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Hello everybody. This is my FAQ for the Washington Redhawks.

Table of Contents:

1. How to beat them.
2.What are they like?
3.Team Captain
4.Similar to the Redskins and Falcons.

1. How To Beat The Washington Redhawks?
First off I hope you chose the QB when you started.If you didn't I can't help you.
Skip after Kickoff.Choose a DT,I know people say don't choose them but choose 1
of them.Mike Mexico(Ron Mexico a.k.a Michael Vick) will run to the side I don't
know which but he will run to a side.Mexico would not see anybody and run for
it. This is when you change to your LB.Use turbo and dirty hit him or try to
injure Mexico. Okay your turn to run the offense.This is what you do go to speed
pick Oh Mary throw it to the ones that are going straight and clash catch them
use clash use turbo and use taunt.Should be a touchdown.I think the only way to
beat them is to clash catch a lot. My opinion. I beat them 70 to 37. This part
is done.

2.What are they like?
They are a QB team,that means they depend on their QB the most.Mexico is a
running QB like Julius Williams but Mike is just a bit slower.There team is like
overrated they suck balls when you know how to defeat them just like that.Win
brawls against them for extra clash icons to do unleash. Short chapter lol.

3.Team Captain.
Well the Team Captain is Jacob Williams.When you play against the RedHawks he
will go to your backfield just like that. He is nearly unstoppable. The only way
to beat him is QB evade him a lot that should make him get pissed off at
you.Jacob Williams is one tough S.O.B.

4.Similar to the Falcons and Redskins.
Washington Redhawks similar to Redskins same name to.I mentioned earlier Mike
Mexico is exactly like Michael Vick. Left-Handed,Runs,and has same last name Go
to wikipedia look up Michael Vick and you will see Ron Mexico.

Well that is it people if you have questions e-mail me at [email protected]

Peace out

I made this by myself

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