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Where To Find All Items

Held items:
Amulet Coin- Doubles earnings from pkmn battles-Littleroot Town
Talk to Mom after beating Norman

Black Belt-increases power of fighting-type moves-Route 115
Use 'thief' or 'covet' during 5th battle with Blackbelt Nob

Blackglasses-increase power of dark-type moves-Route 116

Blue / green / red / pink / yellow scarves-increases condition during a contest
-Slateport City
Bring a high (insert condition type here) pokemon in the front of your party, and 
talk to the fan club leader. He will give you a certain color scarf.

Bright Powder-reduces foe's accuracy-Battle Frontier

Charcoal-Increases power of fire-type moves-Lavaridge Town

Choice Band-Boosts power of 1 move by 1.5, can't use other moves-Battle Frontier

Cleanse Tag-helps repel wild pkmn-Mt. Pyre

Deepseascale / deepseatooth-Doubles special def / atk of Clamperl / evolves during 
trade (scale-gorabyss, tooth-Huntail)
After you find the scanner in the abandoned ship (you'll need surf and dive for 
that) give it to Capt. Stern. He will give you the option of deepseascale or 

Dragon Fang-increases the power of dragon-type moves-Meteor falls
Use 'thief' or 'covet' during 5th battle with Dragon Tamer Nicholas

Dragon Scale-evolves Seadra during a trade-Wild Horsea or Bagon

Everstone-stops evolution-Granite Cave, wild geodude / graveler
Search rocks inside Granite Cave by pressing A around them.

Exp. Share-Gives experience to a pkmn whether it participates in battle or not-
Rustboro City / Lilycove Dpt. Store

Focus Band-occasionally prevents fainting-Shoal cave / Battle Frontier 

Hard Stone-increases power of rock-type moves-trick house / wild aron, lairon

King's Rock-may cause opponent to flinch when hit-mossdeep city / 
battle frontier / wild hariyama

Lax Incense-lowers foe's acc. / makes a wobbuffet have a baby Wynaut in the day care-
Mt. Pyre

Leftovers-Restores a little HP every turn-S.S. Tidal / Battle Frontier

Light Ball-Doubles Pikachu's Special Attack-wild pikachu

Macho Brace-Stats get higher when leveling up, but halves its speed-Route 111
Defeat the Winstrate Family

Magnet-increases power of electric-type moves-Trick House

Mental Herb-prevents attraction-Fortree City / Battle Frontier

Metal Coat-increases power of steel-type moves-wild Magnemite, wild Magneton

Metal Powder-doubles pkmn defense-wild Ditto

Mind Dew- Raises sp. def and sp. atk. of Latios / Latias-Southern Island

Miracle Seed-increases power of grass-type moves-Petalburg Woods

Mystic Water-increases power of water-type moves-Weather Institute

Nevermeltice-increases power of ice-type moves-Shoal Cave

Poison Barb-increases power of poison-type moves-wild cacnea, wild
Roselia (can't catch in Emerald)

Quick Claw-increases chances of attacking 1st-Rustboro City / Battle Frontier / wild 

Scope Lens-increases chances of critical hit-Battle Frontier

Sea Incense-increases (slightly) power of water-type moves / makes Marill produce an 
Azurill at Day Care-Mt. Pyre

Sharp Beak-increases power of flying-type moves-wild doduo, wild dodrio

Shell Bell-recovers 1/8 of damage inflicted to foe-Shoal Cave
You must collect 4 shoal salts and 4 shoal shells. The 'tide' inside the cave 
changes every 4 hours.

Silk Scarf-increases power of normal-type moves-Dewford Town

Silver Powder-increases power of bug-type moves-Route 120
Use 'thief' or 'covet' during 5th battle with Bug Maniac Brandon.

Smoke Ball-allows instant escape from wild pkmn-Trick House / Wild pkmn

Soft Sand-increases power of ground-type moves-Route 109 / wild Trapinch

Soothe bell-Speeds development of pkmn's friendship-Slateport City
Talk to the lady in the fan club. Ironically, the 1st pkmn in your party must be 
very friendly toward you.

Spell Tag-increases power of ghost-type moves-wild: Shuppet, Banette, Duskull, 

Twistedspoon-increases power of psychic-type moves-wild Abra

White Herb-cures status condition

Items To Exchange 

You can exchange these items at the 'Diving Treasure Hunter' on Route 124:
Blue Shard-Water Stone
Green Stone-Leaf Stone
Red Shard-Fire Stone
Yellow Shard-Thunderstone

Here's where you can get the shards:
blue-route 124 / wild Clamperl
green-route 124 / wild Relicanth
red-route 124 / wild Corsola
yellow-route 124 / wild Chinchou

And don't forget to get heart scales for the move tutor!
Find them with a wild Luvdisc.

Well, everyone loves money
(or whatever that weird symbol is).
So, when you need 'money',
what do you do:
a.go around battling people and getting a few hundred [dollars]
b.Sell all your TM's and proteins, etc.
c.find some rare items that are useless but sell for a high price
(If I needed to tell you, c.)

Items to sell:
Big Pearl-Route 133, Shoal Cave, Wild Gulpin
Nugget-Route 112 , Route 123, wild Grimer
Pearl-(Ocean Floor only) routes 124, 126, 128
Star Piece-Route 108, 133 / Wild Staryu
Stardust-Route 106, 111 / Wild Staryu
Tinymushroom (sells for low price) - Petalburg Woods  

It's always good to swap some mail!
(Why can't you write your own words anymore?!)

Mail Types:
Bead Mail-has image of 1st pkmn to hold it-Trick House
Glitter Mail-has Pikachu on it-Trick House
Harbor Mail-has Wingull on it-Slateport City/Abandoned Ship/Trick House
Mech Mail-has Magnemite on it-Lilycove Dept. Store/Trick House
Orange Mail-has Zigzagoon on it-Petalburg City/Trick House
Retro Mail-has Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle on it-Battle Frontier
Trade your Skitty for a woman's Meowth (nicknamed Meowow) and it will come holding 
Retro Mail.
Shadow Mail-has Duskull on it-Sootopolis City/Trick House
Wave Mail-has Wailmer on it-Lilycove Dept. Store/Trick House
Wood Mail-has Slakoth on it-Fortree City/Trick House

That's all for now. But look for my new guide, "Decorative Items And More", coming 
soon. I'm also thinking of making a guide of where to catch wild pkmn. But I'm 
getting ahead of myself. These will come in due time. Until then, 

*this is MY faq. it cannot be reprinted or sold or anything like that. if you do 
sell it, I WILL FIND YOU. so please don't.*

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