Weapons FAQ for Jill - Guide for Resident Evil: Director's Cut

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      This guide is about weapons. Where to find them. Locations of ammo for the 
guns.  You will need this.
                        (L)location of weapon
                        (A)Ammo locations
                        (H)how many bullets the gun holds

         BERRETA:(L) In her inventory at the beggining.
                 (A)2 clips on Kenneth,1 under the second 3-D shelf in the L 
passage,2 clips in the item box,1 on the bed in the employee room,1 in the vacant 
room with the broken shotgun,1 on the dresser in the dressing room in the hall,1 in 
the bedroom behind the right bed (the west door in the 2F left stairs hallway),1 in 
Richards body in the pillar passage,1 in the cabinet in the small dining room in the 
pillar passage,1 clip on the table in the guardhouse bar,1 in the sink in the 002 
bathroom,2 clips in the arms storehouse of the flooded passage,1 clip on the shelf 
in the hidden library,1 in enricos body and that is it.
                 (H)15 bullets
         COMBAT KNIFE:(L)In her inventory at the beggining.
         SHOTGUN:(L)In the living room of the trap passage. Swap the broken shotgun 
for it.
                 (A)1 box in the closet that the zombie pops out of in the employee 
room (3rd door in the second green hallway),1 box in the drawer where you find the 
broken shotgun(second door in the hallway with the brown pillar),1 box in the desk 
in the dressing room(third door in the hall.You need the armor key),1 box in the 
atic where you first fight the snake,1 box in the desk of room 001 in the 
guardhouse,1 box in the desk of room 002,2 boxes in the arms sorehouse in the 
flooded passage,1 box on the table in the trophy room(second door in the stairs 
hallway),1 box in the north part of the underground passage, 1 ox on the table of 
the mortuary in the lab.
                 (H)7 shells
         COLT PYTHON:(L)In the tiger statue after you put in the red jewel which you 
find in the moose head in the trophy room.
                     (A)1 case in the study(second door in the passage to outside. 
you need the helmet key),1 case in the trophy room on the table,1 case in the desk 
of the library,1 case in the shelf of the room with the bodies.
                     (H)6 rounds
         BAZOOKA:(L)On the terrace. 
                 (A)1 case of explosive rounds behind the shelf in the 2 F study,1 
case of Acid rounds in the hidden room in the small dining room,1 case of explosive 
rounds in the guardhouse save room, 1 case of flame rounds in the 003 bathroom,1 
case of acid rounds in the room under the stairs,2 cases of explosive rounds in the 
underground shed,1 case of explosive rounds on the generator in the underground,1 
case of flame rounds in the nook in the wall behind the first boulder in the 
underground,1 case of flame rounds on the shelves in the lab save room.
                 (H)6 rounds of acid, explosive, or flame.
         ROCKET LAUNCHER:(L) Brad drops it onto the helicopter port while you fight 
the Tyrant(gasp) for the SECOND time(double gasp).
                         (A)4 rockets in it
                         (H)4 Rockets

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