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                    ZZZZZ  EEEE        LLLL        DDDD  DDDD    AAAAAA
                   ZZZZZ   EEEE        LLLL        DDDD   DDD   AAAAAAAA
                  ZZZZZ    EEEEEE      LLLL        DDDD   DDD  AAAA  AAAA
                 ZZZZZ     EEEEEE      LLLL        DDDD   DDD  AAAA  AAAA
                ZZZZZ      EEEE        LLLL        DDDD   DDD  AAAAAAAAAA
               ZZZZZ       EEEE        LLLL    LL  DDDD   DDD  AAAAAAAAAA


****      WW WW   A   LL    KK KK TTTTT RRRRR OOOOO UU UU GGGGG HH HH      ****
****      WW WW  AAA  LL    KKKK  TTTTT RR RR OOOOO UU UU GG    HH HH      ****
****      WWWWW AA AA LL    KKK    TTT  RRRRR OO OO UU UU GG GG HHHHH      ****

                                   BY MimicMasterAX ([email protected])


                            ---TABLE OF CONTENT---

1 -                                                                INTRODUCTION

                                                                   -Zelda Serie
                                                             -Oracle of Seasons
                                                                    -This Guide
2 -                                                             VERSION HISTORY

                                                          -Next Version Preview
3 -                                                                  NAVIGATION

                                                             -Normal Navigation
                                                             -Animal Navigation
4 -                                                                   INVENTORY

                                                                 -Special Items
5 -                                                             VALUABLE TRICKS
6 -                                                                 WALKTHROUGH

                                                                    -Sub Quests
7 -                                                             PIECES OF HEART
8 -                                              TREE SEED AND SEEDING LOCATION
9 -                                                                         FAQ
10-                                      COPYRIGHT STUFF AND OTHER INFORMATIONS

                                           -Comments, Questions and Suggestions
                                                             -Special Thanks To
                                                          -Author's Final Words


                              ---1. INTRODUCTION---

    Hi everyone, and welcome to my walkthrough for the Legend of Zelda: Nuts of
the Mysterious Tree: Chapter of Gaia.

    The Zelda serie is a number of RPG games designed by Nintendo. This serie
is 2nd on the popularity chart, below Mario; that is, before Pokemon came out.
Zelda is considered as an RPG game, but it is mostly puzzle and adventure. If
you want puzzles linked with a story line, this is THE serie.

    Oracle of Seasons is a top-viewed puzzle/adventure/rpg game. It features
many of the past Zelda characters. In this game, Link, the Hero of Triforce, is
destined to help a world lost in turmoil. In this land called Holodrum, a Evil
Being called Gorgon has banished Din, the Oracle of Seasons, and created chaos
by mixing the seasons.

    This is the 1st game in the Triforce Series. The 2nd game is called Oracle
of Ages. These 2 games link together using game trading events and password
events. For example, if you finish the 1st game, you will get a password to
insert into the 2nd game, which let you keep your name, a sword, a shield and a
extra heart container. This means that the second game became a sequel to the
first. You also may see places you've never seen before if you played the
second game without a password.

    This is a guide of the game. By using this guide, you've agreed to my
copyright rights(SEE END OF DOCUMENT). For anything else that you need to know,
also see end of document.

NOTE: Throughout this guide, I will use Japanese names, translated English
names, and sometimes, I will eliminate the names to avoid confusion. If you
think something should be named in another way, please tell me. I will be glad
to rename them if it makes sense.


                            ---2. VERSION HISTORY---

V0.5 - 3/14/01 - Today, almost nothing changed. I mostly eliminated stuff to
                 save space.

V0.4 - 3/13/01 - Name changing in all of the parts. I finally got the real
                 names from Nintendo Power. Also did a little of everything.

V0.3 - 3/12/01 - I am doing more walkthrough today, and I will complete most of
                 the stuff before Saturday.

V0.2 - 3/11/01 - OK. Almost every little section of this guide will be done. I
                 started the walkthrough, but only a little bit.

V0.1 - 3/10/01 - This is the creation date of this Guide. I started the basic
                 stuff and currently is trying to finish the game (I am at the
                 last boss's dungeon.)

NEXT VERSION PREVIEW - 3/1x/01 - By the next version, I will try to continue
                                 the walkthrough.


                              ---3. NAVIGATION---


Navigation    - Use the game pad to navigate in the game and in the menus.

Tool Button   - If you assigned any tool in the A or B slot, you can use it by
                pressing the button.

Talk Button   - Press A when you are next to an ally to talk to them.

Cancel Button - Press B to cancel actions.

Menu Button   - Press START when you are in the game to bring up the menus.
                Press it again to close the menu.

Map Button    - Press SELECT when you are in the game to bring up the map.
                Press it again to close the map.

Select Button - You can toggle the menus(tool/item/storyline) using SELECT.
                Also, choices given by other people can also be toggled using

Save Screen   - Press START & SELECT at the same time in the game to bring up
                the Save Screen. You can Return to Game, Save and Return, or
                Save and Quit. This menu is also in the storyline menu.


    Several animals can help Link in his journey, if he help them first. Link
can jump on them and use their abilities to get deeper in the game.

*Ricky*     - A boxing kangaroo that holds a STRONG punch.
A Button    - Press A to punch. Hold and release it to perform a Tornado Shot.
B Button    - Press B to jump off him.
Specialty   - Jump over small pits.

*Dmitri*    - A friendly Dodongo who devours enemies and swims.
A Button    - Press A to use his devour skills.
B Button    - Press B to jump off him.
Specialty   - Swim. He can swim up currents.
P. Bracelet - You can pick him up and toss it.

*Moosh*     - A winged polar bear who can fly and stump on enemies.
A Button    - Press A to jump. Repeat Taps to fly. When charged, he can attack.
B Button    - Press B to jump off him.
Specialty   - Swim. He can swim up currents.

*Cuckoo*    - A magic deep-blue cuckoo who flys (WOW!).
P. Bracelet - You can grab on to it. While grabbing, continuously tap A to fly
              higher. You will let go automatically after a while.
Specialty   - Fly.


                               ---4. INVENTORY---

    Once assigned a tool to the button A or B, you can use them.

Link's Sword(lv.1)  - This is Link's sword.
                        Found at: Temple of Courage
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - Temple of Courage

Master Sword(lv.2)  - This is the Legendary Master Sword.
                        Found at: Lost Forest
                        Directions: See Sub Quests

Bigoron Sword(lv.3) - This is the Legendary Bigoron Sword, crafted by a Goron.
                        Found at: Town Tree
                        Directions: Password Needed (I don't have it)

Wood Shield(lv.1)   - This is the standard equipment for any hero. Use it to
                      block some enemies. It can also be used to bounce Deku
                      Nuts back.
                        Found at: Town's Shop
                        Directions: See Walkthrough

Gold Shield(lv.2)   - This shield is made out of Gold. It can block off many
                      attacks, including fireballs.
                        Found at: Blacksmith
                        Directions: See Sub Quests

Boomerang(lv.1)     - This tool can stun most small enemies and hit switches.
                        Found at: Underworld dance room
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 2nd Dungeon

S. Boomerang(lv.2)  - This tool can stun and even hurt certain enemies. It
                      can be guided.
                        Found at: 6th Dungeon
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - lv.6

Roc's Feather(lv.1) - This magical item lets Link jump. Use it to cross small
                      pits and enemies.
                        Found at: 3rd Dungeon
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - lv.3

Magic Cape(lv.2)    - This is an add-on to the Roc's Feather. In addition of
                      jumping, you now can float in the air for a little time.
                      Hold A after jumping to float. You can also press A
                      (jump), and press and hold it again(float) although in
                      2D side Dungeons, it doesn't work.
                        Found at: 7th Dungeon
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - lv.7

Power Bracelet      - This item give you the ability to lift weak stuff. Also,
                      once you equip it, you have more strength to push stuff.
                        Found at: 2nd Dungeon
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - lv.2

Shovel              - This is another item carried from Link's Awakening.
                        Found at: House near lv.2
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 2nd Dungeon

Bomb Bag            - Use it to bomb openings, kill enemies, and hit targets.   
                       Found at: 1st Dungeon
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - lv.1
                        Upgrade: In the Underworld, you can buy a red Bomb Bag
                                 which let you carry 30 bombs instead of 10.

Rod of Seasons      - This is THE main item that let you change the seasons.
                      You can only change seasons when you get the power of
                      each season. All of the powers of the season is found in
                      the Temple of Seasons. Step on a tree stump in the upper
                      world and use it to change the seasons.
                        Found at: Temple of Seasons
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 2nd Dungeon

Seed Bag            - With this bag, you can carry seeds. Use seeds to create
                      magical effects. There are 5 kind of seeds and 6 trees
                      bearing them in the world.
                        Found at: 1st Dungeon
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - lv.1
                        Upgrade: In the shop's basement, I think, you can buy a
                              Big Seed Bag that carries 50 seeds instead of 20.

Fire Seed           - This seed create fire. Use it to light torches, burn ice-
                      elemental enemies, and burn ice.
                        Found at: 1st Dungeon / Town's Tree
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - lv.1

Life Seed           - This seed brings stone to life.
                        Found at: Tree near 2nd Dungeon
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 2nd Dungeon

Bait Seed           - This seed creates a diversion for you.
                        Found at: Center Tree
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 3rd Dungeon

Pegasus Seed        - This seed replaces the Pegasus boots (from LA). Use it
                      to run super fast. You can combined with Roc's Feather
                      or Magic Cape to jump extra distance.
                        Found at: Middle-West Tree
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 3rd Dungeon

Tornado Seed        - You will hate the game until you find this seed. It lets
                      you teleport to any trees you've already found.
                        Found at: Water Village Tree / North-West Tree
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 4th Dungeon

Slingshot(lv.1)     - They got rid of the bow and arrows:( This thing can shoot
                      seeds to hit people (a use for the useless Bait Seed).
                        Found at: 4th Dungeon
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - lv.4

Trishot(lv.2)       - This is a super slingshot. Not only it shoots seeds, it
                      splits them into 3 and shoots all 3 at once and only take
                      1 seed at a time.
                        Found at: 8th Dungeon
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - lv.8

Magnetic Glove      - Ok. This is the coolest item they added. It was created
                      to replace the hookshot.

                      You should know that magnetic things have a North side
                      and a South side. North-North and South-South pushes each
                      other, while North-South and South-North attracts each
                      other. Use this on the (N) Ball to move it around and use
                      it on the (S) blocks to attract or repulse Link.
                        Found at: 5th Dungeon
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - lv.5

Music Horn          - I found this in the Underworld Dance Room. If you didn't
                      get it, you will find it when you encounter a animal.
                        Found at: Underworld Dance Room / Ricky / Dmitri / Moosh
                        Directions: See Walkthrough - S f D2 / S f D3 / S f D4
                                    / S f D4

Green Rock          - This is a temporary item that you get when the thieves in
                      the Underworld steal your Roc's Feather. Use it to whack
                      stuff. You don't get to keep it: you are going to bury it.
                        Found at: Thieves in the Underworld
                        Directions: Automatic

    In the 2nd menu, you will see all the special items you've got. They are

Flippers         - You can swim in water now. Watch out for deep water and
                   lava: don't think this is gonna let you through them.
                     Found at: Cave North of Water Village
                     Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 4th Dungeon

Life Potion      - If you die, this thingy will give you all your hearts back.
                     Found at: Vacuum Lady / Magic Potion Witch
                     Directions: Bump the Vacuum Lady / Buy it from the witch

cuckoo Book      - Part of the Trading Sequence.
                     Found at: Reading Man
                     Directions: See Sub Quests

Egg                 - Part of the Trading Sequence.

                      Found at: cuckoo Girl
                      Directions: See Sub Quests

Skull Doll       - Part of the Trading Sequence.
                     Found at: Vacuum Lady
                     Directions: See Sub Quests

Rock Bowl        - Part of the Trading Sequence.
                     Found at: Glassed old Lady
                     Directions: See Sub Quests

Lava Soup        - Part of the Trading Sequence.
                     Found at: Underworld Lava Soup Maker
                     Directions: See Sub Quests

Goron Pot        - Part of the Trading Sequence.
                     Found at: Bigoron
                     Directions: See Sub Quests

Fish             - Part of the Trading Sequence.
                     Found at: Pot Maker's House (Water Village)
                     Directions: See Sub Quests

Megaphone        - Part of the Trading Sequence.
                     Found at: Old Man with Cat on the Tree
                     Directions: See Sub Quests

Mushroom         - Part of the Trading Sequence.
                     Found at: Sleeping Man in a Cave
                     Directions: See Sub Quests

Wooden Bird      - Part of the Trading Sequence.
                     Found at: Witch in Water Village
                     Directions: See Sub Quests

Ink Bottle       - Part of the Trading Sequence.
                     Found at: Clock House
                     Directions: See Sub Quests

Gramophone       - Part of the Trading Sequence.
                     Found at: Music Man
                     Directions: See Sub Quests

Protection Seed  - This protects you from blown away in the Dark Castle area.
                     Found at: Great Tree
                     Directions: See Walkthrough - Final Battle

Tree Seed        - You can plant these seeds on seeding locations. Then, come
                   back later and you will see a fruit. Take it. Sometimes it
                   give you 200 Rupees, and sometimes it give you a ring.
                   After you've taken the fruit, you can replant another tree.
                     Found at: LOTS OF PLACES
                     Directions: See Tree Seed and Seeding Location

Stump Key        - Use this to open the 1st level entrance.
                     Found at: Great Tree
                     Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 1st Dungeon

Waterfall Key    - Use this to open the 3rd level entrance.
                     Found at: Pool in the Water Gate Guy's House
                     Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 3rd Dungeon

Red Skull        - You need to carry this to a sand-pool. I think the thing
                   needs a rest.
                     Found at: Oasis in the Desert
                     Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 7th Dungeon

Broken Ship Part - You will give this after you've thrown the Red Skull into a
                   sand-pool and you jump down it too.
                     Found at: Underground of the Desert
                     Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 7th Dungeon

Water Pendant    - After the blacksmith is through with the broken ship part,
                   you will get this. Give it to the Skull Captain to move on
                   to the 7th Dungeon.
                     Found at: Blacksmith
                     Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 7th Dungeon

Green Box        - You will get this after the Ulras at the factory forge your
                   2 rocks. This is part of the lv.2 shield trading sequence.
                     Found at: Factory in the Underworld
                     Directions: See Sub Quests

Treasure Map     - You need this to get to the 6th dungeon.
                     Found at: Basement of the Shop
                     Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 6th Dungeon

Sea Star Rock    - You have to dig this one up from the beach in Underworld.
                   All you do with this is trade it for the girl's ribbon.
                     Found at: Beach in the Underworld
                     Directions: See walkthrough - Search for 3rd Dungeon

Red Ribbon       - You can trade this by using the sea star rock at the
                   Underworld shop. Give it to the girl Ulra and so on.
                     Found at: Shop in the Underworld
                     Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 3rd Dungeon

Dragon Key       - You need this one to open the 4th dungeon.
                     Found at: Snow Mountain
                     Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 4th Dungeon

Red Iron         - Part of the Lv.2 Shield Trading Sequence.
                     Found at: ???
                     Directions: See Sub Quests

Blue Iron        - Part of the Lv.2 Shield Trading Sequence.
                     Found at: ???
                     Directions: See Sub Quests

Proof of Courage - You can find this after solving a puzzle in a waterfall
                   cave. You need this to get the flippers and enter the
                   basement of the Village's Shop.
                     Found at: Left Waterfall Cave, North of Water Village
                     Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 4th Dungeon

Rings            - Special rings give you special powers.
                     Found at: A LOT OF PLACES
                     Directions: See Rings Section

Ring Box         - You need this to carry rings.
                     Found at: Ring Master / Lonely Goron
                     Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 2nd Dungeon /
                                  Search for 4th Dungeon

Boxing Glove     - After you win the match with the punchy guy, you will get
                   this. Bring it to Ricky to ride on him.
                     Found at: Boxing House
                     Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 3rd Dungeon

Bananas          - Need this to ride Moosh.
                     Found at: Top of the Mountain
                     Directions: See Walkthrough - Search for 4th Dungeon

    There are 64 rings all over the world. Try to collect them all! If you find
a ring, you have to first identify it (20 Rupees) by showing it to the Ring
Master, in the village. Then, you can wear them. The number of rings you can
wear depends on your current Ring Box.

    You can find rings in treasure chests, contest prizes, the Vacuum lady, and
in the fruits of some Trees. Some rings are randomly found.

    If the Ring Master identifies a ring that you already have, he will sell
you back for 30 Rupees.

01. Black Diamond Ring
02. Small Sword Diamond Ring
03. Big Sword Diamond Ring
13. Blue Fire Ring
14. Boomerang Ring
16. Mallet Ring
17. Red Square Diamond Ring
19. Thin Small Blue Diamond Ring
28. Blue Small Shield Ring
30. Red Small Shield Ring
31. Green Big Shield Saint Ring (Underworld Shop - 2nd time)
32. Blue Big Shield Saint Ring
33. Red Big Shield Saint Ring (Underworld Shop - 1st time)
35. Boulder Ring           (Vacuum Lady)
36. Huge White Diamond Ring
37. Red Rupee Diamond Ring
40. Green 2-Arrows Diamond Ring
41. Find Ring         (1st Dungeon)
43. Green 2-Diamonds Ring
44. Blue 2-Diamonds Ring
45. Red 2-Diamonds Ring
46. Orange 2-Diamonds Ring
49. Fire Flower Ring
53. Ancient Diamond-shape Ring
58. Green Sword Ring
60. Ancient Hand Ring
61. Red Lip Ring
62. Fist Ring
63. Diamond-shape Sword Ring (Underworld Dance Room)
64. Black Heart Ring


                           ---5. VALUABLE TRICKS---


1. In dungeons, kill all the enemies in a room before solving puzzles. If you
   come back and see that the enemies reappear(if you didn't solve the puzzle),
   then it have something to do with the enemies.

2. Explore first, Walkthrough second.

3. To find the Vacuum Lady easily, find 2 places next to each other, each with
   monsters (like the places when you chased the Ulra Girl.) Go from 1 to
   another, and if you see that monsters are not there, well, get ready to
   collect more goodies from the Vacuum Lady.

4. Pots now can be pushed. This is a critical information that you need.

5. Don't waste all your time on 1 puzzle, if you can't solve it, come here.

6. Always jump(my way) when walking(if available). You can avoid enemies,
   holes, and other stuff.

7. Whacking bushes don't give you lots of cash. But digging sure do.

8. Something weird with the ground? Dig it. Something weird with the placement
   of the bushes? Whack'em. You will get goodies most of the time.

9. Can't find your way? Maybe the animals can help...

10. Tools you gain aren't there for the decoration. If you can't decide on
    which one to take (other then the sword), I always go for the Feather (or


                             ---6. WALKTHROUGH---


    One day, Link ride his horse to the Hyrule Castle. Deep inside it, he found
the Triforce. It sucked Link into a world lost in turmoil. Power-hungry General
Gorgon is the source of the trouble. With the power of a mighty storm, Gorgon
descends upon the land and kidnaps Din, a beautiful dancer who turns out to be
the Oracle of Seasons. With Din under his control, Gorgon is able to cast the
forces of nature into chaos. To set things right and bring Din back from
Gorgon's grasp, you must help Link explore the land, collect items and tools
and defeat Gorgon's army of evil creatures.

                             *SEARCH FOR A SWORD*
    It is winter. A girl finds Link lying on the ground. Talk to her, then go
down. Walk around in the village and chat with people. After you are done,
head to the North-West part of the village and continue West. Explore this
area until you find the Temple of Courage (a cave with vines on each side).

                              *TEMPLE OF COURAGE*
Room setting:
| |2|3|
| |4|5|

S- Exit right.

1- Push the block to open the door. Exit up.

2- Push the block and walk carefully through the narrow room. At half way, push
   the left block down then the right block right. Exit right.

3- Avoid all enemies and step on the switch. Get a Small Key from the chest. Go
   back to room 1 and exit down.

4- Avoid the bats and open the door.

5- Step on the switch and exit up.

6- Collect your sword. You will be teleported to the entrance.

                         *SEARCH FOR THE 1ST DUNGEON*
     Before you leave the place, go right, then left (top). swipe the bush and
jump down the hole. You will be back in the Temple. Open the chest for 30
rupees (you'll need them).

    Head back to the town. I hope you did some explorations. Anyway, head
for the North-East part of the town and stop in front of the Wooden Door. Swipe
your sword to show that you have the proof of courage. Go ahead and meet the
Great Tree. Bust his bubble to talk to him. He will ask you if you've understand
his speech and the choice is NO/YES, so choose the 2nd option when you get the
chance to. He will give you the Stump Key.

    Head for the Town's Shop and get yourself a brand new Shield for 30 rupees
(see, you needed them). Now continue exploring for a while, and when you are
return to the FIRST screen you've seen (snow-grass with house, north of the
Village). Head right, up, up, left(swipe the bushes) and insert your stump key
into the key hole. Here is what you've been looking for, the 1st dungeon.

                             *LV.1 - TREE DUNGEON*

S- Walk up.

1- Swipe the bushes for 2 fairies(on each side). Then push the upper-right block
   to open the doors.

W- This is the Wise Man's Room. Talk to him (don't know a thing he say)...

2- Kill the Staflos, collect the Small Key, and head for the locked door in room

3- Kill all 4 Staflos, collect the Map, and head up.

4- I bet you hate red blobs. Kill them twice. If you get hurt, there is suppose
   to be a fairy in the Lower-left part of the room. Ride the Cart to continue.

5- Kill the bats if you can, and let the thing carry you to 6.

6- Starting from now, I will not state KILL THE MONSTERS anymore (but I will
   mention to not kill them sometimes). You know what you have to do...
   Anyways, push the middle block and head left.

7- Push the 2nd middle block up, then the block left, the other block down, and
   finally another block left. Head up for a Tree Seed.

6- Up-right exit.

5- Flick the switch, kill the bats, get your Compass and head for the Cart in
   room 6.

8- Let it happen by itself.

9- Head back in 8 for the treasure chest and obtain the BOMBS. Come back, go
   carefully to the right side, collect the Small Key, and head out the upper
   left corner.

a- Navigate carefully through and use your Small Key.

b- MINI-BOSS: Red and Blue Minotaurs
   HOW TO KILL: Swipe away.
   ATTACKS: Boomerang

   Head left after you are done.

c- Go to the left side and push the leftest block up. Go down to the Dungeon.

2-D Dungeon 1- c - Collect your seed bag, and head all the way back to 3 using
                   the teleport.

3- Use your new Fire Seeds on the 2 firepots and head left.

d- Kill the 3 red goblins (watch out for their boomerangs), take the boss key,
   and head to room 2.

2- Light the firepots and go up.

e- Kill the Wall Masters ASAP. Don't let them grab you. I think there are 4 of
   them. Go for the treasure chest for a Ring. Walk out the upper-left exit.

f- KILL THE WALL MASTERS! I got grabbed here and had to make an extra trip :(

g- BOSS: Unicorn Monster
   HOW TO BEAT: Block when you have to, and keep hitting his horn.
   ATTACKS: Dash, Disc Throw

*- Collect your first mystery seed (I call them that).

                            *SEARCH FOR 2ND DUNGEON*
    Go back to the Village. If you are lucky, you'll meet the vacuum lady for
the first time. She drops stuff. I got a heart, a life potion, and a ring in
the same bump. Wow! Anyways, if you got enough money, go talk to the Ring
Master. He will give you a Ring Box and a ring. You can identifie that ring
(01) and your first ring ur first ring (41). (Go to the reading man's house -
lower-right side - and out the other opening for 20 rupees!) You can also
start the trading sequence (see Sub Quests). Once you're done walking around,
go to the right side and burn the trees. As you approach the trees, the
guitar man will give you a lecture on the Seasons. Continue east now. Move up,
up, right and start your first hide-and-seek game with a girl Ulra. If she
sees you, return here to restart. Here is the guide:

Scene 1 - stand left of the tree and move up, when she moves down, go to the
middle of the tree. Keep moving to the right of the tree. Go up.
Scene 2 - Hug the right side of the left tree. When she moves down, walk
around the tree to the left. Wait until she leaves and then go up.
Scene 3 - Right side. Then left side. Then down side, and then up side. Not
so fast! Stay there and wait for a second appearance of the Ulra. Then go.

     Now, follow the Ulra to a portal to the Underworld.
     Go down the left ladder and make your way to a staircase leading to the
dance room. Talk to the red Ulra to dance with them. If she turns left, press
left, if she turns right, press right, if she swings her arm, press A. Try
to keep up. If you complete 12 combos, you will get the Boomerang. If you
want to redo it, you'll get more goodies. Watch out though, it gets faster!
2nd- Tree Seed       3rd- 50 Rock Rupees  4th- 50 Rock Rupees  5th- Tree Seed
6th- Music Horn      7th- 50 Rock Rupees  8th- Tree Seed       9th- Ring
10th- 50 Rock Rupees 11th- 50 Rock Rupees 12th- 50 Rock Rupees 13th- 50 R. R.

    That's the best I could do. Usually, a normal person can make it to 6th.
    After that, go back to the 1st scene. Take the right ladder and go down.
For now, navigate for a while and head for the East part to find the Temple
of Seasons. Once there, head inside the middle temple to recieve the Rod of
Seasons. Then make it to the right-bottom side and get the Winter Power.
(Hit the switch using a boomerang in the first room.)

    Go back to the upper world and if you want to, go back to the Village
and do stuff. If not, after the speech of the Guitar Man is over, step onto
the stump and change the seasons. Head right, up, right and up. Bomb the
opening, collect 30 rupees, then go right. Change the seasons to winter and
exit on top of the ladders. Drop down to the chiminy and talk to the girl to
get the Shovel. Shovel your way out, and go down. Burn the most upper tree
and go down the stairs. Talk to the old man if you want to lose 50 rupees. Go
down, down, left and change the seasons. Go left, exit the right side, right,
and collect the Life Seed. Head up and right to the 2nd Dungeon.

                             *LV.2 - SNAKE DUNGEON*
  ----- -----
  |7|6|   |*|

S- Light the torch and head LEFT.

1- Collect 5 rupees and move up.

2- Kill 4 Snakes and collect a Small Key. Go to the Entrance and head up.

3- Head right.

4- Kill the falling Snakes and collect the Compass. Go to 3 and head up.

5- See the rock arrows? Bomb the tip to find a secret room.

^- Ahh! Color-changing rupees everywhere! Time your moves to gain up to 200,
   that's right, 200 rupees! Head back and up.

6- Go left after knocking both Boings down the holes.

7- Use bombs to kill 2 moblins. Recieve the Power Bracelet. Go back to 6 and
   collect the Map. Then head on to 5 and move right.

8- Push the right-est block right.

9- Collect a Small Key and move down.

a- Select the Power Bracelet. Hold and push the pipes and get to the outside.

OUTSIDE - a/b - Collect a Tree Seed and head left.

b- If you don't have atleast 7 bombs, buy some for 30 rupees from the Deku
   Scrub. Head up.

c- A timed race. Keep bombing bricks and go anti-clockwise. If you hurry,
   collect a small key. Head back to 9.

9- Head right.

d- Bomb the weakened walls and head down the stairs.

2-D Dungeon 1 - d/e - Watch out for Thumps and small Thumps. Make your way
                      through by keep going left.

e- Push the top tube all the way to the right. Go down and collect 10 rupees.

f- Watch out for weak tiles. Try not to step on them. Anyways, push the first
   tube, go down, then the middle tube, then up, then grab the pot out of the
   way. Use a Small Key to proceed.

g- MINI-BOSS: Facade
   HOW TO BEAT: When his face appears, pitch a bomb at it. 5 to 6 blows
                should do the job.
   ATTACKS: Spider Drop, Hole Maker, Fireball

h- Head right, but before you leave, bomb the lower opening. (You see it?)

i- Use a Small Key on the block and move right.

j- Move down.

k- Go on each platform at a time to reach the right side. Head up, then to j,
   to discover the boss's key. Head back to h and go through the opening.

l- Bomb the rabbits (Pol Voice) and exit right.

m- Go on the Wheel (of Death) and exit down.

n- Watch your steps as you make your way to the right exit.

o- BOSS: Dodongo
   HOW TO BEAT: When he open his mouth, pitch him a snack (bomb). Then pick
                him up and pitch him on the spikes. 4 does the job.
   ATTACKS: Rush, Spit Fireball

*- Collect your second Mystery Seed.

                            *SEARCH FOR 3RD DUNGEON*
    Go left, up and change the seasons. Head back TOWARD the Village. Once
you get to the Windmill, make a round trip and head up the snow to find a
passage to a piece of heart. Then, HEAD BACK to the Village. Identifie your
ring, buy stuff, play around, talk, do what you have to do. Afterwards,
head to the snow field (the first place you've ever been) and walk north.
Plant a seed, then go left and up. Pick up the stone and continue North.

    Go North all the way and you will find another Tree. This one bares the
Bait Seed. Move to the South-East (or East then South) to find the Boxing
house. Inside, the little dude is waiting for his next challenger. Challenge
him by using 10 rupees, and keep tapping the button to knock him out of the
ring, before he does the same to you. You will get the Boxing Gloves as a
gift. Now head North, West, South, West, North, West, West and North to
find Ricky, the punchy kangaroo. Give him his boxing gloves and jump into
his belly. It's KO time for all the enemies out there!

    Navigate your way to a cliff. Jump (believe your faith), and keep
going. Now if you got a horn, Ricky will drop you here, if not, you can
keep riding him. There is no big difference, but no Ricky means sometimes
detours. Make sure that if you don't have Ricky, don't jump off the cliff.
YOU WILL HAVE TO RESTART YOUR WHOLE GAME! Keep going up, then left, and
collect some Pegasus Seeds. Keep going down, left, up, up, right, and enter
the water valve opener's house. Talk to the man, close his valve, collect
the key, head outside, and down the stairs.

    Here you have to use your Pegasus Seeds. Powder yourself before standing
on the switch. Push block up, then another one down, then grab the stone,
then lower one left and finally upper one up. Navigate to the ladder and
avoid blobs. When you are up a level, watch out for bush thingys and move

    Go down, right, talk, left, down, right, and open the flood gate. Then
left, up, right, down the cliff and down, down, down. Now if you have Ricky,
it is left, up the cliff, Tornado Punch, navigate, and Portal. If you don't,
it is right and up. Pay the assholes 80 rupees to free Dmitri and get his
horn. Then go down, down, left(lower, land side), left, then navigate to get
to the Portal.

    In the Underworld, go left, and down to find the beach. Now go nuts and
dig EVERYWHERE to find a Seastar. Once you're done, exit the beach

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