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Game Title: Medal Of Honor Underground
Author: Pure Evil
FAQ Title: Ways To Have Fun

Before you attempt to do this stuff I suggest you beat the game and turn the on 
these codes:
- Invunerability Mode
- Infinite Ammo
If you want you can set the game mode to hard because with these codes you will not 
die and it's a lot more FUN! Make sure you have already beaten the game or you used 
a code to unlock all the levels

Go to the level(s) with "Big Joe" (the crossbow). Now go up to an enemy, aim the 
crossbow at their face or any other part of their body and fire, now you will be 
able to see the arrow stuck in their body. This also works if you get in the way of 
the motorcycles and shoot the driver or the sidecar shooter.

Now that you have invunerability mode on (I hope) you can get close to your enemy 
and fire the panzerfraust, throw a patrol bomb or throw a hand grenade at them. 
Throw multiple hand grenades at them and they will try and pick one up and the
other(s) hand grenades will blow up and kill them.

Go to the level "Plans For Destruction", now find and meet the contact. after 
running down the hill you can blow away your contact just for fun. This works in the 
level "Prisoners Of War To". When you rescue the prisoners (not the captain) you can 
kill them after they run out of the door.

Go ahead, have some FUN! 

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