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Hello, this FAQ is for the game Harvest Moon: DS. And  I know that this game can be 
pretty tough, so I'm here to tell you how to make a ton of money on the first day, 
and make sure you start to woo your favorite chick! Other than that I'll help you 
find a few harvest sprites to get you going. So let's get started!!

Okay, so when you first gain control of your character, you're in a small house, 
similar to the one in HM: Friends of Mineral Town. You have 500G, two turnip seeds, 
and a lot of work to do. When you walk outside you'll have a small chat with Mayor 
Thomas. After that you're free to make your farm prosperous. So to start out, hold R 
and press Y until the Hoe is equipped. Then make two crop patches, since you don't 
have a silver watering can you have to leave a square open. So the two patches 
should look like this: xxx
                       x x
Now stand in the middle square (the capital x) and equip your turnips plant one in 
each patch. Don't worry about watering yet. Now you need to go to the excavation 
site. For those of you who have played A Wonderful Life, you should be able to get 
their on your own. If you're new to Forget-Me-Not Valley then click on the map. 
(located on the touch screen)Look for the square that has a tent, a waterfall, and a 
cave, it's in the right hand corner. GO there and enter the cave. Once there, save 
your game! Then equip your hoe if it isn't already. what you're going to do is dig 
until you find a piece of jewelry. Like a necklace, broach, earrings, bracelet. Once 
you find one, memorize where it is. then load your game. You should be at the mine 
with no squares dug. Go to the spot where the valuable material is and dig it up. 
Save. The benefit of this is that you get your items, and don't exhaust yourself. do 
this until you have atleast 3-5 items. Then return to your farm, drop your jewlery 
in your shipping bin, except for one!(press R and A to change items in your 
rucksack) Put this last piece in your rucksack for safe keeping. By, now you should 
have some idea of whom you want to marry. Your choices are: Lumina, Flora, Celia, 
Muffy, Nami, Goddess, Witch, Keria, and Leia. I would suggest going after a human. 
So give the girl the jewelry, after you track her down. Now, we go on a little 
sprite hunt! I'll tell you the locations of 6 sprites. If it's past 3:00P.M. You 
might not have time to find all six before Thomas comes to collect your shipment, 
you should be at your house by 4:20 at the latest. Okay so the first one is at the 
blue bar. Go near the blue bar, and next to it should be a well. Examine it and 
unlock one sprite. Next go to the Inn and hop the fence. Once inside the fence, 
examine the stove and unlock another sprite. Now, go inside the Inn and go upstairs. 
Go up through the walkway, and then hook a left.You should see a tangerine box. 
Examine it on all sides until Jet is found. Three down three to go. Now got to the 
villa. Left hand corner on the map. And examine the fountain, Bingo! one more. Now 
go to Celias house, but keep going right until you see a trail, attempt to go up it 
and you will unlock another one. Now the last one is on your farm. Equip your 
watering can and fill it up at the water hole. But keep filling it up until you've 
filled it ten times. Then you'll get Misty. So there you go! Six sprites in one day! 
Okay, if you timed your day correctly then it should be around 4:30. When it is 
Thomas will collect his shipment, talk to him and you will have gained a substantial 
amount of income, about 6,000G to 10,000G. Then, if your character has the energy 
water your plants, and catch some well deserved Z's.

I hoped you lkiked my FAQ, and remember Plagerism is a crime!

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