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This FAQ shows what type of ball to catch the legendaries with
1. Dialga/ Palkia
2. Mesprit
3. Uxie/ Azelf
4. Rotom
5. Shaymin
6. Darkria

1. Dialga/ Palkia
So what you do is have a level 53 infernape, use close combat, it should put 
the health in the red zone, then use 1 I repeat 1 ultra ball, then viola you 
have just caught Dialga/ Palkia with out a master ball

2. Mesprit
So after catching Dialga/ Palkia with an ultra ball you should have your master 
ball, so after Mesprit runs from the cave it will be out in the wild somewhere, 
go to the Poke-Tech building and get the marking map, then go find Mesprit and 
as soon as you find it throw the master ball... then you have 2 legendaries

3. Uxie/ Azelf
Ok so both Uxie and Azelf are caught pretty much the same way, so i combined 
them in one thing, what you do is get 200 ultra balls, then go to the cave on 
the lakes (Acuity, and the other one whose name escapes me) then go in the 
cave, SAVE THE GAME!!!!!! then go up and battle the legendary, use what ever 
moves you have it's hard to weaken these pokemon, but don't put health down to 
red, put it in the yellow, (Yellow is for when the legendary runs out of PP it 
struggles wich has recoil)then throw ulta balls like crazy!!!! ( you might want 
to bring strong pokemon with you)you now have 4 legendaries

4. Rotom
what you need is a level 18 pokemon that can hit ghost types, then go to the 
old Chateau (Must go at night!!!!!) then go upstairs , there is room with a tv 
that is still working,SAVE THE GAME!!!!, so walk up to it and hit the a button, 
it should say "do you want to bump the tv?" hit yes, then it goes straight into 
a battle, send out your level 18 damage it then throw an ultra ball, you now 
have 5 legendaries

5. Shaymin
First to unlock the special event link with 2 people, then go to all the towns 
with a pokemart, DO NOT GO TO THE BATTLE PARK ISLAND PLACE!!!!, one of the 
pokemarts should have a dude in a green suit , talk to him, then he gives you 
oak's letter then go to the place in victory road where the guy is blocking a 
cave, he's not blocking the way any more, go in have defog or flash (can't 
remember which one so might as well bring both) then go in you pair up with a 
girls and fight your way through to the end, go out then go till you see oak 
next to a white rock , he tells you to thank someone on it, write who ever you 
want, the path opens up, shaymin comes down and leaves, go up the path ( it's a 
very, very, very long path) when you reach the end SAVE THE GAME!!!!, go up to 
shaymin he's level 30 and very hard to catch so you need a level 32-40 fight 
then throw ultra balls like crazy if you catch him good if not turn off the 
game and start from where you saved and battle again, sooner or later you catch 
it, you now have 6 legendaries

6. Darkria
I don't really know how to catch this pokemon with out an action replay so if 
you have an action replay, what you do is use the code to get the membership 
card, then go in the locked hotel in the city where you get the riolu egg, you 
fall asleep and end up on an island go to the pokemon area scince you have an 
action replay no need to save, the with a master ball cheat throw master ball 
and you now have 7 legendaries 

Note to Readers: I know there are more legendaries but i don't remember the 

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