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Crysis 2 weapon list is important for each player just like the weapon guide and Crysis 2 
cheats. With a complete Crysis 2 weapon list, you will be able to find more better weapons 
that helps you complete achievements. Here is the complete Crysis 2 weapon list. Choose your 
weapons and Kill zombies now.

Crysis 2 Weapon List-Assault Rifles: 

SCAR, abbreviation for "Mk.20 Superior Combat Assault Rifle". With a 40 (+1) round capacity 
in one magazine; Standard-issue assault rifle of the military.
SCARAB, abbreviation for "Mk.21 Superior Combat Assault Carbine". It is a reduced-weight 
version of the SCAR with a higher cyclic rate and greater mobility.
GRENDEL Assault Rifle, a 24-round 3-shot battle rifle.

Crysis 2 Weapon List-Submachine Guns: 

Feline SMG, a bullpup SMG with a 60 (+1) round magazine and high mobility.
K-Volt, an electric pellet submachine gun that has been confirmed to stun and electrify 
enemy Ceph troops, its effects are unknown if used against the nanosuit.

Crysis 2 Weapon List-Shotguns: 

Jackal shotgun, a semi-automatic shotgun with a 7 (+1) round box magazine.
Marshall shotgun, a pump-action shotgun based on the shotgun in Crysis.

Crysis 2 Weapon List-Sniper Rifles: 

DSG-1 Sniper rifle, It has a 8 (+1) shot magazine and is now semi-automatic.
M2014 Gauss Rifle (Confirmed as of the Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo's release).

Crysis 2 Weapon List-Sidearms: 

M12 Nova sidearm: It appears to be based off of Crysis's SOCOM. It has a 20 (+1) rounds 
big magazine.
Hammer, a Heavy Semi-Automatic Pistol with 9 (+1) rounds per magazine.
Majestic Heavy Revolver (Details unknown at this moment)
AY69 Machine Pistol, the same machine pistol from Crysis Warhead. It is unknown at this 
time what its magazine size is.

Crysis 2 Weapon List-Heavy Weapons: 

Mk60, a machine gun seen in the Multiplayer demo that resembles the M60E4.
L-TAG Grenade Launcher, a 6-shot, pump-action, airburst grenade launcher.
X-43 MIKE, a Microwave Incendiary Klystron Emitter. Very little to nothing is known about 
this weapon.

Crysis 2 Weapon List-Explosives: 

Frag grenade. It seems that now the player can't throw it while holding another weapon. 
It has the same launch reticule of the L-TAG but upside down.
JAW rocket launcher. Unlike the LAW, the rocket launcher has only one round in it; it has 
also a different targeting sight.
Smoke Grenade 

Crysis 2 Weapon List-Others: 

Knife (only used with stealth kills)
Fists (only used in standard melee)
Mounted machine gun (detachable) that resembles the 20mm machine gun from Crysis Warhead.

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