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BY: joshasourus
Game: Serious Sam
Platform: Xbox
File Name: Weapons



   Clip size: N/A
      You might think this weapon is powerful, but it’s actually weak. Don’t use it on those bigger aliens, instead, use it on the weak enemies to get a quick kill.

    Clip size: N/A
       A messy version of the knife. This weapon is only good when there is a huge swarm of aliens coming at you and you have backed up into a corner.

    Clip size: Infinite
        This weapon is ok against the smaller guys, but you’ll need something bigger for the tougher enemies. Don’t worry though, this weapon has an interesting feature, if you pick up another one, then you can hold two at once for double the firepower!

    Clip size: 100 shots
        It’s nice and powerful for the small to medium sized aliens, and is intimidating for multiplayer games. This weapon is ideal for the first episode.

Double shotgun:
    Clip size: 50 shots
        This weapon uses the same ammo as the shotgun so they share the ammunition. This weapon uses twice the amount of ammo that the shotgun uses, it is ideal for the medium sized enemies.

    Clip size: 999 shots
        This weapon fires 600 rounds per minute and is reasonably powerful. In other words, use it if you’ve got it.

    Clip size: 999 shots
        The minigun uses the same ammo as the Thompson and they share the ammunition. It fires 1200 rounds per minute, good for stopping any force that comes your way.

Rocket Launcher:
    Clip size: 50 rockets
        This weapon is very powerful in both campaign mode and multiplayer mode. They should nickname this weapon, ”The Alien Killer.”

Grenade Launcher:
    Clip size: 40 grenades
         This weapon is better than the rocket launcher in two ways, one, it can launch grenades at different speeds, two, it causes a bigger explosion. The only way the rocket launcher is better is that it carries more ammo.

Sniper Rifle:
    Clip size: 30 shots 
        The sniper rifle is a very powerful gun, it can kill a guy in one shot if he is medium-large size! It’s only limit is that there is about five seconds between shots.

    Clip size: 500 bursts of flame
        Ah, how I love the sound of aliens burning up in fire, it can roast enemies in a matter of seconds! This weapon is unavailable in multiplayer mode, though.

Laser Gun:
    Clip size: 300 laser bolts
        The laser gun is very good against medium to large enemies. Use it once you get it to quickly shorten the amount of time wasted firing slow weapons.

    Clip size: 30 cannonballs
        This is the second most powerful gun in the game! This is the weapon of choice against all enemies.

Serious Bomb:
    Clip size: 3 bombs
        The most powerful weapon in the game. It kills all enemies in the whole area!


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