown-Out, Data Compare
      Locations: Dr. T's Zoid Lab (NE Corner); Armaments Shop (SE Corner); 
        Item Shop (E Side); Bar (N Side)
      Purchasable Items:
        Core Active Ion Small - 500 G
        Emergency Evacuation Capsule - 15,000 G
        Shockwave - 2,800 G
        Assault Beam Cannon - 2,300 G
        Shockwave Cannon - 3,200 G
        4 Barrel Missile - 2,800 G
        Pulse Laser Gun - 3,600 G

    Arriving safely at Arcadia Town, the party will break apart and look for 
likely sources of support.  Atory manages to find the local pub, but before 
anything more interesting can happen, the rest of the party rejoins the 
Prince and is accosted by Imperial soldiers.  Luckily, an old man named Roman 
intervenes and the soldiers depart without incident.

    Before anyone can thank the old man, Roman asks if he is addressing the 
Prince of Arcadia!  Yes, the old man is a loyal supporter of the throne, and 
he invites the party upstairs.  After a brief discussion, Atory will charge 
forwards, determined to find out the fate of his father and the castle.

    Before you leave the bar, though, you should take the time to revisit 
Roman upstairs.  He will give you the Enveloping Attack command - useful if 
you are having difficulty hitting your targets.  Once that is done with, you 
can hit the town.

    Arcadia Town is a frequently visited area, so you should become familiar 
with a few of its features.  In the northeast corner of town is Dr. T's Zoid 
Lab, easily identified by the Liger on the sign.  Below it is the Item Shop, 
and in the southeast corner of town, Armaments can be purchased.

    Before you leave town, be sure to do the following:  stock up on items / 
armaments; use your menu to equip armaments / re-arrange your party; visit 
Dr. T's Zoid Lab; get the Brown-Out command from an old man in the far right 
section of the Armaments shop.

    Dr. T himself will talk to Regina for a bit, and explain that the Trinity 
Liger could be rebuilt - if the Trinity Liger Core could be obtained.  
Talking to the assistant in the same room will bring up the Zoid Construction 
Shop screen.  This screen will allow you to Revive Zoids, Build Zoids, Change 
Pilots, and Sell Zoids.  Also, whenever you enter this screen, all your non-
destroyed Zoids' HP and EP will be restored.  At the same time, new groups of 
enemy Zoids will appear on the overland maps and in dungeons.  The assistant 
on the far left of the lab will explain the Party Order system, but more 
importantly, he will give you the Data Compare command.

    Once you're done with your preparations, it's time to hit the ...

      Area 3: Arcadia Overland

      Locations: Arcadia Town (center of the map); Arcadia Castle (western 
        section of map); Space-Time Transmission Center (eastern section)
      Enemies: Molga, Merda, Godos, Iguan, Gator, Heldigunner, Redler

    There are usually six free-roving enemies on the Arcadia Overland map.  
At this point, most of these enemies should be easy kills.  Heldigunners and 
Redlers will appear rarely.  Be careful when fighting the Iguans and Redlers, 
since they are faster than most of your party (unless you took the Raynos).  
Now is a good time to raise your levels, stock up on Zoid Cores and Data, and 
get some money.  If you want, you can build a Zoid or two (only the Redler is 
worth the effort, however).  Once you are ready to proceed, head towards 
Arcadia Castle.

      Area 4: Arcadia Castle Western Labyrinth

      Items: Chobham Armor x 2
      Zoid Data: Helcat, Saber Tiger, Brachios NEW, Iron Kong, Raynos, Shield 
        Liger Mark II, Command Wolf NEW
      Enemies: Molga, Merda, Godos, Iguan, Gator, Heldigunner, Redler, Heavy 
        Armor Guysack, Cannon Tortoise

    At the gates of the castle, it's clear that the Emperor is firmly 
installed and not welcoming visitors.  That's alright, though, because 
there's a secret entrance to the left side of the castle.  Enter the 
labyrinth and proceed until you pass several Zoid bays.  Move to the top of 
the screen and open the door by facing it and pressing the A button.  
Continue until you reach a room with four columns surrounding a central 
raised platform.

    The party will wonder what exactly was in this room, but their musings 
will be cut short by the arrival of one of the Emperor's Heavenly Kings, 
Burahdo.  Instead of attacking you with his Genosaurer, he'll send two of his 
soldiers after you.

      Required Battle:
        2 x Command Wolf
        Gold: 2000 G  XP: 70

    Suddenly, a rumbling is heard - the shockwaves from the battle have 
opened a passage north!  Regina advises a quick retreat, and the Gustav 
manages to slip away from an enraged Burahdo.

    This new labyrinth is full of the same enemies as the overland area, with 
a few additions: you will find one or two Heavy Armor Guysack and a Cannon 
Tortoise.  Be sure to clear out all of chests for new Zoid Data and a pair of 
defensive Armaments.  Once you reach the last room, you'll notice that the 
only way to proceed is to the right off of the screen.

    Just as the party enters this new room, with a strange piece of 
equipment, a red Redler enters the silvery orb and disappears!  What is going 
on?  Thankfully, Burahdo catches up with your party here and helpfully 
explains - that device is a Space-Time Transmission Unit!  The Emperor plans 
to go backwards and forwards in time with the eventual goal of ruling Planet 
Zi forever.  Clearly, that can't be allowed to happen, so ...

      Boss Battle:
        Genosaurer BS (piloted by Burahdo)
        HP: 350
        Gold: 1000 G  XP: 200

        Strategy:  Change your party formation and place your Zoids on the 
          top and bottom rows, but leave the center empty.  This will ensure 
          that only two of your party are hit by the Charged Particle Cannon.  
          If you're damaged, use the Prince's Cheer technique or Core Active 
          Ion Small items.

    Burahdo's command system will freeze, and he will be forced to retreat.  
Atory and party discuss what to do next, but being a 12-year old prince, 
Atory decides (independently) to rush in after that Redler.  Regina quickly 
follows, probably yelling something at her sovereign.  Ace and Jack, resigned 
to their fate, get into the Gustav, and you then arrive at ...

  Scenario 2: The Heart of an Organoid

      Area 1: Zoids Season 1 Desert Overland

      Locations: Central Town (N of Space-Time Orb); Deserted Town (far W of 
        Central Town); Rosso's Cave Hideout (N of Deserted Town); Broken 
        Bridge (NW of Deserted Town)
      Enemies: Pteras, Command Wolf, Cannon Tortoise, Guysack, Heavy Armor 

    This certainly isn't Arcadia anymore!  The party will recognize this as 
part of Planet Zi (and Arcadia's) past - slightly before the last full-blown 
war between the Guylos Empire and the Helic Republic.  Everyone decides that 
it would be best to find out just exactly what is going on, so the town to 
the North seems to be a likely stop.  Before you can get there, the red 
Redler FS swoops in and its pilot, Fran (one of the 4 Heavenly Kings - well, 
I guess a Heavenly Queen ...) will address Ace.  Seems like they have a 
history, huh?  Ace is a little reticent to talk about it.

    Regina, Jack, and Atory don't know what's going on, though, and Regina 
demands to know who that woman was.  Ace, being Ace, says little, and its up 
to Jack to calm everyone down and get the party moving into town.

      Area 2: Central Town

      Commands: Master of Supply (SE Corner)
      Locations: Bar (NW Corner), Item Shop (W side of Town), Armaments Shop 
        (SE Corner), Zoid Construction Shop (E side of Town)
      Purchasable Items:
        Core Active Ion Small - 500 G
        Emergency Evacuation Capsule - 15,000 G
        Shockwave - 2,800 G
        2 Barrel Laser - 2,200 G
        Linear Laser - 3,100 G
        Jumbo Missile - 3,500 G
        Beam Rifle - 2,900 G
      Temporary Party Members: Moonbay (no Zoid), Irvine (Command Wolf AS)

    Before you can do anything else, your party will literally run into a 
young man - or, to be more precise, a young man will run into Atory.  It's a 
young Ban, trailed by his organoid Jeeku.  Regina remarks that it must be an 
organoid following Ban, which serves only to put him on the defensive.  Ban 
really doesn't have time to be talking to anyone, so he tells Jeeku to follow 
him and the pair leave.  Now what was all that about?

    After your introduction to Ban and Jeeku is over, you are free to wander 
the town.  You should purchase any items and armaments as you see fit, and 
stop into the Zoid construction shop for repairs.  Be sure to pick up the 
command from the old man in the southeast corner of town.  Master of Supply 
will double the Gold earned in a battle, so long as it is invoked at the 
beginning of the turn in which you destroy the last enemy.

    When all your errands are done, visit the bar.  Sadly, the old man with 
the cane there has no new command for you, but you do notice three odd 
characters at the far right end of the bar.  The old man with glasses is none 
other than Dr. D, while the girl standing up is Moonbay.  The fellow sitting 
down with the headband is Irvine, and it is he you need to talk to.  Ace and 
Irvine immediately have a clash of personalities (guess there's room for only 
one silent type, eh?), but Moonbay yells at Irvine to act properly, while 
Regina chastises Ace.  After a few pointed silences, insults, and Irvine 
calling Dr. D an old man, you eventually learn that Ban and Jeeku are looking 
for Feene, who has been kidnapped.  Being nice people, you offer to help 
Irvine and Moonbay chase after Ban.  You might want to assign Moonbay a Zoid 
before proceeding.

      Area 3: Zoids Season 1 Desert Overland

    Now that you have six warriors instead of four, it's not a bad idea to go 
around and beat up some enemies.  While there aren't a lot of good Zoids you 
can build right now, it is a good time to pick up all the Zoid blueprints you 
might be missing.  You cannot use the Silver Orb to return to Arcadia just 
yet.  If you do want to build additional Zoids, the Helcat, Iron Kong, 
Command Wolf (and Command Wolf NEW), and Raynos are decent bets.  You can 
also upgrade your Command Wolves (although this permanently turns them into 
Command Wolf NEWs - which aren't necessarily the best upgrade for them, but 
you can just build plain Command Wolves when you need to upgrade into other 
Wolf Types), and the Shield Liger if you chose that Zoid.

    Once you're ready to move on, head northeast.  Eventually, you will reach 
a gap in the western obstacles, and as soon as you enter that gap, a sequence 
will start.  Ban and his Shield Liger BS are still looking for Feene, but a 
Command Wolf and Heavy Armor Guysack are barring his path.  Irvine and 
Moonbay are glad to see Ban, and Irvine tells Ban to go ahead - they'll catch 
up eventually.  Ban dashes onwards (the first of many times he'll do so ...), 
and you are left to deal with:

      Required Battle:
        Command Wolf
        Heavy Armor Guysack
        Gold: 2000 G  XP: 65

    You should only have problems if you have been getting beaten by the 
overland Zoids.  Once past these impediments, you can move onwards to the 
rest of the map.  The next stop is the deserted, devastated town, so head 

      Area 4: Deserted Town

      Commands: Ready to Flee (W Side)
      Locations: None
      Purchasable Items: None

    Looks like this town has seen better days.  Pick up the (moderately) 
useful technique from the old man on the west side of town.  Ready to Flee 
can be useful ... if you don't get hit.  Otherwise, you'll take more damage.  
Anyway, you need to talk to several if not all of the townspeople here.  
They'll tell you how the town is getting trashed routinely by a Redler.  A 
Redler!  Why, isn't that the Zoid that Fran was piloting?  Sounds like 
something a lackey of the Emperor would do, so you decide to check out on the 
supposed hideout of the Redler - the caves to the north of town.

      Area 5: Rosso's Hideout

      Items: Laser Gun, Core Active Ion Small
      Enemies: As Overland
      Temporary Party Members: Ban (Shield Liger BS)

    It's a small cave, but be sure to pick up the items on the top floor.  
Assuming you've talked to the townspeople, when you hit the bottom of the 
cave, you'll be greeted by the ringleaders of the Desert Alcavaledo Gang - 
Rosso and Viola.  Ban wants to know what they've done with Feene, and 
predictably, a fight ensues.  However, Ban joins your party just before the 
fight, so you can add him to your party at the pre-battle screen.

      Boss Battle:
        Red Horn (piloted by Rosso)
        HP: 150
        Redler BC (piloted by Viola)
        HP: 100
        Gold: 2000 G  XP: 194

        Strategy:  None really.  Rosso and Viola kindly line themselves up, 
          which makes this an excellent time to use Pierce weapons (like the 
          2 Barrel Laser Ban has ...).  As long as Viola is stuck in the 
          second column, she can only use her Beam Cannon, but once you 
          eliminate Rosso, her Severing Wing can Pierce to the back column 
          (if there is a Zoid in the front column).  Of the two, Viola is the 
          more dangerous.  If you have lots of money, you can deploy 4 
          Raynos, and their built-in 3 Barrel Beam Cannon can kill the enemy 
          in one turn.  You will NOT be able to beat Viola to the first move 
          (the Redler BC is too fast).

    Ban, being Ban, demands answers.  The only answer they have to give him, 
though, is that he should be looking for a RED Redler (Fran's Redler FS).  
They point the party in the direction of the area beyond the bridge, so it's 
time to leave.

      Area 6: Broken Bridge

      Items: 2000 G, Chobham Armor x 2, Core Active Ion Small x 2, Cannon, 
        1500 G, Assault Beam Cannon
      Zoid Data: Stealth Viper, Black Rhimos, Shield Liger, Cannory Molga, 
      Enemies: As Overland, Heavy Armor Godos, Helcat, Redler, Stealth Viper, 
        Command Wolf Urban Combat Variant, Malder

    In case you're curious, this is Fire Bridge.  Ban (when Rosso tells you 
where the red Redler is) knows that this bridge has been destroyed, but Rosso 
was kind enough to tell you that there's a cave nearby, and like all good 
caves, it leads to your final destination.  Just explore the cave and pick up 
all the various chests.  Once you've gotten the Shield Liger, you can build 
any of the three Zoids you were offered at the beginning of the game - not to 
mention upgrade the Shield Liger to the Mark II variant.

    Once you reach the end of the caves, a small conversation will start 
before you confront ...

      Boss Battle:
        Zaber Tiger RS (piloted by Raven)
        HP: about 300
        Gold: 1000 G  XP: 300

        Strategy:  Raven's not too difficult, but certainly much more of a 
          handful than Rosso and Viola.  His Zaber Tiger is fast, but luckily 
          it lacks the Shadow Invocation (which is not true of his later 
          Zoids ...).  You can choose any two of the three guest pilots, and 
          each as a high point: Ban's Shield Liger BS is good on the front 
          lines, and he has the Jeeku Invocation (restore all HP/EP, 50% 
          bonus to stats).  Irvine is accurate, and his Bite Fang (front 
          column) or Long Range Rifle (in the back) does very good damage.  
          And Moonbay ... Moonbay can be assigned any Zoid, and you can add 
          armaments to her Zoid.  This can be a strong advantage (Beam Rifle 
          will do 55 damage in her hands), especially if you have a good Zoid 
          available (Shield Liger Mark II).  If you have a Black Rhimos, you 
          can try paralyzing Raven with it, as well.  Watch out for Raven's 2 
          Barrel Beam, it will hit 4 party members.  That's a good time to 
          use the Prince's Cheer.  If you can, try to time the Master of 
          Supply for double the cash.

    Raven will do what villains typically do (i.e. sulk, swear vengeance, run 
off), and Ban will be reunited with Feene.  In typical Ban fashion (act 
first, think ... at some point in the distant future), he, Irvine, and 
Moonbay will leave the party.

    That's a shame, because before you even get a chance to use a healing 
item, you'll meet the last enemy of this scenario.  It's Fran, and this time, 
she reveals her relationship with Ace - they were both once Guylos soldiers, 
in the same unit!  In fact, Fran offers Ace a chance to join the Emperor.  
Ace, being the extra-cool silent type, of course says no.  Seems like Fran's 
taking his rejection a little hard ...

      Boss Battle:
        Redler FS (piloted by Fran)
        HP: about 250
        Gold: 1000 G  XP: 200

        Strategy:  Take advantage of the party order screen!  Place your 
          strongest defensive Zoid on the front line, then everyone else in 
          the back.  That way, her Severing Wing attack can only hit the Zoid 
          on the front row.  Fran's got a good mix of attacks - as her 
          Missile Pod has the Pierce effect, it can hit two people.  There's 
          little chance of waiting until she runs out of EP either, since she 
          can use it at least 40 times.  Just keep pounding her, and heal 
          when necessary.  Don't forget that your commands are renewed 
          (meaning you can use the Prince's Cheer again).  Also, there's NO 
          chance you can beat her in the speed department (unless you're 
          cheating) - the Redler FS is the FASTEST Zoid in the game (2500).

    Fran will be simply shocked that she was actually beaten, and will 
therefore go off to be scolded by the Emperor.  Well, it's time to return 
home ... or is it?

  Scenario 3: The Demons of Mt. Osa

      Area 1: Arcadia Overland

      Locations: Arcadia Town (center of the map); Arcadia Castle (western 
        section of map); Space-Time Transmission Center (eastern section)
      Enemies: Saicurtis, Cannory Molga, Heavy Armor Godos, Heclat, 
        Barigator, Stealth Viper, Pteras, Black Rhimos, Command Wolf, Command 
        Wolf Urban Combat Variant, Climer Wolf, Saber Tiger, Gator Radome S, 
        Cannon Tortoise, Heldigunner DT
      Purchasable Items: (in Arcadia Town)
        Core Active Ion Small - 500 G
        Emergency Evacuation Capsule - 15,000 G
        Shockwave - 2,800 G
        Particle Cannon - 11,600 G
        Heavy Particle Cannon - 14,200 G
        8 Barrel Missile - 5,200 G
        E Shield Armor - 3,000 G
      Commands: Supreme Right (Arcadia Town, Roman, Bar, 1st Floor)

    Well, the Emperor's not taking Fran's failure well.  Being a resourceful 
man who's bent on world domination, though, he has a perfect back up plan.  
All Fran needs to do is blow up the Space-Time Tranmission Equipment.  Atory 
will be stuck in the past, and all will be well.  Fran objects some, but 
eventually moves to comply.  Before the game delves into the world of 
temporal paradoxes, though, a trio of Command Wolves will rush into the 
Space-Time Transmission Center and run Fran off.  Funny, she looks a bit 
relieved ...

    Your party then arrives through the Orb, as usual.  The three Command 
Wolves aren't just wild Zoids with good hearts, they're three Arcadian 
Military Soldiers!  Wow, Atory's probably beginning to feel more like a 
prince than a kid.  What's better, they report that the town of Arcadia has 
been cleared of Imperial influence.  Sadly, the castle is still quite 
impregnable.  The soldiers stay behind to monitor the Center and see if they 
can pick up the moves of the other Heavenly Kings in the past - for the 
Castle itself has Space-Time Transmission Equipment, and the Emperor probably 
isn't over with his efforts to rewrite history.  (Don't you hate historical 

    Atory and his retainers will relax at the bar.  Issues of a 12-year old 
getting drunk aside, a soldier will run in and report that they've found 
another anomaly.  Looks like it's time to get to work ...

    Don't forget to talk to the old man, Roman (who lacks the decency to give 
you all the commands he knows at once).  He'll give you the extremely useful 
Supreme Right command.  Although one of your Zoids is unable to move, Atory's 
Zoid will have its HP totally restored, and his stats will double for one 
turn.  This can add up to some incredible bonuses, especially if you've 
invested in the Accuracy and Attack stats.  (At its most powerful, you can 
get an additional 150% damage.  If your attack bonus is 200%, you normally do 
3 times the listed weapon damage.  Doubling the bonus to 400% makes it 5 
times, but if you have enough accuracy, doubling the accuracy bonus can 
guarantee a critical hit - for a 50% bonus [500% x 1.5 = 750%, which is 150% 
more than 300%])  You'll find it best for when you have six party members.  
If Atory's in a fast Zoid (a Raynos, for example), you can use this technique 
on your slowest Zoid (especially helpful if Atory needs a boost to kill enemy 
aerial Zoids before they get a chance to attack).

    Anyway, spend as much time as you need to build levels, gold, Zoids, etc.  
There's not too many great Zoids available at this point, but you can 
certainly build (and maximize the growth) of some good early-mid game ones: 
Shield Liger Mark II, Raynos, Command Wolf NEW (or your favorite variant, 
such as Climer Wolf, Command Wolf Urban Combat Variant, etc.).  After you're 
ready to move on, make the trip to the Space-Time Transmission Center and 
step into the silver orb.

      Area 2: Mt. Osa Area Overland

      Locations: Mt. Osa Town (near the Silver Orb); Large Desert (directly 
        south of your starting position); Helic Mt. Osa Base (SE, past the 
        bridge along the river); Mt. Osa Volcano (S of the Mt. Osa Base); 
        Castle Ruins (NW of the Mt. Osa Base); Abandoned Base (N of the 
        Castle Ruins, in the middle of the Large Desert); Fire Exit (enter 
        the Mt. Osa base from the east)
      Enemies: Brachios, Pteras, Saicurtis, Barigator, Saber Tiger (probably 
        several others)

    A brief conversation ensues after you exit the Orb, but then you are free 
to explore.  Your first stop should be the town.  If you try to move south 
into the desert area (the ground which is shaded differently from the rest), 
Regina will notice that the equipment is picking up something, and Jack will 
tell Regina to stop.  You can't go there ... at least, not yet.

      Area 3: Mt. Osa Town

      Commands: Proof of the Hero (old man, central sector of town)
      Locations: Item Shop (SW Corner), Armaments Shop (SE Corner)
      Purchasable Items:
        Core Active Ion Small - 500 G
        Emergency Evacuation Capsule - 15,000 G
        Shockwave - 2,800 G
        Machine Gun - 3,600 G
        3 Barrel Shockwave Cannon - 4,700 G
        Beam Cannon - 3,700 G
        Anti-Air 4 Barrel Missile - 2,800 G

    While there's not a lot to do in this town, there is a command that 
you'll come to love - the Proof of the Hero.  If you use it on the last turn 
of a battle, the experience gained will double - very handy if you're 
building levels.  Anyway, pick up what you need, and then head back out to 
the desert.

      Area 4: Large Desert and Overland

    As soon as your party leaves, they will be accosted by three Cannory 
Molgas - nothing to worry about, but an annoyance nonetheless.  But why would 
three Zoids actively seek out combat?  Wild Zoids usually don't swarm towards 
people ... unless ...

    Yes, you guessed it, something is wrong here.  And the person behind that 
evil is none other than Ops, an evil mad scientist (who is also another 
Heavenly King, joy!).  Ops has turned all the wild Zoids in the area violent, 
and plans on generally ruining the entire area for everyone.  He then flees 
back across the desert - and you know you can pursue him through there.

    Luckily, Jack recognizes this area as Mount Osa - the location of a major 
Helic Republic base.  (Makes sense, as he was with the Republic before 
becoming a warrior of Arcadia.)  Perhaps the military knows more about this 

    Navigate south and east, across the bridges.  There are usually two wild 
Zoids on the water (either in the river or the body of water to the right.)  
This is, coincidentally, your one and only chance to get the Brachios Zoid 
Data - so be sure to pick it up if you want a complete collection.  (Although 
in all honesty, the Brachios is a Zoid you can probably do without.)

      Area 5: Helic Mt. Osa Base

      Items: 1500 G (chest in the Zoid Construction Shop)
      Commands: Minelayer (Republican Soldier, right side 1st floor); Barrage 
       (Scientist, right side 2nd floor); Sandstorm (Republican Soldier, left 
        side 3rd floor)
      Locations: Zoid Construction (first floor, left side); Armaments Shop 
        (first floor, right side); Briefing Room (top floor, north side)
      Purchasable Items:
        Particle Cannon - 11,600 G
        8 Barrel Missile - 5,200 G
        Acceleration Gatling - 8,000 G
        Smokescreen Generator Equipment - 3,800 G

    A soldier tries to detain you as soon as you enter.  What did you expect?  
Luckily, a familiar old man walks by and vouches for you - Dr. D!  Well, who 
knew he was working for the military?  He'll walk with you as you take a tour 
of the base, but eventually he'd like you to stop off at the briefing room on 
the 3rd floor.

    That doesn't mean you shouldn't take advantage of these excellent 
military facilities!  The armaments shop has excellent weaponry - both the 
Particle Cannon and Acceleration Gatling are good weapons.  Personally, I use 
the Acceleration Gatling for most of the game (until the Hyper Vulcan and 
Heavy Gatling become available).  It's a great, 0 EP cost spread-fire weapon.

    There are three commands to obtain, and you get them by talking to all 
the personnel floating around the hallways.  Minelayer, and it's mirror image 
Sandstorm, are useful in preventing or forcing the use of hand-to-hand 
attacks for one turn.  If you're up against enemies who only have ranged 
attacks, or vice versa, you can use these commands to your advantage.  Also, 
if you can destroy the enemy's front column with hand-to-hand attacks before 
they can retaliate, Sandstorm can be used to prevent the back column from 
attacking (since very few Zoids have multi-range hand-to-hand attacks).  
Barrage is less useful.

   Once you've gotten these commands and items, head over to the top floor.  
Lieutenant Colonel Ford is currently in command of the Mount Osa base - since 
Colonel Krueger is mysteriously missing.  Two other familiar Republican 
soldiers will walk in - Captain Harmon and his aide, First Lieutenant 
O'Connell.  Dr. D, the party, and the military men will discuss the problem 
of the Rare Hertz - a strange frequency used to control wild Zoids.  Dr. D 
theorizes there must be some Rare Hertz Amplification Equipment out in the 
desert that boosts the power of that wave.  Hmm ... I wonder what we can do 
about that?

      Area 6: Large Desert and Overland

      Temporary Party Members: Harmon (Gordos), O'Connell (Command Wolf AU), 
        Ford (Command Wolf AU)

    You have two choices at this point in the game.  You can finish the 
Castle Ruins now, or you can get Harmon, O'Connell, and Ford first and then 
go back and do the Castle Ruins.  I have no idea why you'd want to do the 
former (game too easy for you?), so I shall detail the latter.  To free up 
the Helic Republic military officers, head to the south side of the desert 
(just north of the castle ruins).  Fight whatever Zoids you can reach.  After 
beating a few (3 for me, but your mileage may vary), you will be instantly 
transported back to the Mt. Osa base.  Dr. D will explain that you've managed 
to locate the 4 Rare Hertz Amplification Equipment towers in the desert, and 
the military men will join you to eradicate those towers.  With these 
reinforcements in your party, I'd now recommend you clear the ruins.

      Area 7: Castle Ruins

      Items: 1500 G x 5, Core Active Ion Small, Bomber Unit
      Zoid Data: Shield Liger DCS, Double Sworder, Gordos, Gojulas, Pteras 
        Bomber, Pteras Radome, Zaber Tiger FT
      Enemies: Barigator, Saicurtis, Saber Tiger, Cannory Molga, Heavy Armor 
        Godos, Heavy Armor Guysack, Command Wolf, Command Wolf Urban Combat 
        Variant, Climer Wolf, Black Rhimos, Stealth Viper

    There's not much to explain - just clear out the ruins, and be sure to 
pick up all the chests.  The Shield Liger DCS isn't a great Shield Liger 
upgrade, and you don't have the DCS Unit anyway.  You might want to upgrade 
any Saber Tigers to Zaber Tiger FTs (better than the Saber Tiger, but not the 
best).  Also, if you want to add a Pteras Bomber to the party, you can now do 
so.  Once you've cleared the castle ruins, you can continue on your mission 
to eradicate the four Amplification Towers.

      Area 8: Large Desert and Overland

    As mentioned earlier, there are four towers in this area.  They're 
clearly visible, and they are placed on the fringes of the desert (remember, 
darker ground) area.  Each time you locate a tower, move up to it and press 
the A Button.  O'Connell will duly inform you that it is one of the towers, 
and Harmon will order it destroyed.  Once all four towers are destroyed, you 
will be able to access the Abandoned Base.

      Area 9: Abandoned Base

      Items: Shockwave Cannon
      Temporary Party Members: Kruger (Gojulas Mk. II), Ban (Shield Liger BS)
      Purchasable Items:
        2 Barrel Anti-Air Laser - 3,800 G
        Vulcan Cannon - 5,800 G
        Beam Rifle - 2,900 G
        Chobham Armor - 2,300 G

    Well, look who it is!  Ban and Feene.  Lieutenant Colonel Ford will ask 
about his commanding officer, and soon Colonel Kruger will join the 
festivities.  The entire party recesses to a briefing room within the 
Abandoned Base to figure out their next plan of attack.

    Kruger mentions that there is one more Amplification Tower - right here 
in the base!  The large hanger to the right houses the equipment deep 
underground.  Looks like there's nothing to do but destroy that tower ...

    Before you go, though, Ford, Harmon, and O'Connell will leave the party 
(probably to defend the base or something equally uninmportant).  Luckily, 
Kruger and Ban will join up.  Sadly, you cannot reassign Kruger, and his 
Gojulas Mark II is probably not worth breaking up your formation.  Add Ban to 
your front rank, and head out.

    There is a small shop to the north of your start position.  It doesn't 
sell anything vital, however.

      Area 10: Large Hanger

      Items: DCS Unit, Compact Laser, 1500 G x 3, Core Active Ion Small
      Zoid Data: Zaber Tiger AT, Command Wolf Urban Combat Variant, Command 
        Wolf AU
      Enemies: Godos, Guysack, Stealth Viper, Heldigunner, Cannon Tortoise, 
        Barigator, Climer Wolf, Heavy Armor Guysack

    Like many of the dungeons in Zoids Saga, the Large Hanger is 
straightforward - further, the enemies here are awfully weak, and there are 
no aerial Zoids.  Make your way to the bottom floor, where there is another 
Rare Hertz Amplification tower, and repeat the usual procedure.  However, a 
trio of wild Molgas still approach the party with hostile intent - a sure 
sign that the Rare Hertz is still being broadcast from somewhere.  But where?

      Area 11: Mt. Osa Fire Exit

      Items: 1500 G x 4, 850 G, Beam Rifle, GC Set x 2, Sniper Rifle, SM Set
      Zoid Data: Command Wolf SM, Red Horn, Shield Liger DCS-J
      Enemies: Heavy Armor Guysack, Command Wolf, Command Wolf Urban Combat 
        Variant, Cannon Tortoise, Godos, Guysack, Barigator, Heavy Armor 
      Temporary Party Members: Irvine (Command Wolf SM)

    Dr. D has yet another plan, of course.  The source of the waves has been 
traced to the volcano.  And what would be easier than to destroy the whole 
base in the volcano?  There's a Special Laser Cannon in the Fire Exit, a 
disused and dangerous area of the base.  If you could get that Cannon into 
the Volcano ...

   Irvine, seeing that there's real action, decides to tag along.  Kruger 
remains behind to run the Mt. Osa base.  That's good, since you now can field 
all full six party members.  There are a lot of switchbacks and dead ends in 
this section, so explore carefully.  Once you get to the very large floor on 
the bottom, you'll notice there are two areas divided by a chasm.  In the 
north side, to the northeast, is the Laser you're looking for (in a chest).  
Once you get it, you'll be taken out of the Fire Exit, so you might want to 
make sure you have everything else first.

   If you really want a Shield Liger DCS type, now that you have the DCS-J, 
it is worth constructing.  Sadly, you cannot construct the Command Wolf SM 
(since you don't have the Command Wolf AS yet).

      Area 12: Mt. Osa Volcano

      Items: 1500 G x 2, Core Active Ion Small
      Zoid Data: Climer Wolf
      Enemies: Heavy Armor Guysack, Command Wolf, Command Wolf Urban Combat 
        Variant, Cannon Tortoise, Godos, Guysack, Barigator, Heavy Armor 

    It's a fairly long dungeon, but not a very difficult one.  Eventually, 
you'll find your way to Ops, and he's not very happy to see any of you.  Jack 
tells Ban and Irvine to go ahead and use the laser - the warriors of Arcadia 
will deal with the mad scientist ...

      Boss Battle:
        Cannon Tortoise OS (piloted by Ops)
        HP: about 300
        3 x Cannon Tortoise Assault Type
        HP: 75
        Gold: 4000 G  XP: 224

        Strategy:  There's really nothing to worry about - don't save EP, and 
          just hit them with everything you have.  Killing off the 3 Cannon 
          Tortoise Assault Types will probably be quite easy before they even 
          get off a shot (try using a Heavy Particle Cannon or Acceleration 
          Gatling).  You might be able to finish the combat in one round, but 
          I'd recommended taking two and being sure to get the Proof of the 
          Hero in on the second turn.

    Ops will whine a little, then run away.  Meanwhile, Ban and Irvine have 
fired the laser, and it has opened the block holding back the lava.  Everyone 
beats a hasty retreat before the ambient temperature of the area becomes high 
enough to melt Zoids.  Looks like everything has been set straight.  Time to 
go home once again ... until you can figure out where the next Heavenly King 
went, that is.

  Scenario 4: Clashing Emotions

      Area 1: Arcadia Overland

      Locations: Arcadia Town (center of the map); Arcadia Castle (western 
        section of map); Space-Time Transmission Center (eastern section)
      Enemies: Pteras Bomber, Pteras Radome, Raynos, Zaber Tiger, Zaber Tiger 
        AT, Iron Kong, Shield Liger, Cannon Tortoise Assault Type, Gordos, 
        Gojulas, Double Sworder, Black Rhimos, Cannon Tortoise BC
      Purchasable Items: (in Arcadia Town)
        Core Active Ion Small - 500 G
        Core Active Ion Medium - 1,500 G
        Emergency Evacuation Capsule - 15,000 G
        Shockwave - 2,800 G
        Linear Cannon - 4,400 G
        Photon Particle Cannon - 7,900 G
        Long Range Missile - 3,900 G
        3 Barrel Anti-Air Laser - 5,100 G
      Commands: Soul Concentration (Arcadia Town, Roman, Bar, 1st Floor)

    It's probably getting a bit repetitive by now, but the predictable has 
happened - the Prince and his retainers have returned, are relaxing in the 
bar/throne room, and the soldiers spot another anomaly.  Time to get moving 

    Roman (who once again, has a new command for you but won't give them all 
up at once) is the source of Soul Concentration.  This is not bad if you have 
accuracy problems, but other than that, it's not so useful.  The Item Shop in 
town has just started to sell the more useful Core Active Ion Medium - since 
it restores 150 HP, it's much more useful than the Ion Small.  Still, you 
might want to stock some of those for healing in the overland without 
returning to the Zoid Construction Shop.

    Before you head out to the Space-Time Transmission Center, this is a good 
time to make sure you get the Zaber Tiger Data, if you want to built Zaber 
Tigers.  Also, there are plenty of Pteras Radome and Pteras Bombers, so if 
you want to build some of those and lack the Radome or Bomber Units, this is 
a good time to stock up.

    Anyway, it's time to find out what those Heavenly Kings are up to again.

      Area 2: Guylos Empire Frontier Overland

      Locations: Dr. D's Research Base (west of the Silver Orb); Colonel 
        Schubaltz's Base (SW of Dr. D's Research Base); Ruins (SE area of 
        overland map); City (SW of Schubaltz's Base); Tom's Base (NW area of 
        overland map); Destroyed Base (W of City)
      Enemies: Redler, Pteras Bomber, Black Rhimos, Zaber Tiger FT, Cannory 
        Molga, Red Horn, Iron Kong, Gator Radome S, Shield Liger, Helcat, 
        Saicurtis, Cannon Tortoise BC, Heldigunner DT

    Since Ace was the last person to have a long, sad, entangled history, it 
naturally devolves on Jack to have an equally long, sad history.  He 
recognizes this area as the frontier zones of the Guylos Empire.  (Why Ace 
doesn't say something is beyond me - Ace is the Guylos soldier ...)  
Eventually, you'll catch a glimpse of the last Heavenly King - Gail, who Jack 
knows well.  Jack relates a sad story (most of which I didn't quite 
understand) that has something to do with an ambush or siege and a lot of 
comrades being destroyed.  Or something like that.  Anyway, it's clear that 
Gail is up to no good, and that it's up to our resident time-and-space 
travelers to put right what's gone wrong.

    The enemies in this section aren't too bad, but they do have more HP than 
some that you might be used to.  Be careful of the Iron Kongs, as they have 
enough HP to probably survive the first round of combat.  Anyway, your first 
destination is conveniently enough straight to the west.

      Area 3: Dr. D's Research Base

      Enemies: As Overland
      Items: Chobham Armor
      Temporary Party Members: Feene 2 (no Zoid)

    Well, this place is a mess!  It's overrun with Zoids, and these are 
piloted by someone or other (couldn't tell you who or why they're so 
hostile).  Anyway, your goal here is to head into the main building and find 
the survivor of this area - Feene!  Well, not exactly Feene.  Feene (who is 
amused to see you, but then it's Feene - she's always amused) explains that 2 
years have passed since she's last seen you (and you look like you haven't 
aged at all!).  Well, looks like we're on solid ground saying that time-
travel is possible ...

    Anyway, Feene 2 (the game notes the older versions of Ban, Irvine, 
Moonbay, and Feene with that 2) tells you that Ban and Jeeku are part of this 
new creation, the Guardian Force - a joint Guylos-Republic unit that's 
investigating some weird goings on.  Sounds like a lead ...  Feene says you 
can find Tom (1st Lieutenant Schubaltz, that is), Ban, and Jeeku nearby.  
Might as well look up Tom's father, Colonel Karl Schubaltz.

      Area 4: Colonel Schubaltz's Base

      Zoid Data: Zaber Tiger AT G
      Temporary Party Members: Schubaltz (Zaber Tiger SS)
      Commands: Concentrated Fire (Scientist in the eastern room)

    It's not surprising that as soon as you set foot on the base, you're 
surrounded by three Iron Kongs and a black Zaber Tiger.  (Military bases 
don't like unexpected visitors, I guess - the Republic Base on Mount Osa 
wasn't any better.)  Feene has a great comic moment as she calls out (in a 
sing-song voice) "Tai~sa!  ~Schu~baltz~tai~sa!"  (Colonel!  Colonel 
Schubaltz!)  Well, no one has Feene's odd sense of humor, so Colonel 
Schubaltz calls off the circling Iron Kongs.

    Something odd has been going on lately, and Colonel Schubaltz is 
willingly to help you find out exactly what is the problem.  He recommends 
that you find his son, Lieutenant Tom, and Ban, who are both missing.

    The Zaber Tiger AT G blueprint is inside the box as soon as you enter the 
only building with an entrance.  The scientist on the top acts as a Zoid 
Construction Shop; the one in the bottom will teach you Concentrated Fire 
(double the EP cost of using weapons, but enemies' armor drops to zero).  It 
can come in handy (and costs nothing) if you use 0 EP cost weapons and are 
fighting heavily armored opponents (like Elephanders or Ultrasauri).  Anyway, 
use the Zoid Construction if you need it, then head to the Destroyed Base.

      Area 5: Destroyed Base

      Enemies: Heldigunner DT, Helcat, Saicurtis, Saber Tiger, Zaber Tiger, 
        Zaber Tiger AT
      Items: BG Unit, 3 Barrel Shockwave Cannon, 1500 G
      Zoid Data: Command Wolf AS
      Temporary Party Members: Ban 2 (Blade Liger BS)

    There's nothing much to this little area, but you can pick up Ban and his 
Blade Liger BS here.  Ban is stuck at the end of this area; move up to him 
and press A to initiate a conversation.  Once you've gotten Ban, you can get 
Irvine to give you the Command Wolf AS data (which is why we went here before 

      Area 6: City

      Commands: Mid-Air Minelayer (scientist in right-side Item Shop); 
        Quagmire (old man, left-side Bar)
      Locations: Item Shop West (SW Corner); Item Shop East (SW Corner); 
        Armaments Shop (SE Corner); Bar West (NW Corner); Bar East (NW 
      Purchasable Items:
        Anti-Air Vulcan - 7,000 G
        Anti-Air 8 Barrel Missile - 5,500 G
        3 Barrel Laser - 2,900 G
        Super Heavy Piled Armor - 4,500 G
        Core Active Ion Small - 500 G
        Core Active Ion Medium - 1,500 G
        Emergency Evacuation Capsule - 15,000 G
        Shockwave - 2,800 G
      Zoid Data: Command Wolf AS (from Irvine)

    I'm not exactly sure what the name of this city is, but it is a Guylos 
Empire town.  The people are talking about Rudolf (the young Emperor of 
Guylos) and the Guardian Force.

    Anyway, you'll want to pick up the two techniques in town (Quagmire is 
not so good - cuts everyone's evasion in half; Mid-Air Minelayer, on the 
other hand, can be excellent if you face all aerial Zoid opponents and have 
at least one non-aerial Zoid yourself ...).  If you go to the northwest 
corner, and enter the left-hand bar, you'll meet Irvine 2 and Moonbay 2 (she 
looks like she's aged, Irvine doesn't).  As long as you have Ban in your 
party, they should give you the Command Wolf AS blueprint.  (So you can now 
make Command Wolf AS and Command Wolf SM, if you wish).

    Not much else to do here, so, now is as good a time as any to raid some 

      Area 7: Ruins

      Items: 1500 G x 3, Core Active Ion Medium x 2, IC Unit, BS Unit, BC 
        Set, Black Paint, Smokescreen Generator Equipment, Limiter OS x 2
      Zoid Data: Lightning Saix, Redler BC, Redler IC, Black Redler, Iron 
        Kong Mark II S, Red Horn BG, Gojulas Mark II S, Iron Kong MA
      Enemies: Shield Liger DCS, Zaber Tiger FT, Iron Kong, Command Wolf AU, 
        Red Horn, Cannon Tortoise Assault Type, Gojulas, Pteras Bomber

    There are some strong enemies here, but there are simply so many good 
Zoid blueprints that you'd be crazy to pass up this opportunity.  The Black 
Redler is an excellent upgrade to the Redler and should become your staple 
aerial Zoid (until you get the Storm Sworder, that is).  Also, you now have 
the Lightning Saix blueprint, which is a much better member of the Tiger Type 
Imperial Zoid family.  They're also small, which may make a big difference in 
the next world ... you'd be well advised to build at least one.

    Once you've cleaned out the ruins (and built some new Zoids, if you 
like), it's time to get to the final area of this scenario - and find out 
what's going on with Tom Schubaltz and the Guardian Force.

      Area 8: Tom's Base

      Items: 4 Barrel Missile, BG Unit, 1500 G, Heavy Particle Cannon, E 
        Shield Armor
      Zoid Data: Zaber Tiger AT S, Lightning Saix B
      Enemies: Helcat, Heldigunner DT, Iron Kong, Cannory Molga, Saber Tiger
        Zaber Tiger
      Commands: Sniper's Mind, Pincer Attack, Decoy (side rooms along the 

    Into every life a little love triangle must fall, and Ban's life is no 
exception.  As soon you arrive, you will be confronted with a very angry Tom, 
which only serves to confuse Ban.  It seems that Tom has a huge crush on 
Feene, one which Feene doesn't reciprocate.  Therefore, it's only logical 
that he takes it out on the one Feene does like - Ban.

      Boss Battle:
        Dibision TS (piloted by Tom)
        HP: about 300
        Gold: 1000 G  XP: 345

        Strategy:  There's nothing to really worry about - Tom's Dibison TS 
          is strong, but too slow to hit you, really.  Ban can do a 
          considerable about of damage by himself.  You should be able to 
          down Tom within one turn.

    Tom will, of course, come to his senses, and no one will blame him, or 
even scold him.  Tom will still stutter when Feene talks, etc., etc.  (As if 
anything was going to change!)  Anyway, now that the romantic element of this 
game has been satisfied, it's time to get down to business.  There's 
something definitely wrong at the bottom of this base, and now that you've 
beaten Tom, you can get into the lone building with a door.

    Work your way down the building, being sure to check out all the sides.  
There are three rooms with friendly personnel inside who will give you 
additional commands.  (None of which are really spectacular.)  The Lightning 
Saix B data is nice (and you do have the BS Unit to build one, should you 
choose to do that).  Anyway, when you finally reach the bottom, you'll meet 
two people briefly that will play more importance later - Hilz and Riize.  
They have a pair of organoids (Ambient and Specular), which makes them rather 
interesting people.  Of course, Ban, Schubaltz, Feene, and Tom will chase 
after them.  This leaves you do deal with ...

      Boss Battle:
        Zaber Tiger GS (piloted by Gail)
        HP: about 400
        Gold: 1000 G  XP: 291

        Strategy:  Though he does have a little more HP than Tom did, Gail's 
          not too hard to beat.  If you put Atory in your strongest Zoid with 
          the best attack, a good strategy is to use the Supreme Right 
          command on him; that can reap definite benefits in terms of damage 

    Gail, having been thwarted in his attempt to obtain Specular and Ambient 
(remember, the Emperor wants power, and organoids represent power), runs off 
to fight another day.  Tom, Schubaltz, Feene, and Ban will also have lost 
their quarry.  Well, at least the strange incidents of Zoids overrunning 
bases (thanks to Hilz and Riize) have stopped.

  Scenario 5: A Cherished Prize

      Area 1: Arcadia Overland

      Locations: Arcadia Town (center of the map); Arcadia Castle (western 
        section of map); Space-Time Transmission Center (eastern section)
      Enemies: Lightning Saix, Raynos, Double Sworder, Gordos, Gordos Long 
        Range Attack Type, Spinosapper, Redler IC, Redler BC, Gojulas, Pteras 
        Radome, Climer Wolf, Black Rhimos, Cannory Molga
      Purchasable Items: (in Arcadia Town)
        Core Active Ion Small - 500 G
        Core Active Ion Medium - 1,500 G
        Emergency Evacuation Capsule - 15,000 G
        Shockwave - 2,800 G
        Optical Camouflage - 12,800 G
        EM Jammer - 13,800
        Conformal Armor - 5,700 G
        E Protector - 6,000 G
      Commands: Royal Principles (Arcadia Town, Roman, Bar, 1st Floor)

    Well, once again, the Space-Time continuum has been disturbed.  This 
time, though, the disturbance is in the future!  Jack is very, very excited 
(why, I'll never understand).  Time to move out.

    Roman will give you Royal Principles this time around - very handy if you 
want to restore ALL of your party's HP.  It is a definite choice for boss 
battles and tough fights - by immobilizing Atory (not great, but ...), you 
will restore everyone's HP fully.

    There's some nice armaments here, too.  Be sure to stock up on Optical 
Camouflage, as this is one of the few times you can purchase it, and it is 
the only speed altering armament you can buy. 

    Lightning Saix and Redler BC's show up on the overland map - if you like 
building these types of Zoids, I highly recommend stocking up on their 
component parts now.  Also, if you intend to build Gunsnipers, you can fight 
Spinosappers for Zoid Core H3.  Look for the white dinosaurs on the overland 

    Anyway, time to visit ... Zoids New Century Zero!

      Area 2: Zoids New Century Zero Overland / Toros Desert Base

      Locations: Toros Desert Base (you start here); Romeo City (NW of Toros 
        Base, center of the map); South Dome (W of Romeo City); East Dome (NE 
        of South Dome); Main Dome (NW Corner of overland map); Northern Ruins 
        (west of the Ultrasaurus, N of the Silver Orb); Southwest Ruins (SW 
        Corner of overland map); Battle Commission Ultrasaurus (NE Corner of 
        overland map)
      Enemies: Double Sworder, Maccurtis, Lightning Saix, Raynos, Iron Kong, 
        Zaber Tiger, Pteras Bomber, Pteras Radome, Gojulas, Spinosapper, 
        Zabat, Red Horn BG, Gordos, Gordos Long Range Attack Type
      Items: LM Set
      Zoid Data: Gunsniper LS, Blade Liger LS
      Temporary Party Members: Leena Toros (Gunsniper LS), Jamie Hemeros 
        (Raynos), Leon Toros (Blade Liger LS)

    Your entrance is eventually met with artillery fire.  (Whoops!)  The 
first thing you'll notice is a small, white robot canceling the battle 
because there are intruders on the battlefield.  Well, that's rude of ... oh 
wait, that's you.

    And look at who's fighting!  It's Burahdo and two Imperial flunkies.  
They quickly depart, but their opponents arrive.  Familiar faces to many 
viewers, it's the Blitz Team (the game usually calls them Team Blitz, but I 
will alter the names to place them in-line with the US version).  Well, it's 
part of the Blitz Team - Leena, Jamie, and Leon.  They'll talk to you about 
this mysterious new team, the Burahdo Team (gee, I wonder who they are), and 
how they're racking up wins.  Everyone has a bone to pick with these guys and 
their Genosaurer BS.

    Well, the Blitz Team seems to be missing a few people, but they'll be 
happy to help you in crushing the Burahdo Team and winning the Championship 
Tournament being held at the Main Dome.  (Anyone else think Leena had 
something to do with this idea?)  Before you leave the Toros Base, don't 
forget to pick up the LM Set (the only one in the game, and necessary if you 
want a Gunsniper LS), and the blueprints to Leon and Leena's customized 

    The overland map is a little more dangerous than it used to be.  Roving 
Zoid teams offer excellent money, but some of them are rather strong.  Be 
sure to put some of the Blitz Team members in your line to fill up your 

    You've got a couple of choices at this point:

    1) Visit Romeo City to stock up on supplies, armaments, new Zoids, and 
    2) Visit the Battle Commission's Ultrasaurus to build levels.  This is 
       dangerous, but the fastest way to gain XP (12,400 XP per win).  You 
       can do this as many times as you want.
    3) Visit the Main, East, and South Domes to get Armaments and commands.  
       If you plan on attacking the Ultrasaurus, I especially recommend 
       getting Breakwater Formation from the East Dome.
    4) Defeat the teams in the East Dome first.  This will give you Harry 
       Champ, Benjamin, and Sebastian as temporary team members, and you will 
       be able to get Harry as a team member in the final menu.
    5) Defeat the teams in the South Dome first.  This will give you Naomi 
       Fluegel as a temporary team member, and you will be able to get Naomi 
       as a team member in the final menu.
    6) Raid the ruins in the North and Southwest of the map.
    7) Return to Arcadia.  (Well, this does nothing, really, but I'm just 
       mentioning it as a possibility.)

    I will detail the sights of Romeo City, the Ultrasaurus, and the ruins 
before mentioning the Domes.  It's up to you which one you'd rather have.  
Only select Harry if you intend to use Benjamin and Sebastian (as they can be 
assigned any Zoid) - otherwise, Naomi is a much better pilot.

      Area 3: Romeo City

      Commands: Obstacle Deployment (Dual Item/Armament Shop)
      Locations: Zoid Construction Shop (NW Corner); Dual Item/Armament Shop 
        (North side of town); West Armaments Shop (West side of town); East 
        Armaments Shop (East side of town); Southeast Armaments Shop (SE 
      Purchasable Items:
        8 Barrel Anti-Air Missile - 5,500 G
        Long Range Missile - 3,900 G
        Self-Guided Missile - 3,900 G
        16 Barrel Missile - 15,500 G
        Heavy Particle Cannon - 14,200 G
        Hyper Particle Cannon - 17,100 G
        Photon Particle Cannon - 7,900 G
        Concentrated Beam Cannon - 4,600 G
        Double Cannon - 3,100 G
        Triple Cannon - 4,700 G
        Linear Cannon - 4,400 G
        Accelerator Cannon - 5,000 G
        Short Range Rail Gun - 6,600 G
        Acceleration Shockwave Cannon - 6,600 G
        Heavy Vulcan - 8,800 G
        High Speed Rail Gun - 7,200 G
        Core Active Ion Small - 500 G
        Core Active Ion Medium - 1,500 G
        Emergency Evacuation Capsule - 15,000 G
        Shockwave - 2,800 G

    Picturesque Romeo City, home to Zoid warriors!  And a lot of Armaments 
Shops (no wonder Leena loves it here.)  The Southeast Armaments Shop 
specializes in missiles, the Western shop in particle cannons, and the 
eastern shop in cannons.  The Triple Cannon is a good support weapon 
(accurate, 0 EP cost, strong).  So is the Heavy Vulcan.  Anyway, go on a 
shopping spree (if you can afford it).  You definitely want to get the 
Obstacle Deployment command from a man in the Dual Item/Armaments shop in the 
north of town.  It only allows S class Zoids to move for one turn.  This 
gives small Zoids like the Lightning Saix, Gunsniper, and Rev Raptor extreme 
advantages, and can be crucial to defeating Ultrasauri, or any enemy for that 
matter.  It makes a very strong argument for including at least one Lightning 
Saix in the party.  Also, if you put Leena in your party, she can benefit 
from this command as well.

      Area 4: Battle Commission Ultrasaurus

    The Battle Commission's Ultrasaurus is situated in the Northeast corner 
of the map.  It has the standard 2000 HP that any Ultrasaurus should have.  
To fight it, answer No (the second option) twice.

    You cannot flee from this battle, if you enter it.  If you've gotten the 
Obstacle Deployment and Breakwater Formation commands, it is certainly 
possible to kill the Ultrasaurus without receiving return fire (which is your 
goal, as the Ultrasaurus can probably kill off half or more of your Zoids 
with one attack).  Plan carefully!  If you can't make the 2000 points of 
damage, don't try for the Ultrasaurus.  Still, it does give you 1000 G and 
12,400 XP - which makes leveling up a breeze.

    A typical battle strategy might have 6 small Zoids facing this behemoth 
(Leena, Naomi, your four permanent party members.)  Use the Obstacle 
Deployment for one free turn of attacks, then switch to the Breakwater 
Formation on the next turn to double your damage.  That should be enough to 
destroy the Ultrasaurus.  Naomi can do 180 points of damage per turn (more if 
you use the Breakwater Formation) - her Ankle Claw will always critical hit 
the Ultrasaurus (I've never yet seen her fail to get a critical).  Leena can 
do about as much if you use her Full Blast attack (cost 15 EP, though); if 
you have her use the Beam Gatling, expect around 90.  Bit can probably do the 
most damage with his Liger Zero SC, but it can't get in a free attack from 
the Obstacle Deployment.  Also, you definitely want to aim for critical hits 
- the armor of the Ultrasaurus is strong, but if you get a critical, it 
ignores the armor.

      Area 5: Northern Ruins

      Items: 1500 G x 3, Core Active Ion Medium, E Shield Armor, E Protector, 
        Gatling Beam, Shockwave, Normal OS, Limiter OS, Float Unit
      Zoid Data: Liger Zero, Dibison, Blade Liger
      Enemies: Lightning Saix, Climer Wolf, Redler, Zabat, Shield Liger, 
        Shield Liger DCS, Zaber Tiger FT, Gojulas, Red Horn BG, Maccurtis, 
        Demantis, Double Sworder

    This ruin is basically a must - it has the Liger Zero Zoid Data, which 
you'll need if you want to build the Liger Zero or its armor variants (SC, 
JA, PA).  The enemies here are similar to that in the overland, so they 
shouldn't present too many problems.  Once you're done with this ruin, you 
can construct a Blade Liger, if you desire.

    This is also one of the two places in the game with a Float Unit - not 
much of an issue now, but it could come in handy in later worlds ...

      Area 6: Southwest Ruins

      Items: 1500 G x 3, 1000 G, Core Active Ion Medium, Acceleration 
        Gatling, Machine Gun, Zoid Core FL, Zoid Core ZG, Limiter OS, 
        Shockwave, Heavy Particle Cannon, Float Unit, Red Paint
      Zoid Data: Dark Horn, Gunsniper
      Enemies: Gordos, Gordos Long Range Attack Type, Maccurtis, Demantis, 
        Spinosapper, Red Horn BG, Cannon Tortoise BC, Iron Kong Mk. II S, 
        Zabat, Redler, Double Sworder, Cannon Tortoise Assault Type, 
        Lightning Saix, Climer Wolf, Gojulas, Shield Liger, Shield Liger DCS, 
        Zaber Tiger FT

    While this Ruins is not as important - you can pick up the Gunsniper and 
Dark Horn blueprints in the wild - the Float Unit and Red Paint are very 
rare.  The free FL and ZG cores don't hurt, either, if you need to build 
aerial Zoids or large Zoids to compete in the domes.

    A lot of the enemies will not attack you, so if you're not looking for 
combat, you can simply bypass them.  Don't forget to pick up the Zabat Zoid 
Data if you haven't already.  The same goes for the Shield Liger and Redler - 
pretty soon you won't encounter these at all, and if you missed their Zoid 
Data, this is one of the last chances you'll get.

      Area 7: South Dome

      Purchasable Items:
        E Charger - 5,500 G
        Smokescreen Generator Equipment - 3,800 G
        Heavy Vulcan - 8,800 G
        High Speed Rail Gun - 7,200 G
      Commands: Conditions of the Supreme King (old man, north side)
      Temporary Party Members: Naomi Fluegel (Gunsniper NS)

    As with most of the domes, the South Dome contains an Armaments Shop and 
the main dome registration area.  (The latter has a picture of two faces 
looking at each other.)  Pick up the command from the old man in the north 
(not too useful, as it requires you to sacrifice a Zoid ... still, in a 
pinch, you might use it).  Once you're ready to enter the tournament, proceed 
to the registration area.

    The scientist acts as a Zoid Construction Shop, should you need to refill 
HP/EP, revive, or construct new Zoids between battles.  The Judgeman (white 
robot) will take your registration.  As with all the Domes, you have five 
opponents.  In between rounds, feel free to talk to the scientist to repair 
your Zoids.

  Battle 1: (Battle 5-1-1)
    Team Vipers
    6 x Stealth Viper
    No Restrictions
    Strategy: Team Vipers is pretty weak.  Use Square, Pierce, and Spread 
      attacks to maximize the number of enemies you hit.

  Battle 2: (Battle 5-1-2)
    Team Kong
    5 x Iron Kong
    No Restrictions
    Strategy: Team Kong, while stronger than Team Vipers, should be handled 
      in the same manner.

  Battle 3: (Battle 5-1-3)
    Team Saix
    4 x Lightning Saix
    Limit 4 Zoids (any size or type)
    Strategy: Team Saix is a little stronger, and you will have even numbers 
      of enemies.  The Lightning Saix will deploy on the top and bottom rows, 
      so use Pierce weapons and forget Spread or Square weapons.  Since you 
      have a fight against aerial Zoids next, using Black Redlers or Redler 
      BC's (or even Raynos) is not a bad idea.  A Black Redler, with the 
      right pilot, can wipe out half of Team Saix in one pass.

  Battle 4: (Battle 5-1-4)
    Team Redlers
    Redler BC, Redler IC, Black Redler
    Limit 3 Zoids, must be Aerial Types
    Strategy: One of the trickier battles, since all of these Zoids are 
      strong and you really can't field stronger Zoids.  Use your best 
      pilots.  If you like, you can try using the Sandstorm Command (which 
      will freeze out the Redler IC) for a small advantage.  Remember that 
      the Redler BC will move first, but the Black Redler can probably do the 
      most damage.

  Battle 5: (Battle 5-1-5)
    Team Fluegel
    Gunsniper NS, 2 x Gunsniper
    Limit 3 Zoids, S Size only
    Strategy: Well, it's Naomi 'The Red Comet' Fluegel, so this is going to 
      be a tough battle.  If you have the Gunsniper blueprints already, 
      meeting Gunsniper with Gunsniper is not a terrible idea - your pilots  
      will probably move before Naomi's team members.  Lightning Saix are 
      also not a bad idea, as they will move before the Gunsnipers.  Leena 
      can do some pretty major damage in her Gunsniper LS against Naomi's two 
      friends, so you would be well advised to use her in this battle.  I'd 
      recommend against deploying any small Aerial types, as Naomi can 
      probably kill any of them in one hit!

    If you completed the South Dome before the East Dome, Naomi will join 
your party with her red Gunsniper NS (an excellent Zoid) looking to take down 
Team Burahdo a peg or two.  Otherwise, she'll just leave after the battle.

      Area 8: East Dome

      Purchasable Items:
        Optical Camouflage - 12,800 G
        E Protector - 6,000 G
        16 Barrel Missile - 15,500 G
        Concentrated Beam Cannon - 4,600 G
      Commands: Breakwater Formation (old man, northwest corner) 
      Temporary Party Members: Harry Champ (Dark Horn HS), Benjamin (no 
        Zoid), Sebastian (no Zoid)

    As with most of the domes, the South Dome contains an Armaments Shop and 
the main dome registration area.  (The latter has a picture of two faces 
looking at each other.)  Pick up the command from the old man in the 
northwest corner - in fact, you might want to visit this dome first just to 
pick up this command.  The Breakwater Formation does cut your defense in half 
- but it doubles your attack!  Very, very useful if you plan on wiping out 
your enemies and not giving them a chance to exploit your defensive weakness.

    The scientist acts as a Zoid Construction Shop, should you need to refill 
HP/EP, revive, or construct new Zoids between battles.  The Judgeman (white 
robot) will take your registration.  As with all the Domes, you have five 
opponents.  In between rounds, feel free to talk to the scientist to repair 
your Zoids.

  Battle 1: (Battle 5-2-1)
    Team Nyandaaza (err ... Team Meow might be a good approximation)
    6 x Helcat
    No Restrictions
    Strategy: Team Nyandaaza is pretty weak.  Use Square, Pierce, and Spread 
      attacks to maximize the number of enemies you hit.

  Battle 2: (Battle 5-2-2)
    Team Cannon
    Command Wolf AU, Shield Liger DCS, Zaber Tiger AT, Cannon Tortoise BC, 
      Red Horn
    No Restrictions
    Strategy: Team Cannon (named for its use of cannons) has strong offense, 
      but weak defense.  The Cannon Tortoise and Command Wolf especially have 
      low HP.  You may want to save the Red Horn for last, as it has good 
      defense and HP, but low attack strength.

  Battle 3: (Battle 5-2-3)
    Team Raitsu
    Rev Raptor, Spinosapper, Gunsniper, Zabat
    Limit 4 Zoids (any size or type)
    Strategy: Team Raitsu is surprisingly strong for its size, and it also 
      forces you to fight at equal numbers.  You might consider taking out 
      the Zabat first, as it is the weakest, or you could use the Mid-Air 
      Minelayer and simply lock it out of one turn (if you don't use aerial 
      Zoids yourself).

  Battle 4: (Battle 5-2-4)
    Team Bisons
    3 x Dibison
    Limit 3 Zoids, must be M Size
    Strategy: Dibisions are strong for medium size Zoids - but not the 
      strongest.  Now is the time to use your strongest medium class Zoids, 
      like Black Redlers, your highest upgraded Shield Liger, etc.  This 
      battle is not too hard.  The Dibisions will all be lined up on the 
      front column, so pack Spread weapons.

  Battle 5: (Battle 5-2-5)
    Team Champ
    Dark Horn HS, Gojulas Mk. II S, Iron Kong Mk. II S
    Limit 3 Zoids, one must be L Size
    Strategy: Team Champ is rich, but not skilled.  The Gojulas Mark II S, 
      espeically, has a lot of HP.  Your best bet is to take out the Iron 
      Kong Mark II S first (lower HP), then switch to the Gojulas.  Harry's 
      accuracy is nice and low, and he has a good chance of completely 
      missing your Zoids, especially if they are aerial Zoids.  Also, if you 
      use two small Zoids, you can use the Obstacle Deployment command to get 
      in a free turn.

    If you completed the East Dome before the East Dome, Harry and his two 
robots (Benjamin and Sebastian) will join your party (or join because of 
Leena, you decide).  Otherwise, they'll just leave after the battle.

      Area 9: Main Dome

      Purchasable Items:
        EM Jammer - 13,800 G
        Conformal Armor - 5,700 G
        4 Barrel Laser - 4,700 G
        4 Barrel Anti-Air Laser - 5,700 G
      Temporary Party Members: Bit Cloud (Liger Zero SC), Brad Hunter (Shadow 

    You can only participate in the tournament in the Main Dome once you've 
beaten the East and South Domes.  Again, this dome has a Armament Shop and 
the Registration area, but no commands.  Once you register for the 
tournament, Bit and Brad will show up.  Seems that after the Royal Cup (the 
last anime episode), they went on various journeys here and there.  But they 
heard that the Blitz Team was doing well in Romeo City, so they decided to 
come back for a little reunion.  Add them to your team at your discretion - 
but they are both very strong pilots.  (Bit is the second strongest pilot 
you've met to date - Ban 2 is the strongest.)

  Battle 1: (Battle 5-3-1)
    Team Tigers (a.k.a. the Fuzzy Pandas)
    3 x Zaber Tiger AT G
    No Restrictions
    Strategy: Team Tigers is as weak here as they are in the anime.  They 
      line up on the front column, so take out those Gatling and Vulcan 
      weapons, and finish them in one turn.

  Battle 2: (Battle 5-3-2)
    Team Leo Masters
    3 x Shield Liger DCS-J
    Limit 3 Zoids, must be either Wolf Types, Tiger Types, or Liger Types 
      (all three must be in the same family, too)
    Strategy: Team Leo Masters is pretty strong - the Shield Liger DCS-J is a 
      good Zoid.  You might be advised to deploy Bit and Leon and a third 
      Liger type.  They do line up on the front column, so your Zoid might  
      consider using a Spread weapon.

  Battle 3: (Battle 5-3-3)
    Team Sanders
    Command Wolf AU, Spark Liger, Zaber Tiger FT
    Limit 3 Zoids; Only Built-In Weapons allowed
    Strategy: Team Sanders has two assets - the Spark Liger, and the fact 
      that you cannot use anything but Built-In Armaments.  This also will 
      cancel any armors, Optical Camouflage, or anything like that.  Sadly, 
      this means that you can't simply increase the speed of a Gojulas and 
      use its Spread attack, nor can you rely on Vulcans and Gatlings.  One 
      strategy is to let Bit (your strongest attacker, probably) take out the 
      Spark Liger.

    It wouldn't be Zoids New Century Zero without the Backdraft Group and Dr. 
Leyon!  Leyon and Major Palta are ready to unleash their Elephanders against 
your team, and even the Dark Judge makes his customary appearance.

  Battle 4: (Battle 5-3-4)
    Team Elephander
    Elephander AG, Elephander CM
    Limit 2 Zoids
    Strategy: The only good thing about this battle is the fact that the 
      Elephanders conveniently line up on the same row - so Pierce weapons 
      are the way to go.  Personally, I used Atory in a Black Redler (which 
      at 200% Attack Bonus and a significant Accuracy bonus does 300+ 
      Damage), so it wasn't much of a problem.  The Elephander AG is by far 
      the more dangerous of the two Zoids.  If you go with small Zoids with 
      strong Pierce weapons, you can use the Obstacle Deployment followed by 
      Breakwater Formation.

    Before you fight Burahdo, you'll find a surprise - the prize for winning 
this tournament is a fully operational Trinity Liger!  No wonder Burahdo was 
sent here.

  Battle 5: (Battle 5-3-5)
    Team Burahdo
    Iron Kong Mark II, Gojulas Mark II, Genosaurer BS
    Limit 3 Zoids; No Items may be used
    Strategy: The Item restriction only matters if you don't plan properly.  
      If you use small Zoids, again, Obstacle Deployment will get you some 
      free shots.  Leena can severely damage the Genosaurer and Iron Kong  
      with a single Full Blast.  If you're sure that you can take out the 
      enemies in a single turn, the Breakwater Formation can again be of good 

    Burahdo doesn't like losing (and he's done so twice), so he decides to be 
a sore loser - he hits the Trinity Liger with the Charged Particle Cannon.  
Then he uses a smokescreen to leave the area.  Everyone is quite sad, until 
Regina reveals that the Trinity Liger is still alive - the core is intact!  
Well, you can take the core to a Zoid Construction shop and build the Trinity 
Liger now.  The Blitz Team will say its farewells (and Leena will tell Regina 
to keep Atory in line, which causes her to be a bit embarrassed).

  Scenario 6: Dark Awakening

      Area 1: Arcadia Overland

      Locations: Arcadia Town (center of the map); Arcadia Castle (western 
        section of map); Space-Time Transmission Center (eastern section)
      Enemies: Iron Kong Mark II, Iron Kong Mark II S, Iron Kong MA, Gordos, 
        Gordos Long Range Attack Type, Redler BC, Redler IC, Black Redler, 
        Rev Raptor, Lightning Saix B, Climer Wolf, Black Rhimos, Cannory 
      Purchasable Items: (in Arcadia Town)
        Core Active Ion Medium - 1,500 G
        Core Active Ion Large - 3,000 G
        Zoid Core Reinforcement Medicine - 4,600 G
        Emergency Evacuation Capsule - 15,000 G
        Anti-Air 16 Missile - 4,400 G
        Heavy Gatling - 9,200 G
        Plasma Particle Cannon - 20,200 G
        Ele Shot - 1,900 G
      Commands: Conditions of the Prince (Arcadia Town, Roman, Bar, 1st 

    The cutscene that follows your successful completion of the previous 
scenario has the Emperor (as usual) talking to a few of his Heavenly Kings 
(as usual).  This time, he's decided to send Gail after the tremendous power 
of the Death Saurer and it's Charged Particle Cannon.  Not a bad idea!

    Well, as soon as Gail heads off to the Death Saurer, the Arcadian army 
alerts the prince.  Time to get to work ...

    The Conditions of the Prince is not a bad technique - except that Atory 
is probably your best pilot throughout the game (200% Attack + 200% Accuracy 
= very dangerous pilot; only Atory [and possibly Ace] will reach those 
stats.)  If you have the money, you can upgrade your Particle Cannons to the 
new Plasma Particle Cannon, and your Heavy Vulcans/Acceleration Gatlings to 
the Heavy Gatling.  (The Heavy Gatling and the Hyper Vulcan will remain your 
best cheap Spread-fire weapon in the game.)

      Area 2: Guylos Capital Overland

      Locations: Castle Ruins (NW Corner of overland map); Guyglos City (NE  
        of Silver Orb); Underground Ruins (NE Corner of overland map); Hargen 
        City (N of Guyglos City); Central Town (center of overland map, SE of 
        Hargen City); Prozen's Base (S of Central Town)
      Enemies: Dark Horn, Redler BC, Iron Kong Mark II, Iron Kong Mark II S, 
        Red Horn BG, Zaber Tiger, Zaber Tiger AT, Zaber Tiger FT, Gojulas, 
        Gojulas Mark II, Demantis

    This is the heart of the Guylos Empire, including the magnificent capital 
city, Guyglos.  Since it is the capital, it's logically our first stop.

      Area 3: Guyglos City

      Commands: Domain of the Gods (NW Corner of the city proper)
      Locations: Rudolf's Palace (N exit of the City); Palace Fountains (N 
        exit from Rudolf' Palace); Item Shop
      Zoid Data: Elephander (NE Corner of the Palace Fountains)
      Purchasable Items:
        Core Active Ion Medium - 1,500 G
        Core Active Ion Large - 3,000 G
        Emergency Evacuation Capsule - 15,000 G
        Shockwave - 2,800 G

    Atory is quite impressed with the size of the capital!  While it is a 
nice palace, the town itself doesn't have much to offer.  You can get the 
Domain of the Gods - while there's nothing wrong with this command, there are 
probably several better ones that will fill your list.  Still, if you deploy 
a single Zoid (say, one Ultrasaurus or Gojulas), you can use the command to 
become temporarily invulnerable.  (And in that one turn, the Ultrasaurus will 
probably do a lot of damage ...)

    Head north towards the Palace, and you'll be interrupted by a cut-scene.  
It's Jack's friend, Gail.  They talk a while, and Jack mentions Gail's 
daughter, Jaria-chan.  That makes Gail get quiet really fast.  Anyway, as you 
might expect, nothing seems to deter these Heavenly Kings, so you have no 
choice but to continue on your separate ways.  If you continue to the Palace 
Fountains (don't forget the Elephander data!), you'll meet two familiar faces 
and one not so familiar: Rosso, Viola, and Emperor Rudolf Zeppelin III.  
Rudolf is sentencing Rosso and Viola for some reason or another, and they are 
tossed out.

    Anyway, while all that's interesting, you have plenty of places to be.  
You can visit the Castle Ruins, Hargen City, the Central Town, or even the 
Underground Ruins.  (Although I don't think you should visit the Underground 
Ruins, since you have to beat Stinger first anyway.)

      Area 4: Central Town

      Locations: Item Shop; Armaments Shop
      Purchasable Items:
        Core Active Ion Medium - 1,500 G
        Core Active Ion Large - 3,000 G
        Emergency Evacuation Capsule - 15,000 G
        Shockwave - 2,800 G
        Anti-Air 16 Missile - 15,800 G
        Plasma Particle Cannon - 20,200 G
        Flamethrower - 7,900 G
        Hyper Vulcan - 12,900 G

    Apart from purchasing some armaments, there is nothing of real value in 
this town.  So just use this for reference.  You can purchase the 
Flamethrower (being one of a series of DF Ignoring weapons), but if you wait 
to the end of this scenario, Arcadia will sell the strongest DF Ignoring 
weapon, the Hyper Napalm.

      Area 5: Castle Ruins

      Items: 1500 G x 10, Core Active Ion Medium, Core Active Ion Large, 
        Short Range Rail Gun, Anti-Air 8 Missile, Double Cannon, PB Unit, 
        Limiter OS, Anti-Air Vulcan, Zoid Core ED
      Enemies: Dark Horn, Redler, Redler BC, Redler IC, Iron Kong, Iron Kong 
        Mark II, Iron Kong Mark II S, Gojulas, Gojulas Mark II S, Zaber 
        Tiger, Zaber Tiger AT, Zaber Tiger FT, Black Rhimos, Raynos, 
        Demantis, Lightning Saix

    Compared to other ruins, this one has no Zoid Data and poor item 
selection.  (Most chest contain 1,500 G).  Still, you can find a free Zoid 
Core ED, if you want to build Elephanders.  It's also an extra chance to grab 
Redler variant data and Zaber Tiger data.

      Area 6: Hargen City

      Locations: Zoid Construction Shop (NE Corner); Item Shop (N of 
        entrance); Armaments Shop (E of Item Shop); Bar (N Side of town)
      Purchasable Items:
        Core Active Ion Medium - 1,500 G
        Core Active Ion Large - 3,000 G
        Emergency Evacuation Capsule - 15,000 G
        Zoid Core Reinforcement Medicine - 4,600 G
        Anti-Air Mega Vulcan - 10,700 G
        Heavy Gatling - 9,200 G
        Sulphuric Acid Cannon - 3,100 G
        Freezing Gas Cannon - 4,700 G

    Hargen City's the most important urban location in this scenario, and 
home to the only Zoid Construction Shop in the area.  You can purchase a few 
decent weapons (Heavy Gatling), if you like.  No techniques, however.  
Remember the location of the Zoid Construction Shop (it has a Rev Raptor on 
the sign) - we'll need to come back this way later on ...

    Right now, head towards the Bar.  (Why does it seem this whole game 
revolves around bars?)  You'll meet the intensely bishounen (literally, 
beautiful young man) Stinger.  He even refers to himself with feminine 
pronouns (atashi for I, instead of the more masculine boku or ore.)  Anyway, 
some words are exchanged, and Stinger leaves.  Better watch your back - 
Stinger's not known to play fairly ...

    As soon as you leave the town, head north into the desert area.  Stinger 
will spring a little surprise for you:

      Boss Battle:
        Guysack Stinger (piloted by Stinger)
        HP: about 500
        2 x Heavy Armor Guysack
        2 x Zaber Tiger AT (with Ele Shot armament)
        Gold: 5000 G  XP: 700

        Strategy:  Stinger's Zoid has a lot of HP, so you may want to save it 
          for later.  More importantly, the Guysack Stinger and the Zaber 
          Tiger AT have annoying paralysis and status inflicting weapons - 
          take them out first, and worry about the Heavy Armor Guysacks 
          later.  Since all of those paralysis weapons are ranged, use of the 
          Sandstorm Command will keep them off your back for one turn, if you 
          are having problems.  If you have a Plasma Particle Cannon, though, 
          you can probably wipe out half the enemies in a single shot.

    Stinger isn't too hard to beat, and he'll run back to the bar, sulking in 
his drink.  When you appear, he'll tell you a few important things and then 
dash off to save his hide.  Importantly, he hints that something very wrong 
is going on in the ancient ruins to the northeast.

      Area 7: Underground Ruins

      Items: Smokescreen Generator Equipment, 1500 G
      Zoid Data: Rev Raptor PB, Elephander SC, Storm Sworder (outside of the 
        Ruins in a cinematic sequence)
      Enemies: Lightning Saix, Demantis, Dark Horn, Redler BC, Iron Kong, 
        Iron Kong Mark II, Iron Kong Mark II S, Gojulas Mark II S, Merda, 
        Helcat, Guysack, Shield Liger, Red Horn, Dibison
      Temporary Party Members: Rosso (Iron Kong), Viola (Redler)

    There's a strange, destroyed Iron Kong outside of the ruins - and 
everyone's curious as to what exactly wrecked the Zoid in question.

    The enemies here are easy - it's the mazes that are getting more 
frustrating to navigate.  Still, try to pick up the Rev Raptor PB and 
Elephander SC data - it will save you the hassle of getting these in the 
wild.  When you get to the bottom, you'll meet none other than Rosso and 
Viola.  Viola doesn't like you very much, but Rosso is quite apologetic.  He 
explains that he knows what has destroyed the Iron Kong outside, and what has 
been destroying Zoids recently.  Further, something very old has been removed 
from this very site.  Who's behind all this?  Why, none other than Gunther 
Prozen, the regent of the Empire.

    You'll get the choice to add Rosso and Viola to your party or not.  You 
may as well - they don't stay for long, anyway, but by adding them to your 
party, you'll be able to choose them later.

    Anyway, you'll be taken outside of the ruins.  Heading south will start a 
cinematic sequence.

    Four Republic Command Wolf types (at least one is a Climer Wolf) are 
making a stand against a lone black and purple Zoid.  Is it?  Could it be?  
Yes, it's Raven, but he doesn't have a little Zaber Tiger anymore.  He's 
upgraded to a Genosaurer, and he's out to collect Zoid Cores.  He nets three 
before moving onwards.

   Still, one Command Wolf has survived.  Talk to it, and it will explain 
about the recent assaults by Raven on Zoids of all types.  Then he'll give 
you the Storm Sworder data!  As the strongest of the M class Zoids, Storm 
Sworders make excellent aerial additions to the party.  However, there is 
still an argument to keep the Black Redlers you might have (their main attack 
is Piercing, but less powerful than the Storm Sworder's Sword Attack.)

    Head west, and another cinematic battle will occur - this time between 
Ban and Raven!  Raven, however, will clean Ban's clock with his Zoid, and to 
top things off, Rosso and Viola will leave the party.

    Seems like now is a good time to visit the last location on the map.  
Prepare for a little stealth.

      Area 8: Prozen's Base

      Items: Emergency Evacuation Capsule, 1500 G

    The major problem in this section is that you MUST avoid being in the 
line of sight of any soldier (the people in gray.)  Otherwise, they will 
eject your party from the fort.  If you want the items, it's easier to go 
down the side stairs, but to get to the area that advances the story line, 
head to the north stairwell (evading some guards) on the first floor.

    If you made it to the north stairwell, go down into the large area with 
the broken glass tube.  You'll wonder what it is for a while, and then a 
scientist will helpfully come by for your interrogation.  He reveals that 
yes, Prozen is behind all the trouble.  Prozen has instructed Raven to gather 
Zoid Cores to aid in the revival of the Death Saurer!

    You'll exit the Base quickly, ready to stop this madness.  Gail has other 
ideas, though.  He prepares to fight Raven in order to eventually gain 
control of the Death Saurer.  Jack intervenes, though, and Gail takes the 
opportunity to escape.  However, during the fight, you learn that the project 
is headquartered under Hargen City's Zoid Construction Shop.  That has to be 
the next stop.

      Area 9: Hargen City Zoid Construction Shop

      Items: Normal OS
      Commands: False Negotiations (Scientist, E side of lower floor)

    No stealth needed here.  Just make sure to get the False Negotiations 
(one of your Zoids gets a free move).  When you reach the bottom, you'll meet 
Gunther Prozen himself.  Prozen reveals that his ambition is to rule the 
Empire, and he plans to wipe out the Republic with the power of the Death 
Saurer.  The problem is, right now all he has is the Bloody Demon.  Still, 
that's sure to give you a few headaches ...

      Boss Battle:
        Bloody Demon (piloted by Prozen)
        HP: less than 650
        Gold: 1000 G  XP: 2240

        Strategy:  For all the hoopla, this battle is easy.  Prozen's Zoid is 
          slow, and with a few commands, you can easily get in plenty of 
          hits.  You could even use the Breakwater Formation and take him out 
          in one turn.

    If you thought that was the last battle of this scenario, well, you 
haven't been paying attention!  You haven't fought the pre-requisite Heavenly 
King yet.  Jack and Gail talk, and Jack tries to dissuade Gail from his path.  
Regina and Ace point out that it's useless to talk, Gail's too far gone.

    Before the battle starts, though, some good news - Ban is alright!  
Although his Zoid was destroyed by Raven, the power of Jeeku has resurrected 
the Shield Liger as the Blade Liger!  (It's the first season Ban, for those 
of you who follow the anime.)  Irvine's here too, of course, with his Command 
Wolf AS.  You can put them in the party for the last battle of this scenario:

      Boss Battle:
        Gojulas GS (piloted by Gail)
        HP: about 920
        Gold: 1000 G  XP: 2592

        Strategy: The main strength of Gail's Zoid is it's HP.  It's armor is 
          nothing to laugh at, either.  If you use the Breakwater Formation, 
          though, you need to only scrape together about 460 points of damage 
          (remember, Breakwater doubles your attack), which is not very much.  
          You could also use the Obstacle Deployment to let small Zoids get 
          in a free round of attacks.  All his weapons will hurt if they 
          connect, though, and since they are a mix of ranged and hand-to-
          hand, there's no easy way to finesse them.

   Gail still has the last laugh, though - he reveals that he managed to get 
the Death Saurer data anyway, and as usual runs back to the Emperor.  Oh 
well, nothing more to do here.

  Scenario 7: Unraveling Destinies

      Area 1: Arcadia Overland

      Locations: Arcadia Town (center of the map); Arcadia Castle (western 
        section of map); Space-Time Transmission Center (eastern section)
      Enemies: Demantis, Maccurtis, Gunsniper, Gunsniper W2, Elephander, 
        Elephander SC, Elephander CM, Elephander AG, Konig Wolf, Shadow Fox, 
        Gojulas Gana, Gojulas Mark II S, Lightning Saix B, Dibison, Iron Kong 
        PK, Iron Kong MA, Dark Horn, Genosaurer
      Purchasable Items: (in Arcadia Town)
        Core Active Ion Medium - 1,500 G
        Core Active Ion Large - 3,000 G
        Zoid Core Reinforcement Medicine - 4,600 G
        Emergency Evacuation Capsule - 15,000 G
        Hyper Napalm - 20,200 G
        Reinforced Conformal Armor - 6,800 G
        E Shield Generation Equipment - 12,000 G
        Hyper Vulcan - 12,900 G
      Commands: Conditions of the Warrior (Arcadia Town, Roman, Bar, 1st 

    Something odd is happening within the Emperor's ranks at the start of 
this scenario.  Fran has used the Space-Time Transmission Equipment, but she 
hasn't had any authorization to do so!  The Emperor sends Burahdo out to 
track her down.

    Regardless, the army reports that the transmission equipment has been 
used twice, so you have to go and track down the source of the commotion.

    Roman has the Conditions of the Warrior for you this time.  It's not too 
useful, unless everyone but Atory is destroyed.  The best DF Ignoring weapon, 
the Hyper Napalm, is on sale - get a few, for those tough boss battles.  (The 
Hind Buster, arguably, is stronger, since it's high accuracy guarantees a 
critical hit that ignores defense anyway.)  Also, the Reinforced Conformal 
Armor is the second best (the other being Rare Metal Armor) in the game.  
More importantly, a slew of new Zoids appears on the overland.  It's time to 
seriously start collecting data.  You should pick up the Gunsniper W2, any 
Elephander variants you missed (AG and CM, most likely), the Konig Wolf and 
Shadow Fox, and the Iron Kong PK - you may, but you don't have to get the 
Genosaurer (since you'll be getting it in a few moments ...).  Get all the 
cores and parts you need, too.  If you haven't, now is another good time to 
replace and upgrade your Zoids.

    You should really only have two different Aerial Zoids at this point - 
the Black Redler and Storm Sworder.  A strong S class Aerial Zoid is also an 
option (Zabat or Pteras Bomber).  You should have a few Lightning Saix (or 
even Lightning Saix B if you use them that much), Rev Raptor (or Rev Raptor 
PB's), Spinosappers, and Gunsnipers (or Gunsniper W2's, or even a Gunsniper 
LS) as small Zoids for main use with the Obstacle Deployment.  The Trinity 
Liger, of course, should also be there (and ready for the upgrade in the 
upcoming scenario).  Then a few Medium class Zoids (Shadow Foxes, Konig 
Wolves, your favorite Command Wolf if you like, a few Liger variants, Shield 
or Blade, maybe a Zaber Tiger AT/FT, Dibison, Iron Kong variants.)  If you 
prefer large Zoids, you can use an Elephander or Gojulas, too.  Anyway, once 
you've got the Zoids you want, it's time to visit yet another world.

      Area 2: Silver Liger Zero World Overland

      Locations: All Star's Town (S of Silver Orb); Solid's Base (SW of 
        town); Cave (SW Corner of overland map)
      Enemies: Genosaurer, Iron Kong PK, Shadow Fox, Demantis, Elephander AG, 
        Blade Liger, Dibison

    This area is unfamiliar to either Jack or Ace (and of course, Regina 
doesn't know anything except how to lecture Atory, Jack, and Ace) - and 
neither is the Berserk Furher that runs past the party.  Suddenly, a Silver 
Liger Zero jumps out to face down this Zoid.  All Star (hero of his own game) 
fights the Berserk Furher, and manages to drive it off.  Nonetheless, his 
Zoid is heavily damaged.

    You could wander around, but there's no point in going anywhere but All 
Star's hometown.  This is a short scenario, so let's go!

      Area 3: All Star's Town

      Locations: Blue Gem's Shop (SW Corner); Item Shop (SE Corner)
      Purchasable Items:
        Core Active Ion Medium - 1,500 G
        Core Active Ion Large - 3,000 G
        Shockwave - 2,800 G
        Zoid Core Reinforcement Medicine - 4,600 G
      Commands: Rear Support (old man, SW section of town)
      Zoid Data: Silver Liger Zero
      Temporary Party Members: All Star (Liger Zero X), Solid (Super 

    There are a few things you will want to do before visiting Blue Gem's 
Shop (which doubles as a Zoid Construction Shop).  Pick up the moderately 
useful Rear Support (doubles attack power of the front rank but immobilizes 
the back rank), and get any items you want.

    When you enter Blue Gem's, All Star will leave to discuss repairs to the 
Silver Liger Zero (which will take a while).  Party (yes, that's her name, 
Pa-ru-ti) will entertain All Star's friends (that's you).  Plans are drawn up 
for hunting down that loose Berserk Furher, but then a bustle outside gets 
everyone out of their chairs.

    It's Solid and the army - seems they've been having problems with the 
Berserk Furher, too.  Solid loans All Star a Liger Zero X, and then he and 
All Star join you for a little Berserk Furher hunt.

    Before that, though, you'll want to see what's in Solid's base.  There's 
an interesting person there ...

      Area 4: Solid's Base

      Purchasable Items:
        Napalm Missile - 13,900 G
        Poison Gas Sprayer - 1,100 G
        Ion Irradiation Equipment - 8,800 G
        Plasma Particle Cannon - 20,200 G
      Items: Zoid Core GS
      Zoid Data: Liger Zero X Imperial Service Type, Genosaurer

    Upon arriving at the base, Solid gets a report from one of his soldiers 
about a suspicious female that was detained.  If you enter the nearest door, 
you'll find her.  However, in the back of the base, there's an Armaments Shop 
- the Ion Irradiation Equipment is worth a look, at least.  Don't forget to 
grab the chests, too.  (One is in the interrogation room, so it can wait.)

    You have a suspicion about who that woman is, of course, and Ace and Jack 
are right - it's Fran.  Fran is kinda sad and moping, but Ace convenient lies 
to Solid (saying that Fran is a Zoid Maniac) to get her off the hook.  Fran 
alternates between being angry, and sad, and grateful, but she accompanies 
the party as a non-piloting observer.  (That is, you can't assign her to a 
Zoid, she just tags along for the conversations.)

    There's really only one place left to look for the Berserk Furher ...

      Area 5: Cave

      Items: 1500 G x 2, Zoid Core UX
      Enemies: Maccurtis, Demantis, Gojulas Mark II S, Gojulas Gana, Dibison, 
        Blade Liger, Elephander SC
      Zoid Data (Scenario End): Trinity Liger BA, Liger Zero SC, Liger Zero 
        JA, Liger Zero PA

    This area is small, but there IS a Zoid Core UX in one of the chests.  
You'll definitely want that, and it's up to you whether to save it or use it 
immediately.  (You can build a Liger Zero or a Liger Zero X Imperial Service 
Type at this point.)  Work your way onwards until you find the storage area 
that the Berserk Furher hails from.  Of course, the Zoid in question is 
there, too, with some friends.

      Boss Battle:
        Berserk Furher
        Dark Horn
        Iron Kong MA
        Gold: 3000 G  XP: 1611

        Strategy: The only Zoid you have to worry about is that Berserk 
          Furher - it's got a Charged Particle Cannon with your name (and 248 
          points of Square damage) on it.  It should have around 400 HP, so 
          hit it first.  The Iron Kong MA is very, very fast, but you 
          probably can't beat its speed (unless you use aerial Zoids), so 
          just take the hit and move on.  You definitely want to get the 
          Furher down before it can fire.

    Well, that wasn't so bad, and now you have a Berserk Furher core to 
study!  You can wander around again, if you like, but avoid the town unless 
you want to end the scenario.

    Back in town, Party will talk to you, and then go off with Fran.  They've 
studied the core, and Blue Gem proposes that there are 2 or even 3 different 
variants that could be built with it!  (It's 3 - the Storm Furher, Berserk 
Furher Y, and Berserk Furher Z.)  Of course, just when things are going well, 
the town gets attacked.

    Burahdo's here, and he's got soldiers with him.  They want the core, and 
when Fran and Party show up, Burahdo holds Party hostage!  Burahdo takes the 
core, and Fran, and heads back to the Emperor.  Luckily, Party is unharmed.  
(Okay, I know - you didn't really care.  I bet most of you wanted the core, 

    It's not a complete loss.  Blue Gem is a genius at modification, and he 
gives you 4 new sets of Zoid Data: the Trinity Liger BA, and the three Liger 
Zero armors (SC, JA, and PA).  Wow!  Time to head back and start building up 
Zoid growth again.

  Scenario 8: A Gathering of Storms

      Area 1: Arcadia Overland

      Locations: Arcadia Town (center of the map); Arcadia Castle (western 
        section of map); Space-Time Transmission Center (eastern section)
      Enemies: Genobreaker, Iron Kong, Zaber Tiger FT, Gojulas, Gojulas Gana, 
        Lightning Saix B, Dark Horn, Redler, Redler IC, Redler BC, Black 
        Redler, Red Horn, Rev Raptor, Rev Raptor PB, Command Wolf AU, Shield 
        Liger DCS, Gordos, Cannon Tortoise BC, Raynos, Double Sworder, Blade 
        Liger, Heldigunner DT, Saicurtis
      Purchasable Items: (in Arcadia Town)
        Core Active Ion Medium - 1,500 G
        Core Active Ion Large - 3,000 G
        Zoid Core Reinforcement Medicine - 4,600 G
        Shockwave - 2,800 G
        Hybrid Cannon - 20,200 G
        Buster Cannon - 10,400 G
        Ultra Cannon - 7,900 G
        External Charged Particle Cannon - 35,200 G
      Commands: Coercion (Arcadia Town, Roman, Bar, 1st Floor)

    Burahdo returns successfully to the Emperor with a bonus - that Berserk 
Furher core from All Star's world.  Fran is quite despondent, and rightfully 
so, for the Emperor has her taken away by the guards.  Perhaps all is not 
well within the Emperor's camp after all?

    Even though Gail got some information about the Death Saurer, the Emperor 
wants the really big guns - the Death Stinger and the most powerful Charged 
Particle Cannon in the game.  Ops is ordered to develop his own variant of 
the Death Stinger.

    Anyway, for L class Zoid fans, Roman has the Coercion command - the large 
variant of the Obstacle Deployment.  While the best large Zoids you probably 
have at this point are Gojulas variants, eventually the Salamander and 
Ultrasaurus can use this command to devastating effect.

    There are also several powerful cannon in the Armament shop, including 
the External Charged Particle Cannon (as a replacement for any Plasma 
Particle Cannons you might have).  The only new worthwhile Zoid, however, is 
the Genobreaker (although it is quite a good upgrade for the Genosaurer).

    More importantly, you should upgrade your Trinity Liger to the BA variant 
(thanks to Blue Gem), and if you want a Liger Zero armor variant (SC, JA, or 
PA), you can also go ahead and construct one now.

      Area 2: New Helic City South Map Overland

      Locations: New Helic City (S of the Silver Orb); Castle Ruins (NW 
        Corner of overland map); Abandoned City (W of New Helic City); Hidden 
        Depression (S of overland map); New Helic City North Map Overland 
        (north of this map)
      Enemies: Iron Kong MA, Iron Kong PK, Gunsniper W2, Dark Horn, Gojulas, 
        Gojulas Mark II S, Demantis, Storm Sworder, Zaber Tiger AT, Redler, 
        Redler IC, Black Redler, Blade Liger AB, Elephander CM, Command Wolf 
        Urban Combat Variant, Climer Wolf, Gordos, Keroberos, Heldigunner 
        DT, Saicurtis, Double Sworder; Wardick, Salamander F2, Storm 
        Sworder, Black Redler, Hammerhead, Hammerhead VL, Sinker, Saicurtis, 
        Redler, Redler IC, Salamander (water areas)

    This scenario has, basically, two different overland map areas.  The 
South Map is where you start, but important events will occur in the northern 
map as well.

    As you enter, Jack will immediately recognize this as New Helic City, the 
capital of the Republic.  The party will then see a standoff between two very 
powerful Zoids - Raven in his Genobreaker RS, and Hilz in the Death Stinger!  
Hilz is being somewhat mind controlled by the Death Stinger, and he keeps 
mentioning the Dark Kaiser - and how he plans to kick Raven into the next 
century.  Hilz makes good on his promise and Raven is forced off the field.  
Riize then tries to intervene, but Hilz is too far gone for anything else.

    Hilz then takes a single shot and destroys the entire city!  The screen 
flashes white, and then ... nothing.

    It's time to check for survivors among the rubble.

      Area 3: New Helic City

      Locations: Item Shop (SE Corner); Zoids Construction Shop (NW Corner)
      Purchasable Items:
        Core Active Ion Medium - 1,500 G
        Core Active Ion Large - 3,000 G
        Shockwave - 2,800 G
        Zoid Core Reinforcement Medicine - 4,600 G
      Commands: Underwater Minelayer (old man, in the Item Shop)
      Temporary Party Members: Raven (Genobreaker RS), Riize (no Zoid)

    This place is really a wreck.  Regina is completely torn up, and even 
Atory looks severely depressed.

    There are still Zoid Construction Services available, and an item shop.  
Be SURE to get the Underwater Minelayer, as you are going to fight over the 
water soon.  Since it freezes underwater Zoids, this is an excellent way to 
make these combats ridiculously easy.

    If you move towards the north, and then double back, you'll meet Ops.  
While Ops is pleased with the power of the Death Stinger, he claims no 
responsibility for the destruction wrought.  And for once, he's telling the 
truth.  Still, he mentions that he will be making his own version of the 
Death Stinger.

    Exit the city, and Burahdo will appear.  He'll be in a new Zoid, but his 
attitude is still the same.  After exchanging words with him, I'd recommend 
going back into the city.  Head to the northeast corner of the town.  There 
you'll meet a dejected (but still mentally unhinged) Raven, and Riize.  Their 
Organoids are with them, too.

    Riize will explain about Hilz and the Death Stinger, as well as 
mentioning the Dark Kaiser.  Raven, being Raven, just wants to destroy every 
Zoid in sight, and the Death Stinger is no exception.  They'll join your 
party.  Riize lacks a Zoid (which is good in some ways), so assign her to any 
of your choice.

    Armed with these additional party members, you should now feel free to 
grab the armaments in the Castle Ruins.

      Area 4: Castle Ruins

      Items: 1500 G x 7, Charged Particle Cannon, Core Cleaner x 2, Core 
        Active Ion Large, Ele Shot, Hind Buster, Sonic Wave Cannon, Anti-
        Ballistic Missile
      Enemies: Shadow Fox, Gojulas Gana, Gunsniper, Gunsniper W2, Genosaurer, 
        Genobreaker, Elephander, Demantis, Spinosapper, Blade Liger AB, 
        Lightning Saix, Lightning Saix B, Dibison, Maccurtis, 
        Iron Kong Mark II S

    The main point of this ruins is the several powerful armaments you can 
liberate from its chests.  The Hind Buster, Anti-Ballistic Missile, and 
Charged Particle Cannon are all extremely powerful weapons, and you should 
deploy them immediately if possible.

    Exit the ruins and head for the southern area of the map.

      Area 5: Hidden Depression

      Temporary Party Members: Schubaltz (Iron Kong SS)

    You can actually head toward this area any time after you see Burahdo.  
Before you can get to the Depression, you will be stopped by a lone Zoid - 
it's Colonel Schubaltz of the Guardian Force.  He'll tell you information 
about the Guardian Force's activities, and join your party.  (However, since 
he's usually less useful than Riize or Raven, you can probably wait until the 
very last moment to obtain him.)

    If you continue onwards, you'll eventually enter the strange depression.  
All of a sudden, a tremendous Zoid pops out of thin air!  Schubaltz explains 
this is the Guardian Force's base, so to speak.  At first, Ace thinks it is a 
fortress, but no - it's a Zoid.  A big Zoid.  Yes, this is the Ultrasaurus 
super-heavy assault carrier.  A Zoid so large, you can step inside.

    Inside, you'll meet a familiar face - the new 2nd Lieutenant Ban 
Freiheit!  Not to mention the other familiar faces from the Guardian Force, 
Irvine, Tom, Moonbay, and Feene.  Moonbay even manages to embarrass Regina - 
she asks what Regina has been up to, and Regina answers "This and that."  
(Iro iro.)  Well, 'this and that' has an idiomatic connotation, too, and 
Moonbay is quick to poke fun at Regina.  Oh well.

    Suddenly, a huge energy reaction is detected - time to see what's going 
on in the bridge!  The bridge is full of the entire Guardian Force and 
several familiar faces - Kruger, Harmon, O'Connell, Ford, and more.  
O'Connell spots the Death Stinger moving in at 7000 meters, and it's powering 
up the Charged Particle Cannon.

    This is a small problem, as the energy charge on the Ultrasaurus' shield 
can't outlast the firepower of the Death Stinger.  In fact, they can probably 
only hold out for about 30 minutes.  Hilz even pops up and delivers a 

    It looks pretty bleak, but Harmon has a plan.  He proposes a secret 
attack.  Moonbay will pilot the Ultrasaurus, with Tom and Feene supporting 
her.  At this point, Moonbay cuts in ("Cho, chotto matte yo!  Atashi ga?"  
'W-wait a minute!  Me?')  Meanwhile, Irvine and Ban will attack from the weak 
side while the Ultrasaurus takes the brunt of the assault.  The plan is risky 
to start off with, but Atory volunteers your party to fight against the Death 
Stinger and draw its attention while the attack proceeds.

    You'll be taken back to the overland map.  Head back to New Helic City, 
and the Death Stinger will be waiting for you there.  Schubaltz will have 
left the party by this point, but you'll still have Raven and Riize.

      Boss Battle:
        Death Stinger (piloted by Hilz)
        About 1000 HP
        Gold: 1000 G  XP: 2592

        Strategy: You REALLY want to beat Hilz before he can fire.  Even if 
          he doesn't use the Charged Particle Cannon, the other attacks of 
          the Death Stinger will probably crush lesser Zoids.  The Breakwater 
          Formation can come in very handy at this point, and so can the 
          Conditions of the Prince (by boosting the other members statistics, 
          you can get critical hits and bypass the armor.)  You definitely 
          want critical hits, because the armor of this Zoid is among the 
          best in the game.  Don't be afraid to burn as much EP as you want.  
          The Concentrated Fire command can also come in handy here.

    Of course, Hilz isn't really defeated - he'll pop off a single Charged 
Particle Shot at the Ultrasaurus and then flee.  At first, everyone's 
concerned, but then they remember that Ban and Irvine must be out there - so 
the plan could still work.

    Return to the depression, where a Whale King will rendezvous with your 
team.  It seems that Ban is working on his side of the plan, but you might 
still be able to help out.  The Whale King will take you to another overland 
map to the north ...

      Area 6: Gravity Cannon

      Locations: Zoid Construction Shop (Scientist, NW corner) 
      Temporary Party Members: Irvine (Lightning Saix A), Tom (Dibision TS)

    The Whale King will drop you off on this smallish island.  There, you 
meet Dr. D (who is amazed that you look the same as always ...), and he will 
explain what is the whole purpose of this island.  He's building a 25 meter 
long, 16 meter diameter cannon, a Gravity Cannon.  This Gravity Cannon will 
eventually fire a Black Hole that, Dr. D is certain, will destroy the Death 

    There's a small problem.  He needs six units of Planetarucite for the 
ammunition, and that can only be found in the Dragon's Nest.  These are 
extremely dangerous ruins (two of them, actually).  Well ... I guess we 
better go find them, huh?

    Tom and Irvine will join your party, so you can add them or not as you 

      Area 7: New Helic City North Map Overland

      Locations: Gravity Cannon (N section of overland map); Dragon's Nest 
        (hole in the water, NW section of map); Castle Ruins (southern edge 
        of map, on an island); West Shore (W of Dragon's Nest, N of Silver 
      Enemies: Wardick, Salamander F2, Storm Sworder, Black Redler, 
        Hammerhead, Hammerhead VL, Sinker, Saicurtis, Redler, Redler IC, 
        Salamander (water areas)

    This map is connected to the Southern map via the water on the south 
edge.  You should be sure to pick up the aquatic Zoids (using the Underwater 
Minelayer if you like), and the Salamander F2.  There's a large island to the 
west, but that's a separate section that can only be accessed later.

    Now it's time to hunt down that Planetarucite.

      Area 8: Castle Ruins

      Items: Core Active Ion Large x 2, Poison Gas Sprayer, 5400 G, EM 
        Jammer, Electromagnetic Unit
      Special Items: Planetarucite x 3
      Zoid Data: Spark Liger, Zaber Tiger SS, Iron Kong SS, Protobreaker
      Enemies: Gunsniper, Gunsniper W2, Black Redler, Storm Sworder, Dibison,
        Maccurtis, Demantis, Elephander SC, Dark Horn, Iron Kong MA, Blade 
        Liger, Genosaurer, Genobreaker, Shadow Fox, Rev Raptor PB, Gojulas 
        Gana, Elephander, Spinosapper, Lightning Saix, Lightning Saix B

    This is the lesser of the pair of ruins, but it has a considerable amount 
of Zoid Data.  The Main Hall is the first area you enter.  There are four 
rooms (northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast).  The northwest room 
has the Zaber Tiger SS data.  If you head directly north from the entrance, 
you'll find the Iron Kong SS data.  The southeast room has a down stairwell, 
and there is another stairwell nearby in the hall proper.

    Take the southeast room stairwell.  This leads to a Core Active Ion Large 
and the Spark Liger data.  Backtrack, and take the other stairs.  From here, 
you will arrive at a pair of stairs.

    The right hand stairs leads to an EM Jammer and 5400 G.  The left hand 
stairs will lead to one Planetarucite and a Poison Gas Sprayer, and then take 
you to the southwest room of the Main Hall (previously inaccessible).  From 
here, go down two levels.  Don't take the east route, it dead ends.  The 
northern route splits into two; the eastern path (which is long) will lead to 
a stairs and eventually the Protobreaker data, another Planetarucite, and the 
Electromagnetic Unit.  The northern path will yield the last Planetarucite 
and a Core Active Ion Large.

    3 down, 3 to go.

      Area 9: Dragon's Nest

      Items: Core Active Ion Medium, 1500 G, Ion Irradiation Equipment, Heavy 
        Gatling, Rare Metal Armor, AB Unit, Laser Diffusion Equipment
      Special Items: Planetarucite x 3
      Zoid Data: Liger Zero X, Liger Zero PA, Blade Liger AB, Super 
      Enemies: Blade Liger, Blade Liger AB, Spark Liger, Demantis, Maccurtis, 
        Gojulas Gana, Genosaurer, Genobreaker, Gunsniper, Gunsniper W2, 
        Spinosapper, Dark Horn, Elephander, Black Redler, Shadow Fox, 
        Dibison, Rev Raptor PB, Iron Kong Mark II S, Iron Kong MA

    We're getting into some of the best equipment in the game (Rare Metal 
Armor / Laser Diffusion Equipment), and some serious Zoid Data!  Not only 
that, but you have the last 3 Planetarucite you need.

    The first floor has the Core Active Ion Medium, 1500 G, and the Ion 
Irradiation Equipment.  There's only one exit.  On the next level, there are 
three staircases.  The one in the northwest corner leads to the Liger Zero X 
Data.  The one in the middle headed up ends with one of the Planetarucite.  
The one in the east side will take you further into the nest.

    From here, don't head north - it's a dead end.  The south and west 
directions eventually merge into one exit, headed up.  Once you've headed up, 
this new floor has the Heavy Gatling and another Planetarucite.  There are 
two floors where you can do nothing but head to the next stairwell.

    Finally, you'll reach a fork with a chest nearby.  The chest has the 
Liger Zero PA data (useless, since Blue Gem will haven given you them 
already).  Going south will net you the Rare Metal Armor.  The northern route 
will eventually split - if you head southwest at the split, and then take the 
next south fork, you'll find an AB unit and a stairs that leads to the floor 
with the Blade Liger AB data.  Heading west will merge with the other split.

    That other split (the northern one) also branches off.  The west branch 
leads to the merge point with the southwest fork (see above); the east branch 
leads to the final stairwell.  The last floor is pretty straightforward.  
There's the Super Genosaurer data, and then a large space with two chests.  
The left chest is the Planetarucite, the right chest is the Laser Diffusion 
Equipment.  That's all six!  Time to use an Emergency Evacuation Capsule and 
get out of here.  (Unless you feel the need to backtrack ...)

      Area 10: Ultrasaurus / West Shore

      Enemies: Storm Sworder, Climer Wolf, Command Wolf Urban Combat Variant, 
        Zaber Tiger AT, Dark Horn, Iron Kong Mark II S, Iron Kong PK, 
        Gunsniper W2, Gordos, Gojulas Gana
      Locations: Armaments Shop (first soldier on the left side); Items Shop 
        (second soldier on left side); Zoid Construction Shop (soldier on SE 
      Purchasable Items:
        Core Active Ion Medium - 1,500 G
        Core Active Ion Large - 3,000 G
        Shockwave - 2,800 G
        Zoid Core Reinforcement Medicine - 4,600 G
        Poison Gas Sprayer - 1,100 G
        Corrosive Gas Bomb - 2,300 G
        Ultra Cannon - 7,900 G
        Laser Diffusion Equipment - 9,000 G
      Items: Napalm Missile (box, upper entrance of Ultrasaurus)
      Commands: Gravity Twister (soldier, upper right hand corner)

    Your next destination is the Gravity Cannon, actually.  Return to the 
island.  However, before you can get to the Gravity Cannon, someone 
intercepts you - Burahdo, of course.

    He and Ops are here for the Planetarucite you've obtained.  Something 
that powerful is sure to help bolster the plans of the Emperor.  Of course, 
Ops being Ops, only Burahdo will face you.

      Boss Battle:
        Geno Hydra (piloted by Burahdo)
        About 1160 HP
        Gold: 1000 G  XP: 907

        Strategy: The main concept of this battle is the same as any boss 
          battle - know how much damage you can inflict, don't count on any 
          criticals (they rarely occur against bosses, sadly), and burn 
          through EP as much as you want.  The Concentrated Fire command has 
          definite merit, as does the Breakwater Formation (if you're sure 
          you can hit the 1160 before the Geno Hydra can fire back.)  The 
          only weapon you really have to worry about is that Charged Particle 
          Cannon (248 listed damage).  The rest do less than half that 
          amount.  Since you have ample time to prepare for this battle, a 
          good strategy is to use the weapons with the highest listed damage, 
          visit a Zoids Construction Shop beforehand to restore HP/EP, and 
          then use Concentrated Fire to ensure that Defense drops to zero.

    After the battle, there will be a high energy reaction with the 
Planetarucite, centered on Burahdo.  It seems Ops is not above experimenting 
on his own team members, nor is he inclined to help them at all.  Burahdo 
cannot move (since the Planetarucite creates an intense gravity wave).  
Atory, being the 12 year old heroic type, valiantly shoves Burahdo out of the 
center.  Everyone (and I mean everyone) is shocked, especially Burahdo.  (And 
of course, Regina is worried sick about Atory.  I think you know why.)

    Burahdo doesn't take to Ops' experimentation kindly, and promptly blasts 
him, thus obviating any need to fight off his custom Cannon Tortoise.  Seems 
like the Empire is not as coherent a front as you might have expected ...

    Anyway, Burahdo and Ops flee.  This is good, because there's a laser 
reaction that heralds the Death Stinger (again).  But the Cannon is ready 
now, and the plan is set into motion.

    You'll be on the bridge of the Ultrasaurus briefly, and then you regain 
control at the entrance.  The soldiers there have a command (Gravity Twister, 
good for slow Zoids) and the services of an item, armament, and Zoid 
Construction shop.  Take advantage of these for convenience - you'll get 
another chance to resupply and repair before the real boss battles.

    Once you exit the south side of the screen, the operation begins.  Tom, 
Ban, and Irvine leave (so Tom and Irvine leave your party) to corner the 
Death Stinger.  You need to buy time for the Ultrasaurus, so fight Zoids on 
the West Shore.  It took me three groups of Zoids before the story advanced.

    You'll cut to a scene of Tom, Ban, and Irvine surrounding the Death 
Stinger.  Ban calls out, "Delta Formation.  Blockade!"  The Death Stinger is 
surrounded by some sort of energy field, and can't move.  This is the moment 
Harmon has been waiting for.  Calling Hilz "The Terror of the Republic", 
Harmon fires the Gravity Cannon (as of this writing, I cannot confirm if you 
can hack force that weapon into an inventory.  Don't ask!)  In an epic shot, 
the Gravity Cannon obliterates the Death Stinger, leaving a broken Zoid and a 
lot of cratering.

    Is that the end of it?  Of course not.  Ops, the genius, has a plan to 
resurrect the Death Stinger.  How?  He's researched Rare Hertz, and he now 
has something better - the power of the Zoid Eve.  Even Regina is spooked at 
the very concept.  Raven and Riize, however, have other places to be, and 
they leave the party.

    Well, we're going to have to do something about Zoid Eve ...

    Head to the Whale King, waiting at the northeast corner of the West 
Shore.  You'll report the problem to Harmon, who will helpfully transport you 
back to New Helic City.  Where is this resurrection going to take place?

    Why, at the Abandoned City, of course.  Why else would they put it on the 
overland map?

      Area 11: Abandoned City

    Arriving at the Abandoned City, you'll see Ops who is amazingly only a 
spectator to the power of the Zoid Eve.  The Death Stinger is somehow 
incorporated into the Death Saurer, which revives with the Dark Kaiser (if 
you think he looks like Prozen, you're not wrong!).  The Dark Kaiser is a 
twisted product of Prozen and the core of the Death Saurer.  Anyway, even the 
Dark Kaiser is in for a little surprise.

    While Hilz is mostly brainwashed, he's not entirely submissive.  He 
basically overrides the Dark Kaiser and takes over the Death Saurer himself.  
Ops, meanwhile, is muttering "Excellent, excellent!" to himself over and 
over.  Oh well.  He's not your problem.

    Can you possibly stand against the power of the Death Saurer?  Only a 
miracle (that's what Ace thinks, anyway) can save you now.  Atory, being the 
hero, refuses to run away.  He advances, and this sparks the courage of the 
Three Warriors of Arcadia.  Before the big fight, though, comes the under 

      Required Battle:
        4 x Genosaurer
        383 HP each
        Gold: 4000 G  XP: 2992

        Strategy: The Genosaurers will line up on the flanks - which 
         a Piercing or Spread attack.  If you choose the small Zoid method 
        (see the next battle), use Obstacle Deployment/False Negotiations.  
        Conserve your EP!  Don't use any EP if you don't have to - and you 
        shouldn't have to use EP to beat the Genosaurers.  After weakening 
        the enemy with the first two rounds, use the Breakwater Formation and 
        finish them off.

    It's time for the big showdown.  Ban appears, and he has a plan.  You'll 
need to cover for him while he prepares to be shot out of the Gravity Cannon!

      Boss Battle:
        Death Saurer (piloted by Hilz)
        Between 2600-2850 HP
        Gold: 1000 G  XP: 6750

    There's so much involved in the strategy, that it deserves several 
paragraphs.  First off, you should prepare very carefully before entering the 
Abandoned City.  Don't go in without your HP/EP topped off and your best 
Armaments.  At this point, you'll want to have the Hind Buster, Anti-
Ballistic Missile, and Charged Particle Cannon.  The alternative is to use as 
many Hyper Napalms as you could afford.  Apart from the one offensive 
armament, stack as much armor (1 x Rare Metal, and as many Reinforced 
Conformal Armors as will fit) onto your Zoids.  You won't be using anything 
but your best attacks.

    You have two approaches to the battle.  You could 1) use 4 x Small Zoids, 
rely on the False Negotiations / Obstacle Deployment, and kill the Death 
Saurer in three turns; or you could 2) take your strongest/best Zoids, and 
prepare for a slugfest.  Let's break down both strategies.

  Method 1: 3 Turn Countdown

     You MUST switch to 4 x Small Zoids.  You can't afford to not get in all 
8 attacks before the Death Saurer fires.  While strong small Zoids (Rev 
Raptor PB, Lightning Saix B, Gunsniper W2/LS) may survive a round of fire 
from the Death Saurer, you don't want to risk Hilz landing a critical and 
blowing your line-up to shreds.  Placement of your Zoids doesn't matter, as 
you aren't planning on getting hit, anyway.

     You can also squeeze in one extra attack (with Atory, most likely), by 
getting in a False Negotiations.  The extra damage may be the difference 
you're need.

     If you are of high enough level, you might try using 8 shots of Hyper 
Napalm.  That stuff ignores all Defense, which means that Atory can get in a 
good 345 points of damage if you've maxed out his Attack.  Even at 115 base 
damage, you'll get in a guaranteed 460 damage (and 920 on the second run when 
you use the Breakwater Formation).  The key to seeing if this will work is 
simply adding the listed damage for your Hyper Napalms when equipped and 
multiplying by 3.  (You get the listed damage the first round, and twice that 
the second.)  If you beat 2800 HP, rejoice.  The rest is academic.

    If not, you can switch to higher damage armament that doesn't ignore 
defense.  The problem with that is you'll need to clear 300 base damage 
usually to beat a Hyper Napalm shot in damage after defense is added.

    Again, if you can't beat it in three turns, but you have strong Zoids 
(Defense in excess of 40%, HP in excess of 300), you can go for three or 
possibly even four rounds.  It's a risk, but a relatively safe one.  The best 
Zoids for this work are 4 Rev Raptor PB's (highest HP, one Offensive Armament 
slot, very strong armor), but Lightning Saix B work almost as well.

    Use the following commands in this order:

    Turn 1: False Negotiations.  (Probably let Atory hit the enemy for a good 
amount of damage.)

    Turn 2: Obstacle Deployment.  (Everyone gets in their attacks.)

    Turn 3: Breakwater Formation.  (And that should be all ...)

  Method 2: Gun Fight

    In this method, you take the strongest, toughest Zoids and pack them with 
armor and firepower.  The Trinity Liger BA is a no-brainer, of course.  What 
other Zoids could you use?

    I'd avoid aerial Zoids (you will almost always be faster than the Death 
Saurer, after all.)  Even the Storm Sworder can't match the statistics of a 
Genobreaker at this point.  The following are good choices:

    Genobreaker (probably the strongest)
    Konig Wolf (could paralyze, this is a bonus)
    Liger Zero X (like the Konig Wolf)
    Spark Liger (more armor, faster, but doesn't hit as hard)
    Blade Liger AB (can't mount offensive armaments on this)
    Liger Zero PA (B Big Ban offers the most damage; still, not the best)
    Salamander F2 (well, you can fit one L class, Flamethrower is nice)
    Gojulas Gana (tougher than the Salamander)
    Shadow Fox (in this instance, weaker than the Konig Wolf or Spark Liger)

    Follow the armament suggestions just as in Method 1.  The bonus here is 
with defense in the 100% or more range, you can probably withstand four or 
five salvoes of fire.  If you fear the Charged Particle Cannon (as well you 
should), use the Sandstorm command and deploy 3 in the front, 1 in back (the 
one in the back probably won't be able to attack that turn).

    Your command set can include:

    Conditions of the Prince, False Negotiations, Sandstorm, Rear Support (if 
you put one in the back only), Prince's Cheer (or Royal Principles, if you 
can hold off until your Zoids are almost trashed), Supreme Right, 
Concentrated Fire, and Breakwater Formation (use this to deliver a finishing 

    Slug it out.  If not all your Zoids are hit, consider using items (Core 
Active Ion Large will usually cover the damage) if you can.  Why?  If 3 of 
your Zoids take 300 damage, 3 pilots can heal with items, and the fourth can 

    Once you've done the required amount of damage, a cinematic sequence will 
ensue.  The Ultrasaurus will fire Ban's Blade Liger out just as the Death 
Sauruer fires its Charged Particle Cannon.  Everyone's face flashes in the 
dialogue window, and Ban's Liger blasts right through the Charged Particle 
shot, dissipating it!  The Liger strikes home, and the world is once again 
safe.  (Well, excepting a time travelling Emperor with a Berserk Furher core.  

    Everyone gathers around what I can only assume is Zoid Eve.  There are 
words of parting, and the party is returned to the overhead map.  But wait, 
why aren't we being automatically transported to Arcadia?

    Oh, looks like someone's waiting at the orb.  It's Ops, of course, and he 
has his own version of the Death Stinger for you.

      Boss Battle:
        Death Stinger OS (piloted by Ops)
        About 1000 HP
        Gold: 1000 G  XP: 1792

        Strategy: This battle is a lot easier than the one with the real 
          Death Stinger.  Why?  Absolutely no Charged Particle Cannon.  In 
          fact, the weapons on this version will not do more than 100 points 
          of base damage, and can only hit a single target.  You can win just 
          by having whoever is hit healed by an item (Core Active Ion Medium 
          should cover it, maybe even a Small if your defense is high) while 
          everyone else shoots at Ops.

    Well, after that pleasant little diversion, it's time to head back to 

  Scenario 9: Our Final War

      Area 1: Arcadia Overland

      Locations: Arcadia Town (center of the map); Arcadia Castle (western 
        section of map); Space-Time Transmission Center (eastern section)
      Enemies: Zaber Tiger AT, Zaber Tiger FT, Gunsniper, Gunsniper W2, 
        Heldigunner DT, Saicurtis, Double Sworder, Redler, Redler IC, Black 
        Redler, Blade Liger, Blade Liger AB, Storm Sworder, Demantis, Iron 
        Kong, Climer Wolf, Command Wolf Urban Combat Variant, Keroberos, Dark 
        Horn, Spark Liger, Elephander, Dibison, Shadow Fox, Genobreaker, 
        Protobreaker, Mad Thunder, Gojulas Gana, Rev Raptor PB, Lightning 
        Saix B
      Purchasable Items: (in Arcadia Town)
        Core Active Ion Medium - 1,500 G
        Core Active Ion Large - 3,000 G
        Zoid Core Reinforcement Medicine - 4,600 G
        Emergency Evacuation Capsule - 15,000 G
        Hybrid Cannon - 20,200 G
        Buster Cannon - 10,400 G
        Rare Metal Armor - 8,200 G
        Laser Diffusion Equipment - 9,000 G
      Temporary Party Members: Any two that you have received previously, 
        with the addition of two 'hidden' characters (see below)

    The cutscene reveals the basement of the Arcadia Castle, where Ops is 
busy at work on the Berserk Furher core that Burahdo recovered.  The various 
technologies, including the Organoid-like system (as expressed in the 
Ultimate X Core for this new project), the Charged Particle Cannon, and et 
cetera are being integrated into the ultimate Zoid for the Emperor.  Ops 
estimates it will be 4, no, 3 cycles before its done.  (His words, not mine.)

    The view switches, and there's a great flash.  Could it be?  Atory and 
party race to the windows (in the bar).  The Emperor appears (using the same 
holographic project that Hilz used earlier), and states his intention to use 
his new Charged Particle Cannon to rule the Arcadian Empire, and then all of 
Planet Zi.

     Luckily, Jack has a plan.  The Space-Time Transmission Center could be 
used to pull 2 (why not all of them?  I wish I knew.) of the pilots you've 
met before to help you in a final assault against the castle.

     Ace, Jack, and Regina will take positions around the room.  Talking to 
Ace or Jack will eventually bring up a list of available pilots.  You could, 
at this point, have up to 28 different pilots available (actually, 26 - but 
I'll explain in a moment.)  Talk to Ace to assign one pilot, then Jack to 
assign the other.  Talking to Regina will allow you to exit the top floor.  
Return here if you want to change your party choices.

    What pilots could you have?  The follow list has the pilot name, followed 
by their statistics (Endurance, Attack, Defense, Reaction, and Accuracy) and 
the total number of bonus points they've received (for comparison).  The Zoid 
in brackets is their assigned Zoid, which as usual cannot be changed, nor can 
armaments be added to it.

    Ban: 90, 50, 55, 30, 30 (255 total points) [Blade Liger BS]
    Feene: 10, 0, 20, 5, 0 (35 total points) [Salamander]
    Irvine: 70, 35, 35, 45, 60 (245 total points) [Gojulas AS]
    Moonbay: 50, 10, 50, 10, 30 (150 total points) [Pteras Bomber]
    Harmon: 45, 60, 45, 20, 40 (210 total points) [Gojulas G Ogre]
    Ford: 20, 20, 30, 20, 30 (120 total points) [Gordos Long Range Attack 
    O'Connell: 20, 40, 30, 30, 40 (160 total points) [Koenig Wolf]
    Kruger: 70, 60, 60, 30, 80 (300 total points) [Mad Thunder]
    Ban 2: 120, 80, 90, 50, 60 (400 total points) [Blade Liger AB]
    Feene 2: 20, 10, 40, 10, 10 (90 total points) [Salamander F2]
    Irvine 2: 80, 50, 45, 50, 80 (305 total points) [Lightning Saix A]
    Moonbay 2: 70, 30, 70, 30, 40 (240 total points) [Ultrasaurus]
    Schubaltz: 55, 50, 25, 45, 60 (235 total points) [Iron Kong SS]
    Tom: 70, 60, 65, 40, 55 (290 total points) [Dibison TS]
    Bit: 90, 80, 60, 70, 60 (360 total points) [Liger Zero PA]
    Leena: 1, 80, 0, 9, 10 (100 total points) [Gunsniper LS]
    Jamie: 10, 25, 14, 100, 14 (163 total points) [Raynos]
    Leon: 60, 60, 60, 60, 60 (300 total points) [Blade Liger LS]
    All Star: 50, 50, 100, 70, 60 (330 total points) [Liger Zero X]
    Solid: 60, 60, 60, 55, 75 (310 total points) [Super Genosaurer]
    Brad: 70, 60, 50, 70, 70 (320 total points) [Shadow Fox]
      Naomi: 50, 50, 30, 45, 100 (275 total points) [Gunsniper NS] OR
      Harry: 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 (0 total points) [Dark Horn HS]
    Raven: 60, 90, 80, 60, 70 (360 total points) [Genobreaker RS]
    Riize: 50, 75, 65, 60, 65 (315 total points) [Psycho Genosaurer]
    Rosso: 25, 40, 80, 20, 25 (190 total points) [Iron Kong Mark II]
    Viola: 25, 20, 40, 50, 20 (155 total points) [Redler BC]
    Masked Man: 50, 80, 80, 40, 50 (300 total points) [Storm Sworder]
    Masked Woman: 42, 66, 84, 25, 33 (250 total points) [Storm Sworder]

    Remember, only pilots you've recruited can appear on this list (which is 
why Naomi and Harry are indented - you'll have one or the other.)  Also, 
Rosso and the Masked Man are one in the same, sort of - if you have one in 
your party, you cannot have the other.  (E.g., You put the Masked Man in your 
party.  Rosso will not appear in the other list.)  The same holds true for 
Viola and the Masked Woman.  (Really, the only incentive for getting those 
two is their masked forms.)

    Who should you chose?  That's really up to you.  Some weak pilots 
(Moonbay 2, Feene 2, Harmon) have VERY strong Zoids.  (The Ultrasaurus, even 
with a modest 30% attack bonus, can do 520 points of damage in a Square area.  
In Moonbay 2's hands, it will have 3400 HP, too.)  Ban 2 and Raven are 
popular choices (Ban 2's the better pilot, but Raven has the better Zoid), as 
are Bit, All Star, Riize (since Specular is an Organoid), and the Masked Man.

    There are no new commands - Roman's not in the bar.  The best armor in 
the game (Rare Metal / Laser Diffusion) is available, and you should stock 
up.  The Silver Orb cannot be accessed (The Space-Time Transmission Equipment 
is being used to keep the 2 guest pilots here, after all).

    You can level up as much or as little as you want.  Before proceeding, be 
sure you are completely healed, and have a good supply of Core Active Ion 
Large (Medium can come in handy, too).

    Proceed to Arcadia Castle.

      Area 2: Arcadia Castle

    The party arrives at the front area of the castle.  Fran arrives to great 
you.  She states that she's fighting because of Burahdo (I'm not sure if 
they're related or if Fran likes Burahdo.)  She sort of laughs at herself - 
isn't she a foolish woman?  Ace, of course, replies that there are many 
foolish men.  Even though you don't really want to fight Fran (and she has no 
desire to fight you), the Emperor seems to be holding all the chips.

      Boss Battle:
        Salamander FS (piloted by Fran)
          About 600 HP
        2 x Storm Sworder
          250 HP
        Gold: 3000 G  XP: 1816

        Strategy: This is a small taste of the battles to come.  The enemy 
          will use a well-planned staggered deployment (you'll never hit more 
          than 2, no matter what weapon you use).  Fran's in the back row (so 
          the Storm Sworders can use their Sword Attack, most likely).  The 
          really nice thing is that Fran cannot use her Flamethrower (unless 
          you kill both Storm Sworders).  She does have a decently powerful 
          Spread attack (about 100 damage).  Don't bother trying to out-pace 
          the Storm Sworders (Fran's speed is a mere 200 or so).

    Once you beat Fran, you'll proceed to the Western entrance (the area you 
once entered to get to the Space-Time Transmission Center).  An exchange 
between Fran and Burahdo (who rides in on a Geno Hydra KA) will ensue.  
Everyone seems surprised to see Burahdo for some reason (was he imprisoned?  
Killed?  Dismissed?  I haven't a clue.)  Fran will ditch the Salamander, 
which promptly explodes.

    You could return to Arcadia at this point.  (In fact, you can do so 
between any of the boss battles except the last two.)  Otherwise, if you head 
onwards, you meet the next Heavenly King - Gail.

    Jack will exchange some words with his former commanding officer, and 
Gail states that he has to fight - it is all he knows.  He's an army man, 
through and through, and he has nothing left anymore.  Jack mentions his 
daughter, Jaria, but even that doesn't do anything to dissuade Gail. 

      Boss Battle:
        Gojulas GS (piloted by Gail)
          About 1000 HP
        2 x Liger Zero PA
          300 HP
        Gold: 3000 G  XP: 3688

        Strategy: This battle, unlike the last one, is going to be a true 
          pain.  The Liger Zero PA's are in the back row (which is fine, 
          since they only have ranged armament), while Gail's sitting front 
          row center.  There is one trick you can use if you want to delay 
          the Liger Zero PA's from participating in the battle.  Use the 
          Sandstorm command, and they can't do anything (again, all they have 
          is ranged armament).  You can concentrate your attacks on Gail (who 
          will use his Hyper Fang on your front rank if he gets the chance, 
          but he's rather slow), and save the Panzers for the next turn.  If 
          you do use the Sandstorm, be sure you have some hand-to-hand 

    Gail is impressed by Jack's strength, and tells Jack that with time, 
perhaps he'll understand more.  The party moves on, and Gail's strong front 
breaks down.  He says, "Jaria, your papa has been defeated."  He goes on a 
bit more, basically apologizing to Jaria (no, she's not there - he's just 
confessing his shortcomings before he dies) for lots of things.  Then Burahdo 
shows up, and like Fran, he ditches his Zoid which promptly explodes.  (I 
know, I know - it's anti-climactic.)

    The next boss, of course, is Ops.  Ops is just rotten to the core, having 
no remorse or reason for his actions.  He and Regina (being the respective 
intellectuals of their group) have a long series of rather angry discussions 
before the fighting occurs.

      Boss Battle:
        Death Stinger OS (piloted by Ops)
          About 1300 HP
        Mad Thunder
          507 HP
        Gold: 2000 G  XP: 2340

        Strategy: This battle is probably the easiest of the Heavenly King 
          fights.  The two Zoids kindly line up in a row.  It shouldn't be 
          hard to take down the Mad Thunder at the same time as you're 
          attacking the Death Stinger (two or three Hyper Napalms will do the 
          trick), and the Death Stinger is just as weak now as it was in the 
          previous scenario.

    Ops is beaten, says a few things, and you move on.  Can you guess who 
shows up?  Yes, Burahdo shows up, and Ops hitches a ride with him.  I have no 
idea why Burahdo tolerates Ops at this point (there was a lot of unresolved 
issues when Ops basically left Burahdo to rot in a Black Hole).

    You can use an Emergency Evacuation Capsule as soon as you get control of 
your party.  Don't move up, for you'll have to fight the Emperor.  It's 
better to resupply before then.

    The Emperor has a few surprises for you.  First off, he has a Berserk 
Furher Z.  This customized variant is very strong (on par with your Trinity 
Liger BA, to be sure - maybe even better).  Not only that, but he removes his 
mask, revealing his true identity.

    Who is the Emperor?  He's Atory's older brother!  Thought lost in some 
sort of accident, I imagine, something that left him with a nasty scar across 
his face.  He wants Atory to join him in ruling the Empire of Arcadia (for it 
rightly belongs to Atory's older brother), and all of Planet Zi.  Of course, 
Atory won't stand for it.  The Emperor summons two more little surprises - a 
Storm Furher and a Berserk Furher Y.  Oh boy ... talk about a family quarrel!

      Boss Battle:
        Berserk Furher Z (piloted by the Emperor)
        About 1050 HP
        Berserk Furher Y (460 HP) and Storm Furher (460 HP)
        Gold: 3000 G  XP: 4822

        Strategy: Yuck!  This battle is difficult, but not impossible.  You 
         definitely want to get rid of the Storm Furher and Berserk Furher Y 
         as soon as possible - they've got strong attacks.  They'll be on the 
         front rank, while the Emperor's in the back.  If you've packed Hyper 
         Napalm, hit one of the front Furhers while also damaging the 
         Emperor.  Sandstorm can come in quite handy here, as that will make 
         the Emperor powerless.  The worst part is this - you'll need to 
         conserve some EP for the next battle, which is harder and follows 
         immediately after this one.  As 3 out of the 4 Zoids in that battle 
         have as much HP as the Emperor, you'll want to save at least 2 or 3 
         rounds worth of EP (you won't have a chance to use Brown-out).  The 
         typical commands (False Negotiations, Coercion/Obstacle Deployment, 
         Breakwater Formation) should be used as you see fit.

    You might think that this would be the last boss.  Oh no.  The Furher 
trio is hard (fast, strong Zoids with plenty of armor and EP), but the next 
fight is a doozy.

    The Heavenly Kings, for reasons I can't even begin to fathom, want one 
more shot at the title.  And they've brought out the best of the best.  Laugh 
all you want at Burahdo - because he's back, and he's in the what's probably 
the second strongest Zoid you've seen in the game.  (Only the Deathsaurer is 
more trouble.)

      Boss Battle:
        Geno Hydra KA (piloted by Burahdo)
          About 1500 HP
        Genobreaker GS (piloted by Gail)
          About 900 HP
        Protobreaker (piloted by Ops)
          About 1050 HP
        Geno Trooper (piloted by Fran)
          About 670 HP
        Gold: 4000 G  XP: 4272

        Strategy: Let's first look at the deployment.  The Protobreaker is by 
          itself in the back, with the other Zoids being the Genobreaker GS, 
          Geno Hydra KA, and Geno Trooper from the top to the bottom.  It's 
          a strong 3-1 deployment pattern.  The weak link is Fran (thank 
          goodness she likes flying Zoids!).  She's got low HP, and the 
          flight capacity of the Geno Trooper will only increase her evasion 
          a little.  You can use Spread or Square attacks (the Protobreaker 
          is also quite weak).  Again, False Negotiations, Obstacle 
          Deployment/Coercion should always be used when possible.  Mid-Air 
          Minelayer will also work against Fran (in which case you should 
          focus on Ops and Gail).  All of these Zoids have the Charged 
          Particle Cannon (for at least 150 damage), so you should try to 
          take down as many as you can before they can fire.

    Once you've taken down the Heavenly Kings, the Space-Time Transmission 
Center behind the Emperor will change into a Black Hole.  (Why?  Who knows - 
maybe it's a reaction with Planetarucite?)  The Emperor will then willingly 
enter the event horizon.  Each of the Heavenly Kings will follow (for their 
own reasons).  Congratulations, you've officially beaten the game.  (There's 
still more, though ... don't stop now!)

  Scenario 10: And Eternity

      Area 1: Arcadia Overland

      Locations: Arcadia Town (center of the map); Arcadia Castle (western 
        section of map); Space-Time Transmission Center (eastern section)
      Enemies: Mad Thunder, Dibison, Blade Liger, Shield Liger DCS, Zaber 
        Tiger AT, Red Horn, Iron Kong, Merda, Malder, Molga, Gator, Gordos, 
        Zaber Tiger FT, Lightning Saix B, Pteras, Pteras Bomber, Pteras 
        Radome, Gator Radome S, Death Saurer, Lightning Saix, Rev Raptor, 
        Storm Sworder, Ultrasaurus, Iron Kong MA, Red Horn BG, Raynos, Zabat, 
        Black Redler, Salamander, Protobreaker, Dark Horn, Spinosapper, Geno 
        Hydra, Gunsniper, Berserk Furher, Heavy Armor Guysack, Koenig Wolf, 
        Command Wolf, Gunsniper W2, Redler, Genobreaker, Black Rhimos, Iguan, 
        Godos, Cannon Tortoise, Elephander SC, Iron Kong PK, Elephander CM, 
        Death Stinger
      Purchasable Items: (in Arcadia Town)
        Core Cleaner - 30,000 G
        Jeeku OS - 100,000 G
        Shadow OS - 100,000 G
        Emergency Evacuation Capsule - 15,000 G
        Particle Cannon - 11,600 G
        8 Barrel Missile - 5,200 G
        Acceleration Gatling - 8,000 G
        Smokescreen Generator Equipment - 3,800 G
      Temporary Party Members: Any two that you have received previously, 
        with the addition of two 'hidden' characters
      Commands: All (Roman)

    After a bit of opening conversation (in which the fact that the Space-
Time Transmission Equipment still works is reported), you are allowed to 
choose any two pilots just as you did before fighting the Emperor.  However, 
these pilots do NOT have an assigned Zoid, and may be assigned to any Zoid 
you wish.  This also means you can add armaments to their Zoids!

    Roman, now sitting at a table, will give you ALL 33 commands in the game.  
Even if you missed any, you are supposed to get all 33.  Why he didn't do 
this earlier, I'll never understand ... wasn't he supposed to be helping you?

    The selection of items at the Armaments Shop is truly disappointing - but 
the selection in the Items Shop is a different story.  The powerful (and 
expensive) Core Cleaner is now sold here, as well as the Jeeku and Shadow OS 
for building Zoids.  Pricey, but there's something to be said about the 
Genobreaker RS ...

    You should now head to the Castle.

      Area 2: Arcadia Castle

      Zoid Data: Genosaurer BS, Redler FS, Cannon Tortoise OS, Zaber Tiger  
        GS, Gojulas GS, Salamander FS, Death Stinger OS, Genobreaker GS, 
        Shield Liger BS, Blade Liger BS, Lightning Saix A, Zaber Tiger SS, 
        Iron Kong SS, Genobreaker RS, Psycho Genosaurer

    Enter the castle from the now open main gate.  Remember the stairs 
heading down in the mess hall on the first floor (where you met Ace)?  The 
guard will now have moved aside.  Head down there, and there will be two 
scientists examining some computer terminals.  Talk to them to receive the 
Emperor's cache of Zoid data!  These are mostly boss Zoids (and also Ban, 
Irvine, Schubaltz, Raven, and Riize's Zoids.)  The scientist on the left has 
the Imperial Zoids, the one on the right the 'allied' Zoids.

    There's nothing else here, so you may as well head back out.  Fight Zoids 
in the wild if you want to pick up some of the strongest Zoids in the game 
(Ultrasaurus, Death Saurer, etc.).  Otherwise, head to the Space-Time 
Transmission Center.

      Area 3: Last World Overland

      Locations: Northwest Ruins (NW of overland map); Southwest Ruins (SW of 
        overland map); Southeast Ruins (SE of overland map)
      Enemies: Command Wolf, Gunsniper, Gunsniper W2, Koenig Wolf, Iron Kong 
        Mark II, Iron Kong Mark II S, Dark Horn, Genosauruer, Shadow Fox, 
        Gojulas Gana, Berserk Furher, Lightning Saix, Lightning Saix B, 
        Pteras, Pteras Bomber, Pteras Radome, Shield Liger, Redler, 
        Heldigunner, Helcat, Gator Radome S, Cannon Tortoise BC, Elephander 
        AG, Saber Tiger, Spark Liger, Blade Liger AB, Geno Scissors; Wardick, 
        Hammerhead VL, Saicurtis, Sinker, Black Redler, Brachios, Barigator 
        (water areas) 

    This world has three major ruins (one of which holds Vega Obscura), and 
is a decent place to pick up additional Zoid data.  There are no item shops 
or Zoid Construction Shops - use an Emergency Escape Capsule or return to the 
Silver Orb and use the facilities in Arcadia, if you need to.

      Area 4: Northwest Ruins

      Items: 1,500 G, 10,000 G, 223,000 G, Core Active Ion Large x 2, Core 
        Cleaner, Hind Buster, Ultra Cannon, E Protector, Hybrid Cannon, Long 
        Range Rifle, Buster Cannon, Implant Data, Specular OS
      Zoid Data: Konig Wolf, Dark Horn HS, Gojulas AS
      Enemies: Iron Kong, Iron Kong Mark II, Iron Kong Mark II S, Gunsniper, 
        Gunsniper W2, Rev Raptor, Dibison, Guysack, Demantis, Maccurtis, Red 
        Horn, Red Horn BG, Dark Horn, Command Wolf, Konig Wolf, Pteras 
        Bomber, Malder, Merda, Gator, Molga, Cannory Molga, Lightning Saix, 
        Lightning Saix B, Spinosapper, Heavy Armor Godos, Gojulas, Cannon 
        Tortoise BC, Blade Liger, Zaber Tiger AT, Zaber Tiger FT, Shield 
        Liger DCS, Death Saurer, Bloody Demon, Geno Hydra, Mad Thunder, 
        Gordos, Genosaurer, Shadow Fox

    There are several nice armaments (another Hind Buster!), as well as items 
you need for constructing Zoids (Implant Data, Specular OS).  Also, arguably 
the best Gojulas variant (Gojulas AS) is here too.

    The first floor has 10,000 G, a Core Active Ion Large, the Hind Buster, 
and the Ultra Cannon.  There are basically four rooms.  The stairs in all but 
the southeast room all lead to the same 2nd floor area.  The southeast room 
leads to a Core Cleaner and the Konig Wolf data (thus, you might be able to 
skip it).  The main second floor area, though, has two stairs - one in the 
center, the other in the northwest.  An E Protector, Implant Data, and Hybrid 
Cannon are all in the main area.  If you take the northwest stairs, you'll 
find the Dark Horn HS, Long Range Rifle (which originally was supposed to be 
on the Konig Wolf), and the Specular OS you'd need for a Psycho Genosaurer.  
The other stairs lead to the rest of the items, including the huge cash 

      Area 5: Southwest Ruins

      Items: 1,500 G, Core Active Ion Large x 2, Optical Camouflage, Ray 
        Storm, Zoid Core SP, Jeeku OS, Red Paint, Shadow OS, Ele Shot
      Zoid Data: Guysack Stinger, Gojulas G Ogre, Gunsniper NS, Dibison TS
      Enemies: Command Wolf, Shield Liger, Pteras, Redler, Heldigunner, 
        Helcat, Salamander, Protobreaker, Gordos, Zaber Tiger FT, Lightning 
        Saix B, Gordos Long Range Attack Type, Stealth Viper, Red Horn, Red 
        Horn BG, Dark Horn, Konig Wolf, Gunsniper, Gunsniper W2, Shadow Fox, 
        Redler IC, Redler BC, Gojulas Gana, Genosaurer, Gojulas Mark II S, 
        Merda, Molga, Malder, Iron Kong, Death Saurer, Zaber Tiger AT, 
        Demantis, Berserk Furher, Berserk Furher Y, Storm Fuhrer, Saicurtis, 
        Dibison, Elephander, Spinosapper, Geno Hydra KA, Cannon Tortoise, 
        Cannon Tortoise BC, Geno Scissors

    This ruin has a little more data, but a little less armaments.  (And a 
lot less cash).  Oh well - the Zoid Core SP (for the Dark Spiner) is nice, as 
is one of only two Red Paints in the game.  Also, the Gunsniper NS and 
Gojulas G Ogre are very handy Zoids.

    On the first floor, take the south fork - the north is a dead end.  Two 
Core Active Ion Large and 1500 G are here.  On the second floor, you have 6 
parallel rows.  Rows 1-4 are linked to each other (1 to 4, 2 to 3), so you 
can skip them.  Take the bottom row to get the Optical Camouflage, the Ray 
Storm, and the Guysack Stinger data.  The row above that leads to more 

    The third floor has the Zoid Core SP, Jeeku OS, and Gojulas G Ogre data.  
There's a northern and southern fork.  The northern fork leads to the 
Gunsniper NS data; the southern leads to the Red Paint, Shadow OS, Ele Shot, 
and Dibison TS data.

      Area 6: Southeast Ruins

      Items: Iron Horn Claw, Biiku System, Zoid Core UX
      Zoid Data: Berserk Furher Z
      Enemies: Shadow Fox, Demantis, Gunsniper, Gunsniper W2, Rev Raptor, 
        Guysack, Dibison, Elephander CM, Iron Kong PK, Cannon Tortoise, 
        Cannon Tortoise BC, Iron Kong Mark II, Iron Kong Mark II S, 
        Spinosapper, Demantis, Elephander, Genosaurer, Geno Trooper, Storm 
        Sworder, Rev Raptor, Lightning Saix, Death Stinger, Stealth Viper, 
        Gordos Long Range Attack Type, Geno Hydra KA

    Unlike the other Ruins, this is short and small.  There's one door 
inside.  You will want to get the Biiku System and Iron Horn Claw for the 
Dibision TS and Dark Horn HS.  In the last room, you'll find a Berserk Furher 
that won't attack you directly.  You need to try to talk to it (hit A).  It 
turns out that the pilot is none other than Vega (who is surprised to be 
here), and he wants to fight (as usual).

      Boss Battle:
        Berserk Furher (piloted by the Vega Obscura)
        About 850 HP
        Gold: 1000 G  XP: 811

        Strategy: Relatively speaking, this is an easy boss.  Still, the  
          Berserk Furher is fast, and will likely beat many Zoids (it has a 
          base speed of 700.)  You should be able to survive a single round 
          of fire by this point, however, so just keep attacking and you 
          should have no difficulty.  The Thoughts of the Prince command is 
          now available, and there's no reason not to use it (50% attack 
          bonus, no drawbacks).

    Well, that's just about it for the game.  Collect all the Zoid Data you 
wish, and link battle if you want.  I hope you've enjoyed Zoids Saga!

Section 4: Zoid Acquisition Guide

    This section lists all Zoids that can be normally acquired, and the 
location which they first appear.  If a Zoid appears in wild before its data 
is acquired in a chest, both the location in the wild and the chest will be 

Iron Kong: Chest, Area 4 Scenario 1
Iron Kong Mark II S: Chest, Area 7 Scenario 4
Iron Mark Mark II: Wild, Area 1 Scenario 6
Iron Kong PK: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 7
Iron Kong SS: Chest, Area 8 Scenario 8 
Iron Kong MA: Chest, Area 7 Scenario 4
Red Horn: Chest, Area 11 Scenario 3
Red Horn BG: Chest, Area 7 Scenario 4
Dark Horn: Chest, Area 6 Scenario 5
Elephander: Chest, Area 3 Scenario 6
Elephander SC: Chest, Area 7 Scenario 6
Elephander CM: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 7
Elephander AG: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 7
Saber Tiger: Chest, Area 4 Scenario 1
Zaber Tiger: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 4
Zaber Tiger RS: Scientist, Area 2 Scenario 10
Zaber Tiger SS: Chest, Area 8 Scenario 8
Zaber Tiger AT: Chest, Area 10 Scenario 3
Zaber Tiger FT: Chest, Area 7 Scenario 3
Helcat: Chest, Area 4 Scenario 1
Lightning Saix: Chest, Area 7 Scenario 4
Lightning Saix A: Scientist, Area 2 Scenario 10
Lightning Saix B: Chest, Area 8 Scenario 4
Dark Spiner: somewhere in Scenario 10
Gator: Wild, Area 3, Scenario 1
Gator Radome S: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 3
Death Saurer: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 10
Bloody Demon: Wild, Area 4, Scenario 10
Genosaurer: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 7 OR Chest, Area 4 Scenario 7
Genobreaker: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 8
Genobreaker RS: Scientist, Area 2 Scenario 10
Protobreaker: Chest, Area 8 Scenario 8
Geno Scissors: Wild, Area 3, Scenario 10
Geno Trooper: Wild, Area 6, Scenario 10
Rev Raptor: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 6
Rev Raptor PB: Chest, Area 7 Scenario 6
Merda: Wild, Area 3, Scenario 1
Iguan: Wild, Area 3, Scenario 1
Redler: Wild, Area 3, Scenario 1
Redler BC: Chest, Area 7 Scenario 4
Black Redler: Chest, Area 7 Scenario 4
Redler IC: Chest, Area 7 Scenario 4
Zabat: Wild, Area 2, Scenario 5
Brachios: Wild, Area 2, Scenario 3
Brachios NEW: Chest, Area 4 Scenario 1
Heldigunner: Wild, Area 3, Scenario 1
Heldigunner DT: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 3
Molga: Wild, Area 3, Scenario 1
Cannory Molga: Chest, Area 6 Scenario 2
Malder: Wild, Area 6, Scenario 2
Saicurtis: Chest, Area 6 Scenario 2
Death Stinger: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 10
Wardick: Wild (water), Area 2, Scenario 8
Sinker: Wild (water), Area 2, Scenario 8
Dibison: Chest, Area 5 Scenario 5
Shield Liger: Chest, Area 6 Scenario 2
Shield Liger DCS: Chest, Area 7 Scenario 3
Shield Liger DCS-J: Chest, Area 11 Scenario 3
Shield Liger Mark II: Chest, Area 4 Scenario 1
Shield Liger BS: Scientist, Area 2 Scenario 10
Blade Liger: Chest, Area 5 Scenario 5
Blade Liger BS: Scientist, Area 2 Scenario 10
Blade Liger AB: Chest, Area 9 Scenario 8
Spark Liger: Chest, Area 8 Scenario 8
Liger Zero: Chest, Area 5 Scenario 5
Liger Zero SC: Blue Gem, Area 5 Scenario 7
Liger Zero JA: Blue Gem, Area 5 Scenario 7
Liger Zero PA: Blue Gem, Area 5 Scenario 7
Command Wolf: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 2
Command Wolf NEW: Chest, Area 4 Scenario 1
Command Wolf AS: Irvine, Area 4, Scenario 5
Command Wolf Urban Combat Variant: Wild, Area 6, Scenario 2 OR Chest, Area 10 
  Scenario 3
Command Wolf AU: Chest, Area 10 Scenario 3
Keroberos: Wild, Area 2, Scenario 8
Climer Wolf: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 3 OR Chest, Area 12 Scenario 3
Gojulas: Chest, Area 7 Scenario 3
Gojulas Mark II S: Chest, Area 7 Scenario 4
Gojulas Mark II: Wild, Area 2, Scenario 6
Gojulas G Ogre: Chest, Area 5 Scenario 10
Gojulas Gana: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 7
Ultrasaurus: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 10
Gordos: Chest, Area 7 Scenario 3
Gordos Long Range Attack Type: Wild, Area 2, Scenario 5
Pteras: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 2
Pteras Bomber: Chest, Area 7 Scenario 3
Pteras Radome: Chest, Area 7 Scenario 3
Storm Sworder: Command Wolf, Area 7 Scenario 6
Raynos: Chest, Area 4 Scenario 1
Godos: Wild, Area 3, Scenario 1
Heavy Armor Godos: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 3
Gunsniper: Chest, Area 6 Scenario 5
Gunsniper W2: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 7
Barigator: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 3
Stealth Viper: Wild, Area 6, Scenario 2 OR Chest, Area 6 Scenario 2
Hammerhead: Wild (water), Area 2, Scenario 8
Hammerhead VL: Wild (water), Area 2, Scenario 8
Double Sworder: Chest, Area 7 Scenario 3
Cannon Tortoise: Wild, Area 4, Scenario 1
Cannon Tortoise Assault Type: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 4
Cannon Tortoise BC: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 4
Guysack: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 2
Heavy Armor Guysack: Wild, Area 4, Scenario 1
Guysack Stinger: Chest, Area 5 Scenario 10
Spinosapper: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 5
Salamander: Wild (water), Area 2, Scenario 8
Salamander F2: Wild (water), Area 2, Scenario 8
Mad Thunder: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 9
Black Rhimos: Chest, Area 6 Scenario 2
Zaber Tiger AT G: Chest, Area 4 Scenario 4
Zaber Tiger AT S: Chest, Area 8 Scenario 4
Shadow Fox: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 7
Storm Furher: Wild, Area 5, Scenario 10
Berserk Furher Y: Wild, Area 5, Scenario 10
Berserk Furher Z: Vega Obscura, Area 6 Scenario 10
Berserk Furher: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 10
Demantis: Wild, Area 5, Scenario 5
Maccurtis: Wild, Area 5, Scenario 5
Redler FS: Scientist, Area 2 Scenario 10
Salamander FS: Scientist, Area 2 Scenario 10
Zaber Tiger GS: Scientist, Area 2 Scenario 10
Gojulas GS: Scientist, Area 2 Scenario 10
Cannon Tortoise OS: Scientist, Area 2 Scenario 10
Death Stinger OS: Scientist, Area 2 Scenario 10
Geno Hydra: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 10
Geno Hydra KA: Wild, Area 5 Scenario 10
Super Genosaurer: Chest, Area 9 Scenario 8
Command Wolf SM: Chest, Area 11 Scenario 3
Dibison TS: Chest, Area 5 Scenario 10
Blade Liger LS: Chest, Area 2 Scenario 5
Gunsniper LS: Chest, Area 2 Scenario 5
Gunsniper NS: Chest, Area 5 Scenario 10
Dark Horn HS: Chest, Area 4 Scenario 10
Gojulas AS: Chest, Area 4 Scenario 10
Psycho Genosaurer: Scientist, Area 2 Scenario 10
Silver Liger Zero: Chest, Area 3 Scenario 7
Konig Wolf: Wild, Area 1, Scenario 7 OR Chest, Area 4 Scenario 10
Trinity Liger: Trinity Liger, Area 1 Scenario 1
Trinity Liger BA: Blue Gem, Area 5 Scenario 7
Dark Spiner DCS: somewhere in Scenario 10
Genobreaker GS: Scientist, Area 2 Scenario 10
Liger Zero Imperial Service Type: Chest, Area 4 Scenario 7
Liger Zero X: Chest, Area 9 Scenario 8
Genobreaker BS: Scientist, Area 2 Scenario 10

Section 5: Credits

    There are several people without whose publicly available resources this 
document could have never been complied:

    crazieaznkid, for the Zoids Saga walkthrough (available at GameFAQs, of 
course), which I used as a reference for getting through the game the first 

    SenorChristian, for information that Naomi Fluegel was an obtainable 

    Ryuuhou, on the GameFAQs Zoids Saga board, for the Geno Hydra and Gojulas 
G Ogre romanization, other interesting tidbits of Zoid information, and 
generally being a well informed Zoids fan ^^;

    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com), for being the comprehensive game information 

    Channel Zi (www.artvilla.com/zoids), for having a ton of Zoid 
information, which helped me identify the Zoids and properly translate the 

    Jeffrey's J<->E Dictionary Server (linear.mv.com/), an excellent on-line 

    Also, extra special thanks to the Zoids Battle Extreme RPG Website, 
www.angelfire.com/rpg2/zoidsbattleextreme, for agreeing to host the Zoids 
Graphics Pack.  Go, check it out!  If you want to know what each Zoid looks 
like, this is the place to be.

   I'd also like to thank several folks on the GameFAQs Zoids Saga boards for 
helping me to answer the small blizzard of inquiries from everything from 
codes to where UX cores are.  I won't name individuals (for fear of missing 
any), but all of you have my thanks.

Section 6: Copyright / Authorization

This document is the sole property of [email protected], and copyright 
2002.  Unauthorized reproduction, either in print, electronic, or other 
format is expressly prohibited without consent of the author.  Individuals 
may download this document from the following authorized websites:

Cheat Code Central (www.cheatcc.com)
GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)

Individuals may only use this document for personal purposes and are 
expressly prohibited from transferring or reproducing this document in any 
format without consent of the author.  This document cannot be altered and 
then redistributed without consent of the author.  This document, 
reproductions thereof, or excerpts, cannot be sold for money.

Section 7: Miscellaneous

In case you were wondering, the titles of each of the Scenarios were chosen 
by me.  They aren't official, I just thought they sounded pretty cool.

Special Side Notes:
Atory - well, I call him that, but in all honesty, because the initial A is 
long, there is a strong case that his name is Artery!  (Or Artory.)  I 
thought I'd give the name more dignity, although to be honest, most of the 
names in Zoids are supposed to be English-renderable.

Burahdo, Fran, Gail - I've decided to drop the u between the F and r in 
Furan; it's a judgement call, but one I feel safe in making.  Burahdo, though 
- all signs point to his name being Brad.  But we already have a Brad in the 
series - Barahdo Huntaa (aka Brad Hunter, from Zoids New Century Zero).  It 
might be Vlad (as the B is interchangeable with the V, and the R with an L, 
so we might have Vulahdo - Vlad).  Don't even get me started with Ops 
(Oopisu).  Unless a kind person who knows for sure what Tomy was thinking 
suddenly gives me more info, I'll stick with these names.

Also - I misread the kana in Gail (Geiru, not Guiru).  So this is a 

Riize - Again, another minor correction.

Three Warriors of Arcadia - the actual term is San Juushi no Arcadia - the 
three Beast Men or Beast Warriors of Arcadia.  However, the Zoids themselves 
are considered beasts (look into the ancient, ancient backstory of these 
toys), so that term, Juushi, might be likened to a Zoid warrior or even Zoid 
samurai.  (Shi can be a warrior, counselor, a lot of different things.)

All-Star, Solid, Party, Blue Gem, and the Silver Liger Zero - for those of 
you who are interested, this scenario is taken from (to quote from the 
character data) a Gameboy Soft Game called "Hakugin Juukishin Liger Zero", 
which roughly translates to "Silver Beast Machine Spirit Liger Zero".  All-
Star is the main character, Party is the heroine, and Solid is All-Star's 
rival.  Blue Gem serves as the support/research/mechanic character.  Juuki, 
or beast machine, is a pretty decent term for Zoids.

Planetarucite - I'm sure they describe this in the series or something, but 
the kana reads: pu-ra-ne-ta-ru-sa-i-to.  If anyone has information on exactly 
what this is, please let me know.  Exactly how this is used to create a black 
hole is ... well, it's anime based science!

Zoid Name corrections - yes, the Bloody Demon and Keroberos are corrections.  
Don't know why I didn't think of them earlier.  Other documents will be 
updated to reflect the new romanizations.  Gojulas G Ogre (Ooga, not Ooka - 
missed the small marks there ...) and Geno Hydra are also corrections.

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